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Eritrea Might Sever Diplomatic Ties with Qatar

In a press release issued by the Ministry of information yesterday, the Eritrean government supported the cutting of diplomatic ties by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with the State of Qatar.

In what seemed a concerted decision, last week the four countries severed their diplomatic ties with Qatar in unison.

Their decision came soon after President Trump left Saudi Arabia after an official visit. Observers are still debating whether the USA president has anything to do with the unprecedented action.

In the press release, the government of Eritrea stated, “The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken is not confined to Qatar alone – as the potential of Qatar is very limited.”

The release also emphasized that the Isaias government considers the move “a timely issue that warrants [Eritrea’s] active support.”

Judging from his repeated statements, Isaias Afwerki must be agitating for a similar diplomatic step against Ethiopia, which he considers the cause of instability in the Horn of Africa region due to its engagement in Somalia. He also accuses Ethiopia of being behind the UN sanctions imposed on his government by the United Nations with the backing of Western governments, mainly that of the USA.

Asked if Sudan and Eritrea will follow suit and sever diplomatic relations with Qatar, a veteran Sudanese diplomat now in the opposition told Gedab News, “it is possible depending on the price the Saudis and the Emaratis or the Qataris are willing to pay” He added, “Qatar will not be effected either way, just a minimal diplomatic embarrassment, though Omar AlBashir and Isaias Afwerki are eyeing the largess of the involved countries, particularly Isaias will play an opportunistic role.”

According to several diplomats who abandoned the Eritrean regime, “Isaias will weigh his relations with all the countries involved, including Russia and Turkey, before he breaks ties with Qatar though he can reverse his decision any time.”

It is worth noting that any decision Isaias takes will affect the reactions of Iran, Yemen, and Israel, not forgetting the long-standing Egyptian-Ethiopian political maneuvering over the Nile waters. Isaias might find himself useful in that aspect.

However, many Eritreans do not think they have “a horse in the Shite-Sunni race” and the conflict that is manifesting itself devastatingly in many aspects of the lives of the people of the regions.

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  • Anis Idris

    Hello All,

    My simple Question here, Why Eritrea sever Relation with Qatar. Although Qatar brokered Peace Deal between Eritrea and Djibouti. It looks that Assias Aforki received a good Amount of US$ even though he hates USA and I can guess from the Somali Federal Republic President News was offered US$ 80 Million to cut Qatar Relation and to stop any Flights passing through Somalia Aerospace. The Somali President Farmajo refused the Bribe and said I am Neutral between Qatar in one side and Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt in the other side I think the Bribe was too good to refuse.

  • Kebessa

    Hello all,
    Well I guess you all saw Eri gov’s statement which partly reads “These are times of rapid and fluid developments in our neighborhood. News – factual and speculative – churned out in the past few days in relation to the withdrawal of Qatari troops have been many indeed. ”
    This must have been a difficult statement for the regime to issue as it had never publicly acknowledged the presence of Qatari troops in our border with Djibuti. The difficulty of the statement was more evident on the Tigrina version read on EriTV – it just said “misHab QeTer”, no mention of troops or no detail. The word ‘misHab’ has several meanings. It could mean freezing membership, could mean withdrawing from treaty or negotiation, could mean retracting statement, could mean misHab agmal:)… By ommiting the word ‘wetehaderat’after ‘misHab’ (withdrawal of troops, just like the English version), the statement serves as face saving: it “informs” people of the withdrawal of Qatari troops, without admitting there WERE troops there in the first place.
    I am sure the uninformed EriTv watcher would have tons of questions when they heard ‘misHab’ today: “misHab entay? entay malet’yu” “entay eyu misHabke??”, “entay kon’eyom ziblu zelewu Hijike…wey seb deqey”….

    • saay7

      Selamat Kebessa:

      Long before Trump referred to news he didn’t like as “fake news” Isaias was calling news he didn’t like “fabricated.” The “fabricated” skirmish between Eritrea and Djibouti somehow managed to have a New York Times news piece with a pictures, a UN fact finding mission, a UN resolution, a Qatari mediation, Prisoners of War, and Qatari peacekeepers. All over a “fabricated” event.

