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Eulogy to Ahmad Mohammad Nasser

Once again, death robbed Eritrea one of its best sons. At 68 years of age, one of the respected and recognized leaders of the Eritrean national movement for self-determination and freedom, Ahmad Mohammad Nasser, passed away at dawn on Wednesday 26 March 2014 in a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. He was admitted to intensive medical attention ward after suffering severe cardiac arrest that did not give doctors chance to revive him.

The news of his untimely death hit me, and for sure lots of his compatriots elsewhere, like a thunderbolt. The impact of the loss is devastating not only to his beloved wife, Suaad and their two children, Barada and Ammar, but also his friends, family circles, members of his organization as well as the larger freedom and liberation aspiring opposition camp.  The currently turbulent Eritrea’s opposition politics will miss Ahmad’s insightful understanding of contemporary affairs of Eritrean diversity from which the many forums in the past benefitted in efforts to bridge differences that often proved intractable in the existing polarized political realities.

Ahmad Mohammad Nasser was one of the bright youth of Eritrea who interrupted his otherwise promising future for higher educational and achievement, and sacrificed his career for the sake of the struggle of his people in their pursuit of liberation and freedom. Members of his age group such as the late Dr. Beyene Kidane, and many others, spoke of Ahmad Mohammad Nasser’s brilliance and intellectual capacity that could have guaranteed him highest levels of academic achievement. Close observation of Ahmad’s personal qualities would in fact drive an opinion that he was more qualified for a professor’s job than for an officer in an army.

Ahmad Mohammad Nasser was born in 1946 in a village of his parents called Ayromale located in the plains of Dioot of Eastern Akkele-Guzai. As a child he was brought up in the household of his grandfather, Nasser Pasha Abubaker because his own father died before he was born. Along with his cousin, the late Abdalla Omar Nasser, he was exposed from early boyhood to political awareness due to his grandfather’s active engagement in the Eritrean nationalist movement of the post- Italian colonial period. As contemporary politicians of the time such his friend and ally, Ras Tesemma Asmerom of Ma’areba, his grandfather was one of the prominent leaders whose political and social legacy of the 50s and early 60s was considerable.

Some hints of his grandfather’s influence on Ahmad could be detected in his book Tahadiya Masiriya Amam Al-Mujtama’s Al-Eretri: Stockholm, 1998). He records some historical and social episodes which his inquisitive mind had encountered in areas he used to visit in his village when he went there during school recesses. Coming from such politically aware family environment, thus, Ahmad Mohammad Nasser became involved in student activism early in his youth. After completing primary and intermediary levels in his hometown, Adi-Keih, he moved to the capital, Asmara, in 1960 to enroll in the Haile Sellassie I secondary school. This was time of tense political conditions stirred by Ethiopia’s encroachments on the autonomous statehood of Eritrea under the Federation of 1952. Popular resistance was expressed through rampant student and workers activism. Ahmad, already equipped with awareness from home, did not hesitate to take active part in organization and leadership of the student demonstrations. The continued violation and eventual abrogation of the autonomous status of Eritrea in 1962 galvanized popular anger of the Eritrean youth like Ahmad which transformed to commitment to carrying on the mission of restoring the usurped rights of their nation.

Thus, Ahmad Mohammad Nasser interrupted continuation of his education as soon as he completed his secondary level, and joined in 1966 the ranks of the Eritrean Liberation Front as full time fighter. The Front which launched armed struggle five years earlier had operated in mostly rural regions of the country and the bulk of its fighters were of peasant origin that had had little or no schooling.  The Front was hence in dire need of educated youth qualified to go and pursue military and political training abroad. Thus, the leaders quickly took note of Ahmad Mohammad Nasser’s competence and devotion and chose him as one of the fighters eligible for enrollment the military academy. He was sent with a group of fighters to Iraq for training. He graduated as an officer with honor and decoration. His performance was so outstanding that then president of Iraq, Ahmad Hassan Bakr, gave him a pistol and watch.

Upon returning from Iraq, Ahmad was assigned back to the ranks of the Eritrean Liberation Army and assumed the task of re-organizing and re-deployment of the fighters. This was when the zonal operational divisions that were introduced in 1964 were abandoned in favor of centralized command and control of the army. Fighters who were involved at the time testified the skill and professionalism Ahmad demonstrated in accomplishing the process which he guided to ensure that composition of the units reflected across-the-board representation of the nation.

Ahmad Mohammad Nasser continued as coordinating officer of the liberation army up to the time the historic first national congress of the Eritrean Liberation Front convened in October 1971. At this congress he was elected to the Revolutionary Council, the higher political leadership of the Front. Following the first national congress he still served in military affairs. His training and qualification helped him to accomplish much in areas of developing strategies and tactics compatible with military objectives geared to attainment of a people’s aspiration for liberation in conditions of man-power and resources imbalance that favored the adversary. Ahmad carried on in that capacity until second national congress of 1975.

At that congress, he was re-elected to the Revolutionary Council as well as chairman of the Executive Committee. He served in that capacity up to events of 1982. Subsequent to the events that led to forced absence of the ELF as united military force inside Eritrea, and the divisions it had suffered thereafter, Ahmad assumed later the leadership of the ELF-Revolutionary Council, which continued to uphold the ideals embodied in the National Democratic Program of the Eritrean Liberation Front as endorsed by its previous congresses.

