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The World Looking At Eritrea And Ethiopia

Editor’s Note: Today’s sample is possibly a representative view of the rest of the world regarding Eritrea and Ethiopia. Sometimes, looking at yourself from the perspective of others, particularly in this age of interdependence and globalization, helps with proper self-assessment. We hope this will add to the ongoing heated debate between the citizens of both Eritrea and Ethiopia on their vision of the nature of relations between the two countries. [Clarification :This post is sampled from the Awate Forum (public) and does not represent Awate’s viewpoint.

[I have seen an] interesting sample on the nationalist rhetoric that Ethiopians and Eritreans use against each other. Having visited both these countries (and being fascinated by them) I must admit that this ridiculous nationalistic rhetoric would come up every now and then. Having traveled all over Africa, I can truly say Ethiopia and Eritrea are unique in this regard. Off course these countries are unique compared to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa in that they have their own unique script and not the Latin script.

In Eritrea I found the nationalism was based mainly (and almost exclusively) on their three decade independence war. That was as far as I could tell the only common denominator that binds the different ethnic and religious groups. I have to agree with the Ethiopians a bit, in their description of Eritrean nationalism being based mainly on anti-Ethiopian sentiments. Still their independence struggle was quite impressive from a military point of view, but it pales in comparison with the battles that were fought by European military when it comes to logistics, strategy, planning, designing of new military equipment etc.

In Ethiopia their nationalism was mainly based on not being colonized (only country in Africa), having a long history of kingdoms and expansionism etc. True, the rock churches of Lalibela are amazing. The castles in Gondar too, but all of the architectural wonders in Ethiopia pale in comparison with Roman, Greek, or other European designs. Simply put, Ethiopia’s history and achievements are amazing for African standards. Thus this empty pride and nationalism that we can also witness in the commentators mentioned in this article is laughable from a European perspective. Just look for example at the scientific achievements (or lack thereof) of Ethiopia. Despite its so called independence of hundreds (according to some 3000 years) it has never produced any geniuses like we’ve seen on numerous occasions in Europe. No Newton, Galilei, Einstein, Leibniz, Van Leeuwenhoek, Mozart, Kepler, Darwin, Marie Curie, Riemann, Fleming, Pasteur etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on about the accomplishments of Europe’s finest mathematicians, chemists, astronomers, physicists, composers and so on. Even European countries that have been very poor and backwards (by western European standards) over the last century managed to produce brilliant minds (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland). Ethiopia despite it never having been colonized cannot do that. The same goes for Eritrea. Sure you will find Ethiopian Airlines being a well managed carrier, with state of the art fleet. But that same fleet of Dreamliners could never, ever have been designed and produced from scratch in Ethiopia by Ethiopian engineers and scientists. Same goes for most of the infrastructure being built right now all over the country. When you see a dam, railway, highway etc. being build, one can almost surely find a Chinese or European hand in there.

In the cases of Eritrea, Ethiopia and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa we should ask ourselves whether their backward political system with its corruption, human rights violations, mismanagement and cronyism is the reason these countries and their people are so backward. In my view it might be the other way around: a backward people will never be able to create a successful society where not only human rights are protected, but also society is able to provide the basic economic/health related needs of its people (roads, railways, a sewage system, hospitals, electricity etc.).

Kenya one (out of many) examples that comes to mind. It has relative freedom in the political arena. Opposition parties exist and they are free to heavily criticize the government and provide alternatives for the public. Newspapers and other media outlets can freely write and share their view of the ruling parties without having to fear harassment. Yet at the end of the day this all is meaningless to the people living in the slums of Kibera or other filthy places throughout Kenya. It is at the end of the day a backward and poverty stricken society, 50 years after its independence and more than a decade after transitioning to a more democratic system it has very little to show for it. Countries like Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Vietnam etc. all were at one stage dictatorships with little room for opposing opinions, but have managed to become successful societies.

This goes to show that these nationalist rhetoric we see in Eritrea and Ethiopia is based on a very thin layer of reality and lots of imagination. The problem there is not just the oppressive and dictatorial governing system. That system at most can act as a exacerbating force, which increases the already big problems in those countries. The transition to democracy no matter how that would take place could, at best, alleviate the problems of prisoners and their families, military personnel, religious minorities and a few others. It will not however be a starting point for a transition into a developed country.

As to why exactly this is not possible… well I guess James Watson (Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine) and Charles Murray (author of the Bell Curve) can answer that question better than I can. Just note that at the end of the day it’s the people that make a society and not their governing system. And witnessing Ethiopians and Eritreans glowing with pride because they succeeded in their independence war against another poor people, or managed to defeat the Italians once with spears and stones is laughable to say the least. My point is that societal accomplishments depend on the makeup of society. These two countries have achieved a lot compared to their African counterparts, but very little in comparison with the achievements up north. I would ask Abinet and all the other Ethiopian nationalist to weigh in on this. The same goes for Eritreans. Do you agree that the biological differences in cognitive ability are the main cause in the great discrepancy between Europe/Northeast Asia and Africa?

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  • Haile Jebha

    Because there is no and never will be a country called Ethiopia
    without Eritrea as its historical and legal core. It might be called
    some other name Oromia , Abbyssinia or anyother without ER
    at its center core but not Ethiopia .
    Because flight forward (BS-ing) would not help. And that is what
    has been trying to do since 1960. Every regime was just on a flight
    just to hide itself or find cover . But which ended in futile and fatality.

    • Nour

      Sir, I am not sure what you mean by if there is no Eritrea there is no Ethiopia. Are you talking about history, natural resources, diplomacy, public relations? In non of those areas your statement is valid. Would you please explain. I am kind of surprised if not embarrsed!

  • rediat

    How is this racist ?

    I completely agree with this article
    Eritreans and Ethiopians are full of empty pride

    America is the land of milk and honey
    America the land of the free and the home the brave

    It is because of the american ingenuity/ not dependency

  • Mehari

    (….clarification request …….)
    In a country turned to Afgahnistan what is the use of talking Addis (Kabul ) is
    better than the killistans ?
    Is it comparing the bad apple against the worst apple ?
    Is it Be Ewurochu Mender…….And Aynamaw Birq New ?

  • Hayat Adem

    And what prompted this comment? Hayat

    • Admas

      jealousy of course, in fact this guy doesn’t even know that Addis isn’t the most cherished city in Ethiopia, Hawasa, Bahirdar and even Mekele are…

  • Hayat Adem

    Good catch! Nope, the alphabetic order was for the names of the students, not the countries. Why do you have to to try to shoot at a good story for a petty score? The reason is becacause you like to be a pain, Ace.

  • Hayat Adem

    True story that was given out this week:
    There may not be as plenty as we want them to be, but there are some refreshing testimonies around that show the relationship between Eritreans and Ethiopians is larger than politics and flags. An Ethiopian father who used to work for AfDB told us his Abuja experience. His daughter and his Eritrean friend’s son were also friends and school mates. That school had a tradition of letting students hang up their respective national flags onto a pole for a day in their school calendar. Their turns come alphabetically and the Ethiopian girl went before the Eritrean boy. She was given some orientation ahead on how to do it right, and she did it without incidence. At another later time, the turn for the Eritrean boy came. He was confused and freaking a bit and a frustration followed making it harder on him. The Ethiopian girl stepped forward to help him and they hang it up both jointly. A lot of applause was offered for both from all students and school staff. The kids were friends first and friends last. There was no flag or politics involved in their friendship. For her, whatever the boy was doing, she was just helping her friend. I like this story for its purity. Fraternal relationships are larger than flags.

    • dawit

      Dear Hayat,

      I really like the story. Let me add to the story of my daughter’s true experience. My daughter when she went to college she observed there were several clubs social clubs that the college sponsored and supported under the Student Union. After looking and examining various social clubs, non of them really fitted her. So she decided to start her own club, that will bring students with Eritrean and Ethiopian background to have their own club and discuss current situation and history of their respected as ‘Habeshas”. She approach the few students and shared the idea, and they supported to have the club. They approached the university administration through the Student Union and were given the permission to have such a club. On launching the club they have to come up with a name. The two names presented were ‘Ethiopian Eritrean or Eritrean Ethiopian club. The members were divided on the order of the names. Picking the right name to register threatened the launching of the club, even before they wanted to achieve the greater objectives of building friendship between the group. One of the Ethiopian wanted to settle the issue and spoke to the group. She wanted the club to be Eritrea Ethiopian and her reasoning was that Ethiopian name is well-known whereas Eritrea being a new country many don’t know it. Our club should work to make the name ‘Eritrea’ be also known to those that do not know it. So finally they named their new club as Eritrean and Ethiopian students club. The order of the two names almost derailed from the start of the larger goals that they wanted to achieve. The lesson here is that just we refuse to compromise on minor issues, that minor issue becomes a stumbling block to our large and most important common goal we like to achieve.

      Here is a writing that I picked today and will like to share it with all AT members of goodwill to ponder on our past present and future journeys’ in life.. by Raymond Barbier


    • Mahmud Saleh

      Salam Hayat
      In a way, living abroad is a blessing. You appreciate humanity at large. You could choose to go to a chinese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian, Vietnamese….restaurant. Kids of “all the nations” go t6o the same school, live around the same neighborhood, befiriend and marry….and so on. Your story is a typical “Habesha” diaspora story, of course, I don’t know how Nitrickay and abinet see it. It also eminds me the relationship my kids have with my friend Belachew.
      Now, if there is peace similar relationship of the youth could take place. Just imagine a region stretching from the Sudan all the way to Nairobi, people interacting and intermixing, benefiting from the commerce of the region.
      That’s a Sunday gift for you, and for Selam Club, poor Fanti Ghana, where could he be?

      • Abinet

        I don’t know why you bring me into this . You don’t ask this to someone who grew up in addis in particular and mama ethiopia in general . Addis is like the diaspora you mentioned. People come from everywhere and blend. It is a melting pot .
        ” yetim teweled Addis lay edeg”

    • Nitricc

      hahahahah Hayat, would you please give it up? it is always the Eritreans that are confused. it is always the Eritreans that are lucky enough to have the help of TPLF to secure their independence. it is the Eritreans fault what ever wrong is done. it is the Eritreans, nothing but the Eritreans. now, the Eritreans boy so confused how to hang up a flag i.e the Ethiopian girl helped him out. sirously Hayat? wow, is it the continuation of that the “Eritrean independence would have materialized with out the help of TPLF”
      when are you going to give the credit they deserve the Eritreans and Eritrea?

      • Hayat Adem

        Nitricc, get out of your political box and be human for a minute. How is your head screwed up beyond hope by bad politics! My goodness, these are just kids and it wouldn’t matter if the story goes the other way. In fact, I would have used it more powerfully in contrast to your poor taste and hate, had it been the other way. Let me challenge you with this: I can post the name and pic of the parent who said this in front of 15 young Eritreans and Ethiopians (6,9). I can do that only if you promise to always doubt whatever your screwed head is telling you.

        I wish there were a detergent that can work for soiled heads. I saw you: Nitricc, Araya etc happily embracing the ferenjji ugly claim of biological superiority over blacks without qualms even if it is NOT true. But you don’t want to yield an inch for your Ethiopian brothers even if it IS true. This is worrisome.

        There are things that simply happen and stories like that don’t demand you to politicize them. You have read another beautiful testimony from dawit where the issue of which name comes ahead almost became a hurdle to move forward with the larger purpose. But the Ethiopian kids found one reason to yield and the project was saved. Even on this I brought, it is the Eritrean flag that was upped by a girl and a boy and that is nice. This story is a real the story that I heard myself. I can’t rewrite people’s stories. These are kids and we want to keep them innocent and pure without attaching anything. Scaling up a flag is something I never did myself and you might find me freaking out if I was tasked to do that.

      • Ghirmai

        Agree 100%. If the story was honest, the Eritrean should have come first. The author said the turn was alphabetical. Then Er should precede Et.
        The person sent a seemingly honest but poisonous message.

        • Hayat Adem

          So bad that we’ve entered dialogue of the deaf. If you have a brain to trace any poison in this message of two kids hanging up an Eritrean flag, it should have also occurred to you much more easier that the alphabetical order was applied to the names of the students. I explained this already earlier to Ace with some sarcasm. But it seems people are not paying attention or not reading at all. Ghirmai, can you hear me now? Or else I’m repeating this any more.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Araya,
    Ebola is not a joke thing. You don’t wish it on any human being unless you are totally a sick person. I can’t imagine you, Araya, you wishing it on Ethiopia where your parents are living and your vacation takes place time and again. You are even comfortable enough about the country and the people to invite friends like Nitricc to Ethiopia to experience fun. You may hate the leaders there but I guess it is safe to assume that you don’t hate the people and the land so much to wish them Ebola. Ebola appearing here means also the entire Horn is threatened. If you are a responsible adult, there are certain things that you should refrain from doing, such as terrorizing innocent people with a false information. This is clearly an over-doctored letter, and if you hadn’t known already that this was a fake letter by the time you were posting it, I think you do now. Now back to you Araya, I invite you to reflect on this with the help of a hindsight:

    1) do you feel bad and shame for disseminating this evil disinfo and being part of this lie

    2) do you move on to the next thing without being bothered since this kind of disinformation is done by many all the time else where

    3) do you you feel the need of taking some time before jumping on whatever temptation that confirms your hate-love with Ethiopia

    4) do you feel insulted and deceived and used by the originator of this lie

    5) what do you feel about all this

    • Amde

      Dear Hayat,

      Araya is a great prototype of the kind of Eritrean that causes Ethiopians to come out here and swear that they will do everything they can to keep Eritrea and Eritreans away. He represents a subset of what most Ethiopians in Ethiopia think of Eritreans in their experience – people that had the privilege of access to education, government employment, business and what not that most Ethiopians did not. Their expressed hatred and ill-will to Ethiopians and Ethiopia is inexplicable to most. They literally cannot objectively tell you how their lives were objectively worse than the people they live among.

      The Araya is not an exception – unfortunately there are thousands like him. I am personally glad he is out of the country His ill will will only hurt him. It is amusing to think how much he is tortured in his soul whenever he visits this hell-hole his parents elected to call home. The dollars he spends when he visits will help us.

      I do not blame the attitudes of Eritreans in Eritrea proper. They lived in a war zone, and they most likely exprienced things I can only imagine which would inform their views on Ethiopia and Ethiopians.


      • dawit

        Dear Made;

        What Hayat wrote is a proper response to Araya’s misguided post on Ebola in Ethiopia. No Eritrean should gloat on whatever misfortune falling on their neighbors and vise versa.

        Your comment “Araya is a great prototype of the kind of Eritrean. Their expressed hatred and ill-will to Ethiopians and Ethiopia is inexplicable to most. They literally cannot objectively tell you how their lives were objectively worse than the people they live among ” is way out of the line.
        It represents of people who like to create gulf between the two people by injecting envy and jealousy as an instrument of hate. The other day I read similar smear campaign directed at ethiopianreview site blaming the Silte Gurage people based on their wealth in the city. Such thinking is dangerous reasoning to pull down every successful hard working group.



        • Amde


          I wish you quoted me in full.

