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Sunridge in Eritrea: Gold Rush or Gold Rash?

The Eritrean mining sector is wrapped in secrecy similar to all other sectors of the economy. The government has never published financial reports since the independence of Eritrea in 1991. As such, only investors who are willing to operate in shady environment are willing to invest in Eritrea.

There is no delineation between the interest of the “Eritrean government” and that of the ruling party which runs the entire Eritrean economy.

When the government is challenged to provide information on the investments in the country, it quickly reacts by letting its trolls off to confuse the public through the Internet. But sometimes it hires expensive lobbyists to polish its image and promote its interest.

At this moment, the main source of revenue for the government is the mining sector after revenues from the 2% taxes dried up.

The government imposes taxes on Eritreans living outside the country and foreign nationals of Eritrean descent.


The Canadian Sunridge Gold Corporation, which has a concession in Eritrea, has been facing difficulties in starting operations. Its operation is hampered by the UN sanctions imposed on Eritrea and by the worsening internal situation in the country.

According to many insiders, Sunridge is a “badly-managed company and cannot execute its business objectives.” Its has also put, “its entire investment egg in one basket: an unstable county that is under UN and EU sanctions.” Furthermore, operating in a country that has arrested its mining minster, Ahmad Haj Ali, accusing him to have taken part in a coup attempt, does not help investor confidence.

Sunridge’s stock has tumbled after the UN and EU imposed sanctions on Eritrea and never recovered (check the chart below). In a country where internal problems have been brewing for long and the security of the future is uncertain, it is very unlikely that Sunridge will go into production in three years time as it wishes.

Observers indicate that it is impossible for Sunridge to secure finance in the capital market either in the form of equity or debt financing. Therefore, Sunridige’s only option is to tread the murky waters of greedy usurious loan sharks who finance adventurous investments in Africa by partnering with dictators and tyrants.

Unlike the US, Canada does not have a strong federal SEC-like regulator but only weak disclosure requirements filed at a provincial level. Hence, the disproportionate number of shady Canadian mining companies (mostly owned by US citizens) operating in developing countries. Sunridge stays away from the US market because it cannot meet the SEC regulations.

In a press release it issued last year, Sunridge stated:

This news release is intended for distribution in Canada only and is not intended for distribution to United States newswire services or dissemination in the United States. This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the Units, Shares or Warrants (the “Securities”) in the United States or to, or for the account or benefit of, any U.S. person. Read more

In 2013, Sunrdige managed to raise $3.5 miillion in a brokered deal (that might very well have come from loan sharks) and $2.1 million in non-brokered deal—a fancy way of saying the funds were raised from family and friends of officers who made millions pumping and dumping the stock over the last ten years ( see chart above).

In return, Sunridge issued 30 million shares giving up to 17% of the outstanding equity ownership to finance a debt of $830,000. In April 2014, Sunridge increased its post-tax net present value (“NPV”) from $345 million to $428 million and internal rate of return (IRR) of 34% pre-tax and 27% post-tax

Interestingly, 17% of this NPV is 72 million (minus extraction cost), a rather hefty price to pay when one is shut out from the capital market.

Sunridge has not provided development and production cost for its operation in Eritrea. It only provided on site operating costs of $29.42 per tonne average through the life of the mine and the average annual metal production over the first 8 years:

  • 65 million pounds (29,000 tonnes) of copper
  • 184 million pounds (83,000 tonnes) of zinc
  • 42,000 ounces of gold
  • 1.0 million ounces of silver

The “Agent”

There is a man, from Tempest Capital Corp, who arranged the deal and is known as the “Agent” in the agreement; what did the this agent get?

According to Sunridge, it paid the agent a one-time 6% cash commission—that is $340,000 in the form of a ‘broker warrant’ of 4 million shares. That is not bad as the fee for such shark financed loans normally goes as high as 10%.

Understanding such shady business requires watching, “American Hustle”, a recently released movie.

In February 2014, when its operational capital was not enough, Sunridge asked ENAMCO, the Eritrean mining authority, to pay for its 30% stake of the $18 million as well as an ongoing 30%, to continue its operations.

But Wanbao Run For The Fire Escape

After making the payments, ENAMCO invited Wanbao to invest in Eritrea and in particular in Sunridge. The hope was to arrange a forced sale deal similar to that of the Australian mining company Chalice sale to “China SFECO Group.”

Sunridge was targeting Chinese investors and hoped Wanbao would fall for the deal—that is why it prepared a brochure in Chinese which is posted alongside the English brochure on its website. (Check the brochure here)

But after a year and half of feasibility studies, Wanbao concluded that investment was not feasible and decided to leave. It can’t be blamed given the investment climate in Eritrea—mainly political instability and geo-political risk considerations.

sunridgeAs shown in  the chart, in 2004 Sunridge stock traded at $6. The UN sanctions was imposed on Eritrea in 2009 and since then Sunridge’s stock price has been going downhill until it settled at the floor of a gorge. Currently it is trading as low as $0.20—a mere 3.3% of what it was in 2004.

Does a company like Sunridge invite investor confidence? Of course not. But such a situation is an opportunity only for loan sharks, and reckless and adventurous companies.

After observing the tightening of the sanctions against Eritrea that contributed to the triggering of the Forto* incident, this time, China’s investors were smarter, they didn’t fall for ENAMCO’s bait.

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2. Source of chart
3. Eritrea Mining: China’s Wanbao Withdraws
* Forto is the appellation given to the failed coup attempt of Jan. 21, 2013.

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  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Awatistas,

    I am a bit confused when I read for my second time on’s page about Yemane Gebremeskel’s article. How belittled are these dictators. Yemane Gebremeskel is by position the director of president office and for long time stands as an advisor of the dictator though by himself is a dictator. I don’t have a digital calibration equipment for politics to quantify exactly on how much exactly the regime leaders are chopped down to be as regular bloggers, tweeters and now just as normal journalists to write reports on the puppet websites.

    Today, Yemane G. wrote as suc;

    U.S. is behind the UN Human Rights Council Resolution Against Eritrea

    By Yemane GebreMeskel,

    The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva adopted yesterday another unwarranted resolution against Eritrea.

    Washington was the prime architect of the resolution though Somalia was handpicked to act as original sponsor to give it an “African flavour”

    Somalia does not have diplomatic ties or presence of any kind in Eritrea. Its sponsorship only accentuates the absurdity of the exercise.

    Russia, China, Pakistan and Venezuela opposed the “ineffective and country specific resolution passed without consent of the country concerned”.

    All the four countries expressed opposition to “external mandate of inquiry” and “duplicity of procedures to supplant the UPR procedure”.

    Read more:

    And similar article was also on under the title ” Eritrean Delegation Participated in Regional Conferences on Human Trafficking”

    And before also wrote similar information on the same page.

    I am following his tweet for couple of weeks now. Then, Yemane is by position a director of presidential(dictator’s) office. He is supposed to make news or convey information to journalists, bloggers or tweeters. But since he wanted to show his totalitarian system he wanted to make it all by himself. Poor Yemane G. I didn’t know that you are just a reporter.

    Awatistas, PFDJites are now chopped into pieces were we can pick-point their task. The final move is to filter them and discard through distillation process. Hope brother Amanuel Hidrat is well equipped with this things in his pharmacy.


    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Yemane G.

      • Hope

        What about this?

        Home » News » Leaked Ethiopian Memo Snarks on UNSC Members’ Positions on Eritrea Sanctions
        Leaked Ethiopian Memo Snarks on UNSC Members’ Positions on Eritrea Sanctions
        Written By Admin on Jun 28, 2014 | 3:55 AM

        A leaked memo from Ethiopia’s foreign ministry, as obtained by this reporter, provides a run-down on UN Security Council members’ positions on Eritrea sanctions, including dissing some members as not making any “meaningful contribution,” while warning that anotother, Chile, cares about international law too much. The memo contrasts Susan Rice and new successor as US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, and urges Ethiopian diplomats to “facilitate the resolution of the misunderstanding the [Sanctions] Group has with Kenya and Somalia.”
        Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs Berhane Bebrekiristos (r)

        Leaked Ethiopian Memo Snarks on UNSC Members’ Positions on Eritrea Sanctions

        By Matthew Russell Lee,

        UNITED NATIONS, June 27 — The buzz from the Horn of Africa is an Ethiopian Minister of Foreign affairs memo about Eritrea, sanctions and the UN Security Council. As obtained by this reporter, the memo by Ethiopian Minister Berhane Gebrekiristos brags that “the P3 countries have been supportive of sanctions against Eritrea… The former US Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Susan Rice, was instrumental in adopting the sanctions. The current US Permanent Representative, Ambassador Samantha Power, may not be as strong on Eritrea. But since Ambassador Susan Rice is serving as the National Security Adviser of President Obama, she will ensure the continuation of the US’s policy of sanctions Eritrea.”

        The memo goes on, “France has supported the imposition of sanctions against Eritrea, primarily due to the conflict with Djibouti.” It says “meetings with the UK Permanent Representatives have confirmed that the UK will not change its position.”

        Non-permanent members are also reviewed: “the Eritrean president has participated in the independence day of Chad in 2011 but we don’t believe Chad will be supportive of Eritrea’s efforts to lift the sanctions.”

        Then, “Lithuania has a good relationship with the US and as a member of the EU it tends to implement the common position of the Union… While Argentina and Luxembourg have no meaningful participation or contribution in the UNSC” — ouch! — “Australia and South Korea tend to take positions similar to that of the US. Jordan has assigned non-resident Ambassador to Eritrea… During its previous membership of the UNSC, Chile had expressed that in accordance to international law Eritrea has a better legal case.”

        One problem, the memo says, is the last report of the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group: “Italy, Norway, Kenya and Somalia who were mentioned in the report also criticized the Group. The Group’s reports exposed the rampant corruption in the Somali Government.”

        As this reporter first uploaded to this site, Somalia asked that the chair of the SEMG be fired; Kenya declared one of the Group’s members persona non-grata.

        So, the Ethiopian memo counsels, Ethiopian diplomats should “facilitate the resolution of the misunderstanding the group has with Kenya and Somalia.” Good luck.

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        Read more:

  • haileTG

    The eastern block, albeit no more, may be symbolized by Russia and China. OK, they don’t interfere in internal matters, but wouldn’t lift a finger when internal matters boil over and it is time to face the music. They could have blocked any of the moves on the dictator, but know it is great act of crime against the Eritrean people and they stay out all together. That is not the same as helping.

  • Hope

    Dear Truth.
    I agree on your first two statements but I disagree with you,with all due respect,when it comes to the Human Rights Issue in Eritrea.Irrespective of your stand or position,they should be addressed by any means and under any condition,the sooner the better,as the West is going to make it more than a Political and Economic case thereby aggravating the crisis.
    Remember that they are looking for some more excuses to tighten the Sanctions and I guarantee you that the UN will be set up to take over the HR Council and then make it a case for sanction–as everything is possible,as the UN being a political tool set up for geo-political interests for few Powers.rather than its name implies.
    As much as the UN is working hard towards that goal,the PFDJ should wake up before it is too late,which it is so ,by NOW!
    As to the issue of looking for the East,it may not be as much helpful as we may think,since Russia already only abstained rather than blocking the HR Council Commision issue–as it happened before when the sanctions were imposed.
    My point:
    It is past due for all of us,including the PFDJ, to wake up and do more before the worst comes,which seems to be inevitable,God forbid..

  • haileTG

    Hello all (thanks Eyobai for the clip, I only caught of the one Tigrinya “awet speak on the mic” part 🙂

    Now that the confrontation with PFDJ regarding the untimely event in Bologna is starting to play out in the Italian media, can we say that the much hyped about possibility of open confrontation against PFDJ has began in earnest?

    Regards 🙂

  • haileTG

    Lol…nothing requires one to be a certified lair except supporting the human trafficking PFDJ regime.

    • Truth

      No concrete evidence has been provided by anyone including these human right activist to warrant such a claim. If anything, it seems bribery is the real crime, in which the refugee and the military officer should be arrested.

  • haileTG

    Awatistas, has PFDJ defenses have finally been overrun in the international stage?

    A country-specific inquiry into alleged violations is something Eritrea, and indeed many countries, desperately want to avoid.

    Although the UN Human Rights Council cannot order sanctions or referral to the International Criminal Court (only the UN Security Council has such powers), its inquiries receive enormous public attention.

    Recent investigations into Syria and North Korea have made headlines around the world, and human rights groups do believe the council’s thorough research, its evidence-based findings, and the subsequent public “naming and shaming” can spur abusive regimes towards change.

    Earlier this month, four Eritrean Catholic bishops took the rare step of publicly criticising life in the country as “desolate”.


    • ghezaehagos

      Dear Haile,
      This is a huge milestone. As you mentioned only Syria and North Korea have been through this. Deservedly, Isaias’s Eritrea is in good company here.
      My hope is more people should be involved in the HR activities as there are many areas we have yet to cover…as the good people says, “…eti U’iyo bzuh…etom ayeyti g’n…” I hope our deleyti fithi will be encouraged to engage in human rights advocacy…
      All the best,
      Ghezae Hagos

    • Thomas

      That is great, I have been praying for this to come. Everyone of us need to use this opportunity to pressure the evils in the country. I heard those participated talking on assenna radio and I was desparate waiting to see the outcome. We Deleiti fithi are now almost there.

      • haileTG

        Thomas, it is true indeed. Actually, the megalomaniac dictator IA is now a step away from being charged to appear before the ICC. All its formal and informal operatives, embassies, bloggers and so forth were dealt a devastating blow and were unable to resist the final push in stamping hgdef with the status of a subject of international inquiry for abuses. That would go in the annals of world history, as a shameful place for PFDJ regime, a one man show that subjected Eritreans to near distraction.

        It was ironic that the regime tried to camouflage its links with al shabab under the pretext of the hitorical ties between the fraternal people of Somalia and Eritrea and it turned out that it was Somalia, for exactly the same reasons, decided to stand on the side of the brutalized people of Eritrea (just like the rest of the world).

        In a space of one month, so much had changed to hgdef from the bishops expose of the real situation inside Eritrea, to International Commission of Inquiry in to Eritrea abuses, to confronting PFDJ in Bologna for its unnatural initiative of holding celebrations in the middle of Italy, the seen of unfolding horrors for thousands of Eritreans and international attention that would be drawn by hundreds of Eritrean refugees marching back to the no man’s land in Sinai – between Israel and Egypt.

        The final days of most entrenched dictatorships is often filled with flurries of dramatic events.


        *here is a photo found in social media that depicts a recent Eritrean arrival to Italy.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear haile TG,

          Simply proud of you. Keep going brother. Let’s fight, fight and fight. Even the confused awatistas (to say them awatistas as they visit and debate as sympathizers of PFDJ) are changing their lines of comments.

          Your brother

          • Thomas

            Haile TG ***** Sorry for the later response. I am happy on the recent developments of those you mentioned above and ready to fight the PFDJ anywhere they take me to. Great successes indeed.

            Hi Tesfabirhan,

            I really like your energy and your firm standing on your position. Let’s let the “langu langa” people that they cannot have it both ways. These people are detracting though not openly they tend to be supporting the mafias. We have to let them know we cannot stand their position. They are running of time and they cannot confuse anyone any more.

            Death to the dictator and his pity followers.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Thomas,

            Death to the dictator and his pity followers but by all possible means we hope they will have a chance to sit in the court and be listened their rights to defend based on rule of law. Indeed their fate is death by all means. And thank you for the compliments. Lets work hard so that the remaining bunch of PFDJ will soon be weeded-out.


  • Truth

    Nevsun was trading at $7 at one point and is now at $3.5. The fake coup and the drop in gold prices has more to do with the drop than the sanctions. If Nevsun was in any other country, it would easily be in the double digits. It’s all perception and with more companies coming to invest, that will ultimately change.

  • Hope

    It is Good News —but still discriminatory and one sided.While dealing with the Human Rights issues,the UN should deal with the unfair sanction as well,which directly or indirectly has contributed to the ‘Human Rights Abuses”.The sanction is by any standard and criteria more than Human Rights Abuse and when done intentionally and knowing the consequences of the sanction on the target population.
    Per Tesfanews report(UN report),I was wondering why Elsa Chyrum is excluded and the other two were inculded–meron and selam kidane??
    Who picked them and why?
    Is that becasue meron and selam have some connection with the Ethiopian Gov and Elsa Chyrum being an Independent ONE?
    have your say!