Under his leadership, the ELF-RC succeeded to re-emerge as viable force reflecting the legacy of the ELF and its patriotic, democratic and national character. Ahmad Mohammad Nasser led this hopeful organization up to 1995 when was the chairmanship was entrusted to another veteran fighter, Ibrahim Mohammad Ali, who led it up to the fifth congress in 2001. At that congress, Ahmad was returned as chairman to be replaced a year later in 2002 by the late Seyoum Ogbamichael. He continued in the higher leadership ranks until a dispute over membership in the then opposition umbrella, Eritrean National Alliance, ended up in a split that ruined organization.

After the event of 2003 and the sixth congress that followed, Ahmad was elected to the Central Council of the Eritrean Liberation Front- National Congress which was led by the late Dr. Beyene Kidane. At the organizational congress of 2009, took over again as the chairman of the Eritrean National Salvation Front until 2012 when decided to serve as an ordinary membership card-carrying.

Throughout his long military and political career Ahmad never lived a day for himself either as an individual or a father to two children. As an individual who knew him for so long, and closely worked with him through good and bad times, the writer of this lines can stand as a witness that Ahmad Mohammad Nasser unconditionally devoted his life to the cause of his people.  His children and wife had very rarely enjoyed the presence of a father at home although they deserved it as a matter of right. Ahmad understood this very well but to him the ideals and aspiration of an entire people of a nation was much more urgent than responsibility for a family. Perhaps the painful part the tragedy that has befallen his family is the fact that they shall miss him a short time after they finally thought they had rejoiced in having him home. Besides, his justice and freedom thirsty compatriots who are engaged in the struggle for liberation and democracy shall miss the wisdom, modesty and leadership of Ahmad Mohammad Nasser. Known for his humble character, humility and selflessness, Ahmad’s absence from future political events and forums will continue to be felt for long time.

Despite the intensity and severity of the loss, there is no other thing to do but submitting to the fact fate imposes. My prayer goes to beloved Suaad, Barada and Ammar and to his larger family members as well. May the Almighty grace them, and us all, the strength to cope with the pain of this tragic.

Dearest Ahmad: Good bye brother; and promise you that the mission you cherished for life shall be carried on until Eritrea and its people shall set themselves free from despotism.

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  • Yes, we need not to compare the dying of those hyenas in Asmara who eat each other, kill each other, punch each other and lost respect by our people including the devil at helm.
    Yes, we ERitreans lost a pure hero, a dedicated leader, a considerate human being and an intellectual in his analysis to our mosaic culture and rainbow of our society; just hard to replace him.
    See the language and tone of those higdefites how ugly and awful it’s. It shows how their mentality and brain is too: ugly and valgar and brutal as it’s. Surfice not to answer them, ignore them!! there is where they deserve- void and nosense …

  • Lyesdie

    This numbering of ‘9’ ethnic categorization is becoming nonesense by the day. Why leave open the categorization as qebilas and etnicity, regardless how many they could be. Weren’t they 16 just Before Hailesselasie?
    And the habesha thingy, why are the Highlanders consider themselves as habesha? Wasn’t habesha an extension of the habshet tribe of the Yemenite Sabaen? What about the extensive expansion of the Beja between the 7the and 9th Century? Weren’t the Bejas much larger in number or as equal to those people belong to the habshet origin?

  • Saleh Johar

    Okay Mr. genius, tell me who among Eritreans migrated from Sudan and who migrated from Ethiopia? Your insinuations are insults for those who are not ignorant. Don’t branch out, stay the course, try hard to stay on the topic. You don’t have to guess where the stink is coming if you are passing by a manhole. That is obvious unless one is ignorant.

    • dine

      you don’t have to insult to make your argument strong like ”manhole” to refer the ARABS (they are known manhole), i also never said am genius but at list i never been stupid to cause more then 100,000 people to death by creating unnecessary war. you can call those people Mr.genius.

  • Saleh Johar

    Another bigot. Would you dare ask why your PFDJ doesn’t even acknowledge the death of Ahmed in their mediocre newscast? AT is not here to echo what the PFDJ covers, it is here to be the voice of those who are denied their voice by the PFDJ. Forty years after the clarion call was trumpeted by the bigot-in-chief, you are still in your bigotry, looking at Eritreans in terms of Christians and Muslims. Will you ever see people as citizens, as victims and oppressor regime (of course including you and your likes, the enablers of the oppressor)?

  • Saleh Johar

    Ignorance must be a bliss. To be ignorant is tolerable. What is intolerable is the insistence of some who consider it an achievement. Worse, they proudly display their ignorance as if it was a badge of intelligence. In this case, I think humanity has to invent a new word to describe it. Ignorance is not it. “dine” is it.

    • dine

      are you gonna deny some non Habesha eritreans are immigrant like rashaida or as usual are you trying to insult. by the way insulting is not HABESHA culture, i don’t know where did you get it may be from one of sudan tribe.

  • Semere Andom

    Brother Ismail:

    Thanks for augmenting what little we know about this great man.

