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GEAN Adopts Four Core Eritrean Issue

On December 26-27, 2015, an Eritrean conference was convened in Cypress, California. The two-day conference was the first public event that the Global Eritrean Advocacy Network (GEAN) organized after “extensive deliberations and consultations with many Eritrean entities and individuals.”

According to a press release sent to Gedab News, the two-day conference was organized “on the premise for the need of political engagement of Eritrean Muslims in the Diaspora.”

The press release also indicated that “GEAN identified five minimum topics around which a discourse ensued.”

Eritreans activists, humanitarian groups, and professional attended the conference to explore ways to “identify and promote actionable items and solutions” for what GEAN considered its core principles.

Around 200 Eritreans attended the conference and discussed the topics of the conference in four workshops and submitted their recommendations to the organizers.

The conference listed actionable plans related to the following topics that it identified: 1) Eritrean refugees repatriation, 2) Expert discussion on land issues that should lead to a land proclamation, 3) Safeguarding the time-honored Eritrean social contract on Arabic and Tigrinya as co-official languages, and, 4) The promotion of dialogue among the diverse Eritrean social groups “toward the empowerment of each ethnic group in the future political process.”

GEAN stated that it will soon announce the finding of the workshops regarding the above topics which it considers the core components of a minimum program around which Eritrean opposition alliances should be built.

The advocacy group came into existence to help strengthen the weak involvement of Eritrean Diaspora Muslims in the activities related to the struggle to help alleviate the dire situations in Eritrea.

Despite the existence of several Eritrean Muslim organizations in the diaspora, most are known to shun political involvement and for demotivating their members by discouraging them from being engaged. However, young Muslims are becoming more apprehensive of the older generation for not providing them with a platform to engage in Eritrean affairs and to be more aware about the situation in their ancestral country. They are apprehensive that they are finding surprise information about the current situation in Eritrea on their own when their parents and communities should have provided them with the proper context.

Though most parents discourage their children from getting involved in the Eritrean struggle with the pretext of helping them focus on their education, the result has been disastrous for the Eritrean Muslim activists whose ranks lack the involvement of the youth.

The interest of young Muslim Eritreans in their heritage and their ancestral homeland is visibly increasing among the college and university students who are generally conscious and involved in their local identity politics, awareness and advocacy.

The youth blame their parents for not providing them enough tools that would allow them to be positively engaged.

Diaspora Muslims, particularly the young, are more detached from Eritrean affairs relative to their Christian compatriots.

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  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat Hope,

    It looks like there is an insistence of taking the gloves off and bear knuckling among our discussants. Take the IQ adversaries and the language of “enashenifalen” … No matter, it is indeed February the month of Love. I had a haircut recently, and my school of thought Professor Barber, broke it down for me.
    Is it a coincidence then, from the three grades you have skipped, I can extrapolate your birth year and or mine to be circa 1972. There are however several missing variables which leads to a “point of departure.” Three from the top of my head or grabbing from the thin air roughly two feet above my nearly bold head are:
    1. The eternal desire by the human to remain forever young and forty.
    2. Having a short reach in arm length your delayed entrance to “Enda Padre’s” Head Start because you were unable to reach your left ear with your right hand above a well picked Afro in “Geza WereQet” Keren, SenHit.
    3. Your sponsors arrival to the States post your UNESCO Kesela primary school.
    Insider trading is a well known subroutine in your coding/CAD skills.
    “Keshim hulum negher kal bekal atitergumew!” = “Weakling, do not translate until all is fulfilled!”
    My question to you Sir, “Tadias indiet adregen yal bekal mnn indehenow?” How are we to understand then the incomplete? Rhetorical, mind you.

  • tes

    Dear Awate Readers,

    This message (I think it was during the GEAN conference – SGJ might give us an indepth insights) is important to comprehend the objectives and missions of Afar State in Exile.


    Very Interesting


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear tes,
      Thank you very much for this link. Now, this is what I was openly saying to some who try to tell us the illegal PFDJ’s action in decision making was correct. as you can see, people only think of Eritrea as nation when their Identity is respected. in fact it is for his identity full freedom as individual and as society that man creates the nation joining other part of the nation. Afar people will continue to challenge no only the dictator but every creature who want to sale or lease their land without their full approval. The way out is to have a government not PFDJ, the government that represents all.

    • AOsman

      Dear Tes,

      Thanks for the link, it has led me to more interesting youtube clips by Eritrean Afar State in Exile(EASE). Done with two (link provided), I will be looking for the draft Constitution that Prof. Magnet has prepared for Eritrea. He has presented it to the Eritrean opposition which was controversial at the beginning, then discussed with Prof Bereketeab as the author of the 1997 Constitution and lastly he has approached DIA to consider it as way forward. Amanuel Hidrat may need to critique it.



      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear Tes & AOsman,

        Thank you for the links. It is an eye opening for those who deny the marginalization of our minorities (social groups). I hope it will give them a glimpse to the grievances of our social groups, which I took it as a political project to find the equilibrium of our social groups, by addressing the real grievances without a platitudinal approach. I prefer to write an article as an edition of “tebeges” rather commenting here. I decided not to debate in this forum.

        Amanuel Hidrat

  • Adulis

    i am not a good dreamer. because i think dreams are just what we think to be realized in our life without doing anything like todays Eritreans who only talks the talk and walks not the walk. ‘Ajibo tiharga motikin ti’Arfa”. As far as afars is concerned , man, men are on the ground. They are not day dreamers. FYI Affars are the first victims of PIA. they were gunned down before independence. Also, they experienced the same massacre after the so-called artificial independence while they were praying at mosque. They were also denied the right of returning home from exile in Koka, yemen

  • PTS

    Hey all,
    Does the following statement sound like it was scribbled by an angry Isaias after he hang up the phone where the Saudis pushed him, against his will, to condemn Iran and he complies ‘alright alright! Geez!!’?

    “The Government of Eritrea, reaffirms its strategic neighborly ties with Saudi Arabia and condemns the violation perpetuated against the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    The state of Eritrea
    5 January 2016”

  • Saleh Johar

    Dear Hope,

    The pronunciation is with an H, like in Hope, Blina or Tigrayet doesn’t kill the H. That was what I tried o bring to your attention.

