Wednesday , December 8 2021
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We Are Back (Kinda)

Thanks for your patience… is back..however, as you can see, we are missing a few articles, some articles, actually a whole lot of articles (April 2012 – December 12) that we are in the process of reconstructing.

We have been through this before: it will take us a little time, but we will reconstruct it.  In the two plus weeks our server was down, we had re-purposed and activated it will now go back to its previously-scheduled staging until its launched (more on that at the appropriate time.)

We also encourage us to join the discussion at our facebook page.


Awate Team


About Awate Team

The Awate Team is a group of individuals who collaborate in preparing editorial contents that mainly appear under the PENCIL signature and other columns that carry the Awate Team signature. It represents the collective team's view.

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  • salah ejail

    business as usual.welcome back .viva awate.

  • Berhe Tensea

    Well come back. You are needed now more than ever before. People are hungry for facts.
    People are depeding on you ,Assena and Erena.

  • kereninotech

    Good to see you are back, i would sue limestone Networks if they took a website for few weeks due to their server been down. You would imagine a RAID configuration at list or a complete backup DC. Move your website limestone failed you again, if they are not safe you are not safe.

  • Abdulaziz

    Dear Awate Team,

    glad to have you back again. I missed you wonderfull analysis and reports, when we were in most need of it. Gedab News did part of it but not all. Keep it up.
    Thank you very much!

  • yean

    Welcome back on air.
    Also it is quiet relive to know from awate it is about constraction the web, rather than SQL-injection and
    total wiped out of data base and all valuable info.

    A valuable work of years should not be jeopardize. I hope
    Awate is combating bay all means necessary, frequent update
    security patchs, maintenance and above all local buckup of the
    data base.

    It is not just about Awate. cose, Awate is part of the ppl.
    I rather consider more valua and cherish the info in Awate,
    than EriTv or hadash ertra.

    ones more welcome back

  • Adhanom

    Welcome back. We missed you when we needed you most.My advise is to avoid unnecessary confrontation with Assenna. You have both mutual enemy, HEGDEF, Focus on your duty even if it is not your fault. Priority should always be facing DIA. Good Luck.


    Awate ,

    Welcome back .I love Awate ,Assenna & Asmarino…(I wish Asmarino opened for comments)…I wish healthy competetion amongst you ,as you are our window to the world at large & Eritrea in particular ,keep the window clean.
    I am with the people,although I am almost Mahber Andnet ie.(believe Eritrea will benefit greatly by having close relations ,with all it’s neighbours & almost 2 bedroom housing with Ethiopia,I am no Ethiophile or Sudanophile )..I will always respect the will of my people.FIRST COMES ERITREANS OF ALL WALKS,then comes the geographic integrity of the land…THAT IS WHY ,I WILL FOLLOW MY PEOPLE’s wish.I JUST WANT YIMMA’s & ADEYS bloody tears to stop.


    welcome back.
    It is good that you didn’t blame on HGDEF this time.

  • Birah

    Dear Awate
    It has been very difficult for me and many of my type in last two weeks as a result of Awate’s freez. The website is my home and I am linked to other information sources when necessary. All I have to say is welcome back and congratulation to all of us.