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Isaias Afwerki Dismisses “January 21 Incident”

Eritrean strongman Isaias Afwerki dismissed the January 21 military takeover of his Ministry of Information as a minor incident orchestrated by “a handful” of individuals, an incident that he and his ministers, who were in a meeting within the confines here [presidential palace], discussed “all day.”

The disclosures were made on February 14 in an interview with state television, Eri-TV, following a Ministerial Cabinet meeting whose agenda included the “incidents of 21 January.”

According to Isaias Afwerki, his regime dispatched the commander of the mechanized brigade to deal with the disturbance and that one of the leaders of the “incident” shot and wounded him.

The organizers of the “incident” did not have an agreed-upon plan with “some saying ‘let’s shoot’ and others ‘let’s not shoot'” and that, “by lunch time, everybody had abandoned them,” claimed Isaias Afwerki.

“We were here until sunset, when they left,” said Isaias Afwerki.

The decision was made to allow the organizers of the event to “hop in one car and leave”  not because “we didn’t know where they were going” but because “we wanted to know how much worse they could make things for themselves.”

The next day, all but one surrendered “voluntarily or involuntarily…the person who was doing the shooting abandoned them, according to them…[and] they were claiming that they regretted committing such a big error.”

The last holdout was cornered and committed suicide.

“The film was over,” he said.

Asked why his government was slow to disclose information about the event, Isaias Afwerki said that he and his ministers had planned to issue an announcement within a day or two after the disturbance but that they had prioritized other issues.

“Their units must have known.  And one of them had to go over and issue an explanation to them… he did.”

“The fable was over,” said Isaias Afwerki.

One of the reasons for his government taking three weeks to address an issue that had global media attention was because it respects the “right of liars to tell lies,” he explained.

The interviewer did not ask what the demands of the organizers of the “incident” were or who had been arrested since January 21.

Independent news outlets including Gedab News have reported that the organizers of the “January 21 incident”–which was dubbed “Operation Forto” by Eritrean opposition (Forto is where the Ministry of Information is located)– were demanding constitutional government and release of political prisoners.

Gedab News has also reported that among those arrested are Abdella Jaber, the ruling party’s long-serving director of organizational affairs; and Mustapha Nurhussein, the governor of the South Zone.

Although the impression that was being given by Eri-TV was that the interview was incidental to a Ministerial Cabinet meeting, our sources indicate that the Cabinet meeting was scheduled for the sole purpose of holding the interview, to address the paradox that an insignificant incident warrants an interview with the president.
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  • Berhe

    What do we expect from this satan? He haas no coice except to minimize as to what happened in Forto.
    Wedi Ali and those who died will be remembered as national heroes forever.
    The traitors and cowards who beterayed the noble will one day pay dearly, and will be treated as rats.

  • taye

    “The fable is over”
    Interesting formulation.May be the fable of freedom, democracy,…

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Now is a critial time to determine the feuture of Eritrea nad the People who live around it. When derg fell Down the Power did go to Direct to shabia ane woyane as we ethiopians refer them. Millions thing could have been done different but when some People prioritering party’s or parties’ ideology than the People who in the first Place the ideology formulated for THIS happens. What is done is done. But we MUST learn from it.

    1) the mass after a dictator ship has a horrible experience to any form of government. And government which over throws the dictator doesnt come With flowers. Ti comes With thanks and mashinguns. Real leadrs of the mass dont misuse this fright or terror for their advantage to clinch Power for ever. Instead they try to calm Down the mass.
    a) this can not be done by mass excution, arrest of the old government.
    b) or labling any oppositions of the New government as the promoter of the abolished dictatorship.

    2) in eritrean case labling the unionist as enemies of Eritrea is the same as the dictator policy. they must have the same status as any oppositions. wheahter they sit in Parliament or not must be decided by the People in the ballot Box.

    3) Hadde libi hade hzbi must be not for sending a Message one Eritrea or Death.

    4) People who live around the border must be seen equall to the rest of eritreans. they have a right to join their famillies suth of the border. The New leaders must focus on the interest ot the People who live there rather than focus on the political or economical strategy. Delecacy, humbleness can bring better solution for them than hunting for consipracy theory.

    5) the majority can decide which economical path a country can go but never at which age one can be killed.

    6) To do all the above the oppositions must come together and vow to one another to that they work for the betterment of their People.
    7) Last but not least, stop working for forginers, because if choose Democracy you cna not have to lords the People who you want to serv and the forginer who promise you to sit in Power.

    Other wise the time of pfdj is almost over. If we measure the Health of pfdj by its supporters out side of Eritrea, then my Message to you is they are too depressed to find out how they put Eritrea deep in the shit hole. 22 years goes like Thunder and the fact is hitting them too hard. So my advise do not humbel them more than neccessary.

    • sara

      tamrat tamrat..
      your advice of the to do list to the forumers at awate was a joke
      tid bits we heard it so many times from friends and foes. the most
      funny joke was listed no 7, and it is from a foreigner too.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Ya, sara!

        I told a friend that meless took a plane to the yearly UN meating and on the way he landed to Asmara and gave a lift to his colleague isayas. I told this story to a friend and he says i am a good comedian. To make the commedy more funny i added what meless had said to journalists the quesiotn why he used ethiopian plane for eritrean presidant. His anser was why did we spend unecessary expenses.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Brother Horizon,

    the other day I promise you that i will send small poem on ቅናት. here it is. please read it will take 5 minutes of time.

