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The Riddle of The Unpredictable

We are faced with the Liar’s Riddle.  Two doors, one guarded by a compulsive liar, one guarded by a compulsive truth-teller.  One door leads to heaven, one to hell.  The guards are identical twins.  Your objective is to go to heaven. If you could ask one, and only one question, who would you ask it to and what would it be?   Answer at the end: unless you are impatient and Google it.

Let’s wait for the impatient to google it.  Meanwhile, here is Abulhalim Hafez and his song Qariat al finjal (fortune teller) which is appropriate for our subject:


Your eyes are not deceiving you: the song is 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

Why, of course, Eyob, I know how much you love Egypt, I shall share a stanza:

Your fate is to forever walk
In love, over the blade of a dagger
And to stay lonely, like a shell,
And to stay sad, like a willow tree

We have our own riddle, which is why the clues from Isaias Afwerki’s latest interview have wide interpretations. This is the riddle: the man’s hold to absolute power is based to a large extent on being unpredictable. If people can guess your next move, they can checkmate you.  To maintain your unpredictability, you must sometimes say things that you will do, and sometimes the exact opposite of what you will do.   So, the options:

1. You give categorical statements that there will never, ever (not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow) be normalization with Ethiopia until it withdraws from Eritrean territories.  Then you normalize relations.  Mission Accomplished: you are unpredictable.
2. You give clues, hints and direct statements that you are embracing interdependence over self-dependence.  That change is coming.  Then you don’t do it.  Mission accomplished: you are unpredictable.

So, this is the fortune-telling that has been going on since last weekend.  Our very able Haile, who summarized the interview for awate readers, seems to be persuaded that something is in the offing and he has been throwing us dots to connect them:  the tone was different; Ethiopian leaders are no longer described as kedemti but goblel; there is focus on the importance of regional cooperation for nation-building; there has not been a denial and/or pre-conditionality from Ethiopia: quite the opposite, the outgoing Ethiopian president told Voice of America that he intends to visit Asmara (as a private citizen, of course); and, the evidence suggests that the “self-reliance” policy has hit a dead-end (as it has in every country it was tried: North Korea, Tanzania, etc.)

This sounds all logical.  But that is exactly the problem: logical, by definition, means rational, sequential, predictable.  And that violates the first rule of Isaias Afwerki: do not be predicable.  These are Isaias’s Rules:

1. Never do anything until you are absolutely, positively, completely cornered.
2. Never tell anybody in advance–never hint, never suggest, never imply–what your next move is going to be.  Life is war and the element of surprise must always be maintained.
3. Whatever you do, do it in a way that humiliates Eritreans.

1. The “Is He Cornered?” Test

With respect to item 1 above, there is enough evidence that suggests he has hit a dead-end.  Eritrea is essentially joining the Heavily Indebted countries club; every economic sector is in tatters and, most important to him, he has no leverage in the region: there are no Western countries courting him because they want him to protect their interest.  The Ethiopian opposition is not kidnapping foreigners; the Somali pirates are not holding people for ransom; the Islamic fundamentalists have been de-clawed; Sudan and Somalia are RELATIVELY stabilized (because of, and despite, his efforts.)

The only card he’s got left is the Red Sea and whatever grand ideas he had planned by threatening to bring Iran just didn’t work out because all Iran needed was to make token investments in Africa (including Eritrea) so it can get observer status membership in the African Union.  Turkey knocked at the door–but Turkey will not do anything that puts the interests of the West at stake…so the Red Sea (and specially its ports, Massawa and Assab) remain what they have been for the last 15 years: ghost towns.  The human trafficking route will likely trickle  if the Egyptian government continues to assert itself in Sinai; we know how much money mining is generating (not much) and the Diaspora Tax (2%) seems to face hurdles.  So, all in all, it appears like the walls are closing in.

2. The “Never Telegraph Your Next Move” Test

This is the riddle.  I say part of what makes him unpredictable is that he never hints at his next move.  But then, say Awatistas like Sabri and Haile, if he is always expected not tell us what to do, that in itself is predictable so, to be totally unpredictable, sometimes he must telegraph his next moves.  They say just because he has done things a certain way does not mean he will always do things a certain way: that is the very definition of predictability.

When I say “never telegraph your next move”, I mean it mostly in foreign policy.  He does telegraph his next move very strongly when it comes to taking decisions he considers would be potentially unpopular.  For example: the arrest of the G-15 twelve years ago this month. That one required an intense 9-month campaign of defamation–but that was NOT done in mass media (no television interview with the head of state.) It was done the Wahyo Way: “political seminars” of PFDJ cadres, civil servants and soldiers.  Defame, isolate, disappear.

But for foreign policy?  Nobody knew Eritrea would reconcile with Sudan.  Nobody knew Eritrea would go to war with Ethiopia.  Nobody knew that Eritrea had withdrawn from IGAD until it did.  And nobody knew Eritrea had returned to IGAD until it did.  Whatever conditions existed when Eritrea withdrew to protest something IGAD did (failure to condemn Ethiopia for its foray in Somalia), remained when Eritrea returned.  Nobody was given a signal that Eritrea would recognize the government of Somalia–after repeated and categorical statement that it was “mengisti Mogadishu“, that we recognize only one Somalia (including Puntland and Somaliland.)

3. The “Humiliation Test”

This takes me to my last test: whatever reversals he does, Isaias always does them in a way that inflicts maximum humiliation on Eritreans and the reputation of the State of Eritrea.  I know there are people who believe that this is by design, that he hates the Eritrean people and they give heritage stories, but I am not into that.  It is simply the inevitable outcome of a man who believes that you can always defer decisions until the very last second, and that you must not consult with ANYONE about your decision.  (And I do mean ANYONE: those of you who believe people like Yemane Gebreab are insiders who know everything just need to revisit the story of what happened when Naizghi Kflu died: Yemane Gebreab assured Naizghi’s wife that her husband would be buried in Eritrea, then he was reminded that he is a nobody and not authorized to give such assurances.)

