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Yemane Gebremeskel Speaks Untruth

Yemane Gebremeskel broke his five-day silence with untruth. It has been five days since Eritrean government forces killed conscripts in broad daylight in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. Over the last five days, the information minister of the Eritrean regime was silent and so was his government. Today he tweeted, “Eritrean arch-enemies and hired guns have now gone into their usual frantic-mode to conjure up & recycle despicable lies about a sad incident.”

In two tweets, a few minutes earlier, he had admitted the death of “two national service members last Sunday from injuries received when they jumped and fell from a military truck transporting them,” and that “11 others were also injured in the same act…”

No sane person would believe Yemane’s misleading (and confusing) statements because he is known for telling untruths, half-truths, quarter truths, and utter lies. Undoubtedly, to be part of a brutal repressing regime, and its propaganda minister, is an unenviable position. But the world knows what happened last Sunday: Shots were fired by the regime’s forces in Asmara, Eritrea’s capital, and people died.

This website has been promoting reconciliation for many years believing it is the only solution to the Eritrean situation that is going from bad to worse, thanks to the repressive PFDJ regime that considers the unity of Eritreans a risk to its hegemony. Unfortunately, there are some Eritreans who do not believe in reconciliation because they are weary it might end the PFDJ rule. Even this group of Eritreans is not reconciled why it wants to keep the untenable status quo forever. While some of them have vested interest in the continuation of the unjust PFDJ rule—they have amassed great wealth and power through favoritism, nepotism, and a few have their hands soaked in the blood of many Eritreans, they have enriched themselves through corruption, criminal ventures, and open extortion of material resources that belonged to the public or individual citizens. Naturally, they are afraid they would be held accountable for what they have done so far and they consider the struggle for freedom and ending the unjust Eritrean rule, as a pursuit of power with the intention of taking revenge on the PFDJ and those who are collaborating with it. However, no opposition voice has stated it is for revenge, but for justice to be applied to all, with no distinction.

The ruling party understands reconciliation to mean a specific action that its opposition should take: raise a white flag, kneel down in humiliation, and ask for forgiveness. Only then they can be allowed to live the life of a subjugated citizen with no rights, at all. Isaias and his minions never abandoned the ruling protocol of the ancient feudal rulers of the region; they behave as warlords, not as statesmen. That behavior has already corrupted quite a significant portion of the Eritrean population, a portion that doesn’t differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong, justice and injustice.

Over the last decade and half, it has been proven to us that the corrupt PFDJ will never embrace the idea of reconciliation. On the contrary, it will continue to loudly declare it only understand the language of brute force, that of guns and violence. And several officials of the ruling party have declared that: if the opposition wants to change the regime, it should remove it by force. They say, “fight it”, literally. “Show your manhood” is the challenge that several ambassadors of the regime, including those in the USA, UK, and Israel, condescendingly threw at the opposition.

Since the first of April, Eritreans have been discussing the ordeal of an Eritrean citizen, Mohammed Hussein AlAmaoudi, who was incarcerated for 13 years. While in jail, Mohammed lost his eyesight, and his entire family of three children and his wife drowned while crossing to Europe. Eritreans haven’t come to terms with Mohammed’s predicament when they heard about the other tragic news: regime soldiers shot and killed conscripts in Asmara.

The two incidents and the discussions that followed among Eritreans is a testimony about how bent the regime is on taking Eritrea to the abyss. The reaction of the regime supporters to the two tragic events is very bothersome, yet, it’s a clear indication that the ruling party means what it states through its different mouthpieces: it doesn’t understand any language but the language of violence. To make matters worse, there are a few opportunist Eritreans who present their silence in the face of injustice, or their open support of the regime, as a sort of virtue. Worse, they shamelessly boast they are fair minded while they are individuals who have the illusion they are sitting as judges in a courthouse. Ironically, they are always quick to support the regime’s position, on any issue, and zealously defend it in a way the official media of the regime wouldn’t.

Partisan Neutrality!

What we have in Eritrea is not a football game of two teams, one representing the people and another representing the regime; the two are not equal contenders in a competition. On the contrary, the regime is armed to the teeth, commands all the resources of the country, and rules with impunity and cruelty, while the citizens are under the mercy of the regime, suffering from its wrath, aggression on their freedoms and liberties, helplessly watching while the regime confiscates their property, and snatches their children, at will. So, when the regime shoots or incarcerates Eritrean citizens without due process, without sentencing them, to the extent that they lose limbs and sight, or are inflicted with mental and physical illness, its supporters assume the role of judges (a bribed judge at that) and pass their verdict on the cases—they have an illusion that they are neutral citizens.

Recently, a Diaspora Eritrean who thinks the Eritrean predicament is a vague issue, seemed to trivialize why his compatriots are fighting the PFDJ. He asked: “I just want to know to what I am changing! what are the programs for the change! who is doing the change! HOW the change is achieved! what the cost of the change is!”

To see an Eritrean who trivializes the struggle in such a away is sad because you don’t expect that even from a non-Eritrean. Most of the regime supporters think they are neutral, or fair, individuals. In fact, the PFDJ supporters might be inflicted by the Messiah Complex, just like Isaias. Our disillusioned Diaspora Eritrean thinks his role in issues of justice and freedom is that of an auditor, he thinks he is the go-to person to whom everybody should report the answers and then he would tick and approve the points or disapprove and cross them.

Such individuals are worse than the regime, they are the aggressors and self-declared adversaries of Eritreans who are pursuing justice, and freedom and liberty of their people. The cowardly supporters of the regime lack any sense of humanity and compassion, they are opportunists and the worst example of an Eritrean. If past experiences are a lesson, they belong to a tribe, a tribe that has been anti people throughout history and whose motto is: “zbereqe tsHaina znegese ngusna” [whichever rises on the horizon is our sun, whoever rules, is our king]. And these are the greatest danger for the establishment of a just nation. They promote violence, injustice, bloodshed, and at the end, if they feel they are winning, they continue the bloodbath, but if they think they are losing, they switch allegiance to the party they think will be the victor.

if the PFDJ fell tomorrow, such people will be at the doorsteps of the new system before those who think they have sacrificed a lot for Eritrea. But those who know their history will not be surprised. The aggressors of today will be the gatekeepers of tomorrow’s Eritrea—it didn’t take them time to switch their loyalty from Haile Selassie regime to the Derg regime in 1974, and it didn’t take them time to switch their blind loyalty from the Derg to a zealous loyalty for the PFDJ, immediately after independence in 1991. Similarly, it will not take them time to switch and pledge allegiance to the system that replaces the PFDJ regime in the near future. However, we don’t think Eritreans are as naïve as they were in 1991—for twenty five years, those who switched loyalty from the Derg to the PFDJ in 1991 have wreaked havoc in Eritrea, they destroyed its religious, diplomatic, social and educational institutions. Worse, they fattened the repressive regime of Isaias Afwerki.