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Mr. Hope,

      If it is discriminatory it can’t be good news. You just contradict yourself in one sentence. You proved yourself your cognitive dissonance to those who where accusing you of a contradictory mind.

      • Hope

        Wedi Mimhir,
        See above my response to Ghezae Hagos.Kab behali’us degami’u.
        Just practise Clinical Pharmacy,man!.Leave other things to my Psychologist to deal with it,damn.
        I expect respect from a vetran tegadali and from a Pharmacist,not an insult…damn it again.
        We can talk more about contradiction and betreyal,etc– but –let’s move forward.
        I clarified my satnd and my self that we have to balance things and should be able to call a spade,a spade.
        I am not a politician like you and do NOT expect me to act and say things like a politician.
        I will side wth the GoE when needed but I will protest against as needed.That does NOT mean contradiction.It is a principle.
        Am I a flip-flopper and contradictory, and even Bipolar per Mr Arrogant, in such cases and for standing firm on my principle? If so,let it be.
        I will NOT,I repeat,I will NOT,jeoparadise the National Secuirty and Interest of Eritrea simply because I hate PFDJ or the PFDJ is a bad party,etc– —unitl I find a better “PFDJ” but in an Eritrtean Way,NOT the Weyane way…

    • ghezaehagos

      Kindey hateftef tibl ika wedey…..Make up your mind if it is good news, it is. ELSa and HRC is the first to break the news….

      Per Plaut,

      In an historic step, the UN Human Rights Commission has decided to establish a Commission to investigate the notorious human rights violations in Eritrea. The full text of the resolution is included below, but this is the key section:

      “7. Decides to establish, for a period of one year, a commission of inquiry comprising three members, one of whom should be the Special Rapporteur, with the other two members appointed by the President of the Human Rights Council;

      8. Also decides that the commission of inquiry will investigate all alleged violations of human rights in Eritrea, as outlined in the reports of the Special Rapporteur;”

      The decision follows lengthy campaigns by Eritrean and international human rights organisations, appalled by the continued denial of basic rights in Eritrea. This is only the third occasion in which such a Commission has been established – previous Commissions investigated North Korea and Syria.”

      • Truth

        Leaked documents sent by Ethiopia to its embassies had stressed the need to lobby for members of the Human Rights Council to put more pressure on Eritrea. This inquiry is more political than about human rights. Ultimately it won’t do much but have Eritrea move toward Eastern countries. With the rise of China, nations don’t have to be lectured by the US and its partners anymore. They have a partner who doesn’t care to interfere in their internal affairs.

    • Kokhob Selam
    • ghezaehagos

      Here is a post from Elsa’s organization at FB.
      Human Rights Concern Eritrea

      4 hrs


      Human Rights Concern Eritrea (HRCE) and Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) warmly welcome the establishment today of a UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the human rights situation in Eritrea. The creation of a COI has been mandated by a consensus resolution of the UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva.

      • Truth

        Not sure if you can call it a consensus resolution when the 47-state forum decided to set up the inquiry without a vote and China, Pakistan, Venezuela and Russia indicated that they had reservations.

      • Hope

        Your Honor,
        I am hatef-tef only because I did not buy you or your way.
        Read what I said and respond or help me understand better.:
        “It is Good News —but still discriminatory and one sided.While dealing with the Human Rights issues,the UN should deal with the unfair sanction as well,which directly or indirectly has contributed to the ‘Human Rights Abuses”.The sanction is by any standard and criteria more than Human Rights Abuse and when done intentionally and knowing the consequences of the sanction on the target population.”:
        Since you are a Human Rights Activist and an Attorney-in-Law,challenge my comment and help me understand better and or/ refute my comment based on facts,NOT based on your emotions and hatred of the PFDJ.
        Unless you believe other wise,the Sanction on Eritrea,like all others -including on Russia and China,let alone on Iraq,Libya and Syria are crimes ,unjustifiable,Human Rights Abuses at its/their BEST.
        As you are a Human Rights Activist and a Lawyer,do NOT expect me to clarify to you things.
        Since you are being paid by the same enemies of Eritrea in the name of Human Rights Activism,I will nOT expect an honest answer from you but you deserve my clarification.
        As to the Elsa Chyrum,my commnet was based on what TesfaNews reported mentioning the same Report you reported but ,apparently the TesfaNews reported it partially and their report excluded Ms Elsa Chyrum,the Pioneer and the Honest Human Rights Activist I “adore” and support,at least in my opinion.
        So,you are telling me that the Ethiopian Gov is NOT involved directly or indirectly and/or you are denying that Meron and Selam Kidane are not affiliated with the Ethiopian Gov,one way or another???
        As to my comment saying “Good news but still discriminatory”:
        It is Good news, in a sense that , now that the PFDJ is being attacked well based on the Facts it cannot deny–under any condition or excuse–the issue of the jailed citizens–without due process,it will definitely will be forced to ease things or change its policy —.
        It is ,indeed,discriminatory based on the facts I mentioned above and based on the facts you know better than any one else:
        1)The biased stand of the UN against Eritrea
        2)The biased and unfair total and deadly sanctions aginst Eritrea,which contributed to the: Human Rights Abuses” in Eritrea–incluiding the psychological,social,economic,military,etc—crisis in Eritrea
        If you need a practical example: refer to the cases of Iraq and Syria–where millinos have died,poor kids included due to the Human Rights Abuses imposed by the same UN and by the same Countires you are supporting and being supported by.
        You cannot hide or deny facts and truth under any condition.

        • Thomas

          I have to tell you this, you are just a useless person. Unpredictable, now knows what your stand is. Why do you have to be so divisive, is that all you learned. I was wondering to know why you act the way you are acting, what is your fantasy, Hope?

          • Hope

            Thank you and God bless you.The simple solution is :you ignore people like me–do NOT give attention to people like me.Period.
            esub weyane–How much did you get paid for this?

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear wed Aje Hope,

      Are you coming with your conspiracy theory of Tesfanews? Wed mai de’arit enta? welahi eli eb higya tu. ken belo.
      Gab Blin ewsena gin kudi? Ku’ayib nisena yig, jar keyemsroka gin. Any how, whether it is Meron, Selam, Elsa, Aba Mussie, Saleh, you or others, what we need is to be heard.


      • hope

        I was just quoting tesfanews,which,I should have suspected.
        BTW,I was banned by tesfanews for challenging them,but you were lucky that your comment was accepted.
        One thing i cannot understand is not the PFDJ issue but the motivation behind the UN and the West over all.I mean….While knowing that the sanction is going to destroy the already devastated nation,why would the UN repeat the same mistake over and over?
        I thought, for the most part,the No War,No Peace status has contributed to the mess,which is the case in my opinion.
        So my point is:
        If the UN and its partners know all these,then why don’t they consider all these factors rather than going one way?I might sound naive but is a fact..I know you are going to tell me that PFDJ messed up and crossed the line and they are punshing the PFDJ.But then the truth is that they are punishing the innocent people.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear hope,

          They did not accept me first, in fact they tried to deflect my edited comment. After observing such acts I wrote in my blog for their acts in which they later on accepted my comments. You see, I do not care whether Tesfanews accept my comment or not because I know how to convey my message even more stronger than it was. It us easy to reach them via Twitter. Therefore it is not a matter of luck but a consistency to convey my message.

          Dear hope, let not be confused by PFDJ propaganda. Eritrean case before 1993 is over. Opening the scares of history before 1993 is only a dialectical materialistic approach of defending the evil acts of the ruling regime. We all know that Eritrea is a nation which is supposed to have a working government since 1993. But PFDJ HIJACKED this and betrayed the formation of the functional government of Eritrea. I don’t have a problem with the rights of forming a functional government. But PFDJ hindered that and so is now what we have a guerrilla by the name of GoE.

          I will not compare PFDJ acts with that of Derge or colonizers crimes. It is different. PFDJ is against the state of Eritrea and the Eritrean people’s freedom. But the Ethiopian aggressors were trying to annex Eritrea. Quite different. What I like to compare is Eritrea as a free and independent country and what it should look like in any other countries. this is my reference. Colonization is different and oppression is different.

          Yes PFDJ has messed up the Eritrean people freedom and hence is the sole responsible ruling regime for such brutalities.


          • Hope

            But still you missed my point though;not that you will solve the problem but to make sure you understand my point.As I said it repeatedly,I am the expert of the experts on the PFDJ oppression.
            Why is the world forsaking us and abusing and torturing us knowing fully that Eritreans are the victims of the same system that they are sanctioning?
            That is still my stand and my point of debate.
            Why are we ignoring the big picture-the role of the West/Ethiopia?
            Why cannot we coordinate both factors -the PFDJ and the other party.
            Wasii tiksire–astew’aldi kodo:
            Bilina ghin an,meaning that,we are stubborn and firm on our stand and principle—on truth.
            But proud of you though and mesmerized as well.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Yidan Hope,

            Hope now we are closing our different approach in our perspective. In one of my long reply to your question directed to me I clearly stated my stand towards the western/Ethiopian complication of the Eritrean case. Again I will repeat, These forces are secondary in our after independence situation. PFDJ policy towards the west and our neighbouring countries is all what it put our situation to be screwed. I am not forgetting our history. Really we have a bitter memory of those powers and colonizers. But we fought against and won our long quest for independence. Then what happened after 1993 to be more correct as a nation? The world has welcomed us to the table and recognized as free country and with its government though officially we do not have a permanent government. I think in the whole world Eritrea is the only free country with transitional government that ruled with out law for more than 23 years.You better are aware about this.

            Yidan Hope, kusin tamituakh gin wela deam emanuk kusin aklha. kugab yijarisi tik yakh akhlani. Enti yidan gin kuayib yeka gin. ene abun yinakh, lakh ka kerendukh gin (Abune yebio) tsihafso himbew aktirena. wurikh america ethiopia esh mesh yino yinakh kew dihisnekhum. aktirena, nawk dew yinin wo eb hgdef yinin. Enti temam habro fehamdekulom. Blinakh gab tik yakh gin.

            {I didn’t study in Blin language and hence it is hard for me to write in Latin but I can at least say what I want to say}.

            Yidan Hope, when you say external forces please go through the strategies, policies and prgrams of PFDJ. if any external force is able to penetrate them I will follow you. I lived in Eritrea for all my 30 years, I studied there, worked there and trained there by the highest PFDJ cadre instructors. And in the other hand, I read books from simple eplf hsitroy books to Philosophies of many known thinkers. Though still I am working and in fact I am doing my Masters degree, I can never blame such external forces after 1993. If they invloved then because the hard line of PFDJ invited them to react. from newtons law, for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

            Simple example to give you. The foreign minister of Eritrea visited Crimea in June and the delegate did cross the Ukrainian border without prior information of the central government and being there he officially stated the republic of Crimea (read news on to confirm). Then, what do you thing the consequence? EU is the only existing big financial supporter of PFDJ this days. And we all are following what the political landscape is between Russia and EU/west regarding the issue. Who is then to be blamed?

            [Oh, Russia substained from ruling the Human rights watch to assign an investigator to examine all the human violations committed by PFDJ. Is that what the reward to their visit is?] let’s examine yidan Hope.


    • Mahmud Saleh

      because both are champions of the “stop slavery” campaign; they are calling European parliamentarians to save Eritrean youth, to “liberate them.” This is what puzzles me. We know the indefinite national service is crushing the country, dismantling its social fabrics, destroying its economic potential by wasting its human and material wealth on unproductive projects. When you compare the productivity the projects added to the aggregate economy to the time and capital wasted (in terms of land, money and labor misuse plus the lost opportunity that that capital could have returned to the society had those young men and women returned to civilian life after completing their 18 months…and an accountable government were in place), it is undoubtedly the most abused program, and no doubt, in part, it’s causing the youth to flee the country. The problem is: the “stop slavery” campaign is built on the assumption that Eritreans themselves could not stop it. That’s bad. Bad because it does not solve the problem (European parliamentarians could only apply economic and diplomatic pressures, for the human menace the endless nature of the program is causing and other similar human abuses, which have been the practice and seem to have reached their maximum stretch or utilization by going after the 2%. And they can’t tell a sovereign nation how to organize its defense. Second, when a campaign makes foreign parliamentarians their last ditch in their effort to influence internal policies of a country, it shows the campaigners have no regard for their fellow citizens input, they have received a deaf ear in their communities (the owners of the problem) or they are manipulated by an alien agenda. Correct me if I am wrong; the campaign debuted making European parliamentarians as its target of engagement not Eritrean communities; all the literature and the activities are designed to gain sympathizers and donors in the European communities; it’s lead and directed by folks who campaigned for the imposition of embargo on Eritrea. Now, mind you, history tells you embargoes hurt first and for most the ordinary people, Cuba…Iran…Iraq all show us dictatorial regimes use imposed embargoes to shield themselves from blames of their failures. That’s what the regime in Asmara is doing, blaming every hardship on the embargo. And it has some truth in it.
      Bottom line:
      1. I hope every effort that’s made to bring about a lasting solution to succeed, including this one.
      2. However, These types of campaigns are most effective if designed to mobilize Eritreans by making them part and parcel of the overall change, foreign assistance is appreciated but it should be Eritreans who should be called for rally.
      3. Unless cyber and diaspora efforts are tuned to enhance efforts being made inside the country, these discorded efforts will continue to have a dragging effect on the momentum.
      4. The abuse of national service program is a symptom of an abusive regime, and the multifaceted abuses have practically permeated lives of the country. The only solution is a coordinated struggle to bring about a condition where vital issues such as national service are overhauled.

      • Hope

        Thanks Vet–advice seriously taken

      • Hope

        We Abshirka Yibba!

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Mahmud saleh,

        Still mixing things. Are you still on your isolated policy of Self-reliance for nothing but to stay closed? What is wrong if we tell the world on what is going on in Eritrea. I think we were name shame and never lost time time to blow a flag with the rest of the world nations in the UN quarter and proud of doing that in 1993 (banderay anbelbila tebahilu tederifu eko yu) and why not now when the regime violate all the human rights by the name of Eritrean government? We should go and tell them that the regime who sits beside them is a dictaor and is keeping thousands and thousands of his own people which he is supposed to represent is not the real representative but just a brutal regime who can not represent the people. We should knock every door possible to tell the world on what is going on in the country called Eritrea.


        • Mahmud Saleh

          salam tes;
          tes, Ustaz manjus; I understand what you’re saying (ab lbey yeHdro). Regarding the Isolation…self-reliance (your expertise), please read Andebrhan’s book on how sawra Ertra and particularly EPLF was handling it… its relations with the world…etc. Read it with open heart, just for your knowledge and research. We want you guys to write your people’s history straight not upside down.

        • Hope

          Wed Ad,
          We have agreed with you since long time ago about the legitimate issue you raised and it is NOT only a privilege,but an obligation to do so.
          The issue of Self-Reliance has nothing to do here,even though it was/has been proven when it is applied the right way–as it was during the Armed Struggle,specially by the EPLF,that Mahmoud Salih is the owner but the owner.
          I would personally avoid to act like more Catholic than the Pope,in my humble and honest opinion.

      • Serray

        Selamat Mahmud Saleh,

        Think of it this way; the owners of awate, asmarino, assenna and other opposition websites fight in part by informing, enlightening and emboldening eritreans through their websites. The human right fighters like selam, meron, elsa, gezae and others by highlighting the human rights abuses and shaming the regime in front of the world to force it to stop. The political and armed oppositions, well, by talking endlessly about removing the regime while sitting far from where the action is….and the rest of us….not sure what are doing. So, until the political and armed opposition and the rest of us play a meaningful role, let us pray that those who do have the strength and the stamina to continue the amazing job they are doing.

        About sanctions imposed by the UN (as opposed to embargo imposed unilaterally), I don’t think they hurt the people; specially the kind imposed on the eritrean regime. Don’t you find it strange that running water and electricity started to disappear just about the time the regime started getting millions in mining revenue? The fact that sanctioned regimes use it to subject their people with more punishment doesn’t mean the sanctions are doing it, it is still the regime hurting its people; the excuse can never replace the real facts even it there is an illusion of cause and effect.

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Salam serray;

          I appreciate your reply, I’m getting to recognize the efforts of these people, and actually, I consider them heroes on issues related to helping out our young people stranded in the Sinai and other places; as you can see from my comment, I don’t discard or downplay any efforts made by people; my fear has always been that some of the efforts (like this campaign) will be used as excuses for effecting more harsh sanctions that will hurt ordinary people but won’t solve the problem it’s intended to solve, stoping national service. As I mentionedd it in my concluding remarks, I appreciate any effort that helps on finding a lasting solution; I am not in the business of beautifying PFDJ, serray. My anxieties might be unjustified, but they are there. You said, ” let us pray that those who do have the strength and the stamina to continue the amazing job they are doing,” I will pray for that.