Now, do I need to go through the entire list of humiliating reversals?  I think not because they will just poke the wounds of Eritreans, specially war veterans.  But I will give a few that are not designed to hurt, but shake our heads in amazement:

I.  Eritrea- US Relations
a. In 2001, Eritrea accused US envoy Anthony Lake of colluding with the G-15 in an attempt to assassinate Isaias Afwerki.
b. In 2002-2003, Eritrea spent 600,000 (USD) on an American lobby firm to convince the US to establish a military base in Eritrea.  Isaias told an American journalist (who was telling his readers that the US is choosing between Yemen and Eritrea, that Eritrea would be a better choice) that he, Isaias, believes the presence of America is necessary in the Horn of Africa.  He told a visiting US Defense Minister that “the sky is the limit” as to the help Eritrea would extend the US.  The US ended up choosing Djibouti.
c. Because the US didn’t live up to its perceived role in guaranteeing the implementation of the EEBC, Isaias went on a rampage and he started telling a new version of history.  He criticized the Iraq War (despite the fact that he had said the only mistake the US made was in seeking UN approval before attacking Iraq and that Eritrea was one of the few African countries which joined the “coalition of the willing”); he criticized the hegemonic role of the US (a hegemonic role he had actively courted).
d. He rejected repeated offers by Secretary Clinton to engage.
e. Thus, the only country which could have vetoed the sanction (the US) was behind it after his repeated attempts to frustrate it and its goals in Somalia.

II. Eritrea-Djibouti Relations
a. He repeatedly denied to the UN that he had a war with Djibouti and he repeatedly rejected its call that he engage Djibouti.
b. Eritrea was sanctioned partly as a result of its refusal to deal with the Djibouti skirmish.
c. He accepted Qatar’s mediation agreement to resolve Eritrea’s dispute with Djibouti– an agreement that addresses border delimitation and exchange of prisoners of war.  How can you have prisoners of war if there is no war?
d. To this day, his media refuses to acknowledge the war, the prisoners of war, or even the mediation agreement.

III. Eritrea-Somalia relations
a. The government of Isaias Afwerki repeatedly said that it would never recognize the government of Somalia.
b. It was supporting, hosting all kinds of “stakeholders” in Asmara and Isaias went out on a limb saying that “Al Shabab” are not terrorists–even after they had pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden
c. Now he recognizes the government of Somalia.  There was no interview about this, no policy change: simply a letter from Eritrea’s ambassador to the UN, Araya Desta, addressed as a rebuttal to the monitoring group’s report.

So, the real question now is: is Isaias Afwerki stalling, lying when he is hinting about complementarity, and given the context–energy–that can only mean Ethiopia?

That’s the riddle and, as the pundits like to say when they are stumped, “time will tell.” (Duh.)  Personally, I do not think anything will come out of it because it doesn’t meet Test 2 and Test 3 above.  What is more likely to happen, if it happens, is a sudden and abrupt change.  And, when it does, the interview will not be with Eri-TV but Ethiopian state television.  (Must pass test 3 above.)

Now, the answer to the Liar’s riddle (for those of you who were patient): you ask one of the twin guards (it doesn’t matter who), “hey, if I ask the other guard which door leads to heaven, what would his answer be?”  And then you pick the opposite of what he says.  Too bad, Eritrea doesn’t have, yet, the anti-thesis to Isaias’s thesis.


About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • said

    Work of art, as we well know, tends to epitomize events touching public lives in one way or another. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina is such a piece of art that invokes deep emotions of an episode that centers on certain visionaries endeavoring to fulfill the aspirations of the disenfranchised masses. The sadness for the lot of humanity like ours , the marginalized, deprived and oppressed greater masses like Eritrea , the wretchedness of the human race at large, like Eritrea ; a lingering episode until the end of times.
    Eva Peron or people like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, all those great people endeavored in their own ways, ingenuity and care for the larger others to uplift their lot, however, foremost, to uphold the Dignity of Man, redeem the Divinity’s Earthly Vicegerent’s worth of what primordially meant to be.

    I cry for humanity, the great majority who are disenfranchised and alienated, equally to the oppressors for their fallibility and incredulous destructive vanities. , for Eva and Peron, as with many great leaders, represented to me people who in their deep hearts and deep intentions had the love of the masses and the downtrodden people that many of us closely associate with their sufferings.

    Nicole Scherzinger sings a beautiful performance of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.”

  • haile

    Selamat Saay and Hayat Adem

    [I will move here to save us from drowning over there:]

    Let me interject my two-cents. I would say it is not the content per se rather the timing and other external attributes.

    Timing: consider for example how the backdrop of the regime’s setting was changed to hizbawi ginbar (the independence war is not over yet) type of arguments after Ethiopia proved its undisputed military superiority over the regime back in March 2012. It creates the right context for people to accept [temporary defeat] for the greater good of the revolution! IA is purveyor of select screen entertainment in 3D, where you are offered [if you fall for it] the take part in the illusion of being inside the setting/background. Say you are wondering whatever happened to the electricity and water, he would give you a 20 minutes playback, starting from the end of the cold war, going through the beginning and the middle, with the occasional interjections of “nhna gin” “nA’na”…any other personal pronoun that would give the 3D feel, and there you go, the gullible is reduced to thinking that it is unbecoming of them to complain about simple things as electricity and water while ‘nhna’ are crossing swords [spada] with most powerful global forces.

    External attribute: This perhaps is the most dangerous component. IA, although has long been criminalized is there to destroy the nation, he is also identified with the most traumatic experience in Eritrean history, Ghedli, as a good guy [by the average citizen]. Now, every time he talks, it is that same voice from times long gone, it is that same face from association made long ago…this reduces critical interaction. It exerts huge emotional burden on the unsuspecting in favor accepting to rejecting/challenging. This would have been different, say if you had a new face and a new voice making the same stupid statements that the guy makes. This is why I think that IA needs to be taken out at the earliest possible opportunity, to reduce the chances of chaos at the time of his fall.


    • Hayat Adem

      Good points, Haile. But there are thresholds where memories of past goods fade, and fresh experiences of present suffering takeover. I don’t believe anyone would want to favor him because of his role during ghedli anymore. But there is one quality the US ambassador to Eritrea attributed to him in one of his cable reports to State Department: he is good at security operation level and all kinds of manipulations. I remember what he said in interview with VOA-Tigrigna a couple of years ago. The interviewer asked him that diaspora Eritreans were complaining about a house scheme they paid money for, but that never materialized as scheduled and as promised.
      His answer (my translation): I say to you this- even as a matter of brighter hope, I sometimes think that every Eritrean should have three houses each: 1 in the coast, another one in the highland cities, and 1 more in the lowland towns. This is my big hope I always entertain in my mind.” The journalist moved to another issue. He must have been satisfied with this answer or otherwise he would have asked the question again: “that is a nice hope, President Isaias, but what happened to the schedule of building and delivering those houses for which payments are already made?” You asked something specific, he detours long and avoids the question. He always does that on all, including on life-and-death issues of Eritrea. Once you know that, you would take him for deception and insincerity, and like any normal person, you should get mad at his contempt against and belittling his people.

  • zeykeseen

    Just interesting.