          You quoted, “Araya is a great prototype of the kind of Eritrean. Their expressed hatred and ill-will to Ethiopians and Ethiopia is inexplicable to most. They literally cannot objectively tell you how their lives were objectively worse than the people they live among”

          I said, “Araya is a great prototype of the kind of Eritrean that causes Ethiopians to come out here and swear that they will do everything they can to keep Eritrea and Eritreans away. He represents a subset of what most Ethiopians in Ethiopia think of Eritreans in their experience. – people that had the privilege of access to education, government
          employment, business and what not that most Ethiopians did not. Their expressed hatred and ill-will to Ethiopians and Ethiopia is inexplicable to most. They literally cannot objectively tell you how their lives were objectively worse than the people they live among.”

          See the difference there?

          This is a fact that is important to understand if you want to pursue understanding between us. If you were a typical Ethiopian who never set foot in Eritrea, the Eritreans you run into and lived and worked with were generally as well off – or more likely – better off than you. Whatever the reasons and causes might be.

          Now, the typical Ethiopian is not aware of the details of life in Eritrea during ghedli – the insurgency and counter-insurgency, the day to day difficulty of living in a war zone, nor of the plight of the internal displaced and refugees in Sudan.

          But of the people they can personally relate to, their view is that generally the Eritreans’ life was better off. They were not excluded from anything, any forum, any institution, any
          opportunity. The one exception I could potentially say would be if they were rightly or wrongly suspected of helping the insurgency/ghedli. But that exception is a political exception – not a social one.

          That is why – for Ethiopians – it is difficult to understand how and why the Arayas of this world think or act as they do. The reality is that Araya is not an exception – there are many like him and the number of Ethiopians on this forum swearing to you they will do whatever they can to keep the two countries separate is a direct outcome of their personal experiences of with people like him. This is important for Eritreans to understand.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Salam Amde;
            You have made a very important point. Another point that I would like to add would be this: dear Arbegnoch of both sides, please save us time by being careful not to mix state (country +people) and governments. It is alright to criticize governments’ policies, but caution is needed when you speak of another country, people, cultures; because the likelyhood that you will fall into bigotted territory is higher than if you would criticize another government. Ye ahood melkt.

  • haileTG

    Selamat saay and members of the “Democratic Coup for Change” – DCC 🙂

    The Burkinabi have finally hammered a deal for peaceful transition. It is reported that:

    …Both soldiers and civilians agree on a civilian transition. The institutions of the transition will be led by civilians. The new head of state, who will not be permitted to stand in the elections, will be chosen by a special college made up of eight religious and traditional leaders and five members each from the army, opposition and civil society. The president will then name a prime minister to appoint a 25-member government…

    Read the rest

    Now, dear saay, based on your earlier view point on possible change scenario based on your DCC model, do you see anything here that would add or take away from the way you’ve already outlined? This could relate to clauses (such as that the transition leader can’t stand election), composition (5 from each sections of society. does this show they only had one opposition?) and time frame…


    • saay7

      Kbur Harbegna Civil Tegadalai Haile TG:

      well. Let’s see. When the Burkanabi thing happened, the equivalent of Wedi Philipos said, “I am in charge.”

      Then, whoever is the equivalent of Mengistu Hailemariam in Eritrea said, “the hell you are! I am in charge!” This was two days apart.

      Then some civilian chick said, “wow, I am in charge.”

      Then they discussed this….and now, your link.

      So, immmmm. Those guys had a civil society and an opposition party within their country. What do we have, Haile TG. We have PFDJ, Medrek, EPDP and Alliance. And we don’t have France playing wind up toy (PS: France is always involved). We have Harbeyna Weyanai (who is convinced he loves us more than we love ourselves); we have Sudan (somebody has to take over the human trafficking bidness) and we have the United States, Iran and Israel who want a little tiny base in Dahlak. Other than that, it is identical:)


      • haileTG

        Merhaba saay

        Hmmm…ወይ መከራ! For once, your last paragraph almost convinced me that ‘Cabinet Re-shuffle’ (where IA and few others would lose their posts) is what we should really have..Haha;-)

        Seriously though, I was looking to see if some of the practicality as:

        1 – The clause that the head of the transition has to be a civilian

        2 – The clause that the head of the transition wouldn’t be permitted to run for election following transition

        3 – The restoration of the country’s constitution for the period of the transition (in their case, I guess permanently)

        4 – The time frame for the transition

        5 – The tripartite (Army, elders and politicians) composition (hence can be enumerated based on our opposition diversity, with more emphasis on those in Eritrea)

        …would have lent itself to be compared with the way you visualized the DCC to unfold (e.g. is the transition head designate in your model be allowed to run for elections too?)

        Otherwise, we both know that those opposed to sur meHo have a ready assembled bogyman based on their sense of risk and those for it also have an equally established counter bogyman in the idea of entertaining a regime remnant being rewarded for a second chance (for trying and failing the first time) because those patiently waiting in line can’t be trusted;-) And such being our reality, I wasn’t really aiming at that debate. Just, the technical aspects of DCC transition execution plan.


        • saay7

          Kbur Haile The Great:

          The Democratic Coup Committee will consider your proposal at next meeting, but will not let you know what it thinks about it until after your join the committee:) But seriously, Hailat, they are all good ideas.


          • haileTG

            Haha Saay, ኣንታ ሓቅኻ’ባ ኢኻ ኩዑሶ ክትፈቱ!! ኣሽክዕ እኮ ምኽኣል ስኢነካ፡) ኣቡኡ ዘፍለጠ፡ ሓጹር ዘሊለ’ዶ ክወጽእ ካብቲ ሜዳ? ከመይ ኢኻ ጥውይ ጥውይ ተብላ ነዛ ኩዑሶ ወደይ!! ከይኣተኻ ኣይንነግረካን ካብ በልካ’ስ፡ ከየትሓዝኩምኒን፡ ከየድለውንን፡ ኣተኹ ማለት ድማ ዕጭ ሓንፈፍኩ፡-) Haha…Thanks saay.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ሃይላት ኣሸኻኻዕ ጥራይ ኢልካ ? ሓንሳብ ቦልተረ : ሓንሳብ ተርሲኒ : ሓደ ሓደ ግዜ ኣከፋፋላይ :ሃንደበት ድማ ኣጥቃዓይ እናኾነ ልብና ኣጥፊኡልና :: ኣነ ዝገርመንን ኣብ መንጎ ተስሕቀንን- ቲፎዞ ክኸውን እንከሎ ::

            ብኡነት ግን ዘቅረብካንዮ ሓሳባት ዝድገፍ እዩ ሃይላት ::

        • Amanuel Hidrat


          So far the indications are promising as to how the Burkina Faso people are handling their political crises. The hurdle is still there. It is the beginning. We wish them a happy ending. Keep your eye on it if we can glean some lessons from them. Thank you for the link.


      • tafla

        Selam SAAY,

        I always look forward to reading your and Mahmoud Saleh’s comments. You both have a good balance and level-headedness. If we put Ethiopia, Israel and US in 1 category, Iran in a 2nd then we should naturally have a 3rd where the Arab league is a counterpart. in this group Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia should be the most interesting players to consider. What do you think?

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Saay,

        There is nothing we can compare our reality with that of Burkina Faso. Completely different objective reality. The only thing we can glean from their reality is, they come together to resolve their political crises. Eritreans have to learn how to come together and listen to each other to overcome our problem. The Burkina Faso people agreed on a frame work of transition based on the objective realities of their politics. Can we frame a peaceful transition that reflect to our political realities?

        • Rodab

          Hello Aman,
          Correct, the realities of Burkina and Eritrea are completely different. The two biggest differences are: a) The Burkina society is relatively open (civic society, oppsition, press…all of these exist, at least to some degree) b) The Burkina governing system has a meaningful relationship with the West, and the West is helping in stablising and guiding through and into a constitutional civilian administration. Both of these factors do not exist in Eritrea where the culture of uncompromising military rule is deeply entrenched. Rough going is what I envision in our case. The clock is ticking for a change but no one can anticipate its path. The political future of Eritrea is very uncertain.

  • Michael

    [Moderator: please write a note of introduction about the link you are providing. Kindly don’t just dump a link.]

  • saay7


    You know, casual readers will think that I said “deep down, we are good students of HGDF, you know? (don’t tell any one…)

    At least you should call your imaginary SAAY some other name. Like imaginary saay or I-SAAY


  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Araya,

    I can’t believe this is true.are they planing to kill them and burn them? I hope this is not true. let me investigate if this is true because this kind of pages can be simply created in this advanced world.

    • Dear Kokhob Selam,

      A country that was ready to send about 200 medical personnel to West Africa to help in the Ebola epidemic is surely capable of sending some of these people to Assosa. Even if the government tries to hide the matter, which it would have not dared to do so, because it is a time bomb, NGO’s
      would have brought the matter to the ears of the world community. You cannot hide a highly infectious disease, and expect it to stop by itself, because it would get out of control in no time. We saw it in West Africa; it is a wild fire.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Thank you Horizon, thank Eyob, I was sure and didn’t believe what is written by Mr.Araya. Yet, honestly speaking he shake my mind and make me read a lot for 6 hours . If someone tells me that Eritrean government killed people, I could have believed and even I don’t spend my time to investigate because human soul is nothing for them. and hey, Ethiopians today will not just be quite if if this type of crime will be committed in Ethiopia.

        • haileTG

          hey KS,

          …but this one is sooo lousy at authoring and stitching it together! They didn’t even bother to re-size and center the letterhead’s quote of arms…haha it must be Araya himself:-)

          • Kokhob Selam

            hilat, I have been stupid on this one Lol, really my doughtier told me just half an hour back that this is clear modification of some one who don’t know how to do it.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Don’t look any further..this comes from tesfanews the Shabia site. The same site that that declared ‘Ethiopian airlines should be called Ebola Airlines….’ Usually, it’s assisted by some Amiches to forge such kinds of letters. This is not the first time they have done that, and it won’t be the last. These people are extremely nasty and don’t even deserve to be counted as human at all in my opinion. Unfortunately, because they are too loud, for many Ethiopians, they appear to be representing the voice of the majority of Eritreans. You the decent ones, sadly seem to fail to counter their nastiness and further more at times fall for their diabolical behavior…..

  • saay7

    Funny, Gud:

    But SAAY didn’t go on. The SAAY who is going on appears to be more interesting than this one:)

    As the people in charge, HGDF have the responsibility to set the tone for Eritrea’s political culture and the culture they promote is hooliganism and bullying. So, does it surprise you at all if people think that’s the only language HGDF understands? I heard from a source that some of the “justice-seekers” carrying arms (the youth) actually practice everything they learned at HGDF when it comes to disciplining soldiers including, yes, helicopter. aytbke indiyu zebkiyeni anta Gud.


    PS: The hooliganism used to disrupt Mesfin Hagos and Haile Menkorios meetings was, in case you forgot, was not at home but here. So HGDF values are global when it is terrified it is losing power.

  • Dear Awatistas,

    How many of us know that ancient Ethiopians had discovered a method of multiplication that is used today by computers for multiplications?

    Ancient Ethiopians new addition and subtraction, but did not know about multiplications, divisions and fractions. In those days, to multiply numbers, traders used pebbles, to represent different items.

    For example, if a trader wanted to barter 10 cows for sheep, and they had decided that a cow is worth each 15 sheep, to find the number of sheep for the ten cows, they put 10 pebbles on one side (the cow side) and another 15 pebbles on the other side (the sheep side).

    What they did was simple and genius and always right. They doubled the number of pebbles on the sheep side in this case, while at the same time they reduced the number of pebbles on the cow side.

    Thus, they reduced the number 10 by half until they reached one, and at the same time they doubled the number 15. E.g.

    10 (cows) X 15 (sheep) becomes
    5 30

    2 60

    1 120

    Now, the biggest secret is that “fractions” are believed to be useless, and “even numbers” brought bad luck and should be avoided. Thus, they discarded 10 and 2 on the cow side.

    They remained with

    5 and 30

    1 and 120

    They added 30 and 120 (on the sheep side) and found the answer, which is 150.

    Try this method of multiplication with any numbers, and you will be surprised to find that you are always right. Computers are using them.

    • Kokhob Selam

      interesting, you let me go back the days when I use to visit Ethiopian highland countryside. going from Abay river (crossing the bridge ) up to Gonder watching Lake Tana in your left side and some villages in your right side there is an exciting site to see. on those wonderful mountains there are villages still in original culture (you will find the same in all parts of Ethiopia – I am not talking about those seemingly small towns like Adis Zemen, wereta,Azezo etc. I am talking those deep inside in between welo and begemder or if you go to other side up to Shewa (like agew meder ) etc. I love how the people see life. how they think of economy and the ethics they have.

      Horizon I must be lucky man to visit almost all villages of both Habesha land – there is deep love to feel that most lost by not visiting it.

  • Abel Fesshazion

    You are very delusional. Ethiopia is a very poor unstable country alongside with Eritrea. You have never been colonized yet Ethiopia is poor as dirt. There is still a high level of poverty as well the same with Eritrea.The History of Northern Ethiopia and Southern Eritrea is rich and amazing indeed, but very both are underdeveloped today because of the regimes. Eritrea is an independent nation and you must accept that buddy. So stop being foolish. Also your mentality that Eritrean land belongs to Ethiopia is what is wrong with both nations. So grow up and work together as Africans. This article is racist.

  • Dear readers

    You might have guessed, the racist article was put for a purpose: to help a few Eritrean and Ethiopian racists who use the same language of the article when debating among themselves, to see how they sound. We apologize to our readers who expressed their dissatisfaction with the “racist article.” It’s of a bad taste but we hope it was a lesson, though a wrong teacher.

    • dawit

      It is also a lesson when countries go to war they fabricate stories and people kill one another based on lies. The Ethiopian Eritrean border war was fabricated and disseminated to justify Ethiopian invasion of its neighbors.

    • Abinet

      Can we safely conclude that Nitricc and Araya are the two racists since they agree with the “racist article”.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    The clarion call to save Eritrea is sounding from within and outside of the country.

    – In a growing defiance to the regime, opposition activists from inside the country held interview with the VOA regarding their information dissemination campaigns inside the capital and various other cities. In their interview they clearly communicate the nature of the dire situation in the country and the brutality of the regime they are agitating to revolt against.

    Listen here

    – The UNHCR has today reported the mass outflow of Eritreans and seeking refugee in neighboring countries and further afield. It reports that:

    – In the first week of November, this month, 1200 Eritreans registered by UNHCR as new arrivals (think of those who don’t register) having crossed to Ethiopia

    – In the last month alone over 5000 Eritreans registered with the UNHCR in Ethiopia. Majority are said to be between the ages of 18 – 24

    – Only in the last 10 months of this year, 37, 000 Eritreans asked asylum in European countries, Eritreans arrivals now making almost a quarter (22%) of the total arrivals

    Read UNHCR report – English or Read or Listen VOA Tigrigna

    It appears that the nation has entered a new stage of crisis that would unlikely be resolved without fundamental change. The regime has lost control of its ability to force people to be taken for military training that it planned. Its “Ethiopia” scaremongering tactics badly backfired by exposing its loss of credibility to mass mobilize for its tired old “national defense” trickster.

