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Eritrea At A Crossroads: A Book By Andeberhan Welde Giorgis

The 660 – page book is written by the scholar, fighter, statesman, Ambassador Andebrhan  Welde Giorgis, where he eloquently exposes the ills of the power hungry dictator, Isaias Afwerki. To be fair to the author, he does not engage in nasty and sour personal attacks of the president, rather, he artfully shines light on his incompetence, his brutality and his rigidness which evidently resulted in untold sufferings of the people and in the free fall of the country.

On page 233 the author writes “The state of Erirea’s economy and the condition of its people show the wasteful, inefficient and demeaning features of the coupon economy designed to serve an obnoxious control function, the blight of indignity it inflicts on the people is a daily curse that is deliberate.” How true!

The author skillfully unveils the inner works of PFDJ behind which conspiracies are hatched in order to purposely humiliate the dignity of the heroic people of Eritrea. Through his linguistic excellence, Dr. Andebrhan doesn’t shy away from sharing his frustrations with the head of the PFDJ that his repeated attempts to temper his capricious nature often fell on deaf ears. In fact as you might have read it in the book, you will notice Isaias assigning him from post to post and not giving him ample time in one post to produce a tangible progress. Yet ironically, he always needs him to be part of his team, particularly in diplomacy and in serious negotiations with foreign entities on behalf of his government.

On page 314 Ambassador Andeberhan writes “The absence of countervailing constraints to the exercise of arbitrary power has given Isaias’s dark side, which thrives in the pain of those he condemns to freezing, torture or death, free rein to trample on the basic rights and civil liberties of the people and condemn many Eritrean patriots to extinction.”

Indeed, Ambassador Andeberhan is right on the spot to describe him the way he does. He is one who celebrates on the tears of the Eritrean mothers and the cries of their children. Here, there is one point the doctor missed or may be it is hidden somewhere in his humongous book; that is, that Isaias has never ever accepted any responsibility for the crimes he perpetrated upon the people both in per-independence and post-independence era. It is always someone else’s’ fault. This is a proven fact.

On page 323 the good doctor precisely pinpoints how far Isaias could go to preserve his power. He writes “Regrettably, the malignant practice that bedeviled the evolution of the armed struggle (ELF, EPLF) has given rise to a political culture of extreme intolerance of pluralism that disparages independent thought, criminalizes divergent opinion and equates dissent with treason and treachery in post – independence Eritrea.”

As the author alludes to, during the armed struggle our two political organizations were at logger heads with each other and had divisions within themselves. Similarly, the Eritrean peoples’ loyalty was   divided between the two competing organizations. These old habits followed us even overseas and we are still unable to break free from the divisive culture. Once we liberate ourselves from this soccer fan–like insanity, we can achieve what is expected of us by our country. We went too far; we gave so much to retreat. After all we proved our unparalleled patriotism to foe and friend   equally. The choice before us now is moving forward.

On page 647, the distinguished author writes “Lifting Eritrea out of the muddle of its general crisis would take a colossal effort. Once set in motion, the reconstruction of a constitutional, democratic, and functional state would require the creation of an inclusive regime that values assertive citizenship capable of holding it to account through conscious and organized political and civic action. This would enable active, informed and organized political participation of citizens, directly and via truly representative organs, in the policy formulation and decision–making. It would also help build national cohesion based on consensus forged through autonomous conciliation of social and political conflicts.”

There you have it folks; the Ambassador does not only lay open the incompetence of the crime ridden system in Asmara, he also furnishes his proposals to the opposition how to salvage the sinking (Eritrea) ship by undoing the ills done by the junta that dragged the patriotism of the Eritrean people through the mud. By the same token however, he warns us that that will take a heavy lifting. The author’s foresight is much appreciated. Nevertheless, if we, the Eritrean people who care about the future of our country unite, nothing will be impossible to tackle.

The book: ERITREA ON A CROSS ROADS is interesting and informative piece that mirrors the experience of an educated, dedicated and intellectual freedom fighter. From reading his book, you will realize that the author was not a mere part of the crowd in the arena, and after independence in Asmara; he was the guy to go to. Perhaps this is why Isaias did not throw him in Jail. Don’t get me wrong though, it was not out of his kindness, it was because of the benefits he used to get from Dr. Andebrhan’s wisdom.

A brief look at a the author’s background: before he left the USA for mieda (Arena), Eritreans in New York and elsewhere in America, spoke of him highly. Andebrhan is credited for organizing the Eritrean North America Students’ Movement for Independence, otherwise known as ENASA. They praise him for his work ethic and his seriousness in whatever he does and he does it good. Some of them also remember him for his habit of reading anytime, anywhere, whenever he gets a chance. In some guy’s words: Andebrhan was a no nonsense individual in whatever he says and does. Because of his strong personality, they use to call him fondly “Andebrhan baAl betri.”

