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Djibouti and Isaias Afwerki’s Secret Visit To Qatar

Barring any last-minute changes,  Isaias Afwerki is paying an unpublicized visit to Qatar on Tuesday to meet with its Emir to discuss the stalled Eritrea-Djibouti border agreement.

According to our sources, Djibouti’s president, Ismail Omar Guelleh, who was also invited, has indicated that he will not show up unless Qatar provides assurances that Isaias Afwerki will honor the terms of the agreement: withdraw Eritrean troops and negotiate in good faith on the matter of prisoners of war.

The Eritrea-Djibouti agreement has been a diplomatic embarrassment to its mediator, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa AI-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, who staked his reputation and goodwill on its implementation. The agreement was signed on June 6, 2010 (two years after a clash broke out between Eritrean and Djibouti) and Qatari peacekeepers have been stationed along the disputed border for nearly three years.

According to our sources, this is the first international trip Isaias Afwerki has taken in a year.

Qatar is sending a private jet to pick up Isaias Afwerki who lost his presidential jet in October of last year when Eritrean pilots flew it to Jizan, Saudi Arabia and asked for political asylum.  Just this week, a pilot who was dispatched to Saudi Arabia to retrieve the plane also asked for political asylum in the Kingdom.

Article 3 of the mediation agreement calls on the two nations to provide a list of their POWs and missing persons.

The Eritrean regime has consistently said that it is not holding any Djibouti prisoners of war–since it doesn’t admit there was a war to begin with. Neither the military clash, nor the casualties (dead, prisoners of war, missing in action), nor the peace agreement that followed it have been acknowledged by Eritrea’s state media.

However, last year, the UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, whose mandate includes following up on the Eritrea-Djibouti agreement, interviewed two Djibouti prisoners of war who had escaped captivity and surrendered to Sudanese officials in the Qorora/Sudanese border on September 2011.

The two Djibouti soldiers, whom the Monitoring Group identified as Privates First Class Ahmed Eeleeye Yabeh and Kadir Soumboul Ali, were on a list of POWs that Djibouti provided in its report (their identity was included as an annex to the report) to the Security Council. The UN found that the Eritrean regime is still not in compliance with Resolution 1907 and extended the monitoring group’s mandate.

It is not clear whether Isaias Afwerki’s trip will bear results or if it is another stalling technique.

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  • Serray


    Here is my solution to the border: it is practically the only issue that was resolved according to the rule of law. There are many other problems in eritrea caused by the dictator that, if they are not addressed, will blow the nation apart. Since the border is settled, I suggest we start disinfecting the nation of the parasites that have sucked the life out of the nation. Once they are dead and buried and we are strong enough to be heard, we should address the border, not a moment sooner. If acting like weak and cheap street whore that traffics on her children would have demarcated the border, it would have happened by now.

    Making badme the number one issue serves one purpose; it vindicated the dictator and rationalize his brutality. Rather than making up a laundry list that will end up in a trash can, let us concentrate on what really ails our nation; the giant cockroaches impoverishing our nation and profiting from the labor and the organs of our youth.

    Question for you: your points 1-4 require ethiopia to do something, tell us how you plan to make them do those things? By whining and bitching in a different tone, by intensifying support of the defeated islamists in somalia, by helping the UN tighten the sanction? What is in your arsenal now that you didn’t have have the last 12 years to force the ethiopians to comply?

    You guys sound normal but how is that you fail to grasp that as long as isaias is alive the woyanes will never agree to demarcate and the world will not force them. Don’t get me wrong, the woyanes provide the dictator with the only functioning excuse, I mean, look at you two, with all the benefit of first world information, you repeat the tired mantra of a medieval dictator.

    The difference between our views are not whether we want to see the border demarcated (or to see the woyanes agree to it) it is on how the dictator used the border to turn eritrea into north korea. You guys suspend your humanity, your intelligence, and pretend the woyanes started a war with shaebia on May 6 and completely forgot to bring regular army, artilleries and tanks to the border until after isaias moved the army deep in their territories. I would have more respect for you guys if I find out you believe in santa claus. Seriously.

    • hizbawi

      Question for you: your points 1-4 require ethiopia to do something, tell us how you plan to make them do those things? By whining and bitching in a different tone, by intensifying support of the defeated islamists in somalia, by helping the UN tighten the sanction? What is in your arsenal now that you didn’t have have the last 12 years to force the ethiopians to comply?
      Man, you are that gullible? If it wasn’t you and the likes of you, so grudge driven and hateful anything about this government, you stood with Ethiopia and weyane. The weyane sensed the division and exploit the event. If every Eritrean to stand with government of Eritrea when it comes to the border and demand weyane to abid by the rule of law, the Weyane will leave badime the next day. The problem is you guys the so-called opposition, got things reversed. The main reason for PIA to stay in power is the legate border situation with the weyane, i.e. any smart Eritrean will take that reason right out of Issaias and demand for the weyane to leave Badime. Then you would corner Isaias. Once the border is solved, PIA has nowhere to hide. But people like Serray are too blind by hate. If nothing matters, you should have honored the Twenty thousand Eritreans who perished for the name of the border war.
      Of course you don’t care Serray. You stick with Ethiopia and we will stick with our just cause.

      • Serray


        So the reason the woyanes refuse to demarcate is because every eritrean didn’t tell them to demarcate in a stern voice. Do you really believe that? Have you considered maybe they want to punish us because we mindlessly supported the dictator when he ignited the war and that there are still people who believe they invaded us?

        You see, ones you compromised the truth, nothing makes sense. Your problem is you make the opposition guilty while the dictator who started the mess is standing right in front of you. I agree with you isaias is in power because of the border; he planned it that way. He ignited the war to shelve the constitution, get rid of his competition and firmly plant himself in power indefinitely milking the border. In other words, he understood you guys very well.

        Imagine if every eritrean thinks the way I do about the border: that it was a ignited by isaias to do what he has been doing the last 14 years. Image if every eritrean hold isaias responsible for the thousands who died, displaced, enslaved and trafficked.

        Hizbawi, your unexamined view of the border conflict is what keeping isaias in power.


    Is it Bademe the issue,I thought Bademe was abandoned by Isias in 1978,when ELF and TPLF,had dispute in the area,Isaias sided with TPLF and benefited from the fallout,that is khidat at it’s best,and during referendum did the residents of Bademe,had the right to vote or not,if they had they are Ertreans,if not why not,it means there was acknowledgment from both sides,otherwise the conflict would have started then,and why it was not resolved early? the answer I got from senior EPLF cadre once was,it was not priority then,and I told him it was a wrong priority,it coasted Eritrea 19,000 young lives,who is responsible for that,and Eritrea came out a great loser from the war,it created division among long time comrades unhappy with the way decision are taken,resulted to the detention of G15 and the defection of many diplomats and senior military personnel.
    Eritrea today is isolated in the region,with only few friends like Omer Albashir of Sudan,a man wanted by international courts,and who would be surprised as birds of the same feather flock together,and in the international arena,we become yet again,desperate refugees crossing deserts and braving oceans in quest for peaceful land to live in peace and dignity,and in process many of us falls prey to cruel and inhuman treatment from human traffickers who have no respect to human life and dignity.
    It is sad,indeed sad, to read from well educated individuals like brother HAILE and YAY to try to defend the indefensible,how is it possible in this day and age,to accept a regime with out constitution,with out parliament to represent the people,with out independent court,no freedom of association or freedom of expression,how is it possible to support a regime which doesn’t possess the basic requirement of a modern government, The PM of Ethiopia after the initial skirmishes at the boarder discussed the issue in the parliament,and the parliament voted for war,despite PM Zenawi’s reluctance and unwillingness,he wanted to give more time to diplomacy,and the rest is history, for us to learn from.
    Dear Haile and YAY you are coming with lame excuses to hide your support and blind loyalty for the dictator,there is a saying, you can’t be behalf pregnant,either you love the Dictator or loathe him,time has changed, and the days of worshiping leaders has gone,it is time for change,you better be part of change and be part of history of your suffering people,or remain condemned by history as subservient to the Dictator.

  • Hayat Adem

    My read? YAY cannot be taken for serious. Haile, on the other hand keeps me curious as I read his comments. It must be cool engaging guys like that. I mean, what is in a discussion forum like this if you don’t do that.
    Haile, this is to you: On EECC’s decision and the issue of “who was found responsible”, you seem to suggest that even if Eritrea was found guilty of starting the war, we shouldn’t openly declare that because it might hurt Eritrea, instead of PFDJ, for a longer term than we think. That understanding of mine comes from your comment as put, “[This] problem could possibly linger long after PFDJ. Unfortunately, you are wagering far too damning arguments against your interests as an Eritrean in a truly irresponsible fashion.”
    Well, two issues here: 1)clarity on the FACT and 2)presenting it in a manner that is responsible and less damaging to national interest.
    If you are not clear on what really happened, you will never be able to act in a responsible manner or protect your interest from being damaged. Your actions based on not knowing the facts or failing to recognize them openly would mostly end up defending the false mistaken for truth, the wrong for the right. If you are not clear on who did what, you may end up defending the criminal mistaken for innocent, the bad guy for a hero. We’ll never be able to advance our national interest by camouflaging sinners. As much as I stand for our interest, I stand against the criminal who put Eritrea in darkness out of choice (not out of necessity). History doesn’t move us all forward. There is nothing you can damage your long-term interest by trying to reach clarity on actualities and facts. Instead, clarity helps you defend them. Lets assume you are convinced that PIA started the war. What on earth would make it difficult saying and discussing that in the open? How are we to damage our long term interests by openly discussing and concurring with that fact? EECC reached that decision long ago. PIA’s regime accepted and agreed to comply and pay the compensation long ago. Our country will pay that. What more damage are you afraid of causing by an open discourse from netters such as this? Questioning the credibility of an evidence for a reason is one thing, but deflecting an evidence is entirely another thing.
    PIA’s regime came out this week again gaming on our long-term national interest. He supported Egypt’s claim on Nile privileges. We belong to upper riparian nations of the Nile basin. Only Egypt and Sudan are on the other side of the group. How do you stand against your self, your group and 7 other countries just please Egypt, profit a small compensation, may be for the service, and irritate the Upper Nile Nations. I don’t believe PIA is even harvesting any significant money and friendship from this. He is doing for the mere urge of stepping on Weyne’s toes. The issue with Ethiopia might take a couple of more years before it is solved. Then, we’ll be good neighbors again. Haw Haile, considering the utmost convergence of the Ethiopian people on this issue, how would you think this kind of reckless and unjustifiable support for Egypt on Nile play out in our future relationship with Ethiopia and Ethiopians?

    • haile

      Dear Hayat,

      Engage, we must do! That is all we have my dear.

      Let me start with your last question, regarding Egypt. To me, it betrays inherent self-contradiction of those people who educate us of all forms of adjectives to describe how bad PFDJ is and then they also would like to scrutinize what PFDJ does from rational angle. PFDJ is not going to act outside of its power interest. Period. No point taking analytical approach on what it does as it pertains Eritrea’s long term interest. To argue against national interests in Egypt or in Somalia or in US affairs are just characteristics of self serving dictatorship.

      Now, lets start with axiomatic truth. The totality of Eritrea’s problems are your problems, as an Eritrean. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Just like the fact that Ethiopia is challenging the Nile agreement issue, it would also, at some future time, argue the Assab issue. There is NO way that it wouldn’t. Assab is a natural access to the sea for half of Ethiopias population that is expected to hit 150,000,000 in shorter than a couple of decades from now. It is rational for Ethiopia to contemplate some sort of long term solution in this regard. By way of long term interest, Eritrea’s interest would be if there would be a durable and guaranteed agreement with Ethiopia’s usage of the port facility. Unfortunately, Ethiopia might see an advantage in a guaranteed and durable ownership instead, by calculating relative balance of power might tip in its favour if PFDJ continues to weaken the nation as it is doing.

      This future negotiation may or may not make use of the current conflict, depending when/how it is resolved. The argument that Eritrea started the war and is responsible for the huge loss Ethiopia incurred, may be understandable coming from an Ethiopian, because it may be inserted to strengthen their hand. But, it can be rejected from our side because there is incontrovertible evidence that the conflict started way before the tribunal findings and also the same findings also accuses Ethiopia of escalating the conflict and committing war crimes in the process.

      In our domestic case, “who started the war” arguments are irrelevant to the internal issues. The border problem is not our main problem (you may be surprised to hear from me) but the border problem is the main problem that is blocking Eritreans from effecting meaningful change. “who started it” is neither here nor there. It is only relevant from international context’s point of view. By the way, all my arguments was about the need for opposition groups to give clear signal as to their stands and show practical measures to prove those stands are more than lip service, that is needed to build public confidence that they are not out to harm Eritrea proper as a nation. If you think this suspicion is only borne by haile becase he “worships” PFDJ and travels to Asmara to grass on Aman (his word not yours), then let the reality on the ground be the judge. You need hear no more of my argument.

      However, seray and others are obsessive in wrongly assuming the matter “who started the war” would somehow be the way forward to the demise of PFDJ. Wrong. The demarcation of the border is. So, this spin off arguments about starting the war is not mine. I am an unwilling participant in it.

      • Hayat Adem

        Oh! It is, I mean, your argument is porous, Haile. Ethiopians and the world don’t have any doubts as to who did it. The Ethiopians knew long ago. The world followed them. We are not trying to do any favor to Ethiopians or anyone else by admitting the truth. Whatever discussion we do around this point is left to ourselves. It is Eritreans, well not all, who remained confused and unenlightened on the issue. It really sucks to buy PFDJ’s story at this level on anything but more so on that fatefully devastating war that single-highhandedly reversed what would otherwise have been Eritrea’s bright future.
        Don’t complicate it for your self and for us. What is wrong is wrong. What is Eritrean is Eritrean. PIA and his guys invaded parts of Ethiopia and dragged us into a war of grave consequences. They should be held responsible.
        Assab is Eritrean and under peaceful and normal circumstances, Ethiopians can enjoy pay-and-use right not ownership right. PMMZ was one outspoken person from the Weyane leadership to recognize that publicly more than a couple of times saying to the effect: “Asab is not Ethiopian, it belongs to Eritrea and we can only buy port service.”
        PMMZ’s lawyers representing Ethiopian case before EEBC also argued that Forto Cadona and Tsorona belonged to Eritrea, and impacted EEBC’s previous thinking when it was tending to award this two localities to Ethiopia.
        The current leadership of Ethiopia has never claimed, or asked for Asab. There could be other Ethiopians whose eyes are fixed on Assab. Those are not dominant and are not in power currently. Those who are in power are not contesting for Asseb. In fact they are asking for peaceful and normal relations that would enable Eritrea collect revenue from renting its ports. As an Eritrean, you stood your ground as owners of Assab and support Ethiopians who want to rent it, not those who want to own it. At the end of the day, you defend it as your territory. You’ll have more capacity to defend when you put your country in order. If not, the risk of losing will never be limited to Assab.
        You don’t have to support the wrong doings of PIA and PFDJ for fear of risking Assab. First, your fear has no ground. 2nd, the guy, PIA, whom you are defending falsely implicating national interest, is not only making no good use of all resources including the ports of the country,he is killing the entire nation. If you don’t try to stop him, at least, by criticizing and holding him responsible for bad decisions of the past, then you are agreeing with what he does to keep complicating the future position of Eritrea. Do you really want Eritrean History to end up at the Senai, at Shimelba and elsewhere?
        By siding with Egypt (where the horrible stories of Senai tortures take place) on the Nile issue, the one and most important international issue for Ethiopians, what does Eritrea get? Our brothers on the other side of Mereb consider the Nile issue as a sharp sword that divides Friends and Foes to a clearly defined sides, and here is our crazy man (PIA)is playing with fire and placing Eritrea on side of Egypt. Eritreans should very curious and sensitive about this move. This is the other thing coming to haunt us and you, Haile, don’t seem to appreciate it for what it is. You don’t simply brush off actions like that saying “PFDJ is not going to act outside of its power interest.” First of all, power interest of even dictators is not always in inherent contradiction with the national interest. And many ‘normal’ dictators are calculative and cool-headed when it comes to foreign relations. If they have to do something big, they do it out of necessity of rightness or miscalculation. PIA’s moves are neither. I have one word for his actions: reckless. The question I’ve for us is: How many times and how long are we going to excuse him on such sorts of dearly costly colossal reckless decisions? Trend pointer: He is even showing more of them as he ages.

  • T..T.

    “When high school kids wear rags today, they call is self-expression. When I was young and dressed that way, we called it the depression.” ~Author Unknown

    “Supporting Isayas when the 1998-2000 war was going on was patriotism, but supporting the dictator following the G-15, G13, and G-11 is a bitter disappointment and betrayal to the country and its people because you are merely supporting his rule by the whip and the bayonet.” ~Author Unknown

  • YAY

    Dear Serray: You can curse me all you want, but let’s have a common ground

    You and I have repeatedly read the EECC verdict. You claim that it has a proof that PIA of ER started the border war, but I contested your conclusion. Your evidence was that ER troops occupied Badumma and environs on May 12 and I say that was not the beginning of the armed conflict, and rather it was ignited on May 6, 1998, and the EECC report does not state that PIA of ER started it. That is my challenge to your unreasonable claim. Challenging you on that disagreement is taken by you as standing in defense of Issaias, but you don’t say if you mean Issaias as a person or as a leader of ER. Either way I am opposing your unreasonable allegation–litigating who started the war before the AU Commision got formed and started its job. So, it is your allegations that is the cause of my bringing up the two dates. The suffering of the Eritrean people started when the some Tigrayan-Ethiopians started kicking them out from Ethiopia and changinging the borderlines withou ER’s consent. I don’t how you would have reacted, but PIA and his ministers reacted the best way they could to solve both the nations and the people’s problems.

    That said, I am glad that you accepted both the EEBC and the EECC verdicts. Let us work on those and try to bring peace between the two nations. I will give you my opinion (suggested on December 6, 2012)on what is best to do. I want your suggestion, too. Mine is as follows:

    The best steps towards Ethiopia-Eritrea lasting peace

    There are times for action and times for negotiation before any action, and there are times for a neutral body to execute the verdict of a court of law without negotiation of the contending parties. Ethiopia has to realize these facts. The best steps towards peace for both the States and peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea, I believe, ought to be done along the following general and phased course of implementation:

    1. Ethiopia ought to publicly declare that it accepts the virtual demarcation of the Border Commision and its desire for the border to be demarcated on the ground strictly according to the same virtual demarcation co-ordinates, as is. According to the Border Commission, the actual unit that demarcates the border is the UN Cartographic Unit, and its task would be accomplished according to the implementation procedures set by the Border Commission. There is no need for negotiations aimed changing the borderlines at this stage of the process.This step might not solve all Ethiopian concerns or Eritrean concerns, but would resolve the main issue of the conflict–sovereign control of own territory. Let the war end according to Eritrea-Ethiopia treaty and based on the verdict of the neutral body.

    2. Ethiopia removes its troops from territories determined to be Eritrean before or immediately after any section of the border is demarcated on the ground. This step is critical in indicating if Ethiopian is really ready to make peace with Eritrea based on the virtual demarcation or not.

    3. Ethiopia and Eritrea negotiate on normalizing their relations in phases., starting with re-establishing formal diplomatic relations as the means of further improving and developing peaceful relationships.