    የተራከሰ ቅናት;- እስካልሆነ ድረስ:
    ሰው ምን ኣለበት:- ተንሰፍስፎ ብያልቅስ:
    ትምህርት ቢሆንለት:- ኣንደበት የሚያድስ:
    ጸጸቱ ገብቶበት:- መደቡን ቢቀይስ::
    ቅናት እርኩስ ሆኖ:- ኣንጀት ከበጠሰ:-
    ፍቅርን ኣመንምኖ :- ቤት ካፈረሰ:-
    ቂምን ኣፋጥኖ :-ራስን ካመሰ:-
    በግዚሄር ተኮንኑ :- ሃጥያት ተላበስ::
    ሁሉም ክስተቶች:- መከራም ደስታም:-
    የንሮ ትእይንቶች:- ውድቀትም ዕድገትም:-
    የስራ ውጤቶች :- ድህነትም ሃብትም:-
    ካስቡበት ወገኖች:- መቀየር ነው ለጥቅም::
    ጠንቅን ኣውቆ:- ጠንክሮ መመርመር;-
    ጥናቱን ኣጥብቆ:- መምዘን ና መስፈር:-
    መፍትሄ ኣፍልቆ መለወጥ ነው መማር:
    ለስራ ታጥቆ :- በሰላም ነው መኖር::
    ኣስተዳደርን ያሳመረ :- ህግን የተከተለ:-
    ኣሳቡን የነጠረ:- ፍቅርን የተከለ:-
    ሳያገኝ ኣልቀረ:- ኣለ የተባለ :-
    ወድቀትን ሰበረ :- ለጥቅሙ ኣዋለ::

    የተቀደሰ ቅናት:- ይሉሃል ይሀው ነው:-
    ይሰጣል ብርታት:- ፈጣሪም ባረከው::

    ኮኾብ ሰላም

    • Horizon

      Dear Kokhob Selam,

      Simply you are a fountain of beautiful poetry. We shoud all be greatful to you for your great talent.
      Please, continue to open our eyes and minds with your great poems. Show us that there are many more things that join us than things that divide us, that peace and good neighborliness is possible.
      Thank you a lot.

  • dawit

    Given so far as to the origin of the ‘ArbiHarinet’ movement, I tend to accept Haile’s assertion more plausible in connection to the Arab Spring movements, than 24th. May 1991. But still that does not answer who started it and where it started and who is financing it? We know it was not started in Eritrea, so with anonymous calls from 1000s miles away one can be suspicious, as to the objectives of the group after overthrowing the Eritrean government. Until we know its origin, you cannot blame if some Eritreans suspect some religious extremists or foreign government behind it. It seems they are tied to the January 23 incident. Following the incident at Forto, the group made 10,000 robocalls asking Asmara residents to demonstrate out in the streets. Can Awate team conduct an investigative journalism and enlighten Eritreans who the leaders and financiers of the movement are?

    • Senifalu

      Hi Dawit
      Arbi Harinet is started by Eritreans in the middle east in order to replicate “Arab Spring” inside Eritrea, its main purpose is to take over power and establish “Islamic Rule” inside Eritrea by Muslims Brotherhood and Al Qaida. It is financed by the Bin Ladin family and they have enough money to make long distance call to inside Eritrea all year round and inform the people about their party and their need to establish Jihad and Sharia.

      Now you can rest in peace since all your questions are answered, if you need more information you can reach them by calling 1-800-Arbi

      Good Luck with your investigation 🙂

      • dawit

        Thank you for the swift and honest reply on your Arbiharinet Organization. I did not now it was the continuation of Bin ladin project of the early 1990s, against Eritrea i.e. before he fled and moved to Afghanistan, to start his 911 project. Eritrea was his first target to dream of Islamic kingdoms. Once again the Eritrean people will crash this latest project of jihadists robots called ArbiHarinet!

      • guava

        All we need in eritrea is democracy, then its up to eritreans if they want Islamic rule or sharia, what eritrean muslims need now is friday a public holiday. good friday is the day jesus kiled in christianity_bible see we have something in common. why friday not public holiday in eritrean more than 50% of the people muslims.

      • eriiiiiiiiii

        It is a lie. Arbi harnet is started by true Eritreans irrespective of religion, race or region. I think you guess it b/c of the poster has muslim name. Unlike your opinion, it is started by Eritrean.period. Only Higdef puppets try to baptize negative name for any opposition initatives. It is a theory of Machiavelli Isias.

      • eriiiiiiiiii

        Arbi Harnet means the day of eritrean liberation was “Friday”. Don’t try discourage the good initatives by blackmailing it.

    • haile


      You don’t have to take my word for it! here is a link that the ‘organizers’ telling you just that. May 24 aka independence day has never been mentioned,,,

      • dawit

        Thank you Haile for the information and link , I learned from your contribution about the origin and aims of the movement.

  • belay

    President Isayas Afeworki,
    Every time he had interview,he talks and he really laughs on what he said.Could it b
    The problem with superiority complex?but
    The problem with superiority complex is that even though the person knows that he feels inferior deep within, still he acts arrogantly.That person may refuse to see a psychiatrist for example because he feels superior to him and will thus never get a proper treatment.
    Does it sound Mr Isayas Afeworki?

    • hizbawi

      Belay,i thought you are Ethiopian? lol
      trust me,there is nothing more entertaining than reading Ethiopian and clueless Eritreans analyzing Issaias. the truth is, Issaias and Thermodynamics are on the same page, you think you understand and know them and you find out, you don’t. even awate-team they may pretend to know Issaias,but they don’t. that is the truth.