Therefore, one can safely conclude that his nationalism did not grow all of a sudden when he saw Eritreans leaving in droves for the arena/meda, his love of country was instilled in his mind and soul as early back as when he was   a student until at last it was time for him to join the rank and file of the EPLF. Because of his integrity from early on, many higdefites who read his influential book are beginning to question the governance of Isaias and his henchmen. One of these   people spoke to me personally and said “ I read the Ambassador’s book and I know he doesn’t lie. From now on, I will not support PFDJ. If the government is unable to provide at least the basic goods and services to the public, then I believe it is time for Isaias to leave.” This is an amazing testimony from a die – hard fan of the president. In other words, the author’s book must have sent shock waves to the annals of PFDJ.

On another angle, after brother Semere Habtemariam posted his commentary about Dr. Andebrhan’s book on the, some negative opinions were observed. Thank goodness though, not many of them were repugnant. The usual  complaints can be summed up as: what was he doing with Isaias up to now? Why he didn’t leave early when he knew the direction of PFDJ? One can ask them as well: what were they doing here? Because they left early and they knew the crimes of the Isaias regime, did they do anything to stop him? By the way those who are organized and contribute something to the struggle against the regime do not usually complain about who came first or last. They welcome anyone who condemns and abandons the dictatorship.

If someone is a suspect, there will be a proper time and place to hold him/her to account. In my view, we should not put the cart before the horse and mess up our priorities for crying out loud. One can understand if the Ambassador was implicated in some sort of underhanded activities. Logically there would be noises in the background in case he connived with criminal elements to harm citizens. There is no evidence to that because his area of expertise was entirely different. He deserves the benefit of the  doubt at least he worked so hard to give us his book in which he left no stone unturned to reveal the pretensions and machinations of the dictator. It is obvious it took him more time to part company with the brutal regime; above and beyond his official duties, may be was doing research for his plan to write the book.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind how much this gentle man invested in EPLF while he could easily avoid joining the struggle and lead an upper middle class life. Instead, he chose to sacrifice his youth for the peoples cause and join the fight for independence with no guarantees whether he could make it in a complete piece to the finish line. Even   though the hopes were short lived, he was one of the fortunate tegadelti to see the independence of Eritrea. From there on, as Dr. Andebrhan himself details it in his book, he served the government in a variety of levels and when he could no more continue, he abandoned the system.

The good news about Andebrhan is that he didn’t give up on the good fight he committed his life to bring home justice and democracy and of course, the martyrs for which they paid the ultimate price. Once again he rededicated himself to ignite the struggle. Right now his colleagues and he formed a group known as Medrekh and are quite active in the opposition. Don’t quote me, but I believe they are playing a positive role in trying to narrow the differences among the opposition factions for which they should be encouraged. I call upon them to do more and more.

In conclusion, I recommend anyone not only to read the book but buy and read it. Money spent on this book is money well invested.

I salute Ambassador Ambassador Andebrhan Welde Giorgis for a well – researched and well written book.

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  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Chers Awatistas

    Voyage en barbarie, un documentaire réalisé par Delphine Deloget et Cécile Allégra sera diffusé samedi 18 octobre à 22h00 sur Public Sénat.

    Dans le Sinaï, s’exerce une barbarie d’un autre âge, un lieu de traite des hommes. Depuis 2009, 50 000 Erythréens sont passés par le Sinaï, 10 000 n’en sont jamais revenus. Trois survivants livrent un témoignage inédit. En savoir plus, lisezédit

    pour regarder le débat,

    Et, pour regarder le film,


    • haileTG

      Merhaba tes,

      Thanks for the link bro. What surprises me is how hgdef runs after every event like this to deny it using the very victims. See Here

      Those are a group of Eritreans who have paid PFDJ some money to build homes in their villages. They will never get to live in those homes, so long as PFDJ is around and their very action to engage in PFDJ propaganda while the country has been experiencing major spike in mass exodus during the last few weeks (Here), the country blockaded and civilians being told of imminent invasion from Ethiopia is astounding. Taxi drivers in Asmara are being revoked their licenses and every Sawa conscript that has been asked to return is absconding, people are confronting the regime’s demand of calling to integrate peoples militia into regular army and many pouring out of the country. The Judas that you see in Israeli Ambassador’s meeting are shameless souls that are trying to build a tall villa next to their families graveyard. And are used to undermine the credibility of the story that depuis 2009, 50 000 Erythréens sont passés par le Sinaï, 10 000 n’en sont jamais revenus. Those guys however went with visas and are facilitated by the regime to be prostituted for such dirty acts.


