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The 55th and 16th Anniversary: Happy Awate Day

The image we chose today to commemorate the 55th anniversary of September 1, 1961, as well as awate.com’s 16th birthday, is a work by Suleiman Bekhit, the renowned Eritrean-Swedish artist. Of the so many variations of the iconic image of Hamid Idris Awate on a horseback, that we and others produced, Suleiman’s image is the best so far. And we are glad it appeared at a perfect time. We contacted the artit a few days ago and we are thankful to him for giving us the permission to use it.

Suleiman appended a short poem to the image, it’s an Arabic poem composed by the poet Mohammed Hassen on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of September 1. Below is awate.com’s English translation:

Before the rooster climbed to the village roofs
I wrote it on the threshing grounds
In the wings of the bird
And in the ears of grain:
“You will not proceed”
I wrote it with blood and fire

On the face of a bombshell
On the cheeks of the agent
And on the body of the sleeping child

Happy Awate Day

As all patriotic Eritreans commemorate the 55th anniversary of the start of their glorious struggle for self-determination, we at awate.com commemorate the day two-folds: today is also the 16th anniversary of awate.com; sixteen years of dedicated service to the Eritrean cause.

A long time has passed since September 1, 1961; that day, after years of peaceful attempts to regain the freedom of Eritreans ended in failure, Hamid Idris Awate realized that he had to speak with the enemy in the only language that tyrants and dictators understand. He polished his old rifle and went to the mountains and the first bullet that was fired at Mt. Adal heralded the beginning of the heroic, long, and arduous journey of the Eritrean struggle. After thirty years of struggle, on May 24, 1991 the goal of liberating the Eritrean land was achieved, however, the struggle for the liberation of the Eritrean person still rages on.

A long time has also passed since September 1, 2000. On that day sixteen years ago awate.com was launched to contribute to the second phase of the Eritrean struggle, and sixteen years later, it is still steadfastly playing its role: informing, inspiring, and emboldening the forces of good.

September 1 is a landmark that we celebrate with pride together with all: our peace-loving, free spirited, and dignified compatriots. And usually, on September 1, we make announcements of projects we finished, plans we implemented, and future goals that would enable us to better deliver our services. Every September 1 is a dateline where we try hard to achieve even a fraction of our ambitious goals. This year, we have a few exciting that we wanted to inform you about. Unfortunately we will do that in a subsequent message which we hope to publish soon.

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  • Desata Tella


    ዕለት: 06/09/2016

    ኤርትራ “ቅዋም” ምቋም ደኣበር ተቓዉሞ ኣይኮነን ዘድልያ ዘሎ!

    ኤርትራን ህዝባን ኣብዛ ሕጂ እዋን ናይ ቀዳምነት ቀዳምነት እተድልዮም ጥራሕ ዘይኮነ እተገድሶም ቅዋም ምቋምን ስርዓተ ሕጊ ምሕደራን ጥራሕ እንተዘይ ኮይኑ ተቓዉሞ ኣይኮነን። መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ቅድሚ 2015 ቅዋም ዝባሃል ነገር ኣብ ኤርትራ ንኽቐዉም ጊዚኡ ኣይኮነን ክብል ድሕሪ ምጽናሕ ቅድሚ ገለ ኣዋርሕ ቅዋም ኣብ ሃገርና ኣገዳሲ ኮይኑ ስለ ዝረኸቦ ድዩስ ካሊእ ምኽንያት ሃልይዎ ብዘየገድስ ቅዋም ንኽቐዉም መስርሕ ጀሚሩ ከምዘሎ ብወግዒ ብመንገዲ ፕረዚደንት ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ብቴለቪዥን ኤርትራ ገሊጹ ምንባሩ ንጹር ይመስለኒ። ንሕና ኣብ ዲያስፖራ ንነብር ዘለና ኤርትራዊያ ኣካል ሕብረተሰብ ኤርትራ ከሙኻና መጠን ኣብ ሕብረተሰብናን ሃገርናን ዝረብሕሉ ቅዋም ኤርትራ ንኽቐዉም ኣብ ክንዲ ዓቲብና ብሰላማዊ መገዲ ንዘሎ መግስቲ ነእምንን ንሰርሕን ከምኡዉን ኣብዚ ሕጂ እዋን ኣብ መስርሕ ኣሎ ተባሂሉ ንዝተገለጸልና ቅዋም ኣብ ምንታይ ደረጃ ከምዝበጽሐን ኣብ ጉዕዞ እንተሎ ኣብ መንገዲ ተዓንቂፉ ንኸይኹለፍ ኣብ ክንዲ ሓቢርና ንሰርሕ ኣብ ዘየድሊ ህውተታን ዕላምኡ ንዘይፍለጥ ጥራሕ ዘይኮነ እንታይ ከምንገብር ዘለና ዘይንፈልጥ፥ መንግስቲ ኣብ ምድጋፍ ይኹን ኣብ ምቋዋምን ከምኡዉን ዓሰርተታት ተቓወምቲ ኢና ዝብላ ጉጁለታት መሰረት ዘይብለን ፈጢርካ ኣብ ክንዲ ምህዉታት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣብ ዘርብሕ ቅዋም ኣብ ምቋምን ከምእዉን ኣብ ህንጸት ሃገር ክንሳተፍ ከምዘለና ከዘኸኽር እፈቱ።

    [ናይ ቀዳምነት ቀዳምነት ህዝቢ ኤርትራን ዘድልዮ ዘገድሶን “ቅዋም ምቋም” ኮይኑ ካሊእ ኩሉ ኣድላይ ዝኾነ መሰረታዊ ሕቶታት ድሕሪ ቅዋም ክዝረበሉን ክዝተየሉን ከምዘለዎ ከስምረሉ መሪጸ ኣለኹ። የቐንየለይ]

  • Ismail AA

    Hi Horizon,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree that politics (state affairs) should not be mixed with faith or religion. Religion should rule within its moral and spiritual realm, and refrain from forced imposition on human beings. I concur with you history teaches us how propagation by force caused annihilation of peoples and devastation of properties.

    Having said that though I am not sure whether the Egyptian conflicts with Ethiopia had religion as agenda; at least I did not encounter anything on that matter in my readings as a student of history. Knowing the historical-religious relation between Abyssinian (Ethiopia) through the organic link between the Alexandrian Orthodox Coptic church, it’s unlikely that its resident representative, the Echege who was an Egyptian, would act as surrogate for spreading Islam among his own faithful subjects on behalf of his homeland government.

    Moreover, it is true that many of the priesthood were not educated; and the priest I mentioned might have been one among them. But his instant and self-assured reaction purported that he was probably been oriented by informed authorities as a guide to visitors, foreign tourist among them. If one relates that incident with what ordinary people say in casual encounters or conversations, it’s not outlandish to think that bias about Arabs is common, and inherent.

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Horizon,

    Too bad you lost your comment, I hope you do it again in due time. Until you do that, please note that you brought Ahmed Gragn. Since you mentioned that “The invasion by Gragn Ahmed, I would say, was mainly religious in nature… Would you say the invasion of Abyssinian emperors was also a religious invasion of Gragn’s ancestral lands? I have a problem with that narration.

    Why is Gragn portrayed as if he is from outer space? Was he not fighting in his own lands and adjacent regions to defeat the rival Abyssinian emperors who invaded his land? Why do many Abyssinians keep referring to Gragn as an invader? How can someone invade his own fatherland? Would you agree the correct definition is “civil war”?

  • Solomon

    Selamat G1SJ,

    As I am now looking forward with anticipation to this years annual awate.com growth plan, I want to ask:
    Has a policy change of link attachments been announced? I know you mentioned you have the servers at low link capacity before. It could also be an issue of propriety expenditure to the website, but that wouldn’t make sense given that a non profitting individual with access should be the liable party. As I don’t see Jebena and consistent with Saay7’s proposed and approved following “Only on Saturday” permission for sharing art, perhaps this Hamid Idriss Awate and Catalyst editorial is best fit to try my link of Arrested Development musical group.


    Labor Day and higher pay and better incentives for Labor and job creation is indeed as Revolutionary as Hamid Idriss Awate nHafash! It is also a current AmEritrean GitSAtSE existential issue and necessity. (Should awate.com be on an expansion growth trend and hiring, I will gladly submit a resume. I am in the Bay Area with transferable skills. I don’t see a conflict of interest in bi-,partisan, independent or opposition party oriented folks, Opposing or diversity is proven to stimulate and accrlerate growth. I am sharing this with the forum and anyone’s assistance of a fitting position in need of help to respond is welcome.)
    Happy Labor Day for those of you in the USA.

