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Tagging Isaias Afwerki: The Paranoid Dictator

When searching for a list of the world’s worst known dictators, Google returns clusters of 10, 13, 20, 25, 100 with repeated names including Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Idi Amin Dada, Mengistu Hailemarian, Haileselassie, Robert Mugabe, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim John Il, Bashar Al-Assad, Fidel Castro, etc. Isaias Afwerki is rarely listed among them. An ordinary Eritrean who experienced horrific life under the rule of Isaias would wonder why he is not in the list. The curiosity driven objective of this article is to tag Isaias  so that he takes his rightful position in such lists.

Isaias Afwerki and the World Mass Media

Isaias Afwerki is an obscure dictator living in diplomatically isolated country. Until recently, he dodged the watchful eyes of the international community by creating an opaque system of governance that fits his excessive totalitarian rule. Once considered a hero and a charismatic leader, his psychopathic qualities were exposed soon after he formed the transitional government of the state of Eritrea. But his close associates knew of his character since 1966 when he joined the armed struggle. From the onset he rejected political pluralism and the exiled political forces.

Recently the interest on Isaias Afwerki’s regime grew when Europe faced refugee crisis and the UN assigned a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the human rights violation in Eritrea. According to UNHCR statists and EU’s registered asylum seekers data reveal Eritrea is a leading producer of refugees following Syria. Though the mandatory and indefinite national service is considered a push factor for the refugees, the one-man rule of the PFDJ regime and its repressive policies are responsible for everything that is happening in Eritrea.

With the limited information available to the outside world it is hard to put Isaias in his proper position; there is limited opportunity to know Isaias Afwerki’s real personality. For example, in an interview conducted with Al Jazeera, his psychopathic personality was clearly noticeable. When he was asked him about election he showed his aversion to it: “What election…?”

From 2009 onwards media outlets started to describe Eritrea as “the North Korea of Africa”. Isaias who was known as a hero, a liberator, and a promising African renaissance leader started to be called a “paranoid dictator”.

To protect himself he became isolated and that gave him a feeling of protection from accountability by the international system. On the pretext of self-reliance and national security, NGOs were expelled and news agencies were denied access to the country. This self-imposed isolation left the dictator embark on committing naked crimes against humanity.

Ranking Isaias Afwerki

A president who rules a country that has over 10,000 political and religious prisoners, and its people fleeing at a rate of 5000 per month for more than a decade, and which has more than 300 prison camps but with no university, a country that shuts all free press, detains a patriarch, that has no constitution, and that has imposed compulsory and indefinite military service, and is ruled by a leader who is accused of atrocities should be on the top of the list.

Why is the world ignoring him? Is he not considered a dictator? A Washington Post reporter shyly labelled him a merciless dictator: “Though he qualifies as a dictator, he prefers a humble style. (Washington post, 2009).

Of course there is logical reasons for not seeing the whole picture of Isaias’ tyranny. Reporters who get a chance to visit Eritrea are accompanied by minders masquerading as tour guides. It is impossible for the reporters to recognize the nature of the dictator. In fact the Washington Post reporter is right when he wrote that “…he prefers a humble style.” What can reporters expect when a president tells them to leave him alone”, and when he responds to a question about elections by saying, “…three, four or more decades”. Individuals who visit Eritrea don’t fail to notice the bad situation. A Nigerian who visited Eritrea wrote for Vanguard wrote, “I was in Asmara in 2015 and saw a society stalled in time; weary-looking people in the streets who seemed caged and resigned to fate .” Outside the country, a one-year investigation conducted by UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COiE) issued its first report and stated, “the Commission found that systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations have been and are being committed in Eritrea under the authority of the Government. Some of these violations may constitute crimes against humanity.” Such limited information might not be enough to place Isaias in his right place among the notorious dictators. Nevertheless, the world is becoming increasingly aware through information coming from credible outlets.

In an article published in May 2016, Isaias was ranked as the 7th worst dictator. In 2009, he was ranked 8th just two places ahead of Muammar Gaddaffi. The first two worst dictators listed are Robert Mugabe and Omer al-Bashir, the first and second respectfully. When all the crimes he committed are revealed, there is no doubt that Isaias Afwerki will be on top of the list of the world’s worst world of 21thCentury.

Characteristics of Isaias Afwerki’s Dictatorship

There are ample resources that explain the character of dictators. Generally, the main criterion is mass killings/genocide committed through a direct or indirect order. A list of 13 worst dictators provided by Daily Beast gives the number of death toll as follows: Mao Zedong (45 to 75 million), Joseph Stalin (40 to 62 million), Hitler (17-20 million). They are ranked the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Though killing of innocent people is the main consideration in defining a dictator, it is not the only defining factor. It is therefore mandatory to have holistic approach of characterizing dictatorship. Criterions like the absence of rule of law, freedom of expression, political plurality, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and the rights to live are strong values that can define dictators.

Isaias Afwerki meets all criteria except there is no statistical data on the number of killings under his administration. However, there is no doubt that thousands of people are victimized.

An article published at on April 28, 2016 titled by “Nsu-nHn, nHna-nSu: we are One And The Same” written by Fanti Ghana nicely defined the characteristics of IsaiasAfewerki’s dictatorship. The author wrote, Even by the strictest definition of dictatorships Eritrea is indeed run by an old-fashioned and harsh dictatorial rule.”

Who matches Isaias Afewerki?

Though Isaias Afewerki’s dictatorship qualities seem to be unique, in an attempt to compare him with other known dictators, I am convinced he is the equal Francisco Macias, Pol Pot, and Nicolae Ceausescu.  Some of the basic evaluating procedures I used were were: political inclination/ideology, economic policies, education policies and anti-intellectual sentiments, militarization, ruling system, people’s mobilization, enemies considered, exercising power, killings, degree of isolation, treatment to fellow comrades etc. In almost all, dictator Isaias is equal to any the dictators mentioned below.

  1. Francisco Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea): Known for his deeds as one of the most kleptrocratic and corrupt dictator who was surrounded by a personality cult, Francisco Macias Nguema turned Equatorial Guinea to “the Dachau of Africa”. Though he came to power in 1968 through election, he didn’t waste time to control the government through successive decrees that gave him an absolute power on the state and the party. During his brutal reign, more than a third of the population was forced to flee the country and because of his anti-intellectuals policy that literally banned the word “intellectuals”, the country faced an extreme brain-drain. To safeguard his power and oppression, he was protected by his party, and a special presidential military guard, and his clan.
  2. Pol Pot (Cambodia): Paranoid, lonely and a man who saw enemies everywhere, Pol Pot was a brutal revolutionary leader who turned Cambodia to hell on earth full of killing fields. Within a span of four years of his reign (1975 – 1979), more than a quarter of Cambodians died from starvation, overwork and execution. His brutal and totalitarian administration was merciless. Immediately after he seized the power of the central government as a leader of Khmer Rouge, Cambodians were mobilized for a five-year Development Marshal Plan under a banner of food security and Cambodians faced unprecedented genocide. Though Pol Pot preached farm fields to be the hub of agricultural production, his actions turned the farm fields to “the Killing fields”.Pol Pot condemned intellectuals to execution and forced labour, he nationalized private properties and freedom of speech was suppressed. Families were disintegrated and children spied on their parents. Basically, Cambodians lost trust with each other.
  1. Nicolae Ceausescu (Romania): His life and iron-fist dictatorial system ended on December 25, 1989 after he was sentenced to a capital punishment passed on him at a Kangaro Court set by military officials. Nicolae Ceausescu was the General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party (1965-1989) and State president (1967-1989). Together with his wife, Elena Petrescu, Ceausescu nurtured extreme personal cult and changed Romania into repressive and police state. He commenced his political hegemony by declaring Draconian measures. He banned contraception and abortion, supressed freedom of speech, he limited intellectual and artistic activities, He introduced neo-Stalinist policies and restricted political opposition. The Ambitious economic policies and extravagant development programs he carried during the 1970s divided the country into huge foreign debts. Later on, under the cover of repaying the debts, Ceausescu introduced austerity programs (1981) that resulted extreme shortage of basic needs and Romania into deep poverty in consecutive years. Thousands died because of malnutrition and luck of proper health services. To control the people, he built a national security agent called ‘Securitate’ and special military forces that had absolute power over Romanian daily life. In general, his era is remembered as an entire epoch of corruption, terror, misery and starvation, hatred and suspicion, described as “Three “F”s, Foama – Hunger, Frica– Fear and Frig – cold.  Accompanied with strange and paranoid personality, he is accused of been guilty from suppressing dissent and suspected officials were secretly scanned with X-Rays that gradually developed into cancer and later became the cause of their death.


Looking at the nature of Isaias Afwerki’s dictatorship, without any doubt he is among the worst dictators of the world. Even the scanty information available so far is enough to rank him among the top ten worst dictators of the world in the 20th Century.

  • Hayat Adem

    I was hoping to get somewhere but clearly I noticed something is not right.

    You said this to BY*:
    [“I can’t say the EPRDF government was all innocent in the whole count and how they handled the crises”.
    Are U serious?
    That is it?
    TPLF has not done anything to us?]
    The first line what you accurately quote from him. The three questions that followed are your questions to him reacting to the quote. Now, frankly, knowing you to be a smart person, this threw me off. This is a one liner quote so, I will not blame it on anything else than it became too hard for you to understand.
    What this tells me is the following:
    1) You are not reacting based on on-going discussions but prior perceptions.
    Here for example: BY is implying EPRDF was responsible partly on creating the crisis and mishandling it as well. But I suspect your bias on BY forced to assume something else, not written at all.
    2) You are not here to take any idea but to just and only give it to others.
    Here for example: I don’t see any reason why you can’t agree with BY’s statement. But you thought he has to get it from you, not the other way, and you felt the urgency of scolding him for stating what is agreeable to you.
    3) You don’t bother yourself to go off topic and relevance even when replying in contradiction to what is said.
    Here for example: In the quote, BY was talking about the 2005 election crisis, and he was saying EPRDF is to blame for it. But you jumped to say to criticize him as if he said anything on EPRDF in relation to Eritreans.
    *If SGJ didn’t say something, I may not have noticed.

