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Destroying HGDEF

At times one wonders if we should say shame on us or shame on HGDEF. As if it is not degrading enough to be spat on, we seem to lack the resolve – and a simple one at that by the way, to even be able to wipe the spit off our faces. How degrading could that be?

Many of us were utterly shocked, as we should be, by the tragedy which unfolded a couple of weeks ago just a stone throw away from the shores of Lampedusa. Over three hundred Eritreans, women and children not spared, perished in the most agonizing of ways, each with their own little story of horrors. Stories which could give any human being the shivers just listen to let alone to experience first hand. 

But then again, so was and still is the fate of many of our folk back home and in the Diaspora – sheer horrors that never seem to end. So was and still is our story of the past twenty or so years – the story of enslavement, tortures, kidnappings, murders, rapes, organ trafficking and all kinds of macabre atrocities – the stuff that horror movies are made of. At times even too surreal to contemplate that such atrocities could ever be inflicted on humans in this day and age when even beasts let alone humans are accorded the rights which protect them against abuse and deprivation of the necessities of life.

This has been going on for far too long now – way too long and sadly enough without any respite, however short-lived that respite might have been. A day doesn’t pass by without us being inundated and overwhelmed with these horror stories.

But to our shame, yes our shame – we seem to have gotten used to abuse so much so that our tormentors are taking our inaction for granted now. They don’t even bother to test our resolve anymore; they don’t flinch or think twice in almost any atrocity they want to commit against us.

As the adage goes (though with a bit of a tweak here), “poke me once shame on you, poke me twice shame on me” we seem to have resigned to our fate as if we are under some kind of a spell. How else could we take all the abuse, the indignities and the utter disrespect hurled at us and all the horrific crimes committed against our people – how could we take it all and then expect for change to come?

How is it that we expect change to come anyways? Through getting bogged down in silly and endless abstract discourse? By chatting with delinquents?

Now this is not self-loathing by any stretch of the imagination; it is not defeatism, desperation or helplessness – not at all. It is rather a call, a candid call for action that it is indeed time for the end game. The battle lines were already drawn for quite sometime now – there are those of us who want change and then there are those who don’t. There is nothing else in between.   

And the first prerequisite for the final showdown is that we can’t be bothered with those who don’t want change – those chauvinist bigots of the n’hna nsu crowd which HGDEF conveniently uses as buffers.

Like I said before, these people can only be contained by defeating and destroying the system they worship and idolize – the system they draw their strength and inspiration from. Take away HGDEF and they will turn full circle to play by the rules. Let’s not even bother putting them in the equation at this point in time. The World is replete with the examples and stories of such crowds and how they are allotted their spaces to practice their prejudice but obey the law of the land and work within its limits at the same time.          

So if we want to effect change – immediate change which could bring an end to our collective misery, we need to concentrate on one thing and one thing only – destroying HGDEF. If this is adopted as a policy by the aggrieved and is given the urgency and the focus it deserves – there are many ways through which such a policy could be put to action. Here is a modest approach – one of many ways to skin the cat, so to speak: 

Let’s start with one thing most of us seem to agree on, if we ever agree on things that is – which is how miniscule this HGDEF establishment is. They number a couple of hundred at the most, give or take a few of thugs. Just a couple of hundred for crying out loud, of marauding bandits running havoc in a nation of five to six million people. A nation that paid dearly and sacrificed so much not only to be independent but also to be free.

Think about it again for a minute, all the grief, the carnage and the agonizing torment inflicted on our people and which has been going on for over twenty years and counting, is the work of only a couple of hundred of blood-suckers in our midst that we don’t seem to be able to shake off our lives. 

Well, something doesn’t jive here. Either the HGDEF establishment is indeed colossal and invincible as it claims to be, however laughable this may sound or we as its victims have miserably failed in recognizing its weakness. It can’t be both – it has to be either or.

And obviously it is the latter because HGDEF’s dubious façade and its myth of invincibility were long shattered to pieces, thanks to the stupid and devastating wars it had instigated by itself – wars it could never win. In fact, it is so weak that it can’t even stop its arch enemies from answering nature’s calls in its backyard right under its nose as we have seen it happen so often. There isn’t a damn thing it can do about it other than squawking about border demarcation ad nauseam.            

HGDEF’s weaknesses are many but three in particular stand out as its most vulnerable soft spots:

(1) As indicated above and as argued for many times in this column, HGDEF doesn’t have the numbers. Planning to destroy a bunch of bandits and skunnis need not be like preparing for operation Barbarossa. In other words, given its numbers, HGDEF can be done with in a very short period of time. And there is no shortage of men or material to do this by the way – all it needs is focus and a little re-organization as shown further down in this article.

(2) HGDEF doesn’t have an army. If it did, it would have never stopped its stupid war campaigns even if done just to stay relevant. Its propensity for aggression would have never been tamed as it has been for years now. If HGDEF had an army that it could rely on, it would have never spent what little it has in resources on watching 24/7 through a labyrinth of spy-enforcer network with shoot-to-kill orders, the hundreds of thousands of conscripts from abandoning and fleeing their posts. In short, HGDEF can not wage a war – any war. It is that weak.

(3) Notwithstanding the aforementioned, if there is one thing which could be cited as HGDEF’s weakest point – its Achilles Heels if you will, then it is this. HGDEF doesn’t have a power succession process in place. There is no hierarchy of power to speak of. It doesn’t have any state or public institutions which can function independently and without the daily stream of directives and decrees coming from the bloody dictator himself.

Do away with the dictator and the whole thing would come down crushing like a house of cards in no time. This is what a former U.S ambassador to Eritrea was referring to when he described the PFDJ regime as “only a bullet away from crumbling”.

The whole HGDEF phenomenon, however bloody it turns out to be, is a one time pet project of a sick and a disturbed thug who thinks he could shape a people’s destiny to his sick and bigoted whims. There is no continuity to it – it is more of a single-use disposable tool. The dictator himself confirmed this when said that he couldn’t imagine an Eritrea beyond his rule or something to that effect.

With a target so self-defined for god’s sake, how could anybody lose focus? Why would anybody keep shooting in the dark?  

What more could one ask for in an enemy that is barely alive – an enemy that neither has the threat of size nor the support and allegiance of the rank and file – an enemy which by its own admission has no survival plan – any plan that will help it survive a direct blow – What more could one ask for in an enemy? Saying not much is even an understatement. Identifying your enemy’s weaknesses helps you narrow down your target. With your target set, you just aim and destroy your enemy – period.

But the question still remains – Who will be in a better position to destroy HGDEF? Who will bell (preferably strangle) the proverbial cat, so to speak?

Three scenarios come to mind – there could be more. (1) A rebellion by the conscript army (2) Intervention by foreign forces and (3) An attack by the armed opposition groups. Let’s just briefly review the pros and cons of each scenario.

(1)   An armed rebellion by the conscript army could destroy HGDEF in a flicker. By sheer numbers alone, the conscripts could overwhelm HGDEF thugs in no time. Not only that, but as they hail from every corner of the country, the conscripts could also serve as a strong stabilizing factor in the immediate aftermath of HGDEF’s destruction.

