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Beyond Isaias, Beyond Yiakl!

For many years the international community has repeatedly condemned the PFDJ regime for continuing to commit systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations against his people. Our Eritrean intellectuals including previous supporters of the regime have realized that Isaias is a paranoid, narcissistic, power-hungry, and vain leader who would not accept any type of reforms whatsoever and that must fall.

While there is a sense of frustration with the historical opposition groups failing to achieve any significant breakthrough towards bringing change, we now see an increased number of organized civil rights movements such as ‘#Yiakl’ and others dominating the social media outlets. Their efforts are commendable for raising awareness, mobilizing grassroots, and calling for an end to the repressive regime in Eritrea.

I would like to stress here that the  vast majority of sections of our society in Akhria, Keren , Massawa, Aqurdat, and Senafe who had said enough, ‘Kifaya’ , to the oppressive regime decades ago, are exhilarated to see the rest of our people in  ‘Highland’  are catching up. As a ‘Lowlanders’, I am much more optimistic than ever before about the imminent fall of Isaias’ regime, that the ‘Highlanders’ have finally joined the ‘Lowlanders’ in monumental numbers. Having said that, I remain deeply suspicious of any future change that is brought by ‘Highlanders.’   I believe that the change, as I see it, would only replace the current tyranny of the dictator Isaias, by a tyranny of the majority of ‘Highlanders.’

The ‘Lowlanders’ have been raising issues that need urgent national consensus before the fall of the PFDJ regime. These issues have been repeatedly dismissed by the ‘Highlanders’ openly in social media and they labelled it as ‘unpatriotic’, ‘separatist’, ‘Islamist’, so on so forth.  The issues  which I will highlight below, are not being addressed by what the ‘Highlanders’ ultimately hope to achieve: changing the current regime, followed by creating a new transitional government, publishing a draft constitution, holding a referendum, conducting an elections , and handing over power continuing a majority rule. As a ‘Lowlander’ I strongly believe that if the PFDJ falls in the next two years, hopefully sooner, the majority in power would then be the ‘Highlanders’ who would end up imposing inequitable laws and policies. If this were only what the ‘Highlanders’ are aiming to achieve without tackling key national issues that the unity of our nation depends on, then the backlash from ‘Lowlanders’ would be colossal, and they would have no choice but to fight fiercely together to demand their rights. This would inevitably lead to civil war, humanitarian crises, repression and risk of  state failure. Let’s not wait for another decade or two to grasp this conundrum.

I invite all the ‘Highlanders’ intellectuals and activists to have a deep understanding of the meaning of Eritrea which is a diverse country with ethnic, regional and religious divisions, and with no rule of law or democracy.  If we want to achieve a peaceful democratic transition, and a lasting stability, peace and economic prosperity, we must  get together now and address issues of rights and freedoms from all Eritrean perspectives, ‘Lowlanders’ and ‘Highlanders’.

The ‘Lowlanders’, a term I use here refers to all people in Eritrea that do not refer themselves as Tigrinian, will keep flagging up the following key questions that must be addressed by all political and  civil organizations:

  1. PFDJ regime has confiscated vast swathes of land and properties from ‘Lowlanders’ and redistributed them mainly to ‘Highlanders’ and supporters of the regime. Over the last three decades the land ownership of ‘Lowlanders’ has decreased massively to its lowest level. We know that land and property means wealth and power. If this act of injustice by the PFDJ is not rectified, it would exacerbate current power imbalances within the whole Eritrean society.My question is: Are we prepared to rectify these injustices by returning lands and property to their original owners and compensate them for the loss?
  2. All Eritreans have rights to organize themselves into groups, be it on civil, religion or ethnic grounds. They are entitled to determine their rights of what religion to follow and which language to use to access public services provided by local and central governments. They are entitled to determine what they want to see as their national and local languages without being accused of all sorts of labels.Are we prepared to accept Arabic to be the national language that ‘Lowlanders’ want to to continue to be their working language that they want to use to access public services provided by local and central governments?
  3. We all must accept that in a liberal democracy where there’s established rule of law, the minorities’ rights must be safeguarded.For example: the Afar in Dankalia have always enjoyed some kind of self-rule using their own traditional laws in their protected land until the PFDJ confiscated their land and property and eroded their ways of life. The same story applies to Kunama and to some extent to all other minority groups in Eritrea.

Are we prepared to establish a genuinely decentralized system where democratic majority rule does not end up oppressing minority rights? Are we prepared to establish a system where self-rule (at a regional level) and shared rule (at a national level) a core principle of our governance?

I encourage all to pause, think and plan beyond  the fall of Isaias and beyond ‘#Yiakl’.