    It would be hard to envisage how things would turn out if the current situation continues.


  • Abel Fesshazion

    I would say that this article is very racist and clearly biased.

  • Abel Fesshazion

    You are very delusional. Ethiopia is a very poor unstable country. You have never been colonized yet you are poor as dirt. There is still a high level of poverty as well. The History of Northern Ethiopia and Southern Eritrea is rich and amazing indeed, but very underdeveloped today. Eritrea is an independent nation an you must accept that buddy. So stop being foolish. Also your mentality is what is wrong with both nations. So grow up and work together as Africans.

    • Abel Fesshazion

      oh i wrote that under guest account!

  • Abel Fesshazion

    Who wrote this article?

  • Amde

    Hi Tatari

    I actually thought that. That was why I said that it would be more interesting to me as to why Awate chose to post this. Saay and Saleh are sharp guys and they must know this is typical postings you see in White power kinds of websites. But they (someone in AT staff) chose to lift it out of a comment posting and make an article out of it.

    PS. It does look like it succeeded in unifying Eritreans and Ethiopians for a couple of days. So that is my takeaway from it… Saay and Saleh are closet unionists…. 🙂

    • Amde, that’s hilarious. But that kind deduction is too common and you are not violating the conventional wisdom. 🙂

  • saay7

    Kbur Ato Haile, and Emma, SGJ:

    (Don’t tell the moderator but I am threadjacking this article which I find largely irrelevant to our problem. It shares the same problems similar eugenics articles do: divide the world into Europe vs Africa (apparently Asia, South America don’t exist in their analysis….)

    Anyway, Ambassador Andeberhan was interviewed by Dr. Russom Mesfun @ Asmarino (Face The Erespora.) And I know Haile Arkey wants to demolish the PFDJ buildings; Emma wants to “dismantle the system” and SGJ wants to “uproot PFDJ” it. So here’s the good ambassador saying nothing to dismantle or uproot here:) I have chopped (dismantled and uprooted the video:) for you because, “LOOK!*”, it is easier:)

    Question is why do you criticize Isaias Afwerki in person but not the bad apples that are enablers? (Implicit: are you trying to surgically remove Isaias and constitute the PFDJ?)


    * The ambassador loves to say “Look!”; i think it is EPLF English for “SmaE! Ata sebay!” 🙂

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Hi Saay,

      PFDJ is not DIA+ its enforcers, PFDJ is a systel/ideology. No matter who leaves the office, their system should be dismantled.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Merhaba Saay,
      I hope you read my comment on the interview. But the good doctor (Dr. Russom) is a phenomenal interviewer, straight shooter into the core of the issue. I wish we have many like him. Unfortunately we don’t. The ambassador has failed miserably. He was defending the organization EPLF and now indirectly to PFDJ. He doesn’t want to expose the evils of Issayas and his colleagues because at one time he was also his colleague ( to issayas) accusing his colleagues of treason (You could ask his colleague how his stand was on G-15 during their incarceration).

      I also heard him the Ambassador to say: “we are a political organization (means the medrekites), and I don’t know why they put me to sit here (means with the civic organization). But at this time we are neither civic organization nor political organization” paraphrasing him from his tigrigna speech. This is at the EFND conference. This will tell who they are, why they are in the opposition camp, and what is their aim are. That is to hold power by holding the custody of PFDJ, that is what you Saay call it “PFDJ-2” by the way. That was clear to me from the birth of medrek. Nothing new as to the attempt what the ambassador wanted to project in his interview. He avoided most of the questions and tried to go around the bush. In any case, if Issayas is bad and criminal, the PFDJ is bad. if the PFDJ is bad the system (all the institutions) is bad. If the system is bad it ought to be dismantled not to be reformed.
      Amanuel Hidrat

      • saay7

        LOOK Emma:)

        Let’s leave SAAY alone here, but it is not about him but about Ambassador Andeberhan and the organization he belongs to /Forum/المنتدى/መድረኽ.

        * The Forum is really not that much different from the “organization” you lent your name to, Eritreans for Facilitating National Dialogue (EFND): it is a forum. And forum is a public space and people who “belong” to a forum do NOT have to share the same view. I follow the broadcaster for the Arabic edition of Forum on FB and she frequently writes things that would shock the ambassador (she agrees with you on dismantle, etc.) So, Forum/medrekh is truly an open forum.

        * PFDJ-2 simply means “we should would like to have people who have some experience in statecraft have a hand in Eritrea-2 because we can’t spend another 20 years waiting for neophytes learning statecraft or getting on the job training. (Its not personal:)

        * The ambassador said what I have written here (not suggesting he read it; we just got there using different paths): an Eritrea that had followed the PFDJ National Charter, the Macro Econ Policy and the Draft Constitution would have been VASTLY different from the one you see now. Absolutely true. That being the case, all the fault-finding with EPLF (1970s 1980s) and all the fault finding with the PFDJ (1990s to present) is, prima facie, wrong.

        * The ambassador said people can be asked to apologize for crimes, but they shouldn’t be asked to apologize for mistakes, or for failing. If people were going to apologize for failing, then the ELF should have been apologizing since 1981. No, I am not personalizing this at all. I am trying to get through.

        Illi, wa daHanka wad Abuye Hidrat.


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hey saay,

          Here is an absurd, that makes me laugh, when I read your remark below:-

          “* PFDJ-2 simply means “we should would like to have people who have some experience in statecraft have a hand in Eritrea-2 because we can’t spend another 20 years waiting for neophytes learning statecraft or getting on the job training. (Its not personal:)”

          Indeed you are telling us the government officials in the current Eritrea have “experience in statecraft”. Wow! Why are you struggling for change with “change-seekers” if you support the current “state craft” in Eritrea? Isn’t the current “state craft” of Eritrea that put our people in to misery day in day out, so to speak. Experience state craft!! You gave me a laugh for the whole evening. Thank you for that. I can only pray and fight to avoid the current state affairs of Eritrea – “the state fiasco”. By the way, can “technocrats” like you be categorized as “neophytes”? why not independent technocrats? If Eritrea couldn’t bring substitutes to the current “failed state craft”, then we have a problem brother. But right in your argument, Eritrea could not find a transitioning formula, if we fail again in the hand of the “failed state craft” of PFDJ.

          Second, Medrekites are no facilitators. They are political organization as the ambassador has said it openly. They just hold it for now because the public will not receptive as we know so far. They are secretive and no one know their members akin to the activity of their background. So in short they are not facilitators. Don’t make them wear the clothes of others.
          Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Selamat Emma:

            LOOK!* I am glad you got a chuckle out of it. But you are, ahem, confusing the issue.

            Yes, the people who run the central bank of Eritrea, the people who run the education dept, the health ministry, the tourism ministry, the water and land, etc have experience in statecraft: that is to say the demands of the people, the supply of the government, and how to fill the gap (loans, grants, etc.) The fact that Hsur President Isais overrules them doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been knowledge transfer or training in the last 23 years.

            I have been struggling to allow them, and people who have the good will of Eritrea, to be liberated from tyrants and brutes. I have not been struggling to demonize them, humiliate them. I have been struggling to introduce them to patriots who approach from a different angle so they can debate, argue and then take their vision to the people so the one whose vision is supported by the people (not necessarily the one with the best vision) can gain the legitimacy to govern.

            Meanwhile, there are Eritreans who never believed the EPLF should have liberated Eritrea on its own, should have governed on its own, and they want to use the occasion to humiliate them and make them apologize, and ask for forgiveness and they want them to disown anything and everything they ever believed in. They want to make the EPLF the Nazi Party of Eritrea. They couldn’t do it in the Eritrean field, so they want to use Aquarach to do it now. And i think that is wrong: because it will just breed more cycle of revenge.

            What’s up with calling Medrek Medrekites? Hmm, rhymes with PFDJites. My view is that we call people by what they choose to be called, not what is convenient for us to call them. The “public is not respective to them” is just partisan positioning because we have no way of quantifying what the public is receptive to. Are they receptive to your new org? Are they receptive to Mejlis? Are they receptive to EPDP? Are they receptive to Alliance? Are they receptive to the EYs? How do you quantify that? And if you can’t, isn’t your claim just substitutive “the public” for “amanuel”?


            *LOOK is the ambassador’s favorite way of beginning a sentence:)

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Abu saleh,
            My friend “state-craft” refers to the whole function of the state. Don’t go by nitpicking for the sake of argument. You know it what it means. playing with wordsmith is not debating on issue. Tftahala my friend. But to your surprise all the organization you mentioned them above, they all was in the round table at the conference. Beyond that I saw the direction of your move. I will stop it here. It isn’t healthy direction, not to this forum nor to struggle of justice-seekers.

          • saay7


            Agreed: statecraft refers to the whole function of the state of which only EPLF/PFDJ has any practical experience when it comes to Eritrea. This is not wordsmithing: it is a fact. The last time any other party had any experience running anything in Eritrea was in the 1970s: and that was a part of Eritrea and that had nothing to do with working with international institutions. Period.

            I don’t know what conference you are referencing Emma. There have been 1,001 conferences since 2001: they all start the same way (with a bang) and they all end the same way (with a whimper.) So, color me unimpressed.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Saay7 I might be jumping out of the topic. allow me to ask one question, isn’t possible to arrange a kind of meeting of awate participants. I mean people like Amanuel you and those in US and Europe might be easy. I am really dreaming to see this event. This came to my mind when I see the post of Amanuel above and your reply.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Kokhobay,

            I will be very happy to host Awatawyan in Paris, France. If agreed, I will start right now and arrange all for the “sommet” a French word for such gathering. Sommet d’Awatawyan” and discuss live (May be Radio Erena, why not) as we are doing here. Ok, no problem for the French language, Paris is fine with diversity.

            Almost all revolutions had a base in France and why not awatawyan for bringing the “odds” on table in the hearts of Paris.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Thank you Tesfabirhan እምበር ተስፋ ብርሃን :
            Saay, do you read the post of Tesfabirhan? now I think this opens the door. Let’s here what others will say.

          • dawit

            Dear TES,

            That is a good gesture TES. If you and Kokeb can figure the logistics I will attend the meeting representing ” crazy and insanely romantic” AT member, whose stand has confused many Awatawyan! The only worry I have is security problems how you prevent Hooligans and the terrorists the ‘Crusaders and Islamists” that are accustomed now crushing a peaceful gathering of Eritreans everywhere.



          • Kokhob Selam

            you will be very welcomed dawitom. for the other problems you should not worry. those you think are disturbing in PFDJ meetings are not disturbing they are calling for constitutional government so do we.

            The meeting I am looking actually is to create anti virus software in the mind of badly damaged persons who lost their dignity. have you ever experienced the virus problem in your computer? do you ever stop your work and suffer? some time it is because your were down loading software’s. now that we have a lot of Ideas from different people (it might be good ideas) but with virus we need to clean and re -install new system. we want to study on how to change the way of thinking to replace the old way. PFDJ supporters were programmed to think on what to think – the ready made program but not why and how. LOL. hopefully you, as smart guy sure will be the best in the meeting to learn and teach.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Dawitom,

            Awatawyan without you don’t exist. The only Awatawi that may not be attended is DIA (the silent grand Awatawi) and he might not be coming because he doesn’t want to expose openly as Awatawi.

            The rest, dear dawitom, if you are feeling safe to say what you want to say here at the comment section, it will be the same safe place also being together physically. The only thing that you might doubt is that what you say should be true (only Nitricc, the naughty will be hosted with careful editing works and this is not because of security or like that, I am afraid that he might go fainted when he sees the reality).

            This is why you are coming Dawitom,

            You are welcome and why not we can share our take for the logistic. Come and we will be blessed to have you with us.


          • Tesfabirhan WR
          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Aman,

            Ambassador Andebrhan and his Medrekite are more than ever exposed now. Secrecy for good can be fine but if it is because of public fear, it will be nothing but to follow the lines of dictators. Hopefully, I will come soon with my take regarding this.


            +Saay, I think you be fine now as DIA is the main target of Am. Andebrhan, got a comrade.

    • haileTG

      Hello Saay,

      ንዓ’ባ እዛ ጉዳይ ምፍራስ ገዛ ንየው በለለይ! ህግደፍ ዝሓዞ ምፍራሱ ስለዘይተርፍ፡ ከም ገለ ሃደሽ እንተበለት፡ ሃይለ ሰብ ገይሩላ ነይሩ ኢሎም ሓድሽ ሕክያ ከይከፍቱ:-)

      On a serious note though:

      1 – If PFDJ has indeed become defunct and no longer in existence, why not support the idea of “dismantling” it? At the very least, you would lose nothing and gain in political constituency. No? (I hope you wouldn’t say it would discourage “the PFDJ” from joining the struggle!! Haha..

      2 -Since me and Dr Ande are now both justice seekers, I can’t step over his foot to tell him what he should do (that wouldn’t be legitimate move because he no longer is party to the enemy camp, it would be senseless). However, if I was to be less shy and state what I think about the apology thing, I think he should do it. It would be a blunder of political suicide to try to evade it and take cover behind group veil. He sure has been party of a regime/system/administration that is responsible to the most heinous crimes against humanity. Dr Ande had helped, abated and justified the acts representing the regime at the very highest levels. He now has a golden opportunity to do himself a favor, no one else because it is too late to the victims. It appears that he has taken a very risky option, but hey, I can’t possibly know what is best for him than himself. I just think that he may not get this chance later on.


      • saay7

        LOOK Haile:)

        My view is that if somebody is in love, crazy in love with the PFDJ charter and thinks that is the best approach to state-building, we shouldn’t CRIMINALIZE that belief system. You do know, ahem, there are people who want to use the unpopularity of Isaias and all he is to stigmatize EVERYTHING associated with him–EPLF, PFDJ and Eritrea. Yep, including the right of Eritrea to exist as an independent, autonomous state. You know this because, as awate’s Special Education Instructor, you spend a lot of time educating our neighbors (and their Trojan horses) who are convinced that there is something really, really, really wrong with us:)

        The apology: please refer to the answer I gave Emma: defeat is its own punishment. Why should people who did their best to bring about an independent, democratic Eritrea apologize for failing? Can you imagine a situation where every football team* which fails (and is suffering the sting of defeat) now has to apologize for its defeat. I think it should be US encouraging them to rise up and say, yeah, defeat is not a habit, rise up! Not pushing them down and demanding “Seyoum Bel!”


        * By the way, this weekend the Ethiopian football team is playing Algeria. So, I am holding an inter-faith prayer session for my friend Eyob Medhane because if his team (Ethiopia) loses, then it is out. Kaput. Gone for ever. Me as an Eritrean, inspired by the Algerian revolution, am, of course, going to root for Algeria.**

        ** joke, Eyob. Joke.

        • Eyob Medhane

          Really Sal,

          After all what we did for you? Drafting an Eritrean-Swede player and convincing him that he is an Ethiopian and trying to teach him Amharic day and night, just so he’ll join our world class precious Walya, so you’d root for us? “Shame, shame shame…everybody knows name… 🙂 I am praying and even will go to ‘Tenquay bet’, so we could win and I come back and gloat on you… 🙂

          • Kokhob Selam

            Eyobay, that wonderful player is my relative. Mr.Atta Osman (his father) was doing his best to let his kids be best players before even that wonderful Player born. I admire his performance and his decision – if he can’t play for Eritrea he should play for Ethiopia. after all Ethiopia is his 2nd nation.