          • Serray

            Selamat Mahmud and Hope,

            To make it easier, here is a UN link that summarizes on a table format the sanctions imposed on the regime when it got caught red handed helping known terrorists.


            The sanctions are: arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze of known bagmen for the regime. Tell me how the eritrean people are hurt by that? That the regime has to now has to pay middlemen to help the terrorist? That the regime has to pay blackmail price to import arms needed to help terrorists? The sanctions are neutral on the civilian population. If you are worried these sanctions will weaken the defense of the nation, then your worry is misplaced; the regime’s slavery system and its pointless meddling in any conflict that remotely involves ethiopia is doing that.

            To be against sanctions is to support the regime in its dangerous adventure. Sanctions or no sanctions, the regime is heading towards dangerous path taking the nation with it. Sanctions help by slowing it down and making it think twice before wasting the nation’s wealth on sponsoring terrorists of all kinds.

          • Hope

            Dear Serray,
            We might have read what you have read million times.
            Let us talk about FACTS,not what is on the paper.
            I still expect from you an honest answer based on the factual consequences thar Eritreans are suffering.
            Since you seem to avoid or to be indifferent on the case of Eritrea and Eritreans for whatever reason,take the case of Iraq and its people and analyse it and use it as a practical and realistic Analogy.
            If you are going to deny those facts,then—I will change my perception about you and your motivation.
            You have to show me credibility to buy you and follow you as a Political Cadre or Leader.

        • hope

          My apology for the interjection.I though you have been very reasonable and balanced in your debate like SAAY,Mahmoud Salih and few others.
          I kindly ask you ,in an honest manner and assessment ,about the role of the sanction on Eritrea and Eritreans.No worries about the PFDJ factor as we have agreed unanimously on that.
          I have learnt belatedly that the forum is exclusively playing politics and I respect that—-with a Motto ” PFDJ should be weeded out by any means possible”.
          Please elaborate your arguemnt saying:
          “I don’t think they /the sanctions hurt the people; specially the kind imposed on the Eritrean regime”
          for the sake of convenience,i would aksk you to list them.while doing so though,putaside the PFDJ factor as we exahusted it.
          -On Eritrean Economy over all
          -On Eritrean Social life
          -On defense
          -the Youth Exodus
          -Travel/Air travel for eritreans, who want to visit their loved ones
          -consider Iraq’s case
          S Michael,MD

          • haileTG

            Hi hope (S Michael:)

            The regime is sanctioned from procuring defense equipment. There is NO economic sanction in Eritrea. Eritrea can import and export as usual, it can receive aid as usual, it can sign economic agreements as usual, it can take loans as usual, it gets grants as usual, its leaders travel as usual, they collect 2% duty ‘tax’ as usual, they abuse, arrest, kill and torture as usual. Why are are you creating (fabricating facts).

            The only sanction on Education involves those once that have banned UoA, international accreditation, grade 12 Sawa, no choice but assignment of field of study, boot camp education… all imposed by the regime and nothing to do with sanction.

            There is NO sanction on Eritrea, it is all propaganda by a regime trying to undo the independence of Eritrea and break down the will of the Eritrean people to stand together to make a nation. The latter is to blame more however than the regime itself.

        • hope

          Moderator,please be so kind to delete the previous comment-would appreciate it.
          Dear serray
          My apology for the interjection.I think u have been very reasonable and balanced in your debate like SAAY,Mahmoud Salih and few others.
          I kindly ask you ,in an honest manner and assessment ,about the role of the sanction on Eritrea and Eritreans.No worries about the PFDJ factor as we have agreed unanimously on that.
          I have learnt belatedly that the forum is exclusively playing politics and I respect that—-with a Motto ” PFDJ should be weeded out by any means possible”.
          Please elaborate your arguemnt saying:
          “I don’t think they /the sanctions hurt the people; specially the kind imposed on the Eritrean regime”;
          For the sake of convenience,I would like to ask you to list them.while doing so though,putaside the PFDJ factor as we exahusted it.
          -On Eritrean Economy over all
          -On Eritrean Social life
          -On defense
          -the Youth Exodus
          -Travel/Air travel for eritreans, who want to visit their loved ones
          -consider Iraq’s case

        • Hope

          My dear ONE,
          There has been some controversy over the two ladies I mentioned,at least in their approach and the venue they have been using.I am NOT biased but this is based on factual observations.
          And since we are the original witnesses/victims of the PFDJ “crimes”,I am by no means,questioning their struggle for Human Rights.
          In my opinion,they should be “neutral ” in their approach.
          Ms Elsa Chyrum has done it in the best possible way.
          The EPDP has done a wonderful job on this but I am amused as to why its Dept/branch of Human Rights/Refugee Affairs was NOT included or invited,to my best knowledge..
          You see where I am coming from?
          Read the post from Mat Russel I posted as a respone to Tes and have your say.
          Dima Naika we huka,

    • Thomas

      What is your problem with Meron and Selam? You should be happy about the outcome, you are acting strange man. Moreover, I see you using the discriminatory a lot. Trust me, there is no such thing in our society. Only the regime you seem to sympathize use those foul languages.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista

    It is time to acknowledge all Eritrean (as well as non-Eritrean) human rights advocates for bring about a monumental landmark with UN’s decision to set up a Commission of Inquiry into Eritrean regime’s abuses:

    “7. Decides to establish, for a period of one year, a commission of inquiry comprising three members, one of whom should be the Special Rapporteur, with the other two members appointed by the President of the Human Rights Council;

    8. Also decides that the commission of inquiry will investigate all alleged violations of human rights in Eritrea, as outlined in the reports of the Special Rapporteur;”

    The resolution was adopted without a vote and Russia, Pakistan, Venezuela and China had reservations but DID NOT BLOCK it.

    On a positive side, Eritrea is developing highly experienced HR experts for its future with people like Elsa Chyrum, Meron Estifanose and Selam Kidane and many others. It is also doubly blessing that many are women. Thumbs up ladies 🙂

    • Truth

      If lying is considered to be highly experienced then yes they are being developed.

  • Dean Moe B

    Awate, I posed this question to Serray, but let me ask you this and answer honest;y.

    Sunridge hit it’s high way back in 2003($6.33 on Nov’3’2004) not 2006. Since then it’s been on a steady decline to where we are now at about $0.23.

    Let me just ask two questions to you:

    (a)What does SGC’s steady decline from $6.33 to $0.20 tell you? Does this mean that SGC has lost almost 97% of it’s value(“Currently it is trading as low as $0.20—a mere 3.3% of what it was in 2004”)? and

    (b) Do you real believe the share price crash is the result of/attributable to the Sanctions on Eritrea?

    • D Tito

      (a)What does SGC’s steady decline from $6.50 to $0.20 tell you?

      That it’s terminally ill. Most illness are gradual and that may be you should check with your doctor to see what maybe be lurking ready to kill you.

      Does this mean that SGC has lost almost 97% of it’s value(“Currently it is trading as low as $0.20—a mere 3.3% of what it was in 2004”) as Awate alleges?

      Yes. If not, if it can be valued for more, some ill deep pocket like you would have purchased the company. If you don’t, you are not a good investor. Check your bank account first before you call my secretary.

      (b) Is the share price crash the result of/attributable to the Sanctions on Eritrea?

      Depends on the size of its Eritrean portfolio. If sizable, the answer is yes, attributable to something far worst than only a sanction captured in Eritrea country investment risk. What’s the Eritrea country risk? perhaps, that information is available to you?

      (a)What does SGC’s steady decline from $6.50 to $0.20 tell you?

      That it’s terminally ill. Most illness are gradual and that may be you should check with your doctor to see what maybe be lurking ready to kill you.

      Does this mean that SGC has lost almost 97% of it’s value(“Currently it is trading as low as $0.20—a mere 3.3% of what it was in 2004”) as Awate alleges?

      Yes. If not, if it can be valued for more, some ill deep pocket like you would have purchased the company. If you don’t, you are not a good investor. Check your bank account first before you call my secretary.

      (b) Is the share price crash the result of/attributable to the Sanctions on Eritrea?

      Depends on the size of its Eritrean portfolio. If sizable, the answer is yes, attributable to something far worst than only a sanction captured in Eritrea country investment risk. What’s the Eritrea country risk? perhaps, that information is available to you?

    • insider

      a. not really as they really have got a product in their hands which has value.
      b. nope, metal and gold prices dropped so investors lost interest in small exploration companies working in dubious countries

    • Hayat Adem

      a. share value is more about perception and confidence of buyers than about value. Well, eventually, it might affect the value as well, though they still have the products like insider said, the value attached to that product is always a market value and not always a use-value. share values also can be lowered do you to decision of splitting but that is a different issue, and it happens when the share prices hike bullishly.
      b. it is possible that the sanctions and the fact that the EoG is seen now as rogue and pariah might have influenced the confidence of traders negatively.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Dean Moe B,

      Here the new equation of benefit economics in today’s balance sheet.

      Total Value -[Extra Value] – Total Cost = Margin of Benefit.

      Could you discuss about this. I am afraid not to do so as an investor because investors are not happy with the EXTRA VLAUE. What you say all can be done using econometrics and for that let it be done by people like you who dwell on money generation only regardless of what the social, political or environmental harm it may have.


  • Ermias

    Awate Team should be highly commended for such a detailed research and informative article. Given how a closed system the PFDJ runs, it must have take a lot of effort and time to get all this insightful information. Thank you for such a great service to us readers.

  • Serray


    Almost every point you raised is a ruse. In 2006, sunridges shares were $6, today it is 22 cents and yet sunridge is closer to production today than 2006 and its valuation is higher today than even a years ago. For you this has nothing to do with the sanctions because mining companies’ shares are inversely proportional to their valuation. Nice.

    Allow me to tackle some of the points you raised. What does, “listing requirements are less onerous”? Not weaker disclosure?

    Third, The company was UNABLE to raise capital in canada, that is why it is putting itself for sale.

    Fifith, sunridge is a penny stock; before we go into any detail, tell us the advantages of non-brokered vs brokered and why does a company “choose” one over the other.

    You point six is the only thing you got right. Seven is nonsense, Tempest Capital seems a one man operation. Check the website, it is only one page, the contact person is the President, CEO and managing director and his name is Mark Reineking.

    Your points eight and nine are the most dishonest. Sunridge is in desperate need of cash; the pfdj dragging its feet is what is forcing it to explore a sale of the company. Mind you, the company needs some 12 million a year to operate and its cash balance is less than a million. Being a penny stock its ability to raise capital, brokered or otherwise, is dwindling.

    Leaving aside your nitpicking, do you think sunridge is in good shape? I am not saying you are a pfdj mouthpiece but the way you tried to bury the big picture by misdirection is typical of pfdj mouthpieces.

    • Dean Moe B

      Ok, Serray, Let’s, once again get the facts straight and get to the heart of the matter.

      Sunridge hit it’s high way back in 2003($6.50 on Nov’6’2003) not 2006. Since then it’s been on a steady decline to where we are now at about $0.23.

      According to the fine people at Awate, this decline is attributable to the sanctions.

      Let me just ask two questions to you:

      (a)What does SGC’s steady decline from $6.50 to $0.20 tell you? Does this mean that SGC has lost almost 97% of it’s value(“Currently it is trading as low as $0.20—a mere 3.3% of what it was in 2004”) as Awate alleges? and

      (b) Is the share price crash the result of/attributable to the Sanctions on Eritrea?

      • Serray


        Nitpicking but let me answer your question. From its highs of Nov 2003 (happy?) I will say bad political environment under which it operates contributed to its decline. Everything being the same, if eritrea was a stable country under no sanctions, sunridges shares would not only have recovered its 2003 highs, it would have surpassed given its valuation. But sanctions and the threat of sanctions deeply discounted the value of this company.

        If I am an analyst tasked with looking at this company today, the only way I can explain its 23 cents per share price is the sanctions and the general political environment in eritrea. That doesn’t mean it does 100 percent; there could be other factors of lesser importance such as bad management and market fluctuation.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    A captivating documentary. Thanks Stop Slavery In Eritrea guys and gals 😉


    • Papillon

      Dear Haile TG,

      Many thanks for the well produced documentary. I don’t think there is any story to tell simply because, as much as the story is intended to inject some sort of a change of heart with in the enclaves of PFDJ, they (PFDJ) have already made up their mind not to be moved by a tragedy of an epic proportion and if the man they prostrate to stays in power till the victimized generation comes of age, they will deny it (read: the tragedy) ever happened all together. In the mean time however, the nation is profusing hemorrhage like a faucet as the productive generation leaves the country in droves leaving behind an aging generation dangling in a hollowed* limbo.

      *I just finished reading a recent article penned by YG as he reflects on the impact of the Letter by the Bishops. YG erroneously placed a word “extinction” with in the narrative where the Eritrean people particularly the younger generation is not ceasing to exist or going into extinction rather, to state the obvious, it is just opting out to live anywhere but in Eritrea.


      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Papi,

        I think you didn’t critically examined the content and message of YG. the word “extiniction” has being used as a word of political support for his previous articles, “the hizibi kebessas kind of fallacy” To enrich
        his argument (again failed argument) he first assassinated Semere Habtemariam potency by his own self invented claim. YG wrote, “…Semere Habtemariam, who claims that his is a better literal translation,..” This is a simple character assassination followed for last decades by YG to kill potency of Eritrean elites and declare himself as the owner of a sole analytical potency of word coins and translations.

        To enforce his logic of fallacy, he took the word “Tsanta” from the Bishop’s letter and referred translations done so far for such word. According to his quote, Semere’s translation is, “We are obliged to say this because it is happening right in front of our eyes; and we are duly concerned by the far-reaching ramifications of the continual exodus of refugees and the depletion of human capital will incur on the future of the country.” To flash you back on the original Tigrigna sentence, it reads

        “እዚ ዘብለና ዘሎ ድማ፣ ኣብ ቅድሚ ዓይንና ይፍጸም ዘሎ፣ ናይ ሰባት ቀጻሊ ዋሕድን ዋሕዝን ብሕቱ ዘይኮነስ ንጽባሕ ከም ጋጥም ዘለዎ ጻንታ እዩ እቲ ዚረኣየናን ዘፍረሓናን ዘሎ። ሓደ ስደተይና ኣብ ዝኸደ ኸይዱ፡ ናይ ሃገሩ ናፍቖትን ዝኽርን ብርግጽ የሰንዮ ይኸውን፣ ኣብ ታሪኽ ከም ንርእዮ
        ግን፡ ንዓዶም ተመሊሶም ዝተባህሉ ስደተይናታት ብኣጻብዕ ዚቝጸሩ እዮም። እዚ ናይ ሕጂ ንኡስን ማእከላይን ዝበልናዮ ወለዶ ጥራሕ ኣይኮነን
        ዚጠፍእ ፡ ዘሎ፡ እቲ ኪትከኦ ፡ ዝነበሮ፡ ማለት እቶም ብሕፃናቶም ፡ ዝኸዱን፡ ኣብ ዓዲ ስደት ዚውለዱን ደቆም ፣ ኵሎም፣ ሃገር ዝኸሰረቶ ወለዶ ከይከውን ዘየፍርሕ ኣይኮነን።

        Semere H. has translated this as;

        [We are obliged to say this because it is happening right in front of our eyes; and we are duly concerned by the far-reaching ramifications the continual exodus of refugees and the depletion of human capital will incur on the future of the country. It is true wherever a refugee settles s/he will always miss and long for his/her homeland; but truth be told that based on history the number of those who returned home is insignificant to merit counting. We are not only talking about the youth and the middle generation, but also about those infants and children who either join them or are born in their adopted country; we are
        afraid all these are net loss for our country.]

        YG argued on this translation by continuing to say, “even though the Bishops make it crystal clear what that “far-reaching ramification” is: extinction as a people. Put conditionally, if there is a way of sustaining that mass exodus without the threat of extinction, their existential worry would have been curbed. In fact, they do provide us with such a hypothetical corrective mechanism in that same paragraph: the hope that those leaving the country would return in the future.”

        And further he went on saying,”But they are pessimistic on this ever happening, and hence their existential anxiety. Even though the sense of urgency in the letter is better captured by the AMECEA’s (Association of Member Episcopal Conference of East Africa) cryptic translation, “We are terrorized by
        the prospect of a drastic depopulation of the country”, it still remains critically wanting without that potent term “extinction”. ”

        YG seems here better comfortable with the take, “Drastic depopulation of the country as current phenomenon”

        Semere’s take is “Depletion of human capital as a future threat” which will not please YG of course.

