The Sound Of Money

Is it, one wonders, love or simply money that makes the world go round? I think it is money. But

We Produce Our Own Leaders

Although there are various cultural, psychological, political, economic, social, geographic, regional, etc. factors that bring good or bad leaders to

The Sound That Men Produce

The music teacher told the choir consisting of boys and girls with good and bad voices alike to sing loud

Eritrean Traditional Fairies

They live in barren mountains and in woods, in creeks, in rivers and streams, in deep canyons and ravines and

The Need For Historical Fairness

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it, once said Winston Churchill. Ever since writing was

Eritrean Schoolchildren Stories

When the issue of producing goodly fruits out of the Eritrean children of the 1950s was discussed, a book containing

Political And Fundamentalist Religion

Whenever I hear the word culture I reach for my gun. That’s Goebbels, of course. I don’t know why he

Precision, Symmetry and The Analytical Mind

In Eritrea, highland women use a spindle and cotton wad to spin yarn in order to clothe their husbands with

The Work That Men Do

“Why do people work?” once asked a friend of mine known for his aversion to anything that distantly demanded physical

Dissipation Of Social And Political Energy

Entropy, a scientific term, is described as disorder and a dispersal of energy, a dispersal of particles which are themselves

Close Encounters With Superstition

Adey Lettu loved to drink coffee early in the morning after attending church mass. She trusted St. Michael but distrusted

When A Bomb Fails To Explode

What do you do when a bomb (of the old type) fails to go off after you light on the

How To Profit From Reading

My uncle, Malu had been reading the Psalms (Dawit) in Ge’ez for the last forty years, with tears in his

The Awakening

It is probably a déjà vu. A surge of global consciousness similar to the one that transpired in the 1960s

Breaking The Kitchen Barrier

It is written in Genesis that Adam and his helpmeet were told not to eat of the forbidden fruit. “And

Now They’ve Got The Money!

What a combination! A reckless regime and a mountain of gold. But some combinations can be unstable like glycerin and

A Noisy Village Is Our World

Our world is fast shrinking thanks to the Internet, mobile phones, sat dishes and high-speed planes. Now, in this small

The Evil That Men Do

A Persian sage once said that the greatest oppression a person experiences in life is mental oppression. The body is

The Trouble With Eritrea

Some countries are very unlucky to find themselves on the wrong side of the globe. Poland had been one of

Eritrean Nicknames And Diminutives

What could be the reason for the mushrooming of nicknames in our society? Is it a long-standing tradition? The other