      Here’s one more example of one story for local consumption and another for the international audience:

      In a Facebook post, Daniel Rezene Mekonnen, who was attending the UN HRC meeting in Geneva, gave a reportage and I asked why did Ambass Wedi Gerahtu refer to the Special Rapportuejr, Sheila Keethruth, by her first name, which is not the acceptable way of addressing dignitaries. Daniel said I was there and I am sure he didn’t do that. But if you read the ambassadors statement as published by shabait, there are constant references to her as “Sheila.” That must be for the “asmeeUwa!” crowd. He also said “the Empress is naked”, a PFDJ version of “the Emperor has no clothes.”

      To repeat the prescient words of Serray, everything the PFDJ touches turns to ashes: it has the reverse Midas Touch. Not even idioms are safe in its hands.


      • KBT

        Selamat kulukhum
        Well she was naked from the beginning means she have no evidence to provide than faceless,nameless ,so called witness
        Who are those witness ?? How real is ? How come Eritrea defend itself against nameless and faceless ???
        And why is she neutral ?? Why is she meeting the anti Eritrea??
        Last time she said that pregnant woman are bitten t ill the lose their baby ,men are raped in prison constantly.
        Can you at least acknowledge that she disrespectful toward Eritrean tradition and norms your so dignitarie
        Eritrea will deal state to state so they can see for themselves.your Sheila won’t put one fit in my our country.
        Will see what next .

    • KBT

      Selam kebessa
      Don’t worry my friend Eritrean people are intelligent they understand what is that mean
      Mishab is mishab don’t stick in one word if you understood it then don’t underestimate other
      They are mush more cleaver than you think

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear friends,
    I am sure everyone is stunned by the turn of events here and where they are heading to now that it is confirmed Egypt has offered troops to replace the the evacuated Qatari keepers b/n Er and Dj. Nervous moments for Ethiopia!

    • mt girm

      Will they make it before the war!

    • mt girm

      East Africa is not a Law Vegas casino!!

  • KBT

    selamat Mez
    please don t put at same level of the great hero
    lion of nakfa , i am no one compared to him
    no another alternative than him for eritrea
    sorry bro

  • Abraham H.

    Selam Gedab N., I think your prediction has materialised. According to VOA Tigrinya programme, which cited the Eritrean Amb. to the AU-Ato Araia Desta, Qatar has withdrawn its peacekeepers at the border with Djibouti after Eritrea broke diplomatic relations with tiny Gulf State.

  • MS

    selam aIl
    Since I don’t don’t really know if what Eritrea has chosen, siding with SA led group, is the best option. That’s because I don’t know the dynamics that has been taking place between these countries (Eritrea/Qatar vis-a-vis Eritrea/SA, etc). However, my instincts tell me Eritrea long term interest would be best served if it stayed out of this all too familiar Arab countries’ moody diplomatic squabbles. I think staying out of it and calling both sides to come to the table would be the best strategy. In my humble opinion, Qatar and SA are equally to blame for the financing of terrorist networks. The difference is in size. SA has been complaining for long time that Qatar was acting ” above and beyond its size”. Aljazeera has been the main headache for Arab leaders. Both countries have found themselves on opposite sides in Libya and Syria, and as a result have aligned themselves with opposing superpowers (Qatar with Russia, Turkey and Iran) and SA with USA led western countries. Trump visit invigorated SA ever growing resentment.
    Just in the past two years, Egypt and SA made alliance, but then quarreled over their positions in Syria where SA had to cut off oil shipments, which in turn had made Egypt to renew oil supply contract from Kuwait. Now, SA and Egypt are back together. Along this line, Egypt is to hand over two tiny islands to SA. This entails economic benefits to Egypt, in addition to the fact that Egypt has been a member of the SA led coalition in Yemen. Qatar has been a refuge of Muslim brotherhood which President Al-Slsl deposed from power. Alsisi had imprisoned Aljazeera journalists and was vocal in denouncing Qatar in spreading the Arab unrest. Qatar supports the internationally unrecognized government in Libya which Egypt accuses of sending terrorists to Egypt. Bahrain is a backyard of SA, the ruling family’s throne was saved by Saudi troops during the Arab unrest, etc. I have no idea why UAE became a part of the boycotting despite the fact that its ports will pay heavy price.
    The Eritrean component: Eritrea has positioning itself for some time now towards the wider Arab League camp, with the remaining prominent countries being SA and Egypt. Considering IA frequent consultations with Egypt, his courting of SA and Egypt to play greater role that raises to their weights, per his words in the latest interviews, he has been voicing that Egypt and SA should play a leading role in unifying the fight against terror. The are his words, we may disagree with the nature of his government, but his current position is not out of the blue.

