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Naizghi Kiflu To Be Buried In Asmara

The body of Naizghi Kiflu, a one-time senior security official of Eritrea’s ruling party, PFDJ, and its precursor in the independence war, EPLF, will be flown to Eritrea this week for burial in Asmara.  Naizghi Kiflu died in the United Kingdom earlier this month.

The death of Naizghi Kiflu was not mentioned in any of the Eritrean government media almost ten days after his death in London where he had been receiving medical treatment for almost six-years.

In 2005, Naizghi arrived to London with the understanding of becoming Eritrea’s ambassador to the UK. However, insiders believe that his credentials were rejected by the UK and he stayed there for sometime until he became sick and suffered from a host of ailments including kidney failure. Since then, he had been on dialysis and his health steadily deteriorated.

When his family took him to Eritrea two years ago, he was often going through memory lapses and couldn’t remember people who were close to him. People who visited him believed he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

He told many of his visitors that, “everyone of my comrades visited me except the Pharaoh” referring to President Isaias Afwerki.

When Isaias Afwerki heard of this, he ordered Naizghi’s family to take him back to England to die in peace instead of dying in jail.

Naizghi was flown back to London and stayed there in critical condition until he died last week.

Naizghi Kiflu is a veteran of the armed struggle and has served as security chief, ambassador to Russia, deputy Interior Minister and Minister of Information under the Isaias regime. In 2008, Eritrean human rights activist Elsa Chyrum, with the help of British NGO Redress,  attempted to develop a case against him for committing “crimes against humanity” for his role as Deputy Revolutionary Guard (“Halewa Sewra”), deputy to the Interior Minister (Ministry of Local Government) in the early 1990s, as well as for his role as a Minister of Information in 2001 when he ordered the arrest and exile of Eritrea’s journalists and, eventually, the crackdown against non-sanctioned churches.  British prosecutors interviewed several Eritrean victims in Europe but the case was never brought to trial.

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  • this man was a criminal and he killed a lot innocent eritreans one of them tareke ehdego he was my best frend when he was in E-l f 1971 .so this is EPLF . the are a lot of criminals in this organazion. but dead is dead better can buried in eritrea.

  • negasi

    “no one believe what his enemies said” So Eritreans how could you believe what ur enemies are saying to poison u? Let’s all think logically even for a second, how could our enemies be our friends?
    [Moderator: Negasi, your second comment was deleted. No insults are allowed in this forum]

  • Fnote-Selam

    Everyone knows about his DIA bestman. Yearsago Gual Chrum wrote manythings about him; charge him against humanity.
    Now you did the same again. Let us compare how he was and how he relates to this history. Allow people to write about him. Let us not be web trovert and let our people comparehend. beside’s all of us know the corpos is not yet buried. but why? you are saying PFDJ do not allow his body but why? That’s what ppl want to know and that’s your web site will get value and visitors.

  • ናይዝጊ ናይብሓቂ ፊደል ቆጺሩ እንተኮይኑ (ከምቲዝብልዎ ምሁር እዩ) ታሪክ ቀቢሩ ክተርፍ የብሉን:: ገለ ጽሑፍ ገዲፉ ክዅን ተስፋ እገብር: ብፍላይ ብዛዕባ ኣባላት መንካዕ ኣብ ሓለዋ ሰውራ ዚጥፋኡ:: ነዚ ተገሩ ሚስሞተ ኪሒሱና ምበልና: ተዘይኮይኑ እዚ ሰብ እዚ ኣይነበረን ኣይክህልውን እዩ …….

