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Dear friends and readers of

The political situation in the immediate neighborhood of Eritrea is becoming increasingly risky, and the situations inside Eritrea are calling on all citizens to do their utmost to stop the regime that continues to destroy the fabric of our society.  There have been episodic resistances in that regard, the most recent being the firm stand of Hajji Musa who stood tall and galvanized Eritreans to renew their faith on their people. His defiance is a watershed moment in which fear was annihilated from the recess of the hearts of all citizens—we must face the challenges.

Our close friends are aware that has never been in a good financial shape—it has never received a single cent, be it from the “generous Western” NGO’s, or Arab associations, or the regional governments and parties. For the most part, we have used our own funds and the only outside financial support we received were provided by a few dedicated friends whose support we appreciate very much. They have always responded positively to our appeals for support but they are very few.

To the majority of the “Friends of Awate” and other regular visitors who express their gratitude for the services provides, and never stopped showering it with their encouragements, this time we are appealing for your tangible support. prides itself on serving its visitors continuously since it was launched on September 1, 2000, to be the voice of the voiceless and to challenge the mouthpieces of the Eritrean ruling party. It has always been an alternative and an independent voice that informs inspires and emboldens—a voice that promotes the healing and reconciling of old wounds and differences. It has filled that gap, and we are mighty proud of it.

We also take pride in the unmatched diversity of our readers and writers, and our discussions forum. This did not come by chance but by hard work and years of sleepless nights, financial ruin and emotional investment. But today, leaving that story for another time, we are appealing for your support.

Before we continue, we would like to apologize for not delivering on our past promises though we are confident you will understand our situation and why we couldn’t deliver. However, this time we are determined to deliver even If we must physically knock on your doors to remind you to contribute.

On the technical side, over the years we have depended on a few volunteers to help us manage the website: updating themes, maintenance, and the like. Handling and managing seventeen-years worth of archives, and thousands of files require a robust and efficient outfit. We are grateful to the few dedicated volunteers who supported us in the past, but we had an unfortunate experience during the last three years. In short, it was a very frustrating and saddening experience. Ideally, we would rather focus on what we do best: run our activities without heartaches and without putting holes in our already strained pockets and be less occupied with the technical aspects of the operations. But we couldn’t do that.

However, ethically, one cannot depend on volunteers and complain. That is why we cannot go into details and prefer to leave it at that because we do not understand the reason for the mishap—we hope our friends do.

One of our main concern has always been the pervading gap between Tigrinya and Arabic readers. The two sectors of our people dwell in a parallel universe:  Tigrinya-only or Arabic-only (and to a certain extent, English-only) outlets seldom intersect each other. We believe narrowing that gap by revitalizing the Tigrinya and Arabic sections will get us closer to our goal and we will pursue it aggressively. In addition, we have plans to incorporate audio-visual elements in to stay up to date with the technological developments. And here is what needs to happen to accomplish our goals:

Last year we promised to give you a report of the total contribution that we have received since the last time we solicited your contributions. However, please note that the total contributions for the year, 2017, is $2965. This time around, we hope you will respond positively and generously–we need an amount of $6000 for immediate requirements and in the meantime, we might use borrowed money if possible hoping to pay it back once we meet our funding goals.

Going forward, hopefully, once the initial funding is secured, considering the growth we are planning, we reckon our running cost for the website alone will be about $1000 monthly (current expenses around $450 monthly) –that will cover cost of equipment, hosting, admin costs, subscriptions, applications, and other dues.

Finally, since the campaign will be ongoing until we meet the target amount, we will post a meter to show you what has been collected to date. But we appeal to all of you to be part of the campaign. We are counting on your support to contribute and to encourage others to do so.

Please help with the following:

  1. Testimonials about and the services you believe it provides: send us a fifteen-second audio or video, or simply a paragraph of text testimonial–whatever suits your budget.
  2. Share this page with your network of friends, colleagues and family members after adding your own words to solicit contributions on behalf of Please share the link through text-messaging, Whatsup, IMO, Viber, Facebook, tweeter, etc. Your help is needed because we cannot possibly do everything alone.
  3. Encourage and create a “Friends of Awate” group in your localities and encourage friends and family members to organize social events to strengthen our offline communities.
  4. Share with us your suggestions on anything that would help our fundraising to be more effective. Kindly keep the discussion on this issue alive–provide us with ideas and suggestion at the bottom of the page.
  5. If you feel a monthly contribution fits your situation, please do it on the PayPal payment system on the frontpage. But if you would rather pay one lump sum amount, please do so.
  6. Kindly note that this time, such messages will appear repeatedly until we see results or, God forbid, we give up!