    4. Eritrea and Ethiopia may form special bodies to address any Ethiopian or Eritrean concerns related to the border, border areas, and residents of surrounding strips—including possible re-adjustment of the borderlines based on fraternal understanding. Ethiopia is at any stage free to publicly and officialy return to Eritrea any villages or territories it is convinced are Eritrean but were in error given to Ethiopia.

    • Ghezae Hagos


      Last time exactly similiar to your’4-points’ proposal were put forth around late April 2002.

      1. After a decade which only showed us convicingly that EEBC decision can never be implemented.
      2. After Eritrea’s descent into irrelevance.
      3. After the international community not only exhausted whatever sympathy it had for us, but turned to be antagonstic since it was outraged by Issayas’s huge gamble in Somalia which failed big time (remember UNSC-1907, UNSC-2023, ONLY LIBYA PROTESTED AT THE UNSC),
      4. After Issayas picked ‘Einy…Moe.. Djibouti!’ and sent hundreds of our brothers and sisters to untimely deaths in Summer 2008.
      5. After the barbaric deaths of thousands of our young and innoncent in Mediterranean and the Sinai.
      6. After the late Naizghi Kiflu unheard of scandal.
      7. After Arab springs.
      8. And finally after Ethiopia willfully flexed its muscles in March 2012 and captured hundreds of Eritrean soldiers.

      After all these and others (such as UNMEE departure), you came up in Dec 2012 with the same exact proposals for solving the border issue like that of April 2002. Ok, fine. My question for you is this.

      How do you expect the EEBC decision be implemented in reality when the factors necessary, vibrant and persuasive diplomatic apparatus from the Eritrean regime is conscipisciously absent and more importantly the powers to be in international community are not only remain uninterested in the case in point but even see the regime as a menace to their national intersts for its involvement in international terrorsim? What do you see in the near future or distant for that matter that augurs well for Badme to be returned to Eritrea? So are we going to have similiar proposals five years down the road while the price tag of Badme will continue to pile up in another deaths of thousands of Eritrean refugees, missed opportunities, unaccounted wealth for generals, corruption, vitriolic division between people of one nation that will bring the nation closer to full-fledged civil war, in other words, possible extinction of Eritrea as a nation…all for want of compromise and reconsideration on 700 meters.

  • Serray

    Haile and YAY

    You guys are like two people who stole a camel and dress it in donkey costume and try to take it to their hideaway through the middle of the town pretending everybody bought their gimmick.

    Haile, that’s it; that is your best argument? It is not isaias, it is eritrea. And if we say the camel in a donkey costume is a camel, we will hurt the camel owner. I don’t understand why you want to disengage a dictator who ordered a war we all come to know as source of eritrea’s misery. Specially since you claim to have seen it in person.

    Question for you, having read the EECC decision and grasped its full meaning when no one is listening, how do you live with yourself believing that the misery you saw started when a neighbor who didn’t have regular army at the border a full week after “the war started on May 6”? Really, how do you do it?


    My interest here is to show that the suffering of the eritrean people started when the dictator planed, executed and ignited a war. If you’re done bringing old articles, hear-say, pure boloney as a proof and accept without qualification that the dictator started the war, we can talk about what happened during the war and after the war. One thing you can not do with me is speak on both sides of your mouth. Eritreans were made victims of war the dictator ignited…no amount of double-talk will change this simple and straight forward fact. Anyone who twists it serves the dictator’s interest and it is simply a matter of time before the people see it for what it is.

    Now tell me, what is your interest in making May 6 vs May 12 the start of the war other than to exonerate the dictator? And please stop pretending that you are blurring the truth on behalf of eritreans; the end result of your argument is to put lipstick on the pig destroying eritrea.

    Haile and YAY,

    Instead of your Orwellian double talk, let us agree on the following ground rules:

    I fully agree with EEBC decision that badme is eritrean (we still need to figure out how to implement it). Since EEBC and EECC are package deals even the dictator you are bending backward to protect accepted, either drop your the “final and binding” bs on the border or accept both decisions without any reservation. Your May 6 crap doesn’t fly with most people who took the time to read the decision even if it does with the regime supporters and our brain dead half at dehai.

  • YAY

    Dear Srray: Repeating the same wont change it–“ብግዜ ወያነ ዝጸመመስ ኢሳያስ ዩ ወሪሩና ኪብህል ይነብር”

    I defend PIA and Eritrea because Serray & Co have not proved that PIA or ER started the border war. You are denying that May 6, 1998 was the beginning of the war that led to ER advancing to Badumma and environs to defend itself. What the EECC essentially said was that ER did not follow the strict standards for self-defense set by the UN Charter. For that reason EECC found ER guilty for occupyin Badumma and environs without reporting to or getting approval from the UN. If PIA and ER had fulfilled the UN requirements for using military force for self-defense, ER wouldn’t have been accused of transgressing Article 2(4) for its action on May 12, 1998. What that tells me is that ER was found guilty for mere legal technicalities.

    EECC, however, did not say that PIA or ER started the war on May 12, 1998. You & Co. are insisting that because there was evidence that ER, in error, tried to wrongly defend itself, then that amounts to aggression or starting the border war. And the EECC did not say so. What EECC said is that ER’s claim of self-defense did not fulfill the requirements set by the standards set by UN Charter, and therefore, ER has to pay ET for the damages ER caused on ET by its transgressions of May 12, 1998. But the EECC did not say that the war started on May 12, 1998. You, Serray & Co., representing Weyyane-Ethiopia’s stand, are saying that.

    You, Serray & Co., would not hesitate to even lie to make a point. Out of the 4 sets of evidence I, without much preparation, discovered, only one claims without proof that Ethiopians drew their weapons out and demanded that the Eritreans disarm or not proceed [or else will shoot them], but still the Eritreans beat them shooting. But you said,

    “Impressive evidence, four sources claiming eritrean troops instigated a skirmish on May 6 by refusing to disarm. I wonder why the EECC didn’t consider your evidence when they concluded, “Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as lawful self-defense under the UN Charter.” You really expect me to accept your evidence over a decision isaias himself accepted as final and binding without any qualification?”

    Serray, you wonder why the EECC said “Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as lawful self-defense under the UN Charter.” and literally take it to mean that there objectively was no armed attack. You have yet to differentiate between objective evidence from evidence of legal interpretation. That seems to be your weakness. The EECC is saying that skirmishes reportedly occurred but,
    “The Commission is satisfied that these relatively minor incidents were not of a magnitude to constitute an armed attack by either State against the other within the meaning of Article 51 of the UN Charter.”

    There were armed attacks but they were not of the magnitude that the EECC would include to the level of armed attack within the meaning of Article 51 of the UN Charter. There objectively were attacks, but they were not legally admissible to the EECC. So you say there were no attacks, but I say there were.

    Four sources did not claim that Eritreans started the skirmish. But, you would not stand down using outright lies stated above to stress your point. And you call others arrogant. Brother, arrogance is calling compatriots have no capacity to express their views. Arrogance is claiming that Haile, YAY, etc. are misinforming people in order to defend PIA. Arrogance is believing that only Serray could understand the contents of the EECC verdict. Arrogance is disrespecting others as Serray does. As a patriot I think it is of higher importance to aim defending the State of Eritrea (people and Government) to stay free, and is to the benefit of the ER people, not exclusively PIA’s. And in pursuing that goal and given the current circumstances it is to the best interests of ER to support PIA than Serray, who can neither militarily defend ER’s political independence, nor organize the people in ER to peacefully oust PIA, or convince his Weyyane allies to make peace with ER. Brother, your strategy could be nothing else other than instigating civil war or foreign invasion. The way you are going I don’t expect you to accept any evidence unless it matches your strategy of overthrowing PIA of ER. That is why you are mixing the question of who started the border war with the constitution, Agelglot, etc. Try anything Serray, but I don’t you will succeed. Have a good day, brother.

    • haile


      The contrast couldn’t be cleare. On one hand we have Serray, Aman..Co. who inhabiting Kida’at and Tilmet, whose sole objective is to whitewash their crimes against the nation by creating chaos and subterfuge. On the other hand, there are those of us, who seek change inthe interests of Eritrea and its people. The former group is reduced to angerer and shenkolel in futile arguments where as the latter group is swelling the ground. No doubt every one is aware of the first group and their criminality that is troubling them, and when change comes, they will lose even more spectacularly than they have so far. Soon after the Jan.21 events, woyane told them point blank that they were useless. Kabzi zkefE wurdet alo?


      I have gone through many hiding, runing, suffering and sometimes surviving by mere luck in my experiences to help and work with my people. You on the other hand hide and run due to Kidaat, out of shame of knowing your true nature. Why don’t you answer SG for his request for clarification last time. You were caught with your pants down, weren’t you? If haile and the likes are stopping you, show us how Eritreans all across diaspora support you, forget haile. But you can’t because they don’t want to be seen with you unless they are your accomplices in treason.

    • abrham


      Your sources show the confrontation begun between Eri Military force with armed vehicles and Et police and militias armed Kalashnikov and Betri earlier than may 12. Well may be, but Who do you think was ready for aggression? your response is ‘Seb betri’. Ab Hanish’n ab Ras.. ke men jemere AYAY?

  • Serray


    Answer for me the following: who refused to implement the constitution, who refused to keep the young enslaved, who is destroying eritrea’s economy, who shut down the free press, who kills, tortures, jails without justice, who made you hide in a stranger’s compound when the Eritrean gestapo showed up? Who? The excuse given to all this is the war. If the war is that pervasive, isn’t understanding openly and clearly its origins extremely important?

    You were condescending even to your dehai fans when you wrote, “Serray would like you to believe that making Eritrea and its generations to come responsible for war that TPLF instigated, escalated, stoked and kept it going until now that effectively costed the lives of over 150000 and widespread distraction and displacement as well as injury to people and property”. The EECC made isaias responsible for igniting the war, not me. The fact that you guys decided to either bury your head in your asses or confuse the issue by bringing long long buried and irrelevant articles doesn’t change the fact. You guys are all about the final and binding, well, the EECC decision is also final and binding.

    Let me ask you what I asked YAY, why do you want to protect the dictator from the responsibility of igniting the war? Stop the next generation crap and tell us the real reason you want to exonerate the dictator. Like I told him, you are not smart enough to bend the truth and shove it down our throat. So what gives?

    • haile


      You are confusing yourself badly. You say “The EECC made isaias responsible for igniting the war, not me.” You seem to be lost in translation by believing that “Isaias = Eritrea.”

      International conflicts are outside of domestic issue in scope and dynamics. The EECC did not make determination as pertains “Isaias” as you wish to conclude, rather as pertains “Eritrea” that you need to be clear about. One way or another, the conflict will be resolved, and obsessively undermining your “country’s” position makes you immature in the way you calculate your sums. Try to get this, this problem could possibly linger long after PFDJ. Unfortunately, you are wagering far too damning arguments against your interests as an Eritrean in a truly irresponsible fashion.

      The Eritrean people are oppressed in far worse manner than your sanitized computer screen has educated you about it. Trust me, I go there and see it with sadness. However, it has proven disastrous in mobilizing people to ask what is simply and naturally their right, because your “so smart” calculations of throwing the baby with the towel has silenced the majority of people from lending you support.

      Please don’t twist facts, the EECC determined the events as related to specific time frame, so if there was an attack in 1997 (Meles’ letter to IA) it judged it didn’t apply to May 12, 1998, if there was an attack on May 6 1998, it judged it didn’t apply to May 12, 1998. It was a technical determination that cut right down the middle of a whole series of connected events. My advice to you would be to avoid using this issue as a short term political-tactical manoeuvring to serve domestic grievances. If you disagree and would rather continue your untenable argument, then stop pretentiously attacking the vocal opposition for siding with Ethiopia, as you did in your previous entries. Because technically, at least they are getting practical benefit of doing so. What about you?

      And no need to get all too worked up about it, I can tell you, because I have sustained a barrage of attacks here for my views, yet I am still unperturbed by it all. 🙂

      • yegermal

        So now the EECC decisions is not what you base your “final and binding” tired mantra on, but it is the body you hold responsible for failing to implement the “final and binding” resolution? Go figure!

    • Serray,

      “hiding in a stranger’s compound” is an interesting line that describes the compound of the despot where YAY and Haile are willfully chose to be confined….and that we call it in politics loyalty at fault. History is everywhere in abundance to learn, But they are flocks to the hub for denial gene. If the EEBC decision is the “final and binding” their all hoppula song, then Issayas as an aggressor who ignite the border war is in the final and binding. You showed them that yours is not “learned by ears” but learned from reading the document of the final and binding. Good for you and for those who knows the facts.

    • yegermal

      “You guys are all about the final and binding, well, the EECC decision is also final and binding. ”

      Exactly! But do not expect pfdjitis to backtrack on their many paradoxes. Dishonesty (another symptom of pfdjitis) does not lend itself to clarity of mind. That’s all!

      • Yegermel,
        “PFDJites does not lend itself to clarity mind.” Yes, I can’t agree more.

    • Araya

      Miskinay Serray. If you have an ounce credibility listen to what YAY is telling you. As much as you love the weyane, there is no much you can do about the truth. Many Tigryans veteran TPLF fighters In Addis have told me that the war was engineered by Siye and his close followers to get back at PMMZ and EPLF for 1984, supposedly EPLF closed the border a road to Sudan. I was told it was deep grudge against EPLF.
      One more logic as what YAY is saying; if the war was started because of Badime and Badime found legality Eritrean i.e. how is it Eritrea to start the war, to attack its own land? The reason is as what YAY saying, Eritrea should have alerted the UN and cried

  • haile

    Imagine giving Ethiopian letter to the UN, to serve as an evidence of an argument to do in Eritrea! The commission has found Ethiopia, for its mandated time frame for investigation, to have committed war crimes, desecration of grave yards, deliberate Arial bombing of civilians and uprooting mass populations without lawful bases to do so. Here is a simple proposal,anyone attempting to stand on the platform of “making Eritrea responsible” for TPLF’s heinous crimes, then don’t waste your time in Eritrean politics. NO ONE in Eritrea would ever buy that.

    • ali

      [Moderator: Ali, your comments are unreadable, at least check your spelling before posting. We apologize in advance, from now on we will delete unreadable comments.]

      Let meyy put pilive weyane and the ar desem idoligey the wos aganist yane miritray gran faher. Tegadelti to kil the the wos treat to regim so col asmar so that wathapin hi mek tehem kil in badime and sorana and thalabesa so re regim he ker ninan elamna thanks

  • Serray


    Impressive evidence, four sources claiming eritrean troops instigated a skirmish on May 6 by refusing to disarm. I wonder why the EECC didn’t consider your evidence when they concluded, “Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as lawful self-defense under the UN Charter.” You really expect me to accept your evidence over a decision isaias himself accepted as final and binding without any qualification?

    You guys suffer from a group think; you hang out way too much with like minded who want to exonerate the dictator from his crime of starting a war. The question is, why? Why is it important to YOU that you go to this extent to prove that he didn’t when there is a court of law that said he did in black and white?

    You wrote, “Serry doesn’t seem to mind that in his strategy of destroying PIA, he cares less of the consequences the masses of the Eritrean people might suffer.”. What consequences are you talking about if we speak openly and clearly about a decision the whole world knows? What do you get by confusing a straight forward decision? Maybe you answered my question when you said, ” May the Lord have mercy on our brother Serray, who is single-mindedly focusing on destroying PIA and Eritrea”. Is it because Isaias = Eritrea?

    Since there is no way in hell can you provide enough evidence to convince me you are better equipped to answer the question as to who started the war than EECC, concentrate on why you want to exonerate the dictator. What are you afraid of will happen to the eritrean people if we hold the dictator responsible for igniting a war he ignited?

    My advise to you, don’t be arrogant, you are not smart enough to convince anyone who read the decision, so stop confusing those who didn’t.

  • Hayat Adem

    ‘ነታ ኩይናት መን ጀሚርዋ’ ዝብል ሕቶ ምምላስ ኣገዳሲት እትኾነሉ ምኽንያት ነታ ንድሕሪት መምለሲ ዘይነበራ ሓደገኛ ውሳነ ‘መን ገይርዋ’ ዝብል ሕቶ ንምምላስ ስለዝጠቅም’ዩ። ሎሚ ድሕሪ 10+ ዓመታት መልሱ ዝጸገሞ ሰብ እንተሎ ብሓቂ ምሕረት የውርደልካ ዘብል’ዩ። እቲ ኮነ ኢሉ ከደናግር ሓሶት ንዝዛረብ፣ ኣጻርዩ ዝመለሰን ብይን ዝሃበን ዘይሻራዊ ኣካል ዝሃቦ ምስክርነት’ውን ነይመልሶን። ነቲ ውሑድ ግን ብቅንዕና እናደለየ ክነሱ ኣብ ሓቂ ምብጻሕ ዝሰአነ ግን ገለ ቁርብ ክፍትን። ንምዝኽኻር፣ እዚ ጉዳይ ንኽንደይ ኮለልን ሸኾርተትን ሰጊሩ፣ እቲ ናይ ካሕሳ ኮሚሽን ዝበሃል ኣጻርዩ መዕለቢ ዝገበረሉ ጉዳይ እዩ። ክልቲኦም መንግስታት ከዓ ዝተቐበልዎ ውሳን ስለዝኾነ ነቲ ውሳነ መበገሲና ክንገብር ቅኑዕ’ዩ። እቲ ኮሚሽን እንታይ ኢሉ?
    The evidence showed that, at about 5:30 a.m. on May 12, 1998, Eritrean armed forces, comprised of at least two brigades of regular soldiers, supported by tanks
    and artillery, attacked the town of Badme and several other border areas in Ethiopia… [The] weight the evidence indicated that the Ethiopian defenders were composed merely of militia and some police, who were quickly forced to retreat by the invading Eritrean forces. Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as a lawful self-defense under the UN Charter.
    ባይቶ ጸጥታ ነቲ ናይ ካሕሳ ኮሚሽን ብይን መሰረት ገይሩ አብዘውጸኦ ሓተታ ድማ ከምዚ ይብል፡
    In finding Eritrea responsible for the outbreak of the crisis between the two countries in 1998; the Commission stated that Eritrea had violated international law when it attacked Ethiopia without provocation and occupied Badme and other undefended areas of Ethiopia in May, 1998. In paragraph 16 of the awards, the Commission rendered its decisive determination on the party that started the war and hence was responsible for the bloodshed that was caused between the two countries.
    ካብዚ እንታይ ንርዳእ? ቅድሚ ጉንበት 12 ዝተተኮሰ ጥይት እንተነይሩ እቲ ኰሚሽን ከም ጠንቂ ንምጅማር እቲ ኩይናት ገይሩ ኣይወሰዶን ወይ ክወስዶ አይደለየን ማለት’ዩ። ኤርትራ ሰለዘይሞጎተት ግን አይኮነን። ንሳ ዘቕርበቶ ‘ቅድሚኡ ዝበጸሐኒ ምትኹታኽ’ዩ፣ ብፍላይ ድማ ጉንበት 6 ዝተፈነወኒ መጥቃዕቲ’ዩ ነቲ ኩይናት ወሊዕዎ’ ንዝብል ሞጎተ እቲ ኮምሽን ኣብ ዓንቅጽ 14 እቲ ዝሃቦ ውሳኔ ከምዚ ክብል ነጺግዎ።
    “Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as lawful under the UN Charter.”
    ሓንቲ ጥይት ዋላ’ውን 10 ጥይት ቀዲምካ ወይከዓ ድሕሪካ ምትኳስ አይኮነን ጀማሪ ኩይናት ዘብለካ። ኩይናት ክትከፍት ወይ’ውን ምእንታን ኩይናት ክግበር ምኽንያት ክትከውን ደይ መደይ ተሊምካ እንተገይርካዮ ኢዩ ነቲ ኩይናት ወሊዕኻዮ ወይንድማ ንምጅማሩ ጠንቂ ኮይንካ ኣለኻ ዝበሃል። ኪሳራታት ህይወትን ሃብቲታትን እዘን ድኻታት ሃገራት ዘኽፍለ እቲ ኩይናት ባዕሉን ከምሳዕቤን ድማ ገና’ውን ዝቕጽል ዘሎ ናይ ድሕሪ ኩይናት ዓወንወንን ተሓታቲ ፕ.ኢ.ኣ ምዃኑ ምፍላጥ ኣዚዩ አገዳሲ’ዩ።

  • haile

    Selam YAY and Serray,

    YAY has provided an interesting set of “evidences” for serray. In fact, I liked the fact that YAY didn’t just go for the obvious counter-evidence that the ruling it self acknowledges the limited nature of its findings.

