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Ahmed Nasser, Fifty Years of Quest

Fifty Years. Fifty years of Struggle. 50 years of wandering.  50 years of endless search.  50 years of yearning. 50 years of loss. 50 years of hope.

No doubt, it is heartbreaking to learn one of the established and respected names in Eritrean history, Ahmed Nasser pass away exactly 50 years after he left to join the struggle for independence. For fifty years, he searched for it: for the realization of the dream of free, reconciled and democratic Eritrea. The dream that connects, yet eludes generations of Eritreans, his generation, his previous generation and the succeeding generation. The quest is the inheritance. For fifty years, as a sojourner, he wandered the desert of history in pursuit of the promised land; his beloved nation for whom he gave Everything he had. Alas!

Five-Zero. Fifty years!

It is indeed mind-boggling to remember how long Eritreans have been engaged in the struggle that has yet to be finished. Ahmed Nasser spent half a century without setting his foot in his nation! Literally, the time-span easily surpasses the proverbial 40 years of time in the wilderness and time of testing before the deliverance. By a decade! It is as if the rules of time, biblical time-references don’t apply to us. No matter how you think of it, one can’t escape staring the brutality, the urgency of our struggle, its longevity, its failures.

The pursuit of a goal loftier than oneself prerequisites selflessness of the willing and the devotion to the Cause. The pursuit of Eritreans for independent and democratic Eritrea made heroes out of ordinary people. It is the organic Cause of our freedom that ‘cleanses’ and immortalizes them. Because the desire to be free from oppression (whether domestic or foreign) is an innate hunger that can’t be cajoled, or bullied or tamed; it can only be answered with selfless devotion. The selfless tools of that noble Cause could be gone; but they are where we start from. The past.

No matter what, we have to salvage our past to make peace with it for our own sake, if only. Its ghosts are still living and its living are haunting and haunted. Traducing the past and gutting it of its essences, of its heroes and professing to create a stable future equates to building a house out of sand. Given the paucity of our sacrifices in times when much is required to fight tyranny, indeed, humility should get the best of us. Our heroes may not be the rocks we wanted them to be. The savage politics of Eritrea may have been unrelenting to individual actors. But their offering was indubitable and long in time-span; their Cause, immaculate.

Ahmed Nasser is an Eritrean hero. Unlike others, and like others (most ELF leaders), in his departure, the nation may not have comforted him in her bosom for eternal peace. It may not be able to offer him, the least he deserves for his sacrifice, the few meters-by-two in its hallowed ground to usher him a place among the hundreds of thousands who loved it more than their lives. Yet; for sure it remembers him, fondly; it is weeping, quietly.

A kind mother doesn’t forget its children, does it? Those she has seen in decades, she remembers them the most. For those sojourners in far away land, who constantly remember the name Eritrea till their last days, how can she fail to repay them in the only way she knows? Eritrea has depicted the name Ahmed Nasser in the pages of the best and the finest of all sacred texts: the book of Eritrean Heroes. Oh! Don’t look around searching where it is found! It is there, in the hearts and minds of 4.5 million people who are proud to call themselves, Eritreans. Eritrea honors its heroes. We Eritreans honor our heroes. We honor and evocatively remember Ahmed Nasser.

I humbly call upon each of us to take this solemn moment to renew our vow that the dreams of him and the dreams of generations of Eritreans will not be in vain.

Sure, it may take us more than we can offer. We may wander for 40 plus years in the wilderness.  We will enter the destined promised land of independent, just and democratic Eritrea.

Fifty Years. Fifty years of Struggle. 50 years of wandering. 50 years of endless search.  50 years of yearning. 50 years of loss. 50 years of hope.

Though nothing can bring back the hour
of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind.
William Wordsworth

With heartfelt condolences and kindest thoughts to the family of Ahmed Nasser, his family and his compatriots.

Ghezae Hagos Berhe.