Thank you very much and we hope you will act immediately

Awate Team

Your support donation can be facilitated through the following means:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards
    Click the orange colored “Support” icon on the frontpage and it will take you to the support page. All payments are processed through Paypal. Your contribution will appear on your bank statement as “Paypal*”.
  2. Bank Transfer: Account Name:
    Bank: Bank Of America,
    Acct #: 29570 76732
    Swift ID: BOFAUS3N
  3. Contact and pay through E-mail transfer to : <>

Please contribute as generously as you can. We appreciate your support, thank you.

About Awate Team

The PENCIL is's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

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  • FSinibaldi

    ( other version )

    Siento una
    luz cantar
    cuando el sueño
    regresa pintando
    la imagen de
    una tierna
    colina, veo la
    tristeza en los
    ojos mojados
    de una joven

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  • Beyan

    ሸላም Guest & Fanti
    ኣይፋልካን ነዚ ዝመስል ስነይሲ ሸራፍ ክትብሎ፡ ፋንቲ ዶ/ር: እቲ ስሩዕ አስናንካ ዕንበባ ዝመስል ግይጽ’ባ አይትሕመቕ በጃኻ። ናተይ እሞ ኽገብር ደሐን

  • Yohannes Zerai

    Dear Beyan, MS and others,

    I would like to express my appreciation for your willingness to invest time and effort spearheading a fundraising campaign to benefit a much deserving website, You have my backing in this long overdue effort, and I wish you luck in figuring a way of ensuring that future support for Awate would be more sustained and reliable than at present.

    Thank you

    • MS

      Selam YOHANNES
      Thank you brother. You see, I forgot putting you on the list (as I explained in my original entry, I was just jotting whatever name came to my mind while forming up that appeal…hatahata (as they say in Tigrigna) makes one to miss an elephant standing in front of him…well, we are all ELEPHANTS, anyway, and thanks…U reported on your own for duty to contribute and that’s the character of awatista. Yes, the list is about to be completed. Let’s break records. I understand, the readers of this website, the “silent heroes” will also keep pitching in.

      • Yohannes Zerai

        Selam MS,

        No sweat, Mahmuday! The situation you tried to clarify is perfectly normal, hence requires no explanation. No one would be expected to have a mental record of every person that participates in the forum. More importantly, it is obvious to all there is nothing in your remarks that implies they were premised on such a claim. At any rate, I cannot fail to appreciate the sense of decency that urged you to offer an explanation.

        As for the task at hand, I do share your optimism because I believe honorable Awatistas – those who just visit the website as well as those who also take part in its debates – will take it upon themselves to give back a little in return for the huge benefit they draw from

        Thank you

    • Beyan

      Selam Kburat Ahwat: Aman, MS, & Yohannes,

      This impromptu rolling of our respective sleeves, if you will, was sorely needed. I thank MS for initiating it and I followed suit to keep the momentum going. Yohannes, you are right, there has to be sustainable way of doing this in the long run. Talk about egalitarian virtual community where writers and forumers work hard on equal footing to keep this indispensable website going. I truly can see this community growing as MS had alluded to it in one of his hatetas (as he is fond of using this terms, beautiful term by the way) that this unique forum can be a model of dialogue, discourse, and sheer pleasure of creating a market of ideas where good ideas come to fruition only after they are scrutinized – at times, seemingly ad infinitum – but in transparent manner without anyone hand wringing another – where sheer power of logical reasoning takes ascendance.

      Amanom, what we are doing now is barely scratching the surface triggering the forumers to shine, shining they have – I am duly impressed by such camaraderies. We are going to need to ask awate readers – those silent readers – to step up to the plate, soon.


      P.S. MS, wasn’t there a forumer who went by the name sara? We only have a handful of women here and it is hard to oversee. The name sara … well, I take that back too personal to divulge here … let’s just say I am eternally enamored of such a name. Lest Nitricc get the wrong idea and concocts something that’s not there. I do not know this particular sara, okay, is that clear Nitricc.

      • Yohannes Zerai

        Dear Beyan,

        As you put it aptly, we all wish to see the reputation, efficacy and positive socio-political impact of to soar to new heights. It would be only a matter of time before that wish turns into reality only if we could all dedicate ourselves to supporting the website whichever way we can. I remain confident that the passionate drive that Mahmuday and yourself have initiated will, in due course, get us there! All it takes is our collective perseverance and determination to make it work.

        Thank you

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam MS and Beyan,

    First I appreciate in mobilizing to the call of the team. Therefore, my contribution to awate university is sent today.