    In a nutshell, serray’s position was what has reduced the vocal opposition into a meaningless entities nothing more than a mere cyber sabre-rattlers. Serray would like you to believe that making Eritrea and its generations to come responsible for war that TPLF instigated, escalated, stoked and kept it going until now that effectively costed the lives of over 150000 and widespread distraction and displacement as well as injury to people and property.

    The vocal opposition sang this “Eritrea started the war” mantra all the way to its total and complete annihilation. Aman likes people to openly write on websites’ forums, little does he know that the useless arguments and shenanigans employed by these vocal opposition had made it a social stain for ordinary Eritreans to be associated with it. Imagine being seen to be a part of some thing that openly advocated the demise of Eritrea in the worst possible form. Now you know why the majority have given you deaf ears, although they have still the option of calling them “qebaro” “komaro” “nazi” …

  • YAY

    Dear All: Serray’s objective is political, not objectivity

    Serray’s [ስር-ራይ ወይ ጽራይ ወይ ሰራይ] obvious goal is the political demise of PIA of ER. That is clear. In his thinking, if the Eritrean people were to be convinced that PIA started the border war, then, they would rise up against Issaias. He does not hide his efforts that “manufacturing a new fact”–i.e. making people believe his contention that that the war started on May 12, 1998, would help if he stated tover and over again; and, may be,that would be the end of Issaias.

    He wrongly believes that the question of who started the war was litigated. It certainly was not. What was litigated was (1)where the ER-ET borderlines lie and (2) claims for damages each nation thought the other nation caused on it and its citizens. I believe that he also forgot/omitted that the GoER stated to the EECC that the war started by the ET-ER skirmish on May 6, 1998 and the GoET did not contest ER’s claim. Serray requests for evidence that Weyyane-Ethiopia fired the first shots while he omits the May 6,1998 occurrence altogether.First and foremost, Serray has to admit that the ER-ET war started on May 6 before he considers who shot first.

    The following are some (Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians) who confirmed that the war started on May 6, 1998:

    1. Even “Dagmawi”, an avid Weyyane-Ethiopia propagandist, regardless of how he misrepresented one crucial fact (who shot first), agrees that the war started on May 6, 1998 and not on May 12, 1998 by stating,
    . “5. Sometime in March 1998, the two sides communicated and scheduled a meeting of the Joint Commission for 8 May 1998. Meanwhile on 6 May 1998 an armed confrontation was provoked when armed Eritrean troops in violation of earlier understanding crossed into Ethiopian territory in the Badme area. The Ethiopian police on the spot reminded the Eritrean troops of the existing agreement that crossing to either side of the border with arms in possession is prohibited and that they should leave their arms on their side of the border if they wished to enter Ethiopian territory. The Eritrean troops not only refused to comply with the Ethiopian Police’s request but also opened fire and so there ensued an exchange of fire causing some causalities on both sides. It should be underscored here that this exchange was between Eritrean regular troops and local police and militia since there were no Ethiopian regular troops along the border where the incident took place or anywhere along the entire Ethiopia-Eritrea border for that matter. This was so because Ethiopia never expected that such a trusted and close neighbour as Eritrea would entertain any aggressive designs against Ethiopia.”

    2. A researcher, Getachew Metaferia. (2009).Ethiopia and the United States: History, Diplomacy, and Analysis. Algora Publishing after his research confirms that
    “Border skirmishes on May 6, 1998, led to a major war.” (p. 123)

    3. An Ethiopian Embassy also confirms the fact that on
    ” 6 May Armed Eritrean soldiers approach Badme. They are told by local police, according to standard regulations, to leave their arms at the border. They refuse. In the following shoot-out some are killed on both sides.”

    4. Also a Study conducted by William M. Arkin for the Legal Advisor to the Office of the President of the State of Eritrea, 2002 articulates the fact that the war began on May 6, 1998, by stating,
    “The countries of Ethiopia and Eritrea — located on the Horn of Africa – fought a two-year war beginning on May 6, 1998, and ending with a peace agreement signed by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on December 12, 2000. ”

    According to the objective chronology (as opposed to political, ideological, legal, etc. interpretations) of the war, the ET-ER border war started on May 6, 1998. This assertion is not aimed at defending PIA or ER, but just stating a fact. It is by stating the basic truths that we could begin to successfully approach and solve ER’s problems.

    Even if, for argument’s sake, we were to believe Serray’s claims were true, he has no proposal for ET-ER peace. His suggestion seems to be peace through destroying the State of ER through foreign invasion and/or civil war. Serray doesn’t seem to mind that in his strategy of destroying PIA, he cares less of the consequences the masses of the Eritrean people might suffer. May the Lord have mercy on our brother Serray, who is single-mindedly focusing on destroying PIA and Eritrea. I am convinced that his strategy would not come into fruition because, I believe, it will be resisted by at least 650,000 PFDJ members and other patriots.

    • yegermal

      Who needs EECC and all them handsomely paid lawyers on both sides when we have Dagmawi and Getachew? Got to love pfdjitis! It is a type of inflammation of the brain that causes its victims to turn into instant sensationalist comedians.

    • Kim Hanna

      Hey YAY,

      I am an Ethiopian, yes, we started the war. There you have it. What are you gona do about it. If you need another “TESTA” we will do it again. By the way we learned that from you.

      What is all this comedy in the middle of a tragedy, I want to know?.


  • Serray


    First, provide evidence that the woyanes fired the first shot. The issue of who ignited the war was litigated and both sides had a chance to make their case. If the war started on May 6, then the EECC decision should have been contested by the dictator but it didn’t. He knows the war started when he ordered “two brigades of regular soldiers, supported by tanks and artillery” on May 12th.

    Listen, none of you are smart enough to bend this truth. What happened before May 12th, you have less evidence than the court who decided the case. Now, the smart thing to do was ask, why does this matter? It is true that once you are kidnapped, you need to work on how to get away. But that requires knowing who kidnapped you and to what extent he is going to go to keep you hostage.

    YAY, the reason I bring it over and over again is because, if the eritrean people know who started the war, they will know that what happened after that (the refusal to implement the constitution, the enslavement of the youth, the diving up of the country among the military) are all orchestrated. My aim is to show the goal of the war was not the woyanes, but it was the eritrean people; their complete subjugation. If they see what happened the last 14 years was engineered and not caused by a neighbor who was caught napping with some “militia and some police” on the border, they will have a clear picture of the evil they have to fight to be free. But lo and behold! people like you make that impossible. As if the case was not litigated in open court, you guys pretend if the woyanes hear about the EECC decision, they will use against us; as if they are not the other party to the litigation. At this stage, who started the war is relevant to the eritrean people because the woyanes and world knew the day it war started; that is why they asked the dummy to withdraw.

    I understand why the regime supporters want to hide the fact; what I don’t get is why reasonable sounding people like you and Haile bend backward to rationalize the war on one side of your mouths while opposing the regime on the other side. Let me ask you guys a question: what are you afraid of will happen if the eritrean people knew what the world has known from the get go and what had been decided by a court of law? For me, a person’s view of the war is a litmus test; anyone who denies it, manufactures facts about it, is either hopelessly confused or a wolf in sheep’s skin…secret lovers of the kidnapper…why else would they try to blur such important trigger?

  • YAY

    Dear All: The 1998-2000 ER-ET Border war was started by Weyyane-Ethiopia(ns)

    There are some people, such as Serray, who continue to dwell on one of EECC’s conclusions based on the evidence related to that of the May 12, 1998 incident to wrongly conclude that PIA of ER started the war. That evidence was partially provided to EECC by the GoER itself. Nobody has denied that the first shots were fired by Ethiopia(ns) on May 6, 1998 to ignite the war. But Serray, etc. focus on May 12, 1998. Objectively, the May 6 event comes before the May 12 event. If we are to define “starting a war” by shooting the first shot(s) that was followed by all the other shots fired during the many battles that constitute the entire war, then, objectively-speaking, it is Weyyane-Ethiopia that started the war.

    It seems that individuals like Serray are not in search of the objective truth, but instead in search of political support against PIA. Distortions of facts adds to confusions and not clarity. And confusions perpetrated by Serray, a true representative of Weyyane-Ethiopia’s stand on this matter, would not help ET and ER reach at the desired atmosphere of peace and stability.

    No matter who started the war we have to proceed towards peace and renewed relations. And that course has been outlined by the treaties of the two nations to end the long-drawn conflict. Now is the time to not dwell on incidents of May 1998. It is time to move on into the future–i.e. peaceful relations. The “opposition” is short and poor or “defeatist” in that regard.

    • Sabri


      You see those who support woyane when confronted with facts they don’t have answer. I have respect to an opposition who have clear alternative who is guided not by hatred but principle and well grounded ideology. Unfortunately, you can’t find none of this within the so called Eritrean opposition particularly with those who support woyane.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Sabri,

        first learn this from me.
        ኣባ ጅጎ እንተዝደሊ ብዙሕ ከነህተፍትፍ:
        ምሃበና ነይሩ ዝተደራረበ ኣፍ::
        ግዳ ኣብ ክንድኡ ክልተ እዝኒ ሂቡ:
        ሓደ ኣፍ ሂቡና ምዝራብ ገዲቡ::

        and know this truth.we are trying our best to save Eritrea just for the sake of future generation. if you are honest with yourself answer the question…where is Eritrea now as a nation? 2nd and very important for you to know is that Ethiopian government is not responsible for all the crimes done by PFDJ. know that they are doing their own homework. the evidence is comparing the people’s creativity and all other chances Eritrea own, Ethiopians has done very good to their country.

        PFDJ supporters blame Weyane for every problem they face home and that is not acceptable. the only way out is to clean the garbage in Asmara not Weyane as that is none of our business.

  • Kaddis

    if you want to read a ‘follow up ‘ article to this topic – see link below

  • Araya

    Tesfamariam which planet are you from?
    If you can stick for Aman, it is you right but you are entitle to misled people in exchange to please Aman.
    Is not Aman a member of the toothless weyane-ordered opposition?
    Is not Aman gone to Addis at the invitation of the weyane, Air-ticket and lodges paid by the weayne?
    Is not Aman the staunchest supporter of Weyane? He almost lost it when the dictator of Ethiopia died. He called him “ a democratic and a moral leader” who call to PMMZ a “democratic and a moral leader?
    He even called Melles, “a visionary leader” a visionary leader doesn’t leave his people and country in the mess he created when he knows his time is up. But for Aman, nothing mattered, even the mothers of the massacred one in Addis by Melles didn’t matter. So, Mr. Tesfamariam, can you ask your principled Aman what was he discussed with Bereket Simon the last time he was in Ethiopia?
    You seem to know him, tell us.
    I happened to know what Every Eritrean does in Addis with the Weyane. I was confronting to the owner of Assena about what was said in Addis and he tried to deny it, then, I shoot him with silver bullet and I never heard from him again.
    So, Come-on Tesfamariam, ask him.

  • Sabri

    For those who support woyane

    Did you forget what woyane did againist the Eritrean people? Their pillage act, on how they stolen thousands of cattle from gash barka, on how they vandalize the grave of our martyrs, on how they cruely deport thousand Eritreans, on how they loot? And now they continue reject the EEBC verdict. 

    To see some Eritreans cooperate with woyane is very sad. To criticize the government of Eritrea is one thing and to be a puppet of woyane is totally different thing. Ghezae’s idea to leave the verdict of EEBC is the same as to be a megaphone of Woyane on the issue. These people are not worth to be called opposition. Kidaat Eiu. Haneta alewo. 

    • Kokhob Selam


      that all happened in the past. but why you forget to mention the united front (EPLF+TPLF) killed a lot of ELF fighters in the past?

      now, ask yourself how sure are you if the one on power is Weyane? if the opposition is not worth called opposition, isn’t possible for you to create another opposition? show us replacement. till then any one who throw a stone against the devil is opposition.

      • Sabri

        The ELF vs EPLF has nothing to do with the topic.

        Yes, it is long time ago. But the atrocity of woyane is as fresh as before. Moreover, today’s gvt at helm in Ethiopia is not different from yesterday’s woyane. Thinking otherwise is illusion. One thing must be clear. Defending the nation doesn’t mean defending PFDJ. There is a lot to criticize the gvt of Eritrea. We can do it without violating the respect and dignity of the nation and the people.

      • Kokhob Selam

        “We can do it without violating the respect and dignity of the nation and the” which dignity? what respect? is there any thing to be violated? are you serous? there is nothing remaining in Eritrea my friend. we will not lose anything any more, in fact we will gain if we remove PFDJ first, that is urgent and important now.

        by the way Badme is in safe don’t worry. think of Asmara. if it is for EPLF, badme was sold in 1978.

  • haile


    I am sorry to say this but your last utterances are plain stupid. Just think about it, tens of thousands people who have been long decades in diaspora, go to Eritrea regularly! In case you wouldn’t know, they have significant family and life attachments there. They are not paying their hard earned cash to travel all the way there to do “surveillance” about Aman, who happens to be “in the open”.

    Here is a key problem in diaspora as I see it: the want for instant gratification. When you fail to get that you have nothing else other than mud slinging and totally going nuts. Do you know that you have made the most serious damage to your cause by accusing people who visit home as spys than I can ever do with a million comments? Forget “Tebeges” what you need is “Teages” because you really are all over the place.

    I have been commenting here for a good more than 3 years now. Please read EVERY single comment that I made, if you find a single one that states my support to PFDJ then your remarks stand. There are those who are called the Nationalist opposition voices, count me as one. You are in no moral position to judge us, since you have wilfully compromised on Eritrea’s fundamental interests by refusing to advocate for peace. You have sinister motives, that is why you are into challenging personal and private choices of commenter to engage as they feel comfortable to them.

    By the way, is there problems in the La La land TPLF made for you? Your so called “revealing interview” reveals so much about exPM Meles! If you have a problem, tell them directly. They won’t appreciate that you go around showing how double faced, Islamophobic and narrow regionalists they are. I don’t really get that article, is it telling us more about current situation that has been bothering you?

    Seb nab sebu, ZbE nab gerebu….

    • Araya

      “Frankly speaking shouldn’t be the home of Haile and his elk whose whole purpose is here to do the dirty of the old “halawa sewra which was halaway Issayas” that devoured our bests”

      Wey gud
      Now I know why you admire Melles Zenawi. You fight for freedom of speech and democracy but you have no shame to silence people because they disagreed with you? Aman, do you know what the definition of hypocrite is?

  • haile


    since doesn’t seem to have picked up the signal, let me break an awate style news analysis. By now you are probably laughing loud after reading the link Aman provided. mind you, it appeared in then and Aman dumped it here in case we missed it. Content wise, it indites the late Ethiopian PM as Islamophobic,flippant, weak and janus-face to borrow YG. What he stated about IA was nothing more than a peripheral importance to the issues that he discussed.

    You may be wondering why on earth, such an expose of the Ethiopian ex-despot come from an unlikely source, from those who fed from his hand. Well, something is brewing in woyane la la land. TPLF is not what it used to be after the death of their strongman. It would sure poses a grave risk to Eritrea (read Aman’s link – the part about port access)but they have abandoned those who counted on them to the point of denying their Eritreaness.

    Here an advice to Aman and his friends, make peace with yourselves and your people. Woyane doesn’t think much of you, if it can walkout on HGDEF the way it did, you are just piece of…to them.

    Ye’qenielna Habrom Aman,
    gn’dma Meles qedemu’m nfelto ena, n’Akayu hadishuka

    • Ghezae Hagos


      I think sometimes you think you are in Meskerem or DMB. You may need to be reminded that this is, an opposition website and most of Eritrean opposition groups work in/with Ethiopia. The late Ethiopian leader is not hated here, just you know. PFDJ leader is. In case you missed it, this website was for a decade and more labelled as ‘woyane.’

      “Aman provided. mind you, it appeared in then and Aman dumped it here in case we missed it..” Putting aside your ‘usual-sucking-up-for-host’, you insinuated that considers articles from Assenna and Asmarino coming to Awate as ‘dumped’ in a bid to create a wedge between sisterly websites. They worked together for more than a decade, and they will (God willing) until the PFDJ is gone. They inherently have a common, unalterable goal:- Saving Eritrea from Issayas’s tyranny.

      Case in point about Awate and Ethiopa:-The ‘ex-despot’ you love drag here was interviewed (twice to boot) by the publisher of this website, SJ Gadi…Your research should pick up that..

      • Abe z minewale

        Let me mess up with intellectuals if I am allowed To
        I can see the above comments between two brothers They see things from different angels
        My idea is if it is considers as an idea the rule of law regarding the border issue should and must respected The border issue was given as priority by z Eritrean Gov. Mis handling the case can not convince member states to push things done according the rule of law The Eritrean gov abide by the verdict of Hanish islands so Weyane should do so Asking the Eritrean gov to forget and leave or take land to Ethiopia is like asking the Palestinian to for get East Jerusalem as their future capital city Am I offending human right watch I don’t think so this is why my Jew friends here tell me and like BB

      • haile


        Funny old world…when I talk about human rights and rule of law in dehai, guess what…I am told that I am woyane (by your twins in dehai). When I talk about Eritrea first (ertra tqdem!) here…well I am PFDJ.

        I have a question for you… If you were to be in real positions of power in post IA Eritrea (as a top woyane preferred commissar in Asmara) which underground hole would you have locked me in for disagreeing with you?

        Liberate yourself my brother. Take a moment and really think of what human rights means (I am sure you’ve never heard of it, look up Wikipedia. The power of HR is not so much about knowing the drills, but rather knowing all your rights and accepting that others have the same. Do not deny others the right to express what they think or feel is right to them. According to your logic, you should go and fight in Eritrea for your rights and not hector individuals who like commenting and exchanging views in comments sections of websites like this one. You have chosen the green pastures like the rest of us, and your destiny is sealed. FYI there are people on the ground in Eritrea fighting for their rights (albeit in small scale) why are you not joining them big boy?

        This is just a barstool and we like to run the world from here, whats the problem with you?