  • tes

    Dear Tesfu,

    What I understand is that Hayat is using Hope ad a channel to convey her message. In fact he is the best experimental lab of showing the ugliness of people like that of Hope. Otherwise Hayat Adem knows exactly what Hope is and she doesn’t give him a damn eye to read his input.


  • Hayat Adem

    Hi Hope,
    Speaking of soul, I give you Celine Dion’s ‘Save your soul’. I like the entire chemistry of the sounds. Celine has very crispy, smokey voice after the regaining procedure of her vocal infrastructure. But for you, it is the message I want you to listen.

    • Hope

      Thanks Hayot(Hayot=Hayat in my language/culture) Haftey.
      She is one of my favorites.

  • Hayat Adem

    1) In which website has Tazabi commented that if it was online (you could put that link if it is okay with you).
    2) What made you think this Tazabi knows some thing that you don’t simply s/he commented somewhere?
    3) What is your standard of verifying the truthfulness of a piece of info before you disseminate it to others?

  • Abi

    You bring Tazabi as your source?

  • Abi

    Hope Nebsi
    Don’t worry about correcting your comment. No one noticed it since nobody read it.
    Also, don’t worry about your ESL either. You are much better than most of us.
    Keep working with the Queen in Logic 001 class. I see progress there also . I like the way you present your ” wish” as an evidence. This kind of extraordinary skill comes only from ” A Beautiful Mind “. Next , bring us a ” breaking news ” and tell us the source is your dream or you hear ” voices “. Or you can just say it is your ” Hope”.
    My Hope is getting worse.

    • Kokhob Selam

      ኣብየ :-
      ኣረ ተው ኣብየ .. ወሮበላ ኮ ሆንክ ! ኣሁን ይህን መስኪን ቆራርጠህ መጣል ምን እርካታ ይሰጣል ? ኣረ ..ኣትጨክን እንጂ !

      • Abi

        Tesfa mequreT ayifeqedim?

        • Kokhob Selam


          ማ ! ኣብየ ? ኣብየ ተስፋ ከቆረጠ ኣበቃልን ኣትለኝም !

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Kokhob Selam,
        I read your post about what Hope said on Facebook. It was so funny.
        I think Abi, needs to rename him as…..”Hope Trumps”. It is so descriptive. I have a feeling Hope might like it and adopt it himself.
        Mr. K.H

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Mr. K.H

          may be you mix the name Hope and tes. please check.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Kokhob Selam,
            My mistake. Can you believe it. I mixed them up, sorry.
            Mr. K.H

    • Hope

      How do you know then without reading me?

    • Dis Donc

      Derasiw Abi,
      You are the funniest chap around here. Ja ja ja ja…

  • tes

    Dear Hope,

    I hope you are more than able to differentiate between political and armed forces. According to my book I believe that Ethiopia has enough room for political forces though not hate diffusing forces. If so why these armed forces are working to destabilize Ethiopia by siding with “an enemy of my enemy”? If they are genuine and patriotic Ethiopians they have to be abided by the rule of law. In fact they will regret for letting this naturally blessed country into a sheep of their war mongering galloping field. As my political consciousness is growing Ethiopia is marching in the right path and leaving behind war and feudal minded attitude. For this I acknowledge EPRDF’s wise political approach. In addition I am deeply becoming convinced that Ethiopia is becoming the champion of peaceful co-existence in the horn and East African countries.

    Eritrea of PFDJ is the opposite, 180 degrees. Unlike Ethiopia, Eritrea has a fertile ground for potential armed forces that will indulge the country into another bloody civil war(that of 1970s and 1980s being the first among ELF&EPLF forces). So far this is not happening as most Eritreans were living under merciless chains of brutal administration. Now that more than enough Eritreans are turning back their frustrated mind into a fearless Justice seeking force, the change is noticeable.

    Just take this serious note in your corrupted booklet.


    • Dis Donc

      Dear Tes,
      You are not only maturing by leaps and bounds you have become quite an observer. Well done!

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Hope,
    Did you say this:
    Crticizing Hope for not providing and revealing source for credibility purpose “doesn’t hold water and is illogical”. Really? I am sure you never meant it. But if you did mean it, you would be officially self-voiding most of the stuff you have been posting here.

    • Hope

      Dear Hayat:
      Quoting a quote and speculating on a speculation needs a Source and deserves ‘criticism?
      What the heck has credibility has to do with quoting a quote..Gosh,you are something!
      I thought I have the right to express original and my own ideas rather than quoting others or from other sources.
      Who are those sources?
      From the High Sky ?

      • Hayat Adem

        Yes Hope,
        As you see this is a website where a lot of intelligent and smart people converge to exchange serious ideas. You need to respect others and do a favor to yourself by respecting yourself. Speculation can be reported as speculation. Personal wish is reported as personal wish. Quoting some needs to be reported within a quote, or if paraphrased, the source has to be indicated.
        US is telling Ethiopia to change and broaden political inclusivity of its government is quite a claim that rings to everyone’s ear. You don’t say such stuff as a first-person knowledge source unless you are convinced it has solid truth. And the most important lesson to you I guess to be taken from this exchange is this: don’t get agitated when you are challenged about your sources or their credibility.
        And yes you can express your own ideas. That is what we are all doing here. We don’t quote sources for ideas that emanate from ourselves. But you don’t advance ideas as facts or events. Ideas can come as feedback reactions, as opinions, as views, as analysis, or creative pieces and imaginations. Not as news, not as reports, not as facts nor as events, nor as happenstances.
        For example, in your claim next:
        “US diplomats are quietly telling the TPLF government that the way it is leading Ethiopia is unsustainable and it has to form an all inclusive government in Ethiopia and US is convinced that Eritrea, due to the fact that it’s hosting more than a dozen armed Ethiopian rebels, it would play pivotal role toward this goal.”
        You have reported some facts: a) US is telling reported as fact that had really happened. For that to claim, you should witness it or somehow know it or hear it from a source you believe. It doesn’t mean that it has to happen but you should believe that it has happened to report it to others. If in doubt whether to believe it that it has happened, you should indicate the extent that you are in doubt but that also you do think that there is some likelihood that it might also have happened. But if you goofed and misspoke believing something like that had happened but later found that you had nothing to back it up with, then acknowledge that and move on, and try to avoid mistakes of such nature in the future. You see how I like you…no other person told you to correct such flaws and weaknesses.
        b) Ethiopia has been told to form a new inclusive government…is reported as a fact.
        c) US convinced of Eritrea’s pivotal role in making Ethiopia form a new inclusive gvt…is reported as a fact.
        d) The US administration has reached to the point that TPLF’s days are over! reported as an implied fact. As an implied fact, you may not be asked to prove that US has reached that point as in, The US press release speaking to that matter or sort of but you will be always asked how you came up to that assertion. It is expected that you will go back to the claims of a,b and c to explain that. But those a,b,c are not established facts as we have dealt with them. That means our whole claim falls apart.
        So Hope, don’t bring junkie stuff here, but if you bring have the guts to defend them. But you can’t defend them because they are not facts, they are your wishes as you admitted. You cant defend wishes. Nobody did. You can’t defend wishes reported as facts.
        The million dollar question: since you told us it was your wish, why do you wish the Ethiopian government to be told by the US to form a new government that is inclusive of all social and political groups?
        Okay, okay: because it is good to be broad, inclusive, more plural, more democratized, more diverse, more representative, more participation…etc, right?
        Why don’t you wish the US or the world to tell PFDJ which doesn’t allow people to live and breath let alone politicking, to do just that: to form an inclusive government?

        • Hope

          Ahh Hayat:
          -Keep going until I find out the “link”.
          The USA telling the TPLF to be inclusive, to respect Human Rights and what not is “Ye Adebabay Mister”.So, what is the FUSS about it?
          -Why don’t you,rather,show me your gut and encourage to speak up against the TPLF atrocities against its own innocent Citizens?
          -Irritated for being challenged? Where is your challenge? Bring it up….other than telling me that the PFDJ is this and that..
          -“Junkie here”?
          -Reporting the Junk story here from your anonymous sources some where is Noble?
          Right,Gual Aboy Adem?
          -“The TPLF days are numbered”,Yes, indeed. Why?
          Ask the Ethiopian people. How can a Minority Regime trying to control and ABUSE 95 Million people and their resources and messing up the whole Horn should survive, for God’s sake?
          -Telling me daily that Eritrea and its regime, the PFDJ.the EDF will collapse over night,bla bla-is, what now?
          -‘Eritrea’s Pivotal Role”:
          Of course, why can’t Eritrea play a pivotal role?
          Coz it is a tiny Nation?
          Guess what?
          If Eritrea was/were to be allowed to play its potential ROLE,the Horn would have been in Peace.
          You and your ‘Body Guard” Abi should be the last people to ask people to respect you. Go and figure it out.
          Any thing else?
          But thank you for your “advice” though.
          Should apologize to you ,as well?
          Please,just heed to Kokheb’s advice-to ignore Hope and reclaim your High Position and debate with Mesatukhi.–the likes of the Salihs,the Emmas,the Mahmudays,the Haile TGs,etc…
          For God’s,why do you ‘down grade” your self to Hope’s level?
          Kokhob Selam,please advise your sis and “Queen” to ignore Hope and keep her Highness and Qeenness!