      • Papillon


        No sweat in understanding a psychopath. Isaias is an evil spirit manifested in a human flesh. Isaias is an entity who takes tremendous gratification in one’s agony and unbearable pain. A veteran fighter who had been away in the US for further education was given a guarantee that she will be safe should she returns to Eritrea to see her four children. When she arrived in Asmara she was taken away by agents of an evil spirit as her four children were eager to find a comfort in her warm arms. An elderly lady whose son was languishing in a dungeon waited at the doors of Isaias’ office everyday to supplicate with him in a bid to see her son before she departs as she was getting frail due to an old age, Isaias would shrug her of or push her away as he was making his way to his office. The old lady died in pain and agony as her son still languishes in a dark hole. May God save my own private Eritrea.

  • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

    In Ethiopia story we saw two failed military attempts to overthrow regimes. The first one in 1953 E.C. and second one 1981 E.C. They were only tip of icebergs. Later those regimes were overthrown. The Eritrean case can be considered the symptom of big disease.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    The worest thing With dictators when they are not in their Comfort zone. A president who boldly tells journalists that he hates interviwes, a president who makes interviwe rarly, a president Whos media warn the followers way a head of the interview day as if a mircle could be heard; when he makes two interviwes in such a short time can not be taken as playing Down. There is no time or wish to teach the presidnet and his cadres how to play Down such big issue.

    Which one is actual to Call a cabinate for approval of 2013 budget on the mid of the second month and take that small incidence of cupe


    Gather a cabinate and come up With whatever to say some thing to media and pretend the main purpose of the Meeting is the Budget.

    This is one of the insult of pfdj to the People. This is how you use litteraly in its an umbigious meaning, pfdj is litteraly insulting the People inteligence.

    Ya, some body said isayas has no body guard, but at least we have learnt he has a personal interviewer. The arabic Department forgotten due to panick.

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  • dawit

    I read in the news that 10000 robophone call were made by an opposition groups called ‘ArbiHarenet’. Why did they choose the name Arbi why not Senui, Selus..or Sunday etc? Dose this movement has any connection to the Muslims movement in Ethiopia, who are demonstrating every Fridays? Just curious

    • Saba

      Dawit..I believe..the first robocall was made asking people to stay home in Friday night to empty the street. The name arbi (Friday) is still being used.

      • Sami

        Brother dwit please leave your foolish ideas beside and think positive,
        remember the day we got our Independence from Ethiopia was Friday.

    • Senifalu

      Does it scare you because it is called “FRIDAY” and you think it is a Muslim initiative ?
      It is really interesting how habesa people are paranoid with Muslim and Islam.

      @Dawit, Friday is the day that EPLF entered Asmara and this movement is named after that 🙂

      • haile


        I think it was linked to the “Arab Spring” and the specially since the mass rallies were being held after Friday prayers of the followers of the Islamic faith. Also, the timing of the coining of the phrase coincides with the turmoil that was unfolding in the middle east at the time. The organizers also drawn parallel with the Arab Spring in the early stages, both through slogans and and the tactics employed (use of telephone) as a way of rallying followers. So, it would be totally out of place to assume it has anything to do with May 24, which indeed fell on Friday, as the basis for coining the phrase Arbi Harnet. Also, many in the ranks and files of the bedevilled opposition camp neither recognize nor honour May 24th, or have any allegiance to the national flag. Very unlikely that they would use it to name their movement. How can one both oppose Eritrea’s independence (calls woyane to attack Eritrea) and uses the mark of independence day to name their movement?

      • dawit

        Thank you, Saba and Seifalu for enlightening me on the origin of the name ‘ArbiHarenet’. Senifalu wrote “how habesha people are paranoid with Muslim and Islam”. Is it wrong to suspect any movement in Eritrea coming from Christian or Islam sources to create confusion among Eritrean population, based on religion? I still do not know who leads this organization and who pays for the telephone calls. There is a saying in Amharic ‘Yaltereter Temenetere’ and ‘Inqulal qes beqes beigru yihedal’. I personally do not want to see extremist movement in Eritrea or Ethiopia, similar Moslem groups in Nigeria Boco Haram or Christians in Northern Ireland IRA, or Al-Shabab in Somalia. Any group that tries to exploit the economic hardship of our people to accomplish their agenda of sectarian government in Eritrea should be condemned.

      • Asmara Eritrea

        People who mix religion with a persons right to liberty simply [put] me off. It does not matter if you are a Christian, a Muslim or like me a stone worshiper – you are just a human being! This is when I tend to say for me religion is devisive and frankly a load of nonsense – although I would never ever dream of trying to stop anyone from believing what they want to believe in. It is their fundamental human right, just like me who wishes to worship stone!

        But let’s be serious can we really afford to say Christian, Muslim, this and that when our people are being tortured? Let’s please look beyond our noses – our country is being destroyed in front of our eyes. And that matters most than any god or religion you can think of. Call me ungodly – it does not matter but I love my homeland to bits.

        Eritrea for ever!

    • Teklesenbet Semere

      Yes, arbi harnet is the eritrean version of the arab spring. Support this mouvement and then you will have an islamic gouvernment in Eritrea. The constitution Will not be implemented but instead the charia. And Eritrea will join the arab league etc…

  • Sabri

    One thing the interview shows is if you follow closely the president albeit his effort to dismiss the 22 January incidence unusually he refrains from using strong condemnation words. Most importantly he refused to explain why this movement is occurred. Unusually he admits that He left free one of the leader of the movement. This type of approaching antagonistic group is unlike his character. Also, he doesn’t look sitting at safe. All of these things indicate something is going on. Who knows perhaps some kind of negotiation is going on. Or he is expecting another big movement. It is impossible to silence the complain of the military by arresting some officials. He said the drama is over just to comfort his supporters but in reality it still is going on.