        PS. Please don’t underestimate the awate team’s intelligence like that. If there is something you need to tell them, then say it directly, haile/gangnam style. If you take my advice, you would be damned to take them for stupid…faaaaar from it ma man!

      • Haile,

        You have said “when I talk about human rights and rule of law in dehai, guess what…I am told that I am woyane.” Wey-gud, In order the public to learn about that could you supply us with the link. There is no “mentzef – for late gratification” in your advocation so far brother. One who goes in and out to Asmara to report his surveillance will not be awarded with “late gratifications” in future Eritrea which is at peace with itself and its neighbor.

        In your book SG who made three trip to Ethiopia is a redeemed soul from wayane trap. Is he ?if we are wayane for doing that. In my book SG was not and is not. You see you do not understand your utterance that it has implication to the political house you see it as your home. Frankly speaking shouldn’t be the home of Haile and his elk whose whole purpose is here to do the dirty of the old “halawa sewra which was halaway Issayas” that devoured our bests.

        Haile, history talks about everything and anything for posterity. The dead has history…as our deads have history and history will position them with rewards and reverences for generations. If you are scared with history as I see you behind the curtain…history has also microscopic eye to identify you. Speaking the truth is the only thing that make you free in the open world. I am singing for you ” Haki tikun sandaka…haki tezareb” through the world of telepathy.

        • Saleh Gadi

          Hi Amanuel,

          Hope you are doing fine. In the above comment you mentioned SG, I am assuming that is me. If it’s not, just ignore this message. But if it’s, I don’t understand what it’s about. Could you please clarify the following:

          “In your book SG who made three trip to Ethiopia is a redeemed soul from wayane trap. Is he ?if we are wayane for doing that. In my book SG was not and is not.”

          Did Haile mention SG? I would like to understand the context.



      • Ghezae Hagos

        Haile bro,

        Since you asked a question, I feel compelled to reply; I will censure it for your benefit.

        “I have a question for you… If you were to be in real positions of power in post IA Eritrea, which underground hole would you have locked me in for disagreeing with you?”

        Of course, let me try to bypass the hyperbole all over the place in your entry and the question. I have said it to you whenever our debate degenerates to this levl. The way Eritrea is being (mis)led by the tyrant, I am afraid post-IA might be unlikely scenario. But, if made it by a nose, I pray for a nation of rule of law. Let alone you, or me, or other commentators, even former hard-core PFDJers should be given the due rights, under the law, that they denied us now. I pray for a nation of kind citizens, a reconciled nation from the bottom of my heart.

  • Awatistas,

    Below is a link that reveals the hidden agenda of the despot, an interview of PMMZ by Paul Henze before our independence in 1990. Read the interview and look at it with what Issayas is doing to the Eritrean people….I will leave the judgement for the public….if it could help for individuals like Haile and others.

    • haile

      Aman Aman

      hmmmm….and what does haile got to do with this?

      First, correction in order, Ex-PMMZ. Now a question: nmKuanu entay ena bedilnaka..neto zelena aytzarebuni elka’s mstom zmotu tchareq zeloka?

      The question is are you with us or against us? are you with the living or with the dead? are you about the past or the present and the future? Why are you talking to the dead? What answers can the dead give you?

      gidef libi giber Aman…ertra zhagerka, bahri zgratka, werqi zmenxefka…rEska hasirka sebka aytehsr! shigr entekone halafay eyu..gnay’n ekeyn tarik gn nebari eyu. kabzi zemxaEkayo riesa temahar.


      • Haile,

        The leader you invest all “your trust” in him was not for the independence of Eritrea….”aymeslenin neyru kitbel ika”. We knew his project was and is to tear the fabric of our nation and eventually the public to subdue to his project…..and to that effort whether directly or indirectly, Haile you are contributing more than the senior cadres Yemane Monkey, and of course by hiding your identity. Did you at some point retort that you are confident at what you had and have said? oh no courageous and confident behind pen name? No no your readers are laughing at you. By the way the interview was taken when both leaders had amicable relationship. You can’t twist it even if you try…

      • hizbawi

        Aman is possessed and madly infatuated with love of the dead dictator. How can you oppose Isaias and fall in love with Meles? I don’t get it. May be it is a learned people thing; you know i mean.

      • yegermal

        Better to read an interview of a late strong leader than to listen to anything the dead-man-walking you idolize utters.

  • asmara

    [Moderator: be careful with your words. Insults are not allowed.]
    I always wonder what makes this Gezae Hagos guy so thick. I think I know now. He is simply an xxxx. I mean on top of the personal grudge that seems to be eating him up inside, that is. The commitments he posted on this thread are so reveling.

    There is nothing one can say about the cut and dries xxxxxx Woyanie (Amanuel Hidrat, Semere Andom, Serray, etc.) who are getting a free pass to change these supposedly an Eritrean forum into an Aiga or Walta info center. I mean, seriously, I don’t think the Woyanie themselves would stand for woyanie with such dedication these seem to show.

    Back to this Gezae guy, and his xxxxx.

    1. You must be an xxx to think the woyanie are doing what they are doing for just Badme or any other piece of land. And you would be equally an idiot to think just giving them Badme, just like that, would make them go away.
    2. It is “Yadebabay Mistir” that woyanie want to include the access to the see as part of the dialogue they are asking. What that means is they are trying to force you to include things that are not part of the border issue. That is unacceptable to any nation. Nobody should twist your hand to negotiate on what is yours. The Assab and see access is a business issue and should never be included in any border issue or any political issue for that matter. And it should only be done when normalization is in places.

    3. As the decision is already made by the EEBC, then is not about badme or any 700km, as you put it, any more – it is about violation of sovereignty

    4. So, you suggested we should negotiate with the woyanie, right, well – how should we do that? – shall we say it is “final and binding FOR REAL now or what? If we are not able to tie this thing under an international body, how the hell do we do it on our own? We tried all other means before, did not we? The president sent letter to the prime minister back in 2007, we went in to war, we did all shit things – that was why we settled for the EEBC. And when we say final and binding, we mean final and binding

    5. Another idiotic stand of this guy is his resignation that Woyanie won the war (Won? How so? Badme is Eritrean – so Eritrea won the war, period) – we have to give in?….does this guy know the history of Eritrea? With that attitude Eritrean independence would not have materialized.


    • asmara

      The personal grudge I mentioned above is reflected here

      “..Indisputably historically (‘Eritrean’/’Mereb Milash’) areas in Akran woreda between Tsorona to Zalanbesa were ceded to Ethiopia according to EEBC. Nobody cares about this really. No one examined and studied the extent of our loss. All of us are just fixated on ‘Badme’ as if the rest is not Eritrea and the people are not Eritreans…..”

      I would like to say only one thing here, and would leave the implication of that to the next guy…..

      What the Eritrean government is saying is this “We have to honor our commitment to the final and binding, and accept the EEBC verdict, good or bad.” That doesn’t mean we are happy by the ruling, it only means we are law abiding nation and we will stick to the ruling. We called the EEBC because we were not able to do it on own after all

    • asmara

      Correction: “….The president sent letter to the prime minister back in 1997……”

    • Ghezae Hagos

      ‘Asmara’ (the nic you don’t deserve, ziwereda Asmara)

      You don’t deserve my or any response; but I am feeling generous.

      There are only two ways of getting Badme back. Full use of EEBC or use of force.

      1. Forget EEBC from the go. With unwilling even hostile international community to PFDJ, how the HELL do you think EEBC will be implemented? Waiting for the Godot for the 11 years.’Final and binding’ is very relative term; read few articles in international law on title to territory…

      2. Which brings me to the second wa; use of force. Your aya once boasted ‘bhayli zitetahze merietna bhayli kenemliso ina” eneho feres, eneho mieda (meida, wink, wink, pun REALLY intended); Go to SAWA and pick one of them guns and return Badme back to Eritrea, instead of playing with the lives of others..You just need one way ticket; if you feel lonely and afraid, Ask your buddy ‘Hizbawi’ to accompany you…

      • Abe

        By the time Eritrea implements its constitution the border issue iwill be solved once for for all It takes one phone call from uncle Sam to weyane to implement it let us not fighting each other like animals with respect with nature of animals

    • Dear asmara you talking about Badime and you are worry about it .
      I am going to ask you which one expensive thousands of Eritrean lives or Bedtime on another hand the guy who is going to sale Bedtime ,Asab or Asmara is Asyas and his regime.The reality is coming up soon and other serious information

  • haile


    I have repeatedly been accused by elements (pockets of) anti-Eritrea militia here, who are pretending to be an opposition (the voice of the people). These anti-Eritrea elements are praying that PFDJ’s utter incompetence and stupidity will eventually result in a failed Eritrea that they can inherit and run under the Somalia Transitional model (of course, being nursed by the TPLF until teething). One area of their twisted and sinister hyperbole is that we were so wrong to fight for our independence, as we have no means to survive outside fat mama etopia. It reminds the angry retort of an Oromo guy I knew “le min teff’ yezew gedel-abatachow aygebum”, where I only smiled and parted with my friend.

    Eritrea is extremely Economically extremely potent that Ethiopia wouldn’t even come close for comparison. And, this is why TPLF and its operatives are acting so disturbed.

    Consider a nation consisting of hundreds of Islands and almost 1000KM of unspoiled coast lines. HUGE marine resources, situated in a strategic global water-ways with massive economic free-zone opportunity. Massive mineral resources, powerful tourist attraction, many agricultural fertile regions a gateway to the middle east, well trained man power, with multiple ports and accessible roadways….

    Put another way, given peace and tranquillity, Eritreans wouldn’t even be able to stop the nation earning hundreds of millions of dollars everyday, even if they try to. Eritrea is an endless source riches and you can see why woyane is so disturbed. Seriously, they are asking ganta hagez bejakum… to build a dam to show that they can export luchi’E. Even if it triggers regional war! Eritrea is endowed with tremendous wealth but lacks peace! YG is the best woyane can throw at you, to tell you that “if you want to have any chance of survival as wedi mereb milash, tlam saEni woyan wediKa le’tigrayka, enteleykone deka medekdek Arsika flet!”

    Eritreans, lose no hope, PFDJ doesn’t own Eitrea, we do! and keep a firm eye on the ball. Weyane ketshkana aykonetn!

    • yegermal

      Peeling layer by layer…2nd stage: Paranoia laced with extreme hubris. Deliciously entertaining to watch!

    • abrham


      “… need to remember that in this time and age, development/progress is free for all… So, believe it or not any country can “develop” materially with simple procedures.”

      “Eritrea is extremely Economically extremely potent that Ethiopia wouldn’t even come close for comparison.”


      “…nation consisting of hundreds of Islands and almost 1000KM of unspoiled coast lines…. well trained man power, with multiple ports and accessible roadways….”

      HadiU haz mister shelewlew aytbel

      • Abe z minewale

        Some one who loves and defends his country in no way that person is considerd as he is in love with the government. That has been the missing part in my opinion for any one who wants to see change the situation on the ground If some one who fells terrible about hunger in his country and decides to help the people should not labeled as Gov. Supporter the same principle should apply in politics if it is for the sake entertainment so be it Call rock N roll these eyes are crying coing to Manitoba

  • Serray

    Selam Haile,

    We are not talking about some complicated theory here; a first grader can figure it out. The difference between May 1, 1998 and May 31,1998 was ethiopia and eritrea were at war. The only thing that happened in May of 1998 was isaias sent troops to occupy badme and its environs by force. Here is another proof for you, the OAU and US-Rwanda peace treaty required isaias to withdraw troops to a position before May 12, meaning, the bone contention is what isaias did around May 12.

    I never supported the war after I heard that eritrean troops made the first move. Since then, I have heard different versions of Orwellian logic to justify it. Yours is as good as any. I am sure you read the EECC decision, but you bury your head in the sand and pretend that those who tell you what the dummy himself accepted without hesitation are “exposing the people to yet another a dubious concoction”. Let me brake it to you, the worst that could have happen to any society has happened to our people when the dictator ignited a war, refused to backdown, caused the death of literally hundredth of thousand, caused a third of our population to be displaced and another hundred thousand to be looted and dumped on a war zone. To make matters even worse, the same dictator decided to enslave and traffic on the young when the war he ignited ended in humiliating defeat. But for you, my friend, the one who did that is less guilty than those who point out he did.

    The coherence of every eritrean falls into pieces when he or she tries to rationalize the war. No eritrean is smart enough to shed any better light on it. Like I said before, the sooner we own it (and its consequences), the better. Demarcation or no demarcation, badme is the work of an evil group who chose to enslave our people pretending they fought to liberate it.

    But hey, we are having this argument 14 years after the fact. If you still like to pretend we were invaded, or call what happened on May 12 a skirmish, go ahead, but here is how EECC put it,

    “14. The evidence showed that, at about 5:30 a.m. on May 12, 1998, Eritrean armed forces, comprised of at least two brigades of regular soldiers, supported by tanks and artillery, attacked the town of Badme and several other border areas in Ethiopia’s Tahtay Adiabo Wereda, as well as at least two places in its neighboring Laelay Adiabo Wereda. On that day and in the days immediately following, Eritrean armed forces then pushed across the flat Badme plain to higher ground in the east. Although the evidence regarding the nature of Ethiopian armed forces in the area conflicted, the weight of the evidence indicated that the Ethiopian defenders were composed merely of militia and some police, who were quickly forced to retreat by the invading Eritrean forces. Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as lawful self-defense under the UN Charter.”.

    Personally, I can buy your “if you name it, you break it” rationalization or the above…I choose the above; it gives me a blue print of the real problems eritreans are facing. What was that Jack Nicholson line, “Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here”.

    • Serray,

      No matter what facts,documents, and reference you bring, for haile “Tel-win tinefir eya” is his stand so don’t waste your time. By the way very good citation at least for others as it becomes handy and right on your face.

      • haile


        ms seb zereba do aymhashekan…T’el T’el enabelka emee’ emee’ keytble ab mewedaEta 🙂

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Wow, what do you know, Awatistas..tommorrow April 13, is 11th Anniversary of the EEBC border verdict..”The Decision on Delimitation of the Border between Eritrea and Ethiopia was delivered by the Commission on 13 April 2002.”

      We couldn’t be farer from getting the border delimited…and we still wait for international community to make Ethiopia abide by the decision…what is the classical definition of instanity…

      Dear Serray,

      That was from ‘As good as Gets’..right!?

      Dear AH,

      “Rest Assured that the border issue will not be solved in the life span of Issayas’s regime.” That was classic line.

      Dear Haile,

      More witnesses are coming to shed light on the genesis of May 1998. Micheal Embaye (Aranchi) detailed the names, places and everything to know about that fateful month that brought Eritrea’s independence and also possibly Eritrea’s possible demise. He wrote articles in Assenna on the issues. Chief point: it was deliberately executed plan of Issayas. The area of ‘Mi’erabawi Qola’ was patrolled by then core 381 and 271..

      But the first engagement, ‘our Gavrilo Princip’ moment’ was executed by Birgade coming from 2001 Corps which was never positioned in the area at that time.*

      Micheal has written a book and I look forward to reading it.

      I thank you for inviting me, dear Haile to compile my thoughts and present them in coherent memo. ‘Land for Peace’ is my motto here. I actually wrote two articles on the matter. “Get Badme or Die Trying” (pretty much explanatory) and “Assab is not Eritrean,” its sequel, back in 2005, I guess.

      Dear Zmerero,

      Indisputably historically (‘Eritrean’/’Mereb Milash’) areas in Akran woreda between Tsorona to Zalanbesa were ceded to Ethiopia according to EEBC. Nobody cares about this really. No one examined and studied the extent of our loss. All of us are just fixated on ‘Badme’ as if the rest is not Eritrea and the people are not Eritreans. I heard the regime that knows no shame has recently reenacted the 1835 (?) Battle of Bellesa between Dej. Wube and combined forces of ‘Akeleguzay’ when NOW, these people are abandoned and dispossessed from the land they held dear for a millenia.

      Even Tsorona, the biggest town, the seat of the Woreda itself was about to be given to Ethiopia according to EEBC. The only reason that saved it was a simple ‘forgetfullness’ on the part of Ethiopia not to include in the list of contested areas. So much for Mereb-Belesa-Muna cartography.

      * (‘ala SAAy), Gavirollo Princip’s moment in Sarajevo ignited First World War. Our border conflict was analogized with that WW1, remember. It is not just the similiarities in terms of human wave style, the Verdun-Somme fronts (Dieda-Egri-Mekel BTW, dear Haile, Egri Mekel was given to Ethipia too) both cases the soldiers enthusiastically marched to the fronts didn’t kiss loved ones properly. In August 1914, Europe expected the war to be over by Christimas. 4 years and 37 million casualities later, it changed Europe; and gave rise to another World War.

      Ours was also expected a brief affair. The arrogance and irresponsibilty of Eritrean military and political leaders of that time simply (in retrospect) is astounding. You have hard time believing that it was the same guys who fought the 30 years war. War, they boasted was their first language. But the plains of Badme simply gave them F+ in that subject. And the ironic thing is none of them are paying the price, rather are amassing wealth and ‘harvesting organs’ (both literally.)

      As one can see I am tramuatized, as many by that war. It shouldn’t have happened at all. Now that it is over, let us sit down and negotiate with Ethiopia. Almost 15 year later (next month), we are the ones that are perishing and perishing….before our fate becomes the fate of Chechenya and Tamil Elam.

      • hizbawi

        Gezae, wey gud. I thought you were a lawyer by a rule of law and final and binding mean anything to you? It is not up to Eritrea to take or Ethiopia to give Badime. It is a legally concluded matter. At the End of the day, the Tigryans have no option but to pack and get the hell out of Badime. For you and the likes of you it is a piece of land, but for the people who participate on that ugliest war, it means everything. 20+ thousands lives are perished. So, please be a little compassion and feel empathy.
        People, because you oppose issaias, please don’t reject the truth just to oppose PFDJ. It makes you hypocrite and fraud. When comes to the border, the government of Eritrea is on it, bulls eye!

      • haile

        Ghezae…for god’s sake, don’t flatter the Ethiopians, they need to sober up big time. chechenya and Russia? Sri lanka and Tamil? vs Eritrea and Ethiopia! Way too exaggerated… What I see in Eritrea is the military swallowing up the Eritrea you know alive, thanks to the no war no peace. If you believe Ethiopia has the will or capacity to quash an abnormally giant and armed to the teeth entity in the name of ‘shabbiya’ as they call it, you may been out of the country for far too long! The main problem is what PFDJ doing to people, don’t pull down…(those old pants ya ma!)not just yet. PFDJ, it gotten a bonanza in the ‘no war no sh!t” deal, not sure if it wants it over, why would it? It got HUGE street credit among the diaspora, it knows Ethiopia’s hot air is just that, it lacks the capacity, Meles died saying ‘ye shabiyya ginbar ke asmera, adisaba regto eske moqadisho new yetezerega! Your tamil analogy must been triggered by a bad action movie you have been watching.

      • Ghezae Hagos


        ‘At the End of the day, the Tigryans have no option but to pack and get the hell out of Badime.’ Normally, the answer we would be we would see; but didn’t we see enough…15 years.

        I think everyone in Eritrea including people like you are called to pick up arms, it is good to lead by example and make “the Tigryans…pack and get the hell out of Badime.” Go carry a gun; and stand a post near Badime, instead of gambling with the lives another hundred of thousands of innocent people.

