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The Brewing Nightmare

I know we have a few former commies in here. So let us try to appear “ideological” at least in one paragraph. In a way, it is also the abstract, summary or snapshot of the rest. If you are a lazy reader, a serious person or do not have time for too much BS, read this paragraph and see you next time.


Today’s article targets Peacetime Heroes – the elite – but it is about Wartime Heroes – the riffraff. The two are mutually exclusive in form and substance. The elite talk – the riffraff walk. The riffraff plant the seeds – the elite harvest them. The elite think and plan – the riffraff hack and chop. A dialectical process of “negation and continuity” eternally links the two together. For our purpose, riffraff are eternal – elite are transitional. On the same paragraph (the internet link), the same writer says “immortal is the race where the mortal dies” (also available here page 111). When the elite cease to be of use, their time has come. Society holds a very colorful carnival called “Civil War”, where the current elite commit suicide and a new set of the elite ascend the throne.


The way the Lord intended it to be, life on this planet is automated by something called destiny. Of course, we should do our best to evade destiny so that we restrict its incidence only to those extremes that the Lord intends them to be. We should therefore do our best so that we do not wake up one day to find out that the fairy tales we have been anticipating in “the upcoming change” do not turn out to be songs from the black book of demons. Demons are what we are trying to explain to those who might have forgotten and those who have never known. Demonic are the packages that the Eritrean government and opposition of today are dying to make into reality.

Ivory Tower

Excuse my frustration but I am sure you are in no better state either, if like the rest of us, you too fell squeezed between a deadly government and a dead opposition having to pick one. The only way you would be obliged to pick one and still exercise your freedom of expression is if you are talking to yourself. People who talk to themselves are effectively silent and for some peculiar reason they are always the majority. These are not Swing Voters, who have not yet made up their minds and who are up for grabs. We see them as silent because they are stuck at the bottom where it hurts and where we cannot hear them. We could probably find ways whereby we could hear what they have to say if we tried a little harder but that is the least of our concerns. Stuck on the tops of the two extremes of the Ivory Tower, we are more disappointed than they are that they do not listen to us and follow our orders. Between the Ivory Tower with the two monsters at both extremes on the top and the Silent Majority there is the vacuum that sucks sound into dumb. Frustrated for not being able to get the orders across, the two monsters give themselves credit for swimming against tides of the deaf and for the uphill battle that either side is waging tooth & nail like there is no tomorrow.

The motivation is straightforward. If the Silent were not passive collaborators of the PFDJ, they would have spoken up against injustice, inefficiency and failed policies. The tegadalai ones say that was exactly what they did years back by rising up, taking arms and defeating Ethiopia, the Soviet Union and little Albania. If the Silent were not the sleeping cells of the opposition, they would have spoken up to defend Eritrea against conspiracies by idolizing expired heroes, by digging trenches of death, micro-dams and a lot more holes for themselves. They would have stayed to fight instead of sneaking through borders to their own miseries abroad. The tegadalai ones say that was exactly what they did by obsessing on the fight to the end as they rose to selfless Jihadis “against all odds” (to use Dan Connell’s).

The people that both these monsters are dying to enlist as foot soldiers in deadly games are those whose only dream is to make it through the day in one piece. These are people, who have no say in what happens to them or to what they own or relate to, cannot scratch without permission or smile before approval. They wait on the leftovers of their own sweat and they run out of tears from too many horrors. Horror is all they have ever known about Eritrea and all they will ever know. They cannot see beyond their noses and do not care beyond the exigencies of missing yet another tentacle of the immediate monster. The future for them is today and now. Hope for them is the few hours they pray for the kids to be home, for the father to win the day’s bread, for the girl to make it to a wedding dress, for the night to evade a nightmare, and for the sun to remember to come out in the morning. Outside this tiny space of nothing, the rest of the world is invisible for them or does not exist altogether. They too are invisible to the world beyond nothing. Here they are numbers with no details, people with no faces and lives with no stories. Why would anyone want to open up what is left of this sad planet of tears to more bullies, abusers and demons?


If you are a responsible Eritrean, you do not need to read this. Go and mind your business. You will never be part of those who are determined to rub our noses on the ground. If you are an irresponsible Eritrean, you do not need to read this. You will do it anyway and you have much better references and manuals beyond Eritrea. If you have already seen videos from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, the DRC, Rwanda, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq and many other horrors, you do not need to read this. I am sure you would think twice before allowing some nutcase to manufacture the nightmares in Eritrea. This is the bottom-line: AS LONG AS PEOPLE TAKE WHAT WE WRITE SERIOUSLY, IT IS CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT TO PROPOSE THAT ERITREA IS IN ANY WAY IMMUNE TO THE FERTILIZERS OF FAILED STATES OR THE CATASTROPHIC EPISODES OF FAILURE.

None of the countries that I have mentioned and many others including and above all Eritrea should be taken seriously as independent states in the deeply institutionalized sense of Western democracies. Each of them is nothing more than millions of the helpless and miserable souls that I described above lumped together under one roof. The roof, in each case, is as fragile as the daily lives of the millions. The state as the institution of elite groups playing every trick to reach the empty pockets of the poor and an embodiment of their nightmare is nothing but a big lie that does not reflect the reality of so many abused and frustrated dreams.

Underneath these fake institutions of paper tigers is the Pandora Box of Demons. Inside that box are the riffraff – the Wartime Heroes – millions of disgusted, frustrated and silenced angry ghosts in flesh and blood. In a number of the exceptions to the rule of eternal silence, there have been situations when some crooks managed to guess the password to the box and found out at least one unique way of making them speak by breaking the stick and leaving the carrot unattended. Once they started to speak, however, not many countries were lucky enough in getting them silenced again. In every example, the silent spoke anger, hate and revenge compressed over years of hurt and despair, where they were made to bow down and kiss boots just to get along. In every example, they vowed not to be silenced again and they never were, until they soaked everything they touched in blood and everyone they saw in shock.

Pandora’s Ghosts

On January 4, 2005, Maryann Mott (National Geographic News) wrote about the horrors of the Southeast Asian Tsunami and of course horrors are things that you have to personally experience in order to understand. I have never experienced horrors and can only imagine what it would be like for those who go through them. A few days ago, I watched the interview with the 14-year-old Eritrean kid in Sweden who survived the Lampedusa tragedy describing his desperate fight for life from the moment the captain torched the blanket to the moment he was picked by the Italians. He told of the voices trapped in the sinking boat but even he could not tell what went through the minds of the horrified, moments before death. His guess was they were screaming their names and last time messages for loved ones left behind hoping that some ghost would pick the mail. I know that no description, however eloquent, is good enough. I am a bit superstitious though and I believe in instincts and reflexes as the Almighty’s early warnings of plots in some parallel universe.

Maryann wrote “before giant waves slammed … animals [on instinct rather than reason] seemed to know what was about to happen … [some] screamed and ran for higher ground … [some] refused to go outdoors … [some] abandoned low-lying breeding areas … [and some] rushed into shelters … The massive tsunami … rolled through the Indian Ocean, killing more than 150,000 people.” Think of this analogy to the thousands of Eritrean youth stampeding through every crack in the border to get the hell out before it is too late. Do you not agree that they “seem to know what is about to happen”? Would it not be a good idea to take them as early warnings of an impending disaster ready to go? Would you not agree with the popular saying that “to destroy is the strongest instinct of nature”?
Far away in West Africa, Liberia is approximately (almost exactly) the size of Eritrea with an area of 111,369 square km, a population of about 4 million and unlimited resources capable of turning the country into heaven. Just like Eritrea, it borders three countries (Sierra Leon, Guinea and Ivory Coast). It also borders the ocean and is a multicultural community of good people. Liberia is one of the countless places where bad things happened. On April 26, 2012 Helene Cooper (a Liberian journalist), upon hearing that Charles Taylor “had been found guilty of war crimes”, and irritated by the fact that he was condemned not for the crimes he committed in his own country of Liberia, but in a neighbouring country, wrote “Before Mr. Taylor unleashed the tsunami of rape, murder, torture and dismemberment that would engulf Sierra Leone, killing more than 50,000 people and causing hundreds of thousands to flee, there was Liberia.” She continues: “The [freedom] fighters were intent on the revenge killings that would claim hundreds of thousands of civilians from Liberia’s rival ethnic groups” and told the story – just one story out of thousands more horrific – of Mr. Brown who “happened to be Krahn, the same ethnic group” of former President Samuel Doe, “Mr. Taylor’s predecessor.”

“With the civil war raging and Mr. Taylor’s gunmen roaming the country wearing the wedding gowns, blond wigs and Halloween masks [emphasis mine] … Mr. Brown had taken his son to work with him [to protect him from the predators], so the 10-year-old boy was there to witness what came next”, she adds. Mr. Brown’s ghost still hanging around, the executioner walked up to the kid, patted him on the head, and said “don’t cry” just to make the ironic point that demons too have feelings. You should be able to imagine what will no doubt be coming your way sooner than you would like to believe if you know anyone who belongs to the President’s tribe and has a “10-year-old boy”. Hate me as you wish but this moral question is on your nose: would you allow some new brand tegadalai to do to this little boy what that freedom fighter did to that little boy?

I might be exaggerating as you may be smarter and can tell the difference in context. What brings this to Eritrea where 30 years in the trenches have welded us into a chain and tegadelti do not even know who they are or where they belong anymore? So was Liberia until the moment of truth! “Diversity has always been celebrated in Liberian culture, cuisine, music, fashion, language and people themselves” and who other than Eritreans can speak about “celebrating diversity” (with bleach). Unlike the savages of West Africa, Eritreans are law-abiding people who would never go about violating people’s rights. I have never seen an Eritrean brutalizing another Eritrean.

You probably have a different experience. You might even be one of these former tegadelti who are all over YouTube telling of shocking horrors committed with their implicit approval of silence beneath the veil of dreamlike heroism of gomida breaking ceilings to bring an end to the horrors of the silent and peace to little people. Do you personally know of any Eritrean who ever committed brutality towards others? How come we do not see them along the Sudanese border against Rashaida kidnappers, in the Sinai against organ retailers or in the diaspora against the big mouths? I would be lying if I told you I know of anyone for sure. Just like you and a million others, I still get carried away when I hear immortal tegadelti – right from the President down to the bottom in every government and opposition gathering – promising heaven with all the flowers on top and streams of happiness underneath. Who can even guess that people who deliver these hypnotizing speeches during the day would be running butcher shops at night? What options do the majority have other than locking themselves in tears and waiting for the moment of truth to come and break their silent world?


Pray for the rule of law or some form of order to hold on a little longer. It is true that the judicial system in Eritrea is weak and it takes decades and more realistically centuries for a judicial system to mature to the degree where it can protect people from injustice. Do not even think about a judicial system in violent conflict or to regulate the application of violence by monsters during a civil war. No judicial system has ever done that. The good news is that it is not a worry and neither is the boycott of international “protection” organizations – unique to Eritrea since forever.

There is no need for all that. Mark Huband notes, “legal protection played absolutely no part [in Liberia] … no side … [held] prisoners … all perceived enemies, soldiers and civilians alike, were executed … after having been tortured … a horror story pure and simple.” According to Hubard, during the civil war, all parties to the conflict did not even bother to “pay lip service to the laws of war … and they were not wrong in sensing that the outside world cared little about what was going on in Liberia and certainly would do nothing to prevent the atrocities.”

Was that not what the international community did in the Rwandan genocide where hundreds of thousands were hacked to death? Where were all the white people running around as Special Raporteurs, Human Rights advocates, experts in African governance, peacemakers and peacekeepers, and guardians of the human spirit? Where was Sheila Keetharuth, Dan Connell and the Van Reisen doctor promising to close Eritrean embassies and to humiliate the dignity of a sovereign nation? I cannot tell you where they were during the genocide as they were nowhere to be seen. There were a lot of them though before the genocide. There were even UN peacekeepers stationed right where the nightmare took place under their noses. There was even a Canadian General, a very good man. What is the use of being good when you are good for nothing when people need you most? Would not these people have been more useful by reading the warnings of the brewing nightmare than waiting to deal with the nightmare when it happened?

Liberia’s civil war, as Hubard describes, was never “the man-made equivalent of a natural disaster.” It did not fall from the sky or pop out of nowhere like the Tsunami: “it was the culmination of years of political crisis.” The signs of a horror story in the making were all there, but Liberians always liked to believe that their country was unique and one of a kind and the beauty of their cultural diversity and long experience in mutual coexistence would immunize them from the plague. No good Liberian would have believed a word and according to their peace-time politicians that was all nothing but scaremongering. A few years down the road, they were eye to eye with the angel of death. The world watched countless videos (on YouTube) such as that of Prince Johnson, who captured former president Samuel Doe, chopped his ears and chewed them on camera.

There were also videos of 10 year old kids playing their little games. They prepared butcher shop style tree trunks and some ensured regular cleaning of the trunk tops for infection-free services. A mob of these kids would know how to get you to stretch both hands on the surface followed by the legs if the freedom fighter said so. Most of them never missed and were good with machetes through trial and error. This was just a pinch of the mountain of gruesome images in the memories of thousands and thousands of ordinary Liberians that had to go through this on a daily basis. Do you want your grandkids to watch similar videos and praise the history of your struggle and hail your achievements for leaving horror stories and a lasting nightmare as legacy?

Liberia, you may think is an exception. I agree with you. How about checking the hounding packs of hungry teens mauling their opponent’s hearts and gobbling them for lunch in Sierra Leone? How about checking Nigeria, where in countless moments of horror it is a daily morning routine for people to have to pull out the bodies of family members, neighbours and people they have never seen burned beyond recognition and mangled to pieces. What about checking South Sudan where “Two weeks after a massacre here, the stench of dead bodies clung to the walls of the Kali-Ballee mosque. Bloodstains marked the ground; shirts, pants and sandals were still scattered about; and torn pages from the Quran were strewn all over the place.”

These were real people just a few moments before those two weeks unsuspecting and going about the difficulties of their daily chores not knowing that demons were just around the corner. How about I stay away from paraphrasing other people’s reports and you do it yourself and search for your own choice of horror stories of “freedom fighters” in other civil wars.


