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Cry Me A River (Nile): Egyptians Embrace Their Inner-African

On June 3, Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi convened Egyptian dignitaries—opposition party leaders, clerics, civil society—to evaluate his report and to discuss Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam and what Egypt’s response should be. The meeting was televised (live, according to a recording by Egypt Radar); apparently, some of those attending the meeting did not appear to be aware that it was being broadcast live.  This resulted in a candid discussion and the video went viral and some of the more sensational aspects of it were excerpted (without context, of course) by the media—including those who have a vested interested in showing all Arabs and Muslims as raging fanatics (we are talking to you  The following is a translation (excerpts, of course) of the meeting.  Since the video is 2 ½ hours long, we cannot provide a verbatim translation of the entire meeting.  We hope our readers will find it informative.  In some instances, we have not been able to identify the speakers, their titles, or organizational affiliations: we welcome your input/correction.  If you want to see the entire video, you can refer to the following line (YouTube clip (2 ½ hours, in Arabic).

President Mohammed Mursi (opening statement): We stand together facing the challenge…In the past weeks, we have seen the challenge in Sinai…and how we stood together, faced the challenge and came out victorious…and that was a good example of how Egyptians and Egyptian institutions, standing together, can overcome challenges…These days, the River Nile, its water…we have to be working with one hand to deter any threat of any kind which faces Egypt…As is well known, if Egypt is the gift of the Nile, then the Nile is a gift to Egypt from God, may He be glorified and exalted…and we must do everything we can to safeguard this bounty from God…And when it comes to even a drop of this water, we should not defer or postpone decisions. And that’s the purpose of this meeting.

It is the responsibility of all the institutions of the state—the president, the government, and all present who have responsibility for the security of the nation– to safeguard its security. Water security is part of overall security.  All political forces and people must have a political opinion and a role in this… why aren’t we meeting on a Thursday or a Saturday [but meeting now] is because this is a national call, our first opportunity to meet and form your opinion and express yourself so we can search for a political decision… [he goes on describes his previous itinerary of meetings he has had with various committees and ministers, and the meeting of Egypt’s Prime Minister with Ethiopia’s Minister, his own meeting with the Ethiopian Prime Minister at the AU…].. You all know the relationship of Egypt with African nations in years past.. Our isolation from the rest of Africa, and specifically Ethiopia, is really worrisome.  The Africans have [crafted] solutions among one another; they have an understanding among one another…And we are stepping into this with all our capacity…and it is highly competitive between South Africa and Egypt with respect to the Horn of Africa, and I want to change this [threat] into an opportunity, and not idle waste of time   We co-operate with the President of South Africa, our relationship is satisfactory…we are part of Africa… Egypt, as you know, is the entry point for all companies who want to do business in Africa…[here he gives his itinerary to emphasize his seriousness about Africa].. in the spirit of co-existence…the Nile travels a distance of 2,000 kilos [kilometers], and within Egypt 1,000 kilos and from the Blue Nile we get about 86% [presumably of the total water Egypt gets]… the other 14% comes from Uganda and others..[this is followed by the different sources of electricity for Egypt, and how Ethiopia’s dam will impact it to the tune of 28%…. somebody jumps in and corrects the president’s calculations, the president insists his calculations are right… (@ the 12:50 mark)]… I thank you, I salute you, thank you so much.

Dr. Saad Katatni, (Freedom and Justice Party): … for us in Egypt the issues of life and death… we don’t feel the blessing of water like other countries that do not have water and don’t have resources.  Water, for us, in a country whose resources are limited, it is really an issue of life or death. ..considering the increase in population, and under the shadow of our hopes to expand the agricultural land, our current needs of water, we also want to increase it.  When there is a project like this one, and it has an effect particularly on water, the issue needs a position from all–political leadership, from all concerned in this country. This use doesn’t allow for political overbidding… Mr. President, we need totake all actions expected, that might happen. I heard from Dr. Essam Al-Hadad, Vice President, he said, we have a way to solve this issue through diplomacy. It is good to use soft diplomacy, and using international law, our right to water, is not for someone to abuse it. …this affects human beings, plants and animals…. I say all options, I say all options with no exception, and what I am saying is clear…all options are available, and we will support all the options, but in gradual necessary steps. If diplomacy doesn’t work, we will go for international law and ruling, if that doesn’t work, we will resort to all options that anyone can imagine, to protect out water security, because to us this is an issue of life and death.

Younes Makhioun, (Al Nur Party): …[the dam project] hurts Egypt’s interest before considering other developmental issue for Ethiopia. Basically, it is a strategic conflict. We at Al Nur party think.. consider Egypt’s agreement to building the dam a risky strategic mistake. Because it will offer Ethiopia and those who are behind it, Israel and America, a deadly leverage on Egypt… I believe Ethiopia chose this timing because it felt there is confusion in the Egyptian scene, a political friction. We have to unite the people to rally behind the national [cause]…. [we have to] reach to an agreement with Sudan, on presidential level, to realize a common vision for the two countries. It is clear Sudan has some benefits and interests from this dam. Therefore, its vision is not clear and its position is weak. Negotiations… Egypt and Sudan with Ethiopia, to immediately stop the construction of the dam and wait for the completion of the studies…and presenting to Ethiopia, in case… to find an alternative…they have eleven alternative rivers, not only the Blue Nile…

Also, moves by Egypt and Sudan on the regional and international levels, to stop any plans to fund this dam… a move to present complaints against Ethiopia at the Arab League , UN organizations and the African Union and international tribunal. The Gulf states have huge investments, Al Amoudi [Saudi-Ethiopian national] company and others, billions of dollars [worth] which will strengthen Ethiopia’s economic and financial standing… Enhancing the relations [Egypt’s] with African countries, particularly Eritrea, Somalis and Djibouti, and showing them the plans of the Ethiopian dams, and its aims…using pressure cards…for example, there are the Oromo people, 35% of the Ethiopian population, and they have a front called Oromo Liberation Front…the Ethiopian internal front is very weak, wobbly. Also the Ogaden Liberation Front, it is possible to support them. This is considered a pressure card on the Ethiopian government. If all these fail, there is no choice; we can use the last of cards, by using the intelligence, to destroy any dam that is erected if there is this certain risk to Egypt… Experts said this dam is considered a declaration of war on Egypt. The [Egyptian] minister of [water resources and] irrigation, his performance, I believe is very weak, and his statements serve the benefit of Ethiopians, specially his statements that came before the [issuing of the report] of the tripartite committee. He said that this dam doesn’t represent any risk to Egypt…

Unknown: We have to use the strategy that Meles [previous Ethiopian Prime Minister] had used to rally the nation…if there is a national rally.. This issue deserves [attention] to protect our interest even with the armed forces…there would be a national unity and a support for the presidency and all,.. and using force… there are issues that experts know about…frigates would go and visit Bab El Mendeb, Aden… The minister of defense would go and inspect the borders in Sudan near Ethiopia… there are message of this sort.. a preparation follows and here the hint of pressure, military pressure… there is public pressure that contributes to…. the consolations, [a colleague here] says the only strategy accepted in this situation is to prepare for all eventualities starting with the worst eventuality. The worst possibility is that the statements of the Ethiopian leaders would be  strategic deceit and behind it there are hidden [intents] that would end up with the dams… being used, not declared,  the dam would eventually be used to decrease Egypt’s share.. this cannot be ruled out… I also suggest that we form a public committee, of the people present [at the meeting] and those who are not present…to make public pressure, go and visit and report to the president…directly … we hint at military movement that would [make them feel] that the issue is serious not just wielding that would not be used, it might be used, I wish we don’t get there…but this would result in hastening negotiations, intervention by international entities to calm [the situation] and pressure for, and solution to accept what is possible to accept through negotiations…

Dr. Hassen: …allow me to regress back to history… Ethiopians are our brethren; they are African people, and we have a strong cultural and religious relations. But Ethiopia of late is under the illusion of [being] the regional police. I am not saying this in vacuum, but Ethiopia allowed itself to enter Somalia, which is a member of the Arab League, and to occupy it, or occupy part of it. Particularly, the disputed area in South Somalia for a long time. We also know that it is in a conflict over influence with Eritrea and Djibouti and what is called Somaliland is under the influence of Ethiopia… if the Nile is the stream of life for Egypt, …Djibouti is the stream of life for Ethiopia, logistically, as they say nowadays.

This position [Ethiopia’s] didn’t consider that its neighbors are eternal than external [entities], this time, it is testing itself with Egypt. I don’t say this to raise conflicts: May God curse those who stir it; I don’t even blame the Ethiopians for their economical position against their neighbors with whom they will live forever. We blame ourselves, that Egypt, once upon a time, during the Nasserite era, had a clear vision to strengthen relations with Africa, and it involved Egyptian blood: Kemaleddin Salah, Fethi Redwan were martyred in Somalia. Getting [Egypt] out of  the region or closing to the region started from Anwar Sadat [era] but it festered during the demised era [of Mubarek]. People gave their backs to Africa. I remember the foreign minister of Ethiopia came to Egypt and mocked the Egyptian people. He said, the Nile doesn’t have wings to fly to Israel. But Egyptians and everyone else knows that the Nile could have wings [that run] under the ground–pipes could pass through the Red sea… and there are countries that import water through pipes. Unfortunately, Ethiopia under Haile Sellassie had a reasonable relation with Egypt and he opened with Abdel Nasser…Egypt should use in this matter all its soft power….Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Arab League and Muslim League, we have to embarrass those people because they have strong relations with Addis Ababa… Al Azhar, and I am confident the Egyptian national church would not hesitate and strive, with all its efforts, in this direction. And the UN, this is a work outside the parameters of law, it is a crime in assaulting the Nile, against the laws. We have to expose this… and the mutual interests etc….. Whoever violates international laws, his promises should not be trusted, at all. There should be clear agreements… and any nation should protect its interest… we were 15 million during the 1920, now we are close to 90 million and on the steps of 100 million…I hear the Ethiopians have plans for three other dams…we should not accept promises.

Abba Daniel [Coptic Church]: … I start with a small question …based on my little knowledge, the Aswan Dam is [a structure built of] dirt covered with rocks, while, as your Excellency said, the Ethiopian dam is made of concrete [the president explains the difference]. There is an effect that no one talked about: the psychological effect on Egyptians. Historically, it is known that the River Nile gives stability, and security, and the people enjoy peace because the water is guaranteed. I think the water problem is the fundamental problem and this will cause psychological instability to the people, because if the water [flow] is affected, the people will be agitated: would the water come? Would we drink, would we [be able to irrigate] our farms? This is a psychological point. I think one of the important solutions is dialogue with international guarantees– containing the crisis through international organizations that [should] participate with us in the dialogue to convince all parties. It is important for the common interest of all the states…

Dr. Amr khalid: … Truly I want to say that we need a comprehensive strategy, and what I mean by a comprehensive strategy is that we will not be able to deal with this issue but in five or six directions that work in tandem. First, I add my voice to that of Abba Daniel, it is the direction of dialogue and diplomacy; it is essential and it should be pursued forcefully; we [should] work in it through combined committees. The second point is, we need a lobby, an international lobby: an international Egyptian lobby. This lobby, our children abroad… I think Dr. Ayman Ali is present, our children aboard are able to participate in this lobby. Without this lobby… and we bring an international PR company and it would basically be Egyptian; and there are Egyptian companies with international dimensions. We have a historic opportunity, in the middle of what [is] happening in Egypt, and we unite the Egyptian people. This case is fit to make the Egyptian people rally behind [it], and we make it a case that is felt by all citizens… and, it is easy to sell it, and market it to the simple Egyptian: the Nile water. I suggest the second direction, pressure group, with strong powers, we bring …Egyptian personalities, who have international influence, who live abroad, there comes Dr. Majdi Yaqoub, Zweli, Amr Khalid, Dr. so and so Dr. so and so, we work internationally in a way, Dr. Amr Hazawi, comes and works–in unity, as a bee colony.

