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Being Right vs Being Prudent

[quote style=”4″ author=”Saleh Younis“]In the Year of Our Lord Final & Binding, ‘twas Annum Duece. Behold King Isaias the Lionhearted, Conqueror of the Red Sea and Islands Beyond! Yey, slay he the capitulationist as he smiteth the cowards within with his Excalibur. Yey, forbadeth he pant-wetting and demanded he that the Ethiopics obey the tablets as brought from Mount Hague…[/quote]

To plough on, oblivious to risks, is the stuff of legends. The rational mind assesses risks and judges some to be too high. Even a compulsive gambler will look at the cards he’s been dealt and at the stakes and then withdraw: too rich for my blood, is the common expression. Too high of a risk.   In Tigrigna, the equivalent expression for too high a risk used to be ayewatSa’anan iyu. We may be able to get in, but we won’t be able to get out. It is a trap. Now, in our military culture, to express doubt, or to conduct proper risk assessment is called tesa’Arnet: defeatism.   Faced with any risk, one must always choose the riskiest. To choose the less risky, to express doubt about a path full of precipice, is to beg for the label of a defeatist.

Call me an elitist, but I think at the next AU meeting they should mandate that every African head of state should take a course in cost accounting and risk assessment. Then they should take a test; and those who flunk it should be removed from power.  There can be exemptions for democratic states.  Because it is only in non-democratic states (read: Africa), that the people, and not the leaders, who pay for the miscalculations.

Being Right vs Being Prudent

Faced with a frivolous lawsuit from an ex-employee, a CEO of a publicly-held company has options.   The CEO, who has a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders to maximze profit, knows there is no case, the charges are trumped up and he can prove this in a court of law. It will cost $500,000 to prove that he is right.  But it will cost $50,000 to settle the case. Does he go to court or does he settle?  Does he prove that he is right does he do the prudent thing?

Consider the Host of the AU: a man who, while the world was begging him not to, orchestrated a wasteful War of Choice by describing it as a Necessary War, is now lamenting the wasteful decisions of African governors.

Ah, it is the “principle” of the thing. It is the “bottom line.” “Principle” has become the refuge of the stubborn, the halo of the self-righteous.  Remember 1999. We cannot accept this treaty because, among other things, it allows Eritrea 45 days after it signs an agreement to withdraw from the contested territory. So argued Ethiopia in reference to the Technical Agreement. Then it spent 9 months—270 days— and declared a war of devastation to make the point that 45 days was too long.

For the sake of “principle,” Ethiopia made that wrong decision in 1998. For the sake of “principle,” (final and binding) Eritrea is making that wrong decision now.   Two years and counting.  You know what I am going to say; but I know what you are going to say.   But first, another example.


Remember the scene from the movie Young Frankenstein? (Correction: “It is Franken-steen!”) If you don’t, you should check it out; it is a Mel Brooks adaptation of the horror movie.   The doctor is about to go to experiment on the monster he has created and he tells his assistant that once inside the laboratory, he will probably scream and cry for help but that she (the assistant) is to absolutely disregard his cries for help.  He reminds her of this instruction several times.   A few seconds later, the doctor cries for help. What does the assistant say? Exactly: the equivalent of “no, our deal was final and binding.” The frantic doctor cries for help, “open the damn door, can’t you people take a joke.   I was joking!”


Those who are opposed to dialogue (“let the doctor be swallowed by the monster he created!”) not just on the basis of principle but also on the argument that this is a risky venture make the following argument. Once you agree to enter into dialogue, you are forfeiting whatever advantages you had with the ruling of the Boundary Commission and you are agreeing to start from Zero. And given the Ethiopian Government’s unreliability when it comes to upholding agreements it has signed, you are exposing Eritrea—including future generations—to an unacceptable level of risk. If you agree to an open-ended dialogue, then there is no guarantee that the dialogue won’t drag out for generations and that new elements won’t be introduced to the agenda that will make reaching an agreement less and less likely.

Those of us who have argued for immediate dialogue have done so on the basis that, yes, there is a risk, but that risk is considerably mitigated if you have a vested interest from all parties to find a solution and that this vesting is likely to dilute over time until there comes a time when no one will be interested. (We compared it with Palestinians useless “Resolution 242.”) The dialogue is not likely to be “open ended” and the scope of the agenda of the discussion is likely to be limited given that (a) the party representing Ethiopia now (TPLF) has accepted the sovereignty of Eritrea (no small thing given the other alternatives) and (b) it has also officially accepted the partial demarcation of the non-controversial parts and (c) it is, like all governments, concerned about its international reputation.

Given all of the above, the dialogue proponents are saying that a mutually agreeable arrangement can be made provided Eritrea and Ethiopia adopt a less adversarial relationship and negotiate in good faith while the focus of the international community is still concentrated on the Eritrea-Ethiopia dispute.


Now, let’s consider the risks of insisting on “Final & Binding,” not on the basis of the abstract (which is a slam dunk), but based on reality.   Internally, the political dynamics in Ethiopia discourages the Ethiopian government from making any concessions and this attitude is hardening and is unlikely to be reversed. Externally, there is no evidence that the international community has the stomach to apply any pressure on Ethiopia. (The international community doesn’t even have the stomach to intervene in Darfur.) As recently as this week, Koffi Anan, in his meeting with President Isaias Afwerki, was reported to have spoken admiringly of how the Cameroon-Nigeria border dispute was resolved (face-to-face dialogue.) Thus:

  1. The adamant refusal by Ethiopia to accept and implement the ruling of the boundary commission is very unlikely to change;
  2. The international community is very unlikely to take substantial measures that will compel Ethiopia to reverse its decision;

If one agrees with the assumptions above, what we are really saying is that we have to wait until the government in Ethiopia changes for us to get our “final and binding.” Right? Now, two more assumptions:

  1. The Ethiopian government is very unlikely to lose power in the next election and;
  2. Even if it does, the Ethiopian opposition that has opted to participate in the Ethiopian election is even more strident on the issue of Eritrea and even less likely to fully implement the Algiers Agreement,

Now, if we add all the assumptions, what we are really saying is that the “final and binding” boundary decision will be implemented only when there is a violent uprising in Ethiopia that results in (a) a government totally committed to implementing the Algiers agreement and one where (b) the deposed Ethiopian powers will submit to the new powers.


Of the two approaches—dialogue vs insisting on “final and binding” not just in the abstract but the real–which approach is riskier?   I maintain, and I believe most rational people do, that the insistence on the “final and binding” in the face of these realities is imminently more risky.

The government of Eritrea knows this. And its job is to make us less rational.  It does this by giving us doses of fury, false hope and pride.

It is not hard to be furious with Ethiopia and the international community because it is justified. Even the Eritrean opposition, which, given its fixation with “principle” has never met a lost cause it didn’t like, has allowed itself to become a pale imitation of the “final and binding” chorus line.  But sustaining this fury is a full-time job, which is why the government media is always reminding us of the terrible deeds of the Ethiopian government (going back to the 1940s if necessary) and the international community.

When the government of Eritrea is not stroking our rage and fury, it sells us false hope that will make it more likely for us to consider the implausible. It tells us that its shuttle diplomacy is swaying the international community. Simultaneously, it paints a picture of Ethiopia as one that is on the verge of collapse, a state whose soldiers are defecting en masse and its armed opposition scoring tide-changing military victories.

Even those who don’t buy any of these emotional manipulations hold out because they just cannot allow Eritrea to lose face. Pride precludes negotiation because this would mean that Ethiopia won. But this pride is misplaced because the irony of this “principled” position is that there is nothing in the Algiers Agreement or even the ruling of the Boundary Commission that precludes Eritrea and Ethiopia from entering into a dialog.   Even if one is a stickler for the rules, while it is true that the Agreement does not compel either party to enter into negotiations, it does not prevent them from doing so, either.   More, it is better to win peace and lose the mechanics of peace than to win on the mechanics of peace and lose the peace.


Which takes us to the cost item. Of course Ethiopia is wrong. Of course Ethiopia should have not reneged on a rock-solid agreement. Of course Ethiopia’s actions set a bad precedent for other international agreements. But the reality is that it is Eritrea and Eritrea only that is paying the brunt of the post-war environment: the peacekeepers are in Eritrean territory; it is Eritrea that suffers from a state of no war no peace.   Ethiopia, for geo-strategic reasons, is far from being punished, actually being pampered and is likely to be, as long as the Meles Zenawi regime is in power.

Eritrea has now been denied peace and security for six years. And, its current government is telling it that its peace and security will come about when there is total war in its neighboring nation, Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the Eritrean people should wait. A year, a decade, a century, it doesn’t matter: because it is not the government that is paying, it is not the opposition, but the ordinary people.   And we always have time.   This time will give us more time to commemorate events and count our enemies; we will build new monuments to newer gods. Worse, given that Eritrea has not ruled out war (in his Independence Day Speech, President Isaias Afwerki said “patience has its limits” and we all know what that means), and Ethiopia, despite is lip-service has not (if war starts this time, we won’t know where it will end) we may even force new members to an esteemed and venerated club that does not want to receive new members: our martyr’s club.

The world is unfair; our anger is justified; the Ethiopian government is slippery. All true. But what the people of Eritrea want is not an explanation why they don’t have peace; and they are not looking for  slogans and expressions of solidarity.  What they want is a solution. What they want is peace. And those who claim to lead us should remember that the first and second orders of any government (including the opposition, if they ever come to power) are to provide peace and security for its citizens.

NB: This edition of AlNahda is from the archives. It was first published on July 8, 2004. 

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  • Nitricc

    Araya hahahahhah thanks my man. lol. don’t you think i won’t take you up on your offer. that will be fun. we can make it even hilarious. i will tell you that i am coming to Addis and to pick me up then TK and his highley triened Dedebit grad security officers will be hanging out in Bole Air port for days to catch the known anti dedebit, Nitricc, then i will land in Dere-zeit and you will pick me up from there. lol
    seriously though i am honored for your invitation. I don’t know if you mean it or just to piss off Hayat, regardless i am very appreciative. I thank you sir!
    P.S TK you better look out i am coming to Addis lol.

  • Hayat Adem

    ኣነ’ዶ ዀይነ!? ደይ ባዕልኻ ድነገርካና’ዩ። So you run to Amharic and not Tigrigna when you get mad. You run to Ethiopia and not Eritrea when you feel vacationing. You invite your friend Nitricc to Addis rather to Asmara for a good treat. Your family ran to mama Ethiopia when the Eritrean kitchen got too hot. From all this, Ethiopians seem to be nice to you, Araya. It is puzzlingly weirdo why you can’t be nice as well to Ethiopians. One possible explanation may be because you never saw your father doing that: being nice to people who were nice to him. Like father, like son.
    “A bizarre sensation pervades a relationship of pretense. No truth seems true. A simple morning’s
    greeting and response appear loaded with innuendo and fraught with implications…. Each nicety becomes more sterile and each withdrawal more permanent.” Maya Angelou

    • Amanuel Hidrat


      A nice quotation of Maya Angelou for our misguided brother: “Each nicety becomes more sterile and each withdrawal more permanent”. There is no better quotation than this if he has a listening ears.


  • Serray

    Selamat Haile TG,

    I am finding myself less and less reason to disagree with you. All I am saying is it not uniquely eritrean phenomenon. Think about the former communist countries and how they held their people with iron grip for decades only to fall like dominos in short order when people start to stand up…starting with Polish labor party. As they say, the only thing to fear is fear itself, but that is easily said than done specially if those who oppress you are also admired for being fierce fighters and for “bringing you independence”.

    Do you know about the boiling frog experiment? It is where a frog is put on cold water and then the temperature is increased a couple of degrees at a time until the frog is boiled to death – when it could have jumped out anytime. That is what happened to our people. They started small, then they gradually tested the waters and widen the net to include the whole nation. Reversing it is two way street for our people: either the boiling frog in reverse (ask democratic coup and put them away one by one) or confront them as you suggested. The risk is, while it is true they are weak and cornered, they can be dangerous if some of the the rank and file tegadelti side with out of organizational loyality… I think that might be what our people are sensing and what is holding them back. But I hope you right, I really do because whether we like or not, confrontation time is fast approaching, I don’t our can play dead any longer.

  • Serray

    Amanuel, don’t try to score cheap points. Here is the full sentence, “Shaebi leaders and their enforcers don’t care about legacy; we’ve already given them that when we say “they brought us independence” instead of “they curved out a nation to rule”.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Serray, if you want the whole quotation, here it is; “we’ve already given them that when we say “they brought us independence” instead of “they curved out a nation to rule”. We mistake the input with the output”. The last sentence enforce the former one. According to your sentence the out put is “they cured out a nation to rule.” The simplest thing to say is serray. I make a mistake. But your arrogance will not let do so b/c you are arguing for the sake of debate as if there is a trophy waiting for you and your are in the final round of the contest. You should understand what you are talking. Anyway that is why you are behind pen-name.

  • Semere Andom

    Sem Andom’s Ghedli stand for “dummies”
    I have made a lot of comments regarding ghedli that clearly label my stand on this innately divisive issue, but again and again the supporters of the brutal regime like dawit and nitric always call me and other so called ghedli critics “andnet”. This summary will not change the lies of these willfully ignorant cruel tools of the regime, but I hope it will server as a reference to others. It is a summary from the several comments I made regarding this subject at different times.
    1. The Eritrean people were justifiably angry to wage the armed struggle in response to the repression and violation of their rights by Ethiopia. Peaceful struggle is preferable both from cost stand point and for longer term stability of the nation as violence begets violence. But I believe that the situation was not conducive for peaceful resistance, what kind of enemy you face determines the mode of the struggle. Ethiopia did not leave us any options except to speak the language they understood, armed struggle. Ours was just cause and it was the yearning of generations of Eritreans, whose goal was not only to get rid of the colonizers as some want us to believe, in effect trivializing our cause. It was an audacious goal for self determination and replace lawlessness with rule of law, injustice with justice
    2. The ideals that sparked the armed struggle, after a few years of refining it culminated into clearly defined goals to transform the society and lift the people of Eritrea. But, early on the alliance of killers conspired to nip that seedling in the bud and designed ghedli in its current form, fooling the gullible and the honest, bribing the crooked, killing both the outspoken and silent, demanded complete submission even silence was considered disobedience. The current regime did not just suffer amentia of the saintly ideals, it was premeditated. If DIA has died in 1992 and Petros or Sherifo would have been the leader, our case would not have been different, just the victims may have been different. It is their implement, their initiation. War and armed struggle is ugly by nature, it is maiming, death and suffering to stop maiming, death and suffering, but ghedli’s process was even uglier than that as the criminals targeted the innocent Eritreans mostly on personal matters, the society paid dearly for the whimsical pleasures of the devils that dawit and nitricc worship
    3. The product, although has been created in the image of ghedli, the process, it is even uglier, as if to outdo the ugliness on its image it has been created.
    4. It is incumbent upon us not lump everyone in the same alliance of killers, ghedli had some people who were somehow spared from the wrath of cleansing by the unholy alliance of killers, but the alliance of killers won and in the same way the victor writes history, the victor also calls the shots, designs the future and that is what they are doing now. The deliberate twisting that goes on to use these good people and their sacrifices to clean the crimes of this alliance by telling us ghedli was also made up of good people so we should not touch the sacred thing is kind of “bsala tilul nqus ydihin” reverse logic.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    The question any sensible person has to ask is, have these dams which are being built by the forced labor of Eritreans, brought any change in the standards of living of the people? The answer to this question is apart from serving as a failed propaganda tool to the Isayas regime, they have not brought the slightest of a positive change to the lives of the Eritrean people. Everyday life in Eritrea is getting from worse to worst, with shortages of basic necessities for a normal life. The mass exodus of Eritreans is the proof for the fact that people are living in hell in Eritrea. That they are willing to leave their country, even if it would mean they fall in the hands of barbarbaric human traders. not to mention the perils and death of the Sahara and the Mediterranean sea.

    Regarding the technicalities of these dams, no appropriate study is being made to access their ecological, and environmental impacts, especially to the downstream areas. In additiom to this, no maintenance programs are being planned to ensure that the dams do not get filled by sludge, and rendered useless after a few rainy seasons.

    To come to the big question, one has also to ask who mandated Isayas and the PFDJ to undertake thiese works which are being done by the forced conscription of Eritreans who are toiling for years without any compensation? And why is the contruction of these dams of more importance than the basic human rights and freedoms of those who are putting their labor in them? To me this is all about trying to draw attention away from the legitimate questions of rule of law, respect of human rights, and freedoms of speech, writing and organizaton. What Isayas is concerned about is his personal fame, and dreams of getting credit at the expence of Eritreans’ forced labor. In one of your comments above, you are bragging about the unique Eritrean leadership. Yes, you are right it is unique, in its violations of rule of law and all freedoms of Eritreans. What kind of leadership is it that discards the highest law of the country-the Eritrean Constitution from 1997? What kind of leadership is it that imprisons Eritreans for years, without due process of law? What kind of leadership is it that denies Eritreans their basic rights of freedom of expression and movement? What kind of leadership is it that sits in power for decades, denying the Eritrean people to choose their leaders by free and democratic elections?

    Now I don’t want to hear your usual lame excuses of putting the blame of all these problems in foreign powers like “Woyane”, The CIA, USA, or whatever you like to point fingers to when you are challenged by these questions. The Eritrean people know exactly who is the real cause of their misery, and they are tired of your unfounded and shameless pointing of fingers to foreigners.

    Peace, freedom, justice, and prosperity to the people of Eritrea!

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi Dawit & other PFDJ apologists;

    The question any sensible person has to ask is, have these dams which are being built by the forced labor of Eritreans, brought any change in the standards of living of the people? The answer to this question is apart from serving as a failed propaganda tool to the Isayas regime, they have not brought the slightest of a positive change to the lives of the Eritrean people. Everyday life in Eritrea is getting from worse to worst, with shortages of basic necessities for a normal life. The mass exodus of Eritreans is the proof for the fact that people are living in hell in Eritrea. That they are willing to leave their country, even if it would mean they fall in the hands of barbarbaric human traders. not to mention the perils and death of the Sahara and the Mediterranean sea.

    Regarding the technicalities of these dams, no appropriate study is being made to access their ecological, and environmental impacts, especially to the downstream areas. In additiom to this, no maintenance programs are being planned to ensure that the dams do not get filled by sludge, and rendered useless after a few rainy seasons.

    To come to the big question, one has also to ask who mandated Isayas and the PFDJ to undertake thiese works which are being done by the forced conscription of Eritreans who are toiling for years without any compensation? And why is the contruction of these dams of more importance than the basic human rights and freedoms of those who are putting their labor in them? To me this is all about trying to draw attention away from the legitimate questions of rule of law, respect of human rights, and freedoms of speech, writing and organizaton. What Isayas is concerned about is his personal fame, and dreams of getting credit at the expence of Eritreans’ forced labor. In one of your comments above, you are bragging about the unique Eritrean leadership. Yes, you are right it is unique, in its violations of rule of law and all freedoms of Eritreans. What kind of leadership is it that discards the highest law of the country-the Eritrean Constitution from 1997? What kind of leadership is it that imprisons Eritreans for years, without due process of law? What kind of leadership is it that denies Eritreans their basic rights of freedom of expression and movement? What kind of leadership is it that sits in power for decades, denying the Eritrean people to choose their leaders by free and democratic elections?

    Now I don’t want to hear your usual lame excuses of putting the blame of all these problems in foreign powers like “Woyane”, The CIA, USA, or whatever you like to point fingers to when you are challenged by these questions. The Eritrean people know exactly who is the real cause of their misery, and they are tired of your unfounded and shameless pointing of fingers to foreigners.
    Peace, freedom, prosperity and justice to the Eritrean people!

    • dawit

      Hanibal wrote “The question
      any sensible person has to ask is, have these dams which are being built by the
      forced labor of Eritreans, brought any change in the standards of living of the

      Same question by Guest “The question
      any sensible person has to ask is, have these dams which are being built by the
      forced labor of Eritreans, brought any change in the standards of living of the
      Abraham and Guest and co.
      I do not know whether Abraham and Guest are two different
      people or one person, I will respond to both with this simple answer. You see
      Eritrea was not liberated in one day, week, month or year. It took thirty years
      liberating one village at a time and took 30 years to achieve its national independent.
      I am sure it will take more years to achieve its economic independence. You are
      of opinion that Eritrea’s independence was achieved by forced labor i.e. all
      those who sacrificed their sweat, blood and lives were slaves of Ghedli! Eritrea
      was liberated by Eritreans blood, not by Americans, British, Italians, Russians
      or Arabs soldiers. Same today Eritrean economic liberation is done by Eritreans
      Engineers, doctors, Agriculturists. They are as competent professionals as any
      of your Masters NGOs. So don’t bring your inferiority complex questioning the safety
      of the dams. On the question of CIA, USA etc, I have not brought those issues
      on the economic liberation factors. It would have been nice if they remained
      neutral, however they still trying to stifle the progress of Eritrea through
      their economic sanctions of the country through UN. It has been already 5 years of
      Sanctions, but Eritrea’s development is moving slowly but surely forward. The rest of your ‘hatew qetew’ I am not interested to discuss them, you have been making those noises for the last 12
      years. dawit

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Hi Dawit;
        Yes, the message tagged “Guest” is also mine, they are basically the same posts, there was some technical problem when I was trying to post.
        Anyway to come to your answer; first I never said that the Gedli was fought by slaves. Secondly, I know, at least as much as you do, that the Eritrean liberation struggle was conducted by the free will of its people, for the legitimate purpose of gaining independence. If there was no active popular support and participation, it would never have succeeded. You cannot compare the situation today after Eritrea became independent to the situation in the liberation struggle. The struggle was fought by the free will of Eritreans. And you cannot expect Eritreans, in independent Eritrea, to serve indefinitly without compensation, unless otherwise you like to enslave them. And worst of all the Eritrean people was never asked to make a choice. The projects that you and your likes are bragging about are enforced on the Eritrean people without the people’s free will.
        Concerning the outcome of these forced labor, it is as I said before, nothing positive, it is just taking many steps backwards. no improvement at all, the country’s economy is in ruins. The forced labor Warsay-Yikealo was started as a project of cover-up to draw attention away from the results of the disastrous war and all the violations of the Isayas regime in the immediate aftermath of the crackdown on dessident politicians and journalists in 2001. It is thirteen years to this day. How many years do you want to spend before you can see the slightest of positive impact of this forced labor campagn? Even if there was any positive effect, it would not be justifiable, because it is done under slavery and without proper compensation of those working.
        I guess that you are living in the West, which means that you are enjoying all your freedoms. But don’t you feel that your brothers and sisters back home also deserve their basic human rights to be respected? How would you feel if the country you are residing in would deny you freedom of speech, writing electing and be elected, and freely expressing your views? How would you feel if the country kept you for years in servitude without compensation? How would you feel if the police or any one in position simply put you in prison for years without telling you what wrong you’ve done, and without giving you a chance to defend yourself in court, and without letting your loved ones know your condition and whereabouts?
        You know Dawit, you are trying to defend the undefendable, and above all you are showing how disrespectful you are regarding the rights and wellbeing of your fellow countrymen. If it was ever possible for me, I would put all of you PFDJ servants in the diaspora in the place of those Eritreans who are suffering under the regime. I would like to see you take their place, because they don’t accept their situation, but you accept and approve of the unjust policies of Isayas and PFDJ. I would like to see you test the medicine of represion that you’ve prescribed to your fellow citizens.

        • Serray

          Abraham, you made good points but don’t expect dawit to respond. You have to give hiim some space like “I understand our government need to..” or something like like that.

        • dawit

          Dear Abraham,

          I see you points and your frustration why the Eritrean government behaves the way it does of not having a free election and allowing its citizens to earn living like those in the western democratic countries etc. I am sure that was the wish of the government and people of
          Eritrea if Eritrea was a normal country whose independence and sovereignty was recognized and respected by its neighbors. Unfortunately Eritrea is not the normal country whose existence as country blessed by most nations. Even after going through all the troubles to gain its independence Eritrea is forced to defend its survival by any means, facing same enemy that has burned and looted the country for decades. The Ethiopian government has stationed over three hundred thousand army on its border and occupying a chunk of its territory defying world court order. Eritrea is trying to exist under national emergency situations for its survival, and it is not Kuwait where a Super Power nation from across the oceans will bring hundred thousands of troops to defend it on its behalf. We all know Eritrea started on the right foot right after independence, there was unity among its leaders, and people, there was the free media etc. wrote a constitution and ratified it, and before it was invaded by its neighbor, to reversing all the positive steps were started. I am not one of those conspiracy theorists that blame Isaias as the person who ignited a border war with his neighbors to stay in power, if anything the war ignited to undermine his popularity among
          the Eritrean people following independence. Now you see Abraham if you don’t understand
          the abnormal history of Eritrean people journey to exist as a nation, there is nothing we can discuss and good luck with your wish to lock all Eritrean government supporters in jail. That will happen only under the colony of your Ethiopian masters and not under a free independent Eritrea.

          • haileTG

            Hi dawit,

            So, are you saying that Eritrea at this time has conventional capability to defend a full scale assault from Ethiopia? I don’t think Eritreans should feel bad about it, but the truth is that we don’t. There are three key reasons for that:

            1) Naturally Ethiopia is much bigger and resourceful country that would outlast Eritrea.

            2) Eritrea can’t legally arm itself due to restrictive sanctions and would not have the necessary war supplies to maintain effective defense

            3) Moral is so low in Eritrea that very few would commit to defending the regime and most would abandon their positions and leave the country wide open and IA and his cronies would have run away in few days of commencing conventional offensive by Ethiopia.

            So, you would ask what is stopping Ethiopia? Well, the political front is more formidable than any physical barrier in Eritrea’s side. Sure, the Ethiopians would wipe out PFDJ with little or no resistance, but they know Eritreans aren’t politically ready to accept occupation. Hence, their day two and there after would be back to protracted civil war. They would be stationed there at tremendous security and financial risk for something that really won’t be resolved quickly. Hence, they have long discounted direct war with Eritrea. Instead, they seem to be focused on economic muscle that would eventually give them the upper hand politically in due time. Thanks to IA, Eritrea is impoverished at the same rate as Ethiopia is progressing forward.

            In March 2012, the Ethiopians did something cruel. Very shrewd move to tell it as it is. They went to after some armed groups into Eritrea and publicized it to the world. They said that the PFDJ regime is a lame duck anyway and they can go in and out at will. Just in a twist of bad azz power play, they then went back in and out again to prove what they already declared that no one could stop them. IA was caught pants down, and completely taken by surprise, not knowing if he was coming or going.

            All this brings me to say that the reason you forwarded isn’t correct. It is only the Eritrean regime and its supporters that are not normal. Eritrea is very normal and the world has treated it in a very normal way. Hence, it can only be senseless that the people are enslaved to mount a defense against Ethiopia that doesn’t exist in real terms. Because, Ethiopia is securing the northern border for obvious security reasons, otherwise has long understood there is no fertile political ground for it to invade Eritrea.

            Please talk to those who were in the third offensive. The pincer movement or qorexa employed by the Ethiopians had proven so deadly that if PMMZ didn’t order the Ethiopians to stand down, Minister Haile Weldense had told you what could have been the outcome. Yemane Monkey was calling Mendefera PFDJ office to burn all PFDJ documents. PFDJ leaders were visibly shaken and were packing up their land cruisers to flee the country via the other borders. It was the shame of all shames that our side was ordered to shoot at Ethiopians withdrawing from Tesseney. And they kept coming back and retaking it again and again. The Eritrean will for independence was not broken but PFDJ’s conventional capability was destroyed for good. After that PFDJ is all about toothless propaganda. Again, Eritreans shouldn’t feel anything bad about this, because the odds were well stacked against them – a powerful Ethiopian army from the front and a Keda’E treasonous leadership from behind. Nothing could be done in those situation.

            So, Eritrea is a normal country, the world is a normal place but PFDJ and its supporters are the only one’s that are not normal. Come’on dawit, the regime ignored Lampedusa memorial and held all night party with Wedi Tikul in NY last weekend, a year to the day of the tragedy!!! Is that the normal regime and the world that did everything to honor them the un normal party???? Tell the truth and the truth shall set you free:-)


          • “Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. Nevertheless, the people can always be brought
            to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and
            exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” Hermann Goering, in the Nuremberg Diary.

            Dear Haile TG, Unfortunately, it has always been the same. It is a pity that at this point in time, still there are people who speak of war between
            Eritrea and Ethiopia, while all we should be talking about ought to be how to bring peace and cooperation between the two brotherly people.


          • haileTG

            Selam Horizon,

            Indeed, very true and you have a good point too. However, the key challenge I wanted to bring to dawit’s attention is that, if in his mind he could justify the enslavement of Eritreans in order to defend it from Ethiopia and those he accuse to be less recognizing of our independence, how is it then that Eritrea is in the worst possible shape to defend itself? How can the regime get away with the notion of defending Eritrea by exposing it to the lowest it can be as a nation? The whole world agreed to sanction it and hence compromise its sovereign right to self defend, this came through its disastrous attempt to challenge the world on Somalia and frighteningly declare al shabab were not terrorists. By bringing the nation and people to their knee, isolating them regionally and internationally, exposing them to all sorts of international censoring and driving out close to half a million people in just a decade, can’t be considered to be done in mounting defense of the nation. And at the end of it Eritrea has been left inhabitable and desolate as the Catholic priests attested to. So, dawit need to show us how Eritrea fared in PFDJ’s decade long national defense project.

            As you said the two peoples can only travel one road, the road to peace and harmony. PFDJ and its supporters are on the way against such reality and the opposition has some way to go to get their acts together. Mean while, it was intended to show dawit that the security concern fronted by PFDJ is fake and if it ever come to a case where Eritrea is in danger, PFDJ is the first to hit the road with tails between legs.


          • Dear Haile TG and Abraham Hannibal,

            My last comment was meant to be a sort of support to Haile TG’s clear response to those who are still calling for war from some safe place in the West.

            Abraham Hannibal thinks that, of all the people in this forum, I had Haile TG in mind as a warmonger. I think he misunderstood me. Nothing wrong with that, of course. You see, foreign language sometime becomes obscure and slippery, and it takes us where we do not plan to go. May be that was what happened in my case.

            I quoted Hermann Goering because it shows explicitly well, how dictators and their enablers function. In addition, it helps us understand, why some people say what they say in this forum.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Sory, Horizon, because I’ve misunderstood your comment.

          • Hope

            BTW,did you ask wether dawit was in one the Fronts(Sewra and Post-sewra era) at one point of his life?
            I don’t think so.
            Advise him to join the EDF now and let him try it at Aseb Front where he will be harrassed by TPLF backed RSADO terrorists and their Snipers, AEDs(remotely monitored detonators) and RPGs everynight and then let him come back and report to us about his experience about war..