    On the 77-78 alumnai, If we stayed we would have been the batch of 1975, two years your senior. Not much difference, hope. It is not “way senior than me”, the batch of the seventies is not young any more 🙂

    BTW, the PFDJ is a cult, and no cult member can separate his cult inclinations and his personal relations. It’s just impossible.

    Take it easy

    • Hope

      Selam Wo Senay Ya Mu’alem Kebir!
      Thanks again for the correction!
      I was supposed to be good in Ge’ez Literature but failed now!
      My A+ Grade in Ge’ez in the. ESLCE was not useful but helped my over all GPA,thanks to God!
      BTW I was Grdae 7 -Calssroom E when the EPLF took over Keren in June ’77-78 then the rest is history

      He is more than 7 yrs older than me per his guess!

      As far as the PFDJ stuff is concerned,I said more than any one else here about the PFDJ,and I passed that stage!

      I am talking about contributing something to our dear Eritrea as a needy Nation,and irrespective of who is ruling Eritrea,we have an OBLIGATION to contribute something!

      Doing something now for Eritrea when she needed it,is what matters,and doing so does not imply supporting the Cult!

      • Abi

        Hope Nebsi
        There is no A+ in ESLCE. I guess you are about 50 years young. When we take Keren back you will be 52 years old.
        Yebadme dil beKeren yidegemal!!!!!
        Guad Abiyot.

      • tes

        Dear Hope,

        What Eritrea needs today is “JUSTICE”. Do you know what justice is. Allying with killers is against justice for what ever reason it is.

        Ah I forgot that you were member of ESEPA, the Derge ruling regime party, just like PFDJ. You have a better experience of killing people by the name of “Mama Ethiopia”.

        You were a killer’s party member, a party that had a slogan, “Ertra: mereta enber Hizba ayedliyenan eyu”. The Irony now is also you are in the same wagon. A wagon that has a slogan, “Ertra: mereta enber hizba ayedliyenan yu”.


        • Hope

          It is just waste of time and energy you and your likes!
          It seems that U might need some Intensive Psychotherapy for your pathological Guilt Feeling!
          Seeking justice doe not mean doing Nothing Good for Eritrea simply coz there is injustice by the Rulers!
          Am familiar with the Catholic Theology of Social Justice!
          Case in point,while openly struggling for over all Justice ,The ERITREAN Catholic Church is doing the Social Justice at its Best and am PROUD to be part of that Noble Cause!
          In the event,it was not me but you,the hand-picked PFDJ Cadre!
          While you were being intoxicated and brain-washed with the PFDJ Propaganda,I was openly challenging your Cadre School Bosses!
          You got it Mr.Mambo-Jumbo?

          • tes

            Hi Hope,

            Let me remind you this:

            – you have never never debated with anyone let alone with me.
            – You are a useless PFDJ propagandista with a double sword against justice seeking people
            – you are a crap
            – you are a hypocrite.
            – you are psychopathic who has no feelings.
            – you are one who reminds me Hitler’s youth members who declare the victory of what Hitler did to their country while every achievement was done from the fleshes of Jews burned to run their industry.
            – you are an Esepa member, one who was dancing with derg Junta while Eritrean youth were joining the armed struggle

            And worse now you have joined the Koboro Junkies who say, “Hagerna Tihinbeb ala” while every (if there is) achievement is done by enslaving young Eritreans whom they have lost their future without hope.

            What can I say to a worthless person.

            At last let you know this. You never engaged me. But I am after you to expose your hypocrisy no more no less.

            What more can I do to a crap.


          • Nitricc

            Hi Tes, I know you are high up there, I shouldn’t even try to converse with you. However let me say something at my own risk. There is one point of mark for measuring IQ; that is when some one is comparing PFDJ with Hitler; How exactly can you compare PFDJ with Hitler? You are scary.

          • Hope

            -Do not forget that I am an Original and unspoiled Blenay Tsaeda,not a PFDJ Era Confused Blenay!
            -Truthful to death
            -Stubborn and FIRM on his Principles
            -No lying and no betraying and no surrender!


            Proud to be an insider and dedicated EPLF Recruitee ,who screwed up the Esepa and its Tigreyan Blood sucking Agents!

            Ask Musie Bekhit and Hussein Kelifa,and Suleimam Abassi,if still alive!

            U need more?

            Yeah self-admiration and grandiosity!!
            Why not!

            Mis mesatukha telaghets!

            We are not used to and/or not into lekhbetbet and akatarinet!

          • tes

            Dear Hope,

            What happened to with your “24 hrs emergency” call? Are you trying to follow the footsteps of Meseret Bahlibi?

            Come to France and open a case against me. I will expose you naked on your hypocrisy.


        • Hope

          Read as…”It is waste of time and energy to debate and engage you and your likes”!

  • aba

    it is DOA.

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Happy New Year For Of Us………

    Eritrea, the Nation. transcends any religion, any ethnicity ,any region and any language.. And this is the principle that the Martyrs fell fighting the enemy and buried in shallow graves throughout the country. Therefore, to attempt in anyway to attenuate this principle while calling onself Eritrean is at best hypocritical and at worse subversion against the sanctity of Eritrean Sovereignty.

    The So called Global Eritrean Advocacy Group, although conveniently hides itself with deceptive name, is a Muslim organization that is reincarnation of the defunct Al Rabita Al Islamia, whose end can be nothing but repeat the past fiasco which ushered in the destructive Thirty Year War of Independence.

    And because the idea seems a complementary to the self serving theme woyane’ is preachng, that the Highland Christians are in jeopardy due to rise of Muslim fanaticism ,therefore must join tegaru out of necessity , one definitely can infer that this group’s core motivation may be the demise of Eritrean Sovereignty.

    Add to this, the agreement signed in the late eighties between the Abdella Edris group and Mengistu Hailemariam to partition Eritrea into two autonomous states along Lowland-/ Highland divid. But since Husein Kelifa and the so called Lowlander group are participation with the Medreks, it can be safely concluded the idea of partition is dead with Abdela.

    Then the question is, who are the GEAN? Probably those who never accepted Eritrean Independence at any time. Of course in vain. Eritreans shall overcome the current hurdle and shall sow, water and cultivate to blossom the seed produced by our Martyrs. Eritrea will remain the home of the Brave, who, defeating the enemy and its super power surrgates , restored the dignity of our people, and whose ethnic cultures, languages, religion will bloom side by side for ever. Mark My Words!!!!!

    • Weddi Teare

      Selam Awatawyan,

      Here is what Medrekh Radio is reporting that many Awatawyan might have missed. The clip should already be at 22 minute mark, if not, you know what to do to listen to the ten minute press release in Tigrinya.


      • V.F.

        WT, what should we be looking for? I heard the clip but there was nothing super exciting. At the 22 min mark, it says ‘the individuals who bloodied our people will be held responsible after the downfall of the regime.’ A lot of forumers do this. You heard or read something, tell us about it and put a link or clip for more details and confirmation. Friendly advice to all, including the all knowing tesfaberhan.

  • Jamal

    Hi M Solomon
    Having read your comments I am wondering the reason for your objection to the use of Arabic language as a working language like Tigrinia? I don’t necessarily agree to the terminology of official and non official languages. All Eritrean languages should be equal but we should use two languages for practical purposes.

  • tes

    Heloo Hope,

    I thought that this person might be though he is totally a different person. In case you know him please introduce us.



    • Hope

      Kef “Prof”!
      Are you joking or asking me a serious question?
      If it is the later, here is my answer:
      PROF EBTES is:
      -A Current Prof Emiratus of Public Health in Alabama and in Illinois,USA
      -A famous Prof of Public Health,who ran a multi billion Public Health Dept in Chicago,IL
      -A former Advisor to the X-Mayor of Chicago
      -A Super Proud ERITREAN Mensa’atay
      -The Continous Organizer of the Keren High School Re-Union(the best event to meet him… Check the web for Keren High School Re-Union” and join us in July 3-5 of 2016 in Washington,DC)
      -A Proud Eri Evangelical Church Member as well as a Smart Politician,who gets along with every body,including with the PFDJ)
      Etc…,(Google him for details)!
      You are insulting him I guess by comparing him with Hope,though would be honored to be him or to belong to him!
      Hope is his Student and Catholic by denomination and Blenay,which I would care less about those ” parameters and features”!

      • tes

        Dear Hope,

        Thank you for the information. I know you can’t be him but incase who knows. You might confuse people as you always do while mentioning again and again what you call it GoE achievements. But this gentle professor can’t be you by all standards.

        You are rather more hallucinatory than an educator like the good professor.

        By the way it is one of the best interviews I watched on Debab program.


        • Hope

          Dear ” Prof” tes!

          Tnx for the name calling and insults but learn somethimg from the Good Prof as to how to communicate better and use your brain for good beyond insulting!

          Ahh,you are discriminating though as he also acknowledged the “Achievement of the GoE”!

          BTW,I told you that I am his Student and I have the same position like he does towards our Current Eritrea and the GoE!
          Despite his reservations ,he is a ” Staunch” supporter of the GoE!

          Put in other words,he is a Real Patriotic Eritrean,who puts aside his political difference and contributes his part to his Nation and People !

          That is what I call Patriotism at its best ,unlike your hypocrisy and politicio-intellectual acrobatism and bankruptcy,if not ,betrayal of your Nation and People,who nurtured and educated you!

          Prof Ebtes educated himself through the generosity of the USA but he is giving back to both of his Host Nation and his Motherland!

          Hope u /we will do the same but stop that nonsensical and hypocritical demonization of the GoE!

          Wishing U the BEST of 2016,I still do remain yours!


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi hope,
            You sound like a Frenji when you write EBTES! His name is Fekak Hebtes. And I am not sure if “he puts aside his political views aside” in his personal dealings. His relations are shaped by his political allegiance. I know about that first hand. I grew up and went to school with him.

          • AOsman

            Dear Tes and Hope,

            The clip was educational and I watched the full show.

            Thank you

          • tes

            Dear Hope,

            Did you write, “he is a Real Patriotic Eritrean,who puts aside his political difference and contributes his part to his Nation and People !”?

            I rather say other thing. But thanks to SGJ I am now aware about his position. Do not try to camouflage things.

            Unless one is an urdent supporter of PFDJ the probability of being on TV show is almost next to improbable.

            Just say a “spade is a spade”.

            Oh I am writing to Hope. How can Hope do this?


      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam Hope

        I agree with everything you said. You’re a real HOPE and inspiration for for many Eritreans (including me) who wish to see a positive change in Eritrea. Thank you for defending Eritrea and Eritreans everyday. Thank you for being a true nationalist, and thank you for believing – defending Eritrea and helping the Eritrean people at home (in any shape or form) is not the same as defending PFDJ.

        Speaking of helping the Eritrean people, the good professor drove hundreds of miles in this cold season, and was in my town twice these past couple of weeks to reach people and to raise fund for a noble cause: MCHC clinic in Kerkebet to save the lives of pregnant mothers, infants and children in the area.

        Just to let people know, the good doctor doesn’t just talk the talk but also he walks the walk. I’m sure there are many people who disagree with his effort. But like you (Hope), I don’t.

        Thank you professor Fekak. You’re a true Eritrean hero.

        Semere Tesfai

        • Hope

          Thanks Vet Sem Tesfay!
          The gratitude goes to all of you,who sacrificed your entire Youth and to those who have done something good for Eritrea,irrespective of their Political Ideology!

    • Hope

      Selam tea:
      Btw,I enjoyed his interview to the max and it could be a Topic for Debate here!
      Are the ladies here in town?

      If u attend the Keren Hogh School Event,he will drive u crazy with his jokes and sense of humor!
      U can go online or buy or borrow the CDs of the events’!


    A right thing to do. There are many Eritrean sleepers who need to be awake so that they can be active in Eritrean politics. We must get rid off the saying politics is like electricity ,never touch it. Well in our case it did touch us. Almost every Eritrean has a bother or sister or niece or nephew or uncle or aunt serving in the unlimited slavery type national service. If a doctor, a nurse, a novelist or an engineer ignore this issue because it politics and it is not their field, then their education is good for nothing.

