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Europe’s Cynical Designs On Eritrea: Political Agenda

An article that this writer posted at Awate in March had pondered the question of what may have been the real reason(s) that impelled the EU to re-engage the Eritrean government and provide it with a sizeable aid package early this year. To be sure, EU’s official statements of the time had claimed that the funding was prompted by the need to stem the flow of Eritrean asylum seekers to Europe.[1] But it was evident from the outset that this claim carried little credibility and was put out merely for public relations purpose.

On the other hand, events and circumstances surrounding the case suggested that the funding was, in fact, motivated by far weighty political and economic objectives. This two-part series attempts to shed some light on the nature of these veiled objectives by considering the totality of indicative factors, incidents, linkages and cause-and-effect relations relevant to the case. The first part focuses on political objectives that seem to be guiding Europe’s current policy towards Eritrea; the second part will examine recent European initiatives in order to gain insight into the economic objectives of that policy.

Early Eritro-European Relations

A brief review of Eritrea’s early relationships with European countries provides an essential backdrop to the discussion on the latter’s political objectives. Early Eritro-European relations were marked by alternating periods of cooperation and confrontation, hence were contentious at best. Several European countries initiated bilateral relations with Eritrea when it gained de facto independence in 1991 and supported the Recovery and Reconstruction Project Initiative (RRPI) for Eritrea. Much of this initial support later transitioned to bilateral/sectoral development assistance following the country’s formal independence two years later.[2]

Relations began to deteriorate, however, in 2001 as a result of government crackdown on political dissenters, closure of the independent press, and curtailment of civil liberties. These measures and attendant reversal of political and economic liberalization soured Eritrea-Europe relations and hampered development cooperation. Donor support for social and agricultural development projects was scaled down or ended altogether by donor decisions or at the insistence of the government.

The decline in international cooperation reached a new low when the regime issued the 2005 NGO proclamation. The declaration drastically reduced the number that could register legally, hence imposed severe restrictions on NGO-mediated implementation of donor projects.[2][3] By 2007, bilateral development agencies had either decided, or were ordered by the government, to leave the country. As the final act in its break up with Europe, the Eritrean government terminated its development cooperation with the EU in 2011.[4]

Recriminating Eritrea Vs. Strategizing Europe

An inevitable consequence of Eritrea’s falling-out with the EU was the need for both parties to redefine their policies towards each other. Embittered by UN-imposed sanctions and the failure of the international community to enforce its own ruling on the country’s border dispute with Ethiopia, the Eritrean government adopted an increasingly hostile stance towards the U.S. and the West in general. Bashing the U.S. for its “hegemonic and exploitative agenda“ became an enduring staple not only of its official pronouncements, but also of the state-controlled media.

A truth that seems lost on Eritrea’s leadership is that, to deal with adversaries from a position of strength, a government must be capable of playing a key geopolitical role at least in its region. This means, among other things, building a strong economy, championing democratic principles and the rule of law and crafting a foreign policy that promotes international cooperation while fostering Third World solidarity. But realities in Eritrea are to the contrary: the autocratic regime finds itself reeling from UN sanctions and indictments, an ailing economy and debilitating international isolation. Thus, its incessant diatribe against “Western conspiracy” is buttressed neither by economic power nor by political influence, hence is nothing more than empty rhetoric.

To the EU, on the other hand, the falling-out must have meant that its long-term agenda of gaining influence over the country and control over its natural resources was in jeopardy. So, while the Eritrean government was preoccupied with blaming the world for almost anything and everything, the EU was honing its new strategy for Eritrea. The outcome of that effort is a policy that seems to have the goal of subduing the belligerent regime and bringing the country into the fold of client-states that have accepted existence under the dominance of Western powers.

A Desperate Regime Falls for Europe’s Guile

At the center of the EU’s new strategy seems to be a scheme to disabuse the government of the arrogant, self-righteous notion of itself as: (i) champion of the principle of self-reliance and (ii) role model for the developing world on resisting Western hegemony and exploitation. And so, seizing on the regime’s desperation for relief from economic straights and exit from political/diplomatic isolation, the EU cunningly announced its intent to re-engage the regime and provide it with a generous aid package.[1][5]

In effect, the strategy involved dangling the promise of political engagement and development assistance in front of the regime and make its leaders “crawl on their knees” to get it. And crawl they did! For months, the president’s special advisor, Mr. Yemane Gebreab made it his sacred duty to conduct repeated tours of European capitals hat in hand begging for their largesse. He shamelessly offered to help stop Eritrean refugees from reaching Europe if only the regime could be compensated for its services! In their zeal to get in the good graces of European powers, regime officials demeaned themselves by lying through their teeth that they will “carry out democratic reforms in our own way during the next three to five years” and that the National Service will be “restored to its original 18-month term.”[5]

By all accounts, the aid package was a fait accompli even when it was first announced as a plan.[6] Yet, as if to maximize the political returns of the initiative, the EU let the approval process drag on for nearly a year keeping alive the controversy over the proposed aid. Having successfully enticed, cajoled and coaxed the Eritrean government into capitulation, the EU awarded in January 2016 the prize that was so coveted by the leaders of the regime.


Does the demeaning role that the Eritrean government played in this funding saga herald its surrender to Europe’s diktat and patronage? Or was this one of the regime’s habitual exercises in deception? Bamboozle the EU by false promises of reform, and revert to your old belligerent self once you got what you wanted! Whichever approach it may be banking on as a strategy, the regime will not be spared the inevitable fate of being relegated to a dark chapter in Eritrea’s history.

As for the EU, its decision of granting undeserved rewards to the regime was hardly intended to promote democracy or ensure respect for human rights in the country. Neither was it prompted by a conviction that the regime is willing or able to stop the exodus of refugees out of the country. The real, but unspoken objective of Europe’s recent political maneuvers is one of setting the stage for eventual imperialistic domination and exploitation of the country by the West, pure and simple!



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  • Michael Solomon

    Dear – Aman – if any one considers this website to be an opposition group – yes indeed it is an opposition to anything Eritrean! -They are not posting articles here in opposition of ideas or political views -they are hired mini guns of Woyane – proof they never display the Eritrean flag ever which they consider to be the EPLF flag and they never posted any positive article about Eritrea.

    I am sure they will not post this comment – but i want them to read it because most Eritreans know them full well
    Cheers 25 years and still marching…

  • ZakSai

    The problem with the Eritrean govt is it is in war with its ‘ shadow’. The Ethiopian govt has stated that it is ready to settle this issue once and for all so long as the two parties talk about everything else. I think the Ethiopian govt wants to sign a ‘ comprehensive agreement’ to make sure any agreement to cede this ‘ disputed territory’ will mean peace all along and compromise from both sides. Having chased UN peacekeepers stationed in the area and all but ignored the spirit of the Algiers agreement and installed military capability, Asmara have made a faux pas. No wonder the Ethiopian govt is ‘ cautious’ on this front. As it stands, Addis has many thousands of soldiers and mighty military garrison costing it a lot of money, which it can hardly afford. But, i think Ethiopia is right in its policy of needed all around agreement and guarantees and guarantors, after all , the Eritrean govt is not to be trusted altogether and need to comply with all norms of International law. If it gets Badme and Eritrea keeps on training all sort of rebels from all corners of Ethiopia, this will only create problem for the Addis govt. . We are talking about short term and long term agreements covering the many aspects of relationship between the two countries. Fellas, we are not just neighbors, we are intertwined by all sort of webs. In the scope of our closeness, Badame is not even a ‘ blimp’.