          • Hope

            Plus,re-read what Vet Mahmouday told you about the dynamics and mechanics of War and the devastating role of PIA,as we all heard from the beginning,hence,SAAYs’ Strategy of surgical removal of the head makes big sense as he has more info than you and Amanuel Hidrat do.
            The leadership deserves more than impeachemnet,and that was why Hiale Drue was lamenting.
            PIA ordered the EDF to back off when Adi Murug was invaded on a day light
            -PIA ordered the EDF not to move forward an inch in 1999 when the TPLF Army was in disarray when the EDF asked to over-run Adigrat and Mekelle–even to march to Addis so as to make another hsitory.
            Hence,here you have it an open Conspiracy of humiliating Eritrea and Eritreans and their Pride–openly though,not underground; and Dr Andebrhan W.testified what he heard from the drunken mouth of PIA…”neday nay libbu yihalim”…
            ” As much as I have brought Eritrea up from the ashes,I will do the same to destroy Eritrea and Eritreans” to ashes,coz I know what you Eritreans saying behind my back calling me an Agame” Simplified.
            Are we then dummies and ignorant to that extent when Eritrea and Eritreans are being decimated on a day light in front of our face and eyes?

          • Abinet

            EDF all the way to Addis? Are you saying IA saved us? God bless him . He deserves a statue for saving ethiopians from the marching EDF. Now I have to consult with TK where to put the statue. I say Addis ,he might prefer Mekele , another city saved by his excellency.
            Where do you want it built ?

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Horizon,
            As I see it Haile is not calling for or advocating war,as you seem to have understood. He is trying to expose the fatal PFDJ policies of playing on outside threats to justify its human rights violations and to stay indefinitly in power. Haile is exactly describing how these misguided policies of the PFDJ regime have rendered Eritrea incapable of defending itself from possible Ethiopian invasion. If there is any threat to Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity it should be due to PFDJ’s repressive internal policies and destructive foreign policies. As a result of the transgretions of all human rights by the regime, Eritreans have lost their prized and indespinsable unity to confront any foreign aggression.
            Who can expect a people whose basic human rights are not respected, that is treated like animals in their own country, to stay in tact and fight against foreingn invasion. The fact is that the PFDJ has, contrary to what it claims, exposed the country to great risk in its defense capabilities.

          • “The pincer movement or qorexa employed by the Ethiopians had proven so deadly that if PMMZ didn’t order the Ethiopians to stand down”'”

            Haile i wish you stick with what you know, please! in your caliber you don’t need a kiss in your rear end from the Tigryans. what do you know about the 3rd offence by the weyane thugs? if you know then tell us. don’t just spit what TK told you.

          • haileTG

            Hey Nitricc my man,

            ke’buzu yiqrta gar:-)

            You said “Haile i wish you stick with what you know…”

            Sir, you either know what I know or you not doing what you’ve just asked me to do! I don’t mean to embarrass you though, it just sounded more like you, that is all 🙂

            What happened in third offensive was covered at length in the cyber space. The best guy to refer you to is tegadalay Biniam Debessay’s Paltalk, a long serving EPLF in the mechanized and was with 525 at the time (spend many years previously in several assignments including the Congo). Beyond that;

            Isaias Afewerki said “Meanta kebdKa zehirir eyu neyru” “anjetn yemiyasarir neber” or “it was something that would roast one’s intestines … Tinglish please:)”

            Haile Weldense FM; “Tetalaqina ena”, “eske mnbesebs new yegerefun:)” or “Surprisingly they left us wet…haha stupid tinglish:)


          • Mahmud Saleh

            salam HTG;
            The pincer movement is usually used to flank an advancing enemy on both sides while leaving a light or heavy force for the contact of the tip of the spear of the advancing enemy formation, depending on the purpose of the operation, for a bait purpose. The idea is to surprise the enemy on both flanks which are usually less protected, cut it off and kill it. Here you would need elements of surprise, superiority of man power (because you will then close the flanks, and in effect, your direction of attack will aim inward and out word in order to kill the encircled portion of the enemy and to fend off the main supply line and reinforcements. You will need good training and coordination, because now your forces are also fighting in different sectors moving in some areas against each other , and plan” B”. Eritreans had perfected those tactics before TPLF in destroying advancing enemy formations and convoys. Wayane became so good at it, because that was typically a guerrilla tactic, they did not have a trenched and hunkered down front-lines.
            Now, in the case of the last Ethio-Eritrean war, Ethiopians used conventional tactics, mainly, frontal attacks using breakthrough tactics, namely, in the western front. In one of the offensives, they used a sort of infiltration where they began the attack from rear areas; the vulnerable position through which they infiltrated had been brought to senior Eritrean commanders’ attention, but for some reason, they failed to man it (this is in the area of Zaidekelom, where Ethiopians used hundreds of donkeys to cross the line undetected and had to surprise Eritrean positions from behind. I believe that’s when Eritrean commanders decided to retreat from Badme. So, the pincer movement would have been applied to the advancing Ethiopian army, not as you described it, just my opinion from what I heard from people who were there, and the usual definition of a pincer movement. I believe the carnage that Eritreans inflicted upon advancing Ethiopian army in ksad Adi Maekel and Assab fronts included some type of pincer movements. I don’t know what tactics they used to inflict heavy losses on the invading Ethiopian army in Tserona, but I doubt if they did not employ some sort of movements.
            As you said, the odds were stacked against Eritrea, in terms of resources and mobility. I heard from people who were close to senior commanders that Eritrean commanders options were strictly restricted by PIA, not to counter attack, or do active defensive tactics. In essence, they were sitting ducks; all the elements of surprises were on the Ethiopian side, we were fighting on their own terms. That’s a huge disadvantage. If you are smaller, you have to make up your size either through technology (Israel), or through the independence to contact with enemy at the time and place of your choice and with the type of engagement you choose (many examples). We were able to foil many Ethiopian offensives during ghedli because we were fighting the enemy on our own terms. For instance, EPLA would launch surprise attacks before enemy gets started, thereby throwing his plan to the wind; it happened prior to most of the offensives; you would have the independence of carrying out atrocious hit and run attacks ( it was done in kebesa and other places, attacking garrisons, supply lines,etc.prior to an impending enemy offensive in Sahel front lines), diversionary battles,” divide and conquer” type of operations where you would basically disrupt command and control centers, and disintegrate enemy fighting unity and then eat the it eat from inside out ( it happened many times). Our commanders were forbidden not to use what they had perfected during the years of liberation; they were strictly ordered to assume defensive positions. That was a fatal error.

            In terms of the result, politically, yes Ethiopia won, but militarily, it was a botched war. A country 20 times the size of Eritrea, with all its international weight and relatively reach resources could not break the back of EDF; could not march to Asmara as ordered. PMMZ might have showed some reluctance in the beginning, according to his Ethiopian opponents, but he was high on gears to topple the Eritrean government. That’s what he did when Eritrea was ready to negotiate when he ordered a new fighting in the Assab Front where he caused the loss of tens of thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians.
            Eritreans, in most of their war history, exchanged land for saving their fighting force. We retreated in 1978 from Kebessa, we were pushed so many times during the 13 years of conventional war with Ethiopia (ten years of trenched defense to counter attack to liberation); you may recall 1985 Barentu hellish battles where we were driven back to our previous positions, or shall I say, retreated. In most of the major offensives, Ethiopians would breakthrough our lines, control some territories, but then they would be beaten back. So, wayane’s territorial gains in 1999-2000, in comparison to their losses, was not that impressive when you take all the advantages they had. By the way, you remember Ethiopian chief of staff boasting of annihilating 1/3 of EDF! But deep in their command and control rooms, Ethiopian commanders were worried for a counter attack, they were not finding traces of their heavy attacks in the areas they captured proportional to their losses.I believe PMMZ himself stated that they had not anticipated the stiff resistance and the losses they had to explain. Eritrean army never lost fighting integrity, its command and control networks and functions were intact, it was doing what it had been doing for years: exchanging territory for saving its fighting capability. Senior defected officials reassert the widely believed impression that the war was not managed well due to the isolation of experienced top EPLA commanders and the heavy-handedness of PIA in micromanaging it and not listening to field commanders. What made it so painful for Eritreans was the fact that by then we were an independent country, not a liberation movement; the battles and their results were played out in front of Eritreans and the world, thanks to information technology, Ethiopians and Eritreans made it personal, in paper and audiovisual; the once invincible EPLA was seen leaving Barentu behind for all the world to see; we were sovereign nation and every inch of territory you lose, and particularly the flash point of all these, is painful..and so on.
            With regards to contemplating another round of war,I know your reply to dawit is to say, “please don’t even play out that notion in your mind.” There is no one who will give us a sound prediction at this time. Remember, fighting in your own land changes all the above mentioned factors to the advantage of defending army. Now, it’s becoming a just war, there will be sensible Ethiopians who will say ” No to war”, and then the fact that you mentioned, the day after the “victory” will usher a painful experience for the occupying force. As long as Eritreans exchange territory and keep their fighting body intact (planned retreat), Ethiopian commanders can’t claim a victory. They will enter a period full of quagmires and surprises. Hey, Afganistan beat the Soviets and now, God knows if American can claim victory. An invasion is different. It changes alignments of forces. I am sure most Eritreans, including myself, will support the efforts of expelling the invading force. There could be miscalculations and wrong assumptions, I hope both leaderships restrain themselves from provoking the other. What Ethiopia did was wrong, I am happy Eritrean government did do ti-for-tat action. This is not politics for me. It’s about the safety of those poor young men and women who would pay the ultimate price on both sides if war broke. I hope both peoples understand war is just war. It eats up all the bright future of nations; it pitches peace loving neighbors against each other; it consumes the youth and the disadvantaged; it’s darkness. I hope the forces of reason will win soon. I hope to see youth of both countries touring areas where the senseless carnage took place for educational purpose; I’m against any idea that entertains war between these nations. We have seen what war could do, let our children and grandchildren see what peace could do.

          • haileTG

            Hello Mahmuday,

            On the battle formations and terms of references: Thanks brother and it would add to my knowledge and I value your experience over my analysis. One thing that I would add (I normally don’t include personal issues in my comments) is that my wife had survived for by sheer lack. She was part of the raging battles around the western front and her and her merah mesr’E were the only one’s left from her group. The actual events were also described in detail during many times we raised the issue. She is less politically inclined and hence most of the stuff she tells me is just her recollection of the events. I was in Eritrea at the time but had already migrated long before. So, the lack of opportunity for the EDF to use initiative is also something I heard a lot. So, it is great addition to my knowledge to glean to your take too.

            On potential outcome of a conflict I really understand where you’re coming from as Tegadalay Mahmuday, but you know more than anybody, when war breaks out, every strategy and prediction is blown to pieces with the first shots. Our people can be helped from knowing the realty of a country’s capacity to defend itself, while thousands of its youth are pouring out monthly. External occupation is a sure thing to unite a country, albeit temporarily, but unless the regime can have sanction busting allies and resource to bring to the conflict, it would be a battle for the Eritrean people. I think the Ethiopians know that and have consistently discounted the regime but seem to be keen to normalize with the people. I think that is a correct strategy for the longer term. I really can’t see for the life of me, how the dysfunctional PFDJ be able to fight a war. It fought the last war on the back of huge popularity but the game is totally different now. The regime is officially identified as distabilizing entity in the world and can’t arm itself. It may get weapons on black market, but would be difficult to rely on that channel in a conventional war. Please enligten me how you would see actual combat under current situation.

            On peace with our region and Ethiopia no doubt that would be the final and enduring legacy of removing PFDJ. Ethiopians and Eritreans are destined for common and shared interest as the closest people with much to draw them together than against each other. The regime has justified its existence on sowing enmity and divisions. And it is only fair we ask it to show us the beef in its much hyped national defense. I doubt the regime was wise not to react to the Ethiopian provocation, it is likely that ab mai zAtewet anchewa syndrome of a broken IA. A sadistic regime that was begged by the daughter of Naizgy Kiflu to bury her father and refused and made us witness the ex-tegadalay kept 40 days in freezer to be declined entry to Eritrea, can never do such things out of consideration of anyone or anything, just to save its skin really:-)


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Salam Haile;
            I agree with you regarding the state in which we find our country. The idea of entertaining even a slight idea of war frightens me, honestly. So, people need to draw their strength from the search of peace rather than from toying around with the ideas of war. I understand that’s what you want to highlight. I might have exhibited some residual “tegadalay” style, but most folks who happened to be there agree on the general remarks I outlined. Give support to your wife because the scars of war live long, I didn’t mean to lessen Eritrean casualty, either. The war was full of many engagements and was conducted in a vast geographical area involving hundreds of thousands of troops; so I believe her story. There could have been encirclement of some units. I was taking the overall strategic moves by both armies. Your request to enlighten you how I would see combat outcomes under current situations is denied!!! Haylat, frankly, I don’t want to think about it, and you are better than me in this type of tasks (numbers..factors…and analysis); but we have covered it in this thread and in the past, if you remember. The best thing is to encourage a culture that looks at life and living; a culture that’s skeptical of governments and rulers; a culture that asks and asks a lot. Neither side should feel proud of defeating the other, because the day you declare victory, you are less in human count, less in resources, but with greater loss of opportunities and depreciated sense of security. Countries arm themselves not to conduct wars but to deter wars, so our culture of war and ideas of war need to be changed.

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Keep this words of yours on the wall of your living room. “People need to draw their strength from the search of peace rather than from toying around with the ideas of war”. Very much my belief. That thread of idea will make me in the frontiers of “peace and accommodation” along your side. I applaud also Hailat for becoming the diplomat for peace at awate forum with Horizon on the other side. Yes peace with our neighbors, but without peace within ourselves is unrealistic. The center of peace within ourselves is accommodation. Let us search for peace within ourselves and our neighbors to give hope for the new generations.


          • haileTG

            Merhaba Mahmuday,

            Yes, my wife had her share of scars, but it seems to have receded much farther to the back of a distant memory. I don’t really push her or spin her experiences for politics. So, this has helped her to recover.

            The message of peace you gave is excellent. And if anything, I believe that changing our ways to embrace hard truth would set us in the right track. Consider Dejen’s mother for example. She saw Dejen 9 years later. That is around 2007/8 by my estimate, after recovering from her dizzieness, she said We’re not going to turn our back on our wudub because of our current troubles. By then G-15 had been in jail at least 8 years, the regime had done most of its betrayals and what have you. Where was she? Well, let’s back away from judgement and really wrap our heads around that. Her type of resolve and indomitable spirit was a good thing. I eternally thank her for helping me to gain independent nation with her resolute stand and loyality. The problem is that her approach is badly obsolute now and is putting her against her own fundamental interest. She deserves to enjoy the fruites of her hard work for the cause, she doesn’t know any better and is holding on to what she always did. My hope to extricate her from such danger is done out of care for her own welfare and not to use her for expediency.

            This brings me to dawit. He may be holding on to his views hoping and believing that my staying loyal to the same personality that he did long in the past, he is doing the same thing as in the past and hence hope to triamph just as in the past. There was time we approved of dawit’s stand in the past. But we see him holding obsolute views now that are sure to complicate matters. How do we get him to recognize that by doing the same thing despite the environment being different, his views now may be a liability than a benefit to his own wellbeing. Such is done with the intent of helping him to see and not judging him for doing so.

            It is with the above that I believe we must have courage to argue bitter truth and advocate for humbling ourselves to our true situation. I truly believe that such is the only way forward for Eritreans: update ourselves to our reality, candidly and honestly.


          • Mahmuday; I know peace the best way to go but strong army and strong mentality is the best way to maintain, archive and guarantee for peace to exist. We have no other opetion! NONE! I was checking VoA and they were talking about Gebru Asrat, still he is at it.
            Last time, he ignited the war by openly declaring ……

            “ገብሩ ኣስራት ካብ ዝነበሮ ሓላፍነት ወሪዱ ምስ ተባረረ እንሆ ነቲ ደም ደቂ ህዝቢ ዘይረወየ ድልየቱ ንምምላእ ከምቲ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ኣብ ኣተሓሳስባ ሓፋሽ ዘይነበረ “ብሓንቲ ዱሙ ሓምሳ ኣናጹ ብሓንቲ ፍሊት ሺሕ ሃመማ ዝብል ጭርሖ ኣለዎም: ይኑዕቁና እዮም።” እንዳበለ ብምንዕዓብ፥ “ኹናት ክንድዝወሰደ ግዜ ይውሰድ፡ ክንዲ ዝተኸፍለ ይከፈል ክቕጽል እዩ” ኢሉ ዝምድረሉን ዝእዝዘሉን ዝነበረ መዝነት ስለዘይብሉ ኣብ ርሑቕ ስደት ሂወቱ ኣውሒሱ፡ ጌና ከም ልማዱ ኣህዛብ ንኸናቑት ንሕጋውያን ዉዑላትን ስምምዓትን ነቲ ሓደ ከፍርስ ነቲ ካልእ ክመልስ ቅሂሙ ሓምኹሽቱ ንዝተወዳኤ ጉዳይ ከንበድብድ ይስማዕ ኣሎ።”
            we have no choice but to sleep in one eye open.
            Mahmuday, this empty and toothless peace talk

          • Mahmud Saleh

            You always challenge me. I will say something on this particular subject when I get time. But on your last quizz, what is the English equivalent of Temete? Is it aim/goal, vision, intention, aspiration?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Mahmuday & Nitrikay,

            Nitricc, If you don’t mind let me help you on the quiz. “Temete” is “outlook” in English. I don’t know how mahmuday will see it. Sometimes our background (ELF & EPLF) influence us how we say and chose words. Let me give you an example for the word “social affairs”. The ELF background use “Hibrete-Sebawi gudayat” and the EPLF background will tell you “mahberawi gudayat”. we should conventionalize our words in the literary of tigrigna language. Hopefully in the future “hadas Eritrea.”

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Shukran ya ustaz. I think that’s a closer translation. You saved my boy.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Emma and Mahmuday:
            Emma, good differentiating the EPLF and ELF Tigriniya. but sometimes Ghedli (Mahmuday anynika golhathat ayteblo: do not roll your eyss:-) ) created words while our society already had one an apt description especially in the social aspect of it. So Ghedli sometimes created unneeded words just for the heck of it, “temete” is one of them and I would replace it by elevating the word “mqumat” to meet outlook. “mqumat” means to set your sight, the sight of your heart and mind on something far while also doing something else now
            So no need for “temete”

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Sem,

            As I know “mQumat” is the synonyms of “MiQ’ tsetsar” hence Sem Temeteka AmaEri. I think temete is not an invented word, our society was using it. We are only relating to English words. So Temet is the correct word for “outlook” and a perfect political word. Let us see others input to settle it at least within awatistas.

          • Mahmuday, the reason I am saying this is that the Tigryans will never sit down for peace with Eritrea while they have a firm control the military wing. For instance;
            There 13 military academies in Ethiopia and look who is in charge. Till this one sided power grapping is neutralized kiss peace good bye.

            The Ethiopian Military Training academy.

            “Defense command and staff collage. ======= Tigray

            Hayeleom Araya Academy============== Tigray

            Wourso Basic Infantry military training center ======== Tigray

            Awsah Arba mechanized military training center ====== Tigray

            Blate special forces military training center ======== Tigray

            Defense Engineering collage =========== Tigray

            Military health science academy ========= Tigray

            Mulugeta Buli technical collage ========== Tigray

            Defense logistics collage =========== Tigray

            Defese intelligence collage ========= Tigray

            Defense resources management collage ========= Oromo

            Birr-Sheloko military training center =========== Tigray

            Mekelle Hibret military academy =============Agew”

          • Haile,
            Why do you have to bring something I have nothing to do with. The past wars talk to the people who were there and know about it. Haile, I am not talking about the past. I am talking about your current assessments of the true country. For example; what do you know about the Ethiopian army? There is a reason when I said you stick with what you know. You don’t everything. Do you? there is nothing you can say that will embarrass me .

          • Serray


            Your whole argument is based on a lie. I am one of the people who believes isaias ignited badme and the reason I do is because a competent court of law, where the regime was represented by professional lawyers and allowed to present its case, found it to be so. Every word you wrote to excuse the regime for creating a dark nation is based on blatant lie, therefor, every word you wrote about eritrea is a lie. Show us isaias didn’t ignite badme by bringing proof equal in weight to that of a court of law; otherwise you words are nothing but cheap talk. And that brings me to the point I want make about the whole thing, the importance of a cause. You see, you are not a cyber creature, if you twist and manufacture a cause to justify the slavery and near extinction of your young, then what kind of a human being are you? The cleaning robot is blessed with ignorance; you are not. The rational mind you used to manufacture these lies will cross over, if not already, to the way you look and judge the world and just like your views on eritrea’s descent to darkness is a cheap talk, so will your views on life itself. There is no free ride: if you repeat to yourself that 2 plus 2 is 5 enough times, it is simply a matter of time before it will be in your head and that is a terrible thing to your loved ones. You can’t worship the devil and expect to go heaven.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Dawit;

            There you come to your usual lame excuses of Ethiopian aggresion, and foreign interference in Eritrea’s affairs. By now it is evident to any sensible person that whenever the PFDJ and its cronies are confronted with the real issues of their violations, they retreat to their lame excuses of palying blame game.

            Eritrea became Independent and part of the world community through its hard won struggle and with the blessing of its neighboring countries and the rest of the world in 1993. Nothing abnormal with Eritrea, in fact the country had all the gifts for a brighter future-a unified, enthusiastic and hard working people. It was even mentioned as a bacon of hope in the African continent by foreign observers including the US. But there was something in store for Eritrea and Eritreans waiting for an opportune momment to hijack the hard won freedom. This evil force comprised of Isayas and his inner circle. This group was not prepared to cede power to the people. It wanted to shape Eritrea in its own distorted image, disregarding the people’s right of self determination.

            In the first place you are mistaken when you claim Ethiopia invaded first. The fact is that it was Eritrea that first used a heavily armed mechanised army to crush the Ethiopian administration and militia that were stationed in Badme village. By doing so, the Isayas regime had taken the conflict to a more serious confrontation. But the Isayas regime had a far more better and less dramatic choice to make-namely to take the case to the OAU or the UN, or a third party that was agreeable to both sides. In such a way a possible escalation of the dispute could have been avoided at the early stage of the conflict. But the Isayas regime was belligerent and didn’t even accept mediation efforts from the US and Ruwanda. What followed is something that everybody knows.

            You say that Eritrea is in a state of emergency; what kind of emergency? As regards the border issue, it has been rendered a legal rulig, what iis left is to demarcate it on ground. Your dictator himself has said that the border issue has been given a legal conclusion. Eritrea has accepted the rulig as is, while Ethiopia accepted it in principle but would like to work out some practical issues through talks. I don’t see any problem with the stance of Ethiopia as far as they don’t deviate from the final and binding nature and legality of the border ruling. If, for example, according to the border ruling, the border is going to cut through a village, leaving members of same families to fall both sides of the border, how would one resolve it without talking and consulting with each other directly or through a mutually acceptable third party? Putting the border in paper is one issue, demarcating the border on ground is another issue considering many practicality issues that may arise.

            We have now been hearing talks of emergency situation from the PFDJ for thirteen years. This was even one of the reasons given by the PFDJ, when confronted about the delay in the implementation of the ratified Eritrean Constitution from 1997. And to the surprise of the whole world, like a lightning from the sky dictaor Isayas announced drafting of a contitution would start soon in May this year. But, wait, don’t we already a constitution pending implementation for seventeen years? What kind of a game is this? He didn’t even take the bother to mention the legally ratified constitution from 1997 by a single word! This is disrespect and contemt of the Eritrean peole beyond any compare. It is also a criminal act of high treason and betrayal of the aspirations of the Eritrean people. If you beleive whatever this mafia group tells you, well it is upto you, it only shows your lack of basic sensible judgement.

            In conclusion, I see that you are accusing me of “wishing to lock all Eritrean government supporters in jail” Where did I wish this? What I said was that those who are serving under the PFDJ do not approve of their situation, and they are even willing to lose their precious live only they could escape from the claws of the oppressive PFDJ. But people like you, Dawit, in the diaspora, who know Eritrea only from the media and through PFDJ festivals, and who support and approve of PFDJ’s policies should serve under the PFDJ, instead of our countrymen who are suffering there. If you are admitting that working under the PFDJ is jail, which is the fact, then I don’t have problem with your stance, you are always welcome to the camp of opposition to Isayas rule.-))

  • Rodab


    When discussing Ghedli, often times it is the misdeeds of individuals in leadership and the tendency to define Ghedli on that aspect that is hotly argued and counter-argued. The other side of the story, the selflessness of the grassroots, is hardly appreciated.

    Weyni Tewelde is a former tegadalit and a famous artist – actress and singer. Recently, she produced a short documentary narrating the sacrifices paid by female tegadelties. As you watch the video, you wonder as to what exactly inspires people to go to such length to serve in Ghedli for a salary of hunger and thirst, indefinite labor, getting killed or wounded, forgoing family, children, and paying all kinds of sacrifices. It is this kinds of testimonies that makes Ghedli truly a much bigger mission than the actions of self-serving individuals who lead it. It is also unfortunate and saddening that the fate of the nation is determined by a handful individuals overriding the good deeds of good-hearted thousands common men and women.

    • haileTG

      Hey Rodab,

      Good point. But to do justice to the multitude of questions that such can trigger, one would also ask, how could some one go that far, give it all and come out incapable of having a grain of courage to stand up for truth! How can some one spend all his/her life for “Justice” and yet can’t tell what it means at the end of it all. Dejen to be thrown to rote for life, G-15 to be buried alive, children of their martyred comrades to die in the Sinai and Lampedusa and sit in Ethiopian refugee camps for years, children of G-15 to grow up never knowing their parents…that is the real frightening message of this video. Such would remain the most baffling twist in this unfortunate saga and and a life of hardship beyond any description. If it didn’t move them an inch in the concept of justice, we can take it as a great endeavor expended to gain something that wouldn’t care a bit even if you didn’t have it in the first place. What a contradiction 🙂

    • Kokhob Selam

      እዚ እዩ ቲ ግድል :: ነዚ ከቢድ ዋጋ ዝኸፈለ ውጹዕ ህዝቢ :ውጽኢት ቃልሱ ክብትኑ ብኹሉ መልክዓት ዝፈታቱንና ዝደልዮ ዘለው :: ህግደፍ ብወገና ፍሹልን ርኹስን ምኽንያታት ተጎልቢባ ሃገርነትን ከተብርስ ትጓየይ ኣላ :: በቲ ሓደ ኸኣ ቃልስና ዋጋ ከምዘይነበሮ ዝገልጹ እሞ ጸረ ህግደፍ ኢና እናበሉ ብተዘዋዋሪ ግን ድልየታት ህግደፍ ዘሳልጡ ዘለው ::

      ኣብ ሞንጎ ብዙሓት ተጻባእቲ ኢና ፍረ ቃልሲ ከይብስብስን ‘ኳ ድ ኣ እቲ ዝተረኽበ ፍረ ናብ ዝለዓለ ቅዱስ ዕላማ – ምህናጽ ዲሞክራሲያዊት ሃገር – ዲግ ዲጊት ተዓጢቕና ዘለና ::

    • Hope

      Thanks Eng for the brief “chop” but this is only the tip of the iceberg though.
      Yep,that is the Hypocrisy of the Hypocrisies that most of us could not not understand as towhy we eritreans have to go again with even worse/the worst journey again after we went through the worstjourney under the SUN.
      Simply coxz of few individuals?But stil that is absurd and more hypocrisy and insanity of the insanities to suffer to that extent due to few individuals???
      Can some one enlighten me a bit on this?
      I thought I have known enough as an Eritrean who grew up during Ghedli Era but —I feel empty and totally ignorant.
      What is the secret and motivastion behind all these crimes,atrocities?

  • Thanks dawit. very refreshing and i thank you to the people who are making it happen. Although they are wrong. why work? they should have gone bagging. look how Ethiopia economy is booming? hahahahaha. I am proud of my people. all this government has to do is release the prisoners or bering them to the court of law. shoooooot.
    dawit i am surprised Kokob Selam did not replay with ” oh all this is fake” bull crap. that guy hates Eritrea. i don’t know who hates Eritrea more, Kokob selam or Hayat? I think Kokob selam,

    • Kokhob Selam

      Thanks God that PFDJ fail doing any job including what is attached above, what could I do if they do things in the right way? well you know I told you once, that even if they make the road Gold plated, nothing could have changed in my mind. simply I was born to be against PFDJ, Lol. But I am lucky PFDJ is not good in everything including for normal Al Jezira interview. you have seen the man’s reaction, we all read one complete black book in the face of devil. ህግደፍ ኣይ ፊቶም ኣይ ፍትፍቶም :

  • Semere Andom

    A typical PFDJ style stripping ones citizenship and calling them Ethiopians. Also typical taking the credit of the labor of slavery as if it was a grand vision of PFDJ, taking about the dam as if calling mickey mouse micro dams as if they were the Huber dam. But dawit will not mention those who perished with empty stomach building this “lemon” projects that are not lifting the livelihood of the people. Of course dawit will not mention those suffering in the harshest prisoners of Ela-Ero and Nakura, places where no Eritrean was sent during the Ethiopians occupations. daiwt calls all these glaring facts temporary mistakes. if the cottage and the solar panel he installed in his house in Keren or Asmara or any other city is safe, ever suffering, every abuse in the karsehli are temporary problems created by TPLF and CIA remotely. Of course dawit does not have the balls to mention Dejen’s gruesome prison experience and he probably went into hunger strike, not in protest, but in thanks giving to his god when assena interviewed Dejen.To his mind Dejen is a TPLF tool. Of course dawit will not mention the accounts by veterans and founding fathers, he knows in his bone the truth but he has no shred of integrity to even mention it in passing. Of course dawit does not tell you about his nightmares that one day he will wake up and his beloved PFDJ has evaporated to the ether and the uncertain that it may usher in for his interests.
    This thread was never about andnet, which this commenter never supported. But dawit is devoid of integrity just like his PFDJ masters and he makes it one. dawit will not tell you that he enjoyed Yemane’s interview because it told him the suffering inflicted on Eritreans because it gives him joy. The joy he harvests from the suffering of the Eritrean people by PFDJ is evident in his comments. All the epic disaster PFDJ inflicted are mere mistakes that any government does. In dawit’s deliberately distorted world view everyone who exposes PFDJ is a traitor, there is no originality in this, it is time honored style. But such is the reality in any society, there are the honest, who make honest mistakes and there are the crooks among us, who only care about what matters to them even if the price for that is the lives and suffering of everyone else.
    He also blesses civil war and in the same comments says some people want to destroy our unity, how do you go to civil war if you are united, civil was the epitome of disunity. If we went to civil war, it either means we are not united or some one was invisibly and subtly pulling the strings and fooled us to go to civil war.
    This is a scenario for people like dawit to wake up from their willful support of the evil: it summer and the Sawa festival is one and the willful support takes his teenage kids to the festival to know the history of the PFDJ that is building the country and DIA, just like his friend Ghadafi shakes the hands of the YPDJ from the diaspora and he is smitten by one of the young teenage girl, he signals to one of his aids that he like her. The security people show up in the supporter’s solar panel lit house in Eritrea and pick up the girl, they assure the parents “ktmeles eya”, and she never does. Given up hope the supporter parents come home, their real home in the west and the poor western girl becomes the concubine of the president. This will make the willful ignorance evaporate.