The third point that I want to mention, among the comprehensive strategy, Mr. President, [is against] limiting the relations, with Ethiopia and Africa, only on the Nile water. [That] hurts Egypt. We, in the last thirty years, we limited the relations [only to] give us our water and we do not want to see you because we see ourselves superior to you. Lets’ be frank and talk transparently. Yes, the Egyptians were looking [at them] like that; at Ethiopia and Africa….limiting the issue [to Nile water] would hurt [us]. The issue will not be solved in isolation of developmental aspects. The civil societies, the [ministry of] foreign affairs truly deserves an appreciation, it took the civil society and we went to Ethiopia and Uganda– I was part of that team, you wouldn’t believe their friendliness. When the civil society comes and tells them, I am not here to talk about water, how can we help you? Mr. President, we went and talked with Africans, in several countries, and when we returned, and we agreed, on agreements [with the African countries], but nothing happened…and the government is responsible. We agreed to have youth exchange [programs], and we invited five countries to bring 100 youth each for a camp in Egypt. We said we will [cover the cost and] be responsible for that matter, [but] nothing happened to this date. We said we will build schools and Egyptian investors were ready, and nothing happened. Therefore, the third point: developmental companies.

The fourth solution that I want to say [is] the role of business people and investors in Ethiopia. The hindrances are still great, Mr. President, on the exchange of trade. The UAE, Egyptian ceramics is exported to Africa through the UAE, who would like that? That is because the process is complicated in Egypt. So, for me [as an Egyptian] to export [something] I have to go to the UAE so that it can export [my products] on my behalf and I am an Egyptian investor? We need to expand in Africa. This is the fourth line.

The fifth direction is the role of the church. I visited the church in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian church loves Egyptians. Very much. It feels great respect and peace; they received us with a very superb reception. The Egyptian and Ethiopian churches, between them, is love and respect and admiration… The role of the Egyptian church.

The fifth [sic] and last direction [is] the Egyptian media which deals with the issue in a shallow manner, [with] racism and superiority. [The Ethiopians] read newspapers and they see what we say about them, and how we talk about them. Why can’t there be a media front–all the media that agrees with the presidency or has a difference with the presidency? This is a case of Egypt’s national security. Why can’t the media personalities meet? Imagine, Your Excellency, if we make these six lines work, how many Egyptians would work with the institution of the presidency so that we can save Egypt? How many Egyptians inside and outside [Egypt]? This is a case we can change to a national project… but it requires a specialized committee, Your Excellency, the president, a committee that works 365 days, 24 hours, always thinking on how to gather national forces and the Egyptians abroad and international powers: its preoccupation, this issue, PR. I think, we will all be soldiers for this matter and I think this comprehensive strategy would be a solution. Thank you.

Dr. Amr Hamzawi (Freedom Egypt Party): I think what was presented to us here should be presented to the Egyptian public, it is their right to know the truth of what is happening..the report doesn’t include information that would compromise Egypt’s national security [if released]….two, the people should know how the Egyptian government dealt with the issue during the last ten-months with the Ethiopian dam case. Third, the flow of statements from different places, different establishments of the government of the Egyptian state…my conviction is these statements don’t serve — we don’t need to rush [and state] that this dam hurts or this dam doesn’t hurt. The case should be considered a sovereign case, a presidential case… we also need to form a committee to manage the crisis, a group of experts, diplomats…..politicians and technical experts… Your Excellency, we have interests with states that are funding [the dam] through their companies and other means. We have interests with Italy, we have interests with China, we have Arab countries that are investing there…the worst thing is we might not know what the Ethiopian side is planning… Worst, there might be plans in [their] drawers that we have not seen yet. Worst is: while we negotiate and the report of the tripartite group is being prepared construction starts…. since the last part of the presentation says the study is not complete,… therefore the  construction should stop…I request that we do not see this in a context of rivalry, or a zero sum game… [we should] take it away from the zero sum game into a situation where we can benefit from it in Egypt, economically, socially, and water security and we benefit the African side represented by Ethiopia… the Egyptian arrogance during the last three-decades…damaged the relations.. dealing [with Africans] with racism, we [should] transform it to [a situation] of benefit to all parties.

Abba Daniel (Egypt’s Coptic Church): … His holiness the patriarch of Ethiopia will come to Egypt within ten-days, and I think among the important issues that his holiness the pope is going to talk about with him. But I want to put two warnings: the state in Ethiopia is civil [secular] and it doesn’t have relations with the church [affairs], weak influence. The second thing, the Ethiopian society as we know, is agitated and has so many problems. Therefore, reaching an understanding is not easy in such matters…

Dr. Ayman Nur (Ghad Al-Thewra Party): …dealing with Eritrea, dealing with Djibouti, and dealing with Somalia is a card of great importance to pressure Ethiopia. Truly, we haven’t benefited from the change that happened after the passing away of this man [Meles Zenawi] who was very bad towards Egypt. He was inimical and agitated his people with grudge and hate towards Egypt. We haven’t invested on this change in a proper way, but I think the political changes inside Ethiopia makes me say that pressure from the neighboring countries is an important issue with another team that works with countries that have relations with the issue…Israel, America, China and Italy…  the Ethiopian community… to delay funding, to delay execution to reach an alternative solution… There are many conflicts, there are many political forces, there are expected changes…and it is possible to deal with it.. we do not want an embassy in Ethiopia, we need a task force in Ethiopia…political, intelligence, to deal in all aspects with the Ethiopian reality, we have to have a role in it. I think this….to interfere in internal issues (I say this, contrary to what people say) there must be an interference in national affairs, and there must be an influence on decisions. And the choices in Ethiopia. The society there is worn to the extreme, we have seen this in our visit, it was a sorry situation. We can achieve a result, a very quick one. If we don’t achieve a result with change, we can with pressure….the third team is military…though a military solution is avoided, I beg you to read translations of Egyptian newspapers which focus on two things… the newspapers are saying there is not military solution and Egypt doesn’t have a military capacity, neither airplanes, nor rockets and the Sudan will not allow.. the Sudanese position truly…stinks.. it is very much less than what is was supposed to be… we are able to leak information, in the nature of intelligence information that Egypt is striving to purchase a certain kind of planes, to fuel airplanes in air and Egypt is striving to [this and that]. This is pressure even if it is not realistic, but it will lead to a result in the diplomatic channel. The direct diplomatic channel with the Ethiopians, I don’t think will bear results…

Dr. Mohammed: …I see that we have nothing in the flanks… Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti, these are the ones who will finish [the job], inside. I mean all of them among themselves. This happens. It is our right. We don’t have to go directly, there are a hundred indirect ways… This is when we lose hope. When there is no hope.. and from inside Ethiopia… Ethiopia is a multitude of tribes, and everything, as Your Excellency knows, this is Africa and in Africa everything can be fixed, all works… and maybe do something on the way. This is a problem that requires us to see it seriously, because the issue is not easy, the issue is not a joking matter…
Dr. Sefwet:  … We have neglected Africa…Ethiopia doesn’t have the money and they say that the financier is Israel. They also say: just like the Arab countries sell petrol we [the Ethiopians] will sell water to Egypt and others by the liter. Our economy doesn’t allow us to buy water for drinking in the house and for use in agricultural lands. …we have to work on awareness, people do not feel [our problems] they do not know that Egypt needs [every] drop of water, a cup of water….Our [Egyptian] children in Abyssinia, they have important position, as successful business people… as you know in Abyssinia, they are indispensable.. We have a number of Egyptians leading the Abyssinian economy…

Dr. Mejdi Ahmed Hussein:  … I love battles, and I love battles very much. With enemies, of course. America and Israel.  But it must be done wisely and patiently… prudence, secrecy, without much announcement. [Somebody interjects something…and he says, “ok, you said it.” ] What I will talk about is not a secret: our battle with America and Israel.  [Somebody interrupts him and he says, “this is my opinion. What I am saying is done by every country.  And said.”…]

This has been an issue since 1964…there is not going to be a day when a newspaper headline will say “today war was declared”… refusing to talk [candidly] about this is evading responsibility. We have ignored Africa for long…we focused too much on the west…thank God there is now some focus on Asia…but we forget: Africa is the solution.  This is not just about water: obviously, we die without water.  And why I say America and Israel: we are 80 million.  What will happen to us if water is cut? This is a grave threat, and we must deal with it with exemplary patience…I have to emphasize what Amr Khaled said: we must return to Africa.

Sustained people to people campaigns… Official and unofficial… not the tours we do: go and return, which create more damage than benefit…We go to Ethiopia, make one trip and [imagine the Ethiopian reaction]: “you are here because you heard we are hungry… we haven’t seen an Egyptian plane in 30 years and you show up now? You are here to save us?”…This is the reaction. Psychologically. Your Excellency, ask yourself: how many [Egyptian] reporters have been to Ethiopia? Seven or Eight? But every single [Egyptian] reporter has been to America, of course, at America’s expense! And to Europe…Does a single [Egyptian media outlet] have a station in Ethiopia, I am sorry, I mean the entire Africa?… I was deep in Sudan and a kid asked me, “do you know Adel Imam?[Egyptian actor]” And I said, “no, but I know Nur Sherif” [Egyptian actor] and he said, “please say hi to him for me.” So, have we done any movie expos in Arab-speaking.. African countries? Do we have any research and translation services anywhere in Ethiopia, just like there are American research institutions talking to us day and night?  Do we have a common market with the Nile countries?  What is the role of Al-Azhar…we send teachers to Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leone, Your Excellency! And this is a non-Arab country.  I want to know how many Al Azhar teachers are there in the Nile Countries common market?  Have we worked on a common electric grid?  Airlines? Tourism? [Mocking status quo, he says “European tourists are fine, but the blacks, they are of no use!”]

Why don’t we have a citizenship naturalization process for the Sudanese?  Don’t insult the Sudanese [directing his comments to the speaker who was offended by Sudan’s position regarding the Ethiopian dam]: the Sudanese is a serious man.  The Oromo, the Ogaden…that’s not something that requires loud voice.  I do not want open warfare declared against Ethiopia.  The Ethiopian people are our friends.  The African people love us.  60% of Ethiopians are Muslims.   50-60% are Christians… the church relations may have ended [the relationship between the Egyptian Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox churches that were altered by Haile Selasse I] but the spiritual connection remains.   Before and after Islam and Christianity, they [Ethiopians] are the closest to our hearts.  This talk [of war with Ethiopia] is dangerous…ok, if one or two of you say it…but please be cautious.  It is wrong and it will not help us meet our goals.  These are people who love us very much and love Egypt very much.. Finally, last point, in the past we used to say if you want to kill an issue, create a committee…but we are not in the government now, we have relationship with the government.  I plead to you to create a bond with the African people… not just Ethiopia.  I have confidence in your excellency that you will do that… I mean the whole of Africa.

Al Ab Refiq Rish (Catholic church):  …We need a campaign in Africa.. and internationalizing the case…finally, no to military work… first we don’t know if we know the military capacity of the Ethiopians. Specially [since] they are specialized in guerrilla warfare…but it will certainly result in us to losing good will in [the eyes] of many Africans.