  • PTS

    Hello all,
    What is a weekend without a joke
    ሓደ መዓልቲ ሓደ ሰብኣይ በዓልቲ ቤቱ ሓሪሳ ናብ ሆስፒታል ይኸይድ። እንቋዕ ብሰላም ተገላገልኪ ኢሉ ንሰበይቱ ድሕሪ ምስዓም ድማ ወዱ ከተርእዮ ሓተታ። ካብቲ ዓራት ሓፍ ኣቢላ ድማ ኣቐበለቶ። ሰብኣይ ብመልክዕ ማማይ ወዱ ክኣምን ኣይከኣለን። “ፈጺሙ ክኸውን ኣይክእልንዩ። ረኣይየንሞ ነዘን ጽቡቓት ደቅና ሻሽ ይመስላ። እዚ ከመይ ገይሩ ሓወን ይኸውን፣ ብድሕረይ ትሰርቂ ምንባርኪ ክትናዘዚ ኣለኪ” ኢሉ ኣጉባዕባዓላ።
    “እወ ሓቅኻ ክናሳሕ ኣለኒ። ሓቂዩ ብድሕሬኻ እሰርቕ ነይረ እየ። ኣብዚ ቆልዓ ዘይኮነ ግን ኣብተን ክልተ ቀዳሞት ደቅና እየ” በለቶ።
    ምንጪ፥ ሓዳስ ኤርትራ

  • AOsman

    Dear Hope,

    Those of us who know Asmara as Eritrea need much education from you guys. We tend to go “EnbuA izi hadish iyu” if something is different to what we knew in our city.

    There used to be a forumer with Shumbahri as his nick, his writing on his experience as an ELF fighter and about the knowledge of each other were very informative.


    • Hope

      AOsman ,the Rational Man:
      Got U!
      Long way to go,and I totally grasp the concept of the Article more than any one else here!
      Tes is case in point as well, and prob Selam (asmarinized Lowlander)and Amauel Ze London of Abay Britanya!
      But, luckily,they seem to belong to Generation X of the 20-21st Centuary !

      Make no mistake that in the real world,I,Hope,should have been the Author of the GEAN and ELL League and that of the famous Document from Australia ,the Majlis one,but I have a different approach !

      “Forgive and Forget” approach/style of a Genuine National Reconciliation”!

  • tes

    Beloved Awatistas and Awate Readers,

    Happy New Year and all Best Wishes to our People and to you!

    Resolution 2016: Avoiding and x-communicating negative people. Indeed Abi* tops all. I contemplated so many times about the negativity of Abi and the way he deviates our conversation. I found him unnecessary forumer. His insult to our intelligentia and heroes is beyond comprehension. I said why hes does this? And I got it, he is one to be watched and that deserves no word exchange at all. I tried to have a proxy-war with him recently and the day I started I found some positive energy coming from all other forumers. And now I decided even to avoid this proxy-war and just x-communicate him.

    Let Positive energy blossom here in this forum.

    All best WIshes to all of you my beloved.

    Lets make Awate University the center of knowledge, knowing, emboldening, inspiration and Reconciliation.

    Awate University will again Glorify with a Positive people and Positive Energy.


    Abi, I might be wrong and I believe I am too late(may be enjoying French Red Wine) but better than not. Have a nice time with the rest forumers. As for me this is my last message and wish you all good in your political agenda.

  • Michael Solomon

    Happy new year to all!!!!

    Social contract with Arabic and Tigrinya as official languages?? In the first place let’s make it clear that there is no majority or minority Eritrean that speaks or understands Arabic except a few migrants from across the red sea and refugees who chose to live in Sudan after 1991 – both these groups whether the Rashida or refugees in Sudan hate with passion to be called Eritrean.

    As Tigrina speaker my self I would prefer if Tigre was taught in schools to become as Eritrea’s official languages. Then English could be used as the other official language to connect us with the rest of the world but never Arabic – .

    The question to the so called “Muslim advocates” or some naive commentators to use Arabic as official language is why do you want to associate yourselves with the Arabs who hate you??

    This type of advocacy has become the code for Islamic jihad which is terrorizing western countries and their next big idea could be for the introduction of Sharia laws into Eritrea as they are demanding for Europe !! we need to call a spade a spade – if any one wants to be an Arab they need to cross back to Arab lands and see how they like it…calling for Arabic to be the next official Eritrean language is asking for trouble and not inclusion or tolerance – I would have absolutely no problem if any Eritrean native language was suggested but would have argued for practical benefits,

    It is already scary to see a bunch of women dressed in dark black hi jab in the streets of Asmara which I believe is a culture brought from the Arabs – we never saw any Eritrean wearing such clothing when we were growing up.

    Arabic should have no place in Eritrea in any form or shape…Because HGDEF allowed it does not mean it is right – it absurd and belongs in Arab lands….

    • tes

      Dear Michael Solomon,

      I can read your loud hate. I don’t want to engage when someone is overwhelmed by hate though I would like him.her to think beyond.

      1. Language is a means of communication. Nothing more. Using Arabic language can help Eritreans to do business (hence economic interaction) with neighboring countries. Doing business with nearby countries is more profitable than the other way round.

      2. Local languages can be best alternatives if promoted and used in all educational levels. To use Tigrigna or Tigre could be best but what is the final objective? Do we have enough resource to use these local languages with the world community?

      Forget now Sheria bla bla, this is your perception.

      I believe that about 70% of our population is exposed to Arabic language by default. Tigrigna and Tigre speakers are almost users of Arabic language by default. It costs you almost nothing to teach these language users Arabic than any other language. Eritreans feel more comfortable to speak Arabic than English. If you happen to cross Sudan and Libya to reach your current destiny you will not ignore that you needed less than six months to use Arabic without difficulty.

      I have many friends now who speak Arabic more fluently than English though they spent most of their time studying in English. These friends spent from few months to two or three years in Sudan and Libya.

      Have you then ever thought from this angle?


    • AOsman

      Dear Michael Solomon,

      As Tigrina speaker my self I would prefer if Tigre was taught in schools to become as Eritrea’s official languages. Then English could be used as the other official language to connect us with the rest of the world but never Arabic.

