Divorce Isn’t An Option, Ethnic Grievances Isn’t A Sin Either

As the saying goes two birds with one stone, this edition of “tebeges” will attempt to respond for two different

EDA Outsourced Power To The People, EPDP Opted-Out

George Bernard Shaw is quoted as having said “liberty means responsibility, and that is why most men dread of it.”

Education: Isn’t It The Equalizer Of Justice?

“There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of

National Conference: Fertilizing Wisdom Of Our Two Giants

“Those who came with pure hearts, with malice towards none, with feelings of fellowship and eventual harmony, changed the mood.”

Boycotting The Eritrean Dream: For What Purpose?

Hardly surprising, since the reality of National Conference of Eritreans, for long, has been one of failed expectations and mounting

Nature Abhors vacuum: the search of veridical solution (Part IV)

“Heterogeneous in culture, Eritrea flourishes when it accepts and capitalizes on its diversity and disintegrate when it denies and suppresses.”

National Conference Revisited: An open letter to PCNC

  Dear compatriots: [This is an open letter from an independent perceptive observer to the preparatory committee of National Conference

Nature Abhors Vacuum: Understanding Nature of Competing Values Part-III

“We have got to take back the ideal of justice; we have got to take back the principles of human

Nature Abhors Vacuum: Observing the Laws of Opposites (Part-II)

“Freedom of the mind requires not only the absence of legal constraints but the presence of alternative thought.” (Alan Bloom)

Nature Abhors A Vacuum: Searching Pillars For Bridging (Part 1)

“Each generation of Eritrean can’t escape but tackle the Muslim/Christian, Lowland/Highland synergy, which boils down to identity politics and diversity,

Color Blindness: The Bubbles Of Political Gimmicks

“The key to wisdom is constant and frequent questioning, for by   doubting we are led to question and by questioning

Learn and Practice Equitable Co-Existence

“In this postmodern world, cultural conflicts are becoming more dangerous than at any time in history. A new model of

No Biases No Bulls: The Ideology of Equality and Justice

“Justice is conscience, not personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice