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Eritrean Refugees Abandoned By UNHCR Are Sleeping In Yemeni Streets

Eritreans have been fleeing their homes since the mid-sixties to escape the scorched earth policy of the Ethiopian occupation that razed their villages to the ground.
In 1991, Eritrea was liberated gaining formal recognition by the world community in May 25, 1993.

Independence didn’t bring to Eritreans the stability or economic freedom they struggle for. Twenty-three years after they liberated their country, Eritreans find themselves in precarious situation ruled by a regime that is considered one of the most repressive in the world.

Over the last seven years only, tens of thousands of youth fled their country and are now scattered all over the world. Tens of thousands of newcomers have swelled the number of refugees in Sudan, some of whom have been in exile for over four decades.

Over a hundred thousand Eritrean refugees live in Ethiopia, a country against which Eritreans waged decades long bloody wars to free themselves.

Tens of thousands have left the entire region after using Sudan and Ethiopia as a transit stop.

But there are other refugees different from those who made it to the West where they are protected by the safety nets that the democratic nations offer.

Around fifty thousand refugees are in Israel facing discriminatory treatment and threats by the Israeli authorities who have put them in concentration camps pending deportation to Eritrea to be handed over to the repressive regime from which they escaped.

There are forgotten refugees are in Djibouti for over five years. they were detained for years until recently when they were transferred to a remote camp only last month.

Currently, however, the most serious case is that of Eritrean refugees in Yemen are living on the streets of Taez. Almost all of them fled From Eritrea to Yemen drifting in small overcrowded boats that dropped them on the coast of Yemen.

216 refugees, including women and children, now known as “Taez Street Refugees”, have been sleeping in the open on the streets of Taez for weeks.

Their ordeal begun in 2011 immediately after their landed at the Yemeni coast from where the authorities drove them to a prison in Hudaidah for years until the UNHCR received them.

After formally receiving the refugees, the UNHCR hosted them for three months after which it discarded them on the streets to fend for themselves.

One of the refugees that Gedab News reached through a telephone said, “apart from some help we get from a local charity group, Ard A’Sedq, [a Yemeni charity organization] and a few Yemeni families, we have been sleeping on the streets with our children and women.”

The Yemeni organization has issued a statement to create awareness about the plight of the Eritrean refugees while Yemeni human right activists and writers have leveled stinging criticism against the UNHCR which abandoned its responsibility of caring for the refugees. Still, the ordeal of the refugees in Yemen has not ended.

Yemeni authorities consider caring for the refugees the responsibility of the UNHCR which has taken charge of their case.

Mr. Idris Lahda of Ard A’sdq warned, “..the suffering of the Taez Street refugees is an impending human disaster and it is so because the UNHCR neglected its responsibility towards the refugees. ” He added, “the helpless refugees escaped persecution in their country only to land in a hapless situation.”

The issue of refugees has become a major concern for many countries who do not want to be considered safe place to avoid attracting more refugees from Eritrea. To ward off future refugees, Yemeni authorities seem to make a cruel example of the refugees who are already on its territories.

One of the refugees said, “it is difficult to blame other governments when your own government causes your suffering.”

Help Eritrean refugees in Yemen, FOLLOW THIS LINK TO DONATE.

Ard A’sdq facebook page:


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  • awate nay hosot website

    [We will publish it though it is contaminated with ignorance. Stop using multiple accounts; if you do that and follow the posting guidelines, we will have no problem with you. So far you have used three accounts in one day. The following is a sample of your posts so that the readers can see your style.]

    pathetic you won’t post my comments because you know it’s the truth. [youtube][/youtube]

  • A MAN EL

    Now I might support regime change in Eritrea and help for from Ethiopia.
    Because……… know……….because…………hhh…..I mean
    ……… know the Ethiopian government…………..i….sss…..
    you know…….what I mean…………..g.e.n.u.i.n.e……….and
    l…e….g….i…t…i….m….a…t….e one that …..belongs……….…to…..the people………..E….t..h..i..o…p…ia…n pople
    I ….support….regime…..change now…….take over………
    Nhafash………..Awet………Le N sefihhhw Hizb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thonkyou !!!

    • gize

      These are Ethiopians , eritreans are just very very small in number not like what you mentioned, we eritreans are suffering in Ethiopia, sudan , libia but you failed to report the suffering because your boss

  • Jhon

    Mr Dawit please please and please grow up?I mean it please!!!

  • Gherhi Libu

    ልቢ ኣጥሪዩ ኣንቱም ህዝቢ። እስከ ነዚ ዝስዕብ ብሓውኩም ዮሴፍ ግብረህይወት ኣንብቡ። ሓቂ ደዩ ሓሶት፧

    Eritreans, in general, and the Kebessa elite, in particular, happen to be a people that are extremely proud of the Eritreanism Virus that has caused havoc in their land for fifty years. This virus was hatched up in the urban elite’s head as a reflection of their colonial aspirations, entirely inspired as it was by the “modern” legacy of Italian colonization. So far as these elite remained ensconced in their urban areas, the “modernity” virus remained superfluous but harmless throughout its incubation years. The moment this aspiration found its enactment at mieda, it mutated into its lethal type. After independence, with the attempt to spread temekro mieda throughout Eritrea, it turned into a rampant epidemic. Thus, if we are to map out the life trajectory of this Eritreanism Virus, first we have the Colonial Virus hatching up in the heads of the urban elite; then we have it in its mutated form as the Ghedli Virus, causing havoc for 30 revolutionary years in the land; and, in the end, we have it mutated into the National Service Virus in its epidemic form, one that has been the cause for all the ills the nation has been facing since independence.

    Although it is the same nationalist virus that has been mutating to meet the demands of the ever-changing context, Eritreans’ unabashed romance with ghedli is done by denying the life trajectory that the virus has undergone: not only are they adamant not to connect the revolution with its colonial roots, they also refuse to associate it with what is currently taking place in Eritrea. Once they have isolated it by this double severance at its two critical ends, it becomes easy for them to romanticize it. That is why Eritreans are famous not only for discounting, but also of glamorizing, all the ills that have befallen them under the brutal hands of ghedli.

    And in this task, the Tigrigna elite happen to outdo all the rest, even though ghedli, in general, and Shaebia, in particular, has been preying on their ethnic group disproportionately for decades, as is seen in: (a) the Tigrigna’s hugely disproportionate share of the martyred and maimed; (b) the relentless giffas (forced roundups) that have disproportionately targeted the Tigrigna areas since the days of the struggle; (c) the indiscriminate conscriptions and round ups of both sexes, solely applied to Tigrigna areas; (d) the huge number of spinsters, orphans, illegitimate children, women-headed families that giffa, wars, indefinite service and mass exodus generated; (e) the prisons all over Eritrea bursting with mainly Tigrigna prisoners (army deserters, conscription evaders, Evangelical groups, etc); (f) the mass exodus of Warsai, the overwhelming majority of whom are Tigrignas; (g) the disgraceful sexual abuse of the Tigrigna woman, starting from Sawa all the way to the trench and beyond; (h) the persecution of Evangelical Christians (almost all of them Tigrignas), unparalleled in its scope and severity; (i) the relentless interference in the Tewahdo Church, one that goes all the way to its fundamental structure; (j) the destitution of the urban areas, mainly populated by the Tigrignas, all as a result of PFDJ’s policies; etc.

    • Gherhi Libu

      Please read this from YG below. That is his concluding remarks of his remarkable latest article. How is he a unionist?

      “The idea that somehow Ethiopia could sustain its stability and economic growth while the whole neighborhood keeps burning is bogus. If so, as the giant of the neighborhood, it is incumbent on Ethiopia to take a leading role not only in ushering regime change in Eritrea, but also in bringing stability thereafter. But so far, in the post-Meles era, we haven’t seen any move towards that direction. All we have been seeing are ambivalent messages and the hosting of opposition meetings. At this point all I could say is this: I only hope that the suicidal habesha foolishness that we see exhibited by Kebessa Eritreans finds no counterpart beyond the Mereb River.”

  • dawit

    Dear tezeta,

    Thank you tezeta, for searching for the information and arriving to the ‘TRUTH’. You are a good student, but Abnet failed, even though he was the one who brought the subject matter. I had even indicated a clue where he could have found it. I am posting the link so that all Ethiopians and Eritrean to see it.

    Abnet is not the first person who told me this coffee story how Eritrea exploited Ethiopian wealth in those five years 1993-1997 before the war broke up. Some Ethiopian professor, doctors, student repeat it as truth. Now tezeta, ask your self, if this propaganda was false, what else was also false! that lead us to disaster. The two countries went to war for two years, destroying each other and over 100,000 people died from both side based on what? Lies damn lies! And its effect is still lingering affecting millions people uprooted from their farms, their home and businesses. Does it worth it the sacrifices paid by both countries? Who actually paid the ultimate price? Are they not the poor and the innocent people for an empty pride to boast that they beat the Eritreans at Bademe!

    And today some fools Ethiopians and Eritreans get satisfaction watching Eritrean youth in Refugee camps, dying in deserts and drowning in sea because of this silly war started by Meles and his associates.

    tezeta, let me say this Eritrea or Isaias has nothing to do starting this war, At the time Eritrean were busy to develop their country to be like Singapore, like Japan, Germany, and I believe this dream that was not accepted by those who wanted our region to remain back word for eternity. Meles and his associate like Siye Abraha, Gebru Asrat had the power, the army, the money to start the war or to stop it. People who went decades of war and destructions do not long to go into another messy war, unless forced to do so.

    You asked me how I predicted a disaster for our region? Why experts missed the global financial crises in this century? I don’t know the answer to that, but I am sure there were few dissenting voices out there predicting the disaster? I am not expert on the global economy. But when it come to our region I could claim to be an expert, because I was born in it, lived in it for most of my life I know its history than any white man who claim ‘Ethiopian, Eritrean or Somali Expert, just he spends few months as a tourist or few years working in the region. In a couple of days I will write my ideas on the subject and share it with you here at Awate Forum. I promise you to share it with you and you can judge it your self if it’s validity or you can correct me where I went wrong, because you also must be an expert about your region.

    Thank you again tezeta. Tezita is my favorite Ethiopian classic music, you have a beautiful name.

    Here is the ICO the international Coffee Organization link for the Coffee. I hope Abnet and other will learn from it and avoid repeating lies that has brought so much disaster to our region.
    ኣውነት መራራ ናት ፍረዋ ግን ጣፋጭ ነው ይላሉ ዓባቶቻችን


  • tezeta

    You are very honest person. If Eri has more ppl like you, you would have a true democracy and wealth like Singapore. At this moment, I feel very sorry that many innocent young Eris are leaving their country sacrifying their lives in deserts and seas. Eris should change their attitude towards others and deflate their super inflated image to normal so that they can see and think like normal human beings.

  • AMAN

    The problem we have now is
    Most people here especially TPLF affiliated ones think and
    wwrongly understand it that they were conducting genuine
    struggle for democracy and unity. While their struggle until
    last year was wrong and was for ethnic division and tribal
    hegemony at the expence of the other or the whole people
    of the country. They have willfully abandoned the history and
    unity of the people and the nation at the advise of woyane/TPLF
    advisors.They even had plan to revenge on the other people by
    falsely blaming them PFDJ like the warsays, YPF’s and others
    for defending their history and the interests of their nation and
    people oon one hand and fighting woyane/Tplf war of agression
    on the other hand.
    So how come one who willfully sold his freedom and identity in
    Addis for woyane be or claim to be a saviour for Eritrea and Eritreans
    while bellittling and trashing Eritrea, its history and the people at the
    orders of woyanes.
    Since all these people are tainted they better leave the political scene
    or their contempt of the people.
    If Eritrea is going to discuss it is or should be with Ethiopia and a genuine
    government and not with one Ethiopian province or Killil or ethnic front Tplf.
    Therefore, the ones who paid heavy sacrifices for the last twenty years are
    not the ones who were sheltered and in a safe areas like Ethiopia or else
    but those inside Eritrea who are still carrying the heavy burden and responsibilty
    defending their people from woyane lead neftegna chauvenist Ethiopians and
    their messengeres who curse and bellitle them as PFDJ servants while their
    sacrifice is being for their people and country.
    I have been observing and learning all what some people were doing in the name
    of opposition to PFDJ which is not any different from that of PFDJ but a direct first
    hand carbon copy and duplication of it/him.Their opposition was to the chair DIA
    is sitting and not to the defence of the people from falling under woyane/TPLF.
    It neither is to defend Eritrea and its people from falling again under Ethiopian
    tyrranic rule it is just for a seat in the power where pfdj is sitting and doing what
    he has being doing to the people.
    Some of the reasons I said this include…………….(will follow soon………………).

  • Wedi-Godayf

    I think yemen needs to deport these people to where they came from. It is just a disgrace,.

  • dawit

    Dear Abnet,

    If you look yourself in a mirror and recite those Amharic proverbs, you will discover how
    they describe you more than to me. Try it.

    About Zerai Deres, I did not forget him, there were many to list, Anyway you must have heard of
    Abraha and Mogos, Lorenzo Taezaz, but there were thousand martyrs in Ogaden whose bones scattered at Kebri Dehar and Sidamo, kibrenegest etc.that history books have skipped to register, just like many genuine Ethiopians who believed truly on Ethiopian and Eritrean unity who fought for what they believed and the history is buried in the hills of Sahel and perished in the Red Sea. Of course
    there are also millions who perished on something they didn’t believe, tricked and forced by their rulers to fight ‘Arab invaders’ or ‘secure Ethiopian door to the Red Sea’ or ‘Defend Ethiopian border’ etc. By the way I read that there is a true progeny of Zerai Deres, her name is Sofia Tesfamariam, for real, she is a prolific writer and fighter for Eritrean and Ethiopian honor.

