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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

A Human Rights Lawyer Vs. A Trained Healer

The perversion and the Orwellian double speak has reached a new summit. Now some young Eritrean professionals in Diaspora, the supposed trained healers are turning into accessories to the executioners in Eritrea. Presumably those who aspire to become professional healers are there to heal the ill, the frail, and the unhealthy as they ease the pains and lift the veiled disease, eradicate the culprit that is causing human suffering. In the Orwellian world of Eritrea however some healers have become the embodiment of what ails Eritrea as they have become no more than enablers of a regime known for its criminal enterprise. But, of course, to these indoctrinated healers all is dandy so long they have their cappuccinos to sip when they visit Eritrea (more on this a little later).

How a healer who is trained to almost divinely intervene and heal the ill reconciles the thousands upon thousands of young Eritrean disappearances and the known 10,000 detained without any due process of law is just unfathomable. Well, in the following pages you will meet such a dazed healer who was incensed because his unhindered bluff was turned into a fluff by no other than a young a woman, who is legally trained to use her profession in its proper context and for its proper purpose.

For the benefit of those who may not have been privy to this, an article was posted recently by an Human Rights Attorney Ms. Jihan Kahssay titled “Brain washing the young- YPFDJ panelists redefine human rights” : ( and a response to her article was written by Mr. Simon Tesfamariam “Setting the Record Straight: An Open Letter to Jihan Kahssay” :

Juxtaposing both articles it is very obvious to see the contrast in presentation about the state of Eritrean affairs by two Eritreans.  Ironically while the attorney identifies the ailment, it is the doctor who not only attempts to put Band-Aid on it, but refuses to accept the diagnosis entirely. Simply sidesteps the diagnosis and delivers vicious and unrelenting attack much as a malicious virus would do to a body. Not on the merits of the arguments, mind you, but on technical, procedural, and personal ground, full of reproach and broaches to bring a case of libel – and beyond such implied libel it also teeters to the realms of implied physical threat on Ms. Jihan’s person. Such bravado is nothing new to the PFDJ indoctrination machinery, which amounts to no more than a dog whistle to the unhinged supra-nationalist element, if you will. In this day and age these types of threats should not have a place in any discussion of any kind but in the perversely Orwellian world of Eritrea it is alive and kicking.

More than a week has gone by, it appears Ms. Jihan did not want to dignify by responding to the ego wounded doctor’s open letter, and it seems that she may not and frankly, she should not; there is absolutely no merit to his argument nor any sensibly reasonable thought that one can ascertain to his voluminously screeching screed. For heaven’s sake, nine pages are spent just to rebuttal, and a page and-a-quarter of which deals with whether Ms. Jihan was invited or not (more on this a little later). Suffice is to mention for now, Ms. Jihan did attend and fully disclosed her name, did she not?  Why dwell on this instead of what is at issue. But, in the world of the perverse, everything is taken personal, no stones are left unturned, and for that reason questioning her Eritreanity is not spared.

In her article Ms. Jihan described a Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ) conference she attended under the “invitation” of the organizers at UC Davis over this past memorial weekend holiday. Invited or not the lady attended and pertinent issues that she deemed of importance were addressed, and what transpired as a consequence of her astute observations became an insightful article. Part of that observation she illustrated that core Human Rights Violation in Eritrea were not discussed, such as indefinite military conscription; severe restriction of freedom of speech, press, association and religion; frequent disappearances; forced labor; the detention of political prisoners; and the shoot-to-kill policy for people attempting to leave Eritrea without authorization, but panelists denied outright the occurrence of human rights events of significant proportions including ongoing human trafficking in the Sinai desert, an attempted military coup by 100 armed personnel that took place in January 2013, and the UN’s allegation that 10,000 political prisoners are held in Eritrea.She chronicled the event as she saw it and concluded that it was little more than an hour of indoctrination and rhetorical sidestepping. A shorter version of the said article was also posted at the UC Davis’s newsletter a few days later.

In his response to Ms. Jihan, Mr. Simon attempted to tackle the aforementioned assertions as he alternated between condescension and spin doctoring; the facts as Mr. Simon saw them and the preponderance of which that he presents as evidence are herein enumerated:

Ms. Jihan alleged violations of university campus rule as stipulated in the contract (?) YPFDJ’s rule of registration.

Uncanny attempt to draw similarity: Demand for civil rights Vs Demand for economic rights before civil rights:  As it relate to Eritrea and the struggle of African Americans in the U.S

Human Trafficking  

PFDJ, Asmara, Support for the President

It should be duly noted here that each issues enumerated above will be addressed but not necessarily in the same order. Before I do, let us remember one more time that this issue should not have been about Ms. Jihan or Mr. Simon. This issue is larger than any individual. It is about the suffering of people that we claim to love and only their issue should have been front and center as Human Rights abuse in Eritrea seemed to me was the central theme of Ms. Jihan’s note, apparently, not for Mr. Simon.

Mr. Simon spends much of his opening page on the issue of “invitation.” He tries to prove that Ms. Jihan was not “invited” to the conference as she claimed she did, thus violated the YPFDJ’s rule of registration to attend, and contractual agreement the organization signed with the UC Davis. After he personally checked and confirmed with the organizers and after reviewing the video surveillances of the event Mr. Simon states that no official invitation was extended to Ms. Jihan. He makes a big fuss about the surveillance video to create an impression of any impropriety her presence might have caused. He tells us that the video surveillance camera showed Ms. Jihan at times walking, and other times standing wearing her street cloth (not the event chosen attire); he goes on to say that during her presence at the conference, Ms. Jihan also violated the university campus as stipulated in the contract (whatever that means). He goes not only overboard but almost becomes obsessively recrementitious in his use of the word “video” that which he knows full well cannot produce or show it to the public to back up his claims. Yet, he continued to spew his suggestion of malicious intent on the part of Ms. Jihan.

I’m therefore asking you to produce the video in its entirety, unadulterated and unedited. Let the world see and judge for itself what went on behind closed doors at the YPFDJ conference. Of course, you won’t, because transparency is not in the language of PFDJ.

The unwitting truth by his own admission…

Ms. Jihan is an Eritrean. Like every other Eritreans who were there to attend the conference peacefully, Ms. Jihan did. So what is the beef with the University, you may ask? None what so ever! Most certainly the university is not in the business of checking people’s nationality or political affiliation. After all this is America, and the UC Davis at that! Furthermore, three things stand out in this so-called video debacle as asserted.  1) This simply corroborates Ms. Jihan’s claim that she attended the conference: that she was not hiding: that she was walking openly and freely in plain view in her casual attire. She walked through the same doors and corridors, as everyone else, and most importantly she made no secret about her presence.  2) To the contrast, this whole fiasco shows, lack of security, or the surveillance defense is much ado about nothing. What is important however is the third.  At no time was Ms. Jihan ever asked to leave or escorted out…even as he claimed in his article that she was met by some organizers/security personnel as it is being alleged to have been shown in the video.  Therefore the tacit approval suggests that Ms. Jihan was at the conference most probably at the invitation of someone, or/and most definitely at the knowledge of all concerned.

Uncanny attempt to draw similarity:

Demand for civil rights Vs Demand for economic rights before civil rights: A case of intentional misdiagnosis or disregard of the truth?

Here is where the spin master is hard at work. You see; he tries to conflate the case of human rights violations in Eritrea that Ms. Jihan has alluded to above with that of racism:  A society that was divided on racial and color line, a society that rendered one human being a property of anther (Dred Scott V. Sandford).  Linking slavery and Jim Crow to political openness, amounts to intellectual malpractice.  Attempting to make connection by invoking W.E.B Dubois and Booker T. Washington is naive at best and disingenuous at worst. Contemplate for a moment; where blackness naturally bound in servitude as the property of a person that can be bought and sold, and whiteness that is inherently free and good, is the beneficiary of Jim Crow laws and institutions. History attests that African Americans did not settle for the false choices of civil rights or economic rights before civil rights. They fought for both and attained both. These parities however are hardly analogous to Eritrea. Most importantly, the suffering of African Americans should not be diluted to such a degree to advance one’s political objectives of the sorts being attempted here.

Human Trafficking

It is in this section of the discussion that Ms. Jihan and Mr. Simon locked horns.

Ms. Jiahn alleges “Simon Tesfamariam, blatantly denied the occurrence of human trafficking in the Sinai desert… [He] explicitly compared this to global campaigns used to justify colonization during the Scramble for Africa. He questioned the credibility of human trafficking claims and demanded the release of victims’ names and addresses as evidence, despite ample documentation and reporting on the issue….”

Mr. Simon strongly rejected the above claim and deflects the question this way: “ the truth about my positions on human trafficking of Eritreans in relation to human right and on the alleged “coup” attempt have both been well documented on my blog.  Regarding the former, I cited 134 references for any critical thinker to carefully analyze and come to their own conclusion about the human trafficking of Eritreans.”

 Keep in mind, Ms. Jihan is critiquing what was said or not said at the YPFDJ conference, not his blog. Brilliant deflection you might say, right?

Let us examine then what it says in his blog.

Scrupulously lengthy with nuances designed not to answer the facts but to hide, he blames and indicts that everybody is out to get Eritrea “Eritreans must be ready for any eventuality as the external forces that seek regime change in Eritrea are left with no choice but to pull the human rights card.”The sabre-rattling continues: “Eritrea is among the very few African nations that have avoided entanglement with the U.S. military machine. As a consequence, Eritrea ha been subjected to a campaign of sanction, threats and lies, much of it centering on allegations of human trafficking…”   

He proceeded to accuse the President of the United States in taking part in the human trafficking scheme.  In a speech delivered at the Clinton Global Initiative where President Obama was supposedly to have said, “We’re in partnering with groups that help women and children escape from the grip of their abusers.” Therefore “President Obama is essentially admitting to taking part in smuggling people out of Eritrea and North Korea.” 

I need not continue…it is self-evident. Moving heaven and earth to find someone to blame will not exonerate the perpetrators and beneficiaries of these heinous crimes. Ms. Jihan’s summation of what was said at the conference captures the true essence of the blog.

PFDJ, Asmara, and Support for the “Unhinged Dictator”

Mr. Simon tried unsuccessfully to detach the “Y” from the rest PFDJ.  In so doing he redefined its formation.  He said “…there are no parties in Eritrea but there is instead a broad based popular movement called the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), which is currently leading a provisional government tasked with steering the nation as it transitions towards a fully developed and institutionalized participatory democracy from which genuine political parties can eventually form. YPFDJ takes inspiration from the PFDJ movement…”  I don’t know who the intended audiences are here? Could it be those 100,000 tourists who sip an imaginary cappuccino at godena Harinet in Asmara? Why imaginary, you may ask… because A) No milk, B) No electricity to keep it cold, and C) No fuel to operate with generators.

In real life however, there is only one party (PFDJ) in Asmara that’s running the country to the ground. In the third congress that was held in February 1994 the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) formally changed its name to PFDJ without any ceremony. Simply renaming the front and rearranging the seats the old guards secured their position in the transitional government, whilst the rank and file was left to bear the hardship. Predictably, this so called interim government that was not to exceed four years has now been in power for more than twenty years. In the meantime, it is recruiting and grooming ‘little’ YPFDJs to take over as the old gizzards die out. As for that fantasy of “participatory democracy” not a single step worth mentioning the name has been taken to steer the nation towards fully or partially becoming democratic. Instead, according to the wikileaks release US Ambassador to Eritrea Mr. Ronald K. McMullen and who first coined the term “unhinged dictator” in his classified cable reported to Washington  “Young Eritreans are fleeing their country in droves, the economy appears to be in a death spiral, Eritrea’s prisons are overflowing, and the country’s unhinged dictator remains cruel and defiant.”  For those who paid close attention, early signs of unhinge-ness of our President was there: In the first five years after independence, Eritrean had changed 4 Defense Ministers, 5 Foreign Ministers and 6 Finance ministers: Classic definition of insanity?

Asmara and the Unhinged Dictator

I was born and raised in Asmara, ok, ok, Akhriya. I’ve seen the city in its glory days and the not so glory days. But I have been told by someone who visited this year how utterly depressed and miserable Asmara is today, by extension, of course the entire country. It is no longer a city. It is a big village. It decayed beyond recognition of its past and of its grace. Its future is being robbed before our own eyes, and its residents are helpless. The city of plenty now suffers from chronic shortage of everything except AK47. No water, no electricity, no fuel, no cooking oil, no flour, no kerosene, did I mention No Water, the sustainer of all living things. Yet the plight of the poor and the destitute for solution fell on deaf ears, the unhinged in the meantime out hinged himself. His solution to the problem, he prescribed it in the following elucidation (sab nab mai ykhaid imber mai nab sab aimatsin eyyu, which roughly translates as “humans go in search of where the water is, water does not go searching where humans are). Life’s necessity, such as water, a country’s leader does not even have an inkling sense of remorse to apologize to the public for not providing the basic necessities that all human beings should never be deprived of; but of course that is part and parcel of the perversion where everything is perversely topsy-turvy that the blame must go on anyone and anything but to the very regime that is supposed to be responsible for.

I urge you to watch the following short report by Eri Tv reporter of the crisis of water in Asmara followed by the unhinged dictator’s response to the crises.

On Water shortage as Reported by EriTv:

The President’s response to the question of Water shortage in Asmara:

In the end what we are left with are two starkly different people, on the opposite polar of the norm.  But hope is not dashed when one sees a young woman choosing a field of endeavor that uses rule of law to help those who have been dealt a blow of authoritarian wrath, of dictators’ madness, in the name of politics, power, and sheer perversion. 

As she tells truth to power, she is standing up for the weak, the deprived of peace, liberty, and justice; only to be strenuously opposed by presumably in a field of healing – A profession that ought to live life of tender, loving, and caring of all humankind.

Yes indeed! Hope is alive and well when one sees the likes of Ms. Jihan who are able to see through the indoctrination machinery out of one gathering in which young men and women are ordered to wear a certain attire the way cult leaders tell their disciples as they put them in state of trance to serve the ill will of a dictator some seven thousand miles away. Ms. Jihan was, apparently not fazed as I am certain she stood out like a sore thumb in the sea of uniformed young women and men her age pledging to serve the killing machine in the Horn of Africa. What Ms. Jihan produced in that happenstance meeting that she attended is human rights work at its best. We, as well the world, are witnesses to the crimes being committed against Eritreans. The indefinite detention; frequent disappearances; forced labor; the detention of political prisoners; and the shoot-to-kill policy for people attempting to leave Eritrea without authorization by PFDJ continue unabated. Those who are on the wings of the old guard will not fare any better than their predecessors. For the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Beyan holds a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. His research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests Beyan greatly. His writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beyan has been writing opinion pieces at since its inception (1 September 2001).

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    …………እታ ጓለይ ዓርከይ ………… in Jebana today. please read it when you are not busy.

  • Rahwa

    death is sad. when I hear about tragedies involving people i don’t even know, perhaps half a world away, my hearts still break a little and i feel bad for them and their loved onces. So Isayas supporters have a little compasstion to your fellow human beings.

  • Papillon

    Dear Said,

    I absolutely agree. Sure enough, the angst is haunting us as we desperately try to give a meaning to this rather existential conundrum if you will. As we get immersed in this rather daunting metaphysical search, the need for a loving and caring God becomes imperative and indispensable. Simply because, the missing part in this uncertain life is the realization of God. The Fathers of the Church (Anselm, Aquinas and Augustine) remind us that, God is realized and his powerful existence is felt in a time of pain, sorrow and suffering. Moreover, the unimaginable suffering Christ incurred was for us to know and come closer to God.

    The above said threads are of course the ontological discourses which help us to understand not only to consolidate our faith in God but also the realization of the existence of God is a leap of faith borne out of an imaginative mind. To be more precise, it is imperative for God to remain an enigma so that we remain curious beings in search of a meaning. The interesting and fascinating scenario is, when science armed with empirical tools crosses path with metaphysical reasoning where Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that, one can not be certain about the momentum of a particle and its speed simultaneously. In the micro and macro level life or nature manifests itself warped in uncertainty so that God takes a center stage in our lives as we seek a meaning to our tantalizing existential predicament. As Voltaire famously said it, “If God didn’t exist, it would have been imperative to invent Him.”


    • Thank you, If only there were more of you It would look like a country filled with good god loving Christian men and women who love God and care about one another and kind to the neighboring. With capable leaders of high moral values that put their fellow citizens and the country’s welfare above their own.

  • “….They ask me how did you get here? Can’t you see it on my body? The Libyan desert red with immigrant bodies, the Gulf of Aden bloated, the city of Rome with no jacket. I hope the journey meant more than miles because all of my children are in the water. I thought the sea was safer than the land. I want to make love but my hair smells of war and running and running. I want to lay down, but these countries are like uncles who touch you when you’re young and asleep. Look at all these borders, foaming at the mouth with bodies broken and desperate. I’m the colour of hot sun on my face, my mother’s remains were never buried. I spent days and nights in the stomach of the truck, I did not come out the same. Sometimes it feels like someone else is wearing my body.” Warsan Shire, A Somali British poetess who recently Young Poet Laureate of the City of London.

  • saay

    Dear Awatistas:

    Over the years, the Awate Team has maintained the position that when it comes to news, unless it is Gedab News original reporting and/or is news that we can add value to (emphasizing the under-reported, putting it in context), it is mere redundancy to publish it at awate since Eritreans have access to the information from international news sources and Eritrean websites which aggregate the news.

    A consistent criticism of has been that this is not the right approach, a criticism made more valid by the fact that the frequency of our original content (Gedab News, The Pencil, Awate Team) has diminished significantly over the years. (A completely different story.) We accept this criticism and, as we mentioned last week, we intend to incorporate this change in Awate 7.0 (a new edition we are working on, our 7th since 2000.) In fact, one of the things we will do is solicit your input as to what you would like to see in awate 7.0. While we think we have a fairly good idea (content, ease of navigation, multi-lingual, multi-media website with a discussion forum that is also easy to navigate), there is nothing like asking you directly. We will make this announcement shortly and we strongly encourage your feedback.

    In the meantime, Bini and Serray (who made a request that the news of the Eritrean tragedies be placed front-and-center): we will accommodate your request: we will try to add context beyond mere aggregation.

    To the “government supporters” who think this is “exploiting a tragedy”, consider this: there are many things that you do that make us sad and disappointed or just mystify us. But when tragedies like the ones in the headlines occur and you downplay them, or attribute every reason to them except the one that is most logical (the push factor), we can’t explain the level of our disappointment. We don’t understand how these heartbreaking news that happen all too frequently and are the topic of every Eritrean household are never mentioned in Eritrea’s state media. But we don’t target all our wrath and anger at you: it is also self-directed: we feel disappointed in ourselves and our opposition for being so powerless to stop it and, when it happens, to comfort the survivors. And the Eritreans that insist that this news be given front-and-center attention are expressing a human desire to GRIEVE–collectively and loudly.

    Please note the subject of the article: one Eritrean (Beyan) is describing what two Eritreans wrote: one Eritrean (Jihan) is expressing amazement at the fact that a YPFDJ panel put together to discuss human rights violations did not mention obvious human rights violations of Eritreans (she catalogs a long list) but is more focused on “Eritrea’s image”*, and another Eritrean (Simon) is writing a rebuttal to her not to deny her assertion, but to polish “Eritrea’s image.”


    * “Eritreas image” = Eritrean government image. This is what YG once called “the k factor”: one constant on any dispute, any controversy is: “the government is right” and everybody else is wrong.

    • Dear Saay,

      Good to listen to criticism. Gedeb News for the unknown reasons to its readers was declined in the last few years. Gedeb news was the reliable source to every Eritrean house hold – bringing news even from the security apparatus of PFDJ. I hope with your planned new 7th edition will regain and maintain as the main source of information.



        Probably has to do with the fact ALI ABDU no longer works for the GOE. Awate’s sources are drying up.

    • beyan negash

      selamat Sal & Awatawyan:

      I think engaging in a discussion while the unfolding news of horror is ongoing trivializes the overall goal of what we Eritreans collectively are trying to accomplish in Eritrea. We don’t have a flag that we can cast at Half-staff or at Half-mast to show our empathy, mourning, symbolic wailing, if you will.

      In addition to placing the news prominently as we should, we ought to perhaps refrain from virtual dialogue for a day, say, tomorrow, for example, in which Awate site should even consider shutting down for a day-of-mourning, symbolizing our grief.

      And under the news banner that Awate Team is hard at work in prepping, we could start, say, on Saturday with Gezae’s powerful lament and try to dig deep within and reflect what it all means when tragedies like this hit us at the core of our being.

      Just a thought emanating from despair.