    • Nitricc

      Hey Tsatse; there is no link policy. if they like the given link, no problem you can link limitlessly but when it doesn’t suit them, not only they give you all the grief but they delete it at will. so, you know.

  • Dear Ethios,

    The opium of ethnicism/tribalism our people have been forced by their elites to smoke over the last half century, is very addictive and destructive. It has again brought Ethiopia and ethiopians to this very dangerous point, after fifty catastrophic years. The clouds of chaos and destruction, much worse than we have ever known upto now, are hovering over the head of our people.

    Those who want to defend the indefensible are not doing a good service to their people, and those who want to attack head on without giving a chance to the other side to reassess his/her actions and understand that compromise is the way forward, will also lead us to a zero sum game, as the result of confrontations and chaos. Everybody should face the problem with wisdom, patience and maturity.

    The crimes of the elites should not be allowed to destroy the people, who can easily be cured from their ailment of narrow ethnic feelings. It is the elites who are terminally ill with narrow ethnicism, because it is the only thing that gives meaning to their pathetic lives. Therefore, ethiopians should avoid fanning the fire of tribalism, and they should fight it with all their hearts and minds, this archaic and backward feeling, that more or less has been dumped a long time ago by the enlightened people of the world.

    Ethiopians were forced to move from their big and common home to small houses, contrary to what Europeans have done. If ethnicism/tribalism are defeated as a mindset, ethnic federalism will wither away by itself.

    With our contradictions, we should not feed those who prey on Ethiopia’s misfortune, and we should use this great website (awate.com) to find a solution that will serve all the people of Ethiopia. We should exploit the opportunity given to us for constructive dialogue and not to widen the gap between our ethnic groups. Empty bravado coming from any source takes the country a step nearer to making all losers and no winner. Either all ethiopians will swim together to safety, or they will all drown together. Nobody is going to come out unharmed from this quagmire.

    It is a pity that Ethiopian elites have failed to learn that ethnic hegemony is a losing game, and they continue to play the same game over and over again. Let us hope that God opens our eyes to see the reality, our ears to hear the grievances of our people, our hearts are large enough to accommodate all irrespective of ethnicity, and our minds are also open and we are capable of understanding the right thing for the country and itself.

    God bless the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    • welde

      Dear Horizon,

      You wrote,”Ethiopians were forced to move from their big and common home to small houses, contrary to what Europeans have done. If ethnicism/tribalism are defeated as a mindset, ethnic federalism will wither away by itself.”

      You seem to misunderstand the problem of the bygone era that was the cause of continuous war and conflict in Ethiopia. Shabia uses -“hade libi, hade hizbi” philosophy to keep Eritrea together (but that is denying the inevitable fact), which translates to mean, Ande hizbe, Ande hymanot, Ande bahel, Ande quanka”.

      These has been the cause of conflicts in Ethiopia for the last 100 years. No one wants to go back to that, The solution , whatever it is, must accommodate or take into account the very fact that ,” Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic,multicultural, multi-linguistic society. If you deny these fact , your solution will be irrelevant .

      No one wants to be administered/ruled by an outsider who does not share the language and culture/ ethnicity of that area/killil ! This is the new Ethiopia and the solution must be modern not the old And hizib, And bahel, And quanka, And hymanot.

      The present problem,you know it as well as i , is nothing to do with the Federal arrangement, its all to do with EPRP style politics.They are ready to make a deal with anyone to get to 4 killo. They did it during the Ethio-Somali war in the 70’s to oust the Dergue, and now they are sleeping with Egypt and Shabia to get to 4-killo. That , i can assure you, will never happen!

      Demonstration is allowed in Ethiopia as long as you apply for permission , just like in USA and Europe. But EPRP(G7 etc) does not want do that, why do you think? Because there style of politics are rejected by the majority of the Ethiopian public. That is the fact! If it were otherwise, EPRP would have run/participate in the General Election.

      The best solution is Ethnic based federal system.
      “Be Firm in Your Principle”


      • Dear Welde,

        What you seem to misunderstand is that your solution (ethnic federalism) has not gone all the way to solve the problem, and has become a problem instead, because it did not deliver the freedom, equality and equal opportunity for all ethnic groups it promised on paper (the Constitution), and it ended up being an instrument of domination by one ethnic group. Even then, in my comments I have stressed that Ethiopians should not kill ethnic federalism at this stage, but they should let it die by itself, by freeing themselves from narrow tribalism. It will take sometime before we reach the stage when our humanity is more important to us than our ethnicity. For now it serves both holy and unholy purposes. The ulterior motives are power and secession.

        If we try to explain today’s Ethiopian problem as a struggle for power only (a G7 and EPRP thing), and we deny the existence of domination by one ethnic group, corruption, bad-governance, nepotism, injustice, imposed identity etc, even when the government itself accepts their existence, then we are missing the main issue. This will take us nowhere near the solution we wish for the country.

        Finally, if there is anybody who thinks that people are killed during demonstrations, because they did not apply for permission, will not be a good explanation whatsoever.

        • welde

          Dear Horizon,

          Who is dominating who? who is administrating the 9 kilils? Is it one ethnic group as you put it?
          Are you not happy that the Somalis are running their kili? Are you not happy the Afar, Gambella ,Benhangules Gumuz, Harare, Oromo and the south nations and nationalities are running their own affairs without any outsiders involvement using their own respective native language?

          Can you elaborate on your baseless accusation that one ethnic group is dominating others? Has that dominant ethnic forced the others to speak its language or follow its culture and insist to run their affairs?

          Well the demonstrators are doing their peaceful protest, they just destroyed a few Ambulances, Flower factory, Hotels, many construction vehicles and other infrastructures that was built by the people of that region.

          So you condone such demonstration?


          • Dear Welde,

            Who controls the smaller ethnic parties? Do you believe that Ethiopian ethnic groups really rule themselves? Are they not implementing what they have been ordered? If they can use their language or their culture, it is the least they can have. On the contrary, their land and livelihood is controlled at the center, and because some corrupt local officials, who are working with the central government have got rich, it does not mean they represent the majority.

            I do not doubt that there is some improvement on the economic side, but what everybody is saying is that it could have been better compared to the billions received over the last 25 yrs from Western donors. As much as democratic rights are concerned they have been the worst victim.

            Who dominates Ethiopian economy through EFFORT?
            Who controls the politics of the land through its parliament, where 100% of the seats belong to the EPRDF, controlled by TPLF?
            Who controls the army and the security through its generals, the great majority of whom are TPLF members?
            Who gets away now and then by carrying out mass killings by its Agazian forces?

            People are demonstrating to change all these, and you do not seem to accept the existence of all these problems. Nobody condones destruction of properties during demonstrations, much more killings, because people manifested their constitutional rights of demonstrating.

          • welde

            Dear Horizon,

            I am a bit perplex by your points. If you ask a question , put some facts to it so that readers can understand it well. You asked,”who controls the smaller ethnic parties?”. which ethnic parties are you talking about? do you know one that is controlled by…?

            You wrote,”If they can use their language or their culture, it is the least they can have. ” Le tekemache semay kerb neew, yelal yagere sew. But they were prevented from exercising that right for 100 of years, they had to fight and sacrifice their youth to have that right.

            corruption is a disease that affect all systems of government all over the world. USA is full of corrupt officials, but they don’t destroy the system of government to cleanse the country from corrupt officials. Similarly, in Ethiopia corruption and maladministration is a great problem, but you don’t destroy the system and the country to remove or reduce to level of corruption.

            It seems reluctantly you accept the improved economy-“I do not doubt that there is some improvement on the economic side,” who brought that economic miracle? Its the farmers and the Ethiopian people, not because of ” the billions received from donors” as you trying to undermine the effort put by the public and government.

            EFFORT is Ethiopian company not a foreign company. You should be happy and supportive of the fact that EFFORT has created and is creating many hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout Ethiopia. Ethiopia is creating a favourable condition to attract FDI,For your information, the china miracle began by attracting FDI. You should be expanding your horizon not narrowing it like those hardliners who blame everything bad in Ethiopia is caused by the FDRE government,and everything good is due to western donors.

