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Eritrea’s Minister of Information, Ali Abdu, in Melbourne

In a trip shrouded by secrecy, Ali Abdu, Eritrea’s Minister of Information, made a surprise visit to Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday November 5th.  He was received by a handful of regime loyalists.

Since his arrival, his movements have been controlled and he has not appeared in public and there has not been any public meeting announced so far. 

Although the timing and the nature of his visit remains unclear, the office of Eritrea’s Consul General in Melbourne has been busy trying to organise meetings with Australian officials at Federal and state levels. According to my reports, a planned trip to Sydney and Canberra to meet with federal representatives has been cancelled; however, Ali Abdu has met with several commissioners within the state of Victoria and was also scheduled to meet with the premier of Victoria on Wednesday night.

It is widely believed that Ali Abdu’s visit is aimed at seeking assistance for expansion of the Eritrean television and the Ministry of Information. He is also seeking to help promote the activities the PFDJ-aligned community group in Melbourne ahead of the upcoming PFDJ festival. The festival has been able to attract funds from the Victorian government under their community cultural events programs in the past. Over the past years, due to lobbying from critics of the Eritrean government, the festival has not attracted much funds and the number of attendees was drastically reduced.

Another indicator that Ali Abdu’s visit was most probably not planned is that the Eritrean consulate held a seminar on 29th of October which was conducted by the Consul General, Beshir Idris. Usually, such seminars are held by visiting high level officials.

This is Ali Abdu’s first visit to the country.























  • kemdelayey

    Hello Mr. Ahmeddin and Editors of Awate,
    I believe you are all aware that the Minister Of Information of Eritrea, Mr Ali Abdu is hiding is Melbourne now, why you don’t want this information about him now. It is very strange that you are keeping this secret. He can’t hide for long and he will face all the critics sooner or later.

  • Fatma Ahmed Abdu

    I need to put my problem to Eritrean specially living in Saudi Arbabia in order to get advice how to get rid from this problem.

    I was working in Jeddah as house maid having Saudi Residence Permit (Iqama) , I said it
    unfortunately I married with one diverse 4 wamen that may to get offspring . Moreover he is working with Argentina Embassy in Riaydh , I seemed to get more good life expierence .
    I believed his posious idea to cancel my Iqama and get Free Iqama under sponser of the Embassy Argentia and not spend more Money on trasferring Iqama . But instead he spent more money in order to make me under his sponser .
    I had passed 4 years with him like living on dark house with out any ideal benefit of thinking and progressive knowledge that should have one person living with International Embassy person.
    At last we can not understand each other and decided to divorce with wetness of his family now
    foreced me to cancel my Iqama and making exit visa without return and I do not have any
    chance to come back to Saudia to work and help my old mother .
    And this man also make exagiration that he seems among people very truthful and freedom fighter for people of Eritrea and him self can not go Eritrea to visit instead he used to go Addis Ababa.

    Please all my Eritriean brothers and sisters how can help by provideing good advise to such character of man in order to give my right of transferring sponsor .

    Appreciating if you offer me and to him useful idea .

    If any intereset person can call me to understand my problem 0508470372.

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