    As for the European Union largess of a hundred million Euros over a couple of years or so, it is baffling. By my calculation,, a million plus Eritreans reside all across the World,. Assuming the average Hawala is about three thousand bucks per year, over three billion dollars enter Eritrea, legally or otherwise.

    Israel and Palestine, despite their age old animosity do still talk and conduct business to the tune of billions of dollars. What is wrong with Ethiopians and Eritreans talking not at each other but frankly outlining the whole aspect of their relationship from Badme to Assab and sign a treaty to that effect.. While nationalist Eritreans repeatedly raise the issue of the barren land of Badme, the folk in Djibouti are wrecking billions of dollars in port fees over the years.

    The latest rumor about Eritrea is that the govt has given little time for the locals and changed the local currency almost overnight and many lost their life savings . This is unprecedented in the annals of history for it is nothing short of renegading on the commitment of any govt to its Nationals. if what i heard about it is true, i can’ t blame for the Ethiopian govt’s repeated stance to talk tete a tete on this issue and all other relevant ones. Their intention is probably to make sure that the issue is not just the disputed land but peace and total confidence. . Which should suit all parties, given they are genuine!

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam ZakSai,
      Wow, I appreciate your “Qum Neger” appraisal and solution to this non-existent problem created by PFDJ.
      The Regime started a senseless war and continues this senseless No peace No war status quo. The status quo costs Ethiopia a certain amount to be sure. However, it is even more costly to Eritrea by a factor of 10.
      It is my belief that if tomorrow, the Ethiopian government gave up “Badme” to Eritrea unconditionally, the Eritrean Gov. will continue the hostility in all its forms by creating a virtual Badme in something else.
      It appears it needs this kind of problem to perpetuate their crimes against their own people using the boogie man pathology to stay in power.
      Your common sense approach in your comment is really what is needed; strong smart people of goodwill and sensibility from both sides.
      I hope you visit us more often and put forth your opinions for everyone to read. I have seen kernel of truth “seeds” in this comment. If you continue, it is my hope that some of these “seeds’ will find a fertile brain somewhere. It just got to.
      Mr. K.H

      • Dear K.H.,

        “It appears it needs this kind of problem to perpetuate their crimes against their own people using the boogie man pathology to stay in power.”. How true.

        Confrontation with Ethiopia is what gives meaning to the existence of the Eritrean regime. It is the oxygen it breathes and the thing that gives it strength. Badme is its ace card, and the border, its Berlin Wall, and the shoot to kill order, which is reminiscent of the shoot to kill order at the Berlin wall, shows Eritrea is surrounded by PFDJ’s iron curtain.

        Solving the points of contention with Ethiopia may make the regime vulnerable and it could be the beginning of its end, because it cannot adjust and mutate from dictatorship to democracy. Democracy, freedom and economic well-being, will be the demand of the people. It cannot terrorize them anymore with the Ethiopian boogieman or hide behind such lies. Is it possible then that the regime will accept change and seek peace with Ethiopia, which may undermine its stay in power? I doubt.

        Why did the Eastern Block crumble down? It was the result of the internal contradictions. The Arab Spring which unfortunately failed in most countries was also the result of internal social contradictions. Therefore, bribing the regime with Badme or any number of Badmes will not pacify it towards Ethiopia. When the internal contradictions in Eritrea get so strong and people are forced to say enough is enough, then inevitably the regime will crumble, and Badme will find its own solution, because it never was a problem in the first place.

    • Abraham H.

      Selam ZakSai,
      Thank you for your fresh look at the Ethio-Eri relationship from another angle. By now it must be clear to anyone the problem between the two countries is not border but it has to do with a very unhealthy rivalry between the leaders of the two cousins, the Tigrayans and their Tigringa speaking Eritrean counterparts. In particular it has to do with an extremely egocentric brute, Isayas Afeworki, who thinks and acts as if the Eritrean people and land belongs to him personally, and treats them as such. I don’ t see an end to this deadlock in the relationship between the two nations as long as this dictator is alive.
      You said “While nationalist Eritreans repeatedly raise the issue of the barren land of Badme, the folk in Djibouti are wrecking billions of dollars in port fees over the years.” What comes to mind is what have the PFDJ regime and their fanatic followers really done to reverse the occupation of Badme and other Eritrean-ruled territories that are still under control of Ethiopia 16 years ofter the end of the war? The answer is, of course, absolutely nothing, apart from begging at the offices of the UN, and using the issue as an excuse to suppress the rights of Eritreans.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates ,
    A real surprise of Peace
    ( is similar but unlike
    A real surprise of War !
    Eritrea and Ethiopia and their tangled politics need a REAL
    surprise as in put again if they are to come for sure from this
    entanglements and never ending crises.
    I couldn’t believe it until now how much that single incident
    – the Badme war of 1998 – 2000 entirely changed or altered
    the political scene not only for the worst but also many new
    previously ignored or misunderstood facts and issues to surface
    or come out to fore ground and embraced by many friends or
    enemies previously in opposing camps.
    This Badme incident, despite its brutality has unearthed a lot
    of political facts previously unknown when it came as surprise
    in 1998 – 2000. And it is hard to believe that the politics of its
    aftermath is more cherished and liked by those who one thinks
    as its opponents or against it – the likes of the ERITREAN
    opposition groups when to the contrary they not only cheerfully
    embraced it and its ideals ( the ethnic – Nationality agenda of the
    TPLF/eprdf and its duplication in Eritrea by opposition leaders),
    but also fought for the realization of it in our Eritrea/ Eritrean politics.
    So Eritrea and Ethiopia need a REAL SURPRISE of PEACE again
    ( Similar in its surprising nature but Opposite to its nature of WAR )
    to come out of the current situation of impasse.
    And I am quite sure that it will drastically change the current no war
    no peace situation, just similar to the 1998 – 2000 surprise that fun-
    damentaly changed the situation then,

  • Hope

    Hi Joe:
    That is good and a Noble cause though,to engage Eritrea for good!!
    “inquilal Be-ighir yihedal”
    I do no comprehend the stone-headed and corrupt mentality of the self-annointed/appointed Opposition Groups!
    Either they have to give up for good or perform better than the Regime but to block the EU Fund in the name of hating the Regime is beyond a crime against Humanity directly one indirectly coz opposing the Development Fund is depriving the needy poor people from getting the basics they need to survive
    If the ” justification ” is fear of the Funds being used by the Regime for prolonging its life,chech history and the original witness ,the EU to find out how the Regime uses the Funds!
    It is the Old New TPLF Propaganda against Eritrea and ERITREANS to make Eritrea collapse overnight,which has been declared by the same Criminal Junta and its Masters as such repeatedly.
    If the Pseudo-Eri Opposition supports and endorses such a Criminal Policy,by default,that Opposition Group is equally criminal.
    As crystal as it is written!