  • fish

    well enough said..about this man who used to be “halafi nay Halewa Sewra” which is believe to be one of the worset inventions by the ductator IA and his followeres. buried in Eritrean or not he will and forevre be a black dot in Eritrean history as freedom fighter but as a killer not as his pepole freedom giver but as restrainer. I am sure by now the dictator knows now he made a bad move by this action of denying this man a proper burial. His folowers (though they folow his with thier eyes closed) cant even fantoum why he did this and they will always wander what he will do next because I dont think he even know what he has done or will he do next. He is unfit, unqualified burutal man to lead our beloved country. This fyi is one tiny example why we want this man to remove himself from his post “higdefa’wyan

  • dawit

    Let this evil man burn in hell hope the rest of the PFDJ will also follow him.

  • fish

    A man with no consience as this man does not deserve to be given proper burial..but ashes to ashes …he has to be buried ..I feel so bad for the piece of land he gets buried at as whereever he is stuffed in will remain as cursed as his evil deeds is being cursed by those victims he slaghtered, killed and detained by this machinations of the devil(IA), vicious villan of Eritreans …he will be avanged by God almight when the day of judgement comes. For now let this be a lesson for those who following the same path as he is as when you die your suprime dictastor won’t have your body allow respect …dont go quite expose his bad deeds and be at peace when you die and be brave for once in your pathetic lives…Ciao

  • I do know know what kind of regime do we have? I could not understand what is going on in Isaias’ mind as he does not have a friend or colleague! This man is really Pharoun. As Zegeremo Eritrawi said, Iaias and HGDF starting to fight a dead body. May Allah bring peace and good leaders to our lovely country.
    Fetaw Haki, UK

  • Zigeremo Eritrawi

    Still confused !!!!
    What was the reason the dictator fought with his former right hand?
    What is the advantage for the dictator to forbid his dead body?
    How is the people to expect justice from a leader who argues with the dead body?
    what is its implication?

  • Andom

    hi brothers izim sebat iziatom ni Ertra admiyom nisom ziterfu inte meselom ineho lomiwin hade kab mesarihi wey megaberiyauu zinebere yikheyid yiriey nezi rieyuu win yihasib do yikhewin iseyas stupid man in the world.

  • abi

    God bless Eritrea. Peace to Eritrean People but members of HGDEF will face the same fate as criminal naizghi.
    I wish he was brought to justice

  • wed. garza

    Once the right hand of the today’s pharaoh was none but naizghi Kiflu himself, ironically, the use and cast principle of the “pharaoh” to borrow the name from Naizghi himself, has not spared even the very instrumental friend of his. However, I never thought that Naizghi would be denied just two meters under-the ground. Even if the bargaining is still going by his daughter, yet the fact of the matter is, denayal as usual his close friends very rights.

    The insaned pharaoh has been years since he breached rules and norms but for many zombies this acts might perhaps show them its direction and the awaiting destination of them all together. How would the G15 feel today? compensated…? how would the journalists feel today.. and how would the free press would herald today… But don’t forget Naizghi was not casted just now but when he got punched at his face after he uttered against the pharaoh, under the influence of alcohol “you agame leave the prisoners free- sherifos and the likes” as a consequence he spent weeks at the hospital in saudi-Arabia. Let me conclude, appealing to the Highest High and let the case rest there, the poor soul…

    • Dan Nomav

      The criminal dictator has no close friends just little dishonored slaves at his disposal. Naizghi was one of many dead and alive. Sad that the current hgdf supported will suffer the same fate sooner or later.

      • Sam

        Very True, Dan… I hope this grip of death gets momentum to finish all the rabid officials. I can not wait to see my people free.

        • Dan Nomav

          We can only pray and hope for the demise of the criminal dictators and his cohorts in the near future…thanks body…

  • It’s true that we always reap what we sow.
    What goes around comes around.

    Naizghi is gone! He saw hell on earth.
    Isayas is next; I can’t wait to see his end….