Our understanding of what we may be talking about when we mention “Civil War” is predominantly shaped by imaginations of the civil wars between the different organizations of the armed struggle. It is also partly shaped by imagining a replica of what happened in Ethiopia, Sudan and many others, where an organized insurgency managed to challenge state power in devastating wars. In spite of arguably unintentional collateral damage on civilians, the majority of direct combat related casualties in these civil wars were armed combatants and hence legitimate targets by belligerents.

These are civil wars that have order and structure and those participating can be taken as negotiating, only violently. In my personal opinion, these are “internal wars” and not all internal wars are “civil wars”. Given the state of opposition in Eritrea and the nature of the issues that are at stake, a similar structured civil war can happen in only one place: Your Dreams! The civil war that we are talking about in Eritrea will be a little different. I will try one of a million possible hypothetical scenarios:

One beautiful morning in Asmara, a power vacuum (temporary state paralysis) created for any of many possible triggers gets out of hand and local armed mobs take charge of the streets ransacking and looting everything that glitters.

The President is in one of his frequent supervision visits to a micro-dam in the outskirts of Adi Abeyto not far from a prison where a few hundred young men “zikhoblelun ziHankerun” are being tortured for both security and tehadso reasons. The President well-dressed and a cowboy hat on top, is having fun surrounded with the usual suspects, veteran tegadelti with canes and FBI styled tough-boy bodyguards from biet-timhirti sewra. All around the very promising micro-dam already collecting a few gallons of water at the bottom and at a safe distance are a few battalions of disgusted warsay whose hands are sore from too much digging and whose eyes are dry from too much crying.

They are following the conversation from body language and of course from the brown leather radios on dimtsi Hafash stuck to the ears. Then one of the veterans walks to the President, leans over and whispers something into his ear and the body language changes. But just like Bush did in Sept 11, 2001, he decides not to appear panicky and lingers there for a few more minutes reassuring that it was just a whisper. By then the news had spread like wildfire. The torture warehouses have broken and the ghosts are out. Prince Johnson had already started chewing the President and skinning his entourage of tegadelti and biet timhirti sewra tough-boys alive a few minutes after the whisper. Up to this point, things are controllable and it is not a civil war yet. The state has not collapsed.

One more day and hundreds of thousands of teens are already negotiating with traffickers or inquiring of directions to the Mediterranean inside Sudanese territories. Across the border inside Eritrea, whole army barracks are vacant and much of the property had been looted by locals. In Sudan and the countries along the human trafficking routes, a humanitarian catastrophe of unimaginable proportions will keep the whole United Nations system and its attachments very busy within days.

Here is where the Civil War will begin. Within days, thousands of other ghosts (real ones this time) are stampeding from long-forgotten refugee camps in Sudan, the streets of Yemen and the whole Middle East (trained and armed to the teeth with company from Chechnya, Tunisia and every curse in the Arab Islamic world) ready for genocides. What we used to modestly call land-grabbers, occupiers and torturers will be Christened brand new and truly demonic trademarks. The whole Eritrean lowlands (about three-quarters of Eritrea) will be liberated and ethnically cleansed within weeks.

Could this be the culmination of YG’s scenario of ethnic suicide? It will be if you continue to play ostrich!


Do not even entertain the possibility that this is daydreaming and a product of a sick mind. It is but that is irrelevant. My intention is for you to take note and to watch your big mouth when you wish because you would at least be prudent to know what you wish for. My intention is for you to have this or any similar picture that your imagination can afford and have it as background on your thinking as you listen to all those who are promising to weed each other out. You should be able to ask good questions to those who are already debating which part of the PFDJ should remain and which part should be weeded out. They may sound very moderate and convincing.

The elite, sensible people and only sensible people can trigger a civil war by laying the moral grounds and providing the conceptual framing of valid grievances that rationalize the entitlement of the riffraff. Bad people are not qualified to perform this function because by their very nature in the context of the good society, they lack the moral credentials to make legitimate arguments. The function of bad people starts after the effective institutionalization of the sense of entitlement in our mindset and carry out the next stage by giving flesh and blood to transform valid entitlement in greed and sensible arguments into hate. Once these two conditions are met, then the rest is an automated vampire of the riffraff that grows its own legs and arms and sustains itself by feeding on blood.
I apologize for being insensitive. My disappointment is in the ostrich games that nearly the whole Eritrean opposition is playing in the face of the visible horror knocking on our doors. I will leave you with this song and see if you can have a good night sleep!
Take what I have said here very seriously and please “Stay Safe!”

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Awatistas, Ali-S, tes, HaileTG, PAPPI..Nitricc
    I stopped reading it when I reached the targeting, targeted persons and money allocated..etc. All of you and particularly tes and Ali-S have presented plausible reasons why this could be a work of an amateur. Haile TG made fun out of it, Nitricc…as expected found an excuse to make a headway on his pushback to the ” toothless” opposition; all in all, people of different views seem to agree on this. I wish assenna withheld its publication. I’ve never questioned the fact that I’m here discussing with people of reason.

  • Papillon

    Hope I ain’t obsessing about the document but I won’t be surprised if ረዲእ ማሓሪ “ኣለና” is busted for authoring the document. The similarity in style and content is striking unless otherwise he has a “double in Asmara.”

  • Hope

    If you understand some Amharic,here what it says;” Anghet yetefeterew azuro lemayet new”.
    meaning that you have to analyse and think twice(The neck helps you to look around—).before you say and do things or even post things…
    You tried to point your finger at Vet Romodan Mohammed Nur,which happened to be the same name listed in the Goggle Translation but lots of people have the same/similar names.
    There is NO way to rule out individual Eritrean Muslims who believe in Islamic Fundamentalism,which is quite a known fact.
    Let me give you few examples eventhough I do NOT agree with your blunt generalization.
    Recently,two Eritrean Britons/brothers,in fact, died in Syria fighting with the notorious Fanatic group funded by saudi Arabia.
    The leader of the Al Islah Al Islamia fighting for the Islamic state of Eritrea ,being funded,supported,trained,ect by Ethiopia and stationed in Ethiopia, is said to be an Afghan /Osama Bin Ladin trained Mujahadin Leader.and Sauid Arabia has been funding this group and other related groups like the Wuhabis against Eritrea.
    But this does not mean that all Eritrean Muslims are Terrorists,rather,it is the other way round.
    On the same token,there is a theoretical chance or even a possible potential that this people may try to mess up when they get a chance in Eritrea as they have done before in Gash Barka area,as they are doing right now as we speak..

  • Papillon

    Dear Awate Team,

    I just finished reading a damning letter on Assenna supposedly sent from Asmara which gives a three month(s) ultimatum to high ranking military personnels to recant and denounce Isaias and his small circle. The letter again supposedly written by the members of the armed forces highlights albeit tacitly a potential civil war that could potentially ensue in the aftermath of the tyrant’s demise and they plea with the Eritrean people to reconcile their differences and let magnanimity reign unreserved. Is there anyway Gedab News can substantiate and verify the validity and authenticity of the letter? Much obliged.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Pappi:
      I doubt the authenticity of this letter. “Zgebir neDieu zeyneger”. We have been there before seen similar letters before and even phone calls from military men talking to Assenna. Some of the top military men are either impotent, what did Haile Called them before? Some of them have the golden hand cuffs and the junior ones do not have the wherewithal to effect change. Those who make it have not learned from the past, they will heed the cries of some general who has no respect of the martyrs beg them in the name of martyrs and they will call it a day and then will be hunted down and killed. The change from inside is getting increasingly less likely, the change may come from God one day, but as we all know God is in a different time zone, out of our 3 dimensional universe and that maybe late for a lot of people. Change may come when all the G-15 have perished. Sorry to be a downer sis. Think about this, DIA has about 7000 special forces who do not report to the regular military chain. Also if you want to be very pessimistic think of the Eritreans who are guarding the prisoners, they have never helped release a prisoner. The golden age of Eritrean courage has become obsolete. When Eritreans guard the prisons where over 10,000 political prisoners languish, commit suicide, when a guilty person is free and when innocent people are in prions as Dejen, the prison crasher said, their kin and keith are no not helping them, everyone is a collaborator
      PFDJ and its supporters are setting Eritrea for failure under the watch of its citizens, who think they have independence and who mock the martyrs by lighting a candle once a year and raking the people for money in the name of the children of the martyrs as if they are stuck in their childhood, never to grow to adultohood

      • Papillon

        Dear Semere,

        I absolutely agree with you. My hunch is that, it is too good to be true and of course, hope at times could as well be a dangerous thing where it places one on the verge of insanity. That said however, the question abounds: Why would Assenna opts to receive that kind of letter supposedly from Asmara and not only post it on the site but broadcasts it as well? His credibility needless to say is on the line and as the three months ultimatum comes to pass, people will tend to take him less serious at the prime of his much “coveted” popularity (read: ሕቡብነት). As you have aptly put it, we have had our share of nadir expectations and anticipations a replica of phantom letters and phone calls “from Asmara.”


        • haileTG

          Hey Papillon,

          The document (even a hoax one) seems to have good narratives but weak on the practicalities. Reconciliation is a good point as emphasized, recognizing the existing rift between tegadelti and the young generation was wise and the discussions pertaining to that were bold and candid that would be necessary if the nation is ever to heal in that regard. Also, they made good points analyzing the mind set that has encumbered many tegadelti and rendered them to be the (armed) accessory in the distraction of Eritrea in the face of the whole world pleading with them to stop the wanton cruelty against innocent people who helped them be where they are.

          The resolution they propose is a call for generalized anarchy and advent of Somalization of Eritrea. They are not even asking the EDF to take action but any “group” or “individual’ to follow a list of those who can wait for three months and those you can take out anytime soon. Suppose one goes and takes out IA, what would be the next step? Go after those in the list or set up interim administration? And who are going to undertake that task? EDF? Let’s say it is easier to take out the civilian part of those to be sanctioned with action, what about the military like Manjus (Kidney trader)?

          Well, tough call 🙂


          • Papillon

            Dearest Haile TG,

            Here is the deal: the difference between the document and the letter written by the four bishops rests on the fact that when the former revolves around an ultimatum or a day of reckoning, the latter true to its spirit mirrors the crude and sad reality of the social and political enclaves with in the larger population. But of course, the bishops have faces, given names where their call for a sober assessment begs to be taken with a brave but a bleeding heart. What makes the document rather astounding is that, if hope and remedy to the Eritrean malady is to come from the high echelon of the armed forces, who is giving the ultimatum when the people we naturally have in mind are listed to recant and denounce Isaias and his clique. To be more precise, if the authors of the document are not the notable people with in the armed forces then who could they possibly be? That is, the document instead of feeding us with fresh hope and action-oriented algorithm, they are leaving us in a limbo to guess around when the authors are faceless and nameless to say the least. Worse still, Assenna incorrigible as ever, dares to post it even broadcast it when we have had enough of speculations. But if any water-holding assessment is to come out of the document, it has brought to life the dire possibility of Civil War in the aftermath of the tyrant’s demise.


    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Papillion,

      This is one of the most rubbish document that I have ever read in my whole life. Rubbish of rubbish! Who ever claims this as his document, he is the one of the unique opportunists and dictators that ever the world has seen.

      Shame to to publish such dirty document.


      • Papillon

        Dear Tes,

        I must admit I was kind of perked up few lines into the document but when I got to the money figures, I started to suspect the document could as well be a phoney. Moreover, to my knowledge Medrekh is the only political party that claims to have an offshoot inside Eritrea and one would expect for Medrekh to have received the document not Assenna where oddly enough the former recently had a falling out with the latter. I sure don’t mean to ride on conspiracy theories or investigative streak but we have been hit time and again with phoney documents and phone calls allegedly from Eritrea and we have learned to put emotions aside and take anything that sounds too good to be true with a grain of salt. As the new-Reaganites have it “distrust but verify.”


        • Hope

          Yep,”Zgebir neDieu zeyneger”. !
          No surprise though as that is what does any way.
          While I admire Assenna’s propaganda against the PFDJ,it lacks any ethics when it comes to Journalism and in feeding proper info to the Public.
          It is confusing us.
          But that is h s choice eventhough he does NOT have to do it as he can inform us well without making up stories—
          May be he is trying to prepare the Eritrean Public about what might be coming-up–as every thing is possible.I like the word “Reconciliation”,his tone and his purpose on that aspect,as we need it badly first among ourselves—and I would encourage him to push on that more in detail.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Pappi,

          After this document, assenna is purely a terrorist cultivating website. We are fighting for justice and against PFDJ terrorists. But to be a terrorist to weed-out a terrorist is nothing but another terrorist. Struggle for justice has many ways but to fund individuals and make it public is nothing but a pure terrorism. This is what I hate such document. Rule of Law should be our tools. Let’s fight in this spirit. To be a martyr for FREEDOM is good and it makes you hero. But to be paid and do an action that you are ordered to do so is nothing but a terrorist act. If we read the whole document again and again it is more than what I am saying here. Let’s fight against such terrorists.


      • Nitricc

        Hahahaha i have told you long ago that assenna is the greatest liability to your toothless so called struggle. For me, if assenna to call me and wake me up tell me my apartment is on fire, in fact, I see a smoke, I still don’t belive assenna and I will go back to sleep. This article is written purposely to derail and minimize to the amazing story of Dejen and the timely call of the Catholic Church. I won’t insult your intelligent how this article can destroy what has the call of the church.
        We have smart people who kiss up to assenna but they can even advice their beloved wanna be journalist, Amanial Eyasu to read and understand and to stick to it, the the code of conduct in journalism.
        Anyway before you people have climax. The article is written to encounter the momentum that was gathered by the church and the revelation by Dejen. It works thanks to the brilliant journalist on Assena’

        • Rodab

          Hello Nitricc,
          Assenna does make mistakes from time to time. No question. But that is miniature compared to their positive contributions to our country. The website is known for being the voice of the voiceless Eritrean Sinai victims, Eritrean victims of their own government, Eritrean justice demonstrations throughout the globe and so on. Plus, Assenna is the Premier source (the sole, in many cases) for high profile interviews such as those of Wedi Tikabo’s, Wedi Vacaro’s, Wedi Ali’s wife, and of course the most recent one and the one you are slowly falling in love with: Dejen’s story. Assenna is the sole responsible for disseminate Dejen’s remarkable story. Do you give them credit for that?
          Look, while it is appropriate to criticize one for mistakes, it is totally inappropriate to deny one the recognition it deserves for all the hard works. Be fair-minded!