    The other day you asked the following questions but did not bother to give you answers.
    “how come you don’t have another Awate to fire a bullet this time on your real enemy? Is everyone in eritrea castrated?What is there to lose?

    Well Abinet, let us go back to another history lesson session!

    When Thwedros The Great rose in Abysinia with a vision to create the modern Ethiopia free from slavery where its people live in harmony and economically developed like the rest of civilized world.
    Thewdros wanted to abolish or reduced the number of day that church imposed on the peasants to observe. Observing the holly days was good for the priest, because on those days the peasnt had to prepare food for the church leaders. Many of the elite in his time mainly the debteras those who could read and write due to their church education opposed him. This what one azari song composed about
    Thwedros and the people of his time. ኣንድ እግር በርበረ መንቀል ኣቅቶችሁ፡ ኣቃጥሎ ኣቃጥሎ ይፍጃችሁ? Now with your question above on Eritrean situation you seem to represent the azmari in Thwedros’s time.

    I believe Isaias Afworki is the progeny of Thwedros The Great of our time. Not in blood connection but in ideology. In Thweros’s case of course Kassa (Yohannis IV) answered the call and he betrayed Thwedros by collaborating with British colonialists, who promised him guns to rule over Ethiopia. So the Great Ethiopian Renaissance was aborted and what happened after the forced abortion is history still being written in the Horn of Africa. Personally I believe the Eritrean masses are not going to rise
    against Isaias, they look at him with respect as a decent leader who looks after their interest. So the only one who will dare to remove Isaias from power is one who is ambition for power a a connection with foreign entity. Not another Awate, but another Kassa who want to be Yohannis V. I hope that will
    answer your curiosity why armed Erirean youth do not waste their bullet on their leader, but conserving it to defend their country from outside invaders.

    Abnet just a reminder I am still waiting your “Coffee statistics that showed Africa the major coffee exporter” from 1991-1997! Defend your honor as a true Ethiopian with facts not slogans.


  • haileTG

    Food for thought 🙂 (less than a minute and a half)

  • Jona

    ya it is you who know his history @ dawit….enjoy your miserable life coz isias is not going any where soon and there will be another isias next time also when the country has so many ppl like you..i am not trying to teach any one history but talking the facts on the ground even today..ethiopian government have hurt eritreans but didn’t leave out ethiopians too..when derg was bombing afabet and as well bombed gonder so was derg amharay as you and so many ppl put him to be. As i said before God has shown blaming innocent ppl for the deed of corrupt leaders wasn’t the answer. Should the other tribes in Eritrea now blame tigrinya coz isias is tigrinya and blame all the eritrean population except them about the crimes of shabia. I use to think that the oppostion is better than shabia but no i still couldn’t find a single person who is smart enough to stop blaming other for crimes they didn’t commit. Haileselasie,mengistu, isias,meles and their government are just specific ppl who don’t represent majority of the ppl. But this days i feel shabia actually represent majority of us in every way and shouldn’t leave but stay there for good. We deserve this and need this till our mind changes for good.

  • fithawi

    What was wrong with my comment,you didn’t post it.

  • Dawit


  • haileTG

    Just curious, Gaut, Guest, Focus, Asmara, Bel, Zelku_dea, KKK tesfafamafam….don’t you get cross-eyed changing nicks and getting kicked out each time?

    PS: “crappy” me! what am I saying….of course you’re already cross-eyed 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Bel

      Yea, right!. As if we can’t tell old age is catching up on you. You don’t know s***. [moderator: language, please. Also, please address who you are replying to]. Above, to one of the Ethiopians (Or their subordinate? ) you said something like “I am not healthy…..” or something to that effect. I totally agree with you on this one. Because, let us face it: who in his right mind would wish Eritreans (Any body for that matter) the massacre that happened in South Sudan?
      I mean seriously! what type of brain would even entertain such kind of thought, even remotely? You really need help. No amount of PS, no amount of “I don’t mean….” no fluency of English or Tigrigna could cover the sickness of deep hate there.
      You need to go to church, or mosque or something, otherwise this is going to eat you up and consume you

  • Kokhob Selam


    oh, I had tough time, it pains to read the story. Sorry Dawit. I am very sorry for the hard time you had. I am not going to tell you my story as i don’t want you to feel sorry the way I feel. may the almighty keep you and you sister healthy, Amen.

    Dawit, I am very soft heart although I have been fighting for years injured seven times. my friends wonder why I have such weak heart when in fact I have seen the difficult times. that is why now my heart is touched.

    But we need to be strong and face our problems if we want to see happy society, otherwise we will become like the donkey who said “I didn’t see you and you didn’t see me” covering her eyes by her long ear when the lion approached her. we can’t just live this world without securing the future of coming generation. simply we can’t. see what happen to you and your sister, it was not your only fault it is also the fault of our elders. they were not ready to face their problems and they said “z’negese n’gusna…..” and we pay for it. the secrete is always the same, no one will victimize you if you are not ready to be victimized.

    now you have been refuge and you know what that mean to a young man who leave his beloved once behind. but remember on that year, there were Eritreans who didn’t prefer that journey and they were fighting for freedom. your sister and you had better choice joining the struggle than becoming refuges. you didn’t do that but can I say you have committed crime? no my friend. was that wrong decision? no I will not say that. you are victims, that is what is happening to our young generation today. in fact you had an Eritrean front ready to receive you to fight the outsider but those young people of PFDJ era don’t have and even they are confused not ready to fight as they think this is an Eritrean government. did you feel it? that is what I am saying since ever to you.

    “reconcile” you said. you know reconciliation has a process, reconciliation should be done when some one accept it to solve conflicts or differences. personally, I never think of doing it with PFDJ for one simple reason, they don’t believe or they don’t want to agree that we have different view,history and principle. again they don’t believe in any system. so every body is under their mercy , which I will never agree even if they put me in heaven, I don’t want to be governed with out present of my tendency. so ? reconciliation I can do it with someone who accept the difference.

    “What are our dreams and priorities for our people How can we reach our goal of peaceful,” that question you brought is nice one. I love it. there are urgent and emergency things to do. there also important things to do. what you and me are doing is very small part of the job, there are people who are already paying their life rejecting being refuge but change the regime, there are people who work internationally saving the life of refuges. there are people who are teaching what to now and next …etc. but that all is not enough still it need to grow higher.

    Dawit People are important and are the asset no other thing is more important. you see even during our national struggle we fought watching carefully and minimizing the death of our fighters. we don’t go just to die but to gain more by paying less. so the soul is the most precious above everything else. we don’t have to kill all our people to keep Eritrea with PFDJ. who the hell is DIA to stay alive destroying my people (for example). this is the reason we were silent when our people were by his side 1990’s. we know those innocent are the once to fight with not EPLF or PFDJ. I should wait till my brother taste the pain, instead of killing him or killing me. now we are the same Lol. but people like you (although smart ) can’t still see what is happening. that is what happened to those who try to draft constitution under that crazy leadership – one of the elders told me when I oppose him for participating – “you are not matured” oh, he is a professor and found himself thrown like garbage in Asmara. for you, you are lucky to see all the experiences already. My fried Dawit, PFDJ is not for freedom, not for democracy, you can’t reform it, you can only recycle it as material – there is nothing to benefit from PFDJ nothing. “ayfito ayftfitu” nil. thank you for reading.

    the only peaceful way is not to allow PFDJ create civil war by cheating innocent people. let the people know the truth and PFDJ will become history not to influence single Eritrean.

    By the way I miss your wonderful cartons here please don’t stop it .

  • saay7

    Selamat Awatistas:

    Please forgive a moment of “Aboy Feqadu Ba’Elom yna’adu”:ኣቦይ ፍቓዱ ባዕሎም ይናኣዱ this forum has been on fire lately! What is most exciting about it is the diversity of opinion: it is really captivating. It is like our own National Assembly with our observer Ethiopian friends (who, apparently, all majored in history with a minor in Eritrean studies:) We have the first way, the second way, the third way and the no way. Some of our compatriots are not having their contributions posted because they are posting while angry (PWA): riddled with filthy language, and I wish they wouldn’t, so we can learn from their contributions. The motto here is: “No Eritrean Left Behind” which I stole fair and square from “No Child Left Behind.” Anyway, I just wanted to pause and thank everyone for their mostly-civil exchange. Keep it up!

    How to make it better:

    1. Please register with Disqus by going to Be sure to remember the email address you are using to register: you will need it for the authentication process. If you post without abusing your readers, you will get a “white hat” which will get you the privilege of posting without moderation. There is a caveat: Disqus is good, but not perfect: (1) it doesn’t like cut/paste function; (2) when you are logging in from a different IP address, it won’t remember your white hat (3) When you want to edit what you have posted, it will override your white hat and tell you that your post is awaiting moderation.
    Registering with disqus allows you to “follow” other writers (and to be followed), streamlining the process of engagement.

    2. Please begin all your posts with a salutation: Dear so and so, Selam so and so, Merhaba so and so, Ahlen so and so, whatever your preference, just address who you are writing and if it is to the entire forum, just say Dear Awatistas
    or Dear Awate Forum members.

    3. Please leave behind the patented Eritrean paranoia: if your posting does not violate our guidelines (which can be found at the footer of the home page: ) it WILL be posted: we have no litmus test other than what is clearly spelled out on the posting guideline.

    Thanks for enriching this forum!*


    * Welcome back, Nitricc. I am sure you are saying that all this could not have happened without your lonely and dogged
    struggle for years to open the eyes of the “toothless opposition” 🙂

    • dawit

      Selmat Saay;

      Thank you for your new Awate Forum recent motto: “No Eritrean Left Behind” “It is like our own National Assembly with our observer Ethiopian”. I hope this is not going to be a fad or a slogan but real one. I am intermittent observe of for long time, but lately my frequency have increased. I congratulated Awate when you published Semeres Tesfai article for opening a crack for those of us in the other side of Eritrean political spectrum. Allow me to air few of my observations and put my 2 cents comment.

      But you could do even much better, if you really want this to be an Eritrean forum
      rather than ‘opposition’ website, where you read the latest insult and derogatory
      languages invented to knok out Eritrea under Isaias and PFDJ rule. You should
      recognize there are a lot of Eritreans who support the present leadership who
      have been labeled with many derogatory terms, for their stand. or believes
      Excluding those or living them behind will not create the ‘National Assembly’.

      Again based in my past observations, Awate web site had exclusively hunted for
      negative views about Eritrea. If a football team defect it is a ‘seber news’ at
      the same if an Eritrean national cycling team win African championship or marathoner
      win in world stages it is no news. It does not hurt if positive news from inside or outside Eritrea is shared to its viewers.

      On the use of respectful languages addressing one another is a good positive step. I also believe that we should extend that to use the proper title when we discuss our
      leaders. What will add or take away, if we use President Isaias instead of all the foul languages or titles we use?. Eritrean government instead of Shabia? Ethiopian government instead of Woyane? Woyane, Shabia, Jebha were a positive words, however in recent times they are depicted as negatives connotations. Well those are my 2 cents contributions to make move forward without living anyone behind.

      With Best
      Regards to Awate.Forum.

    • Rodab

      Selam Sal,

      Yes indeed it’s been a good week here at baytona. Yodita and Pappii, among others, rocked the house. Way to go ladies! What great minds!! Outside Sal’s sporadic scrutiny, YGism has never been challenged with such clarity. So my vote of person(s) of the week goes to… you guessed it right!

      Now, where is my good friend Hailat?

      Alora Hailat,
      I understand you debuted iReporting this week. Where is my ‘product’ man?? All I see is a new jacket. እዚ ድዩ ኔሩ ውዕልና ??

      BTW Sal, how bad unlikely is it one day we all can meet together and chat over coffee?
      That would’ve been awesome, not to mention interesting! Egziabiher nmen elwo.

    • Kim Hanna

      Dear saay,
      I am glad you are happy with the progress of Awate7 with all its trimmings. I hope we are not looking at Awate8 and 9 in the NEAR future, are we? I am almost done catching up from 6 to 7.

    • Amanuel

      Hi SAAY
      I can see that you have a soft touch for Nitricc. Time and again he is abusing his privilege and breaching Awate’s guid lines. My concern is that this treatment of Nitricc with kid gloves is not influencing him to be responsible but encouraging others be behave in a similar manner.

  • dawit

    AMEN, Amde and Abnet (AAA) and Jona trying to teach Eritreans their history when they do not know their own history, beyond their 3000 years of fiction. Ever since your great grandfather Kasa (emperor
    yohanis) betrayed the true Ethiopian Emperor Thewodros II betrayed him in collaboration with British Colonialists, Ethiopia history has been a cancer to the whole Africa and especially to Eritrea. Poor souls, you do not know your real history and you want to white wash your bloody history while distorting the golden history of Eritrea. Your leaders Yohannis, Menelik, Haile Selassie, Mengistu and Mels are no better than simple harlot, who sleeps with any foreigner who is willing to pay for kurt. You have built an economy whose backbone is nothing but prostitution. Your economy is just one major drought away from distraction. Mark my word on that , the next drought will consume more people than what happened during Menelik Hidar beshit, or Haile Selassie Wollo and Mengistus north
    Ethiopia disasters combined. የወጋ ቢረሳ የተወጋ ኣይረሳም። Ethiopia has been the eternal enemy of Eritrean
    people for at least since king yohanis iv time…

    • abinet

      Are you expecting a reply?