NB: An earlier edition of The Pencil misidentified Yemane Gebremeskel as Yemane Gebreab.

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  • Haile WM

    Selamat all,

    Some patterns In GrmbiTville* :
    using the same phraseology and arguments. when a Tragedy occurs: GrmbiTville media stay silent, hopping the thing goes unnoticed. However if the pressure mounts, then come out and deny it, ask for evidences. If the pressure mounts further send some comedian to the media and use the same format “the arch enemies ploys and plots”.

    I was browsing the GrmbiTville media, and an article by Sophia catches my eyes (yeah I know, I had some spare time ) while nothing new in the article a familiar phrase stuck in my mind: “woyane and it’s handlers”. I was wondering how often do I hear the word “handlers” in real life ? Where did I hear that sentence, at least a modified version of it.
    Eureka! It was in this forum. In that case it was “opposition and their handlers”. some light research and some weeks earlier it was “Djibouti and it’s handlers”. No creativity at all. I wonder if in GrmbiTville everyone has it’s handler, or it’s a simple template in describing ABCIA** in Grmbitville “_____ and their/its handlers” (fill the dash with woyane, opposition, Djibouti, Uganda, COI, etc… you know what I mean..)

    but what I really don’t understand is when GrimbitVille citizens faced with direct questions and evidences they utterly have no response. they go banana. I really wonder why haven’t yet produced a template for questions regarding imprisonment without due process, evidences supporting varying accusations, question regarding the constitution (where is the new consttution btw). So-far the only template to answer this question is Adi Tihimbeb ala!

    *thank you saay 🙂

    **Anyone But CIA 🙂 according to the illuminati CIA handles everyone and sometimes it’s self..

  • tes

    Dear Awate Readers,

    European External Policy Advisors are coming with new reports on the tragedy of BLACK SUNDAY.

    It is reported from inside Eritrea that 29 conscripted recruits and civilians were killed or injured in a blood bath against alleged deserters of the indefinite Eritrean national service.

    For more details 29 Forced Conscripts were killed by armed soldiers


    Another report (in French) is also referring Radio Erena and has linked a voice recorded by mobile phone during the incident.


  • Kokhob Selam


    I have chosen to silent on this one for now till our wonderful thinker FG comes with his article – that may keep both of us in balance.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hello everyone.

    Now that AMAN is back, I hope the forum will see some sense of completeness, although the great L.T. is still missing, translating Shakespeare’s tragedy plays into Tigrigna. I missed many comments during this week. One of them caught my eyes. It dealt with the way Semere used me to fend off Nitrickay’s assaults. Semere put it this way:
    “The fact that MS went this far to criticize this person says a lot, he was one of those who gave him the benefit of doubt, mentored him, held his hand to navigate the complex Eritrean history, encouraged him, rebuked some of us when we were harsh on this clueless, so this guy has lost one of his biggest endorsers and mentors.”

    With all honest pleas, please stop ato semere, the bad friend of wedi Saleh, this nonsense. How many times should I repeat that this man called Nitriccay will be here at all cost. I have no privileges to mentor anyone, I’m a learner. The forum is blessed with individuals who are clear about what they want to contribute, and are passionate about what to convey. So, please drop this mentorship nonsense for good.
    So let me set the record straight in an awatista style. I actually missed this part (Nitrickay. Lamek, Semere, tes sparring game). Come on now Semere. Cousin SAAY would say ጮግራፍሲ ባዕላ ወቒዓ ተእዊ (not sure about the exact wording of the saying). My bad friend, when it comes to ነገር ድልይልይ በትሪ ሃሰሰው, you are guilty as charged. But let me also divulge here a long kept secret. I love and enjoy it; I consider it a guilty pleasure. You guys are the best in that type of business.

    Famous nitrrickay description of Semere, ” What have you done for Eritrea?… Semere this shows how low and stupid you are. I know; you left Eritrea like a little girl tacking your tails between your legs when others were responding to the call of duty.” When I read such expressions, well, nitriccally, beautiful, I lough my LITERALLY to death. It takes me few moments to have a control over myself and a couple of soft tissues to wipe out beads of tear from my chicks, perhaps one of the few moments my tear glands get activated from its dormant state.

    So, here, I’m imagining of a little girl who has been blessed with nature’s generosity of a mutation that has gone too far for elongating hear rear-end tailbone to that extent. “But why not a little boy?” I wonder.
    Semere’s memorable descriptions of Nitrickay:”.. some of them are retards with learning disability, some have mental disorders…” and words such as one-brain-celled, bot, robot…etc. .I just wonder, how could one brain-celled man make the chograff to wail? And how is it possible for that one neuron to even figure out who Lamek is?

    Speaking of Lamek, I know…I know…and I admit it, some times I too break the implicit code of becoming an old person. It’s said that in traditional highland Eritrea there is a strict limits society placed in the way certain age-brackets can interact with each other. There are the young kids who are told not to intrude in the gentlemen’s discussions; women, of course, have their domain, way at the inner sanctuary of the house; adult youth join the elders but in a mentor/mentee relationship…and so on. Those restrictions exist in lowlands too, but not too severe. Now, I accused Lamek of changing nicks, well, it was not my business, and I should not have jumped into the enticingly quick jab. But this forum being a typical forum, those things will come and go depending on the temperature of the room. So, when people come after Lamek, Hayat, and Ghehteb, guess what? There are two awatista instigators who should be recognized for the skill and the passion they have at weaving, meshing and fuzzing a somewhat plausible story for the purpose of silencing the “opponent” they want to see disappearing from this forum. They are the great awatistas, Semere and Nitrickay. Nitricckay went after Hayat (she is said to be studying Nhnan Elamanan, somewhere) with his “dedebit” thing. Ghehteb rolled over a group of people with his famous “Abbyssinian Fundamentalists” punch; Semere invented his “Ghehteb is a defector ex-EPLF…” story. I call for moderation. A forum without a bit overdriven members becomes a dull academic one. So, I hereby suggest that we form a code monitoring squad led by the great Fanti Ghana. The purpose will be setting the thermostat of the room and monitoring. We need these guys, because, without them life is just too dull, but moderation. Can you imagine an awatista forum without Nitrickay, Semere, Lamek, tes, Ghehteb and Ted. Yes, the great Ted is also deep into this mess. But, hey, more often than not, to me, it’s not a mess, but a spice (chewberbere). That’s when Emma is not paying attention. OK, once Emma shows up, you know how to behave.

