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In Support of Ato Kidane Alemayehu’s Initiative

When I first met ato Kidane Alemayehu, I thought we were auditioning for a rendition of the movie, Odd Couple. He was an Ethiopian and an Amara with a propensity of repeating the all-too-familiar “sameness mantra” I’ve heard all my life; but one that was unequivocally rejected by my own father and over twenty immediate family members who have proudly paid the ultimate price for Eritrea.  

I too was a product of my upbringing who did not feign any qualms of expressing hatred towards the Amara. Like my generation, I hated everything Amara, and took pride in not being able to speak their language. I still don’t speak Amharic, but as I got older and hopefully wiser, I am neither proud nor ashamed of it— just neutral.

The first thing that struck me about ato Kidane Alemayehu was that he is a gentleman through and through. His nobility of character, decency, and integrity was evident; but, most of all, he was very open and honest on all issues. I liked him immediately; and knew instinctively I could work with him. As the founder of the Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center, he was looking for a few good men and women from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

On our first encounter, and with a purpose of laying everything on the table, I told him blatantly how I grew up singing, “ab ruba ruba Tseg’I gobo amHaray adgi intezrekbo breney gere k’imbbo.” The song encapsulates our burning desire to avenge the wrongs committed against our people by the Amara. In all honesty, I didn’t even know the Amara look like us till I came to Khartoum, Sudan; I thought they all looked like Menghistu Hailemariam.

The Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center is the brain-child of ato Kidane Alemayehu. The center is established to foster peace and development in the region. For the last seven years, I have worked with ato Kidane Alemayehu and many other wonderful people from the region and came to know him well. His passion for peace and justice for the region is real; he is a tireless advocate of regional integration.

Ato Kidane Alemayehu and I have become good friends and, to my pleasant surprise, I feel reconnected to a lost uncle. Aya Kidane was one of the first to come and express his condolences when I lost my older brother, Dawit (May his soul rest in peace.) Whenever I call him, he would immediately say in his endearing Tigrinya accent, “Hi, Semere, Kemey aleka?” It is a friendship based on mutual respect—the same noble idea aya Kidane hopes to be the basis of a brighter future of the Horn of Africa.

The following petition is part of his larger plan to right what was wrong; heal what was wounded, and unite what was broken apart. It is a big project, but he has a heart that is even bigger.

Please sign the petition below and show solidarity for a just cause initiated by my friend and lost uncle, ato Kidane Alemayehu.

For further information, please visit the website: www.globalallianceforethiopia.org

Semere T Habtemariam is the current chairman of the Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center, and the author of “Hearts Like Birds” and the forthcoming book on the History and Faith of the Orthodox Tewahdo Church of Eritrea and Ethiopia. He can be reached: weriz@yahoo.com

Will Italy and the Vatican Emulate
Britain and The Netherlands?*
By Kidane Alemayehu

Apologies and Compensations by Britain and The Netherlands

Two European nations, Britain and The Netherlands, have finally come to terms with the demand for justice by apologizing to and compensating the people of Kenya and Indonesia, respectively, for the crimes committed by the former colonial powers over half a century ago.

Status of the Fascist Crimes Against Ethiopia with the Complicit Support of the Vatican

The Vatican is still being awaited to express its apology to the Ethiopian people for its complicity with the Fascists. The Italian government needs to pay adequate reparations to the Ethiopian people for the huge war crimes perpetrated by the Fascists in Ethiopia where one million people were massacred and huge quantities of properties were also destroyed. Looted Ethiopian properties still remain in the hands of the Vatican, and the Italian government.

Britain’s Apology and Compensation to Kenya

It has been reported that 90,000 Kenyans were killed and 160,000 were “forced into concentration camps” during the 1950’s. For more details please check the following link at Al Jazeera (by James Reinl, June 7, 2013):

Vatican_and_FascistsIn a news item entitled: “Kenyans celebrate Mau Mau compensation win”, James Reinl stated:

“Making a landmark apology before Britain’s parliament, Foreign Secretary William Hague expressed regret over “abhorrent violations of human dignity” that took place more thanhalf a century ago.”

In addition to the formal and public apology, Britain agreed to an out-of-court settlement for the payment of $30.5 million at the rate of $4,100.00 compensation per claimant to a total of 5,200 victims. Thus, although the compensation is obviously low compared with the number of victims, nevertheless, the fact that Britain owned up to its past crimes against the Kenyan people deserves appreciation and, hopefully, leads the way for a more just settlement.

The Netherlands Government’s Apology and Compensation to Indonesia

In a news item entitled: “Netherlands apologises for Indonesian colonial killings” dated September 12, 2013, AFP (Agence France-Presse) reported the historic action by the Government of the Netherlands that offered its formal and open apology at Jakarta to the Indonesian people for the “mass killings” undertaken by the Dutch military during 1945-49. It is also reported that the Dutch government has offered Euros 20,000 to each widow of those massacred (40,000) during the colonial days. For more details, the following link may be checked: http://www.scmp.com/news/world/article/1308843/netherlands-apologises-indonesian-colonial-killings

What Do the Actions by the British and Dutch Governments Exemplify?

The compensations offered and the formal apologies expressed by the two governments to the Kenyan and Indonesian peoples, respectively, reflect important principles of humanity and justice. Among other things, it clearly indicates the British, and Dutch governments’ admirable capacity to own up for their past war crimes. The actions clearly emphasize the fact that such crimes have no stay of execution. Therefore, even though the British and Dutch massacres and atrocities in Kenya, and Indonesia, respectively, took place over sixty years ago, the Governments finally faced their obligations squarely and apologized to the Kenyan and Indonesian people.

The British and Dutch apologies and compensations also reflect their respect for the Governments and people of Kenya and Indonesia who had suffered a massacre at the hands of an invading, colonial army. By their honorable action, the British and Dutch governments have set an excellent example for the international community, especially the Vatican, and Italy, in the war crimes committed in Ethiopia.

Therefore, the governments and peoples of Britain and the Netherlands as well as those of Kenya and Indonesia deserve the fullest accolade for facilitating a closure for the atrocities committed during the colonial days.

Fascist Italy’s War Crimes Committed in Ethiopia with the Vatican’s Complicity

The following war crimes and devastation was committed in Ethiopia by Fascist Italy with the complicit support by the Vatican during 1935-41:

(a)   One million Ethiopians were massacred of whom 30,000 were killed within only three days in Addis Ababa; and at least 15,000 people were killed as a result of the poison gas sprayed by numerous Fascist airplanes in many parts of Ethiopia;

(b)   2,000 churches, 525,000 homes, and 14 million animals were destroyed;

(c)    Vast quantities of Ethiopian properties looted from Ethiopia.

Fascist Atrocity in Ethiopia : Justice Owed to the Ethiopian People

The Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause (www.globalallianceforethiopia.org) is in the process of conducting an international campaign to achieve the following objectives:

1.      A Vatican apology to the Ethiopian people for its complicity with the Fascists;

2.      Adequate compensation by the Italian Government to the Ethiopian people for the huge loss in lives and property they sustained as a result of the Fascist war crimes;

3.      Restitution of Ethiopian properties by Italy, and the Vatican which, for example, has over 500 Ethiopian documents in its custody;

4.      The dismantlement of the monument established by Italy for the Fascist “Butcher of Ethiopia”, Rodolfo Graziani, at Affile, a town southeast of Rome; and

5.      The inclusion of the Fascist war crimes in Ethiopia in the records of the United Nations.

International Appeal

The international community, including the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, the Vatican, and the Italian government should take a leaf from the excellent example set by Britain and the Netherlands which have demonstrated their respect for human rights and justice by apologizing to and compensating the Kenyan and Indonesian victims of their colonial massacres. It is time that the Ethiopian people who have been awaiting the justice that has been due to them for over 75 years are duly compensated in terms of a formal apology, reparations, restitution of properties, and recognition as stated above so that, finally, a closure will be achieved.

*Although the content of this article is the responsibility of the author, the helpful suggestions by Dr. Girma Abebe, Dr. Mikael Wossen, and Mr. Deneke Hailemariam are greatly appreciated.Kidane Alemayehu is a retired United Nations expert.

About Semere T Habtemariam

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  • Hayat Adem

    Sal, your bus is moving too fast. I think you were mush safer when you boarded Haile’s bus. It looks safer for now. Look what you throw at me:
    “You see your own people as people who need attitude adjustment, not healing. Case in point: when Eyob used a segue of a woman who wants our suffering to continue under the brutal Isaias regime, to share with us his belief that there are many Ethiopians who share the lady’s view, the proper response is not “oh, do tell me more!” in the spirit of “what can we the people do to change your mind?” The proper response, if you feel like responding, is the lady is sick, and everybody Eyob claims to know who shares that view is also sick. And wrong. It’s wrong to wish ill–being terrorized by a tyrant–on others.”
    Attitude adjustment is not necessarily a bad thing but I was not asking that only Eritreans, and not from all Eritreans because the 90%+ Eritrean do not need any adjustment. I have askeed it also from Eyob and the Ethiopian lady. And, of course, don’t forget our Eritrean Dawi Mekonon who opened the Pandora box by saying Isaias is doing this to Eritreans because of his Tigrean root. Unlike you, I care a lot about the relationship with Ethiopians. It has nothing to do with nostalgia and it is purely because I see the benefits of it. My last response to Eyob on that issue of Tsega vs Dawit was the following…(if you have not seen it)
    Things happened in the past. Some of them bad, some of them worse on both sides. Almost all bad things happened because of few irresponsible and hate driven individuals.The two people are sin-free and were victims themselves.But now, we should heed this wise woman’s words: “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; what matters is where you are going”- By Sandra Pianalto. Always the future is longer and more important than the past. Like I said in my previous comments, bad apples not just mess the past but complicate the future.
    Self defense is but revenge and hate are always unjustified even as a mater of principle. And yet, you will never be able to figure out the net balance of victimology sheet for the past for/against either of these two fraternal peoples. Among these generations, “revenge” must be a taboo word pointing to a cycle of hurting each other. There is nothing natural about it- I mean, not even a millionth of micro-gram!!! And yet, I’m saying even-zero hurting is not good enough between these two peoples. They should go above that. They are meant to inter depend on, to look out for each other.The two peoples should work and prosper hand in hand, secure and maximize their spot in the global stage. To hear ugly words like “revenge” from bright-minded like you is hard to stomach for me. One day i am elated envisioning the power of harmony and solidarity from these two peoples, another day when I hear such words as “hate and revenge” from the cream citizens of both nations, all my hope is replaced by doubt. You and I can can start the journey. Dawit Mokonon and Tsega can follow us later. A good journey needs to be started by good people.
    I’m sure you are aware of the computer code- the binary code. Every thing is in “0″s and ’1′s, a varying combination of them. One time, bad score may have been scored from the Eritrean side against Ethiopians. Lets put 1 for that. The Ethiopians reacted to correct that and scored back, bringing it to neutral- 0. And now because the Eritreans are weakened and the Ethiopians would want to take advantage of that and exceed to move their neutral locator beyond. They are now at point 1. The Eritrean couldn’t willingly bear this excess, and reorganized themselves and fought back to knock down the Ethiopians back to zero, or may be go beyond and score more gain to be at 1. And another round of those things- 0 and 1.
    That was what has been happening but we should get out of this vicious circle of the binary cycle. We should combine our scores and not let them even-out. Eritrea scores 1 against poverty, Ethiopia does the same, they both score 2 in sum. They can even create dynamics of development by joining hands, brains and resources and the developmental scoring board registers staggering numbers: 2,4,8,16…n, lifting up both peoples and the entire Horn of Africa out of the misery they are found now.
    Think big, think beyond, think the future- Eyoba. You should let yourself to be the foundation for the future, not a shelf of the past. Do not think people like Dawit Mokonon and Tsega are too many. Even if they are, the fight should be to lower their number not to join them.
    ehtih Hayat

    • Papillon

      Dearest Hayat,

      You’re a joy!!! AgenaE haftey natey.

      • Hayat Adem

        And yourself: as smart as you are, you are also sweeter than honey. When I think of you and the other brilliant sister, Yodita, I get emotional thinking how my sisters are catching up with real world, not just that but in some cases out-thinking our brothers so constructively and my heart jumps with joy.

    • nege

      I like your statement “You should let yourself to be the foundation for the future, not a shelf of the past”. One of the problems of both Eritrean and Ethiopian politicians is that they have anchored our bolitics on the past – who did what to whom. After the victory of the EPLF and the TPLF these grievance political ideologies have been enshrined in our governance masquerading as constitutions or some other party document. Until we change this it is very unlikely to achieve a just society. To be clear I am not saying we should not learn and remedy past wrongs. I am not saying we should forget them. I am saying these (past grievances) should be experiences that should inform our politics and principles but not the foundation for our politics. Our politics should look forward, founded on our aspiration for liberty and justice, not on our grievances.