        But the words matter before of the origional letter. In the Tigrigna version, “ናይ ሰባት ቀጻሊ ዋሕድን ዋሕዝን
        ብሕቱ ዘይኮነስ ንጽባሕ ከም ጋጥም ዘለዎ ጻንታ እዩ እቲ ዚረኣየናን ዘፍረሓናን ዘሎ።” There are two things here, one the current situation and second the future threat. Semere has clearly stated this two destination , present and future. But YG is not pleased with this. He wanted it that sentence to be translated as pure “extinction” ere he said in the long exhaustive argument of word usage. He wanted the the far-reaching ramifications to be “extinction.” How dare well-minded person can literally translate such as an obvious phenomenon? The Tighrigna version put “Tsanta”and yes “Tsanta”can literally be translated as “extinction. But, in their letter is a logical based reasoning for what they see and fear for possible extinction inside Eritrea that it can happen in the future

        The word extinction is translated as, “the state or situation that results when something (such as a plant or animal species) has died out completely.” But according to the Bishop’s letter they are not saying death will happen. They are saying those who are going out from the country have little chance to come back home and history has proven this before in many places. This is what they are saying. They are not saying “Eritreans are extincting as people” but they are fearing that people may leave the country and live in foreign country and never come back.

        If we look YG’s previous article on the Demographic collapse of Kebessa people and his talks on paltalk, he tried to proof how the population of Kebessa is extincting. He brought reasons of sex-inbalance and male leaving the country and facing high probability of getting un-married. Consequently his prediction was the total extinction of Kebessa people in the near future.

        The same argument goes also with his word politics of “extinction.” He wanted Seemere H. to fulfill his long quest of fallacy in the translated version. YG is just dreaming. Not only in his own way of putting his ideas but expecting people also to dream the same.

        I could go further to pick-point his lines and nullify them. But I don’t want to go after hallucinanators. His long article is nothing but a continuation of his logic of fallacy, the philosophy of past.



        • Rodab

          Tes buddy,
          Excellent analysis!
          My take in this is Semere got the transilation correct, if seen from the context of the entire paragraph – that the bishops were talking about Eritreans vacating Eritrea and not disappearing, as a people, from the face of the earth. In translating the word “tsanta” or “mitsnat” in isolation, YG is not incorrect. BUT if you look which angle he (yg) is coming from, it is clear he is looking for ‘ammunition’ to go after those he always sees negatively – ‘the elites’, thus losing objectivity in the process. His tone and intensity on going after them lend to this.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Redab,

            The correct translation of “Mitsnat” is “extinction”

        • Papillon

          Dear Tes,

          I think you and I are on the same page about the misplaced word “extinction.” Your argument is precisely my point. But of course, I won’t put YG on a spectrum of political “isms” as somebody who wants to capitalize on the Letter as lending credence to his long held belief on the depletion of Kebessawian. Obviously, there is no ambiguity on the striking reality where the nation is on a verge of hollowing itself of its productive citizens particularly the Kebessa population. That said however, we seem to depart from YG’s trajectory or vortex as he nullifies the legacy of Gedli worse yet puts the blame of the present sad story entirely on Ghedli. If you notice and read some of the comments to his article, for the very first time, they are saying clearly that the only solution to the Eritrean predicament is by unifying Eritrea with Ethiopia. As they say, a house once was a single brick and an oak tree a single seed. We are witnessing the birth of a movement that was absolutely unthinkable let alone twenty three years ago even five years ago. One opts not to think about the future as much as one dares not to sleep so that he or she won’t dream for it is frightening.


        • Hope

          Kudos tes,
          Shukren wed Ad , we senni hamdeka from the depth of my HEART.
          Mai Dearit site,wed Ad we huye—
          With some disagreemnt in our struggle for a real change,I am with you,at least in Principle.
          I will get back to you to your previous clarification–but I remain grateful–no matter what with some apology for previous miscommunication.
          The same Hope.

      • Hayat Adem

        Dearest Papillon, peace and health with you so that we continue to be graced by your sharply penetrating comments.
        I read YG’s take, too. You are right, he dwelt on that word and the translation deviation. But I thought and agree with him that the variation deserves such an analytical attention. It matters less if the Fathers were right or wrong in using Tsanta (ጻንታ) to describe Eritrea’s dangerous future. I’m sure you would agree that the exact or the nearest exact word-for-word translation for that would be Extinction. And not “far-reaching ramifications”. Of course, translators can pick contextualized concepts, in stead of dry word-for-word replacements but that has to come with justified explorations. In that case, does the translator think extinction is too heavy or too confusing to carry the intended message in Tigrina? May be! But YG thinks different, and extinction is the right word for him, and shying away from picking it is diminishing the message. You should remember that it only makes sense for YG to respond that way as he has been alarming us on the issues of the Kebessa extinction for a long time now and now that the Fathers’ message, including the wording, supports him.
        Saying that, YG thinks the Kebessa people are under the threat of extinction because its productive and reproductive young male are put out of a normal living condition due to the national service and the exodus. YG’s estimate is that such as a situation has denied the highland population about 1 million younger population. Discontinuing the continuity of reproduction significantly is one way to bring extinction. Extinction also happened by applying massive dislocation. If the entire Eritrean people are displaced from Eritrea proper, and they are dispersed in the whole world in their millions, that is not meant to be less extinction in terms of keeping the people and the nation in total disjointness. You will never have proper Eritrea or Kebessa to refer to, as soon as that becomes a reality, the the dispersed people will cease to exist within that identity as there will never be Eritreaness without Eritrea or Eritreaness without Eritreans.

        I think YG is never inconsistent nor unprovable.
        Haftikhi Hayat

        • Serray

          Selam Hayat,

          This goes to the heart of people versus land issue…the way shaebia runs the country, if every group is forced out of the country and two male shaebias are left in the country, they will still pat themselves on the shoulder for liberating it before they take their last breath.

          Yg has a point. While the dislocation of the lowlanders is acknowledged openly because it happens under ethiopian rule, the dislocation of the highlanders is purposely ignored, specially by the elites and those who should know better… those who bleed for the lowlanders. This is so for two reasons: first, those who should sound the alarm are supposed to be the people who advocate against the continued displacement of lowlanders (given those who stranded them and those who are displacing the highlanders are one and the same) but in our case, the dislocation of kebessa contradicts their “highlanders are taking our land” thesis so they either ignore, play it down or misdirect. Second, our elites are value neutral; if it it is fashionable, they pick it up; if it is not, they ignore it even in the face of overwhelming evidence. This sickening value neutrality can be seen in their refusal to identify the victims of lampedusa, organ harvesting, human trafficking, refugees in ethiopia, israel, as highlanders. Not because they don’t know that almost all of these victims are from kebessa but because to say so is not yet fashionable and they are afraid they will offend “the lowland good highland bad” crowd. Plus, the pfdj like name calling to anyone who says things were a million times better before ghedli as neo-andnet has made them fearful to state the plight of the highlanders openly.

          Yg is a pioneer and best of all, he is not afraid. Just like he gave some us the language to de-romanticize ghedli, soon his fearless tackling the plight of the highlanders will enter the mainstream and when it does, it will help the struggle for justice.

          • saay7

            Selamat Serray:

            Your inner Yosief is showing and it is not pretty.

            In most of Eritrean literature, when chronicling the Ethiopian attack against Eritrean villages, the words “highland”, “lowland” are not used, unless it is written for the purposes of educating non-Eritreans. Here’s a quick search:





            So, to the extent that the ethnic/regional/language identity of those who are migrating in mass numbers now is not being disclosed, it is because it never was part of Eritrean conventional writing to do so–even when, unlike now, it wasn’t guess work but absolute certainty. The implication that YG makes and you repeat here is without basis. It is in the category of “I am pissed and somebody is going to hear about it.”) Of course, you could prove me wrong by giving me a list, just like I did, and then we can have an honest debate.

            The truth is, if the situation was reversed, and Yosief’s name was Yusuf, and he was writing about the Metahet grievances, there would have been a relentless chorus of how he is being “divisive” just like the Internet went nuts when Ali Salim (version 1) was writing his geo-specific grievances. And, first in line of the Ali Salim has offended me was, of course, you.


          • haileTG

            Hey Saay and Serray (please continue by all means, don’t mind my interruption:)

            The Kebesa tsanta, extinction or far reaching ramification has not been factually ascertained. What number of Afar, Kunama, and other groups (proportional to their population size) are affected? for how how long? May be all the Afar Eritreans are better aware of what is happening to them and less about Kebessa and the same to others. Let’s hope the UN Commission of Inquiry get to the bottom of it (do I wax በዓል ሓድሽ መተርኣስ፡ ኣብ መንገዲ ይትርኣስ?) ፡-)


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Ahlen Saay,

            When Younis (Ali Salim) wrote his grievances few years ago, they don’t even listen to his grievances, they were arguing against his words of choice. They could have done both – correcting the unnecessary and irrelevant words at the same time address the real issue he raised. But.. but..but The Serray’s and YG’s couldn’t avoid hypocrisy. Tell them, there is no such “one eye crying the other eye laughing.” If one group of society aggrieved the other group of society must feel the pain, like when one eye is hit both eyes tears.

            Senay MeaAlti,

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Serray

            Selamat Sal,

            Funny, my inner yg is showing….a fews times your inner, inner, inner, yg showed and the moments were beautiful…it was during the civil war discussion; moments you allowed yourself to drop the virtual gun you carry to protect ghedli from us de-romantics

            Are you seriously challenging me to prove to you that the reference to three generation of refugees in sudan is not to people from the lowlands? Every time we talk about people stranded in refugees camps, it is always about people from metahit….people whose villages and homes became the first causality of eritrean armed struggle. I can get you a few links from right here at awate including one from a couple of weeks ago (if you give me access to awate’s database from say, 2009, I can get you dozens).

            I am not against people identifying the three generations of refugees as deki metahit. I am never against identifying victims by their religion or ethnicity. Actually, I used to think the ethnic based opposition could be more effective – I don’t any more because they showed they are not. What I resented about ali salim and the lowland good and highland bad is the highland bad part. The twisting of the shaebia regime into an ethnic regime and bundling it with the highlanders. You have a very cavalier attitude to this accusation as if part of it is true. Ali was nothing more than a provocateur to you. For me, given that meles actually invited eritreans for a fully paid conference at ghion hotel where the main topic was whether the regime is ethnic or not at the very same time all the lowland good highland bad articles are showing up tells me that there was a concerted effort to cast the regime one way for God knows what purpose.

            Since you asked, here is what bothers me about the highland flight…there is no war. None for the last 14 years; nothing that can explain like that of the flight of our lowlanders. It is as if the people are marked for extension by the regime. That is one. Two, unlike the lowland good high land bad crowd, pointing this out doesn’t create conflict or a resentment with our lowland half because no one is holding the lowland responsible in any shape or form whatsoever. This neutrality is uncalled for; it is deformed version of hade hizbi hade libi.

            It doesn’t take away anything to point out that more youth from highland are running away other than focusing on the regime why it is doing it. My question to you is, why does it bother you when one states such visible fact? Why is it ugly of me to point it out? Some whites don’t like when people point out the disproportionate blacks in prison because the justice system is white. This doesn’t apply to eritrea. Deki metahit have absolutely nothing to do with the plight of the highland youth at this moment in our history. Why does it bother you when a simple fact is stated? It is not like you don’t argue about the plight of others that are not minority. You are a proponent of arabic official language with all its implication and yet, you are sort of proactively shutting down the misery of the kebessa by saying that we never made the distinction about our stranded refugees.

            One of the excellent points yg made in his latest piece is how shaebia’s vulgar pragmatism (such an apt description) chooses the path of least resistance. He gives the example of tewahdo church. In addition to what he pointed out, what makes the tewahdo church a target is its role during the period leading to the federation in the person of dimetros – whose son is brought to dismantle it. What made it easy to go after kunama is the way they were casted as dergi supporters. I believe the neo-andnet name calling intended or unintended benefit to shaebia is, once you cast one group, one religion, as something and it passed into the everyday language, it creates a pass of least resistance for shaebia regime. When you make defending habesha, kebesa, tewahdo a taboo by blurring a glaring injustice with “we didn’t do this during the struggle” or as gezae warned as “falling for it”, you creat a path of least resistance to the regime; well widen the path of least resistance in this case.

            Amanuel, you made my point. It is not fashionable yet, you will pick it up when it becomes.

            Gezae, same questions I asked Sal, why does it bother you that the victims are identified as youth from the highland when in fact they are? Why do you think this fracture the struggle?

          • saay7

            Selamat Serray:

            1. Our awate archive is “open source”, thanks to the Way Back Machine. Go here


            and pick the crawl dates. (2009 in your case.)

            2. You are reversing the argument (nicely played, btw.) The question here was not, “why does YG present the exodus as an Eritrean highlander issue?” The question was, “why does YG and YGists (you included) ascribe all sorts of vile motives for those of us who choose not to present it as an Eritrean highlander issue?” Has anyone ever criticized YG for presenting it that way? Source please. But I can give you several sources (where YG accused the Awate Team of being part of some grand conspiracy to hide this fact) and he was cheered for it by the One Ethiopia and the virulently anti-Islam crowd in his comments section.

            3. The Meles meeting with the opposition about defining the nature of PFDJ was standard commie stuff; in fact, it is one of the first teachings of Lenin: who are our friends? who are our enemies? What is the nature of our enemy? You are hypersensitive about this issue for reasons that surprise me: I expect it from YG because he is the most sentimental intellectual we have; it surprises me when it comes from you whom I think of as cool as cucumber. That’s why I said “your inner yg is showing.”

            4. People are free to speak about any issue and highlight any issue of their choice. The Kunama have been talking about their potential extinction it since 2005; (; the Islamists have been doing it since 1988; the Afar Eritreans have been doing it since 1999; the Eritrean jeberti since 2008 ( This, to me, is what is called in politics “one issue advocacy”. If YG wants to join the One-Issue advocacy group, it is a free country. But he (or you) should not be hurt or mystified when I and others choose not to.

            5. Some of these issues–discussing subsets instead of the set– are best handled by scholars with scholarly tone. That is a far cry from that and forums like this are not suited for that. For example, what the late Kunama scholar, Alexander Naty, wrote about Eritrean Kunama is, to me, more educational, more informative, more sober than the screaming language used by Baden Kunama. YG’s language is closer to Baden Kunama than Alexander Naty. It is a lot of bomb-throwing interrupted by self-congratulation. Different strokes for different folks.


          • ALI-S

            Selam SAAY & Serray,

            Allow me to intervene as both of you are tapping into the core of our politics: the source of all our problems and the motivation for their resolution. From what I could understand: Serray is mad that we raised hell when lowlanders were the victims and we are silent when the thing shifted to the highlands. You are turning his own guns back to him and saying why refer to the victims as highlanders when he was among those who went yoyo when we referred to the land-grabber victims as lowlanders. Both of you are right.

            However, just to clarify since my name was mentioned by both allow me to reiterate the cream of the land-grabber logic. For the record I have never said highland good – lowland bad. In fact the most difficult part was convincing Serray and others that was not what I meant.

            The main argument was that what we have in Eritrea is a “Neo-Nazi regime of Tigrigna ethnic supremacists”. This regime (so defined) has one thing in mind: to mobilize 50% of the population in order to wipe out the other 50%. The problem with this project wasn’t that those who would be wiped out were lowlanders. The problem was that such a project is not feasible and cannot be done without both sides wiping each other out.

            The call was that Eritrea and many of us, those who have nothing to gain from projects of ethnic civil wars, would lose in between. The core of the campaign was to alert us that ethnic supremacy is self-destructive. The call for the Tigrigna was this: “you may think you are gaining by robbing people of pieces of land and playing god with their destiny, but sooner or later it will come back to haunt you”.

            The reason that we (all those who wrong along the same lines – SAAY included – not to put words into mouths that is my interpretation) repeatedly tried to explain to Tigrigna intellectuals was that persisting on serving as foot soldiers to an evil neo-nazi project will eventually break your back simply because the other side is not going anywhere and pray that they do not follow your example. Whether we like it or not what is happening today and what YK and company are repeated of “ethnic suicide” is nothing but the realization of that prophecy.