    • I guess you beat Kokob selam. get lost, looser. i know you can’t stand anything good about eritrea. why so much hate? i know you have no repeat for work ethic, so, i see your point. good luck with your walerair. there is no way you can appreciate hard work, you have no clue about it. sad.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Why you want to me to be the best when there are a lot of great people ? I know you are in trouble in choosing who the best is. But let me give you hint on how to chose. The first important point you should remember is if he is against your principle, sure he is among the real honest category. but do you know, even DIA is one of the people who hate to see people like you because he knows if G15 were faster than him and put him in Ela Ero you could have been supporting them today. what about me? imagine now how much different we are.

    • Serray

      Selamat Semere,

      Isn’t it funny how the devil worshippers casually walk and throw “selamat awatista” before they built the murderers, rapists and human traffickers into god using the romantics heart strings of eritrea the darkest nation on earth as a gift from God to silence them. The intersection of value systems, that is what the eritrean people have to watch out, people who condemn the person but not the act. It is moments like this that I am grateful to yg.

      Let me give the cleaning robot the commands to go and clean, it is spending way too much scribbling gibberish.

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  • Quiz time for Mahmuday but before the quiz, word of wisdom, you must remember when dealing with big mouths.

    “When dealing with critics always remember this: Critics judge things based on what is outside of their content of understanding.”

    we all have our perception, view, believe and a system we interact with. so, why is one differs from the other? at times there are believes and views that leave you discombobulated. so, what are the sources? The way we deal with things and the way we see things are the once shapes our attitude, believe and ultimately where our character lays.
    Since I read Selemet’s language superiority I am only felt a dumbazz but I am launching all out war with Tigrigna. Shame! I am ashamed. So, let’s have a little fun. I was reading this Eri youth magazine and it lists the followings. I don’t understand all of them what to mean but I got one i understand and made me think and I relate the two toothless, Serray and Semere. Accordingly; the likes of Serray, semere and the rest of the riffraff’s must belong to some of the list to hold such absurd and idiotic views. If not, how can anyone miss the very noble virtues of self-respect, honor, decency, empathy and morality? Now Read and tell me which category those to ignorants Serray and Semere belong. and shall explain and have my take.

    “ውርጹጽ ጠመተ፦

    ርቡጽ ጠመተ፦

    ልዕለ ጠመተ፦

    ቁጡብ ጠመተ፦

    ጽሉው ጠመተ፦

    ሃናጺ ጠመተ፦

    ትስፉው ጠመተ፦

    ውሁድ ጠመተ፦

    ክውንነታዊ ጠመተ፦

    ሃዳሚ ጠመተ፦”

    source Eritrean youth magazine.

    • haileTG


      ahhh…that is not your caliber ma man…live it to Araya to study for his Eritrean PFDJ citizenship test: -) here are those you missed:

      ሰብኣዊ ጠመተ
      ፍትሓዊ ጠመተ
      ርሕሩሕ ጠመተ
      ሓቀኛ ጠመተ
      ሞራላዊ ጠመተ
      ከዳዕ ጠመተ
      ተበላጺ ጠመተ
      ውልቃዊ ጠመተ
      ሓሳዊ ጠመተ
      ህግደፋዊ ጠመተ
      ኤርትራዊ ጠመተ

      • Kokhob Selam

        እታ ዕለት ዒድ ብምዃና ኣብ ምስትምቓራ እየ ኣቶኪረ ነይረ :: ኩሉ ዓም ወ ኣንቱም ብኼር – ክብል ኣብ ዝኸድኩዎ ገዛ ኣባዕኸይ ዓቲረ እንከለኹ እቲ መንእሰይ ነዛ መርበብ ከፊቱ ጽሑፍካ ከንብብ ተዓዘብኩ :: ረቢ ዕምርን ጥዕናን ሂቡና ነቲ ክምሕ ዘይብል መርገጽካን ሓሳብ ልብኻን ከስምረልካ ኸኣ ዱዓ ገበርኩ :: እምበር ዘ ግሬት ::

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Eid Mubarek to all faithful brothers and sisters.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ahlan Aman H;
    Edmen TEnan yhabka. You said it well.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    I don’t see the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia as purely border issue. I’m of the opinion that the underlying issue is that of struggle for hegemony in the Horn of Africa region. And the border conflict is just a manifestation of this underlying power struggle. At its onset the power for influence and domination was personally between Isayas and Meles. In Eritrea there was an overwhelming feeling of pride over the victory Eritreans had achieved against the super power aided Ethiopia after 30 years of armed struggle. Partly because of this historical fact and partly because of the exaggerated propaganda from the PFDJ, the majority of Eritreans felt they were unwinnable in any kind of armed conflict with neighboring countries. This ment that Isayas was awarded the most important prize he sought to try to achieve his dream of hegemony, namely the support of the great majority of the Eritrean people, although his intensions were not evident to the Eritrean people.
    In Ethiopia there was a feeling of frustration and humiliation among the people, because of the fact that Ethiopia with a population of twenty times that of Eritrea was now landlocked. This feeling was also evident among some highly influencial leaders in the EPRDF/TPLF as evidenced by the recent comments of the former adminstrator of the Tigray region Ghebru Asrat. The EPRDF has played on this frustration, though they didn’t disclose their intensions, and had the support of a good majority of Ethiopians-they felt that thier lost pride could now be restored.
    In Eritrea there were some miscalculations from the PFDJ regarding the potential strength of the EPRDF government. EPRDF now presided over the entire Ethiopian people and the entire resources of the country. In addition to this the EPRDF had inherited the special diplomatic and political relationships that Ethiopia had with the US and other super powers. In contranst,, Eritrea being a new country with a tiny fraction of the population as compared to that of Ethiopia and limited natural resources, had almost nonexistent REAL diplomatic relationships with these powers. No one of the world powers was willing to stay in favor of Eritrea, given the facts on the ground.
    Having this backround the war was fought between the two countries with an outcome that every body knows. Isayas lost his struggle for hegemony, but more painfully the Eritrean people have to pay for that loss. Now that Isayas had brought shame to himself and the Eritrean people, he had to go to the extremes to save face and escape from responsiblity for the desaster he brought to Erireans.
    In conclusion I don’t see any solution to the border issue as long as the underlying issues are not resolved. As long as as both sides work hard to get rid of each other, and as far as they don’t leave the business of naming or shaming them to the peoples of both countries, there would not be a solution to the border issue.

    • Hope

      Well said.
      But here the main point:
      “In Ethiopia there was a feeling of frustration and humiliation among the people, because of the fact that Ethiopia with a population of twenty times that of Eritrea was now landlocked.”: Courtesy of Abraham Hannibal.
      And as long as this feeling and frustration persists, and as long as there are some extremist leadership members in the EPRDF Gov with old grudges,ambition,weird complexities;and as long as both current Gov Leaderships are in power,it seems quite difficult,if NOT impossible to have peace between two Nations.
      Hence,the solution depends on the status of the above main issues mentioned unless miracles happen one way or another—including but not limited to a democratic Coup.
      One hopeful way would have been People-to-People Raproachment through Community Gatherings,Cultural Events from both sides,Religious Leadership Meetings and Peace based Sermons.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        I agree with you, Hope, in your view for the need of inter-popular dialogue between the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Both governments have failed us and do not represent the interests of the people. The fact is that governments come and go, while the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia continue to live side by side as neighbors for ever. The people need to reconcile with each other and build good neighborhood based on mutual respect. In this way, they could set the precedent to the governments and complell them to review their policies towards each other.
        May there be peace between the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia!

  • Araya, you are a trouble maker – : )
    Last time I replay to you, you got me in to deep trouble. You said something about Hayat’s sister and I replay to it, from no where, Yoddita let me have it. And the rest was all out war. Now, here you are again to get me in to trouble. Lol
    Well, i see your point and I do like Haile but you got a point on this particular case.
    The approch says it all. If you going to ask for clarification with Haile’s caliber, you got show some respect. But it is not T-K’s fault; all the Eritreans on this forum encouraged the likes of T-K to disrespects them. Even when the Eritreans are correct on some issue, they apologize to the Tigryans. When there is an issue the Tigryans are at fault, the Eritreans kiss the Tigryans behind. I have no idea why? Of course; some gutless Eritreans just to get to PIA and PFDJ, they override every truth and they blame Eritrea and Eritrean. For instance, the Weyane are the once rejecting the border verdict and holding the land; guess who is blamed, you guessed it Eritrea and the Eritrean government are at faults. The Eritreans attack their own people and country to appease the Tigryans; but when Eritreans do that, the Tigryans not only loses respect to the Eritreans; but they get encouraged and empowered to mortify everything Eritrean. If this trend continues; there no way there can be hope to any chance those two people can coexist. If you are Eritrean tell the Tigryans the truth. Don’t rain down or degrade your country and people. If you don’t respect your own people and country; don’t expect others to respect you. If I can not respect my girlfriend, how can I expect my friends to respect her? So, till the Eritreans respect their own people, country and the truth of the matter then no one will respect them. So, don’t blame T-K; he is taking what is given to him. What gives me the kick is T-K NEVER admitted to them, nothing! Everything is the faults of the Eritreans, Eritrea and Eritrea. I say more power to him.

  • Hayat Adem

    I like your Mom. I think she is a typically decent and very motherly. But I think you are your Dad’s son. Do you remember what your Dad’s complaint was in Sodere when you were asked to pay in dollars, and paying in Birr was obviously enough for an Ethiopian Somali? You reported to us yourself your Dad said then: “ካባና ሶማል ቀሪቦምዎምሲ፣ እዚኦምሲ ይወዳእዮም’ዮም ዳኣ’ምበር !…” You see, HaileTG has a point. you are not a normal piece of human being. BTW, are your parents still in Ethiopia?

  • haileTG

    haha..all in your head funny boy. Eritreans afraid of each other confuse T Kifle for Eritreans are afraid of Tigrayans in the refugee camp!!! Araya, we feel the deep shame you feel as a man to be begging Ethiopians to accept you as one of theirs. With us it is all different, we work as equals and don’t have the horrors of inferiority complex due to life experiences. Yes TKifle is real great and well respected around here unlike those who eat from both sides of their mouth.

  • Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Needless to say the awate forum hits its lowest point in the last few days that shamelessly every bad news have been celebrated and every good news have also been challenged as if Eritrea and PFDJ are the same- PFDJ supporters in reverse.


  • Hope

    Dear Hayat,
    Please read what I said if U have an extra minute.
    But let me ask you:
    Why do you thing PIA did not want to disclose about the issues I listed?Btw,those pre-1998 issues I mentioned are very serious issues from Eritreans’ perspective despite you down-graded them,
    I guarantee you that had those issues been addressed on a timely basis with a full knowledge of the Assembly and the Cabinet; and if those issues were discussed seriously and publically,the 1998 incident could NOT have happened,in my opinion.
    If the incident of 1998 by the TPLF Militias was disclosed on time and discussed publically,things would have been prevented.
    I thought I was clearly expressing my self about the mistakes but you just wanted things only and only on your own way of understanding.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi Teg. Shrink Mahmuday:
    Correction, Nitgricc is not suffering from ADD, he has LBCC.
    However that is good news, I did not say one cell, I said LOW:-)

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Salam tegadalay semere;
      So you are reporting low brain cells count (LBCC) on nitrikay?

      • Semere Andom

        Good morning Mahmuday:

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Ahlan Semere,
          I might have missed it. I remember one that I was going to show your Tigrayt language command on it by sorting out selected words Which one could only know by living the language, if you know what I’m talking about. I will do that. The nitrikay issue? I will just live it to him, no one does this type of things better than him, get ready for his….you know it.

          • Semere Andom

            That is about the HP thing. Here is what I am talking about I was disappointed cus you favoured teg Tk’s oranges:-)

            ሕሙም ህሌካ ሳዕኮ
            ኣማን ታ አው ሓሰት ቀዌኮ

            ምንገብእ እግልካ ሽፋ
            ሓሊብ ብና ሓሊብ እንሳ
            ሽንፋእ ብጎና ምን ከብሳ
            ዎሓሊብ አጣል ብና ምን ባርካ

            እግል ሓሊብ ንየት ምንነ ኣለብካ
            ድምዱሙ ብጎና ምን ደብር ብድሆ
            ዎ መሪሰት ብጎና ምን ደብር ፈርነሎ

            ክሉ ምንተአበ
            ቀይሕ በሓር እግል ንትዓደ
            ማይ ዘምዘም እግል ንርመቅ እግል ኩሉ ለክፈ
            ስይድና መሓመድ ለኬደዪ ዲማማማማማማ ሸፋ
            እንታ “ልሽውዒ” ምን ኢትኣበ
            ላክን ኣቤናናና አልፋትሓ ኢንወደ
            እግልትቅንጽ ቱ ሸክ አለቡ እግል ትዳወ
            ብራሕመት ረቢ ታ ዓፌት ኢትዳበ

  • haileTG

    – Opposition means seeking change of position by the regime

    – Only the dead cease changing position

    – I changed my position, because the regime refused to change its position, meaning that I value changing position, to changing situations.

    – You obviously don’t understand the concept of change, here is simple def; “Change is something you do if you don’t like where you find yourself in.

    Don’t be afraid of change, but inability to change.

  • Hayat Adem

    This news caught my eyes.

    PFDJ’s stretched hand to shake the hands of Russia seems to have met empty air. It seems decision to erect Pushkin’s statue in Asmara fell flat on its face. The Russians decided to erect Pushkin’s statue in Addis. They are not only recognizing Ethiopia’s claim of Pushkin’s Ethiopian root but they are doing it themselves. Ethiopia need not to spend a penny for the statue. Russia’s gift to Ethiopia.

    Eritrean high delegation visited Russia and Crimea and supported Russia’s action in there. The Russian foreign minister lost his direction and visited Ethiopia mistaking it for Eritrea. Eritrea erects statue of Pushkin to buy Russian friendship.The Russians ship a statue of Pushkin to Addis. I can’t help borrowing Serray’s descriptive phrase one more time: the price of ‘whorish diplomacy’ is what?

    • tafla

      Hayat, we are happy for you! Our dear Ethiopian friend! I admire you for having been able to pretend that you care for Eritrea for this long 🙂
      We’ll trade Badme for the Pushkin statue.

      • Kokhob Selam

        I think she is explaining how much PFDJ failed on dealing externally also.
        By the way, let’s forget the temporary politics and see if Pushkin is and Ethiopian or Eritrean or for both. in fact I once read his father is from Hamasen. who can help me find out if this is true? and if he is from Hamasen is that considered from both Ethiopia and Eritrea? can both claim it belong to Habesha like king Negashi and Bllal? just I want to know.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Tafla:
        It amazing how every PFDJ supporters takes away ones citizenship when they do not like “the color of your eyes”. And you should be ashamed about the Pushkin stature that DIA built, this case is enough to send DIA to the gallows and his supporters be put into prison for insulting the people of Eritrea by telling us that we have no heroes, worthy of a statute. The statue was one of he series of insults by PFDJ. The founder of the Armed struggle has no statue, Ibrahim Sultan whose prophetic words warned the UN about the disaster that will befall the region if the rights of Eritreans to self determine is not respected has no statue, WelWel has no statue and many other heroes who sow the seeds of the founding of the nation. After DIA is gone this statue must be eradicated to be used to build his grave and on its rubble we will build a statue for a hero worthy of a statue, reflecting the statue in our hearts to tell the world and the people at large about our deference and affection to the heroes
        Speaking of Badme, you will trade an insult for an insult as it was PFDJ/DIA/EPLF that gave Badme to TPLF. It delights me to see PFDJ crusheing the hopes and dreams of its robotic supporters every day, all their cottage investment going to smokes in their very eyes. It is gratifying to see your guys to find your solace in “this, too shall pass”, the only time you quote Ab Lincoln, who quoted ancient Eastern wise men

        • tafla

          Semere, Qum neger rekhibe ilka dikha bzaEba Pushkin tzareb zelekha? I really don’t care about Pushkin and you can despise the PFDJ and its supporters all you wish, it must be wonderful living in a black & white world. I don’t support everything the GOE does, but because I care for Eritrea as nation, I prefer a reformed PFDJ to slowly transition us to our own kind of democracy, rather than having unprincipled and amateurish hobby politicians experimenting with all kinds of daydreams. About Hayat, if someone gets excited any negative news about Eritrea or Eritreans, it’s beyond opposition, it’s enmity!

          • Semere Andom

            I did not talk about Pushkin, can your prove it? I was talking about the madness of building the statue building
            The idea of reforming PFDJ is getting silly every day, it maybe a genuine concern when it crosses the minds of some people in the camp of justice and democracy but for the supporters or the half supporters like you, it is an euphemism for saving their investments in Eritrea. PFDJ has one option if they really have brains and hearts and it is to relinquish power to the people, this is hard given their untold and “novel” crimes against the Eritrean human, but if they do that the process of reconciliation can commence in earnest and they can play a role by lending their “institutional memory” as we tackle the dismantling the PFDJ systems in such a way that it will never emerge again. This is not the same as reformed. They are not in power, the people do not hold punish them for their crimes in the interest of peace and the vicious cycle of revenge, but they must pay back by turning their back to the handful designers of the crime and co-operating by documenting and admitting and confessing to their crimes
            About Hayat’s enmity, come on now, do not confuse Eritrea with PFDJ, and because she has that “enmity” you guys stripe her of her citizenship at click of a key

          • Hope

            Pushkin?Who cares!
            Awate,Omer Ezaz,Ibrahim Sultan,Abdul-Kadir kebire,Welde-Ab W/M,Ibrahim Afa,Melake’,AbrehamTewelde,Said Abdela,Commander Wed Ibrihim the Lion of Afabet,Gen Vanyak….General Salih Osman the Lion of Aseb,Col Wed Ali,etc–and all other Hero(e)s and Heroins–Yes…

          • Kokhob Selam

            brother Hope, you mix everything just to say who cares about Pushkin, you put AbdulKadir Kkebire and Said Abdula in one roof. is that Ali Said Abdula? it seems you will have to know (not read as their are alive books still) some are just politicians without principle – just for the sake of their fame and power who kill a lot of people.
            My Friend Abdulkadir Kkebire for example was born to save the entire Eritrea. you must know if our elders heard and follow him, there the story was over. And there was no need of having all those years struggle and all those dead could have been saved. then that is another category. Please I am vomiting to see Abdulkadir Kebire with those uncivilized killers and don’t put them in one category. you will not find a shelf that can hold killers with savers.
            you put Ibrahim Afa who was killed by those dogs in the same shelf too. now be reasonable and say things not for the sake of winning for a moment. if you say the truth you will remain always winner, no matter even the entire nations is against you.

            talking about Pushkin, I am sorry but I will not say Pushkin is not ours just because PFDJ fail to proof so. for simple reason, PFDJ don’t have any legality to represent me and the people of Eritrea.

            Pushkin is from Habesha land and if Ethiopians are proud of him I will equally claim it belongs to Eritrea too. at the end of the day you should not worry, it is not if Pushkin is our grand father or not but do we have people in his level? he fought with his great art against all odds for good of humanity.

          • Hope

            Take it easy buddy.My initial intention was Said Salih,whom I know personally better than Ali Said Abdella,whom I equally respect as an Eritrean Hero by any standard,irrespective of his human nature. related mistakes,etc—

          • hope

            Excuse me ,my Dear?
            Did you say killers? Do you know how Ali Said Abdela might have died?Do u really know how Commander wed Ibrihim died in Afabet–after he liberated Afabet along with his Gallant Commanders and EPLF teghadelti,Gen Mesfin Hagos included,the Lead Commanderin decimating within 48hrs the 20K well equipped derghi Army with its Soviet Advisors(oouch,severe migraines?)?
            You are talikng about ” Halewa Sewra” issue–huh–?
            What about the ELF gang Killers you might be bragging about?
            There is NO “Perfect and Clean Armed Struggle” and there has never been and there will never be ONE.
            The past is past and we all have messed up,”killed”,,sinned,etc—

          • Kokhob Selam

            I don’t divide it in that way hope. first of all , again none but none among those you mention will be in the level and stage of Abdul Kader Kebire. that wasn’t in Gedli era when every one was suffering for wrong decision done. it is long before Gedli he lead, inform and fight. know all those you mention are the result which Abdulcardir was aware. so please don’t categorize people like Kebire on this full of error story.

            Now during Gedli, there were mistakes done in the journey which you and me can accept them as lessons. We don’t expect a revolution to be perfect completely but that is just fine. But there are crimes done intentionally. those done intentionally are the obstacles today affecting the criminals and the innocent mass. I am against all crimes done intentionally in all fronts. say it ELF or EPLF. but most of the crimes done were supervised by EPLF leadership. Hope, if I didn’t see what they have done by my two eyes it could have been difficult for me to believe. and now just open and hear Assenna and others and listen what the killers themselves are talking in the interview. That is very very bad. if really, the revolution was not for national freedom, I could have been totally against the revolution.

            What is the meaning of kidnapping people from other countries ? what do you describe the front who sends people from the field to kill someone in Kesela and Khartoum. the criminal secret group of EPLF’s crime is uncountable. they even sale ladies to Sudan’s generals and to kill people.

            about Ali Said Abdula’s death, I don’t know how. I am so kind I feel sorry for his death. but, but he also killed me already earlier. all those guys were killers. and there dirty system is killing them one by one. the cleaver among them will regret and try to reform or run away. the rest will be to face death by their own gun. so what is in that? do you think I will cry more than my comrades who were killed by them? if I say so to you, so don’t believe me. yet, I care and I wish they have been nice to their people.

            Supporters of Ali Said didn’t defend and try to investigate. more? the people who were sent to kill us by petros Selemon are against him today. but me and my comrades care for all, it doesn’t matter what crimes they commit in the past. The bad news is most of them have gone and few will remain when the mass will control Eritrea.

          • Hope

            You can’t be the Prosecutor and the Judge either.
            I mentioned few that I remembered and I added also “other heros and heroines” to include all other other Eritrean heros and heroines and Martyrs.
            I hate this “keidi albo Hate” as much as I hate the word “Hate” itself.

          • Hope

            —and where the heck have you seen and heard me supporting the killers you witnessed killing?
            This is NOT the topic of civil war,btw…and shut it off now as we speak.
            I commented about erecting Statues and Monuments for our heros and heroins .

          • Kokhob Selam

            ok, you start it and here we are in one reality. love it or not here is PFDJ. PFDJ failed to proof if Pushkin is ours. that was the start of our dialog. Isn’t it? no one will force you to accept it or not. let the new democratic Eritrea show us in the future. PFDJ try it in wrong way and failed badly. it is only when you have good administration you study and record to decide anything including your history. forget about it all now. stand correct and perfect against PFDJ which is not history but reality today. will you?

          • Kokhob Selam
          • Hope

            Where was this old new comers for –what now,24-35yrs?
            May be he was apartner of the death squad otyerwise how did he know all these secrets?
            Am sure he might be a recruit of the same beasts he is blaming now.
            He should be kidnapped back to Eritrea and brought to the Cour of Law when the right time comes since that is what you want his masters to be treated.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            The field of spyworld is full of underground deeds and crawling killers; it’s done everywhere in the world; it’s bad. However, if this man did what was right which is to alert those who where in danger, alert the Sudanese police, go to internati0onal outlets and let the word spread, he would have saved lives; he would be credible today. The question you asked is right; where has he been all these years? Couldn’t he have saved lives if he had believed innocent people were in danger or being killed and/or kidnapped? My argument is straight forward: it is conceivable innocent people got killed, those deeds won’t be known untill a democratic and accountable government is installed. And they don’t represent the whole essence of our revolution.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Mahmuday:

            It mind boggling that you still shooting the messenger. Let me tell you, you know what he did, he left when Pertros Solomon, who Cononel Tsegu calls humble and down to earth twice ordered him to kill. And that is what the rest of the killers were supposed to do. Actually I knew that they tried to assassinate him in Germany, I did not know it was him Yemane until he mentioned it. EPLF were killing Eritreans in Sudan not Ethiopians, not enemeies

            Where was he until now? maybe working raising family and documenting the crimes that you seem to take lightly. A liberation front murdering the people it says it wants to liberate by employing so called liberators.

            “it is conceivable innocent people got killed….”, it is not conceivable, it is for sure EPLF was murdering innocent people just because they had a quarrel with Isaias, example Suleman Hindi, they attempted to kill him with his 9 years old son. I did not hear this from Yemane, I was there. After all who decides who is criminal Petros and Isaias over a demdum jelsa?
            Of course they represent the revolution if people at the helm were ordering this killing, at least call it a bad mark in our Ghedli. If CNN reports that USA did that or this, they mean the government did that on behalf of the people, the people either reap or pay for the action of their government. When we say EPLF did this or that, it represents our revolution as they were our government of sorts. Demonizing the messenger by saying where was he and did he do his part is blaming the victim, someone who like you spend the better part of his youth years in medda.
            No one is saying will hang Isaias based on this testimonies, these veterans are giving their testimony that must be authenticated in the future.
            The Sudanse police and “amne dewela” most likely were in the EPLF payroll and looked the other way. An alliance of killers liberated the stones and mountains of Eritrean when their stars were alined with the collapse Soviet Union, otherwise am sure these killers would have called it quits and would have made some deal with Ethiopia because making deal with the enemy was their initiation

          • Saleh Johar

            Semere, are you joining to the club with distinction 🙂
            So, it is the “An alliance of killers” who liberated the stones and mountains! All those who dropped on the process were part of the alliance of killers!

            Semere, look how many floors are beneath you, you are not heading to the ground level but somewhere in the basement :- )

            , not people of blood and fleskillers

          • Semere Andom

            Abu Salah: First MuAyedin!
            Are you going to be receiving me with your open hands when I make it to the basement in one piece or let me disintegrate to pieces so that my body in no more in “andnet”:-)
            About the quote read it context of my other comments and comments.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            I won’t leave you for nitricc to have you for breakfast; I have somesort of connection with you. Not like saay and his cousin ” kazney natey” stuff, but I do see you as an angered, but concerned Eritrean. This is a matter of character FOR ME, semere. I believe in what I say, and do what I believe in. If I were in his place, I would not do that job. He narrates incidents which he knew had happened or were about to happen ( for instance, remember kassala and Haile Garza incidents). he had known there were political assasinations, some of the alleged assasins were his close friends; and who does he blame for the most of the killing? The man who had represented Eritrea in the USA, and current minister of Education. That man was roaming the free world, and Yemane? We don’t know where he was. So, chill down, I had given you a homework and don’t bring this as a diversionary act. Many people got killed Semere, in all cities of Eritrea and in abroad. Innocent tegadelti who were not involved in those dirty assignments (probably greater than 99% of tegadalai) don’t even know there was such a widespread hunting. Soldiers usually do what they believe is in the interest of the mission they are fighting for and live with the consequences. That’s why the majority don’t even want to talk about ghedli. Have you seen any ex-tegadalay in this forum gloating about their experience, or even initiating it? We are dragged to it only when opportunists try to use the ugly component of it as representing its totality in their bid to bulldoze PFDJ. That’s a wrong strategy semere. Ghedli belongs to you, it’s your history; criticize it, but when you do that bring the whole picture, don’t just cherry pick.

          • Kokhob Selam

            thank you Semere. how true ” An alliance of killers liberated the stones and mountains of Eritrean when their stars were alined with the collapse Soviet Union, otherwise am sure these killers would have called it quits and would have made some deal with Ethiopia because making deal with the enemy was their initiation ” but energy never disappears. in 1991 some thought truth will never be out. they said “the film is over. who ever dead is dead and bye bye.” but for some of us we know how much innocent paid to bring independent Eritrea and how much EPLF leadership was dirty. We know ether Eritrea will expose them and bring them for justice or they will kill each other. it seems impossible but Eritrea will continue to be independent and will create her democratic government without single persons participation among them.

          • Hope

            With all due respect,Sir,would you be so kind to clarify to us YOUR:
            -Understanding of Ghedli
            I am confused as you are refuting and cursing everything and every body about Ghedli and EPLF.
            Your blanket accusation bothrs me a lot.
            I would focus on the main criminals and blame the Executives” rather than the sticks”,as you tried to tell us in ref to this chap,whom you are trying to defend since he is/was s just a “messneger” or stick,as a the Young Pilot Dejen advised us..
            Don’t you know that 99% of the EPLF was compromised of innocent fighters like Vet Mahmoud Salih.
            You lablled me as confused —etc–but then I clarified to you as to why ” I sounded confused,demented,flip-flopper..”…

          • Hope

            I am referring to this:
            “”An alliance of killers” who liberated the stones and mountains…”! All those who dropped on the process were part of the alliance of killers!(Salih Johar)

          • Saleh Johar

            Dear Hope,
            Please be careful when you quote others. The quote seems as if it is mine–when it is a surprised repeat of what Semere stated. Please put context to quotes.

          • Hope

            GM,Your Excellency,
            Thanks for noting it.
            My intention was to express my solidarity with your challenging Sem by asking him:…”Sem,do you really believe that all those who dropped in the process were part of the alliance of killers?(? better than!)
            Feel free to delete my response to Sem above to avoid confusion.
            My apology,BTW!
            For Sem,
            I am referring to this:
            “”An alliance of killers” who liberated the stones and mountains—“(Sem

          • Kokhob Selam

            you close the topic nicely. I think me and hope should relax now and go for our common cause. thank you Mohmud.