        Or the regime you defended as ‘is implementing the constituition and releasing political prisoners’, just as more were to be arrested due to the Forto incident’ made Tigrayans ‘pack and get the hell out of Badime in the past 15 years? What strategy do you have next year or the year after or after 5 years, EXCEPT WAIT until something will happen in Ethiopia favorable to Eritrea’s current policy. Do you see that? You have nothing except to wait, and in the meantime antagonise Ethiopia and the West making your regime more target of sanctions, more undermining of its legitimacy and with that any little shred of hope that the international community will help implement it.

        ‘Final and binding’ which has nice ring to it. But this is not domestic law; international law agreements can only have meaningful application if there is a will from guarantors. Do you see any? That is basic premise. If not, you have to find ways, of making compromises and save your breath to fight another day…that is if you can..otherwise, the writing is on the wall while you wait another 15 years…

      • Ghezae Hagos

        Selam Haile,

        ‘Bad action movie!’ Now, that would be the classic Haile; for you, it could be a movie; for me it is the most painful historical lesson. The exits of Chechen nation in late 1999-2000 and the LTTE almost a decade later may 2009 were also dismissed as impossible and far-fetched…or way too exaggerated, to use your terms..Remember 1998-2000! Being an alarmist is much needed in Eritrea than ever.

        If you don’t know it, historical parellels should not fit in like some puzzles game becasue they can’t. For those who want to be open and learn, the world offers myriad of historical examples. You have to be able to observe, learn, and fear.

        Read what you wrote. You implied the nation of Eritrea is weakening by day because of PFDJ. Scientifically and historically, it will be rendered untenable at some stage. So, Ethiopia has little incentive to fear Eritrea to get Badme. Good…so how do you expect the EEBC to be implemented?

        Let me recap with the repeat from my eariler entry; “brother Haile if for anything, whenever you read me, I want you to remember me for this. Every nation that survived cut deals and made compromises when absolutely necessary; every ‘nation’ that become property of history has failed to compromise and died like ‘Chechenya’ and ‘Tamil Elam’.

        Pick where Eritrea is going to fit in few years. And that for fre…..700 meters.’

        Thanks, wedi’e Aloku..

    • yegermal

      haile’s raison d’etre is “demarcation” and not because he cares about it more than the rest of us. It’s a diversionary tactic of the type used by the PFDJ operatives to keep the opposition bogged down endless discussion about issues over which the opposition has very little control. He has succeeded immensely. The opposition must stop giving deference to contemptuous PFDJites. Give it up, they are irredeemable!

      • haile


        You sound as if you were busy with something worth while before haile coming along and distracted you. Well then, be my guest, go to your sweet nothing…:-)

    • asmara


      Do you even understnd what the EEBC ruling, in its totality is a final and binding mean? what is up with Eritrean started the war staff you ares singling out from the EECC verdict? We all know how the problem started and we all know about the 1997 staff wich was not included in the EEBC verdict, bur all the same, we proised we will abide by the ruling unconditionaly and we are sticking to that.
      So, what is up with this “Eritrea started the war” staff/

      And why are you and the Hidrat guy trying to b e Woyabnie more than the woyanie themselves?

      Don’t you peoples feel shame?

  • T. Kifle

    Hi Awate Court

    I decided to stop commenting in Awate forums because many of Eritreans see it the participation of few Ethiopians here as meddling in the internal affairs of Eritrea. It turns out that comments under every article boil down to the border issue and Ethiopia. And my understanding is few guys are doing great on our behalf in straightening the records of who started the war. Haile stretched the ignition coil all the way to Adi Mrug as Isaias did and is still doing.
    The facts
    1. Eritrea involved in illicit trade and phony money transfers(read: coffee export)
    2. Ethiopia demanded that the Eritrean gov. stopped those illegal activities
    3. Ethiopia tightened its porous borders and passed stringent directives on contraband and other illicit trades
    4. Eritrean gov. attempted all illegal venues to maintain the flow of goods(including via Adi Mrgug) and its embassy in Addis was busy in black market dealing
    5. When the measures of the Ethiopian side became so stringent that almost every thing seemed stopping, Isias started complaining that Ethiopia was pushing through some of the borders in the Afar region.
    More Facts
    1. Eritrea had trained almost the sixth round of national service and conducted mountain warfare simulations prior to Badme
    2. Ethiopia was complacent at the time for the simple reason that Eritrea’s move wouldn’t mean to fight Ethiopia and kept on demobilizing its army
    3. No single battalion of Ethiopia was in the northern part of Ethiopia (Eastern command Harrar, Southern command Hawassa, South Western Command Jimma, Central Command Addis Ababa). There was no single armed unit in the Ethiopia Eritrean border prior to the move of Eritrea in Bada and Adi Mrug. Once the government of the Tigray state complained that Eritrea is encroaching in those areas (by the way including in Badme areas), an army of four companies was sent to foresee the those areas and Ethiopia made it known that Eritrea was treading in a wrong path. The rest is history
    I personally upheld the Eritrean cause and am one of those who shared your happiness in the wake of independence fully recognizing EPLF’s political deprivations. But as to Badme, I am totally against any move that hands it over to Eritrea. The public opinion in the homeland is similar to mine. The reason is not that Badme is of some value than the entire Eritrea was but the stakes are high. Isaias wanted it at gun point. And we refused to such recklessness. The government can’t do anything about it except complying with public demands. It’s your choice. If you allow Badme to remain the center of the Eritrean political evolution, you need to be prepared for the worst. Eritrea should happy about and contented with the per-1998 Eritrea.

    • hizbawi

      You could have fooled us if there weren’t scores of letters the two leaders corresponded each other regarding the matter. The truth is, TPLF wanted to crush EPLF as the show of force to the rest Ethiopia, so, that way the rest of Ethiopia to kneel down to tigrians for the rest of the eternity.
      As f badime, Fetikin do.

      • Serray


        I like how you pull things out of thin air and call them facts. You know, some of us think what makes the opposition singularly weak is being associated with your government. One doesn’t have to go far to see that; your post is a microcosm of the damaging role your government plays to weaken the eritrean opposition…on purpose.

    • haile

      T. Kifle

      I think your commenting here can only be useful, and I doubt Eritreans would have an issue debating you. The only problem I had with it was when an Ethiopian is commenting, while posing as an Eritrean. If I give comments or opinions, posing as an Ethiopian, I am sure you would be able to tell the difference and is unlikely that we would engage constructively. But as long as you are telling me that you are an Ethiopian, and that you know I am an Eritrean, there are no problems on why we shouldn’t engage in debate in good faith.

      Now back to the substance of the points you listed/discussed. Your narrative is a reflection of the way this problem is set-up from the Ethiopian (TPLF) to appear. It is based within the Ethiopian political context and power dynamics. Sure enough, there is an alternative narrative that is told from the Eritrean side, based on the Eritrean political context and power dynamics. Such narratives are only useful to justify respective positions and not to chart solutions.

      Let’s look at it this way, at the ‘head’ level of the problem, only the legal findings and agreements are considered. While at the ‘body’ level of the problem, many contending narratives and real-time dynamics of the parties are considered. The ‘head level’ is where the parties are closest to each other. Where as at the ‘body level’ they are worlds apart.

      Ethiopia does engage in pompous grandiosity, which makes arriving at a solution that much harder. And its calculations are by no means the final say on the matter. I doubt very much that we will ever come closer in our respective worldview, but honouring agreements or suggesting a constructive way forward would have gone a long way in passing a legacy of honourable standing to your generations. It is another dark stain on your history, to be openly and officially involve the name of you nation with criminality and unlawfulness. In the long run, Ethiopia wouldn’t be spared from the dangerous implications of this problem either. It would be dishonest to claim it hasn’t suffered as it is.
      So I would like you to stick to the official findings and legal resolutions, because I can also tell you the Eritrean street narrative and we are not going to get anywhere.


  • haile

    selam Aman

    In the interest of moving our debate to the next level, I will try to focus on one single aspect of your response. In passing, I’ll note that you must be a seasoned politician, as I can sense you ability to formulate your views with well crafted expressions, which doesn’t come naturally! But that is more of an observation and besides what is discussed here (I like your “we don’t have to look into history for now… nice way to put it sir 🙂 )

    Now to the one single issue that I want to focus on:

    “the opposition …. haven’t any legitimacy to argue with Ethiopia and the international community but the GOE has.” is what you said.

    The above statement is made without time qualifications, hence not easy to figure out what value it represents as a chip wagered on the debate table. Can it be said to mean:

    – It can never have legitimacy.
    – It could have never had legitimacy.
    – It will not have legitimacy.
    – There are no obvious ways for it to have legitimacy.
    – It is not possible to have legitimacy.

    I may indeed be right to assume that you mean “at this instant, it doesn’t have legitimacy.” However, it has assumed legitimacy to argue for;

    – constitution … that is blamed on the border conflict by PFDJ
    – Migration/national service ….that is blamed on the border conflict by PFDJ
    – Arrests of G-15 and journalists and others …. that is blamed on the border conflict by PFDJ
    – Freedom of expression and human rights….that is blamed on the border conflict by PFDJ
    – The worsening living conditions … that is blamed on the border conflict by PFDJ

    Now, the opposition, according to your argument, has legitimacy to argue for all of the above, except the root cause at the heart of all of them. If it formulates clear stand, as you did and Ghezae did, and claims legitimacy on the bases that it is an Eritrea issue, it would have far reaching effect in its dynamics to galvanize the public. In fact, the only single issue that has given PFDJ the edge is that it exploited the oppositions obvious ambivalence and confusion on how to deal with this matter.

    so and so men eyu?…type articles in dehai are only aimed at one thing…linking the victim to Tigray, the rest the public will figure it out, is how it goes. You need to look at the matter rigorously and you would notice that you can’t really afford to continue the path of “we have no legitimacy”. The proper way should be to ask “how can we claim legitimacy?” And the border issue is probably the way to regional and intl. legitimacy too…just a thought.


    • Haile,

      Rest Assure that the border issue will not be solved in the life span of Issayas’s regime. If this can stop you from talking about the “border issue”. I think you are in this forum to divert us from the issue of our people, which is to remove the “beast” that is eating them day and night. It is really a waste of time to engage with you brother as I see you in and out from both sides of the door.

      • haile


        What is “both doors” to you, is normally known as independent thinking and confidence in one’s own points of argument.

      • Haile,

        Really confidence!!!! Don’t make them laugh your readers. If you have really confidence you could have debated with your real identity….give me a break. In fact you are hiding until the ball rolled down to its net to say “halelwya” whoever wins.Of course in politics we call it “the red meat of opportunism” we have been watching the last forty years brother when opportunist swing from one camp to the other to grasp the opportunity that time has brought to the front.

    • Tesfamariam

      Dear Haile
      I have never seen any one who is over obsessed like you about the boarder issues and specially about Bademe . I hope you have been in Bademe and do you still think that Bademe worth the suffering of our people?
      The issue of the border is a done deal its only a matter of time to be solved and that is you like it or not after this regime is gone for ever, so please let us focus on other issues which really matter our people.
      Thank you

  • Araya

    I can understand why Aman will stick up for Weyane, on this day of economic hardship the Weyane paid Aman’s air ticket all the way to Ethiopia and the even cover the lodge and the entertainments that goes with it. I get that and I can see, Aman calling PMMZ the second coming. What I don’t get is the way Gezae and Serray are standing for weyane. My question is this Serray and Gezae, are guys also the beneficiaries of the weyane’s good will charity? I mean do you guys receive the free air ticket and all that good staff?
    Have some dignity people.

    • Tesfamariam


      I guess you don’t have anything better to do,and I know Aman is capable of defending himself,but your unfounded allegations is just out of your poor imagination trying to use the same tactic as the regime does. You don’t know who Aman is and you have no idea that his participation starting from his young age in the front up to now how dedicated he his on democratic principles and the independence of our nation. He has never and he will never compromised his principles for a cheap air line ticket and accommodations . If you do have an idea you can challenge him on your ideas otherwise just back off and go to your PFDJ camp with your worthless rumors and empty allegations. You are so cheap I hope Aman will not waste time to respond to you.


  • Serray

    Selamat Haile,

    First the abundant proof…well Amn beat me to it but here is another,. the main demand after the war was ignited was for isaias to withdraw from badme. Demands like that are proof that the party holding badme did so by force.

    Haile, Badme was a test that we as a people failed miserably. Don’t get me wrong, we are not unique in cheering a war without any proof…think of Bush’s war in Iraq. But you, Haile, have a weird way of dismissing/minimizing the question of who started the war. Who ignited the war is the difference between life and death; if isaias hadn’t ignited the war, hundredth of thousands would have been alive today on both sides. It is ironic that you think the opposition should own the demarcation and yet dismiss the very act that made it the center of your universe. Personally, any discussion on the border should involve the origins of the war. Badme is piece of crap now and it was then, the only reason our world revolves around it is because a war was fought for it. Every non eritrean I talk to about badme and its consequences ask me who started the war, and they are shocked when I tell it was us.

    It is weird that people who don’t want us to question ghedli tend to dismiss, complicate or manufacture a reason for the origins of the border war.

    Since isaias’s left hand doesn’t know what his right hand is doing, everyone who supported the war did so out of pure emotion, manufactured understanding of it, transposed ghedli to it or just because he or she hated tigrians. If you didn’t buy into the war, you go for days without hearing a single eritrean making a sense. Badme was not the first war isaias ignited, it was the third. To cheer it mindlessly was inhuman and we are paying for and if it was up to you, haile, we are going to pay for it until the ethiopians decide we had enough. As Gezae pointed out, our country’s survival depends on how we look at badme.

    About those who cheered the war, I see them as nothing more than grunts in the game Halo; it would have been nice if they kept quite but they are by no means informed the eritrean people’s opinion and nobody acted on their information. This is a war by iasias and for isaias.

    Finally, let me say this, Eritrea’s freedom depends on how we understand ghedli and badme; both have degraded and made eritrean lives dispensable in pursuit of what turned out to be more respectable of land than man. Right now I am more terrified of ghedli romantics and chicken hawks like you. Your border obsessed views have a much larger potential of turning eritrea into somalia than my “lets examine our past and the origins of a war that ultimately was resolved in the court of law”.

    • Asmara Eritrea

      Almost three months after the historic 21 January, the godfather is sadly still in power and apparently trying to act as a stateman of peace. Don’t people know this so called president is brain dead and frankly a waste of time? He can’t run a corner shop let alone a country – that takes some brain cells he has not got and will never have.

      May be no time to lose hope, there are still 8 months of 2013 left and one day within those 8 may become the Eritrean day of liberation! For now the hopelessness and dispear continues unabated but our time will come when our people will return home in mass rather than flee from it in mass. And that may even be in 2013. Can’t wait to see my village and my sunny homeland.

      Eritrea for ever, death to the dictator.

    • haile

      Selamat Serray

      (I still have to respond to Aman!)

      You see your ‘proof’ happens to be the AU’s request for withdrawal in a gesture of ‘Good Will’ to the continental body. Such is in black and white all over the public domain. You changed that into ‘ordered to withdraw’! for what reason? in whose service? It is puzzling to say the least that you have to resort to prevarication in order to implicate the nation Eritrea and to expose its people to yet another dubious concoctions. If you believe you were wrong to have egged the diaspora into supporting the war drums back then, the least you could do is to not launch into new rounds of manufactured facts now.

      I asked knowing full well that you didn’t have a shred of a proof and were only peddling cheap political rhetoric, my issue is to what end? Your lack of proof, yet the intensity with which you try to push for that would sure make people to be puzzled! Please give us your ‘abundant’ evidence that the war was ignited by Eritrea.

      Administration of badme and its change of hands after the sporadic border skirmish from Adi Mrug to Badme (befor the full scale war) is not sufficient.

  • T..T.

    Selamat Awatistas,

    Don’t you think that failing to convince is not a failure if the convincing is within the minimum reachable. This is so because the two opposing sides could be: One seeks to be informed to act while the other needs to be guided to act. The former is independent thinker and the latter is not or can best be described as remote controlled person. Whatever our political positions are, discussants’ political opinions and commentaries appear to be reconciling because the views are being expressed conveniently and with lesser anger.

    If the Isayastists are ready to improve their level of tolerance, ILALs or Dardasha on weekends with them will soon be possible. At least, this time, we have common ground on Sinai issues as surfaced on their side.

  • haile

    Selam Ghezae

    A your assumptions of my ordeals in the morning giffa in Asmera, let me tell you that your going about with limited information on the matter and your conclusions are just that, yours.

    As I mentioned to Aman, I am the last person wanting to see such people suffer in anyway as a result. But to suggest that they were just ‘citizens’ who were ‘opining’ in passing on current affairs, is a poor cover for the issue being attempted to be hushed. It doesn’t make them so when they were at the forefront through and through in explaining, justifying, feeding information and analysing the Eritrean side to the world. If fact, as much as you try to criminalize one party in that camp, fairness dictates that the same apply to the rest. We are talking about the does of over 100,000 Ethiopians (leave Eritrean causality for now), this war was said the biggest conflict in the world at the time. The killing was atrocious with tens of thousands conventional army segments locked in dog fight across short front lines on air and on ground. The death and devastation was heavy. You can’t just walk away from your part in it by simply claiming you had no official capacity.

    People will have their own take on the matter, especially those directly affected by it. Do you think the outcome would have been different, had they not chosen to convice the public what was Weyane doing at the time. By the way, I firmly hold TPLF responsible, but I am only challenging KwiEka b’manka kzHleka b’Edka from you.

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Selam Haile,

      You can fault the TPLF. So what? Do they care? Can we do anything to quantify or materialize this fault? Can we reverse Badme? Can we fight again..? It is pointless and absurd to fault ‘enemies.’ The point is what can you do to save your OWN people from the impending explosion.

      When Badme was ‘awarded’ (though cursed with is pragmatically correct), some of us knew Eritrea is undoutedly cursed; that no respite is on the horizon. I have talked to many on this one and the sentiments in the streets of Asmara is the same. I don’t scientific data here. It is not possible either. But it is more than a mere conjecture to say, if an honest poll (unanimous one) would be held, the majority of Eritreans in the mailand (forget the teletubbies and everyone in Diaspora), the people who are undly sacrificing a lot because of Badme would have ‘prefered’ to give Badme the village ‘back’to Ethiopia with a guarantee of peace than the current scenario.

      The reality is ever since that fateful Feb 1999, it is unlikely that we will ever set our foot on Badima. Period. We tried war June 1999, we tried peace efforts Alegiers June 2000, EEBC April 2002, brinkmanship, Somalia, Al Shabab, UNMEE etc. Fate had it we will never going to get it, barring Ethiopian meltdown which is unlikely.

      Any reasonable politician would make cost-benefit calclus and swiftly give up the 700 meters for durable peace and safety of the nation. Brest-Litvosk, Bolshevick-German prime example and other peace deals.

      There is no way, no way to Badima. Period. The eariler we get this fact the better. One can chant EEBC, international law until the cows come home; but it is complete and utter foolishness. You can fault the TPLF, the US and international community; they don’t give a hoot about Eritrea and its moral claims. If any, they loath this regime beyond words. They despise PFDJ and why should they implement EEBC for a regime that pesters them with its unpredictable and insane foreign policies?