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  • CECAFA in Asmara

    What’s the girl’s name that sings the opening song about East African countries? She is cute. There are so many new artists that I don’t know all their names. I know Helen Meles, Elsa Kidane, Bekita Ali, and Faytenga. Regarding the exclusion of Ethiopia from the song, hey Ethiopia deserves to be excluded. I am glad they didn’t come to the tournament. Sports is supposed to bring countries together but Weyane-led Ethiopia has nothing but bad intentions toward Eritrea it is best that they didn’t come. The crowd would have turned nasty towards them. Incidentally, the loudest cheers were for Team Somalia and Sudan. The Somalis said they felt like it was a home crowd to them. The audience was given a copy of the lyrics to the Somali anthem and sang along. The Somalis said they were touched. Everywhere the Somalis went in town in Asmara they were treated like friends and brothers offered free drinks. There was genuine affection towards both the Somalis and Sudanese. I hate to think what the reception would have been like toward the Ethiopians in town. Probably same reaction Meles got when he visited New York in the nineties. He was pelted with eggs and had insults thrown at him by the Ethiopian crowd. It was anything but a warm reception. So, haile, don’t complain about Ethiopian not being invited or not being mentioned.

  • said

    From what I heard and what I know little about Ahmad Mohamed Nasser. As clearly well stated article above by
    Atto Ghezae Hagos, ,Yes for nearly five decades, Comrade and greatleader Ahmad Nasser was an extraordinary humble person, as one of us,as one of many great hero’s ,a fighter and a colleague and friends to many Eritrean from every walk of life’s ,respected and loved by many , It is difficult to imagine our Nation without his presence. He give his entire life to Eritrean liberty and freedom cause and he faithfully pledged , devoted and lived selflessly
    and passionately and loved his country and the his love of his people with total commitment
    and devotion, he was voice for voiceless and powerful voice indeed ,he never forgot his birthplace and deep rooted origin mother Eritrea ,without a doubt he was strong nationalist advocate ,true patriot , reflective ,thoughtful and compassionately humane. The nation will miss him. Millions of Eritrean cherished and loved him for
    what he was. He valued tremendously the freedom and independence of Eritrea and Eritrea meant everything for him, for the love of his nation never left him. Eritrea will forever remember and value his contribution for the independence,
    for he fought like thousands for his comrade for the love the nation to be liberated —and he participated in many minor and major battlefields, he fought ceaselessly and selflessly, acted heroically ,he was exemplary character , he
    supported his words with deeds and action , participated in many heroic battlefields, He and his ELF comrade , their objective was clear and transparent ,their mission and vision, all well-known all to see and their will to fight so forcefully by all the means at their disposal. Nasser dreams was one day Eritrea will be free. That day have come, Eritrea as nation was born. History may one day record his selfless contribution and the nation will honor him.

    Ahmad power and persuasiveness came not only from his down to earth approach of his elegant style, clarity of analysis and powerful logic but also in the enduring belief that there is no idea so powerful as a moral one, he was one of the most thoughtful, reflective and independently critical voices . Never losing his bearings, as so many others did, in early 60th at the time when many opportunist, sellout accommodate Ethiopian empire ,when many chose to be silent ,mute ,ignore and turn your head other way was norm , for Nasser silence in the face of Ethiopian aggression
    and annexation of Eritrea and hegemony by King Haile Selassie was clearly disgraceful, disrespectful of the
    nation and Constitution and not respecting the agreement of confederation ,for Nasser it was total betrayal to his beloved nation .The case to joining ELF was clear and took the arm against well-armed and powerful Ethiopia empire
    was clear ,he understood clearly, injustice’s took place, for the young man was simple to join the front no if or but ,with
    strong dedication and strong passion and desire to scarify for his nation ,redo and readdress the illegal annexation of Eritrea . At the time many member of the Eritreans parliament, they were not faithful to their oaths of the office .the sellout, they did not think of the country,nor did they reflected consequences to Defend the Constitution. They Affirmed the king desire, the annexation of Eritrea ,to the wish of King Haile Selassie and to be united to mother Ethiopia and Preserve the new statues-quoi at any cost. They Voted for unity with mother Ethiopia,from then on Ethiopia has claimed nothing less than the right and duty of the Ethiopian empire to assert by military force, started repression and dominance all over Eritrea that brought reckonable death and suffering to our nation .Against tide and background, at tender age, this heroic young man Ahmad Mohamed Nasser rose to the occasion. Unfortunately all being equal, sadly I believe he was bitter, disappointed, letdown and angry about the state of our country after independence. May god bliss his soul.

