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Negarit #18- I Remembered Tor-Serawit – ጦር-ሠራዊት ዘኪረ!

Negarit #18- I Remembered Tor-Serawit – ጦር-ሠራዊት ዘኪረ!

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  • Saleh Johar

    Hello Natey,
    Thank you for your feedback, or reaction I should say. I am sorry you feel that way, but you are wrong. very wrong.
    1. As you noticed, it is a satirical take and delivery–I wish you took it just as that.
    2. You didn’t say it bluntly but you are insinuating the story is not true! I can assure you it is what happened, and I told less than a quarter of the entire story.
    3. Conservative is something that applies to the entire region in general, but prostitution is prevalent in all places, including Keren and all the towns until you reach Khartoum. Yes, the situation was a war situation and if you saw the number of destitute people sleeping on the open along the way, you would understand.
    4. And yes, many (so many) hotels in the region get their income from renting rooms for the purpose of prostitution. Including in Eritrea.
    5. And I have written worse stuff about Keren in that regard–you are making a wrong assumption–I do not think 27 years changed that–but such practices flourish in times of war and displacements
    6. Please do not see any of my messages in the light you did, you clearly are on the defensive and you are wrong. That kind of segregation is not my cup of tea, as they say.

    On what is happening to Tigringa speakers, (Tigrayans) in Addis and other places, I am well aware of that. I am hearing horror stories and gangs harassing people and others leading reckless youth, “ezzih bet tigre sew alle…” I am following the development, my dear. And I feel very sorry for what is happening to ordinary people.

    My dear, please don’t be overly sensitives, we are all in the same situation and that has nothing to do with demagoguery and racial insult. You are exaggerating, loosen up and don’t blow things beyond their size. By the way, I don’t even know if the part I
    talked about is in Eritrea or Ethiopia, I really don’t, but it was around the border and the Derg was defeated less than a month earlier–imagine the chaos. It could have been in Eritrea–and maybe you didn’t need to be defensive at all. Where did you get the idea of the place?

    At any rate, I am sorry you were offended, but I cannot promise you wouldn’t in the future if you do not wear a think skin, thicker than the current one 🙂

  • Selamat Ayya Saleh,

    Tor Serawit Colonel Ashefa Jembede kemzi ilu: “Inie inja tezebarequegn.”
    When you mixed your fluids chemical compound and asked “menn iyuu iti Eritreawi”, I was purturbed by the ghost of Torserawit Col. Jembede – bahrire..

    Thanks for lifting the grounding time to earn my wings and lift off …

    PS: Why is the Periodic Table “Periodic.”

  • Paulos

    Selam Ayay,

    This is a “How To” video in its own right. As in a practical guide on how to remove a dictator that is. Was laughing out loud when you sported the iron-military helmet. As you have poignantly put it, the image invokes the hidden PTSD in all of us. And the experimentation of adding colors onto water to illustrate an idea of a smart caliber is simply brilliant. Thank you. Please keep them coming for I personally enjoy your videos.

    • Selamat Denmarkino AArkey Professor Paulos,

      As I am grounded please tell Ayana AAshera! He certainly has lifted off with these series of video productions. Ashera weapon X.

      Hade neTbi shdushte Hade shemonte bado seleste arbaEte tshAAte tshAAte….


  • Blink

    Dear SG
    Aren’t you forgetting another party that accepted Eritrean independence from Ethiopian political organizations? Or are you saying in 1991 ? Second I hate that you are using “ we” while smacking others who use it , is there any speciality to use the term “we” ? Just pocking you because I hate to see that horrible thing on your head . People can get their PTSD again, damn , the Oromo , well there are Eritrean elites who studied Oromo for another reason long time ago .

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Blink,
      You are obsessed with Weyane and I cannot ad anything to your position. With due respect, I will skip anything from you that has weyane in it :-). Other topics are still open and there are more important issues for me, for example PFDJ.

  • Abel

    Correction sir:
    Ashenda is mainly celebrated throughout Tigray specially in Meqele and Tembien AbiyAdi . Aini Wari is also colourfully celebrated in Axum and its environs, Millenium hall was specifically for Tegaru Addis resident who couldn’t make it to Tigray.

    Ashenda Meqele

    Ayniwari Axum;

    • Saleh Johar

      Thank you Abel,
      Please pay attention to the underlying message—you may need a Siemens werq explanation.
      Thank you again

  • haileTG

    Hey SGJ,

    Excellent lesson! Especially the last point on slogans. እታ ቆቢዕ ግን ሓቅኻ’ኻ ገለ ዘለዋ’ያ ትመስል፡)

    • Saleh Johar

      Thank you HaileTG,
      My halewlew is as clear to many as it is to you, it seems. Can you explain it in detail as a help to me.

      Thank you