    I know, I have a problem, and sometimes, I’m accused of siding with one group or individual. You know what? There is a MS code of social conduct. Once a friend is a friend forever. Whatever happens, as IA would say, is among family members. And that’s most of these notorious guys happen to be my favorites. They just get into my nerves when each of them try to make the point that they are victims of aggressions by the other side which they happen to be pounding badly. Our elders say chografs weQi’Aa te’ewi, or the whip cracks from its own act of lashing someone. That’s to say that an oofender instigates a situation and then comes back crying when the situation’s fallout becomes unbearable.
    This has been today’s Hateta brought to you by haTewQeTew Co.

    • Ted

      Hi The greatest MS. Fanti Ghana as a monitor is a bad deal . One word from his Faintness, we all be singing Kumbaya around a camp fire and goes out the window your guilty pleasure;-).I won’t talk more about the ገረወይና Semere Andom, it will be more ገረውረው. Lamek, is interesting character. Before he sheds off his last skin, VF was into Tigray-Tigrigne unification with mother Ethiopia with a plan to get to the helm of power. It was enjoyable blood bath, Abi and Amde wack his head so hard it was so beautiful .Then behold, he came back as Lamek blazing to jump on you. While we are into dishing out and naming names, Amanuel H knows a pop culture reference more than he let us believe, just he want us to talk “meaningful” Izi hizbi issue; the bigger half of the forum which worked well with your/our guilty pleasure and by the way Saay’s knowledge of pop culture drives the PFDJist nuts( i heard them say it);-) Like you said, the forum is beautiful with all elements, of course Nitricc’s ” between your tail” is the best comment to the appropriate target.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dearest Mahmuday &Ted,

      The veracity of knowledge of awatista forumers is really commendable minus the name calling by the way. I mean it. But the problem is they are not serious on the issue of our time and the problem our nation is facing. In peace time I could visualize this forum will be rich of all descipline of knowledges to build this nascent nation of ours. That is my observation in a nutshel.

      Senay MeAlti,
      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan Emma
        I think you need to embrace SAA’s DCC, and depose him. He is the engine of varieties. Meanwhile, we usually watch the time to see that it is late evening in the East Coast before going Hateqetew.
        BruK me’Aalt.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hi Mahmuday,

          DCC is a wishful thinking my dear friend, taking into consideration degree of enlightenment of our EDF. But then we can take the risk even the normal coup we are familiar with than the current brutal regime.

          You see Mahmuday, we were claiming that we are better equipped on the know how and are unique than our African brothers, albeit we are not. DCC is not possible in the African reality so also in our reality. Let us wish within our realities and do not give the unrealistic hope to our people.

          Senay MeAlti,
          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Emma
            I was actually referring to a Democratic Coup within awatista forum. You depose SAAY and we could all be talking Qumneger. Because the engine of waza ms qneger is SAAy. Talking of DC as a political tool, likewise, I’m not that impressed by the proposal that DC could happen in Eritrea, but you could not rule out anything, Emma.Could you?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Buddy Mahmuday,

            You guys, you always throw me to the wood through your humors and sarcasms. I have a problem to differntiate between your serious comment and your chatting humors. You see Mahmuday, you gave Saay a big time to laugh.

            In any case I never rule out the “probability of the probabiility, ” that narrow window of possobility, as general rule of social science. But then social science is not predictable as it is governed by different known and unknown factors. As a result society should shape the discourse based on tje known

          • saay7

            Selamat Mahmuday:

            I already have my form letters ready, courtesy of PIA:

            Letter 1:

            The State of Awate
            Office of The Moderator
            Date: to be filled

            Emma (Amanuel)

            This morning you sent me a letter with signatures. If it is for my information, I have seen it. In general, I only want to say that you all are making a mistake.

            Letter 2:
            The State of Awate
            Office of Moderator
            Date: to be filled

            Amanuel Hidrat:

            Again today you have sent me another letter. I have seen it. I repeat, you are making a mistake.

            Letter 3:

            From: M/saay
            To: Emma
            Hour: 10:50
            N. I.: A290301.RTF

            – I have, this morning, received and seen the letter you sent, dated to be filled, in the name of those members of Awate Forum who had previously signed a request.
            – I do not want to go into its false and baseless content and say anything.
            – Because I have chosen to be tolerant, I will patiently avoid any invitation to an argument.
            – But if by continuous provocation, you want to escalate problems by exaggerating non-existent issues, it is your choice.
            – Again I ask you to refrain from this mistaken path and come to your senses.

          • tes

            Selam saay7,

            I bet you didn’t read these three letters. You have just seen the cover without readings contents. Why are afraid of opening them?


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Saay (Aya Adi ‘U)

            I am always amazed by your imaginative and creative mind. I am also disappointed to let us waite this long and still waiting to read a dialogic book authored by our imaginative son of Eritrea Saleh Younis.

            Back to the lettetrs, the petition drive within awatista is very promising, if you do not change your mind and listen to the demand of awatista. The Great Field Marshal Mahmud is given the necessary tools to take the mission. ( You see how you pull me to your chatting).

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Amanuel,
            you have just started to use his style, putting a big truth in between chatting and joking. sometime I go lost to catch the idea, he is creative while always getting younger.

            back the other day Mahmuday told us he will stay safe from Elephants Lol. I think no one notice my reply to him. Now, if Saay7 will not come with the book, the huge Mahmuday should think about it.

  • Saba

    Hello pencil,
    I think you are lumping together the Eritrean silent majority with the PFDJ camp. In Eritrean politics there are 3 groups: the proud PFDJ camp, the silent majority and the confused opposition camp. How do you characterize the Eritrean silent majority?
    You want this group to join your opposition with out questioning the opposition for its commitment for democracy, its transparency, etc. But for this silent majority it is a choice b/n today’s hell and tomorrow’s inferno. You telling them that today is hell but they know it already by first hand experience, it is that they expect also hell for tomorrow. So don’t you think you should make your case to the Eritrean silent majority? Right now i think the silent majority prefer a reformed PFDJ than this confused opposition unless a REAL opposition is born.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Sabina,

      Absolutely beautiful! I am about to write a whole article to essentially say what just said in few words. Now, I guess, I will have to spice it up.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Fanti Ghana,
        I was wondering, how comes you never post something wrong and you never had wrong stand, this time I found one.

        01- Do you ever see proud PFDJ in that camp? show me one, unless you don’t know what proud is and what shame is which I don’t think.
        02. is the majority supposed to be silent? isn’t the first to be victimized?
        03. are all opposition confused? for me opposition is not one camp and there are people working to unite it.
        04. “unless real opposition is born ” why someone has to wait if he thinks he needs new one? isn’t Saba’s duty? who can be the first cleaver women more than Saba to deliver new one?

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Kokhobay,

          I understand where you are coming from brother. If you examine every sentence carefully you will see how she packed Valiums into one paragraph. What she meant by “proud PFDJ” is similar to saying “strong supporter of PFDJ.” She is simply acknowledging their existence.