          • Hope

            Thanks Ustaz and Veteran Mahmouday.
            I rest my case on this issue.
            Here is my concern though:
            1)What is the purpose of this “testimony” after 30 yrs?
            2)What is the Risk Vs Benfit Ratio of this topic of a belated “exposure and disclosure” of this and that-at this moment?
            3)Can’t this kind of debate or “testimony” rather contirbute to unwanted ” Retaliatory Civil War”
            4)Can’t this kind of debate or “testimony” derail our struggle for the past-due change?
            5)Or do we believe that this kind of “Testimony” can “accelerate” the change we are looking for by awakening up the Silent Majority by exposing the Atrocities of the leadership?
            6)Didn’t we hear about those similar “Testimonies,Exposures and Disclosures” by people like Redie’ Mehari,Tesfay Temnewo,Kibrom Dafla and the likes?Did these ” testimonies” help constructively for our struggle for the Change?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Brother Hope,

            “He should be kidnapped back to Eritrea and brought to the Cour of Law when the right time comes since that is what you want his masters to be treated.”

            what if or if not ? the idea is not to go for revenge. it is the idea and the root cause that let this happen we should kill not those men. this man at least has come out to say what they have done before the mass or progressive leadership win over his Ex- boss. he is no more doing what he use to do with them. petros selemon is thrown in the container and as you said Ali Said is killed or dead somehow. most of the killers are killed by their boss some still are in other countries leaving hopelessly and nonsense life. we know them all and where they are.

            “Where was this old new comers for –what now,24-35yrs?,”
            yes my friend, the people killed were living in this earth like you do today. May be it is difficult to say more about me and how I went against this group from the beginning, but God willing one day you all will hear what I use to say about EPLF leadership not from me but my comrades.

            the lesson all is that to prevent Eritrea from this type of mafia group in the future. nothing else. I can’t bring back my hero leader Said Saleh by going for revenge. what I have done is enough as an individual in the same era – young without any front’s support people from my edge and me has done a lot thanks God. I am satisfied with all the actions done like letting some who were targeted run and go out of Sudan. creating wrong and false terror on the group. exposing the killers and let them go back from their core and center and creating also doubt among them etc. histories still to be told in the future.

            I know hope , you are only trying to save the face of our revolution in front of others. That might be good at times but today that is no more important. EPLF leadership secrets should be all exposed. enough is enough.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Hope,

            This is no the time to evaluate who deserve a monumental Statue or not. It will have its own process in a peaceful Eritrea. You will have your voice then. As you know Hero/heroine is in the eyes of the beholder at this time because we don’t have a standardize criteria to apply with. Just leave it for posterity and stick with the current demand – and that is how to liberate our people from the grip of PFDJ system.

          • Hope

            Mr Amaunuel Hidrat,
            As you witnessed above,I just responded to other people’s comment about the non-essential and non-relevant topic of Pushkin wela quelqual.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Do you have to answer to “non-essential and non-relevant topics”? Once you try to do that they make you to afloat back and forth; and hence your inconsistency. Don’t try to answer to any conceivable argument. Stay with the issue that matters you utmost.

      • Hayat Adem

        Tafla: you are not Eritrean; you are Ethiopian pretending Eritrean.
        Hayat: why do you say that?
        Tafla: Because your views tend to defame Eritrea and favor Ethiopia?
        Hayat: If I favor Ethiopia it is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are saying I ever favor Ethiopia over Eritrea. Then prove it. If I defame PFDJ/PIA, it is not necessarily bad for Eritrea. If you are saying I ever defamed Eritrea, prove it. You can’t prove it, because it never happened. But EVEN IF you were able to prove that, you prevail on the issue but my nationality remains intact. Many courts of law have the power of ending your life for a proven hard crime but they never make die without a nationality. If that is what is there for the courts, don’t make laugh by acting as if you have the power of claiming and disclaiming things for others.
        Tafla: But I hate it when you seem to support Weyane and not PFDJ. Weyane are our forever enemies and we can always reform the PFDJ.
        Hayat: I would never be stupid to believe groups who let journalists and elders and leaders perish in prison without a single day in court and without a single visitation from families. I would never believe people who shoot at disable veterans would have any space in their mind for reform. I would never believe people who live out of enslaving citizens, people who profiteer from human trafficking, people who empty the country off the youth can be reformed. I would never believe people who made Eritrea hopeless, friendless, isolated, pariah and closed would ever have anything to offer for a reform.
        Tafla: Ok, ok please, I don’t know why but I still like them. I like the guy. And I hate Weyane because they are hassadat.
        Hayat: Ok hate them for life. but still they will be “hassadat” for life. But I think you didn’t hate them that much prior 1998. And I think they were not “hassadat” then, were they?
        Tafla: Well, whatever is the case, please don’t favor Ethiopia over Eritrea.
        Hayat: Nice, did we make a full circle now? We made about 4 left turns and we are back where we were when we start. ኣዳኻም! ምሕረት የውረደልካ!

        • “”””””If you are saying I ever defamed Eritrea, prove it.”””””””””””
          Hayat Adem from Adi-grat

          “The Eritrean independence will never have materialized with out the support and sacrifice the TPLF”
          the same Hayat Adem from the University of Dedebit.

          I know honesty is a known deficiency in the University of Dedebit but there is no greater insult, disrespect, offense and an attack of dignity to the people of Eritrea and Eritrea her self. NONE! I have no idea why you waste your time in here pretending to be an Eritrean. You could have been more effective by declaring your true self. Look at T-K, he is terrorizing every one who disagrees with him. Witness it for your self, he is feared to no bound. No one will talk anything bad about his worthless Weyane.
          I know the strategy; having a Muslim female name pretending as an Eritrean is brilliant and you might have convince with people low IQ, the likes of Semere but I am telling you fooling no one. And my prove to you is this…
          NO Eritrean will EVER NEVER will make the above statement you have made. and the is no greater defamtion than that.
          So, here you have it.

          • Semere Andom

            Hayat was wrong even with the help of TPLF Eritrean has not materialized except in those with LBCC

        • Hope

          Shut it Off”,please.
          Be proud of who you are.
          Disregard what people tell you as they are trying to provok and test you.
          Other wise,it might sound as defensiveness.
          Peopl have NO right to prescribe Citizenships and Nationalities.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hope, take it easy! I’m trying to make a point around Tafla’s confused space in his Brain. I’m not trying to prove or disprove anything. But, I used to have an impression of a balanced and smart person about him at earlier days. I must have noticed him asking sharp questions then. I couldn’t rediscover that Tafla recently. I wish I know what went wrong for his intelligence to toil so much on something that is not for him to do anything about it.


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Thanks that you don’t have the discretion (authority) to shut them off for those who disagree with you. That is the duty of AT. You remember what you said to me just for a simple criticism I made for your ambivalence. You asked me to respect your opinion which I always do (to critic wasn’t disrespecting someone’s position – just take it as a note). What you have to do is to critic however your criticism is warranted, objective, and realistic it is. Discover where your limits are and engage within that limits. This is brotherly advice, though you are dismissive to constructive advice.

          • Hope

            GM Aman and Ms Hayatina(my favorite Niece’s name-who was martyed in Ghedlei–so watch out Hayat about Ghedli–just kidding)
            You see the Aman Elder,you just want things to be seen,interpreted and done your way.
            I was,rather,positively advisng Hayat-NOT to give a damn shxxt to/about what people say as she is a very reasonable person in my opinion by any standard despite my reservation about her arguement on our Ghedli and her stand on YG’s analysis about Eritrea and Eritreans,which she is entitled to rightfully.
            No matter what,I have seen worse Eritreans who have openly betrayed Eritrea and Eritreans,hence her Citizenship and Nationality is non-issue to me.
            Her bold and rational statement and stand in response to the “Real Ethiopians”about Ethio-Eri Relationship says it all.

          • Hope

            —-and you just told me exactly what I did—advising people to respect Hayat’s opinion but you rushed into quick judgements,…a revenge,retaliation,crap?
            God bless you.
            Fortunately–Mayat(Hayot–in my Language)seems to have understood me—but,in the event,if she understood me the way you did,I extend my apology to her.

    • “Ethiopia need not to spend a penny for the statue. Russia’s gift to Ethiopia”

      When was last time your country Ethiopia has to pay for anything? Do you remember when the whole Africans elected your dead midget, PMMZ as representative of Africa for bagging? What do you think the reason for it? Experience! So, no one will doubt you when you say Ethiopia got a free stuff.
      Tafla, forgive Semere he has to say things just to bend for Hayat, or else, the master, YG will be in throat. What is up with YG foot soldiers; they use sexually disgusting and degrading words. Serray and Semere are the owners of those words and now, this Dedebit grad from Adi-grat is using it.

      • Hayat Adem

        How much was spent for the Pushkin statue in Asmara? And what was reason to invest in that?

    • Serray

      Selam Hayat,

      I wonder how many of them read his poems before they decided to built his statue. These sick people don’t just practice whorish diplomacy, they practice cheap street whorish diplomacy.

      A country comes out of thirty years war and the symbols these murderers can think of is ugly shoes, tanks and a dead poet…nothing about peace, justice and prosperity. What is amazing about eritrea is how the rank and file managed to win against dergi while been targeted by people like isaias. Even more mind-blowing about shaebia rank and file tegadelti is, the huge price they must have paid while being systematically eliminated from inside by cold blooded murderers while facing an armed-to-the-teeth enemy from outside.

      What the statue represents is a deeply held belief of shaebia leaders that the most important life in eritrea is a dead foreign poet and eritrea is proof of that mindset.

      • Hayat Adem

        Indeed, it is all about the dead. It is not even about the dead, it is more about using the dead. I don’t know the logic of invoking blood relations with Pushkin’s ancestors and yet distancing from Ethiopians. Talk about a circular journey! But the entire exercise was not even about claiming Pushkin. PFDJ was trying to buy Russia’s vote at a time when the UNSC posed to vote on the sanction resolution. That was all about it. Prostitution at its cheapest commerce!

        We all know PFDJ/EPLF doesn’t even care about its dead. Do you remember when UNMEE was crying for the burial of 200+ corpses rotting at one field within the TSZ and PFDJ and Weyane both disclaiming the dead soldiers belonged to them? I was almost about to throw up out of shame and anger about that situation. How is it harder for us to remove and bury bodies of our young brothers or sons, than to kill each other. That was phenomenal. I think the Ethiopians offered to bury the bodies at last without having to verify to who the belonged. That was one example. How about the Lampsasda incident where EPLF-PFDJ had to outsource and trivialize it? How about the case of Naizgee Kiflu? The point here is EPLF/PFDJ doesn’t care about the land, doesn’t care about the dead, doesn’t care about the living….

    • Abraham Hanibal

      The origins of the maternal great grandfather of Alexander Pushkin, Abram Petrovich Gannibal, is highly controversial. He is thought to be from Africa; but where in Africa is somewhat mystery. Some claim he was from Eritrea/Ethiopia, while others claim he could be from present day Cameroon or even Chad.

      Just read this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/13/opinion/13iht-edschmemann.html

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear Awatistas;
    We should never forget there are brave doctors, nurses, and other health professionals who are dedicated to help their people and nation; many of them know they could earn thousands-folds abroad, and they do have the opportunity to defect. But it is evident they choose to serve their people; just as their peers did during ghedli, where highly educated and skilled technical cadres had opted for dedicating their lives to the cause of their people. It’s not an exaggerated guess to suggest that there are thousands of health professionals who are doing their best under difficult situation. We know the regime is selective in disseminating data; for instance it won’t tell you an accurate assessment of Warsay-Ykaalo (endless national service) projects vis-a-vis its human, social, material, political…costs to our nation; it won’t tell you statistics of prisoners, fleeing youth, national debt…etc. Where you have a government which enjoys asymmetrical advantage of manufacturing statistics as it sees deems, where there is no independent bodies which could oversee and verify produced statistics, it’s prudent to take any news coming out of such a society with caution. This doesn’t mean Eritrea couldn’t have done better than others in certain areas. But the reign of PFDJ makes even the slightest bright spot murky. But we should not forget that there are health cadres who are genuinely serving their country men and women; who have no political crimes. They will be there doing what they are doing now on the day after-PFDJ. I would be careful to differentiate what could be a real national achievement and try to show how we could have done better. The trick is to isolate PFDJ and to show whatever good news we hear has been achieved despite pfdj’s choking policies by those brave men and women of the health sector. It will be a plus if there are folks who have first hand knowledge of the inner-working of these UN mandated goals as applied within and in relation to the economic and social schemes of countries, the UN staff’s independence and how free are they from bias and other corrupted relations with the host country, particularly in countries which lack basic free press or below par democratic governance ( I have little knowledge)-meaning if readers are critical to the report, I urge them to show us what the UN staff missed. I know HTG is trying to do just that, and I am reading his comments. My take is:
    – There are dedicated health workers who have no interest other than serving their people.
    – Had it not been for the political and economic suffocation being exerted by PFDJ, they could have done better; whatever achievement we read is despite PFDJ’s devastating policies.
    – Since PFDJ is notorious with disseminating selective data for political gains, I would be cautious. The methods these data is gathered and crunched to percentages are important; percentages don’t tell anything if these services are widespread or not.
    – Any good news is good, and this is a sector Eritrea has been showing progress for sometime now ( when was saay’s article of the maternal mortality rate?).
    -My last point; let’s not politicize any good news that comes from Eritrea, brave men and women are working and sustaining life despite the ruining policies of PFDJ. I hope to read more good news.

    • haileTG

      Selamat Mahmuday

      I am glad you weighed in this discussion, at least we can treat it rationally as justice seekers. I can see your proposal of identifying good news to recognize achievements can be a good thing. The problem is however how do know a news is indeed good news? That is despite to a mountain of information to the contrary. Eritrea has great many dedicated citizens, but are they staying in Eritrea because they see hope or see no way out? Dr Bereket who wrote a long article exploring the health service situation in Eritrea here in awate.com is one bright fella who is now working at the black lion hospital in Ethiopia. Saay or SGJ can locate his article as it was before awate 7.0. In the area I leave there are more than seven or eight Eritrea trained nurses. Daniel Awshek (I think friend of Ghezae Hagos in Canada) is one such immigrant who is fighting the regime. Where are people who were as dedicated as Dr Haile Mezgebe and his colleagues? Why was Saleh Meki transfered to Fisheries before his untimely death? Eritrea borrowed around $18 million (as part of a bigger loan) to construct the Med school, what was the cost to the youth and their future?

      I know these are not meant for you to answer them (God no one could). But even Tewelde Vacaro told us how his dream venture that he had gotten financing was stifled. So, can we distinguish between good news (as in a cyclist winning) and political push back by way of statistical gimmick fronted by PFDJ? When Zeresenay win a race, it is not a PFDJ achievement. But when a regime paints rosy pictures of selective data and says Eritrea did that, rarely means Eritrean people but the regime. I have never come across who would say Eritrea’s achievement in sports are bad thing. Rather, the madote.com frenzy of “good news bonanza”. According to them Eritrea was to have solved 80% of power shortage by December 2013!! They had a twitter message from Yemane Charlie too.

      My question is how do we discern? Despite my self personally knowing people with significant position of authority in the Ministry of Health, it is awkward for me to discuss them here. But I can point you to the discussion saay linked in Keren about health provision. If I am a known criminal, refuse to submit to checks, have clear history of dysfunctional handling of issues, what would be the chances that you would relying on my self serving personal assessment. Let me give you a small piece of real deal info: The UN agencies have deadline to get their assessment data. Often they are stranded due to lack of fuel, man power and relevant movement permits. Hence, many things are compromised. Regardless though, when we give credit blind folded, it would serve its purpose of misinformation by the regime. This is nothing about health professionals, who are exiting the country in droves, and never about holding anyone for any crime. The regime is a certified lair, facts are to the contrary and tragic to the most part and UN reports are time delayed and fairly compromised taking into account country situation. Officially, the UN was given its marching orders back in 2012 and is still there threading carefully. Is it justified that we say “good news” simply because it is reported in regime media and through its mouthpieces?

      The main point is that we don’t really fail to commend when Eritreans do well. But it is contradiction in terms most of the time, to have a success story and PFDJ is involved in some way:) it is like hay and fire making great friends:-)

      The Q: your proposal is good but how do we draw the line? I have many data and other info. but unfortunately topics like these are not big in discussions. Write something like: Let’s lease Assab to Ethiopia… and the comments section would be flooded and the site might crash too 🙂 I had tried to engage data on debt, grants, loan applications, health provision, water and electricity provisions and what have you. It did startle readers, but not easy to engage in progressively deepening discussions because few people would commit to such data intensive discourse here (saay being the exception0 🙂


      • Hope

        Thank you for the Summary.
        -You just repeated what I argued before including mentioning the Keren area Health situation per SAAY,which I personally went and witnessed,hence,I was forced to try do something.
        -I detailed the issues about Salih Mekki,RIP, and the case and the role of Prof Haile Mezghebe et al.
        Based on the above info and asst that I have made,I clarified my position about the PFDJ.
        Knowing all these issues and despite all these hassles,Prof Tesfalidet W.Redie’s brief testimony included,few dedicated Professionals in Eritrea are doing a good job under the worst conditions and with minimum resources.
        And there is my appoint,that those few hard workers are doing something good,irrespective of its magnitude under teh worst conditions and for doing so,I appreciate them besidng acknowledging their well-done job.
        I undertsand you that you might even be an X-minister or a Senior PFDJ Official,who knows the details about the PFDJ modus operandi,atrocities,etc—but my arguement was NOT about that or about giving credit to the same PFDJ but and only about acknowledging and appreciating the GOOD job by few dedicated people,while fully understanding about politicizing thingsby/ from both sides–you included.
        Where in the world did you find people giving credit to the PFDJ?
        As to the UN report,,let its own Staff members testify it by themsleves…..including the facts,the short-comings,etc…
        If the UN has the COURAGE and the GUT–I repeat the GUT,to sanction Eritrea and to write volumes about Eritrea’s Human Rights status,etc,why can’t it have the GUT and Courage to question,challenge,verify,etc—the same Report it officially reported about the MDGs?
        As to Daniel Awshek,yes we know him well and he is doing a Superb Job but at the same time,he should acknowledge and appreciate Eritrea as a Nation and the Eritrean people as a people(oops–did I say the GoE or PFDJ?)for making him what he is as a Citizen and as an Intellectual—full and free education to the level of Master’s Degree??
        As to Dr Bereket,I wish him the BEST as well.
        But the Article he wrote that you might be talking about was unethical in my opinion.
        Other than an “economic” and the same common denominators that has affected the Youth and other Professionals,I am NOT aware of any other reason or a direct threat to his life,to my best knowledge,as to why he left alone DYING Pre- and Post-partum Moms and Neonates affected by war around Senafe and surroundings and ran away to Ethiopia at the most critical period of time when erittea and eritreans need help the most.

    • Hope

      Mahmouday,my OWN.
      Thanks for saying it BETTER.
      Plus,I have a continous conatct with my Friends and Colleagues at the same Ministry in question,and most of those reports are NOT exaggerated but as you said it in no ambigous terms,they feel so bad for not achieving better than they have done,for obvious reasons.
      By what they are doing now,they deserve 10x as much as I make here and these achievment is with very rudimentary systems,materials. and minimum resources.
      we ahve the Courage and gUt to redicule those hard working very few Docs and Nures and Public Health people.I can tell you that 85% of the Docs that I knew have left the Nation due to obvious reasons and we are encouraging those few dedicated Professionals to abandon the Nation byredicuing them and theior hard-earn job well done???
      Excuse me Hailat?
      You can count to me the endless sins of the PFDJ,which I am sure I know well beyond your imagination–but who cares about that?
      Let us have the Courage and the Gut to do our sharen besides bluffing behind the computers in a comfort zone.-
      Have you heard about the Seattle-based Eri-Youth initiated and sponsored campaign for the betterment of the Orota School of Medicine and Dentistry?
      This Second Generation Eri-American Youth almost literally equipped the School technologically fully within 2yrs.
      If we have the Courage and Gut,let us share our part while fighting for a better System.
      Outside Politics,last year Prof Andie,the Dean of the Medical School, toured the USA for an urgent help to upgrade the new Dental School but most of the outcome—-just Gossip but I hope he has gotten some responders!!!
      —-Ohh,the money will go to Al shebab,–ohh,the money will go to PIA and Abreham’s Accounts in China,bla,bla, yada,yada ,yada–crap.

    • Guest

      …..and in the very next room Ethiopian delegation meeting with OBama begging for more Aid.

    • Mahmuday, sometimes the so called opposition needs to chill out. Every freaking day we hear and read bad news after, bad news, after bad news. So, when we hear something good news, let it be. For example, when I see a picture like the link I am happy. It makes my day brighter. Look at the face of those children. I bet you Semere and Serray the foot solders of YG, will find something wrong with this one. That what who they are a miserable good for nothing fault finders. Watch, they will say something negative.


      • Kokhob Selam

        so what do you feel about those children who are part of the children who dead in Mediterranean sea ? My friend Nitricc, do you think this picture can change the reality, where children are unable to drink healthy water?

        • KS
          Clean water?
          I was not talking about Your Ethiopian children. I was talking about Eritrean children. Not only they have clean water but the have cool bike. Check the pic.

          • Kokhob Selam

            LOl, what is going on ? “twis twis be’alege selam belo keytgage ” in every topic you jump to Ethiopia and her people. I thought you care about Eritrea.

          • If anything Eritrea is knowen for clean water. But you opted to apease your you know what?
            I am tired of your kind attacking Eritrea 24-7. Sick of it. I will defened her. Yes we have issues but you guys went to far. You have a chioce to make. Work with us to work out our problems or go kiss the Ethiopians behind. Your chioce. Sick of it.

          • Kokhob Selam

            No, you are recycling old statements. It is becoming garbage my friend. Instead let me ask you some questions. My elders told me that “when you face programmed people in wrong way just ask questions so they may wake up”

            01. What do you feel when people suffer, killed, arrested? “Where there is a human there is an opportunity for kindness I have been taught, you may start to be kind.

            02. Do you notice, there are people who joined the mass from PFDJ regretting all their mistakes but there is
            no single healthy mind man who joined PFDJ from my camp? Why is that? You may start to see your camp is evacuated as it is not healthy people to be there.

            03. Is attacking PFDJ attacking the mass? Answer this question you may find out Eritrea is not PFDJ but PFDJ is just very little portion of Eritrea in narrow political space.

            04. Ask why you always try to label the mass who is asking for democracy as an Ethiopian? You may find out you don’t have any good reason and logic to defend PFDJ.

            05. Ask why you attach your domestic problems with external problems and complain. You may start to see cleaning your room’s garbage can’t be accomplished by talking about other room’s problem.

            06. Do you ask yourself why you want to see other in trouble? You may notice that you are not peaceful with
            yourself and you’re not optimistic to see you problems solved and because you are hopeless, you have developed a virus that let you enjoy seeing others suffer thinking your problems can be solved in this way.

            07. Do you ask yourself why PFDJ has become so small eating her own body even before the opposition “toothless” bites her. You may know parties like PFDJ can’t survive as their crime have reached creating doubt among them.

            This is only just few to let you see by yourself Nitricc.

  • Hope

    No comments.

  • haileTG

    ኣንትን መሓዛይ፡ ኣለኽን’ዶ ምሳይ?….haha

    PFDJ has been bragging to the UN about MDG achievements in Eritrea and the UN says through its investigators:

    “[… ] Poor health care and lack of adequate medication leaves treatment in nearby countries as the only option, not affordable for most. Power cuts, fuel and water shortages are common occurrences.”

    Read more: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO1409/S00197/dire-human-rights-situation-in-eritrea-persists.htm

    Very funny…PFDJ still thinks the world is its Ostrich:-)

    • Fenomeno

      Nothing funny about it. MDG goals are not (directly)related to medical treatments people do in nearby countries.

      Matters such as malaria, infant mortality

      These matters are reported by UN assigned foreigners who work (and live) in Eritrea, off course you can still question the validity. However someone that gets her information from interviewing refugees in Italy is not necessarily a more credible source. And overall EPLF/PFDJ I believe has always been quite effective on educating on such issues, so these MDG achievements could be real. Still achieving MDG goals does not equal good governance.

      • haileTG

        EPLF’s effectiveness is out of genuine need for survival and boosting of fighting capability. PFDJ’s effectiveness is for cheap propaganda and distortion of the truth. Those interviewed are more credible because their response is accessed without coercion than a cooked statistics forwarded to the UN that has no freedom of movement and first hand data gathering. A regime that cold bloodily lock people in shipping containers can’t possibly care for well being of human beings, it is funny to think otherwise. Medical treatments are not linked to health indicators is something people get thought in PFDJ cadre school or western theater and comedy performance arts.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Fenomeno and Haile:

          Even if the reports are correct and PFDJ is credited with this good news, so what? It is like if you are father who physically and sexually abused your kids and tell the judge that you are good dad because you send your kids to school, bring food and buy them toys. Even if you do not abuse them the things you mention does not make you a good dad, just makes a dad. There is nothing the PFDJ accomplished what the so called colonizers did not do for Eritrea factoring in the relative peace that PFDJ reigns in. All the current PFDJ criminals were educated by Ethiopians, the buildings they domicile in were built by foreigners. Asmara was built by Italians, University of Asmara was built by foreigners. A government composed of Eritreans is telling us that they care about the people because they killed or made some mosquitoes ineffective, our people maybe have been saved from malaria but are being killed by PFDJ. Also there is the other fallacy of the past popularity of EPLF/PFDJ, this is laughable, and popularity does not mean justness. Slavery was also popular in its days for 250 years until some gutsy men confronted it. PFDJ has its roots from a bunch of hooligans who decided and ordered the murder of people by a phone call, they cannot hide behind the “corpuses” mosquitoes they have successfully killed.

          Only the hopeless PFDJ supporters can gloated over killing mosquitoes as it was the spiriting of the atom, the same people were their heads swollen when the constitution was written, when it was not a break through. Its implementation can be a breakthrough but in the reverse logical of the PFDJ nation and PFDJ subjects it is the other way around: cut and paste is celebrated while living by the documented is shunned.
          Only people with a nano scale brains can get excited by a government killing mosquitoes


        • Hope

          There is a difference between Primary Care and Tertiary Care;Preventive Medcine Vs Curative Medicine as you know well and better.
          The EPLF was knwon for its achievement on Primary Care.,and even in “Tertiary Care considering its “Field Surgery Successes”–under the worst conditions,relatively better than some of “Independent Third World Nations”.
          -The GoE has done very well on Primary Care—-relatively speaking, with meagre resources and by using “effectively and efficiently” the UNICEF provided with,as witnessed by the same organization.
          Could Eritrean have done better if the PFDJ has implemented Constitutional Governance?Absolutely! In fact,we could have seen miracles and the MDG could have been achieved way before the deadline.
          Tertiary Care:
          -This needs time and huge infra-structure development and relatively speaking,Eritrea has done OK with the initial Infra-structure considering the upgrading of health centers to Coomunity Hospitals and Building “Tertiary/Referral Hospitals in each Zoba.
          Could Eritrea have done better under adequate Social Justice System?
          Absolutey yes!
          Let me tell you this:
          If things have gone as planned even under rough PFDJ system and the Post-Graduate School of Medicine and its Satff were left alone–Prof Haile Mezghebe et al included,George Washington University,Washington Univ of St Luis ,Missouri,New England Medical Center of Boston,Mass,etc..and Dr Saleh Mekki(Honoray,RIP) survived and has statyed as the Minister of Health,we could have seen miracles and the Tertiary Care Medicine could have even done better than the Primary Care.
          Dr Salih Mekki’s ambition was to have the Best Eye and Cardiac Surgery Care Center in East Africa—provided conditions allowed..but things turned out to be the other way round,which I cannot talk about.due tolack of enough facts at hand.
          You can tell me that I am contradicting here as I am back to square one and admiting that the GoE is responsible for all the mess.
          Yes,I agree but my point is that,relatively speaking and comparing her withe other Third world Nations,and despite the poor Social Justice System,but again despite the Sanctions,Eritrea as a Nation,(forget about the PFDJ/GoE for a second).
          I think SAAY’s Article few months ago about some positive achievements by Eritrea makes sense here.

          • Hope

            add:irrespective of bad system,unelected Gov,sanctions,etc—relativelyspeaking and compared toth eother Third World with freedom and “Good Governance”,Eritrea as a Nation has done “well” in this particular field.
            Positive or not?
            Big YES to positive….but is it enough?Big NO…..
            Hence,the struggle will continue until we claim what we deserve.

          • haileTG

            Dear Hope,

            – In 2012 the regime requested to end UN presence in Eritrea
            – It then informally signed (in March 2013) the UNICEF country program for Eritrea 2013 – 2016
            – This made UN presence de-facto that could be removed anytime
            – Such blackmail also helped the regime in utilizing the MDG phony success and milking aid.

            PFDJ has NOTHING good but as the Amhara say ወደሽ ከተደፋሽ፡ ቢረግጡሽ ኣይክፋሽ 🙂

          • Araya

            Dear Haile:
            you can’t even swallow anything good about Eritrea, can you? Why don’t you come out and tell us. By the way, you speak very good Amarigna? Hmmmmm. You are only fooling yourself, no one will buy your ኣራጋቢነት. I knew from day one. When Eritreans die this creature jumps ups and downs in happiness. When there is a good news about Eritrea, he gets depressed. Well, more good news to come and you might get some ropes around your house.

          • Hope

            Here is what I am trying to say,when I say “Eritrea as a Nation’:
            “I just believe there is no need to ridicule everything that is happening in Eritrea. Such achievements (even if they are small) are not only achievements of the government/party, but primarily of the people on the ground”.
            Courtesy of Fenomeno.
            Otherwise,you are cursing or rediculing the people of eritrea ,as a People and and the Nation of Eritrea as a Country, when you make such a blanket accusation.
            Specifically,I feel like you are belittling and rediculing my hard-working Colleagues at the Mins of Health,who are doing a Superb Job with a minimum wage and scarce resources,a unique feature of Eritreanism,
            This good job is NOT being performed by PIA or the PFDJ but by the same victims of the same system you are cursing or fighting against.

          • haileTG

            Hi Hope,

            Your point is something that can be a point of discussion in itself. My view in that regard evolved from something like yours, into one that responsibly discriminates between Eritrea and Eritreans and that of the brutal entity that makes a mockery of everyone and everything. An Eritrean initiative to do many things in Eritrea has been curtailed and a UN initiative developed in blanket for all third worl countries is hoisted high by the cheap regime. Your friends at ministry of health are prisoners of conscience. And the regime wouldn’t tell you they achieved anything anyway. You yourself told us how your meaningful idea for Keren was stifled. The MDG is the regime’s sick game as the rest it plays on the blind followers. It is not even explained in detail, it spent more in politicizing it than taking it anywhere. In a nutshell, the MDG threshold [the low that they are] haven’t even been met to the most part. Even within the health section, it is immunization and under five mortality being trumpeted (as linked to malaria). Infant death at birth is still stagnant at 23% (as of 2013 – improved data was only obtained in 2013 that only covered the situation until 2010 – why so late??). Malnutrition rates have increased from 34% to 39% (even under the slightly improved data measurements that were used in 2002 (base) and then 2010. Poverty has increased, school enrollment is still low. The MDG for the specific politicized points had long been above target since 2010 and can’t be argued as “achievement” but stagnation.