  • Kaddis

    Selam Awatewoch Kaddisaba,

    Trump’s decision to name Qatar as terror financier (it doesn’t mean others are not) is his best move since his presidency. Terror financing is one of the four main pillars of terrorism (radicalisation, weak security apparatus, venerable segment of society included). All the western capitals, although suffering and effectively killing their tourism and entertainment industry kept quiet about who is financing it. Why? for mere political correctness? I really don’t know. The rest, meaning who is siding with whom, is not such a big deal. Because – there are already complex alliances on the issue of Yemen, Syria, Russia, the Nile, GCC etc. It’s a tapestry. The alliance game comes and go.

    But the fact that countries can be labelled as terror sponsors, UN could follow suite, is a major blow for those involved, mainly the Gulf states and the Amir’s. And it’s good for global and regional peace.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Kaddis,

      I don’t this is positive at all. On the other hand it will have a great consequences to the region, with the 100 billion dollars arms deal.

      Saudi with all these arms they will fuel the region and they will distribute it to their “coalition” and terrorists, which in turn will destroy the lively hood of the people.

      I really wonder the US motive, I think their target is Saudi Arabia it self, I the long term to destroy.

      SA or their allies with all the arms and support would not be able to lift a finger to Iran.

      Iran on the other hand is moving towards openness, individual freedom, progressive social and economic agenda and democratic institutions far better than SA and in the region.

      I think Qatar is a target because of aljazeera. They wanted it shut so it doesn’t expose their crimes.


      • Selam Berhe Y.,

        The usa and britain are in a hurry to sell as much military hardware as possible to the kingdom of the al saud family and the gulf sheiks, because within two decades at the most, they will not have such kind of money to throw away in all directions, because the price of oil is going to hit rock bottom, and it will be the most useless commodity nobody wants to have.

        Recently, I read the effect of automated electric cars on the oil industry, which is going to be catastrophic. Automated electric cars will be a common sight in a decade and the majority of cars in major american, european and asian cities in twenty years. They are going to be extremely reliable, cheap to run, and expected to cover as much 500k – 1 m km during their lifetime. There will come a time when gasoline cars will be prohibited from the streets, because of pollution and due to high casualty rate, compared to automated electric cars. This is not a sci fi. It is going to happen in about two decades at the most. That is what scientists, researchers and others are saying.

        In the future these oil rich countries are not going to continue to be as prosperous as they are today. These military gadgets are going to fall in the hands of terrorists and paramilitary organisations that are going to use them, first against the ruling families of the region, and then, may be against the countries of region.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Horizon,

          The electric car is real. Every new homes in Ontario that are build today are equipped with electric car chargers. The charges cost less than 1000 dollars even those that can do 40 amps.

          The government gives huge incentive to buy electric car, as much as 14,000 rebate.

          Tesla when the announced the model 3, over 400,000 (only require 1000 deposit) have pre ordered and they will start to ship them by 2018. I have a friend who already ordered.


    • saay7

      Hi Kaddis:

      It has been a long time; hope you have been doing well.