This however didn’t escape HGDEF – not for a second. That is why it has invested heavily and uses whatever meagre resources it has left on a spy-and-enforcer network and a corrupt officer corps led by bloody warlords to keep close tabs on the conscript army.

For any armed rebellion to be successful planning is crucial and likewise, for any planning to be conducted, the flow of information is critical. How HGDEF embeds its informers within the ranks of the conscript army with the sole purpose of sniffing out any semblance of dissent makes it difficult if not impossible for any information to permeate without being detected.

That’s why with the exception of FORTO-2013 and the armed uprising in Eastern Akele Guzai which preceded it, we don’t see that many attempts by the conscript army to carry out full scale armed rebellions against the HGDEF establishment.

Except for a few flare-ups here and there where the conscripts mow down some corrupt officers in utter desperation and then sadly take their own lives, the only other recourse available for them is to flee their posts at extreme perils to their lives. This is all about the dissent they can show at this point unless of course they get hold of a SPARK – a spark which could set the motion in place to help them connect with each other to destroy HGDEF. Until that happens though, this scenario will just be a pending approach.

(2)   There are some among us who believe that a foreign armed intervention, say by Ethiopia or the West even if by proxy would destroy HGDEF and thus solve most if not all of our problems. This assertion is flawed on two grounds. First and foremost, it is a non-starter – because neither the Ethiopians nor the West would be willing to be drawn into an internal conflict of another country that doesn’t pose an immediate threat to them. They will be content with the lessons they taught HGDEF so far. 

This is particularly more so for the Ethiopians who have the PFDJ dictator cornered for the last 15 years in the exact same spot they wanted him – yes for 15 long years and the freak couldn’t even move an inch in their direction. They will ignore him as long as he behaves and as long as he dutifully observes the humiliating surrender terms they set for him the last time he tried his luck.

Secondly, even if a foreign armed intervention takes place by some fluke – the end result may not always be in congruence with the ultimate wishes of the Eritrean people. There is always a price tag attached to such interventions, nothing comes for free. And if history has ever taught us a thing or two over the decades past – then it is the heavy price we paid for what was ours in the first place due to foreign interventions which collectively conspired against us.

So in short, this scenario is a non-starter – sort of a pie-in-the sky dreamer. It is a dead approach.     

      (3)     That leaves us with only one scenario – that of the armed opposition groups.

But these ones in turn come with their own set of problems. The most misunderstood groups in the entire Eritrean political arena – these armed opposition groups have been hacking it for as long as HGDEF was on the scene. 

If an attacking army’s success rate is measured by how much ground it takes back from its enemy, then these armed opposition groups could be discounted as complete failures. But if the success rate is measured by how each group sticks to its war strategy – then even a lay person could notice that it is exactly what they are doing – sticking to their war strategy.

And their strategy calls for a protracted war of attrition, chipping on HGDEF bit by bit. This suggests two things: (1) that they are in for the long haul, and (2) they intend to be there when HGDEF finally succumbs to its wounds.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw in this approach is that it does not take into account the urgency that is needed to mitigate the horrific daily carnage which the Eritrean people are being subjected to. At the going rate of savagery inflicted on the people and by the time HGDEF succumbs to such a strategy, there may not be a nation to be had.    

So if HGDEF is to be destroyed – and destroyed immediately that is, there is this loop that needs to be closed. It starts with the armed opposition groups. As we are all aware, these groups have often been ridiculed and scoffed as too weak and too few to be taken seriously.

But if one watches closely that doesn’t seem to bother them at all – because they know all too well that their ranks will inevitably swell to the brim when (and if) the conscript army breaks up. The idea being hanging on tight to their banners for now would  guarantee their presence in any future dialogue in which ALL Eritreans sit down to agree on a new national covenant.    

If I may digress a bit here, little did HGDEF know that when it emptied all the towns and villages of the country through its forced conscription policy that it was actually creating a double-edged sword which would cut short its despicable chauvinist agenda – but that is a subject for another day.

So attempting to bring the armed opposition groups together at this point in time to form a unified military force by having them abandon their raison d’être is definitely doomed to fail as it did over the years past. They may work together, co-operate or conduct joint operations – but abandon their banners, they will not. According to them, the nation’s wounds are just too deep to be dressed up at this point. They figure, trust is not something that can be preached, decreed or legislated. It emanates from and is reciprocated through deeds – honest deeds.

The only ray of hope here is that, despite their divergent views and outlooks, all these armed opposition groups converge on one core issue; they all want HGDEF destroyed immediately. This may sound like a catch-22 quagmire for some but in actuality it could be a good starting point in destroying HGDEF.

What these armed opposition groups could do is contribute some of their best fighters and intelligence personnel to help create an elite national task force unit (remember 1 single unit – not another organization) which would be mandated with the execution of one single task within a specified timeline. The unit’s task would be the immediate destruction of HGDEF in a top-down operation by bringing to justice or bringing justice to (all the same) the few than two hundred bandits who are responsible for the horrific misery which the Eritrean people have been subjected to over the past twenty or so years.

Such a task force unit would not be bogged down in unnecessary combats and firefights with the conscript army but rather would rely on stealth, speed and intelligence (readily available) to conduct its operations with deadly precision.

Many others like exiled ex-conscripts, veteran fighters, all other political and public organizations and the public in general could contribute with a wealth of information, intelligence, financial and moral support and even active participation if need, be to help with the  immediate creation of such a national task force unit.

As argued for many times before in this column – HGDEF’s destruction works best in a top-down operation. With clear-cut and well defined targets, the unit’s mission couldn’t be made easier. Also its dependence on logistics would be minimal as it would not be necessary for it to engage in full scale combats. Another plus, the ever controversial outside sources of financing would not be required in this case because for such a limited operation – Eritreans themselves could afford to foot the bill.    

With the creation of the national task force unit, the armed opposition groups would be able to keep their banners until such time there is a true national dialogue between all the stake-holders of the nation to enter into a new and equitable national covenant. That was their snail-pace strategy all along anyways, but this time around they wouldn’t need to fake it anymore. They wouldn’t also come under pressure from members of the public to have them enter into forced marriages that don’t always last.

As for the conscript army inside the country, the national task force unit would be a godsend as it would provide the SPARK that was missing all along. With enough HGDEF thugs decommissioned and their spy and enforcer network in tatters – the conscript army could break free from HGDEF’s grip and make its final move to finish the job. Not only that but it will also play a crucial role in stabilizing the country as stated before.

So without any further ado, let’s all take this as a call to contribute our level best in whatever way it is that we feel comfortable and able to make this initiative a reality. We can only work with what we have – and truth be told, we have enough men and material to effect immediate change. Not only that, but we also have the legal and moral high ground for this initiative. It falls within our inherent right to self-defence.

The outpouring of grief and rage at the calamities facing our people as was evident over the last couple of weeks and as we have seen it happen many times over the years are only natural reactions because after all we are only humans.

That said though, running high on emotions alone won’t do the job of emancipating our people from this horrifying bondage they find themselves in. It is time to take action.


HGDEF’s Layered Buffers

The suck and blow crowd – those who want change tailored to their musings.

The fear-mongering crowd – those who preach that change will only lead to chaos and blood shed

The cult freaks – Those who say that there is no alternative (for the dictator) to be had.