  • haile

    Selam Saay,

    Going back to the theme of the article here, I think Eyob has gone back to editor of Week in the horn. As you predicted “The first clue of Ethiopia’s reaction will come from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has a “Week in the Horn” news digest….” You got me interested, and damn! we’re not even in the horn anymore 🙂

    tsk tsk tsk 🙂

    • Eyob Medhane


      I just did not want my friends, you and Sal let down, and you are right. I went back editing ‘week in the horn’. The ‘grown ups’ , who took the job away from me keep boring, Sal. You know there is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep him entertained, so with ‘week in the horn’ every friday I keep putting some smile on his face. 🙂 I am amazed, though Sal thinks very highly of me that he thinks I edit such an ‘important’ newsletter that whole thirty people, which include you and him read world wide. I am honored, Sal. This week, we left out Eritrea, because, everything we had to say has already been here at Thank you for doing our job for us 😉

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Haile/Eyob:

        Haile, with Ethiopias apparent indifference to Hsur presidents interview, can we now disconnect two dots from your blueprint (semeyawi Htam)?


        … I have read Week In Review a sum total of 3 times which coincides with the number of times they have mentioned me in connection with an article, prompting me to think (each time): two thoughts (a) don’t have a country of 90 million to worry about, why are u writing about me? (b) I like the writing style but it has too much snark and wit to fit in a Foreign Ministry news digest.

        Now the prose has changed, the pieces are much shorter and it’s editor couldn’t find the limbs (ide-igri) from Isaias 6 hour interview.


        • Eyob Medhane


          Speaking of mentioning your name, I have mentioned your name to the response I had to YG on asmarino. Look it up. I just like throwing names around to let the world know that I know people like you in high places. 🙂

  • haile

    Selamat Awatista,

    I was recently responding by a commenter ‘Michael Solomon” who appears to think that Eritreans in the diaspora are nothing more than window cleaners and other menial job performers. No doubt that many struggle to settle in host countries and some end up never materializing their dreams. However, many are great success stories to themselves, their families and their nation. Regardless of their political beliefs or current stand, their talent is something to be recognized and celebrated. I know for a FACT that the Eritrean regime considers successful Eritreans a threat. We should never fall into the trap.

    In this vain, I would like to ask you to share with us that if we were to compile the top ten list of top talents and high achievers in the Eritrean diaspora (regardless of their political persuasion) who you would put on the list. It could be in any walk of life: political, social, economic, media, religious arts…

    Here is one I think should be on that list: Professor Aman Russom

    “Professor Russom and a team of scientists from the School of Biotechnology at KTH in Stockholm modified a DVD player to perform blood tests, including a check for HIV. The scientist and his research team converted a commercial DVD drive into a laser scanning microscope that can analyse blood and perform cellular imaging with one-micrometre resolution.”

    Agree and add another name[s] and a brief why, or disagree and tell us why someone shouldn’t be on the list. The purpose is part of the debate to show Michael Solomon that he is not doing a favor to our self-image that has taken huge beating by the regime of IA and can’t tell us that Eritreans end up being losers after abandoning (them or their parents) the cannibalistic regime at home.



    • Salyounis


      Heres another: Professor Kinfe Redda. We featured his story at awates Facebook page in August when he was honored to have the HBCU award. HBCU = historically black colleges and universities) Lest anyone think that’s a popularity contest, the man is a science researcher holding patents…

      Here’s his amazing story:


    • Mussie

      that would be Dr. Haile Mezgebe for his contribution to the medical profession around the world in particular for the America and Eritrean health services. yes a truly medical professional turned political analysts who deserves the novel price for his new activity.

    • rodab

      Achieving doctorate in itself is a huge accomplishment, but I think there are young Doctors who deserve recognition. These brave Eritreans are known as “deqi Antonios” (in honor of the legitimate Patriarch) and happen to be Priests/Deacons of the Eritrean Orthodox Church in North America. These are the people who make you think that the future of the church is bright despite the current debacles.

      • haile

        Good point Rodab, can we put names and faces on those who succeeded on this field?

    • Danny

      I would vote Dr. Aida Abraha of Chicago State University as one highly achieved Eritrean. Check her website here

  • haile


    So it is reason #1 then, right? See, Nitricc that is why I didn’t to go to condemn you and instead reserved judgement. Now let me answer your question first (hate to beat around the bush 🙂 )

    “In the are of cryptography to securely transfer information from one point to another, the use of optics is the latest. The reason for this being that it utilizes light particles or photons to store information. The intensity of the light wave is the key for the code, however if someone or something intercepts the transmission, it means they would have tampered with the intensity, hence the information is lost.”


    Haile says to Nitricc (very late:) “Let’s clear this, yes I come into contact with the regime people but am not hired by them.”

    Let me actually add that it is: regular, frequent and detailed discussion type of contact where I am routinely updated. I rarely seen such a degree of back biting with those type of group of friends The rest is as they say history…

    One last remark, when we write something online, it should be done for posterity and consistency. This would make the process of checking it back educational rather than incriminational 🙂


  • Kokhob Selam

    and now enjoy jebena version of this artticle.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Norway offically announced that refugees from Eritrea have a right to be protected by the Norwegian government. This happens only for few lands in the last 20 years which includes irakis, afghans, somalians. Norway is a very strict land concerning welcoming asylem seekers without enough reason, have announced that the regime in Eritrea has given no Choice to its own People than to leave their own land. Eritreans are now on the top of the list both in numbers of comming to norway and having permistion to live. No governments survived after Norway declared that status. Still it is a puzzel how eritreans dominated the asylum camps of norway than the syrians.

    • zeykeseen

      It is simple and clear. It was a season when tens of illegal boats and ferries left Libya and Tunisia and docked at Italian and Malta’s ports. Majority of the illegal immigrants were Eritreans and almost non wanted, for clear reasons, to end up in Italy or malta. Some were forced into. Norway seems to be in everyone’s head these days. You talk to every young Eritrean who was lucky to make it all the way to Europe and they will tell you that they are headed to Norway. For practicla reason too. Norway grants them asyl status quickly and the financial assistance is much better compared to other european countries. This might however change soon now that the conservative rightists with strong anti-immigration sentiment has come to power. That should explain it, i guess. Unless you want to dwell on Yemane monkey’s theory that Norway conspiring to foil eritea’s development plan by luring the young to leave their country and immigrate

  • nitricc

    I am counting how many people will compliment SAAY’s article.
    You know, the likes of
    Spot on!
    The best Article ever!
    People, chill, stop all the bull crap
    The truth is, I have read every SAAY article, every one of them SAAY has written and
    and this article is the worst one. If it was written say by Amanual Hidarat or Amanual Eyasu, sure, it will be considered a break through but by Sal? Stinks!
    Let me put it for you, the way I see it
    Best over all writer, hands down, Point blank, ISmael Ali
    Best persuasive and expository writer SAAY
    Best Narrative and descriptive writer Akililu Zere
    So, please! Stop complimenting SAAY for the stinker article. Don’t encourage Sal to your level of mediocrity; he is one of the best.