            I have similar decision in this foot ball game- if Eritrea is not winning (playing …Lol) let my beloved Ethiopia win.

          • Eyob Medhane


            You are just full of surprises, aren’t you? But I gotta make a correction here, buddy. Ethiopia is NOT his second home…No No No No, sir….You want proof? I can show you…

            1) Zoom in the first picture and look at the passport on his lap. It is an Ethiopian passport.
            2) Zoom in again and look at the book he is reading. “Amharic for visitors”.
            3) On the second picture, look at his serious look and what is written on his shirt and the flag on the shirt… 🙂

            You lost him to us, buddy. Now our next target is YOU, Kokhob Selam. We are stealing YOU with your nice poems and everything.. 🙂

            P.S By the way he also is a very well behaved young man, I saw his interview, right before they took off to Algiers. he seems he is a good guy…

          • Kokhob Selam

            really really he is my very close relative. But I don’t know if he is holding Ethiopian passport. let me tell you one more surprise I have Ethiopian brother I mean brother from fathers side but was born there and he is totally Ethiopian. now, You don’t have to steal me because I am from Habesha ready to serve Ethiopia not less than Eritrea. Yet, one thing remains unchanged truth – I have been injured 7 times to free Eritrea — above that I have seen my Eritrean comrades death for this task which I promise them that I will not change my nationality. .. with all the love I have on Ethiopia I won’t deny Eritrean struggle was a must and only, only equality of human beings can solve problems which ex-Ethiopians leaders didn’t see it. by the way Ethiopia is doing fine on supporting our refuges including allowing them to learn in universities – smart move from Ethiopian leadership.

          • Eyob Medhane


            Well..let’s make the conversation a bit soft here 🙂 Since they took away our politics free zone, Jebena. By the way, you and I need to sue awate team for everything they’ve got for shutting down Jebena on us… 🙂

            The Ethiopian passport, since Walid is representing Ethiopia, FIFA mandates him to be an Ethiopian passport holder. That is standard practice in FIFA regulations..

            I am sorry for your wounds that happened during the war. You know it’s a nasty thing. However, you gotta remember that the same thing happened to countless Ethiopian families, who rightly or wrongly fought gave their limbs and lives to keep Eritrea with Ethiopia, and as much as you do, they too have convictions too… So, let us not make a moral comparison….

            About refugees, well…I will quote Haile TG, quoting someone. he said that he saw it on TV a refugee official told the refugees in Tigray that “..The world bureaucracy can call you what ever it wants, a refugee, an asylem seekers or what ever, but for us, we think this is your home…” If you think about it, only 23 years ago, they were citizens and no one would have dared to call them refugees…

          • Kokhob Selam

            it is ok Eyobay. it is not my mistake or someone who was holding gun from the other side. I am more aware since ever. we born and found ourselves in this situation. I want to forget that, that is past which has created today’s reality. Honestly speaking that all was not necessary , we could have done better. now very important is not to repeat past mistakes. I don’t want to see single Ethiopian or Eritrean killed in those nonsense wars. that is why I strongly oppose some one who scratches our wound. and my promise to you is that we are going to create real unity which will still respect the present of nation’s.

          • Eyob Medhane


            Having said that root for the boys tomorrow…We gotta come back here and gloat on Sal… 🙂

          • saay7


            You know what’s coming, don’t you. If your team loses, then, well, you guys were the underdogs. If your team wins, we will somehow find a way to give credit to the kid who is learning amharic:) We are still talking about how many Eritreans were in the Ethiopian football team that won the African cup in 1963 BC:)


          • saay7

            Amharic for dummies:)

          • Eyob Medhane


            Isn’t it amazing that we are all big happy family? Apparently, our own Kokhob is an uncle to the Amharic learning Ethiopian fellow on the picture…Go figure. Since I started reading those supspeciously well written in Amharic poams of kokhob, I figured that there are more closet Amharas amongest us than you… 🙂

          • saay7


            አረ እናንተ አይጋበችሁም እንጂ that’s what we have been saying since forever:

            1: For some Eritreans, it is Eritrea first and Ethiopia a very strong second;
            2: For some Eritreans, it is Eritrea First and Sudan a very strong second.

            But all your kings, tyrants, misguided fools, have been insisting that we sing one and only one song: Ethiopia First. And, no, sorry: you can’t get a more Ethio-friendly Eritrean here than Kokhob Selam and please read his post.

            Now, of course, the great Dawit (perched on the Eri-Ethio fence) has liberated many of us who believe Eritrea First and Ethiopia First. We are very intrigued. Dawit’s view is yes, I am Eritrean first, but I am also Ethiopian first and I ain’t going to let a government of the day tell me I ain’t. It is hugely impractical, and crazy and therefore insanely romantic:)


          • Eyob Medhane


            Who wants to be second? Be it “strong second” or ” weak second”? ሰለዚህ:ያልተግባባነው:አኛ ጠንካራም ሆነ ደካማ ሁለተኛ የመሆን ፍላጎቱ ሰለሌለን ነው::

            To the second IMPORTANT point.

            What? Who is ‘Dawit’ who said that? Indeed intriguing….እንዲህ ነው እንጂ!! I am sure he can very much defend his thesis and I will be more than happy to provide some tips to him…

          • dawit

            Dears Eyob and Saay,

            Who is the great Dawit? Good question! Dawit is the Eritrean before Eritreans knew they were Eritreans and Dawit is the Ethiopian, before Ethiopians knew they were Ethiopians. Dawit is admirer and supporter of PIA who is the true Liberator of Eritrea and Ethiopia here at AT Forum..
            Saay you said “it is hugely impractical, and crazy and therefore insanely romantic” . Saay, in Amharic we say “ከባለበቱ ያወቀ ቡዳ ነው” I am living it and I taught my children the same and they describe themselves “Eritrean-Ethiopian- American” or ‘Ethiopian-Eritrea-American”. and they are comfortable with their identity with too many hyphens! Smile! Can a government define the identity of an individual?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi dawit:

            Some of the Eritreans who knew they were Eritreans after you say ” tim al-aya” or finish the verse.
            So I think there is something missing from the lessons you teach your kids and it is this;

            ” I am living it and I taught my children the same and they describe themselves “Eritrean-Ethiopian- American” or ‘Ethiopian-Eritrea-American”. and they are comfortable with their identity with too many hyphens! Smile! In addition I drill into the heads of my children to stay put in America and someone will do the liberating for you in Eritrea, after making sure Eritrean’s survival is secure and peace reigns under the leadership of IA the liberator you can go and visit and enjoy the country of your ancestors and in the unlikely case Eritrea fails and becomes Somalia like some of the opposition members are predicting, you have Ethiopia. I am hedging your future and fighting for your future. “Ab bzuh hawi egod emo abzihashe sehan”. Also in the unlikely case Ethiopia disintegrates you have America, the home of the hero and the land of the brave. The cousins, the second cousins, relative and the Eritrean youth at large who are living in Eritrea should do the job of securing and democratizing Eritrea by staying there instead of risking their lives to compete with the jobs, education and games with you here.Once they do the heavy lifting, you become “goytotom”, study hard, burn the midnight oil “ezome deqey”, goodnight.

          • dawit

            Hi Semere,
            Eritrea and Ethiopia were liberated in May 1991, under the great ‘Liberator” Isaias Afwerki, . My children know that and they celebrate the Independence Day by beating the Kebero and dancing the whole night. Ethiopia independence relapsed and that we have TPDM, Arbegnoch Ginbar, OLF, ONLF fighting for the Reliberation of their country. SEM just eat your Canadian Ham and don’t worry about Eritrea, it is in good hand under PIA.
            In the meantime could you find the history behind the formation of ELF. Why was the founding members included a single Christian. Was it due to luck of effort by the organizers to invite their counterparts or was it their counterparts refuse the invitation to join the new organization.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi dawit:
            About the ELF you can ask Saleh and Emma why they are not still around, who cares who founded ELF, when it was eliminated it was a vibrant national front and the predecessor of TPDM prostituted itself with EPLF and did that heinous crime just as you are just doing.
            You are losing brain cells by every comment, the soul mate of Sophia Tesfamariam
            Thanks for your advice about diet but I am a vegan

          • dawit

            Hi Semere
            Well if you are a vegan, may be you need to reconsider your residency and move to Eritrea. Your soul mate tes could tell you more about the abundance of lentils in Eritrea. About the history of ELF I asked first Emma and he seems he forgot and does not remember how is organization was founded. As to Saleh, he does not want to touch, it is a hot potato, in light of his recent article ‘Crusaders’ stand.. Don’t compare my little contribution here at AT, with the Eritrean lioness Sofia. By herself she can crashed hundreds of news outlet which are writing bad things against Eritrea.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi dawit:
            I will move to Eritrea and I do not get sleepless because I am “wedebat”. My “tisha” , land and lentils and “sebere” and “akat” farm will be all intact. I am worried about the people that the hooligans are destroying. Those who bought the land that does not belong to them get the insomnia, not us

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi dawit, don’t feel to bloated, you know I touch everything. The reason I decided not to respond is because such issues concern only those who have stake in Eritrea. I think your stake is selfish as per your own explanation concerning Eritrea or Ethiopia? Sorry dawit, I can’t take you seriously 🙂

          • dawit

            Wow Saleh, who gave you the right to divide Eritreans to stake-holders and non-stake holders. Is this your latest categorization of Eritreans besides “The Crusaders and The Jihadists”. I have a stake on Eritrea as much as you have if not more. You are screaming and I am shouting from 10,000 miles away from Eritrea. What is the difference? You didn’t want to respond because it shattered you analysis of your article, because you felt minimized for not being invited to a gathering of Eritrean Ph.Ds. I brought up a historic incident to the one you were complaining. It deflated your self-aggrandisement and you want to deflect it. Nice try, but it does not work dealing with dawit.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hello dawit,
            What is the definition of selfish in your books or dictionaries? Can a selfish person be a good and reliable member of humanity?

          • dawit

            Hi Saleh
            While I look the definition of ‘selfish’ in my dictionary, can you find the ‘Eritrean history piece, that was left under the rug. Why was ELF formed by Eritrean Moslem in 1960 without a single member of Christians. Did the organizers failed to invite their Christian counterpart or the Christians refuse to join. As I wrote earlier Woldeab Woldemariam was living in Cairo at that time. Why he was not invited to be the founding member? I know you have endless resources to discover the fact unless you want it the buried under the rug,

          • Shum

            I have that book. It sucks. I think I learn better with interactive tools.

        • Admas

          “Can you imagine a situation where every football team* which fails (and is suffering the sting of defeat) now has to apologize for its defeat.”
          So by misleading thousands of innocent souls to their death was a football game for you sir….or gladiator perhaps…..

        • haileTG

          Dear saay

          ዋእ! ኣይትኾሪ’ባ:-)

          1- On the apology note: I personally don’t think issues should span father back than 1991. Because the realization of independence can readily rationalize a point of “Good Will” to make bygones be bygones. Now, please allow me to be a little pragmatic, and I would say to you Think Politics. To try to define the nature of a one’s demeanor for which an apology (political apology) is sought for as a “failure” or “crime” comes at a cost. More so, when the principal subject from whom it was sought is the one doing the defining. That would almost unfailingly be interpreted as domineer (not demeanor) that would be worth rebuffing by the other party. No one is requesting an apology from those who fought the Badem war when the Mereb-Setit frontlines were over run. This is an apology requested demanded for helping and abating actions that are now the subject of international investigations for “egregious violations”. As I said, if you think politics, it is a bad move to refuse, and if you think ego, it is a little devil to accept:-) Take your pick:-)

          2 – Let’s accept PFDJ is defunct, which really means its charter and its chatter, why would those people with the know how in “state-craft” (which they have a glittering achievement record in collapsed economy, collapsed diplomacy, collapsed public services, collapsed defense, collapsed ____fill the blank, to prove experience ) refuse to join a new adminstration that is geared to dawn a new era of peace and justice on the people? BTW, the very reason we wish to the back of this institution is because it doesn’t represent Eritrea, Eritreans or itself (as they seem to happily admit to). The problem seems ቀስ በቀ እንቁላል በእግሩ ይራመዳል! The so called “FAILURE” as it were is not only being utilized to claim immunity but also posterity in a drive to monopolize power!! ወይ ጉድ፡ መዳሊያ ከይሓተትሉ’ውን ዝተርፉ ኣይመስለንን…ኣንቱም ሰባት ሽጣራ ተወዲኡ እንተበልናስ፡ ሓሊፉ ጸኒሑና 🙂


          • saay7

            Haile The Great:

            I had all my counter-arguments lined up but sometimes one has to yield to a great line:

            ወይ ጉድ፡ መዳሊያ ከይሓተትሉ’ውን ዝተርፉ ኣይመስለንን…ኣንቱም ሰባት ሽጣራ ተወዲኡ እንተበልናስ፡ ሓሊፉ ጸኒሑና 🙂

            Slow clapping, crescendo to a standing O:)


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Yes indeed Saay is almost there to heed your great line “ወይ ጉድ፡ መዳሊያ ከይሓተትሉ’ውን ዝተርፉ ኣይመስለንን…ኣንቱም ሰባት ሽጣራ ተወዲኡ እንተበልናስ፡ ሓሊፉ ጸኒሑና.” It is fun and it has some merits, if we see the nature of the opposite side of the debate. Well said.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ሃይላት ሓወይ “ዋእ፦ ኣይትኾሪእባ፥፡) ” ኢልካ ጀሚርካ: እምበኣር እዚ ሲ ይኹሪ እዩ ? ኪር ከር ዶ ኢልካ፥ ሓቀይ እየ በዓል ሳልሕ ስርንቕ ዘይብሉ ሰባት እዮም :: ቢላሂ ምስ ‘ዚ ኩሉ ዝገጠሞ ግድል ኣእምርኡ ጸጸኒሑ ዝ ሰፍሕ ሰብ ምር ኣይ ከሐጉሰኒ ርኢኻ የለኻን !! ግን ኣይትንገሮ ብዙሕ ምስጋና ድማ ዳርጋ ቦያ ምልካይ ኮይኑ እዩ ዝስመዖም ንሱን ወዲ ቃድን (ስሓቅ እስከ ኣታ ሊቅ ዓርከይ).

            ብኡነት ግን ኢዚኦም ዘኹሪ ረኺቦም ኣይኩርዩ ዘሐጉስ ረኺቦም ኣይፍንጥዙ Lol.