Muhandes Ehab:  The report made me anxious… it deals with the case as a done deal that we have to accommodate with it as if it [the dam] is a reality…the study also mentions that the reports are incomplete, but it doesn’t prove they [Ethiopians] do not have studies, but they hid many studies from us and this causes us many problems…we should not be unaware of the main player in this case as also in the Sinai case, because [we know] the player, which is the Zionist entity, in the case of Ethiopia and in the case of Sinai, [its] main goal is to put the security and stability of Egypt in danger…Al Azhar and the church have a role, with consideration that [Ethiopia] is secular…

Rami: I tell you, Your Excellency, Ethiopia will not get any funding to build this dam… Ethiopia getting funds for this dam is impossible. Their priorities in Ethiopia are more important than building this dam…they need hospitals, schools, constructing residential building.. I think this dam is political, its use is political for internal reasons… we should send from this place a message of love and peace to the Ethiopian people and we tell them the Ethiopian and Egyptian people, even if it came after thirty years of injustice, we are with you to build a better future.

Mahmoud (representing youth group):  I add my voice to Dr. Amr Khaled, Amr Hamzawi, Dr Aymen Nur for what they said and there is no pint to add to that, but all options are open meaning they are open. … we need to change the value with which we deal with the consumption and wasting  of Nile…The Sudanese and Egyptian position should be one and we work [together].. the dam cannot be separated from the Sinai case and its intent is to occupy Egypt with continuous crisis..

President Mursi (concluding remarks):  I thank all of you… the meeting has confirmed to me of the necessity of having meetings.  When we work as a team, the results will be better than when we work individually.  I hope those who were not able to attend will attend future meetings.  I have three points, which I will cover quickly.  First, we may have differences of opinions, and it is a right, but we are all protective of the sovereignty of Egypt, and the security of Sudan and the people of Sudan, respect for the wishes of Sudan, north and south, and also the people of Ethiopia.  We have no enmity to anyone. Or ill wishes to anyone.  Categorically.   But none of that precludes our desire to protect [our interest in] the Nile.  Next, when we move, we should move with the spirit of the Egyptian people who have never been an aggressor against anyone in its history, but now is protecting its water security.  Water and Nile are [the definition of] life.   Not just irrigation and electricity but life…. the last point: energy sources.. we have three factors…and wide open opportunities for energy: one is material, which I am pursuing forcefully and with a sense of urgency,  the second is solar energy.. we have a big project which we will present to you in the near future…a project no smaller than the Suez Canal project…in the western Sahara we have more opportunities for solar energies than anywhere else in the world…it should be no less than 10,000 megawatts…the third is wind energy..We have many locations for by the Red Sea… diversification will prevent us from over-relying on one source…this is not to minimize the significance of hydro-electric power: that is fundamental… one more time I thank you; this is one in a series of meetings we will have on this issue…an hour from now we will have a meeting with a Cabinet of Ministers…

// END
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  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Hi every one. Congra the Peace lovers and comiseration for the warmongers. Egypt has choosen the peacefull way leaving the impression what kind of eritrean government we have. Wheather tplf or anybody leads the country, all ethiopians must watch and be on gurad the anti ethiopian government. From beginning to now the tplf government may be a pain in the neck for eplf government but never anti eritrean People. But the eplf repeated its leathal stand against ethiopian People. This is confirmed time and agian.

    Another thing this forum shows that there are few who stands beside egypt’s policy of keeping ethiopia the internatioal unit of measuremet for poverity.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Those who said the west also wants to press Egypt New governmet by supporting ethiopian regime is atleast confirmed by morsi. He put many ngos in prison som monthes ago. But now he has said to EU he will allow the ngos will continue to work and gets more help from the ngo. It is not good to be morsi right now. Using the west aid Money in billions and following iran government policy is not smart idea after all.

  • Tesfamariam

    Just a thought
    I don’t understand why this respected web site is letting Mohammed and Haile post name calling and insults. They are brothers concerned about Eritreia in their own way if there is way to bring them closer and narrow there differences that will be great otherwise I don’t think this is a web site to exchange insults and un-necessary name callings, so could you please make it the Awate web site that we know.

    [From moderator: Tesfamariam, thanks. Agreed and enforced. Each time they posted something we thought it was their last one and we accommodated more than we should have. Thanks for reminding us to enforce our own posting guidelines.]

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    …getting a bit edgy now, huh

    “Could have” or “should have” and more semantics crap – to what end? What were you talking about, shooting pigeons? The idea – even the slightest idea that poisoning a river could be suggested or even insinuated as an option was totally disgusting and abhorrent.

    And you – you personally after hailing it as “clever”, you had to go through a lot of pains to collect data dating back all the way to Hammurabi’s and Nebuchadnezzar’s eras to prove that it was doable – as if you were doing a feasibility study for a little chicken farm.

    And now you want to weasel your way out through playing semantic shenanigans – all because you are too arrogant to admit your mistake. What a parasite.

    You also came up with a detailed delivery system, of how to deliver the poison with maximum genocidal effect – and now you want to compare that to showing someone how to shoot a gun – a gun for god’s sake and you want people to accept that stupid analogy? Wow! you must be very shallow even by HGDEF’s standards.

    Here is your finale – little twerp.

    This is the second time you pleaded to stop this little adventure of yours, though as usual with a tinge of childish bravado (typical HGDEF arrogance). So your wish is granted but with a little caveat: you have to take your second and final dose (session 2).

    – Don’t try to pick a fight if all you have to show for it are lies, innuendos and insulting people’s intelligence. Remember, you are already a little twerp to begin with.
    – Don’t drag others to your fights – it makes you look sillier than you already are.
    – Don’t act as though you represent any segment of the Eritrean society – you don’t.

    I noticed that you are a bit shaken up and you are sounding a bit erratic too. It looks like your HGDEF instincts are kicking in again and you are getting a bit too loose with your sick profanities. I don’t want to stoop to your level of thuggery.

    And as for my articles – I unequivocally stand by each and every assertion made in them – each and every assertion to the letter. No ifs and/ or buts.

    A suggested read for you from that humble collection – “The Mogogo Crowd” you will feel right at home.

    You can run to the General Store and get you lollipop now, twerp.

    • haile

      …ah you do know about “collecting data” then…what a shame, perhaps you’ll tone down your jihadist and fanatical articles in the future then. Because, such articles you wrote are data and can be downloaded, “collated” and studied. Dear village fanatic…why do you think I am using high “jihad” “fanatic” word count texts in my responses to you? You think this is your jihad illiteracy school or what? Go figure… They your activities here may be a matter of interest to some as we speak.

      Ok Mr Jihadist, who told a joke that the Jan.21 events were about Christians being threatened by moslims in Eritrea. And Mr fanatic, who coined the word ethno-fascists to label the Tigrigna people of Eritrea and incite Rwanda style genocide. A little learning for your fanatically deranged head…this is views exchange forume. There two types of discussants here, those like you, who came here to spread jihad, fanaticism, possibly try to poison unsuspecting minds and those like me who are interested in debate and discuss any topic regardless what as long as long as it serves to enlighten us on an already available information.

      If you don’t like what I presented here Mr fanatic, I will give you (inked in a grail) the web address for you to complain. You see Mr fanatic jihadist, you already talked about your operational tactics of how you plant information to poison unsuspecting minds here in as many words during your razzmatazz with some commentators, especially where you wrote about PFDJ identity. Oh village fanatic…you haven’t got a clue that how your activities here has been closely studied…we’ll don’t bother removing anything “feasibility study” doesn’t start without downloading relevant “material”.

      Please don’t talk about people, they don’t like you. Let me give you a small example, drive-by fanatic. Do you remember, when Serray responded to one of your fanatical article, where you wrote discussion about ethno-fascism, from your squalid and rotten mind and soul? He told you that “there was no way I can see you and us belong to the same country” and your poisonous mind responded by asking “what do you mean by “us”?”
      It was so obvious and pathetic of you to ask that, but ignorant jihadist that you are you thought you were trying to recruit those who may feel hard done by. Trust me, your jihad backside is a small time side kick for me, because you are ignorant and don’t possess full control ability of the process you set up to engage in.

      Let me give your fanatical self another exposing to the people who are not responding to your HGDEF HGDEF sheep skin mantra… because they now know you, and hate your fanatical jihadist guts to bits. While exposing your jihadist backside to the public to see, in the last few days, I have also been engaged in debate about many things with many people. With some ethio-eritrea border, with some peace and devt., with some reconciliation…your jihadist backside has only bee coming back and back to talk about “poisoning the Nile” that your freaking fanatical mind of ethno-fascism woulds surpass buy reaches and bounds. Listen Mr fanatic, a poisoned river can also be cleansed, I can also tell you how some process work in that direction, however a massacred ethinc group because you agitated that it was a fascist can not be brought back to life.

      So I say most people notice that, haile is normal debator who debates most issue, and you are a jihadist who says jan 21 events made Christians fear that the Muslims were coming! also a Fantasist who preach the Tigrigna people of Eritrea are fascists in a bid to incite a genocide against them. What else or to whom did you debate in the past whole week or few days other than poison? none, zero…listen jihadist fanatic, Ethio/Egypt have solved their problem…no worry about their river. Clean up your poisoned activities here…kabey zmexe hargaf jihad eyu ezi bejakhum!

      • Mohammed Ahmed

        … you were given your finale – the one you pleaded for more than once – but you still had to come back, didn’t you?

        Good – after all this shenkolel, you just posted your resume online for all to see. This could be for one of two reasons:

        (1) HGDEF doesn’t like operatives that get busted, thus you were frozen or (2) The essence of time (remember internet on the go thingy – embarrassing as it was) may have finally sunk in, thus you are on the look for new hosts.

        Well, don’t hold your breath – HGDEF will be hammered mercilessly – the real thing that actually bugs you but where you lack the courage to say so. Well guess what – HGDEF will get more of the same stuff – if not worse (stay tuned). Then you can update your resume even more and Meskerem will provide the reference letters for you (in bold).

        While at it, if you are done with the “Mogogo crowd” , here is another suggested read – a weekender of sorts – “Shifta Ghebre on the move”. It will help you reminsce.

        In retrospect, I can’t believe I gave so much time to someone who doesn’t even have a clue of the essence of time itself by his own admission. One who wasn’t even worth a second of my time. You are done with – go chatter to yourself now.

        As we say back home “asha ente belkuwos – ayfal’n halai t’rai ‘ye zbl”

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    twerp playing smart…

    Whether it was on the go or at your den – the point was time allotment – TIME, but hey, what does a bum care about time – zilch. In fact, this was a deliberate bait for you and the twerp that you are you fell for it. There was a time when you called somebody at the forum a fara – well guess who is the fara now?

    The rest of your crap is nothing but playing with semantics – the usual hashewiye (from your freshman years at enda HGDEF). Characters like you never man up to face challenges – they just go in circles like dogs chasing their own tails. It takes guts to say you goofed up.

    Finally, little twerps like you need their wagons straitened from time to time – consider this session one. The few shock-therapy sessions you took over the last few days must have helped. You started to address some people (albeit sheepishly) as “brothers” and “sisters” and you learned to put a lid on your arrogance and bigotry.

    You still need to do a little work on the hashewiye stuff – because it is a major turn-off. No one has the time to dwell in your semantics hide and seek. This for you may not be a problem as the essence of time doesn’t seem to have relevance (remember internet on the go) but unlike you, others value their time.

    Everyone who reads my articles knows the verses I use at the end of each article. Referring to them as vulgar is a sign of a disturbed mind – not just a twerp.

    • haile

      Oh dear boy… deranged jihadist fah elato!

      You’re shooting in the dark about time blah blah..rule #1 know what you’re talking about…you don’t have a clue–

      A deranged jihadist would make for a hopeless role model to teach people to say “brothers sisters”. A little exercise for you (warning: might hurt your overstretched brain cells) get your butt to all my writings at and I challenge you to find a single reference by me about my moslem brothers and sisters with out referring them as such…NEVER Zilch! It is a a standard practice on my part to fend off crazed jihadists like you and other fanatics on the other side. Go Mr village fanatic… sift through hile’s post.

      Playing semantics…that much we learned from your big fat huha.. to divide and poison innocent people here! how come you couldn’t counter a single one Mr. fanatic? Are you a lazy one (or a bum)?