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Hope,
            We are doing good and I think I’m knowing you better. For example, you said this:
            “FYI: The USA telling the TPLF to be inclusive, to respect Human Rights and what not is “Ye Adebabay Mister”.So, what is the FUSS about it?”
            1) you now added “human rights” to the mix. And I think I know why. You see, Mahmuday was right when he said you’re a smart person. I agreed. That is what also proved again and again.
            what you are trying to do here is an example of that. First all the “facts” you reported were not marketable as facts. And later you agreed to call them “my own wish lists”. That was good. But now, you thought, something was not right with that settlement. so you wanted to regress smartly by mixing one component from the wish list and another component from public knowledge: inclusive and human rights. The issue here is you made another error. You forgot the operative word you used earlier, i.e., “quietly” and now you came up with a different one “yeadebabay Mistir”. How is something done quietly becomes “yeadebabay mistir” at the same time? This mistake was because you brought another element to the mix from a known fact as a cover up to sneak in a “personal wish” as a fact. Why all these troubles, Hope? Be yourself, and believe, you will always be okay. Nobody owes you a penny. Not PFDJ, not IA. But if you have to side for nothing, give your support to the helpless, to the victims, to the people. Not powerful criminals who are killing a nation and generations.
            I got a joke for you, Hope. I will give it a title.
            “The Art of Mixing – the Hope Way”
            There was one guy who asked St. Mariam for a much needed help.The guy, apparently a farmer, promised to sell his ox and turn in all the money to the Mariam. Then the miracle he asked for came to his rescue. It worked. Mariam did her part. Next turn was his move. But now he got what he wanted, hesitation came to visit him. He thought his ox, being a big ticket item was too much to give it away for a favor that has been already received. But he didn’t want to offend Mariam as he knew 1st hand what She could do to mortal men. So, he came with a smart idea, a Hope thing. He took his ox to a nearby market. He was then approached by a buyer.
            “How much do you sell it?”
            “5 qirshi”
            “What? Are you serious? Is the Ox healthy?”
            “Yes I am serious and it is healthy.”
            “So you will really sell your ox for 5 qirshi? I will give you 5 qirshi and i can take it? No ifs, no buts?”
            “”only one if.”
            “and what is that if?”
            “You will have to buy this rooster as well. it is a must condition, buy the two of them”
            “easy, no problem. i will buy the rooster too. how much is it?”
            “the rooster is priced 600 qirshi”
            “you are kidding!”
            No, he was not kidding at all. he meant it. Then the buyer didn’t want to analayse why the seller wanted to come with such bizarre and complicated pricing but both were calculating to come out okay from the deal. So the buyer bought both for 605.00. Deal was sealed. And both seller and buyer parted ways both smiling. The seller then looked up to the sky and said loudly, “Mariam zibelkuwo ayTelemkun. BeEray 5 qirshi aweSEu alo. Silezi neta zibelkua qal kifitSim eneho nab dejeselamikhi emetSiE alkhu. Translation: Oh Mariam, I’ll keep my word. You have witnessed how much the ox worthed? 5 bucks. I am heading to the church to deliver aĺl of it today.” And that he did.
            The Takeaway Lesson
            The farmer was creative and smart. But the Mariam he tried to cheat and appease at the same time is more powerful and smarter. The moral message? Well, definitely, you are smart but you are not the _____est. If I may, go slower on the feed a bit and read more. Remember, you can only give as much as you have. To give more, get more. Observe, listen, read, internalize.
            You are welcome again, Hope. What are friends for!

  • Amde

    Selam Hope,

    Repeat after me:
    “Assab is the opium of the Eritrean masses”

    Once more
    “Assab is the opium of the Eritrean masses”


    • iSem

      Hi Made:

      It is an opium that dabbles as a fetish.

      Did you notide the “Hopean” slip:-)

      He said to you “Aseb is BUT Eritrean Port::-)

      • Amde

        Selam iSem,

        Fetish is almost right. You know consumer product marketers have figured out just throwing the word “cleanse” to describe anything soapish moves it upscale into quantifiable billions.

        The word Aseb is incalculable in getting otherwise rational Eritreans to toe the PFDJ line, I am sure leaving Isayas and co in paroxysms of incredulous laughter that this sh*t still works.


  • Dis Donc

    Dear Ayneta & all,
    Today being a holiday where I live I decided to write my grain of salt. I think your choices should expand at least by one more.
    Ethiopia: Today’s Ethiopia is an ethnic federal state and this will continue to be so for a foreseeable future. Hence, if for whatever reason Ethiopia starts a war whether to annex Eritrea in its entirety, create a sea outlet corridor, or even change its government it will only complicate and upset its federal makeup. I actually think that even if Eritrea begs to join them or federate with them I am sure they will either have to think about it or ask the Eritrean government to tweak its ethnic alignment. The Ethiopians do know this very well and have moved on from the obsession of Eritrea long ago. So too is the world; despite the obsession of many of yours that of CIA and such! CIA has big fish to fry…. Thus, no worries from the Ethiopian side.

    Eritrea: Eritrea cannot afford to start a war for wanting not to exacerbate further wrath of isolationism and being an outcast. Moreover, IA is not stupid enough to start a full scale war that he knows he cannot win. He, however, will forego for small skirmishes for distraction and diversion purposes only.

    Eritrean oppositions: They do not have the material as well as the will to start war on Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia opposition: This group comes in many flavors and varieties. Hence, I will only focus on those who still bemoan about the loss of Eritrea or its sea ports. If by some miracle they happen to gain office then they will realize that Eritrea is an independent nation and hence starting a war will amount to bad turn of events, both at home and internationally. If they have good lawyers then they can acquire the sea access by international laws and its arbitration penal. But if they want Eritrea in its entirety then they need to conduct a clandestine war or a war of proxy for democracy and only democracy. Within that democracy they should be allowed to have Ethiopian affiliated political parties. These parties should be allowed to campaign for union or federation and let them win the hearts and minds of the Eritrean people.

    Conclusion: choice number four should say “there will be no war!”

  • Berhe Y

    Dear Hope,

    I always believe peaceful resistance will have far greater success than any military adventure, and no matter how soon we think a quick fix “no military operation would have forced the PFDJ thugs to respond / account as they did last week at Geneva”. No matter how many “military facilities” we blow up, or target the “junta leaders” it will not make much a deference, and it would take years and heavy price toll to civilians and destruction”. Syria and Yemen are a perfect example, when a peaceful movement has turned to military, it has turned out “a night mare to the people of Syria and Yemen”. I don’t think Eritrea will be any different..the PFDJ will not just die OFF, if anything they are expert in fighting gorilla warfare and settle in the mountains of Sahel and who is going to remove them…just like the Americans are NOT able to do in Afghanistan”. And there will no short of military supply to bleed Ethiopia and distract it…

    So the Ethiopians are NOT stupid, they do the calculation cost benefit analysis and they will chose what’s to their advantage. What ever happens to the Eritrean people (abuse by the PFDJ) other than to provide what’s obligated of them by the International rules, they have nothing more to do.

    I really do not care if the PFDJ thug called IA, is dragged to the street and meet the face of Ghadafi or that of Sadam…really I have sympathy for him…but we should be worried in what happen to our country and our people in the process…

    So when we say peaceful resistance is’t because we really care what happens to the PFDJ thugs but what happens to the rest of US. So if we are to to talk about “surgical removal of the cancer” there is nothing better than to take them to the “ICC and have them accountable” only those are responsible and for the rest we will find a way to deal with it on our own.

    This will grantee our sanity, our integrity and protect our people and our country. And once this is established, it create a precedence for any wannabe dictator that they same faith will wait for them and will be a deterrent factor. But if another military general takes over by Coup the worst that can happen is he will not be recognized but AU…Big deal..

    As far as CIA and Ethiopia goes, I don’t think it’s possible, unless it’s done in secret operations. Like I said Ethiopia have a LOT to lose, rather than what it gain.

    Who wants to invest in a country which is locked in war and it can’t grantee the safety of it’s investment.


  • iSem

    Hi Hope:
    No, I am not making a U-turn and I am not advocating for
    If ware is ignited, like 1998, the question was posed by Ayneta and he gave choices. I BY said it, if Ethiopia for example like last time declared war the way it did by notifying UN, and its parliament, so what do we do, we do what I said
    MS and you asked good question what guarantee do you have, there is no guarantee , but from the way Ethio conducts the war will know and accordingly we reset, but never supporting the current accused criminals. Why is that so understand, yoir faith is still intact about PFDJ, even when Eritreans are tellin you, they are the worst than we have see before
    Now back to your q if they occupy Barka and Asseb to make it part of Tgray? Even then, the accused have no mandate to lead us, as I said some of the elements of EDF must take over, I am assuming that there are some who are people army.
    Any war lead by the current regime only benefits them, they will not defend the country, why should they, they did not defense it last time, they will not work to the best of their ability in the best interest of Eritrea. That much should be clear and we should never coalesce around the in the event of full scar war, we should unit to kick them when they are down, I know, it is not a gentleman thing to do so, but they have never being gentlemen, so we do to them as they did to us even if it means there is other risk, the old, tired idea of protecting dusty villages at the expense of the nation and life only ended up protecting PFDJ
    the odds are so remote that Ethiopia decides to do whatever your voices are telling you, that is different game, they will be in war, multiple wars, their development hindered, the shot that they have to make it in the next 20 years will be history. The odds of PFDJ destroying Eritrea are higher than the scenario you paint,

  • iSem

    Hi All
    This for Nitricc

    He was once mesmerized by the person depicted in this video and provided a link in his change of mind

    • tes

      Dear iSem,

      Nitricc is terrified by the toothless Justice seeking Geneva demonstrators. I think he is qaunting their teeth as he never expected these toothless opposition won’t rock as such.