  • Alhagiga

    Thank you brother Ghezae Hagos, this wonderful tribute to Ahmed reflects your generous nature,only good people acknowledge the goodness of others,I am not a shamed to acknowledge to you,reading it brought tears to my eyes,the tears which is almost running out due to the continues sad stories,the story of people who fought thirty years to achieve independence,and yet finds themselves in chain again,how couldn’t I be sad when my people vanish in high seas and deserts,how couldn’t I be sad when they are abused by Rashiedas and Beduins,and get rejected and discriminated against in Israel,have we become the new untouchables of modern era.
    Our destiny is in our hand,it is a matter of to be or not to be,for our country,Whether we leave it to be another failed state,under failed Dictator,or salvage what remains is the big Question.
    I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Awate team for their relentless pursuit for justice and peace in our beloved country,may almighty give you strength and fortitude in your daily effort,and endeavor to achieve the dreams and aspiration of our people.

    • ghezaehagos

      Alhagiga, Said and others
      I can only say, ‘kibret yihabely.’ Giving tribute to heroes is a duty of every Eritrean. That is true especially for the unsung ones, like Ahmed Nasser and others. I am heartened to see people show their respect to heroes like Ahmed Nasser.
      All the best,
      Gheza Hagos

  • Dibe Kulu

    This was one of the greatest sons of ERITREA. He gave basically his entire adult life for the cause of his country and the liberty of his PEOPLE!! It is really sad to see such giants of the Eritrean struggle for independence being buried in far away alien lands instead of in the country they so heroically fought for !

    Unless we go through a rapid process of reconciliation, where we forget and forgive our past grudges, mistakes, and differences, we are headed into a self inflicted demise! We better wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late. We are headed into self destruction!! R.I.P. Ahmed Nasser, and my condolences to all his loved ones!!
    Dibe Kulu.

  • Hanes enadiK

    The fate of the ELF was very unfortunate, it is disgusting the way the current PFDJ regime just about comes as close as possible to denying the existence of something that did once exist. Some blame Nasser’s leadership for the demise of the ELF but though I believe he did play a part considering his weak style of leadership and his apparent indecisiveness, the fundamental nature of the front made its collapse inevitable especially in the context of a revolutionary struggle as I’ve heard from firsthand sources that the ELF was a relatively democratic front where the members were able to express differing views to one another and to the leadership however this would and did inevitably result in a fractious climate and this is perfectly exhibited in the fate of the front as it fractured into who knows how many different factions. In saying that I’d like to say R.I.P to Ahmed Nasser because anybody who struggles in one form or another for his land and people deserves our respect.

  • Kokhob Selam

    what more concerns me is how the individual pass through this type of political collections to the end without doing much crime keeping his legacy. in the country of Ahmed Asmara, Hadish Weldegergis, and all those heroes it is easy to find great fighters who can destroy the ugly group in Asmara. yet, Ahmad Nasser was always very careful leader not to let Eritrea be a battle ground between innocent people divided from corner to corner which he could do it with his followers. I personally witness when in 1982 after Rasay incident – for small operation that could have dismissed some political leaders who were almost in danger in hand. he said “no don’t do this if you are ELF” I really wonder of this great man now still, even he decided to face the worst time of ELF in Rasai which I personally oppose knowing Abdula will take action as he already know (Abdula) EPLF is in side ELF and he will not be willing to let the meeting end peacefully. I don’t really know why he was not upset and still continue optimistic not governed by his ego like most others.

  • yohannes

    They are dying, whether they have done good or bad, they are dying . These Eritrean fighters have historical responsibility for all the Eritrean people’s who fought and died to obtain such situation.
    Almighty God, receive them in heaven. Amen

  • Rodab

    Firstly, RIP Ahmed Nasser. The month of March has taken toll on the lives of high profile patriots. Death is normal but sadly such is the abnormality of our country that the deaths of many founding fathers is not only not reflected and celebrated as it should, it is not even acknowledged. Members of the G-15, Seyoum Harestsy, Ahmed Nasser…are but few to mention that were dishonored in this way. All this because a single man has the power to designate and define patriotism. Which brings me to the question, upon his death, will PIA get the degree of tribute PMZ enjoyed upon his death? Will his poster be displayed at Cicero the way Meles’ is displayed at Addis Stadium (Keep in mind the question is not ‘should he’?) I have all the expectations the PFDJ will do just that not for anything but to consolidate power.