      How good is your Tigre (am close to zero in knowledge), or like an Englishman wherever you meet an Eritrean are going to say “ኤረትራቂ ዲኻ? አማሪኛ ትናገራለ?”. Not a solution focused proposal.

      Are you sure Eritrean women never wore hijab in the past…..covering the hair is even a culture of Christians at home…u sound so allergic.


      • Michael Solomon

        AOsman – I am 100% Eritrean and very allergic to the Wahhabi culture coming to Eritrea in any form or shape.

        For your information I am extremely proud and fond of our native culture of all tribes(blien, kunama, benamir and the others!!! The cover our women wear is not what I am referring to or objecting to it is the Saudi / Iranian style black hi jabs which are not of any of Eritrean cultures…

        Just curious are you ” an Arabic Speaker from Tigrai those type of people normally do not associate with any single culture? That might be your confusion…


        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Solomon,
          Just a little information you might not know.
          In the Massawa region, women put on a black “Netsela” (Ebaaya, that they call Haberyet) just like in other parts of Eritrea put lewyet, gabi, Netsela–which is also what they put when they go to church.

        • AOsman

          Dear Michael Solomon,

          Please spare me the “extremely proud and fond of our native culture of all tribes”, cos your intolerance shows otherwise. You have no right to tell any woman how to dress (funny that the issue is reduced to black colour), even if we were to agree to your ignorance as fact, you also have no right to demand the fixation of a culture.

          For you to watch Tiblez Tesfamichael acting an Arab I guess, not the best example unfortunately you may trust an Italian more than an Eritrean. To save you from the distasteful part, skip to 5:00 and tell me what’s Eritrean and what’s not.

          Just curious are you ” an Arabic Speaker from Tigrai those type of people normally do not associate with any single culture? That might be your confusion…

          Not I am not, if I were one from Tigrai, I would be proud to be one…….wherever we are born and belong we get attached to it, that’s all. Otherwise there is nothing special about Eritrea, get over it . So you don’t bring the issue up, I am 100% Eritrean, using your silly %s :).


          • Semere Andom

            Hi AOman:
            I disagree with you. We need a culture or attire that was invented in Eritrea, like the worms (filho) to have sprung from the Eritrean soil or the culture or dress should have been invented by an Eritrean inventor in Sahel.
            So say what you like about tsatse but his discomfort of imported culture should be your discomfort, Eritrean culture is pristine like “tsuruy kem mai nigho” and his love should be your love. like time culture is absolute and not relative that is what Solom believes, you can tell me time is not absolute but I will tell you that parallel lines also meet when God wills them to meet but that would be imported culture

          • AOsman

            Dear Semere,

            You are in business, put me in the long list of extremely proud Eritreans that will queue up to buy the only Filho Fashion that you will produce for us.

            By the way Michael Solomon is not the humble tsatse (Solomon Haile), he is a giant that is ready to stamp out anything alien.


          • Semere Andom

            Abu Afan:
            I am not producing it, Solomon Haile is 🙂

    • Amanuel

      Hi Michael
      Just for your information Arabic is a language for Arab people but not a Muslim language. The Christians in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria deliver their prayers in Arabic. You are ignorant my brother.

      • Hope

        Selma Amanuel:
        A follow up questions:

        1)Are we,Eritreans,Arabs then per your assertion and logic?
        A)If so,based on what criteria ?

        B)If not,why are advocating Arabic as an Official Language instead of Tigre or Tigrayit?

        2)The main argument here is:
        Why all these Winter Projects in the name of Islam or Muslims,specially when our enemies have been plotting to divide us based on Ethnic,Region and Religion based Politics ?

        A mere coincidence or another Plot?
        As a reminder, other non-Muslim Winter Projects have been attached and insulted mercilessly !
        Do we really and necessarily need to organize Winter Projects in the name of Islam or Muslims?
        If so,why and for what purpose?
        Why do not we rather FOCUS on a Universal and United Front of Justice Seekers ,since all the types and segments of Eritrea are universally oppressed?
        These kind of Region,Ethnic and Religion based groupings might imply that as if Islam and Muslims are are selectively discriminated and as if the Christians are selectively and deliberately singled out and discriminated,the Ali Salim Style,which will lead to a Real Jihad and Civil War against the innocent Christians,specially considering the current Politics of using Islam as a new Ideology by some irresponsible Nations !

        We need to be very cautious and VIGILANT as we never know as who is who and who is doing what and for what goal,based on the facts ion the ground!
        Freedom and Democracy are relative and not perfect!
        We have to balance things and check the pros and cons of things before we execute them !’
        Simply coz a segment of our Society asked for it or wanted it should not be a determining factor!’what about the others?
        Do we need to consider their side and concerns?

        My point:
        We have to prioritize our priorities and leave the Constitutonal issues to be determined by the inclusive Constitution!
        Let us stay away from confusing the already confused Eritreans and work constructively in a UNITED WAY to have a Genuinely reconciled Eritreans so as to have an Inclusive Constitution !
        You mentioned the Christian Arabs in Egypt ,Iraq ,Lebanon and Syria but you seem to have no clue about their legitimate Right to live as Citizens let alone to practise Christianity like their Muslim Brothers and Sisters in their own countries!
        And tell me why!
        Today’s advocates of Arabic Language might end up,God forbid,being or to be,the Advocates of “ONLY ISLAM” to be the Religion of Eritrea,if history is be a witness-the Middle East experience!

        • Solomon Haile

          Dear Hope,

          Happy New Year though this revealing theory of yours immediately pulls me to unhappy reality.

          All.of your connections and so forth may not even reflect the Bold divide of citizen’s rights in Eritrea Or Is it? There is only ONE CITIZEN with EQUAL RIGHTS. If we advocate for rule of law and a constitution then where do you think we would disagree? You justify the call for VIGILANCE. Indeed.

          • Solomon Haile

            Hi Hope,

            Just ask or think about the suspension of rights for the sake of security including the basics etc..
            1. I am reading as if you are commanding we suspend rights for some Eritreans including our very own selves if necessary. Priority as you put it. Where is your reconciliation for what is right?
            2. Did you consider the youth that are the main subject of this news item?

