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Eritrean Orthodox Diocese Established In Europe

The first Eritrean Orthodox Diocese was established in Europe on December 3, 2011 where His Grace Bishop Mekarios of the North American Archdiocese appointed a board of clergy to oversee the work of the church, according to the website of the Eritrean Orthodox Church in North America.

The board reports to Bishop Mekarios.

The European Diocese has “about 11 churches” that serve Eritrean Orthodox faith.

The European and North American Dioceses of the Diaspora Orthodox Eritreans are under the authority of His Grace Bishop Mekarios and they maintain their loyalty to Abune Antonios, the third patriarch of the Orthodox Church, who is still considered the legitimate patriarch of the church.

In 2007, the Eritrean regime removed the 85 year-old patriarch Abuna Antonios from the church and placed him under house arrest in a move that Orthodox Christians and Eritreans in general considered a clear interference in church affairs, and in his place appointed a new patriarch, Abune Dioskoros.

Since then, many, if not most, Orthodox Eritreans have rejected the regime-appointed patriarch Dioskoros, and still pledge allegiance to Abune Antonios.

The move of the Eritrean regime is also denounced by the international Oriental Orthodox Churches who still consider Abune Antonios the legitimate patriarch of the Eritrea Orthodox Church.

To combat the opposition to its interferences, the Eritrean regime has sent scores of priests to many cities in Europe and North America and has used threats and blackmailing to weaken those who still pledge allegiance to Abune Antonios.

The octogenarian patriarch is said to be suffering from bad health after almost five years of house arrest.

The North American Diocese with its thousands of followers has been defending its church robustly against the interferences by the Eritrean regime.

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  • religon orthdox in eritrean is not good situation because of some prists and bishops in north amerika , it is unacceptable teaching of north amerikan orthdox . they are not real orthdox just fake .so ecvery body struggle against the false teaching of north americans teaching .

  • Senay Ziena

    Congratulations not only to Eritreans but also to all the World. A nice step for stepping down the brutal regime’s dictator with his yes men layalists, those who vowed to peace and development in this 21st century.

  • Meseret Ghebremichael

    Congratulations for all Eritreans, The PFDJ headed Junta has reached its falling era. And now they have killed innocent tourists in the Afar boarder with Ethiopia through their terrorist networks. Hope that the Ethiopians have released a press statement which, for the time being will frighten the DIA and his Junta, and latter to the abolition of this brutal regime.

  • sele Haqi

    The Eritrean orthodox church is one of Eritrean religious institutions that has been used,abused by political elities to advance political objectives in the 20th century and even long before that.One of the reasons could be the gullible priests who are more interested in earthly power,money and fame and luck of spiritual and biblical knowledge and ignorance of it’s followers who simply believe the priest can cleanse their sin so therefore follow him whatever order he passes.
    It’s not long ago in human history that the church and it’s leaders role in the annexation of Eritrea by Ethiopia and what follows for 30 years needs no mentioning here.The new generation should learn from that dark history and cleanse the church from becoming an instrument of the dictator as he is hard trying as the moment or future political leaders.It seems that there is hope, unlike the Demetros of 60s and his Son who is serving the dictator,in these new generation of religious scholars to clean the church and it’s name in future.Hope the church will not be condemned to repeat history and it’s up to these newly created diocese to prevent that happening again.God give you true guidance to bring good name to your church.

  • Unhappy

    Well,it is evident that what pfdj did was evil but we should not be disturbed by what the regime does.i mean this is religion and those who make spritual havoc should not get punished on this earth,they will face the judgement in theire the establishment of the new diocese is meaningless and so divisive.people in the diaspora have the very good reason of worshiping under all sorts of discrimination so that they can claim they are orthodox christians.tolerance is a key to any religion.even ethiopians have another patriarch in the diaspora and do not recognize the one in ethio.habeshas, please go to any orthodox church coz all of u will report to God once u die and not to your respective patriarchs.i wonder why the diseases in eritrea and ethiopia are so similar.Men,come together,be united and defeat all the ill of our people.the bonds that bind us together are much stronger than the curtain that divides us apart.God bless us.

  • Dawit, Birmingham, UK

    This is great news for Eritreans. Well done. Now this could be the best solution for those who use religion for PFDJ political agenda. PFDJ has been using religion as one of its best tools to divide Eritreans outside Eritrea. But now the time come to challenge him including religion affairs.

    PFDJ is spliting out church in Birmingham, one of the best churches in UK. Through his loyal messengers PFDJ split people but they were behid the close door and using religon as cover up.
    I wish you all the best.

  • kiflemariam

    Congratulations,Eritra deka alewuwa, alewaA, betri hAki tketn imber iytsbern, bert-u ajokum keribu iyu gzie

  • Wedi Adem

    It is a progress of this political and social movement. Our religion instututions must have leaders who are scholars with intellect on the subject. We learn from our past experience how politicians used religion to advovate their personal agendas. It is very important to have educated religious leaders of all faiths in our society.

  • Thank you the Eritrean Orthodox in Europe for standing for justice.

    Eritrea is made, what remains is making Eritreans.

    With your prayers our country Eritrea and our people will be free soon.

    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.
    Let freedom ring in Eritrea!
    Let freedom ring in Ethiopia!
    Let freedom ring in Sudan!
    Let freedom ring in Somalia!
    Let freedom ring in Kenya!
    Let freedom all over the world.

  • the time is coming and good step foreword for the church.CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Very nice, PFDJ is exposed day by day by all parts of our society.

  • Great step.

  • Congratulations