A simple observation: You can talk to these crowds until you turn blue, you can never win them over. Alternatively, you can destroy HGDEF and you will see that they will be the first ones to sing Kumbaya.

Belated Eid Mubarak to you all. Kul’Am Wa-antum B’kheir.


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  • David Amaha

    Why do they care so much about Eritre when they have human rights abuse inside the so called the free world please people think of the kids who are born in the west will they be free??
    Eritrea is and will be fore ever FREEEEEEEEEE

    • jonas

      If the west was not ” relatively” free comparing to Eritrea , Eritreans would not be dying to reach it’s shores. Of course there is refuge apathy in the west which makes it hard for Eritreans to feel welcomed but given the circumstances Italians are treating Eritreans better than Isayas treated them in their own country . If life wasn’t better in the west you wouldn’t be writing this comment living in a western country. The only note to make is the journey to Israel is treacherous and not worth it. It is sad to say it is a journey from one hell to another hell , in that case the hell you know ( Eritrea) might be a better choice.

  • Abinet

    Dear papillon ,I always enjoyed your comments .specially this one .thank you . You give hope for the hopeless .you are amazingly talented.God bless you .

  • Abinet

    Dear papillon , I agree with . Meles put the ethiopian economy on overdrive .it all started after the war (i call it our independence war of 1998).look where Eritrean economy is going . It has been on reverse for so long that it needs engine and transmission overhaul . New people,new policy,new ( humble ) beginning .no Singapore ,German ,or any country for that matter .just be yourself .

    • Papillon

      Dear Abnet,

      Our respective politics is intertwined to the extent and sadly I might add that one can not talk about Eritrea with out having Ethiopia for an index and the same goes for Ethiopia as well. However, as much as the geographical proximity is an asset, given the shared history and common destiny, healthy competition should be encouraged.

      As this stage however, Eritrea for obvious reasons is not looking good. But this doesn’t mean that Ethiopia should be patted on the back if her significant stride is taken to score points against Eritrea. Simply because, unless the fundamental institutions are solidified and adopt to any prevailing changes, they (institutions) will be exposed to a political decay (read: Samuel Huntington). Moreover, Eritrea’s shiny days will come. That is a done deal for the basic reason that, her human capital under a responsible and accountable government will make miracles. It is just a matter of time.


  • Gebre

    My Dearest Brother Mussie,

    You are absolutely right! I deeply apologize to you. You definitely are not the real Mussie I have had in mind. Now everything is pieced together. You are completely clean and vindicated.

    Imagine I had a physical meeting with you, my dearest brother, in Asmara or in Addis Ababa, all peace and harmony restored between the two countries.

    Mussie, my new Mussie, Wish you every success in life with Eritrea’s dignity and sovereignty intact.

    • Mussie

      Dear Brother Gebre,

      Apologize is accepted and I wish you the best as well.

  • said

    Atto Mussie
    Maybe in your imagination and in your eyes, Eritrea exist as paradise in earth, Most Eritrean and for those 300 soul who drowned off the Italian island of Lampedusa ,they were running and escaping hell on earth and they are your fellow brothers and sisters ,but for those families who lost their dear children in Mediterranean sea, it is life time sadness, grief and deep sorrow. Eritrea is hell on earth by any human standard , young people are leaving and paying heavy price with their lives keep adding and adding to the Eritrea refugees numbers to this some 41,000 have sought refuge in Israel, 90,000 in Ethiopia and hundreds of thousands in Sudan. And all this awful misery is in your imagination and fantasy Eritrea is peaceful and safe for its people who are facing death daily in bases on their homeland. Just one index tells you all GDP per person is only $500, is lowest by sub-Saharan African standard and Eritrea it is the most economically backward country.
    The reality and main reason for the unprecedented mass risky flight that is nonstop growing, the number of Eritreans feel they are living in a big prison camp, rivalled or equal only by North Korea. Without any freedom and rights protected .your laky to be one of the Diaspora, but rest all males up to the age of 50 have to do national service on slave and starvation wages in an army whose senior ranks are cruel, brutal, heart less and deeply corrupt. Not even fathers and grand fathers are left alone, up to the age of 65 men must continue to serve for periods every year in the senseless militia “popular army”, even though life expectancy hovers at only 60.
    Many fled after years of national services in the army, knowing no date for their release.
    Your beloved dictator Isaias Afewerki, who acts as a “one-man state”, head of state, commander-in-chief of the armed forces and chairman of the ruling party, DIA is virtually the only decision-maker in the government. Almost nothing gets done without his nod. But for the Vast majorities of Eritrean still live in penury and unspeakable inhuman misery. Their god given rights Have being curtailed the Freedom of movement, speech, religion and assembly have all completely decimated. Eritrea at the bottom of Africa’s worst performers in political participation and human rights, according to the Mo Ibrahim index of African governance. As the index has repeatedly shown, countries that do well in political participation and human rights also tend to do well in economic development. And democracy is the best guarantor of peace, which is the best foundation for growth.

    • Mussie

      Atto Said,

      You seems to directly mimic my Old former friend of mine Dan Connell from Boston.

      • said

        You are deliberately, obviously and knowingly blind to this Eritrean great suffering, a catastrophic ,miseries and continuous tragedy made up of your kind people that supporters regime and after all this two decades suffering you remain blind to the obvious and clear cut evidence of regime cruelties , even today you are making an excuse for DIA ? At least i do not mimic DIA?

  • Horizon

    Dear ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም,

    There should be a beginning and an end to everything, and this encompasses the suffering of our people. We in the West have the luxury to wait another fifty years until things change for peoples of the horn by some sort of natural process. We have nothing to lose. However, those whom we have left behind are imploring us to stand on their side for a better day. They are tired of living in fear, hunger, disease, humiliation and hopelessness, and that is why our young are taking desperate measures that costs them their lives. They are looking for redemption.
    Nobody has the right to carry ethnic, group or partisan politics on the back of the poor people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. All our people want is peace, bread, schools, hospitals and generally a decent life, as we have secured for ourselves and our families living in the West. Our governments (especially the Eritrean government) have failed to provide them with these fundamental necessities; and the opposition up to now has shined with its incompetence, both on the Ethiopian and Eritrean side.
    Two generations have been sacrificed and we are going for the third. When is this madness going to stop? This is what everybody should ask and find a solution before things get out of control.
    It is my opinion that there are many Eritreans who are afraid of peace (you might not believe it, but I think that it is true), because they believe that peace would undermine Eritrea’s independence, as long as independence has been formed on everything anti-Ethiopian. They are afraid that rapprochement and cooperation of these brotherly/sisterly people would dilute the fervor for independence and sovereignty. Therefore, this is one of the reasons the people of Eritrea has been made a hostage.
    Eritrean officials and supporters of the regime are complaining of the “no war no peace” situation as the cause of Eritrean problems. Let us say that Ethiopia is exploiting it, which I believe she is. The Eritrean regime can make it ineffective if it wants, provided that it is not using it in its turn for its own ulterior motive. Declaring that the border has been virtually demarcated and Ethiopia has accepted it in principle and fighting for the issue on political and international forum, and even negotiating on the details of implementation, demobilizing the greatest part of the army and engaging itself in development would make the “no war no peace” situation ineffective. Do you think that Ethiopia would exploit the partial demobilization of the Eritrean armed forces? I do not think so. DIA is afraid of showing weakness to the opposition not to Ethiopia, because he knows very well that he is weak before Ethiopia, and there is nothing he can do by himself. He is afraid of the opposition and the people, and that is the main reason he keeps a large army.
    As much as the opposition is concerned, if I am right, the author is putting too much weight presenting them as a solution for the Eritrean problem. Theoretically yes, but practically no. Ethiopia as a solution is a no-starter, and there remains the armed forced of Eritrea. Without the participation of the Eritrean armed forces, it is my opinion that there would be no solution. If the opposition is going to help, it should find a way to change the allegiance of the Eritrean armed forces, from protecting DIA to that of standing on the side of the people. In addition, Eritreans must make a choice between DIA and Eritrea, and they should stop believing that DIA is Eritrea and Eritrea is DIA. Nobody is irreplaceable.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      I don’t mean we should not work for our poeple and wait and see. I mean hope should remain with us always and we should not count on “governments” like pfdj. but don’t expect change so fast. you see what if one group comes and destroy pfdj? the question is, is the root couse removed?

