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Al-Nahda Reports From Eritrea: A Satire

My iPod is glued to my ears, my mind multi-tasking and gestating for block buster articles for the next season. I am running on my treadmill, training for my next Marathon , sipping my green tea and thumping through YG’s book titled: “Qualitative and Quantitative Dissection of the Ghedli Romantic Brain: Historical Grand Narrative and…

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Politics of Census

Census is the complete enumeration of a population or groups at a point in time with respect of well-defined characteristics [OECD]. Census was known to originate during the Roman time in order to identify and track adult males fit for military service. A comprehensive well rounded census helps to define a picture of the populations’…

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A Pioneer Of Education and Struggle In His Nineties

Ustaz Mousa Arahu A young man in his thirties, a lookalike of the Egyptian actor Omar Shareef though a little shorter, vibrant, energetic, full of enthusiasm, very attractive and passionate, with radiation of hope always shining out of his face. Moreover, friendly and easy going; his talks never boring. Though he joined Eritrean Liberation Movement…

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The Lowlands: A Project Killed By Memory

[Translated from Arabic by Awate Team] On March 29, 2014, in London, the so-called Association of The Lowlanders held a seminar. Equally in London as well as on social media, the convening of the seminar was surrounded by mysteries, not because of the seminar or congress in itself, but because “Lowlanders” as a political terminology…

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Eulogy to Ahmad Mohammad Nasser

Once again, death robbed Eritrea one of its best sons. At 68 years of age, one of the respected and recognized leaders of the Eritrean national movement for self-determination and freedom, Ahmad Mohammad Nasser, passed away at dawn on Wednesday 26 March 2014 in a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. He was admitted to intensive medical…

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Australia: PFDJ Coercive Taxation

Hundreds of Australians are being forced to pay a tax that – according to the UN – is funding murderous African rebel groups. (Courtesy of By: Santilla Chingaipe ( Hundreds of Australians are being forced to pay a tax that – according to the UN – is funding murderous African rebel groups. Members of…

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Haile Sellasie’s Cannabis

A green, yellow and red headband/wrist band is the symbol of Rastafarians who worship the late feudal king, Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia, whose name (and title) before he was throned was Ras Tefferi. When King Minelik died in 1913, his grandson Lij Eyassu became the king, but Tefferi didn’t accept that. Three years later Tefferi…

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UPR: Eritrean Regime’s Abuses Reviewed

Summary presented by “Rodab” at Awate Forum: On the hot seat @ the UPR gathering. Nations from around the world are taking our regime to task. The following are some of the challenging questions (the complete list is at the UPR website): The Netherlands Can the government of Eritrea indicate how it will improve the…

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Eritrea: The Suppression of God

Collected thoughts here and unfinished ideas there; quoted materials saved somewhere in the hard drive or somewhere in some thumb drives long abandoned. The mind furiously searches for those items whose time has come for developing into one readable note or perhaps into one piece worth contemplating for.  Ismail Omer Ali’s and Amnauel Hidrat’s recent…

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