      • semere Andom

        Hi Beyan:
        I feel you. The enemy, or the sourcer that made this happen rejoices when such tragedies befalls the Eritrean youth. He wins either way. If they stay under his grip he enslaves them the last atom of their energy. If they dear to challenge him, like any accomplished coward they will kill them under the cover of the night. If they perish while escaping his crimes, DIA and PFDJ supports like Meron and the “Truthful” Nitic and all the PFDJ willing servants rejoice, as potential enemies have been eliminated. If they make it to the land of “iphones” and “ipads”, the PFDJ wins because at least some of them will be filling “taEsa” form and will be intimidated to cough ups some money.
        In the face of these facts, we can neither dither nor stop or despair. Although we are debating, unlike the gang of “skunis” as Gadi called them long time ago, we are not dancing in jubilation, we are wailing in sorrow, every fabric of our being torn as we feel their agonizing death. So, No we should not stop, in a show of respect we should tell their stories, their suffering and along the way expose their murderers, or allow their murderes confess as Nitric did by saying “ what should the government do if they youth decide to go to the land of iPads.


        • beyan negash

          Selam Semere A., Amanuel H. and Awatawyan:

          Silence can have a powerful message and I firmly believe this may be the proper venue and the right message to send rather than allow those who seem to lack any sense of proportion in the extent to which they are willing to defend the indefensible.

          Semere, I hear the anger brother and I hear a genuine despair in your voice. Our Eritrea has become a place where the living are dead and the deceased seem to remind us that we are still alive as crude as that may sound, that’s the only way now Eritreans in Eritrea can wail and curse the cause of “banality of evil.”

          I wish I was a wordsmith, a poet who can string words to help me reach deep within – that disposition is not there for me. But, I can borrow other poets who capture what I feel. And one that does it for me is reading elegies from different sources.

          Elegies in the Western tradition, generally, follow three step process: 1) Lament in which the speaker articulates grief and sorrow followed by; 2) tribute of honor that idealizes the deceased; 3) the speaker concludes with solace and consolation.

          Please accept the following elegy by Walt Whitman’s elegy on Lincoln which may help capture what we are feeling inside but have no way of expressing them as my predicament seems to be here.

          Captain! My Captain!

          O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
          The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won;
          The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
          While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
          But O heart! heart! heart!
          O the bleeding drops of red,
          Where on the deck my Captain lies,
          Fallen cold and dead.

          O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
          Rise up–for you the flag is flung–for you the bugle trills; 10
          For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths–for you the shores a-crowding;
          For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
          Here Captain! dear father!
          This arm beneath your head;
          It is some dream that on the deck,
          You’ve fallen cold and dead.

          My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still;
          My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will;
          The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done;
          From fearful trip, the victor ship, comes in with object won; 20
          Exult, O shores, and ring, O bells!
          But I, with mournful tread,
          Walk the deck my Captain lies,
          Fallen cold and dead.

          Walt Whitman

      • Beyan,

        Brilliant idea! I hope awate team will consider your idea.Since Awate is home of the opposition we can show our grief by closing a day with a symbol of prayer candle lights.


    • bini

      Dear Saay,

      What you wrote in response to my request to put this tragic news ‘front and center’ is exactly why I keep coming back to for years, the best Eritrean website hands down. I really appreciate your sincere reply and explanation. I do also appreciate the fact that virtually all the news items posted on Gedab News are ground breaking and very original. I would hate to see garbage on quite frankly. So please keep it clean and don’t post everything off of BBC, CNN, etc.

      Major events like this week’s tragic news in Lampedusa island will suffice. I would aslo recommend to include PFDJ news makers as in Osman Saleh’s speech at the UN just to entertain us as they make a fool out of themsleves.

      I am excited to see how the Awate 7.0 will look and I will be the first one to give my feedback.

      In the meantime, I would like to pass my deepest sympathy to the families of Eritreans and non-Eritreans who lost their lives in the Meditranean Sea this week. Nothing makes me more sad than to see poor migrants perish as they go through tremendous ups and downs to better their lives. Again, the government in Asmara is ultimately responsible because the so called ‘wefri warsay yikaalo’ is directly the cause of all these exodus and loss of life in the foreign sea.

      Thank you,

    • Nitricc

      I know some known hypocrites are demanding to be shut down for a day just to show symbolic empathy. Than that will be the greatest disservice to June 20 and slap in the face to the fallen hero. will be remembered as the all time hypocrite despite their splendid service and impeccable standing.  You cannot shut down a web site to show your solidarities and camaraderie to people who died trying to better themselves while you never light a candle in a memory of the fallen heroes, Eritrean best, the martyrs.  
      I object to the idea of shutting the web-site. Just you know where I stand. It is wrong

  • semere tesfai

    ሞትን ፍልሰትን ኤትራውያን የሕዋትና ንኹላትና ዘሕዝነና ነገር’ዩ። ግን፡ ነቲ ዘሐዝን ሞትን ፍልሰትን፡ ፖለቲካዊ መልክዕ ኣትሒዝካ፡ ከም መግረፊ ሓለንጊን፡ መቐየሪ ስርዓትን፡ መሕኾሪ ስልጣንን ክትጥቀመሉ ምፍታን፡ ምስሉይነት’ዩ። ምስሉይነት ካኣ ሸፈጥ’ዩ። ሸፈጥ ድማ ዓገብ ዘብል ሕሱር ተግባር እዩ።

    ልክዕ፡ ኩሎም ኣይኮኑን፡ ግን መብዛሕታኦም ዝስደዱ ዘለዉ ኤርትራውያን፡ ቤተሰቦም እዮም ዘምጽእዎም ዘለዉ። ኣቦን ኣደን፡ ደቆምን ኣንስቲ/ሰብኡት ደቆምን፡ ደቂ-ደቆምን ሓዊስካ ልዕሊ 20 ቁጽሪ ሓንቲ ስድራቤት ኣብ ማእከልና ክነብሩ ንርኢ ኣለና። ንስኹም ልክዕ ከማይ፡ ሕጂ-ሕጂ፡ ቤተሰቦም ከምጽኡ ላዕልን ዝብሉ ሰባት ኣብ ማእከል ኩልና ከምዘለዉ ትፈልጡ ኢኹም። ልክዕ ከማይ’ውን፡ ቤተቦም ብደሓን ምስ መጹ፡ እንቛዕ የሐጎሰኩም ኢልኩም ትበጽሑ ኣለኹም። ኣብ ጉዕዞኦም ብሽግር ኣብ ዝሞትሉ ጊዜውን ልክዕ ከማይ ተኻፈልቲ ሓዘኖም ኮንኩም ትውዕሉ ኣለኹም።

    ኣብ’ዚ ምስ መጹ ድማ (ልክዕ ኩሎም ኣይኮኑን) ግን ብዙሓት፡ ሓንጎልን ኢደ-እግርን መንግስቲ ህግደፍ ኮይኖም፡ መኸተን እኼባን ስርርዕን ክመርሑ፡ 2% ክኸፍሉ፡ ውኽልና ዘኽታማትን ሓገዝ ስድራ-ቤት ስዉኣትን ክገብሩ፡ ብዓይንኹም ትርእዩ እለኹም። ንዓዲ ክመላለሱ፡ ገዛውቲ ክሰርሑ፡ ዓዲ ከይዶም ክምርዓዉ፡ ቤተሰቦም ክረድኡ ብዓይንኹም ትርእዩ ኣለኹም። ንስኹም ባዕልኹም’ውን፡ እዚኦም’ዮም መጋበርያ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ኮይኖም ንህዝብና ዘጨፍጭፍዎ ዘለዉ ክትብሉ ትውዕሉ ኣለኹም።

    ስለዚ – ሰብ፡ ልክዕ ከማኹም፡ ክመዝን ዝኽእል ሓንጎል ኣለዎ። ሰኑይ ህደሙ፡ ህደሙ… ካብዛ ጋሃንብ-ኣሳት ሃገር ህደሙ – ክትብል ዊዕልካ፡ ሰሉስ ዋይ የሕዋተይ፡ ዋይ ዕሸል የሕዋተይ፡ ካብ ጋሃንብ-ኣሳት ክወጹ’ባ ከንቱ ጠፊኦም ክትብል ድሕሪ ምውዓል፡ ረቡዕ ካኣ እዘን ኮማሮ ሻዕብያ፡ ኣዞም ደናቁር፡ እዞም ብጀካ ጓይላ ካልእ ዘይፈልጡ፡ እዞም መጋበርያ ምልኪ-ስርዓት ህግደፍ – ነቲ ኣኼባኦም ክንዘርጎ ኣለና፡ ነቶም ወከልቶም ክንጎዮም ኣለና፡ እዚኦም ክኽሰሱ ኣለዎም፡ ክስጎጉ ኣለዎም…. ክትብል፡ ብስም ተቓወምቲ ምውዓል፡ እንታይ ክብረት ይህብ? ነቲ ዕላማ ተቓውሞኸ ኣንታይ ኣበርክቶ ኣለዎ? ዋላ ሓንቲ።

    ዋላ እቲ ኹሉ ብተቓወምቲ፡ ብዛዕባ ህግደፍ ዝባሃል ቅኑዕ ኣንተኾነ – ዋላ መራሕቲ ህግደፍ ኩሎም ዘይብቑዓት እንተኾኑ፡ እዚ፡ ብዝኾነ ይኹን መግለጺ፡ መራሕቲ ተቓውሞ ብቑዓት’ዮም ኣየስምዕን’ዩ። ዋላ ኩሎም መራሕቲ ህግደፍ ሓጥያተኛታት እንተኾኑ፡ እዚ ብዝኾነ ይኹን ኣራዳድኣ፡ መራሕቲ ተቓውሞ ጻድቃናት’ዮም ኣየስምዕንዩ። ካብ ኣበሳን ሓጥያትን ህግደፍ ክትጽብጽብ ምውዓል (ነቲ ስርዓት ኩልና ስለንፈልጦ)፡ ተቓወምቲ፡ ካብ ህግደፍ ብንታይ ከም ዝፍለዩን፡ ንኤርትራ ከመይ ገሮም ካብ ህግደፍ ንላዕሊ ከም ዘወቅብዋን፡ ከም ዝከላኸሉላን ክገልጹ ግዜኦም ኣንተዘጥፍኡ ምሓሸ።

    • haile

      ሰመረ ተስፋይ፡

      ንሓደ “መንግስተ ሰማይ የዋርስ ነቶም ዝሓለፉ፣ ረዲኤትን ሓልዮትን ፈጣሪ ድማ ነቶም ተጫኒቖም ዘለዉ ወገንና” ክብል ዘይክእል ኣረምየን ከምዚ ከማኻ፡ ዝኸውን ምላሽ እምበይ ምተሳእነናን። ሕዝቦም የውጽኡ ኣለዉ ኢልካ ትኸሶም ዘለኻ ኣብ ደገ ዝነብሩ ኤርትራውያን ድማ፣ ስለምንታይ ዝብል መሰረታዊ ሕቶ ንጎኒ ዓሊኻ፣ ብተወዳደበ መንገዲ ብኤምባሲታት ብዝዝወርሩ ሽርሕታት ይቕረታ ፎርም’ዶ፣ ግዛዕ እናበልካ ገንዘቦም ራሲኻ፡ ሰላሞም ዘሪግካ ከተብቅዕ፣ ኣድራጋ ጠቐነ ክትወራወር እናፈተንካ ገዛ ዝዓደጉ ንጹሃን ዜጋታት ማሎም ንቁማር ከምሻሙ ሃጢሙ ክነሱ፣ ሰሪሖም እናበልካ ከም ሕሱር ከተዕለብጥ መሕነኸካ! ንሕና ኤርትራውያን ዜጋታት፣ ህዝቦም ከይሰርሕ ተኣጊዱ፡ ከይምገብ ተሎጉሙ፣ ከይቀስን ተኸላቢቱ፡ ሕማቕን ግዕዘን ናይ ሕጊ ኣልቦ ስርዓት ግዳይ ኮይኑ ዘሰንበዶም ውልቀ-ሰባት ድኣምበር ተቃወምቲ ዝብል ኣጎዛ ጎልቢብካ ብሕሱር ሽርሒ ከም ገንሸል ክትሓርደና፣ ንሓቂ ክትቅርስን ዝተላኣኽካ ሌባን ሸሌባን ምኻንካ ኣይንዝንግዕን። ተቃዋሚ፡ ንስኻ ባዕልኻ፡ ርፍራፍ ናይቶም ነዚ ርኹስ ዕላማ ክትፍጽም ወዳዲቦም ዝለኣኹኻ፡ ምስሌነታት ናይዚ ኣብ ቅድሚ ዓለም ጉዶም ተቓሊዑ ሕብኡኒ ዝብል ዘሎ ዓብላኽ ስርዓት፡ ውሒዱካ ተቃወም። ንሕና ግን ዝተበደልናን ዝተዓመጽናን ዜጋታት ኢና። “ፍልሰት” ኣጋጢሙዎ ዘሎ ኣረሜን ሕልናኻ እምበሪ፡ ንሕዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣይኮነን። ከመይ ሲ፡ ኤርትራዊ፡ በርቃዊ ዓወት ጨቢጡ ዘግሃዳ፡ ሉል ዝኾነት ሃገር ኣላቶ። ኤርትራውያን ካብ እንስሳ እይሕሹን እዮመ፡ ነዚ እውን ከም ዘይርድኦም ገይርና ኣዋቂዕና፡ ጽባሕ ምሸት ከበሮ ኣሰኪምና፡ ደገፍቲ ቅትለትን ማሕረድትን ኣሕዋቶም ዘሳሲ ስርዓት እዮም ዘርእይ ቪድዮ ቐዲሕና ዊስኪ እናጓዕጉዑ ክሳብ ናሕሲ ክዘሉ ከነርእየኩም ኢና ዝብል ሕልሚ ፍሹላት ዕላማኻ፡ ከተተግብር ግዜኡ ሓሊፉ እዩ። ወድሓንካ!

      • haile

        ንሙዃኑ’ኸ “ፖለቲካዊ መልክዕ ምትሓዙ ዓገብ’ዩ” ዝብል ነውራም መናውራ በዓል መን’ዮም ኣስኒቆም ልኢኾምኻ? እቲ ስደት እኮ ን “ፖለቲካዊ ዑቕባ” እምበር ንፒክኒክ ኣይኮነን ኣንቂሉ! እቲ ህዝቢ እኮ ፖለቲካዊ ሓሳብ በጨቕ ከይብል ኣብ ትሕቲ ከቢድ ሓለዋ ክፍሊ 72 እዩ ዘሎ። ክንድዚ ኢልካ ዘይቁጸሩ፣ ሃገር ዝመርሑ በላሕቲ ናይ በላሕቲ ኤርትራውያን፡ ብቐይዲ ፍሉይ ቤት ፍርዲ ተለቒሞም ምስ ትሓየሩ፣ ኣስማቶም ብኣሃዝ ተተኪኡ፡ እቶም ኣስጋእቲ ዝበሃሉ ካብኣቶም ኣብ ድቕድቕ ጸላም ሰዓት 1፡00 ለይቲ ብመድራጋሕ ጠያይት ቀንጸልቲ እዚ ስርዓት እኮ ተረሺኖም እዮም። ዝኾነ ይኹን ፖለቲካዊ፡ ቁጠባዊ፡ ማሕበራውን ውልቃውን መሰል እኮ የሎን። ትሰግድ፡ እንተዘየሎ ትሃጥም’ዩ እኮ እቲ ህይወቶም። መንእሰይ እኮ ከይሰርሕ ተኸልኪሉ፡ ከይሓትት ጥይት ኣብ ግንባሩ ተነጻጺራ እኮ እዩ በርጊጉ ዝሃድም ዘሎ። እንታዋይ ወረጃን ዓቢ ዓድን ኮይንካ ኢኻ ያኢ “ፖለቲካ መልክዕ ኣይትሃቡ”፡ ዘይተቃወምቲ ሰኒፎም’ዮም እምበሪ እናበልካ ትማጣላዕ። ካብ ተቃወምቲ ዝሃደመ ስደተኛ እኮ የሎን። “ዘይመንግስቲ ዓሚጹዎም’ዩ” ምባል’ዶ ኣይምቐረበካን? እዚ ስርዓት እኮ ኣብ መሸጣ ኣካላት ዜጋታቱ ከምዝተሳተፈ ዝሕብር ጭብጢ ተረኺቡ፡ ገንዘብ ከምዝተቐበለ ዘርእይ ሓበረታ ኣብ ኢድ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣትዩ’ኮዩ፡ መርመርቲ እየእቱን ኢሉ ከም ገበነኛ ካብ ዓለም ተነጺሉ ፊን ፊን ዝብል ዘሎ! ንመን ኢኻ ከተደናግር ያኢ “ጉዳዩ ናይ ተቃወምቲ ድኹም ፖሊሲ እዩ” “ፖለቲካ ኣይተትሕዝዎ” “ዘይ ባዕሎም እዮም ከፊሎምሎም” “ገዛ እውን ይሰርሑ እኮ’ዮም” ቁሩብ ሕነኽ፡ በትክነት እውን እኮ ኣኽፊኡለይ ዝበሃለሉ ደርጃ ኣለዎ። ምናልባት እቶም ዝሃለቁ መሳኪን፡ ከሲረዮም እምበሪ ክፍሊ ኣካሎም ሸይጠ ቁሩብ መጥረኹ’ልካ ኣንጸርጺርካ እንተ’ኾንካ ምስቶም ኣዋፈርትኻ ተዘራረብ። ሎሚ እውን የማነ ወ ዑስማን እንታይ ከምዝበሉኹምን ዝተዋህበኩም ተልእኾን ኣብ ኢድ ሓፋሽ ኣትዩ እዩ። ክትፈልጥ።

    • Papillon

      Dear Awate Team,

      I take it as an insult to post the rather insensitive garbage spewed by this guy (Semere Tesfai) when we all are left heartbroken beyond words. It is repulsive to say the least.

  • Tzigereda

    Selamat Meron,
    I feel and appreciate your misplaced passion to defend the undefendable. Thanks for quoting Carl Schurz wisdom: “My country, right or wrong if right to be kept right and if wrong to be set right”. Here you have the clue to select the right path. But first thing first: to make it short I never mentioned the things that “make you laugh” at me and my likes “if I keep telling you…”.
    What I tried to reiterate was, as many others have stated, facts that you know: in a nutshell, the main responsibility for the inconceivable hardship and suffering of our youth with all its consequences that we are witnessing lies within the policy of the current regime. Period. A policy of deliberate destruction, injustice, miscalculation, atrocities following arbitary arrests, forced labour…leaving in particular the youth with zero future perspective. Call it the cardinal push factor. The rest – political isolation, economic misery …- is logical consequence and impact of the cause. Don’t claim the regime is a victim itself; it’s the perpetrator, the sole offender, the basic evil . For all those who frantically cling onto the “economic” argument – as the strongest pull factor – and reach out for the “seeking-a-better-life”card you deliberately miss the imbalance of this rationale. True enough, we have our share of the youth and brain drain phenomena, our share of economic burden. Our share but not more!
    Meron, I’m willing to give you merit, just niishtoy urbun, if my interpretation of your reasoning is correct: since “the Eritrean people know where to fight the enemy from” at best, the youth as the main hope should stay in Eritrea or close to Eritrea and fight from there. Merhaba (you know wo ane intay ydeli, Elaberid ydeli?)! No, you’re deadly wrong, I don’t encourage the exodus of the youth. You know the rules of the game: the right of the individual. The youth flees hopelessness and the deadlock policy of IA. Where to? Me and you are not entitled to “determine the goods and buds for everone from our comfort zone somewhere in the developed world”.
    Why should I “forget your entire questions”? Zaklen tihinen baelemariam. “Once married with enemies..”? Ms tzelati tfelteley mera aloka diyu? For the record: I vehemently oppose any interference in or paternalism of our political affairs since we are the sole owners of our cause. You asked if ” the entire population is as bitter as me to the Gov.”, which I didn’t claim yet. Now I do firmly claim so. I’ll give you a hint(I assume you’re used to mlgas mkri): forward the question to your relatives and close friends at home. But mind you they need your fullest confidence! Remember a country of intimidation and fear. If they don’t trust you they’ll give you werki tzegem yelen. Then you can disclose your statistical findings just on this one question .
    “who I am, who I represent..” I tried to give you a glimpse into my dreams and hopes as Tegadalit and an ordinary eritrean citizen. Definitely not the Eritrea we have right now. I don’t/didn’t claim to represent so many followers. No I – toothless – am confident in that we Eritreans want “to set right what’s wrong”; and there’s a whole lot what’s damn wrong. This firm belief that I don’t stand alone with my ideals makes me less “toothless”. The day is not far. Mark my words! Again one more tragedy, Lampeduza . Eritrea will not put up with that! If you’re still laughing, he laughs best that laughs last. These days I’m not laughing otherwise I’d send you a pic of my dental status. But again the day will come when I and my likes karkar ilna nay lbna bkorarmtna nshkelu. Then you’ll get my big grin – in close up. Deal

    • Nitricc

      Tsigereda, come down lol
      Do you think the die-ing Eritrean youth bare any responsibility? Do you?
      What is the government supposed to do when the youth chose to flee in search IPads and x-boxes?
      If the government is that bad why flee and drown? Why not fight and die respectful death.
      Not to hold people accountable is I think the brand of the so-called “opposition”
      We all are accountable for our actions. So do the Eritrean youth.