    A Muslim and a highlander, Ahmed Nasser embodied Eritreansim and he was everything that
    would have united us. The defenders of EPLF/PFDJ portray him as a weak leader, who was responsible for wasting a promising Eritrean organization, because strength to them is brutality and vulgarity. But history notes that this utterance is an anguished desire to wash their from the crimes they have committed on the Eritrean people, their future and past. Some commenters have lumped Ahmed and categorized him in the leagueof the recently deceased PFDJ commanders, this is a heresy. It is not that I want rob the contribution of these EPLF veterans, only a PFDJ supporter, YPFD would impeach the resume of people.

    Ahemed would leave them to the dust if a real and fair public opinion was to conducted and his real story was told.
    After fighting for 50 years for Independence of his people and independence encompasses freedom, choice and liberty, he passed on without realizing the independent Eritrea that he so devotedly and selflessly wrought for.

    It is my hope that people like you from the Saho tribe would immortalize legacy between the covers. Lest our history becomes the history of the apostles of lies who are scandalously serenated, venerated and canonized on the expense of the real heroes like as Ahmed. His autobiography is unfair to his own contributions, but my Arabic is rusty and it is getting to the point that my it is getting for me to make U-Turn in my official language stand 🙂

    Sem Andom

    • Beautiful Eritrea

      Brother Semere Andom, thank you for you commitments, but I am here to correct you, you seemed to be you don’t know well Eritrean history. firstly Sir Ahmad Mohammad Nasser was from Great Asawurta trips, Secondly I born and grew up in Eritrean and spend most of my life in Eritrean highlands – specially in Akelegozay- let me tell you something we don’t have any problem – in Eritrea there is no religion problem and you have to take idea of thinking that way, thirdly brother I advice you to read Eritrean History – it’s very important to have enough knowledge and from today believe we are Eritrean and we will be Eritreans and Eritrean for Eritrean. Thank you

  • Hayat Adem

    “..where is Aman? he is coming to Addis Soon”
    Araya, are you in Addis right now? Shiqorey, nabey de’a abilka, dehai atifiekhani kibilsi hijji qurb finChi hibkani?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Don’t listen to Araya, Do you know what scares him? I don’t think you miss that. it is something which is obvious. I am here in USA. Except I am not in the mood to debate.

      • Hayat Adem

        No I’ll not listen to Araya, I don’t think he has anything for my ears. But it was funny and farcical of him when he was asking if you were heading to Addis while he himself is in Addis based on his words.

        • Eyob Medhane

          “…..i hope the govrnmnet sends the city bus to peak the kind of Aman and you know what Happened to city bus in Addis….”


          Oh my God! It shows you how ghastly awful shabias are. On the above statement he actually was making fun of those, who died few days ago with a tragic bus accident in Addis. The accident was so bad and never seen before, the company was forced to pay a substantial compensation to victims rather quickly for the first time in Ethiopian history…

          Look, this is what heartless, cruel, animalistic the are.This is what he was making fun of….

          I just want everyone to s

          • Rodab

            Ok, you see Eyoba the problem I have with you? ONE insensitive person made a stupid comment and in your logic the entire shaebia said it. That’s it, no question! is amazing! If you had said it (I know you won’t say such a thing) and I was to go “oh look what the Woyanes just said” would that be reasonable?

          • Eyob Medhane


            Taking to account the collective, group thinking mentality of Shabia and Co. I don’t think I am that far off. I sincerely do believe that there is a huge different between Shabia and the Eritrean people. Shabia is one crazy, abnormal cult, and the people of Eritrea are people like any other in the world, mixture of good, bad, kind, not so kind, nice not so nice…. (Generally normal people) Hence, most of the time, I refrain from speaking about them in general terms, unless I speak about a culture, music and behavioral traits and trends of some sections of Eritrean society….The guy, that was smirking about the bus accident, does not fall in my ‘Eritrean people’ category. He is Shabia. Member of the abnormal cult. Since cultists have a uniform thinking and I believe that Shabia is a cult, I take liberty of generalizing them, most of the time. Did you get me?

          • Rodab

            NO I don’t get you! How is that?!
            I hold Shaebia responsible for Araya’s comment as much as I hold Woyane responsible for your comments. I know you are on “ashaferegn” mood and there is no chance of you reflecting on your irresponsible comment, but you are wrong to drag shaebia into this unfortunate bus accident. You can bring cult, this or that, it doesn’t matter how much excuse you bring, you still be wrong.

          • Hayat Adem

            Rodab and Eyoba,
            You have the normal shabia, shabia, bad shabia, uglyshabia amd araya shabia, in that order. what else is new? They are sick. Don’t think they only do it on ethiopians though. they do it many times on eritreans as well, lampedusa victims included..

            Rodab, eyoba is generalizing and that is not fair. Araya is mocking on victims of bad day accident which is evil and inhuman. which one do you reprimand first?

          • Rodab

            “Don’t think they only do it on ethiopians though”
            Lady Hayat, can you tell me what exactly you are referring to on the above quote? Are you blaming shaebia for the bus accident, or are you bringing something irrelevant?

          • Hayat Adem

            Sir, I was referring to the mockery act of Araya on the bus victims. I don’t think you could have missed that though.

          • Ermias

            SM and Araya show up here on the same day after long hybernation. They are creations of Nitricc. He has deep rooted and psychopathic hatred towards Tigray. I can prove that to you. Sadly, all this hatred towards his own people, Tigrayans, which I can prove too.