    Haile, I just read your replay to Araya. You said, he will shoulder the responsibility of the crimes PIA and his government has committed.
    Hmmmm? Interesting!
    How about you, Haile?
    I am wondering what your responsibilities are?
    You are employed by the government of Eritrea, not only you abandoned and discarded your responsibility to your job and the government but you went further to shiit where you eat.
    You are paid to represent the government of Eritrea, as long as you are paid by the government your duties are to represent the government no matter what! You have an obligation. If you have irreconcilable differences with the government get out and stop collecting pay-checks. Let me give you straight up, my man!
    Instead, you are at it trashing the same government who is paying you. Do you really want to talk about responsibility and character? If the government is that bad and worthless, have the gumption to reject the government publicly and stop getting paid.
    You are chewing on both sides of your mouth.
    Where are your principals?
    Where is your character?
    Where are your responsibilities?
    Where is your honor?
    Don’t fool yourself; the fact that you are loved and admired by the worthless oppositions is because they are void of honor and character. Any person with a shred of moral fiber and character will call you out in opposition of your actions. The other reasons the oppositions respect your actions is because they have none respect left for themselves, if not, any person of respect and morality will not back you up. And you are the last person to talk about responsibilities. True, you are by far the most fair and Eritrea first mentality opposition member but please don’t mention about character and responsibilities.
    Find a freaking mirror and look at your self.
    I know, SAAY keep calling you “Haile the great”
    I don’t know what greatness is, on the opposition’s camp but if you ask me,
    “The price of greatness is responsibility”
    Haile, Again I ask you, what are your responsibilities? Like I have said, perhaps, you are the only one opposition I can sit and discuss about my beloved country, because you believe ERITREA first and I respect that, however, I am questioning your character.

    • Salyounis

      Hey nitricc:

      This is classic PFDJ stuff: the minute someone starts peeling the onion on hgdef, the hgdefites go all Inspector Clouseau and begin their “investigative” work. So, you are first on the scene and Haile, apparently, is a government employee. (You dodged the bullet, Haile, because the only other possibility is you are a Weyane. Sometimes, it is a double-header: a Weyane who is an Eritrean government employee. Or a Jihadist who is also a Weyane:)

      nitricc, since we don’t have the perspective from the Dark Side (they are all waiting for “memrHi” on what to say) and since you have always been the independent sort (probably awate’s influence on you:) could you tell us your perspective on the interview EriTV had with his excellency? That’s the value you can add to this forum.


      PS: I agree with you on your assessment of Akilu Zere. I would say Ismail Omar Ali is not the but one of the best writers (I think Ismail himself would agree with me.) But the reason we praise Haile so much is because he has a unique perspective and he is only getting started…and, you ain’t seen nothing yet, he will be the “best persuasive and expository writer”, specially when he settles into his groove. And the best evidence for that is that the PFDJ machine has already started its Inspector Clouseau act on him:) Any day now, I expect “Haile Men Iyu? Intay ke abisu?” article at Biddho, alenalki or the other kiddie websites.

    • haile

      Nitricc, [this would take us outside the topic here]

      I’ll sit down with you provided you put away your knife…no peeling no chopping this time 🙂

      You said “Haile…You are employed by the government of Eritrea…”

      I will reserve judgement for now, but I think that you might have been saying that for one of the following two reasons:

      1 – You were sincerely mislead by my comment to “Asmara” in the past that I am close to the regime embassy and you think that I work there;

      2 – A typical character assassination technique of 03 saying something to others while appearing to be talking to me

      Let’s clear this, yes I come into contact with the regime people but am not hired by them. Responsibility wise, I am not as directly responsible as say Araya who is openly in support of the crimes being committed against the Eritrean people by the regime of IA. Indirectly, I may be as responsible as any other person for doing scanty little to oppose it and participating (unwillingly) on the disastrous mechanisms that it set up. The latter is such things as e.g. exchanging money on the black to send home. Up until 2008, I did my best to use the official exchange routes whenever I needed the local money. Since, it has become impossible and affordable to do so.

      I am not saying what I do, however, I don’t use the official route any more. No admission to anything here 🙂

      When someone exchanges money on the black in sending it to Eritrea or visiting there. They are party to a grave crime against the Eritrean people and nation state.

      Suppose I need ERN 200,000 to spend two months with my family there. As per the central bank requirements, I need to bring USD 13,333 to do so. However, less than USD4000 on the black would give me the same sum in ERN! Still, the country would provide me with services and products that it has to bring by purchasing it with hard currecy. E.g. electricity and fuel for transport, but I would deny it the USD 13,333 that it should get in exchange and use money obtained outside of the legal channels. This is a crime against the nation that we call “beloved”. So Nitricc, where do exchange your money?

      Otherwise, penny for penny rest assured that your regime can be said to be in my pocket not the other way around. So, I don’t think many people can look many other people in the eye and tell them that they absolutely bare no indirect responsibility, but Araya’s is direct.

      IA will, when time comes, blame the people for KILLING the Eritrean economy. The same was said by the head of the central bang MD during the investment conference II in Asmara (check But, he created the environment where it is impossible to interact with the nation without breaking the moral rules of conscience.

      So, tell us how RESPONSIBLE you are Nitricc…

      • haile

        correct: “affordable” to “unaffordable” and “bang” to “bank” (don’t bang the bank:)


        Thanks fot the vote of confidence. Wrter-ship? may be slightly out of my territory, informational writing yes…and it is only starting up as you said 🙂

        stay tuned to everyone…don’t go anywhere 🙂

      • Nitricc

        Haile, you don’t have to guess why I have said that I will tell you. For now, please explain about your replay to Yodita.
        And for the rest, I will answer your qeustions. And thanks for answering main.
        SAAY, I will do but since you took the tropy away from Ismail, who do you have the best over all writer in
        The good thing about judging is, you don’t have to have a clue about writing lol
        Okay haile, here we go