      • dawit

        No how can you, when you don’t know your history?

        • abinet

          Dear dawit
          Ethiopia, my beautiful country is standing tall and getting better every day after we got rid of you . You can wish ill as much as you want. It is expected from little minds filled with hate .
          All those leaders including Mengistu are saints compared to his excellecy PRESIDENT ISSAYAS AFEWERKI the lion of Nakfa.
          Ethiopia is getting stronger after 3000 years while your country is collapsing in 23 years.what does this show you??
          I am on my way to get more history lesson at sawa boot camp .you don’t have to reply .save your breath.
          Btw, life is so good without you.

          • Kim Hanna

            Dear Abinet,
            I read all your comments and I tell you, my ANJETE KIBE YETETAL. I like virtually all of them, like the above statements are blunt and to the point. Right between the eyes.
            Forgive me please, if I stepped over the line here. My concern is, this response as good as it is, it gets close the other line. It did not cross it but was getting close.
            What line?
            Haile the great, before he was the great, was like this guy, Dawit. Haile the great is almost a diplomat now. (I hope I am not pushing him under the bus) He is good and reasonable. The line I am talking about is not that much different from the actions of our old Eth. governments. How can you respond to a bad behavior without creating a stampede. When you say …we are getting better everyday after we got rid of may pinch Haile the great, Serray, Hyatt and even YG to a point of closing ranks. Besides, someone like Hope, might ask ..who got rid off who?..and get into another unnecessary and tiring debate.
            Ab, am I worrying about nothing?

          • Abinet

            Thanks for the kind words
            You asked how I respond to bad behavior ?my short answer is depending on how the person presented himself . I am sick and tired of being nice and diplomat. As to who got rid of who? I really don’t care . As long as they are gone never to come back , I am ok with it .

          • tafla


            So what are you doing in this forum talking to Eritreans?

          • Abinet

            Let the moderator ask as to who should be here. If you must know I am here only to defend Ethiopia .

          • dawit

            Abnet, and others who claim to be advocates of Ethiopia here at AT

            You cannot tell me about the beauty of Ethiopia and its potential to be a great nation. Let me make for you clear with whom you are debating. I am an Ethiopian by birth born from parents who fought and bled for Ethiopia, the ‘Simetiru Hamasien’. You want to know who these people were, read your history of people like Ras Desta Damtew, Ras Imiru Dejach Omer Semeter, those Ethiopian Patriots who were martyred for Ethiopian Independence.,while the King and his family lived in England. The ‘Simetirus’ were Eritreans soldiers who were drafted by Italy to invade Ethiopia, but instead defected to Ethiopia to start armed resistant with their brothers Ethiopian patriots. Those were the people who rejected Italy while some Ethiopian nobles like Ras Haile Selassie
            Gugsa of Tigray, Ras Hailu Teklehaimanot of Godjam surrender to Italy to eat left over Spaghetti with Fascist Mussolini. So you see Abnet unlike you I know Ethiopia and its beautiful people, geography and history like I know the palm of my hand, because my upbringing and work in the country I have been in every village mountain, river of Ethiopia more than many who never left their village, town or city before they left it. My problem is not with the innocent people of Ethiopia or their true history; my problem is with people like you who keep dragging them from one war to another and rejoicing with their sufferings just for an empty pride.

            You wrote “In the last 23 years Eritrea converted itself from a major coffee exporter from Africa to a major organ exporter in the world”. Now before I move to the organ business, can you substantiate you ward with facts that Eritrea was a coffee exporter in Africa? There are international
            organizations like ICO (International Coffee Organization) that keep export and import of countries statistics. Can you show me one document that showed Eritrea exported one bag of coffee during 1991-1997? If you are honest and know the truth of its origin you will search for the data and you will report it.Otherwise you are repeating like parrot war propaganda used to start and justify the border war with Eritrea.

            In addition to your coffee statistics, there were also other lies invented, how Isaias was ruling Ethiopia indirectly how Eritrean in Addis were being armed secretly, how half of Ethiopian Airlines were given to Eritrea etc. All those lies must have been invented by Ethiopians who did
            not like the peace established between Eritrea and Ethiopia in that brief
            period. It is funny people like you who still oppose a lasting solution to the border crisis they created repeat those lies today. Such lies or invention turned Meles to betray Eritrean people and his ‘friend’ Isaias to start a war that consumed 100,000+ poor children of Ethiopian and Eritrean.

            About the organ trade I bet you are happy for such news, knowing the Habesha character, rejoicing on the disaster falling on his neighbor, otherwise why do bring this topic for discussion. Do you know even how many of those were poor Ethiopians? According to people like you there are no Ethiopians who cross borders illegally, they all can get passports and fly with Ethiopian Airlines from Bole, to any where they like to travel. Besides why should they leave their country when we have plenty well paying jobs in Ethiopia. So this organ trading is ‘Eritrean’ problem and has nothing with Ethiopia a peaceful country from coast to coast with democracy and economic freedom. Am I wrong on this?

            The rest of your trashy stories Eritreans elites in Ethiopia, Eritreans majorities in Ethiopian universities their villas in Addis, etc. again the typical Habesha characteristics of envy to the success of his neighbor. Did Eritreans prevent Ethiopians from joining universities in Ethiopia? Instead of competing and achieve like his neighbor, a typical Habesha will try to drag him/her to his level. So what did you do? In a broad day light you stole their villas, their businesses, expelled them from your universities and their jobs, imprisoned them and deported them naked? Is this history you are proud of and repeating it here at Awate Forum? Are you happy now you see Eritreans as refugees in Ethiopia?

            Last about my prediction of the future of Ethiopian economy, don’t think that as my ill wish to Ethiopian people, but it’s based on fact and my experience of the country. I was there when thousands perished; I am an eye witness what happened then, not someone who watched it on television or read on newspaper or magazines when millions of cattle died because of drought that lead to famines in the country. The signs were there for anyone to see. Ethiopian thinking and policies have not changed a bit since that time, still war mongering propaganda which would expose the poor people to future natural disaster like drought or pestilence. Right now scientists are talking about wheat disease in the country.

            So you see my friend Abnet, do not think you are concerned about Ethiopian or Eritrean people more than I do because they are also my
            people too, you have no fact to stand on to defend Ethiopia. I have the facts and the background to defend Ethiopia from its internal and external enemies, and Eritrea is not an ‘enemy’ which your distorted history has been trying to make for almost two centuries. You and colleagues try to make following distorted history passed to your rulers. Instead you should work hard how to bring lasting peace in our region than to rejoice in unfortunate situations of our neighbors and brag with an empty pride and at same time agitating for more conflicts.
            Bring your coffee statistics before we continue any more discussion then you can defend your mama Ethiopia with facts and not with lies and war propaganda slogans you swallowed with out verifying. .


          • abinet

            Dear dawit
            the following amharic sayings will describe you perfectly
            1 abatu dagna, liju qemqgna
            2 jiraf irasu gerfo , irasu yichohal
            3 anchiw tamechiw, anchiw tarochiw
            dawit , you started it all .Out of the blue you call my name start teaching me my history which I didn’t ask , and in the mean time put salt in the old wounds.
            I have said it before and I will say it again. We are not your enemy. If you must have one, find it elsewhere.
            btw, please don’t forget jigna ZEREAY DIRES.
            Enat weledechiw.I wish we have more of him.

          • dawit

            Dear Abnet I opened a new thread above in response to your response. If you desire to follow my history lesson! But still waiting from you or others ‘Ethiopian Defenders’ the Coffee statistics!

          • tezeta

            Dear Dawit,
            Credit should go where it is due. You are RIGHT on the coffee argument. I looked for it but no where to find where Eri is registered as a coffee producer. It may a propaganda as you put it. May be I am wrong.
            My only question is how experience enables you to see the falling economy of Ethiopia? Just because you saw one before that you will inevitably see another one? If so, how could all these experienced and well educated economists miss the coming of the global economic failure, this decade, if experience matters as you claimed? Thanks

          • haileTG

            Selam KH

            You know for sure that true Eritrean or Ethiopian views are not represented in this pages. Besides, it downed on me that we (both) are not healthy enough to converse in a manner that would open channels of communication (rather the opposite). From the Eritrean side, it is sooo easy to numb us against the suffering of our people, into complete oblivion and indifference by simply throwing “Ethiopia” baits here and there. When Semere Tesfay wrote his much hyped “Badem the death bed of the opposition” it was a huge miss. An article should be written on “Ethiopia: the death bed of the Eritrean people.” It is more than clear that Eritrea will have to descent into further chaos, distruction and civil war because despite of us obtaining a UN recognized independence, many (starting with the regime in power) believe in it. They live in the shadows of a bone deep FEAR of Ethiopia. The Ethiopia factor is a firm immoblizer of Eritreans. It appears many of our compatriots will need heavy doses of disasters and tragedies to finally note that they don’t have a damn say about what Ethiopia does or doesn’t. It took deep and sober thinking from my side to finally dissociate myself from the “Ethiopia death bed” and believe in Eritrea’s independence, its ability to contribute to the betterment of others as well us usher a new era of peace and prosperity for its people and be a beacon of hope, fraternity and compassion for mankind. It is not diplomacy, rather a sober stand taken after long deliberation. Hope our Ethiopian brothers also join us in distancing from emotive pronouncements that serve no purpose other than fan the burning fire. Here is the shortest (2 min) of Nina Simone that I think would go with the over all spirit of take here.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam haileTG,
            I appreciate your profound statements. I have read it twice and I know I have to read it again. Thank you.

          • Amde

            Dear Haile,

            Well said!!

          • dawit

            Hi Abnet;

            That is what you think about your ‘beautiful country’. Take a tour of your country east to west north to south, and you will find all the land taken by foreigners, Saudis Indians, Chinese , Duchess etc Who lives all the gated villas you build in Addis? Who eat and drink in your restaurants? .Millions Ethiopian are still land less, and the rest live in exile their ancestral lands sold to outsiders and thousands are left to beg in the streets of your capital eating from garbage damps. Killings in Ogaden, Killings in Gambela, Oromia etc. that is the picture of your beautiful country. Why all this happening? the answer is simple, you are trying to eradicate Eritrea by any means, even it is destroying yourself ኣበሻ ምቀኛ ምቀኛ የራሱ መጋኛ. So Abe try to remove the trunk in your eyes that is preventing you to see at yourself before pointing the dust in Eritrea. Sooner or later the dust in Eritrea will settle, but in Ethiopia is continuing, now you picking a new fight with Egypt for another generational war?

          • abinet

            Hi dawit
            Ethiopia is a very poor country by any standard. No one denied that fact .lt is however,beautiful and has a bright future. I dont want to boast about the achievements of Ethiopia since it is there to be seen . We have a long way to go before we claim to be like Singapore, Japan , etc.
            how about Eritrea?
            In the last 23 years Eritrea converted itself from a major coffee exporter from Africa to a major organ exporter in the world.
            eritreans instead of being the elites in Ethiopia, they are in the refugee camps.
            eritreans instead of being the majorities in ethiopian universities they are in the deserts and streets everywhere in tthe world.
            Those villas in Addis, eritreans used to live in them as ethiopians.
            Eritreans used to be the cremes of the society in Ethiopia until they left in the front door only to come back by jumping over the fence to a fudal and backward Ethiopia.
            Those investors , the very fact they came to Ethiopia , shows you that the country is stable and ready for business. The only investors who go to Eritrea are those looking for cheap kedney. Your government is enjoying the commission.
            Need I say more?
            These are some of the major success stories of eritrea .my question for you is how come you don’t have another Awate to fire a bullet this time on your real enemy? Is everyone in eritrea castrated?What is there to lose? I heard everyone is armed with ak 4 and well trained.May be they don’t have that golden bullet.

          • dine

            what is wrong with u man, shame on u!

          • abinet

            Tell me if l am telling a lie. Besides I am tired of people who are butchering, belittling, blaming Ethiopia for every shortcomng eritrea faces. If you failed to notice I don’t comment unless the topic of discussion includes Ethiopia. If it is only eritrean issue , since it is none of my bussiness , I just read the comments . Don’t butcher Emama Ethiopia and you will never here from me .Ethiopia is a mother to be defended and to be proud of no matter how poor she may be.

          • Eyob Medhane


            You are not alone in the defending task… 😉

          • abinet

            ketenagro anagari yisewrih.

          • dine

            u didn’t lie, but am surprised some of the heavy words r so lightly thrown.