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  • ሓላው ስጡሕ

    Hello Awates
    እቲ ቓልሲ ኤርትራ ,ንዓና ኤርትራውያን ,ካብ ፓይለታት ናብ ኣይታንቲታት እዩ ቀይሩና ፠ ጂሃዳዊት ጀብሃ ትኹን ኣረሜናዊት ሻዕብያ ኣንጻር ጥቕምና እየን ሸፊተን፠ ሓደ ህዝቢ ክካላኸለሉ ዝደሊ ኣሎ (ብሓቅነት)…መታሕት ዓድና, እስላማውያን ኣይኮኑን ጂሃዳውያን ኣይኮኑን ,,,,ሕያዎትን ሰላማውያንን ምስቲ ክርስትያን ጎረቤቶም ተኻባቢሮም ዝነብሩ እዮም፠ኤርትራ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ,ኢትዮጵያ ዘለዉ ኣስላም እውን ታቦት ተዋህዶ ሰንዮም,ታቦትና ብሰላም ኣትዩ ዝብሉ እዮም….እቶም ሓደ ከምታ ቁርኣን ዝብላ ዝኽተሉ እቶም ትግርኛ ዝቕዋንቁኦም ,ካብ ኣኽሱምን ሽረን ውቕሮን ተሰግዊጎም ኤርትራ ኣትዮም ኣብ ኣርብዓታት እግሪ ኣባሻውል 48 ክርስትያን ዝሓረዱ እዮም ፠ መንነቶም ክሒዶም ቋንቋ ዓረብ ዝደልዩ ኣስላም,ትግረ ኣይኮኑ ብሌን ኣይኮኑ , ሳሆ,ኩናማ,ናራ ኣይኮኑን ,እንታይ ድኣ ? እቶም ትግርኛ ኣስላም…ስለዚ እቶም ንመታሕት ዓድና ጂሃድ ,ሓምሻይ መስርዕ,ሸሪዓውያን ዝብልዎም መጸለምቲ ሓሰውቲ ጥራይ እዮም ፠ ተሓባቢርና ሓንቲ ድኻ ኤርትራ ምህናጽ ኣይንስእንን ኢና ,ኣብ ኤርትራ ይኹን ትግራይ ጂሃዳውያን ካብ ሰላማውያን ኣስላም ምፍላይ ቀሊል እዩ፠ ትግርኛ እንተዘይተዛሪቦም ጂሃዳውያን ኣይኮኑን፠

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      ሰላም ሓላው ስጡሕ,

      An organization (ELF) with 85% from Christian highland was not a Jehadist organization. In fact the organization was a socialist oriented organization – teaching the Marxist doctrine. If you are from the young generation, you are misinformed; and if you are from the old generation it was/is the political tool you have been using to galvanize the Christian highlanders to create a rift between the two religions. The sad part of the story is, that kind of propaganda still has some kind of traction on the Christian highlanders.

      • Saleh Johar

        These demented person thinks all Muslims are Jihadists simply because they are Muslims. You just can’t reason out with such people who are corrupted to the core. It’s sad that people do not even know their compatriots and preach only hate.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Saleh,

          I knew it in person in 1977, when I heard them telling to the gathering people in the highland “ንሕና ኢና ደቅኹም“ to seperate “themselves” from “us”. They have poisoned the public at large. It will be a long fight to have a remedy for it. That is why I am against framing our politics by religion as it use to be during the federation era.


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Aman,

        Thank you for this post ..ሓላው ስጡሕ is totally wrong..and even after his comment watch in his all post he keep up voting his own comment ..We all don’t experience such thing in this site..

        Any how the awate admin had given him the most wonderful lesson as you can see above…


      • ሓላው ስጡሕ

        You are right while Jebha’s leadership was the continuation of the “moslem league/ራቢጣ ኢስላምያ” the day today tegadeltis were democratic & had more comradery than the pagan EPLF. However as corporation is judged by it’s mission & ceo..s that is why I termed Jebha as jihadist

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Halaw sutuh,

          An organization is judged By its “political program” for its “mission.” ELF’s mission was to liberate Eritrea from the Ethiopian rule and its political program was “National Democratic program”. From the nature of your language, you sound one of those who are not ready – Eritrea to have an Eritrean Muslim leader. If it is so, there is no mental cure for people like you, except the natural negation process of nature.

          Second, don’t be unruled and learn how to address your comment based on the rules of the forum.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Hi Emma,
            If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time with ሓላው ስጡሕ.
            He almost single handedly destroyed the assenna’s forum. Few commentators warned assenna about this guy’s intention. For some reason his favorite targets [at least on assenna’s forum as well as FB) are Eritrean muslims & Akele Guzay.
            His real name is Teclay but he goes by many nicks: ዘምሕረቱ, Cow Face, Uncle Siye, and about 30 or so other nicks.
            He is full of hate and tries very hard to create confusion and division across religious/regions lines. So many people have left assenna because of this guy’s vulgar comments.
            Some of those people also blame him for doing the same at asmarino forum.
            His newest mission is now Awate’s forum.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Mehandsay,

            Thank you for the info. He is a sick person. From his last comment, I understood that he is waging a crusade war against the Eritrean Muslims. The good thing is the moderators have their eyes on him.