      I can see you want change. I am in hurry too but what type of change do we need? I don’t think and i don’t want to see my country to become busy of small things like the boarder issue. I want to see a country that owns a government that is matured and can see ahead. and that can’t be created just in a night. we have a lot of damaged minds to be repaired.

      the sufferings you see today are not today’s problem. that is an old problem only part of the result is around. today’s problems may come still in the future and that is what we are after. we need to solve todays problems. we need the prepair our minds.

    • Nitricc

      I am going to save this one lol
      ” DIA (dedicated Isaias Aforki) is affried to show weakness to the opposition”
      You must be poletical analyst from Dedebit 🙂
      OMG, PIA loughs his head of whenever any one mentions The Eritrean oppositions.
      Please give me a break.
      We want be here if we there was worthy fear and respect oppositions. Because your government is paying them, don’t be mistaken for anything else.

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        anta Nitricc hawey zeytmHrena. wey gud!!!

  • Nitricc

    Sal came up with term Haile the great and the herd are all over it. They never come with thier own idea or new term. Papillon think for your self. When SAAY coin the term Haile the great, sal was expressing what he thought of Haile. I bet you you oppose PFDJ because SAAY and Haile do so.
    People think for your self. How is it possible any one can be great while being a member of Eritrean opposition? Impossible.
    Greatness is not you shout the same freaking old dictator is dictator that, greatness is facing the issue head on and coming with solutions and new ideas.
    Aren’t you guys tired?

    • Papillon


      Jealousy in the air? Well the difference between you including Meron and us is when we dissent Sal doesn’t throw us into a dungeon. If we hold him accountable, he would fight for the ideals he stands for in a democratic spirit. If we commit an offence, we are not guilty till we are proven otherwise in a court of law. I could go on but your otherwise PFDJ-infested-and-messed-up-mind won’t get it.

      ሐፍትኻ (Sorta).

      • Nitricc

        Paplion my point is you guys call us blind followers but look at you guys. Everyone is calling Haile the great because SAAY said so. No one challenged Sal for calling Haile the great. Everyone is following Sal blindly 🙂
        You see who is following blindly who?
        I am the only person I questioned Sal and I went on to say no one should be dabbed great any one who belongs to the Eritrean opposition:) no one.
        You guys in the oppostion keep telling us PIA is a dictator, well if he is, then some one must boost his ego by dabbing him as a great, This is a fertile ground to creat problems.
        Now, Paplion tell me why Haile is the great? You have no answer. You see that what I am talking about.
        Where is Haile anyways 🙂

        • Nitric,

          He is “great” on his debating skills. All are not equal in debating skills despite they could be knowledgeable in certain areas of studies or specialists. Why does this (great) freak you….while people have different talent. Saay acknowledge his skill in debating and called him great. Many of us concur Sal’s reading on him. Show us your talent in any area of knowledge we will call you “Nitric the great.” The great is not reserved for haile only. I hope this will be clear to you.

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Your ego is as big as your boss! Slow down, this is a debate forum. When People refer Haile as Great Haile it is based on his enourmous brain in bringing and processing information on vast areas and updating all followrs of with a tremendious speed and accuracy with out loosing his human nature.

          So dont worry mr dilute-acid this is not election. Before eleciton there would be a transitional government where people like you will have a chance of getting time for reflection. And in that transitional government great Haile would be the information minster according to his talent and by that time you are already acid free water where you dont need an informaiton misnter who needs shooting neither standing nor kneeling down.

        • zegeremo


          They are YG and Meles worshipers,please don’t bother.


          • Papillon


            Mediocrity as they say is a plague. We shouldn’t look far enough when you and Nitric are inflicted with it. And we have extraordinary men. Men who defy mortality as they leave a larger than life legacy where their indelible print is inscribed for generations not only to see but to aspire to as well.

            Meles the giant is an epitome to that effect. The testament speaks for itself. Bygone are the days the country he led with in the last twenty three years where a famished toddler is a poster child no more. The economy is booming. The people are at peace. The younger generation is looking forward with a sense of optimism as the future is promising. What else a leader can hope for even when he is not around anymore? I won’t expect you to reflect on the rhetorical question for obvious reasons.

          • Nitricc

            Zigeremo, don’t start papillon. She will lecture you how Meles the democrat and visionary was. Paplion cares more for Ethiopia and the dead dictator. Trust me.
            I don’t know why she pretend though.

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            Zegermo, we can not worship two gods.

    • haile

      Papillon – Thanks and never mind Nitricc, he thinks it is odd that we all can be great people because he normally looks at us from the skies aboard his flight cabin and is used to seeing only little people from that distance. He needs to come down to the ground to truly appreciate how everyone is unique and great in their own ways:)


      Your argument that we lack plans and hence should stick with what we have is borne out of an unrealistic views we hold as people. You think that THE ONLY way to oppose a leader who thinks he is THE ONLY leader that can be is by having THE ONLY plan that you can agree with. Some people in the opposing camp think THE ONLY problem is IA and others think THE ONLY solution is sitting it out.

      We need to correct our “THE ONLY” malaise into “MANY WAYS”. So, that we can appreciate that there are MANY WAYS we can move forward and MANY WAYS we can play a role to make our collective aspiration a reality and MANY WAYS we can choose leaders and MANY WAYS we can develop plans into the future.

      Your expectations from those trying to oppose the regime on behalf of the Eritrean people who are facing distressing levels of crisis reminds me of a small talk I was having with an Eritrean friend of mine. He engages in small level car sales business. Basically he purchases vehicles from auctioneers and makes the necessary repairs for them and seles them to what he refers “habesha” customers (that I assume Eritrean and Ethiopian). And once I asked him how his business was going and he said he is never encouraged to sell his cars to “habesa”. I asked what his problem was and he said that when ever they buy they expect that the freaking car would run for eternity, also if anything happens to it say six months later, they call me to complain about the sale. He said that had they bought it from mainstream dealers (not habesha), they go to fix them and never go back to complain to the western dealer who sold it to them. He said that they were so unfair and unreasonable in their expectations when it comes to their own.