  • The Economist

    Ethiopia has never been, never is and will never be better without Eritrea ever and ever . AMEN
    So if Ethiopia was better after 1991 why did it go to war against Eritrea in the name of Aseb or
    Badme as pretext in 1998 right after Eritrea printed its currency and economically was taken off
    beating Ethiopia in only 8 years time making Ethiopia cry foul by the game it agreed upon.
    Ethiopia thought it can stand by itself without Eritrea but once the ports and the Refinery are
    removed from its economy Ethiopia was on its knees and mobilized for war under false pretexts
    of Badme. The truth is in the economic game Eritrea was badly beating Ethiopia to its knees.
    1. Aseb Refinery controls the overall energy supply of the whole of Ethiopia.
    2. The Aseb port.
    Previously Ethiopia was only economically surviving on Eritrea as anchor . Money and hard currency
    was only coming from US (untill 1977 ) and USSR (until 1989) from Eritrean owned ports , base and
    leases of Dahilak and Kagnew stations and the Fisheries and Salt products which were used to be
    shipped to USSR and Easters European countries.
    When Ethiopia was defeated and demanded hard currency for trade with Eritrea it strangled itself
    because it didn’t know it has to pay in hard currency for port service itself. Hence the mobilization
    for war. If Ethiopia requested hard currency exchange; could there be any reason Eritrea will not
    request hard currency for port services ? Do they think Eritrea will take their BIRRs while they ask
    for dollar ? Give us a break !

    • Hayat Adem

      totally clueless. all about nothing and nothing about all.

      • haileTG

        Hey Hayat…Give him a break! He is a new comedian in town:-)

        • Kokhob Selam

          ክላሊያዓለም ! ሃይላት ሓወይ እዛ ሃገር መዓስ እዩ ዋሎ ዝበትከላ ?

        • Hayat Adem

          ጉድ ኮ ረኸብና አ’ታ ሓወይ! ዋሎ ዶ በለ?! ካብ ድቃስካ ተበራቢርካ ምጽሓፍሲ ‘ትዝተርፍ…

          • Kokhob Selam

            ሓያታ መዓስ ካብ ድቃስ ተበራቢሮም ኮይኖም ክምዚ ዝ ኣመሰለ ዝጽሕፉ : ደቂሶም እንከለው እዮም ዝጽሕፉ ::ሓደ ሓደ ግዜ ፍሽኽ ኢልካ ምሕላፉ ::

    • Asmerome

      The Economist
      You are the new kid in the block you have no idea what you are talking about you are full of false bravado please cool down and grow up

      • Crocus

        Kemethemthem Timhirt Yiqdem! Some economist.

        • Crocus

          Sorry Asmerome. This was posted on the wrong comment. It was meant as reply to The Economist.

  • We just added the following: Clarification :This post is sampled from the Awate Forum (public) and
    does not represent Awate’s viewpoint. Thank you for pointing that out to us.

  • Nitricc

    hahahahah forget this nonesense! feed your self first then you can compare your self with people who feeds you. the truth is they are feeding you how can you be that dismisive?
    anyway, look where the white man is, they are ready to destroy each other. world war III is uopn us.

    • Kokhob Selam

      don’t spend your time on this type of rubbish videos. thinking war attracts war. instead be part of peace lovers. be part of solution not problems. there are a lot of sites to that benefit like.

  • Admas

    So guys the Eritrean “ferenji” is in fact Daniel who responded to me
    bellow, and I realize he did not provide his emial and Awate on previous
    post promised to post his “ferenji perspective” in 4 hours any way…A ferenji who
    copied and pasted a tired but edited Gedlhi propaganda…only this time with some
    “neutral looking” updates…although the “ferenji” is still struggling to
    swallow the bitter truth that Ethiopia is better of since it got rid of
    Eritrea and Eritreans…

    • Kaddis

      Admas –

      I think you are pushing it too far with Ethiopia is better of without Eritrea and Eth does not need Eritrea stuff. Even with our relatively young age – we have seen so many changes in country’s position. We have seen Iraq, Libya, Syria – goes from well to do states to rubble. We have seen Brazil surpassed England in economy. We have seen Burma rushing out of its isolated state.

      Our ( Eth) country is as fragile as many poor nations. We may go back to stone age, Somalia like status for simple – political, security, religious, ethnic, natural reasons. If you heard European leaders speeches in relation to the Ukraine crisis – they are saying we should not take peace and progress for granted. We should eliminate the possibility of war at any cost. We should do the same Lij Admas – while there are guns not yet silent in our land and beyond.That includes making as many friends as possible specially the close by ones.

      The discussion here is how do citizens of both nations progress or live in peace without making the same mistakes our rulers and older generation committed.

      • Admas

        Kaddis, I’m not making it up, it is a proven fact, we suffered a lot while we had Eritrea and we tend to do relatively much better since we got rid of them…even your ideal eshusurru style pre-98 relationship proved to be deadly…so what is left….I know from which camp your type belong, those who would sell anything of Ethiopia as long as it is convenient for their personal ambitions….”If it means Eritreans have to gain more out of the friendship let it be” was what Horizon said just a few days ago, as though his proposal was not tried before…You might want to trust Eritreans and chillout by the Red sea, but rest assured you will not find Ethiopia where you left it!

        • dawit

          Ethiopians were much better under Haile Selassie and Derge. Today Ethiopia is a one man private property. Alamudi owns every piece of land, mines and business in the country. Ethiopian men are toiling on his farms trying to grow rice for export to his native land Saudi Arabia, for peanuts and Ethiopian women are toiling in Saudi Arabia cooking the rice working 24 hours in kitchens. Are you still singing the song of 1998 ‘Eritrea became the No. 1 coffee exporter in Africa”! Believe me ‘Land to the Tiller” is coming. Ethiopian peasants are going to rise and claimed their ancestral land.

          • Semere Andom

            You have an affection for killers and dictators. So if Ethiopians were better off under the butchery of HS and Dergi Eritreans were also better off, can you reconcile this Mr. Ethio-Eritro-American
            The Ethiopians in this forum, can you please educated this liar who claims he is Ethiopians before Ethiopians knew they were Ethiopians and before Eritreans knew they were Eritreans

  • Abinet

    “Adult intelligence scale”
    Whites(US) 100
    African American 85-87
    Now, Daniel, help me how I can put these two races in the same scale.
    Until recently african Americans were colonized in their own country . They were just properties of the superior race . They used to be counted as three of them as one person or something like that .
    There are more African American youth in prison than in college .
    Please stop your madness of comparing the incomparable . You need generations to make this kind of study .
    Is there a study on the intelligence of white rats and black rats? Just curious .

    • Dear Abinet,

      The writer of the article is the dumbest ferenji, airing his opinion. It is not that important really, compared to what a DNA pioneer and a Nobel Prize winner Dr James Watson said in the past; that Black people are less intelligent than Westerners. This is an insult to science and his self-respect as a scientist. Simply, I cannot believe it. I thank the commentator who brought it to our attention, for I was not aware of it.

      As I read for the first time about their discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule, which of course is colossal, I
      still remember the picture I had of the two young scientists, James Watson and Francis Crick, running in the Campus of the University of Cambridge Shouting “Eureka”, which means, “we have solved the problem”.

      • Abinet

        Selam Horizon
        I’m sure they were smoking some expensive thing supplied by the likes of Hitler, Mussolini , KKK in their laboratories .
        What is sad is our university published the findings.

      • Admas

        well sorry but in fact the dumbest thing is believing the writer is a Ferenji….

    • Haile WM

      oh my God abinet, i just upvoted one of your comments… is it going to snow in the equatorial rain forest ?? lol
      Good points indeed.

      • Abinet

        Andand gize beWaldibam Yizefenal.
        Did you notice how we defended each other against a ” ferenj” if only we apply the same passion and brotherhood in all areas instead of…….

  • Kokhob Selam

    ኣብ ሕሉፍ ኣይንነብርን :ንጉዳይ ዶብ ጉልባብ እንዳገበርካን : ዘየለው ጸላእቲ እናስኣልካን : ማእዘን ጉዕዞ ምሕንኳል ደጊም የብቅዕ ::

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Kokhob hawey,

      Zemene efena yiakil. Eniho kab wushitom neti haki yeakalioewo. The people of Eritrea was just deceived for a moment. PFDJ forgot who fought all odds. Temporary honeymoon did help them to forget who is the people of Eritrea.

      Hawey Kokhobay, yaklena! Kindey gzie dea kinchiflek!


    • dawit

      Why are you exited when hooligans disturb a peaceful gathering of Eritreans? The border issue is a real problem for Eritrea, you may not see it that way, but disturbing PFDJ seminars in Europe and America will not remove PIA from his seat in Asmara.

      • haileTG

        Hi dawit

        First, the regime is the hooligan in here not the other way around. Disrupting its meetings, challenging venue providers, publicizing its ugly crimes to the world at such times are proper and necessary undertakings. The hooligan regime isn’t holding those meetings because it has anything to tell or anything it wish to hear to/fro the people. Such is done as an integral part of its repressive measures by engaging in “Preference Falsification” acts. What this means is that it gathers groups of desperado who are beholden to its system one way or another and portrays it as (fraudulently) evidence that the people support it. Such is elementary technique in any dictatorial or authoritarian system, its intention being to send the signal to the populace that if they oppose they will be alone and no one shares their sentiments. By challenging PFDJ in such acts, the protesters are passing an opposite signal that tells the the people that the regime is opposed by many and those with similar views are not alone. In the end, the PFDJ regime is a hooligan holding power by the barrels of the gun and has no right to call “Eritrean” meeting and hope not to be subjected to Eritrean treatment.


        • saay7

          Selamat Hailat:

          Isn’t “preference falsification” a fancy way of saying ቀልዓለም? That is: to hold one view privately and to say it’s exact opposite publicly? And, if that is the case, isn’t what should be critiqued here the culture and not the necessarily the agent taking advantage of the culture?

          Secret ballots are not necessarily the answer. I am a libertarian and every election cycle in the US (via secret ballots), a libertarian is accused of being a spoiler and throwing the election to the democrat (if the accuser is a republican) or to a republican (if the accuser is a democrat.) So this election, Reason magazine–tired of this–had an article entitled: “The 98 Percent of Americans Who Don’t Vote Libertarian Spoil Elections for Everyone Else”

          It is the culture. Do you know (of course you do) back home if, for example, Sebhat Ephrem was to leave the country and ask for asylum in the US, our people would say “ሰብሓት ከዲዑ”: not left, not asked for asylum but “betrayed.” Yeah, sure, it is ከዲዑ, ከዲዑዎም and never ከዲዑና but still: how much societal pressure does that apply on someone to just sit and take it?

          Of course, I am not recommending that we use “changing the culture” as a strategy for winning (that will take, uh, two centuries.) But I would recommend “understanding the culture” deeply and using all its symbols effectively. And I am talking to you Tes Meharena and Russom Mesfun*: NO, Dan Connell, Leonard Vincent, Martin Plaut are not the guests you should be inviting to speak about Eritrea as they, culturally, feed an oppo narrative that is not flattering.


          * Emma, please don’t compliment my friend Russom too much. Back in the early 2000s we had exactly the same head size (we measured it) and ever since then, due to a series of compliments, his head has gotten huge.

          • haileTG

            Merhaba saay,

            LOOK:) No it is not “a fancy way”. Actually, a subject of large scale research into social, economic and political behaviors. Some of its prolific research areas are the sudden collapse of Communism, the Cast System in India and theories in mass revolts.

            For example, why did the east Germans scaled the Berlin wall? And why did so many sudden eruptions of uprisings occur to overthrow dictatorial governments?

            A practical application for us is its utility to bring about quick change. When Hitler was conducting work to build nuclear weapon systems during WWII, he could only find heavy water (H2O2) in Sweden and had made plans to transport it to his research facility in Germany. The allied forces didn’t focus on building one sooner or building a shield, rather they went and bombed his infrastructures.

            If the events organized by the diaspora wing of the regime were instead people initiated, then it would be wrong to oppose them. But, we have material evidence that the activity is solely organized, directed and funded by the regime, to conduct regime operations in the diaspora. Do you know that there would be no summer festival in many diaspora communities if it isn’t held by the regime? If we both agree that holding a festival is good thing for communities, why do people consider it opposition if they do it outside the one organized by the regime?

            You know more than me the dire strait the country is in, everyone does, those at home do, those in diaspora do too, but why are people saying “we lack trust among each other”? Actually we don’t. In times of personal trouble, a fellow Eritrean is some one I trust more than anyone to come to my rescue. So, how can I tie that up with the notion that we don’t trust each other? The problem is the intense technical application of “preference falsification” by the regime in and outside of the country. So from point of view of long term development, I second your view of encouraging debates, but from point of the ongoing battle to unseat the dictatorial regime, the disruption is a legitimate act of sabotage mounted in self defense.

            Incidentally, since you agree that there will be popular uprisings in Eritrea, how could that materialize if the process of “preference falsification” (that is intense in dictatorships than in democracies as in given by your example) is directly challenged. In fact, the very act of spontaneous uprising is the breakdown in the “preference falsification” architecture of the regime.


          • saay7

            Ahlen Hailat:

            LOOK! 🙂 Whenever I hear of a phrase (and thanks for the link!) I try to see if it is a clever social scientist coining a phrase or if it has been peer-reviewed and case-studied by other social scientists. In the link you gave, there were two other case studies: one is an econ blog I actually follow (and it was really a case of a guy saying, “people don’t agree with me; I can’t possibly be wrong; therefore they must be reluctant to agree with me.” Nice!) the other was about how the US military uses language to encourage people to falsify their preferences. It was a good read but he didn’t make his case. I did learn that at Guantanamo, they no longer say the prisoners “are on a hunger strike” but that they are “on non-religious extended fasting.” Sheesh.

            Popular uprisings yes, but whether it will success or fail is a science (group dynamics) all its own. We can discuss how to make that work but for now, Gud and Dawit keysemUna, let me take it offline:)


          • Semere Andom

            Hi HTG and Sal:
            ” I am looking” or in tigriniya “simiE”
            The best part was when Russom replied “I am looking”

          • Rodab

            Hey Sem,
            I thought Dr. Russom was being silly when he said that.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hey Saay,
            Trust me if you do the struggle of the people as oppose to the PFDJ-2, we will give you the needed stimulation (medically) to increase the loops of your brain. You know what I mean by that. Hint, the more loops you have the more………..fill the blank. So work on it…and then as a technocrat…..look your horizon… the opportunity limitless to you.


        • dawit

          Hi Haile TG
          If your hooligan army goes around the world and crush a peaceful ‘Eritrean retarded’ supporters of PFDJ. at a time when they didn’t have power, living as a refugee depending on handout of their host countries. what does that tells you about the future democracy and free speech in you future Eritrea.
          The group the hooligans you support are not justice seekers, but a bunch of anarchists. PFDJ is the true ‘Justice Seekers” in todays Eritrea. Their name tell it Popular Front for Democracy and Justice. You need justice and democracy find it with PFDJ not with party crashers.
          Now Haile The Great, do me a favor. I know you can dig any information about Eritrea, Can you find out why ELF was organized exclusively by Eritrean Moslems and did not include a single Christian. Was it the fault of the organizers failed to reach their counterparts, or the fault of the other party who refused the invitation. I think this is more relevant discussion at a time we are pushed to “Crusaders and Islamist” debate.