          • Nitricc

            Rodab I am very fair person. But when I see a person who refuses to learn from his mistakes , then I have no respect nor I care. In journalism credibility is second to none.
            As human You may make one mistake or two in the case of assenna is one mistake after anather. It is not good. To the naked eye and to the blinded person who is against PFDJ might think Assenna is dismantling the PFDJ. I disagree, asana is not only
            Empowering the government of Eritrea but eroding the credibility of the opposition. Not that they have one but to those who might try to crest one. I am not a politicos person and I am not part of the toothless opposition but even me, who knows nothing; I observed that when ever the PFDJ is cornered, you hear this wild and head turning news. This is no difference, someone from PFDJ know assenna will report it, i.e they feed him here you are jumping in joy. Dejen told him to assenna’s face that they are doing disservice by reporting fake news. And you think the guy will learn no! So, yes you may make a mistake or two but if you refused to learn and correct; you should cease to exist.
            True, assenna gets some good some okay and some garbage.
            In case of Dejen, I suspect due to school of Sewra connection. Vsciro or what ever is his name. Well I could have gotten an interview from that guy. All I had to do is prepare some fat sandwiches and he will do what ever. That guy he never missed a meal. Seriously though, interviews has nothing to do with the credibility of assenna. Because it is the burden of the interviewee not assenna.
            But what they report is. So, what I am saying is that on journalism there is no 50/50. You get it right or don’t. And assenna is garbage
            If anyone has any respect for assenna for what they do; then they are showing their mediocre
            character in life and their low expectation of things in life.
            There is code of ethics and any news reporting entity should be held on that code of ethics. If not, should be rejected.
   is hurting your what ever struggle your in for. It is a liability.
            You may say what is to Nitricc?
            Nothing; the truth matters.

        • haileTG

          hello Nitricc, I know Rodab has good point too, hmmm..but you also raise an important twist to it in terms of the possible motive in here….hmmm gerimuna eko 🙂

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Nitricc,

          Still you need soul healing lectures. Come and be rational. Opposition does not mean blind as you think. In fact you will think like that as your mind capacity is limited in its ability to see things in their 3D form. Opposition forces are of many colors and I respect that color. But respecting does not mean you believe them or you just follow or entertain them. Opposition need to be opposed when they have things that must be opposed.

          Come-on Nitricc, you are miles stone ahead to the positive direction than before, but yet your god (pfdj) is not leaving you, Just be brave enough to escape from the trap.


      • haileTG

        Hey tess (just a light talk here)

        I think they should be willing to give at least 25% advance. and the rest when the job is done. So, if you decide to take up the whole task (i.e. take out all the Group -1 suckers including IA – 6 in total), they need to pay you $625,000 advance and the rest $1,875,000 they can settle later. haha…if you are up for the job (anyone) can forward their bank account details to Assenna and request the advance payment cheque for $625,000 right away 😉

        • ALI-S

          Selam Haile and All,

          Like you all agreed I also think the documents does nit come from a serious and organized group. It looks more like the work of a couple of friends. I would also conclude that it is the kind of awajat that we see on togoruba every second day. However, I have a lot of respect for Amanuel Eyasu and his team. I think they are doing a fantastic job in spite of a few ups and downs.

          Hence I would assume that that at least one of the involved is some big name – at least big enough to convince Amanuel Eyasu to take them serious. I think it was Pappi who suggested it might have something to do with Medrekh and funders. I would not rule them out seeing the childish games so far. The tendency to overemphasis fascination with tegadalai at a time when when tegadelti are stripping away their uniforms (like the Iraqi army) to evade the contaminated title also gives more credence to the suspicion.

          Apart from that however even if it is total BS, I think a few aspects are interesting:

          (1) the idea that people could just sit in Europe and hire thugs and mercenaries to do the dirty works inside Eritrea just as rich Saudis are hiring thugs in Iraq

          (2) the idea that a handful of opposition groups give themselves the authority to sentence people to the death penalty and assume Eritreans would treat the sentence as legitimate as one issued by a court just like Iraq on youtube

          (3) the tendency for totally unpredicted actors to emerge out of nowhere and decide to take matters in their own hands and still feel as legitimate to do so

          Of course if your favourite tool is a hammer, you would want to believe that everything is a nail. With that risk of over-reading in mind, it is possible that what we see is the emergence of future tools of struggle. I know the letter might just be an idea (with no people) but the more these ideas are tried the more they would have flesh.

          • Papillon

            Dear Ali Salim,

            I wonder if cynicism is getting the best of us where on the flip side of the coin what if the document actually holds water and is authentic right from the heart of Asmara? Just think of it. In medical sciences we often use a tool of sensitivity and specificity to corroborate certain disease where the former rules out or screens a disease and the latter confirms it. When we are tilting onto the “false-positive” conclusion given the document’s rather unusual take, I still believe Gedab News can confirm it as its reputation is stellar. It is rather curious however to see both Salehs are mute on the otherwise right from the oven issue. If the glorious Eritrean revolution commenced on September 1st, 1961, given the ultimatum, September 1st, 2014 will herald a new horizon onto the Eritrean political, social and economic realm and as promised somebody’s picture will be engrained on one hundred Nakfa as well while striding to the bank with a big smile on his or her face a million and half dollars richer.


          • Selam papillon,

            It is difficult to make a statement every time something comes up–easy on us please. On June 21, 2014, we received the following message with the document in question attached:

            kuburat ahiwat nezi kab wishti hager zometskum zelo thuhuf zigbae atkuro hibkum niskum nigezae resikum abalat hizbawi minkiskas konkum nezi thuhuf nab hizbi ertitrea kitzirguhulan nihatekum. hager ab nay mewedaeta erbeta betsihatlu zela ewan kuluna deki erey bihade habirna kinkasles tihatena ala. eza mergetsi nayti ab wishtin ab degen koynu zinkesakes zelo eritreawi zihibir stuhuf ab mealti sewaat kiztgah nerwo bisnki nay connection tsegem bimdinkayna yireta nihatit.

            mebtsia semaetat bihitsuts yitegber
            hizbawi minkiskas niharinet eritreawian
            We wish everyone trying to end Eritrea’s crisis good luck. However, we do not publish anything that doesn’t carry a name and an address and can’t be traced to someone. Simply, it is against our posting guidelines and we decided not to publish it. If we had no clear policy on posting content, we would have published it. We hope this clears it for you and anyone else.

          • Papillon

            Dear AT,

            Thank You.

          • haileTG

            Thanks AT, was it IP traceable? Not asking you to tell us where but whether it has originated from from where it claims to 🙂

          • Haile! Tm bel endo bejakha! Of course it is traceable. But we do not disclose such information. If you want to try, the IP is 111-111-111-111. Good luck 🙂

          • Papillon

            ትም መሪጽና goes Hizbawi Gimbar’s archaic modus operandi.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Thanks AT for taking the right thing according to your posting guidelines.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Ali-S,

            Your points are strong enough to expose such childish awajat. It is from a mind (group or individuals) who consider DIA as god, god that can never be easily weed-out. In my opinion, no one will be happy if DIA ended by immediate death. Every Eritrean is looking for this dictator to be in court, having all rights to defend himself till the final judgement is ruled to him. This is what we are fighting for. The Rule of Law must prevail. But to kill DIA by hiring an individual is just dream of losers and opportunists who want to see a power vacuum.

            I admire Amanuel Iyassu for many aspects, but this document is just rubish of rubish. It is good for him and for his website if he stops airing in audio form.


          • Thomas

            Hi Tesfabirhan,

            I think is the most well respected website for majority its contribution. I think you are throwing strong unnecessary words against website that is fight hand in hand with the dictator and his messenger. is really a voice for the voiceless. I truly admire assenna team for their major roles in fighting the beasts in eritrea. To be honest with you, assenna is the most visited website from all other website. You can verify their information,but they are first to announce major events. They audio supported local languadge based information is easily accessible by the majority of our people. There is no website I admire better than, period!

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Thomas,

            I have also the same respect like any others. Just for this document I am saying rubish of rubish. anyway, I give due you respect and even I will but if assenna avoids publishing such unhealthy documents.


          • haileTG

            Selam Ali-S,

            I think your 1, 2, 3 are fair considerations but not ground breaking surprise factors. The much publicized bounty on a dictator’s head was one placed by Libyan rebels on Qaddafi (1.6 million), there have also been many such approaches even from less known nationalist rebels in Pakistan on Musharaf (that offered 2 billion rupees and 200 acres of farmlands) and many in between. I am not sure if there ever were successful bounty hunters to have killed a [self] serving dictator.

            Thus, the bounty system is nothing new in itself and does practically increase the threat level around the target of such a bounty. The problem here is that it lacks the key ingredient of such a move in a typical cases like that. In almost all cases the party placing the bounty is well known (rebel group, wealthy family, FBI or such like organization, police forces or even governments). This one we have here seems to go by a nick name and refers to itself in plural. Again, in most bounty cases, funds need to be verified, thus professional bounty hunters can commence business. A known rebel group with a verifiable funds to settle the deal would definitely be able to pull that.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            1. you know this type of propoganda could not come from medrek, you may not agree with their approach to end injustice, collectively, with their individual role in fortifiying the regime, and their failure to come clean individually ( I’m reading Ambassador Andebrahan’s book), but you cannot question their maturity.
            2. For your information tegadalai had stripped his milano in 1991, what you have is either a state bereaucrat which you were part of, member of EDF and security apparatus. Most of them are living with the scars, most of them understand they created this monster and are voicing their opposition in different venues paying dearly. So, no, not like Sadam’s army, not at all. The majority are part of their oppressed people. “tegadalai” had never been a title sought for prestige; it was a name a certain generation was known by simply for standing up against the brute force of subjugation,it’s done; Ex-tegadelti serving under pfdj have to undergo soul searching, indeed, but that does not mean a general contamination of their history; that name means history. I was going to pass it for the overall content of your message, but I have felt I need to alert you of the above.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear haile TG,

          I think your deal can work. {kkkkk}.

          If we see in this single paragraph

          1. They have a credit to give the highest national medal.
          2. They have a new currency that will print in its page for the hero that they are calling.
          3. They are powerful enough to dictate even the next Eritrean generation to be remembered for ever in the Eritrean history this individual hero.
          4. They will give the money to his family as his families will be beneficiaries.
          5, They have discussed everything and came into an understanding on the issue already.
          5.The name that will given is “an individual who revenged against the dictator Issaias.”

          hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, aye assenna gerimuna eko kemzi zibele document militafa Dictatorship yiaklena entebelnas hjis kea zigedede bgenzeb hiwet seb zikezif kalie dictator.

          DIA is a dictator who must be removed by the people by all means but to hire an individual to kill the dictator is another dictatorship. Eritreans paid more than 90,000 to gain their independence and now are ready even more than that for their FREEDOM.

          Though has a right to publish any document, but the founder himself to get involved in airing this document in audio form makes the only owner of the document.

          I am glad that I hated the Medrekites from the very beginning.


          • haileTG

            OK OK tess, I just inquired about doing the job and getting the advance (wink wink) of $625 000, no chance – I guess they wouldn’t feel certain that I won’t hit the road with it and make a run. Instead I propose something feasible: they put the total $ 2, 500, 000 cash in escrow (for those not familiar, escrow is a form of trust account used to hold funds to be later disbursed based on agreed terms). Many independent lawyers also maintain funds in escrow and hence if these people mean business, let them deposit the funds in an escrow and make its it public. It would of course be first legalized as a legitimate bounty on the head of wanted persons. If IA refused to get out of office then a bounty may technically placed on his head (by whom is another question). What is odd is that Osama’s little lieutenants had $10 000 000 bounty per head, where as IA is only placed on $1.5 m. Any reason why he is fetching less (actually much less)? In fact nowadays Somali pirates fetch much higher than $2 million a head as a bounty. I think there is something wrong with this calculation. I would say minimum $ 20 million. But still (even the $2.5 million total) needs to go to an escrow to make it look believable 😉

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear haile TG,

            They better hire people who can do it at higher cost. Sure they will fail with this deal. It is not that much. Even 10m I think will be not enough.

          • haileTG
          • Papillon

            I suggest Isaias watches “Matrix” so that he can learn how to dodge bullets.

      • Denden

        Selam Tes,
        I have my doubts about this document and I think it is unfortunate Assenna is entertaining this document. I wish, i will be proven wrong though. The reason i am objecting is that … it sounds too good to believe it. The means and proposal stated there are much better alternative (if it turns out to be true) than doing nothing and wait until PIA destroys Eritrea inside out. So, not ideal proposal but better than hopelessly watching Eritrea sinking …

        Tes – imagine for a second the cost Eritrea is paying every single day under “armenawi” PIA. Now compare that with the cost you quoted from page 10-11? There is no way PIA will give power willing or could be removed legally. Any “dirty document”, trick, heroism, … which might help remove PIA and restore some kind of normalcy will be a win-win situation. True, such short cuts might have their own side costs but what is the alternative? Wait wait wait …and wait until Eritrea will be history as a nation? Or cry, scream, shout, write, demonstrate …. to no end? What is logical and reasoning don’t not apply to PIA.


        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Denden,

          I support all means to weed-out PFDJ and of course its head, the dictator. But when I say this I am not hiring someone to do it. Paying someone to do such killing an act of terrorism. I don’t support terrorism as I am fighting against terrorists in Asmara. PFDJ is a terrorist junta who has rule of the jungle. Therefore turning to be a terrorist to destroy a terrorist will give birth to another terrorist group. I am against this hence against the document. Let’s do things that will give rule of law to be the outcome. When I say this, it doesn’t mean that demonstration or like that is enough. But, all public act that removes either by gun or peaceful demonstration will be accepted. To fund individuals when the source of the fund by itself comes from individuals is a sign of dictators.

          Anyway, I am not giving much weight to such rubish document. I better stop here, just for your respect I am replying. better to throw this document or if they can have an updated one is good as it will be inclusive as a public movement.


          • Thomas

            I am strongly with your statement, “I support all means to weed-out PFDJ and of course its head, the dictator”. We all now have come to understand that removing the dictator and his puppets by any means is the way to go. We have to deal with fire with fire, that is the only language DIA and his click understand. The non- violent method has been tried; and that has not changed much/bear results as fast as we need them. Our nation and our people are being destroyed by the days – we cannot afford to wait any longer. We need to listen to what the bishops said, our problems are serious. Let’s act now!!