      Issayas now holds grudge against them and acts like 4 year old kid, ‘no-I-am-not-going-to-eat’ or worse ‘i-will-hit-my-little-sister’ just to spite you, well guess what the world is saying ‘you know what kiddo! why don’t you kill your little sister while you are at it, in fact burn her ashes down in the underground detention centers! do we ever care!’ so thousands of innocent Eritreans are perishing in Isayas’s gulags..the world doesn’t care.

      I digressed. Yes. It is upto the citizens to recognize the horror unfolding in their eyes and call it what it is. Enough Badima. There is no way this beautiful and promising nation will be dragged to hell just for want of 700 meters.

      Brother Haile if for anything, whenever you read me, I want you to remember me for this. Every nation that survived cut deals and made compromises when absolutely necessary; every ‘nation’ that become property of history has failed to compromise and died like ‘Chechenya’ and ‘Tamil Elam’.

      Pick where Eritrea is going to fit in few years. And that for fre…..700 meters.

      • haile

        Selam ghezae

        Let’s not lose track here. I see two points in your response:

        1 – blaming/faulting TPLF

        That is only defensive reaction from me. If it comes to using misguided judgement, then we are entitled to defend ourselves. However, I am not into capitalizing on that any more than the next person. The war did happen, it still lingers and the sum total cost is enormous. Let’s not only do our sums from the cost-benefit analysis as pertains PFDJ. Take a 360 degrees look around and make the same assessment on every participant of this saga. Who convinced the diaspora Eritreans to support the PFDJ arguments at the time? Who was busy issuing well crafted opinion and analysis that were the staple of the diaspora at the time? If the actions of the diaspora are to be criticized now, who aided and abated as well as orchestrated a narrative that guided the thinking of the diaspora at the time?

        Your kiddo analogy may also be used differently to show how little kids love to shift responsibility. such as …but every one is doing the same, …but if you say this to me, what about to so and so, …these are typical and common approach by children to get out of owning up to their actions. My point is that you are entitled to devise your own preferred narrative on how the war and its after effect have evolved, but watch out that you don’t get caught up in that web. Aman brought up, in passing remark, some issues to do with ‘mistrust’, I say that such is a major topic in itself and denying responsibility is a key exacerbating factor in it.

        2 – Your proposal for the way forward

        I see the direction that you are taking, but you need to formulate it into a coherent (to borrow Aman’s) politico-legal argument. When you just say …heck! give’em badme or ya, we started it all…we’ll take the blame for the huge distraction wrought about…Is just not refined proposal and hard to respond to it outside of emotional firing back. So, the ball is in your court to align your arguments with the reality at hand and line up your ducks to make sure you know were you’re headed…we can’t afford another 98/2000 era opining!

      • Dear Ghezae,

        The border issue will find its’ conclusion with a constructive relationship after the demise of the tyrannical regime. Ethiopia have lost any kind of love on this regime and of course for obvious reason.Ethiopia as the center of geopolitics in the horn view the future relation beyond border issue, for borders are markers for political administration only, and that the rest is regional community that is conducive and open for the flow of goods and services. It will happen and you will see it in your life.

      • Zmeroro

        Do people know about the 4 villages in Akran area near Tzerona, which the DIA government claims have been awarded to Ethiopia and ordered the people to vacate and resettle in Gash Barka, irrespective of their feelings. He left the villages for Ethiopia to take, which Ethiopia does not have any claim. I assume there are many villages and places that would go either way. It only makes sense to discuss and agree on how these issues could be handled instead of being hard headed and only talk about Badme, which is not solving the problem at hand – mass migration due to oppression and neglect.

  • haile

    Selamat Aman,

    I read the article on constructive ambiguity (including your views there in) and few more articles that you have written in the recent past.

    First, I would like to make clear that my larger interest in this is NOT witch hunt, rather the wish to see us move away from denial and value RESPONSIBILITY as being the fair price to pay for CHOICE. You have argued your case consistently over time, and regardless of agreement/disagreement it is a matter of fact that your position carries considerable weight as a strong argument in view of what is happening in Eritrea now.

    In other words, it can’t be simply pushed aside, since people are very much aware of what the alternative represents. Unfortunately, the vocal opposition, as diverse as it is, didn’t muster the courage to clearly stipulate the way forward as you did. Hence, it remained being just your view, nothing more. Your argument poses legitimate proposal based the provision within the existing agreement reached in Algiers. The provision regarding adjacent areas as far as they impact local inhabitants. But I am of the view that when your arguments are moulded into political platform, certain aspects need to be fleshed up and others taken out. It is a sound framework to base a political platform on the issue of this dreadful conflict however.

    On things needed to be added,

    There has to be an open exit avenues from the current “locked” position based on existing postures of the contending parties. Your idea is great, but what are the route that lead from NO DIALOGUE and NO WITHOUT DIALOGUE postures into the one you propose. Factors to be considered need also to count the political risks involved to both sides and the underlining objective by the opposition to gain some tangible grounds (the opposition would still have to calculate what is at stake for itself here. I did once mention that there may even be practical staggering of dialogue, agreements, demarcation and implementation timelines to suite the unlocking from current position and also give the opposition some hard ground to stand on.This can be expanded further, but I would like to hear your take first.

    Things that bother me,

    As to who started the war, it is a poisonous canister that I fail to understand why it gets injected here at all? If based on 2004 findings, then that finding was based on limited time frame (talking from the legal angle). The parties want to capitalize on that politically by either holding it as evidence of making concession for peace or as justification for fighting the war in the first place. It is of course pure rhetoric in either case, as the findings are legal formulations with little room to such unwarranted capitalizations. What would your calculations add up (tactically or from long term strategic interests point of view) when you risk taking position on the matter? At what cost? What is the implication from public opinion’s point of view? I for one wouldn’t venture to entertain anything in that regard, it is fraught with dangerous and risky undertakings. The opposition doesn’t have to be undersigned on that outside of the legal scope.

    I am not witch hunting,

    Persons affected by their involvement in contributing to the tragedy of the border war by virtue of their role in shaping public opinion at the time, need to work towards finding ways to reposition responsibly. Denying facts and downplaying others views is not responsible. 13 years is short time, one can be responsible for matters from decades ago. It is unnecessary that they try to go the whole “dry the sea to kill the fish” approach to escape culpability under the cover of chaos. No, they are not ordinary citizens either, they were critically positioned to influence public opinion at the time. In the event, Let me say a simple act of humility would go a long way…


    • Selam Haile,

      There is no need to go back to history at this time. The only reason I brought it upfront is to show that still we can’t learn from our past mistakes. The despot is using the border issue to hold on to its diminishing power and legitimacy. Our intellectual’s rhetoric (dehai-group) was fighting simply for Issayas’s turf of power then and now.

      Second, regarding the opposition whether they have stand or not on the border issue (though they stand on EEBC decision) doesn’t have any weight, for they haven’t any legitimacy to argue with Ethiopia and the international community but the GOE has. Besides they don’t put our people’s interst upfront and fight hand in hand against the tyranny. Look the debacle of the second regular meeting of ENCDC..they forget the Eritrean people and spent four days almost the entire of the meeting on who is the icon of Eritrean history. Many individuals came with meaningful ideas to transform the council and to elevate their diplomacy in IGAD and others. Albeit, it couldn’t even come to the floor for discussion. I have never disappointed in my entire political life as in that meeting. We have a deep problem of mistrust and unless the issue of mistrust is solved, there is no way of moving forward within the opposition be it organized or not. The Eritrean people is in deep crises.

      Third, my argument is straight forward whether you see it as a political platform or otherwise. There is no separation between legal document and politic document for they are inter-related and interdependent to exist for that matter. You see my brother any legal document is a political document before it becomes a contractual binding polished with legislative (legal) terminology. While the essence of it is politics, its legalese appearance define its meaning …hence it becomes a politico-legal document. I saw the EEBC document as a politico-legal document.

      Fourth, the Ethiopian constructive-ambiguity in diplomacy has brought the “no war no peace” situation to stop at least the continuous bloody conflict and it is up to us to find a way how to talk with Ethiopian government to bring the lasting peace between the two nations. However let me make clear my position at this time that Issayas’s regime has lost its legitimacy that it can not advocate on the Eritrean-Ethiopian border. For God sake, for a regime that does not have constitution and rule of law how, should the Eritrean people entrusted with such power on him to make any international treaty and agreement? The Regime has to go and the Eritrean people has to establish a legitimate government to deal with the international community especially with our neighbors in the horn.

      By the way the regime is trying all possible avenues to talk with the Ethiopian government including renting port of Asseb to Quatar so as Ethiopia could utilize it. Whether this will be an exit strategy for Issayas or not we shall see. But quatar is playing as wild card to find a face saving strategy for Issayas. Now as citizen who have great concern about our people and our nation, we must ask whether such deal is for the benefit of our people and peace for the region. Just a guess that I don’t think Ethiopia will enter to such agreement with the regime which lost its legitimacy.

  • Serray

    Selamat Sal,

    Sik ile sirhey ina serahuku keloku you come out (in response to papillon’s taking Haile’s bait) and accuse us, the brave souls who hide behind nicks, of not voicing our opposition to the war when it mattered. Fair enough, however, I don’t agree with your characterization that there were only two meaningful responses to the war, both predicated on speaking up when you see something right or something wrong. Say you and your family went to bar tiblest to celebrate a victory against a neighbor and then, all of a sudden, you hear a commotion outside and find out your hot blooded younger brother has started a fight with the same neighbor.

    There are many responses to this incident: the best one being finding out why your brother is fighting and the worst, cheering him without knowing all the facts. In the short years you come to know your brother you saw him ignite a fight with a neighbor on the right who has being good friends during the bitter years and another one across the street. On top of that, everyone who saw the fight was telling you your brother started it. To make matters worse; the victory you went to celebrate was not qualified in any shape or form; meaning, until you saw the fight, you had no inkling there were unsettled issues with the neighbor.

    If you are saying “I cheered him because he is my brother”, misguided but understandable; but if you are saying it is the best course of action given what you knew then, that is another matter. Since badme pretty much unfolded according to the wishes of those who cheered it; let us see how it would have according to the wishes of the cowards who saw something wrong and did nothing. If all the diaspora eritreans did nothing but quietly question the war, the dummy wouldn’t have the goodwill, the money and the utter disrespect for the eritrean people to do what he did during the war…and after. When a man sits on your back and refuses to get off, it must be that you let him sit there once. How we handled ourselves during the war has something to do with how we are treated now…(an interesting angle Haile and Gezae discussing).

    I think the best choice then was to not to support the war. It is irrelevant whether you do it vocally or quietly since the withdrawal of your support would have accomplished the intended goal: denying the regime the money and the cover it needed to conduct the war and the journey that followed it. Sometimes it is not about courage, it is about doing the right thing.

    • Kaddis

      Hi Serray,

      You and your peers are allowed to change your mind about your stand on the Badme war. Even regreting it officially. But you deny YG the right to question Ghedli. What does that make you?

      • Serray

        Selam Kaddis,

        You are misreading me, man. People should be allowed to change their mind, thoughts do evolve. My beef with Sal is the way he qualifies his stand during the war; that it was the best position he could have taken then. I am saying, given the abundant information available then showing isaias ignited the war, silence and inaction would have served the eritrean people better than supporting it vocally. When it comes to badme, it was not a question of whether it was ours or yours, it was the way isaias decided to make his point by igniting a war.

        On Yg and ghedli: there are two things all eritreans should question, one of them is ghedli.

    • haile

      Selamat Serray,

      When you say IA inited the war, and that you have ‘abundant’ evidence, what are you referencing in support of your claim? I have not come across these ‘abundant’ evidences other than a technical legal finding of the 2004. Which as you know was not accepted as conclusive by the authors themselves, as they were only limited to a specific time frame during the conflict. So please share other sources to back up your claim. BTW Wlata or Aiga forum articles are not permitted to serve your purpose here.

      Secondly, you claim the individuals who were informing the Eritrean opinion can “change their mind” and try instead to implicate their victims, i.e. those who acted on their information as responsible! How twisted! The only way I can see your stand making it to the day light is if Eritrea disintegrates as Somalia and you will have a situation where it would be meaningless to address the issues directly. This makes me to suspect why it is you shy away from fair and balanced approach to the matter.

      • Haile,

        Abundant evidence! yes abundant evidence that (a) Badme was under the control of Ethiopia until May 6,1998 (b) The Eritrean people who reside in that village have voted in the Eritrean Referendum as Eritreans who live in Ethiopia the same as those in Addis and other places in Ethiopia.The EEBC have found documents relevant to that matter and that is why Issayas is taken as the aggressor. But..but are you really not privy to such facts as you were an ELF fighter in the army struggle? Don’t you know Badme was administered under TPLF since ELF was knocked out from that front in 1981? your question’s always brings question to those of us who are fighting against this regime.

      • haile


        Here is my take on it: taken as a whole, it makes little sense to try to go down that path, as what you would be doing inadvertently is staking the nation’s long term interest in this regard. Including that the cost of advancing that argument is politically expensive to the opposition. Yes Badme was administered by Ethiopia, yet a border skirmish was under way almost a year earlier than the EEBC mandated time frame that was looked at. Again, either way no use to formulate an argument in such a dangerous fashion that would likely slow down the progress of the opposition to make in-roads in building trust and legitimacy.

  • wed garza

    We knew from our experience that dictators heed no more than their chairs. At the when our home grown dictator’s position is too weak to handle any issue, is invited to Qatar, behind the doors staged Ethiopia to take the most out of that weak position of the gasping president. Remember a huge Ethiopian delegation prior to that invitation was in Qatar including Defence minister and security, ect…. why?
    What is on the table? And now the regime is reshuffling his army possibly to replace them with more loyal to any potential change. To neutrialise the patriotic die hard veteran army with peoples army
    (melisia like), seemingly easy to control and consolidate his loyality over them.
    Awate wouldn’t you stand to clarify that information and feed us with a valid information.
    the cloud is looming towards Asab or what?
    Why Ethiopia prepared for further policy change

    what happened to the opposition radio in Ethiopia? There seems something fishy there, please enlight us Awate!!!

  • haile


    “That was then; this is now. You can’t bring what people wrote 13 years ago in limited scope…”

    Not sure what you mean by “limited scope” so I’ll pass that. As regards the rest of the assertion, NOTHING has changed vis-a-vis what had been discussed at the time. The war has not been concluded by dotting cheap pillar poles throughout the border area. What was contested then is still contested now and the views expressed then are still being advocated by some now. So, this is not bringing an issue from a done and dusted case, it is very much the present. True, people can change their mind, but must give credible explanation for doing so (as regards the border issue). Mind you, I couldn’t care less what they propose, but find it very DISTURBING that they would just melt away and re-surface with an opposite views and hope to remain credible. One can only damage their own credibility by doing so, let’s leave the judgement to the reality on the ground and to the know-it-all experts. It sure is the case that what they said at the time helped to shape public opinion then, that makes them partly responsible.

    “Most Eritreans were portraying the Woyanes in the worst light possible”

    That, I am afraid, is a poor excuse. Most Eritreans are proud of Ghedli, that didn’t help YG figure out a new narrative. Most Eritreans support the resolution of the border conflict through EEBC’s proposed demarcation now, that didn’t influence these writers to press for that, much less acknowledge it. And if they decide to switch their position yet again, for unexplained reason, they need to remember that they bare historic responsibility of what they are doing and saying now. If for example that there are people who have lost lives as a direct result of the opinion they helped to form at the time, history will hold them accountable for that.

    Our problems seem to be that we live for today, in isolation of everything else that is around us. We create our own belief system that has no president and never been tried before and arrogantly hold on to our guns with my way or the highway attitude. A little humility is in order…

    • haile

      …contd Ghezae

      The only way to extricate from the past position is if;

      1- that new information has come to your attention that would justify to revise your earlier views
      2 – that you made those views under duress and was beyond your means to choose otherwise
      3 – that your current position doesn’t contradict your new one, but just different in scope or substance

      If we go by your logic, people like Sophia would not be blamed of any of the opinion they are helping to form now, with no questions asked, just a decade later. I know justice is your area of expertise, I leave this to your judgement.

      The important thing is to ignore the writer here and only focus on the facts. We are all equally entitled to be Eritreans we happen to be one. When one argues PFDJ “started a war”, surely there would be accountability one day. Who you going to rule in or rule out? What would happen to those who helped form opinion, justified the acts and went to great lengths to argue the case for it? Again, you could look at it as a “vocal opposition” in which case you would be incapable of handling the matter or as a fair minded person with experience in legal systems.

      Responsibility can never be evaded, only the time it takes before one faces it.

      • Ghezae Hagos

        Dear Haile,

        Culpability is the issue here. If we are going to make people culpable of what they wrote 13 years ago during the wartime, let us by all means; that would be a question of logisitcs…millions opined their support for the war. Again, we should have known better, including YG. We should have and there is no enough regret to turn back the clock. The war had alarmingly far reaching ramifications to the extent of putting the nation on the verge of disappearance. The only sensible thing to before we are put in the category of Tamil Elam, or Chechenya is to cut our losses and ‘sacrifice’ Badme to redeem the nation.

        Why not? After all, we have a deep ‘culture of sacrifice’..this time the land, not people should do the sacrifice. Let me retrace back. It is not that we are simply giving up. We sacrificed a lot to get Badme; wars, funds, resources, opportunity and whatnot for whopping 13 years. We didn’t get through war; through peace; through war and peace. We tried everything and it didn’t work. After 13 years, ask the price tag of Badme and you know it was not worth it. So, do the sensible thing as Lenin did in 1918 and others did. Nbegie ktible lam aytetiee..they said ‘abew’ for 700 meters, the much endread, much-sacrificed, (1941-1991), unlike any other in the world will be in danger of being a ‘neber’…think of that for less than 1 km? why dignity? soveirgnity? I know if you really, really believe in that, pardon me brother Haile, you should have volunteered to take turns to give a break the demoralized and tired members of the Eritrean defence forces. If you really, believe in that Badme is worth another confrontation, then, please pardon me here, but you should not have absconded in the ‘giffa’ in Asmara. After all, actions speak loud than words. Humility and responsibilty start at home.

      • Haile,

        Yes everything we stood is on history book as well as in the public domain. Some of us we stood against the war when almost the whole nation was drum beating for the war at least until 2000, when Isaayas start to characterize it a senseless war. If it was a senseless war in 2000, it was senseless war in 1998. Look at it, it was after we are pushed from Badme that the war became senseless. We have said that Issayas was the aggressor and we were vilified until the EEBC gives its verdict in 2004 and the despot became the culprit of the war and its consequences. When we argued the regime to heed the Us-Uganda proposal we were told we are capable to destroy the house we built. We have said even if you opted to go for the war, at the end of the day what ever we pay for that war, the solution comes only at the table. In short history vindicated that those who were on the side of the war were wrong.

        Not only that, still the position of the government and his supporters on the border issue (be it PFDJ or in the opposition) are still wrong.. for there is nothing could be done about the demarcation without sitting and talking about it. Keep in mind sitting in the table doesn’t necessarily change the agreement, unless both sides agreed to do so as the provision allows that leeway only and only if it works for the benefit of the people who reside at the border areas. For reference look to the link below in case, for those who likes to shot before knowing something about what I am saying.