            100% parliament? what do you think should happen ? Do you think the opposition should share the blame here? The people wants alternative , they look, they found none and they gave their vote for EPRDF. Do you have an opposition party that you know, could be a challenger and an alternative to EPRDF? EPRDF will govern the country as long as the majority people gave their support through the ballot box. Its the people power. Convince the majority and you will have a mandate to govern, this is the only game in town, as they say…

            Who controls the army? The army is controlled and run by the best experienced people who fits the position.
            You don’t ask why the Olympic runners are from Oromo, are you?

            you wrote-“much more killings, because people manifested their constitutional rights of demonstrating. ”
            According to the constitution they have the right to peacefully express their grievances.
            Yes they have a constitutional right to demonstrate as long as its peaceful. But it was not a peaceful demonstration we witnessed in Gonder, was it?

            Can you Imagine what would have happened to those demonstrators if similar demonstration was conducted in the world’s most democratic country, USA.?


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Horizon,
            A little side note…do you know who up voted you in hurry? >>>>>Nitricc did. Right there, that should make you a little uncomfortable.
            A lot is said in the previous posts and this one on this thread. I enjoyed and agreed with most of your past posts. I have to make a general statement as I see it on this one.
            In the first paragraph the statement “….because some corrupt local officials, who are working with central government have got rich, it does not mean they represent the majority.” is a disheartening statement coming from you. It is a broad brush and it taints so many people. It is hard to argue with the veracity of the statement. Do you know, I recently gave up arguing with folks about the billions and billions of dollars Emperor Haile Selassie was supposed to have stashed away, never to be recovered, in unnumbered Swiss bank accounts. Where do you start with these people.
            Let us leave TPLF of 1991 thru 1998 alone as a different entity for now. Let us start with TPLF of 2000 till today.
            I don’t know any facts on the ground to speak of but to suggest that all members of Oromo, Amara, Gurage, Somali and everybody else takes orders only from Tigray members of EPRDF, conflicts with the characters and “Hamot” of the make up of those people I know, is hard to take. Leopards cannot change there spots in a few generations, can they?
            Someone who I believe to be a member of TPLF or from Tigray stated that several material changes has taken place throughout the TPLF existence. It makes sense to me. I remember in 1991 I considered TPLF to be an extension of EPLF.
            { I think, Mahmud Saleh, Nitricc and all those who speak of “BETRYAL” shows you they believed it too}
            TPLF in 1991, 1993, 1998 and 2016 need to be looked at what they were and what they are at the time.
            I cannot dispute with your examples of ‘Effort’, Military generals and other aspects of corrupt governance. I cannot defend that even in general principle.
            However, from my perch, at a great distance, what I am able to discern is the last 25 years was much better than the previous 25, 50 or 100 years. And there are 100 million people now to boot. It is all relative.
            I see development in infrastructure, industry, Education and health care system in every part of the country.
            I will venture to say TPLF and by extension EPRDF in 2025 will be entirely different from what it is today. If the educational and the economic development track it is on continue the necessary natural equilibrium and adjustment will be made. This statement you made was encouraging to me. “…Ethiopians should not kill ethnic federalism at this stage, but they should let it die by itself…”
            One thing I will not do is buy what our enemies along with their SALES PEOPLE are selling. Their goal is different, no matter what the sales pitch is.
            I , sometimes, get annoyed at some of my Eritrean friends’ core thinking, of trying to demonize TPLF and no matter how they dress it up Tigray people.
            Eritrea’s best possible hope in the future vis a vis Ethiopia rides on the goodwill of Tigray people. They are your blood. The rest of us are distant cousins and we don’t have the same kinship feelings. In fact, past experience taught us we have to look at you with indifference and sometimes with concern.
            So the attempt of egging us on to enmity with Tigray people in the final analysis is to invite your own potential hardships. Be careful what you wish for.
            Having said all of this, my expectation is incoming from the North and South at regular intervals. I am going to take few days off, unless Abi says something critical.
            It is getting late.
            Mr. K.H

          • Dear Kim Hana,

            About Nitricc upvoting me, there must be something suspicious about that. I know he is fishing in muddy waters. I think that anybody who says something against tplf, gets an upvote.

            I have not given up on tplf/eprdf government yet, and that is why i am saying that it owns both the problem and the solution. It should correct its ways, otherwise, it is taking the country to chaos. Unfortunately, some people abhor criticism.

            Remember 1998, when Ethiopians flocked to defend Tigray. They will do again the same thing if required. The difference is that the people should not put all their hope in a political party, even if it says it is their vangard, for their future is with the people of Ethiopia, and they should know that Ethiopia starts there. No Tigray, probably no Ethiopia, and they should act accordingly by showing their solidarity.

            I wish you good time.

          • Nitricc

            Hey Kim Toothless lol, I am for fairness and justice to all humans regardless my political stand. That is to say i firmly believe and guided by the supreme principle of justice. so, I upvoted toothless Horizon not that i agree with my political beliefs but for once he stood for what is fair, what truth and what just. the day you took that stand and you drop defending the TPLF thugs, i promise to upvoted you. By the way, there is interview of Abay Tshaye, Bereket and Aba-dula, listen to it and you will understand how their days are really numbered. I say this, if Bekele Gerba is alive. if he is dead, forget about it, could be this week.
            i could have posted the link but the toothless moda will delete it anyways. the interview is on EBC.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Welde: usually you are on point but on this one you are way off in understanding Hade-Hizbi Hade libi of Eritrea. it is to say that when Shaebia uses the term it means when it comes to protecting Eritrea there no difference between Eritrean regardless ethnic, religion, language and culture. otherwise, it is impossible and unhealthy in trying to make the whole population hade libi and hade hizbi. The Ethiopian federalism is not a bad idea, what is wrong with it is that it lacks fair representation as well as the distribution of social justice. not to mention the corruption of the system.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Horizon,

      I have been spot checking some of your and Amde’s posts all over awate, but I am not ‘relaxed’ enough to hold a decent discussion yet. I like your post above, and welde’s reply below sums up my opinion in general, but I feel like there are several issues being mixed: Corruption, Mal-governance, and Social marginalization.

      Horizon, Amde, Yoty Topy, and welde:
      You guys addressed lots of issues I would have liked to discus but the time constraint is not letting. If you have the time, can you address the following questions so I can have a well rounded understanding of where I am at?

      1. What does ethnic federalism have to do with the recent demonstrations in Oromia and Amhara?

      2. Do you believe that the ethnic federalism we currently have is a forced system on Ethiopians or Ethiopians’ demand for it?

      3. How do we measure the success or failure of ethnic federalism?

      4. Would it be fair to say that the Haile Selassie and Derg era flags, slogans, and placards the recent demonstrators were waving and shouting are a sign of why ethnic federalism is still necessary in Ethiopia?

      5. What is your take on the recent EPRDF’s claim that foreign agents have a hand in the recent disturbances?


      • Dear Fanti Ghana,

        When hundreds of Oromo people are ready to die to avert the implementation of the Addis Ababa master-plan, the surrounding Oromia region refuses to accept garbage on their land from the metropolitan city, and Addis Ababans are forced to live among mountains of garbage and the health of 4m residents is put in danger (I should say beforehand that I am not 100% sure about this issue), when the people of Wolqait are ready to fight for their identity, and the many conflicts that have taken place between tribal groups over internal border problems, etc, all these are due to ethnic federalism.

        I doubt that Ethiopians were given the chance to discuss if they want ethnic federalism or not, or a referendum was carried out to this effect. Nobody doubts that ethnic problems were major problems in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, most probably, the subject was discussed in the feilds by the different LFs under the umbrella of Marxism-Leninism and Albanian communism and with guns in their hands. Even then, nobody really knows if it was the result of democratic discussions, or if it is the wish of the strongest imposed on others. It seems that much more it was the wish of TPLF and OLF. I should reiterate that I am not for its dissolution right now. It should run its course, and every measure should be taken to make it peaceful and fruitful. It should not be the poison that will kill the common Ethiopian identity. Talks such as “unless my way, Ethiopia is not meant to be, or my way or the highway, if you want to change anything go to the bushes and fight as we did, etc”, should belong to the past. We have been awakened from our nirvana by the harshest reality, that afterall, the forest could come to the cities, as in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and it is not necessary for the people to go to the forest.