          • Yosief Kesete

            Tom, just a word of advise. Jerry can turn out to be more powerful and smarter than you assume :-). Ever wondered why the Awate team never publish such bogus announcements like the recent one on Because it could be a counter psyop by the GoEr.

            In my opinion, listening to what the Catholic bishops said means cultivating an atmosphere of reconciliation, forgiveness and settling differences through zete.

          • Thomas

            Whatever Mr. Langa-Langa/hope. Awate team actually are not like the real Idris Awate who used to fight fire with fire. Unlike this Awate Team, he was a real fighter. Look only about 10-100 Eritreans & Eritrean friends visit awate on daily bases. Of course, you cannot tell me how many people view awate site because I myself visit awate may be more 10 times a day. Taking this as an average visit to the website, you might have 50 people visiting 10 times a day is 500 viewers. By the same taken, the number of assenna visitors could be about 250 -1000 people a day visiting the site, so we are talking about 750 people x 10 times a day = 7500 viewers a day. Only English readers visit awate whereas english readers and tigrigna readers/listeners visit assenna website. So, there is no comparison there. Awate Team failed to see their target audience. This is undeniably true.

          • Hi Thomas,
            You sound very sure of your stats! It is wise not to say anything about stuff you do not understand. Stay tuned: we will share our stats in due time.

          • Thomas

            Hi Awate Team,

            Thank you for the prompt response. Obviously, I cannot be expected to know the actually visitors of your website on daily bases. However, I surely know most people who leave comments on your site are more of the same people. I expect majority of your visitors come to just read and leave without comments. Also, I might add those who visit the site to just read might check the website several times a day. I know I picked up random numbers and I know my numbers could be too small/might not be close to your actually numbers on this. I have the following questions for you though:
            1) Who are your target audiences a) The English speaking Eritreans and Eritrean friends? b) Do you provide panel discussion through audio to your tigrigna or arabic speaking visitors. I believe using these two methods can be motivational and productive 2) What methods are used to attract new audiences & retain those who are loyal to your website. I know your site is an information website and it is none profit website, but still it has it’s purpose….

          • Selam Thomas,

            We have a similar answer as the one we gave to Pupa: we do not serve news on individual basis. Hence, we cannot answer you questions in detail. But here are brief answers:
            1. It would be amaterurish to serve speakers of Tigrinya and Arabic only audience in English. We had sections in both languages and we stopped it temporarily. We are recreating the section and we hope to have them on sometimes soon.
            2. We suppose you are not a native English speaker, but yet you are here. By extension, we serve speakers of any language as long as they understand English. Though out medium is English, it doesn’t mean our audience is limited to native English speakers only.
            3. We do not claim to be as big as BBC or CNN and the like, but even if you check those websites, the ration of readers who comment is only a fraction of readers who don’t. The same applies to Those who have a pssion to debate, comment. Just like you, you said you have been visiting regularly but you started to comment only recently. That has no relation to actual traffic.
            4. Technology in general and google in particular has sophisticated means of monitoring traffic, visitors, pageviews, locations, news vs returning visitors, frequency, and many other variables. Guessing is outdated; stats are at a finger tip.
            5. We do what we humanly can, providing panel discussion through audio is beyond our reach at the moment.
            6. Consistency, high quality content and loyalty is our measure to serve our audience. If they like what we deliver they will come, otherwise they won’t. Why do you visit awate?
            7. Correction. We are not a non-profit organization yet, any income through the webiste is taxable. And we do not solicit funds from NGO or other entities but just what our readers are willing to donate and our own private resources.
            8. Advice: if you are not sure of something, it is better not to say anything 🙂

            Hope this clarifies a few things.

          • Thomas

            Hi AT,

            I really appreciated your kind words in answering my questions. I won’t react to all clearly stated answers above as I agree with most of your answers. I come hear because I like the content of articles posted and the current development/affairs discussed on your prestige website. While I was discussing with some commentaries of your website, I might have suddenly crossed the line to trigger AT/you to respond to my estimated stats and all. Short story, I am honored to be part of your debate/awatistas, but I will try to write you my input whenever I think is appropriate.

            Thanks, Again,

          • Nitricc

            Thomas the white guy,
            Trust me I am shocked AT took their time to answer such dumb azz comment of yours. Next time stick what you do best; organizing drinking events. And please never write just at the conclusion of the drinking party. You know we can tell whenever you do that. Sober mind will not call for civil war. Sober people never compare with Sober people they never compare the rating of web-sites as tragically you tried to do. So, let me give you simple advice, don’t do or say at something you have no clue.
            If assenna is your choice go, you don’t have to disgraceful and take cheap shoot at this web site. Obviously you no clue the difference between quality and quantity.
            Since you said assenna is the best web site well, I ask you how do you define BEST.
            Please answer my question before the drinking event 🙂
            By the way what the next event? I will show up I haven’t have a drink since the New year party. I am duo for one.
            Please find decent cheeks. Lol

          • Yosief Kesete

            Ok, so are you fighting fire with fire? Or you are just another ferah ms’aserte betru?

    • Denden

      Selam Papillon,
      I don’t have confidence on the document either. It sounds very unrealistic. 3 months will come to pass and time will tell if this document is the work of some one fantasizing about a solution to unlucky Eritrea at the hands of the merciless beast PIA.

      This might come to wound Assenna’s reputability/trustworthiness again. As they say, ” No pain no gain” and this might be one of the costs. I wonder, why Assenna will publish this document now (given the experience they had in past)? Is it because there might be some convincing info they got?

      Even if i don’t believe this document, i am hoping/wishing this will be the continuation of Wedi Ali in a more organized manner to remove Eritrean cancer. Doing nothing in Eritrea’s today is not an alternative.

  • Saleh Johar

    Fenomeno, whatever your source, it seems a Muslim is always put under a question mark. Always suspects, always a source of imagined danger… and you apparently believe in that! I have yet to see an incident happen anywhere in the world, and where immediately the sanity of Eritrean Muslims is not questioned by the chauvinists and diehard crusaders. I am sick and tired of this never-ending victimization. By the way, Crusaders are on the other face of the coin of fundamentalists.

    • Fenomeno

      Dear Awate Moderator a Muslim does not necessarily need to be under a question mark if it is up to me, especially not if they are Eritrean.

      I am just talking about the vulnerability of Eritrea, especially when the “weeding out” of PFDJ happens in the wrong way. People/Groups can start to loot and fight each other if there is not a strong central authority. It is clear that in this world there are groups that like to interfere in affairs of other countries, for whatever interest they have. Some of these groups use their religion (whether sincere or not, is not of importance) as a reason to interfere in other groups. In the current global situation these groups are mostly Islamic. So this is not something that is intrinsically related to Islam (you already mentioned the crusaders), but it is the current state of how groups misuse Islam in our region(East Africa, Middle East) for their own agenda. I was just referring to the Islamic population of Eritrea, because countries without a Muslim population are on firsthand not as easy/interesting for these groups to get involved with.

      No one in Asmara is afraid that they will die by a bomb attack. You have to give PFDJ that, the internal security in that sense is extremely high. Unfortunately the tools that are being used to accommodate that are not easy to live with.

      Here you can find the list I mentioned:

    • Hope

      Your Excellency(without quotation marks),
      In my humble opinion,I think you are too accomodating.I believe you have the right and the obligation to edit/screen/censor such kind of wild allegations and comments.
      FYI,I am open to such kind of censorship in case iif I mess up as well.
      This person seems to be the same one,who messes around at TesfaNews or Madote,–whatever you call them.
      He is telling us that Vet Romadan Mohammed Nur is sponsoring the ISIS dangerous fanatics??
      And despite of the well documented facts as to who is sponsoring them and for what purpose??.
      And his source is a fanatic ethiopian website—,quite known for its notorious stand against Eritrea??..

      • Fenomeno

        Ok take it easy.

        First of all I came across the link on Twitter and could not resist to post the link here and ask the Awate visitors (who are more knowledgeable than me on these topics) what they think about it. As you might have read I myself stated the fact that it came from an Ethiopian website and I am asking whether it might be true.

        Secondly its not strange for governements to (indirectly) fund militants/opposition/terrorist/freedom fighthers from/in other countries.

        Thirdly, yes I occassionaly post on Madote and Tesfanews, sorry for that.

        Lastly I dont believe that the AT should censor these type of posts.

        BTW Looking at the two responses on my post, lets hope the future generation in the Eritrean political spectrum is not as tempered.

  • Fenomeno

    There is no better example of a brewing nightmare than Iraq on the moment. Regardless of this brewing nightmare is realistic in Eritrea itself, there were 4 Eritrean names on the list of individuals funding ISIS.

    Among the names was Sheikh Ramadan Mohammed Nur (I assume this is the ex-EPLF secretary general?). The list as far as I have seen is only on Ethiopian websites, so it might be made up. Do you believe this is PFDJ that is mingling (not that they have the resources to really influence) in the Iraqi situation or just the individuals themselves?

    Looking at the list in general, one can easily expect the (re-)emergence of fundementalists Islamic movements after PFDJ. A fragile African nation in the horn of Africa with a significant Islamic population is very interesting for these kind of groups.

    • Fenomeno, whatever your source, it seems a Muslim is always put under a question mark. Always a suspect, always a source of danger… and you apparently believe in that. I have yet to see an incident happen anywhere in the world, where the sanity of Eritrean Muslims is not questioned by the chauvinists and diehard crusaders. By the way,that is the other face of the coin of fundamentalists.

  • ******

    [Moderator: ***** doesn’t go for a nick. Next time make sure you read our posting guidlines and chose a proper nick (and stick to it) if you decide to post comments.]

    Hello Awates
    How are you all doing ?
    Is everything going well and according to plan ?
    just want to hear some good summary updates
    about your works and our country’s moves.
    Thank you,
    yours AMEN

  • ሕድሪ ዘጽንዕ ዝኽሪ

    ዝኽሪ 20 ሰነ ዕለተ ሰማእታት ኤርትራ

    ዘላኣለማዊ ዝኽሪ ንስዉኣትና!

    ወትሩ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!

  • Thomas

    Hope/Yesief kesete and nitricc,

    You guys are exploiting the civil war thing. if it means to get rid of IA/your master and his puppets, I am up for a civil war. So, here you have it!

    • Yosief Kesete

      Too bad (or shall I say too good), civil war is not happening. There are many citizens who can bring meaningful change. Besides, what is the point of changing some thing by another which is similar or even worse?

    • Hope

      Good luck to then.

    • Hope

      But there might be a chance like that of Libya or Iraq if the IA goes away suddenly—,the legitimate FEAR this article has tried to address.

  • Nitricc

    You know I keep telling you that national service is to stay for ever in Eritrea and some of you argued as a slavery, well, now your master came out and said this …
    What do you have to say now? I am telling you national service not only breaks briars but helps to build a secure, strong and just nation. that way I laugh so hard when people talk civil war and Eritrea on the same sentence. my country is save and sound.

    • Semere Andom

      Talking about the best man without securing the groom goes a Tigirinya adage. If PFDJ stays longer you may not have a nation to conduct national service.
      There are many services that a citizen renders to his country and the country in return protects his rights, brings his body when he is dead and claims him when he is a prisoner of war, the citizen has the right to take his government to court and all citizens have a shot at the opportunities that the country offers, balancing rights and obligations. That is the context, but I guess they do not teach you this in YPFDJ university or is it technical college?
      It is my boggling to see the PFDJ supporters, who justify their actions under the pretext of security to copy all that was bad about the USA like slavery,but ridicule all that is very good about USA like the bill of rights. Serving in the USA military just for the pay cheque while advocating for slavery in Eritrea’s national services.I wish USA will soon crack down on the hypocrites in its army

      • Hayat Adem

        There are three broad political pools as far Eritrea is concerned: the opposition, the undecided and the pfdj. Within the pfdj camp: you have the leadership, the die-hard supporters and the moderate supporters. From the moderate supporters, you have the optimizers (supporting not because they think it deserves support but because they don’t see a better alternative), the rent beneficiaries (they support because in one way another they are benefiting from doing that), and the clueless (they don’t know why they support and they can’t justify it, they can’t explain it, these are typically the kind of people who are not ashamed of talking to and demanding audience from sophisticated intellectuals and thinkers who are beyond their pay grade, and keep on coming without substance and may rant and rave and lecture everyone non-stop. A person like you and me must cater the message keeping in mind the moderate supporters all the way to the opposition. The clueless must be excluded and downplayed, though, because they are not important and they are usually the last ones to read the reality for what it is, and they stay behind everybody, even after the leadership they supported called it a day. We have some pretty classic example of them here, don’t we?.

        • Nitricc

          Deer Hayat;
          hahahha you left out one more group. You know there are also wanna be Eritrean Muslims while they are from deep in Adi-grat. You know the once who suffer from deep inferior complexity.
          By the way how is your 7 years old sister doing? I hope she is doing just fine.

          • Semere Andom

            Dear Nitricc :
            Knowing you I think “Deer” is Freudian slip 😉

    • Hope

      Nittric,I agree with you but we are talking about National Service with lots of drawbacks,that has/have led to unexpected and un-needed /unpleasnatconsequences.,partly because of the TPLF related issues of course,whohc NO body can deny.
      We believe that there is a better and constructive way of doing National Service approved officilaly by the National Assemly/People of Eritrtea.
      The concern is the way the current Ruling Party is handling the situation.Otheriwse Nationla Service will and should be for ever for good.
      Almost all Nations have that program,
      Israel could NOT have survived the hostile neighborhood without it,which is even harsher than that of Eritrea,relatively speaking,despite its huge resources and full back up of the whole Western Powers.including the at least $10 BILLION ANNUAL MILITARY BUDGET BY THE USA…

      • Nitricc

        Hope, no one ever said that everything in Eritrea is cool and coolest. There is a need for overall change. A rule of law should be the order of the day. You can’t lack up people for years and years with no due process, I get it, we need change and among others, the national military service must be restructured and some changes should be made. It should be restrictedly one years ( ONLY IN PEACE TIME) if there is a war, there are two things, you serve till the war is over or die in the war there is no other out of it. National service; As far as I am concern every nation in Africa should have national military service. It teaches you to have discipline; it breaks the berries among society, it teaches work ethic, it installs confidence, it discourages from using alcohols, drugs and other dependence habits and gives you strong and productive youth of society. So, the national military service in Eritrea is here to stay. The end of discussion.
        regarding the US millitary budget no one knows for sure. it is a guess.

