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Eritreans Opposition Register Diplomatic Scores

Adem AbulHarith

Since the beginning of this year, Eritrean resistance leaders have been conducting a series of diplomatic shuttles that were not possible before the changes that happened as a result of the Arab Spring and the congress that was concluded in Hawassa, Ethiopia on December 2, 2011.

Last January, Dr. Yusuf Berhanu, the chairman of the executive committee of the Eritrean Democratic Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) met officials of the US government in Addis Ababa.  Dr. Yusuf has also met several other regional and Western officials in a bid to secure support for the Eritrean resistance that is opposing the autocratic rule of Isaias Afwerki.

Dr. Yusuf Berhanu

Similarly, on February 21, 2012, Mr. Adem AbulHarith, the deputy chairman of the Eritrean Islamic Reform Party, met with Dr. Fateh Rebi’ee, the Secretary General of the Algerian Al Nahda Movement in Algiers, the capital of Algeria.

In another development, on February 22, 2012, Mr. Khelil Amer, the secretary general of the Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and Development met Dr. Essam, Dr. Tariq and Sefwet, all senior leaders of the AlBin’a Weltenmiya Party, in the office of the party in the Muhandseen neighborhood of Cairo.

Among other issues, Khelil Amer discussed with his Egyptian hosts the plight of Eritrean refugees who are being exposed to “human wolves in all places,” referring to the suffering of Eritrean refugees who are being exposed in the Egyptian Sinai Desert where Bedouin criminals are killing them to extract their body parts.

Khelil Amer

Reports indicated that in both meetings, the Eritrean leaders and their hosts discussed bilateral and regional matters.

Until last year, such visits were not possible when North Africa was still under the rule of three dictators who are now deposed: Mubarek of Egypt, Zen AlAbdeen of Tunisia and Ghaddafi of Libya.

Observers believe that the creation of the ENCDC, the changes in the Middle East and, including the military defeat of Al Shabab in Somalia could create a favorable condition for the Eritrean forces fighting to unseat Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea’s dictator.

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  • The so called opposition is a group of lost xxxxxx with zero credibility to lead. In which way are they standing to even think to be other alternetive to this people.They are standing right to rule eritrea and its people according to religion, culture, region and to have a righ of seccession for each region what a shame for them. there political playground make them put to be un trusted at all. the shouldnt use it ethiopia as a margine line to their political struggle if and only if they will think to over throw by means of force through armed struggle easy to tell them that they are day light dream. As eritrean people will never allow to bleed again by the snuths bullet. This individuals telling us they are up to every citizen’s right the fact that they are with the enemy of the people weyane. All our sourcess of pain have been coming from the country that the so called opposition found. ah who is number one enemy to these people higdef, weyane or opposition? All of them are two face of a single cent. if u think u are the peopls advocate try to be amoung them not with their enemy. u cant puy off the fire distroying eritreas future by being far away from them. if u want to enjoy with the support of our people come and share the happynes, sadness, joy and pain with them. if u think u are bigger arm than the eritreans becouse of the flowing of support financially and morally forget we are not in a possition to point a gun one another. We wont let the bullet of one eritrean bleed other. i dont support shaebia but looking what the futur of eritrea after higdef is secound somalia in africa. because the west will never all our people to unite again as strong and desciplined people is againest their political agenda. If am using hursh words sorry my follnw erhtreans

  • thinker

    Islamic parties in a diverse Eritrea!!!!! the struggle ends right there before it starts. How on Earth a non-muslim like me is going to accept these mullahs!!! What we need is secular parties or else–forget it.

    • Kokhob Selam

      When the thinker and the thinking are not in harmony.

  • daniel

    Very cheap politics !!! These narrow minded conservative fanatics (evident from thier look of grown beard) can not represent the Eritrean people !!!

    • Kokhob Selam

      yes, when we have wide minded PFDJ who want to lead the dead body even. who want to challenge God. who already won over super power.

      • daniel

        Obviously, Eritrea needs a rescue mission immediately. However, do you really see that the so cold oppositions with the likes of ‘Adem Abulharith’ will be up to the task?….absolutly nooooooooooo…..I don’t harbour anti-muslim opinion… I hate conservativeness in all forms..be it is religion, ethnicity… we need some one with a mentality well beyond this so that the unity of Eritrea will be maintained and it will be delivered to the next generation intact….