            So, if you tell me Eritrean sports men achieved, artists created such and such, students did well … I will be all thumbs up. But the nasty and retarded PFDJ is dead in my book and can no longer achieve anything except exploit the ignorant and gullible among us, who have long forgotten the meaning of dignity, sense of indebtedness for the luxury of running away on foot while shot at and trying to cross high seas on a dinghy. Those running away and dying in the process are the ex-abuse victims of the various ministries that are essentially population eradication centers of the Eritrean killers aka PFDJ. Friday is a year since 366 of your country youth sank at Lampedusa, whose blood is on the hand of the brutal dictator. Their median age was said to be 22 years, what an achievement!!! So sick and disgusting to even associate the dirty and blood soaked hands of PFDJ with anything Eritrea or Eritrean. The Eritrea I know and hold dear is NO CHILD KILLER.

          • Hope

            Come on Hailat,
            My point is clear and we already exhausted this issue over and over—We have known this and that for decades but we have NOT done a thing about it for decades.Why?
            The PFDJ is doing something while doing its other business.Are we doing something constructive other than Cyber Space rhetoric and finger-pointing?NO! But why or why NOT?
            Let me repeat myself:
            Eritreans as a people, and Eritrea as a Nation, have done something while under the worst condition–be sanction or Social Injustice most Third world countries with ample freedom and resources could NOT have done over 6o yrs of their “Independence”.
            My point is:
            I say Kudos to you Eritrea and Eritreans for achieving what most have NOT achieved–be it stagnant or improvement.
            Let us give credit to where it belongs…It is encoiuraging for all of us Eritreans to have achieved this when/while we are being cursed,punished,sanctioned,etc—-
            We never said and we will never say so that this achievement is a pay-back or a cover up for the atrocities we are going through.
            No,we take and consider it as a big morale and as a sign of HOPE and big SIGH that ,we Eritreans can still achieve against all ODDS and under the worst conditions under the SUN!!
            We have survived and beat up the ‘UNBEATABLE”;if we made “Possible, the Impossible”—we will definitely make the “possible” more possible; and we will beat up more the beatable.

          • haileTG

            Really Hope?

            – If gloating meant anything, we would be the world’s leading nation in EVERYTHING

            – Eritrea achieved things no other Africans did!! Is it my ears?

            – We had a University and and in 23 years we manage to shut it

            – We had old peoples pension, we manage to be the only civil servants with no pension state

            – We had stable air transport until the dergu, we manged to have none

            – We use to have private clinics, we managed to have none anymore

            – We use to work for a salary, we managed to have a national pay of 700nakfa frozen indefinitely in a market that 1 kilogram of meat would cost 320 nakfa

            – we worked For our country before, we manage to get to the state of abandoning it en mass

            – we no longer fill up gasoline, it is controband and you have to pull it by inhaling it from a jerrycan to fill up your tanker in a back street

            – No sign of water, electricity, rights of work or travel

            -We use to have courts up to the Ethiopian rule, now we have special courts code name for dumping people in trash can

            -gloat gloat gloat and more gloat and 4000 people run away per month.

            ዓሻ ደሓን ኣሎ፡ ዘመድ ዓሻ ከፊእዎ’ሎ!! How true

          • Hope

            When I hear good news about Eritrea and my own people’s success,I do NOT give a damn sxxxt to other politicking.
            As I told you before,I respect and admire my hard working people and Colleagues who made this SUCCEESS despite all the pains and aches they are going through.
            I told you above what we could have achieved had things gone as planned and you are accusing me by saying the same thing I have said to you.
            What is going here ,m a n?? Tsemam hade defu ebba aitebilena,sile Mariam!
            Do NOT twist things.
            When I see and hear bad things about my Country,I mourn and sigh non-stop, but when I see and hear some thing good and hopeful—I feel happy and Hopeful….
            PFDJ ,DIA ,yada,yada,bla,bla–

          • haileTG

            wake up hope…life ain’t kicking ball back and forth 🙂

          • Haile, you are not looking the usual Haile, “reasonable”.
            You have no problem to disclose and believe when the UN said 4000 Eritreans leave their country monthly. Yet, when the same UN come out and declared that Eritrea registered good results on health care sector, you are having hard time accepting the news. I mean a person on your caliber how do you manage to go that low?
            Haile, you can not have it both ways. Either accept the UN report or reject all together.

          • haileTG

            Exactly Nitricc, it is not rejecting the UN report but its manipulation by the regime. Do you know the what the UN is saying about this case or the large print PFDJ sticking all over. Even within the health side, what exactly is the UN saying vs the regime. And if we accept the UN report on per the regime terms, wouldn’t that undermine its integrity? Now let’s turn the table, would you accept the UN charges on terror and human and arms smuggling too? Either accept the UN report or reject all together.

          • Hope

            Bingo,my MAN!
            I hate blind and blanket accusation as much as I hate, “HATE” itself!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Hope, Lol. you are giving space to every one and catching when someone reaches in open space where he can’t defend. Bingo !!

        • Fenomeno

          The GOE does not just forward statistics to the UN, that is not how the reporting on the MDG goals works. Like I said before there are UN employees stationed in Eritrea that keep track of such goals, off course they does in co-operation with PFDJ officials.

          @ Semere
          I am just responding on Haile’s comment, which I believe is not well informed about this matter. There is no reason to consider me excited. I even explicitly stated:

          “Still achieving MDG goals does not equal good governance.”

          I just believe there is no need to ridicule everything that is happening in Eritrea. Such achievements (even if they are small) are not only achievements of the government/party, but primarily of the people on the ground. Therefore such practices will also have a place in post-pfdj dictatorship.

          • haileTG

            “The GOE does not just forward statistics to the UN, that is not how the reporting on the MDG goals works.”

            Not so.
            – Actually, the regime that doesn’t merit nor is elected to be called a “government” just forwards statistics to the UN, that is how it works IN ERITREA unlike other places where the UN has access to collect data.

            – Eritrea is identified as a country closed off from outsiders.

            – ALL survey are carried out by different ministries and JUST FORWARDED TO THE UN, and the UN has no option and work with the information available from the brutal regime. Otherwise, Eritreans can drop dead if they wish, the regime wouldn’t hesitate to boot them out. I have concrete information on it. Can you show us how or where they cooperate?

            – A regime that doesn’t give a hoot and froze people and families at 700 nakfa, a regime that ditches captives that it threw into external conflicts, a regime that locks up people in containers and undergrounds, a regime that deny funeral to deceased nationals, a regime that refused malnutrition assessment for aid, a regime that lied about victims of boat tragedies, a regime that discards people for decades for dead, would be a hard sell to furnish or cooperate in data gathering.

            – The UNDP staff are on record saying they are hampered from free movement to collect data (of course said diplomatically) and there are people we know working at the ministry of health. Let’s not hair split on what is MDG or not. We are talking health and Eritreans are faring FAR FAR worse in health under the brutal dictator. Diaspora help their families and HGDEF mendef takes the credit.

            -Eritrea is drastically poorer than 20 years ago
            -Eritreans have drastically worse life standard than 20 years ago
            -Everything in Eritrea has been reduced to dirt and disrepair (listen to IA interview Sept. 06, 2013)
            -And all the sudden, the delusional, barbaric kingdom of the evil HGDEF is producing shiny little success stories with something called MDG!!! How can a society getting worse off by the day get healthier?

            Himaq gelagali Meqateli… PFDJ is pure evil and those who wish to feed off evil would end up getting demonized. Face the truth and it shall set you free.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Fenomeno:
            I was not considering you excite. I was addressing in general those who are excited. I got your position

          • Serray

            Selamat Haile TG and Semere,

            The only thing worse than a regime of murderers, rapists and human traffickers and their mindless dimwitted cheerleaders celebrating a totally bogus achievement is reasonable sounding people buying into the devil worshippers stupidity. In shaebia eritrea, penicillin actually kills. Food poisoning is as deadly as cancer. I heard the regime actually scouts the world looking for discounted and expired medication. I went to visit a relative at Halibet once, people actually go to toilet in the grounds of the hospital. I saw more flies in my relative’s four-bed hospital room than I did in one place ever. To buy these retards meet any health goal is a joke.

            In any country, good harvest, increased tourism or mining activities are good news; in shaebia eritrea, these things are liabilities against the people because the beneficiaries are murderers, rapists and human trafficker and when these twisted people have more, they squander it faster and demand more. The only good news when these maniacs have more is they drink more and their livers and kidneys fail faster.

            Semere, I am reading colonel Tsegu’s book and following Yemane’s interview at Assenna; it is amazing to think that shaebia leaders have been murdering innocent eritreans for over forty years now…nonstop.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Serray:
            Also Tesfay Temno wrote a book, good one to keep as well. Tsegu’s is good one too, but he has not given us the real deal despite his tenure as a higher ranking member in the Halewa Sewra. The power struggle that he paints is not a smoking gun, this happened since King David when he sent Abigale’s husband to be killed, the political intrigues of power struggle and back stabbing is a given. I am disappointed that he has not revealed more heinous crimes that went on inside the Halewa Sewra that we can be sure he was privy to.
            Yemane’s interview has exposed the regime for what it is; a bunch of hooligan killing people for a hobby for fun. To be exited when Isaiais sends people to kill and add your wish list to it makes the delight of watching PFDJ eat each other more gratifying. EPLF/PFDJ back has been broken now and the blood of those innocent , gullible has cried to God and they killers for hobby are being punished. I hope Yemane also writes a book to tell the “hashish” smoking whose sold themselves as freedom fighters. Eritrea has been design on blood stained pillars whose time has come to crumble

          • haileTG

            Selamat Serray,

            I fear that the tendency to look at our predicament through “Shaebia bad” lens might undermine our ability to understand our condition properly. To me, what lies at the heart of our problem is the collective failure as people to forge a national consciousness. We are driven by fear, to the most part, rather than hope. We act based on our fears rather than dreams and aspirations. This is why “mistrust” is being singled out as a major issue in our debates. Mistrust is the product of fear not hope. The Ghedli era was understandably influenced by a sense of all pervading fear. In independent Eritrea, no one played more significant role in undermining Eritrea and its future than Eritreans ourselves. Our capacity to do so is rare by any standard. The pervasive mistrust means that Eritreans don’t trust Eritreans, period. In other words, Eritreans fear Eritreans more than anything, what exactly lead to that? We are paying the highest price as a result and still the people cheering or downplaying (and undermining) our ability to extricate ourselves are Eritreans. Eritreans in refugee camps are afraid of each other for the notorious crimes they commit towards each other, Eritreans in Eritrea are afraid of each other for the spying and betrayal they commit against each other, Eritreans in the diaspora are afraid of each other for the deep suspicion towards each other’s motives. All these is combined to highlight the single most important truth that we are our very worst enemies and hence weak and incapable of standing up to collective tragedies. Since it is certain that the regime currently in power can’t rescue itself in its external dealings and hence has no capacity to hold it for very long, it is again Eritreans that are working to give it a breath of fighting life at the cost of throwing the nation into deeper crisis. So, it may be helpful for us if we could try to evaluate the problem for what it is, i.e. Eritreans have a serious issue in letting down themselves and this has rendered them to fear each other and mistrust one another deeply. The bible says “a house divided upon itself would not stand”. Aren’t us Eritreans the chief perpetrators of our own misery?


          • Semere Andom

            Hi HTG:

            I know you are talking Serray, but I am sure you will not mind if I make nuances of myself by interjecting.

            Just to add to your points of taking responsibility as people and to look in the mirror, we should also consider the fact that shaebia’s back, it perceived legacy of good and its claim of liberating us, its false heroic struggle must be erased for people to look for alternative. The fact that the people have not coalesced around the opposition is not only because of the weakens and confusion of the opposition that we all love to ridicule. One explanation or reason is also our people have that faint hope that next year will be better, it is cultural, “kab zeytfelto melak tfelto seytan” goes one adage as opposed to give the devil its due. In the late 80s when ELF was destroyed as an alternative hardline supports of ELF publicly backed EPLF. Did Shaebia made us this way or did we make Shaebia this way because they came from us, have we created Shaebia in our image or did Shaebia create us in its image is what your idea about Eritreans brings to mind. Truly our culture makes it easy for despots and thugs, listen to this depressing old adage from my collections Tigrinya proverbs: ” hawi hayal ente mote qiber, hayal ente mote gezaka kof bel”: pay your respects if the brother of the powerful dies, but stay home if the powerful dies”. All these cultural underpinning play a role but proving the shaebia bad thing is the tool that shaebia used by against others, why reinvent the wheel

            Even the trust issue among Eritreans has Shaebia’s finger print all over, after all we, like any other society are made up of complex tapestry of tendencies and interests. It

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            This comment is damn good. Can you please elasticize this argument and make it in an article form. Don’t even throw such ideas into a comment section. Please try to put it where it should belong. Yes our fear to each other is the pervasive ailment that hold us from doing a tangible thing in the current struggle. And yes, “we act on our fears rather than dreams and aspiration.” Well said Hailat.

          • Serray

            Selamat Haile TG,

            About me using “shaebia bad”, you wrote, it “might undermine our ability to understand our condition properly. To me, what lies at the heart of our problem is the collective failure as people to forge a national consciousness”. How does calling an organization by its true name does that? The last 23 years eritrea has been ruled by not only shaebia tegadelti, by shaebia rules of war (they have no rule of peace). The failure of eritrea as nation is caused by our shaebia rulers. I think this need to bifurcate shaebia from pfdj on the one hand and then exonerate shaebia is what is actually “undermining our ability to understand our condition”. This confusing rule is what explains our peoples’ fear and reluctance to fight hard. Forget the people, if I say to you “isaias is shaebia” you wouldn’t blink an eye not withstanding the present tense I used. From wedi temnewo, to yemane, to tsegu we are now learning that shaebia leaders run the front more or less the same oppressive way.

            Second, you said, “at the heart of our problem is the collective failure as people to forge a national consciousness”. Haile, we are not special people in the positive or negative sense of the word. When cold blooded murderers with unlimited state power held the people hostage, people are naturally afraid just like the Libyans, N. Koreans or Cambodians are/were of their cold blooded rulers. The fear that plagues our people is fortified and made hard to tackle by romantics who want to grace these murderers with temporal heroism. One person with a gun can hold hundred people hostage; thousands with guns who are also credited by the hostages as liberators can hold a country hostage, not because we are “eritreas” but because shaebia leaders and their side-kick romantics create a moral hazard. When people try to insulate shaebia from pfdj, they create a moral hazard; nobody wants to fight his or her heroes.

          • haileTG

            Merhaba Serray, I hope this also addresses some of the points by Sem

            It appears that you are attributing the current nature of the problem exclusively to Ghedli without the moral, historical and logical justifications required to do so. Have Eritreans not bitterly divided among each other in the run up to the federal union with Ethiopia? What was the role of Eritreans during HS, the dergue regime, ELF/EPLF…? What is the role of Eritreans that oppose PFDJ nowadays but finding it close to impossible to forge a united front against injustice? Should we attribute the problem to colonializm, Mahber Fqri hager, Jebha, Shaebia, HS, Dergue, EPRDF…or singularly shaebia?

            The “where” you attribute the cause of a problem to be would essentially limit the nature of the solution you seek. At every junction and every turn of our history, we have shown a tendency to put our fears and alliances before our collective interest as people and nation. The current problem may have changed, had we had the tendency to put our trust on the notion that if one looks after the penny, the pound would look after itself as far as justice and rule of law is concerned. If you solely attribute the entirety of failings to one single organization, then you would inadvertently be crediting them with a power they don’t really have in the first place and perpetuating the problem to go on unchecked.

            The fear as a driving force with in our individual psyche is what seems to be keeping our sense of right and wrong off balance. Such fear of one another had been displayed at various stages of our history before and after Shaebia. Thus the role of transforming the leadership post independence Eritrea was partly our our inability to trust each other to do so. If majority of Eritreans in the diaspora were to stand up tomorrow and demand enough to unlawful incarcerations, enough to indefinite national service, enough to holding our people hostage on false pretext of war and so on, the regime would be in deep crisis instantly. Yet, the Eritrean house is divided upon itself and some would go on to dance despite the announcer had just told them the death of hundreds of Eritreans (Atlanta) and despite witnessing graphic scenes of a baby and a mother pulled out from the see on their screens (Boston). Our divided house and deep mistrust of each other had ushered us into 30 years gruesome Ghedli in the federation years and the same deep mistrust of one another is taking us to the shameful lows of ending up the next Somalia.

            Those supporters of PFDJ at this time where not even born during Shaebia time or Ghedli in general, yet they have somewhat been inspired to believe and act in ways that can’t possibly sustain a nation state. Those in the opposition organizations are least influenced by shaebia leaders, yet are deeply distrustful of each other to the point forming two man political organizations.

            Therefore, yes the history of ghedli had its fair share of influencing our society, but to compress the full breadth and width of our problems to a single organization that sprang up half way into our armed struggle and make it the sole contributing factor would lack the necessary moral, historic and logical justification.

            If X is so determined to be the source of the whole problem, then the removal of X should at least partly result in improved condition. Does the diaspora opposition movement validate such a logical outcome? What we are saying is put things in perspective and our tendency to put our fears and alliances ahead of the nation’s fundamental interests is what is maintaining the sense of mutual distrust towards one another and rendering the struggle for justice to take longer than necessary. Even worse, exposing the country to much more dire situation for the foreseeable future.


          • T. Kifle

            Dear haile TG,

            What is this wax and gold? What are these fears that hold Eritreans in hostage? Would you elaborate it more?

          • haileTG

            Hi T Kifle,

            The “fear” as I am using it here refers many aspects:

            1 – reverential relationship with their tormentors and justifying the abusive treatment they get as something they deserved for being “liberated” (this is mostly on supporters side )

            2 – A deeply rooted sense of suspicion towards each other due to loss of trust on character and integrity. Our post independence history has shown that all those who have taken risk for greater good have been betrayed.

            3 – Intense barrage of propaganda that incessantly paints as the world out to get us, Ethiopia out to re-take us, ERiTV exclusively (for 23 years flat) reporting death and mayhem as foreign news bulletin…

            4 – Fear of isolation, blackmail, tarnishing and the likes which is the modes operand on both sides

            5 – Eritreans are disappeared and killed and no one to ask about them but their families and survivors are castigated, their names tarnished and deaf ear is given by many. This creates natural fear that the society is inhumane and capable of exposing you to grave dangers willy nilly.

            6 – The psychological effects of the armed struggle and halewa sewra brutality

            7 – loss of moral and trust on self – mostly affecting the young generation now dying in hundreds at a time.

            8 – Fear of losing independence (much like the sacrifices paid, because the independence so far is just hell).

            So, please feel free to contextualize and add from your own perspectives, but when I say fear, I am trying to capture the immobilizing frame of mind that prevents Eritreans from coming together and trusting one another and promotes them to repel from one another and turn their back on what is is morally right and just thing to do.

            Incidentally, the new CD releases by a group of well known opposition artists in Swiss is titled ኣይንገዳዳዕ and the word ጥልመት and ዘይምትእምማን are high frequency vocabularies in Eritrean politics nowadays. So, I don’t know what you make of it, but the paralyzing effects are not hard to miss 🙂 Here is the CD


          • T. Kifle

            Dear haile TG,

            Thank you for the detailed and insightful explanation.

          • haileTG

            hey TK….disqus swallowed it, coming soon:-)

          • Serray

            Selamat Haile TG,

            Thanks God we are a diverse nation but we are not necessarily divided. When we seem and act divided, it is almost always because there was an outside hand alien to our organic nature. At this moment in our history, eritreans are fearful and abused and like all fearful and abused people, we are somehow incoherent and suspicious.

            I think it helps if we speak in specific terms. Let me bring three simple examples to make a point that the source of the disease you described is medda. 1) Sawa. Sawa creates a survival instinct among the young that is deeply suspicious of authority, human interaction and a mindset of flight. 2) Prison, torture and disappearance. In eritrea we have a prison system not to punish crimes but to break the human spirit and settle scores. 3) Shaebia ownership of everything. A complete ownership of the country by shaebia military infrastructure created a disposition so dire that people are forced to compromise their core values in order to survive. Haile, please trace for me where sawa, prison to break the spirit and and greedy ownership of everything by a private entity all came from. I don’t trace of these sicknesses to our traditional metahit or kebesa culture and tradition. These are imported without any modification from ghedli.

            The only way our people will gain their balance; the only way we eritreans can go back to our traditional good natured existence is when you remove shaebia’s value system of slavery, endless sacrifices and impoverishment from our society. The nonpfdj and semi-pfdj romantics are harmless for now but tomorrow, if they gain state power, they will be as dangerous because they too worship and value the SOURCE of the misery. I use shaebia instead of pfdj to make sure we understand the real origin of the people committing these crimes. If ghedli entered our history as simply a fight against ethiopians, then a lazy and incompetent ruler who mindlessly romanticized ghedli will use it to shut people up. (Plus, as it happened at awate before (and even Mahmud did it the other day), as the crimes of shaebia leaders surpass biblical proportion, more and more people will use ethnic background as scapegoat and that will lead to a real and deadly division).

            You know, in real life no tegadalai makes a bone if you I say shaebia leaders are doing this; only at awate I find people struggling to convince themselves one is two. So let me stress one more time: pfdj is shaebia and shaebia is ghedli.

          • Semere Andom

            Selamat Serray
            “pfdj is shaebia and shaebia is ghedli”. Let us call this Serray’s first principle:-)

            But to be precise, Ghedli could have done well if it was not for the “romantics” , if the de-romantics have won those who murdered innocent Eritreans (mostly de-romantics of course) would no have gotten away with it. PFDJ’s back has been broken, but the romantics still lurk. When I was in Asmara in 2002 I was watching TV when Yasir Araft came on the news and I said this guy is criminal he killed his people, the PFDJ relative looked at me and quipped, “merahi dea kQetil ember alewo”. I did not known Arafat killed his people but that was what I was able to say to glean some info after than I kept my consul. So PFDJ is dead, but the romantics give it life line hanging onto its romantasized legacy of yester years.

          • haileTG

            Selamat Serray,

            Very clear and well argued!

            Back to work now 🙂

            Suppose you are called to investigate a fatal car accident where a pedestrian is killed by being hit a driver. Essentially, you have four component aspects of the event to examine:

            a) The role of the driver

            b) The role of the pedestrian

            c) The role of the physical surrounding where the accident happened

            d) The role of applicable traffic rules at the time the accident happened

            Based on your examination of each component aspects of the event, you would determine the main contributing factor to the fatal accident. Now, suppose you don’t like the driver and concentrate all investigations on the driver, i.e.

            a) His driving history

            b) His relationship to the victim

            c) his mental state at the time

            d) His standing as a citizen…

            based on the above, you may claim to have done an exhaustive investigation of the accident. Surely, however, it would be incomplete examination as per standard practice and your findings wouldn’t be admissible as a valid investigation of the incident. In real terms you only dealt with (a) in the very first list.

            During the dergue time, torture was common place (by Eritrean torturers) in places like Mariam Gimbi. This is not to validate what happened in Ghedli but to point out that the act of torture and brutality has long entered Eritrea before the inception of halewa sewra. We, as victims, have written a shameful history of not rioting, facing death for the just cause, resigning to accepting any abuse and believing we deserve it.

            When the Disabled tegadelti were mowed down, where was I. Did I not know they were Eritreans, did I not know they were disabled and unable to defend themselves, did I not know that they actually lost their limbs for a common cause? No I knew about it all. But what happened? Did I not know where stones were, did I not know where car tires were to burn and set up barricades, did I not know that I had a fight in my hand that I must face? Did I not know that if death or injury is what I have to pay, to so be it, since they already advanced me with their payment in life and limbs? Serray, I knew all that and betrayed them, pure and simple.

            The same could be said with every single issue that followed bet it G-15, journalists, adi abeto, Lampedusa, Sinai…So, on investigation 1 ezbar 1.2 the role of the victim, I have just invastigated myself and found it guilty as charged, which way is the damn prison 🙂

            Serray, it is not that your investigation of 1 ezbar 1.1 (the role of shaebia leaders) that anything is missing, it is just that you would like to close the investigation there and submit a non-admissible and incomplete result of an investigation entrusted to your conscience. Think about it.


          • Saleh Johar

            Haile TG and Serray,

            Thanks HaileTG. You just expressed what I felt.


            I admire your intelligence and passion. But I always felt there is something missing when you keep hammering Gedli the way you do. You wouldn’t give those who went through it the benefit of the doubt, instead you chose to define all those who believed and paid heavy prices for Gedli, by the chaff that we produced (as a nation and not as Gedli alone) . Honestly, I feel you do not want to see to the side, you remain focused on Gedli which is distorting your perception and thus conviction.

            Dear Serray,

            As Haile said, I know many people who were victims of torture by Eritreans. I have interviewd a few of them. Take the late Adem Melekin for example. I saw his back that still bore the scars inflicted on him some fifty years ago. I know people who were tortured by Eritreans, by putting weights to their genitals–my father and two uncles among them. I know Sheikh Mohammed Yassin who left his family and home and fled to the Sudan after so many jailing and torturing by Eritrean operatives. Why go far? I was tortured and beaten like there is no tomorrow by Eritreans interrogators when I was in a young teen, and there is nothing I did to deserve that. They just accused me and my friends for deeds that would have given me bragging rights now. But I didn’t do it.

            Spying, torture, jailing, disappearing, corruption, and all the evils that you hate of the PFDJ is not Gedli made. In fact Gedli was launched to end all of that. We failed. But it doesn’t mean we give up. It doesn’t mean we diminish our sacrifice as a people. We have to face it justly since we are supposedly seeking justice. Indeed, the sufferings has stayed the same though today, due to flow of information, the modern age, we hear about it unlike the early sixties when no one knew what was happening. Today as a nation we are more connected as a nation than we are–geography is no more a hindrance. More of us speak more than one language and we know more people outside our own group. That makes it feel it is different. It is not.

            I appeal to you to stop vilifying Gedli. You mentioned you have martyred brothers and relatives, they didn’t die in vain. They were cheated of the fruits just like all of us though they paid more, with their lives. Besides, you gain nothing by victimizing a national experience, an expensive experience. We have a monster and his party emptying Eritrea of its people, and humiliating those who remain behind. Let’s focus on weeding out the despicable PFDJ and avoid anything that will distance us from each other.

            Thanks, if you have reached this far 🙂

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Saleh, HaileTG and the rest;
            Well, if he doesn’t have a solution oriented proposals, all that could keep him afloat and relevant is vilifying ghedli (by the way that’s Eritrean history). serray and his elks feel no optimism, and therefore, no future to fight for; they don’t consider themselves as part of mainstream Eritrea, and therefore no sense of belonging, they loiter on the fringes. When was the last time, he took responsibility? When was the last time he addressed as ” we” when referring to Eritreans’ issues? The only time these few individuals show signs of being alive is when issues of inclusiveness erupt which they interpret it as threatening their great Habesha entity (a code word for andnet). Then you will see them acting like concerned Eritreans vilifying religious and ethnic activists. Tegadalay HaileTG ( and it’s true he is tegadalay in every sense of the word) tried to show serray in a baby-steps style how citizens should take responsibility and rise to the occasion for snatching back their history and dignity; that’s if only serray could act courageously! serray reminds me of a monk who had given up on the luxuries of life, yet he would occasionally replay the “good” time he had lived and question himself whether he had done the right thing in “punishing” himself. So, every time he questions himself for missing out those luxuries entertained by his friends out there in the real world, he would place the blame on the last crime he had seen in the night club he had frequented which had caused his decision to seek God’s shelter. He had no courage to take responsibility. Ghedli was a mass movement that had its positive and negative sides. No one will tell you they would have repeated it again unless of course necessitated. Those who went through it did so because it was necessary (sorry, for retelling the same thing again and again, Saleh Johar said it well). The problem with these guys is that they are worse than PFDJ in their closed mindset. They have no room for accommodations. Blame everything on ghedli, that’s blame everything on Eritreans’ choice to fight injustice and foreign subjugation; what is that? A code word for Andnet. That’s their song, they have no new thing to add. They want to remove PFDJ simply by burying their heads in the sand. When are they going to take responsibility, when are they going to comprehend the simple steps HTG laid down for them? When are they going to say “we”?
            Semere said he didn’t believe EPLF was a liberation movement. I ask him if he can tell me:
            a, if there is or ever existed such a movement called liberation movement
            b, if there existed movements that he call liberation movements, which ones are they and why?
            c, present comparative display of those ” liberation movements” and EPLF/ or sawra Ertra to show why EPLF (sawra Ertra) was not a liberation movement
            I have taken responsibility in the past, and as it’s Lampedusa memorial, an incident that catapulted me in the open, I urge sensible Eritreans delineate their discourse from those of these folks, because they are poluting the struggle for justice. If someone doesn’t have the capability to differentiate what a small circle of a leadership did from the ideal that millions fought for, if they could not differentiate what 20th century had in its plate for liberation movements for guidance, if they could not see the world around our ghedli was as cruel, if not worse, starting from their badly longed Ethiopia, if their references are individuals who had lost power struggle, we have a problem. Eritrean revolution is bigger than EPLF, and EPLF is bigger than Issayas. What Yemane Teclezghi, Tsegu…Wedi Temnewo narrate is a small ugly aspect of ghedli, I thank them for coming out. Average Eritreans don’t suffer from low brain cells counts; they take their accounts within their context. And to their credit, non of them questioned the mission of ghedli, non of them mocked the sacrifice of thousands. serray and his elks live in a a parallel world. It has been described as a gloomy, desolate, cold, where the news of dooms and glooms reign. Good luck SGJ and HTG, but for the proponents of “weed-out PFDJ” folks, a call is in order: weed out the characters playing the role of antidote of your pesticides. These folks are scaring the ill-informed mass from embracing the wind of change, because they have become too vocal and too recognized; they are neutralizing any efforts that have been starting to take traction in our fight against the monster PFDJ. Because what the mass see is a concerted efforts at weakening Eritrea and its history (ghedli). These radical anti-Eritrean entities need to be called for what they are. They are the other side of HGDF, while hgdf is weakening Eritrea through its policies by exemplifying everything bad about ghedli, these guys are going on a frontal attack: pfdj is bad because EPLF was bad; EPLF was bad because ELF was bad; ELF was bad because Eritreans cause was manufactured; Eritrean cause was manufactured, because, after all, they didn’t have a cause, they didn’t have a cause because their “cause” was based on “bogus identity.