  • ንአቶ ኢሳይያስ ሕዝቢ ኤርትራ መሰሉ ስለተረግጸ ብጎነጽ ንመሰሉ ንመሰል ርእሰ ውሳኔ ክቡር ሕይወቱን ደሙን ዝኸፈለ መሰሉ ተዝክበር ብሓርበኛ እድሪስ አዋተ ዝፌለመት ናይ መጀመርታ ጥይት ካልኦትውን ምተጸምበርዎዶ፧ እዞም አብ ሓገራት ዓረብ ቅድሚ ዓመት ብሕዝቢ ጎነጽ ካብ ስልጣኖም ዝተገለፉ መራሕቲኸ መሰሉ ተዘኽብሩሉ ብጎነጽ ምዓለዮምዶ፧ ቅዋም 97 ናይ ኤርትራ ምጽዳቅ ዘይምጽዳቅ ንሕዝቢ ውሳነ ከሕልፍ ከድምጽ መሰል ሕዝቢ እምበር ብናይ መንግስቲ ድሌት ወይ ፍቶት ዲዩ፧አብዚ ስልጡን ዘበንን ዓለምን እንስሳታት ዘገዳም ወይ የዕዋፍ ብደቅሰብ አብ ጸቢብ ጋብያ ተቀይዶም ወይ አብ ጸቢብ ቦታ ተወሲኖም ናይ ምንቅስቃስ ምፍራይ መሰሎም ተጋሒሱ ተባሒሉ ብተጣባቅቲ መሰል አንስሳ ክብከዬሎም እናሰማእና ዘለናሉ እዋን አብ ኤርትራ አብያተማእሰርቲ እንታይ ኢዩ አብ ናጻ መጋአባያ ልዕሊ 10 ዓመት ቀሪቦም ዘይፌልጡ ናይ ፖለቲካ እሱራት ንሰብዓዊ መሰላቶም ምጥባቅ ዘይክእሌሉ ሓገር እንታይ ክፍጠር ይክእልድአ፧

  • Papillon

    Yea oh,

    Halew-lew ayt’bel. That sure makes your day the fact that you got the attention you’ve been craving for. Pathetic.

    • Oh yea

      Thanks for proving my point. My point being the awate team either thought your retardedness needs special protection, or they want you for something else.

      The funny part is, you don’t know the things you say or write here, neither do you seem to realize that awate protect you from a lot of comments from many people who could never stand a foolish individual who keeps on insisting being articulate and what not.
      But we know better

      • Papillon

        Oh Yea,

        You strike me as a spoiled brat teen as in YPFDJ. No kidding. Simply because there is a lack of maturity in what you scribble where your nonsense starts and ends with the word “Unionists” as if it was the first word you heard when you first came out from your mother’s womb. I suggest you find your own pathetic league (, as in, to mention but a few where you will feel perfectly at ease with your run-of-the-mill monologues. has the right to preserve its classy touch.

      • Haregot

        Who is “we”?

  • Oh yea


    Stop profiling comments. It is easy to see right through you. Just post them,

    Offensive staff, is understandable, but don’t try to direct people’s opinion and judgement of other people , just your own way.

    Don’t you have better things to do.

    • Asmara Eritrea

      Long live 21 January 2013, and there will be 21 February, 21 March, 21 April, 21 May, 21 June, 21 July, 21 August, 21 September, 21 October, 21 November, 21 December and so on – until Eritrea is free from dictatorship.

      But let’s face it, 21 January could have been handled better. For the future, knock out the dictator first before moving to capture the ministry of info – otherwise not much to report on!

      Eritrea for ever, death to the dictator!

      • Senifalu

        @Asmara Eritrea
        How come it could have been handled better, when you have Eritrean Army full of slave mentality soldiers who betray their colleagues for not better reason than either to make their slave master happy or to stop any change in the country as change is uncertainty and scary to them.

        I don’t see change coming from the army after what happen in January 21. I am sure the planned was excellent for Forto 21 operation but when it comes to execution, not all people played their part.

  • Kokhob Selam

    It seems to me he has been sent to let Eritrea stay in such way till Ethiopia goes ahead and let the people forget about their national freedom.

    “Due to Ethiopia’s long and fragile borders with Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and more recently South Sudan, he said it is timely for the country to use UAVs to monitor these shared and often tense and porous zones.”