        • Hope

          Thank you fo rbeing on the same page and for your undertsnading and clarification..The Military Budget I was talking about was in ref to the USA helping Israe; and has nothing to do with Eritrea,rather ,the USA sanctioned Eritrea in all aspects–

    • Yosief Kesete

      I don’t think the problem is National Service. It’s the almost endless number of years that is forcing the youth to flee the nation. I still can’t find a reason why the leadership does not limit the number of years to, say, 3 up to 5. There are tens of thousands reaching adult age every year that can replace those who have served enough already. We really don’t have shortage of manpower.

      Imagine if all those who fled after serving a few years were demobilized and working to build their lives, families and communities. It would saved lives that are perishing in foreign lands in pursuit of freedom and stability.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Yosief,

        now start to see and say “I don’t think the problem is National Service. It’s the almost endless number….” and again you said “I still can’t find a reason why the leadership does not limit the number of years to, say, 3 up to 5” what about asking a question like this ….why they are making it for this much years? this will lead you to the question – what is they target on doing so? did this people know really what they are doing? oh, did they have any system? what makes them so blind to go without any plan? are they really after the continuation of this nation ? how can their be a nation if the mass is not their? keep asking questions ans try to answer, I bate you, you will hold your gun finding out the group is suppose to be dismissed yesterday and you and me are guilty allowing them till today.

        • haileTG

          Kokhob and Yosief

          National Service can’t be limited or adjusted now, it is too late (not just the regime but the nation can’t afford it). National service is pervasive meaning every area of work force is fed with national service. Now, if the regime wants to abolish the system, that means transferring every employee into normal employment contract, which it would not be able to do. Even if you were to quadruple salary from 700ERN to 2800ERN it would make little difference in the hyper inflated economy. To off set even such an undertaking, it a mounts to huge domestic credit to the regime which would only be achieved by cutting job creating services and you wouldn’t be able to employ and pay when there are no jobs.

          The UN is talking on what can be done to assist this process of demobilization, but since their assistance is with in the framework of improving the overall human rights situation, it includes other demands that the regime is refusing to agree to( i.e. release of prisoners and independent investigation of the situation in the ground). The regime, by itself, would not be able to undertake this issue of demobilization and re-integration and it is here to stay.

          A year or so ago, the regime was attempting to hoodwink its way out by claiming that “there is no national service, it has long been deactivated and the current pay and work conditions are simply the product of the prevailing economic and political situation” (Amb. Tekeste Tesfamariam, Amb. Tesfamichael Gerahtu, Isaias Afewerki). However, this didn’t catch on because that means they would have to tell all the agelglot that they have been released and that would create a different scenario than they were attempting to deflect. Hence, national service, imprisonment, migration…will continue in exactly the same way (and incrementally getting worse) for the duration of the current regime in power.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear haile,

            I know that. But for any innocent and confused person questions of that type will help him a lot. questions asked without taking any side and answered by the same mind are very creative to take a man to the right road. I still believe there are people really innocent people who lose their way.

          • haileTG

            Selamat KS, Aman and Semere,

            KS: I get what you trying to do brother, but believe me that there IS NO ONE who is not aware of the current situation that needs talking to change mind.

            -There are direct beneficiaries who would go to the last day of the dictator ululating his crimes

            – The PFDJ women who jump and dance are bitterly aware of the situation. They are trying the traditional healing method. By dancing, cheering and appearing happy, they hope things would come back to normal and to the way it use to be. This is a traditional mentality of our mothers who were not educated much but believed they could influence things with coffee, ETan and shinfa’E (trust me, they believe in that and form some expectations from performing it). This why they dance and play, not because they lack knowledge that the nation is steeped in disaster.

            – There are wanna be PFDJ II who feel they have gone long enough, and think that haile is going to burn their homes :-), hence see no reason for changing course.

            – And very few who really think if it wasn’t for superman IA Ethiopia, CIA and US would have divided up Eritrea and took a piece each by now.

            Hence, my dear bro KS, no point trying to change anybody now – too late. It is just asha yelon be’blhatu alewo 🙂

            Sem and Aman

            I totally agree, what is more, the NS pressure valve can only be realistically and safely defused by removal of the useless regime (loser for short). That way it would all be equalized with all other sufferings that the whole nation went through under the demonic system and we can all start afresh.


            What is up with IA and Sibhat? check the eastafro video on Martyrs day in Asmara @12:15 🙂 gosh..Sibhat better run soon…


          • Kokhob Selam

            “fay finta even to your self ” said an Italian Lol what will it be if we get some who will say ” ane ko wela aytered’akun eye neyre, kemzi zeymeseleni” Lol, it is ok as far as he said it before the fall . nseha egiziher elka gda zeythalfo. kkkk

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat (Haile-TG),

            From the day it start the so called “national service”, it wasn’t to mean a true national service. It was meant to hold hostages to our young generation. if you see the sequence of the events, it gives us a good picture as to what his strategy was. He start the program in 1995 and then in 2-3 years he ignited the border war. After the cessation of war, the border of the two counties was delineated by the court of arbitration. Everything at his disposal, then he kicked the UN forces from the buffer zone before it is demarcated. In no time he claimed he has got a virtual demarcation, that was good enough for him, to set a condition of “no peace and no war” to seal the fate of our youth. The guy is by far smarter than his colleagues in the party, in his cabinet, and even in the dead assembly that disappear under his weight. They are there, to implement his ill-designed programs. No one had the gut to question him, and even if there were (though their practice wasn’t on collective decision), he liquidate them after he cooked a case for a liquidation. This has been the culture of the organization since 1973. Nothing new.

            So Hailat, I agree with you that the so called national service will not stop until we remove the regime and his institutions. To call him to stop the national service only shows the weakness of our resolve, for the man knows clearly his mission and nothing will stop him by begging. We should face him firmly with an eye for an eye to save the nation and its young.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Semere Andom

            Selam Haile and Emma:

            Even the great YG believes that our problems will be solved by eradicating national service (NS). As Emma stated, it was not conceived to serve the nation, but to server dictatorship just the like the dogs of Napoleon and the Pigs in Animal Farm the youngsters were supposed to serve despotism by “scripting” their mind, which knew nothing about the history of the struggle and its founding principles. The very implementation of NS at whim was because it was not conceived, proposed and ratified by the elected people’s reps after weighing opposing ideas, it was like many things in Eritrea from arresting, disappearing and shoot to kill were done at the pleasure of the despot

            Discussing the eradication of NS now is futile, the nation’s existence as we know it hanging precariously and one push may make NS irrelevant as the nation and its people. The cheerleaders of the tyrant, including t Semere Tesfay, who at a young age his body was soaked in blood wants us to keep the NS that was the brain child of the war-mongering president for a nation and government that does not serve the people. There are rights and obligation and both must go hand in hand. This NS was by the dictator for the dictator and it must go to its eternal repose with its creator and its master: DIA. If we still have a nation and people who call it home after PFDJ is gone then we can debate or our elected members can debate if indiscriminate NS by every citizens servers the nation and people better or if creating a state of the art, modern, professional military that is subservient to a civialn where members server with passion of the uniform can better serve the nation than militarizing the whole population. We have more than our share of trained killers.

          • Hope

            Haile,Emma,Sem et al:
            Yes,National Service should be revised and improved in the way it should be—but WILL STAY for ever and ever-for ONE GOAL: To keep Eritrea SAFE and UNITED.
            I remember few yrs ago that the EDA “Charter/Constitution” came up with a suggestion that the Eritrean army should be down-graded to a mere police status and the National Service should be frozen for three yrs then start from the scratch.I am sure this was written by the weynaes.And I am wondering if this bluff of avoidng National Service is the continuation of that same bluff—as endorsed by YG and his school/students.
            You missed/”forgot” few facts though:
            -That the Eritrean Standing National Army was down to 50K per your own CIA Fact Book in 1996/7
            -That the National Service and the Standing Army was NOT called for,against the open aggression by the weyanes in 1997(Adi Murug),rather it was handled with perfect caution and patience.
            -That The National Service members were NOT called to defend the “zeray-albo” and defenseless Eritreans in the borders of Ethiopia,who were being harrassed and tortured in the Ethio-Eritrean border
            -That there was a serious reason to kick out he UN “Peace Keeping Forces”,including working against the National Security and Interest of Eritrea,a FACT that you/Emma et al cannot refute as it is well -documented.
            -That,even the Refugees in the Sudan were almost rehabed back to Eritrea between 1994-1997
            -That the UN should have focused on the interest of Eritrea and Eritreans rather than just few leadership people based on its past experience on Iraq,where almost one Million people died,out of whcih,300 thousand were said to be poor kids….and this ,to this date is being endorsed by the same opposition and the same people here cusrsing the PFDJ,while they have been involved directly or indirectly, for the SUFFERING of Eritreans
            -That the other party(Ethiopia),the criminal ,is being treated well preferrentially besides being the Engine and mercernary(to execute) behind all our sufferings–to this minute!
            If the UN is honest and fair,while pushing the GoE to respect human rights,the UN has a Legal and Moral obligation to push for the respect of the InternationalLaw and to respect the Natinal Security,Interest and Territorial Integrity of Eritrea and to reverse the deadly sanction,which it imposed illegally and knowing the deadly consequences on the Eritreans.;and now crying after hitting Eritrea first and blaming it on Eritrea–the Insanity of Insanities;.
            But guess what, we HAVE an OBLIGATION as well ,as citizens to be fair and push for this noble cause,as those issues are inter-related…and go hand in hand,rather than joining the Enemy and executing its orders,which has become the legacy.
            My point:
            While fighting for real change and Justice,we have an obligation to fairly ask for justice from the UN and to respect Eritrea and her National Security,Interest and Territotial Integrity.
            Some one has to explain to me as to why the UN has acted in such a way and unilaterally to destroy Eritrea,which is repeating the same mistakes over and over for the last 60 yrs.
            I will not buy any nonsensical excuses and justification what- so-ever coming from people like Haile et al.
            Get it real… we have to have a comprehensive approach to this complex propblem..

          • haileTG

            Hello hope

            – You can keep National Service, at what ever number and for however long, but it is expensive. Yours, and also the regime’s, way is by running a slave camps and forcing people to give up their lives for few wretched and selfish entities. Doing so is unsustainable and the proof is all over.

            – The UN sanction is linked to certain criminal activities that the regime has been engaged in and found to be a threat to “world peace”. I understand the shame and humiliation people would feel by this but that is what happens when you have human traffickers and terrorist allies for a regime.

            – Regardless of how much rhetoric one wishes to engage in, Eritrea doesn’t have the lawful means to engage in self defense. As far as the world is concerned, the EDF under the control of the regime is an unlawful entity that is not permitted to purchase even a screw driver that can be used for military purposes. So, no point discussing a dead case. If have a proposal on how to bring the whole world on its knee so that the will take IA diktat, then share it. Otherwise, ዓሚ ዝሞተት ላም ኮይኑና ኣሎ።

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hope,

            Finally I know who is Hope now. I will keep you as Hope until yourself relinquish that name and regain your baptizing name. I will not use it for political shrewdness at this time. You are save for the time being. But let me come to your point and ask you some questions. What kind of security threat did Eritrea nation face from the “UN Peace Keeping force” to be kicked out from their mission by GoE? Kicking the UN Peace keepers in itself is blocking the mission of EEBC. Eritrea can’t accuse its counterpart for not abiding by the verdict while itself is blocking EEBC mission and throwing them out to the UN Peace Keepers. Hope, look how Issayas’s politico-diplomacy became utterly fiasco and laughing stock on the eye International communities. They should abide by the process in order to force your counter to abide by the verdict. There is no other way to win politico-diplomacy.

            Hope, I don’t think they could miss basic politico-diplomacy, but they did it on purpose to use the border issue as a tactic for holding hostage to our young. So hope don’t act as insider to their circle when you aren’t. They know what they are doing.

            Second the border issue and the sanction are two different things. Don’t mixed it. The sanction is attributed from the regimes relation with Alshebab the terrorist organization to destabilize the region and their refusal to withdraw form the occupied territory of the republic of Djibouti. Here again while they are claiming our territory from Ethiopian you can’t be occupier of other country’s territory at the same time. Politico-diplomacy doesn’t work that way. So when you demand obligations by others you must hold your obligation to others too. Every time you try to utter something, you can’t do it without contradictory and hypocrisy.

            Amanue Hidrat

          • Hope

            Haile and Emma,
            You have NOT answered my questions yet.I am of the opinion that a student cannot be better than his teacher and you are my teahcers on Eritrean History and business.Eventhough I do NOT know as of yet,who Haile might be,wedi Memhir,I will not waste my time regurgitating what has been said and done to Eritrea/about Eritrea,
            Refer to all the documented FACTS since 1952–including the latest Wikileaks releases,besides the nonstop rhetoric and gurra by your favorite weyanes.
            Again ,rather than ” kemish Adey Hanquiluni” bluff,tell me the truth.
            There should be a purpose and a reason as to why Eeritrea and Eritreans are targeted to that extent despite being the VICTIM.of all kinds of atrocities since 1891/since the Creation of Eritrea.
            You cannot erase histroy including the same history that has been repeating itself.
            Talk about Geopolitical interest rather than the insignificant negative role of the PFDJ Leadership.
            And what now?Did I hear you saying Eritrea is the destabilizer of the Region and World Peace?Excuse me?
            Who is destabilizing Somalia,South Sudan?Who is messing up Syria,Libya,Afghanistan,and Iraq and who is wishing the same fate to/for Eritrea?
            Who are you trying to fool here?Just me Hope,who could be used as the Text Book of Eritrean and World History who has been an eye witness since-late 1960s,who has been a victim of all kinds of atrocities since at the age of 5 ,like most other Eritreans,still suffering from serious PTSD due to watching his own 2yrs old cousin being burned up by the same mercenaries—backed up by the same UN and CIA that you are admiring and crediting or boasting of/about?
            Get it real men,stop the cheap talk…and tell me a single incident or day that the same UN or CIA or Ethiopia or the same Zionists,has/have said or has/have done; or has/have wished or sympathized for a nano-second.
            -I was,have been and will be the same Hope—-and YES, I am already a baptized child of God–in the NAME of the Holy Trinity–the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit ;
            -And Yes,eweye,Ni Seitanin ekey ghibrun Ekhid —-inluding the devilish acts of DIA but am not and will never, put at risk the National Security and Interest of Eritrea simply because I “hate” DIA eventhough I do NOT hate PIA but his devilish acts and I will forgive him in order to be forgiven!!
            Yes Change is coming BUT in the Eritrean way only!