          • Hope

            OMG TSatse !
            Suspending the Rights of who?
            No I did not and would not do so!
            I am asking for a Universal,United and non-polarized Struggle for our Right !
            Not the Weyane Style or mistrust and suspicion based struggle!
            To be blunt:
            When u r telling people to group based on tribalism,Religion,Region,Equb,etc…,by default ,you might be perceived or misunderstood as if U t sending a coded message that some other Tribe,Region,Religion,Equb..,etc..,is or are oppressing you and as such , declaring some kind of war on the alleged oppressive Tribe,Enda Equb,Region and Religion..
            We do not need that crap now!
            The Youth ?
            Can’t they join the other Non-Religion based and oriented Eri Youth Groups?
            It might sound as if we are organizing Eri Islamic Youth for Change,Eri Muslim League for Change,Eri Lowlanders’ League for Change,Eri Pentecostal League for Change,Eri Tewahdo League for Change,Eri Catholic League for Change,Eri Highlanders’ League for Change,Eri Jehovah Witness League,Eri Wenghelawit League for Change,….etc,then what?
            Seriously,we have seen this though:
            -Saho Liberation Movement
            -Afar Liberation Movement
            -Kunama Liberation Movement
            -Blin (Funny) Liberation Movement
            -ERITREAN Islamic Jihad
            -ERITREAN Islamic Party for Justice and Development(modified per our protest)
            -ERITREAN Al Islah al Islamiya(same as above)??
            Then what:
            Akeleguzay Liberation Front
            -Hamasien Liberation Front
            -Deki Semhar Liberation Front
            -Christian Liberation Front
            Then to end up into ” All ERITREAN full fledged Civil War”
            This is exactly what the TPLF has tried so far!

        • Amanuel

          Hi Hope
          Sorry for late reply.
          If you are talking about origin several Eritrean nationalities are linked to Arabic race. For example the Semetic people which Tigrigna and Tigrayit speaking people are among them. However, my desire to see Arabic as working language is purely based on the commercial, cultural and education advantage will bring with it. As simple as that.

      • Micheal Solomon

        Hi Amanuel – Bingo if you and your friends truly understand Islam and Arabic are not the same then i would suggest Eritrean Muslims need to abandon their wishful thinking of making Arabic Eritrea’s official language.

        The Christians you just mentioned are fighting for their lives daily as they are being killed and evicted from their lands!! Ask if your Muslim friends accept the Christians in the Arab countries as human beings – unfortunately they were born with this sub humans and they have no choice but to speak Arabic!!

        Eritrea is blessed with so many native languages and Arabic is not one of them – read history their original claim was it “is used by their religion” and needs to be official language and now you are telling us on their behalf Islam and Arabic are two different things – yes indeed and that is exactly what i am saying too…

        Africa does not need Arabic or their culture of 1 man / 6 wives and 60 children!!!! enough is enough…

    • sara

      Dear Mr,
      How about amarinya and arabic instead of tigrnya and arabic…? You know christians are habesha and will be happy to settle withHabesha language amarinya and forget tigrnya and the moslms will be happy with arabic and live happily after.next is move Divide the country to habesha land (ETIOBIA) ARAB LAND (SUDAN)
      IS THIS WHAT WE ASPIRE AS ERITREANS, BIG NO,! except those who lost hope.

      • Michael Solomon

        Hi Sara – not sure if you are from Ethiopia or offspring of the mahber andenet but amarinya is not an Eritrean native language and for your information -the divorce of 1991 was permanent the last time i checked- so please accept my sincere apologies as most Eritreans will have no issue with Amharic but has no practical value or use in our region….

        • sara

          Dear Mr
          actually those who deny ARABIC language as Eritrean official language are offspring’s of mahber andenet, not the other-way around.

  • AOsman

    Dear Yoni,

    It was not an insult, your suggestion was as weird as asking Tigrigna speakers to go and live in Tigray so the language issue is resolved…..but that did not cross your mind :).

    I don’t lie to advance my ideas, for the one who said i should leave, i already did, i was attacked for my faith and my ethnicity by the government you claim stands for tigrinya christian

    If you are a regularly reader at awate, discussions about religion, ethnicity, land and language create so much air, they form our identity and they need to be dealt with sensitivity. If you have been mistreated for your religion, we all stand with you to believe what you choose as your faith and no government has a right to persecute you. The same goes of any component of your identity. Leaving your country may have solved your problem, but not for those of your denomination or ethnicity.

    Lets not kid our selves multiculturalism don’t mean 7 tribes should abandon their native language and adapt arabic

    Somehow the “7 tribes” find it easy to communicate in Arabic than trying to learn each others language, that is how they plan to manage multiculturalism. They are not asking you to learn Arabic or putting the official status of Tigrigna on the table for negotiation, why would you then consider mass deportation to sooth the discomfort in your head? The burden is on them, not you…..let them reject it if they so wish.


  • Abi

    Adarob, stop complaining. Next time pick the most expensive one for a better service. You get what you paid for.
    Happy New Year.
    I love Addis with all its problems.

  • Adulis

    Hi Mr. @ living freely outside Eritrea,

    With all due respect, there is no better place than home. whether you are in Ethiopia, or in Sudan, or any other places in the globe once you are out of your country you are a refugee. ” Seb xewi’e intebeliwos be’al beles”. The countries you have aforementioned are the worst countries for their subjects let alone for intruders. How in the world you suggest Eritreans to leave their countries and live freely in like this countries. I hope you are kidding.