        Oromia is in turmoil and so is Amhara (the two major ethnic states), and ethiopians are ready to burn to ashes any achievements; can we speak of success, when we are not sure of the future? The fault may not lie in ethnic federalism itself, but in the way it is implemented.

        We should not worry about those who continue to live with the ghosts of the past. They pop-up whenever and wherever the common Ethiopian identity is compromised, and they try to exploit it. Otherwise, for the majority of ethiopians, the past is dead and gone, never to return. I cannot say that this is the reason we need ethnic federalism, but I can say that this is the reason we need more democracy, so that they will not be able to feed on the shortages of democracy and the abundance of injustice.

        Finally, explaining the last uprising as the result of the action of foreign agents, is a way to sweep the problem under the rug, instead of facing it head on. If no democratic solution is given, the problem will continue to live with us. True, any internal or external anti-Ethiopian forces will try to exploit the situation. Nevertheless, it will not explain the uprising of tens of thousands all over the country. The problem and its solution are in the hands of the government, and it should handle the situation in a positive way, instead of outsourcing the responsibility to external enemies; whatever.

        • Fanti Ghana

          Brother Horizon,
          Thank you.

          This may be surprising but there is no Wolkait identity issue raised by Wolkait let alone fight about it. Their identity question was addressed and settled 25 years ago. However, there was and still is a farmland issue raised by their immediate cousins and neighbors in Amhara Kilil, Tsegede, which started many years ago. The talks were interrupted by the war with Eritrea and it never was addressed since. In either case, regardless of who raised the Wolkait question, the Federal government has ordered the Tigray and Amhara kilil administrators to address and solve the Wolkait identity and Tsegede farm land question according to the laws already in place that were designed to address these very issues. Luckily, that law predates this problem.

          Equating the rejection of the so called “Master Plan” by Oromia with shortcomings of ethnic federalism is a mistake. The Oromos had already raised a much more complex question years before that already. Like all Ethiopian Ethnicities of the time, including Amhara, under EPRP umbrella, had already raised arms to fight injustices related to ethnic based discrimination including with the possibility of seceding from Ethiopia in the non-Amhara’s case. If nothing else, I believe EF saved Ethiopia and not the other way around. Even EPRP which eventually, through some rough roads, became the ANDM we know today, had “ethnic equality” as one of its core principles. So, it is safe to say that all Ethiopians of the time struggled for “ethnic equality” among other issues. Whether EF has over lived its usefulness is a different matter, but let’s not condemn it for behaviors it did not create.

          It is a mix bug of sorts but here is my combined response from what I have learned in the last few days:

          As tempting as it is, it is very important that we distinguish between what some of us want, what the majority Ethiopians want, and what is workable. To speak for myself, nothing would make me happier than to see a borderless and ethnic blind Ethiopia before I die. But there are too many signs that show we are not ready yet. The nation as a whole is not ready for it. We will get there someday soon for sure, but not yet.

          As an example, out of the 3,000 representative Ethiopian youngsters PMHD talked with last week not even one soul raised EF related question whatsoever. Whether that is a sign of acceptance of the status quo or a sign of its presence or absence is immaterial to this generation is open to interpretation but, in either case, it doesn’t seem to bother the youth. Except those representing the opposition who demanded for the release of their “political prisoners” most of the questions were about youth unemployment and similar issues.

          What EPRDF and the rest of us must fight for:

          1. We all must reject ethnic based negative statements in private or in public.

          2. Bring the question of federalism to the open, if needed, as a separate issue and peacefully instead of diluting it by bringing it up whenever there is and along other crisis.

          3. Reject direct or indirect association of past ethnic strife with Amhara. The fact that ethnic based discrimination was not as prevalent in Amhara as it was in the rest of the country does not make Amhara responsible for its creation.

          4. Get rid of the parliament election system. Something like the USA’s congress and senate system is much more democratic than what we have today.

          5. Kilils should be given a periodical questionnaire to ascertain their readiness for geo based admin instead of EF. It is important that it comes from the people than a few elitists speaking for them. The federal government should hold an annual meeting and discussion about the possibility of geo based zoning than what we have today.

          6. We must vehemently condemn the shooting of demonstrators with live bullets regardless of whether “trouble makers” are embedded within or not. All loopholes that allow the security police to shoot at civilians such as “if your life is in danger shoot” must be closed.

          7. Reject statements like “TPLF controlled EPRDF/Gov…” not only it is a domineering statement to most Ethiopians who fought hard to get where they are but it is also a misrepresentation of how EPRDF conducts its policies.

          8. There is no doubt that TPLF had the upper hand in military power when they wrestled power from Derg. What it did almost immediately after the removal of Derg was to layoff as many TPLF rank and file fighters as was practical and slowly but surely started to rebuild rank and file representative of our federation. That part is fairly accomplished as of recent. Why there are disproportionately Tigrean generals is a matter of experience. Not only they could be needed in a moment’s notice in this hostile region of ours, but also it is important they transfer their experience based knowledge to the generals of tomorrow. Although it is understandable why some Ethiopians feel uncomfortable with it looking outside in, but it is important to recognize the higher purpose EPRDF is trying to accomplish. Short of handing it back to Derg generals, there is no choice but to wait it out.

          9. Given the amount and complexity of the corruption now prevalent in our nation, unions such as EFORT and others who claim to be conducting a legitimate business under the law must make their board of directors, members, and their finances public or nationalize.

          10. Let all high government officials who own high valued companies or are a member of board of directors of such companies either resign their position or volunteer their share to the federal government to be reassigned as an owner operated companies by or to benefit selected Ethiopian youth.

          11. Avoid statements that are not useful or fact based such as “TPLF/EPRDF is dead now,” “they are in trouble now.” It accomplishes nothing except feeding into why some of us think that EF is still necessary. If Ethiopians reject EF today and embrace Geo based zoning it doesn’t mean TPLF’s failure but its success. Starting from the advent of the TPLF Central Committee split, To the most recent North Gonder and Bahir Dar demonstrations, TPLF has been killed and buried more than a dozen times by the good and the bad alike. Why is Ethiopian’s assertion of their right translated as the death of TPLF?

          12. We must recognize the political facts of our region and recognize when we are targeted by foreign agents using our own ills. There are tangible clues to that effect to simply rule it out as the government’s search for a scapegoat.

          I had many more things to say, but I must stop. I will live you with a very short but to the point speech by a young lady I was impressed with. It was a bitter sweet for me because she doesn’t seem to like ‘Weyane” but I loved her message to all of us wholeheartedly.


          • Dear Fanti Ghana,

            Thank you a lot for your responsible post, that is meant to reconcile our social groups, bring peace to the land and give hope for the future. I should confess that I agree with your opinion almost in its entirety, except one or two points, which do not change the good spirit of your message.

            It is a normal thing to see members of the same family having some disagreement, nevertheless, they usually sort it out. In this way the door remains closed on the face of the enemies of Ethiopia. Ethiopians should never be naive to forget the dangerous and strong enemies like Egypt and some Arab states, who do not want to see a strong and prosperous Ethiopia in the region. Their oil may dry up in the future, or it might lose value, but the fertile land of Ethiopia and her rivers, which are the envy of many will always be there.

            Therefore, the stakes are high and the enemies are many, and ethiopians should be able to see beyond their narrow ethnic feelings, and they should not end up enemies of eachother. Divided they will be victims and they will become a group of small insignificant nations, if they ever become one, and even this only in name. Together they will remain the great nation they have always been through out history, divided they will disappear.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Horizon,
            I just want to bring an observation for your consideration.

            I have lived in the Arab countries for decades and I am not a fan of their foreign policies or their governance records. But that is not my issue, neither is the Ethiopian governance, at least on this comment. I have observed the Ethiopian pose is more aggressive and enmical towards the Arabs compared to attitude of the latter to the former. Do you believe any of the current crisis in Ethiopia is the making of any Arab country? From what I follow, even the GERD issue has died down and no partisan Egyptian can use it to agitate the people. For God’s sake, Egypt and Sudan are on two opposite poles as far as the Nile politics is concerned. Yet, the Nile is an important source of life for both countries and no one should be surprised if any two countries have serious differences over it.