  • Hope

    Thanks Guest for your response.
    1)No personal issues here
    2)Criticism should be Constructive and Reconciliatory ,not destructive or criminalizing or discriminatory
    3)All of us messed up
    4)Ustaz Ghadi is entitled to his opinions and has the right to criticise but he is NOT,by any means the expert of the experts or he cannot be the Prosecutor and the Judge at the same time,rather,he should try his best to build TRUST,be constructive and join the Movement and work with them,advise them,critisize them,challenge them—-
    Again,we should avoid the “where were you all these years” mantra and forget the past,forgive and forget and reconcile and move on.I just learned to avoid that nonesense rhetoric.
    Uncle Asfeha said it all.
    Dude,let us wake up and live for today and for tomorrow.The past is history and only a lesson to learn from so as to do better today and tomorrow..
    My way is the only High Way mantra will not work.

    • Saleh Johar

      You wrote 5 lines of nothing mentioning my name. Here is my input hoping the help Hope:
      1 please avoid redundant comments, Saleh is entitled to his opinion and has the right to criticize is just stating a fact that everyone knows. Why would you say the sun rises from the east?
      2 you imply that I imex to be an expert and by extension you accuse me of being a prosecutor and a judge. I challenge you to prove that. Seriously. Why do you allege such defamatory statements and try character assassination? But while at it, Do you notice your doublespeak? Recognizing my right to my opinion and my entitlement to criticize and on the second sentence you attack because I expresed my opinion and criticized a public movement? Learn from this debacle dear.
      3 what do you fell when you advice me to criticize but you are annoyed that because I did just that? Again doublespeak.
      4 you know nothing of what I do to build trust so save it. Don’t comment on stuff you do not know.
      5 joint them you tell me! Join who? Why? Do you think I was waiting for them to be hafash wdbat? There are ten times more better entities than your medrekh, I would have joined them if I wanted. And then, what would I add by becoming a member of a non transparent entity that doesn’t have a known leader but Obe is left to guess? YeftaH Allah Hope, you join them. SHifa yegberelka and if the appointed you a recruiter, good luck and know not many are as enthusiastic like you… I hope you recognize their right on this.
      6 please don’t step on my toes for no reason, if you can I have put five points on the quote “guest” brought to you. Challenge them but don’t pontificate on what I should do or not do. I was not waiting for you or Medrekh when I started to struggle, when your Medrekh was were it was and you know it.
      7 finally, I agree no one should say where were you, but when you Medrekh kahunas have the audacity to belittle the sacrifices of those who were struggling before them, it is inevitable that those of us on the receiving end throw the “where were you” as a appropriate response . Now after you took the liberty to tell me what to do, let me reciprocate and tell you what you should do. Learn to be fair Nd have the humility to recognize this struggle was not waiting for Shumegnatat, but allies. If that was the case many would have settled for the brutal man ruling Eritrea.

      • Hope

        Ustaz Saleh Ghadi,
        My apology for reading me the way you did.
        Thank you for your advice and your points are well taken.
        Nothing perosnal was/is given or taken.
        Make NO mistake,I stand firm on my position about you and on you.Nothing changed—if any changed, my admiration,respect,love for you and for your unswaying struggle for Justice—went exponential—
        Guest’s reaction might contributed to my unintended over-reaction.
        But still ,here is my Stand:
        -Reconciliation and Raproachment without preconditions and restrictions
        -Mutual Respect and Open Communication
        -Constructive criticism
        -Trust building among us Eritreans first —
        -Learn from the past so as to Live better for today and tomorrow
        -Forget the past Grudges—-
        And I am saying all these based on what I observed here and there….but I admit,regretably ,that I am still behind as to how to express myself–in the best way I should/diplomatically…so bear with me.
        BTW,let Sem Andom write the speech for you.

        • GUEST

          1. Reconciliation w/out preconditions… unrealistic and shady – how can you reconcile with some one if he does not have any intention to apologize but belittle others
          2. Forgiveness- it is easy when you type the alphabets on your keyboard
          3.Trust building- comes by respecting and recognizing what has been done by other so far , consulting with them not bypassing or ignoring….
          4.Learn form the past is THE ONLY GOOD POINT you have mentioned!! But you are behaving like YPFDJ towards Yemane monkey when it comes to Mr. Andeberhan

          5. Forget the past Grudges: Chele zereba , bswa ghere kewrda eye dehan…..

          Don’t defend Mr. AW…..he has added division to opposition camp than unity. He wrote a book which he should have written it 10 years ago- when his comrades were thrown to ELA ERO. What bugs me is when you and your likes try to Exaggerate about the books content……thanks to and Asmarion com media- we are able to read, open our eyes, and see our country is at crossroads —long time ago. Please calm down swakha Chelit my beloved brother or sister!!