      Aren’t you the one who told a joke about how christian Eritreans were shaking at kulom aslam eyom? so sick boy we fought to stay united…ztekhobelna yelon…and you now know why jihad wouldn’t set foot in Sudan let alone Eritrea. Aren’t you the one you called half your people ethno-fascists? who seriously would want to listen to your bogus concern for a river you don’t own a jackall of it. They probability tell you don’t bother, keep your jihad to your self.

      Your joke was vulgar, you should be ashamed of making such a joke don’t hide behind religion…I forgot that what you do…gosh I must be going fara!

      Disability is the work of God, I was thought not to mock anything that the work of God, for it exists for a reason…shame a village fanatic like you try to appear holier than thou

      So answer the question: Regarding your Ethno-Fascist formulation, how much do you intend to learn from Radio Rwanda prior to the genocide? Gosh people love you so much don’t they…what are you a pet monster.

      Just remember, you always have to cut your loss and move on, continue further altercation at your own risk…I hate to harm your mind! As far as I am concerned, job is done, but have no qualms to trash you down further if keep slagging it out…take your pick don’t be s slaphead!

  • yegermal

    any reason my comments are not getting published?

  • yegermal

    In another news, Nevsun (NSU)takes yet another nose dive (2.98) …down from its pre-Wedi Ali level of 4.75. I am no stock market guru, but I believe that’s 37% loss on its valuation. Ere Ghena!

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Not so fast little twerp …

    But again, he just proved himself to be too childish indeed. It didn’t even occur to him that the last comment wasn’t a response to the last one he made – that both comments were waiting moderation simultaneously – yet he had to jump up and down like a monkey thinking that it was in reply his queries – wow how childish.
    This BTW also proves something else – that the twerp is glued to his PC 24/7 with perhaps nothing else to do. HGDEF’s assignment it looks is a full time job.

    But here is a quick sift through some of the previous comments

    Somebody talks of poisoning a river –
    Instead of admonishing the notion or at least shutting-up – the twerp hails it as

    “A very clever observation!” What a sick mind

    When the idea was challenged, the twerp mixes in again trying to defend it and then callously – describing delivery mechanisms (with details) –

    “Physics, Biology and Chemistry may coalesce to bring a frightening scenario of contamination agency that is time-delayed releases and slow/non degradable substances that can spur a major concern. It all depends on what time frame and what end product is one looking at. There are highly advanced delivery and dispersion capabilities..” Even a sicker mind …

    And then just a few samples of the diatribes….

    “ wedaje mn’far beyen abilu, eza tielka gana chihma’ya t’hakikh zela:-) “Typical HGDEF racist lingo with obvious reference.

    “BTW HGDEF eko mhdera’om ena tseli’Ena ebnber jihad ashnkuay do ertra’si sudan ewn kemzeregxua zgeberu hitsubat ma’anta seb’ut nay seb’ay eko eyom!” Same HGDEF racist lingo with obvious reference again.

    “enquaquho kelokha tebisna bel’enaka ena” typical HGDEF arrogance at its best.

    And Even a prayer verse wasn’t spared. This is what he said referring to how I close my Articles

    “He closed his article with vulgar Islamist extremism.”

    I could go on and on – the twerp can take his pick and enjoy, but to what end? Diversion and hashewiye is the first lesson they teach them at enda HGDEF.

    But here’s a little advice for the twerp:
    Don’t defend HGDEF here you will look more of who you really are.

    • haile

      Hang around, you’ll learn expired fanatic

      “glued to his PC 24/7″…no need for that wake up it is 2013 you can access internet on the go…good start though you started to join civilization

      Let’s go through your fanatical “sift through”…don’t wet your pants!

      “A very clever observation!”… the guy said “Ethiopia could have…” surely that is a clever observation to state the obvious that Ethiopians are God fearing and self respecting people! and the fanatic in you twisted it as if the guy said “Ethiopia SHOULD HAVE…” no he didn’t, and I can’t respond to something he didn’t say…fanaticism is killing you…

      “Physics, Biology and Chemistry may coalesce to bring a frightening scenario of contamination agency that is time-delayed releases and slow/non degradable substances that can spur a major concern. It all depends on what time frame and what end product is one looking at. There are highly advanced delivery and dispersion capabilities..” and where does it say that I said, something that I described as madness (did you forget to sift that fanatico?) ought to be done? I can tell you how a gun fires a bullet…unless you have fanatical tendency, no way that means I am telling you to shoot people…gosh are you that dumb!

      “ wedaje mn’far beyen abilu, eza tielka gana chihma’ya t’hakikh zela:-)” …ahh this one is hard to explain to a hard wired fanatic! let me try…flying is deciding on an act and scratching your beard is a sign of indecisiveness in body language…your goat hadn’t decided to fly was the message…your fanatical mind construe it to men “chahamat” a disgusting degrading and racist language…you better sift more and bring it word for word when you accuse people for fanatical purposes…

      “BTW HGDEF eko mhdera’om ena tseli’Ena ebnber jihad ashnkuay do ertra’si sudan ewn kemzeregxua zgeberu hitsubat ma’anta seb’ut nay seb’ay eko eyom!” … do you dispute the facts? you can go back to as far as when Bin Laden was in the Sudan and learn what HGDEF did…suck it up it is a fact…incidentally there was news of arrests in Sudan recently, I have no idea why or to what end…but Sudan is a no go place…agree, how could you with deranged fanaticism!

      “enquaquho kelokha tebisna bel’enaka ena”…ayyy this is typical haile not your pant wetting HGDEF! I have had a bone to pick with you for a long while but kept holding back because you didn’t dare to slight me personally…so I am telling you that I had long figured you out as a fanatic before you came here in sheep skin…

      “He closed his article with vulgar Islamist extremism.” … you really haven’t learned much have you?…you still at it trying to incite!… your sick joke of aslamay/kristian that I attached was the “vulgar” reference made too…If I need to learn about the great Islamic traditions and its highest moral values of kindness, generosity, truthfulness… I have many God given great Moslem brothers and sisters, they will teach me with patience and understanding…I don’t need a sick fanatic like you to do it.

      Do go on and on…the higher a monkey jumps, the more of its backside one sees!

      Here my advice to the timed out fanatic…

      Stick to facts, and facts would either defend you or expose you….HGDEF HGDEF…nay rieskha giber

      • haile

        …phew just double checked and found that the world is going mad and talking about all sorts of “killing en-mass HGDEF style”, what is our village fanatic going to do???

        This is true, I found a whole host of websites (Wikipedia, howstuffwork, defencetech, ….) videos, discussion forums, hobbyists, images…that describe how all sorts of weapons work!!! oh my God…especially that Wikipedia is the scariest of all! It lists all kinds of photographic, text and reference reading about “Chemical Weapons” (oops I promise I’ll never utter the word again:) I just couldn’t believe that my so called trusted friend “Wikipedia” can go all HGDEF Style on me…:-(

        The problem is that it is all over the place, even commercials are based in war themes, children’s computer games are about shooting all kinds of things all day long, there are movies after movies replete with graphic presentation of how this WMD work!

        Oh my God, this little fanatic had me in his pocket all along, thinking I am the only surviving Godzilla needing taming…oh shoot.

        Thanks for the ride, you served well to expose more than you fear…let us leave it to the discerning readers…BTW this is not a response to anything…fanatics don’t need one…just a good old kick in the backside…

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      As for the “Jihadist” crap – well guess what; take a number – perhaps you will sit next to Beetlejuice. I know you can’t help it because undergoing years of conditioning to hate Muslims must have left their marks.

      You think you can fool people now by calling them “brothers” and “sisters” – now that you are flushed out – the same ostracized people whose return to their homeland you had the audacity to mock as though Eritrea doesn’t belong to them too? Are you that condescending?

      And what kind of a fool are you to think that you can garner sympathy for a blood-sucking freak like manjos – an abhorrent war-criminal and a human organ trafficker, by playing his handicap as an excuse? A freak who wouldn’t think twice to pluck out organs from little kids? Ah twerps!

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Well, it doesn’t take much to flush-out HGDEFites, does it?

    It is obvious that, the little twerp needs a bit more apprenticeship before attempting to venture deeper into the opposition ranks. Maybe the other dim-wits at Meskerem could lend a hand.

    How else could one be so callous to entertain the thoughts of mass murdering innocent civilians in cold blood? And worse yet, go in endless circles trying to deflect the focus…

    well, what is new in HGDEF’s small world.

    • haile

      … hazuwo hazwo jihad yihadm alo 🙂

      Surprising you run away from jihadist agitation here! yep,, haile is a kstanay, haile is aslamay, haile is kebessa, haile is metaht, haile is kunama, haile is saho, haile is afar, haile is hidareb, haile is tigre, haile is tigrigna, haile is bilen, haile is rashaida, haile is beja, haile is ERITREAN.

      loqmexmex gedifka Answer the question:

      …find me a single incident that I said Ethiopia should poison the Nile – see you are delusional fanatic

  • haile

    Mohammed Ahmed – I truly believe you are a jihadist and harbor fanaticism

    The beauty of the set up is that we have to stick to one pen name. I consider that a great way of holding people to account for what they chose to express at various times. Go back years and read haile’s interventions in discussions (we’ll come to your fanatical nature later). Here you would find me defending against those who wish ill to my Muslim brothers and sisters. Here you would find me proudly declaring how our nation can’t stand for a second without the gigantic contributions in leadership by Eritrean Muslims at every turn of its history. Here you would find me disagreeing with many of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and retorting to words as your fanatical mind puts it has never even crossed my mind nor did we exchanged views in those terms. Yet, you’ll find me here calling a spade a spade and yes I am convinced that you are a disillusioned, sickening fanatical jihadist. I fully stand behind those charges.

    You have put the Jan. 21 events in jihadist context:

    You have agitated that there is such thing as “Ethno-fascism” in Eritrea:

    All your comments refer to Eritrean christian highlanders as “conscripted chauvinists” not to be trusted

    Please find me a single incident where HGDEF talked of “Moslem attack” – see you are a jihadist

    Please find me that I ever inked “chahamat” – see you are a hate monger

    Please find me a single incident that I said Ethiopia should poison the Nile – see you are delusional fanatic

    Describing the mechanics of how a bullet would work doesn’t amount to shooting someone dead, but coming back to sow hatred and division can only come out of poisoned mind.

    I am surprised how you underestimate our Eritrean muslim brothers and sisters to fall for your cheap jihadist ploy. I am surprised that you consider the Ethiopians are so stupid that a deranged jihadist like you has to tell them it is bad idea to poison a river. Give us a break and give us evidences. There are all sorts of fanatics like you in all sides of the argument and stop trying to hide by shouting HGDEF. People can read, thank you very much and you are a lone jihadist running around like a headless chicken.

    You should have known better not attack me in such a manner. Because you were benefiting from my self imposed rules in that:

    1) I don’t get to be the first to launch an attack of any sort
    2)I don’t bring in charges that can’t be fully substantiated

    Face it, you overlooked both to take me for a test drive,,,see where it got you.

    • yegermal

      “Mohammed Ahmed – I truly believe you are a jihadist and harbor fanaticism”

      haile, do you really think anyone, much less Mohammed, cares about what your personal opinion of him is? As they say “you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts”. Ezihawey chinket tehider aleka, kurub zegh bel beu gheyru keisibeleka!