          For the rest, let me promise you that all the points she raised and the ones you questioned will be addressed in my “lam alechign besemay” article.

          In the meantime, be nice to Saba!

    • tes

      Selam Saba,

      Either you are confused or you are bringing here voices of the confused. I am saying this in regard to your description of the opposition camp. The opposition camp is very clear on its objectives, mission and missions. There are weaknesses on strategic methods though today they are learning fast too.


  • Mehari the ferrari

    The problem lies with us ,the socalled deleyti fithi ,who have no clear agenda ,not based on love anyways

  • Hope

    Wo Lali Sennet!

  • Lamek

    Dear AT. Totally understand the decision earlier. Will keep a better eye for next time. Thank you!

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Everyone.

    Nitricc and Ted,
    I haven’t forgotten about the long comment I promised you, but it is getting way, way too long for my brain to handle in one sitting, so I have decided to write an article instead. I kept going back and forth between making my opinion detailed enough vs. short enough. When will I finish it will depend on how busy my week will be, but I will give it my best effort.

    In the meantime, what I am preparing to say is not a mystery at all. Generally it is about who is opposition, what do oppositions do, why many don’t join the opposition when the dictatorship is so harsh and obvious, why some Eritreans are either suspicious, uncomfortable, or reluctant to join the opposition camp and why, in some cases, why they prefer reformed version of PFDJ instead. Dictators and oppositions may not be unique to Eritrea, but Eritrean history and how all the supporters, the so called silent majorities, and the oppositions came about has made it unique in several respects. As I thought about addressing these issues it became apparent to me how important they really were.

    Although it would have been better if they were addressed by those who have a better understanding of politics, I will try my best to present my ideas to at least point every one in the right direction for future discussions: I hope!

    • Nitricc

      Your Fittness; take your time. what it matters is that we read your idea and the way you see things in this convoluted situation we are going through. I believe; as always, your balanced, fair and honest opinion will matter greatly this time around.

      • Solomon Haile

        Selam Nitric,

        i like the word: Convoluted. As in convaluted integral of the calculus of it all. Here is where ihn mhn enkan haban and Rumsfeld’s of the known unkown and Sinefeld rhyms with Rumsfeld yada yada yada yada…
        Even Aya Amanuel’s word: “Perpetual” he may fail to realize is ONE over INterest… You know Perpetuity from theory of interest. A young man ones said to the O G: “you are feeding me.” to which the old man rehtorted: on the contrary ‘son’, I devour the young!”
        But i digres….

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Fanti Ghana,

      Go ahead for full blown article. I can ‘t waite to read your perspectives on the subject you raised. For sure the points you wanted to touch them are the issues, the opposition camp are stucked with in a perpetual delimma.

      Senay MeAlti
      Amanuel Hidrat

  • Lamek

    Hi all. Apologies because I am totally off topic here but I was just reading some news items and read about an American football player who was killed just in the most stupid way. Please remind yourself, your family, and friends of these coward black and while Americans. They will shoot you for looking at them funny. They are scary. Trust me, everyone of them carries a gun because they live in total fear.

    “The former defensive end was driving in a Mercedes late Saturday through an upscale part of the city called the Lower Garden District when his vehicle was hit from behind by another vehicle, an orange Hummer H2, police said.

    That caused Smith’s vehicle to hit a grey Chevrolet Impala in front of him. Two acquaintances of Smith’s were in the Impala but not injured.

    At some point in the ensuing incident, Smith and Hayes the driver of the Hummer exchanged words, police said. That’s when police say Hayes pulled out a gun and shot Smith multiple times.

    Smith’s wife, who was traveling with him, was shot in the leg. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police said Smith died at the scene.”

  • Hope

    Selam the Pencil Team:
    Zi’weredo Yemane,te’azizu end’alu meshkinay…
    Entay ghiber ekhum tibliwo zelekhum.?.

  • Desalegn


    Date: 09/04/2016

    Protect your country from a failed State

    Eritrea is going to awards a failed state like Somalia, Syria and Libya because it will no longer perform basic functions such as education, security, or governance, due to fractious violence or extreme poverty. The fall of the HIGDEF regime is
    inevitable but there will be a power vacuum, people fall victim to competing factions and crime, therefore “Now, it is the time the different opposition groups to work together and make an alliance for the same objective before the fall of the regime and the country”.

    [It is the opposition duty and responsibility to protect all of humanity and to ensure security for all the countries’ citizen after the fall of the regime.]

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Desalegn,
      that is important timely massage if only your reaplce OUR instead “your”.

      • Desalegn

        Dear Kokhob,

        Thank you for your information.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The black Sunday – is just another Isayas’s incompetence, a sign, like in Somalia, that Eritrea is heading towards becoming a failed state. There is no one other than Isayas to blame because the crimes committed and the corruptions have Isayas’s face and hands.

    Isayas, who does not recognize and respect family members’ rights to get together peacefully, how can he demand neighboring countries to respect his rule’s territorial rights?

    Isayas, who is pushing many Eritreans to become stateless, how can he claim that the people have the duty to guard against threats to national security?

    Isayas, who is levying 2% tax for nation building, how can he destroy all functioning institutions and functioning rules that are needed to organize functional arrangements for nation building by establishing effective transparency system?

    Isayas, who is levying 2% tax for national security, why is he enforcing widespread sufferings, human rights violations and wealth confiscations, all of which are grounds for turbulence, civil insurrections and public commotions?

    Isayas, who is levying 2% tax for nation building, how can he authorize his generals to have absolute control over the people’s life, properties, rights and freedom as well as to oppress basic human and civil rights, all of which are causes for foreign powers to come to the rescue of the people?

  • ‘Gheteb

    Cognitive Dissonace

    • tes

      Selam Gheteb,

      Thanks to Yemane Gebremeskel, he gave you a breathing channel for uttering the left-out vomit. By the way, were where you for the last 5 days?

      As my friend used to say, PFDJ messengers usually conduct a meeting so that an accord to be reached for type of argument to be done here in this forum. He did a good point. As he pointed, here you are (dawit, Hope and you) having the same fundamental arguments to counter this BLACK SUNDAY TRAGEDY.

      Or may be you were celebrating for you have achieved againts the planned scape (as Fanti Ghana tried to create a link)


      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi tes,

        As you already know, I have nothing to say to you. I am writing this short note to remind you to follow your own advice that you gave to Abraham H. Even a bumpkin like you can’t forget what he wrote a mere 45 minutes ago unless something is terribly wrong with you and that is beside being a denizen of Planet Illogic.

        ” tes > Abraham H. • 43 minutes ago

        Selam Abraham H,

        He is back again to divert the focus. Can you ignore him SEVERELY please for this hataf?”

        Ah, poor bumpkin Tes, you need to join the AA version of Planet Illogic ASAP.