          • Hope

            Mr/Ms Guest,
            Pls,get the message,not the particulars or the fine prints—
            Let the New Democratic Gov/Assembly and the new Justice System decide on who was and is guilty.
            Yes to National Reconciliation and Raproachment!
            NO to OLD Grudges/Character Assassinations,Gossip…

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear awatistas

    Here below is a sign of sanity; this is what I believe we should encourage.

    Why? What has so far been adopted of policies of recriminations and blames have lead to the mushrooming of splinter mini organizations which have insulated themselves from public scrutiny due to their stronger position/call ( fighting injustice). For those who have lost trust in them, they have become irrelevant; for those who are struggling to make them viable, one thing is left to try- dialogue. They have to be scrutinized, criticized, encouraged to face what has been challenging them not to have already formed a stronger national unity front. The only way forward is to get these organizations rehabilitated from external dependency and individual lordship. I believe dialogue is one of the arsenal we need to try. We need a different approach, one that’s tuned towards inclusiveness and conciliation. ኩሉ ኣእምሮኣውን ገንዘባውን ጉልበታውን ዓቕምና ኣንጻር’ቲ ንሃገርና ዘባድም ዘሎ ተጻይ ሰላም።

    Why do they need dialogue?

    a/ confidence building, may be, they are not that far apart from each other.

    b/helps them pinpoint their weaknesses by professionally exchanging views, they see themselves in a room full of mirrors.

    c/ That could signal a an era where they are supported and funded by Eritreans, and hence, make them more responsive and answerable to their base (Eritreans).

    d/ By getting together, by talking to each other, they break PFDJ’s strategy of alienating them from the public as clubs of self-interest centered feuding opportunists and sell-outs. Now, they are transferring their base from that of foreign entities to their own people. The need of dialogue is obvious. For instance, this writer is urging for that; the situation his report captures demands it; the victims demand it. There is no alternative to an organized work. Elements who have been vocal in magnifying our differences are equally to blame for the retraction of our misery.

    • Hope

      Good points as usual.I wish all of us/ people are like you and SAAY with positive attitude,Reconciliatory,forgiving,flexible,accomodating,Peaceful,etc—
      Is this a new Fall project of a continuation of the one pioneered by Amb Andeberhan?I am afraid that it could be a new one as Assenna/Amanuel Eyasu was NOT happy with AmbAndeberhan W.
      If that is the case,then it might remain as a new “Fall Project” and might go away with the wind.
      There should NOT be exclusions,grudges,discrimination,etc–when it comes to Real National Dialog(ue).
      Let us see and HOPE for the BEST as that is what we need.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Hope;
        Not sure if it is a winter project or a summer one; I don’t even know enough about the participants, but the idea itself is noble and needs to be encouraged. This seems to be different ,Hope, in that, it’s mainly for exploring practical tools for bridging the widening divide lines of the organizations, not a type of those previously seen gatherings which were primarily aimed at power-sharing rather than dealing with strategic and practical tools of helping their compatriots get to a situation where they can decide their future political chart. As a platform for dialogue, it should be encouraged.

        • Hope

          I will always second to you and to what you say–at least in Principle.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Hope,

            Master of scapegoating! Why you always try to create a wedge? You continued to say, “…at least in Principle” If you agree in principle, then what prohibited you from agreeing on practice? Principle-Practice-Principle! That is it for a genuine human way of living.

            Yidan Hope, even PFDJ (the one that you call GoE) also agrees in principle with the points raised by the oppressed people. PFDJ is saying that we are fighting for “Democracy and Justice” This is their name and hence their principle. But, how they do it? Simple, “Scapegoating” and so are you.

            As my brother, be principled and be dedicated to your principle and make it to happen. But, i am afraid though, you do not have your own principle but agree with other’s principle (??? my guess). And if you are, I will not be surprised as PFDJ cultivates his worshippers to follow the principle set by their god, the regime, the dictateur.

            Come and be conscious brother Hope. We, Eritreans do not have a government. A transitional government was formed in 1991 and then re-enforced its status-co in 1994 finally demolished in 2001. Now, we do not have a government. We have a regime, a totalitarian system.

            How dare you are to preach conscious Eritreans on bla bla? Tell me if we have a government? I am tired of your GoE bla bla.

            I am on face-to-face talk with you as I believe that I can bring justice unless my family members are in Justice. It is a brotherly and love based talk to you. I want you to be simple as you are. Enough with your scapegoating behavior.


          • Hope

            Saiterut abiet sailikut wediet yiblu Amhariu.
            Abi will translate it to you.
            Let Mahmouday take the stage ,please.
            I confessed repeatedly that I am a Student of Cousin SAAY and Vet Mahmoud Saleh and I do not need more teachers.