    • Well said Hayat,

      Some in this site are well-known for their stubborn resistance to the idea of forming a healthy relationship between Ethiopai (ans) and Eritrea (ans). But why? When it comes to the Arabs, you don’t see these people get agitated but suddenly their interest is aroused. We have even read many comments in which Arabic Culture and language are defended while Habesha cultures and languages are despised.

      Protecting ghedli with all its bad cultures appears to be their number one goal. For them, defending ghedli by any means helps them sever any remaining ties between Eritreans and Ethiopians. You have seen them use words like “Habesha”, and “Ethiophile” to express scorn and ridicule on those well meaning Eritreans who talk fraternal ties between Ethiopians and Eritreans.

      I bet you some of these people would hang themselves if Eritrea were to unite with Ethiopia.

    • saay

      Selamat Hayat:

      Rushed for time, I hope you won’t mind bullet style:

      1. You said: “Unlike you, I care a lot about the relationship with Ethiopians.” Explain please.

      2. I have to be ON the bus to occasionally get off it. And I can’t get on your bus, there’s something off with it and it comes to me in little words, phrases, sentences. *

      3. The foundation of reconciliation, something we championed since 2000 when smart-alecs were asking “who is reconciling with whom?”, is truth, bitter truth, and all the Ibeto-Ababto, shefno-shefafno strategy of equivalence (Eyobism: “We did bad things to you, but we did bad things to ourselves too!”) is yet another delaying, stalling tactic. The “let’s focus everything on _____, we will deal with _____ later” (an Eritrean version of Mengistu’s “hulum neger wede Tor gnbar”) is a Eritrean strategy that has proven to have contributed to our current mess, and it’s folly to use it again.

      4. We have enough history to know that when “Eritrea” and “Ethiopia” reconcile, it’s their ruling classes and constituencies which do, always at the expense of the rest of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This mistake may happen again, but don’t expect cheering from me or the Eritreans who were dispossessed of their land, their dignity, their right to return home. Intra-Eritrean reconciliation and formula for governance must precede any reconciliation with Ethiopia, simply because those Eritreans who speak on our behalf when reconciling with Ethiopia must represent all of Eritrea and not the Eritrea that the Ethiopian ruling class always imagine and fantasize about in their head.


      * for example, in Haile’s numerology, of incidents that happened in May, you were quick to correct him on May 1998, to personalize it from nations at war to the individual you believe started the war. Now, if you are going to do that, you could take the extra step and say “On May 12, 2000, on Eritrea’s independence anniversary, on the 2nd anniversary of the first military clash, the Ethiopian prime minister, having rejected every proposal, every appeal, to the point that the peace makers said ‘the Ethiopians won’t listen, they got their war mask on’ launched an offensive”.

      • Arha

        Lillahe Daruka Ya Saleh

        I love it when you wrote:
        “Intra Eritrean reconciliation and formula for governance must precede that with Ethiopia. ”

        The above should be written in an ink of gold, preferably from BESHA

        In order to avoid saying “Aromay!” Eritrean better understand and act to engage in a genuine reconciliation and formula for governance process

        • saay

          Ahlen Arha:

          The priority for Eritrea has always been reconciliation. For the last 10 years, we had the “go it alone” group, and the “go it with Ethiopia” groups testing the waters. And, if they are honest with themselves, they will admit that have absolutely nothing to show for it. What is amazing to me is that there are Eritreans now who think the Ethiopian government is an “honest broker” and go running to it to solve any problem they have. Yes, yes, Sudan had critical roles in Eritrea’s armed history (it saved PLF1, PLF2, PLF3 from annihilation when the ELF was gunning for them; and it had a role in 1981 civil war) but Sudanese intellectuals have not, unlike Ethiopian government officials, written a book on how Eritreans should govern themselves.

          Mao went to Stalin on his 70th birthday, to plead for help. Stalin didn’t much care for Mao and he gave him the cold shoulder. It wasn’t nice, but it had one thing we always lack with Ethiopians: CLARITY. When Mao came back, he had a new slogan (literally): “Chinese solutions for Chinese problems.”* Sometimes, you need to be rejected, to be fired, before you can accept the simple fact that you are responsible for your own fate. Eritreans are getting there.


          * there is an awesome documentary about this: “China Rising.” Of course, this is not an endorsement of Mao or Stalin (world’s butcher number 2 and number 3); it is simply a lesson about the necessity of self-reliance.

          • haile

            Selamat Saay

            My input, however little in significance, would be there. Rest assured. I think you needn’t changed the date to may 12 in the above. On the small hours of May 24 (Tuesday night) Ethiopia did in fact launch a major offensive around Zalambessa.


            Some say, credibly, that the US had supplied the Ethiopian side with real-time Satellite data on our troop movement (I was lived when I saw an Ethiopian video that showed troop movements from behind Eritrean defense lines!) This may partly explain the distinctive aura of confidence displayed by the Ethiopian side in declaring the war would be over in a day and the stakes were upped to destroying the “Eritrean army”. IA did all his best to help materialize the Ethiopian threat (listen on simerr paltalk discussion/testimony from EX-members of EDF’s mechanized divisions).

            So, yes there was an offensive launched on May 24th 2000.


          • saay

            Selamat Hailat:

            I have a self-imposed gag rule for the 1998-2000 period, a gag I violate only when I feel like gagging on blatant falsehoods that are casually disseminated, falsehood that try to present Ethiopia as pure as driven snow 🙂 When people want to pull their hair about Ethiopia ignoring its promise to comply with the “final and binding” nature of the Algiers Agreement, I always think “and you are shocked because….?” Remember the Technical Arrangements, which followed the Modalities?

            “The OAU salutes the understanding reached by the Personal envoy of the current Chairman with His Excellency the President of the State of Eritrea and His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, respectively, that the document containing the Technical Arrangements is not open to amendment.”

            This was promptly followed by… a 14-page request for clarification from Ethiopia. 14 pages of questions to a document that you said in advance you would accept without question or request for amendment.

            But I digress. Yes, May 12 is memorable to me (for personal reasons) and I remember the launch, and the Eritrean Independence Day festival I attended on May 27, hosted by Ambassador Semere, and it felt like a wake.


          • Arha

            Shukran ya Abu Salah,

            However sad I might feel your following observation is true:
            “Sudan had critical roles in Eritrea’s armed history (it saved PLF1, PLF2, PLF3 from annihilation when the ELF was gunning for them; and it had a role in 1981 civil war) but Sudanese intellectuals have not, unlike Ethiopian government officials, written a book on how Eritreans should govern themselves.”

            The bonding with Ethiopia, for good or bad, in my opinion is stronger compared to the one with Sudan for the obvious reasons you stated. Allahuma alan al faqr,walkubth,waljahal. That is why Essayas focus his attention to Sudan and not Ethiopia, as any changes that comes from Ethiopia is to do with change of like for like!!!but any change comes from Sudan (if at all!!with no PLAN and CLARITY heaven is not going to rain salvation!–also remember Sudan is a desperate need of Salvation from its own evils!)would be the same as the Ethiopian agenda but emotionally driven by the people who has no long breath. Therefore, both sides brings no good and everlasting solutions for Eritrea problems. “Sometimes it is good to be rejected”

            Having read most of your articles in Awate.com it gives be a pleasure to accept you as my president in Eritrea

  • haile


    I am not one for numerology or astrology, but the month of May seems to hold commanding place in the Ethi-Eritrea relationship 🙂

    May 1889 Ethiopia signs the Wuchale treaty with Italy.
    May 1991 Ethiopia loses Eritrea in the battlefield
    May 1993 Ethiopia Recognizes Eritrean independence
    May 1998 Ethiopia and Eritrea go to war
    May 2000 Ethiopia launches its last major offensive during the border war (Third offensive)
    May 2014 IA falls down in Eritrea and the country becomes normal again 🙂


    • Tamrat Tamrat

      May first the eritrean workers Day :)!

    • Hayat Adem

      A nice one! If I was to edit it, though, I would reword the “May 1998 Ethiopia and Eritrea go to war” as follows: May 1998- PIA launched an armed attack on Ethiopian administration and escalated the conflict with Ethiopia. The war came later as a consequence.

      • haile

        Dear Hayat, gdefi’ba qoley keytelaEliyom 🙂 I thought we settled the matter during our tripartite conference between you, myself and serray:)

        We know IA doesn’t have the basic skill sets to run a kebele let alone a country. His uses are limited to the armed struggle. He messed up our independence, he messed up our reconstruction and nation building, he messed up the country and its bright future and he messed up the handling of the border conflict. The day he made the “the sun will never raise…” bluff, Eritrea’s top leaders (who are now rotting in jail) ironed out to make a sensible proposal of de-escalation. It was driven into a ditch by IA who made sudden and announcement of a foolhardy bluff. Nonetheless, the origins of the war was never investigated by the body that was supposed to be set up but mysteriously failed to (The committee to investigate the origins of the war).

        IA’s stupidity can’t be extended long enough to hush the reality however. A decision that left out of consideration all matters from 1980 up to May 5 1998, and only considered the physical act of shooting a gun at a given time, place isn’t a conclusive finding.

        IA’s decision to to shoot on May 6 1998 can’t rationally be said to erase the entire dynamics of the conflict that simmered over decades before hand and justify every nonsensical act that was taken by the Ethiopian side to escalate the conflict to a full scale war that involved massive civilian displacement, deportation, detention in dedesa camp, declaration of war through parliament…

        It appears that the fact of the wrong decision of not seeking UN mandate in May 6 is dishonestly wash away the full narrative of the story to favor one side. That can never be the bases for durable peace. Especially considering that IA is the least patriotic flip flop of an Eritrean and pretty much the majority of Eritreans are staunchly patriotic, we can only go down the Truth and Reconciliation avenue and not the Qumar and Rekiska bara street to bring both peoples together.


        • haile

          Please Correct: “dishonestly [used to] wash away…”

    • saay

      Selamat Hailat,

      For those who doubt the communication skills of EPLF/PFDJ and it’s cappo, why is Third Offensive called the Third Offensive (Salsay Werar)? That implies there was a first and a second. I always ask agelglot this question (date of 3rd offensive, 2nd offensive, 1st offensive) and… Message received: all lump May 1998 as an Ethiopian offensive. That’s effective communication.

      There is an interesting numerology piece by W Ammar. In his rendition, the pattern is 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 01, and therefore, he half-predicted, 11.


      • haile

        Selamat Saay

        I agree with the intent you’ve alluded to in coining the term. In my own de-facto frame of reference I considered the first offensive to be the one around mereb-setit and bada, the second was the one around Tsorona following “the bombing in Adigrat :-)” and the third was I guess operation sun set that resulted in the collapse of the estern front lines and brought Ethiopian troops all the way to Barentu. How do you see my classification 🙂

        The prediction of W Ammar for 11 can’t be underestimated, with resolution 2023 the world told IA that there is only a one way street. All hopes of lifting sanctions without submitting to the demands were put to sleep for good 🙂


        • saay

          Oh, Haile.

          I know you got it, no doubt, because I am sure u can recite every battle from 1997 (not 1998) to 2010 (not 2000). But u are not the target market of PFDJ. You are too informed, too discerning. It’s the agelglot, adetat, Diaspora, Chegwar Danga that they aim their message to, and THATs effective communication: audience, medium, message. It’s masterful, really. And, as you said, if we in the opposition can create a potent media, we can defeat them. In that regard, awate.com will soon announce a “Call for Comments” for awate 7.0 and your input will be badly needed.


  • Eyob Medhane

    Hey Sal,

    Too bad. This generation seems to very much ditching a lot of what you and I are arguing about. May be reading us, they probably think we are bunch of weirdos 🙂 And I checked, they all are not ‘nutral’ about speaking Amharic. 🙂



    • Hayat Adem

      That was lovely Eyob. Lets encourage such fresh initiatives.

    • Boy! Habesha culture is beautiful; I would not trade it for an Arab one 😉

  • Isaac

    History lesson for Tamrat and other uninformed, lazy Ethiopians. Check out the link below. Look how big Colonia Eritrea’s map is? Look how big Somalia’s map is under Colonia Africa Orientale map.



    • Hayat Adem

      Now don’t expose yourself. In the academic world, Wikipedia is not accepted as a truly serious reference for knowledge.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Lazyness is defined wheather we need Italia to demark the map on ground according to the Peoples need or dancing With empty Words on virtual map.

  • bukretsion

    no matter you make it look like eritrea is deeply wounded by ethiopia, we ethiopian will never forget nor forgive what u did and still do to ethiopia.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Whatta boy! It seams you drink the punch of Awate.com too much.

  • H.n

    according to reliable source..wedi taboo has defected to U.S

  • Teweldine

    Does Tamrat know Eritrea’s history? Does he know that Afars were the first ethnic group to become Eritreans under Colonia Eritrea/

    The colonization of Eritrea began when an Italian shipping company called Rubattino claimed Assab for Italy and colonized Afaris. Therefore, Afaris were literally the first ethnic group to become Erireans long before highlanders or other lowlanders.

    Tamrat, please try to learn Eritrea’s history.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Ya, i know that. We have many history Resources and i can pick up any one which fits the debate. Last time i have checked the Afar opposition the discussion was using italian Language instead of afar.

