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Engaging The Brussels Belle

Of course, it is not a journey for requesting the hand of a blue-eyed blonde Brussels belle or visiting Belgians infatuated by convening conferences.    I wish our brother Habtom Yohannes has left us with the information furnished by Gedab News. His “clarification” displayed his attempt to cover the gravity of the mistake they have…

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Watchdog Journalism And Vigilant Society

A group of freedom fighters that we thought of as lambs turned out to be as beasts of prey.   I am writing this piece in reaction to what our respected sister Selam Kidane published under the title of, “No The Sky Isn’t Falling … But Foxy Loxy Does Exist”.   My focus will be…

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Eritrea: Mismanagement Of Land & Human Resources

The main difference between developed and developing countries is in the way they are managed. Any progress on the national or individual level depends on this field of knowledge—management. Since it held power, the regime has managed Eritrean affairs in the worst manner, and this is due to the system applied (sectarian) that recruits incompetent…

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Funeral Ceremony Held for Egyptian Terrorist Victims

10 Apr 2017 Gedab News Comments (11)

Amid tight security arrangements, and guarded by nervous armed Egyptian officers, funeral services were held for the victims of the…

Are Muslims or Muslim Societies Prone to Violence?

06 Apr 2017 Ismail Omer-Ali Comments (157)

I want to highlight three points in this article. First, I want to underscore the obvious fact that killing of…

Abreha The Adulisian And The Soi-Disant Agazians

07 Apr 2017 "Gheteb" Comments (242)

As an introduction and in an effort of rendering a general overview, here is a thumbnail account of a man named…

Ciham's Fifth Birthday Inside Isaias' Jail, More Arrests

03 Apr 2017 Awate Team Comments (162)

Today, April 4, 2017, Ciham Ali Abdu turns twenty inside an Eritrean prison. She was fifteen years old when she…




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