    In Ethiopia, if Ethiopians do not feel comfortable with the color of your EYES, they deport you and confiscate all your hard earned properties within an eye blink. Sudan is the worst. In Sudan your name is Habeshi. Mind you, being from Abyssinia is not a social taboo. the taboo is its metaphorical meaning. It means “b**ch or son of b**ch.” If you are lucky to have Got either of your parents Sudanese, you nick named as “Nus Mekena = the second half of a truck”. In Djibouti, The Affars of Djibouti always eye you as their #1 enemy. Just because they think that you spy on them for the interest of Issa. (ISSA and AFAR are two rival tribes in Djibouti). in Kenya, Kenyans nick name you as shekora. (shekora means homeless). police stops you every hundred meters and asks you for an ID card.

    our fathers and fore-fathers take up a firearm not in order to have off-springs with weak minds like you who suggest and encourage Eritreans to leave their mother land and live in exile. ‘Ade’a ghedifas Hatne’a tinafq”

  • zula

    Please do not misread my question, I did not talk about political parties. My comment was about civic society/associations.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selam Awatistas,

    Happy new year to all of us. I hope the new year would bring more hope, courage, reconciliation, and determination on the part of Eritreans in their struggle against the injustices being committed on them by the tyrannical regime of Isayas Afewerki.
    Hint: let’s stop on keeping the endless multiplication of groupings, thereby dispersing our efforts; instead, let’s focus on strengthening the existing ones by correcting their shortcomings and by targeting our efforts on tangible and realistic objectives.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates
    readers and participants
    Greetings to all !
    Now to Hard Talk
    The AS IT IS show / program.
    Now what if it all was a drama and theatrical work of
    Woyane/ Tplf show of getting everything and all of
    Eritrea/Eritrean without giving anything in return ?
    But only getting everything we had, have and achieved
    in Eritrea and Ethiopia under its control and ownership
    and distributing or handing back our own property to us
    piece by piece according to its wishes to keep us tied to
    it after it robbed us all ours by using intimidation or threat
    of war tactics (Example: Bad Me) making us surrender our
    freedoms, liberties and properties and values.
    And once it put all it wanted in its own hands to change the
    whole picture of games and engagements ? and evaporate
    all agreements and hopes made with some pretexts and or
    outright denials.
    for this reason the things needed to be done should be done
    first before making or taking the bet.
    This things that needed to be done first include ( as follows…)
    (………will be right back………..)

  • Shum

    Hello everyone,

    This one quote stuck out to me “Diaspora Muslims, particularly the young, are more detached
    from Eritrean affairs relative to their Christian compatriots.” Why is that? Why do Muslim parents not engage them on Eritrea as this article says? I don’t get it.

    • AOsman

      Dear Shum,

      People like Yoni below put many them off long time ago, consider the influence of such an attitude from the get go. It must have been a catch 22.


      • Abyssinia

        Hi AOsman,

        The idea of exchanging populations is not new. And it is not a terrible solution in the case of irreconcilable differences. In 923, Greece and Turkey swapped 2 million people (the Christians went to Greece and the Muslims to Turkey). Please note that I am not suggesting that for Eritrea, just saying that there is a precedent.

        • AOsman

          Dear Abyssinia,

          Can you take him to your side so he have peace :). I await his wedebat reaction, tough.

          Seriously, even if done in 1923 it does not make it right and I bet you if I check the detail, it will be a horror story. I know where you coming from, trust me whatever long term mess that you perceive in our backyard, it wont be that different on what you will face on your side. We need to be creative and we can solve our respective problem of multicultural societies within the realm of our respective nations.


      • Solomon Haile

        hello AO AO AO (my rendition of Hary Belofante Kalipso song. I must be influenced by a Ghanaian DJ who u was born on Tuesday named Kweisi NOT Suleman grandi. I just got back from setting up Club Sheik Djibouti in Oaklandi abbtii Hadish Adi ata no diggidddi for the AfroCentric iskitishummm crowd for Tonight.)

        Is that all I had to say? No.

        GEAN(it is about genetics and where your “Hmbirti” cord was buried.) also adapted Repatriation. I agree with you people like Yoni below discourage refugees in the Sudan, Ethiopia and else where further weakening Eritrea even more. Some of these isolationists bravado invite open brother against brother war by the labeling you AA-AgameArab. They belong to the “Isolationist Party” as SaaY prophesied post MHiQAQue PFDJ. Remnanants of Dedebitt and Nakfa Isolationist can then get their funding from American Tea Party dance halls.
        Don’t worry, I ain’t shaking my boody nor am thinkin of Ol Ol (Oil drilling in the Red Sea) sniffing. Church Himms could be a possibility for Tonight. Hope the fire in Dubai has been extinguished by the FireFighters.

        • AOsman

          Dear Solomon,

          The 4 points listed are tough nuts to crack and GEAN looks set to take the challenge by identifying them as “actionable” plans. Hopefully they partner with exiting organizations already working on overlapping objectives and time will tell if GEAN has an added value to the movement for change.


    • Solomon Haile

      Dear Shum,

      It is a case of “annnesss aybedellkunn sdrayy iyomm bedeltii..”
      The record for the article’s subject counterparts is not something to brag about though it maybe slightly greater. It is an advantage due to access. It is the same argument as BSU existing and not WSU(at least openly.) You see what how ridiculous American Tea Party and those that cater to it like Trump using his American Racist Trump Chump card.
      One way if the brain drain that exists in Eritrea is through admitting the errors of policy makers in Eritrea are and their effect on households.
      Eritrean youth should have ample, inviting and equal access in order to strengthen their nation and nationalities. Though the literacy rate in Eritrea is decent and the working languages in Eritrea is not as excluding as they were in the early 90s, federal communication infrastructure should improve to where a translator for each Eritrean biher is readily available for an individual citizen even for the mundane official task let alone for employment and education.
      Eritren Muslims due to their faith and geographical
      Proximity (including the Rashida/Sudan intersect) are fluent in Arabic as we all know. Consolidating

  • Ayneta

    Hello Dears:
    I look at this newly minted GEAN as an effort to bring Eritrean Muslims who have been largely silent or indifferent to the battlefield. It is my personal observation that Eritrean Muslims have been rather mute and watching from the bench when it comes to issues pertinent to Eritrea. Since they form half of the population, it is imperative that they get involved in every aspect. It is with this understanding that I welcome this initiative by GEAN.
    One reason behind this passivity may be the perception that Eritrean government is a Christian one and Muslims have no business poking their nose into something owned and operated by Christians. I don’t think they are helplessly passive, but rather they feel left out. So It is good that efforts are being carried out to bring them ‘out of cold’.
    One reservation I have is that we should be careful not to turn this into a religious movement and rush to mint institutions with religious agenda. We have already a number of them lined up. We don’t need anther institution with the word Islam/Muslim’ enshrined into its name, because then it becomes a different ballgame.