    • Horizon

      Dear Kokhob Selam,

      The problem with most Eritreans is that they believed and still believe that their country is superior to Ethiopia, an unfortunate legacy of Italian colonialism. I really find it difficult to understand that a country with a population twenty times bigger, a land mass ten times larger and a similar amount of resources, could be compared with Eritrea. Simply, most Eritreans fail to see that what ever Eritrea had to show was what Italy left behind.
      At best, the economy of Eritrea could be compared with that of one of the federal states of Ethiopia. In addition, Eritreans forgot that nations are not static and civilization and economic development is there for everybody who wants to achieve it.
      Even if there were no DIA around, although Eritrea could be a different place, for the best or the worst, nobody knows, nevertheless, she would never be greater than Ethiopia. Ethiopia has many potentials and she is already showing it; and at the same time, she is trying to tackle reasonably well the challenges she is facing.
      Whether Eritreans believe it or not, the future prosperity of Eritrea is anchored on the prosperity of Ethiopia. Eritreans who could read the future should be happy with the developmental trends in Ethiopia, rather than being jealous of it. When Eritreans come to terms with the reality and calmer minds that do not believe only in their villages, tribes and ethnic groups, but also in the extended world village and world family, come to rule the country, then and only then shall Eritrea move forward.
      My friend, if you are going to replace DIA with somebody else whose priority would be to antagonize Ethiopia on all fronts, forgetful of the people and its interests, be sure, you cannot find a better man than DIA.
      The people of N. Korea are paying with their life and well being the confrontational stand of the ruling class with the only super power, in this era when even Russia and China would rather divert their money to development rather than on arms race. Eritrea is in the club of those who stand against the only super power. For N. Korea, the reason is ideology, for Iran it is religious, and for Eritrea, although true and yet unbelievable, Ethiopia is the reason. It is simply crazy. We should concentrate on what is good for the people and not on what satisfies the egoistic and bipolar individuals.

      • dawit

        Who is jelious Eritrea or Ethiopia. Ethiopia is woring day and night to bloc Eritrea from progressing. They desroyed the country for forty years and have put Eritrea in No war no peace situation, because to change the government in Eritrea. President Isaias is Eritrean leader, and it is upto Eritreans to have him as a leader or removed. If Ethiopia vacates Eritrean occupied teritory to day, Eritrea will concentrate in development and there is no reason why Eritrea will not developed in no time. But unfortunately Ethiopia tries to prevent that so that it want to show how it has developed compared to Eritrea. Sad but that is the reality

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear brother Horizon,
        You said “The problem with most Eritreans is that they believed and still believe that their country is superior to Ethiopia, an unfortunate legacy of Italian colonialism” I feel generalizing is not correct, and the character you see in some don’t really describe Eritrean people. When I was in Ethiopia as young student, I was very much upset of some Eritrean character. But when I came to the field I notice that there are Eritreans who really represent Eritrea with their original culture. Eritrean people and Ethiopian people are not different if you visit the villages and small towns you will find out how much similar we are. But then you will find every where some people who feel superior even to their own country people leave alone to others.You should take it easy it is just normal to see this everywhere in this world.
        By the way, being proud of your culture and history is not bad when it is to the limit. But, when it is higher than the level needed it kills the people. Some Ethiopians were not free of this too. The loveliest people in the world for me are Ethiopians. but remember that doesn’t mean all Ethiopians are alike and I have experienced the Amhara superiority although few. Alemayehu Gelagay in his book “EHADEGEN EKAKASALHU” says it clearly and I have just created a poem instead of reading plainly his words, so you can enjoy it . Will you be interested?
        You said “Whether Eritreans believe it or not, the future prosperity of Eritrea is anchored on the prosperity of Ethiopia. Eritreans who could read the future should be happy with the developmental trends in Ethiopia, rather than being jealous of it. “
        That is another wrong thinking. There are Eritreans who were thinking and some even still thinking that way and use to say Ethiopia without Eritrea will remain back warded under feudalists.
        Who has a great part and role in developing Eritrea? The answer is very clear, first and most important is the people of Eritrea. You and I know very well nations natural resources is useless if the people are not hard working and productive. Eritrean people own this very important factor. The only missing factor in Eritrea is …administration …the system that leads properly. That is the disastrous part of our long history. Few predict that this will happen but for most of the people it is strange. Even those predict it were not expecting this kind of childish group will come to power but something like every dictator of our times. There are a lot of hidden secrets to be exposed; (I am sure) of this all tragic we Eritreans face for the last 50 years.
        To be jealous is bad only when it hurts and affects others. Horizon, if you brother is working hard in planned way and became very rich and live in peace, I think you will become very happy of the result and you will love to see him growing even more. But you will also ask why you don’t become like him. That is called in Amharic Qdus Qnat. Allow me to ignore the other sentences of yours as you and me have agreed to disagree. Will again be interested to read the poem about Qdus Qnat in Amahic ?
        I love to agree and disagree with you .that is how we should be. Thank you and all the respect.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Horizon,

        here it is

        የኤርትራው ጉርኛ ና የኢትዮጵያው ጉርኛ ቡና እየጠጡ ጉራቸውን ነፉት፥

        ማ- ማ- ሚ- ያ ኮመ ብታየን ነው:
        ጉረኞች ናችሁ ያልከው:?
        ደግሞም ብንኮራ ራስ ህ እንዳየሀው:
        ጣልያን የገነባው ኣገራችን ውብ ነው::

        እኮ ይሀው ራስህ መስከርከው:
        ጉራ ማ የናንተ ነው:
        ጣልያን ያወረሰው:
        ባህላች የሆነው::

        ማ -እስኩዛ እኛ እኮ ነን:
        ወደ ካፒታሊዝም የገባን:
        እናንተን ቀድመን :
        ፈርንጅ የተቀየርን::

        አረ ተው እባክህ!:
        እንድያው ያሳፍርህ:
        የኖርኮው ተገዝተህ:
        ክብርህን ጥለህ::

        ሃበሻነትህን ሰርዘህ:
        መጽሓፍ ቅዱስ እንዳልባረክልህ:
        ኣርባ ግዜ የተጻፈው ስምህ:
        ብሉይ ኪዳንን እንዳልተረጎመልህ:
        ነብዩ ሙሓመደ እንዳለመሰግነህ:
        ቢላል እብን ረባን እንዳልተወለደልህ:
        እነ ሓፊዝ ና ሩሚን ቅኔ እንዳልጻፉልህ:
        ምነው የኣስመራ ልጅ በጉራ ተመራህ?