          • haileTG

            Hi Hope,

            I understand we are all entitled to hold our own views. There are many people (majority on regime side) who believe as you do. My personal view is that 1991 was a watershed in Eritrea’s history. After that date, on balance, Eritrea under IA did HUGE damage on the world than the other way around. It ignited, fanned and abetted wars, terror activities, promoted interstate misunderstandings, it insulted international symbolic leaders (as Koffi Annan), it refused cooperation, drove away every overtures to peaceful coexistence, it has turned to a place of a despicable regime that was the first ever to cause the AU to support sanction against member state (never before), the whole region refused to work with it and no one objects that it is blocked off regional body, became a threat of humanitarian impending disaster that the world has to pick up the bill for, you name it. Eritrea hasn’t given nothing to the world under this regime, other than wars and horrors of human misery. Its youth are caught in modern day slavery, its elderly carrying AK-47, under aged children leaving the country alone. The Eritrean bishops have put it in a crystal clear wording ‘xanta’ or ‘extinction’ is what is hapening. That is scarey, inhuman, deplorable, for a nation that has NEVER been in any conflict in the last 15 years!! If all those outsiders, including Ethiopia, were to do a tiny fraction of the stuff you (and the regime) accused them of doing, the regime would have long been history. The problem is the opposite. The world, woyane,/Ethiopia/EPRDF or even CIA have all said this is Eritrea’s internal matters and squarely the responsibility of Eritreans to do whatever they please. Hence, the only aggressor, criminal, against the best interest of Eritrea and dignity of its citizens is the regime of IA. everything else is a lie. 1991 meant that the world accepted our demands and 1993 recognized its legality. We have a criminal regime that is that.

          • Yosief Kesete

            “Eritrea under IA did HUGE damage on the world”. Wow Eritrea sounds like some first-world superpower with almost infinite resources.

            This man IA should be some sort of supernatural spirit that is unlimited by space and time. That is the only way he manages to cause havoc in Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Ogaden, Tibet, Ukraine, Abkhazia, Nogorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Franco’s Spain, Cuba, Venezuela, Europe in First and Second World Wars, Ottoman Genocide on Armenians and Assyrians, Rwanda-Burundi…. etc.

          • haileTG

            hi Yosief,
            I think you truncated an important part of the sentence “…than the other way around”.

            Eritrea has just been announced the world’s 10th refugee source country. It has played a part in fanning the Darfur conflict (if you are 4th round NS you would know what I am saying), its full involvement with Al Shabab is not yet clear (because IA is refusing investigations by SEMG), its confrontational and belligerent approach has resulted in many lost opportunity and tragedies to the Eritrean people who ARE part of the world.

            Now, on the other side, what exactly (not the false accusations of IA but one with hard evidence) did the other side (the world) did to Eritrea post 1991? Good will? large investment opportunities (1993-1997), fully paid peace keeping, first class international arbitration facility, UN, EU, AU development assistance,…

            The regime wants to hide behind its own fabricated accusations of CIA this or that. The facts speak louder than words, comparing to what the other side is supposed to have done, Eritrea has done far bigger (huge) damage relatively speaking.

            The problem is that the regime somewhat managed to rob self worth of the people, some are fighting to get it back and others are hopelessly resigned to be marched to the graveyard with a despotic and failed regime.


          • Yosief Kesete

            What happens in Eritrea and the border areas surrounding it can be the result of GoEr’s action or inaction. But events in Darfur, Somalia etc… are hardly the making of IA or the GoEr as a whole.

            I think the opposition needs to have clear focus: good governance, respect for the law, liberty to speak and worship and so on. What we see happening is the opposition jumps on any bandwagon irrespective of where it’s heading or who is steering it.

            To illustrate, there was a news circulating in cyberspace about Eritrea giving active material support to Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. All most all opposition websites except for this one( echoed the news without much investigation. I mean Eritrea can give the Tigers passive support in the form of diplomatic support in the UN and other institutions. But to actually believe that a poor small nation like Eritrea has the means to support a resistance movement in Sri Lanka is sheer madness.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Haw Hope,

            Every History has its closing chapter however that history is evolved and shaped, however the actors of each particular history shaped it or deformed the course of history. The chapters of colonization is closed with Eritrea getting its independence in 1991. It is just sickness to go back and recite in this website about the past. So now we are compelled to make a new history, to shape the course of our nation and the hopes of our young in this dynamic world. In the process of shaping new history, your boss DIA is holding us to act in the way how the international norm works. He isolated the nation and its people from the international community by his own behavior and by those who clap and make an absurd roar for whatever he say and does. If you have something to give that could help us to shape the current history making process, you are welcome. Otherwise the past has found its own closure whatever that closure it is. The challenge of new history is to unit our people and build our nation. To do that we have to remove the cancer (DIA) and dismantle its institutions. So take the characterization of Haile-TG that “the 1991 was a watershed in Eritrean history” which clearly delineate the past and the present. You are in the present and act accordingly to meet the present’s demand. These CIA, America, Israel bla..bla things doesn’t make you smart, if we don’t know how to behave in the international communities. So please let us change the shape and form of our politics in a way to behave in the international norm.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Yosief K.

        To remind you, “National Service was meant on 18 months according to Eritrea: Proclamation on National Service No. 82/1995 of 1995. Publisher, National Legislative Bodies. Publication Date, 23 October 1995.”No more no less. Don’t say more than that.

        What we have today is not national service but “PURE NATIONAL SLAVERY.” ok Yosief.

        @nitricc:disqus, yet you need to update, if not I will provide you another soul searching lecture.


      • Nitricc

        It used to be endless but not any more. I know people against the government use it as always to put down the government as means of deceit and propaganda. But to answer your question; the reason the national military service went for ever was due to the TPLF plan that is no war no peace. When you are facing a country of 90 million populations while you are merely at 6 million; you have no choice but to bring everything you have. So, they couldn’t limit the time of service at the heights of war and what followed. But now, the no peace no war shelf life is nearing to the end and every evil plan of TPLF is in its death bed, accordingly the government of Eritrea is back to regular 18 months for national military service. However there people in their 15 year of service and those can not just let them go. They must be compensated for all those years of service before they let go.
        I know this government can be criticized and blamed for many things but if you can see the situation from the national security stand point; what are they supposed to do? Other than keep your armies stand by. Even the people in here who are bitching day and night about the government and the national military service; they have empowered and embolden the TPLF not to accept the border verdict. Instead of holding the TPLF to accept they turn around and they blamed the government of Eritrea. The easiest way to peel naked the government of Eritrea and PIA was to demand the TPLF to accept the border deal. Once the border is demarcated there was/is no reason to keep the youth in a military and there was/is no reason for PIA and the government to make any excuse. So, you can see how the so-called toothless oppositions are responsible for extended national military service. The government had no choice. Like I have said the people who are bitching in here, they don’t even have the back bone to say TPLF is wrong. They blame for everything the government of Eritrea. Even there are some clueless and TPLF lovers will you Eritrea started the war. man, their crime against this nation is endless.
        The good thing the worst is over! And the government of Eritrea and PIA has come to understand that they have two alternatives.
        One; Reform——) change!
        Two; Or simply die!
        Take my word they will change.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Nitricc, now it is too late to reform. PFDJ may try it but it is just impossible for simple reason. The distance between reforming and changing is beyond their mind. reform will not bring any justice now (for me it is since ever) but now is even different as they own members has been killed and arrested, so what reform will they do? the chances are 3– 01. simply hand over to the mass and accept justice what so ever will come to them 02. kill each other and go forever. 03. wait till the revolutionary come to them expecting people will kill each other to defend them which will not. I wish them the first one and end by making history, wonderful history. just call the people and all parties and say here we are handing over to you. I could have been the first man to say set them free. but that is just impossible too, they don’t have that courage and braveness to do so. you are brave for saying it openly being supporter .

          • Semere Andom

            Selam KS:
            No wonder the leading democracy, the land of Jefferson is spiralling downward as there are increasing number of number of PFDJ cheer leader like your debater infesting its military ranks.
            What has TPLF has to do with the Era Era prison, what has Ethiopia do to do with the imprisoning of men in their eighties, what has the woyanes have to do with the rape that happens in Sawa.
            They are in their country showing of their balls made of brass and going through election and the world doe not call them democracy as they have long way to go to qualify for that, but they do not call them dictators, they call them fledgling democracy. PFDJ cannot even liberate the land and it cheerleader like NItricc think they are debating because they can mechanically repeat the words of the dictator over and over and over. what did Einstein say about insanity of the mind?
            Eritrea has only two enemies who are existential threat to it and they are:
            PFDJ and those who sanitize the crime

          • iTegadali Semere,

            “Eritrea has only two enemies who are existential threat to it and they are: PFDJ and those who [try to] sanitize its crimes.”

            Anyone who asks you “what is your program” (as if we are struggling for power) read him the above. Just add one sentence to it: to weed out the PFDJ!

          • Saleh Johar

            iTegadali Semere,

            “Eritrea has only two enemies who are existential threat to it and they are: PFDJ and those who [try to] sanitize its crimes.”

            Anyone who asks you “what is your program” (as if we are struggling for power) read him the above. Just add one sentence to it: to weed out the PFDJ!Type your reply…

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Tegadalai Saleh:
            For sure, weed out it goes without saying.Without weeding out those “deep in the weeds” of destroying us the healthy produce will never have a chance to grow.
            Did I inadvertently plariagise you by the quoted sentence by omitting out weed out. I would have sworn that it came to me while typing way?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Sem,

            The word weed out for “a system” is not an appropriate political term. A system is an apparatus of governance or state-structure. You can only dismantle it and replace it by different structural system. So politically you can’t weed a system, you can only dismantle it. When we want to look our self political, we have to use the correct way of saying it. Otherwise it will imply to unintentional meaning and messaging. Weed will imply to the people in the structure and could bring unintended consequence. Am I not right Sem?

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Yosief Kesete

            Weed out, huh? PFDJ aims to weed out the opposition and some opposition in return struggle to weed out PFDJ. Tell me, what is the difference b/n these two organisations? To me, they are two faces of the same coin.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Yosief Kesete, by now your mind is still watching that both want to weed out the other. still some extra miles to go for you to see what Opposition is . some opposition are just fabricated recently after their turn came but were part of the dictator yet some were from old dictators where history put them in museum. some are genuine back since our national struggle started, some were not aware but going with the wind till the light came to them and see the picture oh, a mixture of all type emotional, mental, and physical centered, some deep in narrow tendencies and some so open their mind has forgotten their very original culture even etc. but again few very practical and most just graduated or like fresh university guy. Here is the challenge to the hero, making things happen and for better leading to peace and unity. so it is not so easy. Join the challenging fighter for truth and you will enjoy your life as that is full of wisdom, loving, caring and forgiving yet strong and warrior.

            we don’t have to weed out as that is like dismissing the people, we will dismantle the system and create new system .as for me PFDJ is only the result and clearing form the root is to the idea and cause that brings that type of system not the man or the party.

          • Yosief Kesete

            A broad consensus of all the stakeholders is what we need right now. I think the old way of weeding out others just because they disagree with you should be put in a museum.

          • Kokhob Selam

            that is it Yosief, now here comes the point. one exception, if someone don’t want to be governed by rule and system that keeps the common ground, what will you do? that is PFDJ who don’t want peace. this is the only challenge the hero can’t solve it peacefully, that is what me and people like me trying to explain. be what ever you want but don’t force others to be governed by what you want . you are free as far as you respect what others desire. PFDJ is governing people by force, they kill fathers, teachers, mothers, young old everyone they find him in their way even sometime if they have doubt or think you you may, you may be thinking against them they destroy, arrest etc. what shall we do we such anti peace, group? God didn’t solve the problem between him and Devil peacefully and the war goes on since ever till the day of judgement. the war between PFDJ and peace lovers was there always till the last justice day. the problem was there since 70’s not in 90’s or 2014 only most didn’t see it or didn’t give it priority. today we are at the end. shall Eritrea be there or die with PFDJ? it is just choice without choice and we need to dismantle it and replace it.

          • hope

            Your Excellency,
            You missed one more enemy that should be “Weeded OUT”:
            Those who relentlessly work hard agains the interest of Eritrea—-the opportunists,the Unionists,the Sanction Apologists/Advocators/petitioners,the mercenaries,the secessionists,the Pseudo-Eritreans,etc…
            As Emma asserted,we need to use these words carefully and selectively as it may sound that we are declaring Civil War…

          • Semere Andom

            I agree with you, but all these are included in the PFDJ and those who try to sanitize the crimes. Repeat after me, “Eritrea has only and only two existential enemies, PFDJ, who is ” deep in the weed” to destroy us” and those who sanitize their crimes. Both should be weeded out. This is my political program and it was written and refined by the help of his excellency Saleh Gadi Johar

          • hope

            Dear Mr Sem ,
            —and you also repeat after me that:
            “Those who relentlessly work hard against the interest of Eritrea—-the Opportunists,the Unionists,the Sanction Apologists/Advocators/petitioners,the mercenaries,the secessionists,the Pseudo-Eritreans,etc” should be weeded out”!.
            And this as well, is my Firm Political Program.,written and refined by and only by, Hope of Eritrea but Eritrea!

          • Semere Andom

            Mowlana Hope
            I cannot repeat after you. I am incapable of repeating and regurgitating, it does not come easy to me. But it does for you as a proof, you have a knack for repeating every word those existential enemies of Eritrea and its people are saying

          • hope

            Just ignore me,man!
            What the heck..!!.