          • saay7

            Selamat Dawitom:

            If your position is that an opposition should not worry about disrupting the activities of the PFDJ but, instead, should focus on building its own organization and present it as a better alternative sounds reasonable until you consider:

            * Isaias and his system do not allow alternative views in Eritrea. They insist on total power domination;
            * Isaias and his system pressured Sudan to evict Eritreans from Sudan, which is why they are in Ethiopia;
            * Isaias and his system allow only news that praises Isaias or damns alternate visions to his misrule in the media they totally control (EriTV, Hadas Ertra, Dimtsi Hafash to mention few)
            * When Isaias and his system were terrified of the impact of opposition, they go on full hooligan alert. Remember what they did to Mesfin Hagos in London meeting. Remember what they did to Haile Menkorios in New York (2001-2002).

            Notice, I am only listing what has happened in Eritrea since 1991. Haven’t even mention all the assassinations in Sudan in the 1980s all with one intent: absolute and total power domination. This, I need not remind you, is the exact opposite of democracy and justice.


          • Nitricc

            SAAY you said

            ” Isaias and his system do not allow alternative views in Eritrea.”

            how about out side of Eritrea? do you the power of Er-Spora? The problem with so-called opposition is that they are like a vaccine. a vaccine is a week form of the same disease that you inject to the body, so the body can form antigens to fight the real disease. so, the oppositions are protecting the Eritrean governmnet,( just like the vaccine protecting the body) form the real opposition and from standing up to the government by the people.
            the sooner we get rid of the toothless oppositions, the better we have the chance to real change.
            so, i say down to all oppositions, they are laibility and burden.
            as usual talking straight up!

          • saay7

            Wo Nitricc:

            In case you don’t know, Erispora (hosted by Russom Mesfun) used to air in the early 2000s before it went on hiatus and returned back. And in the early 2000s, one of Russom Mesfun’s guests was Ambassador Girma Asmerom–when he was ambassador to the US, not the UN. So…

            Hade beleley 🙂

            I am sure Russom Mesfun would have zero problem interviewing a representative of HGDEF or the Isaias regime. The problem for HGDEF and the Isaias regime is that if you don’t acknowledge the existence of someone, how can you agree to be interviewed by him? See, Nitricc, not everyone is an independent-thinker like you, everybody is a company man that has to check with the Boss Man before they make a decision.

            klte beleley.

            So, do you have a candidate that I can pass on to Erispora? 🙂 I think you and Semere A should be invited so we can have a “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” show:)


          • Rodab

            Hey Sal,
            I agree people have to check with the dictatorship to be interviewed. That’s why I wonder how VoA-Tigrigna gets hold of and interview Eritreans in government and outside – even farmers in the country sides. There must be governmental directive encouraging people to co-operate with VoA.
            Any way, PFDJ’s special treatment of VoA is not without reciprocity – rarely does VoA broadcast news that are critical of the regime. gbereley kigebrelka.
            btw, whatever happen to your friend Elias Amare? He never sent a second reportage after he was hired and announced on VoA with fanfare. Dimtsi Hafash, oh sorry I mean VoA won’t talk about it. It didn’t talk about the disappearance of Elias’s predecessor, Senait Habtu either.

          • saay7

            Hey Rodabadab:

            VOA Tigrigna is one of those stations that I have a love-HATE relationship with (notice the capitalization:) Its one of those weird creations: a government whose constitution says that that government should own media owns it. And its all downhill there.

            And like all media outlets, it has to try to find the sweet spot between “access to powerful people” and “telling the truth” and, like all media, it stumbled along to where it is right now. Some weird spot where you pretend that objective truth is “one the one hand, on the other hand, we report, we decide, stay tuned to tomorrow.” In between, it does weird “people to people” programs where it basically invites supporters of PFDJ to argue with supporters of EPRDF: WE ARE SO OBJECTIVE AND NEUTRAL! Yay!

            Ok, I went off a bit. Only because it invited a PFDJ supporter and a EPRDF supporter to explain what mid-term elections mean and they were basically doing their typical useless Meet The Press-Face-the nation punditry: it turns out that punditry sucks in all languages.

            About “your friend Elias Amare.” Well, the correct description is “your once upon a time camrade in arms Elias Amara.” My break with Elias occurred when Dukan Isaias Afwerki interned thousands of Tigrayans/Ethiopians in 2000: I took the position that it was wrong to intern Tigrayans/Ethiopians and he took the lame “national security” argument which was a pisser for me because until that moment I hadn’t thought he was a complete hack. And guess who was interviewing us for that. Yep, VOA. When they named him their correspondent on January 1, I told Minia, “I think you are going to have a lot of pissed Ethiopians”—after all, there are more VOA Tigrignia listeners in Ethiopia than Eritrea—and Minia, who was not with VOA in 2000 said, “who? what? when?” it was all new information to her. This is to say: VOA has no institutionalism: it is all based on the whims of whoever is the director of the Africa program for VOA.

            Anyway, it is too bad because Elias Amare Gebrezgheir is one of the many, many, many brilliant Eritreans who is too involved in ideology to care about humanity. And VOA is too worried about access to worry about right and wrong.

            Excuse my rant


          • haileTG

            Selam dawit,

            You can crawl and grovel to ask ceasefire from my army of justice seekers not demand it…haha 🙂

            1 – Why are those “living as a refugee depending on handout of their host countries” being used a tutelage of the most criminal regime our people have seen? At the very reason, couldn’t they relocate to Eritrea and do it from there???

            2 – I second your debate motion on the Islam/Christian relationship. I would be dishonest to try to offer you answers I don’t have or facts I know very little about. Your candid asking of what you wish to know is to be appreciated. I understand that there are people more knowledgeable about it but may be unwilling to discuss for one reason or another. I don’t question your sincerity and I hope they take the same views as mine and help you get the answers you wish to find.


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear dawit, “…..will not remove Pia from his seat in Asmara” I am not and I was not in hurry for that. I don’t believe removing PIA or even PFDJ from Eritrea is the solution. removing the IDEA of PIA and the ground that creates dictator is the solution. I don’t have personal problem with your boss and I know he is your thoughts result.

        we have seen what happened when dictators were removed without killing the idea. I am relax and live in peace being part of the real opposition that cures the sickness far from reformers day. and here you can see how slowly people are rejecting not killing. Dawitom I want to see PFDJ members and their leadership alive watching when their ideas of monopolizing others collapse never to come again.

        • dawit

          Dear Kokhob;
          If you are disturbing a peaceful gathering even before you had the state power how are you going to allow such gathering when you seat in power. The EPLF or PFDJ never crushed opposition insulting parties held through out the world. Can you came with single incidence?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Dawit, do you think this is disturbance ? this is only a call my friend. Ah, if you only know what part of the angry mass is asking us you wouldn’t so. my friend do you think revenge and disturbing Asmara and the entire Eritrea is difficult? no my friend. there are groups in horn and meddle east very dogma groups ready to support and are even asking to give what ever we request my friend to destroy PFDJ. that is not what the real opposition who stand for democracy wants. እንተዘይኮይኑ ኣስመራ ሓመዳ ንላዕሊ ምስኮነት :: we want the real change with minimum cost possible.I don’t have to burn my house to kill the rat.

      • Kokhob Selam
        • dawit

          Dear Kokhobay
          Thanks for the hilarious video I watched it from beginning to end. I was impressed by the actors, but to tell you the truth I didn’t understand a word what they were talking about in Arabic. I am like those many Eritreans who clap after listening PIA give a speech in Arabic. Watching the video also took me to my child hood days when I used to watch movies in English, Italian and Indian languages. We enjoyed the movies and each one came out of our version of the story and we argued about those movies.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Dawit,

            no comment. I wish your hear it Lol. I can’t put it perfectly in English.I hope tes or Haile will support us..

            I hope no was has missed to see this video.

  • Hayat Adem

    There are only more of inconclusive scientific claims on this theory you are supporting. The science that refutes them is much more solid and conclusive. Looking at the development difference between blacks and whites, and trying to attribute it to biology using purpose-driven confirmatory studies is very weak and wicked. The biggest problem is that it is not true at all. The lesser problem is its implications would be bad and far-reaching.


  • Kokhob Selam

    እኔ እንደሚገባኝ ህሉም ነገር ክልክ ሳያልፍ መጠኑን ጠብቆ ከሄደ ጥቅሙ የላቀ እንደሚሆን ነው ::የኛ የሰዎቹ ችግር በስሜት የተወጠረና የገነፈለ እምነት ላይ መኖራችን ነው ::ይህም ነው እንግዲህ ትናንትን ሙጥኝ እንድንል እና ዛሬን ኣግበስብሰን እንድናሳልፋት የሜድርገን : ኣንድም እንኳን ለዛሬ ተብላ የተፈጠረች እይንታ የለችም በዚህም ይመስለኛል ወርቃዊው ግዜ እየነጎዶብን ያለው

    ታሪክ : ቅርስና : ቅሪቱ ሁሉ ቦታውን ይዞ ኣዲስ ታሪክ መስራት ብንጀምር እንዴት በጎ ነበር ::

  • Kaddis


    Europe hosted two World wars with 20 million and 60 million deaths within the last 100 years. More than 10 mln (?) Jews in a very humiliating ways. So do you prefer to be a European during these wars? Or are you
    suddenly fall in love with the Europe of now? Can you call the European society backward for killing each other in millions? They were actually killing each other using technology so we may not. If you add all African civil wars it will not reach even one 20th of Europe’s causalities.

    There were times one wishes to live in the jungles of Congo to avoid the devastating wars of the West, Nuclear bomb ( do you wish your dad was carrying a Japanese passport issued in Hiroshima ?)

    Don’t compare something incomparable. Africa is having its own journey with all its obstacles and reached here. So does the West. The people born in one side of the world are meant to share the past and the present. Just because some got the opportunity to look the other side – you can’t copy paste without sounding a guy with a new site love.

  • Crocus

    I do not know who owns this article, and who its nameless author is. But it is nothing short of a racist diatribe. It is always people who never achieved a thing on their own who take shelter behind color and IQ, for that is what the undercurrent of this article is. It is a travesty the article had to peddle Charles Murray and bigots who struggled a lifetime to overcome their inadequacy. (It was a lapse of judgement on AT’s part to soil the site with this garbage, in my opinion.)

    People who live in their own times lack perspective, and most people live in their own times.

    Europe made great headway in science and technology in the last 300 years, but Europe was nowhere 8 centuries ago. (On the testimony of ancient authors, Greece and Rome were scion’s of Egypt. So Greece and Rome do not count.) Europe’s achievement was built on the incremental steps humanity had been developing for thousands of years. Math, metallurgy, writing, building arts, astronomy, and many other fields of learning were foundations Europe received from elsewhere, including from Greece and Rome. Europe did not invent agriculture, which made civilization possible. Do you know a single crop Europe gave to the world? Count 42 for us, from barley, teff, coffee, sorghum to castor beans and chat….

    Europe gathered knowledge from all corners of the world and built upon it. But this does not speak for a superior IQ. What it speaks for is a grim necessity that drove Europeans to create what they did. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Europe had a whipping necessity, of the type that blinded it to all things human. It is a history checkered by rapacious colonialism, trans-Atlantic slave trade, opium trade, poison gas, holocaust, wholesale genocide of native peoples, and 2 world wars that left 70 million dead. Some call it greed, others barbarism. Europe thrived through treachery and brute force.

    (One just prays China has no pay-back impulse, for all its humiliation 100 years ago.)

    Perhaps there is something to be said about lacking a greedy impulse, or for flourishing in temperate lands. Perhaps Africans are victims of the idyllic environment. (Again, do not make the mistake of speaking from your own times.) When Europeans left home to explore lands hundreds of years ago, they were running away from a harsh environment, cold and miserable. One creates gardens where the land is bleak. By this calculation, Africa will come on to its own, as misery has been its companion the last 200 hundred years. China has arrived. But the people who hooked the land on opium so they could make a miserable dollar did not foresee the future.

    The formula for unlocking the genius of a people is no mystery. Get education, free your minds from the gated prison you have committed it to, have vision, think big, stop bickering, ditch the petty mindedness, work hard (and build economies), and pull together in the same direction. You can achieve great things. The mother of all wars is the war against oneself.

  • Goytom

    First , I think you are being unfair in that you are judging the totality of African history by what we have contributed to mankind in the last 400 or 500 years. Yes African societies have been down for some time but at other times they were at the apex of human civilizations (ancient egypt, axum) and acknowledged as such by the rest of the world. And anyway the last 400 years ( i’m using 400 years because of the names you used i.e. newton) have not been kind to Africa. slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism and the constant interference in domestic politics that led to down fall of foundational leaders like patrice lamumba and kwame nkrumah. After all that, today there is the great brain drain that further hinders African development. There are contributions to human development that all Africans can feel proud of. Africans were at one point at the forefront in chemistry, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, philosophy, religion and art. Structures that were built 5000 years ago are still standing today and are considered wonders of the world. I believe iron smelting was created in Africa. The problem is not the bell curve or that we are inferior. The problem is in how we should structure our societies. The Europeans have created a way to structure a society to better use your human resources and that’s what we should copy. and we are and we will eventually perfect it despite the backward thinking’s of people like isaias, mugabe and mengistu.

    Second, the problem with the eritrean and ethiopian relationship is the dishonesty of both sides. for example eritrean intellectuals have been writing and saying that eritrea has never been part of ethiopia and have even started saying eritreans are not habesha which is utter bullshit. Prior to italian arrival eritrea or the land that is today eritrea was as much a part of ethiopia as gonder or tigray or showa. Like it or not the vast majority of eritreans are a part of the habesha ethnicity. On the ethiopian side, they never admit that the creation and loss of eritrea was completely their falt. I’m not talking about eprdf acknowledging Eritrean independence. I’m talking about Menelik, before any shot was fired, signing the treaty of wuchale recognizing Eritrea as sovereign Italian territory. If Eritrea was part of Ethiopia and the people of Eritrea Ethiopian citizens, doesn’t he have the obligation to defend the land and the people from foreign invasion? Instead he sold them into slavery for money and weapons. At that point Ethiopia relinquished any claims she had on Eritrea. And in all my life i have never heard any Ethiopian whether it be an ordinary Ethiopian citizen or someone in leadership say that that was a betrayal. Ras woldemichael and bahta hagos went to addis abeba and begged Menelik for help and he refused. After a response like that how can Eritreans consider themselves Ethiopians. they were just told they are not. I am an Eritrean and i love my Ethiopian brothers and sisters and i am happy to see Ethiopia developing. But there needs to be honesty and the debates should be in good faith. Not manufacturing nonsense to win an argument or to justify a position.

  • SenaiErtrawi

    Just like you can work out your muscles and make them strong, you can do the same to sharpen your brain. You can also idle your muscle or brain and get the opposite effect.

    I do not think the human species has gone through enough evolutionary time under varying evolutionary pressure (only with high IQ guys get the ladies kinda pressure) to register genetic variations clearly associated with IQ (ilatini n’eshtey churu).

  • Amde

    Daniel, you said

    “However I believe we must be willing to discuss every possible cause for the great differences in accomplishments when comparing Sub-Saharan Africa with other parts of the world. ”

    I get the point that we shouldn’t let pride blind us to our realities. But i believe this forum’s agenda is Eritrea and associated current issues. Whether we collectively (Ethiopians and Eritreans) are genetically disposed to being imbeciles or not is completey irrelevant. If you want to be pseudo-scientific about it, we are members of the same race, all equally smart or equally retarded (take your pick), thus eliminating that as a factor from any discussion of Ethiopia vs Eritrea. The Ethiopia / Eritrea issue right now is a classic case of a bad divorce horribly gone wrong. That is the gist of it. It is not the first nor will it be the last time something like this happens in the world. Resolving this issue cannot and should not be tied in any shape or form on the distribution of racial capacity for intelligence of the human race.