  • Dan Nomav;
    Do you mean Mussie T.Michial or with his nick name AGal becouse he takes much?He was not a teacher in Mendefera but he was there only one winter.Rest of your comment are bla bla…You can ,if you wish to call to Isaias Stalin, Hitler, Mao or “It is better to take with Isaias than to read 1000 books” Meles Zenawi on Aser Magazin in 1996. Who cares!!They are dead (Mahamed Daowd, AndeMichail Kahasai ,Mahamed Barrie, Salih Meki, Mejar Gen Said Ferej Said ,Ali Said Abdela and now Nayzgi Kiflu) but worked for their beloved Eritrea and never think to sale out one ench of their land. I so proud to have them!!

    • Dan Nomav

      You said ” I so proud to have them!!…”. Who are them? Judging by your writing you’re talking about Naizghi and his likes. Well, if you mean what you say then why not go there and risk yourself being the next little victim of the criminal dictator in Massawa. If you associate standing up to the criminal dictator and his cohorts as “sale out”, to use your unique term, then you need more help than anyone can give in this public discussion bulletins. As far as Mussie is concerned it takes more than a tiny kiss up to know who he was.. Finally, as far as criminal killers in the history of Eritrea are concerned Naizghi AKA Naishaitan, he is the gutter of humanity….

      • Sam

        Bravo!!! Dan, your name or pen name indicates that you are not from Eritrea,but I sensed that you are somehow related to eritrea or eritreans…,But, more than that I commend your comment. As peace, justice loving citizen of this planet, you are on the right track to criticize and demonize dictators like Isaias and his cohorts like the now previous Naizghi.. i wonder as much as you do, where Ariam and her associates live, both intellectually, morally, spiritually and even physically? Of course, save the possibility that they could be their offsprings. wolves begot wolves!

  • Markos Kiflemariam

    Dear Awate Staff

    Now u r really doing the most correct way of posting comments. Plse keep on not posting Higdefite supporters. We can only allow them once they start allowing to open public discussion on their or any other of their blogs…..

    Moderator: We do not prevent anyone from posting as long they do not use vulgar language and unsubstantiated accusations.

  • What happens to nizghi is nothing compairin to the crime he comitted to the eritrean people.he deserve to deny burial in the country once he represented as he did to the a comerade he denyed dignity of bural served a lot that is his bosses behaviour.wish to hear another good news of passing another crimnal very soon.our G15brothers should set free and will contribute to democrate eritrea

  • Nizghi was Equal to hell when he was in charge .the one who eliminated several comerade during the armed struggle,the one who ordered to close all the protestants churches in eritrea and jailed their members.a big burden was off from the nack of eritreans.wish others meet the same fate for those who ignored our marterys promise to democratize eritrea.we know now the concern of our brothers ELF as they are also better than EPLF only in princble.EPLF was argue ELF the fact that our country can accomodate more than two parts un like eplf but when eplf won the struggle they follows ELF princble what a sham higdef mendef.negasi may your soul rest in hell.u deserve to die.

  • sara

    awate .com,i am afraid has became a hate instigating and spitting platform for many who are no where to serve their people except to sit in their comfort zone and write this posts. ya jemma , this will not bring us closer if we are this low and we do not respect death who ever that may be specially we being people of religion and culture.
    N.KIFLU IS AN ERITREAN munadel/tegadalay and a hero and he will be remembered so by the majority of the people who fought for the independence and sovereignty of Eritrea.

  • kemey dina

    A lot of people have mentioned all the wrong doings of the devil ”naizghi kiflu, in fact better to say ”nai sheytan kiflu”. And among his bad habits was insulting to people in restaurants, coffee shops and streets. He was used to insult people with an ”F” word. Imagine to hear such bad words from a minister or a higher official is shamefull. I remembered the proverb which says,”reap what you sow.” He will get the punishment for each and every bad thing he committed in eritrea. I hope he will be punished by a glazing fire in the hereafter. But I wish a long lasting peace for eritrean people.

  • Zigeremo Eritrawi

    Is that true?
    Kiflu was criticizing the dictator for reform?
    Kiflu was Advocating for G -15 to get justice that put him in unfortunate trouble?
    Kiflu said in London to young Eritreans it is their turn to bring democracy in Eritrea?
    Kiflu was a murderer?

