Eritrean Nicknames And Diminutives

What could be the reason for the mushrooming of nicknames in our society? Is it a long-standing tradition? The other

Tradition And Calamity

What does the earth need to start quaking, for the elements to unleash their wrath and for the tyrant to

Managing Acceptable Conflicts

Conflict is a sign of life. The only place you don’t find conflict is probably in the grave where everybody

Old Eritrean School Songs

I remember it as if it were yesterday, as we sang them aloud till our lungs ached, as the headmaster

Of Myths And Legends

One day I was invited to present a paper on a certain Abyssinian king who was almost worshipped by the

It Is A Crazy World

When Europeans flocked to the New Continent following its discovery in 1492, the idea was to get as much gold

Levels Of Perception

Dr. Heiner is a scientist who never goes out of his way to admire flowers much less beautiful women. His

Is Religion Compatible With Democracy?

Some wit has said that religion is too sensitive and too vital a subject to be left to the church

Timar, The Rebel (Part 4)

This story was originally presented in four series at Eripost, It is condensed from a not yet published manuscript of

The National Convention: A Healing Journey

I, and my friend Khaled, (both from Sweden) were some of the early arrivers to the Wa’ala or the National

Timar, the Rebel (Part 3)

Kafil was another suitor who was destined to have the same fate. He had fought alongside the ELF before the

Timar, The Rebel (Part 2)

Many love letters were torn to shreds. Many would-be poets saw their poems ridiculed. Many would-be singers crooned in vain. 

Timar, The Rebel (Part 1)

The following is Part 1 of a four-part series. It is condensed from yet not published a manuscript of the

The Wise Man And The Sea

Some wise people liken the present state of many nations unto a ship that has gone a-drifting. The captain of

Pillars of Delusion

Sometimes I fail to understand the real intentions of the so-called democratic countries in the West. They preach democracy by

A Time to Change

Oppression of the mind began following a simple dispensation of laws by the conquering party; laws that deep inside helped