          • Nitricc

            Hope what do you expect from a die hard YG supporter?
            Semere is a male version of Hayat the Eritrean Muslim lady.
            Get the drift.
            I get a kick out of when this guy called Semere calling the Eritrean Muslim lady as ” hayatina” lol
            I don’t know which one is worst, when Ermias calling Haile, “Hailuwa” or Semere calling Hayatina.
            Trust me this people got

          • Hope

            Vet Sem,
            If you have the gut,Just challenge the message,bro and if I am wrong,I stand corrected.
            I am just repeating the facts -what has been said and done to Eritrea.
            The “existential enmies of Eritrea” might be right as well,at least what they say–

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dearest hope, I wish you show me those all. I can’t see them. Help me on this and that is the last question from me to you. Sanction? why should I care about it if I am in sanction by PFDJ? Unionists, who can be there unionist more than the group who make Eritrea a failed state? opportunists ? who can be more opportunist more than those who are enjoying their life in democratic countries with their children while the poor children Eritrea are suffering under PFDJ and still support the anti peace collection less than 40 men and women. please explain. Hope if you can’t answer this then you should recheck your stand kindly as you may have been against yourself unknowingly. you know most of the time it is the innocent who pay the price and you might have been used for your love of the nation blinded by PFDJ tricks.

          • Hope

            Another kokhob Selam or the same one that I know?
            It looks like you have extra time to hang around here but you are telling me you do NOT have time and you do NOT know how to google around about important info on Eritrea by her enemies?
            Haile is good at it and you may cconsult him how to collect data but unfortunately, he may tell how to collect the data selectively.
            I am talking about the deadly effects of the illegal sanctions on Eritrea and the innocent Eritreans.
            It is up to you to fight against the PFDJ Sanction.
            I would NOT care either if it was a “real targeted sanction” against the PFDJ but you get what you see or vice-versa.
            Look at the issue of Air Travel hassles the Eritreans are encountering.You may be careless as you may not travel to Eritrea for what ever reasons.
            Lots of Eritreans send money via PFDJ kiosks but it is blocked—Do you have family in Eritrea? How do you send mesarif if you have loved ones there?For sure there are tons of underground wiring services and guess what?We have confirmed that there are tons of undergorund wiring services own by weyane Agents and they are laocted as far as Tesenei and th epoor eritrean do NOT know about it and the Dollar is going to Tigray/TPLF,which is allowed to ship and launder dollars and euros openly.!!But—My point is that the sanction is hurting the poor and innocent people,unless you are one of the ones who want Eritrean to suffer and to be hungry and homeless.
            Check in to wikileaks/Eritrea and also to “Eritrea Sanction” and you may also refer to Ms Sofia Tesfmariam’s reports and refer to her references only if you do NOT wish to read her lectures….

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hope, please, please read once again what I have written and please kindly don’t ever mention to me that nonsense women I know her before you do.

          • Kokhob Selam
      • Nitricc

        but enjoy this

  • Ermias

    Selam to you all Awatistas,

    It seems like the Ethiopian government (TPLF in particular) is at odds with the two extremes in Eritrean politics today. On the one hand, the PFDJ supporters accuse Ethiopia of holding hostage the border demarcation process by refusing to implement the EEBC rulings. On the other hand, the opposition blame TPLF for only toying with them and sabotaging any progress they make.

    The question should be “what is TPLF’s vision of a perfect Eritrea?” Well, I hope T.Kifle can answer this question. To me, I would argue that TPLF doesn’t want a failed Eritrean state for obvious reasons – it would be a breeding ground for unstability, terrorism, host to enemies of Ethiopia, the Egyptian factor etc. What would be an ideal Eritrea would be a well balanced and stable government, which sees eventual integration with Ethiopia, economically, culturally, socially, and not least of which in tune with Ethiopia’s foreign policy and its ambitions for the Horn dominance. None of the above are achievable with the current Eritrean regime nor with the opposition groups of today should they come to power tomorrow. In fact, Ethiopia does not believe at all the opposition (if it comes to power) can hold Eritrea together. PFDJ is at least in more or less complete control of Eritreans, those who come close to revolting are being sieved out.

    So there you have it. This is why Ethiopia’s position seems confusing. They choose the status quo lest Eritrea becomes a breeding ground of anti-Ethiopian forces. The regime is strong enough to prevent that yet weak enough to never be a direct threat to Ethiopia.

    • Hayat Adem

      I think inviting T. Kifle to comment on this makes sense. While waiting for him, I can say from a broader strategic interest point of view, Ethiopia and Eritrea can draw a perfectly mutually benefiting harmony almost on all sectors that matter. They are classic examples to stay complementary rather than competitive. They are naturally converging allies. There is no barrier to what they can do jointly, only advantages: language, culture, resources, markets, geopolitical interests…etc. The last war was unwarranted has justified rational at all except you want to refer to a irresponsibly gambling and adventurism. The Ethiopians have lined up some priorities as to what they want from Eritrea: peace and stability is on the top; then it is cooperation on all matters 9geoplitics, economy military etc), and then like ant good neighbor and more proximate at that, they wish to see development and good governance for Eritrea. Ethiopia can not blame the opposition for any of the things I listed above. Those are the responsibilities of a goverment in power. the opposition are yet to have a chance in power. it can only be blamed for not building itself to be a formidable alternative force for Eritreans, it is a blame only Eritreans can advance.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hayat,

        Composite index of National Capability (CINC) measures the index of hard power. US, EU and the rest of international big actors re-framed the geopolitics of the Africa continent and assigned 4 regional anchor states., namely South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Egypt. This global order will continue until irresistible shift of global power challenge for a new model redistribution. Whether we like it or not at least for sometime Ethiopia is and will be the anchor state of modern globalization and modernization in the horn of Africa. That is the reality now where the big economic powers are focusing their eyes in pursuing the regional economic integration according their long term strategic planning. What I hope is Eritrea to find a leadership to understand this global strategy and change its archaic policy in order to compete with this fast moving dynamics.

        Amanuel Hidrat

    • Nitricc

      Ermias, I am just wondering what you want to hear from the corrupted TPLF cadre.
      I am sure you are expecting to tell you how the TPLF wants strong democratic Eritrea and all that crap; right Ermias? I tell you this I find you dumber than I originally thought you were. let me tell you this; Publicly the TPLF gangs will tell you how they need strong Eritrea and all that crap but deep down they would like to see a Somali type Eritrea, that is the only way they can order Ermias to bend straight from Mekelle. I don’t even know how you can ask that question?
      The TPLF came with its 90 million populations armed to the teeth to eradicate you from the face of the earth, you stood up and fought and you survived. Then the tPLF hold you hostage by refusing to accept; despite agreeing final and binding, with no peace no war. Hoping the youth will flee, the people will starve and the army will rise up against the government so, that way Eritrea to become just likes of Somalia. That did not happen thanks to the strong people and strong government. Then TPLF fabricated the bogus sanction to derail any the economy so that the people will starve to death. That did happen; Eritrea is on March, well and alive. Now they tried everything the TPLF is left with no choice but to beg for recondition and normalization; Eritrea said no thanks; while flipping the bird on them. That didn’t happen; now, brand new trend is to cry and pray for civil war and unrest in Eritrea in hope convincing week people like you.
      I could have told you more but take this, there is no TPLF or any external entity will tell me what kind of Eritrea wants to see. Because that question is for Eritreans but you wouldn’t know and understand that. We have our country they have theirs. stop kissing up to corrupted cadre.

    • Hope

      Now you are making me to “flip-Flop” about you,
      Are you that mcuh naive about Ethio-Eritrean politics?
      I thought you grew up in Eritrea and to some extent in Ethiopia unlike Nittric,who seems to have grown up in the West but knows the deep details about the Ethio-Eritrean Politics.
      That is why I have trouble understanding people like and Haile the G..who ,knowingly or carelessly putting aside or covering up the TPLF agenda,which is Public now, besides the Wikileaks’ clear documentation.
      Here are some hints for you since you seem to be “Ignorant”/Naive ” about:
      -The TPLF has been the engine behind all the sanctions against Eritrea fully backed by the USA,which has led to the suffering of Eritreans and to the exodus of the YOUTH,partly
      -The TPLF has declared publically to change the regime in Asmera by any means possible
      -The TPLF has organized,nurtured,baby sitted,funded,supported ,etc…all kinds of Terrorists against Eritrea including the Secessionist Organizations like RSADO (Red Sea Afars Lib Movt)and DMLEK(Kunama Liberation Movt) and not to mention the Al Islah Al Islamia,the Fanatic and Fundamentalist islamic Movement waging war for an Islamic State of Eritrea,and co-funded by Saudi Arabia with full knowledge of the CIA,which listed this same group as a terrorist organization officially..
      -The TPLF has been busy 24/7 as to how to divide Eritreans by Region,Religion,and Ethnic based politics
      -The TPLF declared officially that the kebessa peoples’ back Bone should be broken as it is the back bone of PFDJ.
      And the funniest thing?You expect the same TPLF to give you constructive answers and wishes about Eritrea.???Are you in your right mind or you are one of them disguised as an Eritreans as some are doing here?

  • Hayat Adem

    Amde said”…from my perspective, I cannot understand the Kebessa. They were full of piss and vinegar (as the Americans say) when it was all about killing Ethiopians, but now, they won’t stay and fight for their own families, they won’t organize from outside and fight for their rights, they won’t stay and stake a claim on their own ancestral and…they sacrificed two generations to separate the land from their own brethren, and then once the land has been separated, they are voluntarily leaving it to whoever/whatsoever will take it. It is mind boggling.”
    Mind boggling, indeed! Your point is spot on when seen particular from the latency, duplicity, and dysfunction observed in the Eritrean diaspora. On the other hand, especially with regard to the homeland Kebessa, there can be some explanations about it. Please understand that a victim could be retooled and reprocessed to work not just against its own interests but also against its existence. That is exactly what YG has been warning us all along how the political health of our society had been gravely affected by the excesses and poisons of Ghedli.. EPLF needed the massive propaganda and indoctrination that was applied in order to achieve independence. With it, Ghedli had also more than successful achieved a tall wall of hate between Eritreans and Ethiopians. Now Eritreans, especially the Kebessa ones are going though a lot of confusion and rude awakening to have found themselves worse off after so much sacrifice. It will take time to process these realities and come to their senses but the trend is a pointer towards that truth. Whenever one is overwhelmed by horrific realities contrary to what was initially hoped, sacrificed and invested, the best answer appears to be running away. When you think the enemy is from afar and outside, you try to stand your ground and fight tooth and nail. But when what you believed was yours and with you, turns deadliest enemy from within, you may run away in search of a standing ground and try to save your life so that you will be able to fight another day.
    As I have always told Awatistas, it is in the best interest of Eritrea and Ethiopia to intervene now before it is too late. Ethiopia should not wait until there is a change of heart of majority of Eritreans from suspicion and hate to love and trust. That will take a long time. Obviously, Not always is the case, major game changer decisions have been made because they enjoyed majority support.

    • Yosief Kesete

      Dear Hayat

      Here is a dose of reality for you, YG and the likes:

      If you want the full report from Oxford University, click below:

      My point is stop selling us the same dusty stinky merchandise we bought 62 years ago and has gotten us into a such a mess right now. True, we should strive for good neighborly relationship with Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and those across the Red Sea. Other than that, we don’t want any intervention from outside, least of all the brutal beasts ruling from Arat Kilo. Moreover, let Ethiopia save itself first before it can help its neighbors. It has enough problems of its own such as over-population, explosive 3-way ethnic rivalry(Oromo, Amhara, Tigray), poverty, secessionist movements in the east and south.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Yousief,please explain to me what makes you put

        please explain to me what makes you put YG and Hayat in the same shelf ? what she always put is what ever she think the good for both and she keep mentioning the name our the two countries “Eritreans and Ethiopians”.

        and please explain to me what is good for you and me about the link you attached. My problem is what as an Eritrean facing under PFDJ. the nonsense group that is killing the nation. “adgi zeyblus beqli yenashow” at least Ethiopia is a nation some how under human leadership with some sort of system. So tell us about Eritrea that the oxford university cant see as that is university and may have access to universities of the world which Eritrea don’t have. Lol what study can you make in Eritrean economy ? is there even any institution, or government body who knows about Eritrean Economy? Eritrea is like a drunker who don’t know how much Naqfa he has in his pocket.

        • Yosief Kesete

          Because she and YG tend to shove it down our sore throats; the deaf motto ‘It’s either Isayas or Ethiopia’. No, no, no!! Eritrea is much bigger than Isayas or PFDJ.

        • Hope

          Are you serious that you are buying Hayat Adem?
          Yosief has a point irrespective of his angry gesture,which is reasonable when someone tries to lecture an Eritrean about Eritrea and her business.Are you in that camp,though?
          Sometimes it scares me to death to figure out as to who is who..Eventhough there are lots of gray areas,it is difficult to discern as who is who and what they stand for.
          Why are they bringing Ethiopia as part of Eritrean solution here when they know the Ethiopian plan is crystal clear:”to strangulate Eritrea and Eritreans to death on a day light”?
          Yosief is damn right.Who is lecturing who?I beg your pardon?
          The BEST the Ethiopian could do is:”To stay away from Eritrean business” and I guarantee you,things would have been much easier for Eritrea and Eritreans to solve their own problems from with-in.
          Are you in your right mind that YG et and his students like Hayat Adem and the likes of Horizon,Abinet,Amde,Eyobay would care about Eritrea positively?
          The only Hope I have is on Fanti Ghana,if at all he /she is talking from the depth of his/her heart,albeit,he/she is talking the Truth as they are….

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hope, just simple instead of talking this much about Ethiopians if you are really serous why don’t you solve as you said your own problem. be honest and answer to me this question, is that PFDJ or EPRDF our problem? is our problem internal or external? shall we search solutions within or without? isn’t those old killers who are not listening the request of people? “The only Hope I have is on Fanti Ghana” why even you have to depend on any single individual? don’t depend on me or any single person, depend on yourself if yourself is ready to accept the truth. from my experience the truth is the only way out it doesn’t mater who say it. all those with high education were telling us otherwise but they all went Banana my friend. where are the hero fighters who trusted DIA and kill us? don’t depend in any thing. Look the best guys like Saleh, Saleh, Amanuel, Beyan etc. all whom I love if today they change their stand to the wrong side I will say to them bye bye. becouse I know God is great and truth is higher than the individual, Party, nation even the world. so be strong and challenge you mind and stand for truth.