  • Hello all,
    Firstly, a thank you is in order. WE appreciate all your efforts to make this fundraising a success. We appreciate the creative suggestion and dedication of all of you to help. That is the spirit we expected and we have to thank you all for that.

    1. Before we go into the next important announcement, we would like to appeal to you that any comment under this appeal message that is not unrelated to the fundraising activity will be deleted–I hope you can give us that if you feel the itch to raise unrelated topics. There are still many open threads and articles, but please leave this one alone. Even if you have nothing to say, just come to encourage others and surely you will have something of significance to add.

    2. Now for the important announcement. On a second thought, we will keep it for a few hours–it’s cooking on low fire and needs a few hours. Once it is done, we will share it on the frontpage. It’s an immediately executable plan, let’s call it PLAN #1 which we have been toying with for a while. Now we believe the time is right and we will announce it before the end of the day.

    Enjoy the suspense 🙂

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Awate and Awatistas,
      Glad to have barged in to see all this and the suspense of PLAN #1. I will keep checking in.
      I always thought there must be an individual or individuals with that specialized knowledge and talent to set up an effective system of raising funds for this University.
      I am not exaggerating when I say that I learned much of the intricate ,below the headlines, facts and the textured opinions of our region from this sight. I had some life long basic beliefs and information that I was able to adjust. The teachers come in a variety of ways.
      For that education alone, I feel I have some obligation to contribute for its continued operational cost.
      The reality is we in diaspora are living in a desert, as far as the facts on the ground in our region is concerned. This is a comfortable tent in that desert, an oasis if you will, to take a stock of the temperature of the homeland from several commanding individuals.
      This is the place where SAAY, Hayat, Amde, Ismail AA, Ali Salim….etc reside to highlight the important points of the issue.
      Wishing you all the best.
      Mr. K.H

  • Selam All,

    What is brewing. The countries of sudan, eritrea, egypt and ethiopia are in the local news. The rumors go like this:

    – The sudan – eritrean border is closed,
    – Sudan has moved its militia to the border area with eritrea. It is mobilizing and a state of emergency has been declared in the region,
    – Ethiopia says that she is reinforcing her north-western border with eritrea,
    – Egyptians are said to have arrived in sawa,
    – Dia is in cairo, and
    – A sudanese senior military official paid a visit to ethiopia.

    What exactly is happening?

    • Thomas

      Hi Horizon,
      AU is asking Sudan and Eritrea to solve their ongoing dispute. So, it is now Eritrea and Sudan conflict. The Eritrean dictator now is left with NO neighbor friends, but all enemies. I wish all of our neighbors create alliances in tackling this good for nothing dictator.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam all,
    I just came in and saw the threat on contributions. I was absent for some days for health reasons. From what I read so far, I could see that the picture looks encouraging. Friends like MS and Beyan should be thanked for suggesting creative measures. I will make my meagre bit soon. Thanks all.

    • Beyan

      Selam Ismail AA,

      Salamat. Please take care of your health, once you are well, all the bills will be waiting for you here. It, indeed, looks encouraging. This is the in-house fundraising for now, we have yet to go after the silent readers and dispense a “threat” to push them to push deep into their pockets.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Ismailo,

      Good to see you back. I hope it was minor sickness and also hope you are doing fine now.

    • MS

      Hayak Allah Ustaz IsmailAA
      Wish U a speedy recovery; and thanks for joining awatistas fundraising drive from your “bed”…haha…that was a tactic we used to cajole and captivate the will of the able young people to join the revolution, or do something…ኣቦና ክስቶ’ኳ ከይሓልፈኒ ኢሎም ብዓራት ተጸይሮም መጺኦም!!!
      Again, wish u a quick recovery.

  • Beyan

    Hello Guest,

    I will take the title of አባ ጓይላ as a badge of honor, wish there was virtual አባ ጓይላ though the one I am sharing below. After watching this hybrid of ጓይላ, eskista, and modern dance, it may hypnotize our younger generation to wanna learn Tigrinya at its core. Let us have fun and transgress the AT policy of not posting any links on weekdays. Hey, we are spending our money, we can demand a little groove for our dough!!!

    Okay, a guideline for this silent-virtual-auction on the fly here: $250 going once – Once is 12 hours long. If nobody ups the ante, about 8 hours from now, it will be going twice for another 12 hours; 12 hours thereafter, going thrice; if the price still remains unchallenged…the book will be all years. Hantin kyantin.

