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The Professor

I am not trying to introduce Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie to any one for he needs no introduction,  but I want to give you an account of a man who was humble enough to take time to see me as an ordinary Eritrean and as an admirer. So please allow me through my interaction with…

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The Legendary Alamin Abdullatif

This is the second portion of my earlier article, “A window to Eritrean Music and Dance.” This time it is about the icon of Eritrean songs, Ustaz Alamin Abdulatif. Born in 1942, in Abashawl, Asmara (1), Alamin Abdullatif began teaching before becoming a singer and a songwriter, thus earning him his enduring title, the prefix…

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Hollow Existence

‘Fanakowa geriso etetaso, Hakowa Uya lesumala katowana’. (Whatever the case, daybreak will bring things to light) My name is Yona Germano Nati. I was born in Aligidir, in the Gash-Barka region of Eritrea near the Sudan border. To the east lies the town of Tessenei which is only 11 miles away from my place of…

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Refugees: The Eritrean Exodus

General Information: Website: Production Company: Tailor Made Media Director: Chris Cotter Co-directors: Scott Miller, Joe Acchione Director of Photography: Scott Miller, Joe Acchione Editor: Chris Cotter, Scott Miller, Joe Acchione Finishing Editor: Josh Coyne Written by: Evan R. Schullery & Chris Cotter Music Supervisor: TribeSound Records Original Music by: WaveRadio Synopsis There are plenty…

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A Window To Eritrean Music And Dance

A large portion of Eritreans speak Tigrayet in diverse dialects in the area stretching from the bay of Zula/Afta all the way to the Eritrean-Ethiopian-Sudanese border area of UmHajer and its environs. Tigrayet speakers reside in Samhar, Sahel, Barka and parts of Hamasien, Senhit and Gash regions. There are also some isolated Tigrayet speaking communities…

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2001: A Sample From The “Readers Said” Seciton

A 2001 sample page from the “Readers Said” section, which was similar toLetters To The Editor. As you will see, we used to reply to most of the comments until we discontinued the section in about a year after we launched a discussion forum. The following sample page is from the archive; we thought it…

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Ethiopia And Turkey Looking To The Future

ADDIS ABABA, January 23, 2015: A red carpet has been stretched out at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and other senior officials waited to welcome a special guest. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish President arrived to a warm welcome. This was the first time for me to see him person…

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TPLF Anniversary Celebrations Looks Ahead To Regional Integration

18 Feb 2015 Mohammed T. Tewekel Comments (356)

On Wednesday (February 18, 2015) all roads in Ethiopia seemed to lead to one spot – the newly constructed Stadium…

Major General Ahmed Kakay Died A Prisoner

16 Feb 2015 Gedab News Comments (132)

After wrestling with illness for a long time, on Saturday February 15, 2015, Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay finally succumbed…

HSBC: The Swiss Cave Of Ali Baba

13 Feb 2015 Awate Team Comments (236)

Wikileaks. Snowden. Falciani List. What does the exposure of the leaked Falciani list mean to the common person? Probably nothing much…

The Legendary Alamin Abdullatif

15 Feb 2015 Mahmud Saleh Comments (17)

This is the second portion of my earlier article, "A window to Eritrean Music and Dance." This time it is…




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