        • bardavidi

          Hi …….Halaw………..Where are you getting the Idea that ELF/Jebha was a Jihadist organization……….What Mission and what CEO in ELF claimed or advocated Jihad…..???…….Sorry, but you are reading in to something that was not there………..Out of touch with Reality and History………..Selah

  • How pathetic to state, the HIGHLANDERS of Eritrea are now catching up with the LOWLANDERS through movements such as ‘yiAkl’, of course- stating that were well aware before, the lowlanders that is.
    Let me point out a few things.
    1. Being aware ahead but failing to make others aware is a fault well beyond one having not have the opportunities to be aware, added to it being manipulated.
    2. What was the advance awareness based on? Was it based on hate, disgruntlement, biased by such things like religion. All stated applying to whom I refer as the old oppositions.

    It is a blessing today, coming from the inclusion of grassroots further afield and in Eritrea coming through positive angles. Welcome “yiAkl” “deleyti ftHi”! certainly a threat to the writers of the article scripted by whose composition had been coming from hatred, frustration and bias.
    I call, join the positive angle….

  • Nitricc

    Greetings everyone; I am very amused by what is going on in Ethiopia. Every one freaking out because Lemma Megersa opposed the Medemer principal and unity of the parties. That is what exactly has to do in order to keep the country from going down and explode. Abiy and Lemma paid the price to bring change and TPLF packing all the way to Mekele. Things were good but Abiy’s rush to do things brought unexpected problems and frightening the change in its self. Their biggest mistake is allowing Jawar to inter the country and directly in to the politics without do diligent preparations. They had no idea how to deal with Jawar. Once Jawar is in the country and participate in the country’s political activities, he over shadowed Abiy and Lemma and he become the biggest fright to their power and agenda. Abiy and Lemma wanted to make one great Ethiopia while the Oromo interest is kept and respected but Jawar had different idea, Oromo first and everything should be for Oromo. The question is how do you solve this problem? Well, you do exactly what Lemma did. Lemma had to switch his position to encounter and neutralize Jawar’s power in the Oromo population. What lemma is saying is the same thing what Jawar is saying and for sure the people of Oromo to follow Lemma and this takes a big bite from Jawar’s power. They are not going to let one fat slap who was living comfortably in the US play them like that. One thing is clear, Abiy wouldn’t do anything with out Lemma’s blessing. And Lemma knows everything about the Medemer and unity of the parties and he voted for it. The whole point is by Lemma doing what he did, he accomplished two things. One to neutralize and to make Jawar out of the game and two, Abiy’s approval was going down and this should help Abiy gain his approval. I thought it was a great strategy and if my take is proven right then it will work and it good for Abiy, Lemma and the people of Ethiopia.

    • Brhan

      Hello Nitricc,
      Thanks for your input but it would be better if we stick to discussions related to the posted article unless the article has some relevance to the issue that we would like to post. I am not saying your input is not valid but I just want us to practice discussions with a posted article without causing distraction.
      This is my view but the moderator can also have his view.

      Thanks again

      • Nitricc

        if we stick to discussions

        Hi Brhan; there is no issue worthy of my time. people just love to compline and say BS. you people just love to BS.

    • Teodros Alem

      Selam Nitricc
      good that u digging deep on the lemma’s opposition of medemer and the new party. when eprdf vote to form a new party , i have seen a pic and video in social media that lemma raised his hand short , like a little bit, like he is not happy about it and muferiat raised her hand so high.
      keep digging about jawar and tplf.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Teddy; I just gave you my take based on Abiy and Lemma truck record. It is amazing how they dismantle TPLF so delectably. If they could fool the Tigryans like that, I am sure they are capable of dismantling Jawar the same way. The other side of the story is, history! When partners fight for something and succeeded; they always part ways even kill each other. Point in case look at Blaise Compaoré and Thomas Sankara. So, it is not impossible for Lemma to get green eye watching Abiy not only getting popular but a winner of Nobel. It is possible Lemma is turning back on Abiy but that will be stupid. He already sacrificed his chance to become PM but he let Abiy be one. So, if indeed Lemma is against Abiy; then I see big problem in Ethiopia. But whatever happened Abiy will be prevailed because he has the majority support. Abiy’s intention is very good but he got grow a couple of balls between his legs. He got to kill!

        • Teodros Alem

          Selam Nitricc
          i think first, we need to understand what kind of political ideology eprdf’s r following, we need to understand eprdf’s strategy and technic . and than we can say who is fooling who.
          For me tplf, adp, odp, spdm ,other “agar parties” and fake opposition r technics.
          and as central committee level eprdf never work or function as opd, tplf, adp and spdm, as central committee eprdf work and function as one party.
          for me ethiopia(eprdf) politics is more of media rhetoric than reality. trying to match the rhetoric with the reality on the ground is good.