    • awatestaff

      Are you asking a sarcastic question or what? Niazghi didn’t know how to spell democracy. He was the jailer of many Eritreans and certainly didn’t advocate on hebalf of the G15. Kiflu a murderer? Yes he was

  • I prefer to stop accusing the passing away of nizgi .but he is the one who ordered all the pentecostal churches in eritrea.may his soul live in peace.but he was a bad example of humans

  • Dan Nomav

    Naizghi Kiflu had xxx xxxx xxx xxx live on welfare in the UK for way over 20 years. This is a clear proof that the sectarian EPLF that proudly prostituted xxx xx xxxx xxxxxx in many parts of the world is a pimp factory. Eritrea is being decimated by the master pimp Isaias backed by a number of little gangs like Naizghi who is realy ‘Nai-shaita’n’. It is befitting that the criminal dictator chose not to acknowledge ‘Nai-shaita’n’ during his sickness or death. All who support the dictator need to be aware that they are as expandable to the criminal dictator as ‘Nai-shaita’n’ is right nor…

    Moderator’s note: crossing into family members is a red line here. Please observe your words and help us keep this forum clean.

    • Dan Nomav

      TO Moderator,

      Is telling the true history of the EPLF ‘crossing’s red line’? I stated the facts regarding how and where the gangster leaderhinp of EPLF raised money and am being censored by you. I wonder whose side you are? Hope you are not following’s footsteps?

      Moderator’s note: Be truthful, no one told you not to write history, EPLF or otherwise as long as you chose your words carefully. You cannot use words that one cannot use in a family setting. There is a red line of decency we would not allow to be crossed. That is how we want to keep this website: clean. Please help us. Just understand our guidelines. As for which side we are on, we do not need to answer that question.

      • Dan Nomav

        You said “Be truthful, no one told you not to write history…” after you partially xed my comments…now, “…no one told you not to write history”…you could have fooled me…I know Naizghi, his family, and his pathetic history in and out of EPLF better than most people and in your judgement ain’t qualified to write the “truth”. You must be the prosecutor judge and jury all rolled in one…Next time I will clear my history before I even think about writing….Trying to please some groups at the expense of others never works. One need to stick to his/her principle through thick and thin else he renders himself irrelevant by all sides.

  • jojo

    God will knows every price.
    God bless eritrea and eritreans.

  • Eitrean

    When a man dies,people talk about him in 2 ways,either in a good way or a bad way,and these depends on what he did in his life. These man here is not an exception ,so people as individuals will talk about him according to that,and no one has the right to stop them to express what they feel.

    Here we are talking about individuals.

  • monika

    the earth is better off without naizghi. he was just an evil man. those in PFDJ like monkey and others, learn something from naizghi,s death.

    • betelhem Dawit

      Elelelelelelelelelelelelelelel How many mothers will elulate today. He should not be allowed to be buried in Eritrea or in london his body should have been scattered on the air or sea. As he and his friends cause the same God knows to how many Eritreans.
      Naizghi you killed your friends, incarcerated your friends but you died from a natural death.
      Let you go to Hell and your family suffers for life.

  • tesfom asle

    Let devil rotate and and burn his soul

  • I know you don’t post mine and others comments which is on the side of the government. we make sure you will never ever see Eritrea.

    • Jacob

      who xxxx xxx are you to allow or dis allow eritreans to go to their country . (xxxxxxxxxxx)

      [From Awate Moderator: Jacob, we know this is your first post, so we will let it pass. But let’s maintain civility here: Being provoked is not a good enough reason to being uncivil.]

    • Solomom

      what are you doing in here? do you think this is go to your run down website am sure if you behave well in here they will post your comment regardless who you support

    • We beg for freedom!