        • tes

          Selam Gheteb,

          In Tigrigna, there is more of a similar sounding word like that of your name. I know you are perfect in Tigrigna (as you are from Bhere Jeberti) but it will be a good offer if I just drop it while responding to your line.

          Ghetchab – Ghesret kind of.

          Ok, let me tell you my principle of engagement. Politically, I engage everyone, even if they are not responding. However I ignore SEVERLY people who go after personality. It is in this regard that I shared my feelings with Abraham H. when you go on hallucinating/conspiring on who he is. From your responses, you have associated him with Medrek while you have no information to proof at hand. And when Abraham H. went long to tell you that he is not while when you don’t deserve it, I just told him to ignore you.

          On political engagement: I am here to expose PFDJ mindset. That is my field of specialization. And anyone who has that mindset can not be ignored but rebutted. It is because of this that I am always exposing you.

          If you give a notice, unless it becomes excessive (Abi was one of those who crossed my litmus paper and I don’t have any business with him to be engaged) normally I don’t reacted. Nitricc, dawit and Hope have said lots of things about me and I care less as far as they are just saying what they wanted to say about me.

          And you, you are calling me” bumpkin”, well, you forget all but you are worse than that. I could have labeled you something if you were human. For me you are just a robot, a PFDJ made robot. that is all I have for you. I wish you were Japanese robot,a robot who learned to serve people according to Japanese culture. You, gosh! I don’t know how they programmed you. Don’t worry though, I have a decoder for all kinds of PFDJ mindset.

          Just stay around.


          • Hope

            First be yourself when it comes to use of vulgar language and uncivilized and unprofessiojhnal debate style..
            Minimize expressing publically your Pathological Guilt Feeling and seek some Counseling before it is too late as “SEVERELY” Pathological Guilt Feeling Syndrome can lead to a deadly Clinical Depression,which we do not want you to go through, as every Eritrean Life matters more than anything else and we need you mainly as an Eritrtean Intellectual /Professional/Food Scientist to go back to the New Eritrea and to develop Africa’s Top Food Industry as our New Eritrea will be:
            -The Singapore of Africa
            -The Geneva of Africa
            -The Rome of Africa(Asmera -Piccola Roma/Roma del’ Africa)
            -the old Beirut of Africa
            -The Qatar of Africa
            ” I have a dream….that…”
            You see why my nick is Hope, and you better stay/back off form misusing my nick as it is very ,very Precious Nick.

          • tes

            Selam Hope,

            I wish you first advised Gheteb &/or Ghetcah &/or Ghesret, what ever he is called.He is the one who is calling me “bumpkin”.

            On my academic profession, the time justice prevails in Eritrea, I will be in the forefront of experts to lead Food Production Systems Revolution in my home country.

            Here are of my proposals pending:

            1. Belles Processing Industry – this is very promising industry and more than 10 factory sites exist. By the way, do you know that Oil extracted from Belles seeds is the most expensive oil in the world? If you don’t just visit Morroco. This potential industry does not require dams or heavy structures. Just a standard industrial building and machinery. then respect HACCP.

            2. Akat processing Factory – oh, my visit in Spain has revealed something that I never imagined about my home resources. All Barka region, rich of Arkobkobay is a potential for Akat Processing Industries.
            Flour obtained from Akat grinding can be used in almost everything. Cakes, biscuits, bread, just to mention some. And this needs just buildings and machineries. How many tons could have been harvested each year?

            3. Camel Meat and Camel Milk – Oh, go to Sahel and Barka region. No need to import Holstein cattle or Buffalos. Recently I read a report on Irish dairy experts and I laughed a lot. Why not provide Meat from our camels which are natural habitants that do not need much sophisticated industrialization? By chance, 50% of our population is already a consumer of this meat.

            4. Fish – Oh my God. I cry when Afar people are prohibited from fishing. PFDJ are really ignorant. They do not know that fish has a limited life span. They assume that fish lives for ever and then prohibit people from fishing.

            5. Honey Industry – I have already wrote a booklet about this potential. Can be obtained on demand.

            Just a high light of what I have on my proposal and still pending.

            And for this, I have a licensed professional status that can help me ask funding from EU, UNIDO and FAO, responsible partners of my study program.

            Oh yah, I have lots of things to contribute for my country.

            Dammit, PFDJ criminals!


      • dawit

        How do you know it was Sunday and not Monday or Saturday? What time is it in France?

    • The Warrior

      Hi Gheteb,
      Let me anoint you: Gheteb = Dedeb. In this day and age any one who supports the good for nothing PFDJ has lost the moral compass and should be ashamed and live in a cave and never to be heard or seen. Alas you showed us how bereft of any logic you and your ilk are by defending the indefensible.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi The Warrior,
        If you weren’t a bona fide imbecile ( I don’t need to ‘Tigrignaize’ and naturalize an Amharic word “Dedeb” to an Eritrean language), you wouldn’t have equated the one and only ‘Gheteb to an Abyssinian word Dedeb.
        But as someone who is surely a denizen of Planet Illogic, you definitely suffer from a penury of not only LOGIC, but also from indigence of Eritrean linguistic resources and utter privation of sound philosophies.
        You and your fellow members in the ABI/EOG camp has abjectly failed in producing even a scad or a sliver of corroborative evidence to all the wild and tall calims you have made about the alleged shooting and killings of EDF members last Sunday in Asmara, Eritrea.
        I don’t expect you to grasp the logic of it all, simply because of the fact that although you have monickered yourself as “The Warrior”, I think you are a denizen of Planet Illogic and of the INFERIOR one.

      • T..T.

        Hi Gheteb,

        In case you need translation, what The Warrior meant you appeared to be unprincipled. If your were politically principled, your loyalty should have been to the country and its people and not the tyrant. Your love for Isayas was blinding your eyes. So, The Warrior wanted you to get real and to remember that the penalties for your refusing to stand on the side of the victims and the people is that you end up in prison with those criminals who committed the crimes.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi T.T
          But Gheteb wants proof, he is a self-crowned critical thinker. That is good thing until Gheteb fails to apply the same standards when his PFDJ and his beloved IA disappear people. Gheteb asks how we know that the G-15 where not a national security risk, but he does not ask PFDJ for proof that the G-15 were national security risk.
          He tries to get away with his inherent fallacy, deceit and unprincipled stand with verbosity, obscure diction and by never taking responsibility. His gross allergy to facts, he hopes to be lost in the muddle of the Latin he employs when the reader is distracted by his unreadable prose.