    አባ ጓይላ
    (ዲጀይ ቤንጂ)

    • Beyan

      Hello Awatawyan,

      17 hours later, Guest’s offer is still holding. So, here is $250.00 going twice, If no-one tops Guest’s offer the next 24 hours, the Tigrinya dictionary will be his for the taking. Now, it is still morning on this side of the Atlantic. So, since this website is the brain child of the two Kerenites, I am in the mood for a Tigrayit song. While I am at it trying to encourage Kerenites in this virtual-house to come and out-bid Guest’s $250.00 for a dictionary. See you in 12 hours with another music interval from your self appointed አባ ጓይላ
      (ዲጀይ ቤንጂ)
      Good Day!

      • Guest

        ስላማት ደቂ/ኣዋልድ ዓዋተ

        I just was told that if I am not out bidden, for the next month our family budget will allow only ጨውን, በርበረን ወዲ-ዓኸርን።
        ብጀካ ፈላሲ መን ኣሎ ጨውን በርበረን ደፍዲፉ ክምገብ ድህንኽቀ?
        So please help me! You know what you need to do!

      • Fanti Ghana

        Selamat Beyan & Guest,

        I strongly suggest the bid should go on till the end of the month. There is nothing to loose but something to gain.

        Besides, who wants to have nightmares of our kin force feeding him/her self ጨውን በርበረን for a month?

        • Beyan

          Selam Fanti,

          I am all for that, ጾም አርበዓ ኮይና ኸይትስመዖ ነቲ ሃረር ኢሉ ዝጽበያ ዘሎ ነዛ ዘመናዊ መዝገበ ቓላት ትግርኛ: ሃየ ከመይ መስልካ ጋሻ ጋሻ ኹልና ጌስት? ነዐሽወካ አይኮናን ዘለና እንዳ ተቐባበልና. Rules for this virtual auction are being made as we go. Let us take it all the way to the finish line, then? Since we are dealing with literary matters, here is one that brings warm energy in an otherwise frigid wintery weather. Be it by the fireside or simply sitting in one’s study room or even in a kitchen or in a living room, your shoulders will begin to move on their own volition. Enjoy! I love, love, love this song. Have i said it enough -:)

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Guest,
    If you skip zgni derho for a week, you can afford to contribute $500. 😉 don’t compete with my qeTan slsi.

    • Guest

      ሰላም ሓብቲ
      I am trying to combine the benefit of donation and education. I am bidding $250 for a dictionary that Beyan bought for $30 in 2000 (see above)

      • Selamat Guess,
        In that case my silent third bid x X.


      • Abrehet Yosief

        Bravo Guest,
        Enda ambessa do Atsmi yise’ano.

        • Guest

          እምበትይ ትሕሽኦ ድኣ

          ሕኒኡ ዝይፈዲ ኣይወለድ እዩ’ሞ፡ ሓራስ ነብሪ ዶ ክብለኪ

  • Beyan

    Hello Awatista and Friends,

    The Awate silent auction is on for ዘመናዊ መዝገበ ቓላት ትግርኛ፡ ብ ተክአ ተስፋይ፡ ቤት ማሕተም ሕድሪ 1999.
    Here is an example in how quickly this dictionary came handy in resolving the word ልዳት as it was being discussed in the context of a song in another thread. So, anyone who loves Tigrinya language and is wordsmith like Haile S., you will enjoy owning this dictionary. Haile S., since you already own one, you don’t qualify in this bidding, that’s the only rule for this auction y’all. So, do I hear Guest starting the auction at $200.00?

    “…The proper ትግሪኛ translation of what you called “threshold” is ልዳት ።
    Even if we assume ድርዂኺት is synonym with ልዳት, it does not make sense for Tefono to sing: ድርዂኺትኪ ሒዘ. From the context of his song, Tefono is clearly referring to a body part of her (maybe her hand where you feel the pulse) or a dress part of her. Listen again to the song!…It also seems that you are confusing ሒለል with ሸዊት. You can have ጭልግዕ ሸዊት but not ጨልቓዕ ሒለል. ሒለል is where the ሸዊት is attached። ወድሓንካ”

    Amanuel Hidrat Guest
    Selam Guest,

    “While I could agree on the meaning of “ሒለል” as the body part that hold “ ግንቦ መሽላ” But the translation of “threshold “ will do both “ልዳት” and “ድርዂኺት”::”