        Yodita said
        SAAY has addressed you as ‘Haile the great’ and in my opinion, probably many of us concur. Before your conversion, I was not friendly. Since then however (i.e. your conversion), I am completely overwhelmed by your calibre. You seem rare! Your posts are not only most informing and heartening but are also an antidote to what IA and PFDJ endeavour, in the sense that they record and testify, most astutely, the fact that ‘somebody is watching you’ and seeing you for what you really are. I am convinced this gives Hegdefites (not to mention IA) sleepless nights and singlehandedly weakens an evil system working day and night to thrive on people’s ignorance.
        BRAVO!!! But please come out of the ‘chador’ of anonymity and take your rightful role: to lead. I once read one of your posts that made me guess you are in your forties and therefore in your prime! People like IA had probably much less endowment than ‘Haile’ but had the guts to take risks.
        Haile replays
        o Selmat Yodita, Aklilu, Dawit
        As the dare noise…go Haile, go Haile… are gathering momentum, let me interject with a middle man’s thoughtful advice.
        In the are of cryptography to securely transfer information from one point to another, the use of optics is the latest. The reason for this being that it utilizes light particles or photons to store information. The intensity of the light wave is the key for the code, however if someone or something intercepts the transmission, it means they would have tampered with the intensity, hence the information is lost.
        It is similar thing in our case, those of us who would like to communicate with this level of privacy. If your identity goes public, two things would happen in short order:
        1 – source of information dries up.
        2 – The regime never tackles you on the substance of what you have to say but on cheap personal rumors that are intended to undermine your credibility.
        The opposition boasts many high profile defectors from the regime that go public, yet their impact was neutralized by casting doubt on their sincerity and credibility and not by challenging them head on. This doesn’t mean that I have anything to doubt about my legitimate right to challenge the regime, but would become embroiled in an elaborate net of entanglement that I know too well how/where it operates.
        The other point is also the fact that there are other’s that whose welfare has to be considered. And telling my pro regime, embassy staffer that …hello just landed a job, guess what? I am an opposition now…would just make them go hmmmm. Where as simply providing information and analysis to the public (with few on opinion and more on facts) would help both the pro or silent camp to evaluate things for themselves and decide if the course of action that they are taking is reasonable and whether it would guarantee their long term interests and aspirations.
        Information is power, and that power is what is proving elusive to our people who are rendered powerless. When the opposition eventually sets up its own intelligence community, people like me become handy. Until then, the price of satisfying curious readers may be way too high, to the point of killing of their curiosity for good once my sources dry up the choice is (OK) MINE:-)
        I.E Nitricc Concluds
        Haile is the property of the Eritrean governmnet.
        Read what you have written and judge for your self why I came to that conclution.
        Now, please explain, especially about the photons refference of yours.
        I will get back to you to answer your inquierys

  • Hindeya Mebrahtu

    No doubt Saay is brilliant writer. He said, “I know there are people who believe that this is by design, that he hates the Eritrean people and they give heritage stories, but I am not into that.” You are dial in to it brother. You aret trying to dig hard, deep and wide to make sure no bridge is mended between Ethioian and Eritrea. You perfectly passed your message that Ethiopian Tegaru are humiliating Eritrea and Eritrans. Waiting to see if you post to see this comment

    • Salyounis

      Selamat Hindeya:

      Waiting to see if you will read this answer.

      You are mistaken, sir. The attempt to explain people’s behavior by reviewing the blood line, ancestry of people is wrong: it’s wrong on the merits and morally wrong.So I am not (never was, never will be) into that. And some of my writing is me criticizing those people who do: I call that movement dekebatism. In fact I am not comfortable associating with any group that puts premium value on ethnicity (my biggest problem with Weeyane) because it skews your worldview and makes you defensive.)

      There is zero benefit to continue enmity to Ethiopia in general or Tigray in particular and it is morally wrong to encourage enmity between people. In fact, the quickest way for somebody to get banned from awate is by attacking a group based on inherited identity. The example we give us: it’s ok to criticize Weyane (a political group) but its not ok to attack an ethnic group or nationality (Tigray). I encourage you to review someones record. before you rush to judgement.



  • ethio
  • L.T

    “I bet I live till a ripe old age”Egypt John Lennon Adel Imam.Gravitat
    ion is not responsible for people falling in love”Albert Enstien
    Isaias is a grand master,is legand.
    Mr Salih Yonous;
    Thank you for your letter to President Isaias.It made complete sense to me—-you are searching for something.But sorry I never seem to have any time for you all so wait for Isaias call.
    1,Sorry to hear about the from “Kedemti to Goblel”
    2,Isaias digs the “Asseb”seaside.

    Isaias is Maharishi and Billy Graham and you need one of these.
    And I know you Salih you’re a musician at heart and I know you dig “Kuda-Tahnbele”well.

  • Kokhob Selam

    ናይ ሳልሕ እንተበልኩስ ናትካ ገረመኒ:- ኣንታ ናትካስ በይኑ እዩ ሃይላት ::
    እታ ዛዕጏል ምስ ጀበና ትኸይድ እያ እም ሃየ ሻሕ ሻሕ ድኣ ሃይላት!!!!
    በል ናይ ጀበና ኣብል ……….ቁንጅና ጀበናይ………For relaxation open and read.

  • Kaddis

    “And nobody knew Eritrea had returned to IGAD until it did”. SAAY.

    I doubt Eritrea is back, even as an observer, to IGAD. You actually should have put this under the ‘humiliating’ exercises, since your young Diplomat in Addis (AU) was pulled out of the meeting by security guards.

  • Nice catch Dibe Kulu, not many people realized the timing…After all this is a man who didn’t mind sharing power with Mengistu..wait and see until he sells the entire population to the worst bidder out of desperation..

    Araya, I don’t mean to side with Eyob, but I am just curious to know on what merit you or you feel superior over any people..cos the last time I saw, it is your people that have become burdens on his country…Seriously Araya, you can only understand my frustration if you came here where I live in Addis(Gofaa Micheal condominium) and see the filth your people are creating for landlords cos 12 of them share one room. I know you people never used to be like this, but I am just wondering in case you haven’t realized your new status thus you are stuck with your old guraa. seriously dud, you need to wake up to new realities for the sake of your people? superiority requires merit my friend. Here in Ethiopia we don’t even know how it feels to be inferior, may be because the feeling is commonly related to people with history of colonization. I don’t know the exact reason but you people from top to bottom seem obsessed with words you don’t have the virtues for.

    • sorry, I meant “Gofaa gebreal condominium”, where Eritreans have replaced Somalians of the 90..

  • Silent Observer

    Hello SalYounis,

    I like your style…I like your sarcasm…and I like your message. Yet, please allow me to comment on this article:
    1. I know Isaias in person. He is tall and good looking.
    2. I have sat with him in meetings. He is an absolute idiot. On a scale of 1-9, 1 being smart and 9 being an idiot, Isaias is between 7 and 9.
    3. I had many one to one private meetings. And probably I am one of very, very, very few people who told him, to his face and in writing, that he better think twice before he starts treating people like his servants. What did he say? Of course he said nothing. Cowards like him know when they are faced with the the obvious. So he did nothing. I am still alive. And,God Willing, I will sit on the day of judgement to sentence all HGDEFite women to 50 ftli and all men to 50 push-up and let them go home. Of course this does not apply to Isayas and his cronies. For the latter group, I think I will instigate a war with Yemen and throw them in the Hanesh Kebir Islands. I am sure Obama’s drones will get them somewhere in the land of Jebeli.