          • Hope

            The problems are both but Ethiopia being a part of our problems has complciated the matter,as simple as that.
            Are you blind or deaf to tell me that the TPLF is doing “nice” things to Eritrea.?
            You be honest rather.
            It is crystal clear and read my response to Ermias so that you have an idea about my concern.
            If this is part of the obsolete Cyber Psycho Warfare,you better use your time for something productive.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Hope, I didn’t say Ethiopia is doing good or bad with us. what I said is they are doing fine with their case. PFDJ is not solving the problems we have and you are talking about Ethiopia while you have your won virus right in your liver. cure that first is my request.

          • Hope

            We can fight both viuruses.Can’t we?
            come on Kokheb.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I said ” virus right in your liver ” if the other people are doing their job, leave them to live in peace. fine a way to cure you liver. don’t think that fighting with other people will be solution to your prblem –KEQABSUKHA INTEZEY DELIKHA- (UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO FINISH YOU). I am not fun of war and I know what war means so I will solve my internal problem and I will then go to solve all external problems which in fact will not be there if I clean my own house.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I said ” virus right in your liver ” if the other people are doing their job, leave them to live in peace. fine a way to cure you liver. don’t think that fighting with other people will be solution to your prblem –KEQABSUKHA INTEZEY DELIKHA- (UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO FINISH YOU).

          • Thomas

            Thank you Kokhob. That is what I keep telling hope. He is like “langa langa”. He cannot have it both ways. He talks about Ethiopia more than he talks about the murderers/beasts within inside our country. A plant might look healthy externally, but actually dead inside. If it cannot satisfy it’s physiological needs, it will for sure die eventually. Hope needs to understand this fact. He cannot keep talking about external enemies when the nation in question is uplifted/eroded from within. The main cause of trouble is our internal enemy. First thing first, EPDJ/HIGDEF must go first. After this done, we can use our diplomatic skills to talk the rest of the world. Our problem with ethiopia is very minor and it can be solved with not much effort. HIGDEF is the enemy of our people, land and the entire people in the universe. If they cannot work with their own people, they don’t deserve to stay in power for a day.

          • Hope

            Uncle Tom,
            I am trying to call a spade,a spade and to balance things.I have insisted on talking about both PFDJ and TPLF Factors but you guys are deliberately covering up the TPLF factor,which is crystal clear as a day light.

          • Thomas

            Hope – you have no control over what the ethipians say or do. The balance crap talk is simply not different than what the dictator uses as a weapon to silence everyone. So, I see you using the weyena/cia card as a pretext. I wonder how that fits calling a spade a spade when all you are doing is a diversion from talking the critical issue we have. You keep externalizing the problem as the regime and his servants do. Make your mind man, again you cannot have it both ways. You cannot have a “true” and a “false” answer for the same question. You can talk about a balanced approach when you settle properties, but you can’t talk that way when you talk about saving lives and changing the magnitude of disastrous tragedies.

          • Hope

            Mr tom,
            No,you have no right to tell me what to and what not to do.
            There is NO ambiguity here.
            Both are messing up and the TPLF should stay away from our business as PFDJ is our own business.and we can take care of it.
            I do not buy it the way you are playing.
            Just tell me frankly as to why you are shying away from this simple hard core fact.
            You may not control the TPLF but you have an obligation to protest against them.I am familiar with the old Awate Team and the “Asmarino.Com, of pointing fingers at PFDJ and keeping quite about the TPLF atrocities against Eritrea and Eritreans—besides executing the Weayne Order of the Day -sanctioning Eritrea and the Poor Eritreans..
            If you have a gut,talk about the deadly effects of the Weyane et sanctions—Why are you silent about the non-stop Sanction Rhetoric by the weyanes and talking nonstop like a Parrot about the PFDJ?..
            Come out from the cave you are hiding in and say something about this.
            Did you hear what Mr Tedros Adhanom said last week?Huh,you did not know.

          • Thomas

            Weyane (ethiopia), CIA (America) and whatever work for their country. They take care of their own country affairs and we need to handle our own affairs. You can talk all day and night about this people and nations for years, you don’t have the capacity to change what goes on there. Simply, talking about these entities by siding with the current dictatorial regime will never bring any solution. The problem is HIGDEF and we need weed this organization/regime out. It is that easy, please don’t make it complicated for us here.

          • Yosief Kesete

            There we go again. Unless one demonises IA/PFDJ ksab Anqeru zsiber, s/he is labelled langa-langa, nay-ezni, hgdef, shabia etc…

            I hope Hope keeps the independent Eritrean spirit alive here in this forum. The web of deceit to entrap Eritreans into yet another black-hole, under the pretext of removing IA, needs to be exposed in broad day-light.

      • Hayat Adem

        Thanks SK for the comment below.
        Dear Yosief, it is exactly that about having a good relationship with Ethiopia I’m talking about. if I slightly differ on tilting the relationship with Ethiopia to more be focused on expanding the positive spaces of fraternity and commonness we have, it must be understandable. But bringing it to a normal level, can also be considered a good progress from what is now. It pains me to see these two closest people suffering from paralyzing gaps when they should be tightly tied people with multifarious cooperation threads weaved towards the greater benefit of both.
        There is something that Amde mentioned as “[Eritreans] were full of piss and vinegar (as the Americans say) when it was all about killing Ethiopians” I thought I’ve traced such a trait in your note. During the height of the Badme war, there was a meeting where mostly foreign diplomats and UN officials in Asmara, International NGOs were meeting to discuss development and security issues. During a break, a senior Eritrean diplomat who was also taking part in the meeting joined a group of international journalists who were just conversing about different issues. Then some people started asking him the war. That was exactly after Badme was already taken and other major offensives were on the cook. The journalist working for a western media phrased his question, more or less as follows: “Now that we have seen what the war could look like from the Badme confrontation which involved human wave tactics, people are afraid it might get uglier before it gets better. Why can’t your government try other less bleeding options rather than fighting it out?” This was a veteran diplomat who had been in the know and he was not very careful when he let his answers come out. This is what he said, not verbatim, “Yes, you are right that is what worries us. If you admired the trenches we built to defend Badime, it means nothing when you compare it with what we have now. The Badmie trenches were only built just in case. But now that we saw that Weyanes could be that crazy to take such a risk, our trenches now are ten-fold stronger. So you are right, it is they are coming and it is going to be literally a human slaughter.”, and he left it there. The journalist then told me later, “did you hear what the Ambassador said? It is as if the whole purpose of the war about killing a big number of people. Your leaders are focused on the kill.”
        The acute observation by that journalist came simply because he was asking about a political solution to avoid human killings and the diplomat was totally laser-focused on how many Ethiopian would perish a few meters from the Eritrean trench lines. Yours too, Yosief, sounds the same. You seem to gather your joy from a thinking line of “if there is something wrong with Ethiopia, then Eritrea must be okay” If Ethiopia’s poverty increases, it is bad for Eritrea; if Ethiopia progresses, it is good for Eritrea, and the other way, Please grow up and grow wiser enough that when it comes to Ethio-Eritrea, it is a “swim or sink together” issue, not a zero-sum game. Whatever your thought lines are, this has to be among your overriding thinking rule.

        • Yosief Kesete

          I don’t get any joy from the suffering and poverty of a fellow human being, be him Ethiopian or Afghani. I’m just tired of this false gospel being preached in cyberspace that Eritreans need some riesi-akat leader ruling in Arat Kilo to solve our problems. Let him solve his own peoples’ problems FIRST. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

          Anyone preaching this false gospel needs to go back in time machine and do some hashewye with the likes of Tedla Bairu, Asfaha Woldemichael and Qeshi Dimetros. This is 2014 and Eritreans have come a very long way!!

          So it’s you and your buddy at that needs to grow up and come to the present.

          • Hayat Adem

            Yoseif, what long way? Are you counting the long 30yrs in medda, and the 20 yrs in Asmara, and then the countless guailas! Or are you counting the senseless provocations we advanced and the dearly sacrifices followed with Djibouti, Yemen, Sudan and the Ethiopia, and IGAD,and then AU, the UN, then the US, and the entire world? Or you are counting the number of descendents and innocents we put in incommunicado for yrs, the number of young Eritreans we kept pushing out of their family and country, exposing them to untold suffering and endings? Or are you counting the number of democratic elections we held, the astonishing market economy and investment we built, the vibrant civil society we help flourished, and the enviable free media we are enjoying, the regional integration and integration we developed? Or is it the quality of life and tranquility Eritreans in Eritrea are enjoying, and the number diaspora Eritreans who are eager to move in back to Eritrea? What long way, Yosief?

            Or, may be you are right: we have come a long way for all those wrong reasons. We’ve come a long way in exposing Eritrea to excessive militarization and isolation. We have come a long way in killing our brightest and best. We have come a long way in dashing the national dream. We have come a long in bringing Eritrea to a total demographic collapse and we are almost getting there in successfully putting up the Kebessa people on a human carnage and extermination. Congratulations Yosief!!!!


          • Yosief Kesete

            A long way from Italian colonialism, British trusteeship, federation with Ethiopia, full blown Ethiopian occupation to independence. So cool-headed Eritreans should learn from this history and move on to the future. We have freed ourselves from foreign occupation. By the same token, we can achieve the full vision of good governance, robust economy and liberty to speak and worship freely. For that we don’t need any surrogate mother.

            P.S. Why are you concerned about the Kebbesites only? Are the Metahitites not affected by IA’s mis/rule? Or is that the typical divide-and-rule Machiavellian tactic of Dedebit? A TPLF cadre meets a Lowlander and talks about the land-grabbing Tigrinya. The same cadre meets a Tigrinya-speaking Eritrean and suddenly sheds crocodile tears about how the Kebessa is being de-populated and risks being engulfed by the Lowlanders bla bla bla.

            Eritreans have tons of experience with the double-tongued nature of past and present Ethio-leaders. So drop this non-sense of them saving us from IA. We can do it on our own. There are many independent-minded Eritreans that truly care about the nation and work on bringing change with minimum loss of lives and property.

          • Hayat Adem

            If you want to really discuss issues with people like me, stop acting as if you represent Eritrea and I don’t. Only people who are with a very weak brain try to say those stuff because they feel helpless to argue on the merits of their thoughts. The try to unsettle every dust and smoke in their attempt to cloud off clarity and visibility of ideas. I sincerely invite you to get out of such a diminishing trap. Focus on the issues.

            You said, “we can achieve the full vision of good governance, robust economy and liberty to speak and worship freely”. You itemized three commodities here, namely: 1) good governance, 2) robust economy and 3) liberty. Now, if your ultimate aspiration is to get there with the ones you listed above, how closer are we now to achieve those compared to the times during Italy, Britain, Federation and post Federation? Unless you are considering the mere sacrifices paid as an achievement, you can not say so, not believably, at least. So, your claim of coming a long way does not hold water. You might think that now that Eritrea is independent, it would be easier to achieve those values, and that may have encouraged you to declare that we have come a long way. That could have been fine if you really were focused on contributing to getting there asap, which is unthinkable without removing PFDJ. One very important step towards getting there is 9it seems to me) demilitarization which includes demobilization. That will stop the bleeding. That will stop the floodgates of exodus of the youth. Can you join me on calling for demobilization LOUDLY? If you can join me on that, I’ll consider it a step forward towards those ideal values you mentioned. Otherwise, how else is it possible to think, we are better than the Italy time or the Federation time in terms of governance, liberty and economy? Back to you, Yosief/

          • Nitricc

            “Can you join me on calling for demobilization LOUDLY? If you can join me on that, I’ll consider it a step forward towards those ideal values you mentioned”
            this woman is out of hand. take your dedebit.


          • Yosief Kesete

            In brief, I’ve serious issues with politicians and activists who are more than willing to flush the baby with the water. At the front of such confused bunch is YG and his cult at To add salt to injury, you seem to be promoting his views in this site as if the man does not have enough real estate in cyberspace.

            I’m sure you have figured out the baby is Eritrea and the water is EPLF/PFDJ.

          • Nitricc

            her dream is a civil war in Eritrea. she wants all Muslims and lowlanders to be eliminated so, the Kebesa could kiss up with her dedebitans. Simple. Don’t waste your time.
            she is just

  • Shabo

    Dear Forum,
    This is what I read from some where:
    Conspiracy 101:
    -PMMZ and Siye Abreha admitted that the EPRDF spent $40 million to bribe the Eritrean Ministers during the Ethio-Eritrean War of 1998-2000
    -That Tony Lake the former US National Security Advisor did, in fact, used Haile Drue or manipulated him to make a deal with the EPRDF Ruling Party
    -That Haile Drue indirectly asked PIA to step down
    -That Wikileaks confirmed that the US Embassy was directly contacting some of the Top Eritrean Government Officials either to kick out PIA and/or getting top classidied security info from those officials.Ex: th eissue of the Husband of Askalu menkorios who exposed the top Eritrean Military plan in 2007 against Ethiopia,which was the main cause for his arrest.
    -an Un-named and as of yet unkown office Senior Eritrean Official told the Post(US Embassy in Eritrea) about the secret plan PIA would use to destabilize the US Interest in the Red Sea.Gen Sibhat Efrem warned PIA about the deadly consequences of this plan if the USA finds out, which it did,hence,the deadly consequences Eritrea is suffering, short of targeted missile attack.
    -Ex-Minster Ali Abdu in his Affidavit confirmed(which is now confirmed to be very true due to the hacked Australian Immigration Documents)
    -Ali Abdu confirmed that he was writing in the Awate website from the “Belly of the Beast” and was exposing the top details of each and every cabinet meeting activities including PIA’s private activities including his personal fight with his colleagues and other private info,which puzzled us in the past, which now makes sense.
    -That the Awate website was claimed to be “Ethiopia friendly Eritrean website” by top US Intelligence sources—(BTW,would you be surprised that if Ali Abdu was sharing classified info with the web publically that the same Ali Abdu would share the top classified Info about Eritrea and its Leadership with the USA and with the Weyanes by proxy?)I heard that Asmera Rose is preparing a dangerous and explosive narration about this.
    Now,considering the above,is this a National Treason or Heroism?
    have your say.
    May God save Eritrea from her own sons and daughters. That is why our fathers say: ” kab fetawi’ey de’a adhneni ember kab tsela’et’ey si ba’eley ehillo”.
    Weygud Erytra! mefto tsela’etna quenna terifna.
    I gues the beast is doing his job then.

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