    • Ted

      Hi Hope, the EU fund arrangement clearly states the money goes to the project intended and on several occasions they made it clear to their constituents the Erit- government won’t get a dime upfront.
      The strangest thing from opposition is that the gov is using it as “propaganda tool”. How sad is that the opposition want to deny their people the help they needed just to prevent “propaganda tool”, What propaganda tool?Eritrea is isolated and it is not because of this fund? Isolation or not, it is not what the opposition did but by those who can, the same group, now giving aid for specific purpose. The gracious thing to do is to thank them and cooperate with what ever they can . And speaking of propaganda tool, do they ever think what the people they are defending think of them and their bizarre reasoning as opposition. They live in their own world.How hard is that to see this. it worries me if they ever wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Ted,

        I didn’t know anyone was objecting to the EU aid money. Are there any opposition parties who oppose it publicly or is it individuals? I may have missed it if it ever was a topic here. For some reason it feels it was.

        In either case, I don’t think the aid money should be blocked, in fact it should be strongly encouraged as long as its proper spending can be monitored.

  • tes

    Selam Hope,

    The worst enemy Eritreans so far experienced is DIA and his regime PFDJ. I know you have betrayed your own uncle but let me remind you, it is because a crime going on Eritrean people (like your uncle who was stubbed and died) that we reject without doubt. Unlike you, a criminal of criminals, justice will come after you.

    And now, you came back to your usual habit of attacking Hmm, this website has survived against all odds. Your allegations and insults are the last trial at hand. No matter how you tried, the web will never stop from talking for justice.

    If you want to silence justice, go back to Eritrea and build prison centers.



  • Dear Hope,
    “Ethiopia, the land of famine; Ethiopians, beggar people; etc” has become your daily soliloquy. Unfortunately, it is going to continue, because it is an obsession, although it has no political relevance or importance. On the contrary, it is the manifestation of despair, disappointment and hopelessness. You have no power to hurt Ethiopia any more, and insulting Ethiopia and Ethiopians is all you can do. You people insult Ethiopians and Eritreans as well. Where do you really belong? Is it possible to love an inhuman dictator and his regime soo much?

    • iSem

      You see what we deal with, Hope just told our host Saleh rudely that PFDJ is the guarantor of our security despite its crimes, he said. Now while he is willing to forgo the crimes agains his own ppl, it pains him the crimes of Oromo.
      As you said, PFDJ cannot do anything to Ethiopia now, to prove in 2012 Ethiopia bombed Inside Eritrea twice and they publicly admitted one bombing. They are in Badme not that they need to be but they can and Hope is dreaming. The current government in Ethiopia proved two things, one is that past Ethiopian leaders were stupid to wage the war with Eritrea for port access, and two the Eritrea government is stupid for reducing Asab to a pond where camels drink water from.
      Hope and Nitricc and dawit and Gheteb do not even listen to their demi god when he said that Ethiopia has become the super power of the region in a rare unguarded moment.
      Take AdiGrat, a village turned to a city with a university, a take Asmara, a city, dubbed second Roma, reduced to a village, stripped off its one university.
      Do not fooled by Nitricc, Ted, dawit and Hope, they do not love Eritrea, they hate it, they want to undo it, all of them go to Ethiopia to enjoy what it offers and to sponsor their relatives from the refugee camps

    • Hope

      Selam Horizon:
      Your quote saying :”Ethiopia is the Land of Famine,Hunger and Beggars” was not made by ERITREANS but by your same Masters,aiding you with cash but to only make you aid-dependent for ever!
      Wel,had not been the Intereference of your Hassad and Jealous TOLF GOV,the sky could have been the limit for Eritrea and it will be soon as your Hassad TPLF has failed miserably on Eritrea!
      -More than fifty years of Precious Metals Mine Life ($20 Billion plus)
      -More than 400 years of Potash Mine Life(1Trillion!!!!)
      -Classified Petroium and Gas potential more than that of Saudi Arabia and Qatar combined!(Ref and Source:Energy Intelligence .Com)

      -Multi billion $ (more
      than $2 Billion annual income) from Hot Torirism,Fishing and Salt Industry!

      -Red Sea Dam,the easiest,the cheapest but the most lucrative Clean Energy Source that can handle the whole Africa and the Middle East

      -After IA is gone,the Huge Human Resources will be exploited in the best way possible .
      Then the sky will be the limit.
      Eritrea will be beyond :
      -The Singspore of Adrica
      -The Swiss of Africa
      -The Israel of Africa
      -The Qatar of Africa

      • Dear Hope,
        Sorry, but it is like reading a science fiction. Have you asked yourself why Eritreans are leaving behind all these and running away from your El Dorado? It is because they do not believe you. Give them something tangible today, like peace, freedom and opportunities, and they will stay home. Leave the myth for another day.

        • Hope

          Hello Mr.Horizon
          Science bs fiction?
          Simple googling will get rid of your dilemma .
          Isn’t that why your Jealous TPLF Gov is working hard day and night against Eritrea?

          • Dear Hope,
            Don’t search for enemies; because you yourselves have ended up being the worst enemies of Eritrea. Simply, imagining phantom enemies everywhere helps you to terrorize and control the people; and it is one of the methods used by dictatorship.

            About your billions and trillions, do something about them, because nobody really believes you, not even the regime you so fervently support. For whom are you dreaming this wealth, for the people of Eritrea for whom you do not care the least when you see them empty the land, or for the regime, so that it can rule for a hundred years; no, for four hundred years until the potash reserve runs out?

            Here is the big problem with those who found themselves in between (inbetweeners) in the Ethiio-Eritrean conflict. They were rejected by TPLF, and they were not fully accepted by Eritreans. In their despair they found solace with the dictator, and they became the most dedicated supporters of the regime. Therefore, they hate everything Ethiopian and they hate every Eritrean who does not revere their demi-god. This brought them in conflict with the justice seekers and the opposition, and as guardians of the dictatorial regime, they are giving a life and death battle. If the regime is gone, they know that they are gone; therefore, their only means of being relevant is to support the regime to the end.

  • Saleh Johar

    You are making it worse. I specifically asked if you are sure of what you were apologizing for because you were “not sure”. And I asked for clarification. Instead, what I got is rude response:
    1. No further threat”: Hope, who threatened you? Isn’t it you bullying us here?
    2. I am responsible for myself, only. Why are you telling me how you think other websites should behave? Be specific, tell me about stuff that I did, not what you think others did. Again, be specific.
    3. Why are you telling me websites should not serve the agenda of the enemy? Whi is serving the enemy/ Answer that, please.
    4. I consider the PFDJ my enemy and the enemy of Eritreans (LESS the freedom hating section), not the wishy-washy and the servants and enablers of tyranny. Based on that context: am I right in considering you an enemy? If not, do you consider me an enemy?