            How can one support the claim that, “the Arab states do not want to see a strong and prosperous Ethiopia” when they have been investing in Ethiopia like there is no tomorrow? But if in the future there emerges serious conflict between the Arabs and Ethiopia, I can challenge anyone it will not be over racist issues, but geopolitics, regional clout, and economic interest. And that is if both sides ignore all diplomatic channels and prefer to go the bloody avenue.

            In short, talking about the general, not the exception) I think the general Ethiopian attitude towards the Arabs is as racist, and as bigoted, as the general attitude of the Gulf Arabs towards any poor country. While their sense of superiority, hence racism, seems to emanate from their wealth (class), the Ethiopian hate is simply raw racism. Talk about “the kettle calling the pot black 🙂 “

          • Dear SJG,

            If there is the hand of Arab governments in the current Ethiopian crisis, who are said to be funding some Ethiopian opposition groups indirectly, it is difficult to prove. Nevertheless, I am sure that they are not feeling unhappy with whatever is taking place today in Ethiopia, or even in any worst possible scenario that may happen (God forbid).

            If somebody tells me that the external policy of Egypt has changed since the 19th century, when Egypt adapted the policy of either to islamize Ethiopia or keep her in permanent turmoil in order to control the Nile, and Egypt attached Ethiopia in 1875 and 1876 with this in mind, I find it difficult to believe that this policy has ever changed. Of course, this is the 21st century, the same formula might not work, and she has to replace it with another one but with the same goal in mind.

            No Ethiopian believes that the Eritrean war of independence was not decided in Egypt and morally, politically and economically supported by Arab states.

            If Egypt is forced to accept the GERD, it is not due to goodwill, but because the truth is on Ethiopia’s side and circumstances do not help her to have her way anymore, as she had done so over a century and more.

            It is true that the future problem due to the use of the waters of the Nile will be between Egypt and Susan than between Egypt and Ethiopia. Sudan can not wait the day when she would start to irrigate more land when the annual flooding stops due to the completion of the dam. Nevertheless, that will not make Egypt any more friendly towards Ethiopia.

            If Arab countries invest in Ethiopia, it is much more for their own interest than for the sake of Ethiopia. They want to be beneficiaries of the raw material and the cheap labor in Ethiopia and the flourishing economy as anyother country that is investing in Ethiopia. Moreover, they want to be players in the politics of the region.

            Conflicts occur mainly due to antagonizing economic interests more than anything else. America is fighting in the Middle East and all over the world to protect the economic interest of Corporate America, and not because they have any reason to hate Arabs of any other people. Not even religion and politics are as important as economic interests. The same thing holds true for Ethiopia and Arab countries.

            Therefore, the only garrantee Ethiopia has for her existence in the region is a strong Ethiopia that can defend herself, where peace and tranquility is going to be a luxury in the future. I wish I am over-exaggerating.

          • Saleh Johar

            Dear Horizon,

            Thanks for the expanded reply though I think it was a hasty reply. It is hard to imagine you would not realize the contradictory points in you presented. Let me start with one example:

            You wrote, “If Arab countries invest in Ethiopia, it is much more for their own interest than for the sake of Ethiopia.”

            It seems you are saying ‘the Arabs invest in Ethiopia to reap returns but then they foment unrest in the country.’ And I am wondering, wouldn’t that put their investment at risk? Are they foolish investors or what?

            You also claim that “the Arabs are said to be funding some Ethiopian opposition groups indirectly, it is difficult to prove.”

            Would you agree with me that those who “said” are just claiming like you are doing here, with no proof? I am just asking you to base your claims on facts, otherwise you would be considered a culprit in damaging your country’s relations with its neighbors, its business partners, and investors… for no reason. I am almost sure you would not do that consciously  And you have no proof all the Arabs (your large blanket) in the 22 countries are “not unhappy with what is happening in Ethiopia.” If you just throw the blanket away, you might have a chance in making a small part of your claim believable.

            Dear Horizon, you also proved that your knowledge about Egyptian history is next to freezing point 🙂 When it comes to the Arabs, most of you act each other’s echo chamber and I am sorry to say your knowledge is rudimentary. Egypt’s expansion in the 19th century was an imperialist ambition not a religious one as you claim. Mohammed Ali Pasha, the architect of modern Egypt was an Albanian officer under the Turks, who ended up establishing his own dynasty in Egypt. The Pasha was a modernist, very much infatuated by European civilization, working closely with the British. And remember he was fighting AlMahdi of Sudan (the real religious zealot and the equivalent of Yohannes IV). Mohammed Ali’s Egypt was a despicable imperial undertaking with interest in slave trade and expansion and the control of the source of the Nile. But religious expansion? It was not. You have it all wrong. In fact Egypt was considered an apostate country and anyone who travels there from present Saudi Arabia was also considered an apostate by the Mohammed Abdulwahb’s zealot Akhwan movement of the time.

            In the fifties of the last century, Egypt was the bastion of revolutionaries and that is how Eritreans ended up there—just like South Africans, Ghanaians, Congolese. Algerians, and many others…it was where the non-aligned movement was born, where the Suez Canal was nationalized—in short, it was the most accommodating country for revolutionaries and anti-colonialist movements. Wouldn’t you don’t admire that 🙂 So, unlike what you believe, Egypt, like Ethiopia, has gone through a lot of transformation since then.

            And here is the classic and most boring statement: No Ethiopian believes that the Eritrean war of independence was not decided in Egypt and morally, politically and economically supported by Arab states…

            Now, if you really want to know who also got inspired by the progressive movements of the fifties, do an unbiased research and you will find where Egypt fits. Maybe you will find the names of Germame and Mengistu Neway there. That is a fact that no prejudice can erase.

            The following statement is sad to say the least: If Egypt is forced to accept the GERD, it is not due to goodwill, but because the truth is on Ethiopia’s side and circumstances do not help her to have her way anymore, as she had done so over a century and more…

            I hope you realize that is a belligerent attitude! Also, that is what I object to in the attitude of a certain segment of an Ethiopian class. Instead of dwelling on hate induced by prejudice, it would be nice to celebrate that the GERD issue is beyond you; I don’t think everything in life has to be about Zeraf-zeraf  And I am afraid I feel you might be praying for a conflict between Egypt and Sudan!! Why? And who would benefit when fire is ignited in the neighborhood? Think again.

            Finally, the fact that investment is interest driven is very basic knowledge and repeating it in an argument has no value—it’s rhetorical and I will skip it.

            I also wish “peace and tranquility” for Ethiopia and every other country and its neighbor. But the least we as citizens can do to make that a reality is divorce our belligerent and aggressive behaviors.

            Thank you

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Saleh and Horizon,

            I see both of you have had robust debate Arab-Ethiopia issues. It interesting to note you have provoked one another to come out with informative details. So, I decide to jump in scribble a few things on the attitudinal angle from which Ethiopians (Habesha) look towards the Arabs. By the way, this extended across the so called traditional Abyssinian plateau that included the Eritrean highlands.

            It all starts in the entrenched world view that an Arab is Moslem and the reverse is also true. It hardly occurs to an average ordinary person that there are Christian Arabs who Arabic only until they happen to travel to some place in the Middle East. It never occurs to him/her that accession of the monarchs to throne done by an Egyptian Coptic Abun (Abuna in Syria, Palestine etc.) in Arabic and not in Geez.

            The outlook is deeply embedded in faith and its relation with developments that pitted the kings who were also the guardians of the faith with neighbouring Moslem chiefdoms in the eastern rim of what became modern Ethiopia since the so called restoration of the Solomonic Dynasty in early middle ages through the expansion of the Othman Turks and the Mahdist Movement in the Sudan. The resistance centred on defence and preservation of the faith, and the monarchs depended on the church and its hierarchy for resources and manpower mobilization.

            Now, to elaborate the point I am trying to make, let me share a story. A few months before the end of the academic year in 1972, we were in a study tour around historical sites. It was at that time a
            tradition-cum- requirement for graduating history students HIS University’s Department of History.

            One of the sites in tour plan was an old church in Gonder. On the wall of that church we saw a big mural (image) of a man with a turban on a camel being led by another with a long rope in hand. A student in the group, a Tigriaian from Shire, was curious, and dared to ask the priest as to what the image represented. The priest turned back and said that the image represented the Prophet Mohammed being led by a devil leading hell. It tells much about the entrenched negative attitude some Ethiopians have towards the Arabs; it is perpetual defensive and suspicious outlook.