            So Eyob, rest assured, we have come a long way as Eritreans in understanding Ethiopia, it’s issues, and it’s role in future Eritrea. Just read the interview of Ahmed Nasser, an exemplary Eritreans leading by example. That’s what’s being echoed by Eritreans these days. Took too long but better late than never.

          • Abinet

            Could you please summarize the interview . I tried to read it but it was a little bit too long . I want to know what his vision was for the two countries .
            What happened to Chelsea ? I hope they don’t mess it up against PSG .good luck

          • Ermias

            Hi Abi. Yes indeed it is quite long and it will be a great disservice if I try to summarize such an extensive document. But his vision seems to me non confrontational, conciliatory, non interfering approach between both sides. I would suggest you go to the questions and see if the topic interests you and read. The dynamics of EPRP, EDU, TPLF, and ELF, EPLF with respect to each other was particularly educational to me.

            Speaking of Chelsea, they handed the trophy over to City. That’s a done deal in my opinion. PSG and Ibra? I will keep my expectations low so I don’t get depressed for a trophyless season. I hope you are not an Arsenal fan because that team has caused lots of agony and misery to its fans for so many years now.

          • Abinet

            Thank you. I will make it a weekend project .
            As to arsenal , I don’t support them . I know better. The last time I supported them Ian wright was playing . I miss him so much . Ibra? That guy is just something .
            Hey, don’t lose hope .

          • Eyob Medhane


            What? You don’t support Arsenal? That’s just a dagger in my heart 🙁

          • Abinet

            I supported them in the old good days. You remember ” big league soccer” before premier league ? Ya , back then . In addis language ( midir addis salech).
            Btw , they are doing better than my team for a change.

          • Eyob Medhane

            Come on Abinet. The fact that they gave a chance to Gedion Zelalem should have soften your heart… For me, though, my commitment to them is not written on a stone 🙂 My ‘religion’ is any one, but Manchester United. ..:-)

          • Abinet

            MAN U for ever !

          • Abrham

            He is noT from Tigray. Why you so restless finding his origin while by his own admission told you who he is? He is ERITREAN AND HARD LINE PDFJITE.

  • haile

    you calling Eritrea a closet? It is “closed” with a “d” not “t” stop talking while you have your plastic tooth out for cleaning.

  • Hayat Adem

    I didn’t know you meant it for soliloquy. I thought you were discussing.

  • Araya

    Why all this cry,AT? when Wechu died you never mentioned anything now when a Muslim opposition died, you are shoving it on your readers throat. Why is that? Ah, one is Muslim and the other is christian. Action always speaks louder than words. you proved to us how bigot you are. the fact is Wachu has done more than the person you are crying for. i know you won’t post it. this is my 3rd article you refused to post.
    when ever i mention your coward Haile my post never makes it. now, why is it? can you answer me why?
    hahahahahahah. where is Aman? he is coming to Addis Soon. mark my word. i hope the govrnmnet sends the city bus to peak the kind of Aman and you know what Happened to city bus in Addis right ask T-kifle.

  • Kokhob Selam

    I never read any thing like that from Hailes posts. in fact he is even after real democratic Eritrea. you may have misunderstood his words. read it again and again but take out your eyeglass that you use when reading PFDJ’s propaganda.

    • Eritrea Not Habesha

      haile, come out of the closet. People are nice at Nobody is going to beat you up. You are safe.

    • Ertirea Not Habesha

      KS, Calling Eritrea Habesha is like calling Florida Cuban. Yes, there are some Cubans that live in Florida but the majority of the state’s population is not Cuban. There are a lot of other Floridians that are “not Cuban” and they don’t want their state to be referred to as Cuban. Do you get it? There are a lot of Eritreans that are not Habesha so they would not want their country to be referred to as Habesha either.

      • dine

        but according to ethiopian history non Habesha eritreans are immigrant from sudan except kunama and afar.

  • Ertirea Not Habesha

    haile, Are you Ethiopian? What does PIA have to do with whether Eritrea should be independent or not. Every Eritrean believes Eritrea should be independent. Whatever hiccups Eritrea is going through as a young nation is expected and temporary. All young nations go through some growing pains and some turbulence. Eritrea is only 21 years old. There is no doubt in every Eritrean’s mind whether independence is right for Eritrea or not. Only you, haile, and some Ethiopians believe independence was a mistake for Eritrea. Please come out of the closet, haile, and reveal your true identity since you don’t believe Eritreans should have fought to become independent. Come out of the closet. You’re overdue.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear,Eritrea Not Habesha, do you notice how much we care for our heroes? no exception for every death we experience in the month we all were equally feeling the pain. why is that? do you notice how Ahmaed Nasser became the center of all? it is easy to see that our people love to see free and democratic nation. that is the important point here.

      • Ertirea Not Habesha

        KS – Yes, I agree, but what does that have to do with whether Eritrea should be independent or not? PIA is not Eritrea. Even he would tell you that himself. Eritrea belongs to all of us. Eritrea is forever. That’s why Eritreans’ cherish their country’s sovereignty and independence. Haile is trying to say because Eritrea has PIA as the current President, independence was a mistake. 99% of Eritreans would reject haile’s assertion. Only some Weyane cadres playing psychological warfare would agree with him. I think haile needs to come out of the closet. Come out of the closet haile. People are nice at Nobody is going to beat you up for coming out of the closet.

