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Beyond Isaias, Beyond Yiakl!

For many years the international community has repeatedly condemned the PFDJ regime for continuing to commit systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations against his people. Our Eritrean intellectuals including previous supporters of the regime have realized that Isaias is a paranoid, narcissistic, power-hungry, and vain leader who would not accept …

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Ethnic Federalism in Eritrea Is a Recipe for Disaster

Ethnic Federalism in Eritrea is a recipe for disaster. It is a call for putting Tigrinya nationality under one banner, united and powerful. It is a step closer towards what the Agazian movement is calling for, eventually, the creation of Tigrinya/Tigrayans dominated state with its extended borders. It is asking …

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USE: The United States of Eritrea

Currently Eritrea is ruled by an undemocratic regime that, can’t be reformed, continues to violate basic human rights, and is unable to provide even bare necessities for most its citizens. And it has been condemned by human right organisations and the United Nations. Dwelling on that however, does not help. …

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