  • Berhe Y

    Dear Ayatina,

    I think your question is good but it doesn’t consider two important points in my opinion:

    1) You forget that both countries are full fledged members of the international community and members of the UN, as such they are accountable to the SC. Tit for Tat can be tolerated but full fledge war, going as far as invading a country, which ever country does it needs to be held accountable and it needs to be able to justify its actions. As far as I know, if an invasion is to happen, the member country needs to notify the SC and it needs to declare a WAR, and it needs to in defence of one sovereignty or security. If we see the last war, Ethiopia has followed the protocol to the dot. Declared war with its parliament, it notified the SC, and obliged, although tactically to mediation and peaceful resolution (and the Resi akat didn’t know what could happen) and when opportune times came it took action (and can’t be held accountable, it stack to the status que and never budged, it talk peace but prepared for war).

    2) the opposition, beside the point SGJ made, have no leverage to dictate the terms which way they go. In other words it doesn’t affect the outcome or the direction of either government.

    In my opinion they should call for maximum restraint from both sides and ask they follow international protocols and inform the SC council to intervene.

    This may not change the regime in Asmara but at the end of the day, no other government has responsibility of changing anyone government.


  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi tes and Hope,

    It seems we have agreed that isaias afewerk is an impostor and his motive is to establish tigrai-tigrigni over the ashes of our Sovereignty.And his modus operandi is Orwellian ——where when he wants to say, I hate you, he says, I love you.
    When he says, Eritrea will be self-sufficient in food, he is saying, Eritreans will be starved to death.

    When he says, Eritrea will be so strong that no neighbouring country will dare lift a finger at her, he is saying , Eritrea will be so weak that it will be a laughing stock of the neighbouring countries.

    When he says, woyane is an enemy of Eritrean people, he is saying, I am the enemy of Eritrean people.

    But do not take my word for it; compare what he said in the past masquerading as genuine Eritrean with the devastation he has spawned on the ground—— our disintegrated social fabric, plummeted economy, dilapidated military etc.

  • iSem

    Hi Ayneta:
    Not ONLY the opposition worth his shalt should support PFDJ at any circumstance, but you can be sure some will do at the guise of Eritrean sovereignty because even now there are opposition members who are PFDJ lackey, fragmenting the opposition, but the democratic elements in EDF and Eritreans should attack PFDJ from inside. A group should emerge to negotiate on behalf of Eritrea
    So long as EPRDF still believes in the sovereignty of Eritrea
    So long as Ethiopia is defending itself from PFDJ’s actions of undermining Ethiopia’s security by whatever means
    So long as Ethiopia is targeting only military operations, including mines, garages and any PFDJ owned machinery
    So long as Ethiopia in the heat of the wa does not abuse the innocent Eritreans by deporting them back to Eritrea , where unlike 1998 they will face prosecution as many escaped from PFDJ
    So long as Ethiopia declares war on PFDJ, the ruling regime is physically in Eritrea, attacking them does not mean attack on Eritrea
    So long as Ethiopia’s intention is regime change and not occupying the entire Eritrea
    Then, not only the opposition, but even the entire Eritrean population and the democratic elements in the EDFs must utilize the war to wage war on PFDJ
    GoE does not protect, guard Eritrea and Eritreans, and the military has been an instrument for those who have been accused of crimes against humanity against Eritreans
    So, the Eritrean army should not protect PFDJ if war is ignited and most of the above “Ifs” is true, but instead, the elements of the army should attack PFDJ from inside and seize power in a cop, you can call it war induced demo cop. Eritreans should remove from their heads obsession of Ethiopia occupying the land, the mountains, and instead worry about how PFDJ is destroying the Eritrean human and their future and should use the war “opportunity” to coalesce creating a national governing body on the wake of the collapse of the GoE, the PFDJ. No need to protect PFDJ when every opportunity was given to them, even the CoI report is an opportunity for PFDJ to right the wrong and mend their ways
    Unfortunately, if war ignites most likely with the miscalculations and stupidity of PFDJ, given the messy nature of a protracted war, shortening it by turning against PFDJ and attacking them while they were attacked provides an opportunity to get rid off them. Then worry about the occupied villages and mountains. But this will take a paradigm shift, I have made my shift when it dawned to me the most lethal, the most fatal danger that poses existential threat to Eritrean and Eritreans is not Ethiopia, not TPLF, not the CIA, but the GoE and PFDJ and we should not shy away to get rid off them even using war, that they ignite to receive our sympathies

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam iSem
      iSem says “So long as EPRDF still believes in the sovereignty of Eritrea
      So long as Ethiopia is defending itself from PFDJ’s actions of undermining Ethiopia’s security by whatever means
      So long as Ethiopia is targeting only military operations, including mines, garages and any PFDJ owned machinery
      So long as Ethiopia in the heat of the wa does not abuse the innocent Eritreans by deporting them back to Eritrea , where unlike 1998 they will face prosecution as many escaped from PFDJ
      So long as Ethiopia declares war on PFDJ, the ruling regime is physically in Eritrea, attacking them does not mean attack on Eritrea”
      And who gives you that guarantee? The good Mahmuday says this is majnana. Me, I stick with BerheY conclusion.

    • Berhe Y

      Hi iSem,

      I know we don’t agree on this but can you think of such military operation that conducted with such precision?

      I don’t Ethiopia would do anything to Eritrea unless it’s provoked and that the Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea becomes a threat, less that it has no ground. The best it can do is support clandestine military operation etc. Ethiopia needs to be very careful because it has bigger responsibility, that it would end up costing more in terms of military and political prestige. For example, if full scale war broke out, it needs to calculate who can come to aid Eritrea, may not be publicly but secretly (Egypt?), for its own interests, would like to see Ethiopia locked in quick mare so it delays and even helps slow down the dam. Ethiopia is host to the AU and it’s making a bid to represent Africa at the SC, do you think this give it the support it needs from all countries in the International community. Ethiopia is going in different direction, setting itself as economic success, taking its pkace at the world stage (SC), and even the former FM, is making a bid to head WHO, last week Ethiopian brought Airbus 350, the first its kind to Africa, they are in different game, they are following the growth plan of China, they do not need distraction.

      If anything Ethiopia would push, lobby other countries in the HRC to help send IA to the ICC, this is the best opportunity it’s got to contain him. Why ruin it?

      Why do you think the US could not do anything to Cuba for the past 50 or so years, the best they can do is clandestine operations as in the bay of pigs or something. There is no such thing as “declare war to the PFDJ”, as there is no country called PFDJ”, it is called the state of Eritrea. Why do you think Israel and US do all they can to block / stop from the Palistine to become a recognized member of the UN? Because it allows them to go in and what ever they want and get out. Palestine does not have a voice in the UN and SC.

      As hard as it is to swallow, we have to do it ourselves, any action that is taken against another sovereign country needs to come from the SC, or the powerful like the US do it alone as in the last case of Iraq, but they are still paying the price, both materially and politically.

      We like or not it’s upto us to do the work, and we are doing (opposition), a hell of a job, getting his government to answer to the crimes at international stage, people confuse when they say (international community is doing it for us, no they are not, Eritreans are doing it, lobbying, campaign, demonstration, collecting evidence, testifying etc) and using the International laws to account the government. This needs to be celebrated and if anything we need to join hands and be counted on.


      • iSem

        Hi BY:
        Actually we agree! But you are thinking rationally and answering a different question, not the q Ayneta posed.
        If the war starts like it did in 1998 and let say Ethiopia follows the rules you outlined and follows it to the dot and a full scale war is launched what do we do? What does the opposition do, what do you and I do, do we automatically support GoE in the name of our country? That was the question I was answering.
        According to Siye, PMZ adamantly refused war until the last minute, he says that he was defeated by vote in the military committee and parliament. If PFDJ props the G7, Oromo and other Ethiopian opposition to wage war against Ethiopia, Ethipiopians fearing instability doe the same, of course after calculating the risks. B erhe,who thought war would be started between Eri and Ethiopia. Do you remember, I told you, I just finished writing an exam and when a firend told me, about the war, I gave him a blank stare and walked and he yelled, “I am telling you Woyane declared war on us” then it hit me and muy reply was, “eb keylkmu ember, nShaebiays tsibuq geberwimo” he still remembers that. If he would say the same thing to me, I will not give him blank stares as now, but I would say “seb keylkmu ember….”
        If that is to happen, I am saying no one should be in the side of PFDJ in the name of sovereignty , after all the worst enemy of sovereignty is PFDJ
        The question was not would Ethiopia invade Eritrea, or probability of ware being ignited, it is IF it is ignited what would our positions be?
        For sure, it is going to be mess, the longer it goes the messier, so if that happens we should cut it short by attacking PFDJ, the instigators of war, the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, the sellouts.So if a democratic , nationalistic alliance emerges and takes over and as you say since Ethiopia cannot/should not invade a country that does not threaten its security, the new nationalist government will make peace with Ethiopia.
        Otherwise, answering a different question, I agree 100% with you
        If only dictators rational we would not have Darfur, Rawanda, Ethio Eri war and the 5 wars that PFDJ was involved in since 1991 in our names. The clouds war are hanging over Eritrea and it is a matter of time they will rain


        • Berhe Y

          Dear iSem,

          Sorry i didn’t mean to divert the question. To it seems irrelevant what Eritrean opposition do or not do, if a war is declared by Ethiopia and the SC ok with it, as self defense.

          Even if we say all opposition group agree to support the GoE, it doesn’t mean that they have the power that changes the dynamics.

          I do agree that, the Eritrean people have learned about the PFDJ now then they use to in 1998. So defiantly the number of blind supporters would not be as much as it use to.