        ቡታና ኢቫ! ምንድነው ባለፈው መናገር:
        እንዲያው ባቃ ኣጉል መቀባጠር :
        ራስን ማታለል ሰውን ማደናገር:
        እንዲህ ነበር እንዲያ ብሎ ነገር::

        ምን ኣልክ ? ቡታጅራ ነው ያልከው:
        ወይስ ቡና ኢቫ! ትርጉሙ ምንድነው?

        ማ- ባፋንክሎ ! ስንት ብየ ላስተምርህ:
        ይህን ና ፓስታን መማሩ ካማረህ:
        እንደኔ በጣልያን መገዛት ኣለብህ:
        እስከመቸ ኣባይ ዳር ሆነህ ትፍክራለህ::

        ሂድ ጉርኛ ተባብለው ከቡና ቤቱ ሊወጡ ሲሉ:
        እኔ ልክፈል እኔ– ቀደማቸው ባህሉ:
        መቸም ፍቅር ኣለች ኣይጠላሉ :
        ወግ እና ደንቡን መቸ ይረሳሉ::

        this is just to say you will find in both you will kind all types of people including the above once. but at last we are one people in two nations and we will remain HABESHAS.

    • Horizon

      Dear Kokhob Selam,
      Dear our POET,
      God bless you my friend. I was moved with your beautiful poem.
      Why should habeshaland be a hell on earth while there are people like you, a poet and even a philosopher at the same time? Can an habeshan history, culture, economic development, prosperity and greatness be fulfilled without Eritrea? Is it possible that a railway from Addis to Tigray could stop at Mekelle, without reaching beautiful Asmara? Can the great Renaissance dam stop at the border, without lighting homes and factories in Eritrea? Can a habesha change his skin or the leopard his spots?
      Sometime ago I saw by chance a video clip of an Eritrean wedding. At some point, people started dancing to Teddy Afro’s song “Tikur Sew”. My God, they were dancing with all their heart and enjoying it with all the nerves in their body. That is the habesha you talked about, despite what others say.
      I for one do not want Eritrea to be the mythical “thorn bird”. I do not want her to search for a thorn tree until she finds one, and then sing to it with all her power and beauty until she falls dead with a painful, pierced and bleeding heart. With or without Ethiopia, Eritrea should always be there, on a brotherly terms with Ethiopia, because “at last we are one people in two nations and we will remain HABESHAS”, as you put it beautifully. As for me, a habesha is any person who lives in the lands of Ethiopia and Eritrea, or has some sort of connection. Many do not accept this; but it does not matter.
      Dear poet, you have shown us our arrogance and foolishness. After all, we all boil in the same pot. What we do not have are visionary people who would burn like a candle and light the way of the ordinary Ethiopian and Eritrean. Up to now, we had only people who acted like “Sirens in the Odyssey”, who lured innocent citizens with their beautiful but empty words, like the enchanting music of the Sirens.
      We need talented, rational and respectable people like you. Please, continue to write your poems. Thank you a lot.

      • Kokhob Selam

        thank you very much.

        sure i will continue and you will always see my poems. and sure we will won in making one people of Habesha very advanced living in peace with all free chances of development. we will let the world see as we are going ahead hand by people two nations is true and we will show it practically. but wisdom just comes through examining self and that is what we are doing now.

        thank you.

  • Halewa Sewra

    Dearest Abel:

    Ooops! It looks like United States and Weyane will run out of money before Eritrea does.  That’s the beauty of self-reliance! Of course, Eritrea can live on very little.  This was always going to be a game of resilience. A game of who can outlast who (miribirab). 

    I can totally see how the events of 21 January would unsettle Israel.

    Israel’s fear has always been that it would get squeezed out from the south, through unfriendly Arab and Muslim states on the Red Sea.

    I can see why Israel doesn’t want a Muslim government in Eritrea on top of what happened with Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood taking over in Egypt.

  • HALLO Mr.PRESIDENTI OF ERITREA, I am so shamed you have to use protocol all your explanation seem to street talk——–hahahahahahahahahahahah————

  • hiwot

    i believe this news is a traslation of the interview to english for the purpose of inernational media who these days consider thier main source. hopefully awate will come up with what they think of the interview.

  • HAKI

    I have never see his exelnssy PIA shine and confidnt

  • Abel

    There is definitely more to the January 21 incident than the government has admitted or is letting on. However, these things work in very unpredictable ways. They always have unintended consequences. The word is that the United States all of a sudden is realizing (at the insistence of Israel) that opposing PIA is not in its long-term interest.

    Since most of the coup backers were Muslim Eritreans, coupled with the Muslim unrest that is going on in Ethiopia, has made Israel very nervous. Israel doesn’t want to see a Muslim takeover of Eritrea’s government, particularly in light of what has happened with the Arab Spring in Egypt and North Africa. The incident has shook Israel in particular and the United States by extension. So much so that the United States is now going to try to broker a deal between the two countries so that demarcation can proceed and the tension between the two countries can be lifted. Additionally, the United States has been forced to reduce its direct budgetary support to the Ethiopian government by more than 60% as a result of the continuing fiscal deficit crisis and the across-the-board sequesteration cuts that are soon to take effect in every federal agency, including the State Department and Department of Defense. The dirty little secret is that the United States has been providing direct budgetary support to the Ethiopian government to the tune of billions of dollars a year. That is no longer sustainable in today’s fiscal reality in Washington since every federal agency is forced to cut.