  • haileTG

    Hello Serray,

    Let’s get realistic on the matter. Otherwise it is too easy to paint inaccurate picture due too sheer anger of what the current leaders are doing to the nation. The distinction that you draw between “shaebia” and “Eritreans” is difficult to mark on the ground. You could distinguish between tegadelti in decision making positions and the rest of the population (including the complement set of the tegadelties mentioned), you could say tegadelti in high ranking positions (mostly highly corrupted) and the rest of the population (including all tegadelti not part of this small group) or even other forms of distinguishing your target audience. “Shaebia” and “the rest of Eritreans” is a distinction impossible to locate on the ground. Among 3 Eritreans that died few days ago attempting to reach the coast of Greece, one is an ex tegadalit and wife of a martyred tegadalay. And the body of a none tegadalay 20 yearold Eritrean has also arrived to the coast of Sicily along 289 other migrants less than 48hrs ago after being killed by getting (involuntarily) struck in the back of the head with a stick by a Ghananian human trafficker who was hurrying the migrants to board the rickety boat by hitting them with a stick like cattle. The youth fell after being struck and then got trampled upon to his death by the stampede. The traffickers tried to throw his body overboard but other Eritreans there resisted and brought the body onshore. Both the Tegadalit and the youth died in similar situation, doing the same thing, at about the same time. What do you make of that?

    Serray, the Ghedli undertaking was brutal, but it had mass support (regardless of how we come to support it). Many wrong doings were done and injustices committed, but we thought things would be resolved once the main objective was met. Ghedli did in fact achieve what was set to be achieved. The Eritrean people also rose to the plate and supported the new PGE to the hilt (up to the point that the regime use to openly say that it didn’t know what to do with the excess hard currency Eritreans were pouring into the nation). Please stop there, and forget about Ghedli from that point on.

    IA and many horrible and disgusting human beings managed to hijack the new found opportunity and to this day you see them what kind of animals that they are. We could have stood up, or at least stood up to support those who did, but decided to abandon the country never mount resistance and instead curse our history and early beginnings. Salva Kirr tried his hand to dominate SS, well he couldn’t put up with severe blows he received by men of courage and worthy of calling themselves MEN (proverbial and old fashioned not meant to be sexist). He finally bowed down to accept power sharing (sometimes that is not the best solution, but the point is standing up). Our capacity to deceive ourselves is tremendous and it is sadly exacting huge cost on us. IA, PFDJ or his small cronies don’t own Shaebia, Ghedli or tegadelti. Above all, they don’t own truth and our self worth. They are criminals awaiting their time of reckoning. The history belongs to the people and that is where it is going to remain. Like many African nations a thieve, lair and useless dictator has taken advantage of the trust of our people and tegadelti alike. Eritreans know what is happening to them, it is just they are freaked out by hgdef propaganda that borders to a daily barrage of mental torture. Hope is in the horizon and finally light is at the end of the tunnel. Let’s not throw the baby with the towel.

    I do understand that the regime had managed to make tegadelti resented people in Eritrea (as a whole). But the actual reality is far more complex and patience and trying to see the whole picture from all perspectives may not be bad.


    • Eyob Medhane


      I think there is an interesting angle that has not been that much talked about South Sudan, according to Salva Kiir. He gave a very interesting speech last week at Bahir Dar, Tana Forum about what the whole conflict is about, it doesn’t sound that it has that much to do “ethnic aspect” as you said. Please listen to what he has to say. There is a lot to learn from it. For all countries in Africa, but particularly, in the horn….

      • Kokhob Selam

        Can I say soothing here Eyobay. allow me please.

        No Eyobay, no. As all corrupted leaders of Africa he is trying to escape from the main and root cause
        of the problem. What he is talking about now may have minor place and yet that still shows his weakness in administrating his country in fighting corruption. But corruption should not seen only on those small projects, that is more than like when you have 80 ambassadors from one tribe, and when you don’t allow other ethnic groups use their natural resources, it sure you will have civil war. Again if you don’t have an elected government and constitution, no transparency and accountability – people will ask why for they have fought for so long and start to challenge you. So before doing any job you should have a system. Oh shall is just put some words in Amharic. 2 minutes…

        ኣየህ :-

        ሥርዓተ መንግስት ቢኖር ባገሪቱ –
        የብሄሮች እኩልነት የመደባት መብቱ –
        መ ቀየስ በተቻለ ለልማት እድገቱ –
        . . . ዛሬ ባልታየ ርሃቡ ስደቱ –
        . . . . . ሰላም በተገኘ – ቀርቶ መ ዋጋቱ ::

        በውነት :-
        ፅንስ ህሳቡ የመ ልካት ኣስተዳደር –
        ተሳትፎ ኣዊነት ና ግልጽነቱ ነበር –
        እና ህግ ባልነገሰበት እንዴት ተብሎ ይኑር –
        ፍት ሃዊነቱስ እንዴት ብሎ ይሰፈር ::

        ይህ እኮ ነው ችግሩ ስታየው ክስሩ –
        ህግ ኣለመኖሩ ገዢው ን ማ ስከሩ ::

        do you agree with me Eyob?

      • haileTG


        I hear him alright. BTW when I alluded to ethic aspect of the war I had the latest UN report in mind (including how the aftermath played out rather than what started it). Now I don’t want to be “ke baliebietu yaweku buda new” because who would know about SS more than S.Sudanese? Right? If you ask me what I make of it as an Eritrean, my main take home lesson is standing up when it is warranted and not pontificate to pretend to be Ghandi because one can’t muster the guts to stand up. Gandhi is REAL, our Gandhis are FAKE. Because one can’t support war of independence to the hilt and shun war of restoring personal dignity with the same breath (only FAKE Gandhi does that:)

        As to their internal matters, allegations of corruption by corrupt leaders isn’t new. G-15 in Eritrea were all alleged to have been corrupt (IA’s letter to Gen. Okbe Abraha is illustrative of this). Today, no construction business is allowed except to HGDEF and their lackeys because all developers are corrupt, no private clinic is allowed because all doctors are corrupt, no hard currency is allowed because all citizens are corrupt. Well, the messiah of anti-corruption, IA, has monopolized all corruption. When there is allegations of corruption, an institutional audit is what needs to be done not a messiah of anti-corruption to threaten the destruction of the nation and wanton killing of civilians. Because institutional audits would look at the corruption on one side and all involved on the other. Salva would be investigated as much or as little as the other possible suspects. So, what was needed was to develop the institutional capacity to deal with corruption systematically. It appears that Salva alleging that all his opponents were corrupt, warning that unless corruption (especially the people aspect of it) are weeded out the nation would collapse, calling for African solution to African problems… carries all the hallmarks of Eritrea 2001 take II. And the icing on the cake is that he is apparently accepting to a transitional (power sharing) government with the so called “corrupt” individuals. Well, that shows you that he is trying to figure things out on the go 🙂 The cost was tremendous, the suffering was huge yet S.Sudanese have proved they have men and women who believe that they are not anybody’s door mat (like some in their neighborhood turned out to be wink wink) and have given a strong message not to be messed around (go find an Eritrean for that @##$).


        • T. Kifle

          Selamat haile TG,

          Your assertion is quite interesting. The SS case has another dimension that we don’t find in Eritrea. There is no doubt SS is riddled by corruption. But the main fuel for the current predicament, I think, is the lack of organizational discipline compounded by lack of separation of civil and military powers. One general is deemed to lead a region in tandem with a brigade(division as the case may be) . When he feels threatened, he would invoke his military discretion: flex muscle against his rivals. I don’t think the matter has been a matter of principle or being “Ghandian” as you have alluded but a sheer adventurism: a clear sign of anarchy. SPLA is a brat which lack the discipline and grit that takes to lead a stable government.


          • haileTG

            Selamat T Kifle,

            Trust me, I dread to give any context to such conflicts (you know that how putting in context “well organized” conflict like Ethio-Eritrea can even get much like chasing the wind at times). The following interview by the wife of the late SPLA leader Garang’s was what inspired me to draw parallels with what transpired in 2001 Eritrea. If we get close to the details, I totally get what you’re saying and corrupt generals may have much to do with it. Incidentally, that is how the Eritrean model too. Except there seems to be less tension than that of S Sudan. In Eritrea a minister is a nobody while an illiterate, corrupt and criminal generals (like wuchu and mangus) are everything. In fact Tekle Manguse is a fugitive from UN investigation for participation in human trafficking of Eritreans and allegedly profiting from organ harvest*.


            *Based on UN investigation report and not proved yet as the regime is refusing access to the investigation team.


    • Bel

      You know why you always have to explain yourself, by adding a comment to explain a previous comment, or by adding a PS, again and again to all of your contradicting comments? It is because you are full of shit!
      Because you are in a witch hunt to justify your predetermined crappy end result, i.e. Defame HGDF. To reach to that end result, you are always forced to take risky routes and methods, which most of the time work against you by forcing you to place contradicting things unconsciously (Or consciously, as useless people have no shame), and most of the time than not your stumble and fall face down with obstacles of your own creation. But the strange part is you keep on marching (of course to towards hell) undeterred with these obstacles, well, of course you are shameless (We said that already, right?)

    • Serray

      Selamat Haile TG,

      If our discussion was whether there are tegadelti victims of shaebia regime or not, the answer is a resounding yes there are in the tenth of thousands. But then again, there were tegadelti victims even in medda.

      I call the regime shaebia regime for two (actually three) reasons: First, if you pluck out every tegadalia in power, be it in government, diplomacy, business and social services, what do you get? Now be honest, all ministries, banks, enterprises, courts, military, embassies etc. will be without leaders. Almost every position of power is held by shaebia tegadalai. But this fact alone, while it is solid proof that the regime is run by tegadelti, it is not the only reason I call the regime by its rightful name. The regime drives its authority wholly – not mostly but wholly – from the fact that it is made up of shaebia tegadadelti. Second, this regime of tegadelti by tegadelti rules eritrea exactly the same way it did in medda. It recreated medda in all aspects including the enemy. Shaebia spent all its energy fighting ethiopia in medda, it spends all its energy fighting ethiopia today. It was unaccountable in medda, it is unaccountable in asmera. It abhorred transparency and democracy in medda, it does in the whole of eritrea. It was an armed movement in medda, it is militaristic regime in asmera.

      The third and less important reason the regime is shaebia is the counter argument to your “we are all responsible” point. We are not. During the thirty years war, the only difference between gebar and tegadelti is tegadelti had arms and we didn’t; otherwise we both faced the same enemy (they didn’t create a new space to fight, they used our land, our homes and our farms). When it ends, we made the humane assumption that they are going to put their arms down and let us live in peace. But their leaders have other plans and the rank and file went on celebratory orgy to notice. I have never met a tegadalai who doesn’t pull his ghedli card when discussing eritrea, never! Meaning, our first line of defense against their ruthless leaders were tegadelti. Every shaebia tegadalai believes they brought independence, and yet, as traces of it disappeared or never showed up, the best of them dumbed down independence to having a nation and continue to believe they brought us independence. We are NOT where we are because we the people are what we are but because They are what they are. If they were democratic, if they were believer in the rule of law, even today, eritrea will be a democratic country. We the people didn’t set out to change eritrea; they did. We didn’t fail, they did when they allowed to nurture psychopaths in medda and brought them carrying on their shoulders to asemera.

      Haile, the above explains the redundant part of my argument; the real reason I want to tie ghedli to our kids plight is to make point about about why these kids are finding it difficult to fight back their tormentors. Our young are struggling to differentiate between heroes and predators because both come in the same costume. The slave driver is a “liberator”. The ghedli value system of endless sacrifice is used to suck the very life out of them.

      If eritrea’s independence is ordained, then why are you, the romantics, preach the unnatural, the inhuman, way it was achieved as our guiding principle. In my part, if shaebia ushered a transparent and a democratic governance and left ghedli in medda, I have no reason to bring up ghedli as it related to eritrea. But shaebia and the romantics use ghedli so persistently and so destructively that the victims are finding it difficult to isolate and challenge the system of shaebia by shaebia. The parsing of good and bad tegadelti is easy when you TALK about it, but if you have to fight a system of tegadelti by tegadelti, it is not that easy. Remember, the nation is the enduring legacy of ghedli, as long as it is standing, no one is going to take that legacy away from tegadelti. However, if the regime try to apply the rules of ghedli and the temporally meaningless slogans of ghedli era to independence eritrea, that very legacy becomes a question mark.