    • Amanuel Hidrat


      You are invited to be part of the dialogue. The conference is open for the public. Come on buddy let me see you there.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ustaz Aman H
        Thanks, I would if not for schedule conflict. I trust you will comment on it so I will wait for that.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Mahmuday,

      This is a big move in the political process of Eritrea. And I encourage such gathering. One thing though, like minded organizations or parties are organizing together and of course they have too unless they are power grid. Almost all in the listed participants have PFDJ ideology except that they preach democracy. We need to scrutinize carefully the intention of these parties, else, I am happy for the coming together of different political groups.

      To the participants, they should not waste their time lecturing on unity when the only difference they have is power greed. They should accept individuals desire as it is but discuss on how they can work for the common goal as if different companies exist in the same city.


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear tes;

        Exactly,” ..they should not waste their time lecturing on unity when the only difference they have is power greed.” Good point.

        Often you see them putting the cart before the horse; what is the priority? Is it minute details of programs or national salvation? What exactly are the differences in their program which make them stand independent of each other, anyway? I think they have been repeating the same tactics PFDJ is scorned for, trying to monopolize the scene by fabricating stories against each other. These type of open dialogue helps sow seeds of trust; and they need to be encouraged as long as they are not prescribing their programs as the only panacea for the current situation. We the people have not invested in them; we ignored, dismissed and downplayed them. If we could invest in them financially, mentally and physically, we would have had a say on who is to be promoted and supported, and therefore, by now we would have had a leading front. Unfortunately, these organizations’ existence doesn’t depend on our support, and thus they are free to multiply without any restraining orders. Our presence in the form of material and active participation could have a restraining or a minding effects on the minds of the leaders to behave responsibly.

  • Hope

    I will let Mr Asfeha speak for himself eventhough I doubt that he will be engaged further in here—-for obvious reasons,but would love it if he could clarify his opinion further eventhough he did threw away his honest input partially about your concern..
    I read the Assenna Article and that of Ms sofia Tesfamariam at Tesfanews about the Amb Andeberhan,where he was beaten up and eaten up into pieces–besides being labelled as an ” Opportunist”,”Criminal”,”Regionalist”,etc—by completely degrading, trashing and tarnishing his persona,his contribution,credentials,etc—by people,who probably ,not only did nothing for Erittrea ,but also who might have contributed to the misery of Eritrea and Eritreans–who knows???
    Here is the way I see things:
    -He was speaking for PIA at that time and he clraified this.But does it mean that he was right–?Heavens NO.
    -The whole Assembly at that time had the same position based on what they were told.Should they have accepted it at face value?Hell NO!
    -He testified about the issue of the Journalists that they were innocent otherwise but PIA interferred and made the call and the same thing happened about the G-11
    -As to the Asmera Univ issue,again the same thing happened as he was acting for PIA?Was he wrong?Damn it!Of course yes!
    There was one fact though at the Campus eventhough exaggerated and blown out of proportion.
    There were some serious regionalist mentality and activity.
    I invite Dr Sara Ogbay to comment on this as she did in her previous threads…eventhough I would not expect her to indulge herself again into this nonsensical obsolete issue after 15-20 yrs?
    To sum up:
    -What will be the best way to deal with people like Amb Ande,ex-Minister Ali Abdu,etc—?
    Just judge them prematurely and isolate them?
    -Or welcome them and work with them for better?
    -Most or all of the ex-EPLF/PFDJ Officials were/have been involved somehow with the Leadership and its dirty business,including those in jail–Haile Drue,Petros Solomon,etc–that you might be trying to chastisize?
    -Rather than selectively discriminating as to who was criminal and who was clean or innocent,why can’t you criminalize all of them or chastisize with out discrimination?It sounds like you and tesfamicael Kidane seem to be regionalists as well based on your selective criminalization of individuals.
    It also sounds like you are wsihing that all of those involved with the Leadership including those escaped one way or another,sholud have been in jail.
    The ideal solution would have been the ONE Vet Mahmoud Saleh advocated or suggested:
    Proper National Reconciliation.
    If not,we have to work together with those, who abandoned the system by reconciling with them so as to expedite the removal of the Oppressive System that we are,presumbaly,working hard to do so.
    The Retaliatory and Non-reconciliatory tone and rhetoric by some debators,including you,is BUT destructive and will only prolong the life span of the of the Same System you are fighting to remove.
    Why are we hidng here and are the Champions of Cyper Politika,as Serray the Serram eloquently said it?
    If we people here in the comfort zone and living in an environment with a “Full fledged Democarcy and Freedom of Speech” are hiding here ebhind the computers, for obvious reasons,how in the world those people and Officials living in the msot horrible situation can do and say any thing against the system that is controlling them 24/7?
    Why are you against Dialog(ue)?Or against “Medrekh” for that matter?Simply coz it was suggested by the ex-supporters of the Regime?
    isn’t it a smart and “Kidus Elama” to do so?Isn’t it ,in fact,a past due business to do so?
    It does not make any sense to me—other than being Hypocrisy or a classic case scenario of Eritrean culture/political.–“Keini-semmamaa’ tesemamiina” thing!!!!
    Please ,with all due respect Sir,be so kind to come up with a constructive suggestion as to how to handle the issue above and as to how to dialogue among ourselves.
    This is my naive opinion!
    Senay Senbet