        • Kokhob Selam

          I don’t see any reason to call opposition is against unity. but then PFDJ is not against unity above it. PFDJ’S continuation means nothing to think about unity as you will not find alive person.

          • daniel

            My friend, to simply call for a change is not a problem. Every Eritrean seeks for a change in no time. However, we need to be mindful of the hangover of a rapid regime change. If we do not have a careful road map, a worse scenario will definitely ensue. And I do not believe that the so called opposition have technical competence to handle a change and rule a country. Their mind is filled and obsessed with religious fanaticism, personnel grievances, regionalism… In addition I also don’t believe that they are well-equipped as politicians which is evident from their C.Vs. What they have is hatred and revenge because of an event/ issue that might have happened 40-50 years ago as a motive to carry on their anti-government bustle. However, they try to manipulate the plight of the Eritrean youth at the moment to quench their long awaited thirst of power and revenge.
            The good news is we have immense human resources (particularly from the young generation) from both the diaspora and inside the country who can handle this big national responsibility. Sadly they are not at all in the opposition. We need to engage them in to doing this task. Expecting rescue from the old ginks is simply expecting milk from an ox.

      • Kokob selam u challenged daniel by saying who (esayas) want to lead the dead body and who want to challenge God?mind kokob selam first of all u have to understand that the shaebia way of leading and their responsibility in the best interest of our countrys’ security and stability.like what he did to his former friends in the best interest of the country.They are not anti eritrea but their action is against the political culture of epfdj as they should be an example for the young generation.nizgh and himself were washing through our brothers blood for sure they are sinned more than any one else in the struggle era.but if they were letting go for the kind of sin which couses to eplf to repeat what they have done in the early 70th that would be no epfdj or eplf by now.so nizghi and the so called G15 and even esayas is not bigger than the country.every one who commuted crime will never escape the mighty hand of low.

  • wed. garza

    The real Eritrean are shuffling and shutttling to consolidate their position in favour of Eritrea whereas the Temben dynasty in power is shovering with fear to hide ITS PAST. I suspect the three heads of departments; namely the president’s office, the economy and the political advisor with others who happened to be from the named dynasty are the cause of all tragic situation in Eritrea because their hearts are not in Eritrea but rather in Temben!!!! Don’t be fooled with their number of years in Sahil mountains, its a ploy they use against you just to keep you silent!!!
    Think of Naizghi Kiflu who gave all his existence to this man’s crime policies, finally denied him two meters under-the neath.
    what would he do to you who oppose him on the daily basis, exposing his deceit and lie, in private and public?

  • denden

    Prediction never worked for any one facts on the ground speak for themselves, as for the devil and god, I leave it to you to to ponder on it, but with out having to predict or invoc god or devil, simpley the statment or assertion of what I have quated is simply shallow and not worthy of reading or making any critical thinking or vevn discussing it. Period!

    • Kokhob Selam


      why then you close it by saying “Period” relax my friend. take it easy. you got to have long breath to deal with people. I feel I am the happiest man in earth just by watching this developments in Eritrean politics but let me tell you that there were times when you don’t have a single hope of watching the truth and I never remember single day to answer to people “period”.

  • Soira

    great job to all the hardworking eritreans in the encdc and other oppositions.

    to awate.com staff

    there are reports isaias afwerki oldest son is in china, just like his father (in the early 70s). do you have any info? isaias might be grooming his son to take over our beloved land, just like in n.korea; pls do whatever you can to inform the eritrean people. thank you

    • awatestaff


      Gedab News reports information that we believe is highly accurate.

      For our “yibehal alo” (unconfirmed news; i.e. information bubbling up), tongue-in-cheek information, and all around having-fun-at-the-expense-of-shabait (specially when they call Eritreans “inhabitants”) we have our facebook page. You can have fun there too:-)


      This is what we reported there after his son, Abraham, got married:

      “And now, the beginning of the dynasty. One scenario: Abraham Isaias Afwerki Abraham chairs the youth party, then angles himself towards the EDF where he becomes a “colonel” in one of Isaias’s many many wars, then heads an elite Republican Guard, and, the groom is groomed for the presidency.”