      • Haile,

        Conti……, haile this was the argument I made regarding the border issue.

      • yegermal

        Well, DIA did not only not protest but accepted the 2005 EECC verdict that found Eritrea in violation of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter. To reflect that verdict the Hague awarded Ethiopia 10mln more than Eritrea in reparations.

        If DIA had no qualm with the verdict why try to relitigate another established fact? (page 468-69)

        “Part XIV—Jus Ad Bellum
        ethiopia’s claims 1-8 469
        B. F indings on Liability for Violation of International Law
        1. The Respondent v iolated Article 2, paragraph 4, of the Charter of the United Nations by resorting to armed force on May 12, 1998 and the immediately following days to attack and occupy the town of Badme, then under peaceful administration by the Claimant, as well as other territory in the Claimant’s Tahtay Adiabo and Laelay Adiabo Weredas.
        2. The Claimant’s contention that subsequent attacks by the Respondent along other parts of their common border were pre-planned and coordinated unlawful uses of force fails for lack of proof.
        3. The scope of damages for which the Respondent is liable because of its v iolation of the jus ad bellum will be determined in the damages phase of these proceedings.

        Done at The Hague, this 19th day of December 2005”

      • Moderator,

        Please remove the duplicate link substitute by the following link

    • Ghezae Hagos


      It WAS wartime. YG and others who were accusing the Woyane of using ‘forked tongue’ or ‘janus-faced’ are ordinary citizens who felt they needed to defend their nation from the ‘alleged’ aggression from the South. I hinted you might as well bring to the fore the statements of those leading the nation, like some of the G-15 said about Woyane of that time; chiefly, the then foreign minister, Haile Derue of that time. As usual, narrow and selective reading to advance one’s views doesn’t cut it.

      Now, the limited scope. Mid 2000, Woyane was being accused by many Eritreans and members of international community for saying something to the world while doing something different. My guess, the article in question, what was discussed there was done 13 years ago; it has got to do with the AU-moderated modalities and peace arrangements which the Woyane keep on temporising to get time until they started the disasterous ‘3say werar’ which changed everything. I mean everything.

      Haile, if we are going to debate the Badme war, we have to be really honest about who started it and why we failed to recognise that IT WAS UNWINNABLE WAR; that we lost big time (no words ever describe the effects of that war; it effectively killed the nation!) as we could have fared well by just accepting the US-Rwanda peace proposals in the first place.

      For you, the war is still continuing since the border is not demarcated. Fair. For others, including me, major armed engagements was over by June 2000 though some of us failed to acknowledge that. The border verdict was passed; effectively giving historical lands of Eritrea to Ethiopia (check Tsorona areas) and erstwhile unknown lands of Ethiopia to Eritrea (ask Irobs) and the village of Badme to Eritrea. Just 700 meters (not even 1 km away) from the border. UNMEE come and went. 13 years have passed since June 2000.

      I think YG could be criticised for many of his views. Digging what he wrote in the height of the war and trying to apply it now appers to me nonetheless very far-fetched desperate attack. Like I said, you should say the same to those who conceivably be more responsible because of the position of power they were in, as in G-15 leaders and now opposition leaders. It is not like that doesn’t happen though.

      Allow me to repeat it: Paul was Saul of Tarsus. Martin Luther Catholic monk. Hardened hawks turn out to be later anti-war activists.
      God knows what the private journalists were saying at that time. I cringe when I read some of the old copies, with heartfelt- guilt. My friend Milkias had a satire he used to publish every now and then. ‘Mele’ekti hayelom’. It recounts the late Woyane hero Hayelom’s letters to generals and leaders of Ethiopia, especially Siye and Abay Tsehaye admonshing them for sending thousands of veterans of TPLF to thier demise. Rumor had it, the Woyane cadres were very pissed by Milkias’s satires which could be totally false btw.

      Let me finish with this: Badme was dubbed by Tsigenay editors of being the ‘graveyard of Woyane’ as Sahel was that of Dergue. I think history is proving us otherwise. Badme was the graveyard of Issayas’s PFDJ, metaphorically speaking. Worse, this is what worries me most brother. With the fatal obsession that you, dear Haile and other citizens had over this ‘for-want-of-700-meters’ village, it could very well be the graveyard of Eritrea, the nation as we know it. Chechenya and Tamils. Mene. Tekel. UBadmin…Sadly, it is not like we don’t read the writing on the wall. You know, you don’t have to be a ‘Daniel’..pluss its name is eerily, tellingly ‘prophetic’, Bad’Ma! It would be irony of ironies if Eritrea’ demise will be linked to this village…

      • haile



        “‘for-want-of-700-meters’ village, it could very well be the graveyard of Eritrea..”

        I for one am for demarcation, wouldn’t be bothered if the agree to exchange land in the process. I don’t hold the say, in fairness, but you couldn’t be more wrong with that assumption. If the “War” is started by “PFDJ” as your current view, it augurs extremely bad for those you try to defend here,…

      • yegermal

        I personally sleep tight at night because I lost a bunch of friends when I contended that Eritrea had better accept the US/Rwanda proposal and pull out of Badme immediately. My rationale was that Eritrea as a nation cannot win a conventional war against a more populated country such as Ethiopia and it would make more sense to resolve the issue in the UN. Theirs mantra was “but we won the 30 years war against this big country, did you not notice?” . That war was a guerrilla warfare that didn’t require a stationary defensive location and all Ethiopia had to do was to keep sending cannon fodders until the defense lines were broken. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened and to date, I do not understand how the majority of Eritreans could not understand this simple reality. When Badme was awarded to Eritrea I was again disappointed and not because I thought that Badme was Ethiopian. I was one of those that was ready to sacrifice Badme in exchange for lasting peace and knew that Meles was not going to give up the “casus belli” town without getting anything in return.

        My friends have graduated to hard core PFDJism, although they have yet to send their teenage children to serve in Sawa or leave their jobs in the west to serve Eritrea in their respective fields. They flock to Eritrea every year and come back with photo-albums full of Sawa and Massawa pictures. PFDJites yegherimu!

        Bother Ghezae, I admire your courage! There are many that share your feeling, in secrecy. Count me in that proposal.

    • haile


      Can you give me the # for your article in the dehai link you forwarded? I am reading the one in Asmarino, would like to see the earlier reference.


      • Selam Haile,

        Sorry for the confusion. What I mean is to compare my piece which is the Asmarino link and that of the dehai-group. But also I had one in response Dr. Tekie Fessahazion (rest in peace) at asmarino which I can not pull it from the old file. But if you are interested the title was Demarcation watch: setting history in perspective dated April 8,2008. Another one in titled The demarcation watch: Badme – the symbol of conspiracy in Eritrean politics, dated Feb 13, 2006. These articles shows you my position then and now.

      • Ghezae Hagos


        There is no courage here. Pure guilt, dread, fear and pain. Really, as a citizen nothing pains me in the world than the border war. I, like many, frequently agonize and revisit and re-imagine.

        Courageous are others in this regard. I wish we had many, like Saleh Gadi (Btw, UNWINNABLE WAR was what came to my mind in one of his fiery replies to the late Dr. Tekie ‘implicating’ him in being a mouthpiece of PFDJ war policies instead of objective intellectual objection to the war), Amanuel Hidrat or Beraki G/Sellasie who reportdely went to Issayas office and told him straight up ‘let us leave Badme’.

        Like many from generation, I lost two of closet friends in the war. I keenly ‘observe’, suspect and dread rather that the May 1998 incident might eventually unravel all the struggles and travails we went through to get to May 1991/ or May 1993.

        So dear Yegermal, no courage, really only pain, dread, regret and utter fear. Like Demosthenes of Athens (I wish I were one), I only fear my countrymen don’t see to see what is in store for the fate of nation because of our reluctance to see the Trojan Horse, Badme.

  • Horizon

    I see no new comments from on my computer since April 6. The number increases, but I cannot find the comments themselves. Any reason?
    Thank you.

    • rodab

      Tell me about it!
      I myself was wondering the same thing untill I accidentally discovered the sneaky “newer comments” button.

  • Araya

    Ethiopian man I was in Ethiopia three months ago and what I witnessed is nothing but a movement that was driven by the exploding number of population in Addis Ababa. Currently there are few booming economic activity in Addis. Namely, Constriction, transportation bars, restaurants, any kind of entertainments, you name it. The reason for the explosion of population is that due the failure of the government in distributing equally the wealth and the resources. Out of all provinces and cities, Meqele, Bahr-Dar and Addis Ababa are the lucky once to eat up the resources. There rest provinces and cities are ignored and forgotten. Therefore, people are flaking in to Addis Ababa. If I have to guess, today the population in Addis alone is greater than the whole population of Eritrea. I am not making it up. You cannot find house, you cannot find transportation and the number of bars and restaurants? I have no idea how to tell you.
    So, please spare us. We know the truth. If the likes of Poplion, Yodita and Aman tried to smooth you because they don’t know better.
    And the consequence failure to distribute the resource justly, will come to bite you know where. Watch!
    So, Ethiopian man, please save it. Go to Chi-Chia Godena and tell me what you see. Development my foot.

    • Kaddis

      Araya –

      I live in Addis – and your generalization is a bit twisted.
      The term Construction is broad. What are the constructions you see in Addis? Roads, buildings, budget housing,… What do expect to be constructed in a city? I have travelled fairly in the West and the biggest difference b/n the west and us is – they are constructed. There is nothing left untouched. Why do you make it sound like having a construction boom is easy? You need energy, cement, skilled labour, foreign currency, financing, a working beaurocracy etc…… Maybe you live in a city where everything is done before you came.

      Ethiopia follows a federal arrangement. The regions efficiency is reflected by its development. I am not sure how evenly distributed but changes in Awassa, Debre brhan and cities with no history, like Hossaena, Butajira, Dilla even the once sleepy Axum and so are completely changed. You can’t imagine how the 25+ Universities bring the urban environment to their host cities. If you are expecting a disclaimer” I am not saying there are problems”….forget it. Ethiopia have never been on this position, never; and I am excited about it.

      • haile


        “You need energy, cement, skilled labour, foreign currency, financing, a working beaurocracy etc……’

        In some ways you are right, but need to remember that in this time and age, development/progress is free for all. The globalist infrastructures have made it so simple to have a building here or a railway there, with costs are serviced through revenue offset financing. So, believe it or not any country can “develop” materially with simple procedures.

        Ethiopia has two distinctive advantages over Eritrea.

        1. Eritrea’s government has shut shops in 2001 and NO normal economic is permitted in the country. 50% of household consumption is offset through contraband sources as we speak. The faction in control of Eritrea right now has long blocked off the sea, air and land borders from the local people, in a bid to prevent them from conducting any business. Hence, most business pass through contraband and illicit trading.

        2. Eritrea has vocal opposition who are thick with the hatred of Everything Eritrean. The people are effectively polarized and left paralysed from organizing to challenge the regime, because the vocal opposition has effectively bankrupted the idea of “Eritrean Opposition” to mean something dark and negative that has scared of the majority of “normal” citizens (normal as in no personal conflict of interests. A small observation would suffice to illustrate this point.

        If an Ethiopian athlete wins something in world stage, I have never seen an Ethiopian opposition, supporter or what ever who wouldn’t at least modestly express their joy. In fact, the same is the case in the rest of the world, “Eritrean Vocal Opposition” has created an image of being firmly anti-Eritrea and failed to be seen as challenging the regime and advocating for the nation.

        Hence, Eritrea and Ethiopia are two different cases, Ethiopia’s hasn’t blocked off the country, so it is easy to attract a lot of material development in the worled today. Also, if it was to block off the country like what happened to us, it would bring about change, because it is hard to find Ethiopians willing to self destroy as Eritreans aligned to the vocal opposition are doing.


  • Semere Andom–201239199.html

    Hilter girls,were used to taste Hitler’s food before he enjoyed it. Our Hitler version secretes will be unearthed soon along with mass burials he has hidden in the palins and hils of Eritrea

    • haile

      zfehar hasew bel ember, ztikel dea abey elkayo 🙂

  • yegermal

    DIA’s operatives, starved for positive news, have been inundating the web with news of Prague’s half-marathon in which Zerezebay Tadesse and Amanuel Mesel won first and second place. Congrats deki Erey! But why is mum? Or is it just waiting to ensure that both men will not defect, as many Eri athlete have done in the past 10 years? Susa Alata!

    • Araya

      I don’t know why but your name is bothering me. You cannot come up with any other nick and you must use Amharic? What are you trying to tell us? get a name in Tigrigna.

  • Zed

    My condolences to the family of Dr. Beyene Kidane, who was a lifelong tegadalay with the ELF and part of the leadership of ELF-RC later on. I have always differed with him politically but I respect his lifelong commitment to the cause of a free, independent and democratic Eritrea. He paid a tremendous price in terms of sacrificing his family (to the point of abandonment) for the cause that was dear to him. He was a very kind and intelligent man. May God rest his soul.

  • hizbawi

    I cannot help but take a minute and comment on the comparison and assessment of Eritrea and Tigray. First of all there is no a country called tigray. So if you are comparing Eritrea and Ethiopia then there is a major difference. Since most of you are in Diaspora, let me speak your language to make my point.
    Say there are two identical individuals with same background, high school grads back in Africa and came to the USA. One of them got to work and hassled every dollar, worked every add jobs, borrowed money and settled to the so-called of good life with new cars and a few other materials to show for. The other one, instead of working and saving money, stayed poor, stayed with his means, did not borrow money he did was work to survive and he is going to school. The jury is out but that is the exact rout the two countries took. Now, you have been there and you have witnessed it, who do you think fair better?
    Go head say it, don’t deceive yourself just to degrade Eritrea.
    Semere,Aman and Serray I am not ignoring regarding my last post. Just pressing for time.

  • Ali_Efetyake

    Becouse hegdf is too stronge, Isias will stay in power longer, but some of tigrinya tribe wants Isias to resign or leave the job and they can have a good relationship with Weyane and bring back the Ethiopan currency (ber) and blame Isias for the boder war, thats simple thing to do, but Weyane wants tigrinya people first to come to Mekele and clean up toilets, thats rediculous. i think they want eritrean to remember some of the comments they said during the border war.

  • Horizon

    It is unbelievable how far some people would go to show that they are special. They think that they are the jewel in the crown of human creation. Without them human society would have been incomplete.
    Unfortunately, they have nothing to show for that, no great literature, architecture, discoveries, prosperity of their people or anything of the kind. The only thing they can be proud of is half a century of destruction, poverty, misery and humiliation for their people as the result of their actions. In addition, they are good at covering their failures by demeaning other people’s achievements.
    If that makes a people special, let it be so, because it seems that rationality has been lost in shabialand.

  • T..T.

    This weekend’s ILAL surprising findings:
    This weekend’s Dardasha/ILAL continued into Saturday morning. The discussion was tabled at the same place and among old veterans of the Eritrean revolution. It was so interesting that the majority, this time, were listeners to this person who incorporated evidences into his stories. This person was an ex-TPLF cadre, who is known to the Eritrean veterans as Mezzo because he was half Ethiopian (Tegrawai) and half Eritrean. The main focus of the Dardasha was on how the Arabs (say, Qatar) favor Isayas over their brethren Arabs (Sudan and Djibouti).

    Mezzo’s explanation appeared to be credible. He went back to Herman Cohen’s mediation between Mengistu and EPLF to prove his points. Mezzo, in providing part of the Ethiopian narrative/secret details, said the mediation group used to believe that the Ethiopian mezzo ( Meles) and the Eritrean mezzo (Isayas) would be a good start for a harmonious neighborly relationship between the two countries. The relationship was expected to be characterized by improving federal like joint services. But instead, mezzo clarified, Isayas focused on first plundering Ethiopia empty of its resources and then disintegrating it as an overpopulated African empire by dividing it into many states that are ethnically and nationally homogenous. That’s how the TPLF had become more Ethiopian than the rivals Amharas, mezzo concluded.

    The table turned its focus on why Isayas has become or day by day got possessed by devious behaviors. He is already not trustworthy to the countries of the mediation group, as well as to Eritrean, Ethiopians, even to Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda. The table appeared convinced that Isayas will soon get the Arab Gulf states into unguarded surprising moments filled with distrust and hatred. One of the EPLF veterans provided an emphasis saying, “This is the person who betrayed his closest comrades.”

    The table unanimously agreed that the Ethiopian mezzo (Meles) had kind hearts towards Ethiopians and Eritreans because Ethiopians are not racists as the Eritreans are. Eritreans are not welcoming and accommodative enough to foreign nationals or their mezzos in their soil or outside their soil. For Isayas, as mezzo who was born and brought up in such environments, the desire to show superiority and punish those with him and under him could be the cause for his devious behavior. Mezzo brought up’s wedi general ongoing efforts of stripping Eritreans of Eritrean nationality as evidence of how Eritreans turn an Eritrean or a friend of Eritreans into an enemy.

    The table appeared to define Isayas as Kilite Ghetsu (two faced). According to this weekend’s Dardasha, Isayas is found to be appeasing and servile to Arab Gulf states, domineering to his neighboring countries, and slave master to his Eritreans. The veterans traced Isayas’s inconsistency back to those days when he repeatedly dishonored agreements between ELF and EPLF or TPLF and EPLF. Isayas not only conflicted with the capacity to recognize the force and effect of the agreements but claimed never remembered that he signed the agreements. His counterparts in ELF and TPLF used to say that Isayas was full tank (drunk) when he signed the agreement(s) but cadres used to call Isayas as sicko. Now, following Forto-2013, the cadres positions appear to be right that those days Isayas might be having episodes of bipolar disorders. The table appeared to confirm the cadres’ position that Isayas’s leadership was/is bipolar in nature marked by irrationality and inconsistency in its relationship with people and countries. It is believed that Forto operation has sparked soul searching in Isayas as to why he is failing in his endeavors. Should Isayas find out that it is his other personality that was/is failing him and not the G-15, G-13, G-11 or the G-Forto, he might hurt himself or commit suicide.

    • haile


      You talked about “honouring agreements” and forgot to mention the mother of all “dishonoured agreements.” One that has enabled IA, his goons and ex-goons to be relevant beyond their welcome. Ayt’hazuley ember..eza tawla’kum si tawLa amet qolA mesila!

      • T..T.

        Have you ever participated in open discussions with ELF veterans? If you did, for sure you might have seen how they are comfortable to take any questions and how they enjoy their recollection of their past experiences during the revolutionary days. These people, unlike the Isayasts, they don’t hold any residual anger from their past that make them want to take out the anger on the new generation.

  • Papillon

    Dear Haile,

    So much for a diagnosis. It was “opined” when YG was a foot soldier who fell under the irresistible charm of Isaias where YG took the outcome of the war a foregone conclusion as he was ready to celebrate by breaking fast in Meqele and doing lunch in Addis. But of course, YG and others (take a wild guess) turned against Isaias not so much for his otherwise recalcitrant and autocratic behaviour rather because he lost the war. The rest as they say is the hidden factor of time where YG didn’t stop in coming down hard on Isaias, instead he is on a crusade to challenge the very soul of Gedli and the nationhood of Eritrea as well. To be more precise, if Isaias had won the Badme war, YG and others would have been competing against Sofia T. for Isaias’ caressing hand.