      • Dear B.Y.,

        I too do not believe that Ethiopia will start war against Eritrea unprovoked. Nevertheless, the million dollar question is, why should PFDJ provoke Ethiopia? Could it be for the sake of Badme, I do not think so; or to punish Ethiopia, not this either; what then? The last skirmish, I think, was most probably due to something unprogrammed that went wrong, and that is why it did not continue.
        One very important point you mentioned is the roll Egypt might dream to play as a spoiler to the economic development of Ethiopia and her desire to be a regional power, which Egypt hates very much due to the loss she incurred during the last decade and the shift in economic and political power in the region and beyond. Of course, the readiness of the PFDJ regime to serve this sinister Egyptian plan is essential for this to happen. The Ethiopian government has done an important job by making all Ethiopians stakeholders in the GERD, economically and psychologically. I believe that this makes them ready to defend Ethiopia’s development tooth and nail.
        If the PFDJ feels hopeless and wants to play its last destructive card of kill and die, with no concern for the Eritrean people, and it tries to make Eritrea a gateway for another invasion of Ethiopia by foreign powers like Egypt, I am afraid that things will be extremely ugly. Either alone or with the help of the PFDJ, Egypt will not win a war against Ethiopia. On the contrary, it will create a situation that will suck in other powers as well. Unfortunately, the battlefield will be in Eritrea. This will create a situation one might call (በእንቅርት ላይ ጆሮደግፍ), and here is another reason the PFDJ must go before it exposes the Eritrean people to more damage.

        Finally, I am of the opinion that different Ethiopian opposition forces hosted by the regime in Asmara are more dangerous to the freedom and democratic aspirations of the Eritrean people than they are to Ethiopia. If the PFDJ is in danger of losing power, they will stand to defend it, because in a free Eritrea they will lose everything, their very existence. Therefore, the relationship between the two, at least at this stage is symbiotic. They have the same enemy and the same dream that does not serve the interest of the Eritrean people.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Horizon,

          I am not disputing the PFDJ is a cancer and it needs to go, and that’s the reason why it should be dealt by the Eritrean people so that to keep out all other players in the internal affairs of Eritrea which will have a far reaching consequence for the country and the people.

          Either way there is no easy way out for the Eritrean people and the sooner we focus our energy and frame work the better.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Berhe Y.,
            I agree wholeheartedly with your response to Horizon.
            There are a lot of highly educated diaspora Ethiopians who author eloquently about how Ethiopia should be governed. Some of these Professors and intellectuals advocate for an ideal form of government. Anything short of that is demonized and they seek to partner with the devil himself to change it. I can’t even begin to debate with these guys because their skills for debate is far more, infinitely more advanced, than their impractical prescriptions.
            The Ethiopia they have in mind, never existed before in history. Of course it does not exist now in 2016 and most likely will never exist in the future. It is a pipe dream, when they start using Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as their source of wisdom, their Bible. The western Democracies these people mirror us for disapproval is a recipe for disaster.
            Why am I venting all of this to you?
            It is because Eritrea is not that much different from Ethiopia. The expectation should not be that the current dictatorship be replaced by some kind of western form of government. It cannot be achieved by writing a lengthy bylaws to appease all individual members of any organization. They hamstrung themselves to death before they stand up.
            The aspiration, hope, encouragement, and support should be directed to any of the security people in Eritrea who would have to risk their own lives for the love of their people to mitigate and stop this slide off the cliff.
            Mr. K.H

          • Berhe Y

            Hi K.H.,

            I agree with and thank you for sober assessment. As to the Diaspora Ethiopian opposition, they have lost all my respect when they stand with PFDJ and IA without putting into consideration the justice being denied to the Eritrean people.

            And I don’t think they will have any chance in coming to power, they simply do not have a principle they can stand on.

            My hope is that the Ethiopian government relax its ways and encourage real opposition to take important role in the democratic process.


          • tes

            Dear BY,

            I am surprised that you had any type of hope on the Ethiopian opposition camp, especially those settled in Eritrea. I think they are the most stupid opposition group who are working to disintegrate today’s Ethiopia.

            Above all they are guided by Derg’s political book who are war mongerd and abusers of people’s power.

            Let’s condemn them as they are the spores of instability and war for the next generation to come.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Tes,

            When I said hope, I think the 2005 election provided the best opportunity to move Ethiopia to democratic nation. There were few members of the CUD who won and deserved to be in the parliament but instead locked up (like Burtikan) and few others. I think they would have a chance if they continued to find peaceful means to seek change.

            I can’t say the EPRDF government was all innocent in the whole count and how they handled the crises.

            Anyway, nothing to lose sleep about, they are primary Ethiopia’s problem and the Ethiopians are prepared in how to handle them.


          • Hope

            Selam Berhe:

            You said:

            “I can’t say the EPRDF government was all innocent in the whole count and how they handled the crises”.
            Are U serious?
            That is it?
            TPLF has not done anything to us?

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Hope,
            Please reread what you quoted BY, calmly. And see what is it saying.

          • Bensoll

            Selam all,

            Beisenhert of the German magazine “STERN” put it this way: “Democracy is great thing, the only dumb thing about it is that stupid are allowed to participate.”

            The meaninglessnes of our political discourse is sometimes very surprising

        • iSem

          Hi Horizon:
          “……………………..Asmara are more dangerous to the freedom and democratic aspirations of the Eritrean people than they are to Ethiopia. If the PFDJ is in danger of losing power……”
          I largely agree with your statement but do not underestimate the incremental and multiple attacks from different groups, given the diverse ethincity of Ethiopia, any ethnic uprising will have a contageon effect that is the challenge for your counry, in Eritrea is different, we talk abou t9 ethinic groups,but really they are two, Tigre and Tigriniya, the rest have no demobraphic power even to be a spoiler
          Ethiopia is on a tricky journey,open too son, it may flare some latent issues, repress too much, it will force ethnic groups to demand their rights when some are inevitably left behind in the booking country as always happens in countries in transition. Walking a tight rob and slowly showing openess and managing risks of war, civil strife and equal opportunity for all is the name of the game

          • Dear iSem,

            Ethnic problems in Ethiopia are not in any way worse today than they were in the 1990s and earlier. Ethiopian ethnic groups have tasted self-rule, are using their languages, and their cultures are respected today much more than they ever were. They are less isolated than they used to be, thanks to roads that join different parts of the country, Ethiopian homes are lit ever more each year, etc.
            OLF, ONLF, and G7, do not seem to represent the wish of the people, and I doubt if they will ever play any major role in Ethiopian politics as long as they support armed struggle. They can do nothing more than creating some disturbances here and there. Therefore, I personally am not worried much about ethnic uprising, provided that there is equitable development of all ethnic regions and there is appropriate response to their grievances, which I think is more or less happening.
            The domination of power by one ethnic group in Ethiopia will gradual decrease, and I believe that it is decreasing. With time Ethiopian ethnic groups are becoming self-assertive and more power will devolve to regional governments that will serve as a safety valve.

          • Hope

            -Please define “gradual’..
            -In Horizon’s world,25 years of minority rule is not enough…where more than 95% of every thing is dominated and controlled by one and Minority clique.

            -Both temporary and permanent Interest is what matters when it comes to the stand of the Ghinbot-7,OLF and ONLF/the Gambellas,the Amharas,etc—-

            -The logic behind the Eritrean Justice Seekers’ taking the risk of taking the matter/their grievance,as the Smart SAAY said it, to the COI and the UNHRC, was and is, for the same interest and as the last resort as they have failed with other ways of bringing the PFDJ to its knees to bring the real change in Eritrea and Constitutional Governance,not that the COIE or its sponsors are trustworthy when it comes to Eritrea,at least historically speaking.

            -The same “truth” or argument applies to/for the un-holy alliance between the PFDJ and the Ethiopian Opposition groups(not that the PFDJ trusts Ghinbot-7 with its obvious stand against Eritrean Sovereignty and about the Aseb issue).
            Both the PFDJ and the Opposition Groups,including me,believe that there will not be peace in the Horn while the TPLF is in Power and this assertion is based on the facts on the ground.

            On the same token,you may argue the same way that while the PFDj is in power,there won’t be peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
            As to which one holds more water,it is the major point of debate but not only the circumstantial evidence but the facts on the ground speak volumes as to who is the major culprit and OBSTACLE.

            For the Eritrean Opposition Groups (and probably for some or “most” Justice Seekers here at least),the main culprit is the TPLF but for the MOST Ethiopians,the main culprit is the TPLF-for FACT.

            That is the sticky issue speaking from the Ethiopia perspective.
            But there should have been a Midway Solution as being suggested as below by a certain Tazabi:

            “”Understanding the gravity and magnitude of the COI recommendations to refer Eritrea to international court for the alleged crimes against humanity, Eritrean government has finally granted a visa to assistant secretary to African Affairs to visit Asmara and meet the president himself. The behind door deal is for Eritrea to enter into a constructive engagement with United States and in return, US will not push for COI recommendations to refer the matter to international court, instead a watered down version will be prepared which will allow periodic evaluations of Eritrea’s human rights conditions. The watered down version is expected to garner an unanimous vote and it is expected to be endorsed by Eritrea.

            The reason for keeping the US Secretary visit to Eritrea undeclared is to not hurt TPLF led government’s feelings.
            However US seems to be interested to bring in Eritrea to its fold and also have Eritrea play a positive role in helping Ethiopia to go through a peaceful transition!

            US diplomats are quietly telling the TPLF government that the way it is leading Ethiopia is unsustainable and it has to form an all inclusive government in Ethiopia and US is convinced that Eritrea, due to the fact that it’s hosting more than a dozen armed Ethiopian rebels, it would play pivotal role toward this goal.

            The US administration has reached to the point that TPLF’s days are over!

            The watered down version which will be prepared by human rights council on Eritrea will come as a major blow to TPLF led government as it was expecting the US to push in full force that COI recommendations applied on Eritrea in letter and spirit.


          • Hayat Adem

            Dearest Hope,
            I’ve some questions for you. You said, “US diplomats are quietly telling TPLF…” Quitely means unofficially, not publicly, behind closed doors. But you told us what transpired between them quitely, that US beleives the poitical system in Ethiopia is unsustainable, that the US asked TPLF to form a new government that is inclusive, that the US views Eritrea to have a “pivotal” role in the new government to be formed anew in Ethiopia. Would you mind sharing it with us how you knew all this to be the case from the quiet talk between the two?