      And one of our commenters wrote:

      “The son who bears the name of the beloved grand father which seems a common trend in Mircha shum Temben’s descendants. It some times confuses me.
      Mengesha Youhanis
      Siyum Mengesha and it goes
      Mengesha Siyum”

  • gab

    Here we go a gain. Who is doing what and under whoes direction?

  • yonas

    At this moment we don’t need deplomacy or meetings. All we need is somebody to chop PIA head off ASAP. We are tired of this Autocratic rule and diabolic way of ruling our country. We should only meet to discuss how to put 30 bullets in his malaria infested head.

    • Kokhob Selam

      May be (mnalbat) we have to be very practical people. first of all this type of diplomatic action will give you more strength to tackle the enemy. This is very important war more than 30 bullets. let the world know the truth first, let our people awaken first.
      to give you example my best friends thought I am mad when I say we are going to hell not freedom at first years of honeymoon. I even lost some. what l learn is that in-spite of the knowledge they have, they didn’t see what I saw and they have to see it practically. today they are for truth all ….thanks God.

      My advice is “slow down. let it be cocked nicely. “the problem is not PIA, he is only the end result. You need to kill the ground that allows dictator to grow. we have answered how Eritrea got PFDJ. we have found the medicine that kills PFDJ long back but that wasn’t enough. that is the reason of all those years journey. we don’t want to have Era-Ero in future Eritrea, we want to have a system that governs all tendencies. When we put things properly, the bullets will do their job automatically.

      yet, I don’t mean we should not take actions but in proper and planned way brother.

      • In this days you are matured enough in political ideology and deplomatic play ground I really satisfied in regarding yonas’s comment.eritrea needs matured individuals like u who calm down emotional and distructive way of solving problems as yanas want to do.That way of thinking, narrow political and social understanding ,short sight of ethinic,religion, and regionalism that could lead to mass distruction,can make us up to each others interest should be banned from its roots .kokob standing against of the above odds will make us strong and help us to over come challenges and soon very soon we will be desciders of our fate .

      • Kiwegihyu

        Kokhob Selam,
        I highly respect your opinion, however I beg to differ on the piece of advice you mentioned. Meanwhile we (those in the diaspora) slow down and let it be cocked nicely, our brothers and sisters are suffering in Eritrea. More and more of our people are attempting to flee the country and end up in dangerous situations; from the deserts of Sinai to the underground prisons in Eritrea. Thus, we should make swift moves that are on target. Yonas may have a point here. What makes Isaias different from Qaddafi? Perhaps the former is worse. He only lacks media attention.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Excellent start. We need to encourage them,participate and work with them. every one of us should ask himself “what did I do today’ before sleeping late at night. no mater small every step and practical action has value. we need to cooperate all. we need each other.

  • Hameed

    A good encouraging start. We hope to see more in the future.

  • denden

    Gadfi used to have well armed special force , Money and big arsenal weaponry , yet they found him in hole then dragged him like Dog and Put down you can try to play down when ever the circle getting smaller
    in your nick one day that circle is going very tide so you better prepare your self for the shock which is going to hit PFDJ mouthpiece, sooner than you think

  • denden

    What a news I so surprised by the last wording quate ” Observers believe that the creation of the ENCDC, the changes in the Middle East and, including the military defeat of AlShabab in Somalia would create a favourable condition for the Eritrean forces fighting to unseat Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea’s dictator.

    In my life of Eritrean politics I have never seen such a clumsy and inept anaysis like this one in, Shalah god help! Please wake up smell the coffee start taking your medication like your brothere in arms amanuel, what a d3eluded people you are you lot!

    • Kokhob Selam

      denden, you quoted ” Observers believe that the creation of the ENCDC, …” and it seems it was difficult for you to swallow it. You are one of the observers and you have your own prediction. I am one of the observers, I have my own observation and prediction. Be free and let me be free to predict. One thing is true …..One of us will be correct. If in the process you want to know whose prediction is reasonable, you got to ask why I think of bright future with this leadership in the opposition. And at the same if I want to know why you think the result is negative I should ask you. And for the best answer of all, you don’t have to tell me to get medicine if you are not doctor. The same is in politics. Above all we are struggling in two sites one to kill the people and to let Eritrea be a failed state and the other to create a free prosperous democratic country. Also, you need knowledge and courage to succeed but it is easy to see who serves God and who serves the devil.

      • John

        Love it! you NAILED IT!