  • said

    Ambassador Andebrhan Welde Giorgis , in his book may be he is telling it like it is, as he perceived it without illusions. an important publication in regard Eritrea ,he never suffered any real oppression himself but he was a witness to it ; he is highly educated to know the ugly and dark side of the EPLF and PFDJ . He simply had fact in front his eyes ,Could be, he had no imaginative insight into the possible depths of system he served or miseries of Eritrean experienced and
    choose to ignore, to the extent of brutality exhibited by the Asmara regime was obvious and cannot simply be
    ignored . As Andebrhan who grasps the “ideas” that constitute his “worldview”looked the other way ,but Looked at from today’s eyes, there is nothing new, shocking in the comment and statement of the book; Eritrea large proportion of educated one would hope they had embraced universal value and modernity.

    And unfortunately many of those educated class who collaborated with IA willing and knowingly are hypocritical and betrayed their conscious and their people. Do they didn’t have the intelligence to question and doubt regime wrong doing? Decades later they reflect and contemplate after the fact? Andebrhan obediently served in high position , one hope to read his strong resistance to the regime.
    If he did, he will be arrested and convicted of treason. He could have easily made an intellectual assessment of the connection between his boss the evil and regime he served . Even that does not require any intelligence to see all wrong
    doing .Some fall in the trap and consequently, they are easily seduced by tyrant. In many Eritrean’s minds anyone who served loyally and anything that can be identified with IA is discredited. And those who are following in the footsteps of the regime and they bowed in submission at IA feet. IA is known for his uncompromising position and aptitude for merciless civilian targeting for no apparent reason .

    PFDJ have their hands in everything, and all loyal hard core radicalised supporters has their hands in them. This awful mess of political and social catastrophe. IA and his gangster regime destroyed what was left from modern, relatively developed and reasonably educated societies, they ripping apart the social, economic, political, and Humiliated ,oppressed ,torturing thousands, killing thousands , taking countless innocent lives, and how we expect our country as a civilization and fragile human decency to survive much longer .A“failed states”, so much more evil and scary today than ever . We never acquired a taste for freedom.
    Yes we got our own country; and today everyone who’s youth in the country we call ours now who wants to leave,. Everyone hard core diaspora supporters who wants to go Eritrea will be free to get there. Once they’re there, they can all do whatever they want, hope fully IA will not let them go out but they can’t leave without going through a rigorous interview at the international airport to identify and ascertain whether they’ve truly recovered their attachment to humanity.
    The regime would not last very long. Post regime, this whole beastly situation and making
    the recovery highly unlikely. Message to Eritrean: one thing to remember the bunch of coalition of the clueless-cowards and these clowns the “remnants goons”? They are pygmies, the pathetic club. They are advancing their quite explicit agenda. They want to be back.And they want to be in charge. Additionally, the remnants have not have a
    vision or clue on how to build nation. Why not get the (remnants) fight IA and his regime? And then again, what if is remnants? Are they pretends to fight like themselves – and they win, easily and handsomely .replacing the regime with
    same cloth.

    Quotation: If you have to pretend and protest that you’re not something you say you are , that only goes to show that really, underneath it all, you are that something: for if you were not, you wouldn’t have to proclaim it and assert . After all, an elephant doesn’t have to go round proclaiming it’s an elephant that it partakes of turpitude; it just is an elephant
    and everyone knows it. Only someone pretending to be an elephant would go round saying “I’m an elephant b.” This means that you are what you are accused of being, provided only that the accuser belongs to that self-selected group
    (which seems to be ever-growing) of people who can tell appearance from reality.

  • Hope

    Ahlen Uncle!
    Great review,Commentary,brutally honest and to the point as usual.
    But please ,kindly,no need to respond to some weird egos .
    BTW,hope the “The behind the Scene Reconciliation ” is going on.
    Keep it up and God bless you my own.

  • Daniel A.

    By the way those who are organized and contribute something to the struggle against the regime do not usually complain about who came first or last. They welcome anyone who condemns and abandons the dictatorship.