          When the holes in his thinking are brought to his attention, usually by his second cousin Sal, he will switch the subject to word choice, he will split hair on one writer should have used “daydream” instead of “reverie”, he will be animated by shades of meaning of the word “literal”. I am literally falling from my chair with laughter he once said, and when it was pointed out to him that “literally fall” is just fall, really fall, but you did not fall, did you?. Then he gets it, but changes the subject to how IA literally and single handedly destroyed the TPLF. Proof? he cites the facts that TPLF was stopped in Barentu, Senafe, they did not make it to Asmara, did they, he will rhetorically ask. Exhausted, fatigued, famished, tired and having better family things to do Sal, says, Gheteb please read what the great cousin iSem Adom said, “Uuuuufffff, ab libkha yehdro”

          • T..T.

            Hi Semere Andom,

            At first, I thought Gheteb was getting technical in order to deflect the truth on the ground. But with more of his inputs he sounds like his is one of those who let Isayas sprout to what he is, the worst beast on earth. Gheteb is just defending what he created and he won’t see the danger until he becomes the victim of his own invention, the beast that destroys the whole country and its people. Really scary situation for Gheteb to betray the trust of the beast, even though he is seeing Isayas has been reduced to a zero and dangerous person only.

          • T..T.

            Hi Semere Andom,

            Let me add, what Gheteb is missing is that, like they say, when every bone in your body aches, it is time to get a new mattress. Similarly, when every child denies belonging to the system by leaving her/his country – crossing the borders or diving into criminal smugglers, it is time to change whole system of the country including its personnel who are ruling by breaking all laws and rules.

    • Haile WM


      I think you live in an absurd world where your logic is only logical to you and you only.
      Even a schizophrenic in a madhouse can think of himself being the logical one, and for him the world outside is illogical. It’s only a perspective, his perspective.
      I think your logic is only logical in your parallel universe, and everything outside your universe of denial is illogical. The blind man driving is one of such examples. I call it the parallel universe logical galaxy.
      In the normal galaxy two dead and eleven wounded by jumping from a moving truck would imply there is something fishy, in the normal galaxy one would ask why would 13 people chose to jump and hurt themselves, but in your parallel universe you wouldn’t even dare to contemplate how that would be in the first place. it simply happened. the minister said so no further application of your universe logic.
      In the normal galaxy one would ask why is a minister twitting the incidence after 5 days, why would a minister came up with a absurd explanation for such insignificant happening? two people dead because of an accident shouldn’t be a twitting factor in itself. But the minister spoke and for you that is the only truth.
      13 people jumping from a truck and the police, who were there out the blue, idle, started to shoot in the air to stabilize the situation. what situation was there to stabilize in first place one would ask, but none of such question is contemplated in parallel universe galaxy of logicality.
      The minister tweets, but you didn’t dare to ask where is the beef. you simply wouldn’t dare. I assume in the parallel universe the minster is the source of verity, an absolute one, one that logicality has exempted ‘a priori’.

      Yeah logical galaxy indeed in a parallel universe.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi Haile WM,

        First, let me remind you that the posting guide lines states that you have to start your post with salutation to the person you are responding to. Not only stating “Selam”, but “Selam ‘Gheteb or so and so….”. I am mentioning this just to show you that in Planet Illogic, your illogicality has hit the absolute nadir. I mean how illogically illogical has one to be to even flout the rules of his planet, Planet Illogic.

        Apropos last week’s unfortunate and sad episode in Asmara, Eritrea, your planet, Planet Illogic was atwitter with excitement and your imaginations worked overtime producing all manners of fictitious reports with a bubkes of countenancing evidence to buttress all the wild claims and the tall allegations.

        At the forefront of all the imaginative “reports” about what Planet Illogic has dubbed as “Black Sunday” or ‘Bloody Sunday” were non other than Amanuel Iyasus’s Assena and Andeberhan’s Medrek. They have literally gone berserk with their wild imaginations and cooked up all kinds of reports in the false and feckless hope of an incitement campaigns.

        The record and trails that they have left speaks volumes of their pipedreams of seeing a regime change in Eritrea. Amazingly, what one comes to understand from their reactions and based on the “reports” they have penned and broadcasted is their tenuously flimsy understanding of the Eritreans sociology and psychological make-up.

        First here are some phrases and words that when appropriately parsed and deconstructed the an unambiguously reveal the state of mind of the denizens of Planet Illogic and the hysteria that they were gripped with in their futile attempts of fanning incitement and their feckless attempt of making a mountain out a mole hill.

        Here is first Amanuel Iyassu of Assenna claiming that members of EDF were shot and killed by Eritrean Security Forces. First he said it was ተፈሊጡ and later ተረጋጊጹ. I mean when someone makes an assertion that some news item has become known, s/he has to specify how that very news has come to be known by others. We are talking about people getting shot at, some dying and others getting wounded or injured by bullets fired and aimed at some targets in public view and in public streets of Asmara.

        To add insults to injuries, the overactive and highly ‘creative’ and ‘imaginative’ mind of the Assena people, a day later came out and announced that their news items has been ተረጋጊጹ as in it was “CONFIRMED”. First they cook up a story and then they confirm that their cooked up story was confirmed. My! Oh my!, life in planet Illogic is surely ungoverned and unencumbered by the simple rules of logic.

        Then, here comes Andeberhan’s Medrek with its wild and highly ‘imaginative’ and cooked-up news pieces and reports. It claimed that the shooting of the EDF members were done ብተመልከተለይ as if those Eritrean Security Forces were on a shooting practice or have gone hunting and they were on a range practice. ተመልከተለይ was a term one heard from the EPLF history in which EPLF fighters speak about how they have faced and literally killed many Ethiopian soldiers in a battle. And, now Andeberhan and Co. want to conjure those images in the minds of Eritreans.

        But Mederk folks have come to the realization that all their tall stories and wild claims was all for naught and now are reduced to sending messages of condolences a week late. Amazing indeed! They have literally put the cart before the horse here. Well, here they are, yet again, shedding crocodile tears.

        • Abel

          Dear Gheteb the apologist,
          All this none sensual hairsplitting diatribe for what? How many loss of innocent life makes sense to you?The Minister himself could not hide the truth, who do you think you are to dare sweeten the unfortunate situation? Why don’t you focus on the main point? Why do AT LEAST 13boys and girls dare risk their lives by jumping from a moving truck?

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Abel,

            You are asking;

            ” Why do AT LEAST 13boys and girls dare risk their lives by jumping from a moving truck?”.

            Well, if I knew exactly what could prompt a juvenile or young adult to undertake such a daring and foolhardy action, I would have written a PhD worth dissertation that would have earned me that post graduate degree. But, I don’t EXACTLY know why they have taken those steps.

            Although many a denizen of Planet Illogic has proffered his/her take, her conjectures, none that I have so far read is plausibly convincing. Some are even asserting that such a derring-do, by those who jumped from “moving truck” as an absolute proof and evidence that these young EDF members are desperately trying to break the chains of “slavery” that they are yoked under, they fail abysmally in offering a cogent explanation as to why ALL of EDF members have NOT escaped or tried to escape from the so-called slavery under which the EDF is serving.