    Haile S.
    Emma and Guest,
    “Guest’s comments prompted me to check the dictionary. here you go the various definitions:
    ሒለል –
    1 – ክሳድ ጉምቦ መሸላ (ካብ እግሪ እቲ ጉምቦ ክሳዕ ቀዳመይቲ ብርኪ ዘሎ)
    2 – (ተምሳ) ነዊሕ ዝኽሳዳ ጓልንስተይቲ
    3 – ኣብ ውሽጢ ናይ ሓደ ዝድጉሩ እኽሊ ወይ ዘሎ ልስሉስ ሰፍነጋዊ ኣካሊት
    4 – (ሓድሽ ትርጉም) እቲ ልስሉስን ሰፍለጋውን ውሽጣዊ ወገን ናይ ዓጽሚ፡ ግልገል ወዘት

    ልዳ”ት –
    1 – ኣብ ማዕጾ ወይ መስኮት፡ ነቲ ኣፍ በርባዕተ መኣዝን ደጊፉ ዚሕዝ እተጸርበ ዕንጨይቲ ወይ ተመሳሰሊ ኣገልግሎት ዘለዎ ደገፍ፣ መቓን
    2 – ኣፍ ማዕጾ፣ ድርኩኺት

    ድርኩኺት –

    1 – ጥቓ ማዕጾ ወይ ኣፍደገ ገዛ ልዳት፣ ኣፍደገ፣ ኣፈፈት
    2 – (ተምሳ) ኣብ ጥቓ፣ ኣብ ቅድሚ፣ ኣብ ኣፍደገ (ናይ ገዛ፡ ዓንዲ፡ ሓድ ፍጻመ ወይ ኩነት ወዘተ…)”

  • MS

    Selam Awatista Family
    I think there is no way of dodging it this time, and it is honorable to face it head-on. The weight and place of, the website, is apparent and it needs a long celebratory note. I’m cognizant that the website is more than awatista Forum, and more than the participants of Awatista Forum. However, since forums create a human connection, awatista Forumers tend to have a strong bond towards each other and towards enhancing the operation and deliverance of the website. It is in this spirit that I will focus on concrete and immediate actions that we, the awatistas, could do. I hope the general readership will also respond positively.
    Over the few years that I have made Awatista Forum my platform of choice, I have been able to connect with remarkable friends. I have used it to express my views; I have used it to criticize objectionable opinions of others, and in return, others used it to criticize me. For all of those who frequent this forum, it has been a platform, a privileged club, and a family. As it happens in every family, sometimes we quarrel, bicker, argue,etc., but we remain longing for each other, eager to see the comments of our awatista family members, regardless of their political view, religious affiliations or national origin. That’s what had happened when abi and nitrickay stayed away from the forum; that’s why we ask where someone is when they stay out for an extended period.
    The point: we make this website our platform for entertainment, promoting our views, learning from others, building confidence and peace among peoples and nations in our region. It is a remarkably diverse forum, a robust one with a high concentration of known intellectuals. I believe a website that is endowed with so many opinionated people should not starve. So, what is needed to help ease the financial burden of the managers of this site?
    1. Start from the forum, start from within the website: its forum.
    a. should not feel bad about asking its forum members, registered contributors/writers. It is true the writers of articles, and those who grace the forum with interesting feeds are doing their dues in keeping their site live and floating. But the need for financial assistance could not be overstated. Over the years, similar calls have passed. Here, I intend to suggest to elicit the consideration of a concrete action plan.
    a. should form a task force of 3 or five persons who are good at hassling (I mean it).
    b. That task force, not poor Gadi or Saleh Younis, should reach out to each respected participant of awate forum ( I have listed some below)
    c. The task force should update the forum and readers of the site with results. Names of contributors who consent could be published.
    d. The donation drive covering the general reader continues parallel to this plan
    I have listed about 40 avid awatista Forumers, and if they are reached individually (you guys have their emails), I’m confident they will respond positively. I ask each of you to donate within the next two weeks.
    An example: if 3/4 of the listed above responded with a $100.00
    we could collect about $3000.00, which could help solve outstanding issues and kickstart some of the envisioned plans of the website. Last year, Fanti Ghana matched a donation by giving $1000.00. Most of us, including myself, procrastinated and finally forgot about it. This time, I’m writing this because I have just completed the transaction of my meager due. Understood, we are all burdened with families at home, some family members scattered around the world, some-god forbid- in the hands of terrorists and thugs employed in the business of extorting money from relatives of the victims. Some of us are also taxed with sending our children to colleges; others may be attending colleges. The pressure is understood, but we can forfeit a month’s coffee or a month’s weekly outing. Let’s eat and brew the coffee at home for a month, and send the money to this website because I’m confident most of you will agree that, in return, we garner more benefit from this site for the same price we pay for the coffee or dinner.
    I have listed some awatistas as they come to memory, I know I could be leaving out some proud awatistas. This is not to show ranking or any of that sort. Please add your name if you feel so, or go ahead and donate.
    In a society’s political discourse, having an alternative voice, a nongovernmental platform is not only healthy for the nation, but it is also healthy for nurturing our intellect and for keeping us to remain active and independent-minded citizens.
    TEberAt (contributions)
    Anrehet Yosief
    Chefena H/Mariam
    Ibrahim Sirage Ahmeddin
    Dis Donc
    Amanuel HIdrat
    Dawit mesfun
    Ali Salim
    Aman (London)
    Beyan Negash
    Hamed Al-Arabi
    Fanti GHana
    Kim Hana
    Teodros alem
    Ghezae Hagos
    Semere Habtemariam
    Semere Tesfai
    Semere Andom
    Hayat Adem
    Robel Cali
    Estifanos Temelso
    Thanks all.