            What I thought of doing in this U-Turn debate is to stop warning since the warning has already become a reality, and go ahead to deal with the nightmare on the ground by minimizing damage. It is indeed a very sad story and a pity that so many youth primarily are going through the nightmare. As far as I am concerned, we should only debate the humanitarian aspect of their cause and try our best to help alleviate their pains. I strongly believe that every Tigrigna intellectual whether in the regime or the opposition who preferred to play ostrich on the regime’s grand project of ethnic cleaning is directly responsible for the root political cause of their horrors.

            That is why Serray, I do not take any of the “human-rights” Tigrignas in this forum and those who write elsewhere seriously when you try to exploit the causes of these poor refugees to fit your own fox-politics instead of gathering the courage to deal with complexities created by probably family members and close relatives and putting an end to a project that is only building up towards real disaster. Dealing with this real disaster is the subject of our current debate.

          • ghezaehagos

            Selam brother Serray,
            One of haw YG’s greatest failures is the dichotomy between refugee plight between highlanders and lowlanders. It is simply an Eritrean refugee plight and it sure knows no boundaries. Only the boundary to the border.
            In the latest topic of Eritrean Catholic bishops, lamenting the ‘desolate’ land; you would expect him to do some introspection about his ridiculous, false, useless dichotomy.
            Please don’t fall for it. At least let us perish as Eritreans…
            Yours truly,
            Ghezae Hagos

        • Papillon

          ክብርቲ ሓፍተይ ሓያት

          You’re one of Awate’s intellectual heavyweight where your remarkable debating skills is an envy to an onlooker. Migration and immigration of people have always taken the central stage with in the notable historical milestones where let alone in this day and age, even during the Biblical narratives or sagas (read: dispersion of the Israelites in Babylon where the term “Diaspora” came to be coined) people would always cling to their roots as they eventually return back when the oppressor is out of the scene.

          You sure have raised a compelling argument where Eritrean women run a risk of nulliparity as they are either confined to an indefinite military service or roam in the corners of the world where in a sharp contrast the men are not bound by a biological clock so to speak. But it would be a bit of a stretch to use the word “extinction” given the very fact that, women do not go into menopause till an average age of 48-52. If the mass exodus started say five years ago, it is hardly an extinction given the very fact that, the regime they’re running away from is on the last stage of finding itself six feet under. As such, unless YG has completely given up and sharpens his pencil with in the parameters of an abject pessimism, he can not possibly hyperbole the entire issue out of proportion by using a misplaced term—extinction. To be more precise, the people particularly the Kebbessa people maybe perfusing in an alarming proportion but it is not that far off till they come back to the land they belong to.


  • Hope

    denkoro head:
    There is a difference between a Regime and a Nation/a Country.
    Some of the 2% income goes to the Orphans–of our heros and heroines.I think we need to hire or consult one of those orphans to lecture you on that.

    • Thomas

      LOL – Hi Ri’esi met-han – you have a big head why don’t do it then? Again, how do you know if the 2% goes to the Eritean Orphan Children? Is the answer as usual because they said so?

  • L.T

    Kokob selam;
    you are conserns,and has much curosity after our gold and what it can affect you if we have gold in Eritrea?came to Eritrea just as you had done before and can hire you to work as cashiers,salesmen,bookkeeping or accounting staff in our industry but the application process can be long for you.

    • Hope

      It sounds like” Eniye kemotkugn serdo aibkel–
      Oop,I made a mistake here as he is the expert on this.

      • Kokhob Selam

        That is the problem. you see now? you don’t know that personally I don’t have problem. I have already all those problems the mass is facing today and now I can just ignore as I am living in peace. if I really don’t love you and love my people I will not care on what is happening today. There are people by the way who went through difficult times due to this group and forget about Eritrea today saying “let them pay for it” or “where were they when we told them earlier”.

        so please say what ever you want but don’t categorize me with those who say “Eniye kemotkugn serdo aibkel–” ok. now what do you want me (the man who wants to see democratic Eritrea) to say by this gold rush and (not or) rash subject.

        • Hope

          Because you said you careless—If I misread you,my apology.
          My message though is that we have to take into considieration all things and balance things not jsut the PFDJ hatred and obssession.

    • Kokhob Selam

      not at all L.T, as i told you your boss is more than happy to hire me as your boss but no, I am not so cheap to be governed without rule. the process you are talking is easy my friend for me, I can simply jump those ignorant officers . It is a call away if I bend my head to your management. challenge, just call “Nesu” he will tell you to come but hey, you may end in Era’ero within a month. Lol.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi Daniel,
    Could you tell us the objective truth? We know maths and the basics how the markets work. Tell us the truth on your side with references, and we will tell you what is propaganda and is not. We are not interested of the millions in your account. Just share your knowledge.

  • Hope

    Zeitetsahfe aitenbib ya tsemam wahid.
    We are talking about the sanction specifically.
    While fighting for a constitutional governance,you have an obligation to protect the National Security and Interest of Eritrea.
    Consider the analogy I gave you with Iraq.
    Consider,at least asa DDX(differentail diagnosis)the semna werk of the motivation behind sanctioning eritrea unfairly.
    If you do NOT consider those but knowingly,then you have an evil intention on Eritrea and by default,you belong to the deadly enemies of Eritrea.
    How can I differentiate you from the same deadly enemies of eritrea if you are repeating the same Litany endorsed by the same deadly enemies of Eritrea?
    Hasawi,we hasawi.Get out of the cave you are hiding in and talk a real talk.

    • Thomas

      Hope – really? are you trying to lie again? After I posted the cbc article, subject on Eritrean paying 2%, below was the reaction/posting:

      “Wlecome abck with recycled news.Please explain to me as to why 2% rehab
      taxation is illegal for Eritrea only but legal and necessary for others
      to rehab their countires.
      Why would the uSA impose up to 20% Federal
      Tax for US Citizines who have income overseas to the extent of the
      Citizens giving up their US Citizenship.
      Tell me the truth of you have the gut as to why Canada is doing this to Eritrea.
      Please do NOT mention Al Shebab…. as Eritrea never paid al Shebab a penny”

      Is the above about the 2% or the sanction? Look, how unpredictable you are or is this the sign of you flip flapping again?

    • Thomas

      Hello Hopeless,

      We don’t want to take your statement at face value. On your responses to Haile TG and me, you claimed the below statements. I would like to know where you found the below info:

      -Meles Zenawi and Siye Abreha exposed them and the TPLF cashed $40 Million USD–I hope you trust your masters

      -Two Eritrean -Americans–intellectuals and professionals,were caught on a day light that they have been ordered,advised,funded,backed up,etc…by the State Department—to do their best to strangulate Eritrea,by default Eritreans, to death within 3 months or the name of sanctioning the GoE by any means possible..

      If you heard them while sipping coffee with your aunt/ladies, it is called a hearsay as such treated according/garbage in garbage out.

      This is what my stand is, I crave for another sanction to hit directly the mafias in my country. Their bank account needs to frozen and they are restricted/banned to travel outside the country. The world must recognize them as criminals and must be brought to court for detaining heroes for live without court dues and for killing our disabled veterans @ adi abeito, and for detaining over 10k innocent prisoners. These prisoners are innocent until proven guilty by an independent court. They should not be allowed to travel to any place. On the subject of 2%, they will get that from me in hell.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Really, I am not interested to see the details of how those illegal leaders over there are doing with gold or anything in economy. there is a saying in Arabic “la zenb ba’de kufur” since they are not willing to have any clear system and accountability why someone has to be very interested about the details.

    By the way even if this type of administration manage to make this country rich what good is there without people. for me even the gold plated road will not attract me under PFDJ. few could have been cheated but in PFDJ camp no bread and democracy. “AYFITU AYFTFTU”

    • hope

      Aite Kokhbo,
      Everything is relative in this world.
      Compare and contrast with other companies and Countries while working hard for a pefect system and business, if at all they exist.
      We are NOT here to defend Sunridge or HGDEF,for that matter.
      Good luck to you.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Ato Hope,
        01. “We are NOT here to defend Sunridge or HGDEF,for that matter.” I don’t ether.
        02. “Compare and contrast with other companies and Countries …” I think you didn’t hear the question coming form human beings the first time you start to deal, “Seb dikha, HGDEF?”

        we Selamka

        • Hope

          That is why I am trying to act like a rational himan being–not blind one.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I noticed that and I respect it. But you are not putting still yourself in my place to see my feelings. that still makes you to see I am one sided. I will still hope, hope you will go further and feel what I am feeling about this group.

          • Hope

            Respected as well and thank you for that but apologies for my “misgudgement” though never been my intention to judge people,lest to eb judged.

  • Dean Moe B

    This, by far is worse then I expected. I honestly thought from your previous posts that you guys genuinely had some real
    credible insight; but this, this is just terrible.

    First, here’s a proper chart of sunridge.


    It will allow you to see as far back as 2004(when it reached it’s all time high of over $6.00). Specifically pay attention to where the stock was in the years and months before the sanctions in december 2009 and where it was in the months after. The reality is the sanctions had virtually no impact on the share price unless you want to claim the sanctions came into effect in 2004.

    Case in point. By September 2010, several months after the sanctions, the shares had doubled and nearly tripled by November 2010. In other words, the shares weren’t impacted by the sanctions one bit. To claim otherwise is either fraudulent or one is simply incapable of reading charts and facts/numbers.

    Second, your claim of Canadian exchange(s) having weak disclosure requirements is absolute nonsense. Canada has two main exchanges, the TSX and the TSX venture. The TSX venture(junior exchange) is made up of venture/small capital companies, which mainly consist of mining, exploration companies, hence listing requirements are less onerous.

    Third, Sunridge is Canadian company. It was able to raise funds in the Canadian markets and hence had no need to be dual listed on the US exchanges.

    Fourth, the disclaimer you quoted about “This news release is intended for distribution in Canada..” is common for virtually all (Canadian/TSX Venture listed) companies that are not offering their shares to/in US markets. Look it up.

    Fifth, the comment on “brokered vs. non-brokered” is completely ignorant that it borders on laughable. “Non-broker deals” is one of the most common forms of raising capital and is sold to investors. It is not sold to “loan sharks” working with mafia or such nonsense. Anyone that thinks that is quite frankly stupid and has no concept of what a loan shark is or how shares/private placements/investing work.

    Sixth, you are completely wrong about the “issuing 30 million to service an $830,000”. The 30,000,0000 shares issued in the private placement raised $5,000,000.00 and were/are to be used to “further development of the Company’s Asmara Project in Eritrea as well as for general working capital purposes(in addition to servicing that $830,000 debt)”. If you guys actually bothered to properly read their press release you would know that.

    Seventh, your “the agent” comment is simply comical. “The agent” is not a reference to “a man” but to the brokers(ie tempest capital). Google “Private placement” and you’ll find that reference time and time again. You’ll also find the 6% is the standard commission.

    Eigth, Sunridge did “not ask Enamco” to pay “30% in order to continue it’s operations. Both sunridge and enamco had agreed to do so back in August 2012…some six months prior. In February, enamco exercised that option to buy. This is the standard M.O. for enamco.

    Ninth, Enamco has not handed Sunridge a single dime. If you even bothered to read Sunridge’s price release you would know that enamco and Sunridge have yet to formally sign off on the share holder’s agreement which would then trigger the countdown for Enamco to fork over the 30% cash(in stages).

    If you or your so called source couldn’t even get something that crucial right, do you really expect anyone to believe a single thing about this “article”?

    The reality is you guys don’t even know information that is very public, but yet you want people to believe that you are somehow privy to information no one else knows(that wanbao was in any planning to invest in Eritrea/Sunridge.

    BTW. Wanbao mining has interests in Zimbabwe(which has been suffering from years of hyperinflation, sanctions, instability, government nationalizations) and the DRC(government has many a times revoked mining permits, corruption, war etc). Suffice it to say, it’s foolish to state that they were scared of from investing in Eritrea because of “geopolitical risks” .

  • ALI-S

    Selam Daniel,

    With all due respect I too think your input in the couple of comments that you made did not add any new info or insight. But I think I agree with you that the article or report (if that was the intention) was just as poor and confused.

    I read it twice and tried to make sense of what the writer might have wanted to say and had the impression that it was an extended comment directed to you or to someone who made similar comments. At some point I had the impression that it was intended to impact the reputation of Sunridge. It sounds like it is saying the company should not invest in Eritrea because the situation is unstable. But it then sounds like they are mad that the Eritrean government did not help Sunridge go for the investment.

    But I understand the difficulty of having to write reports when one has nothing to report. Who is to blame for that? Of course you (Daniel) for bluffing about being informed and not sharing.

    • Hi Ali,
      Could you be confusing what you read in the comments with the article? The article said nothing regarding an Eritrea government investment to bail out Sunridge. A commentator mentioned something to that effect though he was not mad the because the government didn’t as you made it sound.

    • Semere Andom

      Selam Ali:
      You seem dismayed by a comment by a commenter for investing in unstable country. You are smart enough and Canadian enough to understand that a publicly held companies have the responsibility to be risk averse and not squander opportunities by wasting money in unstable countries helmed by unstable people. Also you are responsible enough to believe that although publicly held companies are primarily concerned with making money for the share owners, they have responsibility not to support tyrant like ours. From its history and as this report reveals this company fails on both counts.
      The free market will arbitrate and retarded companies like this have no future and are weeded out by Mr. Market and what may of us, the libertarians are saying is instead of outsourcing the task of “improving” our lives to PFDJ we should be left alone to determine how to improve our lives and the sometimes bipolar Mr. Market, but most of the time true judge of economic fitness decide on our economic fate.

      Mr. Market is a play on Dr. Jyklle and Mr. Hyde and was first used allegoricallyby the famous American investor and economics professor Ben Graham

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Younis H.

      If Daniel told us that “this article confirms [what he had] already knew”, I don’t understand why he is regurgitating about his personal thing, where he works and what he will do with his bank account? If his issue is about AT on the Sunridge report and at the same time he confirmed that is what he know, why is he saying “the writers of awate have no idea”? Is he talking about a different article? I believe, he either doesn’t know what he is claiming he knew, or he doesn’t know how to engage in a public forum. Read his comment to Serray.

      Senay MeAlti,
      Amanuel Hidrat

      • ALI-S

        Selam Emma & Sem & AT,

        I know what you are saying. What I meant was that as a reader he is justified in thinking that the article did not have flesh and that was also my impression.

        I agree with you that Daniel’s info is as good as anyone’s. He is probably related to some boss and had some coffee gossip on the subject. The claim that you know anything in Eritrea today is the best proof that you know nothing.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Ya Younis,

          Then could you ask him to show us the flesh. I asked him twice he can not avail. When someone criticized some ones report, he should have the courage to show us his fact. Even yourself if you think there is no flesh on it, what is the flesh that should be dressed on it? Daniel acted as if he knows about it, but he has nothing to show us. If someone doesn’t show you something to what he is criticizing, then he is empty about it. That is how I see in book.

          Amanuel Hidrat

  • Dean Moe B

    lol….seriously awate? There are so many things wrong with this piece. This is by far worse then the previous article.

  • Serray


    Very informative. The information you provided us will allow us to take this article with a lot of grains of salt. Now, tell us the information first and what the Team got wrong. Let me do you a favor, the company publishes financial statement under International financial reporting standards…so your “I know someone who works at sunridge” is not going to cut it like it does at dehai.

    • Daniel

      I take it you failed reading comprehension. Where have I stated I know someone at Sunridge? Haha….You can’t even read yet want to engage in a meaningful debate.

  • Serray


    Good one AT,

    Usually management puts a company for sale when other financing sources dried up. The bad news for Sunridge is their partner, shaebia regime, is bankrupt itself. Every year they say the regime will provide most of their financing but I guess that didn’t pan out. And so the mineral wealth in asmera and its environs got another chance to be used for good when a government by the people for the people replaced this parasitic and cannibalistic regime. Here is the proof how corrupted shaebia regime is: this regime gets hundreds of millions from mining and the 2% extortion. Sunridge needs no more than 20-30 million before production kicks off. Even with Nevsun experience where they pocketed over to half a billion, they still can not manage to save enough to let this project go to production. Any other government would have acquired 80-90 percent ownership and financed the project to production but not the parasitic and cannibalistic regime. They squander every cent just like petty thief.

    Sunridge is a crook, though, take a look at what they wrote about the risk factors facing them last year and this year.