          • Semere Andom

            Selam Mahmuday:

            You are doing to this debate what you did to the women’s debate lumping together and accusing people as Andent, de javu. When did we hear this before, hint, hint it is not in awate.com.

            First I think we all are mixing things. Saleh Gadi’s response to Serray was to the point. HTG tacked other dimension as well and expanded it with analogy of a crime scene. We have all made angry comments here at some time, but Mahmuday you are a borderline “loose cannon” when in come this particular topic 🙂
            HTG and SJG talked about our collective failure to bring about the change that we have yearned for generations and asserted Ghedli alone is not to blame for the colossal failure today. Also both touched on our cruelly to own and our deafening silence when myriad opportunities have presented themselves for us to shine and oppose the regime. I will add to that the current torture, rape, organ harvesting and human trafficking on Eritreans is committed by Eritreans, mostly. This is one dimension of the truth except to the Eritrean romantics (not the same as Ghedli romantics, but one can be both) Eritrean society has its fair share of criminals, cowards and sellout and what I call those who are waiting to defect when they lose the favour of the dictator. I had a debate with Sal when I expressed my disgust to those ambassadors and ministers whose loved ones are unjustly imprisoned by the regime and lack the guts to oppose the regime and still serve him obediently. These people are Eritreans and Eritrean like any other society is filled with these kinds of people who collaborate with the organization that enslaves, tortures not only their people but their loved ones and they will pay for their crimes and some are already paying for it

            SJG was tortured by Eritreans when he was young man, my own father was in prison because a compatriot ratted on him. Many Eritreans perished by crimes perpetuated by Eritreans. When we were debating the arrest of Omari Sal said to the effect of” the Ghedli gelation are his favorite because they set out to replace the lawless society we had under Ethiopia, to create justice and in the unjust governance of Ethiopia”. The reason we or those you mendaciously accuse as Andent are telling you that Ghedli failed and failed immensely to accomplish the goals after the 30 years of madness and short cuts and shooting from the hip. Ghedli replaced lawlessness with lawlessness, injustice with injustice. It is not only that fruit of Ghedli was rotten, its process was rotten, it was madness when its ambitious beginning was nipped in bud and the criminals helmed. Those you accuse of Andnet are very careful to discriminate between the duality of Ghedli. I am no going to compare and contrast EPLF with others to prove to you that it was a not liberation movement because I know what you guys are going to say, you will say it was the cost of business to do what Ghedli did to accomplish nothing and it was the communism and militarization to blame

            Ghedli would have done better if the people in it who fought full time the occupation and moonlighted as romantics to canonize the crimes that committed to them by them. Because we have invested we should not shy away from telling the truth and for your benefits here is the truth about our Ghedli those you accuse as Andent believe:

            The Eritreans had the right to start armed struggle, the cause was just
            Ghedli lost its bearing in its nascent years and it has spent most of its time murdering Eritreans, deliberately protracting the struggle to consolidate the power of few, who assassinated Eritreass for pleasure
            Designed on the above underpinning, Ghedli was destined to produce a fake, corrupt systems made up of the formed assassins. Many in Ghedli were true freedom fighters, but blinded by the lies they were played by criminals helming EPLF. The Eritrean people were not lifted up, their women never liberated, they are still enslaved and all are

            EPLF was not a liberation movement and this comment is not a “liberation” debate for it accuses people who are critical of Ghedli as Andnet. By the way Andets do not believe that Eritreans were right to wage the armed struggle, they do not believe that Arabic should be one of the official languages of Eritrea, Andent people do not diffentiat between people of Tigray (Tigre) and the Eritean Tigre ethnic group and they do think Tigre is a language

            Any society has problems and revolutions like ours are sparked to alleviate those problems by its vision and vanguard status, to fight backwardness, ethnic strife and elevate the people’s consciousness (nqhat). Because its failure we blame it to Ghedli, the leader of our people. We give them credit when they defeated the enemy, it goes both ways. An organization that treated the Ethiopian war prisoners more humanely than its own and an organization which murdered people at the snap of a finger cannot and should not be graces with liberation movement description

          • Mahmuday; The three people who have no business talking about Gedli, they couldn’t shut up! Why can’t they just be happy collecting their welfare wherever freaking country the live? What does a person possibly know about Gedli someone in Canada? Dude; get your welfare and be happy. Leave the country to those who care and did their thing. What have you done to go up on people like that? Nothing. Get your charity be happy.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Sem,
            To liberate the land makes you a liberator. To liberate the people also makes you a liberator. What makes different one from the other is “their cause and the mission of the liberators.” So going to define the word in the mission you would like will be personal expectation, not real in essence to signify the word intended to capture its broadly meaning. You see Sem, because you limited your mission to liberate the land doesn’t preclude from being called a liberator.

            Second even if the organizations (ELF and EPLF) had the national democratic program in their political platform, which defines the characteristics of the struggle (national b/c to liberate their land and democratic b/c the democratic ideals enshrined in their political program) will mostly emphasize the struggle to liberate the land as primary. There were rudimentary democratic infra-structures trying to lay down for democratic public orientations. We can not deny those realities. As in all revolutions there were conflict of interests among our elites in the whole process we went through. The civil wars was the result of their conflict in their interest, and wasn’t in the cause and strategy of the struggle to put it precisely. Even their ideology are similar. Do you Know what Dr. Eyob one of the victims of Isayas had said in 1976: Both organizations have not ideological difference, they could have only difference in the way they practice it. In case what I want to correct you is Ghedli is still the “liberator” because they liberate the “land called Eritrea.” I will agree with you only in terms whether liberate the people or not. In that respect they didn’t liberate the our people from the misery they were going from Derg and Hailesselassie. In fact they enslaved the Eritrean people worse than the Ethiopian oppressors.

          • Serray

            Selamat SJG,

            Are you following Yemane’s interview at Assenna? What do you think? Is he vilifying ghedli or, telling it as it is?

            Saleh, when you say weed out the despicable pfdj we all understand what you mean; the guilty ones…not the half million or so card carrying members. It is the same thing when we talk about ghedli or shaebia. I wrote esterday in response to Hayat’s Pushkin post, “What is amazing about eritrea is how the rank and file managed to win against dergi while been targeted by people like isaias….the huge price they must have paid while being systematically eliminated from inside by cold blooded murderers while facing an armed-to-the-teeth enemy from outside”.

            If shaebia leaders left ghedli behind and led eritrea with justice, few of us would have made the comparison. Ghedli era eritrea is the closest thing that resembles today’s Eritrea. Sawa is from ghedli. No rule of law, no competent judges is from ghedli. Ownership of everything is from ghedli. War mongering, everybody hates us mentality is from ghedli.

            Let me ask you a few questions: where do you locate in your wholesale view of medda/ghedli the fact that jebha was defeated and pushed out from medda? Where do you locate the purges, disappearances and death sentences for minor infringements? Didn’t these things happened in medda, in ghedli? Why do you think it is better to ignore them and focus strictly on the struggle against the ethiopians when that part is completely finished but everything else still going on in one form or another? That is what I don’t understand. You act as if you are still in bunkers fighting the ethiopians when that is the only thing that is completely done. Why is it difficult to understand that in the pursuit of the grand objective ghedli was morphed into pfdj? If you don’t believe me, please listen to yemane.

            By refusing to admit, to accept, that shaebia leaders came from ghedli, you are allowing the worst thing about ghedli, the killings, the monopoly mentality, the purge to survive and flourish. The nation will always be a testament to those who fought and won on the battleground. No one can take that away. My problem is why are you more interested in protecting something that can never be taken away when doing so denies us a clear vision of the real source of the misery?
            The value added conversation about ghedli is not what it was for, even a child knows that, it is what it morphed into. Instead of trying to separate pfdj from shaebia and shaebia from ghedli, acknowledge this link in present day eritrea and swear to break it off . With all due respect, SJG, next time we talk about ghedli and the struggle against the ethiopians, start with the mindset (and the medda rules) that pushed out jebha, the purges, the killings and the dungeons. The rest is easy. Brave young men like you and my brother went to fight; fought as best as you could; some of you made it out but others perished fighting the enemy…and eritrea is your witness. Everybody knows that, it is even taught in the history classed of shaebia eritrea. However, you and I know that is not the whole story.

            Don’t do the “nifelto ina gin hiji kinizarebelu ayndelin ena” because right now, the worst things about ghedli are being applied in eritrea. Given “the weed out the despicable pfdj” is more likely to be the task of romantics, we have to make this point clear right now before they too try it again. Finally, when you read me, try to understand that I am flashing out the present hoping for better future and not necessarily judging the past. And please stop saying I am vilifying ghedli when you know beyond any shadow of doubt that horrific things happened to eritreans by eritreans in ghedli and that shaaebia imported many things from ghedli era. It is when smart people like you say things like that that I am more afraid of the future than the past.

          • Estifanos

            “It is when smart people like you say things like that that I am more afraid of the future than the past.”
            Indeed Serray

          • Mahmud Saleh

            salam serray;
            I respect YG because he says things as he sees them, not necessarily as they exist in reality, but as he sees them or as he perceives them. As a student of his weird world, one expects you present yourself clean and in whole. Yesterday you said “ghedli” and went on your customary diatribe, when Gadi responded to you in his well known ” knock-it-off” manner, you are coming back and telling him ” No..no.. I did not say ghedli, actually, Jabha is not there, I’m talking about Shaebia….no, actually, I’m talking about its leadership…” and then you think Gadi is going to fall for your sweet talk of ” you see Shaebia drove Jabja out of Eritrea…”, you think like your little trick is going to blind this man! I don’t think so. The proud thing for you to do is to stay uptight and defend your vilification of Eritrean history; tell how dumb Eritreans were for burdening such a prohibitive cost…blame them why they didn’t give you a ready-made liberty while you basked in the sun. That’s the honorable thing in your far-away desolate and cold planet. Or, make truly honorable thing. What makes you proud may not be an honorable thing. The honorable thing, which starts to show some signs in your last reply is to try to talk of ghedli of its positive and negative aspects, to see ghedli within its historic context, differentiate between roles of leadership that might have impacted it negatively, the mission, and the role of the mass (tegadalay and Hafash), adding that it was not an alien monster, as you try to inject it in our youth minds. You ca not write off the achievements of a huge social movements by anecdotal accounts you hear or read. It was an all-reaching, all-including, challenging, arduous. One thing is clear: ghedli was not meant to be a place for people possessing your mindset. It was not even meant to be understood by folks who lack optimism, by folks who don’t appreciate the true meaning of altruism; by folks who anticipate ready-made liberty. You knew it early. The following documentary film narrates one side of ghedli. It’s about women who forfeited their chance of bearing; you know how tough it is. They include veteran heroines; they include medical doctors, field commanders, administrators during ghedli. Ghedli was full of such people. It was an honor to have lived among those heroes and heroines. We know where we went wrong, and we will rectify it. All that is needed is for folks like you to play a bit reasonable, because you guys have cost the search for justice a lot.

          • Serray

            Sealam mahmud,

            Dedhri adgi zwales tirat adgi lemede. I think you friendship with nitrcci is rubbing on you, you are sounding almost as incoherent.

            But let me explain about jebha being pushed out of medda. Put your halewa sewra hat for a minute. My point is, jebha was not defeated fighting for its objective, which is ridding eritrea of ethiopian rule, it was defeated and pushed out from medda fighting another eritrean movement. Meaning, things were so twisted in medda, the original movement lost not fighting for its goals but fighting a sister organization in an epic power play IT started. Get it? Or shall we ask the bot to translate it for you.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Salam serray
            Let nitrikay take care of this.

          • Mahmuday, i will share with you what one gentle man on this forum diagosed Serray and YG. he did not even analysed Semere A. he said ” semere does’t have it” to be analyzed. that guy was sharp. i have saved the post, i will find it. in the mean time what do you expect from a dog who lost all of his teeth? i am not saying they are dogs, i am making an analogy.

            Mahmuday you got to understand though, this is what makes them sleepless and all out in ti insulting. Gedli will live for ever. I am here so are they. watch.
            a gift to my good friend serray and Semmere


          • Kokhob Selam

            ኣንታ ማሕሙድ ሓወይ ዝተባህለ እንተተባህለ መሪሕነት ህግሓኤ ጉዳ ከይወጸ ክትርፍ እዩ ዝብል ግምት ኣይሃሉኻ :: ሓቂ ልዕሊ ዝኾነ ሓይሊ ሓያል እያ :: ሓቂ ‘ኮ ኣብ ‘ቲ ሻዕብያ መሪሕ ግደ ተጻዊታ ኢሉ ዳርጋ ምሉእ ህዝቢ ዝኣመነሉ ግዜ ‘ውን ድምብርጽ ኣይበላን :: ኣይኮነን ዶ ሎሚ ሻዕብያ ሓመድ ድፋጫ ኣ ሰትያ ህግደፍ ተኪኣታ ::

            እቲ ሰውራ ወናኒኡ ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ እዩ :: ወናንነቱ ዘንጊዑ ደድሕሪ ድሑራት እንተኸይዱ ዋጋ ዝኸፍል ንሱ እቲ ሓፋሽ እዩ :: ይቀልጥፍ ይዶንጊ ኸኣ ነቲ ሓቂ ክሪኦን ነቲ ብሑት ስልጣኑ መንዚዑ ወሲዱ ርስሓት ሃገሩን ከጽሪ ግድን እዩ ::

          • Mahmud Saleh

            “ኣንታ ማሕሙድ ሓወይ ዝተባህለ እንተተባህለ መሪሕነት ህግሓኤ ጉዳ ከይወጸ ክትርፍ እዩ ዝብል ግምት ኣይሃሉኻ” Kokebay, I’m in disbelief. I don’t want to go for a propertional response at this time, but if you could show me where I hinted I would like EPLF leaders’ bad acts or “guud” remained undisclosed, that would help me to be a good person. I’m responding to a person who has made tarnishing our history/your history his proffession. You and all other individuals who did their part in the liberation of our nation, in different roles and different organizations…are not my target. You may dislike EPLF, but I know you are keen to protect the legacy of our martyrs. That’s where SGJ, Aman H, HTG, and I meet despite our differing backgrounds. Why did you choose to diverge here?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Mahmuday, we are all learning and non of us is perfect. I may have misunderstood you. give me more time and let’s continue discussing so I will clearly see things.

          • Saleh Johar

            Selam Serray,

            In the struggle era, simple peasants refered to everyone in the struggle as “Gedli”. Thus, even if they see one person, they say “Gedi was here last night.” For the little educated, they are expected to know who they are talking about from the different organizations, departments, and units. If one has a tiny bit of curiosity, it was obvious. I wouldn’t be annoyed if a peasant referred to the entire experience, and its constituent parts, as Gedli. But you?

            You claim that “Ghedli era eritrea is the closest thing that resembles today’s Eritrea. Sawa is from ghedli. No rule of law, no competent judges is from ghedli. Ownership of everything is from ghedli. War mongering, everybody hates us mentality is from ghedli.”

            All right. Now compare that to the right wingers of the West:

            “Terrorism is an Islamic thing. AlQaieda and ISIS is Islam. Lack of compassion and rationality is from Islam. Terrorism is from Islam.”

            That is just an example, I am sure you will not paint 1.5 billion Muslims and their faith with a broad brush and define them by the worst in them. Why do you do that to Gedli?

            We both agree on the brutality of the regime. The Gedli that produced Isaias and his clique also produced the tens of thousands of genuine patriots, dead, alive or maimed and impoverished, and the common people, who wanted nothing in this world but to live freely.

            We both agree Islam is a religion. Islam also produced me and 1.5 billion others. It also produced the crazy zealots who are wreaking havoc everywhere. But the rest are common people who want nothing from religion but spiritual guidance for this life and the hereafter.

            Now go ahead and call all of Islam a terrorist religion and explain it by saying “look, when I say Muslims I do not mean all, but a few.” It won’t fly!

            Let me use your own comments with a little change of the names: “Serray, when you say weed out the despicable Muslims we all understand what you mean; the guilty ones…not the the 1.5 billion or so believers. It is the same thing when we talk about ghedli or shaebia.”

            Serray, this is not an attempt for a gotcha moment, I am just trying to explain how your expression is all about tarnishing, defaming and disrespecting the Eritrean Ghedli experience. Why demolish the house if what you don’t like about it is only the dog house?

            I am saying this in relation to the above quote, not your old comments, just for clarity. I hope you recognize that I am also struggling to demolish the dog house, and we need to do that together… I don’t understand why you want to fight Gedli, its hyjacker and its tormentor all together! You are opening two fronts, and you know, for instance, which front most of us are in! So, is there a need to fight me, the entire part of the nation that considers Ghedil it own, and the PFDJ? And at the same time, you want to appear as fighting the PFDJ? Not only in principle, it is not ratioal, it has nothing of strategic thinking, it is just burn everything on your way: Savoia! What happened to your logic about planning and other struggle related comments? Is that how you win your fight, by alienating most of us? You are not Hercules Serray and how I wish you calmly revised your position, the cons and pros of all your hyperbole.

            Jebha was pushed out, now the TPLF which was allied to the EPLF is its enemy…. a lot happened Serray and it is mostly of political nature though you make it sound as a legal issue. But still, that is not important for now, the era of the struggle, its good, ugly and bad aspects, are our collective experience as a nation. We own every bit of it collectively (and if some people want to distance themselves from the experience, then I think no one should object, but working together will be next to impossible. But those who are still loyal to their nation, their people and the national experience and history, have accepted it and came to terms with it. Do you think I hold any grudge against former EPLF combatants who were part of the attack on Jebha? I thought such mentality was eradicated, apparently I was wrong. But for God’s sake, I have commanders of the attack for friends…I understand the circumstances, the left leaning ideology that worsened the situation, the power-struggle, and the mean dictatorial tendencies of Isaias and his ilks, we laugh and agonize over the experience together. Most of us are at peace with it and to me, all that ended in 1991 when the Eritrean land was liberated. The second part is what I have been engaged in since 1993. To me, Gedli is history, it is gone, good for aschoalrs (not defamres and prejudiced readers). Now we understand we have a bigger monster to deal with. That is my reply to your question about Jebha, Shaabiya and other irrelevant distinctions that I consider irrelevant and have long faded from my memory.

            I don’t understand why you want me to admit “that shaebia leaders came from ghedli”. Did I deny that Serray? I don’t know what to say, but I will try to explain.

            If you lose your rational, Serray, you make wild allegation like this: “You act as if you are still in bunkers fighting the ethiopians when that is the only thing that is completely done…. Why do you think it is better to ignore them and focus strictly on the struggle against the ethiopians when that part is completely finished but everything else still going on in one form or another? ”

            I am not sure if this is addressing me, maybe you have someone else in mind! Have you ever seen me acting as if I am “still fighting the Ethiopians”? C’mon, I paid dearly for promoting good relation between the Eritreans and Ethiopians, on the popular and political level… have you really been following the developments of the last 14 years Serray? For years I faced a barrage of attacks from every direction, for not doing just what you accuse me of and now you have the temerity to deface and misrepresent my history that everyone here knows? How unfair can you be! (I am sure you are not ignorant, but you are certainly unfair) And by the way, I don’t need to hear Yemane, not because I discount him (and I am planning to iisten to him), but that kind of narration serves other people better, it gets them all excited and they feel they know the decades of experience from a few hours of testimonies or exposes…

            Dear Serray, by attempting to demolish Gedli, which is an integral part of the Eritrean nation, you are standing at odds with everyone (excepting you-know-who).

            Honestly Serray, you prove to me that you know very little and you are not even humble about it. You always pretend that you know it all. Are you serious when you tell me : “Don’t do the “nifelto ina gin hiji kinizarebelu ayndelin ena” because right now, the worst things about ghedli are being applied in eritrea.”

            Are you serious? You are educating me about what the situation in Eritrea! Okay, they say arrogance is better treated with counter arrogance (everyone else reading: apologies in advance ). I challenge you, Serray, to tell is what you contributed in disseminating knowledge about, and in exposing the injustices in Eritrea? What role you played in struggling against the it? How long have you been this “vocal” albeit behind a nick name state? What have you risked in this struggle and what have you sacrificed to talk down to me? Since you have the audacity to lecture me on what the PFDJ is and about the injustices in Eritrea, I need to know your credentials. It is only fair.

            Serray, you asked me “please stop saying I am vilifying ghedli when you know beyond any shadow of doubt that horrific things happened to eritreans by eritreans in ghedli and that shaaebia imported many things from ghedli era.”

            First, the relation between asking you to stop vilifying Gedli which is our collective experience, and between the horrors that happened are just as related as the atrocities of Bib Laden are related to Islam. Or the relation between The Lord’s Army of Uganda and Christianity. Think about it.

            Second, since you are openly vilifying me, here, as someone who has nothing else to do but fight Ethiopia, I am lost. And I will not be surprised if everyone reading this is not laughing.

            Ciao for now

          • Serray

            Selam SJG,

            You know, I am finding you to be a little condescending and arrogant lately. Even worse, you slap your arrogance and condescending ways on others. Here is one example: I have never been to dergi bunkers or military camps but I can talk about dergi brutalities by what happened to me and people I know. But you want to tell me I know nothing about ghedli when tegadelti have been ruling and destroying eritrea for the last 23 because I haven’t been to medda. Eritrea is as good as ghedli was in medda. And please stop this nonsense about telling me ghedli is my history while at the same time denying me the right to speak about it because I was not in bunkers with you. If ghedli is my history, then I have the right to speak of it, analyze it, the way I see it.

            By the way, I don’t care how many people agree with me at awate; I come to here to share ideas (and thank you for that) not to participate in groupthink. I didn’t participate in groupthink during ali salim’s highland bad lowland good days, and I don’t do now with ghedli romantics be they pfdjs, nonpfdjs or semi-pfdjs who worship a process that resulted in pure evil. This is not arrogance, this listening to ones inner self. My view of ghedli is, whether it pleases you or drives you crazy, as follows: a movement that started armed struggle with a promise of freedom and ending ethiopian rule but when it finally did managed to defeat ethiopian rule, it brought the most inhuman system on earth. With all due respect, you don’t have the brains to make me see it any other way; not now, not ever.

            About the pfdj trademark, “what have you done lately”, I expect that from nitrrici not from you. I have said it before, I have a lot of respect for you guys who don’t hide behind nick. But you have to stop being condescending just because you are part of a group who are brave enough not to make a dent. I don’t believe in sacrifice; I never asked for your sacrifice and you have no right, will never, ever, have a right to ask for mine. I came from that land, that alone gives me the right to say anything and everything. Pay to play is straight from pfdj playbook. Another reason I am terrified about you guys.

          • Saleh Johar

            Your cry is fake. Anyone here sees your arrogance yet, when I felt thatw as too much, I had to give you the arrogance that you always carry, just to shake you up. And I included a disclaimer, warning the reader that I will use your own style of arrogance. You are too smart to have missed that. Yet, you preferred to play a sleek lawyer, turning my accusation of you, to me. Smart, but it won’t fly.

            Don’t pontificate about group thinks in order to appear a free-thinker, You are not. Your pronouncements are indecent, disrespectful and vile. I don’t own Gedli, the Eritrean nation does and if you want to disown it, stick to your acquired citizenship and do not bother about a nation whose legacy you are try to destroy in vain.

            Again, don’t tell me about the evil PFDJ, I can confidently say I know it before you learned to spell the acronym.

            Now for “What have you done”. Do you expect people to leave you alone when you have the temerity to desecrate what they hold dear? Do you expect people to leave you alone when you are telling them about Gedli that you never was part of? Of course you are calling it to yourself. Just like a non-doctor cannot diagnose a complex illness without training, your reading of a few books will never elevate you to a knowledgeable [person to dissect the psychology, the emotions, and the experience of Gedli. You don’t have it and you will never have it. You can continue your detached reading, just like you read the history of Napoleon, on text book, but you can never know it like soldier who spent his life defending Moscow, which was burned by the way. When you run your mouth telling us what we know first hand, you deserve more that where were you. Indeed, where we you Serray? Learning witchcraft?

            This is ugly, I know. But no one will take your insults bowing down. Express your views in a civil way, without stepping on the toes of others, and you can even advocate the sub comes out from the West, as long as you do not consider your illusion to be the truth. Learn humility starting from that. Respect people and they will respect you. I never discourse, only lightly every time I felt you were mistaken, rude or both. This time you went too far. Have mercy on us, let us face the evil regime in Eritrea instead of daily trying to break our lines and damage the resolve of those who are struggling. Please!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Abu Saleh,
            You did a home run in his kind of argument. The guy is so arrogant and disrespectful. He doesn’t even know the border line of decency and humility. The question you asked him, where were you? is the right question my friend.

          • Serray

            SJG and Amanuel,

            I am really getting bored with this but let me present eritrea, a nation that is actively driving its young into extinction, as the final witness….the opposite of, all than ends well..

          • Serray

            Selamat Haile TG and Semere A.,

            Semere, thanks for responding to mahmud. When this guy wears his halewa sewra hat, there is no stopping him.

            Haile TG, about investigating the source of our people’s misery, I put it this way…follow where the evidence leads you. Two theories: either the eritrean people brought this misery on themselves or shaebia tegadelti did. It is better to speak in specifics here but first a little background. We have three powers ruling eritrea since its inception: the italians, the ethiopians and shaebia. For the italians we were tools in their colonial ambition. Everything they did, the good and the bad, can be understood from that angle. For the ethiopian, eritrea was an integral part of their kingdom hence their harsh response to separate it. One can confidently say, if there was no struggle, the ethiopians wouldn’t have treated us any worse than any other part of their kingdom. Meaning, one can explain ethiopian rulers brutality by their need to hold on to eritrea as part of ethiopia. Now, try to explain the goal of shaebia leaders brutality. What is their ambition, the belief system that explains their unbelievable cruelty against the eritrean people? what is it that they want to achieve? What is their plan if things go their way? Nothing.

            The evidence shows that shaebia leaders are not planning to use eritrea for any higher purpose; they are not doing what their doing because it will lead to something better. They are doing it because that is the only way they know how to stay in power. Shaebia leaders are one thing and one thing alone, they are ghedli era leaders who are uncomfortable leading a nation at peace. So they create ghedli in all its aspects including the familiar enemy just to feel at home.

            About people bringing or sharing in the misery they find themselves under shaebia. Imagine standing up for Jehovah or Pente in 1993 in front of mahmud with gun in hand and “dem dem inachenwe kab meda”. Haile, these questions should be directed at tegadelti. How come mahmud and his fellow tegadelti didn’t stand up for the disabled in 1994? There is no enemy to be used as an excuse. There were over hundred thousand tegadelti watching the disabled been slaughtered but none stood up for their comrades, comrades who paid the most amongst the living. Why not? A learned habit; Ghedli has taught mahmud and his comrades to shut up when their comrades were killed in medda and they brought that silence to asmera just like their leaders brought the rules of medda to asmera.

            The eritrea people, unarmed had no chance against hundred thousand armed tegadelti whose discipline include looking the other way when their comrades are slaughtered in front of them. Shaebia leaders do what they do because they know tegadelti will do what they ask them to ; because they tied them to the organization more tightly than blood did to their relatives, the people.

            But I partially agree with you. I don’t agree that people could have stood up to shaebia leaders and their tegadelti enforcers and live to tell about it. Where I fault us is not there, it is our mindless cheering of a war that sealed our fate or when we mimic them about G-15, building road with slave labor, f, ethiopia and ghedli itself.

          • haileTG

            Merhaba Serray,

            So, far so good:-)

            We could start by deliberating either:

            a) Eritreans are a segment of Ghedli/tegadelti and hence Eritrean problems stems from the parent entity presumed to be ghedli/tegadelti’s problems


            b) Ghedli/tegadelti are a segment of Eritreans and hence ghedli/tegadelt problems stems from the parent entity which is the Eritreans’ problems

            Simple premise, right?

            Now, you counter that “had we confronted shaebia then one hundred thousand tegadelti would have mwed us down”.

            Let’s get practical and talk numbers. Had we stuck to principle and stood for it and had they opted for the mowing down option, how many would they’ve mowed down? 10, 20, 200, 2000, 20 000? Pick a number. What number would have gotten them perfect solution to eliminate the entirety of the people with principle and still be left standing?

            This is not an unheard of proposal, it actually happened (without judging internal matters either way) in Ethiopia and close 200 people died. Today, Ethiopians can protest in tens of thousands about issues without being shot at.

            Do you seriously believe that shaebia would mow down thousands and thousands of people and live to see a day after that? Well, fear is a funny thing and can make us believe all sorts of unrealistic scenarios.

            We, as a people, have lost our ways. We collude, we blame, we accuse, we tarnish but we don’t stand for truth, we don’t respect ourselves enough to deserve respect, we created a world of lies that keeps us in bondage of fear. A fear that ushers people to dance floors in the most unsavory of conditions. Let’s grab tegadelti by the ears and throw them to the altar for sacrificial lambs. Sure enough, that wouldn’t solve the woos of people who are refusing to listen to the whole world, to tthe spritual leaders, to the elderly, to the abject situation of their people, to the death and demise of their young one’s… But, hey, one would never run out of sacrificial lambs. There are Orthodox priests in Eritrea carrying arms and enlisted, there is an orthodox priest Eritrean currently in Libyan jail awaiting to cross the sea (recent assenna interview), there are Orthodox priests in the diaspora who pop champagne corks along PFDJ operatives in their mekhete…

            Serray, tegadelti beat us, OK….Rashaida beat us, OK…Boudini beat us, OK, Libyan militia beat us, OK…when was the last time post 1991 you saw an Eritrean (not tegadelti) standing up? Never!! I am telling you that the problem is that Ghedli realized independence formally but we haven’t developed a national conciseness. The challenge now is if we are able to connect Eritreans to one another and feel each other’s pain. Any regime, any government can go wrong any time. No one can give you a guarantee otherwise. Only your principle and the extent you would go to defend those are the ultimate guarantors. There has been many problems in ghedli, before ghedli and after ghedli. In all occasions we failed to raise up as people, except during ghedli. When we raised up to the occasion during ghedli, we have have moved mountains. If we were to do so after, we would have been a proud nation and people now.

            There is no smoking gun to be found by digging here and there, it is a collective failure. Many PFDJista have been in diaspora 30+ years but would wet their pants before uttering a word in their mekhete meetings. They clap and clap and laugh like 4 year olds stupefied and mindless that the joke is on them.