      The reason IA should go is so that the miseries of the Eritrean people as we come to know them (oppression and mass exile) to come to an end. What would happen to you once you are free is your responsibility to help to create. No one would give you guarantees of eternal well being and tranquility. That depends on what we do collectively. Many oppositions have their own plans but that has to come through legitimate process to peoples choices.

      But let me give you my plans for you in a free and democratic Eritrea. I plan that you become the man you deserve to be. Nitricc, a diaspora Eritrean of great skills and knowledge in your field of Air Force, to have substantial connections with your native country. Where you lead the way in skill, knowledge and technology transfer to better the quality of air defense system in Eritrea. To conduct seminars, educational workshops, organize exchanges of students and trainers, be a highly regarded Eritrean/adopted country dual citizen who is looked up by peoples of both his countries. A creative leader in your field for the betterment of many in your native and adopted countries. I plan for Nitricc to be the great person that he should be and truly amazing individual who is a blessing to all. IA wants you to be Nitricc the little man, who works off his true calling, with nothing to offer other than argue and put down his fellow country men and women he disagrees with (on irrelevant issues), he wants you to be like just the way you are ( an empirical formula of an acidic byproduct). Removing IA would usher a world of adventure, satisfaction and blessing to many for you, a truly unshackling you from this dreadful situation that you are caught in.

      Don’t be like the customers of my car trader friend, don’t expect you future from people you still have to meet. It is in you hand, take it and run with it 🙂


      PS. By the way MG has got me totally mixed up with someone else. I actually admitted this to a commenter Dawit long a go, I am a Statistics guy.

    • Nitric [xxxxx],

      In your earlier comment in response to Saay, you have said “The problem is the government has created a system and the government wants the people to fit on to that system. And the people are resenting the very system created by the government and as a proof of that you are witnessing the mass exodus.” Now Nitric let us start with your words of acknowledgement as quoted here: If the Eritrean people do not like the system he installed to our society, wouldn’t the regime be open to a new system the Eritrean people will be comfortable with? If you believe on that why don’t call yourself and become an agent of change and heed your challenge against the regime? Let alone to propose an alternatives, didn’t he rejected the call of his colleagues (called reformers) just to have a meeting and evaluate the outcome of the war? Aren’t all who questioned his wisdom are thrown into a jail without due process to stand in the court of justice? What kind of justification do you need to stand against his an unruled action of injustice? If the Eritrean people rejected his system (your own words) do you have to stand with people or with man who wants to dictate the will of our people? Nitric you are young and your generations have lost every essence of life and are flocking out of the country out of hopelessness. You own them to stand with them. Do not stand on the wrong history. And here is my unsolicited advice: Take a vacation for few days from the Eritrean politics, have a peaceful place to hear your inner voice attentively, engage in introspective with yourself to observe and analyse. I am sure you will come at different conclusion. Just try this thought process your inner voice will tell the right thing. Come to the plight of your people to understand the cause and effect of the plight. It is all self-imposed and self-inflicted system brought to the current fate of our people.

      Amanuel Hidrat

  • Papillon


    Haile Z Great has taken a day off. I am filling in for him.

  • said


    Nimet El-Hayat,” the “Bless of Being Alive.”
    Yes, true, we all have our down moments which by itself invites strange thoughts, yet, once we look out and see beauty in everything that’s standing and everything that moves, we realize that’s too meant for us ; not owning it in the narrow possessive sense of exclusive entitlement, nevertheless, lying openly before our sight, it’s too, equally ours.
    Plush greenery, the ubiquitous sunlight at the breaking of the dawn, near sunset and in the heart of the day; the vibration of a world in motion, humans people of all colors and shape wandering around, all remind you that this is, in actuality, is your world, what a wonderful world; that we are alive; that the gift of living is seeing and feeling around, feeling blessed that being in full possession of the full faculties of the sensory perception and more, you are blessed; vous êtes; eres , Sie sind donc,Vous’exist.
    Seeing existence in the eyes of the Divine, suddenly dawns on our souls the secret, the joy and the deep meaning of existence: livening the moment fully wrapped up in the bless of the Within, as the Without, in all its varied expressions and manifestations is the continuum of what lies within, the beauty of the mind and the soul, the primordial custody of the Divine.
    The continuous recreation of life is living the beauty in its absolute and ubiquitous expression in the fulfillment of a Grander Purpose communicated to mortals’ in the silence of the spirit, the attuned intuition of a cleansed heart, the whispers of the Divinity in the majestic silence of the soul.
    Let us brush the cacophonies of the ego to connect with the broader Eritrean diverse and the universe to render us humans, you and us, embraced with the spirit in our utter humility as the One and Whole.
    The stars in the sky twinkle with the smiles of the promise of tomorrow; of the light of the sun of the breaking of the dawn; the enchanting melodies of the robins trotting the pinnacles of the trees; the breeze of the sea flirting with the roses, the iris and violets; are reminders: it is a wonderful word.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      dear Said,

      wow, everyday you are shining. keep it up.

      • said

        I’m grateful for your kind words

  • belay

    Ayte L.T,you crawled like a baby,started coltef tef talking,nobody took you seriousley  to begin with , never the less Awatistas spent relatively longer  time on your comment, trying to unlock what was in there,mostly with no success.But,L.T,you have quality,a quality of yours is ,you never give up.your persistence for attention,finally paid of. Now the man.Your mystrey is in starting issues and delibratly getting them wrong or fail for clarity.i think you are better of starting your own speakers corner,for peopl who can’t understand each other,then every body is a winner,of their own ideas.  good luck L.T.the great.

  • Yemane Johar
  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    Dear Hayat,

    join me in Jebana page and enjoy reading…..ኣውንታውነቱን መኽሰባቱን………

    wishing you sound health and peace of mind.

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    ድርቅና ኢስያስ ኣፈወርቂ ምስ ሊጅ ገደላ ይመሳሰል
    ኣብ ከባቢ ላስታን ላሊበላን year 1210 ( ኣገዉ ምድር ) ዝትወለዔ ዓለታዊ ጥፍእ ሓንቲ ኣደ ንክልተ ደቃ ሒዛ ንመራጉዝ ናብ ደግያት ድዑቡል ዓዲ ሓውያ ከደት። ንክልተ ደቃ ሊጅ ገደላን ሊጅ ኣመተጂርን ካብቲ ዓለታዊ ጥፍእ ከተድሕኖም። ድሓር እቲ ንእሽቶ ሊጅ ኣመተ ጂር ኩነታት ስለ ዝሃድኤ ናብ ኣዲኡ ተመልሰ። አቲ ዓቢ ሊጅ ገደላ ግን ምስ ቶም ደግያት ከም ሃጋዚኦም ኮይኑ የነበር ነበረ። አንተኾነ ናታ እንኮ ጋሎም ብዘይ ፍቃድ ኣጥነሳ።መትፊኡ ዲማ ኮነ። አቲ ውላዱ ምስ ኣበየ ስልታን ሓዘ። ንሱ ኢዩ ድማ ንዓዲ ሓዉያን ነቶም ዓሌት ቶም ደግያት ዘጥፈኤ።
    “ዝኣቱ እምበር ዝወጵእ የለን” these poisoned with elephant bill quickly thrown to the deadly cliff about 600feet down so these new arrival guests could not see the victims. the elephant bill was added to Swa you know people loved Swa and Lij Gedela son was the inventor. The empire Tembiens were well chemists of such poisons of elephant bills but they were not responsible they may sold it to the son of Lij Gedela – it is business. you can go and buy anything from stores so your intention is yours and the store is not responsible.