      • haileTG

        መርሓባ Serray

        እስኪ እዛ ጉዳይ ተጋደልቲ ቁሩብ ብትግርኛ ክንላዘበላ። ብትግርኛ ምምላስ እኳ ኣየድልየካን እዩ (እንተዘይደሊኻ)፡ ብወገነይ በዚ መጽሓፍየይ፡ ከምቲ ብልምዲ ዝበሃል፡ ንሰብ ብቋንቋኡ እትብሎ፡ ናብ ልቡ ዝስወጥ ብምኽዋኑን፡ እዚ ጉዳይና ድማ ነገር ልቦና ስለዝኾነ እዩ። ሓደ ከም መበገሲ ክንሕዞ ዝግባኣና፡ ብቐጥታ ይኹን ብተዘዋዋሪ፡ ኩለንተናዊ ጉዳይ ተጋደልቲ ንሓርነት ኤርትራ ነበር፡ ጉዳይ መላእ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ እዩ። መን እዮም፡ ከመይ እዮም፡ ኣብ ዝብል ቅድሚ ምሕላፍና፡ ነዚ ሓቂ እዚ ክንቅበል ይግበአኣና። ተጋደልቲ ሓርነት ኤርትራ፡ ፈላጣት ነይሮም ወ ፖለቲካ ተመራሚሮም ወ ናይ ዓለምና ጭቡጥን እዋናዊን ኩነታት ናይ ምግምጋም ዓቕምታት ነይርዎም፡ እዚ ሓሊፉ እውን ካልእ ንኣህዛብ ዓለም ዘይበርሃሎም ምስጢራት ጸጽዮም ይፈልጡ ነይሮም ዝኣመሰሉ ናይ ሹኪ ሹካ ጸወታታት ናይቶም ብናይ ነበረያ ነበረ ዝናታት ክሰኽሩ ዝደልዩ ባእታታት ጥራይ እዩ። ብዙሓት መራሕቲን ሰዓብትን ገድሊ ብውሱን ዓቅምታትን ድሩት ኣፍልጦን፡ ከምኡ ድማ ልዑል ትብዓትን ናይ ቃልሲ ወንን ዝንቀሳቀሱ ዝነበሩ እምበር፡ ካልእ ዝነበሮም ሰባት ኣይኮኑን። ባዕላቶም እውን ዘመንሉ ኩነታት እዩ። ሕጂ ብዘይ ቃል-ዓለም ክንዛረብ እንተኾይንና፡ ኣዝዮም ብዙሓት ተጋደልቲ፡ ብዘይ ጉቡእ ፍልጠትን፡ ዓቕምን ኣብ መብዝሕትኡ ጽፍሕታት ሓላፍነት ተቐሚጦም። እብ ሃገር ኣዝዩ ሰፍ ዘይብል ክሳራን ዕንወትን፡ ኣስዒቦምን የስዕቡ ድማ ኣለዉ። ተገራጫዊ፡ ስጊንጥር፡ ደረቐኛን፡ ጨኳንን፡ ኣከያይድኦም ድማ፡ ድኽመት ዓቕምን ክእለትን ውልቀሰባት እምበር (ብዙሓት ወረጃታትን ፈላጣትን ተጋደልቲ ከም ዝፈረዩ ግን ካብቲ በላዒ ሰብ ስርዓት ከምዝሃድሙን ድማ ንፈልጥ) ካልእ ኮነ ኢልካ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከዳኽሙን፡ ከዕንውን ተበጊሶም ክትብል ኣይከኣልን። እቲ ጸገም ኣብቲ ሓደገኛ ኣካይዳ ናይቲ ስርዓት እምበር እቶም ሰባት ኣይኮነን። ንኣብነት፡ ብዙሓት ተጋደልቲ ኣብ ፈለማ ዓመታት ናጽነት፡ እንተስ ላዕለዋይ ትምህርቲ ብምቕሳም፡ እንተስ ኣብ ዝተፈላለየ ውልቃዊ ንግዳውን ካልእ ፈጠራውን ስራሓት ብምውፋር ገዛእ ነብሶም ከመሓይሹን ህይወቶም ክሰርዑ ክፍትኑን ተራእዮም እዮም። ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ እውን ኣዝዩ ክትገልጾ ተኣምር ዘብል ማእለያ ዘይብሉ ገንዘባውን፡ ዓይነታውን ትሕዝቶታት ሒዙ ናብ ሃገር ብዋሕዚ ክኣቱን፡ ንተጋደልቲ ብልዑል ኣኽብሮትን፡ ሓልዮትን ክረዳድኦም ትራእዩ እዩ። እቲ ነውራም ስርዓት ግን፡ ብኣዝዩ ክትገልጾ ዘሕፍርን ዘነውርን ረቂቕ ሜላ፡ ህዝብን ተጋደልትን ፈላልዩ፡ ኣተፋኒኑ፡ እነሆ ሕጂ ድማ ክሳዕ ዝተዋደቕሉን፡ ዝኸፈሉሉን ዕድመ ክናሾን ናብ ዕሙት ዘመተታትን፡ ክሳዕ ፍጹም ምብላልን፡ ብመንእስይ ወለዶ ከምሕሱም ክምረሩን ንርኢ ኣሎና። ተጋደልቲ ካብቲ ነውራም መሪሕነት ነብሰ ምክልኻል ናይ ምግባር ዓቕምን ብቕዓትን ኣይነበሮምን። ኩሉ ብእምነት እዮመ ኣትዮሞ። ንኤርትራን ህዝባን ኣሕሊፉ ዝህብ ስርዓት ገላዩ ኮይና ንዕስክር ነይርና ኢሎም ኣሚኖም ኣይከዱን። ልክዕ ከምቲ ሃገርን፡ ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራን ብስርዓት ኢሰያስ ተጠሊሙ ኣብ ከምዚ ዝዓይነቱ ንሰማዒ ዝዝግንን መፈንጥራ ተሸሚሙ ዝርከብ፡ ትጋደልቲ እውን ናይዚ ግዳይ ኮይኖም እዮም። ገድሊ ከቢድ እዩ፡ ነብሶም ክፈቕዱ ዕድል ኣየበጀወሎምን። እቲ ጉዳይ ግን ሕጂ ድሒሩ ዝበርሃሎም ይመስለኒ ኣነ። ከይፈለጥካ፡ ፈላጥ ክኽወን ኣይከኣልን። በዓል ኣነ እውን፡ ካብቲ ድቕድቕ ጸላም ናይዚ ኣረምየን ስርዓት ወጺና ነቒሕናሉ’ምበር ምስ ኣሪስቶተል ወይ ፕሉቶ ስጋ ሃልዩና ኣይኮነን። ክሳብ ሕጂ እውን ኣብዛሓ ተጋደልትና፡ ብሕማቕ መነባብሮ እዮም ዝሳቐዩ ዘለዉ። ስልጣን ይኹን ካልእ ልዕል ዝበለ ደረጃ መነባብሮ እንተረኸቡ፡ ዝጉህይ የሎን። እኳ’ደኣ ዕግበት እዩ። ግን ብዓቕምን ብቕዓትን ዝተሰነየ ክኸውን ይግባእ። ንሶም እውን ካብ ምስ ህዝቢ ምብታኽን እብ ዘይተደለየ ጠንቅን ሰበብን ምእታውን፡ እይፋልን ነዚ ስራሕ ዝኸውን ብቑዕ ዓቕሚ የብለይን ክብሉ ምተገበኤ፡ ግን ሽግር መነባብሮ ድማ ኣሎ። ስለዚ ሰራይ፡ ንሕና ሰራም ስርዓት ተጻዊቱልና እምበር፡ ምስተጋደልትና (ብሓፈሻ) ይኹን ምስቲ ዝሓለፍዎ ገድላዊ ህይወት ምንም ቅርሕንቲ ክንገብር ኣይግባእን። እንተ በደሉና ወይ እንተ ሃሰዩና እውን ደቂ ሓንቲ ማህጸንንን ወላዲትን ስለ ዝኾንና፡ ኖኦኦም እውን በደልን ማህሰይትን እዩ። እቲ ቐንዲ ሽግር እዚ ዘራጊቶ፡ ንፉስን፡ ነውራምን ስርዓት ኢሰያስ ኣፈወርቂ እዩ። ካብቶም ብውሽጢ ዘማሓድሩሉ ዘለዉ ተጋደልቲ ድማ፡ እቶም ብግዳም ኮይኖም ነዚ ስርዓት ደው ኣቢሎሞ ዘለዉ፡ ዘይተጋደሉን፡ ተበለጽቲ ደቂ ግዝየን ንህዝብና ዝብድልዎ ዘሎ ይገድድ። ህዝቢ እንተ ተላዒሉ፡ ተጋደልቲ ክሕዝዎ እይጸበዮ፡ ወዮ’ኳ ይጽንበርዎ። እቶም ሽዩጣትን መጥፍእ ኣሕዋቶምን ግን በዓል ኣርዓዶም፡ ጊዶዎንን ሶፊያን… እምበር ጀጋኑ ተጋደልትና ኣይኮኑን። ንሶም ዸኣ ወሪድዎም ቀደም ስቃይ ሎሚ ስቃይ፡ ዝተጋደሉሉን ዝተበጀውሉን፡ ቀያሕቲ ብጾቶም ዝቐበሩሉን ዕላማ፡ ብሰንኪ ገስረጥ መራሕን፡ በትኪ መሪሕነትን ነዚ ተሳጢሑ ክርእዩ፡ ልዕሊ ማንም እብ ከርሶም ሓዊ ከም ዝኣጉደሎም ኣይትረስዕ። ንዓይ ንዓኻ ክጭኩኑ ኣይተዋደቑን ሰራይ ሓወይ።


  • jona

    I think there will never be an article in this website with out blaming ethiopia the colonizer …occupier…wait let me see…when the ethiopian colonizers were in eritrea did they forbid eritreans from going to city center like the italians did? did eritreas worked the lowest jobs in eritrea….they didn’t they even worked the highest position even in the colonizing country it self from minsters generals even king advisers to business men doctors…most of the highest jobs were occupied by eritreans…but whats up ppl stop blaming ethiopia..get over it..and israel concentration camps repeating what isias said hahaha the oppostion and shabia are just wecho tegelebetkayos wecho yeblu abotat..what do you expect you go to some one country and you say no we are economic refugees your self coz you pyscho and you obessed with your nonsense gedlhi and its politcs but wait do the israelis have responsbility to accomdate 60000 ppl who most of them say they r not political refugees but economic…i hope not only israel but all the west countires deport all those who dance and sing with shabia so they can feel the heat in their law less nations of ours under the iron dictatorship of isias till he die under his miserable leadership..besenki nekutse neded ruhus..lekimkumna lekumkum rugumat…

  • Serray

    Selamat Ermias and Haile TG.

    Haile, Ermias has a point, what the pfdj and the ghedli romantics seem to forget is bitter is bitter whether you got it for free or your father and your uncle paid a limp and a kidney for it. On the one hand these kids witness a regime of tegadelti enslaving them using an excuse a war they ignited, arresting, torturing, killing their loved ones and trafficking them; on the other, they are fed history at home and in school about the same people’s sacrifices and heroism and how they got them a country of their own. It is easy to see shaebia regime as the most barbaric regime on earth if you live outside – you have a point of reference – but it gets tricky when you are fed with a mind numbing propaganda about ghedli from both shaebia’s nazi like propaganda machine and your ghedli generation parents. For these kids, living in eritrea is like living in a home with a drunk, brutal and corrupt father and a clueless and unprincipled mother. In such home, a kid wouldn’t necessarily fight to change the dynamics of his family, he just wants out and try to find his or her center outside the insane home called eritrea.

    What the romantics do when they shut down the question, “what is the purpose of independence?”, is help break the fighting spirit of these kids. By glamorizing ghedli (and having a nation) to a ridiculous degree they distort the vision and ambition of the young. Add to that the semi-pfdjs claim that their enslavement: the reason the kids chose to sleep on the streets of yemen or risk having their organs harvested by savages or waste their youth in camps in ethiopia, israel and elsewhere, is necessary to secure the country and you have a picture of youth with absolutely no stake in the “give me, give me” nation of shaebia by shaebia.

    The kids need to hear unambiguously that their enslavement is wrong, period. Any mention by their confused parents and the pfdj side-kick romantics that somehow their enslavement has value to the nation’s security has huge repercussion. The hypocrite tegadelti who enslave them didn’t go to medda to spend their entire life fighting; they went because they thought their fight will end ethiopian rule. None of them went to medda knowing that they will be there for twenty or thirty years. But shaebia, which controls the length of time these kids are enslaved, is telling them that they will remain their property digging ditches and carrying heavy stones back and forth until they decide they don’t need them anymore. Who wants to be a citizen of a nation ruled by these people.

    For fighting to start, an unambiguous consensus has to be formed among the victims. A father, a mother, an uncle, an aunt or an opposition voice rationalizing their plight delays this consensus from forming. Since their plight is real, the kids opt to search for a solution in tight circles. There are kids who inform their parent from sudan for fear and shame. The empty bravado, the empty pride, of their tormentors and their side-kick romantics forces the kids to accept living on the street, drowning, been raped as a price to pay for not been like them.

    But here is where we could be wrong; the next generation – or the one after it – might be ready to shake it off its roots. Since shaebia has no true inheritors (the hilter youth are barely a match against our armed and sick and tired youth), subsequent generations might reject shaebia’s and the romantics definition of a nation. It is possible that a consensus can be reached between the generations born and raised in refugees camps and the sick and tired slaves that this colonial idea be a real nation or remain a poor excuse of a nation. My money is on the next generation owning eritrea free from the misguided notion of the ghedli generation that eritrea is a precious nation because it is no more part of ethiopia.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Dawit by now I think you have become kind and cool.

    Dawit, “A survivor of the boat crossings where many died, Adal on Swedish tv. His brother did not
    survive on the 3rd October tragedy.”

    • shabo

      May be he encouraged him for that tragedy.

    • dawit

      Dear Kokhob;

      Yes I have, as a matter of fact I bought a
      Hallmark Sympathy card and I am going to mail it tomorrow, if that can help
      sooth their suffering! I am cool almost freezing

      Now seriously Kokhobi let me inject my personal story to your question, perhaps I can identify with these Eritrean refugees and suffering more than many people in this web site shedding their crocodile tears, because once I was once a refugee and homeless like them in Kenya. and Uganda This was during the Derg time, running from Mengistu end up with Idi Amin Dada!. Travelled through several countries in Central and West African countries before I landed in Europe to America. That was the time I took my practical geography lessons. I was a pioneer refugee from my close family, no aunti, cousin or uncle to send me $ and papers. I had to forge several, document passports etc. I did not pay smugglers or traffickers. I smuggled my self through borders..
      But even much closer to their plight, my own sister was in Sanaa Yemen as a refugee, who left Addis Ababa in 1991 right after the fall of Mengistu and Eritrea liberated.. She went against my advice and ended up in Yemen, got raped and become pregnant, had a child and finally the person kicked her out from his house and she ended up in the street begging. Perhaps she was ashamed of her situation she cut her contact with the family. Finally after a long search someone in Yemen found about her situation and informed the family in Addis and I had to fly to Yemen. I found her some friend to give her shelter and supported her financially and registered her with UNCHR. I sponsored her to come to U.S. and now she lives her in U.S. with her daughter. Her daughter is finishing High School this month and preparing to go to college and I proud with her achievement..