    Last year,

    “In addition, intervention by the international community through organizations such as the United Nations can affect the political risk of operating in Eritrea. In December 2009 and again in December 2011, the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on Eritrea related to calling on Eritrea to show transparency in its public finances, imposed an arms embargo, which in itself has no direct impact to the Company’s operations, except to cause some uncertainty as to how UN member states may continue to deal with the country. These factors or the perception thereof could impede the Company’s activities, result in the impairment or loss of part or all of the Company’s interest in the properties, or otherwise have an adverse impact on the Company’s valuation and stock price”.

    This year,

    “Political Uncertainty
    In conducting operations in Eritrea, the Company is subject to considerations and risks not typically associated with companies operating in North America. These include risks such as the political, economic and legal environments. Among other things, the Company’s results may be adversely affected by changes in the political and social conditions in Eritrea and by changes in governmental policies with respect to mining laws and regulations, anti- inflationary measures, currency conversion and remittance abroad, and rates and methods of taxation”.

    No mention of sanctions this year when they try to sale the company. Another crooked thing in their financial statement is, the same people who run the company also provide consulting services through a company they own and get paid extra.

  • Thomas

    Information on the illegal 2% tax collection in Canada, follow below link:

    HIGDEF lobbyists are now again exposed.

    • Hope

      Mr Tom,
      Wlecome abck with recycled news.Please explain to me as to why 2% rehab taxation is illegal for Eritrea only but legal and necessary for others to rehab their countires.
      Why would the uSA impose up to 20% Federal Tax for US Citizines who have income overseas to the extent of the Citizens giving up their US Citizenship.
      Tell me the truth of you have the gut as to why Canada is doing this to Eritrea.
      Please do NOT mention Al Shebab…. as Eritrea never paid al Shebab a penny.

      • Hope

        Please,read as welcome back

      • Thomas

        Hope – I think the following will unblock/unlock your mind thought if you relax for the first time:
        1) USA employees who work overseas are not immigrants. They willingly go to work outside their country, they are involved with anything going on in their country unlike ours, and are protected by their government if anything is to happen to them.

        2) We, Eritrean Americans, are taxed by the U.S. government and we cannot afford to pay double taxation. How can a person who work as house keeper can afford to pay 2% while she/he has to pay her/his house rent, utility bills and support his/her family at the same time. Even if this poor person who is financially struggling pays the 2% to the regime whom you are protecting, can this contribution help the country or the murders who are hungry to get the money? That is the question of accountability. That has never existed since DIA got in power.

        3) The USA has a constitution which protects everyone including you and me. My relatives back in that country are treated like the property of the regime. They can be killed, jailed/detained and forced to flee the country. Fill in the blank, what will happen them while fleeing the nation or if they are caught by the regime. So, is this legal? Thank you, Canada, for understanding our causes.

        • Hope

          Few more things to help you “open your eyes”:
          The AU,and major experts recommended
          – that the diaspora contribution to their respective nations will help the Thrid world nation develop more
          -the Army or the Defense Forces of the respective third world countries should be engaged in Nation Building activities—
          The above nobel causes have been learnt from a new country called Eritrea.

          • Thomas

            Whatever,Mr. tsemam hade derfu

        • Hope

          We are debating based on honesty and facts–not just political gambling.
          -Do not compare apples with oranges
          -hating one party or PFDJ is NOT a precodnition NOT to pay your dues/obligations
          -You are asked only 2% of your net income
          -In Eritrea,you have NO Obligation to do so(but nai hilina guday) like the USA Citizens–as you will in prison if you do NOT comply with the USA Laws and you will charged with treason if you flee from the National Service of US Army–
          -No matter what ,the GoE is recognized by more than 180 Nations and as such,it is a governemt running a Nation,no matter what and irrespective of its crimes,weaknesses,etc—
          -The escapees are Eritrean Nationals and they have an obligation to do so
          -The UN disproved the false allegations made against Eritrea
          -Meles Zenawi and Siye Abreha exposed them and the TPLF cashed $40 Million USD–I hope you trust your masters
          -PFDJ is NOT equivalent to Eritrea or Eritreans
          -Hating PFDJ should NOT push us to jeoparadise our National Security Interest by any means and under any condition–incluidng th ecrimes and weaknesses of the PFDJ –as Eritrea will stay but PFDJ will be gone in few yrs or even months…but will give its due credit to the PFDJ for keeping Eritrea intact thus far despite all ODDS under the SUN!!!
          If you are endorsing the Sanction and the 2% tax,tne how is the Nation going to be run—?
          Who is going to feed the hungry,the poor–,who is going to fund the basic education,-the basic infra-structure,etc??
          Tsemam we tsemam–go and serve your masters.

          • Thomas

            So, the crap you wrote above of any prove? Shame on you, Mr. Tsemam ade dergu!! Paying 2% to a lawless regime is lawful? Also, doing military slavery for over 15 years (those who started 1994 – still under slavery) is a law/under our 1997 unimplemented constitution? Our women feeding/becoming a maid and including sex serving to your masters’/military generals is considered national services? Hearsay is not evidence, again where did you get information about Meles stating that he received $40 million in exchange for helping Eritrea sanctioned or lying? Don’t lie, because we are watching you doing so. You always amuse me Mr. Tsemam hade derfu!!

        • ALI-S

          Selam Thomas,

          You raise the two most powerful arguments against the 2%: (a) we are too poor to pay taxes; (b) we should not pay a government that we do not like.

          I respect your insights. I am just trying to help by clarifying what I think Hope is trying to say (I know he can say it better but this is my understanding). In the first case, I think you are right because taxes should be structured progressively so that a housekeeper would pay proportionally less than the stock broker Daniel. May be the government should exempt or impose only nominally on the poor in the diaspora. This is also reinforced by the view that we are more efficient with our money than the government is with our money.

          I take your second argument to mean people pay taxes in exchange of what they value. You should never pay taxes to pay government hired torturers. In fact that is how it works in a democracy. The US paid 1 trillion of taxpayer money and dumped it in Iraq, a disaster where hundreds of thousands became horror stories. Later taxpayers came together and voted Bush out. I am not saying individual tax payers in the US have power to decide where gov spends their money. The good thing about democracy is that it allows for the collective to express its will or at least the production of what may count as expression of collective will. I promise your second argument will be on to of our agenda when we establish a democracy. Thank you for the proposal.

          However, you are aware that we have no way of telling what collective will in our case is. The only choice we have is to take the functioning government as that expression. I don’t like it of course. But technically we are stuck and there is nothing we can do about taxes including the 2%.

          That is the PFDJ’s argument and I think we need a better excuse so that we do not appear like we are sabotaging a sovereign nation.

          The UN did not say Eritrea is not entitled to tax its citizens. It only recommended that members prevent the embassies from collecting the taxes in their territories. Canada and others followed. But non of them expect the government to drop the tax. As a government of sovereign, the ER government may just collect your debt until the problem that triggered the ban on 2% is solved and send you the bill. If a single Eritrean anywhere on this planet continues to pay non of us can be exempted even under a democratic regime under the current opposition.

          • Semere Andom

            Abu Ulwa:
            In your exuberance to defend PFDJ you sounded like the true PFDJ diehards when you said the USA wasted 1 trillion In Iraq, I am appalled when people who know better compare a common thief, GoE and a democracy, the USA. I have in the past accused you of “you say just enough to qualify you as an opposition Eritrean”, but swaddled in this “just enough” there in lies a true believer in the in PFDJ. The USA about which many Eritreans bitch about is the land of rule of law, its brilliant founding fathers anchored the nation in the constitution. The founding fathers where steeped in the thinking of the Renaissance and many were thinkers and inventors, those are imposing themselves on us as our founding fathers are high school drops outs brutes, myopic and hooligans fit for, all is evident in the result, there is no a better yard stick. They are “skunis” as Gadi called them over a decade ago
            You still call 2% tax and legal, it is none of that. It is extortion and illegal. It was not designed by the reps of the people, it is illegal and is used to build the 3000 prison, where 10,000 Eritreans are languishing. As Dejen put it, the prison system in Eritrea is where innocent people striped from their God given freedoms and the criminals are roaming by man given freedom.
            If Americans do not like what their government does, they can protest to the point of disobedience as they did in the Vietnam war and we know the government capitulated. They can elect congress and the president out every 2 and 4 years respectively. They can leave USA and live in Thailand for cheap, they can get a job in Canada all without any repercussion neither to their families nor to them. Eritrean are able to do only the last one, leave the country and even that with a risk to their lives.
            Any one who claims to be justice seeker must oppose this extortion that takes from the people to cage them. The so called independent Eritrea was made by blood sacrifices and it astounds me why Eritreans are afraid of the minimal sacrifices that is needed for not paying the 2% compared to what our brothers have paid.

          • Truth

            It’s obvious you’re new to the US because once you’ve been around for awhile you’ll drop the US is a democracy line. It’s a plutocracy by every stretch of the imagination and as for listening to its people, look at the latest Congress approval (7%). The people are fed up with their leaders and sadly nothing can be done to fix it because of a lack of consciousness on the part of its citizens.

          • SA

            Mr. Ali-S,
            “Later taxpayers came together and voted Bush out.” Mr. Bush served the maximum two terms, and was never voted out. The American people relelected him in 2004 over John Kerry in which Iraq was one of the main issues during the election.

          • haileTG

            Selamat Ali-S and awatistas and taxpayers alike 🙂

            Does Eritrea tax diaspora Eritreans? And Is the 2% a ‘Tax’? The 2% was originally conceived, as we all recall, to be a form of voluntary contribution towards recovery efforts of the then war ravaged and newly independent Eritrea. It was set at 2% from the start and is still 2%. It is not income, employment status or even health condition dependent. It is a flat rate, applied across the board regardless of one’s objection to it or their personal situation. Like everything else with Eritrea, this contribution has been defaced and deformed to the point of appearing a daylight robbery where people are faced with either paying or renouncing of their native identity as enshrined within their citizenship.

            The money is collected, without any transparency diligence, and deposited into a bank account that is held by a privately owned hgdef institution (HCBE and not CBE) and many politically motivated applications also added to it, such as: payment for defence against “Ethiopian invasion” Round 1, 2 &3 (word for word translation), requirement of the asking of an “apology” to hgdef by assuming crimes against the state and against hgdef for escaping its brutality, submission of far too excessive personal information to the Embassy of hgdef (and of course its security attache) along your application…as well as anything that may come in the future.

            When Eritreans, the learned one’s at that, confuse “dues” for “taxes” and don’t base their arguments on the relevant proclamations that stipulate the the imposition of 2% but rather attribute its relevance to matters of “Sovereignty” (sabotage or otherwise) is puzzling. Eritrean law Proclamation No. 17/1991 and Proclamation No. 67/1995 clearly specify the the 2% is for disabled and war affected veterans and their families, and Eritrean victims of natural disasters (17/1991) and applies to those Eritreans who “receive” “income” outside of Eritrea (67/1995). None of it refer to powers entrusted to collect the funds or stipulates grounds for adding conditionality such as “apology” to the regime and compulsory contribution to “defense” (that many see as self triggered aggression and a war crime). This is why the 2% is an extortion (financial, psychological and political) because it is being applied without a constitutionally empowered entity but rather a group holding power by the barrels of the gun (unlike in those 1991 and 1995 times when the regime had been claiming to have been moving to return power to the people), to exact not only the dues as stipulated within the aforementioned proclamations but also in applying coercion to fraudulently claim legitimacy.

            So, the basic grounds upon which 2% was conceived was valid and many Eritreans wouldn’t have objected, however it is currently applied in a criminal, intimidating and foul manner. Unlike 1991/95, today most Eritrean diaspora have come by escaping the dictatorial regime. Based on its inheritance of the EPLF era security organs, the diaspora is littered with minions of its agents that confuse, intimidate and silence refugees to fake popular support to outsiders. That fake posturing of popularity is very insulting of the intelligence of the western governments who happen to be post-masters in how dictatorships work and operate, from head to toe. Hence, let us be open and call what is happening through the 2%, unlike its intended set up, is criminal and extortion by any measure of a yardstick.


          • Thomas

            Great explanation, you always have the facts and that is why we call you – Haile The Greatest!! It is not only paying the 2% for the unelected regime the problem, but the apology paper/trap they use upon their victims. Paying 2% for creating the mass exodus and building prison camps for those who are unable to flee from the hell. It is a bonus money saying thank you for being criminals.

          • Hope

            Haile et al,
            Do NOT twist things here and there.
            The intention,the motivation and the goal of 2% rehab diaspora tax is meant and was and has been meant to rehab Eritrea.Nothin less ,nothing more.erittrea is NOT the first ONE to implement this noble cause.
            -Mind you,the 2% is less than an average of less than $300 per yr per Citizen as most people do NOT claim their true income–until the GoE found out and enforced the Social Security statement
            -Only less than 29% of Diaspora used to pay this 2% ,even during 1990s
            -This 2% is less than a a nano -fraction of the GDP of Eritrea(the UN confirmed it to be a mere of less than max of $20-30 million per year.
            -Eritrea cannot afford to give this money to al shebab
            -There is NO pressure or yard stick by the GoE –it is purely voluntary and crystal clear —but is is a Law though and no matter who you are,if you are Eritrean then you have to abide by the law of the day.Consider the analogy of the issue of the Eritrean ID during the Referendum.Some ELF members and cadres refuted the ID as it was issued by the EPLF–on the the same token ,since the 2% is imposed by the same EPLF or PFDJ,it is illegal.What a dumbness.
            Mind you,I was NOT beaten up a by stcik when I went to Eritrea few yrs ago without paying the 2% that I ought to do so for the last 2yrs that I missed to pay for.
            But I was asked where the statement or receipt for my 2% tax when I wanted to start to build my home in Asmera.
            -If you do NOT believe that the PFDJ is NOT the GoE or you believe that there is NO governement in Eritrea,by default,it may imply that Eritrea is NOT a Nation–and hence,no need of paying tax to a non-existing nation.
            -Eritrea being NOT governed by a Constitutional Government is NOT equivalent to the above.
            -You can and you should fight for a constitutional governance but you cannot fight as such at the expense of jeoparadising the National Security and Interest of Eritrea. i.e., if you are fighting for and enforcing and tightening the existing sanctions and working hard to impose more, while knowing that Eritrea and Eritreans will be another Iraq and other Iraqis,or even another Somlia,which is a failed State and failed people with an excuse of “weeding out the PFDJ,then,I will fight you with two of my hands ,no matter what and irrespective of this and that.
            -I believe that there is a better way of “weeding out ” the PFDJ without jeoparadising the National Security and Interest of Eritrea.
            The simplest way is :
            -Mobilizing the Eritrean people to be united for ONE Goal:
            But rather than working for that,we are,by default ,.and even directly, hurting the Eritrean People by the way we have been doing “business” in the name of Change and in the name of “Weeding out the PFDJ”.by following and executing the enemy orders and wishes.
            And again,I will fight those who are executing the orders of the enemy with two of my hands.any where,any time and wherever,under any condition and circumstance..
            I am talking about those who petitioned, rallied behind and endorsed the deadly Sanctions,and still doing do, against Eritrea.
            I hated myself as an Eritrean when I have found out exactly what I am talking about has been confirmed.
            Two Eritrean -Americans–intellectuals and professionals,were caught on a day light that they have been ordered,advised,funded,backed up,etc…by the State Department—to do their best to strangulate Eritrea,by default Eritreans, to death within 3 months or the name of sanctioning the GoE by any means possible..
            Interestingly,the same people and their deciples are bluffing about the exodus of the Youth being due to the GoE while working hard day and night to set up the GoE to be in this position and setting up and helping the youth to escape their country in floods.
            What an INSANITY!
            Can someone with a rational mind help me understand this,please??
            I can understand about the PFDJ ” crimes” and no need to lecture me on I am the Expert of the experts on that field.
            May God save Eritrea

          • ALI-S

            Selam Haile,

            I must say this is your best comment so far and in fact the best comment so far. I am therefore abandoning my previous position and adopting the essence of yours as a better and more responsible argument. Thank you.

            This brings us to the logic that arguments on this and other critical issues are much stronger when they are presented in appreciation of the specific issues at stake than they are when presented as tools for ulterior motives i.e. to make side arguments. What you have done in your comment is arguing against the 2% thing by pointing out to loopholes and flaws in the government’s own proclamations and their inconsistency with what they represent on the ground. That’s more of a third way type of thinking (:-)

            Some may tend to think that those who are paying the taxes and many good people standing against the opposition (not necessarily with the PFDJ) are happy about having to pay a dubious tax/charges. I think many of those would be more willing to be convinced with the types of argument you made than with promoting the 2% boycott as a tool to dry-up the regime. The reason is that your argument can be understood as being constructive in that it makes Eritrea and government better while the latter is usually interpreted as mean politics.