    • Beyan

      Selam MS and all,

      Great idea: Charity starts at home, and this website has been my home since its inception. I am doubling the amount you asked for. So, please pencil me in for $200.00. I’m impressed with your ability to remember all these names MS.


      • Haile S.

        Done yesterday; happened to be for the same.

    • Selam MS,

      Every year when the time for donation comes I have somehow a funny feeling. The reason being I have never used a bank account that belongs to me. I usually use my son’s. I feel as if it may look like I have never donate (although not much; usually the amount you mentioned). I am going to do the same thing again. I think that it is the donation that matters.

    • Peace!

      Hi MS,

      Thank you, put me for $200.


    • Abrehet Yosief

      Thanks MS,
      I will cook my tsebhi with fewer onions. Put me for $100.

      • Kebessa

        In rural Eritrea, onion is only optional. Does anyone remember a meal made from shro betsbitska fitft enjera? It was awesome!
        Alright, I will pledge too. $200 in a day or two.

      • Semere Tesfai

        ሰላም ኣብረሀት፥

        ‘ዝግሄር ሂብኪ ብሽጉርቲ ኣማቒርኪ ትበልዒ። ‘ምበር ኣነስ ካብዘን ናይ ጨወይ ኣዋህሊለ ‘የ ክሰድድ።

        ሰመረ ተስፋይ

      • Haile S.

        Selam Abrehet,
        To make your ጸብሒ delicious, you just need to add a Pebble from ተንኮለኛው ከበደ’s pocket. I am assuming most awatawian know the story. Like most stories, it is one that downgrades women badly, but funny when we were reading it in our amharic class at elementary school. After asking the lady to add every ingridient possible to the brewing stew (ዝግኒ), ተንኮለኛው ከበደ bring his magic ingridient (a pebble) from his pocket and adds it asking to the lady to mix well. At the end the lady is marveled at the skill of ከበደ making such a delicious ዝግኒ (ዝግን).

    • Teodros Alem

      Selam MS
      Will do 100 but how do i do it?

      • MS

        Selam Teodros
        If U want to do direct electronic transfer, U could simply press the PayPal “Donate” button, at the top right corner of the homepage.
        If you transfer through bank or directly to via email, they have provided the links at the bottom of the Appeal letter, “Support”.
        Regards, brother/son.

        • Teodros Alem

          Selam MS
          Thank u .i get it

    • Thomas

      Hi MS,
      Thank you for the reminder. Done it (with a PayPal) a few minutes ago.

    • Nitricc

      Hey Mahmuday; it is a good and will do, but why can we solve this thing once for all. Instead of Every time the team has to remained us, we must find a way so the team don’t have to go through this reminder again and again. Any idea from any one?

      • MS

        Hi Gen.Nit
        The occasional reminder/call for support is fine but U have brought an interesting proposal. I think I have some soft approaches. I’m speaking of the forum, and I’m sure the general reader will fit in.
        1. A comment could be featured q weekly at a price; it stays up in a fixed mode. Of course, that would have to fulfill the editorial policies of
        2. Beyan type auction could be carried out. BTW, Beyan’s dictionary belongs in the collectors’ category.
        3. Quarterly fundraising day. I listen to my local NPR, and they do an annual fund-raising drive. So, it’s not something new, and the operators of the website should not feel bad about appealing for help.
        4. The rest are listed on the appeal letter from the website including means of creating permanent and sustainable sources , such as forming “Awate Friends”.
        Now to humorous part:
        I think you could forfeit one day/month of chasing the Ethiopian women, and Thomas (love U buddy) could donate one year’s worth of going to Ethiopia for tourism (Ehmmmm). Semere Andom can donate the price of the goat he ate in Hishkeb when he visited the field in 1988…
        What do U think?
        BTW: the $100.00 was brought just for an example. Those who could do more, U know U don’t need a word for it.
        Disclaimer: I’m not a member of the AT, nor I’m asked to do it.