      Solomon, I would like to believe that the PFDJ supporters have been brainwashed and sheltered from the truth, and that they too in a way are victims of the regime. Your comment has shown me that evil resides in more than a few, and that it’s not ignorance that allows you to support PFDJ without feeling guilt and humiliation, but the simple fact that you are a spawn of XXXXX himself. ‘if an ERitrean does not support PFDJ then they do not have the right to be in Eritrea???’Yhazin! Dem yenbi ani!

      Is this what we have fought for? Is this why so many loved ones have died? Haven’t they shed enough blood for you that you hunt for the blood of their children? How many eritreans LIVING in Eritrea must be slaughtered? Or is your aim to make eritrea a holiday home for Eritreans who reside in every part of the world EXCEPT eritrea?

    • said

      the communal harmony in a beautiful way, “the person who does not understand the true meaning of co-operation is more lifeless than a stone. For some stones arch themselves to co-operate with their brothers. Such a stone, despite being a stone, leans towards his brother in the dome when he leaves the builder’s hand and bows his head so it touches his brother’s head, and so they keep from falling. That is, the stones of domes stand shoulder to shoulder so as not to fall

  • Ahmed Saleh

    One of the most feared cruel animal is eliminated. His national legacy put him as the enemy of Eritrean people not as one of our heroes. As they say in our life we reap what we sow. I pray to God, to do the same to each one of those evil doers as fast as he can to save the innocent Eritreans.

    • azieb

      Brother Ahmed,
      What good is it if he dies after all the damage he did to our people and country. I wish he was captured so he would rott in JAIL!

  • zhaile

    Double standards alla PFDJ. Three days of morning for Ali Seid and not even acknowldgement for Naizghi Kiflu. What is the difference? Can you see the difference?

    • wed. garza

      Yes he did say “AGAME” to Isayas before and Pharaoh now. Isn’t this a crime in the world of mogogo and mice? Death penalty if Gud delayed!

    • selam

      actually this is a culture of PFDJ and this is not the first time i just ask you to try to remember the Eritrean diplomat who died in his Hotel room in newyork during the UN assembly gathering we read about him in world mass midya but we donot even Know what his name was ? but according to our say in Tigrina “eed seraheet tsenaheet ” ! but what make me sad is this murderes are dying in ***** five star Hotels or ***** five star hospitals and their bodies are flew to eritrea what about my brothers and sisters their bodies are mutilated in the burning sand of Sainai or washed a way in the mediterenian sea ? again I say “kema tudeen tudan wal badi azlam”!!!!!!

  • John

    Mot kelil nay mot mot keguwayiyom eyu …

  • Wed Gash

    Good riddance! But he should be brought to the justice that he denied many innocent Eritreans. May his soul rest in Hell! he personally killed my uncle in 1975 when my uncle refused his orders to kill a group of Eritreans who were regarded as reactionists in Ararib Sahil.

    • sorry to say this ! It is difficult for us all especially for me to say it but I guess & understand that Eritrea is only for those who live on it but for whom who belongs to it!

  • muh

    To hell, God willing – One of the foundling died, commited many crime particlarly against the Eritrean Muslim- many of you may not know that this man was foundling raised by Muslim family but he practiced all types of node and hatred against the Muslims- Eritreans and people of other and other Ethnic groups- One of his last crimes was the Acid he imported from Eastern Europe used to melt the bodies of Muslim prisoners and tens of Kunama in 1996 and 1997 – Finally I hope the rest of the PFDJ leaders catch his very soon to see Eritrea free of all kind of hatred and complexities. PFDJ AS WHOLE TO HELL

    • Kokhob Selam

      I don’t know if that will benefit us. If the man go to hell what advantage do we get? all the crime he comited is in this world and for just a limited time. if he killed people they only have changed from this world to the other and god will take care of them. I think we should not think and wish of the life after death to be hell for them becouse that is not 60 years that is for ever. let’s forget about him and think of the a live once. I prefer to challange and fight the man who is a live. and even more, it is better to think of the reason of all those crimes and solve them than to talk much about human

    • betelhem Dawit

      I agree with you who wishes death to this Hyena!!!! I hope his kids, his friends who are still in power serving Essaya/NAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZi will read this message if they can feel how much Eritrean’s hate them all. Shame on You the selfish Ministers you will be paid by your Master one day.