            I am sure there are people who know this much better than I do so I would not dare to claim knowledge. But in the heydays of Eritrea, Eritrean missions abroad (I would say without exception) were always frustrated at having to collect the 2% (“meHwey-gibri”). I would say there was a consensus that it was a levy that had outlived its purpose and that there was need to get rid of it. If I am not mistaken and still have my head straight, the question of what to do with it was discussed (the PFDJ way) in one of the Ambassadors’ meetings sometime in 1997 or 1998.

            As far as I know the general impression was that dropping the 2% tax would raise more serious problems than continuing it. The biggest challenge (my guess) was that the core of supporters who had through the years committed to paying everything the government requested would feel that those “opposition guys” who were calling them all kinds of names and never paid a penny before or after independence won the battle. The point is that the opposition had long politicized the 2% resulting into polarization between those who pay and those who openly refuse to pay. It wasn’t a tax anymore.

            The question that may be raised is: what if Eritrea needs contributions from the diaspora in the future and those who had always paid this time stop having confidence of the possibility that the government would impose the responsibility without negative discrimination against those who pay?

            In 1998 the border war answered the question and many were glad that they did not create room for doubts among paying supporters. I think where we should all be debating with a view to providing a solution that works is to find a formula that vindicates those good citizens who had been paying by seeing that they were not fools to have done so. If the PFDJ is overthrown and a democratic government comes in its place, those who have been paying through the years will probably give the new government two options: (a) if you are going to stop the tax then refund every penny that we had paid because we are equal citizens; (b) continue the tax on the condition that you ensure all those who never paid have settled their arrears.

            Or what do you think?

          • Semere Tesfai


            I believe standing against paying taxes or against the 2% fee whatever the justification – is not a winning argument, especially when you are presenting yourself as an alternative to the PFDJ regime (as better than the PFDJ). And this is the reason why:

            – The first justification for the 2% fee is, our commitment as a people to take care the families of those who died while defending Eritrea. And this goodwill project has a life span of few decades, meaning until the last child turns 18 or until the parents (mother and father) die.

            – The second justification for the 2% is, our commitment as a people to care for our disabled veterans in every possible way. And the care for the disabled veteran will be for the rest of the disabled veteran’s life; or for the next 60 – 70 years.

            – The third justification for the 2% is, our commitment to rebuild the country we love; and this commitment is – as needed and the need is still there.

            – The fourth justification for the 2% fee is, for service provided for anyone who want to retain his/her dual citizenship – which no one has an obligation to pay, if one doesn’t want neither service from the Eritrean government nor dual citizenship.

            To be blunt, no opposition leader/cadre is smart enough to stand against the 2% fee and national service without looking unpatriotic and selfish (or coward). If the argument is, it is not being spent wisely, well, bring your case and many people will listen to you. Always we can do better – even a thousand years from now. If it is done to evade responsibility, well……. you can try it but you’re not fooling anyone.

          • Ermias

            Semere, the reasons you listed above are fair on paper if there were a time limit on each and if they would disclose their budget for us to see.

            What is worse is that this ridiculous 2% thing is being used for everything. Here is two of the most dumbfounding (I learned of another one recently but it is not coming to me at the moment, I hope others can add to the list):

            – to send goods to Eritrea to poor families. If I send, say, children’s food, clothing, school supplies etc., why do they need me to pay 2% taxes? The end users are the poor Eritrean kids even if I am a staunch regime critic and my family are the beneficiaries. They are hurting the poor people, not necessarily me.

            – why do I need a 2% to get in and out of my own country? I do not ask to invest, buy anything, or simply nothing. They seem to ask for this at will.

          • Semere Tesfai


            I agree with you 100% when you say, there is incompetence and mismanagement on the side of the PFDJ regime. I know we can do better. But I’ve a question for you:

            What should we do to the disabled veterans and their families prior to our “democratic government”?

            Erimias, you can’t say, we can’t help our veterans and their families until we govern (the “good” people – the “democrats”). No matter what government you going have, there will always be an opposition who would do/say the same thing you’re doing/saying. Ermias, always YOU WORK WITH THE GOVERNMENT YOU HAVE; NOT WITH THE ONE YOU WISH TO HAVE.

            You said: “why do I need a 2% to get in and out of my own country?” I don’t know. But if I’ve to guess I don’t think they (PFDJ regime) would charge you 2% just to get in and out of Eritrea.

          • Ermias

            Semere, as part of the mismanagement that you mentioned, individual officials ask for 2% for exit visa at will, I am a personal witness to that but I agree it may not be a de facto policy.

            We all indeed have a ‘moral’ obligation to veterans and martyrs families. But because PFDJ doesn’t provide martyrs families with their basic needs, many deki swuaat are among the people fleeing the country. The vast majority of Eritreans including veterans, martyrs families are staying afloat by diaspora remittances, not by the 2% taxes. That’s for PFDJ and it’s obscure businesses.

          • Hope

            I thought you are a “professional detective and psychic”??
            Please try to learn and to know something about something before you even ask about it.
            Are you naive and “ignorant” to that extent about the 2% legislation?
            Can you show me any where telling you that you have to pay 2% to the GoE to get in and get out of Eritrea?It sounds like you have never even tried to do so?
            May be you are jsut visiting your favorite entotot and do not have time to visit the Roma de Africa-,AKA,Asmera Bella/Bellisima,in fact!
            If you have not yet,I can sponsor you to visit Asmera so that you do NOT have to worry about the 2% tax contingency and hope and who knows,you can write a nice article about Asmera like some European and USA Tourists have done recently and/ or like the Rich Russian Invester just did the other day.
            Let me tell you the truth:
            I have been paying ,PROUDLY,the 2% tax since its legislation/imposition–since 1993 or 1995 and until 2009 or so.
            Despite that, I did NOT get what I wanted—when it comes to investment,etc—But I feel that I have an obligation to pay it so that some of the orphans can get some food and shelter.I care less about the details of how the PFDJ handles it, as it is not my business.
            Despite that I missed paying the tax for 2-3 yrs,I went home and no body cared about it except when I asked the City to start building my home in Asmera.
            You have choices :either to pay or not to pay but it is unfair and unreasonable to accuse the GoE about asking you for 2% taxes….eventhough the GoE provided you with ample justifications for asking you to pay the minimum tax.

          • Ermias

            I don’t believe anything you say and thus I don’t read anything you write Mr Bogus.

          • Hope

            Because you do NOT want to know the TRUTH and the facts .

          • Semere Andom

            Dear Semere:

            Any proof that the 2% extortion is being used to finance all these noble causes that you list here?

            To be blunt this tax that is as illegal as the government that instituted it, is used to build prison to cage Eritreans, torture them by fattening the security men and women of the regime at the sentry and reinforcing the Era Eros, where once heroes of the armed struggle commit suicide, where innocent people my age like journalist lose their sanity, creating the corrupt and criminal group who in the last 23 years have not helped release the innocent Eritreans. We only know one guard, Mehari Yohannes who helped Semere Kesete escape. During the Derg era Eritrean and Ethiopians collaborated to free the wrongly convicted Eritreans.

            With a straight face you said, it helps the disabled veterans, to be brutally blunt, this extortion that you endearingly call a tax helps to pay the wages of those mercenaries who murdered the disabled tegadalti in 1995, it helps pay the fat salaries of the generals who summon teenage girls to done on T-shirts and “kushuk” to make coffee for them and then turn them their concubines. It finances everything that ails Eritrea

            Wedi Tesfay, if you truly believe that this extortion is used for noble causes by the regime that the world knows does not give a flying fig about the wellbeing of the people, but cares more about rocks and the dust of the land, I will have more respect for you if you become the male version of S.Tesfamariam for PFDJ, rumor has it this position is vacant.

            Those who are wilfully blind are dangerous people who will be that proverbial stumbling block that will protract our liberty until the country is emptied of most its citizens.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hey Sem Andom,

            This time Semere Tesfay sounds that he is acknowledging as part of PFDJ. Look to what he has said to Ermias:
            “I agree with you 100% when you say, there is incompetence and mismanagement on the side of the PFDJ regime. ‘I know we can do better’.” Or is he swinging from the regime to the opposition and vice versa – the dipole moment of reversible political twist? He use to call us “we” (including him) to explain the opposition camp. Now I can realize it, why it was difficult to define the regime when we asked him to do so.

          • Hope

            Wedi Memhir,
            My apology for the interjection.
            What Vet Semre Tesfay has listed are facts and principles.
            Now,if your arguemnt is about the PFDJ being NOT perfect and for not living upto its principles and its obligations,it is another issue.BUT,as he said it bluntly,leave or take it,this 2% is there to stay and live until the next National Assembly refutes it as it was set up by the National Assembly.
            Twisting things,kemish adey Hanquiluni,tiwiy wiy—ayedilin and ayserihin.
            we cannot justify our irresponsibility of NOT paying the dues as imposed on you as a Law.
            The law did not say that the Citizen can refuse paying the tax if the Governemnt is bad or criminal.
            if you believe that the GoE is corrupt and is using the tax money illegallly,you can sue it since you live in democratic countries as some did the Eritrean Eemabssy in the USA and apparently got back their mekete money/bonds.
            But,be that or this,you have NO obligation what-so-ever to pay the taxes.
            Case in point and FYI the Western donors including the USA and the EU confirmed it in a crystal clear way as to how the GoE effectively and efficiently used the fuinds they provided with,the GoE–to the extent of even crediting back the “surplus/balance” to the donors, if we have to be fair and reasonable.

          • Semere Andom

            hope :
            Says who? The 2% extortion will die the minute PFDJ dies. Now remember, you guys make it as if we are opposing paying taxes by doing so and by your flip flopping you are extorting the calls of the Eritrean people and the calls of justice seekers. The future tax will be mandated by democratically elected parliament and if we decide to have taxes no matter what percentage, it will be accountable, counted with a process and the people who pay this duty will reap the services and we will stop paying for the fences and holes that cage us. What do you have to say this
            Hope, in your usual bipolar flip flopping you are saying that we should pay this extortion to help the GOE, PFDJ DIA or whatever you call them to cage, torture and rape us. At least those of us in the justice seekers camp have our noble ideals and our mind is till not raped by PFDJ, what have part of your soul, body and mind is not raped by PFDJ?
            type your response unless you want to disappear like your soul mate dawi

          • Hope

            I will be here bro.
            You have to provide an alternative governance and funds then until your democratically elected governemnt takes over.
            That is your opinion and stand—and I have mine as well and I will pay the taxes as much as i can with a good intention and in good faith to help the orphans of the fallen heros and heroins.
            But,you have NO right to call names and threaten me so as to buy you!Hell NO…
            And who the HELL are you to call me Bipolar?
            I took note of it…

          • Serray

            Selamat Semere A.

            About the 2% dying with pfdj, not if the next in line romantics have a choice; they will resuscitate both the extortion and the slavery. I can picture a bunch of romantics proposing the continuation of the 2% and sawa because shaebia regime left eritrea bankrupt unable to maintain a voluntary army or support the orphans and the disabled; the same argument shaebia regime did after dergi. To romanticize ghedli is a mindset; a mindset based on believing that the nation is always under threat by ethiopia and that without people sacrificing, without people willingly demanding less than they deserve, the nation will fail.

            Ali Salim and Semere Tesfay made interesting points about how a regime of romantics might approach the 2%. Ali said stopping it will be unfair to the idiots who paid it for no good reason thus far (or the blackmailed). Semere T. set the table for decades to come; after all, we will still have the disabled and the orphans to support when THIS regime dies and to stop the 2% is to punish them. Both conveniently forget that pfdj owns practically everything in the country and the original justification for owning the nation privately as a party was to support the same disabled and orphans. Mind you, we are discussing the extortion under a mining business the regime is squandering without and accountability.

            Aid is addictive. Shaebia is the most aid addicted entity on earth but it defines aid as handouts from foreigners. Ghedli mindset makes sucking the life, the energy and the money of eritreans almost patriotic. Shaebia regime is the only entity I know that blurs the line between volunteering and forcing. Its idea of fairness is based on making everybody lose, everybody sacrifice. It is never about the citizen getting more, enjoying more, it is always about spreading the misery. Only a notch down are the ghedli romantics who believe eritrean citizenship is a privilege that we need to keep paying when there is nothing, not even the tiniest bit of privilege, drives from it. A kid from an eritrean parents told me a couple of years ago, “she wouldn’t be an eritrean citizen if you pay me” after her trip from the giant open air prison we call eritrea. The problem with those who rule eritrea today and those who want to rule it tomorrow is, they think a hellhole is a paradise one have to pay to belong when hundredth of thousand are literally dying to get the hell out of it.

          • Semere Andom

            Selam Serray:
            The fight to pacify the self-crowned sole curators of the well-being of Eritrea, the Romantics is a different story. Many of them support many of repulsive activities that the regime runs such as Sawa and the slave labor in the name of the name. They confuse the injury that Sawa has inflicted upon the poor people with a national service. Whilst we want to shut it down in paying homage to the tortured, raped, maimed many of them most likely would like to make it a shrine, do not be surprised if you hear Maryam Sawa in the future. Many a romantic support among other things the whimsical destruction of the historical regions, but we cannot fight both PFDJ and romantics now and the justice seekers wing of the romantics are our allies, but be apprehensive about the prospect of a future collaboration against the de-romantics to frame them as anti-Eritrea, planning to a Churchill on them would not be a bad idea the moment PFDJ is dead, like Churchill who prophetically saw the menace that Stalin was to the liberties of humanity, one does not have to be have to be that prophetic to envision the dangers that this group pose to our freedoms even after PFDJ is gone.
            In a free Eritrea, no one will have problem truly supporting the disabled and the families of the dead, and these victims are the victims of PFDJ and their supporters and I believe every criminal must be punished, reclaiming the money that was stolen from the people and creating a trust fund for these victims will alleviate the financial woes, the emotional scars, the inequality that the PFDJ have created will endure for scores of years and that figment of heaven that they have created will be elusive for a long time if not for ever. Golden opportunities have been squanders thanks to the romantics of both spectrum and the cycle of injustice will be here to say long after the 2% and PFDJ are gone

          • saay7

            iTegadalai Sem:

            In the future, there will still be a Ghedli musuem, where us romantics (the curators) will be romanticizing the greatest Eritrean generation as we scoff at the younger generation, but I assure you, entrance to the museum will only be mandatory for school age children on field trips (once a year:) The rest of the year will be devoted to the country paying tribute to the kindness of the UN, IGAD* and the Horn of Africa ** 🙂

            Here’s how one of our Ghedli romantics, Andeberhan Welde Giorgis, describes the 2% “Eritrea At A Crossroads: A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope”

            “Even though some Front and government officials have wrongly claimed on several occasions that is is voluntary contribution, the 2 per cent income tax on the diaspora often assessed based on personal income tax returns is a legal obligation and enforced by resorting to punitive measures. Failure to pay or provide formal evidence of regular and up-to-date payment entails consequences. These include the denial of consular services and access to official documents (passports, exit visas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, school transcripts, etc); the infringement on citizenship, inheritance, land, and property rights; the denial to arrange powers of attorney; and the discriminatory treatment of family members in the home country. Such punitive measures apply to former government officials (and family members) who resign from public service in protest of, or criticise, government policy, and opt to stay abroad for fear of ‘freezing’ or detention upon return home.”

            What those who say that the 2 percent is not mandatory and nothing happens to you if you don’t pay are saying is this: the same denial of services can happen to you EVEN if you pay the 2 percent if you happen to be on some enemy list, so paying 2 percent doesn’t grant you full citizenship rights. It is a weird, but factual, argument.

            So, my friend, us Romantics are very honest about what the 2% was and what it is. It is another example of Isaias mismanaging the good will and the patriotism of Eritreans. One of the biggest kept secrets is that nobody HONESTLY pays the 2%: timely, and accurately, except those who need it for their survival (those who live in countries where passport = work permit, i.e., the Middle East.) Least of all, those who speak loudly at Eritrean community centers about the importance of paying 2%. (Haile the gr8, Haqey do?)