      • semere Andom

        That is the difference between the cruel Eritreans like you who like your master, DIA blame the victims of the gruesome crimes of PFDJ supported and invigorated by YPFDJ. Before it used to be for hamburgers and Pepsi and coca, now you accuse those who fled to stay away from the PFDJ shackles that you finance. The Eritrean youth have actually some humanity left in them, unlike you. They refused to shoot at the president’s office in Jan 21 for fear of destroying their country, they refused to shoot DIA in 1993 when they arrested him, and simply Eritreans are better human being than you and PFDJ and do not descend to the gutter. When they flee their country they actually do not surrender their guns to the Woyane, the guns of the martyrs that is. The Eritreans youth and many in the opposition and many in resistance movement long time before you ever knew you were even Eritrean, have followed the same decency and they get taken advantage of by the gutless subservient of the regime like you, who confuse a the quest for freedom with the desire to be hip and tech savvy because you see some of them with iPad, you would rather see them with guns working in the slavery projects

      • Haqi

        You are sick negro. What is the govt supposed to do you asked, first what govt are you talking about. Do you want us to teach you the a b c of what means.

        The mafia regime should hand state power to the people of Eritrea and allow them to form real govt based on the constitution of Eritrea.

        I am convinced if tifanos decides to kill fanatic cult worshipers parents that you defend the so called fake govt instead of your blood.

      • zegeremo


        “What is the government supposed to do when the youth chose to flee in search IPads and x-boxes?”

        “Zei’ Sen’ka Hutsa’ Kort’melu” Zebhal M’sela Alo. Nothing personal, but your comments are offensive and ridiculous, and they don’t deserve serious responses. I rather wait till DIA come with his red eyes and confesses…Ewe Nozom Menaesey Bedilnayom Ena..hiji Ka’a Tsutsie mets’naeti K’gberelu Alewo…then you and your group will come up with the usual insane approach which is Tnfer A’tnfer Teil Eya.


      • yegermal

        Mhret yewiridelka imber zeri merghem ika timesil!

  • semere Andom

    Hi Beyan and Awatista:
    If they ever have their Wish
    As usual heated debates and stark difference between those with truth on their side and those who have either an IQ equal to their shoe size or heavily invested in PFDJ that they think it is little too soon to sell (Sal’s theory why smart people support PFDJ). Eritrea has its share of chemical Ali’s and Mousa Ibrahims, who will defend the regime until its last breath of oxygen. Some will bail out when it is little too late, though
    The YPFDJ has young doctors, engineers and it also has its share of ghetto drop-outs, who dabble as bouncers to the elite and if their wishes ever come true, the trained healers like Simon Tesfamriam will turn to trained killers, harvesting our organs to use them as spare parts when their livers and other organs fail with age and intoxication. And the scientist among them if their prayers come true and DIA turns out to be immortal they will isolate the genes of Eritrean to dampen dissent and genetically engineer loyalty.
    The engineers and computer professional among the YPFDJ, if they ever have their wish will hack our computers and spy on our privacy to arrest us and voyeuristically eavesdrop on our private conversations. And the bouncers and ghetto types, if ever they have their dream will be in the vicinity of the elite and beat and torture Eritreans , while the lawyers/politician will plaregiaze the USA senator from Wisconsin, McCarthy and threaten Eritreans of conspiring with the new enemy of the day,” Chifrea Oromo”
    To some all this may sound hyperboles, but so it would have sounded if someone told us in 1991 that PFDJ will arrest the founding fathers of the nation and they will disappear in the thin air. It would have sounded insane if someone suggested to you back then that the PFDJ, its leader and its supporters/spies will conspire to arrest young Eritrean with goatees and will mass murder them. But hindsight is not only perfect, but it must inform our foresight. And it has informed our foresight about PFDJ. I hope.
    The aging PFDJ have cloned themselves in the YPFDJ. The PFDJ may not care about Eritrea, but it cares about itself even after its demise. DIA cares about his legacy. Delusional as it maybe, he want to die a hero and his storied accolades to be enshrined indelibly in the pantheons of our lexicon, he wants to be canonised universally. He hallucinates about his history to be in children books read as bed time stories and all this would not happen if his clones do not take over after he goes to his final repose violently or by natural death. The YFPDJ is a diversified portfolio for the PFDJ with educated class, who can maintain the evil tapestry of PFDJ and the hooligans and gangsters, who will perform as “aqetot”.


  • said

    More than 100 people have died and hundreds more are missing after a boat carrying African migrants, mostly from Eritrea, sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa..

  • Nitricc

    Let me ask you this question that eats me inside.
    What guarantee do you have for me, after PIA ousted the next government that replaces GeO won’t be managed, ordered and pappet of the Ethiopians and the Wayane.
    Can you understand our fear? It is easy for you guys to criticize us but at least tell us the plan you have. Now, Sal what say you?

    • saay

      Hey Nitricc:

      Yes, I do understand your fear: you don’t want a post-Isaias government that is a puppet government. Now let’s see:

      The funny part is my dad can’t stand EPLF. He despises everything about EPLF as many ex-ELF Tegadelti do. The only difference, I think my dad gives Shaebia a tiny credit. He will say; Shaebia kilte qum neger serihom, Netsanet-n , Nebska Mikal-n anything else, you don’t want to start with him, he can’t stand EPLF and anything EPLF at all. My mom is less forgiving, even though ex-ELF herself, don’t care that much will only intervene when I argue with my dad in defense of EPLF, and I am wining then she will gang up with her man to let me have it.

      That quote was from you. What you and your parents go through is normal–it is what happens every day in countries that allow political pluralism. What Isaias is telling you is that you can’t have that discussion with your parents (or, more accurately, your parents can’t have that discussions with you) openly, in the public square, in the media. He tells you that your parents are tiny, insignificant and they are lackeys of Ethiopia and CIA (and if they are Muslims, they are probably also Jihadists.) Do you think your parents would sell out Eritrea?

      You might say, hell no, but those are my parents and I know them well, and they are not politicians and they are not visiting Addis Abeba! Ok, Let’s use our reason again. If you are the typical government supporter, you have been discouraged from getting to know the opposition: you have been told to avoid their meetings, you have been told to avoid visiting their websites, you have been told to listen to them period. So how would you know if they had the perfect program for Eritrea? How would you know if they are even more resistant to the idea of being a puppet than Isaias. I mean it wasn’t they who issued a program manifesto asking the US to establish a base in Eritrea and it wasn’t them that told a famous journalist “I share the strategic view of the Americans in the region. French forces in Djibouti have been a stabilizing factor, and U.S. troops will add to that. You need outside powers to keep order here. It sounds colonialist, but I am only being realistic.That was Isaias in an interview with The Atlantic in April 2003. Can you quote me a single line from what the opposition has said that would justify your fear?

      So the answer, Nitricc, is that a person who is a “truth-defender” must first do one thing: find the truth. From any source. You can’t defend the truth if you are not finding it and you are not even looking for it. And part of that is knowing your people, directly, by mingling with them. And you will learn that “the opposition” lumps a lot of people, including those who think that shaebia did more than two qum neger. It includes a group that owns up to and is proud of EPLF’s record of achievement–it separated ways at three fundamental issues: the PFDJ’s total disregard for the People and the principles of Democracy and Justice. All that is left from PFDJ now is the F: it is a front. A store front. A store front which has one product: cosmetics for Isaias.


    • haile

      Hi Nitricc

      I think that question is post-traumatic disorder stressed out talk 🙂

      Please read this news item and then we’ll pick it up from that…


      • yegermal

        “The fact that so many thousands are willing to take these risks shows just how desperate they must be to escape from Eritrea, a supposedly peaceful country that resembles an African Sparta. ” David Blair

        Quote from your link. Even non-Eritreans know that Eritreans (like any human) would take no such risks if it weren’t out of desperation.

  • haile

    Selamat All,

    It is unfortunate that the full story is still unfolding, as a boat carrying 500 Eritreans capsized today off the coast of Italy again.

    “Children among dead as boat thought to have been carrying as many as 500 migrants sinks. The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, said it believed there were around 500 passengers, all Eritreans who had boarded in Libya.”

    Many Eritreans, as many as 250 women and children are uncounted for, and a truly frightening situation seems to be happening at the moment. Eritreans need to dismiss the callous and hapless pro regiem elements’ advise to ignore these victims but rather find ways of looking after your own. Check and try to make contacts and so forth…

    “”It’s horrific, like a cemetery, they are still bringing them out,” an eye witness told reporters.

    RIP and God be with the one’s in distress.

    • haile

      As we follow the news…

      – Helicopters and rescue boats are continuing to search the accident scene. Local fishing boats are also helping in searching.

      – The Italian government has dispatched Interior Minister Angelo Alfano to oversee the operations.

      – “The word disgrace comes to me. It is a disgrace,” the Pope told the gathering in Italian.”Let us pray together to God for those who lost their life, men, women and children, for the relatives and for all refugees. Let us unite our efforts so that similar tragedies do not happen again. Only a decided collaboration among all can help to stop them,” he said.

      – Nearly 150 people have been rescued and were being treated for shock and hyperthermia at makeshift clinics near the port on the island.

      – Lampedusa Mayor Giusi Nicolini was in tears as she described the scene. “It is a horror, a horror,” she told Italian media. “They don’t stop unloading dead bodies.”

      – Italy declares a national mouring: “Italian satellite TV channels showed the small pier lined with body bags as dazed residents looked on. Banner television headlines decreed that the nation was in mourning.”

      Many children are among the victms and the search for hundreds more Eritreans is underway….

      • yegermal

        It is a horror indeed! And DIA’s supporters blame Ipad and Xbox for thie tragedy! What rock did these cruel humanoids crawl out from under?

      • haile

        And finally, at the end of a day that will live for eternity in the annals of the history of the “Lost Years Of Eritrean”, the dead have done what the colluding, terrified or silent couldn’t do. Lampedusa mayor Giusi Nicolini said “These bodies are all speaking. We need to stop this” Indeed, these bodies managed, what the living failed to achieve!


  • Serray


    The Washington post is reporting today that another boat off the coast of Italy caught fire and up to 160 people are feared dead…I am sure a big chunk of them are eritreans.

    As some suggest, it would be a good idea to have these kind of news top and center. I thnk awate team should bend their rules of only reporting original news when something like this happens. By definition, they will Never be the first one to report such news and burying news like this inside unrelated topic doesn’t serve or respect the victims. Nothing on awate, asmarino or any opposition website deserves more attention than this. Even if the regime ignores them, we shouldn’t. In more ways than one, this is happening to them because we are their brothers and sisters…a combination of hapless opposition and cheerleaders of those who caused their deaths.

    My sympathy to those who perished and their loved ones, eritreans and non eritreans…

  • Papillion
    I also read your comment with sadness about Ghezae eulogy, and good to hear , you consider yourself a firm believer in God.
    If one is true to his believe, ethics, moral, faith and spirituality. Faith in God compels us to see and begin with service to give hand,first our brother and sister Eritrean and to humanity the downtrodden and to all marginalized ethnic group in our society: the present and past refuge, the wounded, the homeless, the poor, the wrongly prosecuted, the sick, the elderly, the children, the ostracized, the orphan and plait of our youth.
    Faith in God is not so much a theological doctrine that we hold symbolically and superficially in our head, but a light that shines that is well impeded on all without any distinction, just like blue Nile river that always starts from (lake Tana) on Ethiopian high mountain and gravitates towards the lowly, nurturing and enriching all along the way Sudan and Egypt.
    The true love of God well embodied and strongly re-presented through generous, kindness, sympathy, compassion and service to humanity.
    In the long hard journey and this path, service to humanity justice and love are intrinsically related: justice means simply standing against all kind oppression and all that blocks the flows of true love and kindness towards the totality of humanity, no matter who, what, where and when, by whom and to whom.
    These wicked regime don’t even believe in a true creator God… they believe in destruction, war, manipulation, lust, power, hate and greed. Many well intentioned Eritrean, are deceived by nationalistic ploy. With nothing but the worst of intentions for humanity.
    DAI and his handpicked regime are bathed in blood and treachery and bloodletting. They will do anything, commit any atrocity, and all in the name of Eritrean nationalism and that killing of innocent “Eritrean” is completely justified and nothing to feel any compunction about. But no, no. To question the regime about of those killed and disappeared Eritrean as those you are committing the most heinous act of treason against humanity.
    Talk about reversing Eritrean history the truth. And all this has been engineered for two decade of false propaganda. As is the case with all of these manufactured myths and ideologies such as the only liberator of Eritrea
    As smokescreen to justify anything and everything to do as they wishes above the law. And they’ll stop at nothing and to justify the militarization of country for phony wars .They will reap what they sow
    The Eritrean public needs to make concrete evaluation visible and critically engage the underlying regime communist ideological, political, educational, that embraces subjugation, oppression, violence as a commodity, spectacle, and mode of iron hand of governing. Such an approach would address the necessity of understanding the emerging pathology of subjugation, oppression, disappearance, torture and violence not just through a discourse of fear or isolated spectacles, but through radical policies that effectively control and implement the wider social, economic, and political reforms necessary to curb the culture of state violence that feed and sustained by it.
    In conclusion, we pray that Almighty God blesses the people of Eritrea with needed peace and prosperity and a free government of their choosing where the dignity of all Eritreans is respected, dissent is encouraged and the sacrifices of so many whose lives have been lost will not be in vain.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear beyan,
    Thank you. I am back after facing some tough days. I will visit my village with new Poem. Do you read my poem “…….ሓይሊ ሓልዮት……” the old women try work hard 1 out of 3. Then we experienced Cecilia death of 13 Eritreans pushed from the ocean. I I was far away from this physical world just only praying. .God forgive us, we are for love and peace etc. was my continuous words. None stop. Then I open awate today. Awate is my world. I read everything under your article.
    Dear Papillon lend me your words and read in Jebana.
    Dear amhara, join me in Jeban for Amharic poem.

    Thank you.

    • amhara

      Where is Jeban. I thank you for your invitation

      • Kokhob Selam

        Give me some time. As you can see the death of my beloved people is making me sick.

  • L.T

    The new Governer of Abay Tigria Abay Weldu on VOA”Isaias supported to the Wehabisim muslim/Islam in Ethiopia”
    “13 dead becouse of Isaias”
    Antum Sebat!behind these low comments stood an “If one kids in Areb have been quilty in the school this is bsc of Izrael”This textbook confess you all.I believe now Eritrea and their leadres are supernatural.All your principles and political into your boss idolatrous God Isaias?I injoy your behaving look silly.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Dear Readers, followrs, all.

    Discussing the tragedy with pfdj turns out to be discussing with monsters, almost on the verge of disrespecting the fallen ones, their Close ones, the nation and all concerend. should write a well comprhensive eulogy where People can add a Word or two how they felt about the sad loss.

    People like meron has exceeded all possible imgaination concerning the mass eritrean immigrants sufferings for a long time now because they see the refugees as a commodity. Those who survive must help directly or indirectly the pfdj, isnt it!. This has been said many times.

    One of the weakest side of the eritrean opposition is not abling to brake the controll pfdj network has over the very New eritreans running from pfdj itself. Be it from Eritrea or any Third world running away from home land is not an end by itself. One has to survive in the New Places. What makes thing wors for eritreans is that at least in Norway the New eritreans immigrants would be recieved by well organized pfdj from the first day (translators, for eg) till they get permission to stay or all the way through in Norway. Norway is one of the best country when freedom of Speech matters. The saddest thing is eritrean refugees couldnt even entertain this right. This is what they are told by pfdj: ‘Say what ever you have to say to stay in Norway on Your interview day/s and after that no discussion with ‘strangers’ be it Norwegian or anybody. We will help you to stay in norway.’

    If you come to any one of immigration Offices and meet People from Syria, Afghanistan, etc then you hear a non stop stories how the grusome stories have forced them to leave their lands. These refugees tell you the stories not that any one they meet have influence on their applicaiton for asylum. No! It is Natural to air it. At home their is reprisal for such Expression. It is the need deep from inside sharing what makes one leave all what matters so far away behined. But you dont see this among eritreans Groupe. New eritreans are unique, quite, full of mistry, determined, no difference between the Young and adults. They dont even enjoy the simpel ‘i hate isaias’. So far away from Eritrea but still the dictator controlls his own by his long arms like meron. I dont blame the New Commers. One slight mistake is staying in camps for years or at worst deportation.

    So eri-oppostion, make free the eritrean refugee from pfdj network. Tell them eri refugees stay in Norway not becuase of those pfdj workers or translators or prists but becuase norway acknowldages that the grusome pfdj dictator makes Eritrea impossible to live at least for millions.

  • haile

    Beyan and Ghezae,

    Thanks for thoughtful remarks. I shall be back with longer response fit for your kind words.


    I understand that it has been tough day for you…. but heck, you’re throwing far too many off target punches that your fist might fly off your wrist 🙂

    The reason the AK-47 guys can’t fight now is: the trigger incident it in the making – just wait:) Besides, my guys (people) only have AK-47 and your guys (regime) have tanks (ok no fuel:), Planes (ok no pilots:) and machine guns with higher kill ratio. My guys need basic organization that would take form spontaneously, but your guys have command and control centers that can only be overwhelmed by hizbawi notgi (to borrow from the guy who loaned you nay coca thingy). But, hats off to your guys, you did a great job for setting the stage for bloodletting.

    A civil servant is typically national service. They use to get 600ERN and now get 700ERN per month. If they also have Maetot duty they get 900ERN per month. Rent is around 2000ERN per month for single room, a kilo of meat 240ERN or the monthly pay would leave you 20ERN short to buy 3 kilo of meat! Ration is only 30Kg of mashela at cost, taff is 8000ERN per quintal…you don’t give a monkey, do you? (just kidding, you’re hardly sleeping at all!)

    Something to cheer you up, the Cabinet of Miniters discussed 2014 budget. I mention 2014, because that was the only numeric value stated in the entire freaking two day meetings that was silenced out with voice over! Heck, I thought budgets use to discuss %, $, figures, accounts… wey’za embatkala zeytgebro zeybla…same faces with reorganized seating 🙂

    When I talk, it is not a CIA mule talking. Rather, the poor farmer, fisherman, trader, prisoner, youth…all those fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters…oppressed the hell out of their life – ending up washed into far away shores. I like your “the regime is victim too”, and why isn’t it running away with the refugees then? Tslalot eko koynkum dedhri kulu 🙂

    That other one who got kicked out today was ranting about me and Ghezae. How a useless dipstick can one get. Mr Ghezae and me argued and clashed like honorable people, exchanged apologies and back to normal. No permanent rift on this side, eat your heart out. Let’s see who is pushing the young Eritreans to go to court and legitimize permanent enmity among them? They will wake up and join my guys (the AK-47)…

    Chill Meron, no one said you killed the victims today…just your thoughtful remarks offered disrespect to them and their families at this difficult time…try to be sensible next time.


    • Bloved Chameleons let me saw the ever varied colors of your arguments. Look at what your arguments are please:

      In the one hand you support the sanction. You declare that’s how you can tight the grip, suffocating the people so as intensifying the misery, and disarming the government from its very people through expediting exodus. Then celebrate that ex-general, this pilot or navy, that team, that former acting minister, this number of youth … have defected, deserted the Gov, safely arrive in the shores of … congrats, congrats… blas….

      Then you switch color and point your figure at the Gov…you go… Ah look how evil this Gov. is, it is pushing the people in hundreds of thousands from within, it is conducting human trafficking, oh selling kidneys, ah droving them in the sea, killing them in the Sinai, in the border of US-Mexico (Israel, Sinai, US-Mexico border – wow it must be a super power)

      And again you switch another color. .. Look how weak this government is. It miserably failed to control the border with Sudan from the human traffickers, illegal trade smugglers. It even failed to defend Weyane, u see how deep they have attacked it last year, how many soldiers it killed and imprisoned – the taboo in here is not to mention the invasion and the violation of the sovereignty. Your know yourself … please add some more of your chameleons behavior.

      Haile: the Super Chameleon – be’al buzuh melhas ab hade ri’esi.

      Few months back the border issue was the mother of all problems in the country for you.

      Then suddenly – after all this years – Issaias changed your mother of all the problems.

      Before months’ if not weeks the measure way to drove the Gov. out of the helm was a closure of the border issue for you. Hilariously you claimed the moment the border case is settled the Gov. will be done.

      And few days ago you have claimed the government’s life jacket is in the diaspora (not the in the border case), and once the confused diaspora are enlightened the game will be over.

      And now, unlike to few days a go (you claimed everyone in the country on your side) – you have the share of those people with AK-47 but organized for otherwise.

      Few months back Geza’e was a sellout and a ‘money’ right activist for you.
      Then suddenly because you have converted, baptized and blessed by the new church Geza’e turned to be a ‘human right activist’.

