Names Of The Two Eritrean POWs Captured On New Year’s Day

Gedab News has ascertained the names of the two Eritrean combatants who were captured by the Eritrean government in the New Year’s Day battle in the Senafe and Tserona fronts

They are Mr. Nur Mussa Nakuda, a combatant from the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), and Mr. Michael Antonio, a combatant from Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF)

As we stated in the January 7th edition of Gedab News, the Eritrean regime had claimed that the two prisoners of war are members of “Weyane” (the Ethiopian government) and had not provided their names but invited “anybody” to verify the information.  The website of the regime’s Ministry of Information,, had accompanied its news with a gruesome scene of dead soldier—scenes that date back to the Egri Maekel battles of 1999, from the Eritrea-Ethiopia border war (the “2nd Offensive.”)

More information will be forthcoming very soon from our interview of Mr. Jabir Ahmed, the military commander of the ENSF (erroneously identified as Mohammed Jabir.)



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