    I am asking question #4 because you have an obsession with attacking this website every now and then and we have communicated about this many times. You certainly do not stand for what stands, it is fine. But have some respect. Some decency. And don’t pull us into the PFDJ infested cesspool. Hope, you will be better off if you bravely declare you are a PFDJ supporter (and Isaias worshiper, just like dawit). Don’t try to dwell in the middle where no camouflage can ever hide you. Your position is very obvious, trying to hide it is ridiculous.

    • Hope

      Selam SGJ:
      No change in my STAND!
      No need for me to specify the Group or web but any group or website that endorses and supports one way or another ,the Agenda of our enemies is an enemy /enemies of Eritrea and Erireans and that includes the PFDJ but if u r asking me which group to side with compared to the current wanna be Opposition,I said it before and will say it now that PFDJ is the ONLY viable Guarantor of the ERITREAN Sovereignty and National Security Interest,irrespective of and despite of its crimes ,weaknesses etc…..
      I am not and will not be,under any circumstance,in a position to buy or heed to any one’s pressure or advise as to who to support or to condemn!
      For the RECORD and FYI though,I am an unflinching SUPPORTER of the EPDP and its Comprehensive,Inclusive and pragmatic and visionary Program and no secret and no shyness here!
      Let me be clear here:

      Endorsing and Executing the enemy agenda in the name of Justice is above and beyond Treason!

      • Saleh Johar

        Selam Hope,

        Honestly, people like you are a liability to the EPDP and your position is the cause for all the wrong perception about EPDP. Do you want to serve that organization? Then please leave them alone. You are not doing them any good. At least don’t declare it openly. Your position is wishy-washy and your rude statements make it worse. I feel sad for the EPDP baby-sitting members like you.

        • Hope

          Thanks Ustaz SGJ for your input and judgement!’am glad God exists.
          I said I support the EPDP Program.
          Who would not suppoirtvthe EPDP Program and Vision but those corrupt TPLF-made Parties and their mercenaries ?

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Hope,
            According to you there are two types of Eritreans: those who support EPDP program and those who don’t –and the latter they are all, “corrupt TPLF-made Parties and their mercenaries.”!!!!

            Indeed there is God, and there are Catholic churches with a confession booth. You need to go to one and confess to the priests who asked “where is your brother.” You also need to apologize to the EPDP because with supporters like you, they do not need enemies. In fact you have been insinuating for a long time that you are a member of EPDP. That organization cannot have people with your type of political views in its ranks. I beg you to have mercy for the EPDP, please do not ever claim you are either a member of a supporter of the EPDP. It’s just bad publicity the party can live without.

            See Hope? You start with one topic and by the end of the day you have created a tree with so many branching topics: neger, qual neger, gual-gual-neger, and the great, great, great, great grand daughter of neger. It’s really tiresome. I am out of your dark and crooked maze.

      • iSem

        I am not here to get between you two Kerenites, but cannot help it to notice, finally Hope made it crystal clear that despite the crimes of PFDJ against our people he is willing to support the criminal PFDJ in the guise of security.
        Sir Hope, I have rested my case sir, you are not just a mere supporter, you have elevated yourself to the status of an enable of these crimes. I was right about you, you cannot be trusted, you are a bigot, you do not like Muslims, you like PFDJ, you have no ethics, you bring your dead, murdered uncle to score points. Before I depart, let me also say that you are cheap
        Security and sovereignty of a nation without the security of sovereignty of the people is reduced to security and sovereignty of stone and rivers and mountains and enda tehanit as Saleh says. Rebena ynejjina

        • Hope

          Selamat Isem:
          Congrats my man!
          You got it right.
          Hope hates Muslims.
          That makes you the cheapest of the cheap.
          Coz I hate your mercenary TPLF Gang!
          Hamed edde that your TPLF Gang will set its feet in KEREN Tsaida (HELL NO)while the PFDJ Gov is ruling!
          May be when the mercenary and puppet EDA is in power through the likes of Hussen Khalifa and Beshir Isak along with the Uninonist and Opportunist Hirui!

      • Amanuel

        Hi Hope
        Please don’t dig more when you are in hole. And don’t mix apple with banana. You can’t be an EPDP supporter and PFDJ apologies as the same time. It is not fair on the honest members of EPDP. I have several good friends who are members of EPDP and I am sure they will be embarrassed and ashamed of your comment.

        • Abraham H.

          Hi Amanuel,
          If this guy really is a member of EPDP, though I doubt it strongly as dishonesty and deceit are his trademarks, and if there happen to be some people who know his real identity, then you need to pass it to the EPDP. He has simply to be excommunicated, because he stands against the causes of those who are fighting for justice and rule of law in Eritrea. Who knows, may be it is his likes who are wreaking havoc in the ranks of the opposition camp, rendering it ineffective.

          • Hope

            Selamat Abreham :
            Who assigned you to be the Prosecutor and the Judge,btw?
            The EPDP was made to exist with,through and by my own people’ and uncles.

          • Abraham H.

            Your “own people and uncles” are not you. You are a disgrace and shame not only to the EPDP, if you are related in anyway to the party, but also to the Bilen people.

        • Hope

          Come on Wed Halyie:
          I though you could have understood me better than the wanna be Activists and Justice Seekers.
          My message is clear:
          No to any Opposition that supports and Endirses the Endny Agenda(no need to lecture you on that)
          -I am NOT an EPDP Member yet but I SUPPORT its Program,which I am entitled to irrespective of my ignorance and dumbness!
          -Let the EPDP deal with me based on my stand and my support of the PFDJ!
          -To your dismay ,I borrowed that particular statement I made above that,at this moment and realistically speaking and considering all things,besides arguing for the sake of it from the Top EPDP Official.
          -I am not taking about the ideals and dreams but from practical and reality point of view!
          Hence,swallow the bitter truth /pill that ,that the reality considering the situation of our INEPT and lame /quadriplegic Opposition Status.

          • Amanuel

            Hi Hope
            For the benefit of doubt let me ask you what does an Eritrea sovereignty and national security interest means? Do you think it will be achieved by emptying it’s youth? Or putting the the whole population in prison with out due process?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Haw Amanuel (mekusi)

            Are you really expecting rational answers from a person who doesn’t know what he is saying according his own admission? The more you asked him, the more he digs holes to his soul, and the more he will express his appreciation to Mengstu Hailemariam, Mugabe, Ghedaffi (refer his response to Abraham). I do not think your questions will help him either.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hope

            Selam Vet Aman:
            Talk to me directly!
            Be a man now!
            Libeliwat yekejelu Amora yiliwatal zgira!
            Do not twist things for your convenience.
            The analogy I made is crystal as to what I mean in ref to Eritrea vs-a-vs the role of the West.