      Now my sister should not have to gone through all this tragedy if she had patience till better days come, she was frustrated she didn’t had a job in Addis, but she was living with her mother and shared whatever little she had. Now many of those refugees must have similar stories like my sister
      who are running away from the little problem they have at home to end up in a larger problem in a strangers land. Believe me no country like to have refugees in their country; perhaps some rich countries will let you in for ‘humanitarian’ a reason even that is questionable as to their motives. And If you end up as refuge many poor countries, like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda you are a cash cow,
      where they use you to milk the international organization for hard currency in you name. For international organization like UNCHR and many NGOs again you are a cash cow to raise money to pay fat salaries for their executives driving expensive cars. The more the refugees they attract the better for them for their budgets. In Uganda UNHCR paid me 75 Ug Shillings enough to by one good plate of ‘Matoke’!

      Back to the Eritrean refugees’ crises our main topic today, I promised no geography lesson that put me in trouble with you , Amanuel, Dawit, Semere and Saleh yesterday. I have read this from ‘experts report’ for many refugee crises the experts conclude two factors play simultaneously, The Push factor and the Pull factor. Now in Eritrea the push factor is the government policy, that requires every young citizen has to commit his/her self .for national service with very little pay and whose time or period is indeterminate. That national policy is dictated by the political atmosphere in the neighborhood especial with Ethiopia. We can debate that. Granted Issaias is a dictator, the national economy is weak, again dictated by internal and external factors like the UN sanctions, economic blockades, poor or completely war destroyed infrastructure etc.that aggravate the national economic and political situation in the country that made the Push factor alive and kicking every young and ambitious and impatience Eritrean .

      On the Pull side the equation Eritrea, there are better economic opportunities in rich countries of the ME, Europe, North America i.e. if you can reach those countries by any means. Eritreans of all
      strips, supporter and opposition to the Eritrean government are willing to finance the voyage to the dream land by paying thousands $ for traffickers to get their loved ones out of the country, which makes it easy for someone with connection can be intimidated to take a chance to leave the country. The Eritrean ‘Opposition’ group with their 24 hours, Radio and Internet blast and
      telephone call their :Friday Project’ not to think what he/she can do to help themselves and developed their country and appreciate their country, they are preaching the country as a hell on earth and their condition as slavery, inciting the youth to dream for the moon and how life is hellish in Eritrea compared to Ethiopia, and why their mothers and fathers generation were wrong to seek independence from their mama Ethiopia the land of milk and honey, They preach also how their free education in Eritrea is inferior to that of Ethiopia with several universities that could offer them higher quality education if they drop their guns and walk to Ethiopia, they could make it all.

      The Diaspora Eritrean government supporters make their biannual pilgrim to Eritrea, flashing
      their new fashion clothing’s and electronic gadgets, renting cars and tour their country swimming in the beeches creating and stimulating the young mind to have them, Of course they don’t tell them is what kind of job they do, if they are cleaning toilets, streets or leaving on charities of their host
      government as lifelong beggars. The young college or high school graduate who is doing the national service ‘Agelgilot’ does not see or hear that side of their stories beyond the glittering material possessions of their peer.. Have you ever wondered if Isaias’s children are immune from
      such kind of temptation? I really admire their character in this regard, because if one of them had walked what kind of negative publication would have made? Of course, they are not the only one who are resisting the temptations there are thousands are serving their country with little compensation but national satisfaction. .

      On the opposition Diaspora quarter those who have sold their souls for money and are
      willing to say anything bad about Eritrea with demonstration against Eritrean government, in the streets of Western capitals have successfully painted with wide brushes, Eritrea land of the heathen, slavery ruled by the worst dictator ever walked on this earth. This image has been successfully marketed for many Western countries to have a sympathetic special refugee status to Eritreans strengthening the Pull factor. Now on the positive side of Eritreans Diasporas
      oppositions paint, I give them extra credit to the successful campaign because many of those refugees could not have been legal residency. The vast majority of the fled their country with little marketable technical skills to their host countries and some even did not finish high school trying to avoid Sawa..

      Now Kokobai, let us confine ourselves to the universe of writers, artists, commentators,
      entrepreneurs etc arguing debating and occasionally trading insults on this wonderful medium of our time the internet that enables to communicate instantly from anywhere in the world at any time. and ask few questions to answer their honest opinions.

      What is our role as Eritrean intellectuals to these refugees who are trapped in every corner of
      planet at this Eritrean tragic time besides blaming them or the Eritrean government or complain how the various government treat them?

      What are our dreams and priorities for our people? How can we reach our goal of peaceful,
      economic developed, politically democratic and independent country, so that we can live in our country and not be forced to become economic or political refugees? Minimizing our’ pull and push factors’ from we are now. Amanuel, Hope, haile, Yodita, Ali.S, nitricc, papi, SM, Kokhob, Dawit cartoonist, and many others can shade light in its face book, there is this word in big letters “RECONCIL”, what does that mean
      and with whom do we reconcile? With ‘our enemies’ or with ‘our friends? How do we reconcile? I think that is for saay or Saleh and many Ethiopians visitors.

      Now my friend Kokhob, you see I started to respond to you with one or two line and before I
      know it I was carried away from one thought to another to write another uncooked article, taking half of my TP. So I will stop here because I don’t want to be accused by my friends Amanuel, or Semere for trying to write a fiction without having the necessary qualification or proper ID or ‘metawekia’



    Yemen is not safe. I hope UNHCR will take care them

  • Kokhob Selam

    “over 200 people from Afar ethnic group, including small children, women and elderly people who have fled for their lives the homeland Eritrea and sought asylum in Yemen sat for almost one year in a notorious prison in the city of Al hudeida.”

    • Hope

      Was there any evidence that the GoE made them to leave?These Afars have every opportunity to work and to live a better life in the rich Danaklia region–

      • Kokhob Selam

        Oh, they suffer to much. the good news is that they already know the entire nation is suffering. as I always mention it the good thing with PFDJ is they are not only killing on ethnic groups future but they are against peace and development of all. and red sea? the richest and most valuable natural gift has become useless under PFDJ.

  • haile

    Ahadu (assuming you’re Ethiopian and expressing joy at your country’s progress) there were two news headlines today:

    – China starts $4 billion first overseas electric railway in Ethopia

    – Northern Red Sea region: Members of the People’s Army engage in renovation of railway: the undertaking involves construction of new bridges and collection of scattered rail bars, among others.

    PFDJ hasn’t build a single shopping mall in 23 years. Hospitals, clinics, schools are cover ups that doesn’t really render meaningful service in practice, just on paper. Many people get treatment in the Sudan and Dubai. I think PFDJ eats tiere genzeb (raw cash) 🙂

    • Hope

      I thought that was the purpose of sanctions and No Peace,No War saga.
      -Ethiopia is allowed to get free cash and loans but Eritrea is NOT
      -Despite the strangulations,some thing is being done–Hospitals,Clinics, Schools, Micro Dams,etc–
      -Primary Care is going well but the Teriary care is yet to start,hence,people should go where tertiary care is available.
      -Prioritization is important—-if you have any clue about some basics of Nation Building.Fancy Malls will follow after basic Infra-structure is completed.
      -Do NOT compare incomparable things—-use acceptable propaganda style
      If left alone,Eritrea can achieve a-10-billion worth infra-structure within the next 5rs.
      here are few of them being considered
      –Rail-way loop and Major High Ways across Eritrea with connection to surrounding Region,
      -6-Regional Universities,
      -2-3 more international Airports and 5 regional/domestic Airports
      -,Anseba Dam and Gash River Dam,
      -Aseb Port Free Zone –rumors of Qatar vs Chinese Investment still in place
      -Red Sea Dam-considered–
      -Aseb Refinery Renovation
      -Disclosure of the Petrolium Exp soon
      -Expanding the Potash Mining/exploration,which will shock every one–due to the huge undisclosed potential,hence,its implication for the Infra-structure development–
      -Expnasion of theTourism Sector

      • haile

        I think we should consider exporting comedy to the world entertainment industry. Ours would make for the funniest if it wasn’t the most tragic!!

        • Amanuel Hidrat


          Why don’t establish and log in your password in the Disqus , rather than throwing us back to the article and scroll it to read your comment?

          • haileTG

            hey Emma,

            I shall start now. I was more getting lazy and used to the whitelist instant publication. I think I will use this now. although it keeps saying “AT needs to verify your email before posting” when I use it.

        • Hope

          Just wait for 1-2yrs—plus,knock it off–that negative and destructive PFDJ about Eritrea and her potential

          • haileTG

            Hope: if you believe all that you wrote, it begs disbelief why you oppose the regime! For the heck of it? the only valid talk about ‘Eritrea and its potential” at this time is the dismantling and complete removal of the hasad and qursus PFDJ.

  • Kokhob Selam

    The only way out is challenging the ugly group and that is the choice with out choice. UNITE!!!!SMERRRR!!!!

    “The Sudanese authorities have deported 30 Eritreans, including at least 6 registered refugees, to Eritrea, Human Rights Watch said today. Sudan did not give the UN refugee agency access to the group. Unknown numbers of detained Eritreans recently convicted of immigration offenses in Sudan also risk deportation.”

    “International law forbids countries from deporting asylum seekers without first allowing them to apply for asylum and considering their cases.”

  • Kokhob Selam

    they are doing fine. ours? Ah, supporters who are enjoying with their children in democratic countries are the first to be blamed. They are killing our children by dancing with devil.

  • Nitricc

    Hey Haile, what up?
    what do you mean when you write

    ” I hate to break it to you but you know the score, right? You don’t belong, don’t act like you do.”
    would you kindly elaborate on that so, i don’t take words out of your mouth.

    • haile

      Selam Nitricc (the rioter)

      When you said “You deserve nothing, you are burden to humanity and void to dignity.” You sounded one of those extreme right wing racists (most likely that you may not be so in real life). After nearly 600 years of black Americans since crossing the oceans on board slave ships, the excluding fear of the other still persists in the west to this day. Despite being born in the west, you and many like you still haven’t cut their links to their roots (even if you “hating every ounce of Eritrean in you”). This tells you that whatever confidence you got to call out that kind of dehumanizing charge on YOUR people is a false one. Belonging doesn’t come superficially, blood is thicker than water. We have a saying roughly translated to “if you have to go on your knee to pick up something, don’t strewn it with inflated chest in the first place – tete’liEn zefsese’o tedebiren y’hafse’o). So, I was saying that YOU or anyone else can’t take the false sense of distinctiveness to tell his own flesh and blood “You deserve nothing, you are burden to humanity and void to dignity.” Lest, you need to change it to “We deserve nothing, we are burden to humanity and void to dignity.” I think you’re confused where you belong 🙂

  • Ahadu

    It is sad and heart wrenching to see kids with their mothers sleeping in the streets of Yemen, and yet this unfortunate situation couldn’t move a single cell of sympathy from the higdef foot soldiers who are commenting on this thread. They blame the woyanes for every disaster after disaster that is befalling Eritrea because of a psychopath running the country. Any ways look at what the woyanes and “dhurat Ethiopia” are doing to their dhrti hagerom courtesy of CCTV :

  • Serray


    Poor kids and shame on the nation that forced these kids to choose sleeping on the streets of yemen than live inside a giant prison. The sign that vultures are ruling eritrea is how the first reaction of their mindless cheerleaders is the side issues. In south korea a prime minister resigned because a boat capsized and killed a couple of hundred people..and the prime minister was not the boat captain! If the same happened on a pfdj owned boat, demand for the dummy’s resignation will make his goons jump up and down like the monkeys they are.

    Eritrea under shaebia is like a horrible tasting dish; you eat it at your risk. People rather live on the streets of a lawless country than be slaves of corrupt and brutal human traffickers. Looking at the pictures one wonders why these kids don’t entertain standing up instead of just running. The answer becomes clear when you consider that shaebia owned these kids before they became men and had had broken their fighting spirit early on. The mindless rationalization of their misery by the ghedli generation and the lullaby they heard all their lives that their country is great because more lives and limbs were lost to make it a nation also confuses them. The young see the nation as an alien creature with fangs and blood sucking tentacle. “Anywhere but here” seems to their response to the bloody gift fifty years in the making.

    Ever year shaebia remains in power – unlike the semi-pfdj idiotic claim – the nation’s security and eventually its very existence is at risk. Given shaebia’s refusal to deal with this catastrophe, given shaebia’s refusal to deal with any catastrophe, the writing is on the wall. If there is no regime change very soon, there will be something even worse. A nation with no stakeholders – or with greedy and opportunistic stakeholders like the pfdjs and their side-kick a is doomed. I feel sorry for these kids and the people who have to live under a regime of cannibals.