  • A Iyasu

    This is another evidence that the ‘PIA of Eritrea’ has no fear of God and no respect for man. Every Eritrean is Mr(s) nobody to him. He has held the nation hostage by hook or by crook, hence everyone is his victim. I pray that the Lord opens our eyes to see this fact so that we are able to realise that we only have one man to challenge. I would therefore say fight with no one small or great but only with PIA…..

    All this hoo-ha he is creating (left, right and centre) is only a smokescreen to evade the fact that he has to surrender power to its rightful owners…..the PEOPLE.

    • Haile

      Oh, PIA is an Atheist. The entire PFDJ is an Atheist organization. What do u expect from them………..

  • Kokhob Selam

    I prefer to see the lesson in every event. Let god take care of his soul as god knows better. But the lesson here is that death is for everybody and no one can escape. you can be any type of man in this world but you can’t be alive more than the time given to you. The only bad thing and everybody regrets is when the life you spend is bad. if someone kills people and let them suffer by any form you can believe me he was not happy either. Then why not be kind and do good to your people and live peacefully and leave the world peacefully? Here PFDJ leaders have another chance to change and be kind,but they never wake up (I don’t know the reason) yet, those little men and women who were following them, can do their best to change their life.

  • Helen

    Why are the PFDJ’s supporters websites not reporting about his death?

    • Kokhob Selam

      I think it is becouse they thought they can instruct even god to stop taking souls. or may be they are shame of death. thanks God that he didn’t allow single soul to controle death and birth.

    • awatestaff

      Here’s the conversation from’s facebook page which answers your question, Helen: For all the pro-PFDJ websites (dehai, alenalki, eastafro, biddho, meskerem) Naizghi Kiflu is neither alive nor dead. He is part of the “undead.” He is a vampire. The minute they get permission from the PFDJ to disseminate the news about how he was given a hero’s burial at the “martyr’s cemetery”, eulogies will fill their pages. To be a slave in the 21st century!

      Justice for Eritrea: What about Ghaddafi? Is he also still among the ‘undead’? Yes, Ghaddafi is among the undead. The Qatar treaty to mediate the Djibouti-Eritrea border conflict is also the untreaty (because all that conflict is a fabrication.) The disappeared Eritreans are non-persons. All of these concepts authoritarians use were predicted by George Orwell in his classic Nineteen Eighty Four.

      Justice For Eritrea The Ministry of Truth

    • wed. garza

      Because they are under one libi “hade libi and hade hizbi” and that libi has decided to deny him his rights as he used to.

  • mohamed brhan

    Naizghi Kiflu died and buried his crimes and dirty crimes of President Isaias we were needed in the future in order to prosecute Isaias and his gang

  • Wedi Hager

    This man was the most criminal man who killed the MENKAE in 1973. He was the right hand os his boss Issaias. He was lucky to sent to England otherwise he would have suffered a lot. Because Issaias’s character is known to him. According to Issaias’s mind. anyone who served in his secret security should be killed anytime in order to hidden the secret agenda of issaia.

    God bless Eritrea!
    Peace to Eritrean People!

    • Dan Nomav

      Wedi Hager,

      Memhir Mussie was my teacher and was murdered in cold blood in 1973 by the current criminal dictator Isaias Afwerki. Mussie was accused of being a member of Menka’e and a divisive one at that. We now know that the criminal dictator along with Naizghi kiflu have killed my innocent Eritreans in Eritrea and abroad. I just wish Naizghi kiflu was brought to justice and had his little head chopped in Mendefera’s famous high school…Hope to hear the demise of the modern day Stalin in Isaias Afwerki in the near future…

      • John