          • Amanuel

            Hi AH (mekusi)
            Every time he keep going about national security interest and sovereignty and I want to hear his interpretation. But you are right he is a confused sole.

          • Hope

            Selam Amanuel:
            You read me out of context!
            The issue I raised and your question are not related !
            I am the one here and at the Prog Gov websites that listed the PFDJ Policy as one of the culprits to our mess in general and to the Exodus of the Youth in particular.
            What I am trying to do here is to consider the pros and cons of our alternatives considering all things from reality and practical point of view.
            George W Bush led to the mess of the world in General and to the USA mess in particular causing huge material and financial disaster.
            He led to a million deaths of Iraquis and destruction of Iraq as a Nation but he is immune and a Hero for the USA .Let is what your Mokhsi will say after mentioning George Bush.
            More over,the mess in Eritrea is multi factorial and the external interference has played a major,a fact no one can deny and as such,the approach to solve our complex and intricate problems needs a comprehensive and complex approach.

            The socio-economico-political problems of Eritrea are not exclusively caused by the PFDJ,which went through hell and survived the hell.
            It should not be surprising then to encounter such hiccups and collateral damages to Eritrea as a Nation and ERITREANS as a People.
            This is not to justify the crimes of the Regime but to state the facts on the ground and the analogy with Libya,and Iraq emanates from that aspect,not for the sake of respecting the dictators as your Mokhsi tried to twist things.
            Now,let us consider the facts that you are ignoring:
            -If no border stalemate
            -if border was demarcated
            -if the unfair sanctions were not imposed
            -if there was no NO PEACE and NO WAR Policy
            -If there was no isolationist and containment policy
            -if the USA accepted the Eri appeal for engagement
            -if the CIA and the UNHCR and their Puppet TPLF were not involved in the Human Trafficking(refer to wiki leaks)
            -If the EU was honest enough from the get to go to engage Eritrea
            -if the EU and the USA did not declare the preferntial treatment of the Eri Refugees
            What would have been the outcome compared to what it is now if the above were to be considered and positively addressed?
            Just an honest answer coz you are a Stubborn and Triuhful Blenay!

        • Hope

          I missed your assertion that I am a PFDJ Apologist and at the same time an EPDP supporter!
          Thought you analyse things honestly compared to the self-appointed Justice Seekers.
          I made it clearly the difference between ” Supporting” the EPDP from being a PFDJ Apologist.
          No time to regurgitate it again.
          I am stating the facts as they are irrespective of their truth and essence.
          Gen Nittric forwarded the facts in three to four statements as quoted by Dr Fanti Ghana.
          The PFDJ is the de facto GoE recognized by more than 180 Nations .
          – while fighting for Justice,I have a National Obligation to support the GoE when dealing positively with the Sovereignty and National Security Interest of Eritreea( threats from outside)!

          -I will acknowledge any thing positive that comes form the GoE that benefits Eritrea and ERITREANS!
          -I will never support any thing that comes from external forces and their mercenaries in any form.

      • Abraham H.

        Hi Hope,
        First you wrote “No need for me to specify the Group or web but any group or website that endorses and supports one way or another ,the Agenda of our enemies is an enemy /enemies of Eritrea and Erireans and that includes the PFDJ…”. Then you folowed up with “I said it before and will say it now that PFDJ is the ONLY viable Guarantor of the ERITREAN Sovereignty and National Security Interest,irrespective of and despite of its crimes ,weaknesses etc…”. But please tell us how come an enemy of Eritrea be a guarantor of Eritrean sovereignty? That simply is self-contradicting, as is most of what you write here in this forum.

        • Hope

          Talk about reality,not just day dreams and wishes
          -Col Menghistu Hailemariam did his best to keep Erhiopia Unired despite his cruelty besides decimating top 50 Ethiopian Elites and more than 100,000 Innocent Youth!
          -Col MuAmer Ghedafi,the alleged top Dictator and Killer has created the Strongest and the Most Inited,Prosperous,Educated and Healthy Libya,besides teaching to the poor Africa by paying off the African Satellite Program and creating the African Banl with an initial deposit of $50 Billion so that Africans will benefit but only to cost him his great nation and his life in the name of Terrorism and Dictatorship.
          -Take the case of Dictator Saddam Hussein and his great Nation of Iraq and the rest is history!
          -Consider the case of Syria!,etc..,,
          This is not to justify the crimes of the PFDJ but to give you a glimpse of idea as to what I am trying to say when I say talk REALITY.
          In fact,Erotrea is the worst victim but has survived the Tsunami.
          Hence,despite of its crimes and failures,some credit should also be given to the PFDJ for saving Eritrea from the Tsunami that destroyed Libya,Iraq and Syria!
          If you believe that the PFDJ is the only responsible culprit yo our mess,no same ERITREAN will buy you!
          2+2 and 2×2=4 always.

    • T..T.

      Hi Hope,

      Here’s what Amanuel Hidrat wrote, on March 5, 2011, about your EPDP pointing out that EPDP’s “walkout or boycott a popular movement for unity and democratic change. Anybody who expects the EPDP-I, the neo-labor party, to continue as a reliable voice of the oppressed Eritrean people, will be a poor student of Eritrean history with a myriad of illusions; and to think that, is clearly like holding a losing stock market asset during a volatile times.”

      Hope, please remember, as fake stance is worse than back stabbing, so also sugar-lipping treachery or lying is worse than killing with poison. You are not even saying “ስራሕ ኮይኑኒ.”

      Like they say, keep your enemies (dawit and Nitricc) closer, but keep a faking friend (Hope) at a safe distance. If hyena is an enemy of a fleeing youth, you are the attacking hyena. If an organ harvester is a surprise attacker of a fleeing Eritrean child, you are the chopping knife that the organ harvester uses. If Isayas is a butcher, you are the butcher’s knife.

  • Ambassador

    Dear Compatriots;

    Does anyone ever thought that the regime is playing beggar to project an image of need that in a twisted way cloaks the embezzlement of billions of dollars it received from the mining projects? No one is talking about accountability towards those revenues. We are not even able to see the absurdity of the ever increasing plight in Eritrea in the presence of a windfall. Yet we talk a lot on a premise that the government would’ve been suffocated had EU withdrew its assistance. Meaning: lack of funds drive shortage of basic necessities in Eritrea. “The thugs stealing the mining revenues cause the plight” doesn’t come obvious in this equation. Does it?

    Isaias couldn’t have asked for more, for we are providing him with absolution to his thievery through our willful obsession with EU funds. The politics around EU funds is a distraction. It is illogical to think a regime that collects a billion dollars a year from mining would care for tens of millions of dollars in assistance. Wake up…

  • Saleh Johar

    No dear. You are still asking if you goofed, not sure yet? What is “not sure exactly but I take i back? What are you taking back if you are not sure about it? Kindly, either own your comment, or disown it clearly.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Saleh (SGJ),

      Forgive him, for he does not know what he is saying and doing. He is an ambivalent floating everywhere, difficult to have a safe landing. Look what he said, “not sure” what he said but he is taking back for something he does not know what he said.

