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ENCDC Congress In May, Armed Clash In Qennito

On February 23, 2016, Haj Abdenur, the chairman of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC)  issued a press release in which he announced the decision to hold the second congress between 26 and 30 of May, 2016.

The first congress of the ENCDC was held in Hawassa, Ethiopia, in November 2011. However, the second congress of the ENCDC that was supposed to be held after two years didn’t convene yet due due to several political and partisan hindrances. So far, some partisan members within the membership of the ENCDC has been delaying the convening of the congress.

Over two-third of the ENCDC council members have voted twice to extend the date of convening the congress, however, the ENCDC was still unable to convene.

A senior member of the ENCDC stated to Gedab News that, “Eritreans in different parts of the world have indicated their willingness to contribute money to fund the second congress.” He added, “ If security and other logistical hindrances are resolved,  I am confident the second congress will be held in May as planned.”

In a related process, the preparatory committee for the second congress has also stated that it has revised the documents of the planned congress to satisfy the demands of the groups who had objections to some of its parts. In addition, it has called for a consultative meeting of political parties on March 25, 2016, to further discuss representation quotas to the congress  and other technical issues.

Meanwhile, recently an Eritrean armed opposition elements suddenly met with Eritrean forces in the environs of the Qennito area in South Eritrea while both groups were collecting firewood in the area. The clash that ensued resulted in the capture of three opposition elements by the Eritrean forces. One opposition member was wounded and another killed.

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  • T..T.

    Hi Michael Solomon and all,

    People come to Awate-com to read, write, enlighten or confuse the visitors. Awate-com gives a good and free ride unlike those of Dehai.

    Some seldom visitors to Awate-com talk harsh to make their visits felt, whereas the frequent visitors come to empty their frustrations and angers against their enemies (pro-tyrants versus anti-tyrants). The two sides (pros and anti-tyrant) fight while standing on the grounds and walk the paths that they always follow.

    The good thing about Michael Solomon is that he came up with hodge-podge politics, the politics of “I am neither with the tyrant nor with the pro-democracy groups.” He is saying that the pros-tyrant groups and anti- tyrant groups are confused because they don’t know how to make their confusion work for him. He is suggesting that if one knows how to suppress and not express frustrations and angers towards political affections (joys, frustrations and hatreds) as well as blinds eyes to the sufferings of our people there will be no political confusions even if people call you a confused-person. In short, don’t care about those suffering at the hands of the tyrant, just be happy and confused.

    • Solomon Haile

      Selam T.T.,
      Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Flava Flave said: “hmmbbbrrrrbbbrrbrrrrr Don’t believe the hype!” This news item is a classic case of hitting two birds with one stone. I only say “why hit any of the two birds?” This shall soften the landing for all concerned.
      Bird1. Nitric would put it: “Give the toothless teeth!” Giving ENCDC teeth in this case with the addition of the Mount Adal (and since it is the year of the MONKEY) guerilla activities. Haha couldn’t resist this one–The guarilla [apes] fighting the Yemane “Monkey” Ychimpanze apes.
      Bird2. Damping the 25th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities of the longest war in HOA. The date of Independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia and vise versa. Now I am not a learned man of precise projections to recall a Tigrigna saying: “TeTsgbeni KiTcha’s ab MokloAA kola ‘felTA”
      All I am saying is what Public Enemy #1 said: “Don’t believe the hype!”
      Can I get an Amen Mr. Maple Syrup to go with my KiTcha that’s just HOT of the Mogogo!

  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat seb Awate,
    It is utterly BS (not a bachelors of science, mind you) for Gedab and its new crew to have joined their arch enemy that censors concerned Eritreans and or friends. You may as well not post this one too. The truth is ANY victory for Eritrea and Eritreans that comes through affiliation with SaliH Ghadi is doomed to failure!

    • Solomon Haile

      Selamat Endorser,
      Public media Vs. Private border lines need not be invoked for the second and or third time. Perhaps, by way of understanding delineation of the imaginary kind. You may ask again: “Are you with us or against us?” To be part of American History including “The carrot and the stick”, is not mutually exclusive with…
      Let us say I post a resume to get ahead for the gains of Carrot^2.
      Back to..
      Syllogism ~Jingoism

  • Demsas

    What is your definition of ‘non violent opposition’ & have you taken any initiative to start one.
    I agree that this group is useless & I don’t expect anything positive out of it. But your NVO is another blunder to the agony of the Eritrean people at this point b’se it doesn’t work, period. Don’t be destructive by putting some idea that doesn’t work we have heard this years ago and nothing has been accomplished. & if you have some revised ideas I’m all ears hit me.

    • Michael Solomon

      Dear Demsas – non violent opposition is exactly what I am doing here – opposition to corruption, intimidation, one man rule, rule of law as long as we distinguish HEGDEF from EPLF, HEGDEF from Eritrea-in my book this is non Violent movement for positive change – we are trying to get rid of all forms of violence to our people whether it is by HEGDEF or anyone incubated by Woyane. …we had enough of it…

      I do not support any type of violence and there is not justification for it -anywhere if the goal is to bring positive change..

      For most people it might not be obvious but we have a dictator who has been in power since the late 70 – making him the longest standing dictator in the world – he just used different means and tactics to stay in Power – well some of you might say how was he in power if Eritrea gained it’s independence 1991 – Well he manipulated to stay in power by assassinating and eliminating his opponents from the late 70. Early on he figured out how to manipulate the Eritrean people!!. He continues till today ….


  • dawit

    Dear All,
    Another Eritrean opposition members of the alphabet soup cooked and caned at Hawassa, Ethiopia making a splash to counter the bad news coming out of its base from Finfine Oromia. Its members like TT are barking at the Eritrean Camel, to hide the real noise made by Oromo and Amara Youth Movement throughout the Kilils from Debark, Shashemene Arsi, Ogaden, Gambella, Nekemte Welega.

    • Ali

      I don’t understand why people are bringing Ethiopia into this every time there is an article about this, this have nothing to do with them. Oromo or Amhara issues are not our problems and Ethiopia is not our country so let them solve their own problems.

      Right now, we have a bigger problem in our country and that problem is removing the biggest terrorist of Eritrea – Isaias Afewerki and his Shabia thugs.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Michael Solomon,
    you said “I did not understand the group..” then you already judge and and label them as part of TPLF. and again you label them terrorists. What is that? are okay? how can you describe someone you don’t know? why waste our time to read this nonsense ? my friend, go to where their office is find out everything about them and again go to the field ( there is an armed force already now ) and then tell us what you have seen by your two eyes.

  • T..T.

    Hi Michael Solomon,

    Nice try. Really! you don’t know ENCDC also known as nightmare of Isayas. You know what, defending Isayas and his anti-people policies won’t get you through another day when you start opening your mouth in defense of your family members and monies. My advice to you, just open your eyes and judge Isayas by what he does to others because you are next. It happened to his closest comrades of G-15 and even to elderly and the Eritrean babies. If you are fully aware and conscious about what’s going on in Eritrea, you must take your moves today before tomorrow if you are not for real stuck into your cowardice enslaving your minds and body to serve the regime’s policy of criminalizing the whole Eritrean people and exposing them to hunger and forcing them to flee the country in thousands monthly.

  • Ali

    This is a very good news. The terrorist government and all Shabia affiliated thugs needs be cleansed from the Eritrean soil.