    • Saleh Johar

      Very sad and very true Rodab. But if one own a real estate, he can put on it any poster he wishes.

    • haile

      Hey Rodab;
      A question to your question: IA has dumped the heroes that died under his watch (members of G-15), denied burial those who died abroad and only allow the burial of his dedicated servants as wuchu. Despite PFDJ chocking our ears about woyane this woyane that… he sent his diplomat Binyam Berhe to pass his messages of consolation on the death of PMMZ. Now, how is that an Eritrean hero is denied the dignity of burial and sent off by family because IA accuse them of colluding with PMMZ but he then turn around to offer his respects to PMMZ’s family (nothing wrong in principle but everything wrong in this case)?

      • Rodab

        Well, where for others ‘sometimes, things are not explained’, for us it becomes ‘rarely, things are parially explained’. The explanation for one end of the extremes you mentioned can be traced back to Hawelti’s reply to one little incident in Addis (you remember Hawelti, right?). Hawelti must been amazed that people were amazed and querried, ‘hey how about that Girma Asmerom and Berhane G/Kristos cozying up?’ Well Hawelti spent little time to chatise people for being too ignorant to not know how diplomatic protocols work. And that was that.

        • haile

          aha..good one rodab,

          Check the very first song here


          They made a song for CECAFA 2010 in Asmara that specifically leaves out Ethiopia and Djibouti!! HGDEF is probably the luckiest moron in the planet to think of that way 🙂

          • Saleh Johar

            Amazing! I never saw this, and I wouldn’t have imagined it to be true if not for the video. Stupidity that requires a new word to describe

          • Rodab

            A little context seems in order…
            This was a cecafa tournament that was held in Asmara. Ethiopia and Djibouti were invited but declined to participate for obvious reasons. Then invitation was forwarded to Yemen, which they accepted, to minimize the void. So that song was for those teams that were participating the event. Just a little background.

          • haile

            Rodab, I would say the main context would be the wrapped mentality of the regime. Imagine the countries resolve their differences in a year from that time, the song would still be hanging around like a bad taste from previous meal! If hgdef can see beyond the conflict, for “protocol’s” sake in the funeral, how about in the soccer tournament the would be seen for generations from now? It was just to point out that Hawelti’s excuse was just that, it would flop to the exact opposite as in this case 🙂

          • feven1

            come on Rodab, these are people who on Eri-Tv read out news about an international athletics result in which a Kenyan came 2nd and Gebresenay came 3rd without mentioning the winner because the winner happened to be Ethiopian….by the way as an Ethiopian I my only nightmare is to see Eritreans wise-up….The ever increasing deseperation and stupidity I see on Eritreans gives me hope…I’m loving it!

          • Kokhob Selam

            I never see this. it is strange to think this was done under PFDJ. and here I wonder that we have such type of strong artists in side Eritrea. but above all I wonder of PFDJ- the way they try to play it as if they have good intention. I experienced how Derg tray hard to play art for his advantage but never thought PFDJ will do to this level.

          • dine

            eritrea never hosted cecafa senior challenge cup. this one was under 21.

          • Eyob Medhane


            You are such a “devil”, man! 🙂

            This is soooooooo hilarious… I swear, I laughed to tears. (Adios! Geography lesson. 🙂 ) Now, I beg you to contrast this three seconds clip. This is from Mesqel (Demera) celebration last year. Look at the flag that was carried at the parade on the left side of the clip’s frame…


          • haile

            Thanks Eyoba,

            I hope you remembers the occasions we argued when you said to us “you guys hate Ethiopia” and I was more of “no we don’t”. Here is your answer “Ethiopia fear” is the basic fabric that the PFDJ regime try to inculcate as an ideology, not hate per se. It would be very problematic for the PFDJ to allow include Ethiopia in the song as much as it is next to impossible for ERiTV to broadcast an overseas news that is not composed of stories of deaths, rioting, arrests and conflicts. This has been a standard MMC (Mass Mind Control) especially after the war.