  • Ismail AA

    Very happy double anniversary.
    September 1 has been, and shall remain, the source of hope and inspiration to all Eritreans. Living Eritreans, who understand what the heroic fathers that raised the banner heralding our long journey to liberation had represented, shall remember them with dignity and gratitude by by committing themselves to passing that torch of freedom and its meaning from generation to generation.

    Request to our moderator or anyone who can help: Please help me how to fix the annoying message from disqus to verify my email every time I try to log in. I admit that my dexterity with the gadgets is limited.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear AT, Ismail and All,

      Yes indeed a happy double anniversary. I know we all are but we have to be mindful that 55 years since liberation started and 16 years (even longer) since our freedom movement have started. After all these years, most of our people are destitute, refugees, and those exiled and our people inside are in prison and slavery under our home grown dictator.

      It will be tragic to pass on this misery to our next generations….and the home grown dictator will pass his evil regime to another dictator and our misery to continue……


      • Thomas D

        Hi Berhe,

        What you stated above is painful digesting, but true 100%. It is really painful to hear the news of of our young brothers and sisters drowning while crossing the Mediterranean seas. If agony and grievances can be reason for celebration, I don’t want to be part of that. As we speak, our young people are crossing the borders of Ethiopia and Sudan to either become refuge there or to take the risk of drowning in the oceans or dying in the deserts of Sahara.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear Berhe,

        Until we the Eritrean people realized that the culprits are the “system ” and the “party” that runs the system, we will encounter many dictators in queue. Until we know our enemy there will no be collective fight to emancipate our destitute people.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Peace!


          Few days ago you were talking about courage, and now you said ” until we know our enemy there will no be collective fight to emancipate our destitute people.” confusing!

          If you have something else in mind other than PFDJ that you consider as enemy of Eritreans, please educate us otherwise ሕብእብእ is not a courage.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Peace,

            There are those who believe Issayas and his enablers are the only culprit. And thus, the “party” and the “system” they work for is not. So by now you should be aware of, that there are some section of our society who believe Isssyas is the only culprit. Remember also, removing a dictator is one thing and dismantling the apparatus of oppression (the system) is another thing. There is no ሕብእብእ in my argument. I put it clearly in my article. In my article I said the party (PFDJ) and the system are the enemy. I can ‘t be more clear.


          • Peace!

            Selam Emma,

            Thank you for the clarification, that was a bad judgment. I was just a bit confused by the tone of your comment. Nevertheless, if we all agree that DIA must go, why not that be a first step?


      • Peace!

        Dear Berhe,

        The country is liberated from brutal fascist Derg, and now it is up to the current generation to fight for justice and liberty. It is totally disservice and unfair to hold those who sacrificed their lives responsible for PFDJ’s crimes. Needless to say, seating and blaming on history is exactly what DIA wants to see you doing.


        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Peace,
          Your argument seems very rational at the first glance. However, when you say holding those who sacrificed their lives responsible for PFDJ’s crimes, how do you define PFDJ if you take the people in it out? I think PFDJ is nothing without the people in it. It is not an inanimate thing like a rock or a tree, it is a system and the people committing crimes are its agents. So, it’s agency are the people you seem to want to absolve, if I am reading you correctly. Am I right? If not please explainn

          • Peace!

            Selam Saleh,

            You draw the line eloquently the other day when you said “Ghedli ended in 1991 and the people own the legacy.” And since the liberation there are also brave people like Wedi ali, Beteweded and others are paying a heavy price just for standing for justice. Now if you take those braves out, you will have a naked PFDJ. It is unconscious ignorance when people blame Ghedli for today’s predicament, either perhaps because they haven’t tested life under brutal fascist Dergh or they are having hard time envisioning tomorrow’s Eritrea. ክውዒ ብማንካ ክዝሕል ቢኢድካ is not going to help solve the problem.


          • Ismail AA

            Hayak Allah Saleh,
            Happy anniversary days (55th +16th).
            Sal, I am being annoyed by request of verification of email every time I tried to log in (Disqus) I tried to register and have my account confirmed and verified. But I am getting through. I wanted to log in via the web site but I do not know how to get my way to draft and post my comments. Have you or anyone else a way to orient me. (email: shoomd@hotmail.nl)

          • Saleh Johar

            Ahlan Ismail, (and AOsman)

            That is bad, we don’t want you to face such problems. I hope you resolve it.

            Many people do not believe us when we say we also face the same problems they do. And disbelieving that makes them be rude and accusative, similar to hope 🙂 But honestly, since most of the times we log in from the backend, I do not face much problems but that is not always.

            Your best bet is AOsman, he seems to be the best here with the character of disqus. If not, I suggest you go to disqus.com, and there are FAQ, and forums where I am sure you will find people having similar problems. Usually they are good. You throw a question and many people will volunteer to answer it. Some just give you opinions–pass that, but a few really know what they are saying and explain how to resolve your problem.

          • A.Osman

            Dear SJ,

            Werideni (not a techi guy), I used to struggle every September to adjust when AT challenged us with a new version…thank God no surprises this year, the marriage with disqus seems a lasting one, but IZIA NSA IYA NHNA AYKONAN is not getting through with those going through glitches. Not related to Ismael’s problem, but I think the guest comment may have been disabled and from your end you may not be aware of it – checking disqus it gives the following instruction –
            “Guest commenting can be enabled at the Disqus admin > Settings > General page in the Guest Commenting setting.”

            Earlier I saw Ismael’s comment upgraded to a front page article (still hanging there – has this got something to do with it?) I thought he cracked disqus..lol…maybe he was banging it too much. Seriously, I am the last man to ask, all I can say he needs to check his explorer/chrome to see if it stores/remembers password for other applications. Trying more than one explorer will give him a better feel if the problem is on his end, otherwise as you advised he better visit those help forums provided by disqus to sort the problem the he is facing.


        • Gecho Ze Great

          Dear peace,
          Please spare us this “liberated from brutal fascist derg” nonsense because we Ethiopians found ourselves in a much worse situation than derg regime. The dictatorship being constant, atleast during derg time we were not divided along ethnic lines, nor was there a favoritism for a certain ethnic, nor Menge robbed the country blind. We were not liberated, but imprisoned into a worse regime.

          • Peace!

            Dear GZG,

            I do not blame you for the unconscious ignorance. No reason to flip history book, let the historians figured out.


          • Nitricc

            Hey GechoZegreat. I just listened the interview of Abay Weldu; the state of Tigray president and I don’t think he understood the magnitude of the problem his people at his hand . He took a straight jab at General Tsadqan and the rift is very clear. The whole situation is scary. And did hear that what Abay Weldu said about Oromo? he said the Oromo case is just and his government will pay compensation and it will hold demonstration in support of Oromo in Meqele. lol I am kidding you. This will tell more than I can… he is funny guy lol Must listen! Hey moda, would please leave this link intact.


          • Gecho Ze Great

            Hi Nitricc,
            I heard about that rumors and I was really hoping that they hold that demonstration to support the oromo cause in mekelle. I really hope they do. That would just end up riling up the Oromos to become violent protesters like the Amhara region. Tigray people being quiet for almost a year now when peaceful Oromo protesters were being butchered left and right but they want to speak out for them now because they see them being united with Amhara protesters. This just shows the level of arrogance they have towards Oromo people. How arrogant can they be to think that Oromos would be oblivious to this obvious divide and conquer strategy ? In any case, one cant expect much strategic complexity from a political simpleton like Abay Woldu. So I wish they go ahead with their plan and it would be a pleasure to see it backfire on their face.

          • Nitricc

            HI Gecho I know what you mean. I can’t understand their disrespectfulness to ward the people. Is it me or the Oromos are stopped their protest. all i hear is the Amara movement. what is up with that?

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Gecho,
            Yes, we hear you loud and clear about your unbridled contempt for Tigray people. I heard Discus is planning to roll out a new feature that would enable users to highlight comments -call it a Sharpie. I am sure that would come in handy for you so that you can highlight I HATE TIGRAY PEOPLE. In the mean time, keep on spewing the same zeregna sentiment.

          • Nitricc

            Hi TY; let’s be honest; do you think TPLF = the people of Tigray? you said “Zeregna sentiment” I am am starting to doubt the meaning of the word. what does it mean to be Zeregna? when you have 65 generals in a country of 90 million and 64 of them are from Tigray how do you defend the if some one to say Tigray are Zeregnoch?