            So, on this score, us Romantics are clear-eyed. It is you Ghedli Defamers who are unrealistic about what remittances mean to an economy as poor as Eritrea’s. In 1994, remittances to Eritrea were $300 million (3 times that of our agricultural GDP) and, according to the IMF, Eritrea’s remittances are on a per capita basis “the highest in the world.” If you think that any future government, even one made up of a cabinet hand-picked by Yoseif Gebrehiwet, is going to give this up without fighting and not court the Diaspora, you are mistaken:)


            * Code for Ethiopian government
            ** Code for Ethiopia

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal: Good to hear from you.
            And I will be the supporter of such a museum and if a zealot and arsonist de-romantic tries to burn down these digs which will be many, at lease one in every major street in every town and village, I will consistently vote on your side and I do not need to cross the aisle as they say because you and I will be in the same party, I know we both do not have an ambitions for an office, but I am saying if we did we will end up in the same right wing party and not every de-romantic is a left wing nut 😉

          • Hope

            Do you have any proof that the GoE is NOT using that money to take care of the orphans,provide basic education,build basic infra-structure,provide clean water,basic food to the needy,ect–and /or any proof that the GoE using that money to build only prisons–
            Do you believe though that the GoE is providingsome basic needs at leats partially?
            If so, where the heck is the GoE is going to get some money to do do so if you are sanctiong it 100%?
            My point is :
            While challenging and criminalizing the GoE for its weaknesses/’crimes”,our approach should be ‘constructive” rather than aggravating the conditon on our people by advocating and endorsing sanctions over sanctions.
            We cannot even organize a solid Opposition Leadership at all.
            We have to be able to mobilize our people to be unified so as to challeneg the regime for a peaceful change rather than adding and imposing more problemsby sanctioning our people.

          • Thomas

            Hi S. Tesfay – My response to your question

            – If there is anyone who care about our orphan children, it is not you or the regime you support. It is us the people. We heard your leader/master calling the lampadusa victims a bunch of Thieves. We don’t want to feed the beast by giving 2%. There is no way for us to know if any money is going to the right cause.

            – We know our veterans are our responsibility. The one who used guns to kill them is the regime you are defending not the opposition or the people. So, don’t try to link the 2% to make a point here.

            – 2% to build the country or destroy the country? Give your 2% and they will build the country, alright! I am sure your 2% is fine with them as long as you keep your distances:) If we had a country run by a constitutional government, we would have taken care of our orphon children and veterans our selves. We won’t need anyone to tell us to pay 2%. Everything would have been by the people for the people, the opposition are part and parcel of the people.

            – There is no mentioning of 2% as a dual citizen requirement. Either you are a dual citizen or not a citizen unless you want to make a law on this site. You truly were a soldier as you still are acting as one. You tend to make rules and regulation on the spot, what a hero:)

          • ghezaehagos

            Selam Haw Semere,
            I urge you, as a fellow citizen to be open and honest; because you are anything but. All the justifications you raised were answered adequately by Haw Haile’s response. Please be open and honest here.
            For Eritrea, for the nation that we love, for its people, for the people that we love, for the families of the heroes of liberation (martyrs and disabled) for the heroes that proudly made us who we are, all of us know we are only too happy to offer not only 2% of our income; but even more than that.
            As things stand now, the 2% tax is doing nothing of its original objectives. It has turned into means of control, intimidation and funds for the ruling party. Mind you it is not the Commercial or National Bank that it goes into, but the Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrean, the PFDJ owned. I can enumerate many provisions of the 1995 law that the current practice of 2% collection contradicts. Haw Haile mentioned a great many of them.
            If you can help fix the system of 2% tax is fine; but relating the current practice of 2% tax two noble objectives of helping war orphans and disabled fighters is not only dishonesty but mocking them and their abject reality.
            Ghezae Hagos

          • haileTG

            Dear Ghezae,

            What Ato Semere T wouldn’t be able to tell us are the following:

            1 – Does he pay 2% regularly and if not, why not?

            2 – If yes, how does he know where or by whom his payments are used? The regime has NEVER EVER stated that it used 2% to assist war veterans, never (if it did let him link us a source), tegadelti are abandoning the country, many live in abject poverty (without necessary medications for wounds sustained during independence war), no proper housing, or employment or training opportunities. Besides, many of martyrs children are dying in Sinai, high seas and deserts. Can he tell us how/where the 2% has been used to alleviate their problems.

            My suspicion is that he doesn’t pay and has no interest in verifying the veracity of the things he wants us to believe.

            Dear Ali-S

            I don’t actually believe the regime can be worked with to better anything, i.e short of its removal by any means necessary:-) The point you make about keeping the system or discarding it is important but not out of consideration of the views of the dictator enablers and those selling our people to misery and demise for a house in Asmara (like the one hope has**). However, diaspora needs to play positive role in post PFDJ Eritrea and there are various ways the practicalities can be worked out in a fair and balanced way to those who paid and didn’t (for example we can increase it to 3% where those who paid can continue to pay 2% for transitional period while those who didn’t would start paying 3.5% till they clear some part of their older arrears and post transition period, may be 7 year, everyone would start to pay 3%) Just an idea. The point is that the current system is extortion of financial and political leverage by unelected and unrepresentative regime only supported by fetish dictator worshipers 🙂


            ** hope has told us that he has a house in Asmara, he also told us he once was ready to build clinic in Keren, he also told us he had PFDJ membership card in the 90s, he also told us he goes to the same church with sophia Tesfamariam, he also told us he helped to organize some of the wedi Tikabo hadnet tour in the US… can we figure out what to make of hope 🙂

          • Hope

            Dear Mr/Mrs(pick whatever is correct) Haile TG,
            I am all of the above.I do not have a house in Asmera yet but a piece of Land to build one.
            Yes,I was planning ,and still planning ,to build a clinic in Keren but thus far failed due to the failed policy—and will hopefully invite you for a Tour when my Clinic is ready(Kikhewin eyu nay ghiddin kemey zeikewin)
            I told you that despite that I paid the 2% -(2-3 yrs behind though),I failed with my “Investment”, or my “Humanitarian Gesture” ,rather..But still will keep paying the 2% tax with Good Intention and in Good Faith.
            It is interesting though that,while you are working hard ,day and night to sanction the GoE,which you have succeeded along with your masters, at the same time you are accusing the GoE for misusing the Tax,which is a minscue//minimal,if at all it exists in reality.
            It is one thing to challenge or accuse for misusing the tax money if at all you paid it, but another thing to do so, when you do NOT pay a penny.
            A good excuse.
            Eritrea was doing fine until 1997 over all but again,only 29% Eritreans who have been/were residng in the USA were paying the 2% tax.
            The excuse and “justification” I have heard is that it was too much money to pay and that people should NOT pay taxes twice–to two countires.
            The arguement about the tax being misused and being shipped to al sheba is a belated excuse,albeit with an evil intention by its engineers.
            What is the big deal meeting and talking to Mrs Sofia Tesfamriam?
            What is the big deal or difficulty of joining the Wedi Tikabo Hadinet Campaign,which I did and will keep doing,specially if he adds/includes some Tigre /Tigrayit Artists ,rather than only Habeshitayit Music/monotonous Guayla,so as to make it more Real Hadnet-like campaign?
            What is the big deal of having a house in Asmera,like any other Eritrean/s as long as you have some money,earned in the hardest way possible?
            What is the big deal or difficulty in building a clinic in Keren if you have some funds and hospitable policy,which we are lacking and fighting for?
            I did NOT quite understand you when you questioned those few things?Do you expect me to post Pics with Wedi Tikabo and his Band,Mrs Sofia Tesf,my bank account,etc– or you do NOT believe in Eritreansim/the potential of hard working Eritreans?
            If you volunteer to ID yourself officially,like SJG,SAAY,Amanuel Hidrat,Ali Salim/Hussein Younis,Asfaha Welde-Michael,etc–i will do that for you.How about that?
            My final and basic questions to you though,are:
            1)If you are against the tax and you keep tightening the sanction,please tell me how Eritrea and poor Eritreans are going to survive-al lelast until you take over and lead the country?
            2)Do you believe that the Sanction has contributed to the misery of Eritreans and the Youth,leading them to flee the country more?
            3)Since you seem to be their ADVOCATE,why are the UN and its masters targeting the poor people and National Security and Interest of Eritrea rather than the Few leadership,the only culprit?
            My same and firm stand:
            While fighting for real change and justice,we have to, also,consider the over all Interest of Eritrea and Eritreans,specially the ones at home,who are the main victims of the sanction and that is why
            I believe that there is an alternative way of fighting for real change,rather than executing the orders of the enemies of Eritrea.
            tihim zibele YITAHAGOm,as I am entitled to my own opinion and belief.Capito or comprendo,Mr Haile or Mr Sem—?
            You better be advised to set aside your arrogance and name calling nonesense.

            If you have the gut,go to Eritrea and kidnap PIA and lead the country.!!!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Mr. Hope (doesn’t sound hope),

            There is no access to help the most in need in our country directly from the Eritrean donors or foreign donors. Let me give you an example (I know examples doesn’t work with you, but let me try).

            About two years ago, the alumnus (former high school graduates) from St. George Secondary school at Mendefera, who reside in the USA, collected money to renovate the dilapidated buildings of the school. It was in response to the call of the mayor of the town and the teachers of the school. Unfortunately the government disallowed them to do it by themselves; and instead ordered them to submit the lump sum of money to the Embassy of Eritrea at Washington DC.

            The committee who were in charge of the mission refused to surrender the money. They opened an account and deposited it in a bank until this date. The school couldn’t be renovated and the government couldn’t get the money for its own purpose. So Hope please until you know exactly where your 2% money goes and for what purpose they spent it, it is better for you not to try to convince others to make them losers who do not know where their money are spent. Don’t even think to built the clinic you dreamed before the regime is gone.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Gezae Hagos

            – You said: “I urge you (Semere), as a fellow citizen to be open and honest; because you are anything but.” Anything but honest? Wow.

            Also you said: “For Eritrea, for the nation that we love, for its people, for the people
            that we love, for the families of the heroes of liberation (martyrs and
            disabled) for the heroes that proudly made us who we are, all of us
            know we are only too happy to offer not only 2% of our income; but even
            more than that.” Really? I’m shocked. I didn’t see that coming, considering…………

            Now, honest that you are, tell me WHEN would that be? When is the appropriate time to HELP “the nation and people you love”, “the heroes of liberation (martyrs and disabled) that proudly made us who we are”? How long do they have to wait to get your help? Ten years? Twenty years? Until you win and have it your way?

            Gezae: you don’t have a winning argument. You are against helping “the selfless martyrs, the disabled veterans, their families and the nation you love”.

            No matter what the cost – we are going to work against the nation we love and against the government (PFDJ) we hate, until we win and govern, is not a winning political strategy. This kind politicking is not going to get you anywhere. This dishonest political position – where ever you go, whom ever you are talking to, is going to make you only defensive. And that is not, the best position to be.

            There is a difference between demanding accountability, transparency, change of government, proper representation…….and standing against your own country and people (sanctioning, boycotting, isolating, disarming…).

            If you (the opposition) win, and I hope you do one day, you are going to ask for taxes, donations, support and what have you, from the same people (PFDJites) that you are demonizing and vilifying today. Because you are not going to be a government for your likes, but a government for all. Now tell me, what would you say, if they (the PFDJits) chose to fight you the exact same way you are fighting them today?

            Again, honest that you are I’m expecting your honest response.


          • ghezaehagos

            Haw Semere Tesfay, and Awatista’s

            “Now, honest that you are, tell me WHEN would that be? When is the appropriate time to HELP “the nation and people you love”, “the heroes of liberation (martyrs and disabled) that proudly made us who we are?”

            Do you think we are in for-the-heck-of-it or just to spite PFDJ, no matter what the consequences are? I assure you if it helps some of us have better things to do. No, we are in this because we love Eritrea and Eritreans. Nothing is going to separate us from our love for the nation of us, for the nation of our fathers and mothers, uncles and aunties. We are in this because the current leader in Eritrea is the enemy of it; its people and its heroes.

            I will tell you my belief, not just opinion. I have long concluded that as long as Isaias Afewerki is in power, no decent hero is meant to be honored; no decent citizen is meant to feel proud in Eritrea. Heroism, especially Eritrean heroism is deliberately and systematically undermined because if Eritrean heroism is given a chance, a slight chance, the enemy of Eritrea knows where it will roar towards.

            Let us talk the real issues here. If it were simply about offering financial tithe of 2% hoping it would indeed find its way to help a poor family of martyr or fund education of a‘wedi-Suwue” to expiate ‘our sins’ and ‘renew’ our citizenship, and feel proud as Eritreans, as you are expressly saying, Ali Salim is implying, oh boy would not that be so EASY? Add so deluded and so Wrong. Think of that; one of the most sacred things, being Eritrean, is effectively made to be commodified; rendered to be bought with, yes money, as if some female body. And money for the world’s worst dictators at that. The degree of humiliation and self-hatred Isaias Afewerki consigned us is so, so indescribable. But it has to be tried, to be described, to be told, if we can every single day. Wala Aykeseb!

            Dear Semere and (Younis Hossein in subset), I believe you are too experienced to discern it is not a matter of financial assistance, for Eritrean heroes anymore. When most of the existing liberation heroes wish they were martyrs, (Bka tesewiena Terifina) and others spent their days in despair (kemzi entekoynu nmntay tegadilna or enqae aysenkelku or ayteswaeku) when a great chunk of them flee Eritrea every chance they get, MOST when most of all they would do everything in their POWER to help the children they seared to live in‘haran dimocrasyawitn Eritrea) leave Eritrea, do you think financially aid is anywhere in the urgency environ? Let us be real, brother.

            The nation is dying; and let us find ways to save it; but asking us to help the killer fully knows he won’t give a damn single cent to those who deserve it; but in all probabilities would use it against them, their history and their people is not the solution.

            But if you happen to know there is a family or person to be helped and if I can contribute, I would certainly do and you can contact me:


            Ghezae Hagos

          • ALI-S

            ST and all,

            Since the point we spend time here is to discuss and discussion rests on the assumption that people are entitled to their opinion, with all due respect to all let us not poison the environment by skipping what the person said and jumping to make conclusions about personal honest and integrity. Gezae as a lawyer you would agree that individuals have an inherent right to dignity. But that is for all those shifting the discussion to personal battles. I know you all agree so let me skip this.

            Semere Tesfai,

            I think you listed the causes that we should all have in mind when deciding on funds to Eritrea. I also agree with your assumption that we have only two options here: (a) one cares about the categories you listed and since unfortunately the government is the only link, then fund the government and hope they pass it over; (b) u decide the government is not to be trusted, keep your funds and hope that one day (when everyone is dead) you would be able to get someone you can trust.

            However, ST the government is to blame because the other page of the principle of funding is for the government to report back with transparency on how the funds had been used and to what impact. Whatever the justification no government may request a licence from public scrutiny. We should in no way behave as if government that cares.

            In my case (and I am sure in your case too) the argument is that we have no choice. We know we have a thuggish and irresponsible government but what other choices do we have? As long as no viable alternative has emerged whatever government we have must be supported as the risks of failure are serious. I do not support the irresponsible calls for boycotts irrespective of potential consequences. The word “irresponsible” has no other meaning other than doing things irrespective of consequences.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Daniel,

    Whether you work in a “reputable brokerage firm in commodities” or not doesn’t help anything to the public as far as you have failed to inform the Eritrean public. If Awate Team informed us what we don’t know and what luckily Daniel knew it, what is the problem with that Daniel? Or are you angry b/c we the public get informed about it? If you are in a better position than the team to know it, have the courage to tell us rather than dismissing what they told us without disproving it. Daniel you know what you should do. Just act and inform the public. Working in the brokerage firm……hummmm.

    • Daniel

      Just because you believe in propaganda and don’t understand markets, numbers, finance, etc, that’s is not my problem. That is why we have “haves” and “have-nots” in this world. It’s not my place to inform those who are set in their ways and not open to hearing the objective truth. Keep believing what is posted while the rest of us count the millions in our bank accounts.

  • Daniel

    This article confirms what I’ve already know and that is the writers if Awate have no idea what they’re talking about as it relates to mining. And I should know, I work for a reputable brokerage firm in commodities. Please take this article with a grain of salt.

  • L.T

    What should we do with them said Isaias once? Mr…you have written since 2001 on Eritrea but we have such a hard time finding you on which side you are?I mean if there were someone to hate Eritrea in the world can not write that you.Your point is aöways just blah blah..what is your question,what you want to achieve,what yproblem you want raised,what’s affected you,do you have panic attacks to stand before the Eritrea people? helps not about you if you are fm Gezabanda Talian or from Keren your genuine plant knowledge of Eritrea samewhere or sometimes.

  • Zula

    Excellent Analysis as usual TA