  • Horizon

    Independence of Ethiopia from Eritrea.

    Who would have thought of this?

    Eritrea was never colonized by Ethiopia, nor was Ethiopia by Eritrea. This is the history of two foolish brothers/sisters consumed with hate and envy, and find it difficult to live together in peace.
    They could have prospered together, gained their self-esteem and become a good example of a success story. Instead, they have chosen to be losers than winners, poor rather than rich and the underdogs rather than the winners.
    This holds true in Habeshaland. Blessed are those who are weak in the mind, hate and instead of love, destroy instead of create, live in hunger instead of in fullness, lament instead of laugh and choose to lose their humanity. Habeshaland seems to be in a parallel universe and its people the opposite of the rest of humanity.
    Could it be in their genetic makeup, their stars or a paternal curse? Nobody would ever know. No degree of misfortune, disaster or human tragedy changes their minds. They seem to be immune to misfortunes, disasters and human pain. Their priorities are as weird as any one can imagine. Identity and ethnicity (differentness and incompatibility with those who are joined genetically, culturally etc) are much more important to them even if there is going to be no people in the end to whom they would inherit their great ideas.
    What are they going to do about the so many disasters that are going to befall their people in the future? Of course, Nothing. As usual, they would make a big commotion, curse and condemn everything and everybody except themselves, and then, life continues, everybody in his/her selfish position.
    Those who should have taken the blame for all the misfortunes of their people are stone walls that continue to deflect every accusation. The victims will continue to be victims and the victimizers will continue to be what they are, and one disaster will follow another until everything is lost.
    Blessed are those who from a safety zone are ready to sacrifice their people for the sake of a manufactured differentness. What a pity!

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      Brother Hroizon,
      You are among the people I see as awaken yet suspicious of the peace a head. Allow me to say it loud and so we will be together always in fighting all odds.

      I am still insisting to let you see the positive side. But this time a bit deeper than earlier as hopelessness is roaming around our good people like you.

      You see, there are things we should start to talk about as the time we are living is expiring (the phase we use to live). I don’t really know how many phases human has gone through but I am sure that there is a phase to be reached. We Habesha people are not exceptional although in spite of beautiful culture we have, still we are back warded. If you notice in this wonderful site people like the man who wrote the above article (as example) are trying to find the solution of the mess we are living in.

      As for me all those developments were only the result of how we still think and the events –bad or good are lessons to be learned. That is why people try to change the way we think but still they couldn’t catch the track.
      Actually the real revolution is not uniting those countries but then keepin up on the other or asking national question or fighting and separating etc. as far as you think of monopolizing others that will not make any difference. Big minds are not busy on that low level of the phase in evolution of human being. The case is more than that. Human is transferring to the heights stage of evolution and it is time to catch the train.
      Our current understanding of freedom results from the fact that we are busy exploring physical reality with our five senses. We see the result of our intention and we keep the cycle living in cause and effect. We still think peace of mind can be found by owning external power. And the king comes and goes replaced by the others. Those who play it think they won and time comes they are badly thrown. Because power used by someone is a loss to someone else. Yes, power can be stolen, transferred or whatever. After all that is not original power of the one handling it. So deep down the one who own it knows that it never belong to him and prepare himself for war and fights to keep it. The result of thinking about owning external power as you can see is violence. All those military equipments, economic, social, etc institutions are the result of fear to keep power. As far as human think of power as external, whatever advancement he reach he will never get peace. All the symbols you see, flags, money, etc are shaping the people to fight and live in fear. In general we have another stage we should think of to live in peace. And to reach that stage it still will need a transit which invites us to accept each other.
      The coming phases of development I think will be far than most us imagine which is above our five sensors. We may have to start to transfer to multisensory human being.

      Horn as general Habesha particularly should start the journey by respecting their past history and making a united form to get peace and development at least to reach the level of Europeans and others. So we can inter with our brothers to the coming phase of humanity. It is not difficult for us as we have a wonderful culture that let us love each other.

      For now let’s accept the following,
      01.We have much to do together.
      01.Let us do it in wisdom and love and joy
      03.Let us teach our people to take it as culture and show them as we do it now. And let them experience it.

      all my love and respect.

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        a head read it as ahead.tks

    • abel

      Let’s leave Ethiopia out of this equation.It seems Some people think Eritrea need a partner for failure.Ethiopia and Ereatrea have never been Equal and will never be equals,ever.It is time to admit this simple fact,Eritrea is in its worest shape ever and Ethiopia is flourishing like never befor,they are heading in opposite direction.Ethiopia’s good relation with Eritrea could have been a plus but obviously not a must.I wish I could say to the contrary but will be sily.

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        dear abel,
        I am not talking about those few years can’t see the development of one small era with what I am talking about. this development you saw in Ethiopia can be seen also in short time in Eritrea the same with Ethiopia. the group in Asmara will not survive much and Eritrea can go much ahead with no time. but that is not the case i am putting there. the case is more than that. it is about higher develpment of both people in couping with new Phase coming ahead to humanity. let’s go out of hate cycle and think of coming generation. from your words i see as if i am begging Ethiopians. there is no such thing now, no one is out of the ring, we are all connected the world is one, leave alone Habesha.

      • Horizon

        (To answer to your previous comment)
        Nobody is saying that Eritrea, which is fifteen times smaller in size and its economy, is equal to Ethiopia. If you see the two hundred or so countries in the world, no two country are equal by any measure, but this does not mean that they should ignore each other because they are richer or poorer and stronger or weaker. Even Ethiopia’s federal states are not equal among themselves. Therefore, we cannot say that Ethiopia should be outside the horn of Africa equation, because of its recent developmental achievements and its size. Be sure, Ethiopia is not looking for a partner in failure but partners in success, because this will bring peace to the region.
        For Ethiopia to have a sustained development, being sandwiched between two failed states, would not help at all. If Eritrea finds peace with itself, Ethiopia’s hands and economy will be free for a much robust and sustainable development, fueling even Eritrea’s development. Just see the relations of the US with Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. We all know of the problems imported in to the US from Mexico, contrary to the very good relations that exist between the US and Canada.
        Be sure, any crises in Eritrea would stall Ethiopia’s development. We do not live in a shielded world, where every country is insulated from the effects that might arise from others.
        Why do we think that North European countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark have the best interstate relations? More than their racial and cultural proximities, it is because they are equally developed. Even within Ethiopia, unless there is equitable development of all the federal ethnic states, be sure, there is going to be a problem.
        We cannot create an island of prosperity in the horn while the rest are failed states. We should strive to move forward together if possible. If Eritrea does not want, it is her right. However, saying, let us forget about Eritrea, close our doors and windows and move forward; then we would not know where we are going. We should have Eritrea on the bandwagon if possible, not mainly for its own sake but also for Ethiopia’s sake. Some Ethiopians think that we should not waste our time with Eritrea because she has made herself irrelevant, while some Eritreans think that Ethiopia is interested mainly in the ports. I think that the issue is much larger than this. The future world of peace and prosperity cannot be created on inequalities. For example, terrorism, insurgencies etc are fed not only on politics but also on inequalities. Somalia, the problem child of the horn, has become a burden to Ethiopia for the last twenty years, and I am of the opinion that no other country should be added to this list.