    Be that as it may, I have to say that your description of Isaias or his methods is totally, realy and sadly exaggerated.

    You see, Isaias’ only gift is the unparalleled stupidity to “hope” against hope that people will believe him; “hope” that one from the crowd will not rise up and tell him to go to hell; “hope” that people like your brother Ali and Alem Tsehaye will side with him and not with their father or brother. Why is it working? It is working because we Eritreen like to pretend he just can’t be as stupid as he seems to be; we just can’t believe that of all Africa’s rascals, he is the most stupid one.

    Remember what he said in Cicero during the 1993 adma tegadelti? bqaleta’u teHaniqu Cicero mis kede you remember? “entedelikum siltan hji kerekbekum”…I think he truly meant that..I think he thought he was facing his last day on earth.

    That is the true Isaias: a coward, a bum,…a petty crook. He has nothing of what either you or many other analysts list as his “methods” or “strategies”.

    I say that because a mind that can think of strategy…would not print wereqet Nakfa..when you had a country of 70 million people supporting your cottage economy that specializes in fernello and ga’E gelTem; would not seriously think giving Assab to “Iran” is a “smart” strategy; would think twice before betting on Somalia’s Alshebab to defeat Ethiopia. All these are direct reflections of a shallow mind. And his cowardice was proven when etom “Kedemti”, “Bado Gerweyna” ilu zitewerazeyelom Weyane: b’atsaf’A kedamit chilgim chilgim ms abelewo: bzey lbu: kab asmera hadimu: “ab ketema Mitswa’E TiQa gemgem Bahri” kiderif ynebir allo.

    The fault is not in him, though. The problem is us the people because we have so far failed to realize how stupid and dumb he is. In the meantime, to stay in power, he continues to rely on a certain group of people who are doing all they can to continue benefiting from eza zela zeben wirwura. These are:
    1. People who were groomed by him since their young age. (his messengers and body guards…like yur brother Ali used to be until he was elevated to be “minister” of information).
    2. People with identity crisis – Teweljes without any regional ties to any corner of Eritrea. Examples of such people are Monkey, Kisha and Santim. Ali could have been one of them. But his lucky birth to a family with a strong moral fiber, a family with good sense of right and wrong and, over all, an impeccable character did not allow him to be in the same category as Monkey and Kisha.

    3. The third group is made up of brazen opportunists like Wedi Gerahtu (zeykem Hawu..ezi HimaQ shnti), Tekle EWur (Manjus, and deqi Fasil (a family with a long history of opportunism..starting from becoming Kenisha in ShimaNgus..associating with the mid 20th century). But this category is very weak, and as Isaias knows, dispensable any time.
    4. The last group is made up of the most dangerous individuals. They are “forgiven MenkaE” like SibHat Efrem, Wedi Bashay (Eritrea’s ambassador to Israel). Deep Inside, these people have the “presumably hidden” agenda to have their revenge. That is why, while bidding their time till tomorrow comes, they act so cowardlier than the true nature of their being.

    Be that as it may, halewat HHDEF is just like 2 goraHat Hamokshti snqom. I have a feeling a judge will read articolo Cento Quatro (104) in the coming few years. In the meantime, please note that anything I said above is with love, with respect and admiration.

    Senay qine

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      Thanks. Please tell us more – we want to learn about this Idiot Esyas. This form brews a lot ideas and from real information. the step for Action develops from ideas and information.

    • Silent observer,

      Do you you know that you are interjecting “religious politics”? I have never heard a blanket accusation to single out one “religious denomination” to be indicted as opportunists. Protestanism is opportunism really? Wow! In this internet-era you could say anything (like what you said) and you will not be accountable as far as your are doing it behind pen name. Isn’t it observer? Very sad to play politics with religion. Wouldn’t it be easy to make political argument based on the individuals character? One who saw your comment could visualize many garbages in your mind. Bad…Bad…really bad.

  • haile

    Selamat Saay,

    A refreshing and thought provoking piece as usual. I pity myself greatly to have to have to remain ‘doubtful and seized’ by the issue 🙂 after the point you made above.

    In all honesty eti guday nay za’Egol eyu ( for non-speakers, I mean – we are consulting a Sorcerer’s Encyclopedia:)

    Let me firstly, digress, and point out the wuste-lgub (internal relationships) of your 1,2,3’s. Actually, your #3 is the cause for #1 which essentially and invariably results in #2. Perfect. That is the circularity of it. Let me explain:

    #3 IA does something/anything in a manner that humiliates Eritreans;

    This results in #1 where he would end up being cornered and having to take bizarre steps;

    Which results in #2 of never being able to tell anyone about it in advance because he never set out to be cornered in the first place and hence, he didn’t even knew it himself!

    Obviously, the pattern would continue as: 312 >>> 312 >>> 312…. (by the way IA said that he spent 312 million dollars in energy for the fiscal year 2012!)

    Let’s exemplify this:

    – Soon after the signing of the 2000 peace agreement, IA declared wefri warsay-ykealo that was to hold the youth in the most unbearable situation which exposed them to mass exodus, tragedies and untold miseries. That is your #3 in practice

    – He never foresaw that in 2012, the UNSC was to corner him with UNSCR and a demand for independent fact finding investigation. That is your #1 in practice

    – He announced in 2013 that the national service had long been demobilized and SAWA is a mere boarding school. That is your #2 in practice

    Take, the announcement that the constitution had long been implemented save for elections, the announcement Somali government recognition….the 312 pattern is always there.

    Now, while we are in the subject of patterns and za’Egols, let’s see how the next one falls into place…

    IA never, to date, announced the skirmishes with Djibouti [I say skirmish meaning the actual clash), nor did its 03 denied it! hade beleley

    IA never, to date, announced the denial of Naizgi Kiflu the right of burial, nor did its 03 denied it. klte beleley

    IA never, to date, announced that Ethiopia attacked its defenses in March 2012 [just protested Ethiopia’s CLAIMS not the acts in themselves], nor did 03 denied it. seleste beleley [alekha do?]


    IA never, to date, announced that he has made rapprochement with Ethiopia, nor did 03 denied it. What say you?

    We can analyze IA to our hearts delight, including his breathing patterns. However, there is a difference when external actors are involved and aren’t saying anything.