      General Haile, the commander of a ghost army somewhere in the East African country, do you know how long it will take you to define yourself in certainty. As Sal expressed it rightly you are just beginning, of course you should be encouraged to evolve in the course – just because you are in a new rout. Nevertheless, that can’t set you free from a critical observation of the people and as I have identified you to qualify to be called Chameleon if not super chameleon.

      Hailat Aba Tireg: Aferarihka ke’a wedi’eka …. Kerebet kerebet abzihka… by the way don’t forget there are people in this domain who have kept that mantra for the last 30 years.

    • yegermal


      Your(and SAAY’s et al)optimism is boundless… and I admire you for not giving up on the lost-souls and trying to convince them that their stand is plain WRONG at best and RECKLESS at worst. I am one of those that believes that a portion of our community is innately rotten and no amount of debating will help to get it to the side of the victims. Evil exists because it has support and pretending that evil can be rehabilitated is absolute waste of precious time. IMO, taunting is the only treatment suited for a human that willingly enables DIA(diablos) to persist.

  • Papillon

    Dearest Ghezae,

    As the Chinese curse has it, we are indeed living in an interesting time. A time where our trust and belief in God is shaken up to the core. A time where our human faculties are desensitized to stimulus of pain and suffering. A time where dead bodies are translated into mere numbers on a screen or on a print. A time where lack of compunction defines who we are. I read your deeply philosophical, introspective and an eulogy of those as you have touchingly (tears rolled down my cheeks as I read it) put it, who put up a heroic fight against the messenger of death as they finished inscribing “Ezi Ewn K’half Eu” on a mountain-wall that is going to be a witness to history when the rest of us are inflicted with the banality of short term memory.

    If I could regress for a bit: I consider myself a firm believer in God. As it happens, my carrier oriented training is in the life sciences. Every time I learn more about the beauties and complexities of nature ranging from its macro and micro manifestations, my faith in God gets stronger. Moreover, I am pretty much familiar with the works of those either contemporary notable atheists (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens or Jim Holt to mention but a few) or other atheists who belong to the previous century (Bertrand Russell) and every time I read their otherwise compelling rebuttal to any discourse related to the existence of God, for strange reasons, my faith in God remains intact and grows stronger. However, what seems to have challenged my faith in God is when I read and hear about the tragedies that is befalling my people. The Eritrean people. I wrestle with the idea or notion as to why God wanted the otherwise kind and God-fearing people to endure an imaginable suffering under an evil spirit who is manifested in a human flesh? Isaias Afwerki. Why?


    • Papillon

      Please read…unimaginable instead.

      • Papillon

        Please read digress instead. I guess I am overwhelmed with emotions.

        • Ghezae Hagos

          Dear Papillon,

          Again, I have to give it to haw Haile for this commentary.

          ”…these embezzlers who are taking part in looting our nation and robbing its future, the Eritreans who met their tragic fate had long inked a response: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”

          Days will come, our tears will be no more, dear sister. Till then, God has left us with Merons, Asmaras, and the Sinai and the Mediterranean, the Eritrean Satan, Issayas Afewerki.

          It is sure trying times, shaking our belief to the core. I may not want to admit it, but that is where my faith also diminished to mere formality. We are losing everything.

          Yes, 13 Eritrean families have lost their beloved ones. Let us pray for their souls, for their families and hope we do better…pray, though our God appears to be silent.

          Ghezae Hagos

          • yegermal


            I guess “birds of feather flock together”. I had not read your post until i posted my response to Papillon’s :).

    • yegermal

      “However, what seems to have challenged my faith in God is when I read and hear about the tragedies that is befalling my people. The Eritrean people. I wrestle with the idea or notion as to why God wanted the otherwise kind and God-fearing people to endure an imaginable suffering under an evil spirit who is manifested in a human flesh? Isaias Afwerki. Why? ”


      This is very powerful and I think it speaks for most of us who were raised in the deeply-religious Eritrean society and still fear GOD. It is indeed a trying time that is shaking our faith to the core like no other time. But ” Ezi Wun Yhalf” and it all will soon realign to its natural form and our people will be comforted…..Faith in GOD is what keeps us waking to face another dreadful day filled with horrendous news about our people. Ajona!

  • Tzigereda


    Is that all what you have to say about the hundreds of youth who are perishing at the sea coasts, in the Sinai and elsewhere? Is that all what you can say about the Eritrean regime and the situation at home? Labelling those who are criticizing the Eritrean “government” as sell-outs, who try to capitalize victim hood? What value has life, for you and for your “government” more than disposable material or does it have any higher meaning? Because life of a citizen is not worth a straw for the Eritrean regime it obviously doesn’t give a damn about ethical codes and regulations. In any functioning country such phenomena would lead to the dismissal/downfall of government, and people who can reason, think with sanity and appreciate the value of life would never belittle such tragedies. The regime that prevails in Eritrea is not doing the job it ought to, it has failed to comply with all its expected obligations, it has ruined the country in all aspects, it is practicing criminality. And that is the core reason of the tragedy. It is you and your likes who have sold their soul in defence of the criminal IA. For you those who perished at the coast of Sicily were not surely Eritreans yesterday, today they are the heroes in the search of better life, and tomorrow when you ask your commandante Sofia Tesfamariam you will be told that they are relatives of those sell-outs. It is you and your likes who are misusing and abusing those victims, again to defend a criminal.
    We, those who criticise the regime are no strangers to our own country. We love Eritrea more than you can imagine, and it is this deep love and longing for a just Eritrea what makes us feel even more pain.
    Does our appeal for rule of law, our demand for individual liberty, the self-evident right of every citizen make us “collaborators”?
    Do you assume Eritreans are not smart/ intelligent enough to have their own ideas of democratic rule so that they need the “help of neighbours”?

    Personally, I didn’t fight for an Eritrea that would be controlled by intimidation and fear, I didn’t fight for an Eritrea that becomes the home of political prisoners who have no right of self defence, I didn’t fight for the younger generation to be enslaved for unlimited time, that their right of self- development be stolen, nor for a whole nation that would be armed with AK47.
    Nor has it been the aim of our struggle to witness the current tragedies of Sinai, Mediterranean or elsewhere. No, I never dreamt, I would read 22 years later “Miriam was here”, the torture and rape upon my Eritrean sisters and tragedies of the nation.
    I ‘m still abroad like the over a million Eritreans because we have a country that is haunted by a tyrant, who can arbitrarily incriminate, imprison, depose and eliminate anyone anytime, depending on his mood. The good thing is, we don’t give up the hope that there will be this special day of return hanti mealti ala, the day we set our feet there and breathe the air of our long-awaited Eritrea. Until then I will carry the pain of what we see and hear, and I will cry silent for those who lost their life at the see coast of Sicily and elsewhere.

    I believe defenders of the tyrant are either unteachable liars or have serious problems of psychological nature with the urgent need of investigation.

    • Dear Tsigerieda,

      I really appreciate your passion though you didn’t add anything to the discussion. I hope you and your likes would go to what Sal. has hinted with regard to the ‘pulling and pushing factors of migration’. In that case we can have genuine discussion and may be constructive.

      But if you keep telling me some one has died in the shores of Sicily for his/her political persecution in Eritrea i will laugh at you. If you keep telling someone need to go all the way to Asia, Auropa and America for the simple political rights you claim I can’t help but laugh. If you keep telling me Eritrean people do not know from where to fight the enemy I can’t help but suggest you to refresh your memory and recall from where we were fighting our former and current enemies – don’t forget Sudan and don’t keep telling me people are coming from Sudan all the way to the west to fight PFDJ from a close range. If your GPS is not confused west is only close to the greener pasture not a close range to wage something to PFDJ.

      Tsige Nebsi, if you keep telling me the entire population, as you claim with AK-47, is as bitter as you to the Gov. I can’t do anything but lough at you again. Who are you by the way? Whom are you talking representing for? How many followers do you have? Do you think you – toothless one – qualified to talk on behalf of the ‘entire population with AK-47’’? And so you are the one to determine the goods and buds for everyone from your comfort zone somewhere in the developed world?

      Please forget my entire questions above, rather i beg you to start discussion on the basis of the ‘pulling and pushing factor’ conundrum touched by Sal, and don’t forget to weight your claimed argument as per what people ought to do and why they didn’t have done it before.
      You know me; I don’t play to score political capital from the death of the precious brothers and sisters. I was saddened about that yesterday, today and tomorrow – check the account. No crocodile tears and hypocrisy is needed at this subject. I don’t celebrate the defection of any one – according to Sal (remember when his brother was defected) we should only celebrate and encourage more defection – and I don’t try to capitalize on the death of any one (and judge yourself again – the very people adore to encourage and talk about dissertation of youth from the country are shedding the tears of the crocodile).

      Enjoy this: “My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right, and if wrong, to be set right” Carl Schurz. Once you married with enemies your ‘my country’ is compromised and your claim ‘to set it right is’ not trustworthy. If you are neither, support the Eritrean national case – as national case is every ones case – no matter who is in the power; and fight to make ‘right’ for any ‘wrongs’ you assume – right journey is required.

      • yegermal

        “Who are you by the way? Whom are you talking representing for? How many followers do you have? ”

        You don’t seem to realize that these questions can apply to you as well. You’re in need of a big mirror buddy! Your alter ego is keeping you disconnected from what you write.

      • yegermal

        “Do you think you – toothless one – qualified to talk on behalf of the ‘entire population with AK-47’’? And so you are the one to determine the goods and buds for everyone from your comfort zone somewhere in the developed world? ”

        Mirror mirror on the wall …..

  • Nitricc

    The oppositions are so eager to blame the government, they don’t even stop and think what they are hearing. I am reading there were 160 people and 13 died and 13 of them are Eritreans?
    What are the odds that all of them Eritreans?
    Wow talk about sensilaztion the news. I guess even your god is against the defectors.

    • saay

      Nitricc The Unique:

      Although I am addressing you, I hope to reach Meron and Asmara too. I figured a self-proclaimed truth-teller and truth-defender like you will make his judgement based on facts and not the cheerleading-my-team factor. You may be a Steelers fan, but it doesn’t change the fact that they have an 0-4 record, right? In your fantasy football game, you are still guided by stats. Use the same approach on the following:

      1. The news link provided by Haile says they were able to identify the 13 victims as Eritreans because they had identification cards and some of the survivors were their relatives. Why doesn’t this sound credible to you? Isn’t this a common investigative methodology?

      2. Are Eritreans migrating for purely economic reasons? If that is the case then wouldn’t African countries which are more war-torn than Eritrea and poorer as measured by GDP per capita (Zimbabwe, Liberia, Congo, Burundi) and PPP per capita (the states mentioned plus Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Lberia, Niger, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania, Malawi) also migrate at the rate Eritreans are?

      Regardless of the pull factor, leaving your country, your birthplace, is one of the hardest decisions one can make. It is even harder on parents. Could there be another explanation? Yes, seeking a better life is a factor (always was, always will be), but for people to take the kind of risks they take, it is either because their country is ravaged by war (Syria, Somalia) or they have lost ALL hope on their country: they see Eritrea as a jail with no possibility of parole: an endless sentence of hopelessness. The push factor is stronger.

      Meron, in the long list of taboo subjects in Eritrea (what happened to the prisoners? What happened to the war with Djibouti and the Qatar mediation? If the president has the power to shuffle around his deputies and flunkies, who has the power to shuffle him?) you can add this to the list: the State media never refers to the hundreds of citizens it lost. It makes vague references to human trafficking. As our own able Abe pointed it out here at this forum:

      The dictator uses the curious tigrinja word “Filset seb” for “human trafficking” which betrays his involvement in this dirty affair. The correct corresponding English word for “Filset seb” is “Exodus” which is not a crime. “Human trafficking” in tigrinja is “Nigid seb” which is a crime.

      Nitricc, I am afraid the problem with the side you have chosen is that you don’t have facts and truth on your side. Your side does have an impressive insult factory, but name-calling is the trade of those who have lost. As the lawyers say, when you have truth on your side, argue the facts; when you don’t have it, pound the podium. Or, as our people say, paraphrased: “kebtis zemitomna: Xerfi’mo zHadegnalom yeblnan.” (We lost the cows but, man, we hailed insults on them.)

      Nitricc, you are capable of leaving the PFDJ Plantation. You already have separated ways with them on the arrest-disappearance of the G-15. One more baby step: the case of Eritrea’s enslaved youth. How can our tears be crocodile tears if those drowning in the seas are our own family? Think harder.


      • asmara

        [From moderator: Asmara, clean up your language, be respectful. You are obviously confusing awate with DMB. There is a pattern with you but the thing of it is, really, unlike those with whom we have philosophical differences, and whose ocassional outbursts we can put up with, you bring nothing worthwhile. Consider this your warning.]

      • Nitricc

        I am just having hard time believing that 13 are dead and 13 of them are Eritreans out of 160.
        I support the government because the government is the only entity that care and protect Eritrea. It is not about PIA or the government, it is all about the nation. If your side showed me that they care about Eritrea, then I will hear you out. All the opposition needs to do is show as you care about the country. How hard is it just to do that. 🙂
        Do you guys need my advice 🙂 I have plenty

        I will see you on the other side. I had it all ready to go then I press something and I lost everything. Still I don’t know what I did. Anyway I shall see tomorrow
        Regarding the remarks I made the other day, it wasn’t cheap shot but you got to stay as honest brocker. At that particular post you were not right nor fair. If you had just stooped by criticizing Sophia I have no problem but you did what exactly you criticized her for.
        That is all Haile. See you there 🙂

        • saay

          Selam Nitricc:

          I think you are misreading the report. They are not saying that there were 160 immigrants of whom 16 were Eritreans and there were 16 deaths and all of the dead happen to be Eritreans. That would be hard to believe. They are saying that there 160 immigrants, there were 16 deaths and of all the dead are Eritreans. There were Eritrean survivors and they helped identify the dead as Eritreans.

          About your support for the Eritrean regime because they “care and protect Eritrea”, how do you know that? Don’t you know that because they told you so? Well, by that logic, the Eritrean opposition has protected Eritrea from meteors and asteroids because none have hit Eritrea since there has been an opposition. For all YOU know, there might be an Ethiopian army right now occupying not just the areas occupied in 2000, but additional land in 2012 or 2013. You wouldn’t know, Nitricc. Even the Ethiopian foray into Eritrea in April 2012 you know about it because the Ethiopians held a press conference to tell you about it. A government that “cares and protects” Eritrea, more than it cares about its reputation, would have lodged a strong case with the UN about THAT incident. A government that cares for its people would have visited one single time Eritreans in Sinai, Eritreans in Lampadusa. It can’t, because it knows if the Eritrean ambassador showed his face in Sicily or Sinai, or Tel Aviv where the Eritreans are migrating, he probably would be stoned to death.

          A government that cares about its people wouldn’t call them “illegal African immigrants.” Millions of “economic migrants” trek from Mexico to the US. The Mexican government has not once called them “illegal”, but “undocumented.”

          Having said that, I would like you to give us advice (since you have plenty) on how we in the opposition can show we care for Eritrea.


          PS, if you are into fantasy football, check out “The League.” It is all about the stats and strategizing, isn’t it. Now translate that in terms of the government you support “100%” operates.

    • haile

      Nitricc – still on break session? Thanks for not addressing me specifically, that would have counted a second foul in a row 🙂

      May be I can now connect why the regime ignored the victims, even avoiding to refer to them as Eritreans (just illegal immigrants). You see, from what I gather how the supporters are demanding:

      Reality: 200 or so people (with some reporting that in fact ALL OF THEM are Eritreans) were involved in disaster.

      1 – According to you, there is no opposition – therefore it wouldn’t make sense to blame it.

      2 – Don’t blame the regime that makes life impossible in their country – that is sensationalist

      3 – Do not express sadness – that is crocodile tears

      4 – Do not assist the work of those trying to investigate what the migrants are claiming – that is working for money

      5 – If you are the one dying in the tragic ordeal – well you deserve it for going for Ipad, Nike and Xbox

      So, in conclusion, just look away, you won’t get hurt – gangsta style

      I now see why the regime has succumbed and chose to do what you guys demand – ignore them took a while to figure that out…

      The Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, visited an Italian city and entertained there,

      while hundreds of Eritreans were storming that country’s shores, some dead and some alive… He still obeyed you sir! He ignored them… The regime denounced the Kenyan victims of al-shabab, yet no press release of the “_________” victims (I am just trying to obey, and never mention them).

      Nitricc…. If not you, then who?


  • Indeed Mr. Simon Tesfamariam wrote foolishness, but then what do you expect form a YPFDJ member, let alone a YPFDJ organizer!

    Such event remind me of the wisdom words of Jesus in the bible “Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?….neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” Matthew 7:16 (ESV)

  • bini

    Dear editors/publishers of,

    This story that Haile posted should be on the front page news.

    It has now been confirmed that all of those who died a tragic death in the coast of Italy are indeed Eritreans, may they rest in peace.

    But on this website, it is buried deep in an unrelated post like this one of Jihan and Simon. You guys should also post Osman Saleh’s speech for all to hear. The news side of this website can take some improvement. Please take my humble opinion with grace as no pan is intended. is pretty much the only Eritrean website I visit so there is a lot of respect here.


  • Ghezae Hagos

    Thanks haw Haile:

    May be it is the uncompromisingly clear presence of Death itself staring starkly in their eyes. May be it is the futility of expecting for deliverance from evil.

    The truest, the deepest, the simplest words ever uttered in post-independence Eritrea about Eritrea were three words. They were not recorded in Eritrea; but by Eritreans. They were recorded in caves of Sinai, with full import, and countenance to the Commandments of the Higher Being, making dead sure we don’t have the excuse to miss their eternal veracity. Yet the authors were mere mortals whose hour has came.

    They were young. They were very young. In the last hours of their existence, when death was creeping near and sure, they did the last simple, heroic act: in the caves, they wrote. They chiselled.

    Ezi w’n kifalf iyu.

    This too shall pass.

    The truest, the deepest, the simplest words ever uttered in post independence Eritrea are three words. They eked out Truth that spoke beyond our ephemeral farce to eternity. It is as if the words meant to contrast with, to convict, to disarm, the 24-hour cacophony of discordance, our discourse has turned itself into. Four words of the dying trampling the chatterbox of the living.

    Ezi w’n kifalf iyu.

    In the turbulent times, we can’t even act human, let alone heroic. We can’t and don’t mourn our dead. 400 plus perished in matter of hours. They died together but we didn’t come together but worse drifted asunder. The dying and the dead were wiser than us who call ourselves the living.

    What about the newly departed? the 13 young Eritreans? who just embarked the journey alive with hope and trepidation from one side of Mediterranean and turn up simply dead at the other side! Did they write something for us?

    They gave us their dead bodies.

    Ezi w’n kihalf iyu!

    May they rest in peace and may God console their families and may we be a little wise, a little kind for this

  • L.T

    What is Ethiopia(niz)m?or”Man’New Ethiopiwi?”Aba Gibegna”
    Ethiopia is “Alwweledm”
    The most basic images of Ethiopia is “Zeraf,Zemecha,Tenesina Teramed…”Ethiopia is Nile Dam or Ato Meles historic walk on the moon.Is there any truth in this belief?Is there personal liberty,freedom of equality?
    Ethiopia is civil war,Ethiopia is “Corkoncha” or a car crazy, Africa Hollywood with Woody drama with semi tropical jungle
    Local bread “Kicha”with a variety of sauces”Be’ba’y’netu”Injera.Economy chat and tourism with 220v 50Hz.
    Ethiopia from Addis Abeba to Adama from Diredawa to Gambela,from Goba to Jimma from Kelafo to Sodo,From mekele to moyale..
    I like real Ethiopia!!f=(n-1)/(c-1)9*3*3

  • Word of wisdom. Cyrus Cylinder A small clay tablet engraved in the 6th century B.C., it talks of Tolerance, Respect and Diversity. The original is now touring the United States, on loan from the British Museum. The Persian Empire’s great King Cyrus already knew that Inclusiveness, Compromise and Pragmatism bond nations and assure loyalties far better than brute force and ideology.

  • L.T

    Good news to all Ethiopians;
    Mini cabinet without Weldenkeal and Ali holds meeting and 4th Asmera mining confernece in Eritrea.

  • haile


    Now that it is confirmed that all of those who died a tragic death in the coast of Italy are indeed Eritreans, may they rest in peace.

    It must be made clear to those witnessing history unfold with yet more horrors befalling the Eritrean people, the regime that is at the root of all this distress addressed them in its media yesterday as “zegatat Africa / nationals of Africa” and “zey higawyan sidetegnatat / illegal immigrants”. Taking a cue and financial benefits (that they are given free hand to embezzle from diaspora communities), one of its mercenary commenter Meron inked the following, way before the bodies of those poor souls was given a resting place and their eyes shut:

    ” Thousands of Eritreans are leaving the country. Thousands of its most productive youth…
    …In search of Nike and Ipads!”