      PS! We have to teach this historical events for tha afar state People too.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    If isayas was worried by cyber war of Awate.com then these to days he can have breath because the bits and the bites in killos and megas bombing amhara. The rulling class of amhara! Was derg amhara? What was derg? Who is amhara? All the People who speak amharic? The Gojams? The Gonderes? The wollos who suffer the most? The Showa amhara (meless best friends, when derg was nationalizing the fudals land including meless’ fahter land and gave to the poors, meless was allready joined eplf/tplf)? Or the New state of amhara? Or the 200 hundred amharas in the King time?

    Let us ask ourselves a simple question. We have an afar oppositon who are fighting against Higdef. They want to joine their Family the Afar state of Ethiopia. What is the stand of non-afar eritreans? Do they support the Higdef regime that edf crash the afar oppostion or not?

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Tamrat Tamrat,
      Afar is the cradle of Eritrea and Eritreanism. Eritrean Aferis are struggling for their freedom alongside their compatriots. Where do you get the Afaris “…are struggling to join their family the Afar state of Ethiopia”?

      That sounds like a wish; it’s not a fact.

      • Zegeremo


      • Zegeremo

        Tamrat Tamrat

        When did you found out that you are actually an Ethiopian? It sounds not too long ago.


      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Is that so! Suddenly the afar also reduced to the cradel of eritreanism. Shal we Dance hade hizbi hade libi once more. But it is good at least afar People come into awate.com discussion. Other wise remember Your speach how one ethnic in North Eritrea could have any thing to do With the South ethiopia. LOl. Tell me how you convince the afar People that Your virtual line makes an Eri-afar is more bonded With eri-tigrinya.

        Bring all your Logic that you preach against isayas or the likes and try to convince the eri-afar are different from ethiio-afar.

        The transition period is over. Afar state is the solution for Our afar People.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Tamrat square,
          I always avoided debating with you because you hear Ha and you repeat Ba! Let me demonstrate by bringing Merriam Webster (the dictionary, not the lady): cradle means “the earliest period of life”, as in Eritrea’s life begins in Dankalia, the Afar people. Your reply, “Suddenly the afar also reduced to the cradel of eritreanism” implies that cradle is a four-letter word–like a baalege word! I can only deduce two reasons for your reply: 1) you are dishonest and purposely disfigure my words to mean what they don’t, or, 2) You don’t know the meaning of the word cradle. So, which one is it Tamrat square? But don’t bother replying, I do not fancy debating a brick wall. And here is a bonus lesson for you: read the speech you have mutilated before quoting it and and once you have honest objection to what I said, come back and challenge me. If you improve your attitude, I might entertain debating you. Ciao (it is Italian for bye!)

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            I know the meaning of cradel well. And that live you you are the dishonest one. If you want debate focus on the theme. Name calling reflects only one thing. You sound like isayas when it comes to Afars.

  • Tzigereda

    Why should we Eritreans be denied to speak and discuss genuinely about our own histrory as long as it is not intended to spread hatred and malicious campaign? How many old and new books, films and documentaries have been published or produced about the Third Reich, Stalin regime, Vietnam War and so on? We cannot demand from the whole nation to reiterate unanimously “let us focus on this and that”. Besides, discussing history can not only enrich our knowledge but also serve as a convenient position to leverage reconciliation.

  • Selamat Semere

    Thank you and may God rest your brother soul in peace.
    Coreligionists are in the habit of addressing one another with the endearing appellation: Brother. Insecurities blind us into the delusion of the legitimacy of claims of righteousness on the basis of the comfort of the familiar.
    I am a born Eritrean Moslem. You are a born Eritrean Christian and Mr. Alemayehu Amharic origin Ethiopian. I do not know you in person nor do I know of you nevertheless . You are brother in humanity and fellow countrymen and neighbour . The affinity that binds us stem from very deep respect for your humanity and impressive political maturity beyond the confines of the dictates of the urges of acceptance on the basis of creed and ethnic belonging.

    Semere, you are ages ahead of us in the game of conscious awareness of the inevitable of the universality of human destiny. Your maturity and conscious
    Resignation to the sanctity of the independence of human thought in the pursuit and attainment of the ultimate, a “Global Civil Society,” testifies to the relentless human endeavor on the trail of the “Spinozas,” that enshrined the universality of the quest for the ultimate truth, ultimate reality.

    Many of us some time we often ponder the sense of alienation, estrangement from one’s folks, witnessing your relentless struggle for the truth. However, in many ways, Semere, we revert to the store of universal values that binds us, and remorse transforms into a sense of envy, how deserving of your humanity a person you are with the moral strength and courage of conviction that catapult you to the pedestals of the sages, of the work great men. the late French Philosopher Maxim Rodinson’s motto that “A Lazy Conscience Creates Monsters; ” rendering our tiny planet Earth intolerable.

    Thank you, Semere , and “Bon Courage.”

    • Semere Habtemariam

      Akhi AlAziz Said,

      Thank you so much brother. I appreciate your kind words. Incidentally, I’ve written a book on the subject and if you’ve not had the opportunity to read it, you can purchase a copy at Amazon. The name of my first book is Hearts Like Birds.


      • Thank you,Semere i look forward to buy your book,
        Explaining your position on your article, it is amply clear from the start, somehow you should be anticipating early on the possible misunderstanding and misinterpretations by some readers of your writings misjudging your position as a none-detached and a none-objective analysis, who themselves in actual reality are ideologically partisans of one point of view or the other,
        “I fell you only judge matters from a wider objective perspective, foremost, socio-economic and socio-political realities and the general socio-political map that’s reflective of the influential forces at play in the political structure free from any value judgment.”

  • dawit

    Another open field day for those people who are working day and night to create hostility and division between Eritreans and Ethiopians and Awate web site seems the chosen medium. First I don’t know the reason the writer inject the idea, when was trying to solicit support to the so called restitution for the crimes committed during the aggression by Italy led by Mussolini. First I don’t believe the idea is genuine, but a black mailing to collect some cash from Vatican or Italian Government, for a crime that was lead by some crazy person more than 75 years ago. The crime of Mussolini was not limited to Ethiopians alone; it included Italians, Eritreans, Somalis, Libyans and Ethiopians who were forcibly recruited to committed crimes everywhere. As your organization climes to represent the people of the Horn Africa why confining it to one group? As those crimes were committed when Mussolini trying to build The Italian Empire in East Africa. The Italians people took care of Mussolini when they hanged him upside down for the crimes he committed. What is the point of asking an apology from people most even not born when the crime happened? Why ask apology from an Argentinean Pope who was not born on some actions his predecessors have committed? Did those brave souls like Zerai Deres and Ras Desta Damtew and several countless victims died hoping their ancestors would be paid few Italian liras?
    Please stop this nonsense and work if you can to bring the people in the region to live in peace.

    • dawit

      decedents instead of ancestors

  • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

    Selam Eyob,

    You wrote, “At the risk of repeating myself, there was nothing going on in Eritrea that was not going on in Ethiopia.”

    I think it is up to you to tell us what happened in Ethiopia under the rule of Haile Selassie or Derg. The fact that atrocities happened in Ethiopia doesn’t diminish what happened in Eritrea. But every time we mention the atrocities we know of, we shouldn’t be met with this dismissive “it also happened in Ethiopia” rely. It happened to the Jews in the holocaust, it happened in Rwanda, it happened in Zanjibar, but those are not the topic. Even if you list the atrocities that befell humanity during the last millennial, nothing changes the fact that brutalities and massacres happened in Eritrea and the criminals were Amhara ruling class. Now for the restitution: would you volunteer to lead efforts to demand restitution from the chauvinists on behalf of the compatriots of your ancestral home? I promise to volunteer in any such efforts to help Ethiopians extract all their dues from the Italians for crimes committed by the fascists. 🙂

    • Isaac


      The criminals were the Amhara ruling class but don’t exculpate their Tigrayan collaborators.

      The role the Tigrayan collaborators played was quite significant. They knew the language and understood the society.

      The role of the Tigrayan collaborators was not insignificant.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Gash Saleh,

      Unless you deliberately, skipped my previous response to you, I said “….Gash Saleh, that is really unfair using a somewhat blackmail argument. Haileselassie and Mengistu, have erased more villages and killed much more people In all corners of Ethiopia than they did in Eritrea. Especially considering that there was a active war declared on them by Eritrean rabels at the time. I don’t regard Eritrean villages and Eritrean lives more sympathy worthy than Ethiopian villages and Ethiopian lives, no matter where my ancestors come from. I don’t have that ‘my blood and my ancestors are better and special than anyone else’ kind of arrogance in me….” What you are doing is to blackmail me with repeated mention of ancestral connection. I guarantee you that does not work with me. Death and distraction to ALL people are the same. No matter how much emotional blackmail is applied, there will be NO WAY, I believe that Eritrean lives are better and mourn worthy than Ethiopian ones. Moreover, my family or I have no, none what so ever sympathy for the causes of your Ghedli or it’s mission. I also believe that it’s very much relevant to speak of atrocities that are committed to Ethiopians in comparison to Eritreans, because they were committed by the same regimes at the same time, where as, atrocities that are committed on Jews and Rwanda are by different rulers at different times. As far as, demanding Italian fascists for restitution for their atrocities of Ethiopians, I don’t think you want to open that can of worms, because Italians also were utilizing the services of conscripted soldiers from their colonies (as we called them bands) to commit those crimes. Granted there were also some Ethiopians, who were recruited, for the service of Italians, but most of the fascists work used to be done not only in Ethiopia, but in Somalia and Libya also, by many Eritrean recrutees. Hence, let us keep it as it is in spirit of moving forward, instead of talking about restitutions….

    • Tesfamariam

      Dear Saleh

      On the same token is right to say the “the Tigrina regime or the kebessa regime “is the one inflecting all this damages and destruction to our people in Eritrea so only the kebessa ruling class should be responsible for all the atrocities committed.

      • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

        Yes, the ruling class in Eritrea (not more than 200 individuals) are responsible for the plight of Eritreans.

        • Tesfamariam

          Dear Saleh
          You are trying to doge the question trying to be smart. I didn’t ask you the number who are responsible for the plight of Eritreans (not sure how you got to that no more number) I asked you if Kebessans or the Tigrina regime is responsible . If you came to one ethnic group the Amhara in the case of Ethiopia to be responsible for all past Eritreian tragedies because they were the ruling class how come you don’t apply the same logic of yours when it comes to the Eritrean ruling class? You see that is were you are going around and around. Yes the Ethiopian government was responsible for all atrocities on our people but I wouldn’t say the Amharas are responsible it doesn’t make sense at all targeting one ethnic group for the sake of propagating hate. In the Eritrean case you know the number to be not more than 200 but with all your knowledge of Ethiopian history ( as you and saay claim)you couldn’t come up with any amount of number except to target one ethnic group as whole that is absurd.

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi yeHwat,
    The Horn Peace Intiative Semere is participating is great and commendable. No question about that. My fear now is we are soiling that effort when engage each other in a negative way making it look like “my people or worst victims” competition. We tried to encourage Semere to go the rest of the distance, but what we got is the backsliding of Sal. I think the truth is Derg was barbaric on everyone, and more so when challenged. But it is everywhere. They say the heavy toll of red-terror took place in Addis Ababa. And we hear gun men spray live bullets onto the body of an intercepted youth, and they put the dead at the door of the family of the victim, and they asked for the price of the bullets that killed their young boy from the family. I am not sure about the price of the bullets, but the killing and displaying had h append in Asmara and other towns of Eritrea, too.
    The Ona massacre was different if it happened in 1970, b/c it happened in the Emperor’s time. I always thought Hailesslassie was a sneaky man and he wouldn’t do such a massacre in the open, not for lack of cruelty but for tactical reasons. With Ona, he disproved me.
    No body is asking you to take away some sympathies from your people and give it to Eritreans. You can show sympathy to the hurt wherever they are simply as a human being, as a proximate neighbor or as a person who wishes well for building trust and confidence between Eritreans and Ethiopians.
    It didn’t sink with me well when you said air bombardment on the same innocent women and children is a lighter matter than a situation where you shoot-out from a close range. That seemed as if you are valuing one person’s life value better than the other on the basis of geography.
    I thought Semere was a bit behind and he needed some nudging to catch the pace. With the exchanges between Eyob and Sal, in fact Semere and Ato Kidane are way ahead. Please continue the good work.

    • saay

      Selamat Hayat:

      Notwithstanding the “we” in your post, I am assuming you are speaking for yourself. What “backsliding” are you talking about? I asked Semere to make an effort to learn Amharic: the only difference is I did it without the moralizing, guilt-bag packing and sanctimony that was coming from others.

      This statement of yours below “The Ona massacre was different if it happened in 1970, b/c it happened in the Emperor’s time”— the “if” is becoming a pattern with you–is one of the biggest problems I see with the Ghedli defaming club that you belong to: you are sure about things you shouldn’t be sure about; and you are uncertain about things you should be cocksure about. As a result you are easily duped and are incapable of defending Eritrea and its history and, thus, you resort to platitudes.