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Nitricc,

            I think you would probably draw 98% of alignment amongst the Tigray people with TPLF. Yes, many might have reservations by it authoritarian tendency and how it comes down so hard on them, when push comes to shove they will align with it. The reason is purely simple: Ethiopian politics at its core is really tribal by its nature . If anyone tells you otherwise they are not being honest.

            Zeregna: making generalization based on ethnic grrounds. Look at his comment and see if you can identify that.

            As for the ratio of senior military personnels:

            I don’t know if those are true numbers, you are not the most reliable person when it comes to stats concerning EPRDF. Are you ?:) but for the sake of argument let’s just say they are. What is wrong with that ? 4 decades of battle experience makes them highly desirable candidates for those positions. Most of runners are Oromo and the best ones at that. Should we ask for diverse runners in the interest of fairness ? But also what do you think of the fact that a majority of the brunt to remove Derg was born by Tigray people and shouldn’t the post era reflect those facts ?

            But , your true intention is really not the unfair ethnic make up of Ethiopian politics .Is it ? Just looking to score some point because you still feel bitter that EPRDF reduced your idol into a symbol of pariah.

          • Nitricc

            Hey YT; on my prevues post i addressed you as TY; that was showing how you are the opposite in the eyes of justice . Now, if the toothless and trigger happy moda allows it, i will like to have a real debate with you sir! Are you welling? Simply Yes or no!

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Nitricc,
            NO. I’d rather not if you don’t mind 🙂 I just don’t see any benefit for either of us . Is there ?

          • Nitricc

            HI YT; I understand; because you have no moral ground to stand on. any way, save your people and you can’t save them by standing with your corrupted TPLF. believe it or not TPLF died and you can prevent before it kills the people of Tigray. you win. do you know what i mean? you are the one who live with the Ethiopians not me. anyway, you win, like you are wining in Ethiopia. lol have a good day, sir!

          • Thomas D

            Hi YY,
            I don’t Nitricc is Eritrean. He does not Eritreans & Tigrians his “abator father” was killed & the rest of were kicked out of eritrea. He wanted to see the Eritrean & tigrian people eradicted as a revenge for his family. He waited DIA to do the dirty job. Now, he gave up on DIA but he is hoping for the of etiopian to fight the tigrian. The most important nitricc wants to see a weak eritrea & tigray.

          • Gecho Ze Great

            Hi YT,

            Don’t pretend you don’t know about the ethnic composition of the military. Below is the list that’s readily available on the internet. It’s funny that you try to justify their control of their ethnic because of battle experience. Sheeesh. Look, history is out that you guys piggy backed on Shabia to get to Addis Ababa. Derg did not even consider weyane a threat until the late 80s when it was at the brink of collapse. By the time Derg incorporated 3rd revolutionary army to deal with the threat of weyane, its wheels were already flying out and we all know the TRA was composed of rag tag soldiers made up of conscripts and former POWs who run before a bullet is even shot. If you guys had faced the Second revolutionary army that spent 17 years fighting Shabia, woyane would have been a teret teret story of the dedebit neighborhood. So spare us about your jegninet experience to merit you 99% leadership in the military. The only thing weyane is good at is being a shrewd back stabber. As for jegninet, wait, you just won a battle, the war is not over. Its a matter of our patience for a peaceful transition to democracy. If you refuse, you know our history. In any case, below is the list of all military leadership and their ethnicity.

            The most senior Command posts of the Defense Ministry
            1. Chief of Staff General Samora Yunus Tigre
            2. Training Department Lt. General Tadesse Worede Tigre
            3. Logistics Department Lt. General Geazi Abera Tigre
            4. Military Intelligence Department Brg. General Gebredela Tigre
            5. Operations Department Lt. General Gebre Egziabiher Tigre
            6. Engineering Department Lt. General Berhane Negash Tigre
            7. Air force Brg. General Mola Haile Mariam Tigre

            Heads of the four commands
            1. Central Command Lt. General AbebawTadesse Agew
            2. Northern Command Lt. General Seare Mekonnen Tigre
            3. South Eastern Command Maj. General Abraha W. Gabriel Tigre
            4. Western Command Brg. General Siyoum Hagos Tigre

            Division Commands
            1. 31st Division Commander Colonel Tsegaye Marx Tigre
            2. 33rd Division Commander Colonel Kidane Tigre
            3. 35th Division Commander Colonel Misganaw Alemu Agew
            4. 24th Division Commander Colonel Work Aieynu Tigre
            5. 22nd Division Commander Colonel Dikul Tigre
            6. 14th Division Commander Colonel Woedi Antieru Tigre
            7. 21st Divison Commander Colonel Gueshi Gebre Tigre
            8. 11th Division Commander Colonel Workidu Tigre
            9. 25th Division Commander Colonel Tesfai Sahel Tigre
            10. 20th Division Commander Colonel, Teklai Klashin Tigre
            11. 8th Mechanized Division Colonel Jemal Mohamed Tigre
            12. 4th Mechanized Division Colonel Hintsaw Giorgis Tigre
            13. 19th Division Commander Colonel Wodi Guae, Tigre
            14. 44th Division Commander Colonel Zewdu Teferra, Agew
            15. 13th Division Commander Colonel Sherifo, Tigre
            16. 12th Division Commander Colonel Mulugeta Abraha, Tigre
            17. 32nd Division Commander Colonel Abraha Teslim, Tigre
            18. 6th Mech. Div. Commander Colonel Gebre Medhin Fekad, Tigre
            19. 23rd Division, Commander Colonel Wold Beilalom, Tigre
            20. 43rd Division Commander Colonel Wodi Abate, Tigre
            21. 26th Division Commander Colonel Mebratu Tigre
            22. 7th Mech. Div. Commander Colonel Gebre Gebre Mariam Tigre

            Defense Ministry Departments and other specialized Units
            1. Agazi Commando Div., Commander, Brg. General Muhamed Aisha, Tigre
            2. Addis Ababa Security Division, Colonel Zenebe Amare, Tigre
            3. Palace Security Force, Commander, Colonel Geresenay, Tigre
            4. Banks’ Security Force, Commander, Colonel Hawaz Woldu, Tigre
            5. Engineering College, Commander, Colonel Halefom Ejigou, Tigre
            6. Heath Science College, Commander, Colonel Tesfaye Giday, Tigre
            7. Mulugeta Buli Technical College Commander, Colonel Meleya Amare, Tigre
            8. Resource Management College Commander, Colonel Letayi Tigre
            9. Staff & Command College, Commander, Brg General Tesfaye Giday Tigre
            10. Bilate Training Center, Commander, Colonel Salih Berihu, Tigre
            11. Hurso Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negash Hiluf, Tigre
            12. Awash Arba Training Center, Commander, Colonel Muze, Tigre
            13. Bir Shelko Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negasi Shekortet, Tigre
            14. Head of Admin., the Ministry of Defense, Brg.Gen. Mehari Zewde, Tigre
            15. Dejen Defense Aviation, Head, Brg General Kinfe Dagenew, Tigre
            16. Defense Ministry, Head of Research, Brg. Gen. Halfom Chento, Tigre
            17. Defense Ministry, Head of Legal Affairs, Colonel Askale, Tigre
            18. Head of the Office of the Chief of Staff, Colonel Tsehaye Manjus, Tigre
            19. Head of Indoctrinated Centre , Brg. General Akele Asaye, Amhara
            20. Head of Communication, Colonel Sibhat, Tigre
            21. Head of External Affairs, Colonel Hasene, Tigre
            22. Head, Special Forces coordinating Center, Brg. Gen Fiseha Manjus, Tigre
            23. Head of operations Department, Colonel Wodi Tewik, Tigre
            24. Planning and Program Department Head, Colonel Teklai Ashebir, Tigre
            25. Defense Industry Coordinating Head, Colonel Wodi Negash, Tigre
            26. Head of Finance in the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Zewdu, Tigre
            27. Head of Purchasing in the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Gidey, Tigre
            28. Head of Budget Department, Ato Brehane Tigre

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Gecho,
            if that’s indeed the correct one . So what ? They are merited for the position. There is nothing you can do about it. End of discussion.