        • Beyan

          Dear MS,
          Well put, bro. This is the kind of spirit that is missing in the political arena of our midst, doing what needs to be done without being told. You see an initiative that’s worth pursuing and you pursue it with gusto. I am not part of the AT either, but have been a resident of awate for so long that I sometimes act like I have a vested interest…of course, I do, because I want, as you alluded to it in one of your earlier entries…for the need of this kind of independent media outlet where people can civilly and freely discuss their ideas and learn a thing or two in the process. So, keep on keeping on. We’re going to get it done in record time. Hey, we may even beat the NPR outlet, which generally takes an entire week to accomplish its financial goals every four months. We shall see.


          • MS

            Ahlan Beyan & all esteemed Awatistas
            [To All: We do honor our SAAY and wish he were here, all of us know he would have been here marshaling Awatistas, so let’s get it done]
            Beyan: Indeed, awatistas are not only passionate about posting their opinions but are also passionate about keeping this beautiful forum and the website that sustains it up and well. Imagine a day without this forum! Yes, although readers and loyalists are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, and we expect them to pitch in, the people who engage in debates and in making connections through this forum are expected to feel more responsible in helping out, in staying in the driver seat, kicking off the fundraising drive. Let’s be in the forefront. What’s interesting about awatistas are that they are diverse in their opinions, but they are really loyal to the forum. That shows you the forum is nurturing a culture that we espouse will take hold in our democratic Eritrea where diverse opinions are tolerated and expressed without the fear of retribution.
            It’s too early but it is promising. Keep it up, and many thanks to all those who have already responded positively. The list of individuals who have responded positively is getting longer…I understand many awatistas opt to do it without announcing, and that is perfectly fine. So, we are on day two and it is really getting exciting.

        • Thomas

          Hi MS,
          Nitricc thinks I have a wife in Ethiopia and creates stories based on that:) Like you guys say, “shetahtah e’lu tsedifu”. I have found my love, but if that was not the case I would have gone all the way to wherever it takes me to find an Eritrean lover. I am really proud of our women because they are all very dedicated and trustworthy. I am sure Nitricc will never get this.

        • Nitricc

          Your Greatness; I think the quarterly works better but I am thinking. it got to be a better way to do this.
          Mahmuday; I am so disappointed at you. how can you be so cold hearted? You should live Thomas out of this. You can’t punish a man with everything life has to go on. This interesting creature needs a break. How do you explain some one to go all the way to Africa to find a woman? hahahahaha. once a while I go to clubs and I see and talk all the beautiful women and Thomas comes to my mind and I say to my self, How could you not find one???? I understand, there is nothing wrong to be fat, nothing wrong to be old, nothing wrong to be ugly but when you are dumb and stupid as Thomas, what do you do? I am not going to punish with anything anymore Thomas, So, I don’t agree Thomas should pay. After all he has to send money to Africa. lol Thomas should not contribute to this drive. Give the man a break, your Majesty.

          • Thomas

            Hi Nitricc,
            Have a good laugh, you subhuman creature!! Did you have a good shot or is that all you have to say?? Sometimes, you make me wonder if you are a full grown human being??? I am trying to help you here, I have achieved lots of things that I need to achieve in life. I am not dumb and naïve in everything as you are. I don’t go to night clubs to find a wife or a lover. I already have one living with me. What is the language you understand most, any at all?

          • Nitricc

            Hi Thomas; Did you say you have one in the house? why bother, she gone tomorrow, you are just too dumb and stupid to keep anything. You went all the way to Africa to find a wife and you are barging as it is earth shuttering achievements? lol Don’t start something you can not finish. Don’t mention my name and leave me alone. if not I am going peel you like anion and make you cry more. Don’t mention my name.

          • Thomas

            Hi Nitricc,
            Like I said, you are dumb and you will never get it.

    • A.Osman

      Selam MS,

      $200 from me, just paid.


    • Tzigereda

      Hey Mahmuday,

      ተዓወት ተዓወት
      ተዓዊቱ ዘዕውት
      $200 ኣጽሕፈለይ

    • Amanuel

      Happy New Year MS
      I have set up DD last year, unfortunately it was cancelled few months ago when I lost the card linked to paypal. I have been meaning to reinstate it but didn’t get round to it. Now thanks for Awate Team reminder & your encouragement i have restored it.