            More likely than not, probably the most likely explanation is to be found in a Tigrigna saying that contains certain nuggets or gems of truth about the impulsiveness of the youth in general. And here it is…

            ” ልቢ ጎበዝ (መንእሰይ) ኣብ ደረቱ”

            If you don’t understand Tigrigna, ask one of your fellow denizens of Planeta Abyssinicus.

          • Mr.j

            You want to know why!? Jumping from a moving truck is way better than serving like slave and treated like animal with no future . Kids have experienced unexplainable phenomena during their service that shattered their future life.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Mr.j ,

            But I am sorry to let you know that the explanation you offered comes awfully close to being nothing more than a facile nonsense.

        • Haile WM

          Selam ‘Gheteb,
          lending a helping hand to the moderators of this forum is admirable on your behalf, but as per your saying, the guidelines of this forum are actually of planet illogic, being logical at illogic is a contradiction in terms to someone claiming he hails from logical galaxy.
          Besides, you roaming in planet illogic can be a symptom of self search, being that you hail from the logical galaxy, your presence in planet illogic is non-explicable. I mean how wasted one must be to impart logicality in planet illogic ?
          Well,for me, there is only one explanation. The parallel universe.

          Your grievances with weyane or medrek has nothing to do with this particular incidence. You tried to deconstruct what Amaniel Iyasu or others have reported. Ok. Lets accept your logic at face value, my question was simple. Before you start with your tirade about the “perfidious woyane”, did you dare to parse and deconstruct what the minister have said so far ? Or a critical thinker such as yourself is overloaded by a sense of impudence in deconstructing the obvious illogicality of what the minster is calming?

          At any rate, I would ask you a favour in the next exchange of opinions we might have. Please drop the “woyane and/or medrek” tirade because I am not interested in either of them. You keeping repeating the concepts ad-nauseam in most of your posts to people that has nothing to do with both of them. Your expectation of the opposition doesn’t necessarily mean it is the global reality 🙂 at least not in thins part of the galaxy…

  • PTS

    Dear Awatistas,
    What is the signifance of Sunday, the day the regime chose to committ the crime?
    We can assume the perpetrators anticipated some kind of confrontation and if confrontation is to occur, the number of witnesses has to be kept to as minimum as possible.Asmara is a ghost town on Sunday afternoons with all embasdies, markets, public places etc…closed.
    On the other hand, if there was alternate route to the intended destination (as Semere Tesfay noted) and they didn’t use it, that makes me think the regime didn’t think things will get out of control. Yet another scenario, the plan could’ve been the works of some in EDF to get the regime in trouble. And they did!
    I am certain Isaias Afewerki is fuming about this and busy at punishing people because the only chat this time around was supposed to be that of the celebration of the 25th. Any side issues that steal attention, a negative one at that, would be highly intolerable for the capo. No party spoilers can go unpunished.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awate,
    my friend said “ኣይተስግል ” “እወ ኣይተስግል ” ኣዝዩ መሳጢ ግጥሚ ዓርክና ስምኦን !

  • Kokhob Selam

    Thank you awate team,

    ጉዳይ እቶም ተበላጺ መርገጽ ወሲዶም ዘለው ከም ኣርእስቲ ወሲድና እንተነዕልል ብጭብጥታት ዝተሰረተ ወላ ውን ነቶም ኣብ ትሕቲ ህግደፍ ከይተረደኦም ከገልግሉ ዝረኣዩ ዘለው ኣዝዩ ዝጎድእ መርገጻቶም ምረኣና :: መሪሕነት ህግደፍ ‘ውን ባዕሉ ክብሪ ዘይህቦም ኣዝዩም ውጉዛት ሰባት – ኣብ ልዕሊ ምዃኖም እቲ ዘተሓሳስብ ዘዝመጸ መንግስቲ ዝቀበሎምን ዘይቀጽዖምን ምዃኑ እዩ :: ጽባሕ ህግደፍ ካብ ስልጣን እንተዝወርድ ‘ውን ቅድሚ ኩልና ኣብ ኣስመራ ዝስዕስዑ ንሶም እዮም – ክኸውን ክኸውን እቲ ዝመጽእ መንግስቲ ንዕርቅን ሰላምን ዝተላዕለ ምስ ዝኸውን ሓንቲ ኳ ስጉምቲ ኣይክወስድን እዩ :: ድኻ ውጹዕ ህዝቢ ነብሱን ደቁን ንብረቱን ውፍዩ ዘምጽኦ ለውጢ – በቲ ሕጂ ዘለዎም መርገጽ ዝኣከብዎ ገንዘብ ኣብ ኩሉ ስረሓት ክሳተፉን ዓብላሊ ተጠቀምቲ ክኾኑን እዩም ::እዚ ድማ ንብዙሓት ምዑታት ኣብ “እንታይገደሰና” ዝብል መርገጽ ዘብጸሐ ኣዝዩ ዓንቃፊ ጉዳይ እዩ ::

    ሎሚ ኣብ ዝተፈላለያ ሃገራት ንዘሎ ሰብኣዊ መሰል ተጠቂሞም ደቆም እናምሃሩ – ንነብሶም ‘ውን ገንዘብ እንዳደለቡ- ምስ ቲ መንግስቲ ተደናገጽቲ ክመስሉ ብገንዘብ ይኹን ኣብ ምክፋል ዝተፈላለየ ንጥፈታት ዝሳተፉ ሰባት- ብተዛዋሪ መገዲ ኣብ ባሕሪ ናይ ዝጠለቁን ኣብ በረኻታት ሲናይ ኣካላቶም ዝተዘንጠሉን – ቀዳሞት ተሓተቲ ምዃም ዘተንብህ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ኣብ መጻኢት ኤርትራ ክጎንፎም ብዛዕባ ዘለዎ ዘይምሕር ፍርዲ ካብ ሕጂ ብንጹር ክቅመጥ ኣለዎ :: እዚ ብምግባር ዝእረሙ ክእረሙ እቶም ዘይእረሙ ድማ ኩሉ ደላይ ለውጢ ዝፍርመሉ እቲ ዝመጽእ መንግስቲ ስጉምቲ ክወስደሎም ምዃኑ – ንውፉይ ክረጋገጸሉ ይግባእ :: ሰብ ህይወታ ከፊላ ዘምጸኣትሎም ለውጢ ንሶም ከወደኽድኹሉ ኣገባብ ስለ ዘይኮነ :: እዚ ኸኣ ብፍላይ መሪሕን ግደ ዝጻወቱን ኣብ ሜዳ ዝረጋርጉን ዘልውን – ብሕጁ ውን ተዳልዮም ዘለው ኣናብስናን ክረጋገጸሎም ይግባእ ::እዞም ኣዝዩም ጨካናት ተበለጽቲ ጽባሕ መሬቶምን ንብረቶምን ንህዝቢ ከምዝዕደል ጥራይ ኳ እንተተሓቢርዎም – ፈተውቲ ገንዘብ እዮም እሞ ብቀጥታ ኢዶም ክስብስቡ ምዃኖም ፍሉጥ እዩ : – እምበር ካብ ልቡ ንህግደፍ ዝኣምነላ ድኣ ክንደይ ከ ኮይኑ ! በጀካ ተበላጺ :: ብርግጽ ካብ ልቡ ኣሚኑ ዝውፈየላ ኣብ ግዜ እቶ እቶ ምሕረት ክግበረሉ ንቡር እዩ ::