      Read this, it’s from nharnet.com, chronicling what Haile Selasse’s regime did BEFORE December 1, 1970. And maybe you will stop with the “if” and know your history:

      The 1965 cold-blooded murder of 67 selected men at Merara, Hamassien province, and 46 men at Medeka, Keren province.

      The February-March 1967 martyrs at the villages of Ad-Ebrihim, Ad-Kukui, Ad-Jemil, Ad-Omer, Ad-Saydna Hamid, Ad-Gherbet, Ad-Fedl, Ad-Habab, Emtrub, Mogoraib and others in Barka who were killed after the burning of 62 thriving villages and the machine-gunning of over 60,000 of their livestock. Renewed burning campaigns of that year killed many and displaced thousands after burning the villages of Halhal, Bab-Jengeren, Hamelmalo, Melebso,Felhit, Enchinaq, Hashishai, Fana, Wazintet, Qamchewa, Azreqet, Habero and many others put at 173 villages by some field researchers.

      The August 1967 wanton killings and burning of the villages of Ailet, Asus, Weqiro, Figret, ShebaH, Gedged, Gemhot, Metkel-Abet and many others.

      The summer-autumn 1967 killings and burning in highland Eritrea and destroying wiping out whole villages and property in the Hazemo-Hazo valleys and plains, at Fishey-Merara, Deg’A, Arebet, Diyat, Timza’e, Mai Chada, Endazmach-Ogbit and other localities. These were followed by grisly massacres like the one at Misyam where the over 40 men were slit on the neck in front of their children and wives.

      The December 1970 massacre of 78 men in Wara, Hamassien and many other atrocities committed under the imperial regime of Haile Selassie.

      So please stop it with the “IF.”


      • Hayat Adem

        Oh Sal, that was a hard ball from you to me. If -offfa..just on my first line?.If your focus and priority is on changing things in Eritrea for the better, I’m 101% with you. On that mission, you can make me do anything. Shoulder me any responsibility, give me any assignment, ask me to ready for any challenge…I’ll take it. If your priority right now is about defending Ghedli, then I might have things to pick, things to drop from your bag, while remaining utterly focused on changing this mess and joining hands with whoever is leading that task. How does this make me a platitude?
        The Ghedli stuff is being questioned now a days. And I don’t think that is necessarily bad. What would be bad is if people of both sides are not getting adequate time and space to present their sides. The smartest people will come out with their tones of evidence and people would give verdict and settle the case. This is as far as setting the record is concerned. You really don’t have to go a great length to praise every son of Tegadalay posts something in your effort to defend ghedli. Even the ones who are now 2nd-thinking about the authenticity of ghedli were part of it in some ways.
        Regardless of whether Ghedli was wrong or right, it became a defacto reality and prevailed and brought an independent Eritrea. But, things went wrong again, this time under independent Eritrea. There came a need for corrective struggle again. To some of us, the need for change looks fiercely urgent. The state of situation in Eritrea is vividly nightmarish and existential to me. Your recent chronology tells it all. Isais should have gone yesterday. But we become platitude when we are not making it our priority to make him go today and instead fighting each other over defending and defaming the ghedli history.
        And ghedli is only is a small history of Eritrea. Eritreans had been around making history for thousands of years. Ghedli era .has ended but still there is Eritrea and Eritreans continuing making history and aspiring for the better. The worst injustice to Eritrea would be when some one tries to equate ghedli history with Eritrean history ghedlli is just a microscopic dot when compared to the long history of Eritreans. There are parts to be defended, there are some to be ignored, and there are the rest to be debated. This all is healthy, but we need to first things first. If we don’t do that, even what we take pride as the out of ghedli, the continuity of independence might be risked. That what platitude is for me. Don’t feel we are getting on your nerves when we doubt certain things that happened in the ghedli era. It is a door to a healthy debate.
        The message of my comment can be summarized: Even to glorify or nullify ghedli, we need to save Eritrea. Eritrea is way bigger than ghedli.

        • saay

          Selamat Hayat:

          I actually still had my soft gloves because it appeared from your writing that you (a) were quite unaware that one if the worst massacres in Eritrean history happened during the reign of Haile Selasse and (b) were not even sure if you should believe it, thus the conditional word IF.

          If you don’t know that, and make no effort to know that, then you don’t know your own people and their wounds and they may appear to you as grudge-driven folk when they are wounded folk.

          You become susceptible to Eyob and others whose message is “there is something wrong with you Eritreans.” You see your own people as people who need attitude adjustment, not healing. Case in point: when Eyob used a segue of a woman who wants our suffering to continue under the brutal Isaias regime, to share with us his belief that there are many Ethiopians who share the lady’s view, the proper response is not “oh, do tell me more!” in the spirit of “what can we the people do to change your mind?” The proper response, if you feel like responding, is the lady is sick, and everybody Eyob claims to know who shares that view is also sick. And wrong. It’s wrong to wish ill–being terrorized by a tyrant–on others.

          Eritreans come in two categories: those who tell us that the tyranny and crimes we accuse Isaias of are exaggerated or fabricated (the neHna Nsu gang) and the rest of us: those who believe they are real and we wish them gone as soon as humanly possible, and we fight (however in effectively) for relief. The “yep he is brutal and yep you deserve it” thinking is alien, wicked and,coming from people who never tire of playing the kin card, incomprehensible.

          There is nothing wrong with Eritreans anymore than there was anything wrong with Ethiopians under Haileselasse/Mengistu or Libyans under Kaddaffi. Stop rushing for the psychiatric couch just because there are a lot of quacks rushing to sit on the chair to diagnose you.


          • Eyob Medhane


            Belew?! 🙂

            Now, the ‘manufacturing outrage’ that you are accusing me of is rubbing off on you. What is with the ‘ you need to adjust your thinking’ suggestion? Don’t you think that is a bit dictatorial? To me it sounds like, ‘think like me, or if you don’t the way you think needs to be adjusted’ Now, who is getting his couch ready for ‘thinking adjustment’ ?..I am just saying 😉

          • saay

            Gwad Eyob:

            Hmmmm. Let’s see. First, awate forum doesn’t have a couch. Its a big tent, and all we have is tenkobet. Once in a while, Eyob comes with his couch (smoking his pipe, pulling at his goatee and saying, “hmmm, interesting!”) and because he is going through the motions, and because once in a while (mixing metaphors alert!) his ointment gets some flies, he thinks he is making progress in the Ethiopian project initiated in 1998 of “teaching Eritreans a lesson they will never forget!” but it is all (mixing metaphor alert) dust in the wind.

            “Dictatorial” isn’t just about being forceful (which I was) but also being unfair (I will wait for Hayat’s judgement on that) and threatening (which I wasn’t.) The only leverage we have is to bounce people and we have never bounced anybody from awate forum other than for persistent violation of posting guidelines (after repeated warnings.) We are pretty transparent, the only thing we don’t do when we bounce people (almost always temporarily) is play a song we used to sing at the end of our school terms in elementary school.*

            So, here’s my peace pipe. Despite all your dire warnings, I (like most Eritreans I know),love Ethiopia and Ethiopians and celebrate whenever Ethiopia achieves something grand and something that will positively change the life of the average Ethiopian. (We just want our independence, that’s all.) Since you are boycotting FB (since when? Since Bereket wedi Aboy Hussein Obama started reading our mail?) here’s one from our FB yesterday: The Story of Dr. Senait Fisseha


            * feqad amlaK koynu lomi nfelale alena:
            felalyus ayterfn key-akhakebena….
            lyrics set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne (better known as the New Years Eve song)

            PS: Sem, if that tune is also bokri eznkha, then I need to enroll you in some virtual academy for youth songs (Ghezae Hagos is the chancellor because he is in the right demo)

    • Papillon

      Dearest Hayat,

      As they say, there is no prosthetic for an amputated spirit. Moreover, pain can only be calibrated if it is only physical in nature. Or one can rate his or her pain on a scale when the pain is localized. The scars which seem to surface to life with in the rest of us can not be localized, simply because, they have pervaded the very thing that makes who we are. Pain has become us.

      In these extraordinary circumstances however, the need for pulling old files, files stacked in a bottomless cardboard can only exacerbate the distance to the opposing poles and give a helping hand to those who want to see us intellectualize on our differences in lineage as opposed to helping us materialize on our commonality not only in geographical, cultural and religious settings but in political and social experiences as well. Simply put, there was no discrimination in Dergue neither was in the Emperor’s era. If the said leaders were to stand in a court of law, the accusers would be Eritreans and Ethiopians armed with factual accounts equal in magnitude, severity and in quantity as well. To be more precise, the judge would see them as victims equally of the same magnitude.

      As you have brilliantly put it, lets get past to it and move on for the alternative can potentially throw us into repeating the ugly history that we are desperately trying to put behind. For the sake of posterity that is. That is what character is all about.


      • Dear Papillon,

        Going back and talking about history at this time will drag us into the same old fights, each side holding its position…all at the cost of the current struggle. Scratching the old wounds is simply indulging to exacerbate the “amputated spirit” (to borrow your own words) rather to alleviate the pain of our people and improve the relationship with our neighbors. Sadly enough, every thing we are doing either directly or indirectly sustaining the life span of the despot.More importantly, every nudge of an elbow we attempted to divert them from history failed to register any significant outcome.No question that our politics became “Ma’eser zeyebulu ma’edo” that amount to a laughing stock. God mercy to our wounded souls.

        Amanuel Hidrat

      • Arha

        Papillon,you wrote:

        “…the judge would see them as victims equally of the same magnitude..”

        I don’t know who is biased judge you talking about “same magnitude” you can’t equate a gram to ton!

        “Scratching the old wounds is simply indulging to exacerbate the “amputated spirit” (to borrow your own words) rather to alleviate the pain of our people and improve the relationship with our neighbors.”

        The Eritrean wound is very deep, so we better heal it before we star talking about a positive relathionships with our neighbors, you know why? because we can’t offer somthing that we don’t have

      • Hayat Adem

        I can’t agree more. Thanks.

  • belay

    Mr.Semere T said,
    1.He hates Amharas.and this was not the first time him boasting about hate.
    Semere please share it with your Doctor or Sycologist.And please don’t share it with your kids or family members about hating,as it happened to you by your dad,may God forgive him and sent him to heaven.
    2.you are self declared hater,and you said,you are chair man for peace and development!how is that going to work?you are taking the prace,Semere.that takes me back to number 1 again.
    Any way I wish you a full recovery from illness and let us know the good news for a change about your full recovery.
    It wasn’t your fault you are a victim,Sem.
    By By.

  • sara

    ato semere,i wish you were asking or sponsoring some thing like that to come from the ethiobians, for all the atrocities they did to our people. i think it is true what they say about us…. eritreans.

  • eastafrican

    “He was an Ethiopian and an Amara with a propensity of repeating the all-too-familiar “sameness mantra” ”

    The crime of Amharas – is claiming Eritreans and Ethiopians are the same people. That they are brothers. The crime of chauvinist Amahars is cliaming Eritreans and Ethiopian are the same people so Semere tells us. Semere’s virtue is hating Amharas. He wore it like a badge of honor. When his hatred for them fades he tells us he is neutral. Ato Kidane must be a naive person. As the Amharas Semere hates say Be-re karaju ye hedal

  • L.T

    To Iyob Medhanie and Tamrat Tamrat;
    The rule of Amhara were the enemies of Eritrea society in order for relatively simple matter.
    Ones my people from Metahit fm 1967-75 and Kebesa fm 1975-78 said”You wish to destroy my soul by plunging it into despair one day you will have to answer for this to the world.

  • L.T

    Songs from Zalanbesa,Adi-Grat,Aduwa,Mekele,Shire and Axum fm 1978-79 short time with the devils Tsega luel Kiros fm Aduwa age only 24 in centrum and with their dramatics/their end-of- term theatricals were famous/ or typical Tegaru
    Mekele Kinet with Kiros Alemayoh
    “Kerene nab Kerene(2)
    Tegntselti Zaharerne.and this sentiment are still here.This “Kinet or Band” Almost from the first moment of their arrival at Asmera was involved in series against Eritrea.You know nature abhors a vacuum even in the mind.Now renewed by Internet comic strips.among these victims are of open hostilities between Tigringa in Eritrean and in Ethiopia esablished houses in the once Weyane Tigria city.
    yeah…ofcourse we kill Araya Belai with his books “Men’yu bedelenga,Aybedelkun”in Bai temenay,Mahari Misgina with his “Aduwa…Aduwa kitmetseakum diya kitkedwa”in Enda Berzi mes in Kidane Mihret (they are not my favorite)bcs this small boys who has made a long nose at the people of Eritrea got away with it punished.
    I hate Amhara like Luul Ras Asrat Bitewded Ras Kasa Hailu and Major Dawit Gebregergis and I hate Tegaru like Legese Zenawi Dej Asres and Sahle(Siye)Gerzmach Abrah.
    What were the reasons for this cancers over a case?