        • danny

          I am a proud Habesha because Habesha is my ancesterial being and it is my identity. I am also an Eritrean national, who is not proud of his country’s stand in every human developmental index. The state of Eritrea, my country, is on the verge of becoming a failed state and there is absolutely no reason to be proud of such a state unless I somehow find sadistic reasons to draw satisfaction.

    • haile


      You kidding or what? Scroll up, check the main story again and think why the hero wasn’t buried in Eritrea. IA is the reason for the disaster that is making you ask the questions you’re asking me. What does the case of Niezghi Kiflu has to do with growing pains?

  • Habesha

    First, Ahmad Nasser RIP.
    But just a thought…. Of all the Eritrean freedom fighters…I have never heard of “any Eritrean” who was disadvantaged because he was Eritrean… You guys were given equal right…equal opportunity… and the whole of Ethiopia to use as your own…. In retrospect, was it worth it to fight ?

    • haile

      haha..Habesha come out man, you are IA disguised in that pen-name, right? (…kidding, though a close call). You see, Eritrea is a dream tampered with and destroyed by IA. He ensured that the people would go through this hell, so that to turn around and ask them “was it worth it”? Actually, it is an understatement to say just “worth it” in fact far more than that. Just wait till he gets his due and we’ll be talking a different ball game all together 🙂

    • Eritrea Not Habesha

      First of all, Eritrea is not Habesha! Eritrea is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious sovereign nation. When you say Habesha you are reducing Eritrea’s identity to that of highland and Christian polity only. That is wrong! There are nine different ethnic groups in Eritrea, only one of which can be considered barely Habesha. Is a Beni Amer habesha? Is a Bilen Habesha? Is an Asawirtay habesha? Is Saho Habesha? Is Kunama Habesha? Is Afar Habesha? Is Hidareb Habesha? I could go on and on. But you get the point. All of those ethnic groups fought and bled together to rid their land of Ethiopian colonization. So Eritrea is not Habesha!

      • Hayat Adem

        Are you reading your own internal thoughts or what? He didn’t say Eritrea is Habesha, did he? His comment is 3-lines long. Go back and reread it. You would find him nowhere saying Eritrea was Habesha. But your feedback to him assumes that he said it, and you took a liberty to explain why he is wrong on what he never uttered a word. Well, not exactly- he calls himself Habesha but it has to be OK to call himself Habesha as he is just one himself and couldn’t possibly embody BeniAmer, Bilen, Kunama…:) MG!

        • NOT Habesha

          Good! We are finally getting somewhere! Now that we’ve established Eritrea is NOT habesha, please repeat after me everyone: “Eritrea is not habesha! Eritrea is made up of both Muslims and Christians, highlanders and lowlanders. Eritrea has nine ethnic groups. All nine ethnic groups fought and bled together to create a sovereign and independent nation after 30 years of bitter armed struggle.” May be it will get through Weyane’s thich head eventually if they repeat it long enough.

      • Abe

        FYI, All the above ethinic groups are Habesha with the exceptions of Kunam and Baria..
        By the same logic,Eritreans are not Arab(save Rashahidas) as the late Ahmad Mohammad Nasser, Ibrahim Sultan and all gedim Jebhas want us to believe.

    • berhe

      Dear Habesha,

      My condolences to the family of Ahmad Nasser family and the Eritrean people. RIP.

      to answer your question, we can ask you the same question. Why did the
      Ethiopian people rebel against Haile Sellasie in 1974. You see we did
      it a lot sooner, but eventually it happened. You can ask the same
      question, about those students who demonstrated against Haile Selassie
      and eventually to his down fall. But to give you an answer from the
      Eritrean point of view:

      I think what you need to put into consideration is this
      historical union of Ethiopia and Eritrea (Federation) and the collapse of the
      Eritrean Parliament.

      Although not comparable what Eritrean people are subjugated
      to today, but you need to see and understand the basic need of human dignity.

      When you read the history and contribution of people such as
      Ahmed Nassir you need to compare it to the people such as Mandela and
      Ghandi. If one look at what the life of
      Mandela was under the white majority rule (his own law firm, having his own
      White secretary) and Ghandi (a lawyer).

      So when you ask the question, why do “privileged”
      people such Ahmed Nassir decided to dedicate their lives to cause of freedom of
      their people, you also need to ask the same question by worlds great leaders
      “privileged” people such as Mandela and Ghandi.

      So it’s not what they were offered or able to achieve for
      their self being but rather, you need to ask what motivates them to abandon all
      the “good” they had and decided to dedicate their lives for the

      Without going to much detail, I think you need read the history
      of Eritrea prior to 1952, “before the federation” and what
      “little” freedom, democracy, that people enjoyed.