    ኣብ ‘ዚ ጉዳይ ዚ ወላ ቲ ውሑድ ደጋፊ ህግደፍ ያዕ ክብሎም ይግባእ :: እቲ ምንታይ ሲ ካብ ልቡ ዝድግፍ ንመስዋእቲ ናይ ቲ ዝኣምነሉ መርግጽ ውን ድሕር ስለ ዘይብል::

    ድሕሪ ደጊም ሃገርና ናይ መውደኽደኽቲ ቅርዓት ክትከውን ኣይከነፍቅድን ኢና :: ዓወት ንሓቂ !!


  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Awate Team,
    I don’t understand why Yemane Ghebremeskel thought he was down playing the incident by stating 2 died and 11 were injured in the same act? 13 young men, whom he refers as National Service Members chose to jump off of a moving vehicle. In a normal society, that is an act of a man condemned to death. Yemane simply confirms that indeed the National Service Members are condemned to slavery and life in the gulags.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Come on, come on – YG, rush tweet to go more zigzag with more turns and more twists rather than straight to the point updating with the truth.

    At long last the capo (Isayas), the Isayasist and Isayasism started wobbling because their weak legs couldn’t stand the people’s knockout punches right to their faces. They run out of their punishing sticks. Indeed, this time the Isayasists will not escape being defeated with their own sticks.

    The Eritrean Revolution mistakenly handed the whole freedom to one man, while the whole population hailed the one man as the liberator. The greedy one man, in turn, soon put the whole population under his control. He has continued to tighten his grip on the whole. He won’t let go unless by force.

    So, these days anything counts. Anything that increases the defiance be it political or non-political, organized or unorganized. Written or spoken that exposes the regimes brutalities or brings to light the sufferings of our people and helps the people to rise for their rights.

  • Lamek

    Kemalkum enda Awate:

    Here is the best reply to Yemane G. Meskel (@hawelti) by another tweeter.

    “@hawelti you do know this happens every where in Eritrea. You are tweeting this b/c we found out. And there was no way to hide it.”

    Nuff said.

    • saay7

      Hi Lamek:

      I can top that one. It was from a parody account called @EritreaMoI and it uses the popular meme of “you had one job” (of people who have one simple job and screw it up; for more see here: So Eri-MoI’s tweet to Yemane Gebremeskel was:

      @hawelti Does it always take you 6 days to report an ‘accident’? You have 1 job.

      Runner up was @brehane007 when the Eritrean embassy in the UK was denying that the incident even took place and YG was admitting it sorta did:

      “The Emb. of #Eritrea in London still insists that no conscript died in Asmara. Then @hawelti must’ve defected!”

      Today the embassy read its circular and issued a press release, which was dutifully carrier by the transcribers at tesfanews. The kiddies wanted to say “our condolences to the bereaved family….” but because they are graduates of Shabait university they wrote “our condolences to the beaver family….”

      I think part of PFDJ’s strategy of mekete is to drive people insane by its serial incompetence. Yesterday, shabait told us that over at Barentu, the Independent Torch (which burned its twin sister the Freedom Torch) was “awarded a warm welcome” in Barentu.



      • Lamek

        Hi Saay. Good post. Thank you! Yeah man. Totally hard to believe what world the PFDJ family lives in. It is really sad now, that IA has passed a directive to arrest and punish low level officials for this terrible incident. With this action, he will yet salvage some naive Eritreans. They will say, esu daa entay geru mishkinay. biede waninom eko eyom zebalashuwu zelewu. Yet, he is almost 100% responsible for all our ailments. This is not to say that Yemane Ghebreab, Yemane Ghebremeskel, Zemhret Yohannes, Filipos etc. are nice guys. No, actually far from that. They are inhumane blood suckers but this is only to say that they are totally powerless without him. These guys would be eaten up in one day if IA was gone. That is what I am hoping for, for someone to take care of IA and the others will not survive a day. People’s anger is boiling over but as Gogo indicated the other day, the Eritrean people have got their hands totally tied up, their eyes blindfolded, their ears plugged…but the pressure is mounting and I can’t see this situation being sustained for too much longer.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Lamek:
          Exactly, the fact you identified that the midgets like Yemane would not last a day is exactly why they are driven to fight us mercilessly, erring in the side of even destroying the future of the nation. See how they deal with the most minute of suspicion and whoever will dare to stand up against PFDJ must before taking whatever action to take do the following
          Meditate history in the following order
          First remember what happened to the Menkae, Yemin and other oppositions during Ghedli.
          Then remember what happened to the peaceful tegadelti disobedience in 1993.
          Then remember what happened to the disabled veterans
          Then remember what happened to the G-15 and journalist and elderly men exercising their right to criticize the powers that be and mediate respectively
          Then remember what happened to the Wedi Ali lead movement, which was peaceful, civilized and becoming of the Eritrean culture.

  • Hagos

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  • PTS

    Selam all,
    ብሩራዊ ኢዮቤል ሰብ ብምቕታል ዲኹም ከተብዕልዎ ደሊኹም

  • Berhe Y

    Dear AT,

    You mean Yemane Ghebremeskel.


    • Idri Ali

      Hej Awate team
      Adulis website is publishing nowadays a first hand testimonials from direct realatives of some of the abducted and which are thier wereabout unknown . I think this testimonials are important documents which should be translated and republished in Awate com for dessmination the information to a wide public who can not read arabic .
      Dr. Idris Shokai

      • AOsman

        Dear Idris,

        I am sure AT would appreciate if you lend a hand in the translation effort. The least will be to share the relevant link or even better if an english translation is shared in the forum, if not in an article format.


        • Idris Ali

          Dear Aosman
          That will be my pleasure to do such a holy task , but let me admit that my situation can not let me accomplish this task at the time being .I made this suggestion to draw attention to the importance of this documents as far as it is forwarded from the direct relatives who were seriously hurted by the abduction of this inocent Citizens out of due legal process in this lawless state of hgdef. Furthermore i belive Awate forum is abridge which links the arabic Reading and tigrinia Reading Eritreans .
          My regards
          Dr. Idris Shokai