  • mokie berhe

    Salam Ahmeddin Osman. Sorry but the highlander vs lowlander wedge that you are trying to hammer has stench from EFF vs EPLF discussions 30 years ago (and before) and is an echo chamber of what Tigrai online has for years been spouting regarding Eritrea. I am sure that your article places a smile on the fold at Tigrai online as well as Yosief Gebrehiwot and Agazians. Human rights abuses and gross inequalities subjected on/against Eritreans by PIA/PFDJ should not be addressed in such manner, which has religious underpinnings, for it is a counterproductive, divisive and highly combustive approach. Any wrong committed against any Eritrean by the Government should be seen as a wrong committed against the nation’s populace as a whole.

  • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

    Dear Ahmeddin,
    In mid 80’s, the Derg military junta of Ethiopia, after losing all military offensives, proclaimed that Eritrea will be divided into the highland and lowland areas. The cadres of the then ruling party were ecstatic and wondered how such a masterpiece idea eluded them for so long and concluded this breakthrough would herald the final solution to the Eritrean conundrum to no avail. But when somebody emerges again with such divisive poisonous mentality one wonders why now? To what end?
    Any idea that ushers a peaceful transition into a new Democratic Eritrea would be welcomed by everybody. In an Eritrean context, highlands and lowlands do not have any political meanings beyond altitudinal and climatic expressions. The socioeconomic settings of the Gash, Barks, Semhar and Dankalia are completely different though they belong to the lowland areas. Likewise, the socioeconomic settings of Maekel, Debub, Senhit and Sahel vary tremendously despite being in the highland areas.
    For a genuine Democratic discourse one could table any issues for discussion without any bias, partitioning or compartmentalization. You have raised few basic issues relevant to the social, economic and political cohesion of Eritrea. Irrespective of what you want to achieve, in any political discourse, understanding the dynamics of a society is very important.. The use of Tigrinya and Arabic as the official languages of Eritrea is a pertinent question that should be addressed properly. I agree with you not from the highland/lowland vantage point but from historical and practical expediency. Any idea brought forward without discreet pragmatism could be more destructive than constructive.

  • Ahmeddin

    The purpose of this article is to provoke thoughts and help to reflect on the still predominant mindset of ‘Highlanders’ that based on the notion of unity that is creating ‘Hade Hizbi, Hade Libbi’ which dismisses all calls otherwise.

    I understand the current regime must fall and must clear the way for us to start our journey of building a democratic nation based on solid institutions and rule of law. While I commend all efforts that are taking place to further expose the cruelty of the current regime on social media, I am concerned that there is too much emphasis on regime change as if this is an ultimate solution which in itself would not end the misery of our people. We have seen this in other parts of the world, with our neighbours, let’s learn from them.

    My message from this article is that there must be a change of mindset on what I see a widespread apathy among ‘Highladers’ when it comes to key national issues, at least from ‘lowlanders’ perspective, that is seen as unite or break us as a nation, such as language, land ownership, governance and power imbalances. These issues cannot simply brushed off as if minor grievances of ‘Lowlanders’. Let’s face it people, why we think that there is little or no mass engagement between ‘ Highlanders ‘ and ‘Lowlanders’ on the current struggle to overthrow the current regime, as we have seen during the ‘liberation era’ in the seventies?

    • bardavidi

      Hi ….Ahmeddin……You are Immersing yourself in Ethnic-Religious based Issues that are fairly Legitimate…….The opposition and the Groups organized have their Priorities set on Issues that concern and Unite Eritreans as a Whole………This is a time to Focus on Removing the Dictator and his Gangsters under the same Banner rather than a Time to Divide and Bicker……….That is why the Groups are Focusing in their main Goal and not regional Issues……….There is Time and Purpose for Everything under the Sun…….The time for those issues is yet to come………..Selah