    I don’k know what your agenda is and i dont care. I rather blame the editors of this website. I think it would be more interesting to hear from them on what basis they felt this was an appropriae post.


  • haileTG

    Selam Daniel,

    Initially, I was attempting to link your hypothesis to the ongoing political struggle in our region and the role of our collective discourse to that end. However, from your response to Admas, I gathered that you wish to pursue the debate at a fundamental level that attempts to draw a general conclusion as it relates to Africans and their inherent/biological make up.

    To my understanding, you conclude that African predicament is the inherent backwardness of the people and not the bad policy of their leaderships, even if the latter feeds back in the loop to exacerbate the problems.

    I am not going to be able to prove or disprove you assertions here, but I will attempt to show that:

    – your argument lacks (I don’t say this rhetorically but practically) even the most basic circumstantial evidences, let alone a valid conceptual premise to start with.

    – your counter examples (as forwarded to Admas) are directly at odds with your central hypothesis and terminally scuttle it by the folly of logical self contradiction.

    Let me now start with my first challenge that your hypothesis lacks the most basic of circumstantial evidence to warrant conjecture. Society is an emergent property of individuals and their complex interactions. As such, society is irreducible in relation to the its lower form (individual) and whereby economic phenomena are presumed to principally emerge. In its proper context, assertion argues that the individual in the African societies lacks comparable organizing qualities to enable it to attain equivalent form of complex order at such an emergent level, i.e society, as their European counterparts. Let’s take a simple example of a group of cells forming substantial conglomeration to form a tissue, hence the tissue is an emergent function of the component parts (which are the cells), yet irreducible to an individual cell in form or function. Hence, if a tissue malfunction, is it the way in which the cells organized that gave rise to such a misshapen or the inherent nature of each and every cell? The very fact that the cells conformed to organize the malformed tissue precludes the possibility that there is fundamental problem in their nature. Because if there was, they wouldn’t have conformed to the emergent process of forming a tissue. If we now go back to your hypothesis that there is inherently something wrong with the African individual based on how its organized form, a society, fails to compare to the one attained by its European counterpart, then for the very fact that you recognize the individual has actually organized in such an emergent way reduces your logic to absurdity. How can an individual that is devoid of inherent qualities to organize into an emergent form be argued to have such a form (albeit at different stage of the process itself)? If there is a malfunction at an individual level, why are there African societies to begin with? Hence, your argument lacks (fatally) the very basic circumstantial evidence it warrant its conjuncture in the first place. The only way you can resuscitate your argument is now by showing that there was no African society to start with and such an organization was principally an imposed one.

    Finally, let’s turn to how you self contradicted your basic premise in your reply to Admas. In that part, you admitted two facts;

    a) Colonialism, to some extent, had a negative impact on African societies;

    b) There are dirt poor European societies

    In the case of your assertion in part (a), unless you can clearly present and examine what those “negative impacts” were and how they might have influenced the apparent realities of the resultant forms and standards of those societies, you would be self contradicting to determine their origins as being the inherent nature of the “individual” component that organized to form them in the first place. In other words, you will need to identify what those “negative impacts were” before explaining how they came about. By virtue of your admission in part (b) however, you have dug yourself into an irredeemable folly that scuttled your basic premise. Your recognition that there are dirt poor European societies would then have to be argued, in your case, as a result of some inherent problem with the European “individuals” that make up those societies. In other words, you are arguing that the so called “inherent backwardness” is not unique to Africans!! Hence, the very premise of your conceptual pillars fall apart and you have no argument to make.



  • Eyob Medhane

    Awate Staff,

    First, who is this Ferenj? Does he have a name? I would have been very happy to respond to him/her addressing him/her by name….

    Well, listen here,

    let me summarize what you think of us…

    “….Well…compared to us Europeans and white people, who are astronomers,philosophers, builders you are just little people, who should have only little pride of whatever little things you think you accomplished…well I guess they are ok compared to “African Standards”, you know those “Sub Saharan African people”, who are also little like you…but don’t you dare to have any pride that mirrors ‘my kind of pride and nationalism’, which is reserved for ‘my kind of human being’..” (Please read with elitist British Eaton graduate accent)

    Here is the thing that you may not aware of and you very much need to. The greatest thing that we should very much proud of, for Ethiopians should not be our long independence or architecture, Gonder or Axum or for Eritreans should not be the thirty years of war.. The greatest thing that we should be very much proud of is that we don’t give a flying freak of what someone like you think of us, that you don’t get to dictate to us what should a value for us worth to be proud makes feel to glide to the sky and what should not be… I understand that you may feel the urge to dictate the ‘lesser human beings’ what is important to them and what is not. But get over it. It has been annoying you that we have never been a push over like many Africans you got used to being and WE WILL NEVER BE ONE EITHER!!!!!!!

    I see that you thew the usual “human rights” jab that has become pretty much a favorite lexicon of mainly ‘westerners’, when they feel the urge to condescend ‘the lesser human beings in their mind’, ‘the Africans’. We will decide what ‘human rights’ is before you do it for us, barring sexual perversion that you so dearly advocating, as ‘human right’ for Africans heavily these days……

    • Berhe Yeman


      I couldn’t agree more. This looks like a “fabricated frenji” trying
      to divert the attention of the good people. One thing I want to say to you is,
      I meant to say for some time, at the moment, the Eritrean people, especially
      those of us Christians and habesha people are in the greatest threat of our
      existence. Never in our history have we faced such systematic oppression to
      make us extinct from our existence. In
      this tiring times of our need, not Egypt, no Israel, not Italy, not Lybia, not
      S. Arabia, not Yemen have cared and hosted us the same way at our Ethiopian brothers
      and sisters are doing today. No matter
      how much we think are told to believe, that Ethiopians are our enemies, it’s a
      true testament that “deeds speak louder than words” and their deeds speaks
      volume. I can say that Sudan deeds were/are the same during our armed struggle,
      especially for Eritrean Muslims, but today the leadership is black mailed by
      the dictator and it’s not doing enough to protect our people from the misery
      they are in. I can’t say for sure and I don’t have the statistics or numbers to
      prove it, but I think we have done “a little help that we can” during the great
      famine of 1984 when many Ethiopians /Tigray people come to Eritrea.

      My suggestion is do, what you are doing and try to avoid at all cost any
      intention of getting into armed conflict with the regime. It will be a matter
      of time, but the regime will fall and Ethiopia needs not create anything to provide
      the monster the excuse he needs to grip the power. I can say, there isn’t any
      Eritrean who buys the excuse, we are in this situation because of “boarder war”
      anymore. One guy gave me this excuse and
      I asked him, let’s assume and you are correct Ethiopia doesn’t want to boarder
      demarcated. So you are telling me, if
      Ethiopia did this for another 50 years, you expect our people to live in this “misery”
      for another 50 years, your only hope is the good will of your “supposed enemy”? Why do
      you let the “enemy” dictate your future and that of your people?

      I personally wish to see Ethiopia triumph and continue to excel and the path
      of progress that’s started. In the end,
      their success will equally influence us and help us prosper in the future. And I hope in the future, Ethiopians come and
      enjoy and share the wealth that we have, the same way enjoying what they have.

      Here is a tourism slogan for you….”Ethiopia the Organic Country, the food,
      the weather, the people, the culture, the religion”.

      I like to share this song for all the peace loving people of Eritrea and

      Ethiopian and Eritrean Music Stars Minyeshu and Kahsay Berhe share the Stage
      for Peace–SELAM–Oct-2014

      Berhe Yeman

  • Gherhi Libu

    Do you agree that the biological differences in cognitive ability are the main cause in the great discrepancy between Europe/Northeast Asia and Africa? – The author sums it all up right there. I wish I read these last two lines first and I would have tossed the rest of the article into the garbage bin.

    To answer your bigoted and racist and ignorant question – if you take the average of all white people, and that of all black people, that of all Asian people, that of all Arabs, that of all Indians, I would strongly argue that there would be very minor differences in terms of cognitive abilities and skills. Most of what white people invented is based upon necessity. You put people in desperate situations, they will figure a way to get out of it. Most of the great human discoveries came about in the last couple hundred years. During that time, European were migrating from place to place and they sat down and conspired to invade the whole world and rape it catching the rest of the world unawares. Once they gained the upper hand, they suppressed all the other peoples and races but the Asians are now breaking through and the Africans will catch up sooner or later. Most of the problems we now have were created by the scramble for Africa because your people created artificial borders with no thought in Germany in 1885 simply based on natural resources rather than population dynamics.

    To sum it up, there is no inherent flaw in Africans and there is no inherent supremacy in white people. Every place I worked at or every school I went to, I did much better than most white people and I was pretty average in Asmera. If nothing else, we have big heart but you have big ego.

  • dawit

    Dear All

    I don’t believe there are any biological differences among any nations living in various continents. If one follows the history of the origin of man scientific evidences point to our region as the origin of mankind. Archeologists trace it to the Rift valley which runs through Eritrea and Ethiopia. So every human being must have the same genome from the original human being. That origin so far confirmed by is ‘Lucy’ according to a European naming or could have been named ‘Lakech’ I would have named her ‘Adey Letay’..

    I believe our differences are cultural. We may have degenerated to a culture that does not favor cooperation and encourages envy in a negative way that has stifled our inventive capacities to produce dream line jets. As I wrote here at Awate, we don’t even know how to make a tiny needle from the scratch forget the AK-47s that our people carry to kill one another on a daily bases, wasting our future scientists for nothing. Our people are not thinking discovery they think daily surviving. Thinking about invention and discovery is a luxury to us.

    Now to be fare our ancestors have contributed to the civilization of this world a lot. Our region is the center of origin for many of the domesticated crops and animals that the world depends for its food supplies, wheat, barley, sorghum, millet, tef, coffee, several legumes animals cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, camels etc. How long it took to identify and select those food crops from the poisonous plants that live side by side those plants and domesticate those from the wild, you can have a wild guess, but there are very few crops that are domesticated over centuries that can contribute to the world nutrition., Those achievements were done at a time when most of humanity lived in caves and depended on hunting wild animals.
    The loss of our innovative or curiosities for discovery is not biological but may be cultural that we adopted over the centuries that has prevented us.
    Our envious feeling is beyond anyone’s imagination. We rather see our neighbor destroyed, than to see him well and compete with us. On the present Ethiopia-Eritrea situation, Ethiopia would not cost her a red cent to give Eritrean territories. It actually will save her millions of dollar by keeping several of its citizens engage on border watching, those young people who could have gone to school and engage them in inventing dream line jets. Ethiopia could have used Eritrean ports virtually for free instead of wasting its hard currencies to pay for more expensive ports, money the country to build more schools or clinics. But why? Well according to PMZ, if he uses Assab, then Eritrea will get Foreign exchanges, which strengthen the Eritrean government. His wise choice is not to use it, and watch Eritrean Economy crumble and watch with pride and boasting that his economy is growing double digits while his neighbor’s Eritrea and Somalia is .deteriorating with negative double digits. Amazing, but it is true, repaying the man and people once you considered friends.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista

    This article seems to have stirred blacks vs whites, racism, prejudice and the likes type of sentiments. I sure see a harsh observer who doesn’t mince their words to say it as they see it and I don’t think that enough arguments can be countered, short of dispassionately analyzing the points, to make them engage in a similar “self-assessment” as they wish to be had.

    As per the central bone of contention presented above:

    The writer is of the view that the root cause of African (Ethio/Eri included) predicament is the inherent backwardness of the people and not the bad policy of their leaderships, even if the latter feeds back in the loop to exacerbate the problems.

    An alternative view could be:

    The root cause of African’s predicament is their embattled history of colonialism, neo-colonialism, and the resultant breakdown in natural social development of the affected populations

    Now, the writer cites an example of Kenya vs the Asian emergent societies. What examples can we cite to support the second view in the above? For example, can we cite cases of African communities that migrated to developed nations and used the material and technological assets available in their new found host society to envision and create model social structures that would serve both to inspire and support the building of peace, human rights and development in the societies they left behind?

    How do Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora populations use technology? How are mediums of communication used to inspire forward looking and visionary organizations and bringing their communities together? Can we say the direction they are poised and the actions they engage support one or the other? Are paltalks, facebook, twitter,….used in a progressive or reactionary fashion? Are the African intellectual class playing the role of extricating their people from their predicaments or justifying the predicaments and instigating simmering disputes and wars in each others countries and territories.

    Let’s assess and re-assess and bring our perspective. The volume of multifaceted devaluations of groups in society will neither increase or decrease with a measure of minuscule grain even if we gush our heart’s full of blood out in here. Let’s stay dignified and address the issues raised calmly and with composure.


  • Dawit

    I have been loyal reader of Awate and I have supported them since its inception. It is very sad to read this garbage article and I am very disappointed.

    We Eritreans and Ethiopia are proud of our heritage and history and the many things we accomplished. I know both countries are not up to par with the Europeans/Americans but to assume it is because of black people are inferior is the most idiotic thing I have heard in this website. That is what Charles Murray Bell Curve was all about.

    We have many Eritreans and Ethiopians that are very successful in many fields when they get chance and opportunities and that what we see in many of our people that leaves in USA or other Europeans countries. If we have a free society that encourage and promote education and free enterprise, I believe we could develop the next Einstein or Charles Darwin.

    • Nitricc

      It is not about personal achievement in any forms of academics. The article is questioning the collective failure of citizens in developing their country and improving the life standard of their people. I don’t which Africa you are looking but Africa is nothing but a dead continent. She was killed by on her greedy children. For example, Ethiopia produces the most Medical doctors in Africa, yes, even more than Egypt and South Africa but 80% of the doctors leave their country. There are Ethiopian doctors from Botswana to South Africa and to the United States of America leaving their society to dust. So, the Article is not talking about individual achievement rather collective failure to contribute to own society. And yes, blacks have ways to go in achieving success.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Nitricc, what you said is not far from truth. and yes I do believe all developments are the result of the collective thinking. the problem is clear for you and me the solution ? if the people are the once who create systems and governments , I think it is the people who should wake up and create better once. If the people are slaves of the uncivilized group like PFDJ, of course they will pay the consequence and here our people are paying. stop supporting the lazy and useless group in Asmara and change your self first.