      I think I will disagree with you on both: I think this is a “who is siding with whom” and it’s a big deal; I also think Saudi Arabia is more responsible for financing terrorists than Qatar:

      1. The “who-is-siding-with-whom” is a big deal: this is how the Cold War started. In the Saudi-Qatar feud, it was all about who-is-siding-with-whom. Qatar had always bucked the Gulf Cooperation Council’s “foreign policy” as it were. If Saudi Arabia supported “A”, it would support “B”. This is consistently the case whether it was Libya, Egypt or Palestine. These were all considered nuisances to Saudi Arabia until Qatar went all out and praised Israel and Iran. That’s a big no-no. The US was always balancing the Saudi-Qatar act: because Saudi Arabia is a huge ally and because Qatar hosts over 100,000 US soldiers. But then Trump showed up.

      If the situation is not diffused, Qatar will line up its allies. Turkey has jumped in because, he said, we remember who was celebrating when there was almost a coup in Turkey (he means Saudi Arabia and its allies.) Russia is likely to jump in on the side of Qatar. Sub-Saharan African states have taken a neutral position–including Somalia, at the risk of forfeiting aid promised by Saudi Arabia. But not in Eritrea, where we switched from “we never join alliances” to “we certainly will.”

      2. Yes, terror financing is a huge issue My understanding is not that the governments directly support terrorists* but they look the other way when their extremely wealthy selefi subjects fund terrorists and terror organizations. Now consider this: Qatar’s population is 2.2 million and Saudi population is 31.5 million. Which country is, statistically, more likely to have provided more funding to terrorists in absolute terms?

      *The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are listed as terrorists organizations in the West as well as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. But until there is consensus this is the case in Asia, I don’t think the UN will list them in its list of terrorist organizations: the UN’s list is almost entirely focused on Al Qaeda, I think.

      3. Finally, as Berhe alluded to, I think you are underestimating how much of a pain-in-the-neck Al-Jazeera, based in Qatar, is to the governments of the Arab world.

      No that anyone is asking but what will happen now to the Qatar-mediated Djibouti-Eritrea conflict? What will happen to the Qatari peacekeepers? Details, details.


      • Thomas

        Hi Saay,

        Ain’t me, “he means Saudi Arabia and its allies”, funny:)

      • Mez

        Dear Saay,

        1) Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is not yet listed as a terrorist organization in the west.

        2) the big division now looks to be Qatar with MB branches and affiliates against the Salafi oriented Arab Allies. Turkey and a lot of Asian Muslim countries may lean politically towards MB way of political thinking.

        3) Qatar is also counterbalancing the regional realignment by leaning towards the Iranian block.

        4) due to the unique nature of the region, I doubt if this process by itself would engulf Europe and America.


        • saay7

          Hi Mez:

          You are absolutely right: the Muslim Brotherhood is not listed as a terrorist organization by any country except its historical base: Egypt. But there is massive agitation in US congress and to the Trump Administration and despite arguments by serious foreign policy wonks that it would be a huge mistake to do so, I tend to believe that Trump will list it. This is what is making Egypt and Saudi Arabia giddy with anticipation and poised to strike.

          2. If MB (and Hamas) abandon politics and go back to their roots– providing social services to marginalized population–they and their people would be much better off.

          3. The politics of the Middle East is such that with Kuwaitis help Saudi Arabia and Qatar will go back to some detente. The US relies on Qatar for its military base (good luck moving that to Saudi Arabia without placing a huge target) and on Saudi Arabia for oil price stabilization and commerce. And Isaias Afwerki will be left holding the empty bag along with a reputation for being a fair weather friend.


          • Mez

            Good Day Saay,

            1) the MB could have hard time to grow back just to do charity only–like the old good days. They are happy with their “politician ” status in Jordan, tunisia, Turkey (almost there), Syria (free Syrian army).

            2) the number is too big for an airforce base; probably you mean 10k.