  • Dear friends,
    The following is a message we received from Addis Ababa:

    Dear Awate Team,
    I am an Ethipian living in Addis Ababa. I visit your website regularly since many years ago and appreciate your tremendous effort to stay true to your motto. I benefited a lot from the many articles posted on your website and also lernt a greate amount from the debates.

    I want to thank you and I would like to make a little contribution to your call for a financial support. Could you find some one voulenteer there ( an Ethiopian or Eritrean) who can transfer $100 to your account and ready to be payed to him/ her or family the equivalent Birr ( calculated in exchange rate of the day) here in Addis?

    M. Abebe

    • Berhe Y

      Dear M. Abebe,

      Thank you for stopping by and your inspiration and encouraging words.
      I will also like to match your donation and pledge 100 US.


  • Saleh Johar

    Please spread the call and send the link to your circles:

  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ዓወታውያን፡

    ክንብል ቀኒናላ እሽም ተሓምበለ
    እንታይ ድኣ ‘ዛ ትም ሓገዝ ምስተባህለ
    ኣነ ንባዕለይ ጥርቅም ኢለ እየ ውዒለ
    ሓሲበ ሓሲበ ኣያይ ወርቂ ሰዓቱ ክብል ተላዒለ

    ዋላ ርሻን ኣይትኹን መረባዓትካ
    ንእሽቶ ሙውቕቲ ትኹን እታ ቤትካ
    ሓሳብ ግደፍ ስክፍታ ኣይብላዕካ
    ወስ ኣይትሕመቕ ጥራይ እታ ክእለትካ
    ኣብ ዓወተ የለም ሳንቲም ሕርሙ ዝብለካ
    ንዓ ተኸራኸር ከምታ ቀደምካ።

    • Beyan

      Selam Haile S.,

      Indeed, when it comes to fundraising, the AT has had to struggle a lot. I sometimes wonder if making the website subscription based would’ve let people know that ideas are much like products we buy in stores. And, this intellectual commodity, if you will, that AT sells for free has not done it well to its bottom line. Even if five dollar a month at the start, people would’ve given value to the kind of quality pieces that are produced here – made in awate. Let’s just hope that the week is still young and that in a day or two we will begin to dig deep into our respective pockets to get this exciting plan rolling.

  • Beyan

    Dear Awatawyan & Awate Readers,

    This has been and continues to be one sore spot for the Awate Team (AT). Over the years, I’ve seen the AT reach out to its audience to cough up some dough so it can not only embolden and inform but to become the elixir that binds all Eritreans to begin the reconciling process irrespective of their background; to come and speak to one another. One of the most difficult aspect to this, for me personally, has been one where we have conceivably one nation, but there are three main languages that do not seem to crossover. There is a traverse between English and Tigrinya (very light one at that), but nothing of the sort where Tigrinya websites, Arabic websites, and English websites have converged in one setting. and the return has been abysmally and dismally disappointing. But the AT never relents. has become one of the most successful English language websites to which many notable and reputable news outlets come for accurate information. I see a pivot and a paradigm shift in the offing to cast a wider net, because the demographics of our society has changed dramatically since when this august website was first launched.

    Here is what I believe needs to happen. The parallel universe that we Eritreans seem to inhabit will have to converge; we will have to start talking to one another if we are going to have a robust opposition, if we don’t speak common language, it is not difficult to see how that would only serve to prolong the shelf life of the regime we all want to see gone yesterday – I believe it is not a dollar short and a dime late yet, but if we don’t do it in 2018, it might as well be that. So, the convergence of these languages in one website will go a long way in leading to an ostensible merging of ideas.

    AT’s decision to launch Tigrinya and Arabic sections, within its website is laudable, but of course, saying it needs our generosity goes without saying. But imagine a website one that incorporates proper optics of the audio and visual elements to match technological developments that are increasingly gaining traction. AT believes in going where our people are and furnishing the needed services. That’s exactly what AT did when it launched the English language website. This is now, and now requires different approach to informing and emboldening. Awate Team believed in its vision sixteen years ago, it delivered; it is now envisioning what it believe must happen, by golly, it has proven track record to prove it that it can do this, but it cannot be done without us all getting involved. So, let us start 2018 on a high note. You know the regime in Eritrea will be concerned, very concerned when it sees Eritreans converging ናብ ሐንቲ መኣዲ, it knows that will mean the noose is tightening its grip on its power base. So, let us please the big picture and the picture is the demise of the regime and that can only come if we converge through our respective ideas in one setting, is better suited to cater to that convergence.