    • Ermias

      Serray, I am not sure about your take on this. If you think regime change will do the trick, why don’t a few out of the tens and tens of thousands think as you do? Those few would make the ultimate sacrifice as we see everywhere a coup is done. I am afraid these young people are not convinced of the idea of Eritrea, maybe just subconciously not convinced. I am sure they are not thinking along the lines of YG, that is too complicated but I think somehow they are not convinced that this country is sustainable. They may not be able to utter it in the kind of analysis you smart guys do on the internets but I am starting to think that these young men and women do not want to have anything to do with this country. If they believed they can take it over and make it work for them, they can do it, just like the ghedli generation did with untold number of sacrifices but this generation doesn’t see anything good coming out of Eritrea no matter what. I am arguing that even if the regime was to change now and everything is put back in order, I would think they would still flee in droves. No other explanation comes to my mind as to why they would put themselves in these kind of situations.

      • haile

        Selamat Ermi;

        Let me give my two cents worth. Consider how the pro-regime (albeit few) are cold hearted and inhuman towards them. I don’t think that they are that kind of people if you were to meet them in person. They are ordinary human beings who live off other’s good will. They are victims of a convoluted reasoning, egoistical expectations and deep helplessness. To support the regime comes at a cost of losing moral worth, indeed it is strange times. With this in mind, Eritrea is a trap and dangerous place for Eritreans to be. The consideration of its viability (I don’t know from what perspective) may not be the reason at play here. If you have a child and deny them all life’s necessities and claim that they weren’t viable human being, wouldn’t exonerate you from causing their murder. The regime, through members of the security organs that betrayed the nation and diaspora supporters who attempt to cover up its acts is engaged in this act of brutality and will soon receive its due. Eritrea will then be given a second chance on the ashes and graves of the regime and its apologists. Only then that we can determine if the nation is viable. This was perhaps the plan all along by the regime and its supporters and its mercenary foreign armed groups, to force us to give up on the nation and its independence. The answer is over Eritrean dead bodies! They can still dream on but every single waking moment of their glory will be made a living hell, till their demise. We will NEVER give in or countenance losing the independence and territorial integrity of our nation no matter how ugly the regime’s acts get or how sloppy their diaspora sellouts wish to be. Indeed, a price will need to be paid and WILL BE PAID to restore the dignity of our people. IA and his monkies and dogs are defeated, they know that and the world knows that. They are made to march down the gallows to be hanged and there is not going to be any let up. Let’s not buy in to their evil grand design of emptying and destroying our country. Today they are terrified more than ever, Eritreans have shown that they are STRONG people, they have faced the brutal elements, they have been to hell it self and back and they are now ready to physically tackle the thieves, lairs and whores that made them to suffer like this…weyleOm Telamat 🙂


  • dawit

    Dawit Beyene, Cool down. What is the main issue here? The plight of refugees abandoned by UNHCR the organization which lured them in the first place and now abandoned them? That is just a tiny side story. The big story here to me Eritrea bashing by the coordinated international media painting broad brush to accuse PFDJ. “.In 1991, Eritrea was liberated gaining formal recognition by the world community in May 25, 1993. Independence didn’t bring to Eritreans the stability or economic freedom they struggle for. Twenty-three years after they liberated their country, Eritreans find themselves in precarious situation ruled by a regime that is considered one of the most repressive in the world.”.I am responding to the above statement, you don’t like it fine. The geography issue, yes a side issue except trying to teach AT and people like simple geography of their region.

  • Kokhob Selam

    thank you Hailat. My poem under your post

    ……. ዘ ይ ስ ን ኻ ሑ ጻ ቆ ር ጡ መ ሉ ………

    ሰብ ዓይኑ እናረኣየ ኣይከይድን ኩናት :-
    ብዘይ ጸገም ሽግር ብዘይ ገለ ምኽንያት ::

    ንሕና ኤረትራውያን ቀደም ክንጋደል :-
    ፈቲናዮ ኣይኮናን ክንውጋእ ክንቆስል :-
    ፈቲናዮ ኣይኮናን ብቦምባ ክንበሰል:-
    ምርጫ ኢና ስኢና በዚሑና በደል ::

    በደል እወ ኣብ ትሕቲ ገዛእቲ –
    በደል እወ ዝሓርዱ ጥንስቲ –
    በደል እወ ዓድታት ኣንደቲ –
    ካብ ገዛእ መሬትና ኣባረርቲ ::

    ናይ ዚኦም ገዲዱ :-

    . . . ካባና ዝተወልዱ :-
    . . . . .ደም ሰብ ዝለመዱ :-

    . . . . . . . .ብስርዓት ዘይከዱ::

    ግን :–

    ዘትይተግመተ ኮይኑ ኣትዩና ድንግርግር :-
    ሕሉፍ ኩናት ኣድኪሙና መሪጽና ክንበርር :-

    ‘ምበር መ ዓስ ክተርፍ ኮይኑ ‘ሞ :-
    ክሳብ መዓስ ክንጽመ ሞ :-
    እቲ ዘይለበመ ነለብ ሞ :-
    “ካብኻ ዘይሓልፍ ጋሻ ዓጥቢካ ስዓሞ ”
    . . . . . . . . . . .ግድን እዩ ክንገጥሞ ::

    ስቃይ ካብ ስቃይ ንሓደ ክትመርጽ :-
    ምርጫ ምስሰኣንካ እንዶ ኣይኮነ ምስ ትቀብጽ ::

    እንተ ገለ ‘ ሞ ናብራ ዝጠዓሞም :-
    ኣብ ወጻኢ ዝ ነብሩ ምስ ደቆም :-
    ኣብ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሃገር ተሓጊሶም :-
    ዝሕዝን እዩ ብህዝቢ ምልጋጾም ::

    በለጽ ጭካነ- እንድ ኣሉ :-
    “ዘ ይ ስ ን ኻ ሑ ጻ ቆ ር ጡ መ ሉ” :-

    Kokhob Selam on 07/05/2014

  • Kokhob Selam

    I was always right except last year when I said “PFDJ will be history maximum in April 2014” AH, how really the time runs !!! I never thought our young generation will chose the dangerous journey in 2014 . I thought people will never agree to see their children suffering and disappearing in deserts and oceans. I never thought really, and here is my one year old poem in what the generation should do.

    ኩናት ርኢናሞ ኣስካሕካሒ:-
    ተጋዲልና ኣብ ሃሩር ኣብ ቀዝሒ:-
    ናትና ኢልና ሒዝናዮ ብብልሒ:-
    ስለ ዝነበረ ዕላማ መምርሒ:-
    ተሪር ነይሩ መርገጽ ጽረ ፍርሒ:-
    እዚ ህዝቢ ነይሩ ታሪኽ ሰራሒ::
    መጥባሕቲ ኩሊት መንሰይ ሰሚዐ:-
    ብዚሑ ሓዘነይ እምብዛ ነቢዐ:-
    ተባኢሰ ምስ ነብሰይ ተላጊዐ:-
    እንታይ እሞ ግበር ተቆጢዐ:-
    ኣይከኣልኩን ክድቅስ በሊዐ::
    ኣብ ዓለም ዝኸበደ ነገር:-
    ክትረድእ ደሊኻ ምስ ዘይግበር:-
    ዘሕዝን እዩ መዓንጣ ዘሕርር:-
    ግን ‘ታ ክእለተይ እነሆ ይሕብር::
    ሕጂ ግን ከዲፍዮ ምብካይ እነሆ ጨኪነ:-
    እቲ እንኮ ምርጫ ምምካት ካብ ኮነ:-
    መንእሰይ ከበራትዕ እነሆ ወሲነ:-
    ቀበጥበጥ ነይጠቅም መፍትሒ ነይኮነ::
    ኢድካ ምስ ትቆስል ጽኪ ዝወጸካ:-
    እቲ ጸገም ግዳ ኣይኮነን ቱሽቱሽካ:-
    ማይክሮባት ዘሎ ኣብ’ታ ትጎድኣካ:-
    ብጸረ ባክተሪያ ተጥፍኣ ጨሪስካ::
    ጸገምካ ኣይኮነን ኣብ በርኻ ሲናይ:-
    ኣብ ኣስመራ እዩ ዘሎ ቀንዲ ተጻባኣይ:-
    ሓምሽሾ ስበሮ ኣይትሕመቅ ወገነይ::
    ካብ ሎሚ:-
    ትኸልኪሉ እዩ ሕሱር ሞት:- ኣብ ባሕሪ በረኻ:-
    መንእሰይና መክት :- ንመሰል ክብርኻ:-
    ኣይፋልካን ወዲ ሓየት ኣልዕሎ ርእስኻ:-
    ነውሪ እዩ ጥፍ ኣት ከም ድኹም ሓሰኻ::
    ኣብ ሲናይ ሞት – ነውሪ እዩ ውጉዝ:-
    ኣይጥባሕን ኩሊት – ናይ’ቲ ጀግና ጎበዝ:-
    ናይ ምንታይ ስደት- ፈዘዝ መዘዝ:-
    ደልዲልካ መክት ህግደፍ ትሰረዝ::
    እምቢ በል ኣይስደትን- ኣብ ዶብ ኣይቅንጸልን:
    ንበደውያን ኣይሽየጥን ደጊም ኣይንብርከኽን:-
    ሓዲኣ ኣላ ለንዘብን ፈሪሕካ ኣይምወትን :-
    ብህግደፍ ተሳቂና ደጊም ኣይንጠፍእን ::
    መክት —ሓንሳብ ተላዓል :-
    መክት —ጸረ ኣሽካዕላል:-
    መክት— ወጽዓ ኣይትቀበል:-
    መክት ባንዴራኻ ኣንበልብል::

    • dawit

      Yes you were wrong then and still you are wrong today. The famous Einstein have said it all. Doing the same thing again and again expecting different result is a sign of insanity’ PFDJ will last for a long time, they didn’t struggle and paid so much sacrifice to hand over their prize Eritrea, to some azmari or kolo lekakami. Ertra atshetim atilewetim ( HSI, MHM)

      • Kokhob Selam

        “to some azmari or kolo lekakami. Ertra atshetim atilewetim” are HIS AND MHM here? do you think those all refuges in Yemen are the children of HSI, MHM. “to some azmari or kolo lekakami” I don’t know to whom you are describing, but those who are asking for democratic Eritrea are all from legal parents who believe in system. that I am sure.

  • Hope

    “I say it is better to do his agelglot and sleep in his hidmo with dignity”,rather than sleeping in the streets of Yemen.
    The same appiies to th eunfortunate two kids with their aunt,who were victims of wild animals.If they were patient enough for extra few yrs,I am sure they could have made it.
    Get it real man,politics alone will not —

    • Semere Andom

      Hope and small time dawit:
      First hope that is very cruel, insensitive judging those kids. Manners OK
      Guys get real. You have a country that does not issue passports to kids over 5 years old. The min age gets reduced every year while the max age gets increased. PFDJ’s Eritrea is for the few well connected people, the generals and the mercenaries who pontificate in the forum. The mercenaries want to have everything, eat their cake greedily, wash it down with anti-oxidants and wine while their safety is secured by the under-privileged “agelglot”. For this reason they are mad and lashing at the poor refuges.

      • dawit

        SEM don’t be angry. Ok let us be real, let us say every citizen get a passport. Do you think any country will issue them a visa to let them in their country? I say hell NO! Their only way for most of them is to walk through borders illegally and register as refugees. I a must give the Eritrean opposition diaspora groups who have painted Eritrea as a hell on Earth, which made for many Western countries to sympathize with asylum seekers from Eritrea, which is also benefiting many Africans to claim that they are Eritreans and repeat the fabricated stories to get asylum. After getting their asylum many Eritrean will work hard earn some money to visit their country they left to visit their loved at home, inciting another wave of would be refugees.. .

  • dawit

    nitric is what Amhara say ‘n-detam tigre’ not ‘k-letam tigre’. He is telling the truth about the situations that drove this young person to sleep on the street of Yemen from his perspectives. What solution are you suggesting for this man haile the great? Put your self in his shoe and find a solution other than “hold on till we uproot DIA”. I say it is better to do his agelglot and sleep in his hidmo.

    • haile

      hello dawit,
      First off, I see you doubting the credibility of the news (to the point of suspecting this to be AT’s attempt to “dumpen” independence month euphoria!). Here are a couple of observations on that:

      – Please read the following, with recent image of real peaple, to see that it is not just the AT reporting it:
      – What is the point of daumpening the independece month mood (if it exists at all) when the Eritrean justce seeking communities throughout the world have lined up major events with seminars and entertainment by well known musicians?
      Now to your point about Nitricc (the bad guy in this case) and what I would personally consider a potential solution.
      – The people are not in NS, most of those have already run away leaving the defence hallow and in name only. Most people crossing now are women and children. This often happens in connection to hardship and is the extreme measures often seen during all out conflicts. A pregnant woman nearing delivery doesn’t set out in dangerouse trecks. So, what is hapening in our country now is severe stress on par to all out war situation. Meaning, people are not in a position to make the basic necessities for life and are wandering in search of those. So, this is not willful self exposure, rather a desperate attempt to preserve life.
      – In terms of solution, consider that your home is flooded with water from the mains. You can either shut off the mains or try to fight the flooding by mopping the wet (flooding) surfaces as fast as you can. You seem to pride yourself in taking the second option as reasonable, and me,I am lost for words!