        • abel

          Dear Horizon and ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም
          I agree with your opinion 100%.What I am trying to saying is,we shouldn’t blame ALL for the failure of one.This was the famous scapegoat during the senseless war,this is the excuse for the current quagmire too.Blaming Ethiopia for made in Eritrea problem will not fetch any fruit.let’s call a spade a spade.
          Eritrean failures should be addressed as an Eritrean, and Ethiopian shortcomings should be openly debated too.This has nothing to do with future mutual relationship or coexistence of both Ethiopia and Eritrea, I strongly believe they will eventually be one.It is the only way forward.

  • Gebre

    Dear Mussie,

    You replied by saying: “ this is the second time you are claiming that I said the following statement in connection with the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border war or any war for that matter.

    “ The herd is moving from its breeding ground to its slaughterhouse”.
    Dear Gebre, that is deffinitly outrageous lie, if you are a man of his words please provide that statement of min to the reader.”

    Sure, it was my second time to write so. But why would I tell a lie, Mussie? Especially, why would I pick up particularly YOU out of the hundreds that wrote articles and posted at Dehai during the border war? Your article was posted with your full name there, and I have it right in my ring book together with many articles by many writers including the late Prof Tekie Fessehatsion and of course from our friends at Awate, I am not going to disclose your identity because I strictly respect the rules and guidelines at Awate. More over my intention has been not to ridicule anybody including you, but to point out your mistakes so that you can correct them and we can move on into the future making the region a better place to live for our younger generations.

    You see insulting people by labeling them as animals only belonged to the culture of the Nazis in the previous century. Insulting people is completely unproductive and divisive.

    Remember, whatever you say, good or bad, about Ethiopia and Ethiopians, Ethiopia and Eritrea are strongly conjoined twins along their 1000 miles backbone border. The fate of the future Ethiopian and Eritrean generations is, whether you like it or not, twined together ad infinitum.

    So my brother Mussie, admit your mistake, apologize and we will leave this behind us as
    civilized people. The answer is not to remove the article from where it was posted and deny its existence. No, No!

    Wishing you the best of the best.

    • Mussie

      Dear Gebre,
      I am not that Mussie you are talking about. If I was the one I wrote that statement believe me I would admit and apologize for that, but I am not the one. I think you are probably mistaken me for Dr. Mussie Mesgna who lives in Sweden. trust me I am a man of his words and I never hide from any one and never shy to speak my mind. My name is Mussie Gebreab and I live in Atlanta Georgia. if you have that statement written by me bring on and provide to the reader. otherwise you own me an apologies. you are a human, human make mistakes and I forgive you and We move on.

  • Papillon

    Quote of the month.

    “The reality of Eritrea is a broken dream, a broken society and a broken hope. A nation ruled by an avowed enemy of its people has finally succumbed to its fate. A fate that can’t be extricated out of by make-belief aura of bravado.
    I am not sure where PFDJ fits into all this, but the regime of IA is hard to miss. Welcome to the real Eritrea (failed) as opposed the virtual (#1 in Africa).” Haile Z Great.

    • Ermias

      “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” Alexander Pope.

      We expected too much from men and women with no real world experience of how to create and run institutions. In hindsight, we, the Eritrean people, should have demanded EPLF to hand in power to the Eritrean people. They say they fought for us. Plus it was the Eritrean people’s sons and daughters who paid their lives, limbs, and livelihoods. EPLF never created robots to fight for them. So we are the rightful owners of state power, which makes PFDJ and IA not only illegal but criminal for manslaughter of all the Eritrean deaths at the hands of PFDJ and also in search of a better life.

    • Dear Papillon,

      “The reality of Eritrea is a broken dream, a broken society and a broken hope” of your quotation from Haile’s word is astoundingly true. The most fearsome out of the three to me is “broken society” as our social fabric is completely torn down to the extent we lost humanity and love to each other. It will take generations to weave the threads of our social fabric. In fact we have to think beyond removing Issayas.

  • haile

    Selamat Meron

    My point about virtual PFDJ was that it is not clear what powers the “PFDJ” has or when it holds general congress, what resolutions it passes during such times, how it implements previous resolutions, holds party/mass org. elections… I might have confused you! Yet, you went all “perspective management” on me by trying to paint David vs Goliath scenario of IA against the world 🙂

    – The Eritrean people fought for and won their independence. Give me a single historic achievement of IA. None! Ghedli was a collective endeavor and IA was more of a dead weight to state the truth. 🙂 OK always parasitic, looked better on others toil and whatever he touched turned to ashes. Compare that to the heroic Eritrean people and many of Ghedli’s leaders. IA is talkative and mewzeKhzeKhi 🙂 (read Hawi’s link on how he was a dupe)

    – IA brought sanctions to our nation and people by inviting dangerous people into our country. He disrespected you Meron. Dahir Aweys was a wanted man, al-shabab were terrorists, Meron is decent and intelligent, why did he put you together? What happen in the end? Only a trashy and junk father would invite criminals into his home and get them to sleep next to his children and wife. IA did that to you! He knows what is needed to get it lifted, nop no Esmart! He needs to grant unfettered access to investigation. The world needs to get to the bottom of this for its own safety, not on behalf of Eritreans. Kenyans, Tanzanians, Americans.. have been targeted by al-shebab. The bad IA has brought shame and disgrace to our nation, people and governments that supported it. Shame!

    – UN HR is also reginal, international and human problem. It is only mekhete guys who see no concern when desperate mothers perish along their terrified children. The world has a heart, and is terribly offended by the acts of IA to cause this. Again, the choice is his: investigation or sanction. I have never seen the world backing down for an ignorant and shoddy dealing dictator.

    – nhnan elamanan ab bahri knzenagaE ember zezelilna kntihil aykonen, wedaje ba hiji’si 🙂


  • Hawi

    [Moderator: One more racist remark and you will be banned, Hawi, Lennon, etc]
    I am kinda bummed us xxxx xxxx didn’t get to be blamed for this incident .

    • belay

      Nay Aasha zereba’ba gedef!Sorry every body out there.

  • Mussie

    Moderator, Please bear with me I made some corrections.