      • haile

        haha… yegermal aytdkem he is hopless case 🙂 he is in for a good old ride, you can hold the sick bag for him, if you so wish 🙂

        • haile

          yegermal – a personal favor please

          I find it unnecessarily tiresome to use your name than a pronoun in referring to you, because that is the only way I can be gender non-specific with you. You confuse me – are you a man or a woman? You once stated to me you were a woman when we were discussing you with Hayat Adem. Soon after that and I presume without noticing it, you referred to your self as a man in your response to my Chinese greeting to you. Since then I was too careful not to embarrass you but left me confused on how to address you. Take no offence, but can you be candid as to what gender you identify yourself with? Surely you don’t swing both ways in this regard too 🙂

          • haile

            Here the comment you made in response to my greeting in Chinese:

            “lol @ ni hao. Handa wielka malet dokon ykewun? Thank you for the info. and I stand corrected. Perhaps a little Chinese won’t hurt, huh?”

            You also said “BTW I am a woman…” before that!

            How could a woman think that she is referred male terms as “Wielka” as opposed to “Wielki”?

            What is it you hope to achieve by confusing others? hasowtn hasawn tselaEku kab kulu…

          • yegermal

            Clearly, you have a lot of time at your disposal or you suffer from some form of OCD. Take a chill pill or find a job where you actually are paid to work:)

          • yegermal

            AT says , leave it alone:)

      • Zaki

        It has become a fashion to label anyone as a Jihadist if you see him talking or defending himself against any unpalatable idea. you Guys seem to be suffering from islamo-phobia. I know why you said is only because of his very name. shame on you, Yegermal! why you guys are allergic to remarks written by a man who bears Islamic name? If such a demeanor implies to something it only implies to what Woldeab Woldemariam said long time ago “We Eritreans agreed to disagree”. anyway , I hope what you have said doesn’t represent the opinion of all our Christian brothers.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    HGDEF’s worn-out defensive tactics.

    When and if you get busted (flushed out, in this particular case) don’t admit guilt – just take defensive posture #1 (The Muslim attack card)

    The little twerp did as taught. Cried at the top of his lungs – Jihadist, terrorist, chahamat…and even had the audacity to go further denigrating a prayer verse as “vulgar”. Did it work? No, no one was baited.

    So off it was to defensive posture #2 (diversion)

    “Change the subject” says HGDEF’s directive – and the little twerp did, again as taught. In the process, he had the nerve to defend bloody warlords and human organ traffickers. Did it work? Not a chance – people have their own discerning abilities.

    All this for what? Because the guy doesn’t want to admit his guilt and say sorry when he was busted insinuating HGDEF-style murders of innocent civilians en-masse.

    Now he has to go in circles – typical HGDEF hashewiye trying to change the subject. Ask the dictator about Democracy in Eritrea – he will try to lecture you about the Loya Jirga in Afghanistan.

    • haile

      …boy you are loosing it faster than I thought! …HGDEF’s worn-out defensive tactics….posture #1 (The Muslim attack card)! That must be a record breaker…from a paranoid jihadist. Ethno-fascism…what was that all about…ethinc cleansing of the Tigrigna??? what else are you going to right next? your version of the dreadful Radio Rwanda? And since when did manjus and filipos become part of any prayer book?? you’re at it again are you…thank God you had been fully exposed now…go clean up.

  • haile


    Here is a joke (warning: may be offensive to some of you) told by Mohammed Ahmed who has been also attempting to appear humane in this thread by playing reverse psychology to promote unnecessary debate about “Poisoning the Nile”. He told it after the Jan. 21 events…

    “ The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming”

    And Wuchu is confused as ever – “anta, filipos aslameyti diya khoina? Kidi beli…”

    “ ewe kullom aslam’yom “ retorted his mistress, adding “manjos b’Khilte Aynu indyu ri’yuwom”

    It couldn’t get uglier than this, could it?


    Imagine this guy, who has no qualms to sow hatred among his people and agitate for bloodletting, coming to act as the born again humanity crusader…what a farce!!

    • Saleh Gadi

      Ahlan Haile,

      Always stirring trouble 🙂

      Just wanted to see your take on a situation: If someone believes Isaias and his main lieutenants are bigots, can he express that or not? Believe me, I just want to see what the limits are in your view.

      • haile

        Ahlan Brother SG

        Always following me around with a fire extinguisher 🙂

        It is good that you decided to test my implication at the limits. A story wouldn’t be one without a plot/subplot, characters, setting, conflict and context. You would have gotten an affirmative response from me had the main plot was to describe “IA and his lieutenants”. Unfortunately, my answer is no, for it was never intended that way. Story’s analysis follows:

        The plot was in fact to characterize the reaction of what he called “enda HGDEF” which we believe is owned both by Muslims and Christians, to the the only tangible action taken by Eritreans against oppression at home.

        In the subplots we learn of “a mistress” and we are invited to laugh at an obvious “physical disability”

        The characters are hand picked to fit his bigoted conflict senario – aslamay/christian.

        The setting – Forto 2013 (so sad!)

        And the context was religion (with an unwarranted spin to hijack the cause of a legitimate uprising)

        Nothing calls for such callousness, apart from an inadvertent motive to out nature:)


        • haile

          Selam SG

          A small concluding remark on the wider implication of your question.

          We know the person in question had fed us his meaningless diatribe on his concocting of “Ethno-fascist” to describe PFDJ. At the time I was so repulsed by it to even respond to him. His lame logical counter argument was that the victims had the right to describe PFDJ the way they see it fit. I remember reading in disbelief as I learned that “extremism” was rather a direction than a destination.

          He so pathetically decided to brush aside the dictionary and commonly understood meaning of the word Ethnic Group to clean his mess. By insinuating that his “ethno-fascism” agitation was separate from the Tigrigna ethnic group that he intentionally targeted. How on earth be a group “PFDJ” be referred in an “ethno-” prefix and claimed that it had noting to do with the segment of Eritrean society that he associated with “fascism”

          He didn’t say “fascist group” or “fascist regime” or “fascist clique” No no, it has to be “Ethno-fascist” because we know what should happen when an ethnic group is so identified as “fascist”, that I believe reveals what we are dealing with in his person.

          It wasn’t that he believed the ruling class are fascists, it is actually the whole ethnic-group that he targets. There is no way one refers to a number of people as an Ethnic group. That is just outside the common use of the term. We don’t refer to a soccer team as an ethnic group, nor a few “hundred people” that you once stated that the Eritrean Covenant estimated.

          So, why ethno-? Who is the target here? And how far can someone from the Radio Rwanda school of thought be further from his views?

          We shall continue to study!


          *By the way, I am mindful of how some my find this discussion unhelpful/depressing, but the person in focus has decided call me a name at liberty. Above all, miscalculated to manipulate my faithfully given responses to use them for his sadistic ends. Just for the records.

  • Mulugeta

    Why “a policy of neglect on Nile” means the greatest disservice Egyptian politicians can do to their nation. An Environmental perspective.
    Following the news of the Ethiopian Dam work on Nile River, the emotion among Egyptian politicians is peaking to its highest. As demonstrated in this article, emotion has taken control of the policy making platform in the Egyptian politics. Instead of logics and positive ideas, Egypt’s politicians are rather seen to entertain evil strategies to downplay the innocent call from Ethiopia for a fair share of water from the Nile River.
    Blinded by emotion and arrogance, Egyptian politicians seem to completely forget from paying due attention to those critical factors that are actually threatening the supply of water in the Nile River at present. One of these is Environmental degradation. The growing concern of environmental degradation and its future impact on the supply of the Nile water seems to have been ignored in the Egyptians policy calculations. Deforestation inside the Nile Basin is taking place at alarming rate resulting in soil and vegetation degradation over a large mass of land within the basin which is in turn contributing to reduced level of annual precipitation and diminishing the amount of fresh water generated by Springs along the river system. The situation on the ground pinpoints to a serious level of decline in the natural environmental ecosystem which is critical to nurturing and supplying a sustained amount of fresh water flow in the Nile River. If this trend continues, it will not be long before we witness a significant reduction on the flow of the Nile water to a point of a complete dry-up in the worst case-scenario.
    No military capability or diplomatic skill will be relevant to address the challenge from environmental degradation. A choice of war over Nile could only lead to more environmental degradation as war could only result in lawlessness and further exacerbate uncontrolled forest destruction. The same is true with strategies that are meant to keep Ethiopia underdeveloped as undeveloped nation is more likely to practice unwise use of its natural resources.
    If Egypt’s politicians are genuinely concerned about securing a sustainable supply of water to their nation, they have to really be worried about how to control the environmental degradation which is unfolding at the sources of the Nile basin before it is too late. This is a heavy responsibility that Egypt can’t face it alone. It requires cooperation and joint action with nations in the upstream of the Nile basin, in particular, with the people and the government of Ethiopia.
    Of course, one would expect the government and the people of Ethiopia to be well positioned to take the primary responsibility of controlling environmental degradation over the Nile basin-given they have tangible incentive to do so. But if they are not allowed to benefit from the Nile water, then they will not have the incentive to invest their time and resources in conserving a River basin that they have no stake.
    Egypt really needs the cooperation of Ethiopians to safe the source of their only river from degradation before it reaches a point of no return. In order to get such critical cooperation, Egypt has no other alternative but to allow Ethiopia gets its fair share of the water from Nile.
    At this critical time, Egypt needs wise and farsighted politicians. It needs politicians who are not driven by emotion and greedy behaviors but by logic and fairness. Above all, at presents Egypt needs politicians who are capable of planning not only for the present but also for the future generation.

  • belay

    Mr mohammed Ahmed ,
    I think HEGDEF will agree more with your oppinion and dislike Haile’s on this particular issue of poisong the river.
    By the way how can you be so sure that it was Ethiopians who commented about poisoning the river?It could be any body with a sick mind.

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      Mr. belay

      And where do you see “Ethiopians” being accused of making those comments?

      It was specifically those you refer to as “anybody with a sick mind” who were being challenged for insinuating genocide as a legitimate act of warfare.

      It doesn’t matter if they were Ethiopians, Eritreans or HGDEFites who were making those comments – they had to be flashed out and castigated.

      No one should have the audacity – least of all the twerp you mentioned, to suggest a delivery mechanism of poison with the sole intent of mass murders of innocent civilians – any civilians.

      • haile

        I doubt if an open jihadist can convince anyone they are the paragons of humanity. The world has seen how jihad has mislead innocent youngsters into committing acts with sole intention of mass murder. That is why it didn’t take us long to see through your sinister jihadist motive and dismissed your idea of “poisoning the Nile” under the cover of the boy who cried wolf. If that is all you have to show for a jihad, I say call it a day. enquaquho kelokha tebisna bel’enaka ena…find other like minded followers try your trickster.

        • haile

          BTW HGDEF eko mhdera’om ena tseli’Ena ebnber jihad ashnkuay do ertra’si sudan ewn kemzeregxua zgeberu hitsubat ma’anta seb’ut nay seb’ay eko eyom!

        • yegermal

          The beauty of free speech lies in the fact that it brings all kind of phobes, e.g., weyanephobes, americophobes, xenophobes, islamophobes, etc., out of their caves and allows them to spew their venomous ignorance in the open, and as a result, humanity is given the opportunity to challenge them. Imagine what these individuals say behind closed doors and the plots they concoct against their perceived enemies. Awate [Team], in as much I personally find these genre of humans revolting, I am grateful to you for allowing them to contribute. If for nothing else, we need them for educational and contrast purposes. Keep up the good work you do to promote free speech!

          • haile

            Yegermal, you can’t hide your head in the sand, in the hope that some one some how would switch on the big bright sun for you one day. This guy who is busy about the “imminent” danger of Ethiopia “poisoning” the Nile, was busy to paint to us how heroic moslem Eritreans were fighting on Jan.21 and let down by the “chauvinist” christian conscripts and was cruel enough to also tell us how this “chauvinist” Christian HGDEF were talking about “aslamay” in his sick joke. He is so worried about mass murder in Ethio-Egypt conflict, while instigating religious strife and genocide in Eritrea proper. Your wise man has inked it all by himself…let me know when you find your “principles” from wherever they’re lost to what to call him. Call a spade a spade for a change…especially with that types..