      Amanuel Hidrat

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Eritrea under Isayas has become a one man rule ever since he declared its transitional government abrogated and its transitional national assembly dissolved, long before the Ethio-Eritrean war of 1998.

    Also, Eritrea under Isayas has become the most indebted African nation, based on debt-GDP ratio. The reason other African countries including Ethiopia are on low or no debt because all of the African countries apply to get debt relief and meet the requirements. Isayas refused to be qualified for debt relief because he doesn’t want to come clean by providing access to IMF monitoring for evaluation and verification that the loans he obtained for the stated programs had contributed, say for example, towards food security enhancement, poverty reduction, improvement of infrastructure, or governance improvement. The cause for Isayas’s refusal to comply with the requirement for debt relief was that he knew that his governance cannot and failed to promote the required transparency in decision making and action taking due corruption, which corruption of his generals is driven by his fear of losing power.

    Most of the European Union members are saying Isayas cannot be trusted. Isayas is telling them back, how so? The EU is saying not because the Eritrean opposition said so, but because it has been proven so in that Isayas is always against implementing all the agreed recommendations. For examples, if the unlimited conscription does not become a national service of 18 months there will be no use in funding programs on improvement of economic opportunities for the youth. Because putting the youth under the unlimited conscription will force them to tear off their shackles and free themselves from the endless slavery and come to Europe.

    • Hope

      Selam TT:
      Please,do not insult Intelligence.
      You are dealing with fully informed ERITREANS in an ” allegedly or presumably” ERITREAN Website.
      Use your brain and talk on behalf of Eritrea as to you think Eritrea is a victim .

      • Saleh Johar

        Could you please explain what you mean by “”allegedly or presumably” ERITREAN Website”? It’s clear you are talking about This is a serious question and you need to answet it immediately.

        • Michael Solomon

          Mr Johar -I for one do not consider this website to Eritrean or “anything Eritrean – it never was balanced or fair – it has one and only one goal and that is “regime change” at any cost and deliver it to the Enemy – I never read any positive article about Eritrea or even they do not even accept the Eritrean flag!!!might as well use the Woyane flag!!

          People have the right to disagree on ideas but if you do not even accept your own flag -I am not sure where to start – The flag displayed in Eritrea today belongs to all of us not to PFDJ or EPLF -some families had some of their family members with Jebha and the others with Shaebia -we true Eritreans consider them they both fought for the liberation of Eritrea….equally

          Your mission has failed miserably – probably your sponsors already know that too but they do not have anything better at this time…

          I hope you post this comment …


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Kubur haw Michael,

            So talking about the flag is so important to you than talking on the plight of our youth who are leaving our nation, and the factors that push them out from their homes. Am I right Micheal? A flag also signifies as a symbol of unity, and we are not. It was organizational flag imposed without a debate in the parliament. National symbols and national holidays should be validated by the representative bodies to secure their legitimacy. Otherwise, it will remain to be the source of controversy in the Eritrean political landscape.

            Amanuel Hidrat

      • T..T.

        Dear Hope,

        You must for sure be a crime minded person. You always speak against the victims by defending the criminal or butchering the truth.

        Hope, as follower of Alem Goitemism or confused politics, you are even worse than dawit or Nitricc. Your silence or open support for Isayas’s crimes is only making the unspeakable brutality of Isayas hellish and the worst ever committed on the face of the world.

        Someday ago you surprised the discussants by supporting Isayas for putting kids and mothers within the tough four walls of his prisons. You were also seen justifying Isayas’s discrimination and alienation against Muslim and Akeleguzai Christian students. You never ever condemn Isayas’s crimes because you are part of it.

        May be you are one of those who are funding Isayas’s crimes by paying donations and 2%. Vide your confused politics, you are committed also to denying the Eritrean refugees to have safe life or feel safe in their host countries by blackmailing them into silence or making them sign the regime’s embassy documents. You know what, here’s what people are telling you: Because you are supporting Isayas’s crimes, you will pay for Isayas’s crimes equally.

        • T..T.

          Hi Hope again,

          Don’t expect to get away of any accusation against Isayas because you are part of it. Your support for crimes makes you an accomplice and your pro-crimes stance makes intolerance necessary.

          You condemn Ethiopians for violating the international laws, yet you are seen violating all existing laws to support the criminal regime in Asmara. You are, indeed, pathetic because you even violate the rules you suggested that the discussions on this board to be guided by.

          You are not only a criminal by your support of the criminals who committed heinous crimes against the innocent Eritreans, but you are also a terrorist in disguise in the west terrorizing the refugees not to say a word about their ordeals, agonies and the torture they suffered at the hands of the regime. You are also guilty by your love for the capo criminal and his criminal generals.

          You always slip away with your committed crimes, but not this time. Shame on you to try to deny people their constitutional rights to voice and express their opinions!!!! Your mind is just conquered by criminal thoughts. Enjoy your criminal thoughts and let other people enjoy their dreams of peace, freedom, safety, peaceful and dignified life.