    Ato Mohammed Ahmed,
    You stated that”This is what a former U.S ambassador to Eritrea was referring to when he described the PFDJ regime as “only a bullet away from crumbling”. Do you real honestly believe in the American Cowboy “only a bullet away mentality?” if you do, you are not blessed with history. my dear brother let me share with you the history of the American tradition of plot and conspires “only a bullet away to crumble a country, a system, an organization, and a leader” mantra. which is never accomplished the intended evil designs, except it may sometimes cause some setbacks. let me start from the day Americans start assassinate their President Abraham Lincoln to crumble the abolishment of evil slavery in America. yes they killed Abraham Lincoln but they didn’t succeed to abort the abolishment of slavery in America. then they killed president John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther Jr, president hopeful senator Robert Kennedy and many civil right advocates, but they could not stop the civil and equal rights movement by” only a bullet away from crumbling evil scheme.
    Lets look the American first attempt ” only a bullet away from crumbling Eritrea” evil scheme. it was 1949 when the Americans assassinated the first post Italian colony Eritrean leader Ato/Shake Abdulkader Mohammed Saleh Kebire to weed out Eritrea from the map of the world. it took fifty years and the live of thousands the most brightest and bravest sons and daughters of Eritrea otherwise the ” only a bullet away from crumbling and weeding out Eritrea from the map of the worlds” American evil scheme did not succeed so far, yes they are still trying. Yes Ato Mohammed the American evil scheme ” only a bullet away from crumbling a system” was attempt on Ethiopia” did not worked either. the Americans poisoned to death the late Prime minster Meles Zenawi to weed out the Chines from Africa in general and from Ethiopia in particularly from doing business. but it didn’t worked, the chines are still doing business in Africa and they are as ever popular to the contrary after the Americans assassinated meles Zenawi by poison. yes their wicked reason for the meles killing is blaming him for the chines strong business footing in Africa by duple crossing them(America).yes the American evil scheme ” only a bullet away from crumbling Venezuela” didn’t work neither after the death of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chaves. I could go on and on.
    Yes Ato Mohammed God forbid, even if today the Americans succeed in assassinating the Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki. the Eritrean People will assure you that, Eritrea and the Eritrean Government will not be ” only a bullet away from crumbling or weed out” in an any un certainty time. you are also advocating for civil war and war with our brothers, neighbor Ethiopians. what an evil dream are you having (zey sinkas htza quirtimelu). the Eritrean last civil war has been 32 years but for the people who participated and lost our comrades, Brothers, sisters and even father, mothers is fresh in our mind, and we will never ever able to forget let alone reputing again. I believe would be the same thing for those who participated In the senseless border war of 1998-2000 for both Eritreans and Ethiopians. Let me ask you a personal question Ato Mohammed have you ever lost a brother/sister or father/mother in the Eritrean war? I don’t think so, otherwise you would not be so cold and reckless to advocate for civil war( Kunat hidhid) period. Ato Mohammed it seems that you are blinded and drank by power hunger that deep dawn you are hoping on an American/Ethiopian invasion of Eritrea and you can literally fly to power in expense of the live lost of poor Eritreans and Ethiopians. that will not happen and will be only a day dream for you. well Ato Mohammed I have good news for you, very soon the next to be president of Eritrea Ato Abrah Kassa and the next to be prime minster of Ethiopia Doctor Debretzion Ghebremicael will meet, and the no war no peace situation between the two sisterly countries will be over. then peace and prosperity will rain forever. But you and your likes will continue to bark and die in a strange Land.
    Good luck to you!!!

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Musie the cyber inteligent director: If americans have a habit and a capability of assacinating their leaders and the rest of the world, then why all this curs and hate towards Ato Mohamed? Your article should stand by itslef. It has nothing to do With Ato Mohamed. You better rewrite it with out bothering yourself With Ato Mohamed, concentrate on the evil work of these ‘presidant killers’ and show the world their horrible policy against America and especially Eritrea. And i hope in Your well organized artilce you include the fate of isaias and Hailemariam, i mean if it is by a bullet or poison that they will be replaced by their respectives Abrah and Debretzion.

    • tazabi

      It is amazing people still believe such conspiracies

    • abel

      Why on Earth would the great nation of America even bother for a minute about a minute/resource poor nation called Eritrea? How is it profitable? ERI-Tv and President Issayas badmouse CIA and US daily,and I think it is because they are suffering from a “Little man Syndrome” and for stupid local consumption,mainly the peasant.How could anyone with slight exposure to the outside world entertain the same?.And who on hell is your candidate Abrah Kassa?

  • Eyob Medhane


    “….1998 independence of Ethiopia from Eritrea .I love history written right to left ….”

    Very true!….

    • L.T

      Ki ki..bisaHk moyteeee…

  • Thank you brother Mohammed, You said it all wounderful article. It is high time to live all the odds behind, and looking for wards. We should build a national fronts with strong man date under one leadership. It shouldn’t be like we experienced in our past. We have to learn from our past mistakes. The differnt functioned groups should move on to bring their forces if they had some to the United for Fronts. Incase, if we have some civil disobedient movement to speed up the change. We need a back up united army under a nationl chain of command. Even those defictors of the national force can join them comfortably. Lets not fear our future. We need to trusted each other. We need peace and security and rule of law.And the rest good things will follow. god wiils.

  • Hawi

    I love isaias . Jigna Wedi Tigray ,Wedi adey

  • Berhe Tensea

    The destruction of the regime is the only solution. How and when depends on us. We can do this by organizing and showing our opposition when ever and however possible.

    • David Amaha

      ERITREA is the only STATE that’s free in the Continent so please think before you make such a LAMPEN comment about ERITREA or the G O E you have no right to any ERITREA is and will be free for ever.
      History will repeat itself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

  • Abinet

    Professor LT , thank you for the history book .I read every page of it . You forgot two important events in our history.1991 Independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia .1998 independence of Ethiopia from Eritrea .I love history written right to left .

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      I think the last one which brings L.T from ‘Qatt’ to a higher Level. We have to bring L.T back to Qatt tera at markato.

  • Gebre

    Dear Mussie,

    Where did you get the news that the Americans poisoned PM Meles? I am especially interested about the veracity of your claim.

    Mussie, you said:

    “ ——. you are also advocating for civil war and war with our brothers, neighbor Ethiopians. what an evil dream are you having (zey sinkas htza quirtimelu). the Eritrean last civil war has been 32 years but for the people who participated and lost our comrades, Brothers, sisters and even father, mothers is fresh in our mind, and we will never ever able to forget let alone reputing again. I believe would be the same thing for those who participated In the senseless border war of 1998-2000 for both Eritreans and Ethiopians”.

    I am truly flabbergasted to read such words from you: “—our brothers, neighbor Ethiopians…” Wouldn’t this be a classical double talk, similar to that of those who blow themselves with the wind? This is what you said as the Ethiopian army was moving towards Badme to free the village:

    “ The herd is moving from its breeding ground to its slaughterhouse”.

    My question to you is, Mussie, how has the herd developed itself from a domestic animal to a human “ brother, neighbor” in just 13 years? Isn’t 13 years a very short time for an animal to biologically and genetically transform itself into a human being? How would you explain this as a scientist, Mr Mussie?

    During the war you were an ardent supporter and warmonger, fully rallying behind the invasion by Isayas. How on the wide world are you today talking about “—the senseless border war of 1998-2000…” and accusing Mohammed Adem?

    My advice to you Mussie, is please DO THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME, even it sometimes would mean standing AGAINST your own for the sake of long term blessing results for all. Just stop all the hypocrisy and save yourself morphing around. It is never late to change for the good.

    Best regards to you Mr Mussie.

    • Mussie

      Ate Gebre,
      this is the second time you are claiming that I said the following statement in connection with the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border war or any war for that matter.

      “ The herd is moving from its breeding ground to its slaughterhouse”.

      Dear Gebre, that is deffinitly outrageous lie, if you are a man of his words please provide that statement of min to the reader.