      Haile Selassie for all the good things he has done for
      Ethiopia, in terms of Education, health, infrastructure, modern government,
      International recognition, etc…etc, I think the absolute power he imposed and
      that he wanted people to assimilate to the “Amhara” tribe at the
      price of people culture, in terms of religion, language etc…is his biggest

      What really puzzles me is, he was exiled in England and
      stayed there for 5 years. I had visited
      London, the west minister, Oxford etc…I find it really, really puzzling that
      he didn’t learn anything about the British form of government and the parliament
      system. The British Monarch with all it’s powers, learned long ago when they
      saw what happened in Franch revolutions decided to implment the parliament
      system by giving much power to the people.
      This is what I think saved the British Monarch for all these years, and
      he lived there in the heart of England to see and witness it first hand.

      But when he went back, he had to install absolute power
      without any room for dissident.

      I know he had Prime minister but he had the absolute power,
      and if what I read is correct, he decided to quash the Eritrean Parliament
      against the advice of his advisors and his prime minister.

      For that, I think he paid dearly…with his life.

      Had he left the Eritrean parliament as what was agreed upon,
      I think it would have been a different story.

      So what you need to find out is, what happened to the
      Eritrean people, specially to those, Muslims from the low lands during his

      Then perhaps you may find the answer….

  • Kokhob Selam

    no question we Eritrean fail all the way till today in accomplishing our main aim generally speaking. we can’t claim much from just only individuals as it is always the sum of the mass that gives result. Me as Kokhob with all the blame I put against DIA, I will never be against him as an individual just for one reason- he is just the result. today if he depart I will not write anything against him and even I will ask the almighty to forgive him. if hell is there it is not for 70 years and hell is hell that no single person can wish to anyone. Ahmad Nasser is also the result of the mass but the difference is he was living real life without cheating himself and of course he dead real death living his work to us. now, someone in between this complicated political mess went nicely, loved by people and end peacefully –it is natural to admire him. for those who were around him there is a big book to be published. was he perfect ? no perfection is for almighty. Now, this incident is a teacher to do better than him since the lesson is his history. but hey, he at this very moment is not in condition to do anything as he is no more having the material world tools, you and me have this facility and DIA has more than us to do better. will you and me and DIA move for better future? you may, I may. DIA may too. this is the lesson. Eritrean organizations have seen the death,everyone was crying as everyone knows he was honest, but if he wake up now he will say if you love me work for united and democratic Eritrea, solve all conflicts and differences on table. tks

  • nurhussein mohammed

    again Warsay , I think U will never understand how things work: if any organization wants to hold a conference in any foreign country, it should put a flag of the host county side by side with it’s national flag ;be it Ethiopian or American .It’s a matter of “kubur yekbreka meten nebsu husur yehsrek meten nebsu iu” and u may know we Eritreans are very respectfull ppl!!!!

  • Michael Solomon

    Nathan: you wrote very touching story about Ahmad Nasser even though I do not know the man! a couple of observation – you said IA does not like any ex-ELF fighters to join in rebuilding the country – IA has been actively engaged in the destruction of Eritrea if you did not know by now – no sane Eritrean can tell you HGDEF has built anything in Eritrea!!! I have seen the country about 12 times in the last 23 years!! He can not even maintain what Mengistu and the Italians left behind let a alone to build anything – the “development ” pictures are just that taken the first day and never to materialize to anything – HEGEDF is good at that they perfected the art of deception!!!.
    Back to Ahmad Nasser as I said I do not know the man but what on earth was he doing for this long with the good-for- nothing opposition to bring down IA from Finfine? if he was that smart and good fighter the first thing to do would have been in my opinion to stay as far as possible from TPLF and close to his own people – he would have received the much needed support from his own people. Did he not know TPLF and HGDEF are one and the same.
    The majority of Eritreans are pissed off at TPLF/HGDEF and the worthless opposition stationed in the katikala huts of Ethiopia..

  • danny

    First, Ahmad Nasser RIP.
    After reading the above euology, I could not help but wonder where we Eritreans aquired the culture of reverence toward the dead.Only IA seems to be unEritrean in this regard as he finds ecstasy in denying respect to the dead. It seems the rest of us are so great at finding every little positive character of a person the day he/she has passed away, and how I wish if Eritreans could show a fraction of the respect to a living soul.
    Having said the above, let me turn 180 degrees and wish we were a bit realistic and honest about our assessment of a deceased person. Let us ask if Ahmad Nasser would have received such a praising for running down to the ground in if he were a CEO of a corporate company. He pretty much could have been an angel as a person in his personal character. But he has miserablly failed as a leader of a major Eritrean organization or series of organizations post ELF if we honestly assess his achievements,irrelevant of the reasons and excuses, compared to the objectives and goals he set out to meet.