    • haile


      What about all the Eritreans who worked with the dergue?
      What about all the gallant TPLF fighters that paid the ultimate price in helping us when the whole world had deserted us?
      What about the many Amhara people in Ethiopia that sheltered and protected Eritreans during the round ups and deportations of Eritrean ancestry Ethiopians in the 98-00 period?

      Bankrupt regimes like the one lead by IA at the moment, demand that you take and travel down a bankrupt rout of hate and bitterness. Please, let’s use some common sense.


      • L.T

        Selam Haile;
        The document and research of its kind who work with Haileslassie and Dergue are open and ofcourse they had problem with their habit.
        TPLf paid in nummber only 420 fighters and their dare grave are in Sahel and they are Eritreans
        You deported 80 000 with no gun open fire and is it not iron enough?That’s exactly the kind of somthing for nothing that got us all of us into a mess.
        Isaias was not there!!

        • haile

          Selamat L.T.

          I feel bad for my fellow Eritreans that were deported. At the same time to say IA was not there is being totally oblivious to the reality. Imagine that there happen to be many Somali in Kenya and alshabo says it can attack Kenya any time. How do you expect the Kenyan security to react? IA, despite the existence of a large Eritrean population all over Ethiopia, and while both countries were bracing for all out conflict, announced that he can reach any target inside Ethiopia with ease. This doesn’t excuse the actions that were later acknowledged as “wrongful and heavy handed” by the Ethiopians themselves. But have you ever asked yourself why would IA, the most unpatriotic and reactionary Eritrean ever, would make such a statement in callous disregard of the safety and well being of the Eritreans in Ethiopia?

          • Kaddis

            Haile – you sure have changed – I mean it

  • “He was an Ethiopian and an Amara with a propensity of repeating the all-too-familiar “sameness mantra” ”

    I wonder how Mr Kidane’s “Amhara oneness mantra” is more sinful than the so called Tigrign’s “hade hizbi, hade hizbi” mantra? The hypocrisy among most eritrean elites has no limit that they don’t even know when to stop using pre-indipendece deceit that is irrelevant to today’s reality. Let alone you as an individual mr Semere, what if 5 million of you don’t speak a language spoken by 83 or so million people? how relevant do you think it is to ethiopian culture or economy? Or are you with all due respect imagining a situation where by Ethiopians loose a sleep over not communicating with Eritrean refugees? Come on Mr, Semere, It is about time you practice what you say and mature for the sake of your people….In a world where people are gearing towards learning Chinese for the mare purpose of economics, you are inflating yourself beyond your means to your people’s disadvantage..It is selfish to say the least!

    • sorry, I meant “Hade hizbi, Hade libi”..

  • xy

    Saleh “Gadi
    in your Response to Eyob, you told him to Stop generalization.
    But you as Usaual, AMHARA häter, starts to generalize Amhara. You said ” indeed we have suffered from the chauvinist rule of the Amhara ruling class”. You allow yourself to generlize and your false accusation against Amharas.

    If you have evidence come with it. But Stop lying. Leave the Amahras alone…..

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      What? How is “Amahara ruling class” which is so specific, a generalization. My friend, I am not accusing the Amhara in general of nothing; I am specifying the “Amhara ruling class.” If there were other ruling classes, please educate me. Who do you think was ruling Ethiopia, the Somali or Oromo ruling class? There were none. Those responsible are the Amhara ruling class.

      • Harif

        Leave that to Ethiopians to name it either to name it Amharic ruling class or something else, since you are talking as an Eritrean, your deal should be with Ethiopian.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          In the period in question, the “Amhara ruling class” also forced the Ethiopian nationality on me; therefore, I have equal rights as you to speak about that era… don’t think you have a good argument there. Are you suggesting I include all Ethiopians as oppressors, a crazy generalization, when I am specifying the ruling class responsible for the atrocities? Think again.

  • As an Ethiopian the more idiotic Eritreans i see the more hopeful I feel about my country….Eritreans wising-up is not necessary good news for Ethiopia…Bare in mind, it is their immaturity we have been successfully exploiting for the last few years..thumbs-up to honest people like Semere, we need more of you in Eritrea sir!

  • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

    Hello Eyob,
    How have you been…
    I have always asked you to please stop generalization… that is in the past.
    Now you are calling Semere a bigot! Semere a bigot? See, for those of us who know him, your remark surely shows how you think. But to clear it for you, indeed we have suffered from the chauvinist rule of the Amhara ruling class. Yes, they forced their language on us, Amharic speaking soldiers razed villages to the ground–that is what we saw growing up. I never blamed the Ethiopian people, never. But the Amhara ruling class, the chauvinists? Well. You see Eyob, did you feel a bit sad with what was going on in your ancestral home Eritrea? Did you sympathize at all, for the sake of humanity, if not for the sake of Eritreans you so much despise? Eyob dear, there was no Tigrai ruling class, or Oromo, Afar or Somali, etc ruling classes. There were appendages of the system run by the chauvinist bigots, the Amhara ruling class. Amhara speaking officers ordered the killing of thousands of Eritreans–not fighters but civilians. My only problem with Semere is, on top of helping his friend seek damages for what the fascists did to Ethiopia (which I fully support), he should have started his own project to seek an apology (if not damages) from the Ethiopian ruling class who are still under the wings of Isaias, the killers who wreaked havoc in Eritrea during Hailes Selassie and the Degue period.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Gash Saleh,

      I was warming up to get at it with Sal, but now, it’s you, so I’ll behave. :-).. Look..I always credit the Eritrean fight, no matter how I disagree with it’s final goal for contributing for the downfall of Mengistu. About me not sympathizing with what happened in Eritrea, during Haileselassie and Dergue, Gash Saleh, that is really unfair using a somewhat blackmail argument. Haileselassie and Mengistu, have erased more villages and killed much more people In all corners of Ethiopia than they did in Eritrea. Especially considering that there was a active war declared on them by Eritrean rabels at the time. I don’t regard Eritrean villages and Eritrean lives more sympathy worthy than Ethiopian villages and Ethiopian lives, no matter where my ancestors come from. I don’t have that ‘my blood and my ancestors are better and special than anyone else’ kind of arrogance in me. As far as Calling Semere a bigot, reading his articles including this one does not make believe that he is anything, but. Someone, who identifies an Ethnic group and says he grew up hating them wholesale and, even age, education and experience pushed him to be only ‘neutral’ about them can not be called anything, but a bigot in my book. Out of respect for you and Sal, however, I am going to stop talking about the man, because I have nothing good to say about him…

      • saay

        Ok Eyob.

        Read this. We haven’t gotten to She’eb, this is Ona.

        We are talking about women and children who were burned alive. On December 1 1970. All 700 of them. Not bombed from planes. But people, women and children, rounded up and burned alive. Now, you got equivalent crimes in Ethiopia? Give me place and date and casualties. Put up.

        You can’t. You will huff and puff and u can’t. It’s even worse: Ona was a sequel to beskedira where hundreds of mostly women and children were massacred. And here’s the parallel: it was Ethiopian retribution for Eritrrean revolution. The Eritreans killed a legitimate military target–a general– and the Ethiopians massacred civilians, mostly women and children. This is part of your history that no appeal to ancient glory can save you from. Wait, it’s even worse: the Ona and Beskedira massacres were committed on Muslims holiest day: Eid. Your “Gash Saleh” was a personal witness to this, he buried them, he wrote about it in “Of Kings and Bandits”, and you can ask him. But you won’t. Because that requires of you to be a bigger human being than you are.


        • Eyob Medhane


          So to you, women and children that are killed by airplane bombs in a market place (Howzen) farmers, when they were ploughing their field (Gojjam) or unarmed civilians most of whom also women old people and children and had no idea why they were being
          Shelled with mortar fire ( Wollyta) had it better than those in Ona ? They may not have a fancy educated and refined eye witness like Gash Saleh or some one, who sing songs and put it on YouTube. But they were also human beings. The same kind of fire has burned them And they died the same kind of death. The fact that you sound like you are cheapening their plight is very sad pathetic, in stead of making the Ona’s victims’ case….Please don’t do that.

          • saay

            Hey Eyob:

            You are on a mission to be outraged, aren’t you, huh? A drone bombing is less personal than an air raid which is less personal than a soldier on the ground ordering women and children (whom he can see, whose cries he can hear) and burning them alive. That was Ona. Survivors of evil remember what their victimizers wore and what language they spoke.

            The 1988 bombing of Hawzen in Tigray (by Mengistu), added to the bombing of Tigray by Haile Sellase in the 1940s (using British Royal Air Force, no less) were awful–and, they had their ramifications. As I indicated in a different thread in my discussion with T. Kifle, quoting Alemseghed Abbay’s book:

            Asked to name who they consider their “historical enemies”, 82% of his sample of Tigrayan citizens answered… Amhara (Shoa). (p. 154). Asked if they would trust an Amhara doctor, 64% of Tigrayans said they would not. (p. 155).

            There are actions and consequences. The mistrust the Tigrayans had of Shoans was not because they “were raised wrong.” It is because they witnessed evil, and they had no rational explanation other than, “these people hate me.” The Ghedli that you denigrate so much did a fine job educating people not to hate a people or a race (whom it correctly described as victims of misrule), but to direct their energies against the systems in place (Haile Selasse, Mengistu.) It is a good lesson, something we try to implement here, although the occasional PFDJ lumpen sneaks in to express his hatred not just of the Weyane system but the whole people of Tigray; and the occasional Neftegna sneaks in here not just to express his hatred of the PFDJ system but Eritreans in general.

            I am not asking you to apologize for what your countrymen did, neither is Semere. What I am asking you to do is to stop being dismissive of the pain of others. If YG or one of his fellow-traveler wrote a piece talking about how new evidence shows Ona and Beskdira didn’t happen, it wouldn’t surprise me. It also wouldn’t surprise me that you would eat it up and you would probably link it here. I am asking you to come down your high horse and your psychiatric chair and stop hectoring people for their alleged moral failings: stop blaming victims. You may think that makes you a tough and no-nonsense dude, but all it does is make you come across as insensitive and/or ill-informed.


          • haile

            Selamat Saay

            “…although the occasional PFDJ lumpen sneaks in to express his hatred not just of the Weyane system but the whole people of Tigray…” Did you have commenter ‘Isaac’ in mind by any chance? 🙂

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      What have you learn from the failure of amharic ‘chauvenisim’ then? Imposing arabic language on eritreans? What did Semere learn from amharic chauvenism? To impose tigrinya on eritreans? Hypocracy is the term which describe you very well. What are you trying to tell us while Our Young sisters and Brothers suffer by Arabs? Home is hell, and they have to suffer by arab. My point is when People live in the name of a nation they must have a common language to communicate With. Blaming the language or the speaker is rediculus. And if it is Natural to blame the speakers and the language then being activist for imposing arabic language on Eritrea is simply hypocracy. Other wise Ethiopan still speaks amharic even after we have a tigrinya speaker leading party which has its trading mark as tigrians first policy.

      Once i a while when we go so deep in Our historical and political mess, it is wise to read YG’s work With out Our biased doctrine.

  • Paulos

    I applaud Semere for his honesty and going out of his way to help his friend promoting the cause of Ethiopia. That takes courage. He is doing his part for peace and solidarity in region. A step in the right direction. Our shared history isn’t all brutality and hatred. We all don’t hate each other as many think. Let us find the common good in us, about us for a change.

    Here is a story I found recently that narrates the same good friendship.


    Thank you Semere for your kind deed. I am very sorry about your loss. May the soul of your brother rest in peace.

    • weriz@yahoo.com

      Thank you Paulos. Enjoyed reading the story. Needless to say, we need more of this.//hawka Semere

  • haile

    Selamat Semere and Awatistas,

    It is not to be denied that the Eritrean and Tigray based resistance had associated “Amhara” as a the face of the atrocities of those times. As saay said, this may not have been done overtly through formal manifesto but reflected indirectly through other mediums of communication between the fronts and their constituencies. Music, literature and other artistic depictions characterized “Amhara” as a villain of the conflict at the time. Take wedi tikul’s song “fenji” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13C3D2wpJKc (2:14 – 2:16). This mediums speak to the popular psych than manifestos.

    Just as it takes time to build tension and friction, it takes time to resolve them. So calling names and trading accusations is not the best way to achieve lasting resolution.


    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      I can mention several songs of the time, wedi gebru comes to mind. We called it Gzaat Amhara. Didn’t you hear any of that?

    • saay

      Ah Hailat:

      Ah, you got me. Omg, that song takes me back, way back, to the voice of Eritrea, populist Eritrea, thorns and roses. Now that you have introduced the video, Hailat my brother, give the context, give the narrative، Give it so all the Eyobs and so all the Eritreans on a perpetual apology tour, the “ishi getaye”, the “a thousand pardons” Eritreans know what exactly was going on in Eritrea when this song came out.


      • Eyob Medhane


        At the risk of repeating myself, there was nothing going on in Eritrea that was not going on in Ethiopia. Tickling emotion with songs may not be cutting it any more. With the fruits of Ghedli, today, there are those, who are being sold alive in Sinai alive and their organs are being taken out and sold, when they are dead. I hope someone also will sing about them….