            If Ethiopia was to disallow the flying of an Eritrean flag in AU or events such as you posted, imagine how it would have set us back decade to convince the people that PFDJ is taking them for a ride. There were a couple of people who posted (assume supporters) yesterday because they were too confused to see the flag of a host nation mounted in a wall of Eritrean meeting that was made poosible at the good will of the host country. One was happening in Amsterdam, and a meeting of YPFDJ was hoisting the flag of USA ( a country that PFDJ blames for the entire of its failed troll in life:) The second was a meeting of Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia and the host country’s flag was on the wall. Can you imagine how bad our situation is??? Barring Eritrea from a song titled for east africa event would have been reason enough for HGDEF to call for the beilding of 10ft high wall on Ethio-Eritrea border….please don’t try it 🙂

            Here I leave you with a moral joke that deals with the old Tigrinya adage Chiru’s B’aqma t’higom 🙂

            “A US marine and USSR trooper were taken captive by an army of a an African country that they were attacking. So, the country takes the captives to custody. The US captive started to be visited by his country’s representatives every day. A newspaper, shaving razors, tooth brushes, toilet rolls, cigarettes, fruits and vitamin supplements are daily delivered to him by the US mission there who daily go in deliver the stuff to him and take a barrage of abuse from him for not doing this or that properly and not talking to this senator or that senator promptly. The USSR trooper was left to fend for whatever he can get from the prison service there and no one to visit him or anything other than occasional call from USSR telling him to hold “steadfast” with the ideals of Leninism and Marxism. So the US marine always felt sympathetic to the fella and daily shared his stuff with him. Gave him almost a share of everything he had (including his newspapers after finishing reading it). One day the US marine was out exercising and a call came to the prison to release the USSR guy, as the guards came to get him, the USSR guy excuses himself, climbs onto the bed of his US marine friend and Sh!ts on it before he left 🙂 So the USSR guy leaves and the US marine returns from his workout to find the mess on his bed. He simply and calmly gets wipes to clean it. Other inmates, however, were indignant and asked him why he wasn’t nuts about what that guy did to him after all that he gave him from his stuff. The US marine turns around and says to them “You see friends, I gave him what I had and he gave me all that he had, his Sh!t” 🙂


          • Rodab

            C’mon Hailat,
            Eyob tends to energize your patronizing mood but I really don’t see big deal on Ethiopia and Djibouti not being mentioned on the clip. On sporting opening ceremonies, it is common practice to display flags (or sing, if there is one) of only the participating teams.
            It doesn’t surprise me for Eyob to make a mountain out of a molehill for he strikes me as someone with a preconceived view of Eritreans. But you can do better buddy. Come on!
            By the way, I am with you on that Ethio flag on opposition meeting thing…I don’t know how our friends miss the obvious reason.

          • haile

            haha..Rodab, trust me buddy, nothing to do with Eyoba (we go back a long time with Eyoba on the topic that Eritreans don’t hate Ethiopian, far from it, we actually like them if you look at the day to day life of our both peoples)

            When I make a fuss about something, the intent is for us to learn from it. If that song included ALL COUNTRIES in the region, it would never have needed to be explained afterwards. It would have communicated self confidence, farsightedness, good will and many things that are expected of those with noble stand. PFDJ is a group of people meant to sit in the barracks and instead making a total mess of everything. It is like Hanjema after serving 41 years of his life in military, he was promoted to Administrator of Gash Barka Region before his reported death last week. What does he know about civilian administration? Our diplomats, decision makers, policy planners are mostly ignoramus tegadelti who would split your head in half if you tell them they made an obvious mistake. No patronizing here, in 23 years they never have done anything that works. Period.

            Their ways do appeal to individual emotions, fears or indulgence, however, we are at a stage where our leader was invited to EU summit at president level and he declined to send his FM instead!!! Rodab, I know you make many excellent observations that I am 100% in agreement. But despite respecting your protective intentions, I feel we may not be looking this one from opposite angle.