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Hayat Adem,
            Hope cannot reveal sources and methods. Right, Hope?. We have to believe. Besides, ethics and…..
            Knowing hope he spends an inordinate amount of time on fringe Ethiopian grouping’s websites and he reads their dreams and hopes. Then he either spices it up for Awate or just copy/retype what he reads. It is a la la land, out there. Unfortunately, there are others just like him with a little more finesse.
            I have an acquaintance who tells me the back and forth conversations between U.S Gov. and Ethiopian Gov. as if he was there in the room when the two Governments were talking. I hope he doesn’t come here to visit too, that would be embarrassing. The only thing that upsets me after his visits is the extent of what he thinks of me.
            Mr. K.H

          • PTS

            That’s funny. I think Hope and Nitricc open Ethio sites while eating their meals. That’s how much they are interested on them.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi KH.
            I am imagining how you play it a cool listner when it comes to your friend on his claims of knowing senstive and secret talks. And you don’t want your friend to come here because you don’t want him to see and learn a thing about your sophistication, right?
            The above silly question is just my way of greeting you Kim. It is always good to feel you around.

          • Hope

            Ahlen Gual Aboy Adem:
            I am quoting Tazabi!
            But I wish it is true as that is my stand-a Mid-Way approach peacefully!

          • Hayat Adem

            Thanks Hope,
            So I now understand from your response you have two sources for what you told us here the fact that “US is quietly telling TPLF” to change. Two sources is good. Solid!
            1) Your first source is Tazabi. (is that a website?). So when you bring big stuff from other sources indicate so to your readers so that they are able to judge the credibility of the information. Also provide the link if you can.
            2) your second source is “your wish”- and I am not laughing here. You told me so here and you repeated it below when replying to KH. That part of your answer made me to think that you are a nice person. That intelligent Abi didn’t name you Gerageru without a reason. No body else would tell us his/her wish was used as another source to report new information. Wish=News:) I like it. Next time just tell us some news just alert us if your source happens to be your wish and all will be fine.
            You are welcome, Hope. What are friends for!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hayat,

            I keep reading and feeling deep hoping you will take Hope up to your position ..Lol..I told you that will be a miracle. today tes wrote in his face book page “The most awful thing that can happen in life is when someone that you can’t ignore drags you into the valley of ignorance.” Lol I don’t know from where he got it. My queen, I am used to read your educational views and I wish you go up to your chair.

          • Hayat Adem

            The Wise Kokhob,
            You think very generously about me as if I can do something better than this. But frankly I don’t know why I’m so fixated with Hope and sort of enjoy chatting with him.
            Are you familiar with the sheep parable, Kokhobay? My knowledge about the Book is also sparsely dotted. But i’m sure Hope knows more about this and he can tell us the full version.
            If you have 100 sheep and of them one is lost, you will leave the 99 and wander in search of the one; and if you find it, you will rejoice it as if the one sheep is greater in value than the rest 99.

          • Abi

            Hi Qonjit,
            Amna ahyochun
            Zendro begochun
            Endatreshi eregnochun!

          • tes

            Dear Kokhob Selam,

            Ah you brought it! Brother I wrote it just for myself from my own ongoing personal experience not political though.

            With Regarrs


          • Abi

            Hope Nebsi
            There is a great movie I want you to watch
            ” A Beautiful Mind”.
            You sound like the main character.

          • Hope,
            Look at the 25 years like this: as the years in which Ethiopia made two steps forward and one step back; while Eritrea made one step forward, and at the same time was forced by the regime you support to make multiple steps back. Try to see the difference, and the gap that is opening as time passes? Please, do not shoot at us again with your billions and trillions.
            Sorry, I could not force myself to read the whole hateta. Make it short if you can. Afterall it is a comment.

          • Hope

            Hello Horizon:

            This is for you,Kim Hanna and Ms Hayat Adem as well.:

            “The T-TPLF ambassador also conveniently overlooked in his talking points regurgitation the fact that “Ethiopia lost US$11.7 billion to illicit financial outflows between 2000 and 2009.”

            In 2011, Global Financial Integrity reported “illicit financial outflows from Ethiopia nearly doubled in 2009 to US$3.26 Bln.”

            Total of $15 ,000,000,000.00 within less than 10 years(Abi : Can U hear me? Fifteen Billion $!).

            Who in Ethiopia has that kind of money to stash in offshore accounts? Who made Ethiopia poor, backward and ignorant? Who has been sucking Ethiopia’s blood for 25 years?

            The answer is: The fourth enemy of Ethiopia!”
            Courtesy of Prof Alemayehu G/Mariam(one of my favorite Professors,btw).
            Source: the Ethiopian Review.

          • Dear Hope,
            You are right here. Governments are s..t. They are full of thieves, which ever government you take all over the world. The more money there is around, the more the rats that are ready to steal the cheese. Last time, $600m were searching for an Eritrean owner. You see, it is an epidemic.

            About the confused professor; what can one say. With all his knowledge, he has failed to understand that TPLF is not Ethiopia, and Ethiopia is not TPLF. He is with the Egyptians, International Rivers and all the enemies of Ethiopia, because he believes that if Ethiopia loses, TPLF loses.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Hope,
            Are you sure the Professor didn’t say 13 Trillion Dollars. You know what, it must be Ethiopia is trying to help cover the U. S deficit. What are friends for, Hope.
            I knew you visit a lot of Eth. websites. I am glad you always identify your sources though. I call that integrity.
            Hope, your definition of flip flopping as a balancing act was hilarious.
            Mr. K.H

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Berhe Y.,
        I appreciate this rather sober and realistic analysis of the current sate of affairs. Folks like iSem who bring up any and all possibilities forget the Urgent Care predicament their country is in. It is real.
        Young people are leaving in droves in spite of the Gov. effort, including shot to kill order at the border. Parents and relatives of these young people facing untold hardships is proof as to the desperate condition of existence in the country.
        For the reasons you mentioned and possibly others, Ethiopia cannot and would not jeopardize itself. Ethiopia is just standing up on its own wobbly legs to face its own problems. It does not need another unpredictable problem.
        iSem and people with similar tendencies should worry or be concerned about other external actors in his country. We all know the Eritrean Gov. insatiable appetite for cash and Saudi Arabian/ Gulf Arabs need for a cheap deep source of mercenaries for their adventures in Yemen and Syria.
        The operative words for both parties is TOP SECRET, not even the UN snoops can detect. This is a bad bad hellish combination for the Eritrean conscripts. We only know the tip of the iceberg. If one has to worry about that kind of problem this particular one instead of Ethiopia coming and taking over Eritrea has a reasonable and immediate apprehension to it.
        Mr. K.H

        • iSem

          Hi Kim and BY:
          This debate was not whether Ethiopia should invade Eritrea or will it star war.
          Ayneta had a clear Q, if war is ignited what should the opposition do and his M.Choice answers.
          Now, Ethiopia made it clear it will not start war short of Eri launching a full blown war, but the pressures from UN, Ethiopia’s strangling hold, and other the internal pressures may force Eri’s dictator to attack Ethiopia and with it forcing Ethio to attack Eritrea just like it did before.
          We saw what happened before the ink on the CoI report was dry, a one day war was fought, and Eri is saying the Woyane are coming as excuse of their crimes.
          As I said before, PFDJ is is protecting Ethiopia’s border so it is in its best interest to keep the stable regime in Eri, but if Eri pushes Ethio to war what will we do is the question

          The regional scenario you pained is real but mention one war in history that was rational, even the armed struggle for independence was irrational, so wars mostly occur when irrational men, mostly men anyways take irrational actions and the people are fooled that the war is for their benefits.
          No one is talking about Ethio taking over Eritrea
          Or are you guys sayng that the possibility of war is remote? I think that the current state of affair cannot go forever, it will either explode in war or some peace must be negotiated, if Ethio sits on its laurels, something like an uber Forto may erupt and Eri creating chaos, choatic Eritrea will invite the regional scenario you mentioned, I am not advocating invasion
          My point is, mess in Eritrea means unprotected border for Ethiopia, which means even messier Ethiopia. So IF, IF war breaks we should cut it short to avoid mess in Eritrea, and for us this does not mean by siding with PFDJ in the name of sovereignty and since there is little chance that Ethio has interest annexing Eritrea, opposition and EDF must collaborate with Ethiopia to remove PFDJ and stabilize Eritrea, actually Ehtiopia should provide needed support stability in Eritrea
          IF war starts, forget the reasons, or possiblities of it, IF we wake up tomorrow like we did in May 1998 and war has broken, what should those Eritreans fighting for justice do.
          Mahmuday was cryptic about it and asked rhetorically, there is no assurances of iSem’s SO LONG periodic sentences:-)

  • Abi

    Hi Ayneta
    I expect the opposition to support their government 100%. Are you kidding me?
    I hated EPRDF in 1998 but supported my government during the border war 100000000%.

  • Dear Ayneta,
    Sorry to say that you are talking of a very serious issue as if it is as simple as supporting one or the other (for example) football team during a tournament. There is no sense at all in supporting this or the other side in the ensuing Ethio-Eritrean war, as long as it is not going to change an iota in the catastrophic outcome. What we should talk about is how Ethiopians and Eritreans could avert future destructive wars. It does not matter at all on which side the Eritrean Opposition should find itself if war starts. It has no significance at all, because the outcome is beyond their control.

  • Saleh Johar

    Seam Ayneta,

    You are falling in the trap of thinking the opposition is a monolithic organization. It is not. In case the scenario you presented become a reality, you will not find three neatly defined groups, each taking one collective position. Be it the opposition, the PFDJ itself, or the Koboro Junkies, will be splintered into dozens of pieces with different position. The strongest will prevail. To me, the strongest will be the potential alliance of patriotic forces minus the PFDJ and the wishy-washy individuals.