          • Mohammed Ahmed

            Well said yegermal – censorship is a cover only for those who hide from the truth – it has no place here.

            Allowing bona fide bigots to spill their guts out, even if for nothing else – is important for taking a glimpse at what they concoct within the confines of their turbid world as you clearly indicated.

            Oftentimes, they may be a nuisance more than they make sense – but again, that is an acceptable trade-off because the twerps that they are, they can always be ignored.

            And BTW – it doesn’t take much to have them spill their guts out – just a few tweaks here and there ( as was once done with the dictator) and their instinctive hatred takes over in a flicker.

  • Nothing is New

    I posted my comments yesterday but never published. Does Ali Abdu join the Team:-)

    • Araya

      lol, that is funny.
      why can’t you people leave Ali Abdu alone. people move on and let the guy do his things. move on with your life.

  • Back-Burner

    A big number of Eritrean tigrinya tribe (habasha) are allergic to Arabic, Muslim and Allah, allergy suffers do not have cure keep sneezing. Ethiopia invaded somalia after a popular islamic court gained much of Somalian cities. Ethiopia kicked out thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopia and invaded Eritrea for small land, Ethiopia can bomb other countries as they want. Is Egypt going to bomb the dam i do not know. Ethiopia or (agame as Eritrean tigrinya tribe call them) went war twice still licking their wounds. Isaias working very hard for war but does he has the guts?. Eritrean tigrinya tribe must show support to your agame brothers, no choice.

  • ZAKI

    Something bad is smelling. God Forbid! Where would this bad situation drive the aforementioned countries?….

    [Moderator: Zaki, we are sorry we had to delete your message. All upper cap comments are not allowed in this forum]

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Hi Kim,

    Nothing is being fanned here – just a measured response to some dim-wits who entertain the thoughts of poisoning a river with the sole aim of committing a genocide. Not that this is possible anyways (for reasons stated before) but just to show you how sick their minds are – they didn’t even retract those assertions when they were initially confronted.

    What do they do instead? They come up with their twisted logic to show that it is doable – and one character even had the nerve to go on record in an open public forum describing how the poison could be delivered with the intention of maximum damage.

    And the funny thing is that, they consider themselves to be principled – they get offended when their stupidity is pointed out. Talk about honest crooks!
    To go back to your question, where you asked “I would like to know what your reaction was when you saw what is being planned against a poor nation trying to feed itself without hurting anyone.”
    Well for starters, nothing was being planned. It was an ad-hoc group exchanging views on what they thought was a threat to their country. There were many views being discussed ranging from honest self-criticism and realistic approaches to wishful thinking, condescending attitudes and downright racist rants. How is this different from the rest of the World? Just as much as there are reasonable people on this planet, there are also bigots and racists by the bundle – so what is new here?
    Does this pose an imminent threat to Ethiopia? Not at all. Here is what I said in a previous comment:-
    The Egyptians do not have the firepower to destroy the Ethiopians militarily. All their war-talk is nothing but bluff of the worst kind. Likewise, the Ethiopians do not have any power to block the flow of the Nile for a prolonged period of time even at the risk of flooding their entire landscape to the brim.
    If push comes to shove, all the two could afford to do to each other is just to make every other’s life more miserable – no more no less. Conversely, they also have the option of working together – which as poverty-stricken under-developed countries, they have no choice but to accept.
    Does this Nile-politics thing affect Eritrea? Yes it does – big time.
    It creates more fertile pimping ground for HGDEF pimps – thus, much needed avails for them and prolonged misery for the rest of the Eritrean people.

    • haile


      You are sicklier than I thought! You are still salivating at this sick idea of “poisoning the Nile”. Why don’t you say it, do you think people have trouble reading between the lines here? It aroused your non-stop interest because it appealed to your deeply held psychopathy.

      Initially, Danny said that Ethiopians could have contemplated such stupid act much like the Egyptians were so evidently discussing to destroy the future of their country. Nothing wrong with the comparison entailed, except the least desirable choice of context. Yet, you couldn’t help being aroused by the sickness you sniffed around and came back to insult people here with an intention of provoking further exchanges. I guess SG agreed with your notion of its non-feasibility (that you fronted for pretense) but I doubt he agreed with the rest of your trash.

      Further, we had few exchanges on what it would mean in practice and essentially we all (except you) agreed that it was a stupid idea and to ignore it. Days later, you are here desperately trying to revive a topic that has been roundly rejected. That is sickness!!! No one is talking about it, except you and your sickening thoughts. Get help.

      Not In Our Name.

      • Mohammed Ahmed

        Funny, this coming from a little HGDEF twerp.

        • haile

          you are exposing the obvious…chill out we’ve seen many psychos b4

          • haile

            …and it is funny that if one looks down a garbage can the only thing they see is trash!…what’s new…

          • yegermal

            Ayyeeee, you picked a fight with the wrong person and you’re appearing like the fool DIA who picks fights left and right unnecessarily! Mohammed’s record of wisdom and meaningful contribution to the fight against tyranny is pretty well established here at awate. He is one of the favorite awate’s contributors to many of us who have read his insightful articles for many years. Worry not about his mental health, instead, take note of your own bipolar up-and-down stands…..a sign of a conflicted mind and tortured soul. Seriously!

          • haile

            Yegermal…oh darn! what can I say 🙂

            If you take pride from reading, as your stable, ideas that are terroristeic oriented, convoluted with tardy vocabulary and sick to the core…please yourself dear. A man so infatuated with “Poisoning the Nile” and plays his childish reverse psychology to observe his sick motives being watered and growing in bounds by unsuspecting commentators, worship him what you like but it would take something more to pull the wool from this side!

            Just as a side note though, yegermal – you need to critically evaluate in real-time. Please avoid the notion of so and so is so important and did such and such hence they must be right fallacy. Be alert, and try to evaluate things exclusively on their merits and not the credentials of the beholder, that is called succumbing under the influence of “Authority”. There are six different areas of influencing people that are known in psychology. The one mentioned here is one. Advertisement companies use them, and sadly this guy here seems to benefit from you to spread his sick and twisted mentality.

            Here is an actual experiment that took place in assessing how people fall to by pass critical judgement under the influence of “Authority”. the event is true, and the experiment had been conducted somewhere in the US.

            A person was placed to sit in an electric chair behind a glass covered room. The button for administering shocks was thus placed outside the glass room (this was a placebo – actual shock would not be generated upon pressing it). A subject was brought is being told that he would assist a professor who would be sitting and analyzing the reactions of the person upon which electric shock was to be administered for valid research purposes. Hence the professor instructed the subject (much like yegermal) to press the button as they steadily increase the current. The guy sitting on the chair acted out to be pained, groaned and begged for mercy, while the good prof. told the subject to ignore it and keep pressing at higher levels. Psychologists were able to record most such subjects obeyed the authority.

            Mohamed may be whatever for you, but doesn’t run your critical faculties. He is the one who suggested the prospect of “poisoning the Nile for real”. No one did before or after him. However, pity for you yegermal, since he wrote enough non-sense for you to switch off your God given mind..what a shame… anta ms beal men ena terifna!!

          • haile

            BTW if you’re wondering what the other 5 are, here is a brief summary:

            1- Perceptual Contrast: if you look at a big circle followed by a small circle. The smaller would appear smaller than it actually is or the bigger would appear bigger than it actually is.

            Test: the water in the bath tap usually feels hotter when we get in than when we felt it with our hand before we did.

            2- Liking: we tend to like things liked by those we find likable.

            Test: facebook tells you what your friends liked.

            3 – Social influence: We tend to look how to respond not by what is warranted but by how others are responding.

            Test: Stand to cross at a traffic light. And deliberately avoid crossing and remain standing when the Red Light comes on. Strangers standing to cross along you most likely remain standing too.

            4 – Scarcity: we tend to value things that are in shortage.

            Test: most commercials tell you to hurry up while stocks last.

            5- inner desires of money, sex and spiritual belief.

            Test: Obvious

          • yegermal

            Arrogance, another trade mark of pfditis ! A couple of lines suffice to display it….aytidkem!

          • haile

            Yegermal…you don’t need to praise PFDJ undeservedly. If I am a PFDJ then PFDJ should be a good thing and every sane Eritrean must support is!! Although I would be the first one to disagree if such is the case. My problem is figuring out what it is that you hope to gain by swinging both ways? You scramble to defend neo-Andnets in your other entries, and you are defending a guy with known jihad tendency in this case. Evidence: look at his last article here in when analyzing Jan.21. He closed his article with vulgar Islamist extremism. Go back even further and you will see how your guy with “well established wisdom” talks of fiefdoms, warlords, carnage, cannibalism and chauvinism in his discussion of Eritrea.

            How do you square going both ways with such two opposing poles…have principle…for your own sanity’s sake. After all is done, you will be glad you saved it intact.

    • Kim Hanna

      Dear Mohammed,

      Thank you for your reasonable response.


  • wediere

    Selamat All,

    I usually read most of the discussion, the lessons to take are as valuable as the main article. In this instance the start was a put off, it degenerated to discussion about poising the Nile…really sad!
    Both countries will talk tough and eventually will reach some kind of agreement, since the status quo that Egypt enjoyed is no more, so Egypt will sit to negotiate. That is in summary is what will happen while we might delve in to argue African Armageddon.
    Personally, when both countries make the most of what the Nile has to provide, Africa wins, isn’t it time that we hear good news out of the “dark continent”. nice picture to ponder on
    One side point that caught my attention and interest, in the concluding remark, the president of Egypt had this to say:
    “.. we have a big project which we will present to you in the near future…a project no smaller than the Suez Canal project…in the western Sahara we have more opportunities for solar energies than anywhere else in the world…it should be no less than 10,000 megawatts..”
    The hydro and solar power potentials in the continent are immense… going down the track of war benefits neither, all will be looser as have been for very long time. If not greed and fear, scarcity is not the problem in this instance

    • Salyounis


      There are so many nuggets in this video, and many takeaways, from Mursi’s opening statement where he credited Egyptian unity for the “recent victory” in Sinai (a victory so hollow that the hardcore Jihadists are making news today demonstrating that Egypts central government has no control over the Sinai), to his closing statements where he is discussing his energy policy.

      My guess (and my hope)is that the meeting that followed this one, the one with his Cabinet was more substantive, more thoughtful, more solution-oriented than this one. This one? The most charitable thing that can be said about it is that Egyptians finally have politicians who are representative of their views, which includes their hopes, their fears, their prejudices, and their complexes.


      • wediere

        Selamat SAAY,

        I was wondering what the victory in Sinai was about, I remember a year ago around 16 police or something close to that number were killed by the Bedouin gangs and after a year I hear victory!!! It is a joke, the country is in disarray, they can’t even mop their backyard. That is why I see the Nile issue as a catalyst for future cooperation rather than war….


        • Salyounis

          Selamat Men’esey WediEre:

          The Sinai case the Egyptian president was complimenting himself about was some hostage crisis that his government solved postponed.
          Mursi’s government has no control over the Sinai Peninsula but Mursi was congratulating himself for a tiny “victory.”

          I think Egypt’s current political culture– one where the two largest parties in the government are the moderately Islamist (Freedom and Justice Party), the selefi Islamist (Nour Party), and where the armed opposition is extreme Islamists in the Sinai– is an outcome of 60 plus years of one-party authoritarianism beginning with the sainted Nasser (who banned the Muslim Brotherhood and the communists), Saddat (who continued the ban) and Hosni Mubarek (who perfected the ban) and its cruel intelligence service resulting in the eradication of civil society and parties which espouse liberal democratic values. Same thing happened in Iraq after Saddam left. Same in Somalia. When you apply pesticide incessantly over a garden, all you get is weed. (disclaimer not equating Islamists with weed, etc, etc.)