  • AMAN

    Awates ,
    Actually many of you are right
    and many participants are calling for it.
    It is right and time to be truth full and tell the truth as it is !
    It is not always right and good to distort whatever the governments
    do just to favor the opposition all the time just because they only did
    it not in a transparent and democratic way but a little heavy handedness
    compared to the ways the governments of developed nations do.
    To be frank to you I have always felt some good things are also done
    by the ruling government parties of EPRDF and PFDJ in the aftermath
    of the war. But since the cost the war caused was very high , I chose
    not to acknowledge or give them credit for whatever they claim they did
    or have done on the cyber opposition media. That is not right being
    untruth full.
    So now to be frank & truth full.
    1. What is wrong when one chooses to be a political follower of the PFDJ
    in Eritrea and EPRDF in Ethiopia that many condemn or cry afoul here at
    this site. Can’t he/she be in opposition to your choice of political line ?
    2. I also lied to help the ER opposition which I thought was the underdog
    in the game and seemed to be loosing it all with the strategy the IA and
    Meles / EPRDF employed against their not only politics but also fundamental
    survival. So because I didn’t want that the Eritrean struggle that had asked
    paid into it enormous sacrifice end up like that – going without trace !
    So exposed and stalled the joint WOYANE & PFDJ’s assault of that era’s
    Eritrean history and values though it might not be of much use at this time.
    3. Also it is not in our culture to expose the weakness or shortcomings
    as what many had been doing it to please the woyanes in Tigray or in Addis,
    Ethiopia. I do not believe one secures his right by pleasing or trying to please
    the enemy or the opponent or one whose country is at war with your own.
    So as you can see it , there were so many lies just to help the struggling and
    underdog opposition to get on its feet.
    Any problem with that ?
    Other than that I have no hate for Ethiopia and its people but only to the regimes
    that came and went away.
    And I know that for sure that the Eritrean Oppositions ( individually and/or collectively)
    love Ethiopia so much and better than IA himself and they always want to be part of it
    contrary to what they say on public and public medias. Their only wish is that to be under
    their own watch and leadership and see IA and the others lined in line behind them and
    expecting them to be only their followers.
    So in conclusion to be truth full
    the opposition by his ( IA ) opponents is to the person IA and not to the political line IA had lead.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates ,
    But the two things that always worry my mind are :
    1. What is going to be that the Ethiopian government is
    discriminating and oppressing the people of Mekelle Tigray
    by refusing to build their stadium while the Dergue has done
    it to Asmara. I am always sad and concerned about the Ethiopian
    government ignoring the priority needs of Tigray Mekelle city. ?
    2. I am also worried and concerned the government took back the
    money making agenda from the Eritrean oppositions that they once
    brilliantly stole from the safe vaults of Issayas Afeworki and made
    a lot of money ( by the billions) looking like Alamudi of Ethiopia
    using it in Ethiopia with the woyanes ?
    I am always sleepless worried and concerned about these two things.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Yohannes Zerai,
    I was going to read this article and leave it alone. It did not make any sense to me. So, I re-read it again to see if I misunderstood. I cannot believe it.
    The author is saying that the EU is providing aid Euros to the Eritrean Government in order to set up a sinister system of exploitation of Eritrea in the future. He throws in the criticism of the Eritrean Gov. for good measure for capitulation for asking and receiving the aid money.
    This is the kind of logic, as some “Forumers” call an “African mentality” produces. It can only come from a PHD holder in faulty Black Studies at an American university.
    Today, there is a real happening of exploitation of Eritrean resources, most importantly its young conscripts in the Yemen civil war. I don’t hear a hint of concern from most commentators. The dishonest intellectuals always seem to line up to fire at soft targets. They expect and get applause instead of push backs. It is like an intellectual gym exercise for them.
    I read the last sentence of this article in amazement, it was so rich in nonsense and to think there is a second helping coming is nauseating to say the least.
    Peace out!
    Mr. K.H

    • Dear K.H.,

      The writer forgets that Europe is overrun by refugees and immigrants, and European officials are ready to bribe anybody who could promise to decrease this flow of refugees to Europe. It did the same thing with Turkey, which got bns of Euros.

      Therefore, the aim is to bribe the regime in Asmara, so that it ends the open-ended military service, which European officials wrongly believe that it is the only factor Eritreans are fleeing their country. The aid money would go to job creation, so that Eritreans who are discharged from the military and the young in general, could find jobs and settle in Eritrea instead of flocking to Europe.

      Italy came to the region in the nineteenth century, because the area was not yet colonized. In addition, it had in mind mainly the resources of Ethiopia than that of Eritrea. It believed that by colonizing the whole region of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, the Italians could settle in the region for another thousand years, by exploiting the resources. Otherwise, they would not have invested in Eritrea.

      It is unfortunate that the writer does not see that Eritrea is already becoming a client-state for Arab powers, and he is accusing Europeans by saying that their real objective is to prepare the ground for eventual imperialistic domination and exploitation, which is reminiscent of what the regime would have said about Western powers. It is this logic, if you accuse the regime in Asmara, do not forget to accuse Ethiopia, the West and even the whole world, because everybody is against Eritrea, that makes their argument weak.

      The issue could have been tackled easily by saying that EU is breaking its principle of not engaging with undemocratic dictatorial regimes, the chance that the ordinary Eritrean will benefit from the aid money is minimal, and the regime will not cancel the open-ended MS or allow democratic procedures in the country, rather than picking a conspiracy theory that nobody is going to believe. Moreover, this money is going to be given over years, and conditions are attached to it.

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Horizon,
        I agree with you particularly your last paragraph. I guess that was not sexy enough for him. He wants to fight the imperialists and non-existent conspirators. He, like the regime, believes he is fighting the WEST.
        Mr. K.H

      • Yohannes Zerai

        Dear Horizon,

        Just to bring a few points to your attention:

        (i) The title of the article clearly defines the scope of the discussion presented in the article. The article deals with the design that Europe (not Arab powers) seem to have on Eritrea (not on Ethiopia)! So you should not have expected to read in this article anything on such extraneous issues as what some Arab countries are doing in Eritrea or on how Europe is interacting with Ethiopia. As important as those issues are, they are simply outside the area of consideration circumscribed for this article.

        (ii) You seem to imply that Ethiopia is one of the developing countries where European domination and exploitation is in evidence. Why does the same idea become a “conspiracy theory” when it is foreseen as a possibility for Eritrea based on solid indications of that fact?

        (iii) You mentioned ending “the open-ended military service” as justification for EU’s recent engagement/funding policy. But towards the end of your comment, you state “…. the regime will not cancel the open-ended MS [military service] or allow democratic procedures in the country……”. Precisely! So why did the EU decide to give away 200 million Euros??

        (iv) Finally, you assert that “conditions are attached” to the aid package channeled to Eritrea. Even the EU Commission itself has indicated that the aid carried with it NO conditions of any kind, but that it will be followed by discussions on issues with the government of Eritrea.

        • Dear Yohannes Zerai,

          I do not think that what I said in any way implies that European domination and exploitation is in evidence in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has not closed her doors to the world community, she should not be suspicious of anybody who comes and invests in the country, and she should not think that working within the globalized world economy is an anathema, as long as it is within the law of the country and it is not detrimental to the interest of Ethiopian citizens. May be you are implying to the so-called land grab. I cannot say that I am happy about the way it is handled, but I do not say that idle land should not be leased, without of course, evicting people from their ancestral lands. Fighting corruption is the current litmus test the Ethiopian government has to face.

          Unfortunately, contrary to the UN, the EU is moving away from the refugee status of Eritreans to that of economic migrants, and this is going to have repercussions on Eritrean refugees. This is a worrisome outcome, because EU officials do not seem to be interested in human rights abuses in Eritrea, but only on how to get rid of Eritrean refugees. Therefore, it seems that democracy and human rights in Eritrea are not criteria of interest anymore to the EU, and as long as they are blind to this side of the Eritrean predicament, then they cannot put them as conditions. Of course, they are not sure if the regime will keep its promises; nevertheless, you should not forget the humanitarian aspect of the aid. It is a double-edged knife that will also lengthen the life of the regime.

          Seeing the aid package only as a means to gain access to exploit Eritrean resources is not right. Here is the condition that is attached to the five-year aid package, and I would like to quote verbatim what Neven Mimica, the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, is supposed to have said. “Mimica said the EU funds would not be channeled via government agencies of Eritrea, a country often accused of abuses by rights groups and U.N. reports. Asmara denies this. Asked how Eritrea responded to the idea of using direct channels for aid and not the government, Mimica said: “Would you point at any government that would be happy if they are somehow circumvented by the development cooperation programs?”, which means that there are checks and balances, and nobody gives such a big amount of money without some sort of a control mechanism.