  • said

    Greeting Ahmeddin
    I don’t have real solution to your article. there are many means. But number them below commented and suggest reasonable solution .
    Your article capture the realty of injustice, disposition, confiscation, resettlement depravity, and degradation of our society. What was once illegal become legal . All this against the rights and will of the people. No one can deny the fact on the ground. You capture the unequivocal truth. A culture of greed and avarice has been promoted and implemented by those in power in Asmara. many of them looked the other way ,it was not their concern and did not deal with their society at suffering large. Great many benefitted from the injustice policy. PFDJ hard core zealot Politicians were unrestrained and socially engineering society ,it has been ingrained in their psyches through the conscious and intelligent manipulation of their minds by the unseen forces operating behind the curtain to great gratification of IA and obedient cohort . The most criminal and dangerous of these sociopaths are those with the segment of highest IQs are well known minions. relatively small number. power hungry. low morals, highly corrupt apparatchiks decide how to ran the nation to the ground, built upon a crumbling foundation. they wield immense power and control over the country ,exerting their near monopolistic control and maintain their control, power and riches. is a testament to their worthlessness and sleaze. PFDJ economic monopoly and fraud scheme, used to mislead the masses and enrich themselves and has created a heads they win tails we lose economic system. and the minion reward themselves, satiated and enriched and they becoming filthy rich in the process by selling Eritrean gold production to their pocket . For 20 year the money piles up in bank accounts of Eritrean oligarchy. which is still playing out today. we are just ordinary poor people, powerless with no desire to do injustices to any one let alone kill each other.
    I don’t hate Eritreans any one ,or the other. Stay away from division There is a ugly plethora of Us and Them scenarios currently in play. those are argonaut and ignorant an enlightened people. For some the country is divided as deeply as it was in 1950. The independence and victory has further revealed the true Us and Them propagated by IA and it is openly flaunting it. IA is the personification of evil. He had the complete control over all levers of government. With his obedient minions small cadre of unelected, unregulated, unaccountable Mafioso thugs allowed to use the massive power of the state to rule over the poor soul of Eritrean people, at same time enriching themselves and their acolytes? the PFDJ supporters still do love their king. So do the hard core warmongers and the statists, and Communists and leftists of every rotten variety are with King of mountain and sea of red sea.
    the silent majority are different . The average person in Eritrea is just trying to live their life, earn a living if they can , support their family, and try to achieve some semblance of normality and happiness during their short stay on this doomed land
    It is most obvious IA still have a chokehold on the country and there more serious crimes committed than you can list and charge .IA He’s the most sycophat and dangerous dictator in Eritrean history . die hard core supporters privately believe that IA has committed crime and they are part of the system and the elites of the educated class are acutely are well aware or they were part of the system. His regime are empowered to harass and kill largely at will, along with mass incarceration, IA will get away with any crime he commit . There is very little pretense of justice and even much less of protection and safety. many Eritrean disappeared and vanished without a trace . no one has ever been charged with many murder committed . These killings are not accidents, they are by systematic designee . They are not the results of a failed system. The system works exactly as it meant to be ,designed to work by the dictatorship to empower himself . And until the system of PFDJ power is completely destroyed, nothing will change for Eritrean. The daily brutality and subjection keep the poor Eritrean in fear, especially the young are kept in bondage. And young poor men are the cannon fodder of the regime. Old rich generals sentencing young poor men to death to keep their power . And so are the ugly institutions, especially the security police, the jails and the prisons, PFDJ tasked with maintaining complete control of those the system. List of missing are long. Yet even though their physical remains are missing, many great Eritrean and heroes they lives on in our collective cultural consciousness. The die hard, So far, however, they have been unwilling to even acknowledge his crime publicly . He’s helped transform the EFDJ into a cult, his cohort worshiping him at the altar of supreme authoritarianism. Eritrea as nation it is one man’s version. IA personalities were not unknown in our short history. Everyone knows that. and yet, in case we haven’t noticed, the fact that IA in all our faces like no king Haile Selassie , no dictator Derge, no General, no Eritrean entertainer, no performer ever is hardly come close .IA was well person. obvious to everyone and much was known. And to be expected. At some level, it’s not even complicated. .IA damaged Eritrea in ways that may take a generation to undo. a failed country, clock stopped frozen in time for more than sixty years, nothing to account for. for the last 29 of those years, Eritrea has been in an economic Bermuda Triangle, unable to move forward economically and unable to take advantage of opportunity presented.
    It is quite a Struggle to gain the conscience of the Dominant Forces of the regime that are Committed to the DOCTRINE of Equating Anti- other Eritrean, It was long ago EPLF dominant forces while quite revealing, deeply disheartening of the chances that the powerful movers of the powerful and outreaching and can one day break away from dogma of IA , myopic deep self-righteousness and reconcile with the detached Universal Values of Justice, Freedom and the Upholding of the “Dignity of Man” as apply, irrespectively, to all mankind.
    while most honestly and conscientiously exposing the hard reality of the powerful forces of the PFDJ proclivity to readily brandish Damocles Sword of Anti-other Eritreans, at the slightest objective criticism of PFDJ ’s,its discriminate practices is obvious to see, these forces are myopically, mostly inadvertently, providing the cover and justification for the perpetuation of Injustice and the domination , as the Cause of Justice & the Cause of Freedom are Universally Inseparably Indivisible.
    With out generalizing ,some progressive Eritreans from all woke of life that the case renders initiatives by proponents of goodwill in their relentless attempts to genuinely influence and sway the widest body of the influential and outreaching wide body of Eritreans to ever standing for justice.
    it comes to the forefront when a backward nation’s becomes desperate for success in the polis. The new Emperor of Eritrea IA and his obedient servant Politicians know this all too well—it’s why ,EPLF /PFDJ more militant communists, Stalinist and Maoist ,fascist Mousseline and Adolf Hitler combination of all made up ,IA strategically painted himself as Eritrean ’s saver ,superior race, Nehan Alamana ,a chosen messiah, sent to lead them from their despairing economic position on the Eritrean stage. Tragically and sadly , some or most of the Eritrean public bought in wholesale. Due to ignorance ,fear , intimidation and total denial, this brainwashed community became the worst bystanders in recent memory, as the bloody war rack havoc on our people and all kind was orchestrated right under their noses.