    • haile

      nice one Papillon 🙂

    • Salyounis

      Selamat Papillon:

      Check the weather forecast for hell because it might have frozen over: I am coming to the defense of YG:) But fair is fair:

      Your claim that YG is upset at Isaias only because he lost the war, or that he would have competed with Sophia to praise him more, is pure speculation and totally unsupported by facts. Just because you say things with absolute certainty doesn’t make the things you say true–unless you can present even circumstantial evidence for your claim. A more likely scenario is that at the time YG wrote what he wrote, he felt, as many of us did, that Eritrea was just on the verge of taking the first steps towards democracy (it already had a ratified constitution, a free press proclamation) and that the Ethiopians (Weyane) interrupted this process. If you believe that, as I believe YG did, then, you would believe that democracy was around the corner and in a democratic Eritrea with guaranteed free speech, the thing you would do if Isaias had “won” the war was to blast him for stumbling the country into a war and making poor decisions. That is, YG would have blasted Isaias whether Eritrea won or lost the war. Ironically, what you accuse YG of doing (turning against Isaias only because he lost the war) is exactly what he accuses the G-15 of doing. Both of you are mistaken. For the G-15, it would have been much easier to go after Isaias Afwerki if the war had turned out differently. They would have said that the war was won despite his tendency to make arbitrary decisions without consulting anybody and that we can’t take that risk again; he would still have accused them of conspiring with Weyane and that he prevailed despite their efforts: but the public opinion would have been far more forgiving than it was when it was in a state of demoralization and was willing to believe anything.

      I always wince whenever awatistas accuse you of being Ethiopian, from Tigeay, Weyane etc. But let me tell you one thing: during the war, there were myths and urban legends that each side said at the Wahyo (rumor mill) level. Meaning: each accused the other of saying something that there is no record of the accused side saying it. One of the things that the Weyane Wahyo repeated was that Shaebia (or Shabbiya as they wrote it) said that it will have “breakfast in Mekele and lunch in Addis.” The shaebia wahyo version was that Weyane claimed that “Ethiopia would have breakfast in Adi Quala and lunch in Asmara.” But this was said to pump up the soldiers and the true believers: “look how little the enemy thinks of you! Are you going to take that?” But nobody in the Eritrean government, nobody in the Ethiopian government, in fact, nobody with a passing understanding of modern warfare between two large, battle-hardened armies, would say this. It is disturbing to me that you are not even repeating the talking points of Weyane but Weyane’s Wahyo. So, when you repeat that canard, you are harming your reputation for being an intelligent Eritrean woman.*

      And, as I told you in a previous discussion, whenever you are overwhelmed with the urge to take cheap shots, consider this: unless people (Eritreans and Ethiopians) were too young to write in 1998-2000, or didn’t have access to a library computer, they had no excuse for not screaming their opposition to the war REPEATEDLY then and stating their beliefs using their real names. And, if they didn’t, they really have zero moral authority to hector those who did then. YG wrote what he believed, and he wrote it using his first and last name.


      * Incidentally, in case you are wondering why Haile is smiling so broadly, it is because he baited you and you took a big bite.

      • Papillon

        Dearest Sal,

        It sure will be redundant and trite to go all over again and revisit the ghosts of the war or the immediate years after that. The reason I brought it up was simply because YG was never put with in that kind of murky light if you will as he is “celebrated” for the new man in him. Again, it is rather fascinating to see him electing for the Weyanes to intervene in the Eritrean affairs to “handle” Isaias when he was in fact marauding them a decade or so ago with his otherwise sharp pencil. Maybe it was a bad choice of words on my part but it really doesn’t bother me what some of the audiences say for I know what and who I am.


        • Salyounis

          Selamat Papillon:

          With all due respect, none of your “reply” addresses what I wrote. So I will rephrase my questions:

          1. You said: “YG took the outcome of the war a foregone conclusion as he was ready to celebrate by breaking fast in Meqele and doing lunch in Addis.” On what basis did you say this? Did YG say that he expected the war to go that way, “breakfast in Mekele, lunch in Addis”?

          2. You said: “YG and others (take a wild guess) turned against Isaias not so much for his otherwise recalcitrant and autocratic behaviour rather because he lost the war.” How do you know this? How do you know that “YG and others (take a wild guess” would not have criticized the Isaias even if he had won the war?

          3. Just in case people are not confused by any imprecision in what you wrote, you said, “To be more precise, if Isaias had won the Badme war, YG and others would have been competing against Sofia T. for Isaias’ caressing hand.” How do you know this? What is your basis for saying this?

          I would appreciate your direct responses to these questions.


      • haile

        me’Alka saay, (…I can hear” me’Altka tgelbe’T haile” back 🙂 )

        OK it is now that: “unless you can present even circumstantial evidence for your claim” one needs to avoid to “say things with absolute certainty” but instead start with “A more likely scenario is that…”.

        Whereas I can say with absolute certainty that there may be alternative explanations than simply trying to slaughter the woyane in exchange to domestic democratization process.

        The “brilliant” and “courageous” YG was a thinker when he said that:

        ” Like Qine, the main form of poetry in Ethiopia, the language of deception developed in this conflict is Janus-faced, the same linguistic tokens be it script or acoustic are endowed with various literal meanings, mostly in conflict with one another, but yet able to avoid inconsistency because they are tailor-made to fit the ears of various audiences with conflicting agendas. What sounds like clarifications to the foreign cars, it is a call to arms to the domestic audience. What sounds as a border conflict to the mediating outside forces, it is a call to the march to the sea to the masses of Ethiopia. What sounds as matter of principle to a puzzled outsider, it is time for settling old scores to the Amhara and the Tigreans. And the linguistic acrobatics goes on and on.”

        Your good self, endowed with the gift of pushing proposals persuasively, nailed the point, when you said:

        ” But with respect to demarcating the border on the basis of colonial treaties and applicable international law” Eritrea should show ZERO flexibility. No closed-door meetings, no scratch-my-back, I’ll-scratch-yours deals. Nothing. Because we’ve lost too many lives to settle for a messy deal. Because we want to see the day when meles will have to explain why he destroy the lives of tens of thousands of people for a piece of land that he knew was not his.”

        Surely, nothing had changed since then with respect to the factors addressed, except fortunes of those addressing them.

        “A more likely scenario” is that those very advice, when served in practice, may have created a situation for YG and the likes, to dish out yet another form of pontification, only because they think “regime change” is around a corner (much like democracy was thought to be around the corner then).

        One think not clear yet though, how would someone who admits to “unintelligent past” call out to others that they may consider them “unintelligent” should they fail to kow-tow?


      • Ghezae Hagos


        That is cheating brother. That was then; this is now. You can’t bring what people wrote 13 years ago in limited scope (remember it was in the middle of the WAR) and hold it against them NOW. Most Eritreans were portraying the Woyanes in the worst light possible. You can even say YG had the general sentiment of most Eritreans at that time when it comes to the war. There were very few Eritreans who stood up against the war or kept silent. Saleh Gadi for example was one of them to my knowledge. In retrospect, we all who supported the war should have known better.

        Haile, you might as well bring what the ex-ministers (G-15) said to the public about Woyanes during the war; who most could well be six feet under in the hills of Era-iro to buttress your take on the Woyanes. See if that works…

    • haile

      Dear Papillon,

      I have been around here for too long trying preach truth and reconciliation 🙂 and utterly frustrated by those who insist one must their bite their bait and no one else’s.
      Now that I note your ‘intelligent’ status may be revoked and you run the risk of disgraced as Weyane wahyo (not even weyane – they’ve adopted the latter for themselves), let me offer some tactical heads up in spirit of bxaynet. You see I have constantly been told through intermediaries that I am actually PFDJ/secret PFDJista… In fact you are probably, being the honest person that you are, who told me that. The reason it was easy for me to get over it was however because you did it in a normal way or in ways that are to be expected. You disagreed with my take on issues and you DIRECTLY told me what you thought of me as a result. Simple and honest. It is not so with the new breed democrats.

      They would either go like Aman, who would call on everyone on the forum by name to read his comments and tell them that haile is PFDJ. Or like Semere, who would call nobody (despite PG rules on etiquette of opening remarks) and makes public his new found theory on how to sense secret-affections (what’s up with the dude? has he never heard of Bar White Horse.) Or you can be more refined as saay, and place me in postscript (yes, in wia type isolation from the rest of his text).

      What they would not do is tell me directly what they thought, as you did and as it is to be expected. In reality, what this ex-advisers to “the Nazi of Africa” accuse of doesn’t really matter. It is how they do it most important. They are experts in that.

      So, Papillon, watch out “your reputation” may be damaged, by the way there is a new emoticon that identifies big grin as a opposed to normal smiles, the former is used when (I wouldn’t say woyane antsu..Sophia T has nothing to do here) baiting someone (I stress they shouldn’t be confused with a rat!)


    • Kim Hanna

      Dear Papillion,

      That is so right!… We don’t have to look far to produce the written evidence,either. The twisted and tortured logic will be presented, I am sure.


  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam Awatistas,

    I just did a little disappearing act and you guys just covered all the interesting and nostalgic topics I would love to talk for hours staight.If you think my comments on the ‘politics’ are certfiably long, ask me about the topics you lately covered. Movies, Asmara bars and even PFDJ/Issayas Tigrigna. Kndey tihasmu deqey! 🙂

    • Papillon

      Dearest Ghezae,

      You’ve been missed much. The thread on cinema and bars among other nostalgic issues hasn’t died out yet. Your input is greatly appreciated before it gets spoiled by other entries where “tensions” are getting a bit high where the border issue and the Badme war are about to ruin the rather rare moment we had in this forum as we reflect back on our growing up years.


  • Ethiopian

    Dear Papillon,

    I am a Tigrian Ethiopian living in North America. I was born from an Eritrean dad and Ethiopian Mom and grew in Tigray. I really care about the welfare of Ethiopians and Eritreans and I earnestly want peace in the region and want to see my relatives to live peacefully trading and booming economically. Honestly, people like me are the most hurt in the current border impasse. Both governments share a blame for the current situation we are in. Most of all, however, I blame the shaebia government for starting the war, for getting involved in the current body harvest and mayhems in Senai and for the current situation in Eritrea. Most Shaebia fanatics are irrational and idiots. They defend Isaias Afeworki and his generals at any cost. They don’t listen to reasons and independent analysis. They either are incapable of analyzing and sifting the chaff from the wheat or are sellout diehards who kowtow through party line no matter what.

    I made several trips to Ethiopia in the past ten years and I am positively impressed by the kind of change taking place in the country. Change is everywhere: in infrastructure, mentality of the people, and governance. One can breathe change in the air. The biggest change is, however, the fact that the government and people of Ethiopia recognize that POVERTY not shaebia or Kinijit is their number one enemy. Yes, Ethiopia is the poorest of all poor countries, but the government and people have recognized that and are making all efforts to do away with it. That to me is the biggest change. I want the same kind of change in the country of my other half–Eritrea. Shaebia diehards should understand that no one is blaming Eritreans. Eritreans are blameless; the world is blaming your wacko leader. Understand that. And understand that it’s weak and dying. That will be a big part of the healing in the two countries.

    Papillon- Thank you for being rational and standing for the truth. Keep it up sissy.


  • Salyounis

    Selamat Awatista,

    [At this point, I don’t even know how to follow the chronology of the postings (and I feel sorry for the late-comer who is trying to make sense of the disjointed postings.) A recap: We were minding our business talking about Isaias Afwerki’s visit to Qatar, how Shabait didn’t cover it, then the conversation evolved to James Bond, what an Eritrean James Bond would be like, which bars he would go to, how do you say “shaken, not stirred” in Tigrinya. This got us to discussing movie theatres, drinks, restaurant signs in Eritrea. Some psychologist will tell us that those who can’t face the present wallow in the past (nostalgia) or envision the future (dreamers). Hmmmm. I call it light weekend posting.]

    So, to the present; once again, one mail, multiple addresses…

    1. Eritrean Cinemas: Part of the mixed-feelings some Eritreans have towards Eritrean architecture, like our cinemas, is that they were designed for the enjoyment of the colonial power. I read once somewhere that each movie theater in Asmara was designed for a specific Italian class: one for soldiers/officers, one for the upper class, one for the civil servants. There was discrimination even within the Italians. The Italians built one for the natives and it is nothing (I mean NOTHING) like the ones they built for themselves. It is Cinema Hamasien (funny how nobody has anything to say about it) and it was in Edaga Arbi and I can testify that it is a profoundly ugly building. I don’t know why Eritreans feel any guilt about enjoying colonial architecture. It is not like they were built by fascists, like the dozens of hospitals, schools and miles of road the fascists built after they occupied Ethiopia. Have the Ethiopians blown them up yet or are they quietly enjoying them? :)*

    2. God/Allah: I agree, Bitsay Saleh Gadi. I find that infuriating. I think those who write that should be sent to an Egyptian church where they will learn that Allah is Arabic for God. Not sure I would say Egzabheir would be a welcome word for Eritrean Muslims–not from its literal sense, but a cultural sense. If writing in English and you want to bless someone, just say “God bless you.” God is simply the English word for the Almighty and he is multi-lingual. But “God/Allah” is still not as annoying as “followers of the Islamic faith” because at least God/Allah is short. I think the reason people say “followers of the Islamic faith” instead of simply “Muslims” is not only because they think Aslamay/Muslim** is a derogatory term, but because they are trying to show that religion is simply just another identity: see that guy who is a follower of rock music? yeah, that guy who is an admirer of Peruvian cuisine? Yeah, he is also a follower of the Islamic faith. Is he also a “descendant of the Eritrean people” or is he simply “Eritrean”?

    3. SPORTS/RACING: Used to go to Ke.ha.s too, to see Tele practice in the red dirt of Ke.ha.s. 🙂 Can’t talk about car races, but bicycling? Well, since this is Saturday, Salambini, Giovanni, and Jegante were household names in Eritrean cycling. I was too young for Salambini and Giovanni, but I did see Jegante (I don’t even know his Eritrean name): it is one of the few legacies that the PFDJ has built on. There must be something unique about that sport: I have yet to hear of an Eritrean cyclist ask for asylum. It must be the solitary nature of the sport.

    4. MAY 24: Ah, Haile, you are a little out of step if you want us to think of May 24 in April. And thanks but no thanks for the “Haba Haba” invite, that is always followed by one for the road. Will stick to Ginger Ale. True story: on a plane, the guy next to me ordered Jack and Coke but then insisted that the Coke be diet coke. I sure would like to stay fit while I destroy my liver was his message, I think. To each, his own.


    * my way of goading Eyob Medhane here.
    ** Imagine re-writing Ateweberhan Segid’s song “Wedi Quola/Degga” to fit the politically-correct verbiage. “teketelti miemena islmna: tekhetelti miemena christna/natives of the highlands, lowlands/don’t heed advice of the enemy…” Uggggg. Listen here: the lyrics are as timely as they were then. Actually, I think more timely.

    • Abe z mine Wale

      When I see the writing skills in this forrum ,I fell I I don’t belong here You guys/gals are to advanced for me You spent as much time educating your self as I spent working as mine wale I don’t want any body to get bored I will be reading and remain loyal reader Should you find mid spelling no quote and in quote sorry in advance I am using one finger to type on cell phone I don’t review it just send it Why I am writing this Just say nothing quit The person who knows that he does not know is ???
      Jegante’s name I think Tekeste Woldu It was a kind of far place to go watch from where I was Ben as a kid the only one I can go watch was when it was held in Around cinema Roma I thank you for the service you provide I just pass by Asmara Stadium there Are tanks stationed there the game is between Asmara and Giorgis asked to shaw a ticket close TTI no ticket just emotion told no pass to young to attend still young about writing skills AbZelena Lina Fikri Mis HwneT

  • Ali_Efetyake

    Some of you playing politics to cover up the truth and score cheap political points.Behind close doors, the Tigrinya tribe thinks muslims are outsiders and hebasha are the traditional owner of the land secretly destroyed well known red sea Massawa’s islamic history. Lets be honest Isais is a proxy for Tigrinya tribe already laid the foundation for generations to come even you called him the father of the nation,quietly called eritrea a christian country. its obvious churches are the most beautiful buildings in most eritrean cities. That shows the absolute power and influence the tigrinya tribe (hebasha)has over the country and the luxury life they enjoy. Eritrea will stay as its for long time.

    • T..T.

      Ali_Efetyake, if you are from Massawa, why you are mad at Shabia and Isayas and Qatar. I thought the people from Massawa are so far the only loyals and diehards of Shabia and Isayas. Most people from Hamasien, i.e. the closest people to Isayas, already joined the opposition.

  • Wolde Minelik

    Rubish! There is so much hate talk on this site. Don’t you people have something useful to say, something that can heal the wound that has been caused by our unfortunate past? Why poke a stick into a wound? Also why not stop bothering about Ethiopia, and worry about your God forsaken situation and people back home? Leave my beloved Ethiopia alone, will you?!

    By the way.Long live Eritea!

    sic. I am not a weyane, am a proud Amhara/Gojame!)

  • haile


    One way to tell if someone harbors secret affection for TPLF while claiming to be an opposition is their deeply rooted belief that Eritrea will disintegrate and they count on this to redeem TPLF, along the way impeaching the reset of us.

    Woudn’t it surprise you a person who salivates on the opportunity to tell us our young children, right or wrong (we all live in glasshouses…). are nazis and ‘the Hitler Youth of Africa.” Yet gets all shivery and defensive if they sense a comment may cause the disintegration of Ethiopia? Never mind that those are the same people who are working day in, day out to effect the disintegration of Eritrea. Sheepskins don’t work in the current political climate, I say give it up.

    If Ethiopia disintegrates, it will be entirely its own making, and if it doesn’t good for it. The good thing is that we have seen far too many people with alien agenda to be fooled by the inherently biased predictions they peddle.

    A writer I have great respect for once wrote an outline of possible reasons, should peace fail in the HoA as:

    –to issue ultimatums over a minor border skirmish;
    –to escalate the conflict rather than contain it;
    –to bomb a city that houses one-fifth of Eritrea’s population,
    –to pronounce constant and regular threats to teach Eritrea a lesson;
    –to take measures that will increase the enmity between the peoples of the two neighboring countries including attempts at economic strangulation and deportations of naturalized Ethiopians of Eritrean origin;
    –to equate a popular leader and a long time partner with Hitler;
    –to label a long-time strategic ally and partner as “fascist”
    –to misrepresent the Eritrean government position to the world;
    –to “accept” peace deals and break them in the same breath
    –to continuously reject the most important pre-condition to durable peace: cessation of hostilities.
    –To seek the role of king-maker
    The party is the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

    • haile

      BTW the “fascist” and “Hitler” cliché were first coined by the TPLF, as far back as late 1998 or early 1999 soon after the their unsuccessful attempt to cross into Eritrea throgh the Tsorona frontlines. I have no judgement against the writer of my next link. He did say the truth, and as far as I believe consistent with every Eritrean’s appreciation of facts. You can’t help but feel if it wasn’t for the moronic PFDJ, the likes of Mr Semere wouldn’t even had the slightest chance of coming out of the wood to taunt patriotic Eritreans.

      Here is a different take on how TPLF created the current situation, I also believe TPLF is primarily responsible for escalating and the Ethio-Eritrea war to suit its agenda of disintegrating Eritrea. Eritreans are big enough to discern:)

      • haile

        please look @entry #321 🙂