  • Crocus

    Embrace a clean slate! That should be the mantra of the generation in whose hands the fate of a nation hangs. Like it or not, that challenge is foisted upon the younger post-ghedli generation. What profit can possibly be gained by coddling aging men, throwbacks to the 1960s, to boot? Their mindset is shaped by the sinister impulse of an unkosher era. There is no shortage of clear-eyed, forward thinking, and untainted young turks to set a rudderless ship back on its course. I like to think there is such a generation, or pity a nation. No need to cling to the corrupt mishappens of yonder years. No need to romance this or that individual among a pool of men polluted by the heinous agenda of the ghedli mindset. The difference among the people responsible for leading the nation to the abyss is relative, and only marginal. They all cowered together deep in the pig’s pen. I am afraid they cannot remove the stench and the muck that rubbed on them, no matter how much they try to scrub themselves clean. Embrace a clean slate!

  • Guest


    Another cult-of-personality in the making? You and Semere are impressionable where the reality on the ground dictates that both Isaias and Andebirhan are the same breed warped with in the same mind set. If Andebirhan was to ascend the ladder of power, he would turn out to be a dictator. What we need is a young blood–a product of the new generation. Recently, I listened to the interview he had with Radio-Erena and what is remarkable is that, Andebirhan uses the same language and the same undertone of the rotten ShaEbia. He can write all the books he wants but one can’t possibly change the colour of a zebra so to speak.

    • Hope

      —and who assigned you to be the Prosecutor and the Judges of the Judges at the same time.?
      Asfeha and Sem H are entitiled to their opinion as you are …
      Give us your constructive opinion,please…We do NOT need your threats and lectures here.

  • Peace!

    Thank you Asfaha for your fabulous Job!

    To those who gets irritated every time the bravery of Tegadelti mentioned, use common sense rule to Give Credit Where It Is Due.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Mr. Asfaha,

    My eyes are zero in to one of your comment, and that is “we must bear in mind how much this gentle man invested in EPLF while he could easily avoid joining the struggle and lead an upper middle class life. Instead, he chose to sacrifice his youth for the peoples cause and join the fight for independence with no guarantees whether he could make it in a complete piece to the finish line.” Every word in this quoted comment are also applicable to the the despot. Doesn’t this comment will be applicable to “Issayas Afework” and many others to exonerate from any possible criminal act that has befallen to our tegadelti in particular and to our people in general? What we know so far is, Andebrahan was part of the decision making body both in meda and in Asmara. He had a variety of portfolios serving for the project of the leader of the front and the country. This comment reminds me the famous tigrigna adage: “Kitbel’A Zedelka Abagubah Zagra tibla.” At least Mr. Asfaha we saw your court of public opinion and you are so Judicious to the victims and victimizers yet the public eager to know them. Eritrea will be well served with such judicious mind. I will leave it for the public whether it is curse or a blessing your courtship to the history of our people.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • dawit

      Dear Amanuel,
      I rarely agree to your comments here at AT, of course for obvious reasons. However, I am 99.9% in agreement with the above comment. To me Mr. Andebrhan is an opportunist who goes with the flow of events. If we assess his involvement in the days of ESUNA, he was an ardent supporter and architect of that organization that split the Eritrean Student organization in North America and Europe to align itself with EPLF by condemning ELF. If the student organizations had stood to the unity of the two Eritrean fronts at that time, by embrasing one labeling it as ‘Progressive’ and condemning the other as ‘Reactionary’ perhaps the Eritrean Revolution would have scored victory as one united people rather than divided nation at Independence. Then when Eritrea was dragged to the Bademe Border conflict, he and the so called G-!5 should have firmly resisted the adventure and do everything
      they could to abort the conflict. It does not make any sense to me to declare their opposition after the defeat and trying to blame it to Isaias. ‘Jib kehede wusha chohe’.

      Now if the Ambassador, and people like Haile Merkorios, Dr. Berket were to write a book why they served or followed Isias for how long they did and defend their stand, I will be very much interested to read it such account or personal testimony, rather than simply blame Isias and present a lousy reason to say they were ‘Misled’ by the leader and list crimes attributed to one individual. How is it possible so intelligent people graduates of the highest institution, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Princeton etc. to be mislead by someone who was a ‘college dropout’.? My assessment of those individuals, who are running left and right are opportunistic individuals who are cashing their long associations and services, by wrting books and seeking high paying jobs in the international organizations. As the Amaric saying,’Yewedeke Zaf Misar Yebezabetal’ It is hard to verify their facts until Isaias writes his version of those individuals roll in his decisions making in leading the nation, through the armed struggle and independence..
      By the way did Andebrhan and others like him run away from their position or were they dismissed from their high posts for being incompetence serving the nation to the end or did they thought they will have a better chance to be the next leader of Eritrea? I wonder!