    To these embezzlers who are taking part in looting our nation and robbing its future, the Eritreans who met their tragic fate had long inked a response: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”

    In sadness,

    • Bini

      Selam Haile,

      Your contribution and research on this story is very commendable. It is extremely sad to see young Eritreans perish in such a manner.These young men and women wouldn’t subject themselves to such immensely dangerous situations if they had the most miniscule opportunity to have a decent life in their own country. My sister ended up in England via this very route in 2006. When I asked her why she and the rest would take such a high risk in a totally foreign and at times violent sea, her reply was “ezias ente wehede gele 50% edil aleka hiwetka ketdihin, ab Eritrea gin b dewka muwut slezkonka edilka bezia miray yihayish.”

      If I may humbly suggest that such a story (albeit related with the original thread here) be placed on a new thread or on the news section with its appropriate title. Perhaps more people would read it that way because you can’t expect all visitors to click on this thread in general and on the specific comment in particular.

      One other suggestions I have for you is to really just ignore the likes of Meron because they are too ignorant and completely brainwashed. It is a lost cause. I know so many people like that in my city including close family members and friends. The most successful thing Shabia has done in its history is brainwashing so many Eritreans of all walks of life. It is overly difficult to re-educate a person brainwashed either when they were so young or when they knew nothing else and when they had no reference frame. You have no idea how many Eritreans believe that “The US is punishing Eritrea because it is teaching the other African countries about self reliance and setting an example to the rest.” Most African countries are 40-50 years ahead of Eritrea simply because they have that much experience being on their own and leading their countries. Sorry I digress.


    • saay

      Patience, Hailat:

      In July, the new Pope, Pope Francis (himself once a refugee) invested his moral stature to make his first papal visit outside Rome– to Lampadesua, one of Eritreans many remote grave-sites– and now we can add Ragusa, Sicily. He denounced global indifference and told the world to treat refugees humanely. I cannot do justice to the words of this wonderful man, this new Pope, so I refer to a Wall Street Journal article:

      But the core reason for the visit, he said, was to mourn those who died trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. He tossed a wreath of flowers into the sea in their memory, calling their deaths a “thorn in the heart” that occurs so often it is simply ignored.

      “Who wept for these people who were aboard the boat?” Pope Francis asked in his homily. “For the young mothers who brought their babies? For these men who wanted to support their families?”

      “We are a society that has forgotten how to cry,” he said.

      Dozens of fishing boats accompanied the pope’s coast guard ship as it pulled into port, a seaborne motorcade to honor the first pope to visit an island that often feels it has been abandoned by Europe to process the thousands of would-be immigrants who come ashore each year.

      “Pope Francis, only you can save us,” read a banner on one of the boats. “Welcome among the least,” said a poster with an Argentine and Italian flag dangling from an apartment building.

      As his plane was landing, a boat carrying some 160 Eritreans arrived in port, the latest in a new wave of migrants taking advantage of calm seas and warm weather to make the treacherous crossing. Officials said they were in good condition, just cold.

      In one of the most annoying Facebook features, I was “added” (for 1 minute, I bounced out) to a discussion ongoing between Eritreans– with each playing their assigned role. Whoever was doing the enda hgdef talking points was saying that the whole pope visit and the arrival of Eritreans just as he was visiting was a drama staged, etc, etc. What do you do? Shake your head and you have to always think of them as your own brothers and sisters who happen to be in a cult and how much you want to invest in their recovery therapy is up to your patience. Many awatistas think we spend way too much time indulging them and it is something we debate often within Awate Team.

      I will close with this. In awate forum 1.0, there was an Isaias Cultists who went by the name of ZeWengel. Occasionally, commenters would discuss Kaddaffi and he would always jump to his defense (because kaddaffi was then Isaia’s BFF) using impressive statistics: how Kaddaffi has improved education, healthcare, quality of life, etc. The usual MDG stuff. Now, this is what Gaddafi’s former security chief is saying:

      Dead Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi raped hundreds of women during his years in power, and even kept a harem of sex slaves locked in the basement of his home, his former security chief has revealed.

      Mansour Daw, who stayed loyal to the tyrant until his downfall and subsequent death in 2011, said Gadaffi’s sexual appetite was so strong that an entire government department was established to source and provide him with prostitutes.

      Many were kept in his Tripoli compound under lock and key where the dictator could call on their services night or day.

      And when he travelled abroad on state affairs, he would take them along, usually disguised as bodyguards or journalists, Daw said.

      Those of us who are fans of legal thrillers are familiar with this: the lawyer insists on one pre-condition to defend a criminal accused of the most horrendous crimes: the accused criminal must tell the lawyer everything. Keep anything from me and I will stop representing you. All our confused brothers and sisters who defend the Eritrean “government” and its self-appointed president are volunteering to defend a system and a leader whose activities they know next to nothing about. Emphasis on nothing.


    • Hailat,

      “This too shall pass” will be remembered as the dark spot in the annals of our history – haunting the conscience of Eritrean soul, except the disgraced despot and his lackeys who are roaming in this forum to deflate the outcry over this tragic episode. Hmmmmm…. he called them “zegatat Africa/nationals of Africa”! Ah..this coward despicable individual couldn’t even own any courage to call them “our young” or “our own”. The “true to him” the Asmaras, Arayas, Merons, and mussie will also repeat the same chorus as in singing a song.Eritrea is teetering on the brink of disaster losing its young. unfortunately, we have failed to our young….A triangular failure in its nature – the regime, the opposition, and the so called intellectuals. I hope a new take off will be in the horizon…god wills…and we will prevail.


    • Selam Haile,

      Very sad news indeed and may their soul rest in peace.

      Nevertheless, have you by the way read Sals question and answer ‘sarcastic’ (for me) dialogue where my reply to him is based on. If not please do so and learn how that rebuttal was developed.

      However, let me tell you this (i am firm on it): this precious citizens have ended this way for the search of better tomorrow (i hope you have not forgotten this sentence of mine on yesterday).

      Bro. you are trying to make a political capital from the death of citizens which you or any body couldn’t retrieve their precious life. Unlike you, who have rotten in diaspora, they heroically have done their service to the nation and defended its interest in-person in the country till few months or years back from this tragic incident. Don’t forget that i belong to this generation and i was there with them ‘ab wu’euyin ab zuhulin.

      Your question is why they are here? And my question to you is why you and me are here? I am here just because your friends from South of the border has negatively affected the socio economic situation of the country; I am here because your bosses in the international domain have refused to stick on terms and allowed the aggressor to walk comfortably out of terms; I am here just because the same bosses of you in the contrary are targeting the nation for the mayopic interests of the neo-liberal configuration of the world; I am also here because i have lacked stamina to endure the challenges imposed to the country by the here in above mentioned entities; I am here because i have learned bud thing from people like you – to work for personal goods instead of common goods while the time is compelling for the work on common goods.

      Hailat, I am not you and my conscience is not ready to sell the nation just for the sake of some leftovers (actually big earnings) from the organisational shops in the guise of politics and rights. I don shoulder the problems the country is facing to the victim – victim. I dont try to score political capital from the death of my comrades that happened thousands of miles away from home.

      Let me tell you this again; this guys are heroes, they did their duty when it was needed; and even when they feel some sense of urgency in accomplishing some individual things in their life they didn’t blame the government (they know that also is a victime like them), they dint’ turn their face and direct their Kalashnikovs on it. Instead they left the nation wishing and hoping the best. That’s what they did, so did i.

      Now go sell your crab to your Boss at the HR C.

      • yegermal

        “Don’t forget that i belong to this generation and i was there with them ‘ab wu’euyin ab zuhulin. ”

        What do you say of the previous generation that was there “‘ab wu’euyin ab zuhulin'” in the hot scorching 30 years war for independence, whose majority of members are deceased or maimed or mowed down by tanks during the “disabled veterans protest” of 1994; or living in abject poverty unable to care for themselves and their families; or are back in the trenches and national service indefinitely; or are imprisoned without due process indefinitely; or disappeared altogether; while the minority elite group (DIA and his cronies) live a lurid life of largesse ala biblical Babylon. What do you say of a generation that gave so much of itself and received nothing in return? What do you say of a people whose dream for ‘better tomorrow” was hijacked by a few chekanat guanot and their greedy diaspora enablers?

      • yegermal

        “I am here because i have learned bud thing from people like you”

        NO, it is people like you Meron who flock to Eritrea annually to flaunt their flashy and meager material belongings to the Eritrean people. We (opposition) do not go to Eritrea , so we will not be blamed for your insensitive behavior towards a people that is already suffering from deprivation! Nah, it is on you Ms/Mr. bling bling!

      • haile


        I see reason deserting you faster than the speed of light!

        Before much a do, let me dash your hopes that there is no money (which appears to be the greatest concern of years in the face of bewildering tragedy) to be made from the UN hman rights investigations team that is seeking legitimate entry to Eritrea to ascertain the veracity of your chillingly inhumane claims. Evidence please. It is preposterous that you think that team, having been set up to hear my case, with its own meager resources would also roll wads of cash, that was meant to make it run its course, and hand it over to me or any other Eritrean for telling them their case that they are set up to investigate! What a sick way of judging things really.

        Indeed, Eritreans have been given a rare chance to tell the world their ordeals, and that they must do. It was not set up for Kenyans, Somalians, Ethiopians… but Eritreans. And if they don’t use it, who is going to benefit? Perhaps, your 100% percent popular government that consider you “zegatat Africa”?

        The reason that lead you to think in those lines is, however, your very own reality that is appearing to be the modes operand everywhere else. You see, your 100% supported regime doesn’t have budget and record of accounting. Hence, it can service your activities unaccounted for. On the flip side of the coin, everyone else has long discovered the notion of budgetary allocations that if the UN HR lawyers are allocating payments to those they are established to represent, that would be a headline news and you would have been the first one to line up for that.

        Please don’t call the youth that were exposed to hard labor, to the point of taking desperate measures to flee, in order to complete work that the nation borrowed and the regime embezzled for next to nothing, heroes. NO HELL, they’re victims. Rest assured, as the story would be told in full. But let’s get to the diaspora embezzlers. What do you call the act of taking community organizations over, then applying for funds from charities and government agencies for community development, then sub-contracting the so called phantom work to Awahahadi B’ealat and shimagle mekhete, and then sending that money to the housing and commerce bank of Eritrea share company (09 owned). And all facilitators of this scam getting their cut and free multiple trips to Eritrea with a paid expenses?

        There is NO WAY my lawyers (Read UN HR team set up to represent me) would indulge in that kind abject criminality. Here is a challenge: get me your facts and I will get you mine. I am not irresponsible enough to fan rift and divisions among Eritreans, and this is why some facts are suppressed. Otherwise, learn from your friend asmara, I make good in my promises.

        When I fought hard the opposition and firmly stated all along that I never support the regime, that was true to the core. I argued for the opposition to listen to popular sentiments, not to exaggerate claims (2% is obligation but I have never come across of someone’s family who were arrested for their relative not paying, shoot-to-kill is always referenced but I could never find a recorded case nor could I reconcile that although thousands are fleeing, there is no one to show gun shot wounds…). And I challenge those who make such cases to be factual because credibility is at stakes, and when all is said and done, we are trying to speak for those who can’t do it for themselves. Hence, if we lose credibility, we would, inadvertently, cause their legitimate cases to be undermined.

        Seek truth and truth shall set you free. If tomorrow I find out that you were correct all along that the regime is what you make out to be and all those “zegatat Africa” are just like the way you berate them as “spoiled brats” before they were even buried! Then I would cross the floor and join you. I am not beholden to an idea that i might find to be not as worthy as I thought it to be. Meron, be yourself, the monies that is showered on you by embezzling diaspora communities because you’re an accessory in causing (albeit though your pronounced support of the regime) this gruesome tragedies would never be enough to wash away the permanent emotional damage you would end up with in due course.


        • saay

          Epic, Haile:

          In short, it really is the “bgenzeb, bmasticka” principle at work. Embezzlers justify their embezzlement by saying: everybody does it. Liars justify their lies by saying: everybody does it. And: the murder by another name, the kidnapping by another name, the torture by another name that the Eritrean ruling party inflicts on Eritreans is justified by two words: Guantanemo Bay. America does it too. The gagging of Eritreans by denying them free press? There is no free press anywhere! bgenzeb, bmasticka.

          When the wikileaks info came out, the naive Isaiasists who actually believe the pabulum they were fed for years were telling themselves, aha, at long lost, every criminal activity the “sell outs” engaged in, everything the “traitors” did is now going to come out in the open! But there was not one, not a single incriminating thing about anything the Eritrean opposition did from reams of cables. None. There was no Eritrean that was spoken of as a foreign agent, a foreign asset, a spy. But all the cables showed was that the entire world (US ambassador, Chinese ambassador, the diplomatic community in Eritrea, Eritrean businessmen, former Eritrean Tegadelti) thinks that Isaias Afwerki is sadistic and mentally unbalanced. That is, the world, it turns out (including the Chinese ambassador to Eritrea!) believes what we believe: Isaias Afwerki is a stubborn, rigid, rude, disastrously wrong man who finds comfort in drinking 100 proof alcohol.


          • haile

            Hi saay,

            Interesting, I love it when I see the big picture like you put it! What is really puzzling is that Meron says that the migrants were searching for better life just like us! Never mind that “better from what” is the other half he wouldn’t have the guts to admit to, yet it is that he says “just like us”. Whatever it is that they want to “better” needs to be established that it is equal to what Meron was trying to make “better”. In the same vain of your pattern, Meron migrated for “Nikes and Ipads” hence everybody must be doing it for the same reason!!! Meron embezzles diaspora community monies to render his fake activism and hence so must be everyone else…mastika kbezhum, ezEom bsbHi b’Eray eyom zshetwa 🙂

          • asmara

            I am sure if you go back and dig in your archive of comments, you will find your guy, himself, was actually accusing Gezae for running a business in the name of HR. You accepted that for a fact at that time. Or maybe not, after all, your present favorite guy used to be considered as, or feared to be HGDF at that time. The thing is, your “HGDF”; like that word “Iziom”, is always generic and also dynamic. And nobody knows who that means. Hence, who cares what the guy said before? Let is keep on saying iziom….

      • asmara

        Hi Meron,

        “Sell your trash somewhere else”, is indeed the right reply to any idiot or group of idiots who want to use any Eritrean tragedy for a cheap and failed objective.

        “Sell your trash somewhere else” is again the right answer for a person or a group, who, now is trying to brush off the disastrous effect of the 2% they had to lie, which is now engraved on the UN monitoring report as a FACT, and is being used to choke Eritrea on an unjustified sanction. We are not talking about credibility here, we are talking about a nation being chocked based on lies

        So, let us crap somewhere else, shall we?

        Regarding the tragedy, the strange and amusing thing is the fact that all the previous “Husurat “ people who call themselves opposition, activists, vocal, etc – have already tried this and failed miserably, as the Eritrean people saw right through them and exposed their fake sorry assess and identified those tears these idiots seem to shade for that of a crocodile.

        Why on earth someone or some group, calling itself new names (Silent, mute, or whatever) are trying to do the same idiotic thing is beyond me!

        Where is that someone who wants to solve this? Where is that someone who says F***, politics, let us tell the ones who are alive to stay put! Where is that someone who would tell them it is not worth it?

        • Selam Asmara,

          More direct and substantive encounter. Crocodile tears perfectly fits to some one who works to aggravate the the wound and then to see more victims in the name of the bla’as for the very sake of ‘money (may be Mastika)’ which previously was predominantly conquered by other sellouts. Haile knows them from long time a go from afar and joined them now in range.

          Ciao. .

          • yegermal

            Accusations stay accusations if they are not backed by evidence. Chibti eski jobae bel/beli for a change?

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Selam Haile,

      May be it is the uncompromisingly clear presence of Death itself staring starkly in their eyes. May be it is the futility of expecting for deliverance from evil.

      The truest, the deepest, the simplest words ever uttered in post-independence Eritrea about Eritrea were three words. They were not recorded in Eritrea; but by Eritreans. They were recorded in caves of Sinai, with full import, and countenance to the Commandments of the Higher Being, making dead sure we don’t have the excuse to miss their eternal veracity. Yet the authors were mere mortals whose hour has came.

      They were young. They were very young. In the last hours of their existence, when death was creeping near and sure, they did the last simple, heroic act: in the caves, they wrote. They chiselled.

      Ezi w’n Yihalf

      This too shall pass.

      The truest, the deepest, the simplest words ever uttered in post independence Eritrea are three words. They eked out Truth that spoke beyond our ephemeral farce to eternity. It is as if the words meant to contrast with, to convict, to disarm, the 24-hour cacophony of discordance, our discourse has turned itself into. Three words of the dying trampling the chatterbox of the living.

      Ezi w’n Yihalf

      In the turbulent times, we can’t even act human, let alone heroic. We can’t and don’t mourn our dead. 400 plus perished in matter of hours. They died together but we didn’t come together but worse drifted asunder. The dying and the dead were wiser than us who call ourselves the living.
      What about the newly departed? the 13 young Eritreans? who just embarked the journey alive with hope and trepidation from one side of Mediterranean and turn up simply dead at the other side! Did they write something for us?

      They gave us their dead bodies.

      Ezi w’n Yihalf

  • Thank You Beyan
    Unfortunately we are mostly a hypocritical race, Wishy washy, and many of the so-called, educated ,intelligent, liberals and intellectuals are bound by parochial considerations of expediency bordering on narrow ideologies, susceptible to theoretical renderings and speculations; and are mostly overlooking the broader universal vision one must factor to arriving at detached and objective conclusions. Incredible the level of protest and objections expressed by people for long you may assume them to be open minded; liberals and open to detached and objective democratic debate.

    • beyan neegash

      Dear Said,

      Well said. Excellent assertion, but there are a lot of educated fools in America who follow the rules. Unfortunately, in our case, having only the rule of the jungle to follow makes it very difficult to whittle down; everything is looked at through this tunnel vision of the personal, God forbid one thinks in terms of the universal.


  • TheTruth

    Reagan once said that “you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.” This article does a disservice to all those who are seeking the truth.

  • rodab

    On the Jihan Vs Simon (J&S heneforth) brawl, I don’t think it is good idea to take one side over the other. What I would say is they both are bright young people who will have a lot to offer going forward. I hope those who judge either of them harshly tone it down.
    No body forced J&S to do what they did and they could have just minded their own business. Instead they showed interest in participating and writing on issues of national matters. God bless their heart.
    I salute J&S and I hope they actively continue their participation in our nation’s political disussions.

  • haile

    Merhaba saay

    anta kabey ekha t’shmto ezi zereba @nihna bgenzeb nskhn bmastikaa…haha

    Latest mastika brands:

    The UN needs to reform…just like what we did in embatkala

    bumba america

    The cabinet of ministers decided to embark on MAJOR investment and development undertakings, mining proclamation would be revised…ente hishuken si fetna:)

    Tesfom….this is hot from the oven, people in Asmara have nick named IA as Tesfom…(this is true, just heard it! it is in response to his wishfull thinking)

    The cheapest brand: Tesfom klte bhirkam 🙂


    Do you think the popular peoples government should allow unfettered access for UN HR investigation team? bejakha sile’zom tmal zmotu elka haqi haz!!


    That was below the belt. You can’t come around during break session to throw punches… bad bad bad… Any way, I like the way you put it that I don’t know what happened. Indeed I don’t. Wouldn’t you say that is a pity, especially after 5240 words of antsertsrot by simon? All I said was they talk and attempt to reach an understanding rather than follow the advice of that crazy woman, i.e. to seek legal injunction against Jihan to ban her from ever forming an opinion of someone who spoke in public podium so that the public audience can form an opinion of his position? Ok Jihan, I got to be fair: You 5min time out and simon a slap on the wrist…this way boys and girls 🙂


    yak…can’t be bothered


    • Haile,

      Let those precious creates rest in peace.

      I don’t understand the connection you want to make between those precious citizens of this world who lost their life in search of better tomorrow (I am not sure if they are Eritrean’s or all Eritreans) and your beloved UN HR investigation to Eritrea. Please don’t try to score political capital from the suffering of innocent people and their unfortunate end which no one can retrieve their life at this moment.

      Haila, we can debate on why people including you and me migrate from a broad perspective in the time to come with conditions not to minimize human aspiration and life – like the one you tried in here – in the quest of some political capital and the misguiding project.

      • asmara

        Hi Meron,

        Please realize that this guy confessed here in awate, that he was actually one of the sources for that HR rapporteur woman. So don’t get confused if he mentions that HR stuff almost on everything here – it is just his way of telling you what you read in that woman’s report is actually his (or a tiny part of it. One of those nameless individuals presented as witnesses) – therefore his constant use of that HR stuff is just his way of completing the circle.

        Just like the 2% thing.