          • Eyob Medhane


            Speaking of having “preconceived views”, I think you are the king of that instead of I. With out knowing who I am, where I live and what I do, you have concluded long, long time ago I am a paid cadre. (Not that I am complaining for the honor you bestowed on me. It would have been a great, if I were one 🙂 ) However, please allow me one more time to clear my, (probably Haile also may agree with me on this) point. Please look these two clips from YESTERDAY’s news on the same topic from ERI TV and ETV. It’s about Copenhagen half marathon. On the Eri TV, they told us, who was # 1 (Kenya) # 2 (Eritrea) and they PURPOSEFULLY skipped # 3 (Ethiopia) and jumped to # 4 # 5 and six. On ETV news, they told us, who was expected to triumph on half marathon (Zeresenay of Eritrea with a clear close up shot of him), who made it to the podium to be # 1 in team (Eritrea). Who was # 2 in the race (Samuel Tsegay of Eritrea) I am not a big fan of ETV, but on this case, this is what you call CLASS. Please, watch it. I plead with you. Both clips combined are less than 4 minutes.




            Sorry. I didn’t mean to belabor the point, but I had to make this point to Rodab. You are very much invited to chime in, also… 😉

          • Rodab

            Oooh Eyoba…”a paid cadre”? Why are you demoting yourself man? What I called you was “mid-level” cadre. People like Berekhet Simon being high-level cadre, I would’ve thought you would take my “mid-level” cadre title to you as an honor, but whatever. So you don’t misread me again, you are no longer cadre of any sort, you are now a regular Eyob 🙂
            But seriously, this makes me a king of preconceived views? Really?Come on man, make some sense!

            About EriTv,
            My good friend Hailat and I have a differing view on that cecafa clip, but we both recognize there is truckloads of complaints on deletion, omission, and the most serious one, a total blackout. One good example of omission is just happening. As the nation commemorates the battle against Wuqaw command, the victorious man who led that battle is not allowed to be mentioned. You are complaining about an athlete didn’t get to be mentioned. We have a deeper problem.

          • haile

            Roadab and Awatistas,

            While on the topic of soccer, the CAF announced today that:

            “The Eritrean Football Federation has informed CAF of its decision to withdraw from the 30th edition of the African Cup of Nations Morocco 2015.
            Consequently, the preliminary round qualifier matches between Eritrea and South Sudan are cancelled. As a result, South Sudan is qualified to the next round of the qualification competition.”


            All the following are playing for other countries or doing something else now 🙁

    • ghezaehagos


      Our lives have been abnormal so are our deaths as you said. There is a high dose of moral turpitude involved in denying the dying the last honor of being buried in their own land; the land of their ancestors; the land they fought for. It is lamentable many ELF leaders die in foreign land. The wish of the dying are highly regarded in ancient and modern traditions. Even in law of evidence (at least in civil law tradition), they are admissible as proof in court of law as exceptions to a hearsay.
      What Isaias did to the late Naizghi Kiflu is one of the strangest thing I have ever heard. No mind can imagine this would be possible. I still try to figure out, in vain, why he did what he did. Any explanation is appreciated, really!(Haile??) It proves the baseness and nastiness of his core. Isaias could have swallowed his pride and anger (whatever he felt) and let the body be buried anywhere if he was even to fear political costs? Do you know anyone who stop supporting IA because of that? I highly doubt it.

      I personally don’t care where they hang the poster Isaias up; as long he is gone and gone for good. They can put in the highest spot they want but we know his real place is among the lowest quarters of hell, even not imagined in Dante’s Inferno.
      All the best,
      Ghezae Hagos

  • Strange!

    This is a very strange eulogy, especially coming from a guy who works against the interests of the Eritrean people by lobbying his adopted Western country (Canada) to starve his own people back in the land he left (Africa).

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Ghezae,
    You said it all. The harsh of our politics, the agony we are going through. Yet the nation we call it home repulsing its children. It failed to recognize her owns and keep them in its bosom. The ones who gave their entire life every thing to its existence, and yet he passed away while he was trying Eritrea to become the home of all its children. Ahmed Nasser have passed away from us without any regret to whatever he gave his life to the nation and the Eritrean people. Our Heroes might leave us, but our struggle will endure. Thank you for the eloquent obituary.

    • Kokhob Selam

      All my respect Amuni, you are one of the heroes. you have been Amanuel that really is Amanuel never cheat and forward of what you believe, what so ever one opposes you idea. in this difficult of my time you are among the people I remember to comfort myself. during our tough times when few were awaken your sound was loud and clear and today when people from different back ground join us here you are yet, to teach the correct way. thank you and keep it up.