  • said

    Salamat Ismail, and thank you for written an eulogy about Ahmad Nasser, much more good can be said
    about him, Ahmad Nasser was always for unity of the front .Sadly he is a causality of costly ELF and EPLF civil war that has cost our nation dearly ,the lost of so many young lives from both side ,is an warranted ,foolish and an necessary ,we can hardly afford in the midst of war ,that put our nation into a dark chapter of Eritrean history. IA
    is hard core student of Chairman Mao, IA believes like Mao proclaimed that political power flows from the
    end of a gun barrel-–Mao did subjugate a nation of one billion people based on that principle. The famine death of 40 million and the mass psychosis of the Cultural Revolution. IA adherent of the school of Mao brought with him and introduced to Eritrean struggle in real practical term, one reason among many that brought the catastrophic civil war upon Eritrea. The winner-take-all mentality, DIA and his cohort hard core-liners, now after ruling for more than two decade, the regime has not turned the corner, Tensions and division have not eased and there is no relative peace and calm enduring environment and the international environment is very unfavourable to the DIA regime. These is not the kind of history the EPLF, DIA included, would like to remember. Such a history is simply too dangerous as it underscores the reality that engulfed costly to the nation,and to a large degree continues to shape, the regime ruling class of the Eritrea.
    The regime seemed to lack unity of purpose, that brought only “catastrophe” after catastrophe and more blood shied to Eritrean unabated.The Eritrean people can no longer bear and afford a catastrophe, it is an obvious catastrophe, and tragedies have struck the Eritrean people. In early 90th the blind and unconditional support for the regime in Asmara took as a mandate to rule uncontested,,was a mistake .we as people ,we responsible one way or another,may be the people should take a blame partly, who bear the blame for bringing this catastrophe upon ourselves .That lead to dictatorship. Further catastrophe was managing the nation poor economy, coming
    from devastating long war. Regime political economy is easy tax collection -based economy from where every it can
    find, including the burial for death; It isn’t about trade. It isn’t about commerce, It isn’t production, It isn’t
    job creation It isn’t about wealth creation; It isn’t about tourism and hoteliers , It isn’t about airlines , It isn’t about openness to the world , It isn’t about goods and services, it isn’t about agriculture and agro business , It isn’t
    about fisheries, It isn’t about electricity and energy, It isn’t about water, It isn’t about human capital and resources, It isn’t about national resources, It isn’t about basic industry ; It isn’t finance and banking and it isn’t at all about the value and reorganising the importance of education for the future strategic aims, whether basic industries ,reviving economic, and moving into scientific and technological space . Nor preserving, a thriving and flourishing the old economic model, the regime economic model is confiscation ,and bankrupt by gone communist system, non-existence policy, it is simply put it is about salve economy and miserable wage levels and empty slogans. The nation luck cable able cadre in every sector of economy and shortage of a skilled workforce, not enough
    economists in government. The nation is suffering from an appalling lack of national economic activity” the nation
    cannot attract investors or soothing investors and there has been no improvement. The regime never listen or try the need to find a reasonable solution, even when reached a critical dire situation, they have no proposing
    solutions, the same old trick recycled year after year.. One never hear how should one go about solving national economic, it never occur to them? They never want or hire qualified experts and nor they care about consultancies. No need for “consensual solution” The regime do not have a detailed economic plan.They never look for national strategy. A nation with no basic civil society, NGO, political parties or unions and so on, there is no point for regime existence to rule, we know no matter what the regime will never relinquish power, they seem content to wait and see and buy their time at expenses of the people. It is all about despotic danger of dictator Finally It is only about the maestro, the one Man show. It is about diabolic and despotic danger of dictator .The untouchable dictator .But how long can it last if, twenty three years after the “independence”, the social and economic issues
    that remain unresolved and an-addressed? The obvious result is totalitarian regime and abyss of economic which equally goes hand-in-hand with regression,backwardness, poverty and devastation. Without urgently addressing the real issue in the mind of the vast majority Eritrean in support ,democracy, the rule of law, human rights,
    pluralism, freedom and human dignity ,must be backed by concrete policies and in timely manner
    and by taken an immediate actions, simply put and because dictatorship is no match to democracy and liberty. The
    iron fist regime, ruling with the barrel of a gun, that is only ways the regime knows best and how apply it effectively using repression and brutality. DIA is a product and school of going back in time ,Maoism, Bonapartism and Bolshevism , that the confirmation of the presidency is , to non-elected military dictatorship which had been the case with Eritrea for the past two decade , an odious, barbaric unscrupulous ,cruel dictator and sleaziest leader who tax unfairly and extort businesses and steal his country’s wealth from country’s natural resources, an accountable , who have no respect for his people and knows nothing of human rights ,rule of law and democracy much less put it
    into practice, ,Eritrean can expect more of the Same , more “In a way, we’ve been here before,” While nothing can stay the same forever, we have to put up with evil , vile, kidnappers, assassin and torturer dictator, in terrifying and terrorizing against his own population, this state of terror, population have to endure up for some time to come , a day will come when the people will not bend their knee to tyranny .

  • Kokhob Selam
  • haile

    Warsay, here is even more scary stuff from the YPFDJ singing for the flags of the CIA infested anti-hgdef Western countries:-)

  • Rodab

    Nice comment Warsay bro!

  • Michael

    Can someone please explain to me what an Ethiopian flag was doing at an Eritrean opposition meeting???????

    • haile

      Can you explain to us why PFDJ meetings in Germany have German flag, in UK have UK flag, in USA have USA flag? Did it occur to you that it is a common practice in honor of the host country’s hospitality to hold your meetings?

      • Hayat Adem

        Haile, your point will help the questioner rest his case. In some public meeting halls, national flags of the host countries are permanently fixed to the walls, which means you have to unmount them from the wall if you want the hall free of the host country flag, which wouldn’t be politically and diplomatically correct for a hostee party to do.