    Sequestration cuts, coupled with the January 21 incident led by Muslims, is forcing the United States to revise its policy of regime change toward Eritrea. Stay tuned.

    • T..T.

      Hi Abel,

      Long term analysis if does not encompass all factors that are critical to the subject under analysis, the outcome may be considered myopic view. If you would know the close allies in our region you would wonder. The Americans and the Arab Gulf States, come first. Then come, the Americans and the Israels. Direct threat to the Gulf States is America’s main concern. And, if you would know that Isayas is a close ally of the Arab Gulf States. If you would remember, threats to Isayas are concerns of the Gulf States. But how and why?

      In simple and clear words, if you know who are behind Isayas that link him to the Gulf States, you would know that driving power. That power goes back to the alliance between Isayas and the Massawis. Isayas is alone but the Massawis are intact. Isayas can have his group based on hire and fire. But, that of the Massawis is a group that has the final say in Shabia. It was them who decided to lock up part of Isayas’s group and Isayas never said any. This is so because money that Isayas neends, comes from the Gulf. The political support that Isayas needs, comes from the Gulf States.

      So, Why would America think of any change when the Gulfs don’t????

    • Papillon


      You need to tame your cluttered “imagination” where your take on the situation is the most lame and tabloid caliber clap tarp I have ever read in a while. Who said there is a muslim take over in Eritrea? Are you for real? Is it because the military personell who shook up the pillars of Isaias at Forto happened to have a muslim names? If you listen to their demand, it was not only a baggage with a secular touch to it, it was the basic demand of the Eritrean people. That is, implementation of the Constitution and the release of political prisoners. I am sure, you’re blubbering here and there out of desperation for you and your likes are in a complete denial to the clear and present danger hoovering over Isaias’ Eritrea. Which ever way you try to paint the canvass, the days of Isaias are numbered. And of course, power will be transfered to the people for the people and by the people. Deal with it.

      • Oh yea

        I posted a comment that deals with this funny and kind of spooky dead sureness you falsely trying to project as if it is the end of the road for the government. But, hey your protectors would not pass it to you. But, if anyone checks the insults and direct attacks coming from you, it is obvious awate want you here for other purposes, as you are getting halefatat.

        Here it is again, useless people have been talking with definite sureness that it is the end for Issayas, since 1981. This kind of day dreaming used to be confined in Starbucks and among few people, assembled by narrow grouping such as religion. The only difference this time is, idiots , such as you, can do it behind a PC, at home by their lonely self. Besides, how does your unionist tendencies equate with this new vigor as some one standing for Eritrea. Swinging in all directions is just cheap and doesn’t take you anywhere.

        Here is the deal, what the incident proved was the fact that we have a very capable system and government that can handle any stupidity. The HEROS are those who stopped this nonsense just in time and very quite with out disrupting the day to day life of Eritreans in Asmara. Big up to the government and the leaders.

        So, where is this False sureness that you are talking about?

        Like the president said, the drama is over. Deal with it.

    • Serray


      Any source to your allegation or is it strictly from the figment of your imagination. Where can we find that israel insisted it is not to america’s long term interst to oppose a deranged dictator? Any published material about the reduction of aid to ethiopia by 60%? Any source to your claim US is brokering peace between the two countries.

      Now, one either believes the government or the opposition, but not both. You are unique, you believe in the regime’s long-term survival by believing the opposition about those involved in the mutiny. By the way, morsi, on his first interview, put the israelis at ease by saying he will respect the treaty. Here is the source,

      When you start to believe your fantasy, they say you have crossed to insanity. My advice, watch out, those voices you hear are symptom of something.

      • Oh yea

        Actually the voices inside ones head cross the boundaries and became fascinating – when that particular head happens to be owned by a unionist, who mistriously starts to call the Eritrean defence force as his or as belonging to a useless so called opposition

    • yegermal

      Abel, many thought Gadaffi and Mubarak were eternally unbeatable because they foiled countless coup attempts against their powers. Where are Gaddafi and Mubarak now? DIA is infinitely more vulnerable and isolated than either of these strongmen!

  • Mahta

    Awate ppl, why dont you tell us more about Ali Abdu? is it to respect the liers right like Isaias did???teazibenakum….tell us please,if he was my brother,I know, you would critsize me all the way…

    By the way am big fun of you!!

  • Abou Said

    I believe this website (Awate) have excelent managers becuse they just don’t go for any news unless they are sure of it is source and authanticity that on the other hand out of respect to their readers. Good work and continue doing the nice work.

  • amichael

    We really need to think hard & act fast. Our people have had enough of being under the mercy of an arrogant mercyless devil. Now that Forto has shown us that the army is willing to rescue the nation, we need to inflitrate the defense forces & work with them. Negotiations with PFDJ wont work and the only way to get our country back is by force. It is time they learn what justice means.

    May God help us.

  • Kokhob Selam

    We all have got lessons from this incident.He said “melebemi” they guy knows his chicken very well and he was playing it right for his advantage always. but this time things seems out of control.

    but this single incident had shown us how much the opposition functional is. that is what matters more as PFDJ’s removal is to replace well organized government. hey, here we should now the link between the people and the opposition is still theoretical and there is a lot of job to be done. just talking to much will not show we have good base on our people. that is the reason why some sites who work from outside world send unreliable information. all garbage information was thrown back to them making them useless for ever.

    • rodab

      He has been saying “melebemi koynuna alo” on his every interviews for 22 yrs. Never ending….