        It goes like this – one (or group) of the lost souls lies and feeds his lie to the UN monitoring group, the monitoring group place it in that junk they call a report, and you know the rest. The funny part is, that same low life who lied about the 2%, comes back to one of the forums, like, and tells you – everything must be true because the UN said so, and presents that report as an exhibit. The same thing is happening with the HR thing – and you will get tired listening to this guy presenting it on anything and everything….

        Just saying…..

        • Asmara,

          I think he has complied with you with regard to his connection with the HR Rappaorteur’s stuff, his benefits from the half a million budget allocated for that task, his expection to see UN acting as an ‘opposition’ wing.

          Have you seen he clever that guys is? He tried some business stuff in Eritrea and once they fail to materialize he jumps to other business. Look how he is selling himself for ‘Genzeb’. By the way, i like that joke (the Genzeb and Mastica Wiztezawit waza) of Sal. It has a lot to tell about him and Hailat and the other sellouts.


          * Admin:- I hope you would not block or in case forget to post this.

          • asmara

            Hi Meron,

            And imagine, this is the same guy, not a long time ago, used to trash that 2% dude (Gezae hagos) and his “Hidmona HR” thing as being simply a money making business, just like the other businesses some twisted people are running in the name of Human Right. That was the past. Now this dude, not only is deep in that scam himself, but also is monopolizing it. Somehow, he found a short cut and beat that Chirum woman, the vandal Selam , the 2% dude and all the rest and placed himself at the door of that HR woman.

            On another note, please, don’t get intimidated with the crocodile tears such people are shading for any tragedy our youth are facing in the deserts of Sinaii and other places. They are just that – CROCODILE TEARS. For idiot people, this is just another tool to shoot at the Eritrean government. In actual fact, these people pray for such tragedy to happen just for them to get at the Eritrean government, and for them to satisfy their grudges and hatreds. They cherish when things like these happen. So, again, don’t mistake the fake tears for anything genuine. You can see how quick they tend to take ownership of the pointing finger. Otherwise they wouldn’t even entertain that those people who died could actually be people very close to us – on top of being Eritreans. But, hey –

      • haile


        The UNSCR on HR is my fav. This is the first time a dagger was struck on the regime’s diabolical acts of isolating the Eritrean people from the world to conduct a sever levels of violations. Thankfully, today the UN has a half a million dollar budget per year set aside to bring it to books. It is no longer a case that it is ok to brutalize Eritreans because there is no “opposition”. It finds itself under the limelight and no sooner did it run away from the oncoming train to claim there is no national service. This is indeed the first time we can challenge the regime in intl. court and not its special courts.

        What is the link between the precious victims and the HR investigation:

        The team WAS SET UP in response to the mass influx of Eritreans out of the country, just like the those people who perished yesterday. Thousands and thousands are held up in Ethiopia, Sudan, Israel… The UN has called for all member countries to extend asylum to Eritreans at this difficult time. It is recognized that the regime you support is meting out MASSIVE violations human rights.

        Why are they migrating:

        Migration has existed as long as mankind has set foot on earth. That is not the issue. The main issue is why are Eritreans deciding to take extremely desperate measures to do so? They have only turned to such measures in the last decade where the regime intensified its massive violations. It is not about migration per se rather the desperate attempts and mass influx that has become a matter of major international concern.

        Are they Eritreans?

        …ahhh, I really hope you don’t go down that rout. Real desperate.

        Again, I ask you… If the regime is so popular and 100% supported, why not grant unfettered access and shame all those lairs tarnishing its unblemished records?

        I really consider it a great equalizer and leveling the playing field…we hope it stays in place long enough and looking at how the regime was roundly humiliated in its presentation of the ESMART trash, it will.


    • Papillon

      Dear Haile,

      It has been quite a while now since you have conquered the Awate-land with a gusto where you’ve stolen the show brilliantly and mercilessly. Evidently, my rather faulty “assessment” of you has been false-positive as a guy with a soft heart for the regime in Eritrea. My apologies for that. I mean it. I was wondering if the ever resourceful Awate-Team could provide you with a version of Wolf Blizer of CNN’s “The Situation Room”* where you will have a free reign to dismantle and debunk the blunted pellets of the rabid dogs of Isaias (read: Nitric, Asmara and Meron).

      *How do you say, “The Situation Room” in Tigrinya?


      • rodab

        While awaiting Haile’s reply…
        It’s not like he has not been granted a ‘Situation Room’ already 🙂
        Let’s count them (I will show smilling faces to indicate I am not filing a complaint):
        (1) posting guidelines were waived to grant him a pass and he authored full-fledged articles – twise. This was never done before 🙂
        (2) some lands were grapped from the City of Khokob Selam to construct a boxing stage exclusively for Haile and Nitricc 🙂
        (3) he was labelled “the great” 🙂
        Now, what additional exclusive previlege are you lobbying for him? 🙂
        (I pray he is not given the authority to kick in & out people at will :-))

        • Papillon

          Dear Rodab,

          I say, the accolade is well and aptly deserved. The Haile I came to know back in the days (in relative terms that is) was obsessing at times way over chart about the border ruling. But for a reason that is probably to remain the mystery of all mysteries in the annals of, all of a sudden or should I say, on a spur of a moment, he happens to be not only a man with a wealth of knowledge about the inner dealings of the secular-religion PFDJ, he is almost untouchable armed with an astounding vigour as he lays bare the fallacy of the rabid dogs who are roaming in this forum with their unbearable stench. Hope the Awate-Team don’t feel threatened as he is unstoppable in the popularity-O-meter. Just kidding of course.


        • asmara


          The forum owners are weighing the pros and cons of informing their reader (For fear of uprising – Egypt style – and maybe they could not find that constitution of the forum) otherwise it has been a while since that dude got the job of gate keeper of the (ira-iro of comments in this forum.

          Your prayer did not work.

      • asmara

        All I remember is, there was this thing calling itself dragon or tattoo or something, and I used to be banned from this forum for just calling that thing “Meskela”(tinglish for Tattoo) – and that thing used to cry and run to the moderator. Remember that? I also remember, Meske used to be this big mouthed spoiled brat, all wired to defend Woyanie, and never hesitates to throw insults at any one and every one , but then it used to crumble and fall if any one throws a small criticism at it or at Woyanie.

        Then Meske, wake up one morning and told us it is Puppy now (Daddy to Diddy, kind of thing) we said, nah!, we will stick with Meskela, but, then the moderator, said it is Puppy! (An order)

        Then one day Meskela opened its mouth very wide enough to irritate the Don of the house, then our SAAY gave it a small slapping – then we never heard from it for a while (A lesson for the other weird creature of this house). Then the forum members started to offer some niceties about the puppy, and chose to ignore the emotional wreck that thing was (Similar to what we traditionally do, when someone passes away – we just say only good things about the deceased, he/she will never come back after all, you know?) – And our Saay got broken hearted and started to blame himself for loosing that thing. Sure, I did miss it ( my old punch bag)too, but I have a funny way of showing it though.

        Now, Meskela is back – and guess what? It looks like it is as big mouthed as ever. We will wait and see if it still retains that “Woyanie sideckick” job though. We will wait and see, and will not rush to judge, you never know what a little vacation does to a person (thing)

        “….rabid dogs of Isaias (read: Nitric, Asmara and Meron)…”

        Meske, Wa!

        [From moderator: what commenters choose to call themselves at other forums is their business. We insist that you (a) use one and only one username/nick here; (2) don’t bring threads/debates from other forums here (confusing to readers); (3) begin all comments with a salutation: Dear, Selam, greetings, etc followed by the chosen nick of the person or persons you are addressing.]

    • saay

      selamat Hailat:

      You said : “Tesfom….this is hot from the oven, people in Asmara have nick named IA as Tesfom…(this is true, just heard it! it is in response to his wishfull thinking)”

      Zeyamelka 🙂 That “Tesfom” thing is so 2010. That’s when the Economist said Eritrea will have the worldest fastest growing economy for 2011 because of gold and the Chinese-funded new cement factory. Every Isaiasists was waving this Economist prediction as gospel (never mind that The Economist is considered a Langley outfit by them when it publishes news about the police state) and they were talking of so much gold even poodles (the actual dogs not the just the political ones) will be walking around bling blinging… Isaias made a prediction that there will never be hunger again in Eritrea. Let the good times roll.

      Then. The revenue from gold was not as much as advertised because Nevsun made a slight (slight spelled H.U.G.E) miscalculation warranting a shareholder class action suit; the price of gold began to plummet; Isaias, after lowering expectations about the mining curse that afflicts nations which discover gold, told the Looters Club (military echelon) and soldiers waiting for raises that izi ny werqi zbahal genzeb tebeliU iyu…(why not: the Auditor is powerless to audit) the cement factory ran out of hard currency… And I am sure the US-UN-SEMG and other deux machina did bad things too.

      So no more Tesfom. The Salesman has nothing more to sell, not even fear. He is exhausted even of hearing his own promises. He has put the country on auto pilot…meElebi? If u can’t soft land the plane, the land must elevate to cushion the plane. Or something.


      • haile

        Hi saay

        ma’…really? I am now thinking that I might have misheard it over poor connection. May be they were saying Tefishom instead? 🙂


    • haile

      Selamat Papillon,

      ah…those were the days when me and IA had the same position on the border:) Many things changed since! IA went all regional and complimentary (babur msReaye hadimuni keydu!) and I am cleaning up the mess he left behind 🙂

      Tinglish for “situation room”? saay, where is the dictionary? didn’t I told you not to borrow it! Anyway, here is a real “situation room” from ERiTV today (regarding the migrant tragedy in Italy RIP)

      I say good start. Notice zegatat Africa (Gadaffi wish you were here!) and no mention of potential Eritrean victims today or in the past! Despite being the main reason why we are even more shocked by it (although any human tragedy is shocking enough in itself). A classic case of Meron’s 100% supported government that supports you 0% in return.

      As regards your list, I would say, looking at Meron and Nitricc, I wouldn’t bet my money to be better than them in anyway had they been willing to stand for truth. They chose to race me with their legs tied, well they own the responsibility for the outcome 🙂

      Hi Rodab,

      You said the smiley emoticon was meant to show you weren’t complaining, yet you “pray” that I don’t become a moderator to validate postings. Compliant endo aymqerebekan kab tselot 🙂


  • Haqi

    Dear sal
    Your words are bitter merzi to fanatic cult worshipers and I always enjoy the way you punch this suckers. Nihna be genzeb nisikin be mastika kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  • Zahra

    Hi Beyan,

    You don’t have to worry about the Isayasists being mouth-tied and wanting all Eritreans be mouth-tied. I have followed their mannerism for years if would ever change. Never, as yet to see them open to outside world.

    Their situation can be is very similarly described as “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS.” I mean “WHAT HAPPENS IN SHABIA-LAND STAYS IN SHABIA-LAND.” In both cases the dirty laundries are dirty laundries and they should stay in where the dirty laundries are. At least the Vegas’s good things can be taken out and speak about them loudly and proudly. The Shabia-land’s things are all about shames to be hid.

    • yegermal

      AGENAE! It is the strong kool-aid they drink when they get initiated to join PFDJ!

    • beyan neegash

      Hello Zahra,

      I never lose sleep over hallow compunctions. I just try to sift through the noise in hopes of finding something constructive to cling onto; once I find any constructive opening, then, I due diligently search for elevated discourse.

      Thank you for the kind suggestion,

  • yegermal

    Those of you who feel sorry for Mr. Simon, please don’t. He is an adult and a willful supporter of DIA/PFDJ. I see no reason to commiserate him or assume that he is an innocent youth that has been duped by the regime. Our propensity to give the benefit of a doubt to each and every Eritrean that chooses to side with evil is indicative of our collective unrealistic expectation of a perfect Eritrean society where each member is conscientious and justice-loving. It’s high time we “stop getting surprised” in the face of selfish, educated and evil-loving Eritreans (youth or old. No matter how we hate to admit it, Simon is just another selfish, calculating and callous Eritrean who has chosen to side with DIA for his own interests.

  • L.T

    Whom gived you all this moral and material for this long articles,from Goerge Orwell based on farming and animal to Kahsia and Tesfamariam Reporters without watch report,from PFDJ or baito to YPF(DJ)I don’t mean they are D(disco)J(Jocker),

    From Band Aid to Doctor open letter,from water shortage to President’s response,from Davis to Forto,from Jihan to Simon,from Semen Korea to Akhriya,from 1000 rounds Confrenss to internal seminars Bologna and from AK 47 to enda Zena…This is your final draft…from….to

  • yegermal


    Anytime PFDJites swarm your article you know you have accomplished your mission. Agenae! Now you can relax and enjoy the show :)…

    • asmara

      Hey look! it is that guy with amharic name, again!


      Here is a secret, but don’t tell anyone, will you? (except saay, that is. He already knows) No body reads your damn articles. It is very easy to know what trash would come out of which writer, without reading it

      For instance, from knowing just your nic, it is easy to tell your middle name is “inferiority complex”, right? Right?
      See, it is easy

      • yegermal

        Dayum! and you say all o dat without reading my “articles”? Dat’s deep man!

        • Araya

          “Dayum! and you say all o dat without reading my “articles”? Dat’s deep man”

          this guy as old as he is, he told so, but he has no shame to use Ghetto words and trying to be a teenage. what the hack is “dat” act your age man. if it is not bad you are using the one word you know in Amharic, now you copying your youngest son’s Ghetto slang. what WT–

          asmara for give him midle age does that

          • yegermal

            Am lovin it! Just a couple of syllable got me some swarms. Magine if I wrote an article!

        • asmara

          I guess that must be deep. It managed to penetrate that inferior thing up there, didn’t it?

          You know what? YG, the wacko, must not have known about you when he wrote that thing about Eritrean names or something. You did chose that nic yourself, right? No fault of your parents or anything, right? Interesting!

          • yegermal

            yall chill! Ima make drop your cherki!

    • beyan neegash


      Indeed, I am enjoying the discourse – of course, with some qualification on the word discourse, if you know what I mean!

  • Selam Asmara (Sal in context),

    Same observation in here. However we have to thank Haile for making it crystal clear. The border issue is not national issue for these guys. Consequently they don’t respect for the life paid, the endeavor poured and the hangover the nation is still suffering. They are practicing politics from afar, that’s why it is quite difficult for them to feel the pain of the 600,0000 displaced Eritrean’s, the ruined life of every young Eritreans in that regard, the grief of our 19,000 fallen heroes families, the golden time and fortune the two brotherly peoples are simply elapsing constrained.

    I don’t feel anything for their opposition to the government. If they feel they have case to prove let them fight and prove it straight. However, I can’t respect them so long they don’t respect the nation – for the nation is greater than all of us. The entry of respecting the nation starts with a respect to the sovereignty the nation – that means respect to the territorial integrity, the people and the mechanism it has to govern itself. Yes, what they could do with that regard from afar is still limited, however, if they could express unrelenting dedication and compassion to that they definitely could have our respect. Let me tell you this, no matter I fall in my political believes with regard to Mesfin Hagos and whatever I thing about his betrayal of 2001, I do have deep respect not only for his contribution for the liberation the nation but also for the stands he echoed about the sovereignty of the nation in the last 10 years.

    Few months back I remember Haile echoing the same position in this very room. However, he gradually but surely embarked in to that sinking boat and learned their taboos very quickly. These are their taboos:-

    – Never never mention the sovereignty of the country (you can envestigate this web site posts for years and you may remember what Mr. Saleh Gadi’s interview were about with the late Prime Minister)

    – Never never accuse Weyane and its violation of Eritrea’s sovereignty, instead serve it as a propaganda machine and magnify to what they have accomplished (though millions of Ethiopians has to get annoyed or disagree) – you may remember the tourist account style report of this web’s visits to Ethiopia.. holaaaa.

    – Never never mention any accomplishments of the country and even citizens.
    * See, let alone other serious things celebrating Eritrea’s sports men/women achievement in the international arena is taboo in these domain – the opposition and neo-andnet camp. But no miss an opportunity to celebrate if those sports men have deserted the country.

    Asmara, let me quit drawing a long list on that issue. You know it all … What makes us different from them is we don’t have taboo’s but values and they support us to talk on matters straight. Let me mention how we usually show our values to these people using Sal’s question and answer style.

    Neo-Andnet, Neo-Parochialism and Neo-Destruction Advocate:- (N): There is massive human rights violations in Eritrea.

    Change and Progress Advocate: (SP): Misrepresentation. There is massive human right struggle in Eritrea – struggle to achieve Political, Social and Economic rights as enshrined in UN charter of fundamental rights of human beings. However, it is not perfect as is true everywhere?

    N: There is no democracy in Eritrea.

    SP: There is not perfect democracy in the world and we are democracy in the making?

    N: There is no political pluralism in Eritrea, there is only one party, PFDJ.

    SP: It is a people’s front, not a party. And when it’s due parties will come on its foot step – but not from Ethiopia and the parochial wings.

    N: You talk of obligations. But are there no rights?

    SP: Of course there are rights and those who do their duties know their rights. Ah when was the last time you were to Asmara? Have you casted for Independence? Do you have Eritrean ID? Have you done your national service? – You can ask more for what you can do for your country.

    N: Rights to organize, to assemble, to form political parties?

    SP: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thousands of varieties of organizations are already in the country. Have you ever participated or attended in Alumni, old neighborhood (Mahber Mitihigigaz, mete’abity), youth, women, workers, war veteran organizations, business communities, farmers associations (teradi’otat) Conferences, meetings and gate to gathers. Please scroll up for your question about political parties?

    N: There is no food security in Eritrea.

    SP: Do you mean there are no USAID and its like’s injection to Eritrea? Do you mean the people over there are surviving without food but oxygen? Do you mean the country is not importing food to feel the gap on its harves? Do you measure it by WFP standard of calorie intake for Eritrea or the developed world? – oh check WFP calories intake for Eritrea and tell me our people is there for years without have that or close to it calorie intake.

    N: There is no justice in Eritrea.

    SP: What do you mean by “justice?” How do you think the entire population in the country is resting its cases? Do you know how the justice system works in Eritrea? Do you have any clue about what ‘community courts means? Can you please do me a favor to read this paper “Ensuring Access to Justice Through Community Courts in Eritrea” ? When are you going to stop mingling treason with political or civil crime?

    N:- Where is that Constitution – we want it?

    SP:- You can have it in Awget Book Stores in the streets of Asmara. Actually it is partially in the making and will be practiced fully in the course. Remember this; constitutionalisation is not a one or two decade cook.

    N: There is no free press in Eritrea.

    SP: Let’s hope time to come for free press in the world. Let’s hope to build a constructive press in Eritrea – the endeavor is to meet that track.

    N: But we were told if we just give the government some space, breathing room, it would deliver results!

    SP: With all the hurdles fomUS, UN, Weyane we are delivering.

    N: There is no running water, no electricity in Eritrea!

    SP: There is but shortages and could be overcome.

    N: There are Eritreans in jail who have never spent a day in court of law!

    SP: You are right; as there is not court for the Qua’eda in guantanom (even for those of Americans by citizenship) there is also not equal footing for treason on the civil courts. See the big picture, if you can save the nation and its 5,000,000 by quarantine the effected apples -handful traitors – isn’t it ok. Let’s hope we can develop a better healing mechanism for such inffections.

    N: Thousands of Eritreans are leaving the country. Thousands of its most productive youth.

    SP: In search of Nike and Ipads! Happens all over the world, our case is worse because the US, UN have become active human traffickers of Eritreans. It is a deliberate campaign to deny Eritrea the ability to defend itself!

    N: Why would the US, UN focus so much attention on Eritrea, a small country in Africa?

    SP:- if you can’t sense it please forward your question to those guys or open yourself for massive readings with regard to Neo-liberalism and how it deal to otherwise thinking’s.

    N: Do you know how that makes you sound?
    Sp: Do you know rather how that question makes you sound?

    C: You have been “foiling enemies” since 2001, but you don’t seem to be making much progress.
    SQ: Can you please visit Eritrea and check what has been done in person. That could lead you to real situation in there which is by far different from the politically tuned and speculation based records. N.B. I don’t think you are that stupid to go there if you are a member of the neo-andnet and neo-prochialism camp – no has to do that in any country and with any government.

    Your visit can render you lots of answer for lots of question… welcome or have a nice trip to Asmara.


    • Papillon


      Why do I feel like as if I am in one of the Hzbawi Mekhete every time I run into your run-away diarrhea as the uptight in a straightjacket audience on the foreground clap every time Brigadier General Sophia T. says, “Rome didn’t lay waste in one day.” Don’t you feel any shame at all to have the temerity and tell us that every thing is fine and dandy in Eritrea or if there are “bumpy roads here and there” it is because of the traitors and conspirators? If you have what it takes as you seem to give us the impression to that effect, why don’t you hold Isaias accountable and responsible for starting the war which has costed thousands of precious lives? An abused wife conceals her predicament in a bid to deny her well wishers a gratification for she thinks it is better to endure than find a solution. Dig?