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear dawit,

        You see dawitom, we have many in common that you will still discover it. May be you always focus on what we differ on certain issues. If we differ, there is always reasons for it in the way we read Eritrea in particular and the world in general. But I am glad you found something to agree 99.9% with me. Remember that, it is harvested from the continuous engagement. But let me give you a credit to you, that you are the only respectful and decent in your interaction/engagement from the opposite end of the debate. You understand and recognize the standard of a debate.

        Amanuel Hidrat (tebeges)

        • Semere Andom

          Selamant Emma:
          Sorry to start in a negative not, although I agree with you that dawit is negligibly better compared to many others in his side his point of agreement with you about Andebrhan is self-serving because you like I think that Andebrhan was opportunistic for deliberately becoming accessory to crimes and unlike Dr.Bereket he did not apologize for it except the typical I made mistakes and to add insult to the injury he is a Medrekhite now. But dawit’s problem with AW is because he abandoned DIA at this “crucial time”, when Eri is at “cross-roads” otherwise dawit’s agreement does not make sense because he does not think highly of the many who tried to correct DIA, he is for support of DIA at any cost, he equates supporting DIA, the savor, PFDJ the “nation founder” with supporting the Eritrean people and the great Eritrean armed struggle that was hijacked in during its innocence by the Isaias.
          Reading you and reading dawit I can say that the only agreement he has with you is the stuff he did not choose, like the flowing blood and beating heart, if there was a special blood unique to PFDJ he will replace his blood so as not to be the same like you. I have yet to meet a civil PFDJ support

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Sem,

            My comment to his comment is simply to welcome him for his agreement to my comment. Not to the detailed argument he made. Though I don’t agree on many of his stands, I really appreciate his respect to the debaters unlike his colleagues on his side of the debate. I haven’t seen any personal attack. His political attack is within the norm of “debate standard” in my view. I wish the rest on his side have the same attitude towards debaters. In a debate what matters utmost is the “etiquette” of a debate not the idea your opposers might embrace and argue. If there is no different ideas there will be no debate for that matter. The debate is to sell your political product to the consumers of national politics. So in that respect, dawit always stay within the norm of the debate culture. I hope I am clear now.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • dawit

            dear SEM
            There is difference between you and Andebrhan, perhaps he was in power while you may not. I am sure you were one of those individuals jumping up and down with your kebero praising Isaia and the independence of Eritrea under his leadership. Now he is not as favorable leader you keep shredding him the Ghedli . You were not in support of reconciliation between ELF and EPLF even after independence. I opposed all attempts to burry the issue under the rug by not giving credits for leaders like Osman Saleh Sebe, who was the face of Eritrea long before Isaias emerged as the sole leader of Eritrean struggle of Eritrean Independence. So Semere people like you and Andebrahan made Isaias, and now you run away to distance from him, because it is the fad to do so. Well I am not like you who flow with the wind. I stand on my ground and I respect those who have different idea than me and if we agree at a point I would say so and if I disagree with their opinion I point to them my disagreement with out insulting them personally, unlike your character always insulting to anyone who disagrees with your outlook. By the way what itched you to comment on the point of agreement between me and Amanuel?

          • Semere Andom

            Dear dawit:
            well your assumptions are wrong on both the kebero and everything. But suffice is to say allegations are the implement of PFDJ
            About the agreement, you agree but for different purpose, I thought by telling Emma you agree with him about AW and Emma agreeing with your suggested agreement. Your agreement it is only your view about AW but for different reason. The fallacy itched me

          • dawit

            Dear SEM
            My comment is not based on assumptions, but facts of years of observations of Eritreans of various colors. Yesterday you were building Isaias and today you are trying to build Andebrhan. If you think Andebrhan is innocent and he shifts all the blames of his 40+ years services to IA, and you try to embress him as a hero, then that shows people like you have no principle or stand but flow with the wind.
            If your new friend Andebrahan came and wrote his resons why he supported IA for so long, then I would have respected him, regardless of his stand right or wrong. He talked about ‘Coupon Economy’ and critisize Isaias for that and who knows perhaps he may be the one who suggusted to IA as a Harvard trained economist.

            I enjoy Amanuels writings because he has a stand wheather I agree or not with his stand and I respect his stand.There was no fallacy between Amanuel and my stand on the topic we are discussing, i.e. how Mr. Asfaha described the subject Mr. Andebrhan as selfless hero who had sacrificed so much for Eritrea. Now how do any one give credit for people like Andebrhan more than to those who gave their limbs and life to Eritrean Independence? You can not absolve him from his responsibilities just because he wrote 600+ pages criticizing his boss and not mentioning his role as policy maker over four decades. That was Amanuel wrote and to that I agree. Now you inject yourself in the discussion, because you did not like we agree on that point and try some negativity to the discussion.

          • Semere Andom

            Dear dawit:
            you are talking to the wrong Semere, then. Awate has many Semeres