    The latest announcements of plans of the FDRE president to visit Asmara was made NOT by a private citizen (that is the event date’s detail) it is actually made by a serving head of Ethiopia’s Ceremonial President who is an active and high ranking member of Ethiopia’s government structure.

    I could have gone on, but I feel my za’Egol is getting worn-out and might need some maintenance. 🙂


    • Salyounis

      Selamat Haile:

      Actually, your #3 is the cause for #1 which essentially and invariably results in #2. Perfect. That is the circularity of it.

      Well, for it to be a circle (no beginning, no end, the most perfect geometric shape) 2 has to cause 3. 🙂

      But seriously, your argument is very persuasive and it is a flip of the coin when it comes to unpredictable people. Circumstantial evidence is on your side, history is on my side:) I try to be modest about these things (my sure-sounding-language notwithstanding) Just look at the language we use, “Qariat al finjal” (literally fortune-telling by looking at the bottom of mini-cup of coffee), fortune-telling, sorcerer’s encyclopedia, Zaegol. We are like the American “Soveit analysts” who used to make grand announcements by watching the seating arrangement in the May Day Parade and completely missed the implosion of the USSR. Only thing we haven’t mentioned is the entrails of sheep and poultry, and the alignment of the stars.

      The first clue of Ethiopia’s reaction will come from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has a “Week in the Horn” news digest. (It used to be snarky and funny when Eyob was the editor, but now the grown ups have taken over and it is strait-laced. Yawn.) We will see what they will say. As to 03, come on Haile, that one is good at being Possum (playing dead): it doesn’t inhale or exhale until it gets the go sign.


      • haile

        Hello saay;

        …what you trying to say about my circle? I had it cut at asha golgol with the new circular cutters that SEMG told ya all… 🙂

        It is always the #2s that result in #3:

        in my exaple:

        It was the unpredictably announced wefri warsay-yekealo (a #2)

        that resulted in the treatment of Eritrean youth in an unbearable condition (a #3)

        that resulted the cornering by the UNSCR (a #1)

        that resulted in a sudden announcement that national service had long been demob. (a#2)

        …. this #2 would lead to a new set of humiliation for Eritreans (another #3) that would cause him to be in a #1 corner that would of course result in a #2 announcement..

        Here without the arrows: 312312312312312…..

        The week in the horn is a good point, but wouldn’t you say it is a far cry from a braking news headline / seber ziena? 🙂

        Your last point about 03…well that is exactly the point. This is one of the cases when they were left clueless 🙂

        Imagine, he said

        all previous plans FAILED
        all those affected are to BLAME
        all past references are DISCARDED

        03 can’t possibly withstand such huge shock, that is why it gets knocked out of consciousness every now and then 🙂


  • Sabri

    Selamat Sal,

    It is good that you collect your ideas about the recent interview of Issayas in one article. After you described your three tests you ask one important question. You don’t think anything will come out of it because it doesn’t meet your Test 2 and 3. And then you wrote: What is more likely to happen, if it happens, is a sudden and abrupt change. And, the interview will not be with Eri-TV but Ethiopian state television. (Must pass test 3 above.)” ok, that is your assumption on what will happen next. But why do you think Issayas gave this interview at this time unexpectedly?

    Since you clearly stated that your Test 2 is only for foreign policy do you think the things he was talking about domestic issues like the housing project, construction of ports etc. will materialize?


    • Salyounis

      Selamat Sabri:

      When you say “why do you think Issayas gave this interview at this time unexpectedly”, I think you are saying why did he agree to be interviewed by Eri-TV (or, more accurately, direct them to interview him). Because when it comes to foreign media, there is no set schedule: he comes on and off depending on his mood. Well, as we all have been saying the situation in Eritrea has never been this bad: we are talking about a time when the electricity goes off when Eritrean mothers are baking their injera and they have to take their dough and fire up the traditional (wood energy) mogogo. I think Isaias wanted to communicate three things (a) I am aware of it: I am not asleep at the switch (no pun intended); (b) there is very little my government can do about it; (c) of the things my government can do something about (like not being forced to pay hard currency to import cement), something must be done (heads will roll.) Remember, two years ago, the solution was to conduct a realignment of the Eritrean ministries (it didn’t happen); now it is complementarity. It is just another buzzword (that’s what consultants do: sell buzzwords.)

      This is not a perfect metaphor but think of what happens when gasoline/petrol prices increase above the pain-threshold and the US president shows up on TV to demonstrate he knows about it (he is not living a sheltered life), there is very little he can do about it (there are too many variables outside his control) and of the few things his government can do, it is doing them (we are releasing strategic reserve! We are directing Saudi Arabia to increase production!) It is a time-buying exercise and a way to diffuse a tense situation.

      Do I think housing project, construction of ports etc will materialize? No I don’t. History is not very kind: consider the issue of housing. This is what he said in January 2012: “There is a great demand for that. But that requires developing a neighborhood, which has access to water. And social services. And a cement factory. And doors and windows manufacturing. And power lines. And capacity. And laws. And administration. And “in the last 20 years, we have done nothing.”

      In 2012, he was kind enough to remind us by quoting Lenin, to do all of this, you need either very rich businessmen or the government. In Eritrea, that leaves the government (because what businessmen with capital we have are in Juba.) The government is broke: it needs partners, investors. Investors require a return on their investment–and the government has a bad reputation when it comes to swindling them or kicking them out of the country. Lenders require open books and have preconditions–but that “violates national sovereignty.” So, I don’t see it happening unless the PFDJ and its chairman have a complete transformation, and I don’t see that happening.


  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    AmeL Ms MegneZ > lie even dead.
    The lie habit he has developed from long time ago.
    1. He ignited the bloody war Geragr Sudan around 1972 he lied he hadn’t start it.
    2. He killed Ibrahim Afa by ToF(death Squad) and said Sleya TselaE SeliKu Atiyu Ketilwo emo entay DaA eti Documentu Zeywesedo ? TselaE AyfeleTen HalaFi KemzKeTele.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Dear Sal,

    One of your hallmarks is to write, to write well, and write at the right time. When some of us languish and torture the first paragraphs, you already have submitted the paper, and you are enjoying your coffee at the café, at the balcony, listlessly watching the passersby.

    Besides, this is bold; instead of waitandsee, you revealed your cards; nodding your head sideways, nope-not-yet-it-aint-happening-this-way. It is bold move.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dearest Saleh,
    guss what? I have consumed the 3rd cup of coffe. what will DIA drink if he start reading this article?

  • Zahra

    First, Isayas has made himself and the country peculiars with no outside similarity to be compared to. Understanding the peculiarities will help one to conduct some kind of comparisons. However, one thing is true. He is absolute. Because he could, he can do whatever he wants and can use the weirdest means of communication with the people. If he felt there was nothing important to be reported officially, he would choose One Thousand and One Night type of reporting to the internal people. Does it make sense? He knows it doesn’t because it is just a Lefa Wu’Doran or merry-go-round type of sharing stories and gives his subjects only one choice to either stay going round or get off and go to bed.