      • Nitricc

        PIA did not start the war. Check your facts. Because your dead dictator says so, ain’t so..
        If you want hold PIA accountable, please do so but you can not make your own story just to protect and exanorate your savage TPLF. Please come to your sense.
        I don’t know why people make up stuff. I was reading this gay “Amhara” and here she was an Eritrean girl from Italy called him and he pick her up from air port. Do you want get a kick read it.
        The funny part is she fall in love with dirtiest city in the world, she canceled going back to Italy.
        Some one ask this guy where she got his phone. I know he will tell you somehow she got it.
        Only papillon would believe that story. Right papillon?
        Wake woman!

    • Nitricc

      Selamat Meron?
      Don’t do that man. They may have heart attack 🙂
      So you think Haile is turning the corner, huh?
      We shall see. We will give him a test, let see if he can pass it.

      • yegermal


        No offense , but the only adjective that can describe you is “medakemi”.

    • saay

      Hi Meron:

      Well, now that Serray is back, what you have written is the ingredient from which he creates dog food (minced meat) so I will defer to him: it is sorta his specialty 🙂

      In any event, I can’t say that I read it attentively because hilarious lines have a way of getting in the way, like this classic:

      What makes us different from them is we don’t have taboo’s but values and they support us to talk on matters straight.

      This is after you casually mention Mesfin Hagos’s “betrayal”, the very nature of which (is it fair to accuse someone of betrayal without giving him the right to defend himself and without presenting evidence to warrant the accusation?) is one of many (many, many, many…) taboos in Higdef Land. Broadcasting, reprinting, this very discussion we (two Eritreans) you and I, are having is taboo in PFDJ’s Eritrea.

      Reading your post, I remembered something vivid from childhood. I am not exempt from awate’s posting guidelines so I will be careful and use PG language. When the “ladies of the night” would stand outside their “business” soliciting “clients”, school girls passing them by would scorn them, change paths, avoid eye contact. There was this brazen “lady of the night” who would tell them, “aye! niHna bgenzeb: nskhn bmastika!” (We practice our trade for money; you school girls do it for a chewing gum.) The point is because the PFDJ practices Disinformation and Misinformation as a legitimate political tool, it thinks everybody else does that too 🙂 Because it has no qualms about breaking promises (post independent Eritrea will be a multi-party state, democracy is NOT conditional on development, etc), it accuses others of breaking promises. Because it has NO private press, it says there is NO private press anywhere in the world. Etc. The PFDJ Political Programme is like that of the Brazen Old Lady of The Night of my neighborhood.


      • asmara

        “…In any event, I can’t say that I read it attentively because hilarious lines have a way of getting in the way, like this classic….”

        Same happened to me when I started to read you nonsense. The word that cut my reading short, as always is the word “we” you always throw in – sure you put “opposition” in brackets sometimes and make it funnier.
        See, nobody asks you as to whom that “we” is representing
        Does the “we” stand for:
        – Those who never thought it right to vote in the referendum, but feel no shame to defame those who worked hard for Eritrea?
        – Those woyanie subordinates and strange creatures infesting you website, who would not feel any shame to put Ethiopia’s interest before that of our nation?
        – Those who would feel no shame to defame and shame our struggle for independence?
        – Those who has never seen Eritrea since 1981, did nothing to the effect of our independence since, except compelling and dying with hate and grudge driven diseases?
        – The (60 % of the forum participants- do the counting) Ethiopians and woyanie agents participating in this forum, who strangely found it so easy to trash Eritrea and the Eritrean people right here in these forum who claims to be Eritrean?
        – Does it stand for those sell out who are telling Eritreans that – because Woyanie cannot be made to leave Eritrean sovereign land by force, it is ok to lower our pants, bend so low and give our rear?. Hey this is coming from those strange creature of the house (Sure, I can name some names – the hayat dude/dame, my favorite Meskela, the Hidrat dude..etc, the new haile…etc)
        – Those who, with low regard to the Eritrean people who are watching in shear amusement, lie to the whole world about the 2%?
        – Those who are calling for more sanction on their nation?
        – Those who want to dismantle our Eritrea by narrow regionalism, religion?
        -Those who call our youth in diaspora as Nazis?
        -Those who vandalize Eritrean properties and terrorize Eritreans?
        -Those who puff blood whenever Eritreans get together and promote their culture and tradition?
        – Or those you “gang up” here to face anyone who throws a comment against what you stand for? Like what you try to do just now calling someone else to address Meron, or like the thing you do – trying to use Haile as a loyal dog to bark whenever anyone you thought is with a sensible mind not to join your group, comes here and throws a comment or two, representing him/herself…….like Nitricc?

        But, never mind – there is zero communality between you people except your loads of garages – meaning, labeling yourself as, or categorizing yourself as opposition, or anything that implies any sense of grouping, gives the false impression that you actually have some base or a core value that might tie you together (Except, the garbage you all seem to possess –Grudge, hate, twitted nature, subordination, self-hate, inferiority, meekness, acute fear, defeatism, kebitse tesfa, hopelessness….. ). There is none. Most of all – Eritrean or the Eritrean people’s interest is definitely not the thing that you can be accused of. Meaning, you don’t have any base tying you up pertinent to our Eritrea
        And everybody knows you aspire for guys like Nitricc, Meron etc to come here say something so as for you to create that false commonalty between otherwise twisted kind of people, you are desperately want to exist or for that communality to gain life . Desperate action of generating “We” against “them” type of thing….

        Nobody is fooled by the “we” buddy!

        • Asmara

          You rock again man. As usual you are at their neck. Haile might appear now to heal the wound, the Hidrat could also appear short to raise the flag for Haile, as usual Sal would back Hidrat, and the 60% from the neighbor country would smile wide and hit their just – because they here for that and the same with the page.

          Asmara, I am not declaring success on your side – cause tangible success could not achieved in this virtual world. Anyways, deduct the word opposition to ‘opposition’ because that was a mistake and no one in here merit to that. Convert that ‘we’ of mine to ‘me’ because i don’t represent any one except myself.


          How can you jump to ask a quest on the post you didn’t read attentively? The very question you raise is boldly address there and i don’t think i should come back to you while you can have it yourself in few scrolls up with with a little attention.

          • saay

            Selamat Meron:

            Sorry, you lost me at the “we have no taboos.” But fair enough–I will reply if and only if Serray can’t. His BS detector is on high alert: I tend to laugh at 50% of the BS; whereas he breaks it down into its smelly parts 🙂


          • asmara


            Actually hats off for you. I can’t tell you how many times I composed a reply to you, mainly to add or strength some of the things you said here – only to be beaten by your speed and also realize that you already said it on your next post.

            And hey, feel free to use that “we” as there is a well-defined group called “ Hagerawian”. Well defined indeed! And you definitely belong there – “we” away as much as you want!

        • saay

          Selamat asmara:

          Well, there is a way of knowing who is “we”, those who oppose the illegitimate and incompetent rule of Isaias, and you the “hagerawian”*: it is called holding an election. Then we can quantify who outnumbers whom, but until then, feel free to go with the 99.9999% vs 0.0001% that every dictator proclaims (Qaddaffi, Assad, Hosni) until the kettle boils over. The 99.9999% (“the people and the government are one, iden gwantin”) is like everything Isaias proclaims: it is not just a lie, it is not even original. There is a way to find out who from the “we” has sold out the country, and who from the hagerawian has sold out the people: it is called constitutional law, but you won’t have it. So, until then, it is a solo race and, wouldn’t you know it (what a shock) you win in every race and bestow on each other a “hagherawi” ribbon.


          * Of course you are not Hagherawian but Isaisists. Every dictatorship is a cult. Let me draw you a scenario: Representatives of the PFDJ hierarchy, the military echelon, the cabinet of ministers hold a press conference in Eritrea (televised on Eri-TV live) where they announce that “To save the country from further deterioration, and in accordance with our party laws and the ratified Eritrean constitution, we have impeached former president [ouch, I know, that hurts] Isaias Afwerki from power for perpetuating rule without restraint (abuse of power). He and his supporters (including the armed Ethiopian opposition) are at large and we demand they disarm and face the consequences of their action in front of a transparent constitutional court where they will have legal representation.” You and the other Hagherawian would stand behind Isaias even if this reduces Eritrea to civil war. You would say let the hagher go to hell, what is hagher without Wedi Afom. Ergo, you are an Isaiasist. Stick around the Cult Recovery Therapy is free to all Isaiasists:)

          • yegermal

            “You and the other Hagherawian would stand behind Isaias even if this reduces Eritrea to civil war.”


            I disagree on this one. You’re giving them too much credit. These cowards do not stand for anything. Their support for DIA is strictly dependent on mow much they can gain from him, be it psychologically or materially. Once those DIA comes to pass (which he will probably soon), they will be back shopping for the next crook they can use for their unholy ends. And God know DIA has cloned enough of them in the past 40 plus years, so much so that they will have considerable presence even in an improved Eritrea. I say improved because I predict the damage DIA will have left is deep-rooted and will take a long time before Eritrea and its people reach some semblance of normalcy.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Tegadalai Saay,
            And I bet most will switch sides before you blink…and they will pretend that has been their position all along.

          • Hey Sal,

            Why do you let it “to the open” the existence of “cult recovery therapy” in awetista forum? We have been doing it without being known to them. Now they might leave the forum. The fear factor that made them to hide behind pen-names will also induce the fear factor of being treated from cultism and haunted Trails.

          • saay

            Hey Emma:

            Have no fear. Remember, in the Alem GlbTish Mai nAQeb* world they live in, it is they who are giving us therapy by “defending the nation” 🙂


            AQeb iyu nab mai zkheyd imber: may nAqeb aykheydn iyu:: – Hsur president Isaias Afwerki 🙂

    • yegermal


      Great rebuttal….if only we hadn’t heard it a zillion times, verbatim, from enda zena and DIA’ s countless 03 serahtegnatat like your self. Are not allowed to form your own answers?

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Meron!

      You know what type of a person you are? You are like a person With out any skill at all who suddenly discovered a means of living just by supporting the government. This guy has no idea why the neghiberhood are so ‘dumb’ as to their reservation in echoing the pfdj. For him it is just so easy. He tried it in his area, took it in Public and even he started earning Money out of it, a beter house etc just for repeating what the government is propagating for 7/24. Soon he learned there are millions eritreans who can not do the easiest thing in the world like him and suffer from poverity. First he couldnt understand how ‘dumb’ all those People are. But now he found out that it is not that the large Public is that dumb but he is just born gineous.

  • I honestly don’t mean to interfere in your internal affair guys but I just thought sharing my recent experience about a distant relative I received from Bole airport would do justice to this revealing article..The girl is one of the few lucky Eritreans who some-how reached Italy and found it hard to make ends meet, or perhaps just wanted to make some bucks and came to Ethiopia to marry another Eritrean refugee for money. To start with I had never heard of this girl nor did i know how she got hold of my number, but all I was told by airport official was she is a cousin of some Eritrean relatives I know in Addis who apparently sent her affidavit but could not receive her call on the day she arrived for unknown reason. Some how it seems she was given my phone-number as an alternative, cos i have a car, hi hi, then she called from the airport although we hardly communicated until she passed me to the airport official. Since she only stayed in Italy for just over a year until she got her residence status she neither speaks English nor Amharic, only Tigrigna…Is Semere there?..Of course this things can happen to any one, be it Ethiopian or Eritrean, but what prompted me to relate her story to this article is her amazement by everything she sees in Ethiopia, from the fully stuck Gurage shop to baker shops displaying bread with no one queuing for them..3 days in to her arrival we could not get hold of the Tigrigna speaking Eritrean relatives until we physically went to their house and found-out they had actually lost the phone and this poor Eritrean girl with no word of Amharic had to put up with an “enemy” who could not communicate with her..imagine coming to country you only know as a land of enemy and ending up in such situation. Anyways, the thing that struck me the most and i asked her through translator is why she was shaking her head every-time we took her to shopping malls and open markets. Unlike most Eritreans this girl was so brutally honest that she explained everything this writer explained in the most humorous way possible. She laughed at how she and many Eritreans are kept-alive on a cocktails of lyes, specially about Ethiopia…now, here comes the trouble, her fake marriage process took longer than she thought, Her Amharic improved from nothing, she fell in love with Addis, and one Addisbaban, and gave up on the fake marriage so that she can marry a “brutal Ethiopian”..what a traitor!

    • tazabi

      Is this for real ?

      • Tazabi,
        If I didn’t feel it may be inappropriate on here, I would have even told you about some of the jocks she was telling us…Trust me, unlike many Ethiopians who don’t seem to give a toss about Eritrea my interest in Eritrean affair comes from the fact that I have a daily personal encounter with them…The more you know them the more fascinating you find them, in a funny way..

    • Paulos


      You just made that up 🙂

      • poulos, you just don’t like it, cos truth hurts..

  • Papillon

    Dear Beyan,

    If anything, Simon’s diatribe laced with a Gestapo bravado is an indictment of Isaias’ collapsing regime. I shudder at the thought of otherwise bright and aspiring young minds are adulterated by a sadistic leader who is determined to destroy hope with despair, harmony with disunity and moreover to lay waste an aspiring and beautiful nation. The macabre nature of the divide is not limited to his supporters vs. opponents, rather the divide seems to have pervaded the enclaves of Asmara as well. When the run-down and areas of the discontented populace are dubbed “Enda h’rur l’bom” the affluent areas where most of the lackeys of the regime live are dubbed “Enda Khulit” for the latter is a cruel reminder of the organ harvest that seems to start from the Generals.


    • Papillon


      I was going to post-script this in my previous comment but for some reason it escaped me. I absolutely marvel at your breath-taking command of the English language. Arguably, you’re by far the best Eritrean writer ever. I am delighted at the thought that you’re w’lad Eritra.

      • beyan neegash

        Dear Papillon,

        tHisheyyo da’ kberti Haftey. You know when I need a quick reorientation after some absence from Eritrean virtual world, I consult with my friend YG, the typical conversation of which will be something like, ‘so who should I read and who should I avoid from reading.’ The top unequivocal three must reads have been Serray, Paillon, and Hayat. This immediate past summer was the last such question I posed, but YG added, unfortunately, Papillon has disappeared and he was afraid the other two would follow suite. He believes that your presence elevates the discussion and seeing you and Hayat at work I concur completely. I have yet to see Serray.

        And the rave reception you’ve gotten was a good indication of how your contribution had been sorely missed. So, of course, I have been reading you closely, indeed, when I see what you can do in one paragraph, the density and the way you dance in the language, and I am thinking does she realize how lyrical her language is? So, praise coming from someone of your caliber and that of Haile, I tell you, I am just humbled by it.

        Please keep on keeping us on our toes. God knows this site needs the presence of more ladies like you to put the balance on this testosterone driven virtual Eritrean world in check.


        • Hayat Adem

          Engaging directly refined writers such as Sal feels great. And to learn that big thinkers like YG and BN are reading and talking about our comments here in this forum is so refreshing and inspiring.

  • haile

    Selamat Beyan,

    Your clarity and unencumbered style of presentation is phenomenal. Sometimes, I tend to read your writings a couple of time, just for the fun of enjoying the masterful narration.

    My thoughts on the issue:

    When I saw Mr Simon respond with 5240 words, replete with intimidation, threats of legal action and long winded diatribes that neither serve his interests nor has any effect upon those he aimed at, and noting that Ms Jihan just made a short paragraph of less than 25 words! it kind of left me lost for words.

    Mr Simon and Ms Jihan, young and aspiring Eritreans, would have been sitting together today and putting together their bright minds to discuss how they could help to bring peace and prosperity to their people and native land of their ancestors. I am talking like Mr Simon, dropping an email to his sister Ms Jihan and positively and candidly hammer out mutual understanding. However, and unfortunately, the regime Mr Simon supports has no qualms using this young man as a cannon fodder in its wanton drive of polarizing the diaspora, with a view of fomenting and perpetuating permanent rift among them.

    What would Mr Simon gain by taking his Eritrean sister Ms Jihan to the court of law? (if that was at all possible). An elderly lady by the name Mrs Sophia T/Mariam was on paltak recently, lauding this rift and proudly expressing how she helped and calling for more such acts. It didn’t occur to her that she would have gained more respect by encouraging Mr Simon to connect with Ms Jihan and get together to discuss their issues. Poor Mr Simon had to go through over five thousand words, without stating exactly what it was that he said and thought to have been misrepresented.

    The purpose was unfortunately, to use him and he was used big time. But, what for?

    We expect nothing better from the regime that is using and misleading young minds like this and I only hope that Mr Simon and Ms Jihan keep in mind the fact that, when all is done and dusted, they remain brothers and sisters bonded by blood, history and an embattled but resilient identity.

    I am writing this after watching an image of 13 bodies (thought to be Eritrean) neatly lined and covered in linen on the coast of Italy today. There is always still more time to reflect and see what is truly happening around one self!


    • haile

      correct: please add “a short paragraph of less than 25 words [that mention Mr Simon]

    • Bini

      Hi Haile . I saw the pics too. So sad indeed. This is still happening? Where have I been? Adeyom tidefae meshakin. It just breaks my heart when I read of young Eritreans perishing in this manner after they have been through tremendous pain to find a better life. As you know, most of them just as the long time immigrants like myself, leave to better our families not even ourselves personally. But this nut case DIA is still making a mockery of our peoples suffering. And the likes of Mr Simon make me speechless because how can they fail to see all these blatant atrocities against our people.

    • Nitricc

      Haile I am not going to let you become just like the rest of hypocrites.
      You are raining on Sophia T because she took sides and yet you are doing the same thing.
      I don’t think you knew what exactly went down. So, you have no reason to take sides and coming down on Simon. If you want to stay a voice or reason then be that. Why are you blaming the government for this anyways?
      I hope you are not turning in to the toothless and outdated oppositions.
      The woman is not telling the whole story.

    • beyan neegash

      Selam kbur Haw Haile,

      It is an honor to directly communicate with you. Here we go our virtual paths finally crossed and I am truly humbled by it. I appreciate the compliments that I am being lavished with, to which I feel undeserving, nevertheless, cannot help but feel a tiny-bit a state of ‘cloud nine’ creeping in. But I must quickly chase it away as I literally tell it, ‘go away pride, stay away from me’ as I wish to humble myself and cherish the moment of genuine conversation with my fellow Eritrean.

      It is time that I reciprocate in kind, not because I want to follow the law of reciprocity, but because it is true. The power of fact and the power of evidence would never have occurred to me until I saw you lay it bare, without using a single word of condescension, just the facts, just the facts goes the popular utterance in a country where rule of law reigns supreme.

      And that was illuminating moment to watch – metacognition at its best – and I could literally see in my mind’s eye the person or the entity that was receiving the wrath of those facts being crushed to pieces, melting away into oblivion to never get up again. Now, that’s what I have learned from you brother Haile. And guess what? There may a come a time when we will have our higher education in Eritrea, in which it will have its chance to flourish. Let me rephrase that: there will definitely be a time I can literally see it in my mind’s eye, a Department of Rhetoric towering & hovering prominently with the name Haile written all over it. That is how highly a lot of us think of your abilities to see through the clutter and disarm your opponents just with facts.

      So, if you read my article carefully as I am sure you have, it is crafted of two main elements: facts with rhetorically laced language that may have made for a modest articulation possible; and guess where I got that idea of nine pages and a page-and-a-quarter argument; I had composed a brief note to Hilmi Derho who humorously tried to go Iago from Shakespeare’s play “Othello” on you.

      That conniving character Iago is memorable because of his ability to destabilize the Moore of Venice, an otherwise brave soldier, as Iago slowly and meticulously placed the seeds of doubt in the man as he literally shrank him to a total demise. But, in the soliloquy Shakespeare shows how miserable the man Iago was from within and this is what an audience would hear Iago says when talking to himself:

      “How am I then a villain?/Divinity of Hell!/When devils will the blackest sins put on,/ They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,/As I do now.” (Othello, II, iii, 348-53). That’s exactly the character I remembered when I read Hilmi Derho’s one paragraph piece, it is was memorable alright. But, I digressed, didn’t I?

      That said, I concur with your notion of how some individuals become alive when there is dispute, the Tigrinya word ‘neger’ more suitable here, to be had. It would’ve been far more productive as you suggest if people can have a conversation, a debate, a dialogue instead of defending their position until death do them part. That’s one repressible element in the loyalists I abhor. Even as the man in the helm is telling his follower in so many words to rid themselves of such nonexistent Eritrea that they keep on painting rosy pictures of, they continue to delude themselves with sipping cappuccinos when there is no drinking water. But, the waywardness of mankind seems to have no limits sometimes.

      The somber mood in which you wrote your piece is evident in your writing and it is shared here from the bottom of my heart – my heart aches every time I see, hear, read about the tragedy young Ertireans have been facing. The need for reconciliation has never been direr than now; how else can the disappearances and the vanishing in the high seas and in the deserts of the Sinai cease if we don’t stop the madness. And the madness can only be stopped if these supporters begin to see their errant ways. Otherwise, where does even one begin to have a conversation if the predictable back-and-forth talk is the scenario, of which as you saw laid out by Sal, is the only language these government supports are willing to spew out?