  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡር ሓው: Selamat!
    ዕለት: 26/06/2016

    ወዮ ክኢልካዮ! ወሸለ ዘንተ-ሞጎታዊ ተንተናኻ መገዲ ሰላም ኣቅራቢ ኮይኑ ተረኺቡ ! ብጉድይ ጥዕና ኣንበብቲ ኣይትሰከፍ: ኣይኮነን ዶ ዝተጻሕፉ ሓሳባትስ ኣብ ባይታ ዝተተገብሩ ገበናትን ሸርሕታትን ንልዕሊ 40 ንዓመታት ገጢምናዮም ኢና ::የግዳስ እቲ ትጽሕፎ ክንድዚ ዝኣክለ ዋዕዋዕታን ቅድመ- ሓበሬታን የድልዮ ዶ ይኸውን ?? ሃየ ግርም ዝተቀነባበረ – ዋሃ ዘበለ ኮይኑ ተቀባልነት ክረክብ ደኣ ጽዓት :: እወ ሂስን ነቀፌታን ብዘይዳግም ሕቆኻ ከይሰብሩኻ ጠንቀቕ ::

    “ንኺድ ” ድዮም ዝብሉ ህግደፍ ? ንኺድ !

  • said

    Nsu-nHn, nHna-nSu: we are One And The Same. they reap what they sow .

    Eritrea is as nation dead interims of all aspect of Index and will probably be in its death throes for years to come.
    Sooner or later IA force fails; sooner or later, the utter economic incompetence and fiscal incompetence of Asmara regime fails. the economic miserably law takes hold and demands obedience; sooner or later, people say enough is enough; sooner or later people choose to serve no more. creating even more instability and resentment among Nsu-nHn, nHna-nSu follower and Eritrean at large . Many in power will work to ensure the dire consequences predicted if changes comes.

    As the Eritrean people are more and more seeing through the manipulation under which they have been held in bondage , it is likely that they will also see that these consequences are nothing but cynical moves by their oppressors. IA have the least sympathy for the oppressed peoples of Eritrean and they see through .

    And the older tagadelty generation those in power has conspired to disenfranchise and endanger large parts of the society and to change bad situation for much worst, not the better for society and make life so much harder and never easier. Including those who adhere and call themselves Nsu-nHn, nHna
    The propaganda machine , they how to rings a rewarding bell in the brains of people with the right receptors,
    IA bad government policies is known to every one. His governments don’t care to create peace and prosperity and do not add any economic value. They are bankrupt, they only know to create misery and the how over tax, steal, hurt, and destroy what ever economic activity left . things gat worst may be much worst dire is yet to come in Eritrea.
    I don’t know why the people of Nsu-nHn, nHna-nSu still love him . I don’t know why they serf him, obey him and listen to him , some of our people are totally committed to IA polices , but they do, they always have, they always will, when life is miserable and when their precious children are slaved and are no more with them .They’ll pat themselves on the back: job well done. they’re our people, these lost soul who have screwed it up for themselves and their children they are raising in obedience of servitude to the tyrant .

    Like many of Eritreans they left their home land, they can not bears dictatorship and because they wanted freedom ,something better, never really appreciating what they had and if they ever had. And now how it is actually affecting the most vulnerable people living there on the bottom of abbacy and misery and already looking very bleak .But the urgency is now undeniable. We reap what they sow. Because of those of blind followers of Nsu-nHn, nHna-nSu to a greater part they are responsible.

  • T..T.

    Dear Horizon and all,

    We all know the ELF did a lot of prison breakups to free political prisoners, among them the now many of the EPLF leaders currently in Isayas’s hard to break prisons. The freed prisoners became narrators of prison life under the Derg, which was not different from the prisons in Addis Ababa with family visitation rights. But with those to be freed, under UN’s actions, from the prisons of Isayas, their stories will be horrible describing life as worse than devilishly and infernal places because of the harsh living conditions and the melting temperature.

    Those freed prisoners, under UN’s actions, should have a say about how the UN has to punish them. You know what, those would be freed prisoners, for sure, they would go for convicting the never repenting jailor and his generals. Yet, one thing is for sure, the jailors if not put in prison; they will have heart attacks from fear of vengeance, yes fear of paybacks.

    In commending the UN’s ousting decision of the tyrant and in celebrating the Eritrean justice seekers achievements, here’s Mohamed Wardi’s song “أصبح الصبح.“ – (The morning has come declaring “no more jailors and no more jails” freeing all prisoners).

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Horizon,

    In my view “reformism” does not bring peace and development in Eritrea, especially with the regime we have.. That is why I am at odd to my fellow Eritreans who opt and fight for reformism from the kind of regime at hand. The regime is brute to the core and criminal. They are calling for Amnesty to the dictator and his lackeys. Amnesty is justice to the despot and injustice to the victims. My conscience rejected Amnesty and will keep fighting for justice to the victims. If we do not adjudicate justice for the past and the present, we will never adjudicate justice in the future. So I agree completely with your comment as stated above.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Abi

    Hi Tesfabrhan Redie
    You claimed this is your most referenced article. So far you failed to come up with a single reference to substantiate your claim.
    I’m still waiting ….

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Hope,
    My final response on this topic.
    Hope could I borrow your reasoning for a minute? Thanks.
    It could be said that The Emperor did what he was supposed to have done, because of circumstances and provocations, after all he was the Emperor.
    Mind you, Hope, you are saying this not me.
    Mr. K.H

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Tesfabrhan,
    Characterizing all acts of brutality as a manifestation of underlying psychiatric problem is simply a convenient means of
    avoiding the issue.
    No, Isaiah afewerk is not a paranoid. He is rather unscrupulous and immaculate murderer, not however as an end in itself but as a means of realizing objective cause——- establishing tigrai- tigrigni.

    His modus operandi is Orwellian—– when, for instance, he says self-reliance, the naive and gullible, taking it literally, feels pride and commits himself to support him all the way. But for Isaiah afewrk, flattery and arousing pleasure in people means controlling their minds and turning them into blind followers

    • tes

      Dear Tewelde g.,

      I agree with you that manifesting IA’s dictatorship as a paranoid character is not enough. To avoid such narrow definition of hi dictatorship I had an original idea of inviting awate readers to describe DIA on their own terms using 100 words. But then i dropped it thinking that it may not be that much productive. Saying that many materials that i came across and from m own contemplation on DIA I am more comfortable to describe him as a paranoid and merciless dictator.

      On your side please do not hesitate to describe him. I am saying this because describing DIA is a hetc job for anyone who wanted to do so as his dictatorship is extremely agree. I liked what Fanti Ghana used to describe his quality. He wrote:

      “Even by the strictest definition of dictatorships Eritrea is indeed run by an old-fashioned and harsh dictatorial rule.”


  • Abi

    Hope Nebsi
    You are absolutely right His Excellency PIA is a liberator. He is liberating Eritrea from Eritreans. Soon, Eritrea will be free. We are coming back!!!!
    The game is ” eshohn beshoh”. Cheaper and effective!!!! I think all PFDJista including you are working with WEYENTI in clearing Bahire Negash.
    Your effort in this process is greatly appreciated.

    • tes

      Dea Abi,

      I concur with you when you say:

      You are absolutely right His Excellency PIA is a liberator. He is liberating Eritrea from Eritreans. Soon, Eritrea will be free. We are coming back!!!!

      The game is ” eshohn beshoh”. Cheaper and effective!!!! I think all PFDJista including you are working with WEYENTI in clearing Bahire Negash.

      But think otherwise, no one can make people to extinct no matter how long it is or how much one kills, always people will stand for their rights. We did this before and we are doing right now.


  • Amanuel

    Hi Hope
    IA was a dictator since he became a SG of his party in 70s.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    As the tyrant’s legs wobble under the UN’s heavy pressure to come clean and his clueless supporters fail to flex their muscles like before, the embassies are resorting to desperate measures to outsourcing support from non-Eritreans including Ginot7 and other enemies of the Eritrean people. Internally, it is reported that the conscripts are surrendering to the Ethiopian forces in loud support for “YES to peaceful coexistence and mutual non-aggression respecting each country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and NO to Isayas’s arrogance and wars.”

    Thus, we can say the Geneva of 2016 is harvesting success after success. It is time, while forcing the tyrant to resign and surrender to ICC, to accuse him of misappropriating billions of monies and wealth of the Eritrean people in his 25 years of the so called “presidency.”

    • iSem

      Hi T.T:
      A recipe of win win that saves a nation and reputations in Eritrea in light of the CoI allegation of crimes against humanity
      Still, the heavy pressure is an opportunity of PFDJ to mend ways and right wrongs.
      Regardless* of the crimes committed, the suffering inflicted, the rapes, all systematic and widespread, PFDJ has the ball on their court to correct all by doing the following:
      1. Immediately release all political, religious, journalist prisoners without condition
      2. Account for the dead, accept repsposiblity, release details to loved ones and the nations
      3. profusely apologize to the Eitrean people for the last 25 years
      4. Set up a ETRC( Eritrean Truth and Reconcilliation Council) minding, region, religion, enthicity, experts of human rights and international observers
      5. Ask CoI to release the names of those accused in the report for crimes against humanity and investigate
      6. create a committe tasked with transitional matters that works closely with the ETRC and with current government to refine transition, terms of references for transition.
      7. All those metioned in the crimes against humanity will not face death or lengthy prisons. They will admit guilty,will be documented as offenders of crimes against humanity and do community services and very light prison terms
      8. Account of all the monies the PFDJ have stolen and returen it to its rightful owner, the people of Eritrea
      9. totally purge PFDJ thinking and dismantle the apparatus of repression immediately
      10, the state will protect the crimianls from repirasals from the population, any citizen no matter if he was wronged or his loved one raped or mjurdered and disappreaed by the PFDJ should not in any situation take matters on their own hands to attack the PFDJ and if they do the law of the land must dealt with them lest we allow mob justice to reign.
      All tasks must be followed with reasonable timeline and accountable dead lines
      This will save salvage the nation, save the reputation, preserve the legacy for our besieged people to look forward to their destiny with a brighter
      It was better to intimate these themes on the first speech that IA gave where he banned the game of “hasheway”, failing that the next one was when the fighters demonstrated, then the after math of the war and G-15 provided an other opportunity, it was squandered, now the CoI has provided what seems the last opportunity that must be exploited, it is late for the many lives that were shattered but with hard work and some integrity they can save their skin, the reputation and the nation, the past and the future, save lives and make living much better.
      But as we can tell from the tone and tenore of the PFDJ, as far as I can glean from the writes that have emerged from the woodwork, PFDJ are still in their old tricks of intimidation, again allying with foreigners to destroy Eritreans who are seeking liberty from the tranny they have offered. They have gone nuclear and the fear is, the strangely wired mind of the dictator my do something stupid that will again lurch the nation to an other disater