      • haile

        Hi Saay

        “Give the context, give the narrative”… I hear ya loud and clear. As it is the case with everything else, we have a regime that cuts and joins pieces of the contexts and narratives to suit the justifications it gives for its sorry existence. Quarter of a century later, the contexts and narrations are told in eye witness accounts. It is pity to note that it seems more has been written by the deromantics to beef up their case than by the department of research and documentation of the regime (that tends to write more about the context and narrative of the blood linage of its opposition) 🙂 I am still trying to figure out if fenji was originally sung by Isaias Asfaha or not! But, you’ve given a fair narrative in the link in my opinion.

        PS. also remember I am in a middle of a match with Nitricc, don’t want to him any handle 🙂 He is already raising issues of mechanisms and mediators (It appears Beyan Negash may end up as the judge – IMO Nitricc could be pleased about that:)

    • Hailat,

      I am still puzzled when individuals (like YG) argue against our past heroism and patriotism (such as this video) instead against the despot who hijacked the aspiration of our people. Good snap shot for our historical reminiscence.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    I think the discussion has shifted focus. One of the symbol of unity is having common Language. If Semere was brought up hating amhara or the official Language, then it is not a surprise. What surprises me how come he manages to lead such an organization which is the exact opposite to what Semere is thinking. It is just like Isayas is leading both Ethiopia and Eritrea ‘united’ by some sort.

    Other wise we have many non tigrinya speakers ethnic Groups of Eritrea who associate Higdef with tigrinya. They do the same thing like Semere. Afars who suffer under Higdef regime naturaly want reprsented by Semera’s president than Asmara’s presidents, the enemy, colonizer etc. What Eritrea is doing now has be done by Mengistu on the larger sacle on Ethiopia. The Kunamas want to stop the land grabbing by Higdef. And for them Higdef is a tigrinya speaker Isayas. Tigriya speakr eri radio and tv.

  • So-Called Eritrean Liberals’ Mixing of the Issues: Falling to the Trap of Dogma
    As Eritrea, one of small country neighbouring to the largest and most populous, strategically most important African country, as Eritrea falls and become into the grips under DIA a military dictatorship, a Fascist Junta fitting the standard description ever renowned since the early annals of military dictatorship, many of the so-called Eritrean Liberals are getting color-blinded, side tracking judging issues on their merits and instinctively siding with the old ageing Eritrea Junta under the false rubric of the mitigation, rather the disbanding of the democratic rights .
    As it is becoming increasingly obvious to any observer that the usurpers of power through a military and brute security force control Eritrea over two decade by consolidating their hold on power through the manipulation and the fanning of popular sentiments around narrow false issues of “Eritrean Nationalism,” many among the Eritrean liberals are falling into the trap of the empty slogans disseminated by the DIA military. Most disappointedly, many among so-called Eritrean Liberals are singularly and myopically driven in their ultimate judgment, and as belied by the strong evidence of actual acts, by joining in the herd-mentality of the crowds in the dogma of the demonization of the other(s).
    One would expect of the so-called Eritrean liberals of those who still blindly support the DIA military usurpation of power in Eritrea despite the military Junta’s fascist slogans, incessant divisive and polarizing propaganda, and brutal police state actions, that the some Eritrean liberals would take unwavering stand that openly and most affirmatively opposes the increasingly consolidating current rule in Eritrea by the Military Junta.
    Eritrea possibly of all countries of the world, cannot afford in the short or long-run to adhere to the currently sweeping anti-others, make-belief, prejudicial and xenophobic political discourse as the country’s real domestic challenges, dire economic woes and the more real and far more significant regional strategic challenges require a general popular consensus and a true Pan-horn of Africa solidarity to successfully face up to such looming and insistent challenges.
    Not a negligible percentage of so-called of Ethiopian liberals, however, foremost the so-called Egyptian liberals are miserably failing their role playing the entrusted independent voice of the checks-and-balances holding high as the fulcrum of measurement the indisputable values of the sanctity of civil liberties; the precepts of true representative democracy and social justice.
    As the Eritrean Junta enjoying a heyday succeeding on playing on Eritrean popular sentiments through the negation and denigration of the other that would only further deepens Eritrea’s humungous economic, social and economic problems, the so-called some Eritrean Liberals are lining up in blind support with local and regional forces that until hitherto were labeled and renowned as reactionary and anti-liberal forces.
    Eritrean liberals and a non-negligible percentage of self-acclaimed Ethiopian liberals are playing the Ostrich, getting swept with the force of the torrent of manipulated popular sentiments failing to calling a Spade a Spade and clearly differentiating the Wheat from the Chafe as the whole future of Eritrean, small and a beautiful country, remains on the balance.

  • saay

    Hey Semere:

    I would like to apologize on behalf of all caterpillars from this childhood song:

    Aba chegora! (Caterpillar)!
    nabey tkheyd? (where you headed to?)
    n’Adi amHara! (To the Land of Amhara!)
    entai kht’geber? (what for?)
    Hamham kseber! (to break a gourd)
    Hamham Barito! (Gourd like (of?) a little black bird)
    kem nefaHito! (like a chameleon)

    This sing-along shares same melody as “hoyena hoye”…

    Clearly, the caterpillar was very insensitive and should have said “to Ethiopia” instead of “Land of Amhara.” The caterpillar also has terribly miscalculated: given its speed, distance from Asmara to the nearest Adi Amhara (Dessie), and its lifespan, it just won’t get there:)

    But seriously, Sem, I salute men like your tegadalai father who made Eritrea a reality; men who never defamed “Amharay”* but, like all professional soldiers would, referenced a less personal word, “Xelaie” (enemy) when talking about those responsible for the atrocities our people faced. (talking about those atrocities is taboo, hate-mongering and “externalizing your problem” now, don’t you know.) I am sorry again for your loss (your brother) and best of luck to you and your colleagues, including your friend Kidane Alemayhu and all people who seek lasting peace– peace with honor.


    * Between the ELF and the EPLF, there must have been thousands of pages (newsletters, booklets, books) of printed material in Tigrinya, Arabic, English… I challenge anybody (a dime will get you a dollar) to find a single reference to “Amharay” in a derogatory way. This, I consider, one of the proudest accomplishments of Ghedli: to help people direct their anger at a system and not a people.

    PS: you should learn amharic; it is a beautiful language. And given your amazingly curious mind, it wouldn’t take you long.

    • Eyob Medhane


      I am sad and deeply disappointed to see you highfiving this bigot called Semere. No wonder why Isayas is who he is, and what Ghedli is what it is. Apparently, it is an achievement of small minded racists like Isayas and Semere, who were set out to fight the ‘Amharas, who look like Mengistu Hailemariam’. No matter how you try to sugarcoat it for him, Semere himself revealed his ‘upbringing’, which ‘nurtured’ him with the hate of Amharas, who looked like Mengistu Hailemariam, which he is very ‘neutral’ about hating them, until today. Because of the executioners of Ghedli are despicable people like Isayas and the author of this article, it is an epic disaster.

      • saay


        Oh, please. I am quite immune to manufactured outrage, really.

        You are often telling us that most Ethiopians, specially the new generation, view Eritrea the same way they view Sudan or Somalia. Now, why can’t you extend Eritreans the same right: to view Ethiopia the same way they view Sudan or Somalia? Well, here’s a guy, Semere, who has gotten there: he is neutral about Amharic language which he used to associate with an enemy language. Rule one in reconciliation is to be willing to listen to the grievance of others. You have this capacity to be incredibly offended by what Eritreans did (your qualifiers may change–most Eritreans, kebessa Eritreans, EPLF supporters–but your diagnosis never changes: Eritreans hate Ethiopians and they suffer from inferiority/superiority complex) and you have no hesitation about going to the Banda days to express your anger about what Eritreans did but you are dismissive of what offends Eritreans from what successive Ethiopian regimes did to them. You cheer people who mock Eritrea (the “artificial country” built by people who are Arabist and Islamist), you mock people who are proud of their Eritrean identity and what they sacrificed to get it.

        Reading self-hating, apologetic Eritreans has led you to believe the Eritrean spirit of independence is broken. You have been reading from that “we Eritreans sacrificed for nothing and we made a mistake in separating from Ethiopia” hymn book for too long. And, don’t worry, someone will post after me to apologize about something. But that is a fringe view. To quote Malcolm X, “Ya been had! Ya been took. Ya been hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Led astray. Run amok.” And when you read someone like Semere*, it shocks you.

        If you believe in the power of redemption and one’s capacity for change, how we were raised is a lot less relevant than how we are now. Semere, a son of a Tegadalai who died in the field, literally an orphan, has risen over whatever natural feelings one has towards the enemy and he is telling you how he evolved. Now, how have YOU evolved, Eyob? Near as I can tell, you and Sem are about the same age. All I read from you is how Eritreans DESERVE Isaias, how the Arabs have evil intentions to Ethiopia… Do tell us about a personal growth you’ve had. And if you haven’t had one, don’t put down those who have.


        * You are wrong. Semere is not a bigot.

        • Hayat Adem

          Hi Sal,
          I have a comment less on what you said and more on how you are saying it. Arguments should be checked and validated against truth and sensibilities. When you write your views on anything, and Eyob gets outraged about them, the best educative way to respond back would be explaining why you held that view and why you said it. But if you try to counter-argue by saying “what about you? didn’t say this and that? why do you get outraged when someone says the same thing?”, it might tell us something about the faulty positions of Eyob but I don’t believe it validates your points as such. The problem with that is, Eyob might change his position on Arabism anytime. If his positions are your reference points, you will have to change, too.
          For example, in this case, Semere said he’s graduated from hating Amharic to becoming neutral. One can say the latter is much better. But, you can’t possibly say it is good enough. The need to learn languages should be there as in-built default naturally unless you still have unchecked or hidden misgivings. Priorities vary from person to person, of course. But, I would be surprised if a Kebessa Eritrean would be indifferent to Italiano, to Arabic let-alone to Amharic. This is simply a logic of proximity and usability issue. And language is neutral to any of your plights when you were a victim. By not learning that language, you are not helping or appreciating your “enemy”. In fact, it is the other way. It is only there as a tool to be used.
          Semere’s partner (aya Kidane) is trying to speak Tigrigna when he greets Semere. Semere has clearly appreciated that effort. Don’t you think Semere should be encouraged to do the same and not to stop at “neutral” willingly.
          The man who is being a bad example is PIA. Remember the event Pappillon mentioned. It is so weird he had to listen to the questions in Amharic and answer in English but tuning his message to Amharic speakers. I can one example: An Addis Ababa resident visiting overseas once told me about what she witnessed in June 1991. There was what she called Peaceful Transition Conference going on in Addis. EPRDF and other political parties except the defeated Derg were participating and negotiating power, obviously all deliberations were in Amharic. Eritrea was there with an observer status represented by President Isasias. When the discussion moved from domestic issues to the relationship with Eritrea and the Port services, Isaias had to speak in Tigrigna to reflect EPLF’s governing principles. His talk was being translated for him into Amharic by Dr. Berekhet Habtesilassie. Apparently, he was not happy with the translation quality. After a couple of minutes into his speech, he asked the chair (Meles Zenawi) if he could switch to English and he spoke in English.
          Here is the puzzling element: You have an Eritrean message to reach-out to Ethiopians. You want to talk to them about your party and your country. You can speak the their language perfectly. But you don’t want to speak it because you hate it. Can any communication go more weirdly wrong than that, Sal Haway?
          We want and hope Semere and the younger generation to do better.

          • saay

            Selamat Hayat:

            Well, Eyob and I have a complicated relationship 🙂 Semere was active in reaching out to Ethiopians long, long before anybody had mouthed “Eritrea-Ethiopia Friendship”, dialog, etc and I thought Eyob was being unfair and focused on all the wrong things from Semere’s message which, in case people forgot, was an endorsement of his Ethiopian friend’s petition for restitution/apology to Ethiopia from Italy.

            Ah…our favorite debate: Isaias’s communication strengths/weaknesses. Sometimes, Occam’s Razor—the theory that all things being equal, the one with the fewest assumptions is the right answer–should rule. Have you considered this: he understands Amharic but doesn’t feel comfortable enough to speak it, at least not in a way a politician does: to deliver the right message to the right audience?


      • Wonde

        I find the crocodile tears of Eyob an admirer of the most amara hating Meles Zenawi calling Semere a bigot is too much take. Most Ethioipians particularly amaras know Meles, TPLF and their Admirers are are the real racist who used state power to ethnically cleanse Amaras not only from South and Bensangul but also from parts of Gondar and Wello. So Eyob you are not in any position to speak for us. Besides Semerehas the courage to admit to his errors but you are actively working to marginalized and ethnically leanse Amaras.
        Do not. Fool yourself. We know who the haters are. It is TPLF and their apologists like Eyob.
        EPLF and ELF are no friends of Ethiopia but the TPLF AND PEOPLE LIKE EYOB ARE THEREAL ENEMIES. Through time we will deal with this.