    A failed nation Eritrea has been a nation for 29 years and compered to former colonizer Italy what can we learn , it is a nation that represents an idea; an idea so powerful, for millennia, to become a nation, and that all this has flourished under the rule of a few princes and local powers; before embracing nationhood only a hundred and fifty years ago. For some Eritrean older generation leaving aside the manifestation of nostalgia for the darkest period in Italian history, conization of Eritrea and the fascist period and that was so horrible . It is also an important moment, where a great universal idea tells us that Italy does not want to die and that she wants to continue to play a role in the history of the world. Starting with the history of Europe. Italy remains a universal power through its industrial output through its renowned brands fashion and industries and through so many other elements. existence is also an idea. And nothing is more fruitful than when the idea (Italy) and the other idea Eritrea can draw inspiration from Renaissance to reach out to establish dialogue between entrepreneurs, scientists, professors, trade unionists, political parties, non-profits, after Italian left Eritrea .Ethiopia conization of Eritrea should have been avoided; that it had been handled in a crazy and stupid way by the new King of Eritrea IA and his military generals and political leaders imbued with power and insensitive to the misfortunes of their people. Moreover, it can be characterized as a gigantic suicide attempt befalling on Eritrean people and in destroy collective civilization, in which tens of thousands of men, women, children, full of talent and genius qualities, peoople from villages, towns, cities, were left abounded and even destroyed . IA regime Having not learned the lesson of the first suicide attempt by Ethiopian And Eritrean survived this suicidal madness only to subsequently not was prepared, for what to come , beginning with those who are entrusted with the task of leading us, EPLF/PFDJ through the greatest horrific Madanes and stupidity, the conditions for a second suicide attempt that was even more appalling, in the number of victims, as it was much more in moral damage. How then can we celebrate present regime who are so bad in managing the nation after independence -after long war period of 30 years , the war and the post-war period? In fact, this commemoration should have been the occasion for an important self-reflection on regime nature, its suicidal capacity, and in particular that of Eritrean people. In 1991, Eritrea had the great potential and reasonably everything to make Eritrea great for the 21th century be the happiest, most peaceful, most democratic, and the most creative for first time of all the centuries. The example of the world’s longer standing success stories such as Singapore. its leaders, much like Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew, saw power as a tool to secure national rather than personal interests and at a time of crisis worked with civil society to engineer a national dialogue that crafted a way forward.
    After independence we are not safe from this madness, again mad leader of the nation and his warmonger generals were in a position to send, without blinking an eye ready to kill Eritrean
    The same the boarder issue . tens of Thousand men died on a stagnant battlefront. IA policies were driven by military impulses. It seems judging by the very few obvious lessons that we seem to have not learned from this barbaric century and our indifference toward million of our people who suffer and die from malnutrition, disease and hunger, and those who try to leave their hell country Eritrea may die in their journey . if we are capable of contemplating our leader actions and their consequences within a moral framework, distinguishing good from evil, while completely ignoring their action ,we need prioritizing the dignity of every man, woman and child in Eritrea . In a very real sense, the same context and principles for which many thousands of our people have come to die
    Eritrea is myriad in many political problem Today great political debate has begun in Eritrea that is centered on a thousand and one questions, with each question vying to be more important than the next one. It is true that these questions are related to major issues ,like democracy ,justice ,human rights , ethnicity and federalism that have occupied the nation and opposition media and that have also been the source of the different protests for the rules of democratic participation and public services and culture and national identity and many other issue. everyone feels that a major reform is absolutely needed in fundamental way.
    IA days are numbered at his late age at 75 .Who knows how much longer he will live ,but always end in disaster. Always ,the question what comes after him .the famous saying . French king Louis XV reputedly said, “Après moi, le déluge.” (“After me, the flood.”) it is well known long after his death did come the French Revolution.

  • Haile S.