            We are in a difficult situation. We have acted in ways that has created our situation and the way out would involve a certain level of willingness to accept embarrassment for the manner we acted and forgive ourselves and start afresh. Ghedli/tegadelti, well we can beat them day in day out but it would be nothing more than senseless and zero sum. If you guessed tegadelti numbered 100000 then you really have to exorcise every single household from sentiments supportive of ghedli and tegadelti. The problem is somewhere else all together: a brother or sister is the highest gift of security and support given to you by God himself. We don’t value our brothers and sisters and hence we lost the security and support from each other.

            As we speak, many Eritreans of PFDJ sympathizers are holding all night parties this weekend. Serray, I refuse to believe the problem is imported, rather it is inbred. We think we can get away by ducking our heads in the sand and pointing fingers, if it works, then Eritreans will be crowned the smartest people to walk the earth since Jesus Christ.


          • Serray

            Selamat Haile TG,

            By now you should know that I believe there is no intersection between ghedli and eritrea; neither one is a subset of the other. Ghedli doesn’t represent the eritrean family and vice versa. Ghedli is an aberration and shaebia’s greatest crime is trying to normalize it by bringing it to asmera.

            To answer your question about mowing downing 200, 2,000 or 20,000, yes, they would mow down even half a million if somebody doesn’t stop them. Remember I am the guy who believes the regime started a war to stop implementing a constitution. Meaning, for me it has already killed hundreds of thousands just to stay in power.

            This is a regime that is driving the youth into extinction. Shaebia leaders know many of them are perishing in concentration camps, sinai and the seas but they haven’t changed their enslavement policy one bit to stop it; so the regime is as good as doing it itself. To continue with this line of thinking, if the Jehovah and Pentes stood up, shaebia leaders would have killed ALL of them. If the veterans, the muslim teachers and the disabled stood up, yes, they would mowed them them down…silly me, what am I saying, THEY DID MOWED THEM DOWN.

            To your question, “Do you seriously believe that shaebia would mow down thousands and thousands of people and live to see a day after that?”. They did, are doing and are living to see many, many days. Haile TG, there is a reason we call you guys romantics. You forgot you’re dealing with people who have nothing lose if they lost power. Shaebi leaders and their enforcers don’t care about legacy; we’ve already given them that when we say “they brought us independence” instead of “they curved out a nation to rule”. We mistake the input with the output. If shaebia leaders and their enforcers were aliens, you wouldn’t dream of asking me these questions. You would have gone directly to the aftermath. That brings me to the meat of my arguments.

            I support Sal’s democratic coup for precisely that reason. Every passing day, we are getting closer and closer to the point where the eritrean people will snap. When that happens, your weed out the pfdj will turn into an epic confrontation between armed slaves, armed vsenior citizens and armed thugs. I have no doubt the people will win but I am not sure what.

          • serray the great lol
            For ever and ever. Lol I will tattoo that slogan in every Eritrean forehead.
            I know your fear is someone like me may take power in Eritrea! Sorry to disappoint to, but I am. I changed my mind. I will and every Gedli value will be intact except the stupid arresting people with out due process.
            So, get in line to get the tattoo. You have to.

          • haileTG

            Hello Serray,

            If forms can’t be distinguished from one another and reality seamlessly gives way to illusion, the pillars of logic have been stripped apart and the arguments to be made become inconsequential. Let’s observe:

            1) close to 500 Eritreans died in the sea in the last summer alone

            2) assume close to 500 Eritreans gunned down in Asmara protesting for justice in rule of law

            According to the argument you made above, both forms of loss of life are exactly the same! They would have exactly the same consequences, they would make the same impact in the world and and one can’t be thought to be of a different form to the other!

            #1 had happened and #2 hasn’t. We say it hasn’t happened because it is a different form of loss of life to that of #1 to have happened. If it had happened, it would have created a new reality on the ground and the regime would have been immersed into deep crisis.

            We need forms to identify realities and hence logically connect them. In fact, your logic would lead to invalidating the concept of opposing the regime altogether by validating its pompous self aggrandizing of being invincible and able to keep everything and everyone in check. It has mowed down thousands, in your opinion, in a manner of gunning down protesters in the streets and got away with it! This is why the young think that they have no choice except to risk death to avoid its grip. No, the regime is weak, it has never been challenged and extremely coward in reality and lacks the logistic and clout to stand a physical challenge to remove it.

            Also, to declare that ghedli has no intersection with Eritreans, is reminiscent of dergue mentality. That position can only be satisfied by occupation of Eritrea by a non Eritrean entity and declare it something else. By redefining the meaning of Eritrean, the occupier might declare ghedli has nothing to do with Eritreans. Short of that, it would be seamlessly transitioning into an illusion of no factual bases.


          • serray

            Salamat Haile TG,

            Form vs content. You are concentrating on the dramatic picture of shooting people on the street as a catalyst for uprising. Why do it on the street when putting 500 on trucks and disappearing them can do the job? Remember your original point, you said if people stood up for justice, the regime would not mow them down. I am saying they would; they will put them on trucks and disappear them in shaebia’s “justice system”. I thought your original point was about the fear that grips the people, not so much about the style they will meet their fate if they somehow overcome it. Let me make my point clear; if people demonstrated for justice (yesterday, today or tomorrow), they will be killed and that is why they don’t.

            But you are right about one thing; the regime days are numbered because even fearful people will snap sometimes and that time is getting closer. The regime will shoot, of course, but the young and seniors will finally figure out the thing the regime makes them carry can shoot, too. And this will lead to civil war eventually; unless those close to isaias spare us and dispose of him before the lid blew off.

            About ghedli and the rest of us, the proof that we don’t share anything is shaebia’s eritrea…input and output.

            Amanuel, I touched your all time fetish the constitution and you snapped back to action.

          • haileTG

            hey serray, hope disqus sends back my response… no sign of it yet:-)

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Any new argument you brought to convince Serray, he loses his rationality and goes even to disprove the history colonization and how they curved Eritrea to be an Italy colony. Look how gave you his answer in his response, that Eritrea is curved by shabea to rule it (I gave him a short answer, but disqus eat it). So the more you press your argument the more he is going down hill to the bottom of wrong history. I think you are not helping him as I see the way the discourse is taking.

          • Hope

            But the big question and challenge are:
            Where were these old new comers?
            May be they were partners?
            If we knew all these atrocites,which sounds that we did/have done,then why didn’t we do something about it or why can’t we do something about it?

          • Semere; look at the beautiful and happy children of Eritrea. I am sure you got something nasty to say. Can you pass this link to your master YG so he can write about the “ syndrome of Massawa children” or something like that.
            *****Hope be happy for the children of your country******

          • Semere Andom

            Alah Yerhamek

    • Hope

      let me “chop “you up with som egood news:
      Updates on Culluli Potash
      “Very positive undeniable facts about the Colluli deposit: It is a very large resource with mine life up to 200 years; at surface deposit that is highly amenable to open pit mining methods; it is one of three projects globally to contain kainite salt; it is in close proximity to the Red Sea shipping corridor; Only 75km separates the mine site and the coastline; only 180km from the Port of Massawa – a 4 berth bulk and container terminal and the areas are mostly linked by the unsealed coastal highway; the climate and topography at Colluli and between the deposit and the coast are extremely favorable for an open pit mining Operation, solar evaporation and easy transportation
      Read more at http://www.tesfanews.net/south-boulder-mines-progresses-colluli-potash-with-government-support/#jybyh4MhfqTTGPdT.99
      N.B.No worries about the PFDJ,with probably less than 5 yrs of life time,but get ready for the 200yrs of mining life-time of the Culluli Potash Industry–

      • haileTG

        Dear Hope,

        Be calm, steady and careful. Eritrea is your country not a foreign land you wish to conquer. Would you only respect your mother so long as she has money and able to leave you some inheritance? You sound an invader calculating his loot. Eritrea is blessed with the above and much much much more. However cursed with hasad leadership that is driving her children to death and disasters. Then again, you don’t care do you, long live madote and tesfanews…

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hailat (Haile-TG),

          You can’t help Hope to resolve his ambivalence by a debate. Give him a chance to sort it out himself no matter how fast or slow he will manage to do it. This time we are watching him jumping from one side to the other. At time he tries to defend the cruel regime and at another time he seemed with the justice seekers. As a matter of fact ambivalence became the prevailing state of mind of many Eritreans in the current environment of Eritrean politics. There is no sin to be ambivalent though. The only problem is, most of them they don’t know the mechanics how to resolve it. Hope is a typical example of that group. So Hailat, sometimes when you push the envelope to its limits, they will furiously resist for change. Look how Hope is trying to defend the regime on the health sector when citizen are dying from simple cold/Flu (a testimony from my family) in the nation of ours. Therefore sometimes you should know where you should expend your valuable energy.

          • Hope

            Hailat and Aman,
            Here is my principle:
            -I do NOT believe in extremist Attitudes,Opinions,Stands,and “Void and Null” approaches.
            -Do NOT try to be more Catholic than the Pope and a better Witness than the Victim himself/herself.
            I will support, at least morally, those hard-working few dedicated Professionals and people.
            I do NOT buy the: “My Way is the ONLY High Way” approache,ego,arguement!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Hope brother, I want to keep the balance in conflicts. but , but PFDJ has closed the way by governing the way he wants. you know, if only the group has system, rule or any thing that can open to defend my rights I could have recorded the positive points here and there and fight against the negative side of his politics only. the group in first place is out of the range of human kindness . very cruel even you can’t see it in animals…. that is the problem. you see, there is nothing that allows take and give, dialog, negotiate, see things from the other sides perspective etc. are all expired to be used long back with this group. the group who arrests, kill just if he has doubt on some one with out enough prof etc. in general someone who says ” my way is the only way , and if you don’t you will be killed” what balance can I create. if you want legal government,a government that accepts the necessity of people please see the reality and take stand.

          • Hope

            I think you keep misunderstanding me.
            I do NOT mind if the PFDJ is gone overnight or i would even elulate non-stop—but there should Plan B.
            I am specifically talking about the Achievement,irrespective of its magnitude,by Eritrea and Eritreans(minus PIA and PFDJ, if that will appease you).
            Acknownledging the Achievement and even appreciating those who deserve it,cannot and should NOT be considered as supporting the PFDJ.
            If the PFDJ does a good job for Eritrea and Eritreans even accidentally,well,I will appreciate them.
            But someone to curse me and police me what to do and what NOT to do —well….then they are worse than the same system they are cursing and fighting against.

          • Kokhob Selam

            There were a lot of intelligent people during Haileselase and Mengstu. there were great people from all walks of life all times on the past. the credit is not to their governments it is only to those people. but every time an athlete won or one great man invents new thing governments try to use the chance.

            and one thing more, I know my own close friends with higher knowledge came to Eritrea from different parts of the world at early days of freedom (honeymoon days). some came to invest some to support our people in health agriculture. they didn’t call me “Weyane” as Weyane was with PFDJ still but they call me “HAMUSHAY MESRE’E “. I was telling them ” you will lose your life, if you guys are really here to serve our people.” it is simple, the so called government in Eritrea was not for peace and will never correct his mistakes. and let me assure you none among those whom I know continue. Eritrea has lost a lot of wonderful intellectuals since 1991.

            PFDJ, the illegal collection of “human beings” didn’t do anything good to our nation.

            now imagine you and me are there in peace, imagine all those who are in other countries move to Eritrea,all those engineers, doctors, professors, mechanics, business men etc. are all in Eritrea how much prosperous could have been Eritrea? do you notice, how many of our heroes dead abroad.
            my friend, there will never be any type of development in Eritrea in PFDJ’s era. awake!!

          • Guest

            Hi Amanuel,

            You sound more a police than a regular smart commentator. I don’t think it is a big deal when people adjust their position and discuss issues they thing is relevant. How many times HTG have changed his position 3?4? How many times Serray stumbles? Did you bother to ask them why?


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Not really. I just showed Hailat the “state of mind” of Hope. Changing positions with change of circumstances is healthy. Switching back and forth in unchanged circumstances is not changing of position, it is ambivalence and unsettled state mind. Hailat realized the stubbornness of the regime for change and came to fight it. Whether you support their cause or not, Hailate and Serray are consistent to the cause of their struggle. History will remember them as such. Even hope will come eventually to their side. His problem is, the comment of Ethiopians make him to switch back and forth unfortunately. I would like, if his cause is to bring “change in our country”, simply to stick with it and make it his priority.

          • Hope

            As much as I respect your opinion and position,I expect mine to be respected,no matter what.
            Plus,I am not a Politician like you but an Independent Citizen,who goes “with the flow”,which should not be considiered as “Changing Positions or Flip-flopping”;and I am consistent in/with that kind of Stand and Position..
            I try to call a spade,a spade.
            I acknowledge and appreciate “a good job”,irrespective who does it and how it is/was done ,and on the same token,I denounce a bad job/ideology irrespective who does it and how it was/is done.
            Whenever I debate,I try to debate as an Independent Eritrean Citizen and on Eritrea as a Nation,irrespective who is in power,hence,I prefer to say Eritrea,the GoE,Eritrean people,etc—,which is my RIGHT to do so.But if you are expecting me to buy you or your ideology and follow you blindly,nah—think twice before you think about it.
            But I will but any ideolodgy and Policy that will help Eritrea and Eritreans positively and constructively.

  • Hope

    Come on sabina,
    Are you the same Dr Saba,btw?if so,welcome back Dotore.
    You do not ignore people but consider them as people and challenge them/their idea—-
    We are heading towards Regional,National,Personal/Individual,etc..reconciliation.
    Let us learn and grow up and live for today and do better for tomorrow —

    • Rahwa T


      I have learnt a lesson that the respected Dr Saba Oqbay would not post such a comment. This saba is your type. You are trying hard to sell your story of Adi Murug as if this village was conquered With a thousands of soldiers and tanks. Adi Murug, Adi Murug…You are repeating this name a million times. Go and present your case the court again see if the judges could help you modifying the story how the war began. Otherwise, it Will be like …” bzemen Wube zTsememes, zban Wube endabele ynebr”.

      • Obviously you don’t learn. It is not Dr. Saba, you were told by Tsigereda, that the correct name was Dr. sara.

      • Hope

        -Dr Sara Ogbay is not the same as saba-“Dr Saba”–the old awatista,the fan of Cyber Opposition who used to “owe” Rehab Clinic,who could be still real MD per her knowledge expressed here(Dr Saba Tesfa—??
        -History is history and you cannot change it but you can cover the truth as it happened.
        -The AU/OAU was supposed to do its job but failed for obvious reasons.
        -Rest assured that I will keep crying until the Truth and Justice prevail—
        You see,the Truth scares you always.
        My comment has nothing to do with who or how the war was started but about the mistakes that happened…

        • Rahwa T

          The truth scares me… and not you? Really Let’s prey God to live long and see what time what time will tell. As I see it, it it difficult for peace to prevail between us. That is very bad.

  • Kaddis

    Ethiopia signed the ‘final & binding’ agreement because she was more desperate to stop the war than the one who started it – Eritrea. Eritrea was playing– Yebsebesse Zenab Ayferam. Eritrea was trying to drag Ethiopia to this endless war and was ready to enjoy the misery shared equally. Ethiopia got the message right. Barada quanqua – Banenech. Although – the Ethiopian
    leadership knew they were winning the battle; the Ethiopians had a lot to lose from the war. Because they had a purpose to attain a relatively progressive life: more than just winning a war. You can see it by the subsequent years
    Ethiopia managed to spend most of her time. It was spent for development, regional peacekeeping and more. ( Begging included. Nitric, how happy) It was not used to provoke another war or train 27th (?) round of Sawa.

    Ethiopia is entitled to manipulate whatever agreement signed in relation to a war it didn’t started.

    • Kaddis
      What is your proof when you declared Eritrea started the war? And if I were you, I will find and get the an opinion of a person who was at the war, specifically at the Asseb front. That was front that did it to the weyanes. You seem a reasonable person so, be that and act like it, go out and discover the truth. Don’t lose your credibility by repeating the lies of what TPLF gangs are addicted to. TPLF did everything in its power to capture Asseb and the battle was raging while the peace negations were going on. WHY? Take over and think. It is okay to think. You can not tell us the war was started by Eritrea because of Badime and at the same time turn around and tell us Badime belonged to Eritrea! you can not attack your own land.

      • Kaddis

        Nitricc –

        The difference b/n Ertrean and Eth politics is – we recieve a wide range of political and security related information from the local print media and books. If you have the time to read – you can’t believe how many books and magazines you will find in the local market. And from my limited readings, from articles who took part in the war, who were part of the tplf leadership currently opposition writers, I am certain Ertirea started the war. At the time, the private local media wrote extensively about it – not to support EPRDF – but to discredit it. But never accused it for starting the war – but for sleeping on the boarder knowing shabia was getting ready. So Nitricc – I know you wont be convinced by my random explanation since this topic was extensively explained by many. The problem is not your and the vocal opposition reluctance to admit the fault of Eritrea for starting the war. Its the impact it creates on the Ethiopian side to deal with such an opposition who is trying to find ‘normalcy’ from a government like Shabia who acts and does everything abnormal.

        • Kaddis I don’t know what you doing for living but I suggest you consider strongly politics. I have asked you few to the point questions and you did what good politicians do, answer nothing.
          In order to reach to the truth, you must ask few questions. So, to answer who started the war, you must ask what the reason for the very idea of war is in the first place. what was the motivaion?
          The Idea of war!
          The Starter of the war!
          And Who won the war!
          =========The Idea of war!
          Factor one
          The real Ethiopians never admitted their defeat by the hand of Eritreans. At times they blame the Durg, at times they blame the Arabs at times they blame the terrain. Not only they never gave the credit the Eritreans deserve but they had this deep down desire for redemption. They were itching for revenge against Eritreans. They couldn’t accept they defeated by small number of Eritreans.
          Factor two; At the same time, when the Tigryans came to power, the Real Ethiopians never gave the Tigryans the respect the Tigryans were looking for. In the eye of Ethiopians the Tigryans were Always behind the Eritreans. i.e. the Eritreans must be dealt if the Tigryans to be respected and be in control. Accordingly; factor one and factor two coincided to create that harmony between the two factors, this gave a berth to the idea, the reason and the motivation of the war.
          The objective of the war to eradicate, teach a lesson, to break the Eritrean’s spinal cord and once for all to burry the arrogance of Eritreans. This objective brought the two sides closer then ever in their history.If you don’t trust me, go back read and watch the high emotions and the rhetoric’s of that time of the whole Ethiopians and the Tigryans. Today I laugh when some hypocrites criticizes Eritreans who stood up with their country at that time.

          Who started the war!
          Once you have the idea and the motivation, then you got to execute in to actions.
          If you are going to tell me, a country with the population city of Addis Abeba is started a war with size of Ethiopia, then I seriously doubt your mental aptitude and over all your health situation. What is there for Eritrea to gain from starting a war with size, resources and the economy of Ethiopia? Simply death and an act of suicide!
          On the same token you must ask what is there to gain for Ethiopia to start a war with Eritrea; well refer to factor one, factor two and the objective of the war.
          Who won the war!

          1) The Victories TPLF took three years of all out preparation, and 3 rounds of huge human wave offensive each year.
          2) The dream to march toward Asmara to teach a lesson Eritreans will never forget and that was buried a final blow at Igri Mekel
          3) The Victories TPLF lost more than 100 thousand poor souls for TPLFnothing to show.
          4) The victories’TPLF demanded the UN to create a buffer zone between themselves and the ‘defeated’ Eritrean army.
          5) The Victories TPLF demanded the defeated Eritrean Army to be cut to 10K
          6) The victories TPLF demanded SAWA to be dismantled.
          7) The Victories TPLF haired Soviet Advisors, pilots, former Derg Generals, XXXY intelligence.
          8) The Victories TPLF demanded I let you finish the list………. i won’t insult your intellegence.

          • Rahwa T

            I am seeing Mahmud’s vote to this man’s assessment of the war. I wish you all the best and satisfy your defeat this way.

  • feven1

    “The recent mistreatment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is a witness to my contention that Ethiopians would have also flocked to Europe if they were accepted as political refugees.”

    Dear Tazabi from Addis, you indeed came up with an interesting but self-contradicting way of sugar coating the Devil in Asmara…..Why would the west accept Eritreans but not Ethiopians as refugees if as you claim the regime is not the main cause……you sound a bit like one of those Amiches whose recent trend tends to be massaging their wounded ego by comparing apple and orange…Have you ever imagined how many Eritreans would have left Eritrea for anywhere their feet can lead them to, had Eritrea been as open as Ethiopia for it’s citizens to leave any time they wish? …It is absolute fine if some citizens of 80 million plus country immigrating( at their own free will) to gulf countries makes up for your wounds, but no need to compare the incomparable..

  • Peace!

    The Eagles lost to the shaky 49ers, but the quote below turned my grumpy mood around.

    ” More, it is better to win peace and lose the mechanics of peace than to win on the mechanics of peace and lose the peace.”

    Saleh Younis,

  • Hope

    No need of regret!
    It is perfectly written and summed up.
    The fact that you might have made a ” Legal U-Turn” for good , tells it all.
    1998-2000 is history and you contributed your share based on that particular period of time and it’s scenario based on the info you had at hand.
    Dagmawi I deeded deserved your attention.
    We’re we wrong at that time ?
    Weere the Ethiopiands wrong at that time?
    May be! But the truth of the matter is / was that we both were wrong and right based on what perceived it at that time.
    The main thing as Kokho said it, is to learn and move forward.
    And that is what you have done and we will follow suit .
    Case closed.

    • Hope

      Pls read ” I deeded” as “indeeded”.

  • said

    The Right and Wrong on the Scale of the Absolute & the Relative

    The Clue to the maelstroms currently ravaging Eritrea , with no heading the news, maybe could be found in an
    explanation article written 10 years ago by Saleh Younis . The dogmatic & political fervency the average Eritrea is experiencing in the melee of a Hodge Podge confusion of utter lack of clarity in the absence of a recognized
    Paradigm: fictitious, delusionary, or possessing a stabilizing element of practicality, with exception of few render an objective Eritrea intellectual a mere observer never all that immune, despite one’s pacifism,activism to the fallouts of the folly, idiocy and lack of rationality of the so-called activists of the all varied political, ideological and religious
    leanings and adherence who are influencing and at times dictating the turn of events.

    The Definition of the Right and Wrong, even for a mere philosophical wasteful mental exercise and speculation,
    becomes, at times, even often, to a detached, learned and objective intellectual in the melee of shifting Paradigm(s), a question of practicality dictated by the requisites of the maintenance of a minimal sense of coherence
    and social relevance, the social animal a human is.

    An intellectual, detached and objective to the vying dogmatic and ideological torrential currents playing havoc with
    existing Paradigm (s), finds solace in reaching out and reaffirming the constants that shape one’s perception and ever evolving conception of objective reality stemming from one’s vision of the absolute as the fulcrum for selective
    preferences and none conflicting choices.

    Judgmental and subjective the conventional realities are and one’s need to asserts social relevance, all are
    factors that place incredible mental and emotional pressures and an arduous test on a detached intellectual’s values, convictions and even one’s ideological stands. While these are temptations for a transient respite,easing a burdened soul and a fatigued mind, to a truly detached intellectual,these are false signals that would only ultimately alienate and profoundly shatter an intellectual’s inner peace and self-acceptance.

    Sadly, there could never be a period nor objective circumstances could permit the orderly gradual evolution of the
    Eritrean Societies to reaching the ideal socio-political setting that allows for a stable and empowering inter-cultural harmony between the main constituent dub-cultural blocks making up the current reality and dictated by
    the IA . Aberrations of extreme Phenomenon, a potential inadvertent catalyst to revisiting the Whole Eritrean Heritage in the aftermath once of the dust of battles settle, get only compounded with the Hegemonic ambitions of Ethiopian and continuous pre-emptive initiatives playing the spoiler.

    However, and despite the passage, rather the loss of very valuable time – translated into the loss
    of so many innocent human lives – Human suffering is not a competition and that it is still not too late for the Ethiopian to act fairly and justly and offering hope to those who oppose the Regime in Asmara.

  • Semere Habtemariam

    Selam Sal,

    This article would have been great, now and in 2004 when it first appeared, if it had the courage to acknowledge how you were personally adding fuel to the fire when the war-of-choice that wrecked havoc to both countries was raging on. Those of us who were very disappointed with your TwgaHMo theology remember vividly that you were neither right nor prudent. Here is an article I wrote in dehai in 2000 in response to you and more importantly one that captures all the things you’re trying to say 4 years or 14 years later. There were a few prudent voices during the war and you were not one of them, but nevertheless, better to have you come late than never.///Semere T Habtemariam

    On Wed, 29 Mar 2000 07:25:06 -0800 (PST) “semere H.mariam”

    > Selam Dehai
    > Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting a dear
    > friend I’ve not seen for a long time. After the usual
    > and ceremonial exchanges, we began talking about the
    > war, dehai and the contagious theory, twgaHmo.
    > Although, we agreed on many points, we were at direct
    > odds on twgaHmo. Tonight, I have a little bit of time
    > and I thought I jot down few of my thoughts and share
    > it with dehai.
    > Yes, there is time for everything, and perhaps, the
    > ultimate test of wisdom is knowing when that right
    > time is. Knowing what to say, what to do, how to do,
    > and when to do it is almost humanly impossible,
    > unless, you’ve a nation populated by Solomons. The
    > essence of conflict is the disconsensus of what
    > timeliness and untimeliness is. Timely ideas become
    > untimely and untimely ideas become timely, but the
    > history of man is replete with so many wars and
    > bloodshed that were fought in the name of ideas. Ideas
    > are great and the more the better. We should always
    > strive to come up with novel ideas and explore
    > uncharted territories, but we should be able to devise
    > a mechanism of mitigating their conflicting nature.
    > Over the course of history, man has learned a hard
    > lesson that it is not important to focus on the
    > timeliness of ideas or events, but to let events and
    > ideas take their own course. As far as there is a
    > consensus of the foundational values within a society,
    > then, it’s more than necessary to have diversity of
    > opinions and ideas and avoid the challenge of
    > timeliness, which is usually the cover of intolerance
    > and oppression.
    > It is of least importance to question whether it
    > is the right time or not, what is crucially important
    > is to ask if we, Eritreans, as a nation and a
    > political community have developed a consensus of our
    > foundational values. It is my understanding that, we,
    > Eritreans, since the birth of our country as a
    > political entity or nation have unequivocally stood
    > and fought to maintain its integrity and unity. Even
    > in those days of divide and rule, the overwhelming
    > majority of Eritreans did not want to compromise their
    > unity. Hanti ertra is deeply embedded in the hearts of
    > many generation of Eritreans that it is utterly
    > unthinkable that our unity and the integrity of our
    > nation can be shaken by any external or internal evil
    > wishers. Eritrea is built on rock by the blood of our
    > patriots. Talking about the obvious is making me feel
    > like I’m trying to show you the sun with a lantern. I
    > think we’ve come a long way and perhaps it’s time that
    > we acknowledge our tremendous achievement of
    > consolidating our national unity and consciousness.
    > Like the new song “Hmaq ertrawi yelen”, I don’t think
    > there is an Eritrean who is anti-Eritrea. This,
    > however, does not mean that we don’t have different
    > visions of how Eritrea should be. We all agree that we
    > want a prosperous, strong, independent and free
    > Eritrea but we’ve to be aware that many roads lead to
    > Rome, at least in their intention.
    > The people and government of Eritrea are more than
    > capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously. The
    > reports coming from Eritrea indicate that although
    > one-fifth of our population is heroically defending
    > the motherland, life has not necessarily come to a
    > standstill. Reconstruction works, economic works are
    > religiously pursued. Yes, the war is and should be the
    > top priority, otherwise, it will slowly but surely eat
    > us alive. We can not afford to prolong this war.
    > Whether a diplomatic or a military solution has to
    > come and come soon. To this end, all of us Eritreans
    > must work together. In order to create, a harmonious
    > chorus, however, we don’t, all of us, have to play the
    > same tunes. It is not homogeneity but coordination
    > that is needed.
    > People must feel free to criticize and analyze the
    > current conflict. It is not just enough to bombard
    > dehai with a litany of wrongdoings committed by the
    > Ethiopian government. It is equally important to talk
    > about our own weaknesses and mistakes and the golden
    > opportunities we have wasted as the result. It is only
    > when we understand and accept our mistakes and
    > weakness, that we would be able to internalize the
    > need for change.
    > Friends, it is with a feeling tinged with melancholy
    > that I say it takes two to tango. Just as the
    > unilateral acceptance of the OAU peace plan by Eritrea
    > is not going to guarantee peace, it was not also the
    > Ethiopia’ only belligerence that contributed to the
    > mess we are in. I’m a strong believer that all things
    > being equal (cetrus paripus) the conflict could have
    > been handled differently. We had a choice of when to
    > react and of how to react to the events that led to
    > this senseless or “stupid” war as our president
    > repeatedly has called it. Of course, with a more
    > visionary leadership, more proactive steps could have
    > been taken that could have minimized the problem and
    > nib it in its bud. This, however, might be asking too
    > much.
    > The rally behind the flag calls and emotional
    > patriotic outbursts are the orders of the day. Sadly,
    > these dominant voices have stifled any dissenting
    > voices that are badly needed. It is high time that we
    > see the conflict with sober eyes and try to empathize
    > by wearing the shoes of our enemies if we are to be
    > able to peacefully bargain and compromise with our
    > brothers behind the Mereb.
    > Frankly, I’m saddened by the fact that the Eritrean
    > leadership has become the mirror image of our
    > adversaries. Blessed are the many Eritreans who are
    > not yet sick and tired of the cheap excuses the
    > Eritrean leadership make every time there is a
    > conflict with our neighbors. It is usually them, our
    > neighbors, that are at fault and that the Eritrean
    > government was left with no choice but to respond the
    > way they have responded. It is high time that we check
    > the yoke in our eyes before pointing out the spike in
    > our enemies’ eyes.
    > The way I see it, it is healthy to have a little bit
    > of skepticism. We don’t have to subscribe to every
    > word, the government tells us. Everything has to be
    > subjected and tested on the crucible of reason and
    > objective analysis. This is not a call for rebellion.
    > Far from it, I would be the first one to encourage
    > each and every one of us to help the Eritrean
    > government in any way we can. I’m not either saying
    > the government has failed miserably. All I’m saying is
    > that they could have done a lot better particularly in
    > the political, diplomatic and economic arenas. The
    > Eritrean army is a source of tremendous pride for me
    > and I’m a “very satisfied customer”. I’ve all the
    > respect and confidence in them, and I believe that
    > Eritrea can not be in better hands. They have proved
    > once and again, to all our neighbors that it does not
    > pay to mess up with yekalo and warsai.
    > In conclusion, I just want to say that we are not
    > doing a good service to the country if we are mere
    > cheerleaders and blind followers. There is no virtue
    > in joining the thundering crowd that worships the
    > golden calf. The love for truth and peace dictates
    > that we stop rationalizing the actions of our
    > government and become rational. We can still be
    > patriots and rational. There is absolutely a need for
    > change in Eritrea; our challenge is how to be a
    > positive part of it. It is in this regard; that I was
    > hoping the Eritrean communities and organizations in
    > the Diaspora could play a pivotal role. So far, even
    > the organization that is blessed with so many PhDs and
    > professionals is not living up to its expectation. We
    > need to create civic organizations that are completely
    > free from the direct influence of the government. It
    > is only then, that we can play a positive role in the
    > development of our nation.
    > I can not understand why, for example, the Eritrean
    > scholars and professional association have failed to
    > work on building a bridge of communication with
    > similar Ethiopian organizations. I’m not aware of such
    > initiatives and I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong.
    > It would have a made a fundamental difference if the
    > peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia are not completely at
    > the mercy of their respective governments. Civic
    > organizations could be instrumental in bridging the
    > gab and to foster an environment that is conducive for
    > direct communication and dialogue. Let’s face it, the
    > two governments have being looking with stark
    > brutality at each others’ eye and no one had blinked
    > so far and the chance of that happening is indinitely
    > small if the respective peoples of both countries do
    > not rise up to the occassion and stir the canoe of the
    > their destiny. The bottom line is the peoples of
    > Eritrea nd Ethiopia must start communicating. What are
    > we doing about it?
    > Before I end my message, I like to make one thing
    > clear. I’m not suggesting neutrality or indifference
    > to the conflict. In fact, I happen to think that they
    > are worse than hatred and ignorance. The geist of my
    > arguement is that we must be able to reach out the the
    > Ethiopean people and build a bridge of communication.
    > The call for objective and rational self-introspection
    > is the beginning of this bridge. The naked truth is
    > that neither the Eritrean nor the Ethiopean people are
    > monolithic.It is very unnatural to see lack of
    > diversity of opinions. Something is terribly wrong.
    > Don’t you agree?
    > Respectfully
    > Semere T. Habtemariam

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dearest Semere T,
      AH, back in 2000 ? it seems I will have to read back articles. How much awaken were you men?