          The rest–the hyperbole, the flattery, the goofiness–is all classic Egypt. Above all: the delusions of grandeur (the Um Adunya factor.) I have told this story before, I think: I was once talking with a friend who lived in Egypt forever about what terrible cooks Egyptians are (worse than the Brits) and I asked him, “when they eat their food, and they refer to it as finger-licking-good, are they serious?” He said, “yeah, they really believe their own bulls%^t!”

          There is much to compliment democracy–mostly, its built-in mechanism for auto correction and accountability. But there is also much to criticize about it: that, when it is operating flawlessly, you get representatives who are just as boneheaded, as emotional, as sentimental, as the average man on the street. And in this particular case, we have “AlshariE Al-Arabi” (the Arab Street) in display with all its conspiracy theorists, its nut cases, and clowns. Let’s hope the technocrats take over on this issue.

          The only saving grace is that Meles Zenawi is not the Prime Minister of Ethiopia because his acid tongue would not have resisted saying something smart-alecky that would have guaranteed headline news for the quote-loving media, but would have inflamed passions, instantly lining up the antagonists into Arab League vs African Union.


  • Awate staff, you deserve praise for translating the substance of that Egyptian media event. It is an enlightening window into the mentality of many Egyptians in general, but the elite in particular. Other than that I don’t fill like sharing my opinion after reading the commentaries that followed. They are a turnoff.


    • Elihude


  • abel

    *I see no Eritrean dare to comment on the attitude of Eygptians towards Eritrea.No one dare to protest when the Egyptians openly infront of their president said Countries like Eritrea will do the dirty job for a tip.I thought it is more humilating than the sick Australian sheeps.
    *Poisoning nile is an act of terrorism,the government of Ethiopia is secular and ethiopia doesn’t have fanatic muslims ,so where does such stupid idea come from.
    *Egypt will not dare attack Ethiopia directly,they neither have the capacity nor the gut.If they miscalculate and try to,then they will have the same destiny as Shaebia,ELF,Somalia and Italy.

  • Abba Daniel is wise

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Sorry awatestaff! I pressed the wrong button. I know Your affiliation to moslim Brothers. But moslim Brothers as party can only bring Egypt and the alike to zero. As to tplf hanks to the brave children of ethiopia we have changed it to far far Place than it were at the beginnig. We have a lot to do though. Remeber the right hand of Egypt is living NeXT to us.

    • awtestaff

      Tamrat Tamrat,

      What do you know? Don’t flatter yourself, you know nothing.Your comments prove that. You have only proved that you know one thing only: bigotry. And you have the nerve to call people names!

      • Tamrat Tamrat


        We can disgaree on Our views, but calling names is not i am happy With. You can twist Things the way you want but you have to keep Your integerity if you have any.

        [Moderator: prove this statement of yours or be quiet: “Sorry awatestaff! I pressed the wrong button. I know Your affiliation to moslim Brothers.”]

        • Tamrat Tamrat


          I it is a reply for Your remark against me: ‘Obviously, you didn’t graduate from Tamrat Tamrat’s University of political Science:)’ you said this for my opposition of muslim Brother Hood party to another participants.

          If i cross the line, sorry.

  • Yonas

    I read the whole report. I hope the Egyptians read our response so they understand that we Eritreans and most Ethiopians I talk to love Egypt. I once was told by Muslims Eritrea when we got into a conversation that Egyptians always instigated the Eritrean and Ethiopian issue to weaken Ethiopia. The truth that all Eritreans deny is that the closest people to us are Ethiopians. We probably come from the same father and mother long time ago. I like to add all people regardless if they are Egyptians or Ethiopians come from the same spirit. So it not wise to hurt each other. It is like hurting yourself. We are Eritrean, Ethiopians or Egyptians because we happen to be born there. What would be great before we die is to create love and workable solutions to all our problems. If you make me love you by treating me like yourself I rather be starving and you eat. The love is more satisfying. We are being tested in this life how wake we can be. I am very disappointed by my Egyptian brothers for forgetting Africa. I commend the once in this report that spoke the wisdom of love and understanding to resolve the issue instead of using force. No man is scared of any man. No Ethiopian or African is interested in seeing Egyptians suffer because of luck of water.
    Their pain is our pain, we know the desert is hard place to live. If the Egyptians were wise they would love Ethiopia and do everything to help Ethiopia instead of instigating all this tribal hatred and misunderstanding. God the greatest force does’t like that. God is with goodness and asking what you need and giving something in return for it. The Nile really belongs to Ethiopia like the Pyramid belongs to Egypt. If you want it to flow and not interrupted make sure the Ethiopians don’t starve and live good. Help them if it was not for Ethiopia, Egypt would die, that is the truth, face the truth and work with the truth in a good spirit.

  • rodab

    Congrats to the brave Ethiopian Soccer team for a great performance today. I watched the game live, and it was thrill mainly because South Africa scored first, and Ethiopia came behind to win 2 to 1. It’s official Ethiopia is now one of the 10 best African teams and is 2 games away from advancing to the 204 world cup. Wow and congrats!
    P.S. Eritrea does not participate in African games so the only teams I have left to cheer for are our neighbors Ethiopia and Sudan. Sudan is still a disappointment….


    I believe the best solution for Egypt is to stop using the nile issue as rallying anti Ethiopian sentiment ,it could go out of hand.
    Egypts 2 condoms have been burst..
    1)[moderator: deleted: use of terrible analogy Hgdef uses to describe the opposition]..Eritrea ..After being Trojan Horse ,(designer condom)for over 4 decades ,now it is a condom used by a crack addict..can not even wage a war against neighbour dogs ,let alone our neighbours to the south.
    2) [moderator: deleted: refer to (1) above]…also having it’s own issue of the nile ,sees the grand dam close to it’s border as a huge national advantage far as purchasing electricity power from mama Ethiopia..another burst condom.Somalia is friendswith Ethiopia…so is Djibouti a friende of Ethiopia and Ethiopia is a vital customer of the ports.
    Well ,The govt. of Ethiopia and particularily the Late PM. Meles Zenawi never warned any country but Egypt..reason because Ethiopia’s first enemy is poverty and egypt is interferring in the fight against poverty.I believe that is why Egyptians were warned not to f*** a manner of speech.I do not want to see war in our region ^I truly believe our neighbours to the south can compromise up to the maximum without hurting their national interest .
    Well, Eritrean govt. enemies are CIA ,Islam ,Akeleguzay ,and last but not least their “cousins”the Woyane.
    That is my comment and I am unanimous on it’s approval.

    • Mr. Cyber,

      I can’t make heads or tails out of your comment. It’s Greek to me. What exactly are you trying to say? Your comment is just “yekalat gagata” for “tahdid” purpose. Slow down boy.

      • CYBER CURE

        Dawit ,
        I do not blame you for not understanding it…At times I am too saofisticated for myself ,I find my brilliant comment complicated.Anyways I am not “tahdid”..anybody ,why would I ,I am Eritrean who does not want to see war in our region.I do believe Ethiopia can compromise for good neighbourliness and common advantage…,that is not Tahdid ,I am just analysing based on my observation of our neighbours to the south.
        When I mentioned of Ethiopia/PM Meles warnning Egypt was meant to clarify about Ethiopia’s war on poverty ,not because Ethiopia was going to invade Egypt.. that would be Ethiopia’s “Mekhalif”. My point was as Egypt does not want to die of it should not..Ethiopia is also looking to remove poverty ….Egypt should take a unifying tone.
        Although our Eritrea had it’s own ,the beautiful indepenDANCE of 1991 …Egypt was using helping Eritrea to weaken Ethiopia..Somalia and Sudan too… may not be in a position to be Egypt’s underwear….but ,after I read Egypt’s stealth war against Ethiopia ,I am not sure I stand by my comment.
        Reason ,Egypt’s defence minister visited june 4th ..Somalia ^assured them military ^ligistics help for Somalia to “re-annex” Somali land to the motherland/stepmother land..there by denying Ethiopia of the Berbera port.Sudan’s president Bashir is in Eritrea for 3 days…you can guess why..and Egypt is determined to create a
        “bit” confusion to scare Ethiopian investors ^as a last resort ,release super Commando’s in the Great Dam to make it out of use.
        You see how I suffer from aquired brilliant syndrome.I was merely analising David.
        But for a comment you could not make head or tail, did not stop you from making judgement6 of it’s intent. Here I do brilliant observation again.

        Peace not pieces to the horn….ha

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          I like Your name. One day the cyber Cure could be used for real. Ethiopia and Egypt msut compromise. If Eritrea and ethiopia also compromise then the free movement of People like before the war makes life easy for both Our poeple.

          Our grand father in addis used to have a lot of land. When he died he gave to his thre children. Those children were fighting for a squere meter until derg took it. They Coldnt even claim a squere meter of it because they did not build anything on it. Every time i came home from football my father used to ask me where were you. I said i plaid football at kebele meda (land). He mumbled it is not keble meda, it is Our meda, Your own meda. I just loughed how he could not understand that the land belong to the government.

          Compromise! Compromise!

          • CYBER CURE

            Brotheer Tamrat Tamrat ,

            Thanks for appreciating my cyber name.People think compromise is a sign of weakness…where as compromise is bending for the sake of mutual advantage ,without relinquishing your main principle.Some countries go as far as land for security & peace.
            Even for my fellow citzens that want to see Ethiopia suffer & tear in to pisses fall to understand destruction & war do not respect borders. Because they have no love ,they think hatred for Ethiopia equates to loving Eritrea.He who rejoices when his neighbour’s house on fire is a fool.

            peace be upon horn of Africa.

  • Welamo

    First of all, let me say congratulations to Ethiopians for winning an important soccer game against South Africa. I feel it is appropriate to do so on this website since this website has more Ethiopians than Eritreans. I believe the ratio is something like 10 Ethiopians for every 1 Eritrean. I am counting all those Tigreans who pretend like they are Eritreans as Ethiopians.

    Secondly, let me say that I don’t think Ethiopia has the capability to go to war against Egypt. I mean, Ethiopia can not even defeat a small little country like Eritrea. Let’s be honest. Ethiopia has no capability to go to war against Egypt. Egypt’s army and air force is built to fight against the powerful army of Israel. Ethiopia is not on Egypt’s level.

    I truly believe Weyane has bitten off more than it can chew this time.

    • Mark Twain once said “It is not the size of the dog in the fight it is the size of the fight in the dog.” Roughly translated as “ketin eyu Elka Temen Aytirgex” 🙂

      BTW, are you masquerading as an Ethiopian ?

      Identifying, and counting Eritreans based on what they write is not as easy as counting beans.

      Here how the process of elimination goes:

      If you come across an individual with a narrow face, a high and defined cheek bone, light skin (for some it’s due to lack of protein),sharp and pointed nose, you would not ask him whether he is an Arab; rather you would ask ,”Are you habesha?” He or she would either say “yes” or “no”. If he says yes, a follow up question would be : “Do you speak Tigrina/Amharic”. You would not ask him whether he speaks Arabic. However, if he says no , you would assume that the person is either Oromo or Arab wannabe habesha. 😉

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      What has made the egyptian army so larg and equiped With larg amount of har wears? The billions dollar military aid from the west for protecting the west interst? Or do you think it is to put muslim Brothers an islamic government in Egypt? When that Money is cut, it would be like eritrean air force. There would be no Money even to maintain the har wear. Remeber how isayas was thrilled around 2009 when he made his air force to his satisfaction. He even carried away to extent of changing the world order. Now he sits and watch the glory of the old days.

      • Gumare

        What is ‘har wear’? Do you mean Hardware? Why do you think Muslim brotherhood should not come to power if elected?