    For some political analysts, even though he did it in a fast and exaggerated way, Isayas was just sending a message of opening up to the public and announcing that the wall between him and the public was demolished. What’s up now for the public? Barriers between Isu and Nihna removed mean an end to the illusion of Isu Nihna and Nihna Isu. So, there must be constitutional accountability and his whereabouts clearly known. No more to a shade presence: One says “was seen here,” and another says “they said he was seen elsewhere.” If a war was declared, it was you. If an official disappeared, it was your order. It is time to tell him, you are only one when it comes to a question of accountability: You did it nor not? No more a TESTA pass to others.

  • Eyob Medhane


    Reading Dibekulu’s comment, it got me thinking “…oh oh this could be a baby step for Eritrea to come to Emama Ethiopia..” 🙂 Think about it, Sal. You and I holding Arenguade Bicha Qey flag and cheering Mohammed Aman and Daniel T/Haimanot at the Olympics.? What do you say? Very tempting, huh?! All coffee and Tire Siga on me…. 😉

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      TnsTi Wedi HLma.

    • Araya

      Eyob, do you suffer from some form of Dementia or is it, inferior complexity? Why do you want anything Eritrean? Remember; you hate Eritreans!
      Stop dreeming the ” nazi-youth” will not allow that to happen.

      • Eyob Medhane


        Ehhh..nah…I think it’s dementia, because I couldn’t remember the time I told you that I hate Eritreans…..Please, help me remember. When was that?

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      First of all how come Ethiopia is mama I told you that the name Ethiopia ballooned for many centuries from Europe, middle to Africa then to south east Africa. The present day of Ethiopia infact is not was Ethiopia from long time. Just the name Ethiopia ballooned and it finally rested and settled around Welo and shewa as it ground zero adis abeba. the 3000 yrs of history that said is fake and unexisted. therefore how come the shewa and welo area founded in the 19-20th century become mother of Eritrea and other north?
      3000 yrs history cheated from the movie Moses 1956. just because these visited the king ForOn were look like Habesha does not make them they were from shewa or welo. the other thing there was no organized Ethiopia until the 19-20th century. this name Ethiopia covered from Europe to middle east to Africa coastline down to south now settled in shewa and wello. It is false to call mama. the name Ethiopia ballooned over Egypt sudan Eritrea and tigray before it finally rested in shewa and adis abeba.
      infact in Eritrea or tigray I know there was no nation vast area. only Adi or village even a remote area village about 10miles called GodoBo or foreign. I hate when people said Serawit eirtrea in the year of 1020, it is fake there was no Eritrea except Adi. it would right if they said Serawit DbaRwa in the year 1020.
      The hamasien are wrong when they called themselves DekeBat since all these AdiTat have their own history as a nation no area was WedebaT and none WebebaT. These many villages in Eritrea today founded thousand years ago especially the seraye and akeleguzay AdiTaT. MY own village founded in 1210. When the Hamasien called my village foreign it is foolish. My had 700 years before the Italian created eirtrea borders. Just because the hamasien live close to the capital city asmera and does not make them DekeBat. even the hamasien claim they are the owners of the technology of asmera while in reality it is the brain of Italian and it is the money of Italian nothing to do with the Hamasiens. The Hamasien got this fase and misleading pride from seeing more their town men got high rank during the Gedli. Infact they cheated it from the MeTaHt fighters especially the muslims. the Gedli Eritrea nothing to do with the hamasiens. it is the ownership of tigre or muslims. they are fooling many people that they are the true nationalist while in reality they were the one welcomed haileslasie.the hamasien were the best friend of Aba Nega Tembien then now they tell us aba nega invaded Eritrea in 1875. Who had eat and drink fun of zHla and MiYes with Aba nega? why the hamasien father Solomon gone to participate in the ceremony of Axum Tabot?why he did not said that was not my business of my place? he gone and Alula jailed him in cave infested with big Gebel.
      False is always false if you believe in science. saying the truth you can go your own way no one stops you. that is way Eritrea won its independence.

  • bukretsion

    on ur own word since 1880s until now u have been slaved, tortured, raped, killed and so many horrible thing happened to eritrea and eritrean , if u don’t change ur attitude towards other people it will be the same for anther 100 years no arab, no Habesha, no tigray is gonna save ur stinky ass.if u try to humble yourself and pray everything will be fine .

    • zegeremo


      You are not adding any good thing to the discussion because,ostensibly, you do not have the capacity to understand what exactly the discussion is about. My advise to you is keep your fingers off the keyboard and learn. 🙁


    • Eyob Medhane


      Please stop! Being crass and crude is very un Ethiopian and unHabesha behavior.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Sir, Mr.bukrestion,

      Reading most of the articles in awate is learning, experiencing, etc. the same with comments. But some articles and comments are so wonderful; I like to read them while sitting beside my Jebena (although Say is complaining against me for drinking bun alone).

      When I read your comment now I remember what my grandmother use to say whenever I disturb the calm atmosphere while she was drinking coffee. You know what she use to say, “ኣታ ቆልዓ ኣብ ‘ዛ ኣወል ቡነይ እንዶ ኣይተዕገርግረኒ”

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      Anta entay Eka TesenBdeNa TiUy Endo Tezareb.

  • Dibe Kulu

    The very fact that this interview was delivered on the eve of the traditional new year in contrast to the prvious ones (which, as far as I can recall, were all given on the eve of the European new year)speaks volumes.

    May be something is in the works to mend fences with our kins south of the Mereb! Whether it is done because the regime feels cornered or for a myriad other motives(reasons), I say establishing normalization will benefit the peoples of the two countries! Especially the families that have been separated for the last 15 years!

  • Tzigereda


  • Abu Saleh (Saay)

    As usual it is an excellent analysis. I do agree DIA will not meet the two tests. Above all the Ethiopian government will not trust him for he is a man who doesn’t abide by mutual agreement. He has not code of ethics of international norm. A man who views “stealing” as “haliot” couldn’t be taken as trustworthy partner to solve the conflict of the two nations. He is neither trustworthy to his people nor to the countries of the horn. He is a dictator who should be removed from the scene of Eritrean politics in particular and the horn Africa in general.

  • Akile-Mille


    Brilliant!!! No patronizing intended but I must say that, your extraordinary gift of reducing rather complex issues into simplicity and elegance loses its luster every time you give the monster a complement he doesn’t deserve at all. Tiglish comes to mind. Again, brilliant.