      • dawit

        Dear haile,
        I read the Saudi article, it is still article reported in May while these people were sitting for two years there. You said a pregnant women does not leave her home and cross deserts and sea if she was not desperate to survive. That is a distortion of the story, most these young women are lured with life in Europe or Middle East, walking on streets paved with gold. So they take a chance risking all the family wealth that could last them several decades hand over to traffickers only to end up in refugee camps doing nothing but making babies. That is the beginning of the sad story. I say accept the ‘Dictator’ whoever he is, eat kolo at home instead of dreaming baklaba in ME or Europe. In a business world you are risk taker ‘kib woy gib’ I am a risk averse with little profit and keep hope alive..
        Thank you

        • SM

          Bingo….hakki merrrar eya dawitom.
          Yes, that is what I said to myself after some of us few family members for nothing..and I promised to myself that I will never ever send a pen to those kind of family members with enough to eat,to drink and dress and with enough and modern shelters,Villas ,if I may call it.

  • Ermias

    I am so sad to see so many young men, women, and children in such dire situations. Like I said before, I come here to see if anyone can explain to me why this is happening and what the solution is because I do not have enough knowledge to give an educated perspective or analysis.

    If I may add one more thing. When I read news like ‘Eritreans in Yemeni streets…’ and tens and tens of thousands of young Eritreans choosing to leave the country, with absolutely no regard to where their feet may take them, it makes me wonder if the so called Land of Eritrea is sustainable and viable as a country. I think we may have a much deeper problem than merely a repressive regime led by IA. I say this because out of all these countless youth, just a handful should see light at the end of the tunnel, if there is any light and make the necessary sacrifices to that end. But no one is willing to die for this land anymore but for their own very self. So if this land and these people called Eritreans are not worth dying for, then we need to re-assess and perhaps take YG more seriously.

    • dawit

      Waw! you jumped to the old argument that ‘Eritrea can not support itself, therefore it has to be ruled by Ethiopia”. Curtsy of your god YG. I think you are suffering of the new disease “Regal Disease”. You are swallowing too much YG staff. It is not good for your health, it distorts your thinking capacity. Just a little dose to confuse a little more.

  • dawit

    ” Almost all of them fled From Eritrea to Yemen drifting in small overcrowded boats that dropped them on the Western coast of the Red Sea”. A fiction or real story? Western coast of the Red Sea?.I didn’t know the global climate changes flipping geography from east to west, north to south? wey gud Gedab news!

    • dawit

      Nice correction on your suber news? . Where in the coast of Yemen, East or Southern coast?. Learn your elementary geography about the country you are writing about? . But I still think it is a fictional story or old recycled from the Ethiopians and Somali refugees story replacing ‘Eritrea’ to replace “Ethiopia’ or ‘Somalia’. I guess it is the month of May, trying to dampen Eritrean Independence celebration.

      • Kokhob Selam

        what happen now, dawit is replying to dawit? ammmm. again something wrong.

        • dawit

          Well kokhobi, you waked up late this morning for school so my comment does not make sense to you. Gedab news referred Yemen as the West Coast of Red Sea in rushing their seber news, hot from the press.They have corrected it without admitting that they did a mistake. So I congratulated them for correcting their mistakes, and I asked them further where in coast of Yemen? . And you are jumping in the middle of our discussion that is why you are confused. .

          • Kokhob Selam

            is that? I have a problem , I am not trusting you. let awate explain to us. if I am wrong I have no problem to say sorry because I am not from PFDJ. but my friend still I am watching in this crazy display that your are answering to yourself. so relax and don’t worry , after all duplicating is normal in you camp.

          • dawit

            Well I don’t expect you to trust and if At are honest they can but I doubt it, because they are also ‘Abesha’ never admit mistake. We always defend our stand right or wrong with twisted logics. Admitting our mistakes is ‘weakness’. That is why we are in endless troubles.

          • Saleh Johar

            Dawit, don’t try to makea mountain of kumra Hutsa 🙂 The news item was done after midnight, after several calls to Yemen–all that voluntarily, so I suggest you remember to be thankful. If not don’t visit this website if it gives you heartburn. It was supposed to be “On the West coast of Yemen, on the Red Sea.” Now the Red Sea is out altogether. Stick to the news and don’t act like a teacher correcting a test paper. As for geography, well, you really think you know the region more than anyone! Good for you. Now go back to the main subject, the refugees.

          • dawit

            Saleh, cool down, I am not the one created the mountain. I noticed an error and I pointed a mistake then you corrected it end of story. Then as usual someone picked it and drifted and challenged my observation and I responded. Now I believed the main issue of the report was not the ‘refugee sleeping on the street, as you want me to believe, but rather a deliberate attack on the ‘independence’ of the country Eritrea. The old idea which is being recycled today was ‘Eritrea cannot stand by itself as an independent nation that it has to be divided between Sudan and Ethiopia’ that was the original old idea. Now Sudan is out of the equation because the British are not colonizing it today, in fact Sudan has to be broken into pieces, but Ethiopia has to be enlarged by attaching Eritrea back where it was before independence. The new reason now Eritreans cannot manage independence by dragging PFDJ into the picture telling the world Eritrean Independence was a mistake for Eritreans. All they have achieved in their independence is to create a barbaric slave nation where it citizens are running from a slavery! If someone who claim to be Eritrean and cannot pick that argument from this article and many similar in this month alone, then what can I say? Eritrea is not the first nation in this world that produced a dictator. Whatever picture you are trying to paint Eritrea by attaching it to PFDJ and Isaias behavior, it is going to damage the Eritrea that so many generations sacrificed.

            Now Mr. Saleh, as to the rest of your comments admonishing me for my behavior at your web site, who is acting as a teacher? Why should I care if you wrote it at Midnight or Midday or you have volunteer or paid workers or use slave labor as one can imagine in Eritrea? As I indicated before, I visit your website to learn and share my idea as an Eritrean. You are right if it gives me ‘heartburn’ I don’t have to visit your web site. Likewise if my idea I share at your website gives you ‘heartburn’ you don’t have to publish it. You know my stand, and I have expressed them openly in many occasions in this forum and you are not going to dictate to me today what topic I must pick and discuss. Enjoy your web site Brother Saleh, with your like minded people, and as for me don’t worry there are many Eritrean sites where I can express my thought and feeling.

          • Semere Andom


            When Saleh used the metaphor of creating mountains from sand, I thought he himself was creating mountains.
            How wrong I was, he was speaking prophetically as it turns out to be with this comment of yours.
            You made a Freudian slip by bringing slave labor to your debate, a subject close to the inner desires of your heart as you and your like-minded blame the victims and fail to condemn the root of evil that bedevils our people
            If we tell you the refuges are sleeping in the streets in Yemen or being killed, your answer is: “it is their problem, why did they leave their independent country”, and if someone tells you that Eritrean women are raped your answer is well: “why did the women wear revealing cloths. While in secret we know that you send money to smuggle your loved ones to safety


          • dawit


            “While in secret we know that you send money to smuggle your loved ones to safety”. Sem
            I thought you were a talented satire writer, but I didn’t know your psychic power! You wrote ‘we’ plural, how many of you have this special psychic power? It is this kind of trash that turn me off from the opposition. Do you have to lie to help your friend, as to the other staff you wrote is all fiction. But then why should I be surprised? Are you not a talented fiction writer?

      • Dawit Beyene


        The issue here is the plight of the innocent Eritreans but you seems to focus on stupid
        issues that is irrelevant to the current situation that is affecting our
        people. Awate made a ” elementary geography” on Yemen, big deal.
        Focus on issues that can make a difference on Eritrean people, if you
        care….or go back to your hibernation mode and leave us alone.

    • Amanuel Hidrat


      could you be at least sensible on the fate of our young? You know they are leaving the nation in droves. There are many ways to check the authenticity of the news. Instead of rejecting in definite manner like what the Eritrean regime dismiss the Lampedussa tragedy, why don’t do a little research to find the fact before you utter your words? Please have a little sympathy on your fellow Eritreans.

      • dawit

        Amanuel if I give you my honest answer about my concern about the tragedy of these young Eritreans I know what your next answer will be. You will tell me that you were ELF Tegadali and I was not. I don’t think it matters to you or to this young victims if I have little or more sympathy. Still this old recycle news repeated 1000s times to smear the Eritrean government .Don’t bring ‘Lampedussa’ topic again we exhausted that extensively at the time of the accident.

        • Amanuel Hidrat


          When you don’t have an argument to stand with on the issue of the refugees (immigrant Eritreans), you divert it. What has to do whether you were in ELF or not, EPLF or not? We are talking about the refugee crises caused the evil regime we have. If you have any sympathy show it. If you don’t have you could only be the product of the regime and sympathize with the policy of the regime. The nature of your reaction anyway says it all, dawit.

          • dawit

            I am talking from our past encounter for debate, You asked several times to debate and when I engage with you with my honest opinion the instead of challenging me on my stand you pick your ghedli id card and dismiss my argument. You hate my stand on the present Eritrean government which you tried to topple for years. Fine, but don’t use the plight of Eritrean refugee, as your stopping stone to power.As I said it before my sympathy card to will not make a change in their suffering. I give them advice from my personal experience as a refugee. If they accepted and use it fine if not as the Amaharic saying ‘mikerew, mikerwew, imbi sil mekera ymkerew’. If you want to know my stand about (immigrant Eritreans) read the many comments I posted at AT. for years. Don’t think I came to yesterday.

        • Sennai

          Seriously: Don’t bring Lampedussa topic again? Seriouly!!! Well, the Eritrean suffering will continue, you are the proof!!!

  • Nitricc

    “One of the refugees said, “it is difficult to blame other governments when your own government causes your suffering”

    After a long break, I check in to my beloved forum and this is what I read. Here is it where I lose any sympathy
    Let me think it over what this person is saying My man, let me help you to clarifying things……..
    . You are young, to be precise, right on your prime time of your life. You belong to a country where thousands lost their lives to give you a nation. You received the nation intact uncut on your own hand. You are the mover and shaker of things. You are the engine and the force of change, yet, why are you sleeping on the streets of Yemen? Why do you choose to be a burden of the stinky Yemenites? Worst, why are you complaining? I hate to break it to you. You deserve nothing, you are burden to humanity and void to dignity. What a disgraced generation. Let me tell you the truth, You cause your own suffering, deal with the truth. be happy with street sleeping, you are not good and you deserve nothing good. Good is made through sacrifices, not by sleeping on the streets. Get the #$%^&^%$#^%. Out of here. When is enough; is enough?

    • Pappillon

      ኣታ Nitricc ንሕናስ ንኣዋርሕ ምስ ጠፋእካ ልቢ ኣዕብዩ ክምለሰና እዩ በልና እምበር መመሊስካ ትዕሹዶ መሲሉና

      • Nitricc

        hahahaha Pappi what up? Nice to see you around. Here, this is for you, a one liner.and chew on that

        “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”

    • haile

      Hello Nitricc,

      Knock it off, will you:

      – What exactly make you, me or anyone else different and not a burdun of #$% xyz? Even if you’re born somewhere else, I hate to break it to you but you know the score, right? You don’t belong, don’t act like you do.

      – The nation was intact (just) before it was taken for a trophy by a small criminal gangs. If those supposedly said to have fough to bring it to reality are running like hell theselves to be the #$#% xyz burden and even dying in attempting to run, what do you expect the underage children that are being driven out in mass to do?

      – The suffering of women and children at this level indicates the gruesome nature of Eritrea’s problems (that are only in the offing), wait what would happen when mass unrest and termoil sets in soon…you’re asking for it, right?

      Let’s not judge those facing difficulties before we ourselves be in their situation and taste their bitter experience.


    • Amanuel

      Why is this person allowed to get away with insulting the whole country? i am sure it is against the Awate’s posting guide lines.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Amnuel:
        Our friend Nitricc was in “agolglot for a long time serving a nation that protected him from drowning in search of iPads. His absence was felt here as everyone asked about him in fear of his martyrdom. But here he is in one piece. He is allowed to say whatever and insulting because he is illegible for affirmative action for his service. But this illegibility is temporary until what the shrink prescribed for him, a table called “sirray”, medicine in Tigrayat is available in the stores of this forum. “Sirray’s efficacy is so legendary that it is only taken once in a blue moon when Nitricc’s symptoms flare up. Then it must be stopped immediately. “Sirray” is prescribed in the most severe cases like in Nitricc’s case and it does wonders. But last time Nitricc forgot t that this medication and he was incapable to take it and it had to be administered by the help of Sal. “Sirray”, besides tempering the symptoms it had unexpected and undocumented positive side effects: it can make your more lucid and coherent. “Sirray” is made in Eritrea and and must be taken with orange juice. The last time Nitric made a stupid mistake and skipped taking it and then took twice the dosage to compensate after his symptoms worsened it made him fasciculate, this symptoms are manifested in endless repetition of the word “toothless” even to loved once, the research is preliminary, but the utterance of this word again and again is a manifestation of the number of cells in the brain


        • Nitricc

          Semere toothlesssssss. lol
          “His absence was felt here as everyone asked about him in fear of his martyrdom”
          that is very funny semere.
          Let me tell who i am.
          “Every generation has someone who steps outside the norm and offers a voice for the unspeakable attitudes of that time. I represent everything that’s supposed to be wrong, everything that’s forbidden”…….everything that’s just and truth’

    • dine

      Nitricc, take it easy man, it’s just a respond to YG’s new Article.

    • sara

      when i heard a song called jeddah/canada i was wondering what was it meant, why was it sang by a yang guy who was just student i see many going north west to reach Canada and some going south east to reach the other-side of the red sea/jeddah.