  • Nitricc

    Very honest article.
    Well, I don’t think it is fair to put Eritreans on the middle of these comparisons. Eritreans never contemplated personal growth and development for the past fifty years. Their attention and their attention were occupied on national endeavors. Their dream and their things to do was to free their country and in doing so, they have achieved what they have set out to achieve and the national duty was concluded at imaginable cost of life, opportunity and a chance to grow personally and individually.
    What you witnessing in Eritrea in the last few years and to date is the fleeing of Eritreans out of their country. They are leaving their country because their government is still on national endeavors’ mode and the youth are on personal and individual mode. As a result, you are seeing the greatest conflicts of events. Even with this conflict I am proud what some Eritreans tried to achieve. A high school student from Sawa, Saied Mohammed Ali, who formulates double and triple formula that is used in Trigonometry which is recognized by IJMR. What is amazing is Saied was able drive it from Pythagoras theorem. The Pythagorean Theorem states that, in a right triangle, the square of a (a2) plus the square of b (b2) is equal to the square of c (c2): a2 + b2 = c2. two theorems were discovered by Saied; double Angle Triangle and Triple angle Triangle and now can be used in Geometry, Survey, Physics, mathematics, astronomy and navigation. We are talking about a high school student from Sawa. This is just an example that how Eritreans are evolving. I have no doubt if Eritreans they can settle and have the chance to explore, then watch out. Never undermine the mentality of self reliance, Never!
    In the same token, there is not any excuse for the Ethiopians not to evolve to the next level. They are handicapped by various situations. For one; It is simply attributed to their lack of work ethic and their culture of dependence.
    Till they break free from those two shackles; they are going nowhere. The Ethiopians seems to brag about shiny building around Bole, but they are built by Chinese, Koreans and name any outsider, you shall find their marks in Addis’s construction work. On the same token, Eritrea develops internally Construction Company not only they do work in Eritrea but they attract jobs in South Sudan and build quality infrastructures. Is there any reason why the Ethiopians they can’t build their own? Is there any reason why the Ethiopians they can’t farm own their own? Why not? Well, the difference is the Eritreans believe in “we can do it” mentality and the Ethiopians are heavily dependent on “ they will do it for us” mentality. And that is the difference; The truth and the absolute truth.
    If not, you have 90 million people, over 60% unemployed. You have the most fertile land, you are the water tower of Africa, why on earth will you give your land for Indians?
    Before you open your mouth answer that question?

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Nitricc,
      Honest article indeed! Sometimes I have to believe my lying eyes and sheepishly point out that the author/authors might have a point.
      This is a final communication with Nitricc. Brother, Nitricc confirms, proof positive, that our gene pool might have been polluted early on in our evolution to think his way and boldly display it with all its shortcomings in public.
      My two cents advice to the author/authors, however, is while we seem to have the upper hand in these types of arguments nawadays, we should encourage the status quo. A deep scientific analysis might not work in our favor.
      As some one has suggested already that we are being experimented on, I don’t understand the point or points of the piece, really. It is amusing in a way when controversial people looking for controversy in broad day light, kinda of answer their own questions.
      Maybe the author/authors are trying to corral us to one side, sort of unite and reconcile us with a shock, to fight the apparent insult.

  • Ambassador

    And this article was supposed to inform, inspire and embolden us – right? Why did we need an outsider to tell us who we are again? Just because the world is now more interdependent? And, AT somehow thought this person- who thinks of us as a grotesque version of Europeans- may need something of ours to depend on?

  • SenaiErtrawi

    Selam Angesom,

    I don’t understand your point. Are you giving Professor Asmerom’s story in support of the European author?

    Advancing by using other’s technology does not make you less advanced. At that time, we don’t deny we learned a lot of things from the Italians – who knows where the Italians learned it from! You have to be grateful – we passed it to you a lot of the things we learned, how to build houses, fixing cars, creating and running businesses . . . . even though it took you too long to get it 🙂

    “Gunpowder was, according to prevailing academic consensus, invented in
    the 9th century in China, and the earliest record of a written formula
    for gunpowder appears in the 11th century Song Dynasty text, Wujing Zongyao. This discovery led to the invention of fireworks and the earliest gunpowder weapons in China.”

    • Admas

      “we taught you a lot of the things we learned, how to build houses, fixing cars, creating and running businesses . . . . even though it took you too long to get it”

      Oh really, that is why Ethiopians are relatively much better off and growing faster since your ***s got deported…?….We just wish you make a good use of your what you had learnt from your Italian slave-masters and stop abandoning your land in flocks…

      • SenaiErtrawi

        Thank you! You will see what we can do once we put our political problems to rest. For now, just please leave us alone and stay out of the Eritrean discussion forums. Go to your Ethiopian discussion forums and talk about your Ethiopian problems. Please!!!!!!!!

        • Admas

          Stop talking and just do it!…….Although it is unlikely that you will achieve what you have not achieved while in a state of independence euphoria…but it is possible that you might just make it with a little change in your attitude…As for me being here, I would always be there whenever and wherever my country is mentioned and this topic is one such….

  • SenaiErtrawi

    Awate Team,
    You are playing the war music very well and we are dancing to your music 🙂

    This one is supposed to bring Ethiopians and Eritreans together – looks like
    you are running an experiment.

    “As to why exactly this is not possible… well I guess James
    Watson (Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine) and Charles Murray
    (author of the Bell Curve) can answer that question better than I

    This is a KKK writing about Africa who made up his mind reading
    KKK scientists. What this stupid KKK forgot is his European history,
    the savagery and inhumanity his white societies went through – the
    recent case of former Yugoslavia.

    Please read about the senile KKK scientist James Watson.

    “The newly formed Equality and Human Rights Commission,
    successor to the Commission for Racial Equality, said it was studying
    Dr Watson’s remarks “in full”. Dr Watson told The Sunday
    Times that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of
    Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the
    fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the
    testing says not really”. He said there was a natural desire
    that all human beings should be equal but “people who have to
    deal with black employees find this not true”.

    Then comes Watson’s BS apology:

    “Science is no stranger to controversy and I am not one to
    shy away from tackling issues, however, difficult they might prove to
    be,” he said.

    “I have had my share of controversy, as many of you know. But
    I am mortified about what has happened.

    “More importantly, I cannot understand how I could have said
    what I am quoted as having said. I can certainly understand why
    people, reading those words, have reacted in the ways they have.

    “To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that
    Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only
    apologize unreservedly.

    “That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of
    view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief. “

  • Haile WM

    i find this piece of article quite irritating, as it implies many layers of ignorance racism and contempt towards Africans in general and to Eritreans and Ethiopians in particular. One of the statements i find it to be hilarious is :”Simply put, Ethiopia’s history and achievements are amazing for African standards.” does that include the Egyptian civilization who built the most amazing buildings and produced scientific achievements that are the foundation of greek and roman civilization ? i wonder what is an African standard.

    apart from the gross generalization about Africans and their achievements, the author seem to ignore that brilliant minds are not produced by societies, but are individual traits, the author should know that the accomplishment of brilliant minds in Europe had the right environment and that their achievements were kept and maintained trough a consolidated learning process with qualified educational and learning processes. to Observe this he should have noted the many Africans in general ethiopians-eritreans in the west who have done exceptional accomplishments in academic and social fields. (I would recommend Arhe Hamednaca as a quick reference).

    the last paragraph though is what i find the most embarrassing of all the piece:
    “Do you agree that the biological differences in cognitive ability are the main cause in the great discrepancy between Europe/Northeast Asia and Africa?” and he lives the answer maybe to a geneticist like Watson, implying that the difference actually lye there.

    I do agree, however on one point of the article: the empty pride and ultra nationalist rhetoric we Eritreans and Ethiopians have, will not help us in building strong nations and advanced societies.

  • Admas

    Good catch Angesom, there is nothing European in the tone, or even in the way the writing flows in this “perspective of others”….it is just one frustrated Awate team….

  • Abinet

    Mr European
    I don’t think you have any moral background to judge us . Our problem started with your (European ) ambition to colonize the globe. If we take eritrea as an example, how do you expect them to advance in any aspect while the best education your colonizer fathers allowed them were only upto 4th grade? Multiply this all over Africa. If you take ethiopia we have been in some kind of war against a European colonizer or proxy for ever. We didn’t have time even to breath . Now we have a relative peace we are in the right direction .
    Mr European , if you think you have a high moral ground as you shamelessly claim , tell me who was burning the Jews, all 6,000,000 of them because they are not of pure race? Who were killing each other in the former Yougozlavia because one was not of a right religion?
    As to me , I do not call my self ultranationalist . I am an ethiopian who is sick and tired of war , for any reason imaginable , whether it it is land or port. I’m a person who is mad as hell at my former leaders for keeping eritrea with us . I am also mad at my current leadership for not acting on Badime . I am for peace and moving forward . I’m for the future . I don’t want an unfinished business . I don’t want to leave potential problem for the next generation as I lived it all my life .
    Mr European , what you wrote is just to show us , one more time, that you are a superior race . You are funny to say the least .

  • Admas

    “looking at yourself from the perspective of “others,” …although one should wonder why this “other European” would have such a negative sentiment about other people’s history…”Despite it’s so called hundreds(some say 3000…..” he says…never mind the fact that this is the most simplistic and non-academic way of presenting a perspective..
    If whoever is behind this perspective can acknowledged the fact “Ethiopia’s history and achievements are amazing by African standard” then what is the point of comparing an African nation to Europians? Cos Ethiopia is an African nation and the people we argue with are Africans whose identity was found on undermining whatever little pride we have as an African nation…For example we get excited about some of the few Ethiopian “geniuses” such as scientist Kitaw because we know we don’t have as many genius as Europeans and it doesn’t take a genius to work out Ethiopia or Africa in general is poor because it lacks those qualities mainly due to it’s troublesome history and if you our “European” friend think you had nothing to do with africa’s troublesome past and even present, well what can I say my friend……But remember, just as much as you as an “European” have a right to laugh at our victorious history with spears and stones we also can laugh at your defeat by spears and stone…but we don’t instead we just cherish it as a key point in our history of independence…It would have been nice if as an African nation trying to maintain our independence also managed to achieve all the scientific achievements you have barged about, but then again who said giving up independence equals materiel success? In fact if this writer is truly European he should be ashamed of trying to once again put fuel on a fire his ancestors set off and left Eritreans with a false sense of “advancement” which they are now unable to sustain…we Ethiopians are only here to put a lid on the false propaganda Eritreans spread in order to justify their weak and short history…Just imagine our “European” observer, if Eritreans since independence had to face the kind of colonial invasions followed by sponsored proxy wars Ethiopia had to face in the last 100 years…and look at how they are fractured in the face of no civil war, nor external invasion and so on…will they survive a day? that is what you have to help Eritreans ask themselves instead of comparing the incomparable…

    • Daniel

      Thanks for commenting to my article. There are many reasons we can and should compare Ethiopian/Eritrean achievements with Europe. Why shouldn’t we compare these countries developments with the developments and progress in European countries? Many liberals and Africans tend to see Africa’s problems as mainly being caused by European colonization. While I will admit colonization had many detrimental impacts, Ethiopia being the only non-colonized but at the same time one of the poorest countries in Africa is a clear indication that the colonial era is not the main reason Africa is backward. Ivory Coast was colonized for a significant time by the French and Abidjan was the one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. South Africa of course with its substantial white minority is today the economic powerhouse of Africa.

      Fighting off colonization or maintaining is not a valid excuse for Ethiopia being poor and having no significant scientific achievements. I already mentioned the many European scientists from backward, poor, war torn countries that were able to still produce geniuses. Even today dirt poor countries like Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania every now and then see the birth of great mathematicians, physicists etc. The first Ethiopian top scientist you could come up with is some NASA engineer, and not to ridicule the mans achievements, but how many of the brilliant minds that were working on the Apollo program were of European decent? Have you ever heard of Werner von Braun, Robert H. Goddard, Joseph Ames etc. etc. etc. I’m sure you get the point.

      As for your last point I already mentioned Ivory Coast and South Africa. The blacks in South Africa today are definitely better of than their northern counterparts in the failed country of Zimbabwe. The country that foolishly decided to kick out the productive white farmers and killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. The results was a shortage of food, almost similar to what we have witnessed in Ethiopia and Eritrea over the last few decades (if not longer). Countries where subsistence farming is the norm and the result of their backwardness is famine of biblical proportions.
      Eritrea was relatively advanced when the Italians left. They had left numerous industries, roads, a sewage system, a beautiful capital city and even a railroad from the capital at an elevation of more than 2 kilometers down to the red sea. Surely the Italians did not build this infrastructure out of a desire to help the locals there and the same goes for British in Kenya, the French in Ivory Coas, the Portugese in Angola etc. However after independence this did give those countries a edge ahead of non-colonized places like Ethiopia.

      As for Ethiopia’s so called brutal efforts it had to face in the last century regarding colonial invasions, can the opposite not be claimed as well? How would an Ethiopian nationalist like yourself describe the campaigns of Menelik in the southern oromo lands? A victim and perpetrator at the same time. You ridicule the Eritreans for having achieved little since their independence from Ethiopia or decolonization from Italy and I concur. The sight of the once beautiful railway station in Asmara really broke my heart. I’ve witnessed this all over Africa, infrastructure designed and built by Europeans, rotting and rusting away as soon as the Africans were on their own. The irony however is that Ethiopia has achieved just as much (or little) as Eritrea. Your attempt to blame external forces keeping Ethiopia’s potential scientists from achieving their potential is laughable. Your attempt to come up with an Ethiopian (NASA) genius is even more laughable. Especially given the fact that this week the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that they managed to put a lander on a comet after a mission that was launched ten years ago. Western ingenuity at public display. I won’t hold my breath until the first Ethiopian/Eritrean/Nigerian/Tanzanian/etc. launch of a similar mission. I hope you won’t either.

  • Amde

    “Do you agree that the biological
    differences in cognitive ability are the main cause in the great
    discrepancy between Europe/Northeast Asia and Africa?”

    So, my cognitive abilities may not be up to snuff, but did Awate just call all its audience irredeemably retarded stupid black people?

    • Hayat Adem

      Yes Amde, this is crazy..
      Biological differences! Ehhmm! Do I have a language strong enough to help me show my dislike to such a view! How do people think white nationalists who promote scientific racism as suppliers of pure knowledge? Here is a challenge to folks who are willingly trapped in the notion of natural cognitive difference: give me the same environment, the same footing and same setting with a white girl and put both of us against one challenging project. Then judge my performance and tell me what you found. And I know what you will say: If I fall behind, then the undetectability of Murray’s rule. If I stand even, you attribute it to a mere hard work. If I lead, you will say I’m special. If you are judging the white girl, however, you will say “obviously” for the 1st scenario. You will say, “she was a bit relaxed’ for the 2nd, and “that girl needs to be motivated” for the 3rd scenario. It is totally absurd and I refuse to entertain such notions!!!

      Humans are biologically the same almost totally (99.99%). And don’t all human races start from one origin, the same place (today’s Ethiopia and Eritrea area) that is being looked down by this article. Cognitive quality is almost totally learned and not born. It is as if having few great timeless individuals qualifies you to look at yourself as above others. It will not also be true to say that Africa never had individual excellence ever. How would you say the Egyptian pyramids were built? But nevertheless, due to many layered coincidentally negative happenstances, Africa has been put on dereliction and fallowing in terms of civilization. This article doesn’t mention great individuals from Asia, but they are catching up with the west. Greek had contributed arguably a lion’s share in terms of individual greatness. But that didn’t license her to lead civilization from the front. The Arabs are mainly known more for their cultural heritage than science. But no body can rule out a late surge of the Arabs to catch the lead pack in the near future especially if the transform themselves from consumerism and culture-purity guardianship.