          • Nitricc

            YT your last sentence earned you my upvote. I think there is a syndrome that all of you Tigryans are suffering from that called Dedebit amnesia. I am sorry, it is what it is. at the end of the day the numerical probability won’t do you any good. worst, you betrayed your best friends, the Eritreans, then you are trying to kill the Oromo and the Amara. now, who is really reduced to a symbol of pariah? Do you what the Tigryan problem is? The Eritreans.

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Nitricc ,
            We love Eritreans . We love our fellow Ethiopian brethren.You are free to make your own judgement of course .

          • Gecho Ze Great

            Hi YT,

            Of all the things you said, what surprised me the most was you accusing me of being ‘zeregna’. Let me tell you one thing, 25 years ago it was a taboo to define myself as Amhara or Oromo. It was a big no no. If my parents heard me identify myself as amhara or oromo or identify someone by their ethnicity, they would have put me on the corner for some harsh scolding. I was taught to identify as Ethiopian. Woyane came when I was 13 years old and all of a sudden identifying as Ethiopian was thrown to the garbage and we are forced to identify by our ethnic. Our identity cards carry our ethnicity. Weyane divided the country by ethnicity and told us all ethnics are equal but some ethnics (tigrayans) are more equal than others. And it is manifested by tigrayans having absolute control of the military, the security, the media, the judiciary and all federal and state government structures. And then when we call you out on this, you call us zeregna ? Tinish atafrim ?

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Gecho,

            Don’t look for an excuse to justify your bigotry. I perfectly understand. If would feel the same if I were in your position too.

          • Saleh Johar

            This link helps you with the HTML tags you can use in disqus:


          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Saleh J,
            I didn’t know these futures existed . Thanks for the link:)

          • blink

            Dear Nitricc
            Do you think the Tigrai people has some thing to show , meaning ,they should protest in support of Oromo and the Amhara people ?

          • Nitricc

            Hey Blink, Yes, it might be too late but the people of Tigray needs to dump this irresponsible and dumb TPLF thugs. All the Tigryans has to do was saying we oppose the killing. you don’t have to be any ethnic side to oppose killing. all you have to be is human. it might be too late though. when you use air power on your own people, game over! I understand, what TPLF trying to do. They show their power first and then negotiate from the point of strength. they know it is over. some times you cut your losses short and move on.

          • Nitricc

            Sometimes i wonder if you really board and you need things to do. I just asked you nicely?

      • Ismail AA

        Dear Berhe,
        I understand the bitterness we all feel about the miseries our people are going through. But what I meant to write was the we should not give in to our frustration and lose sight of the noble essence this occasion represents. It gives us time to reflect and recall how our heroic pioneers patriots who wrote September 1 in our history books responded through blood and sweat to the dark hours when the future of our people was usurped by the Ethiopians in cohort with the imperial powers of the time. Thus, the essence of this occasion is that the living generations should not lose hope and emulate their fathers and rise up in unity not to let the dictator pass his despotic regime to the next generation.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Happy September and Happy Birthday Awate!

  • Amde

    Selam Awate.com

    Happy Birthday…. Thank you for providing us with this great forum. It is your personal dedication that makes the difference and I hope we forumers stay worthy of your dedication and sacrifice.


  • blink

    Happy Birth day awate.com , and thanks to the hero of Eritrea Hamid Idris Awate. It was the failure of the southerners , they could not see us as equal as any Ethiopians . It would have been a dream to be a big country with 106 million people and two ports. Hailessilassie mad centuries mistake by rejecting the Eritreans to be equal as Ethiopians and Dergi repeated the same mistake . Even now EPRDF could not see the well being of Eritreans is beneficial to Ethiopians. I always believe we would be better to be a larger country with 106 million people than 6 million people with two ports and hawkish relationship with land locked Ethiopia. Can both people think what is good for every body ? i mean the new generation , they can n’t afford to be enemies for every leader they have. Do i sound like Eyob(tesfatsion) , no i am being naive and it is allowed to be naive . It is perfectly fair to think big rather than looking smaller in a globalized world.

    Ok lets forget it ,lets come back to what is the day all about. It would have been may be another thing ,if it was not for the Hamid Idris Awate ,who believed his Brothers , sisters , sons , daughters and grand sons will not abandon his cause. He truly believed that Eritrea must have its own sovereignty free from colonizers (killers , Murderers and Genociders ) by force . If not for his courageous action , who knows , we could have been on the same foot as our Palestinians brothers and sisters. It took may be millions of bullets but we had done it very very nicely and bravely to liberate Eritrea from colonizers. We have a very long way to go to free the men and women of Eritrea . That will definitely ask more work and it will not be easy to wait until the dictator falls because the price we paid for independent Eritrea was not simple and easy .

    One question to awate.com team , is it possible for you to at least post an article about may 24 .1991 or other suited day to celebrate the liberated land ? what is the reason behind your long misunderstood treatment of May ,24 1991. is it because the people are not free or there is some thing we must be informed ? I mean it does not make sense to just put an article about TPLF anniversary and then forget about the INDEPENDENCE of your beloved country. Our independence was not cheap and it was not fought on internet either ( paltolk , FAcebook , twitter and countless websites ) . I always found it difficult to understand . You could write about the day by just remanding people about the cost of liberating land and what it will ask to free the people . Independence and freedom are not the same. While freedom is a long process , independence is all about sovereignty i guess. Even after the current dictator ,it is not certain that many people will find freedom . It is not just guaranteed that all people will be free. Even in the richest country USA , large portion of the population is in a systematic dictatorship. Statistically it is always not possible to claim people are free. Even if some of you from the forum became leaders of Eritrea today , you would find yourself hurting people as well ,that is just human nature. But who else in the world would claim equal bravery and sacrifice of the Eritrean people. No one in our region can claim that, NONE . Be it the arabs be it the Ethiopians , Somalians , Kenyans and other African nations . All of them have their independence given to them on plates. Again happy Birth day to you awate.com it is always nice having you. I always fancy my Ethiopian friends about you for being Eritrean website and yet giving more Ethiopian forumers the chance to comment about every issue of Eritrea and Eritreans , even some times insulting Eritreans , calling us names. It has been really good years and I am sure you will hold that to be the same for foreseeable future.

  • Yoty Topy

    Happy anniversary Awate team !

    Thanks for providing a fantastic forum for exchanging civil discourses over the years .

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, it is nice to see all the Eri-websites are celebrating the day of this great man. I am really happy to see, at least at one point all Eritreans agree. In the mean time, I don’t get awate-team’s logic. The fact is, there is no Eritrea, there is no independence day and there is no martyr’s day with out Awate. isn’t giving more respect and the props to Awate achievements if Awate-team to celebrate all Eritrean related days like independence and martyr’s day? I don’t get it?

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Nitricc,
      Since we do not think like you, it would be nice if you explained what you are saying to Awate Team. What brought martyr’s day and the rest? Please explain your comment if you expect, well, an explanation on certain topics.

      • Solomon

        Hi SaleH,

        I suppose I could have asked my above question here. But now I have learned the lesson to be consistent going forward. Though my intention was not to bother MOd, as I was addressing it to you “G1SJ” as a forum contributor, I still would be appreciative of gaining a response to my policy inquiry, should you find time or point to it.

    • saay7

      Hey Nitriccay:

      There is one Eri-website that doesn’t celebrate September 1. It is PFDJ’s official website, shabait.com.

      Usually, every year, it writes a 4 paragraph article where 1 paragraph is dedicated to Sepetember 1, and the other 3 paragraphs are dedicated to how the great EPLF fixed everything that was wrong between 1961 and 1971.

      But this year, it just forgot. Because September 1, 1961 has nothing to do with Isaias Afwerki or PFDJ so it is not important.

      check it out at shabait.com. Remember, it is already September 2 in Eritrea and nothing at shabait.com


  • Solomon

    Happy Birthday Awate.com,

    G.1SJ, Would you also please post a Tigrigna, Kunama,..Saho translation of the poem “Before The Rooster Climbed..” along with Brhan’s original in the Arabic language.
    Perhapd , up to Nine or more others could start the translation to the Eritrean national languages. And, Amde or Mr. Kim Hana could translate the poem into AmHaric, Gurage, Oromigna…etc…

    Eidme nBaHti Meskerem 1961.


    hey, hey.. someone said they saw a BirthDay Cake…

  • Brhan

    Saleh ….can you please also post the Arabic version of the poem along the english one ..as the origin is always the best