      • zegeremo


        Bigot is divisive and inflammatory, and no one deserves it,let alone an awate writer. The reason is that you don’t seem to understand the pain many Eritreans had to go through during Derg occupation. It is totally normal and acceptable for any one to make a genuine and honest judgement based on their personal experience. In fact,the smell of Adolf Hitler is still lingering in the houses of many Jews,but no one including you, would dare to call them bigots when they express their hatred toward Nazis. Please have some respect for the forum and writers.


    • weriz@yahoo.com


      Izeas bokri izney iya. I like it.//Semere

  • Oasis

    Hi SH, as an Eritrea and African I very much support Alemayu’s initiative.

    Few years ago I wrote a piece on the old Awate forum regarding apology and compensation of Eritrea by Italy.

    In 2008 Italy agreed to pay Libya $5 billion as compensation for its 30-year occupation of the country during the 20th century ( http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/31/world/europe/31iht-italy.4.15774385.html?_r=0).

    Eritrea’s suffering and humiliation under the Italians was by far greater than Libya and Somalia both combined.But the Italians never apologies or acknowledge to what they did to our people in their over 50 years of slavery.

    Italy should apologies and compensate Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia the same way it did to Libya.

    • weriz@yahoo.com

      Selam Oasis,

      Thank you. That is the reaction I expected. Dont also forget the British who raided the country of some of the good things the Italians left behind.

      I’ve no doubt we will get there. We just need to establish a responsible government that puts the interest of the people first.


    • welde

      Eritrea’s proudest history as told by Gedly and accepted by the majority of Eritreans, is being colonised by Italy. I am yet to see the atrocities commited by Italy on Eritrea. Isayas after grabing Eritrean independent he went to Italy to show his respect to the Italyan who ruled Eritrea. He built’Compishtato’ in Asmara so eritrean’s would glot and show how advanced and civilised Eritrea is compared to Abissinia.
      Unlike the rest of Africa, you mentioned, Eritrea is and have been happy to be colonised by the Italian’s Fashist, and the Italian’s know this fact, so don’t expect componsation.

  • fassil mitiku

    “I thought all Amarhas look like Menguistu ” statement sounds like the red necks here in the Southern US use to say.”Our niggers are good,it is the niggers who come from the North we are the trouble makers”.Does ato Semere also hates the Kunamas becuase they look like Menguistu?Yes there are Amharas who look like Menguistu but they were also terrorized by him.They were equally victimized just like the Eritreans and other Ethiopians.Ato Semere : with your neutral mentality you have disqualified yourself to be part of an organization which seeks to bring people togher

    • Memhir

      ato semere is not trying to bring ppl together. he is merely standing up for eritrea.

  • Isaac

    I am 100% Eritrean. Pure bred. Roughly about Semere’s age. I grew during the Dergue/Ethiopian colonization and attempted Amharization of Eritrea era.

    I grew up hating Amhara, Agame and Soviet Union.

    I don’t hate Amhara anymore. They are kind of irrelevant these days. I am appreciative of Russia’s stance toward Eritrea at the UNSC.

    Like most Eritreans, however, I still distrust and hate Agame! Let me repeat. I still hate Tigrayans! I probably hate them more than I did during the 1980s. Most Eritreans feel the same way I do because of all the evil things that Weyane attempted on Eritrea and Weyane’s continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean land.

    • Hayat Adem

      You made it sound like ‘hate” is a name of a course, brother. You even have developed a system of proudly adding and dropping a group of people to/from your hate basket. If you are about Semere’s age, like you said, it is too late and there seems little hope for your cure. It is more likely than not that you will die hating. Too sad!

      • Hayat, what a refined and penetrating comment you made about that “100% Eritrean …” I wonder if he thought he had written the best resume?

    • ogbai

      I am Eritrean, proud Eritrean I can say. But, I don’t hate Tegrwot like you do Please don’t include me there. The Tegrawot is people like you and me and proud of their Identity like every other people. To say the truth I dislike people like you that they don’t have any idea, but they repeat their Masters song again and again. Besides,Why you like DIA then don’t you know he is one of them.

    • It is very sad you are still in the dergue time. Wake up Eritrea is a free country now. You have no reason to hate anyone who is an Ethiopian if you are a real Eritrean. As to Agame leave us alone while fighting poverity and backwardness. Remember our slogan is “Kalsina meriren newihin ‘yu, awetina dima na giden ‘yu” We wish you also do the same so that we can have a peacefull and Prosperous region. Hate will kill you brother.

  • L.T

    I do remember also my childhood friend Aklilu and his orgin was from Tigria and he lost his beloved life to all Eritrea and who is a pure Eritrean,I or he?And there is one Amhara who is on our mimory always in Asmera.His Name is or was Captain Zeleke.He is an ugly person in nature and he screamed us when we were in back ground to play fotbool in our mian street,with his pistol.He drunk and he said”Chi beve birra Melotti ha sempre vent’anni”And he thinks when he drinkes god promises him he will be always be twenty years old.
    But to all over I love our martyr patriots who have given their lives for the people and the country.

    “Nibael Bekle
    ab Mai Jah Jah fountain or ab mai Bela river
    “Ab Bar Vittoria wey ab Bar Aquila Adime
    Billiardo Mtsewetkuwom

  • L.T

    MY fames and favorite songs were and still are:-
    “Ab ruba ruba Thti gobo Ronda ms Afanga (not Amharay )entezrekbom kalashiney amire meanbebkuwom..
    and the other one
    “Ms bael Ayele ms Bael Kebede. semun terifna kinfalele”
    “Tokormika mote asafihka mote. naenay nbahri nhade amete”

  • Amharai

    Hello there
    As an Amara I actually admire Semere and appreciate his honesty. Only in the culture of Amaras and Tigres (which includes highland Eritrea)change, growing or maturing a crime. Semere was mature enough to realize his mistakes and come out in public so that other can examine their inner sleves. For this he deserves kudos not villification.
    Ato Semere
    I say continue in what you are doing for what you do is a needed change of culture that our communities have to appreciate. For this you might get a few harsh emails but our culutre has to change.

  • Papillon

    Several summers ago, Elias Kifle flew to Asmara to interview Isaias when he extolled him to the pedestal of demigods till Elias latter on got jilted for reasons that are not relevant to the issue at hand. Sure enough, the interesting thing about the interview was not of course the content of the interview per se rather, when Isaias elected to respond in English when Elias asked him series of questions in Amharic. The question that begs a clear answer is, did Isaias have Semere in mind when he opted to respond in English? To strip my question of its rhetorical nature, I say, probably the kid in Semere as opposed to the more mature and hopefully wiser Semere.

    I am of the opinion that, Semere deserves a credit for his candor reflection on his childhood where it was pretty much influenced by the political and social upheavals that had morphed the people into the mind set where some of the audience in this forum seem to get vexed about. Semere is a product of a generation that came of age when the Dergue atrocities particularly on the countrysides in Eritrea were too repulsive and inhuman to even recite them to make a point.

    Either it was a selection of words on his part or a subconscious description, he depicted or described the “enemy” an Amhara as opposed to Ethiopia or Ethiopians. Simply because, the machinery of Gedli that fed the growing generation capitalized on the hate-the-Amharas for the other ethnic groups in Ethiopia were taken as victims of the Amharas as well. It is imperative to keep in mind that, the rather schizophrenic sense of reality of responding in English to a series of questions channeled in Amharic appeals to a greater chunk of audiences as the nation struggles to come to its sane sense where Semere is to be seen if the neutral mind set on his part is a process to a final atonement or an end by itself. There is no grey area (read: neutral) between love and hate for the latter is too powerful as opposed to the former.

  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear readers,

    I really can not comprehend what Semere,(usually, a very prolific writer)is trying to accomplish by saying what he is saying! What I can assure our Ethiopian brothers and sisters of the Amhara or any other ehtnic group, is that Eritreans do not “hate” any one of you as a people. We certainly abhored the systems of governments in Ethiopia but not the people.

    As to the many childish derogatory name callings that some people are presenting here as proofs of hate, just search your inner senses and you will realize that the name calling and denegration of others is available in all our societies, even withing the sallest ethnic group!

    I hope that Semere explains himself and tries to alley the justifiable concerns and misgivings that most commentators have rightfully expressed about his article here! We Eritreans stood and fought for our legitimate rights …but that should not in any way, be equated with hatred of any ethnic group in Ethiopia.

    • denden

      Dibe kulu,
      I thank you so much, you gave me a clarity on what to take and reject of ato Semere’s article and I totally agree on your wonderfull commnet.

      Growing up and maturing in Ethiopia I was vilified and called all names under the sky but I never had or have an ill feeling to the majority of Ethiopians but I despise and deplore those who were calling me names because of my origin being Eritrean;

      I ask Mr Semere and his good friend to aknowledge the same thing was happening from the Ethiopian side with added killings, pilaging villages etc; so stop victimising Eritreans for what they have endured brutal and inhumane treatment muted by Ethiopia and Ethiopians’. and I am not going to remind your readers or your good friend the horrible songs and derogatory comments made by Ethiopians!!
      What I would like to ask MR Semere’s friend is would he appologise for the atrocities commited by Ethiopia and Mr. are you going to forget the atrocitiies commited to Eritreans because your friend extreemly good to you????

      • Robel

        Hahahaha very opposite to what Dibe Kulu was saying….lol

  • Arha

    Hi Semere,

    May you brother soul rest in peace.

    I agree with BayArean, I am too a product of my upbringing, my context of hate to Amhara was based on the crime committed by “Tor Serawet” and their link to Amhara elite and not to the Amhara ethnicity. Similarly I brought up hating a group of my own people (Eritreans) the “Commandese” who committed crimes against their own people

    On the topic of the article: I agree to the apology and compensation for the Ethiopian people. I hope when the Eritrean time comes to seek apology and compensation from Italy and Ethiopia Kidane will be on the forefront to assist.

    It is great to hear that an Eritrean such as yourself chair a Peace and Development Centre. Do you think your centre will be in a position to come up with a way forward proposal for a peaceful coexistence among Eritrean’s and address the issues raised in awate.com particularly by Ali Sami and Ahmed Raji? What Eritrean are in desperate need of at this stage is a true Eritrean To Eritrean peace engagement, not for MONEY but for real unity (not a blind unity but a realistic based on justice!). The start point is to agree that the regime clearly marginalise the non tegrinya—refer to Ahmed Raji’s articles!! How do you think these grievances should be addressed at the outset?

  • Hayat Adem

    “Like my generation, I hated everything Amara, and took pride in not being able to speak their language. I still don’t speak Amharic, but as I got older and hopefully wiser, I am neither proud nor ashamed of it— just neutral.”
    I appreciate the progress and the gradual change of attitude but not enough, Semere Hawey. Taking pride upon refusing to speak any language is utterly foolishness. But Semere is no more taking pride so we are not going to blame him for that. Not willing to speak any language doesn’t normally make you neutral. It is a skill even if that language belongs to your ‘enemy”. You will be able to persuade some friends from the enemy camp, or use it to understand and spy on your enemy. We can blame Semere for that because he confessed that he feels indifferent about it. The opposite of love has never been hate. It is indifference. The opposite of hate is also indifference. When an Eritrean man of adult age who hints that he grew mature and wiser now thinks, it doesn’t add any value to learn Amharic- it is not a sign of age or wisdom. Learning any remote language is always a resource. Learning a language of a next-door country is something needed and wanted. If you are unable because of circumstances, that is understandable and it is only because of that we don’t speak as many languages as we should. And the problem here is it may not be even because of ability, it may because of willingness. it is possible Semere can speak Amharic but he is not doing it because he thinks it has no use. And contrast Semere’s stand with the effort of aya kidane trying his best to speak Tigrigna. “Hi, Semere, Kemey aleka?” That is so lovely an effort from that man of bigger heart, as Semere described him. That is how you deserve to be leading an institution of peace and brotherhood of the Horn. Semere, check your dark spots or leave the leadership of such a visionary institution to others.

    • Elenta

      Hayat, كيف حالك؟

      You said:”Learning any remote language is always a resource. Learning a language of a next-door country is something needed and wanted.”

      Please tell Mr. Eyobe that learning Arabic and communicating through it with some fellow Eritreans and others doesn’t imply the hate of Ethiopians/Habesha.

      • Hayat Adem

        Yes I will: Mr. Eyob, learning and using Arabic doesn’t make one a hater of Habesha. Wait a minute: but has Eyob ever said so?

        • Arha


          I would like to assume Mr Eyob (the majority) to stand for those who are more Arab ethnically but associate Arabic to Islam and for that matter Mr Ahmed to stand (some!) for those who associate Tigrinya to Christianity!

    • Rahwa GT

      Dear Semere, I thought you were a matured person. How old were during the time of Derg? It is difficult to believe that you were associating all amhara as Mengistu. It’s as if you were having a dark eye-glass all your childhood/youth-hood years and you couldn’t see those “Tor serawit” who were as light-skinned as you ans suddenly you striped of life-long eye-glass once you were made to set your foot in khartoum.