  • Nathan Aman

    I beg to defer with Warsay as regards to Ahmed Nasser’s legacy. I am very sure Eritrea would have been in a lot better position than it is now under the HIGDEF junta in Eritrea. The EPLF may had been good at military but military only is not enough to lead a country such as Eritrea. Military is a means to achieve some victories of course but you need to have a fairly balanced leadership to lead a nation and it’s people. I would have chosen Ahmed Nasser’s style of leadership to the that of Esayas anytime! Look at current Eritrea now with a crazy leader at the helm is sinking like a sad old ship. What is the point of having a leader that only knowledge is force. You cannot solve everything by force. A leader has to be loving of his people, caring of his people and country. Also a leader has to put his people and his country front and center of his leadership. You cannot say all the good things people are saying in the comment section here about our dictator will they? One has to build and keep a good legacy and die being respected and admired as Ahmed Nasser was. I saw Ahmed in 1978 and admired his intelligence,honesty, honer decipline and the way he engaged ordinary Eritreans. That is the kind of a leader Eritrea needed. Especially after independence we needed a leader such as Ahmed Nasser and may be Esayas as a military leader. I am not sure Esayas has a temperament for any responsible position in the government since he is rude, obnoxious, undisciplined and mean and dishonest and lier who looks out for his own interest above that of his country and people. I want to share a short story about Ahmed Nasser that was told to me by ex-ELF fighter who was a refugee with me at a time around 1984. “He said that one night while I was in Meda I and a few other fighters got lost at night around the Sudanese border. We did not realize that we were lost until we were stopped by the Sudanese border police. The police/military personnel told us that we were in the Sudanese side of the border and hence we were not allowed to proceed with our weapons.We we’re shocked and explain to them that we got there by accident it was not intentional. They told us it is ok you just have to spend the night here and tomorrow at daylight you could leave it will be safer for you. We agreed and planned to spend the night there. Soon after that a Toyota land cruiser appeared in the border and soon we came to realize that it was Ahmed Nasser with his aides and a driver going overseas and were on their way and came to get their travel papers arranged at the border. Ahmed Nasser saw us and came to us after greeting us he asked what we were doing there that time of a night. We were embarrassed and told him what happened. He said to us it is ok I will have the driver take you back to your post while he and his aides stay there. We insisted that he has more important mission of ELF to take care of and we don’t want to slow you down. But he told us that he will not feel comfortable leaving us behind and that it is his responsibility to make sure we are safe! That statement made us very happy and valuable and our determination to fight for our people and country increased ten fold. We were very proud of him and felt important” That was an awesome account of ex-fighters of our liberation for independence. I do not remember the name of the ex-tegadely who told the story but I was there with other youth at an event when he told the story. I hope he will recognize the story if he read postings at The story stuck with me for all those years and I always admired and respected The tagadaly martyred Ahmed Nasser. He went to Meda before I was born and never to return to his beloved homeland of Eritrea just because the monster dictator who does not have self confidence refused Ahmed Nasser to come to Eritrea tho rebuild the country right after independence. Now it is clear why Esayas does not allow any respected ex-tegadalay specially from ELF to come and participate in nation building and form leadership different from that of HIGDEF. May the good God receive Ahmed Nasser’s soul and grant him peace for what he has accomplished and for what he stood for. Bless and protect his immediate family. My condelence to his family, his compatriots and the whole truly loving and caring Eritrean people that lost a great son so soon!

  • Warsay

    He was a good guy for sure. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. He served his country proudly and fought to liberate it from Ethiopian colonization. Truth be told, however, as a leader he was ineffective. His leadership style was one of the main reasons the ELF was liquidated. He was too accommodating and didn’t have that killer instinct EPLF military leaders do. What happens to sheep? They get slaughtered. And that is what happened to the ELF in the end. Regardless, he deserves to be recognized as a patriot, his fraternizing with the enemy (weyane tigray) notwithstanding.

    • Nurhussein Mohammed

      Dear warsay please have an open mind , and learn history.There is a saying in tigrinya”habbal bellia keitikidimeki” Ahmed would never conspire with the Weyanes to hurt any Eritrean let alone to hurt the country which he gave all he had, in the contrary it was Issayas who slept with the weyans to destroy an organization that consisted of 45,000 or more daughters and sons of the Eritrean ppl. And with the absence of these seasoned freedom fighters , Isayas turned our freedom to hell.
      I believe U R a young natinalist who is looking outward for our country’s ills.Please be a visionary don’t be overwelmed by tge brutatal propaganda of the Eritrean government.
      With regards!!!!!!!

  • Haben

    What a man!! I want to pass the RELAY to the younger generation…. The honorable “Ahmed Nasser”

    Please watch:

    • Warsay

      Very disturbing to see Weyane’s Ethiopian flag (the one with a star in the middle) next to the Eritrean flag at this opposition meeting. Do all the opposition meetings have an Ethiopian flag next to an Eritrean flag? Is this the norm at opposition meetings? Very disturnbing to see indeed. This is why people don’t trust the opposition. What is an Ethiopian flag doing at an Eritrean meeting????????????

  • azere

    It is heart wrenching to hear the death of a great and good man. May God the Almighty rest his soul in peace. I never had the opportunity to meet brother Ahmed Nasser but I knew that he was exceptionally humble and good man. His trait shall always be our heritage and his efforts and selfless sacrifice shall not be in vain.