    Selam Bardavid, Brhan and all,

    I agree with both of you for your reconciliatory approach in dealing with any injustice that has occured to any population in Eritrea. Based on his previous writings, Ahmeddin brings provocative issues that are engaging (but apparently, he doesn’t want to be a part himself I agree with Emma), except here he presented the possible solutions as quasi “ትኽተር ዶ ትምተር” by taking the highlander the doers of all ‘mistakes’ to put it mildly, and seemingly ignoring the highlander has also a say in the handling of the nation. The highlander is not colonizing Eritrea and Eritreans did not go fighting 30 years of independence separately for their ethnic group’s independent from Ethiopia. Giving this impression, largely perpetuated by the Eritrean regime itself, has been the mistake of post-independence years. It is an open-secret enemies of Eritrean strength are currently playing the flattering game of the proverbial fox and crow in Aesop’s Fables to weaken it further than they have attempted in the last two decades. We the people of Eritrea were brought under one country for good or worst. Together we prosper, separated we perish. Of course, no hiding! The key problems need to be places on the plate that is between us, but the plate need not be thrown at one of us to open a Pandora boxes by one of us. We can only deal positively with the content of the box if we stand hand in hand. If this is what Ahmeddin meant by his article, nobody can be against it.
    Ahmeddin, don’t leave the stadium after placing the ball in the middle and your first ፍሽካ whistle!

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Hailat,

      Indeed they should not “leave the stadium after placing the ball in the middle” with out playing the game to the satisfaction of the spectators. It is a good metaphoric message for those who attempt to write without engaging in the debate for the issue they have put on our national plate.


      • Haile S.

        Selam Emma,

        It looks to me, Awate is viewed in different ways by participants. For those who write articles, but don’t respond to comments, it is a P.O.Box or a drop-box, there is a principal recipient whoever he/she is and the response is expected to come in the same manner in an authored article. For those who write and respond, the recipient is everybody and they are glad to engage even to the worst detractor. For those of us who comment with or without writing articles, it can be our club, our bar, our ቤት ሻሂ ሂወት, our dead-poets-society, our bitterness-square, our school-yard, our journal-club, our punching bag etc etc. Awate is all of these, in short it is a university. I hope one day it will be established on the ground back home.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Hailat,

          In my book for those who write an article and do not engage in the debate or do not try to answers questions from their readers are not sure about their views, even if it means intended to specific recipients. Second, they are not “solution seekers” if they don’t engage with the other section of our society they are accusing for. So in short they are not serious enough to play a role in seeking a solution to our national problem. Furthermore, if their message is intended for specific recipients, then they will remain to be part of our social problem. It is sad, them to be part of the problem instead part of the solution.

          Regarding Awate, you have said it all. I could only hope to be replicated in future democratic Eritrea.


          • Saleh Johar

            I fully agree with you. If someone believes in something, and posts it here..He should able to debate it. But throwing an article without dedicating time or interest to debate it further, is not productive at all.

  • bardavidi

    HI….Osman… i do strongly oppose the rights of organizing in Ethnic,and Religious basis whether the Highlanders or the Low landers, regardless of who is Involved………That would basically takes us to the days of our Failed Democracy of Division before the Invasion of Ethiopia………A nation divided from with in would not be capable of defending its Population or National resources………..A Constitution that encourages Democratic rights and participation based on Multi-Ethnic-Religious assimilation and not regional and religious association is our Final solution………Any other Greivance and Petition can be handled thru Negotiations and Compromises in a Constructive manner and not thru Violence or Criminal acts………First is Yiakil…….Second a Removal of The Criminal Gangsters and their Remnants………..Third… Constitutional system based on Multi-Party Democracy….So I Say……….Selah

  • Brhan

    Mehaba Ahmedin,
    The issues that you have raised are important and the only problem is your narration. And because they are all about politics , then you have to be politician , like being diplomatic and able to sell your ideas. We are living in a world of selling ideas and those who can do it perfect win!
    The, land, language and the issue of Dankalia are important and they must be addressed but not in a divisive way.
    These issues are Eritrean issues or if you see it otherwise , then you are talking about using your argument to a degree you want the ” lowland ” to leave Eritrea. Well if that is your point , I respect your point , you are free to think in a way that you like, but the question is who is going to buy your point. With all of our odds , our tendency to live in one Eritrea is higher than the opposite.

    Land: I agree with you. But it is PF(DJ) policy not “highlanders”. From day to day many Eritreans are understanding that the PF(DJ) polices are evil. During the Haji Musa peaceful demonstration I saw with my own eyes Eritrean Christians attending in the demonstration and even some of them saying “Allah Akbar” .

    Language : Arabic….If you want Arabic to become official language ( it is national as it is the language of one of Eritrea’s ethnic group, the Rashida…we have to be careful when using terms) then it is through a talk that has harmony not divisiveness. You can’t sell this idea by question mark? ” Are you ready to accept or not” . Show him it is your choice , give him example of it merits, including the merit of self expression and explain to him how. To make a language an official language has its techniques but above all you have to secure the approval of the majority because if you do that the file will be closed forever. vote 51%. So when Abdu and Andu of Eritrea are going to run in the future to be for example our MPs, then they have to be bilingual or multilingual , how : it is easy , through education.