          Finally, if you have in mind the mining and energy potentials of Eritrea, one has to wait until it is proved beyond any doubt that it really exists, before accusing the EU. Regime supporters are advertising the billions of dollars hidden under the Eritrean land, but what matters most is the here and now, and not the unproved fortune that waits to be tapped.

    • Peace!

      Dear K.H,

      Too bad when you have a neighboring country that’s addicted to foreign aid and increasingly becoming a hub for recolonization of horn Africa. It is also sad that the country is still taking billions of dollars from a white man only to oppress its own people and send its innocent young soldiers to die in Somalia for $$$$$. How many innocent Oromos are in prison now? How many Ethiopians are dying of starvation and have so far drawn trying to reach Europe? How many Afars are being disfranchised and left as non citizens? Have you or the Horizons, or even the abbysinians talked about?

      As for Eritrea, yes, the suffering continues and we are hoping for quick solution.


  • Meron

    Selam Yohans

    Why you have got the engagement wrong

    – Right, Europe is engaging with
    Eritrea for its own interest as Eritrea is doing so. How in the world would one
    think EU to abandon while Eritrea is sitting in a strategic location in the Red
    Sea the bloodline of EUs trade.

    – Eritrea is the only country who
    dared to terminate EDF program in the history of European Development Fund
    (EDF) to African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP). It is also the only
    country to take the same measures on UN systems in the same year. It did it for
    legitimate reasons in a successful manner. It did it with pride, conveyed its
    message and heard. I see “Desperation” on your side not on Eritrea’s.

    – Thinking or expecting EU to enforce
    political measures over Eritrea is like a day dream. First EU or US or any
    other big powers could are unlikely to be interested on the internal matters of
    developing countries but their interest. The last more than 60 years of
    engagement between the developing and developed countries tell that no one is
    here or there for someone else interest. Eritrea know this very well and it is
    wrong to thing that “national service” or any other programme are
    going to be compromised for development assistance. EU have seen Eritrea to kick
    out UNMEE, experienced termination of a program firsthand for the first time,
    witnessed how wisely a country could manage its programmes without the
    international parasitic NGOs. . . so if there was any confusion or unrealistic
    expectation it was on your side not on EU or Eritrea.

    • Hope

      Selam Neron:
      I might agree partially with what you said in principle if at you are talking about from Theoretical Aspect of Eritrea’s Security interest point of view!
      But you went a bit off line with your rhetoric and you missed the implications and dangerous consequences due to Eritrea’s Undiplomatic and Risky measures.
      Plus,you did not tell us about the collateral damages due to Eritrea’s ” arrogant” measures,that led to the messy situation Eritrea is in.
      Moreover,you seem to have blinded yourself that the GoE took the measures not for Eritrea’s Interest but for the sake of its interest,
      Your hypocrisy is clear for telling us that the EU has been forced to do this and that and the GoE has succeeded doing things in its own way.
      What if the EU goes its way and business exclusively with Ethiopia and leave Eritrea in the darkness by doing what it has done before.
      This is take and give case scenario ,not about who is right or wrong or who is powerful or weak.
      My major concern with the Author is his opinion and his Articles are biased off limit,unbalanced,devoid of Ethics,common sense and insensitive to Eritrea as a Nation and to ERITREANS as a people.
      He should have argued scientifically and morally considering the Ptos and Cons of the ERI-EU Engagement in its short and long term agenda and motive.
      He never took into consideration the positive role of the EUFund to Eritrea to improve the over all infrastructure in general and that of specific areas of urgency-Energy,Education,Job Opportunities,Health,etc…,
      Unless he is the Messenger of the New TPLF Propaganda,his approach is very cheap by trying to target the Regime and the fake EU Conspiracy that might not exist at all!
      If Ethiopia has to get $480 Million from the same EU(after begging to have it,BTW),why should not Eritrea get?
      His hyprovrisy is vivid on this aspect for ignoring the Ethiopian case.
      He never mentioned about the extensive effort of the TPLF Gov against the EU Aid to Eritrea.
      He never mentioned about the Legal and Moral Obligation of the EU to persuade or even force Ethiopia to abide by the International Law.
      Call of hypocrisy or naivity,it is absurd.
      The Ethiopian hypocrites have no right to debate on the Eri-EU Engagement as they do not believe in peaceful Co-existence..

      • Meron

        Hi Hope,

        – I hope next time you will call me with my proper `name` Meron instead of Neron.

        – You have indicated that i have gone off line. Which and whose line are you talking about Mr. Hope? What is diplomatic and what is undiplomatic? Who said even walking away from negotiation is undiplomatic? if you understand diplomacy from naive point of
        view and mix it with any kind of manner you are dead wrong.

        – And you have mentioned something like collateral damage and may be you want to share the blame to the government of Eritrea. I know you are more than that and you know who is the creator of all this mess and what they are doing in the name of diplomacy and international community.

        – Then you accused me as hypocrite, seems you have gone offline on that. As i said EU is not working Eritrea`s sake, and it will not stop working with Ethiopia. EU was assisting Ethiopia during the 1998-2000 Ethiopia’s war of aggression while interrupting project activities in Eritrea `because of the war`. EU is fine with Ethiopia’s disobedience to the international arbitration but harsh to Eritrea. Check EU`s members states votes in the UNSC and Geneva, it is all against Eritrea.

        – Hope, EU and Eritrea need each and they know it well. They will interaction, negotiation and even walk away from it. But no one will walk away forever, even US and Ethiopia will not walk away forever (Obama was in Havana).

        • Hope

          Apologies MERON(Meron)!
          It has to do with an old smart phone and do not have the luxury of time to edit comments !
          Please,let us not insult Intelligence but learn from the past that the PFDJ made some devastating Technical and Diplomatic Mistakes without going into the details that aggravated the outcome of the external interference .
          Just to give you my naive input( easy said than done):
          -The GoE could have backed off from the Somali issue after the Conference for the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia failed/sabotaged and boycotted by our enemies and the enemies of Somalia.
          You can naively Arguement about Truth and Justice but our world does not care about those Noble issues but it’s intetest
          -There was a serious alleged meeting between PIA and Gen Sibhat about Anti USA interest in the Red Sea per a sell out Ex-EPLF Official testimony per wiki leaks or some other unreliable sources(suicide)
          -The Dibouti Sags should have been handled with care since the GoE has been aware about the conspiracy and the set up
          -The Departure of the UNMEE could have been handled in a better way rather than Harrassing and intimidating the UN.
          Just do it in a Diplomatic way through an Official Letter telling them to pack up and move out after ” Thanking” them for their effort but at the same time documenting each and every UNMEE faults and by submitting them to the UN!
          Kid aitibelo kemzi Leif ghin ghibero style should not have been applied to the UN.
          The UN retaliated in return to what they got but then the GoE cried crocodile rather than accepting its diplomatic mistakes.