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Ya, i mean hard wear, thanks. They are ellected. No doubt about that. Egypt or any country can have ellected but extreemist leader or government. But can those who did not elect cooxsit With the government? Democracy doesnt mean the 51% can kill the 49% just because they are elected by the majority. Austria is forced to change its right exstreem government though that government won the majoirty. In this civilized world With multitude religion you can not embrace muslim Brother Hood government. What about the non muslim in the same coountry, in the neighberhood? Muslim Brother Hood the end of the beginning of Egypt civilization.

          • Gumare

            “Democracy doesnt mean the 51% can kill the 49% just because they are elected by the majority.”

            Does it also mean they cannot rule though they are elected (in Egypt is was not 51-49, check it out.)

            “Austria is forced to change its right exstreem government though that government won the majoirty.”

            Austrians decided that, not Ethiopians.

            “In this civilized world With multitude religion you cannot embrace Muslim Brother Hood government.”

            Is it the brotherhood part or The Muslim part that you don’t like?

            “What about the non muslim in the same coountry, in the neighberhood?

            That is why countries need election laws and constitution.

            “Muslim Brother Hood the end of the beginning of Egypt civilization.”

            Two questions here. 1 Check the above question, 2.Islam was in Egypt since its first years. I sense your
            problem is with Muslims and not with political Islamism. If that was the case many Muslims would agree with you.

          • awatestaff


            Obviously, you didn’t graduate from Tamrat Tamrat’s University of political Science:) Egypt’s “Freedom and Justice Party” (President Mohammed Mursi’s party) holds 47.2% of the lower house. The entire Islamist coalition (Freedom and Justice, Al Nour and Al Wasat) collectively has only 74.% of the seats in Egypt and they probably cheated to get those seats. In contrast, Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, EPRDF, has 91.2% of the lower house, which they won in fair and freely contested elections. So, you see, Ethiopia’s ruling party is more democratic than Egypt’s. In the 2015 elections, Ethiopia will be even more democratic when EPRDF gets 99.9% of the seats…. 🙂


          • Tamrat Tamrat

            Hi Guma!

            Oh sorry i thoght it was Ethiopia which decides.

            Anyway it is europian union froced them.

      • Elihude

        No offense Tamrat but this is not grammar school!

    • Can you substantiate your argument with factual data? It is not the amount of tanks and war planes that can win a battle. It is the justification of the war. They have tried it in the past but could not succeed. I am sure you remember the Badime war Eritrea had more military equipments than Ethiopia but you remember your solders were running towardas Asmara. If it was not for Meles Esayas and his followers would hav been in Sahil again. Believe me Egypt will not try it because they are wise people unlike your Asmarinos. They may try todo it in the old fashined way like using you [moderator: insulting is the shortest way to get you booted out. Be careful]

      • Sorry Boss

        When I say B**** I mean someone who does not have his own agenda but used by some one with an agenda. I accept your warning but should be applied indiscriminately.

  • MG

    The weyane Era is neer the end. History will repit itself, the Sibhat Nega and Abay Tzehaye fait will be of the Atzie Yohannes and Alula Nega. the Durbush and Mahdis are comming. Eritreans just sit back and watch the fall of Woyane anfolding. Rasi Weldemichael and staz Abdelkadir Kebire will smile and have the last laugh from haven.

  • awatestaff

    Dear Awatistas:

    A few of you have commented on the translation and our comment introducing the translation. Until such time that the awate team provides an editorial (collectively) or articles (by its members–and Saleh Gadi Johar yiweTaweT alo), we hope this will help:

    1. As we have stated at our facebook page, where the issue of the Nile has been a topic for months (ever since Eritrea’s foreign minister paid a visit to Egypt), when it comes to the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia, we are very, very, very sympathetic to Ethiopia’s position–much more so than Egypt’s position. (the favorite hobby of Burhan Ali, one of our long-time writers, is to ridicule the indefensible position of Egypt when it comes to the Nile.)

    2. Still, when the live recording of Egypt’s “blooper” came out, we found all the feigned “I am so shocked! How bigoted! How racist!” comments that were being exclaimed and fanned by the usual suspects (MEMRITV and Fox News leading the charge) utterly shameful. Yes, Egyptians are bigoted when it comes to Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular; but Ethiopians are equally, if not more so, bigoted when it comes to Arabs in general and Egyptians in particular. Egyptians refer to Africans as “they” and think they are superior to them, but, let’s be frank: so do Eritreans and so do Ethiopians. Imagine an accidentally televised meeting of Eritrean and Ethiopian politicians who actually represent the will of the people: how long would it have taken before “izom Areb”, “izom Afrikawian”, “inegnigh Areboch” and other derogatory statements would have hit the airwaves?

    3. Our position is this: those of us who have seen two nations stumble to a senseless war (Eritrea vs Ethiopia) should have one overriding responsibility: to contribute our share to reducing the chances of Egypt and Ethiopia (or any other nation, for that matter) stumbling to war. We think that there are actors (MEMRITV topping them) who have a strong interest in promoting Israel’s special relation with the US, and one way they do that is to show that all their Arab/Muslim neighbors are extremists, and trigger happy. This (the Egypt “blooper) was perfect fodder for them.

    3. Some of you said that what broadcast as an excerpt was accurate depiction of what the Egyptians said. Ok, let’s put that to the test, with one example:

    a. Compare’s excerpt from Dr. Mejdi Ahmed Hussein, the chairman of the Islamic Labor Party said ( which begins at the 4:51 mark and ends at 6:17, with our transcript.

    If all you had to go by was’s excerpt, you would not know that Dr. Mejdi is criticizing his country’s obsession with serving the demands of the US and the West, and its neglect of Africa. He is criticizing Egyptian journalists neglect of Africa, he is criticizing Egyptian failure to engage Africa at the civil society level; he is admonishing his colleagues who talk about war lightly. He is calling for an Afro-centric approach to foreign policy.

    So far, the Ethiopian government has handled this issue with maximum restraint–and it is to be commended. But we fear that the Ethiopian government, like all governments in the world, can’t resist the cheap populism of “rally around the flag” and we fear that, with its sensational media leading the charge, and hate-filed bigots (some of them, right here, at this website, casually talking about poisoning the Nile), it will get there. (Its foreign ministry is already using language of ridicule.)

    Cooler heads must prevail. Unfortunately, most of the critics of the Egyptian politicians, have never had a cool head which makes them the least qualified candidates to give advice on matters of war and peace.

    • hizbawi

      awate-team i thought you did a superb job. i could careless what the Ethiopians do and what the Egyptians respond. My lovely Eritrea has been a victim of the Ethiopians for the last 15 years and if this situation helps my country, i am all for that. knowing the Ethiopians will do nothing when it comes facing to their size. of course they will say Akaki Zeraf.
      now what i ask the awate team is what the implication for Eritrea? what do you/ is there any benefit for Eritrea? should Eritrea take a position? awate-team say it.
      I can tell you this, there will be no war between Ethiopia and Egypt. the Ethiopians are too coward and to stand for what is theirs. trust me, i know them.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Mr confussed pfdj supporter, you have said some comments before that ‘Being Eritrean and fought with Ethiopians, this time around I support the Ethiopians. If Egypt wants the water, then, compensate with some kind of thing that will help the Ethiopians. It is comical to hear the Egyptians saying “we will never give our drop of water”’

        Or do you mean you support ethiopia to catalys the war. Then my friend you give too much credit for

      • Zaul

        [Moderator: Zaul, we do not condone racism and counter racism like you bigotry. You exploit a worthy anti-discrimination clip and try to agitate people along racist lines. One more chance: if you clean your act, you are still welcome. Otherwise, the ban button is so-easy to click.]

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Realy! Why dont you pray like the confused pfdj suporter ‘Hizbawi’ so that Your ‘God’ creats war between ethiopia and Egypt and millions of ethiopians engage in war. and the consqunces bring hunger. And you find Group of People to compare to so that the pain at home feels relativly easier.

    • haile

      Dear Awate Team,

      “Our position is this:…So far, the Ethiopian government has handled this issue with maximum restraint–and it is to be commended.”

      Hanse Mesqele tqa tqa..
      Habuni Shtoley K’Eteqa…

      Trying to take a position under the current foggy circumstances appears to me like an armature boxer who goes to the local butcher’s shop to practice on a “For Sale” dangling meat of an oxen’s hind leg. A kilo of red meat is currently valued at Nakfa 240 in Asmara, if the wannabe boxer was to try that there, he would be chased around town until he is busted with a stroke 🙂

      A little [hi]story, recap of current events around this issue and small tarot reading (not Aman’s turrets) into the possibility that the future holds would suffice.

      Aba shawley entebelulu shenaE
      Kombishtato entebulu shena’E
      natom keytmeslom awatena bshitara tbla’E…

      Just a thought…:-)

      • awatestaff


        See those two words? You may have missed them because they are very small words, each with one syllable: “so far”. They mean “up to the present moment.” How did you miss them? Actually, you didn’t, because you quoted them. When you want to argue, you don’t let little words get in your way, huh?

        Just a thought… 🙂


        • haile

          Deat Awate Team

          hmmm…”So far” Ethiopian leaders have unceremoniously shredded the colonial (albeit obviously unfair) agreement and sternly warned Egypt “”Nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story. I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that.” (Ex-PMMZ, Reuters Nov.2010)and went on to do what a man has got to do…and you think that is “maximum restraint”.

          Let me, humbly suggest from the makers of “turrets syndrome”, no other than Amanuel Hidrat, what has become to be known as “Constructive Ambiguity in Diplomacy”. PFDJ has learned that in no time to swiftly apply it to this situation, hence referring to itself as an “Observer”, why not the AT. The core of the idea evolved from woyane’s unique talent to disingenuously accept “an internationally recognized” boundary of a sovereign neighboring country “in principle”. It is called playing ball in a parallel universe 🙂

          Any how, I still remain petrified by the weakness of my argument since you only said “Ethiopian Leaders” and not which one! It could easily end up meaning that you had the govt. of Atse Tewedros in mind 🙂


    • The part where Dr. Mejdi Ahmed Hussein said: “this is my opinion. What I am saying is done by every country. And said.”

      is after someone showed him a note which probably says the meeting is live on TV. So, whatever he talked after that is simply a make-over.

      Please get me another example where translation erred.

      Or, do you – like the Egyptians – see Israeli conspiracy behind everything?

      • awatestaff

        Selamat Daniel:

        “Please get me another example where translation erred.
        Or, do you – like the Egyptians – see Israeli conspiracy behind everything?”

        Those are our only two choices: we will either give examples or we see an Israeli conspiracy behind everything?

        For starters, is an American NGO–a tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) corporation, so you can slowly put that trump card back into the deck.

        And who is saying MemriTV’s translation erred? As a matter of fact, their translation is superior– it is their editorial decisions of what to include and what to exclude that are agenda-driven. An agenda that they are transparent about.

        Second, before we go searching for more examples from MemriTV (and, trust us, that is one rich mining field: all we have to do is pick any random day including, oh, today’s edition), we need to know how reasonable you are going to be. You are saying that Dr. Mejdi Ahmed Hussein was about to say something and then, less than a minute into his speech, he was informed that the meeting was being broadcast live, so he went on for 10 minutes (ignoring the meeting coordinator’s constant reminders that his allotted time is over) saying things he doesn’t believe in? Is that your position? If so, please research the man–how many times he has been imprisoned–and see if he is the type of person who says things for the sake of “make-over.” Please research the origins of his party, “Islamic Labor Party of Egypt”: their intellectuals are mostly former socialists–which may help you understand his “I am fond of battles with America”. Consider his revolutionary (and peaceful) cred: He was the co-ordinator of Kifaya (Enough!), a movement which was trying to oust Hosni Mubarek long before the Arab Spring.