  • Abi

    Hi Solomon
    I approve the massage.
    I will go further to say Addis Ababa is the New York of Africa.
    Addis York or New Ababa should be used interchangeably.
    So , will you be in Addis York for the new year or in New Ababa for Abesha Genna?

    I don’t know about the Arabic publications in Addis. Semere Andom is the right person to ask.

    Happy Addis Year in Addis York for you.

  • Yoni

    hi all.
    I have a better solution. Lets do population exchange with Sudan. If Eritreans Muslims are hell bent on adapting Arab culture and language, why don’t they go to Sudan ? In Sudan they are also hell bent on adapting the failed Arab culture and language.Eritrea can take Sudanese who wish to keep their language and culture be Muslim or christian and Sudan can take Eritreans who want to adapt Arab culture. That way there won’t be any future problem and we can face the current problem with out hesitating.

    • Adulis

      Hi Mr. @ better solution.

      I read your suggestion and I wondered to know that there are still people who think that way. This and the likes of your Suggetions that made Eritreans in Denkakil region to organize themselves under the name “Asebe DeAnde = Red Sea is ours” to defend themselve and their resources and to eradicate their historical Tigrigna chauvinistic nemesis from the red sea to make them join their ancestors in Tigray. Also, the lowlanders have decided not to be cheated once again by organizing theselves and become whatever they like to be.
      Nobody chooses to live with people who do not respect his norms and traditions.
      you or your alikes are not entitled to put forward the idea of population Exchange. It is not an alms. Eritreans Have rejected it when it served to them on a golden plate by gigantic Ethiopian rulers let alone by a refugee creature Like you
      “Mis ishokh Aggam zitxeghe’et beles mewa’el tineb’e”

  • Tzigereda

    Dear AT,
    What are the different objectives of GEAN in comparison to that of the ELL ( Eritrean Lowland League)?

    • AOsman

      Dear Tzigereda,

      Not that I know much about the two, I guess one is a club for the young and the other for the old.


      • Abi

        Hi AOsman
        My understanding was GEAN is religious neutral entity ( since there is no indication of religious affiliation in its name) that is set up to empower Eritreans in different aspects. The meeting/ conference held in California is regarding Muslims and encouraging them to be active in the country’s affairs. There may be just for women, or Christians, or some kind of professionals,etc . That is my understanding. Otherwise, the name should have been something like this: GEMAN ( Global Eritrean Muslims Advocacy Network).
        As always I could be waaaaay off. My silly argument is since there is no mention of religious affiliation in the name , it is religious neutral.
        What you say?

        • AOsman

          Dear Abi,

          Strictly speaking even ELL is not a Muslim organization, for convenience or lazy analysis we assume it is. I have no clue about GEAN, if your point is correct, then it shows the two have no relationship at all except that they are trying to empower groups that they see as disfranchised.


          • PTS

            No one has a clue who or what GEAN is. AT skipped the usual background info as to when/where they were established or their previous activities. My guess is they were established over one of the recent weekends.

    • Hope

      Dr Tsigheteda:
      How can a big Doctor ask this simple question?
      GEAN is Global but the ELL is more of ” Local”‘!

      How about that?

      AOsman is trying to be nice here but the ELL does indeed have a Religious background! and influence!

      But in reality,and Per AOsman’s assertion and understanding,the ELL should include other religions as well,as the Lowland Eritrea is now inhabited by many Christians and ” Highlanders!

      The ELL might be a nice code like the GEAN,to avoid the word Islam or Muslim!

      That is why,in Principle and only opinion,I am ” against” such kind of ” confusing and nonessential Winter Projects and New Names”!
      Apologies if I offended any one!

  • AOsman

    Dear Awatista,

    Since the article touches the topic of connecting our children to their ancestoral home, this little girl is the star of the year. I say well done to her father for the hard work.



    • Abi

      Hi AOsman
      Thank you . Only 4 years old and she knows all these capital cities.
      God bless her and her family.

  • PTS

    okie dokie. we will watch from the bench then.

  • Solomon Haile

    Dear said,

    Thank you for aknowledging my always negative presence. I hear the Red Sea is only for the Arabs. And the Arabic language is also only for the Arabs. These two hearsay are of course unofficial.
    I thank you also for making my earlier stated declaration a bit stronger.

    • Abi

      HI Solomon
      You mean Mayflower?

    • AOsman

      Dear Solomon,

      Following Amanuel’s article, I have been watching video from EFND DC conference, listen to the talk by Hurui Telda Bairu. We don’t need to emulate Ethiopia, they have what suits them and Eritreans will have to work out what suits us.



      • Solomon Haile

        Dear AOsman,
        I am responding before watching the EFND discussion you linked. As the acronym makes me think of Fendgi(d is silent as in d in democracy as pronounced by Greek Importers) as well as the added thought of your superb skills with Fenji and the inevitable explosion whenever I click on your links… 🙂 Chilaxing
        Let me divert your thoughts with mine for the moment.
        1. Would boxing fans appreciate a Sugar Ray Leanord Vs. MuHamed Ali better than A Sugar Ray Leanord Vs. Michael Tyson? In each simulated and or imagined bought who would win the fight do you think? Can you see a possible Draw result in either or? This long response style for Today’s Twitter Generation is what irks SaaY about Isayas Afeworki and a tiny bit less about Yosief GhebreHiwet.
        2. The Saay-Amanuel Bridge is interesting to me at this stage. I mean both have resigned/or made a resolution be it partiial or full from something.

        This SJG article defines several pertinent flowers. Haddash ArbaEte Uniter for sure.
        Will get back to you after I watch EFND without the physics/metaphysics of implosion or explosion of Fenji. …. …
        May the New Year be one of more Chilaxing for you.

  • Solomon Haile

    Dear Thought,

    If I read a comment remotely close to:
    Should Ethiopia have Amharic and Arabic as the official languages. , then I will for sure resign/make a resolution.for the new year.
    Sacred indeed.