  • saay

    Selamat Beyan:

    Thanks, Beyan, this is an informative piece. Leaving aside the antagonists (two young, attractive, well-educated Eritreans), don’t you find the debate following the same formula Eritrea has been using since we have been debating these issues for the last 11 years? Isn’t this the typical pattern:

    Change Eritrea Advocate (C): There is massive human rights violations in Eritrea.
    Status Quo Advocate (SQ): What exactly do you mean by “human rights”? Is it human rights when _______ did _______ to ______ ?

    C: There is no democracy in Eritrea.
    SQ: What do you mean by “democracy”? Is democracy more important than food security?

    C: There is no political pluralism in Eritrea, there is only one party, PFDJ.
    SQ: It is a people’s front, not a party. A movement that any Eritrean can join if they meet their obligations.

    C: You talk of obligations. But are there no rights?
    SQ: Of course there are rights. People have a right to speak up their mind. When was the last time you were to Asmara?

    C: Rights to organize, to assemble, to form political parties?
    SQ: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our priority is food security.

    C: There is no food security in Eritrea.
    SQ: What do you mean by food security? Do you measure it by the standard of Asmara or the rest of the country. Do you measure it by the “calorie intake” of the developed world?

    C: There is no justice in Eritrea.
    SQ: What do you mean by “justice.”? Is it justice when ______ did _____ to _____ on _____ ? There is free medical care, free education, and every Eritrean has a right to land and housing. Isn’t that justice? Can you find this justice in America?

    C: There is no constitution in Eritrea.
    SQ: England has no constitution. What matters is the government is clean and it works hard!

    C: There is no free press in Eritrea.
    SQ: There is no free press anywhere in the world!

    C: But we were told if we just give the government some space, breathing room, it would deliver results!
    SQ: US, UN, Weyane.

    C: There is no running water, no electricity in Eritrea!
    SQ: US, UN, Weyane, no-war, no-peace.

    C: There are Eritreans in jail who have never spent a day in court of law!
    SQ: Things happen, but see it in context, see the big picture! If you can secure 5,000,000 by arresting a handful, I don’t like it, but it is necessary. Plus, there is a lot we don’t know; secrets kept for our own sake.

    C: Thousands of Eritreans are leaving the country. Thousands of its most productive youth.
    SQ: In search of Nike and Ipads! Happens all over the world, our case is worse because the US, UN have become active human traffickers of Eritreans. It is a deliberate campaign to deny Eritrea the ability to defend itself!

    C: Why would the US, UN focus so much attention on Eritrea, a small country in Africa?
    SQ: Because it is a threat–a threat of a good example, if other countries do what Eritrea does, the whole New World Order could collapse, so Eritrea has to be punished!

    C: Do you know how that makes you sound?
    SQ: When was the last time you were to Eritrea?

    C: You have been “foiling enemies” since 2001, but you don’t seem to be making much progress.
    SQ: Check out the Millennium Development Goals. MDG. Eritrea is right on track to meet most of them!

    C: But Eritrea is nowhere near to meeting the other MDG, particularly the ones dealing with poverty and primary education.
    SQ: Are you even Eritrean?

    C: I am just saying that the government seems to be on the wrong track on almost everything!
    SQ: MDG. Self reliance.

    C: But if Eritrea is so self-reliant, why is it so heavily indebted?
    SQ: Lies! What is your source.

    C: The same source you use for MDG!
    SQ: When was the last time you went to Eritrea? Are you Eritrean?

    C: Why doesn’t the government publish its budget?
    SQ: Does the US publish its national security budget?

    And so on.


    • beyan negash

      Sleamat Sal, Haile, Pappillon:

      Yours would require thoughtful responses as you have kindly offered your thoughtfully touching notes, which I am going to have to defer it for tonight when my kids are in bed and the night is so serene and my mind would have no choice but to fecund – I just hope and trust it would match to the care and time you spent thinking through my article.


    • beyan neegash

      merHaba Sal,

      There is nothing more frustrating than when the art of dialogue gets butchered the way it does in Eritrean virtual circles. It is part of the reason why I sort of hibernate and my participation has been sporadic at best.

      The scenario you present captures the predictable trajectories which tend to kill the spirit of dialogue and what one is left with in the end is this seemingly mumbo-jumbo that one cannot make heads or tails out of. But, I remain hopeful that somewhere within that mumbo-jumbo (the friction that is), be it the deconstruction or construction of ideas, there is an invisible layer – fault-line, if you will, a naked eye is incapable of seeing, the rough edges of which are smoothed over the edges, bereft of our awareness, which works its miracles from within.

      Consequently, one begins to see an evolution in thinking, in world view, and the like. I think just in the last few weeks we have been witnesses and marveled at such evolutionary changes taking place, genuine ones at that. The changes may seem too darn slow for our liking, but, as the song goes, “change is going to come” and change does come, one little baby step at a time.

      So, Sal, I understand that dichotomous Eritrean mindset can be annoying to the nth degree, but that is in the nature of the beast.

      What this august website, to which you have been its front and center along with Gadi, has accomplished is no small feat. The A Team will be long remembered as visionaries of this vibrant virtual site that has tamed the radical and radicalized the tamed and helped nudge the majority into this central location; the natural corollary of which will be to usher this dynamic Eritrean citizenry from myriad background joining hand-in-hand in helping create new Eritrean dynamo – that’s where we are headed and that’s a darn good place to aspire in reaching.

      So, brother, keep on keeping on – the going may sound rough sometimes but going we are to this new Eritrean frontier – I can smell it and I can hear it like music to my ears.


  • Selam Beyan,

    So your human rights lawyer who is supposed to defend the rights of thousands is not capable to defense herself. And you are here to make her feel fine from the damage and disgrace she inflicted on herself by committing illegal act and cheap lie on our face. The reason she can’t defend is not because she is incompetent but because the route she walked was wrong from A to Z and is irreversible in that matter. Let her use this self-inflicted slap in the face as lasting lesson and look forward to achieve great things with genuine manner.

    • beyan negash

      Dear Meron,

      Yours, The Truth, and Dawit’s seem to be all on the same wave length. Please my response to Dawit, hope you will take the deal and work in the release of the video from the Simon crowd.

  • Araya

    We were told By Mr Gadi that she is a bright young lawyer. The last time I check, lawyers are not only proficient of defending themselves but they are trained and qualified to defend others. My question is why beyan defending this woman? Untruth cannot be defended, i.e some one like beyan must do the dirty job. Mr, Beyan may be you are infected with Halewlow form your buddy, YG. This article is garbage.
    at least let the woman defend her self, whe know she lied.

    • beyan negash

      Dear Araya,

      Please hold your horses, I owe you two responses, one from when you seemed to harp on this male-chauvinist of the 17th century, an era long gone but you seem to somehow survived it when you claimed ignorance about the notion of “a loose woman.” I will get back to you soon. And I know exactly what I want to say to you as I hope to inject some 21st century common sense into your head; I hope you will be man enough to take it. Don’t panic now, it is all good stuff.

      • beyan neegash

        Dear Araya & Nitricc, and many others who think like you do.

        Defending the truth does not equal defending an individual. The onslaught of truth that I see by your likes is what I was after. I have never met Jihan nor have I met Simon. I am sure both are equally intelligent and diligently hard working Eritreans gathering from the educational endeavors they have chosen to pursue – that was not the point of my contention at all. I read both of their articles and it struck me as odd that he chose the most fallacious argument that anyone can concoct when truth is not on their side.

        I will say it once more. Simon didn’t need to spend “5240 words” to explain when the availing of the video would’ve done the talking for him, but he knows there was no veracity in his claims and put the video in a lock-box to make sure no one gets to it.

        That said, let address what you and your buddy Nitricc had to say about what constitutes as a “loose” woman. Female bashing seems to tiptoe as part of your repertoire and I just thought – perhaps – we could have civil discourse on it.

        There was one hauntingly sadistic piece that Haile posted of an Eritrean who went on this perversely sadistic description binge that I couldn’t believe was possible to conceive from any man let alone from an Eritrean man. I didn’t save the piece because it was so filth, I thought it would muddy my computer. I wish Haile would unearth the piece for those who did not read it as I am certain Papillon would tear the writer to pieces, metaphorically speaking, of course.

        Male chauvinism is not even minced in your words when you describe what a loose woman is and you seem to carry it as if it was a badge of honor, which seems to show some serious disconnect between the era we live in and those who lived in the 17th century.

        Consider John Milton’s epic book “Paradise Lost” for a moment as he describes the ideal woman through Eve in a manner of Ovidian mythic Tradition in which woman is there for man’s pleasure; of course, in your case, what you consider a “loose woman” probably is one you wouldn’t mind having intimate relations with.

        Be that as it may, herein lies some of the vivid expressions that Milton conceives of Eve: that is by far joyous than your conception of women in general and what you consider “loose” woman in particular. The language is a little outdated but with little efforts on your end it shouldn’t be a problem getting the gist of the piece:

        “Dissheveld, but in wanton ringlets wav’d
        As the Vine curles her tendrils, which limplid
        Subjection, but requir’d with gentle sway
        And by her yielded, by him (Adam) best receivd
        Yielded with coy submission, modest pride,
        And sweet reluctant amorous delay.
        Nor those mysterious parts were then conceald,
        Then was not guiltie shame, dishonest shame
        Of nature works, honor dishonorable,
        Sin-bred, how have ye troubl’d all mankind
        With shews instead, meer shews of seeming pure,
        And banish from mans life his happiest life,
        Simplicitie and spotless innocence.
        So passd they naked on, nor shund the sight
        Of God or Angel, for they throught no ill:
        So hand in hand they passd, the lovliest pair
        That ever since in loves imbraces met,
        Adam the goodliest man of ment since borne
        His Sons, the fairest of her Daughters Eve (II. 305 – 325)

  • TheTruth

    This articl is utter rubbish. The girl was clearly caught lying and there is no amount of words or articles that can defend that. This article is biased and is slanted in favor of someone who clearly shares the same political beliefs. Throw it in the dustbins of history.

    • beyan negash

      Dear The Truth,

      Your query is identical, if not a replica to that of Dawit’s, thusly, my rejoinder to him equally applies to you. Have a wonderful day!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear amhara,

    The above article for me is one of the articles which help in accelerating the healing process. Just keep reading why I am saying so. I hate talking about the past mistakes but then, there is no way except saying it and accepting it (if am willing to reconcile). Personally, leave alone now even during the war of 70’s I use to love Ethiopians and I have never thought I am not Habesha. My experience from Ethiopian governments is worse than the story of Semere. But my experience with Eritreans fronts is worse than my experience with Ethiopian governments. That all unpleasant experience didn’t change my love to Habesha people because I believe both are mine. I love both people and think we are one in two. And I am committed to spend all my life in building love till the end.
    You see, actually we (Habesha people) should accept that we failed in the past 100 years in building peaceful nation or nations. Why?
    1st we are not suppose to be under colony of others. Eritrea is not supposed to be under Italian or any other foreigner (let’s exclude Ethiopia when we say colonialism at least now).
    2nd we Habesha people are not suppose to fail in processing unity. We have failed and the result was war for 30 years.
    3rd. we Eritreans failed again in creating democratic nation after gaining national freedom (separate nation).

    The first point is not only Eritrean problem but also Ethiopians. Whether Ethiopians have paid against colonialism or not but both have failed to fight external enemies. This is if you think they were one nation. Now we also put in to consideration where Eritrea lies (geographical position). I think if all were from Amhara on that stratage their fate could have been the same.
    The 2nd also it is the same the problem of both people. We failed in handling unity. Yes ended Eritreans didn’t handle and manage it carefully.
    A. the then government of Eritrea didn’t let people participate fully and didn’t hear the voice of people B. the federal government didn’t manage in dealing with Ethiopians with studied and followed by rule. (Didn’t make any reserve of protecting Eritrea.)
    And the result was that the king of those years dismantled the federation and conquered by force. And Mengstu fallowed the same when comes to Eritrean case.
    The 3rd remains Eritrean problem- Leaving aside the crime of PFDJ, we didn’t prepare a system to control any party like PFDJ. No mechanism was prepared to save our main aim (owning democratic and prosperous nation). The result is having PFDJ.
    The man writes clearly what he experienced. After that much difficult experience of a child you may have heard bad words and revenge. But he forgives all the circumstances. He was not around during Federation, he was not there when the elders he saw fighting Ethiopian aggression were also the once who said “Ethiopian wey mot” but he forgive every one . He came up with new idea making his base “love”. He said “Truth and reconciliation go hand-in-hand and this is where the rubber meets the road. History matters; and that is why we need responsible and thoughtful people to come to the forefront and lead. But, when everything else fails, enlightened self-interest should guide regional cooperation. The Horn of Africa is one of the least developed and most conflict-ridden regions in Africa. No one benefits from the continuance of the status quo, and we need to change and think differently.”
    Who among you will say -truth and reconciliation don’t go hand by hand? If you try to reconcile without truth justice is no more there, love will not be there. How can you create love by cheating others? How can I say we Eritreans didn’t suffer during Derg Era? If I say so I am not willing to reconcile because that is not true.

    The first step to start reconciling is to read the correct history of the conflict. What happened? Who was the victim? What is supposed to be done in the past that we Habesha people didn’t do? And come with new solution.
    Yet, the solutions may differ from one another and minimizing the differences to level zero should be only the aim of the future generation. Now let us create the system + love and harmony that lead us. That is what I learn from brother Semere.
    Even now, within the opposition what is the problem do think? Saying it clearly and accepting the truth was difficult for some and still we couldn’t create a party that fights right to Asmara (soon will happen).
    So if you and me will have problem in reconciling love will be far to reach. if we don’t love each other the same reconciling will be difficult and we should use them parallel. Yet, start with love at first step (unconditional love) to manage reconciliation because it doesn’t matter what the story was what matters is what will the story will be.
    We can, we can create love. Habesha people are going to live in peace so why even leave this job to coming generations?

    • Kokhob Selam

      Sorry this post was for the prevouse article “time to love ..”.

      • beyan negash

        selam Kokhob,

        gezayn gezan Semere hade eyyu – Welcome to my abode, buddy. I appreciate your intentions.

    • Paulos

      Kokhob Selam

      You have a beautiful soul. Thank you

    • amhara

      I never doubted growing up that Eritreans were my own people. I went to a boarding school where there were Eritreans and other Ethiopians. Never for a minute did we treat them any different. I have never been to Eritrea but any honest Eritrean who resided in any part of the country will tell you that they were treated just the same as the system treated ordinary citizens. Did Eritreans suffer during the Derg era – yes. So did the rest of us. I told you my own story. Why should I be blamed for what the Derge did or any other Amhara be blamed for what the Derge or Emperor Haile Sellasie did. There were Eritreans in every sector of the society including the military even in the Derge. They were as much part of the system as Amharas were. If I killed Semere’s father then he should blame me. To blame Amharas for all his misfortunes is wrong and offensive. I do not see how you missed his point of blaming Amharas for his misfortunes.

      That is why I find his writings offensive and not genuine. Two articles he wrote he demonized Amharas and he was not apologetic of his words.

      You said:

      “The man writes clearly what he experienced. After that much difficult experience of a child you may have heard bad words and revenge. But he forgives all the circumstances.”

      Where did he forgive the circumstances. He went on blaming Amharas for everything that went wrong in Ethiopia. Just read his articles

      You said:
      “He came up with new idea making his base “love”. What is his new idea of love – he can barley hide his hate for the Amhara

      You said:
      “Who among you will say -truth and reconciliation don’t go hand by hand? If you try to reconcile without truth justice is no more there, love will not be there. How can you create love by cheating others? How can I say we Eritreans didn’t suffer during Derg Era? If I say so I am not willing to reconcile because that is not true.”

      Who said Eritreans did not suffer under the Derg. We are saying we all did. It will be untrue to say that the Ethiopian population hated Eritreans. If that was the case Eritreans in Ethiopia would have been wiped out. What happened was Ethiopians treated Eritreans as their own – while Eritreans did not reciprocate in fact hated Ethiopia and Ethiopians specially the Amhara – that is the truth. To selectively
      tell one sided story is not telling the truth. Kokhob I think you are well meaning person and forgive me if what I say next offends you and I do not mean to do that but in the interest of truth I have to say it. When it comes to Ethio-Eritrean issue. Eritreans are very self centered and are never willing to see the other side. In this conflict Eritreans always want to play the victim card as if they are all innocent and have the perfect case. This is not telling the truth. Do not demonize Ethiopians. We were victims of the past governments. No Ethiopian voted for these systems. Is it reasonable to hold Isaya Afewerki’s ethnic group for his misdeeds. That is what Semere and his likes are doing.

      Finally as an Ethiopian and an Amhara – I am not afraid of the truth. Bring it on. From where I stand it is Eritrean nationalists who are afraid of the truth.

      You said:
      “The first step to start reconciling is to read the correct history of the conflict. What happened? Who was the victim? What is supposed to be done in the past that we Habesha people didn’t do? And come with new solution.”

      Believe me I have read most books and literature on the subject which most Eritrean nationalists have not read or refuse to accept the truth. I sometime wonder why Eritrean nationalists always have to rewrite history. It seems true history does not sit well with their cause. Thus they always have to rewrite it. It will be dishonest for me to say the Ethiopian government of the times handled the federation correctly. Believe me there was much more soul searching on the issue on the Ethiopian side than on the Eritrean side.

      I am all for peace and reconciliation but not with people who do not want to acknowledge a share of the blame in the situation. I also think for the two nations to make peace and reconciliation feasible, Eritreans should stop demonizing Ethiopians or Amharas. Otherwise what we are being asked is to swallow Eritrean hyper nationalism lock, stock and barrel. No Ethiopian will do that.

      • beyan negash

        Dear Amhara,

        Although the posting is meant to my next door neighbor, Kokob must not have had his daily dose of coffee when he erroneously posted it at my doorstep that was mean for my dear neighbor and my friend Semere; I can confidently say, he would concur with your heart felt anecdotal story. I am touched by the voice of an honest narrator.

  • dawit

    The Good Book says ‘Thaw Shall not Lie’. The Leady was repeating lies and allegations written over a decade about Eritrea, all designed to reverse Eritrean Independence. Indoctrination or not the majority of Eritreans, young and old are united in the support of their government. It is envy that is burning you day and night and engaged in fabricating and repeating lies. She didn’t write what was not written before and you are doing the same thing now. Only the Truth makes you Free!

    • beyan negash

      Dear Dawit,

      Very simple test will resolve this line of lying that you seem to be harping upon. How about availing the much talked about video to public and let the public be the judge – how is that for a challenge. And, if you happen to be right, then, I will ask Awate Team to remove the post promptly with an apology extended? Deal?

  • yegermal


    Great analysis! Just a small detail. Simon is not a doctor yet. He is a “third year medical student” class of 2014 (according to his linkedin), and that is if he doesn’t let the YPFDJ wegah-tibel-leitis screw up his chances to graduate, that is. BTW rumors has it that the aspiring doc is only lending his name and is not writing the pieces himself. Hey, man got to do what man got to do to pay for exorbitant med school tuition!

    • beyan negash

      Dear yegermal,

      Lemme see how far up I can go in responding in one go. Ok, buddy, now don’t get me started on the rumor mill, yegermal. I would pray for Mr. Simon to make it through MCAT and the State Board Exam and then the crazy-hours they give doctoral student during their residency; the problem however is that my prayer will have no chance past the roof over my head – and I can reach the ceiling with my bare hands without
      even having to stand on my toe (that’s how low my prayer will travel). So there.

      On a serious note though, I hope people are watching the one clip that Eri-TV broadcast about the water shortage crisis, which shows the nora-misqora-msqor-misqor-gundi approach to water rationing, is really sad to see bEal bot blaming bEal gas; bEal gas blaming bEal who knows what? But, if that does not convince the Diaspora that what they consider a government is nothing more than an inept entity that couldn’t even provide the basic necessities of life, I don’t know what will?

      Those who happen to live in or near where the two water stations in Asmara vicinity, of which seb boT get the water, are the lucky ones who have been buying the water because they were to have made their move near where water is; geographical proximity to the water is the name of the game when it comes to water.

      One can presume the man moved to Massawwa (where the Red Sea is) to be near the water and you cannot beat that! At least the man is consistent in his logic, however convoluted that line of thinking. And so the merry-go-round keeps on twirling.

      • yegermal

        “One can presume the man moved to Massawwa (where the Red Sea is) to be near the water and you cannot beat that! At least the man is consistent in his logic, however convoluted that line of thinking. And so the merry-go-round keeps on twirling.”

        Good one! If only he drunk some of redsea water! Gah mibelelna neyru. But I am sure his water comes straight from the French Alps springs in pretty slender bottles, Evian mon ami! In the end, his water too had to come to him not the other way around.