      • Kokhob Selam

        he is using the same trick by the way. nothing new but we Eritreans are so nice we always expect changes. this time the incident should be “MELBEMI” for us. He is not cheating only supporters and our poor people but within his speech he is playing to terrorize the opposition as if he has still strength. again he is letting those emotional among opposition to take childish action to let them down in front of the world.

        here we have stand and make inventory. how much ready are we to say the truth and stand right, is the question.

  • Neguse

    How long are we going to deal with this Vagabond despot ?what a curse he thinks eritrea is his Eastate.

    • yegermal

      Too long, even if he were to die tomorrow!

  • selam

    Isaias is a wise president.On just one interviewe he change everything and returned the confidence that is why he is a hero.Eritreans proud of him! despite all the media campaign he single handidly is the always the winer.

    • Kokhob Selam

      the cat on the throne looks a lion.

    • acria

      ladies always make me laugh …why do you like him let me tell you b/c he is tall and attractive so why dont you like me am taller and whiter than him and i am also young only 26 years old if this is your criteria

  • Hagos Berhan

    DIA is in trouble, he can fool us no more!!! This is the beginning of the end; mark my words ladies and gentlemen. We have not seen him being disrespected in such a way.

    If the heroes of January 21st have indeed been eliminated, there will be others who will follow their footsteps. What really compounds our pain as fellow Eritreans is the fact that he ignored and chose not to share what actually brought them to MOI!! However; he narrated what happened to some of them quite explicitly. Very amusing DIA!! At the end of the day; to wipe few rebels from the face of the earth; is a trivial chore for one of his blood stained generals. This rotten system is gradually destroying the finer fabrics of our beautiful society. This system has to go and will go. The belligerent and mindless supporters of DIA are holding mini parties, their messiah has spoken, rejoice the moment.

    Let me assure you; the light of hope will not be put out, celebrate as long you wish, change in Eritrea is just around the corner.

  • Sabri

    Hi awate
    I was expecting you will give us your analysis about the recent interview of the president. It is what is needed. To summarize what he said without analysis is not expected from you. You may ask what kind of analysis? For instance, you could unveil what the president is trying to hide. Perhaps, analysis will come soon from your writers?

    • Awate Team

      Selamat Sabri:

      We will. We are just waiting for them to weave their rope real good. Never get in the way of your opponent when he is committing suicide.


      • Awet

        Thank you team Awate. Continue the good work. For many years your team have done great job of informing us about the affair of our wonderful country Eritrea. For that, we, individuals like myself are in debt to you. I know first had the ministry of information continuesly visit your site for information. Year ago I was at the MOI for an interview. I waited in the computer room, when I attempted to surf, the link was right there, meaning someone was already visiting the site. At any rate, physically DIA doesn’t look good. The11th hour might be around the corner.
        Once again, thank you for all that you do Awate.

    • Oh yea

      What else are you expecting? awatestaff has already said their piece. The saying: “nihasawi iwun nikihisu meselu nihiliwelu Ina” has a limit too. Awate, had consumed that right already.

      • yegermal

        You’re kidding! If lies were nonrenewable resource, DIA would already be in the endangered species list since he has consumed a healthy diet of lies for a better part of his pathetic life.

  • Birah

    The information about the venue of the meeting of the so called ministers on the event’s day seems to be not clear. Who should I believe Assena’s report or Awate Team’s input?

    • saay


      We just reported what Isaias claims through his mouthpiece, Eri-TV. What he said is probably 90% untrue but we report it because “wela Hasawi nkHsu meselu nHlwelu ina” 🙂

      • Haqi

        Lol. Nice comment sal

  • Papillon

    Halewa Sewra,

    As they say, time is the hidden factor and time is with those who have stood their grounds as the sadist leader is shaken to his bones. Moreover, he was not joking about it rather he was showing us his s’di and nay-deqi-sebeyti self of what is made of. Isaias is s’di baAlege where his “interview” is not suitable for minors to say the least.

    • Oh yea

      A unionist is concerned about Eritrea now? WEY gud

      • sara

        oh yea
        what do you call a person who kills her parents and begs the courts mercy because she is an orphan…..
        a. arwe b.papilon c.unionist d. all the above.

  • teranifa

    beregeder general TEKESTE HAILE men zedalewelu yenibib neru,he said that PIA WAS IN MASSAWA when the action took place,he lost his crediblity, like PAYLOT ASSENA,NO ONE BELIEVE HIM NEXT.

  • A Iyasu

    I pray that the cries of the oppressed will be answered…..a wobbly tooth will inevitably fall out, be it willingly or by extraction.

  • Halawi Sewra

    So what! Some hiccups are expected every now and then in every society. At the end of it all, it is still status quo.

    This is all much ado about nothing.

    If PIA had real concerns about the incident or didn’t think it was an isolated incident, he wouldn’t have felt comfortable discussing it or joking about it.

    • Oh yea

      Halaw sewra,

      The beauty of it all is the swift and so efficient way it was solved and the whole thing handled by the government. Brilliant.

      Did not know we have such brilliant hostage negotiators who can use psychology and known techniques to deal those out of line . Not did I know we has such a swift SWAT team! Super!

      Neziom hizka a dekiska tihadir. Well, you only headache would be listening and reading what day dreamers and unionist say

      • yegermal

        It will be more beautiful and swift when DIA will meet Gaddafi’s fate soon. And you’ll be shocked when you finally realize how hatred had been bottled inside the heart of the majority of the Eritrean people. Mark my word, DIA’s fate will end in Eritrea!