  • Seid Saleh

    Dear Semere,
    Ethiopians are comfortable and doing fine in the absence of Eritrea. Our Eritrean neighbors (and not brothers and sisters), however, are struggling and blaming Ethiopia for this and that mess. Eritreans are suffering from a chronic disease of exaggerated self-image and its up to you Eritreans to deal with your disorders. As your president said, ” Eritreans are better off, they are no 1 in the continent.”

  • eriobserver

    To this day, even Awate articles are filled with references of Amharas as chauvinists. Look what the author revealed and who is the chauvinist. It is revealing what the author said about all Amharas looking like Mengistu. I do not know how one can justify a liberation movement that is based on looking down on others and hate filled. Even though many Eritreans blame Isaias for the current mess, the truth is – it is the brand of Eritrean Nationalism that is the culrprit

  • tazabi

    It was obvious Eritrean nationalism was anti Ethiopianism nothing more nothing less. When the Amharas were removed from the scene, absent its object of passion Eritrean nationalism started to disintegrate. All this soul searching of Eritrean Nationalism is to attempt to reform this hate filled ideology.

  • “He was an Ethiopian and an Amara with a propensity of repeating the all-too-familiar “sameness mantra” I’ve heard all my life;”

    Here is a typical example of Eritrean mentality with exaggerated sense of self importance..When will Eritreans for once stop and ask themselves what they have proved or disproved with an independence that so far only proved one thing, that is pure hatred for Ethiopians..the writer has even subconsciously admitted how little he knew what Amharas looked until he came to the Sudan, but he was able to hate them regardless..

    “I still don’t speak Amharic, but as I got older and hopefully wiser, I am neither proud nor ashamed of it— just neutral”

    Dear sir, If only you know how little yours or your few impoverished people’s knowledge Amaharic adds to the already rich Ethiopian culture you wouldn’t have said this..why neutral sir, cos you claim to be mature but I have never come across any mature person who is not proud of speaking as many language as possible…By the way, knowing how Amiches are using their Amharic skill for their divisive agenda I am one of those people who can’t wait until an Amharic-deaf generation comes in Eritrea. Naive people like ato kidane Alemayehu should by now know that they are neither helping Ethiopia nor Eritreans by trying to force marriage..let’s give absolute separation with no string attached a chance, even it means NO PEACE NO WAR forever, cos it seems to be working at least as far as 80 million people are concerned..

  • Mr. Semere

    How could we expect peace from a person like you who always preachs hate and distruction. I am very much surprised to know you are in charge of Peace and Development centre in the very region you always wish war and distruction. I am sure it is ineffective and fake organization like some of the NGOs we have in Africa. You are just the replica of Esayas the dictator because what you have been writing resembles the hotchpotch talks of Esayas.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Ato Semere, now you see the difference between you and Ato Kidane’s upbringing! But what surpris me is that you are a Chair man of an organization which is founded by a nobel man. What we need is to know how you managed in leading such a nobel organization With Your twisted mind and how we put you away from such a nobel organizaiton as far as possible.


    Eyob Medhane

    Yes , His (SEMERE’s)upbringing required him to hate Amharas.
    Why do you sound surprised ? You must be Amhara or other ethnic group ,If you were Tigraway of Tigray ,you would have taken it normal.Eritrean nationalism was raised on HATE & mostly HATE OF ABYSSINIANS BY ABYSSINIANS (the so called Hizbe Tigrinya).
    If other ethnics in Eritrea speak against Amharas ,it is usually in the abstract ,to many all Ethiopians/System.
    I am Eritrean & Eritrea had the right to secede ,as any person has the right to sit on hot iron ,as a country sold by Minilik & curved by Italians ,just like Libya ,Somalia…etc..had the right to secede.
    My problem lies when “learned not Educated” hizbe tigrinya try to replace the Geez letters with Latin letters..and Presenting Hatse Yowhanes & Alula Aba Nega Invading Eritrea upto Dogali & even barka.Our little Eritrea was not even curved yet by the Italians (i guess was not haloween yet).
    So ,Please Medhane ..do not be surprised if someone honest like Semere says Eritrea is not only a country painted by hatred but also has the Hate DNA.
    I am ok being Eritrean ,as my people remain my people ,but to tell me ,I am not Abyssinian is the peak of all self hatred & lie ,But then we are speaking abvout the country I resent Eritrea & the people I truly love ,Eritreans.

    We will meet again when another lie history of HIZBE Tigrinya is invented..which will be fairly soon.

  • Crocus

    Hate is always a certified badge of ignorance. For political expediency, Eritreans were manipulated to hate the Amhara, even when some never met a single soul. They looked down on the “Agame” and spoke abhorrent and wicked words that still ring in my ears. Their chosen pejoration was Adgie. It made me cringe. Eritreans, in a familiar closed circuit of mind, took pride in shamelessly bragging how they hated the Amhara, how they were better than Africans, and unmentionable diatribe. (It is out there in the web, unfortunately, for the world to see.) And not many went out of their way to reprimand their fellow countrymen. Paraphrasing the words of a great moral leader, “In the end, it is not the words of madmen that people remember, but the silence of those who thought themselves decent.” Many Eritreans were timid and did not know any better than to tow the line or join the madness. They were willing preys to propaganda, intoxicated, as they were, by a distorted sense of themselves. Manufactured hatred and arrogance seemed to be the only “virtues” that could unite them. They would have invented hatred even if it had not existed. Wages of sin! I am ashamed to say that is what Eritrea has been reaping. it turns out that all that gedlie was not so much for the love of Eritrea as for the hatred of Ethiopia. Why else did things go so terribly wrong? Was not the promise of independence to build up a people and a nation? what happened to the dream? Or was there really one?

    3/4 of a million of Eritreans lived among the Amhara. Common decency, generosity, and a tinge of magnanimity made things go smoothly. 45% of the inhabitants of Gonder were at one point people from the north, the greater number from Eritrea. I know both societies well enough to know the difference between the Amharas and the Eritreans, even when the Eritreans in Ethiopia were scripted more like the Amharas than the Eritreans who never left Eritrea. I was once asked which one I would choose if things came down to choosing one over another. It did not take me long. I gave an unrehearsed candid answer. “I would miss the Eritreans terribly,”I told my inquisitor. I see Isaias in my own father, god bless his soul, mercurial, violent, loud, and angry, even when he possessed traits that many agreed were quite extraordinary and exceptional. I could not see his good side for all the anger and toxicity pent up in him. I went on to observe as I grew older that he was more heat than light. Time never proved me wrong. I still gauge Eritreans through the lens of my own father and people like Isaias, and the crass ba’alegetat that I ran into from time to time.

    I am hopeful that things will return to a more sane relationship. But, I wonder whether Eritreans will have expelled all the venom they ingested for so long to greet the new day in peace. Progress demands it. The dangers of not doing so are all obvious. Hate corrodes its own vessel before it damages the object of its spite. I shudder to think of generations of broken angry men yet again.

  • Horizon

    Dear Sir,

    An apple falls under the apple tree, and somehow, we are all the product of our families and the society we live in. Nevertheless, growing older and wiser should have helped us to go all the way to the end in one or the other direction, and not take us only to the neutral zone, especially when it concerns things that have shaped our lives, as long we are searching for an answer that would finally give us peace of mind.
    Not wanting to learn to speak the Amharic language in this case is the byproduct of hatred and contempt towards Amharas; pain inflicted on each other being one of the reasons. I am not sure of your present feelings towards the Amhara ethnic group. Is it as it was in the past or is it in the new neutral zone suspended in the air not knowing which way to go. I hope that your reconciliation with Amharas would go beyond ato Kidane Alemayehu.

    “In all honesty, I didn’t even know the Amara look like us till I came to Khartoum, Sudan; I thought they all looked like Menghistu Hailemariam.” Are you saying this in candor or is it because you had a name for them, you know how you called them? Is MHM different because of his actions or his looks? Unfortunately, I see some hypocrisy. Sir, you should have told us only of your organization or your good relations with ato Kidane Alemayehu without giving any ramifications.
    Finally, I would like to wish you success in your endeavor as chairperson of the Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center. The fact that Italians have yet to apologize and pay compensation for their heinous crimes in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia (especially Ethiopia) is due to the failure of the different governments that have ruled these people. This of course does not mean that fascist Italians have been absolved of their crimes. The children and grand children of their victims and posterity as a whole will never give them this satisfaction. The audacity and disrespect of the Italian government (I do not want to speak of the regional governor) towards the people of Ethiopia and the memory of their ancestors by erecting the statue of the Butcher of Ethiopia Rudolf Graziani is outrageous, inhuman and despicably arrogant to say the least.

    With regards,

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Can you believe this man? Thanks God he wrote few lines other wise you could have seen his hypocicy like the chip shot he said about the skin color of mengistu thus insulting us. This man never wrote about the decency of Ato Kidane’s work even when he came to as a leader of this nobel organization (i dont the size but just the thought of bringing these Peoples together is nobel) but he picked Ato Kidane’s pettition agains the colonizers. But as twisted as ato Semere is what he us upto is to use the nobel orgainzation to do ethiopia the same to Eritrea.

      Ato Semere, Eritrea was not colonized by Ethiopia. Ask the eritreans abroad who cellebrate may 24 in the presence of Ethiopians. Poor we, they are even ashamed being ‘colonized’ by ethiopians. It is not that ehtiopians are proud for thing they have not done but the hypocracy of the smeriances.

      • Horizon

        Dear Tamrat Tamrat,

        To tell you the truth, I did not know what to make of this article. I had conflicting ideas in my head. One side was telling me that here is a person, may be in his fifties/sixties, mature and respectable; and at the same time, the other side was looking at a person who is still stuck in his twenties full of hatred, contempt and one can even say bigoted. It was inconsiderate if not racist to write what he wrote about Amharas. Out of 25M Amharas one person is the only one whom he could trust and respect. I can understand what he had in mind when talked about MHM. We can condemn MHM a million times for his actions, but we have no right whatsoever to use him for a sinister objectives as an example of all Amharas.
        In addition, I was in doubt if the writer is really the right person for the mentioned position, nevertheless, still I wished him and even now I wish him success. I hope that he would come to understand that his article was an unfortunate gaffe.

  • Abdu

    I appreciate all your good intentions to support the cause as an Ethiopian, however your articles gives a whiff of shallowness of you as an individual and EPLF/ELF as a political armed movement of its days. The color of the skin of Mengistu shouldn’t have crossed your mind in the first place and you should have searched for real causes of the struggle beyond that.How about other Eritreans with a little darker skin or differently cultured than your family background? And yet you still are working on a sub continental project! I feel like the struggle for ‘liberation’ was driven by emotion than rationales for the good of the populace.
    Mengistu is still a criminal who let thousands of Ethiopians perish in an unforgiving environments as much as those who lead the Eritrean Armed struggle!

    • well said Abdu, unfortunately you are talking to a deliberate ignorant person….just a little correction though, this writer is not an Ethiopian, and can not in any mannerism be an Ethiopian..He is an idiot trapped in his own resentful world..

  • The good thing is that Semere habetemariam’s implied racist remarks and attitudes do not represent the attitude of all Eritreans. I hope also he talks for himself and not for all Eritreans. His subtle point is not lost on us readers. You can see “Eritrean exceptionalism”, and overbearing pride in his writings. The majority of Eritreans do not share his “upbringing” by the way.

    For an ordinary Eriteans, he seems like he is from another planet. While he is able to dazzle us with his facile articles, he needs to show a little humility for us to even consider buying his books. This does not mean he loses his self respect and personal worth.

  • Abderahim Gime

    Semere, I am sorry to hear about the passing of your elder brother. I knew Dawit very well as a fellow student and as a great football player of course. Those of us who knew Dawit very closely will always retain all the fond memories of his youthful life. May his soul rest in peace.

    • Semere Habtemariam


      Thank you brother. I appreciate it.

  • Eyob Medhane

    “…I too was a product of my upbringing who did not feign any qualms of expressing hatred towards the Amara. Like my generation, I hated everything Amara, and took pride in not being able to speak their language….”

    Your upbringing required you to hate Amhara? Where did you grow up? Or is it just the usual arrogance, which is “..what I am and what I feel is what everyone is and everyone feels..”

    “… I still don’t speak Amharic, but as I got older and hopefully wiser, I am neither proud nor ashamed of it just neutral…”

    If you are not ashamed, but just nutral of your hate, which inspired you to despise a language, which happens to be similar with that of your own, as you got older and wiser, there seems to be a lot of hatred in you, sir. Get help for it…

    • BayArean

      The brother shared a candid evolution of thought and your response seems to forcefully mold a characterization that appeases to your inclination to debase him; even if that comes at the cost of logic. If your question is why, as a young man, he had the anti-Amhara mentality, I am certain he can write you an entire book on that subject alone. I am not suggesting it is justified and neither is he, but when put in it’s proper context, it is not at all surprising that such hate existed. Try to engage him honestly instead of dabbling in fabricated outrage.