          • saay7

            Hi Mez:

            MB, Hezbollah, Hamas and Erdogans party in Turkey won the hearts and minds of their people by serving the vulnerable members of their society with clinics and schools. Unfortunately they are all terrible politicians in my view. The global view of Hamas, even in majority-Muslim countries, is really bad. Endogan is a tyrant; Hezbollah is just a proxy for Iran and the MB hijacked Egypt’s popular uprising during the Arab Spring.

            Yeah I added an extra zero on the US “not-a-base” base in Qatar: its 10,000 service members. Unlike other bases (say Djibouti) the US Centcom pays nothing for its non-base in Qatar.

            And it’s official: Qatar has withdrawn its troops from the Djibouti Eritrea border and the area is now just soldiers of two countries, Djibouti and Eritrea, who have been bought off to abandon the country that volunteered to mediate their dispute. The possibilities for mischief are now unbound. Including:

            Eritrea brings UAE or Egyptian soldiers to the tri-point of Mousa Ali:
            Ethiopia claims to be “provoked”
            A “skirmish”


          • Mez

            Hi Saay,

            I assume Egyptians like more Massawa than the, border, no man’s land close to Djibouti. …

            Have you seen the movie ” the gods must have been crazy “?

            I observe we have plenty of gods in our region, who apparently don’t know what, when, and how to do things of survival importance.


          • blink

            Dear saay
            Saudi is in the process of installing a military base in Dijoubti , how does such marriages go with the current problem. The deal is a permanent base and I think the dictator is in a big whole or a wind fall of regional political capital. Djibouti can sustain a 4 hour clash and the call every one be it Chinese, French….. the list is endless. I am sure no one want to provoke Trump at the moment. He need a very small reason.

      • G. Gebru

        Dear saay7,
        Ramadan kerim.
        Yes I agree with you. The problem is as I always say in Saudi Arabia there are people with blessed wealth that they devote to charity and help the needy regardless of his creed or breed or religion.

        On the other hand there are those cursed ones that use their God given bereka for instigating and fomating social disterbances and religious conflicts.

        The government is also generous but is selective.

        Wish them good luck and success on their 2030 vission.
        Thanks and best regards.

      • Kaddis

        All is good Saay.
        I tried to be clear not to indicate Qatar is only financing terrorists. Many do the same. But it was a taboo to speak out until Trump break it. This is the political bluntness that may take the discussion forward.
        On the alliance, the interdependence now a days are deep. Look back Turkey and Russia a year ago. Look today. Turkey and Israel 2-3 years ago. The global and regional issues fluidity and the multilateral orgs these countries are trying to influence, the proxy wars etc doesn’t allow states to be either enemies or friends forever. The alliances won’t last as before.

  • Eritrea Hadelibi ☝♥

    This Weyane financed Awyate and its idiotic reporting is nothing but shameful. Since Ali Abidu left, its sources are now Sudanese and some riffraffs lol

    • G. Gebru

      Dear Eritrea H..
      Do not blame Awate, it is an open forum for those who want to present their argument in regard to the present unacceptable social, economical, political etc. situation of the country under the dictatorial rule of pdfj under the leadership of IA.

    • Daniel Joseph

      Hello Hadde denkoro libbi
      Aware is the best ground for
      Intellectual forum.
      Unlike you who worship your
      demi god Isayas day in day out
      Awate are doing their best to raise the awareness of the hyena s

    • Eritrea Hadelibi ☝♥

      Salut rats!

  • G. Gebru

    Dear Awate forumers,
    Good morrning.

    One prominent Ethiopian personality used to say ” የተረገመ ሰው አይጠጋህ” in tegigna “ዝተረግመ ሰብ አይጸጋዕካ” in English roughly means” may a cursed person not be beside you or come near you”. So if he really cut relationship with the Qataris it is a blessing for them.

    If he tries to capitalize on this situation and try to move against
    Ethiopia, the country, not the regime, that is tolerating his atrocities towards her will ……..
    Thanks and best regards.