    Dankalia and Kunama…I do not have any problem with their demands. Their grievance are our grievances and Ahmedin, I do not know but I am afraid if you do not understand Tigrinya or you are missing a lot of social media , the topic of grievances is now scattered from Karneshim to Akhrur via Seraye!

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Ahmeddin,

    If you raise an issue that matters to all of us, then, I hope you will engage in the debate. The reason why I am saying this is: that most of our brothers from the lowland who wrote articles and posted in this website, they never defend their claim and their arguments. I have issue on your failure to engage. Now I am questioning the following of your claim:

    “I would like to stress here that the vast majority of sections of our society in Akhria, Keren , Massawa, Aqurdat, and Senafe who had said enough, ‘Kifaya’ , to the oppressive regime decades ago, are exhilarated to see the rest of our people in ‘Highland’ are catching up.”

    You are telling us that there were defiance under the slogan “Yeakil/kifeya” in our towns such as in Keren, Aqurdet, Massawa, Akhria, a decade ago. Is this a verifiable claim? I take myself as an active in the Eritrean politics who follows religiously the reactions of our people against the regime from inside and I haven’t heard Yeakil movement from our people a decade ago. I believe the Yeakil movement has been originated in the diaspora. It start as a slogan in the last ten years. It now elevated from a slogan to a mass movement. Second even the Akhria protest has nothing to do with the Yeakil movement. It was “a reaction and a protest” against the imprisonment of Abona Hijji Mussa by the regime. So I challenge you to verify your claim with the dates they happened in those places.

    I could agree on the issue of equitable sharing, but you fall short to give us on how the equitable sharing could be managed structurally and ideologically. If you have any idea on this, share your view on how we could maintain fair sharing. As a matter of fact, I want to hear from any of the aggrieved social groups.


    • Brhan

      Selam Amnuel,
      I did not take the word Yiakl in the above article written by Ahmedin literally. He could mean civil dissidence which was there such as Mai Habar incident and even beyond

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Brhan,

        The Maihabar issue is not the Massawian issue. The Maihabar issue was the issue of our “disabled war veterans” issue. His argument is explicitly put forward starting from the title, and does not need interpretation. Second let him verified his argument whatever he mean it.


  • iSem

    Hi Ahmeddin:
    Your article is succinct compilations of important issues
    But here is one problem:
    You are assuming the highlanders are majority. We do not have that data. If you have it share it with us. They may have been in the past, some 50 years ago. If you have new data please share it. Since you defined lowlands as those who do not consider themselves Tigrinya ethnic then highlanders could not be majority. Also remember the so called highlanders have been ethnic cleansing themselves in the last 50 years by supporting PFDJ, duped by Nhan Elamanant. So I suspect that they might as well be minority if the tally is done. A
    Also I take issue with defining lowlands as those who do not think of themselves as Tig ethnic. This is troublesome because take my uncle who fled the highlands in 1984 when after he imprisoned and never returned to his village and died in 1994. His kids are in Tesenay and considered themselves lowlanders, never went back to their father’s village, never even visited it because of that the eritrean dergi spies did to their father. And there are thousands of original Tigrina ethnic who identify themselves as lowlanders, so this definition as lowland vs highland mere ethnicity is problematic and anachronism
    I think the single most problem we all face: low, high and mid land is there is no collective agreement that PFDJ is MORE than dictatorship, that this dictatorship will come to pass like HS and Dergi. These regimes were not there to destroy Eritrea. How we were wrong:, they were there to tame Eritrean and make them Ethiopian. Which is better than what is PFDJ doing. PFDJ is there create new identity called PFDJ, a bunch of subject, made up with sociopaths, making us in the image of IA/PFDJ
    So, though your article is good, it not timely, I am afraid, it is anachronism, this problem is of yesterday.
    But if you are telling us that the highlanders are deluded and they still think they are the majority, I agree, if you tell us that they think that they are more developed than the lowlaneers. Deluded. I agree.
    Also considered what Saleh reported on the Winds kassala. So if Eritrea is smart it can use that to expand its population, but PFDJ will use that to shrink its population to create sociopaths and fear among the people, which never existed. Even the Eritrean Jihad movement got that point and changed their name and programs.
    And before I forget, consider the Agaazain movement.

    • Brhan

      Mr. iSem …Merhaba,
      The last sentence blew the whole idea of yours…according to you all Eritreans understand Tigrinya to understand what the movement is saying.

      • Saleh Johar

        Ahlan Brhan,
        And I take issue with your comment:-)
        I couldn’t find anything close to what you said in iSem’s comment. I think you misunderstood something.

        • Brhan

          Ahlan Ustaz,
          The Eritreans who do not speak Tigrinay are clueless about the movement iSem mentioned or I must be unaware the movement is now communicating in Tigre or Arabic