      But as one of the best thinkers, that is just normal to see what you have said above earlier. I respect you and your fast awaken mind. but someone might have said it before you. then there is another one before him it goes on. that all works on it’s time. everything is in now and past is experience. for me the man who knows the truth, at that time is more responsible of the past than those who didn’t know what is going on. any now history will only divide us so we need only to learn from it.

      Intellectuals only play to the possibility they have, again everybody have his own starting point to join others. the hero Degen joined EPLF as child and found himself in side the front. When this poor child comes in, I was million times sure EPLF is useless front and I said it openly. When Eritrea become free I said we are in trouble as the national freedom is a reality found by full sacrifices of our people but controlled by EPLF . There will never be peace under this front . My relatives use say ” ንነብስኻ ይግበረልካ” in every debate we do. in 1993 when Meles and Issyas came in TV talking about future unity I said there will be a war in near future. you know what My wife said “you are crazy” “how the hell you think there will be a war between those two nations who fought united against Derg and brought us freedom ?. She said ” Nations”.” she can’t see what I am watching. was my wife ignorant? not at all. she don’t own the microscope I found by chance or small effort.
      It is not because I was wiser than you or my much educated relatives. it is because I have seen the secret. I was in Eritrean field at the beginning to study what that front is first. So shall I say I was better than others? no In fact I regret for not doing more than what I have done to expose EPLF.

      again there is a large part of job still pending , after all those experiences, we have still people who think PFDJ’s way is the only way. among them still are honest and innocent free of crime or at least they don’t know that they are committing crime. and if we don’t let them know the truth by any means possible, it will remain our fault.

      If we need future generation to get peace, we need to stop saying I was better than the other as no one is better it is only the circumstances and opportunities plus some effort. What matters is, how am I doing today, now. yes not even tomorrow but now.

      • Semere Habtemariam

        Kbur Kokhob Selam,

        I agree but I’m disappointed my response did not merit few stanzas from your poetic soul!!! (Time permitting, I hope to translate a sample of your work into English. Keep writing!)

        I subscribe to the Biblical notion, “There is nothing new under the sun, everything that was, is.” It is not about who is better or smarter, but about virtue and taking responsibility for what we say and do. It is about learning and education: how one makes existing ideas his/her own–the internalization of ideas. Internalization is what gives character. Unfortunately for the majority of Eritreans, the war was an opportunity to learn and develop character; but for the few, it was an opportunity to show their character.

        Some few showed their character and spoke with courage and were subjected to ridicule and condemnation and others were basking in their newly gained popularity by recycling ideas that were popular but harmful.

        My friend Beyan Negash was the only one I know who wrote about the possibility of war with Ethiopia and what needs to be done to avert it few years before the eruption of the war. I am not as visionary as he is, but I appreciate the fact that I am surrounded by brothers and friends who are able to see beyond the tip of their nose, and kudos to you, kokhbo Selam, that you fall in that category.

        As a people and country, we have to find a way where these rare voices can be heard because it is in those rare voices our redemption lies.

        Take care,
        hawka Semere T Habtemariam

    • saay7

      Selamat Sem:

      I am really conflicted on how to answer this: on the one hand, remember our brief “conversation” after the death of Abraham Gebregiorgis “MIT”: that I regret that the last words we exchanged before his passing was not pleasant. I just don’t want our last exchanges (life is short) to be harsh. On the other hand, I feel the need to “rectify” a record. I will be as respectful as I can, notwithstanding your “character forming and character showing” heroic figure (you) and villains (me) you implicitly created.

      First of all, the message you forwarded is dated March 29, 2000 and it is referencing TwgaHmo. A series of articles I didn’t start writing until the guns were silent, in mid-June 2000. Ok, that’s maybe a computer glitch.

      Second, see if you agree with this ethical hierarchy I have shared with Serray (a frequent critic) on the different groups that appeared during our two year war (1998-2000):

      (a) Those who agreed with the government’s stance on the war, and showed their support;
      (b) Those who agreed with the government’s stance on the war, but were silent;
      (c) Those who disagreed with the government’s stance on the war, but were silent;
      (d) Those who disagreed with the government’s stance on the war, and spoke out.

      In my mind, the ones who have a LOT of explaining to do are in Group C and not Group A.

      What I notice is this: a lot of the people who were in group (c) suddenly now say they were in group (d). I am very understanding of Eritreans in Eritrea who were in group (d) but had to act like they were in group (c) because war-fever can be punitive. What I don’t understand is how/why those of you who were in the Diaspora so silent.

      You may say, nope, I wasn’t silent. Ok, since you brought it up: Dehai was a member-supported mailing list. The annual membership fee was $25 a year, and it was never enforced: once you were a member, you never got kicked out whether you paid or not. You were one of the more prolific writers in Dehai in 1996 and 1997 as was, since you mentioned him, Beyan. War broke out in May 1998. How many posts did you contribute from May 1998 – May 2000 expressing your opinion that the war is wrong? 2? 3? Remember, back then there was zero censorship or banning of articles at Dehai. How many activities did you organize to stop the war? How many sessions did you hold to get the government to reverse course?

      I know we are all mortal and memories are frail and human beings have an ego that lets them think there is an inner Gandhi in them but, with regret, your contribution during that period is nowhere close to matching your conviction? It is nowhere near your contribution in 1996 and 1997. So, dear Semere, who spoke out his conviction–right or wrong–and who took a wait-and-see- attitude? Who was reluctant to go against popular opinion but is now presenting himself as fearless critic of public opinion?

      Finally, you say with respect to timing, that there is no right time or wrong time (I think) and that I shouldn’t have waited until June 2000 to write TwgaHmo. If that is the case, the article that just got republished* was originally written in 2004: why didn’t you express your views then?


      * In case you are thinking this article was re-published by me for some ego-gratification, you may call the publisher and ask why it was published.

    • Semere let me ask you this….
      What I don’t get is, what was the propose of your post? Why are you bringing it up now? Are you trying to appease the T-K’s and the rest of the Ethiopians? Or just in your mind intend to take a cheap shoot at the author? In case you thought it is a cheap shot, then it is not. Nothing is wrong for a person to stand with his country while his country is at war. you can argue and oppose when the guns are silent and when the dust is settled but DURING THE WAR you got stand up with your country. So, for you for not standing up with your country is a great shame and worst for not voicing what ever you felt at that time coward.

      • Hayat Adem

        Why does it sound to you standing up for your country is the same as cheering up a wrong war? In fact, people like Semere were the unheeded heroes of the time who could have saved Eritrea from the havoc that followed, had there been fewer of people like you and greater number of people like him.

        • Hayat, I don’t how you guys do things in Dedebit and Adi-grat but in the rest of the world people will stand behind their country During the war. even in the USA, as wrong and as bogus the war with Iraq was, most Americans not only stand behind their country but they elected a worst president for the 2nd term. And I agree with you, you need more Eritreans like Semere cowards so you can control Eritrea and Eritreans, right? Right!
          and what exactly do I have to do with the war? lol I tell you, Dedebitians are funny.

          • Hayat Adem

            It is ok to support your country and even volunteer to join the army in a war time when your country is attacked and denied of other ways of avoiding the war. But why would you support a wrong war (definition: unnecessary, unprovoked, and unwinnable), where many Eritreans may die in that war? Isn’t it a citizen’s duty protect their country from entering to a wrong war? To me, standing up behind your country means protecting your country from harm. In this case protecting Eritrea from harm would have been doing what people like Semere, SGJ, Beyan and others were doing. While Sal was very wrong then, he is not now. But you still are supporting that war which made Eritreans pay the price and still paying. What more learning lesson would it take to make you see that reality that you were wrong, and brought Eritrea to a brink of existential threat where hopelessness takes over and drives its youth away?

          • Hope

            I think you are blowing it up out of proportion as if all or most Eritreans knew from the outset that we were supporting the war that should have not been supported.
            Had the majority of Eritreans knew ahead of time about what I mentioned above and what Vet Mahmoud Salih stated eloquently before in his previous threads;well,in my opinion,no SANE Eritrean would have kept quite for good.i.e.,no one would have supported the war that should not have been supported.
            On the same token,if Eritreans were made aware on time about the Adi Murug Incident,the incorporation of the Eritrean lands to the Tigray Map,the torture of Eritreans at the border and the organized deportation of Eritreans from Baduma,I guarantee you that all Eritreans would have volunteered at that particular moment to take any measure in the speed of light–either peacefully or —otherwise..
            And that is why PIA did not want to notify us or did not want to make it public….
            You see my point now.
            PIA,indeed,and in fact, made us the victims of our/his own passivity,naivity,innocense and trusting what should not be trusted.

        • Hope

          Come on Hayat,
          We all have made mistakes in1997-2000.
          In my opinion the mistakes include but NOT limited to:
          -PIA for being passive and too much ” peaceful” when Adi Murug was invaded and when he ordered the EDF to back off and stay away when they asked to defednd themselves and the Nation
          -When PIA kept , along with his cabinet,silent by hiding the torture of Eritreans at the border
          -When PIA and his “Cabinet” kept quite when the TPLF incorporated the huge Eritrean Land into Tigray Map and the TPLF torured in a helicopter with the Eritrean Officials to show them the new map, on the ground
          -PIA/ Eritrea for not being completely passive and too patient until /to the last minute and for not bringing up the case to the UN,rather than “Invading Baduma” after all these patience and passivity
          -For trusting PMMZ/the TPLF,which is the main cause for all these mess
          – PIA for NOT allowing the EDF to over-run Mekelle and Addis in 1999,when it was a piece of cake to do so; and for waiting for and allowing Ethiopia to shop around and bring in all the Mecenaries to her mercy–including the Whole old Soviet Field Marshals and Air Force,the Generals,the N Koreans and their Modern Tanks,Artilleries,Russian Pilots–etc–(which I admire for doing so )–while Eritrea was doing nothing other than building Worl War I style trenches
          As to the above Article and Semere H’s comment,here is my take/opinion:
          -Semere H should have considered all the previous provocations by TPLF and the belligerance after 1998
          -Semere H should have considered the Eritrean concern from political and Military point of view
          -Semere H should have considered the Eritrean position after the 1998 incident and Eritrea’s flexibility after the incident
          -Once the war became inevitable and things went out of control,then what do you do?
          -Semer H should have taken into consideration Saay’s Prudent,Rightful and “Legal U-Turns” after realizing and analysing the mistakes of PIA–and “Twigah’mo” and the above Articles were written after he observed and analysed things.
          -Semere H’s way of saying : “Aybelnando”,I said this and that,etc—is but unfair,unreasonable,out-dated, even irrational,self-appreciating(temetsadikinet”),etc…..rather, Semere H,like most of us responders here,should have appreciated SAAY’s way of ” “Repentance and self-reflection”.–BTW, “All have sinned—and hence,all shall REPENT”.
          N.B. At this juncture of history and even for the last 15yrs,let alone SAAY,the PFDJ/GoE and its supporters have admitted the mistake….
          Come on Semere H.,with your candidacy for DD(Doctor of Divinity),as a Devote(d) Orthodox Christian,etc,I would expected you to show us some humility.
          SAAY was responding to Dagmawi’s Gurra and rhetoric….and as Nittric Acetto said it eloquently,during the war,you fight back until you win or lose or settle things one way or another but,as a matter of fact,the GoE,was NOT fighting the back but was kind of langa-langa—saying ” Natna Aynihibin,Zeintan dimma Aynidelin”,while the enemy was shopping around and preparing to its nose….
          Nittric has extensively researched things for his benefit.

  • dawit

    Selam to all,
    A very sensible article it was true 10 years a go and its true today, nothing to add or subtract, simply beautiful article. When your back is against the wall, then you compromise. At the start of Bademe war Ethiopia refused to negotiate, to settle the depute peacefully. It insisted that Eritrea first vacate Bademe, now things reversed Eritrea don’t want to negotiate unless Ethiopia vacate Bademe. Typical Habesha behavior, never compromise because of your empty pride for sake of peace. I have said it before, and I will repeat it again, soon mother nature will take care of our empty pride. The next drought in the region will bring the old song to us ‘We are the people’. The coming great drought will not differentiate which side of the border is located Bademe, unfortunately it is the poor that will pay the price.

    • Binieam

      You hit the nail right on the head. The problem was never the border issue, which was an easy fix, rather it was the players that where involved that complicated the situation.The Attitude and physiological make up of the habesha, is an important factor to consider when trying to make sense of the conflict but more specifically of the main players.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Saay and awatista,

    I am of the view that there has been tremendous change in those 10 years. Personally, the last 10 years has seen me transition from: “given chance the regime might improve” through to “If bottle-neck issues as Ethio-Eritrea were to be solved, the people would have demanded change” into “there is no way the regime would change and it is too late for it to do so”.

    In response to the challenges posed by the dictatorial regime, the Eritrean opposition charted to distinctive forms of mounting a political push back.

    Imagine one big circular metal as a link. Call it Ghedli. And further, consider several individual and small circular metal links. Call them individual representations of the different trials and tribulations that our people continue to face.

    The de-romantics political push back: every time one of the small circular metal link appears, the de-romantic’s political push back is to take that small circular link and chain it to the big circular link. By doing so, they end up having this big circular link (Ghedli) continuously linked to the small links at myriads of point along its circumference and none to each other. So, anything can happen and it is only singularly linked to Ghedli, Dejen (one small link) linked to Ghedli, Lampedusa (another small link) is linked to Ghedli, G-15 (yet another small link) is linked to Ghedli, still more, youth flight (another small link) is linked to Ghedli…what such mode of political push back creates is the making of a lost cause that can only remain relevant so long as one is willing to accept the premise of the by which the smaller links are joined to the big link (Ghedli). There would essentially be nothing that could be done then because the clock couldn’t be turned back. Hence, it becomes the politics of stagnation.

    The romantic’s political push back: ideally the romantic tries to connect each small links with one another, with the big link (Ghedli) being used for the lock position and attempts to make long enough chain of links that would tie up the monster. Unfortunately, they are caught up in a catch 22 situation because every time they push against the de-romantics, they inadvertently end up reinforcing the regime’s cover image. Such has stagnated their ability to gain new grounds from the huge constituency that has turned back itself on the regime and rejects its cover image of being the vanguard of Eritrean independence. Many now agree that the regime, under such cover image, has single handedly wrought the total annihilation of Eritrea and its once vibrant dreams. The romantic is still not capable of modeling a Ghedli-conservative view that is independent of the used and abused regime rhetoric.

    Essentially, the de-romantic lacks a dose of realism and the romantic lacks a dose of independence.

    The above conundrum has left the Eritrean bunker mentality to continue to fester and now fatally skid in to a suicidal ditch. I was listening to Amanuel Eyasu’s town hall meeting in Seattle yesterday. What was noticeable and eerily repetitive comment from the participants was the lack of trust among Eritreans. Technically, Eritreans are trustworthy people as people go. The problem is however the bunker mentality has curtailed many possibilities for them to look eye to eye on the political front. The issue of lack of trust has been discussed many times, but this time it appears the only paralyzing bottleneck preventing the unleashing of the potential within all of us.

    If the de-romantics stop their obsession with their fringe ideology of re-writing history, if the romantic stop trying to appear more Catholic than the Pope and their attempt look more nationalist than the other (inadvertently reinforcing the regime’s cover image that our people are sick to death with) and all think of how the G-15 is linked to youth flight to Sinai and Lampedusa, to Dejen Andehichel, to the oppression raging at home, to the 91 – 98 mistakes, to indefinite national service, to diplomatic isolation… and try to build a long connected chain than a single big circular link with many little one’s individually chained at myriad points along its circumference, may be we can move forward 🙂


  • Rodab

    Nothing much changed in the last ten years. I sometimes wonder as to what would’ve happened if Badme was awarded to Ethiopia. Eritrea wouldn’t have had a choice but to accept it. Then there wouldn’t be a good excuse for PIA to hold internal political reform hostage, although since he already had eliminated the G-fifteen, he still was in total control of the direction Eritrea embarks on. But he would’ve been under heavy pressure to address various hot issues – the fate of political prisoners, the press, constitution, election….
    Eritrea would have been better off had Badme was awaded to Ethiopia. Remember, we didn’t have it 1991-98, we didn’t even know a thing about it. That’s how insignificant that tiny useless village is.

    • feven1

      Well in fact very little is discussed about other relatively more developed previously Eritrean-administered towns such as Zalambesa or Thserona being awarded to Ethiopia, according to the pointless “ruling”. So Eritreans would have a lot to mourn about if the dispute is genuinely about territory…So you are right, I have also always wondered what if Ethiopia hands Badime over to Eritrea, BUT keeps the status-co, no war no peace, without resuming trade relations..I’m dead sure, even Eritreans in opposition will find የእናቴ ቀሚስ ጠልፎኝ type of excuse for their country’s inability to move forward…Just what you see here ” Ethiopia, for geo-strategic reasons, is far from being punished, actually being pampered”…..people like Haile TG have lately been complaining how Ethiopians try to undermine Eritrea’s ability to govern itself, when all they have to do is prove they can instead of referring to Italian era Eritrea every time they are faced with such questions…The truth of the matter is, the only thing Eritreans have so far proved is they can destroy bridges and weaken a third world country on behalf others. ድልድይ ማፍረስና ሃገር ማስተዳደር ደግሞ አንድ አይደለም.be it the regime in Asmara or the opposition in exile have yet to prove they have the right temperament to form a nation..I give you an example, it is a proven fact that the regime in Asmara lacks the basic understanding of international relations and diplomacy, hence we don’t expect anything decent from them…just a while ago a bumped in to Eri-TV, “government” run TV showing 23 years old clip Eritrean’s in 1991 parading poor animals (donkeys ) on the street of Asmara chanting a Amhara and Eritrea for Eritreans..the question here is not why a bigot is a bigot, but rather why we don’t here any of these so called oppositions denounce such degrading act that is taking place in the name of Eritrean people, cos this is more about Eritreans rather than Ethiopians…..there is no need of acting like a polite western tourist telling us how you love our music and culture, which I found a bit patronizing but you guys should act where it matters show your true worth..because I know you can do better than that, but trapped by empty pride…come out and tell your leader he is damaging your chance of ever co-existing with your Amahra brothers and so on…but instead what we see is a lot of hypocritical crap even when you are at your best…that is why we are some time forced to generalize all Eritreans..cos non of you are brave enough to come-out and prove us wrong..deep in your heart most of you tent to harbor the view of the bigot in Asmara..

      • haileTG

        Selam Feven

        “People like Haile TG have lately been complaining how Ethiopians try to undermine Eritrea’s ability to govern itself…”

        You either don’t read my writings for most part or totally misunderstood. In fact, my basic belief and what I argue for is the exact opposite. I am one of those who firmly rejects the PFDJ regime claims that our situation is the work of Ethiopia. Actually, save for the war losses, I am one of those who firmly believe that Ethiopia IS NOT the cause of any of our problems in any meaningful way. Eritrea’s problems are wholly the making of PFDJ’s misguided and oppressive rule. Ethiopia didn’t force PFDJ to act the way it does and had it ruled differently, Eritrea would have been in much better position.

        There are no shortage of Eritreans with blind hate of Ethiopia (politically), and there are no shortage of Ethiopians who are blindly hating Eritreans. The discussions we have here doesn’t really really need to deal with such bigoted people from both sides but support and strengthen the voices of reason from both sides.

        Most of the things you say and write about Eritreans is only a figment of imagination and based on hearsay of hate mongering. Eritrea is capable of fully supporting its own needs and so is Ethiopia. Many people agitate to divide the brotherly peoples because they believe it would facilitate their own political objectives. PFDJ drives its legitimacy by Ethiopia fear campaigns and within Ethiopia there are those who think the status quo would serve their narrow agenda. That much is understood. And no surprise there but please make the correction that I think, if anything, Ethiopia didn’t pose any serious threat to the regime we have and none of its failures can be attributed to it.

        • Hope

          I would not have responded to this dude ,who knows what he is saying or doing .
          He was just trying to provoke and irritate you as he knows what U have written thus far.
          Keep and maintain your integrity.

          • feven1

            He has indeed kept his integrity by RESPONDING politely…you see, there are other ways to keep integrity without being ignorant…

          • Hope

            —but the worst thing is being an ignorant intelectual…..

      • Rahwa T

        Hi Feven1,

        “…Eritrean-administered towns such as Zalambesa…”. where did you find the fact that Zalambesa was admnistered by Eritrea before the battle of Badme? Definitely, you luck the correct info.

        • feven1

          perhaps I confused the fact that Eritrea claimed it as though they
          administered it before….my bad, thanks for the correction anyway..

    • Binieam

      Hi Rodab
      I don’t thing it would have made much of a difference, the resentment and suspicion and the bad feeling between the people was at its high and I think Isaias would have found some reason to maintain a, no war no peace situation, like, by harboring and supporting Ethiopian rebels.

  • feven1

    Given that the fact that the article was written almost 7 years ego, it
    is safe to think the writer can only be a better person now than he was
    back then…he certainly had a sober attitude towards the issue than
    many Eritreans did at the time, but I’m not sure if his sober attitude
    could have been achieved without “Ethiopia’s wrong decision” to wage a
    devastating war..

    Typical of Eritrean hypocrisy, while the
    writer in one hand systematically boasts how his “struggle” left TPLF
    with no other choice but “accepted the sovereignty of Eritrea” he also
    complains how “Ethiopia’s actions set a bad precedent for other
    international agreements” as Eritrea in it’s short history has a single
    action that sets a good precedent for any international agreement…the
    point here is, if it was ok for your so called struggle to secure your
    sovereignty through force, there is nothing wrong with Ethiopia securing
    it’s interest through force..if anything we are not doing it enough
    with Eritrea..

    Secondly, it was not only Eritrea and Eritrea that
    is paying the brunt of the post-war environment, cos war affects both
    parties involved and Ethiopia or any other party can not be blamed for
    the fact that Eritrea after the war continued to shoot it’s own foot..

    another bitter pill many Eritreans tent to struggle to swallow is the
    fact that Ethiopia as the writer tries to portray does not need any ego-stratagic advantage to be in a better position than Eritrea,
    Ethiopia by default is better country than Eritrea, period!, Just so we
    save you another round of miscalculation, there is no need of waiting
    for “violent uprising in Ethiopia” to prove something that is not there
    to prove, under no imaginable circumstance Ethiopia will go down
    without taking Eritrea down with itself. as we have always said, it is
    not because there is anything wrong with you guys, but It is a simple
    law of gravity and perhaps that is what some experts mean by “cenrtre of
    gravity” for the region..I apologize for not being idealistic enough,
    but the problem lies in your stubborn soul as people!.

  • This article was written
    in 2004, when emotions were high and one’s pride was a big issue, for which one
    could easily go to war. The viewpoint of the author was true then, and remarkably even more true today, ten years after the article was published. Farsighted and
    to the point!

    • Kokhob Selam

      Brother Horizon, I wonder how deep he saw the reality then,
      “….. what we are really saying is that we have to wait until the government in Ethiopia changes for us to get our “final and binding.” Right? Now, two more assumptions:
      ” -The Ethiopian government is very unlikely to lose power in the next election and;
      -Even if it does, the Ethiopian opposition that has opted to participate in the Ethiopian election is even more strident on the issue of Eritrea and even less likely to fully implement the Algiers Agreement, ” what didn’t come real from what he said?

      When people have such kind of men around them they should hear what they are saying and if not at the same time after sometime. it is now exactly 10 years back the man said “…..The government of Eritrea knows this. And its job is to make us less rational. It does this by giving us doses of fury, false hope and pride.” still we have people cheated by false hope and pride.

      at last who pay for all those nonsense f PFDJ’s politics ” the people” all those Sinai and Mediterranean sea stories came after he wrote this article 10 Septembers back.

      really brother Horizon, we Eritrean people suffer more than Ethiopians for having PFDJ. this is the time Ethiopians be in exam on how they support their sister nation . If I am an Ethiopian leader , I could throw the case of Badme just by going to demarcation process and close the case .

      Sorry to say some among Ethiopians try to tell us our long struggle was wrong and try to victimize us exploiting our situation . This in itself makes some among our intellectuals be with PFDJ.

      people like you with clear stand should teach their people how the case should be handled.

      • Unfortunately, the Swahili
        proverb, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”, holds true in our case. As the author aptly put it, the people have
        to endure all the misfortunes, and not those who messed up their lives. Their
        suffering becomes worse when they see that their leaders do not care at all.

  • Hope

    In my opinion though, U should have updated it taking into consideration the post -2004 events ; or U may want to post a follow up AlNahda Article on this same Article.
    The Ethiopians might tell U the opposite ,God forbid.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hope and Sal
      I rem this article of cousin Sal and also remember rolling my eyes at that time and I also remember vaguely discussing it with him. But reading now, a decade after it was written, it is prophetic almost to the letter
      consistent, lucid and beautiful

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ustaz saay;
    My favorite quote:
    ” More, it is better to win peace and lose the mechanics of peace than to win on the mechanics of peace and lose the peace.” saay
    A timeless article.

    • Hope

      I second to U Vet Hawey.
      U see why I want to be his Cousin.
      Timely,balanced, fair,reasonable, realistic and to the point!!

    • Hayat Adem

      That line really left me fixated for some bits. The entire piece is great, too. But I’m getting discouraged in the sense that if you see the articles being re-posted from years back here at Awate, nothing we are discussing today does reflect the passing of 6,8,9 years. Almost everything we are discussing today is hardly new and fresh. Things have been said already, and I’m afraid we are not moving to new frontiers even in terms of thinking, let alone in solving the problems at hand. Or is it how social changes come: after so many repetitive and cyclical mastication of ideas and views, after flagging them high at one time, forgetting them at another and revisiting them again…it is scary…is it also how wars come and go and then come to us again, because we forget how hurtful it was the last experience and needed to be reminded again to feel it….

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam Hayat;
        I think people tend to focus on the urgency of bringing change without paying much attention to the forces impeding change. I don’t know if there are genuine attempts to understand why the regime is there, why does the regime still garners support from some segments of our people, how do you convince those segments their interest lies with upcoming change? What you see is a hard gained nation sailing adrift. How courageous and honest with ourselves are to admit we need to equally scrutinize our strategy?
        Haile TG explained it in a poetic and visual way: the incessant negative impact registered in our people’s regarding the way romantics and deromantics of ghedli history has a push-pull effect; the way some Eritreans propose and promote Unionist ideas and comments and opinions of notable Eritreans absolving Ethiopia of all crimes, some Ethnic-religious fervor within the opposition…all these create an atmosphere of ambivalence, a state of hesitancy. I can tell you I have a good reading of the situation back home and I continue to monitor it through different channels, and the truth is PFDJ officials are squeezed by their own members; yet, these same elements plus a vast chunk of our people are still reluctant to be open to break away for fear of losing the little they have; they are still suspicious of the opposition because of the above mentioned political fog. The opposition has yet to show it’s an independent and representative of Eritrean interests. As stated by HTG, we have moved particularly on the non-violent front (events in Europe chasing PFDJ out of communities, challenging it in international forums…); you could see today the struggle is maturing towards making grassroots the owners of their destiny, they are challenging both PFDJ and the traditional political opposition. I believe this will assist few visionaries in those organizations to recheck their strategies.
        On the article, I remember reading it 10 years ago, but I was ambivalent (blame it on ghedli), but that’s the beauty of strategists. They prove you wrong even after ten years. SAAY did what any patriot could have done when his country was in danger. Remember, just because Issayas raided Badme, Ethiopia shouldn’t have gone for all-out regime toppling strategy. That’s what put a lot of good Eritreans in dilemma.I personally opposed the take of badme by force and prayed Eritrea took the safest exit ( US/Rwanda proposal, for instance). The war continued, Ethiopia took control of Badme….there were more than opportunities the war could have ended with less damages. This, in addition to Ethiopian big propaganda machinery, those writers played a critical role. You have to see his role of those days with the mounting Ethiopian assaults, not as if he was an enabler, just my view ( because you are critical of his role in those days). Anyway, the rest is winning those segments ambivalent about the whole situation.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Mahmud,
      Indeed this article was one of the best articles written at that time. I will not forget the one you quoted him. It is timeless statement and as a matter of fact, if Saay continue with that approach of reasoning for peace, this statement will be the the marker of his brilliance in the elite house of Eritrean intellectuals. This article is one of the few that went to the archive of my hard copy. There was no commenting section at that time, but let me say it now: Saay, this is a timeless piece, well done my friend.
      Amanuel Hidrat