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi haw Sem,

        In a fight of two opposite ideas or any kind of fight for that matter, you do not compromise before you reach to the “compromising table”; and as a strategy you do not expose your “compromising points” before you create an atmosphere for compromising situation. Otherwise, if you do, you are giving the upper hand to your counterpart to manipulate to their advantage. Remember, you are talking about compromise when your counterpart is not only not in compromising situation, but also when they do not recognizing you as a force to compromise with. Look what kind of argument the supporters of the dictator are telling us, that Issayas is a liberator only to become a dictator when he is provoked (hope responding to abi, who is regarded as super rational by his colleague MS). Power challenges power and to do that we have to know the power of your enemy to build your own power to dictate the power of the day to bring to the table or dismantle its institutional power. More to this in my coming article.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Amanuel,

          I have written my advice to PFDJ using the common ground as human beings. In tigrnya, the other day I put one note here in awate but I don’t think that is a kind of compromise. At this stage PFDJ can request a mechanism that will allow them to leave the office completely apologizing and allowing to let people receive from them. Something very difficult to decide for PFDJ but which will be better for them and the people. PFDJ leadership is going to face the last worst moment if they don’t do so and they might try their best fighting which will also cost the people to some level. for me PFDJ is no more worth any single soul and I prefer to convince them surrender giving guaranty living in their country – but this will be limited time offer Lol.

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam ISem,
        Gee, iSem, Do you know the O.J Simpson murder trial?
        This sounds like one of the Lawyers of Mr. Simpson asking him to confess to the murder at the court.
        O.J. was not stupid.
        Mr. K.H

        • iSem

          Hi Abi and Kim:
          Abi: No I am not for reformist so long as the reform is initiated by them, so in exchange for they confessing I become a reformist
          Kim, Yes, the during the OJ I trial, I was new here and I remember the trial, in this case once PFDJ is on trial after the law catches on them,there is no compromise, they should be persecuted to the full extent of the law. Like a criminal who makes a deal, it will save the nation lives, resources and give Eri a shot at a decent future if they smarten up and admit in exchange of clemency for their crimes. Who would refuse a win/win scenario. Bu

      • Abi

        Hi Sem
        I put you in the reformists group.
        Mahmud S, Saay7, iSem…..This group is getting stronger .

      • Hope

        Well,aside some cosmetics and rhetoric, haven’t we saying the same stuff over and over?
        Welcome back to the Club, Cousin.
        One point though:
        If you are talking about reconciliation, it should be accompanied with ‘Forget and Forgive” supplemented with
        a serious and generous Compensation Package.
        SGJ at one point gave us an analogy of the ESEPPA left overs in Eritrea when the EPLF put them into rehab and released them but in our case should be more Humane and rational.
        Your approach is reasonable ONLY if the PFDJ is defeated but while the PFDJ is stronger and in Power,your approach cannot be successful except if the COIE is going to be the driving FORCE behind the True Reconciliation.
        Prob Abi should be included in ‘Mishimgal”

    • Dear T.T.,
      A similar phenomenon was seen before the demise of the Derg. Ethiopians stopped to fight and die for MHM and his regime, and started to join the LFs, and gradually he lost control and was forced to flee the country. It seems that young Eritreans are saying NO to DIA, and they refuse to fight and die so that the dictatorial regime remains in power. Although the countdown started a long time ago, it seems that this is the final countdown.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Tesfabirhan,
    Your list of world’s worst known dictators from your search included Haile Selassie. For you to list him along with Mengistu, Idi Amin and Gaddafi is typical the Orwellian world outlook.
    I accept he is a dictator. If all dictators are bad, Haile Selassie will be toward the tail end of that list. Specially for you, tes, you look at any list of bad dictators and that list does not include PIA, it should raise a red flag for its veracity. It is a nut job list.
    All I am doing here is raising my objection for the record, not to litigate history.
    Mr. K.H

    • Abi

      Hi Mr Kim
      Don’t bother Prof Tes. I will help you find his resources since his article has no reference whatsoever.
      You see, he got his reliable information about the brutal king from the good book authored by God himself.

      I just hope he comes back with some reference material to substantiate his allegations. I like to see the list to believe him. Any list with the King’s name as a director.

      • tes

        Dear Abi,

        Well on the reference materials, do not be worried. In fact this article is one of the most referenced article that I wrote. However I left them out for the sake of minimal icing. If you are serious I will put them in order.

        @Kim hana, dictators may differ on their qualities. Haile Silassie is a unique dictator, a dictator who wanted Eritreans to fall under his administration using a gun. When we said no, he didn’t hesitate to burn entire villages. Consequently thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands fled to rescue their life. Had HS was not that much merciless dictator Eritreans could not started 30 years bloody struggle that costs us many lives.

        For the references, I don’t need any foreign material. My own families are enough to label him as a dictator.


        PS: Abi- HS is not director but a dictator

        • Abi

          Tes ,
          Kemey qenika?
          Thanks for the correction. Yeqenyeley Tes Hawey.

          Now give us some reference and make the article complete. I’m serious about the list. Besides, this is where the standards are higher to post an article without a single reference. Now don’t go Hope all over me and call your cousins and nephews as reference material. Any list to substantiate your claim will do. You can’t be the prosecutor, the witness and the judge all at the same time .

    • iSem

      Hi Kim:
      Are you saying that HS is unaccomplished dictator, not a top notch dictator?

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam iSem,
        Let me answer your question with a, in kind, question.
        In 2016 Eritrea, who would you rather have, Emperor Haile Selassie or President IA ? I reserve the right to call for a lie detector test.
        Mr. K.H

        • Abi

          Hi Kim
          In 2016 Eritrea People are missing Mengistu.

        • tes

          Dear Kim Hanna,

          Remember there is no difference among killers. HS was and so is DIA. I don’t know how you are trying to compare them. For Eritreans they are all the same. That is why we are continuously fighting for our freedom. Even HS was once considered as a liberator from western occupation but soon turned to dictate Ethiopian people that resulted mass appraisal, both inside and outside Ethiopia. History can’t forget what was done. If you are in doubt just ask any Orromo, Tigrian, Debub Hizboch and the Somalis in case you wanted to omit Eritrean suffering under HS administration.


    • Dear K.H.,
      HS was an absolute monarch, who by definition was above the law. Yes, some of his actions would have made him dictatorial, but his system of government was not organized to be a dictatorship or make him a dictator. Putting HS and DIA at the same level is a big mistake. This would absolve DIA in many ways from the inhuman dictator he is.

      • Peace!

        Hi Horizon,

        HS was actually a fascist crusader which by far worst than a brutal dictator.


        • Abi

          Selam Peace
          Eritreans did exceptionally well under his throne. Tsehayu Nigus was the best King under the sun for law abiding Eritreans. According to historians who studied the Eritrean struggle for self destruction, he was provoked by the outlawed shiftas who were serving the interests of the enemies of his country.

          • Peace!

            Hi Abi,

            “ምጣዴን ሰበርሁት ከቤቴ ገብቸ እንጀራ በምላስ ሲጋገር ኣይቸ” First of all, he was a crusader, and he only represented a portion of Eritreans; therefore, your generalization is pure political and dishonest. The guy puked all over his body for God sake: dismantling federation, slaughtered low-land Eritreans who refused to convert to Christianity, demonized and killed Oromos under his inhuman slogan” xxx xxx xxxx xxxx” and plunged the two nations into distructive war that costed hundereds of thousands lives.
            So to help you put your comment in a proper context as to who did exceptionally well: yes the Amhara and some southern Eritreans did well, but only the morally bankrupted defend him.


          • Peace!

            Hi peace!

            It looks like I am only allowed to post and for some reason my “edit” feature ^_^ is not working.


  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat yes,

    Allow me an EF in addition to the three Roamanian Fs you introduced. (I am beggining to believe in the General,’s say it three times as in Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice)

    Dear tes my fFourth fF is actually an iF:
    Foama, Frica and Frig are attributed to Romania’s CauCesco,

    what would be a perfect 10 (like Nadia ConeniCie) three Fs for Dictator Isias Afeworki?

    I have my second choice word of an F and would like to type it here three times but forum rules… It isn’t a fourth F but it is a four letter word. Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx is what it would look like if the gnome let’s it pass.


  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Tesfa Brhan,

    Thank you ተስፋ ብርሃን ዓለም :- the other day you apologize for not going to Jeneva but even busy you never forgot your people and land. you are wonderful tes.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam tesfat,

    Back to the game with an article, and good reading. Keep up the flow.


  • iSem

    Hi all
    Tes is back in the game
    Q for you all did you notice the captivating prose and silky feel to it?
    Good job Tes! !

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04 Nov 2017 awatestaff Comments (367)

The following is an updated version of the translation of Hajji Musa Mohammed Nur's address to the meeting at the…

To My Dear Father

03 Nov 2017 Beyan Negash Comments (68)

It has been about forty years since I saw you last. I am writing this open letter because instead of…




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