Saleh Meki Dies Of A Heart Attack

Mr. Saleh Meki, Eritrea’s Minister of Fisheries, died on Saturday morning (October 3) local time of heart failure.  He was 62. 

An Upheaval In The Mountains Of Akele Guzai

An upheaval that traces its origins to mid-April of 2009 when a captain challenged his commander’s use of a female

Eritrea: PFDJ Loses Another Senior Cadre

Mr. Kibrom Dafla   , the former manager of Himbol and the Inland Revenue, has failed to return from Italy

Kuwait’s IPG Suing Eritrea For unpaid Bills

The Independent Petroleum Group (IPG) is suing Eritrea for Kuwait Dinars 19 million (apx. $65 million) due payments for petroleum

“Eritrea Has Lost 25-30 Soldiers” In Djibouti

News about the escalating tension between Eritrea and Djibouti has caught Eritreans, including strong supporters of the ruling regime, off-guard.

Eritrean Security Head Survives Assassination Attempt

October 17, 2007 (ASMARA) — Eritrea’s security chief was shot four times on Friday evening by unknown gunmen. He is

Eritrea Arrests Two More American Embassy Employees

[Republished from the archives] The Eritrean government has arrested two more US Embassy employees last month. Mr Fitwi Gezae, who

Government Of Eritrea About To Expel Two Americans

[Republished from the archives] For weeks, there have been rumors circulating that the Government of Eritrea was about to expel