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Beware Of Warmongers

(Due to the never-ending bickering concerning the Nile River (more accurately, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam), today we decided to republish this archive content from June 17, 2013)

If you notice, most fires of war are fueled by those who would not be burned by it. To them, it is just like a movie, you cheer one side against the other and no matter who wins, you forget about it the moment you see another movie. The violence in movies is make-believe, the people who die actually never do, therefore, producers include gruesome violence to satisfy the viewers. However, in actual wars people die, properties are destroyed and families fall apart. It is unlike the fake wars of pyrotechnics that actors fight, earn millions, and laugh about it.

Most Eritreans and Ethiopians would remember the time between 1998-2000 when a few pretend knights sat around a table in a coffee shop, analyzing battles on tissue papers. They were busy drawing attack lines and cordons around dots representing enemy forces, that they would finally decimate by drawing arrows and star-burst signs. At the end, the tissue-and-pen generals who led armies sitting at a coffee shop declared victories, while at the battlefront, people were being killed and mutilated. Thus the agitators planned and waged wars from safe places, thousands of miles away.

I came to America in the middle of that despicable border war and I was shocked by what I found–many people getting a kick out of the gruesome war. Where are they now? Did they lose anything at all? Nothing. Those who were young now probably have children going to schools; those who already had children, probably danced at their children’s weddings, and the children are most probably working and earning–the agitators of yesteryears are peacefully retired in the West. Mind you, those were the warmongers who made me enemy number one for opposing the war.

The casualties of the war are remembered by their families, while the pen-and-tissue generals never remember the unlucky who lost their lives in that ugly war. At the end, all the blood was shed to satiate the egos of monsters. Worse, some are still at it, cheering the PFDJ government to continue tormenting Eritreans. And we know most of them in the Diaspora. Unfortunately, over ten years later, Eritrea is suffering from the repercussions of that war that is still damaging our region.

The Nile Card

To the hyper-nationalists, both Ethiopians and Egyptians (and some Eritreans included), the political squabble over the Nile is another opportunity for a pastime, for an ego-massaging, when they should know better.

Though there were occasional outbursts and bravado, so far the Ethiopian government has generally been cautious in making official statements; the attitude of the Egyptian professional politicians is disappointing except for some level-headed people.

It is important to remember that the Nile is not a local stream; there are laws that govern the use of international rivers. Ethiopia has the right to use the river to develop its territories just like any other Nile Basin country. If successfully completed, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is an ambitious project that would contribute to developing Ethiopia. The right of Ethiopians to benefit from the Nile is natural and it should be supported.

On the other hand, no one should question Egypt’s right to use the resources of the river, and it does; it has been using it extensively since creation. And in modern times, since 1964 when it built the Aswan dam which irrigates millions of hectares of farmlands and produces over 2 Gigawatts of electricity. No doubt the Nile is the lifeline of Egypt. If Ethiopia would unilaterally block the river (which it can’t do legally and technically), or drastically decrease its flow in a way that would have adverse effects on Egypt, I will support Egyptians in their outrage. But that is not the case here. Actually, the Nile water is not the case, because properly managed, it is enough to contribute towards the development of the entire region and would alleviate food-shortage in the famine-prone Horn of Africa.

Major Stakeholders

Egyptian chauvinism worsened after Sadat came to power and since then, Egyptians act as if they are the sole holders of the title to the Nile River. They forget there are immediate stakeholders to it: Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda–with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea as observers. Ethiopian chauvinists also act as if they are the sole owners of the river, and as if the river has a tap they can shut at will. Chauvinists and bigots from both countries (and others) should be shamed and challenged.

In my opinion, though, Eritrea and Congo have nothing to do with the issue. They can go ahead and use all the water that is produced in their territories before it reaches the Nile–I don’t think it would make that much of a difference to the volume of the Nile. That would help, particularly Eritrea, to use the water more productively. We are now left with the real stakeholders of the Nile: Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

1. Uganda

In a brief interview with an Egyptian journalist, president Museveni of Uganda stated:[i] After he took power in 1952, Gemal Abdul Nasser started to support all the liberation struggles in Africa, and they all established offices in Egypt, therefore, the National Ugandan council was among those who had an office in Cairo. He said, “There were other offices, from Zambia and South Africa, all of them were there.” Then commenting on Egyptian relations with the rest of Africa, Museveni said, “I told the current president [Mursi], there was no Pharaoh, Turks, or the family of Mohammed Ali [Egyptian rulers] who ever visited the source of the Nile.”

President Museveni mentioned how the ex-UN Secretary General, Boutros Ghali, wasted his time when Uganda wanted to build power generating capacities on the White Nile. Butros Ghali said that “Egypt will be affected.” But Museveni had an environmental argument: if Ugandans (and others) do not find energy in the form of electricity, they will cut the trees to use as fuel and that would interfere with rain in the region and the Nile would be affected. Therefore, it is in the interest of Egypt to have power generating capacities in the upper Nile region.

Uganda needs to be helped to build dams to generate power.

2. Ethiopia

When I interviewed the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (April 13, 2011) this is what he said:[ii]debate on distribution of The Nile issue, was really a bogus issue… because if you were to treat the Nile basin–and the most sensitive part of the Nile basin is the so-called eastern Nile, the Nile that goes from Ethiopia to Sudan and Egypt–because 85% of the water that goes to Aswan comes from Ethiopia. This part of the water, Nile, which is supposed to have a shortage of water, doesn’t have a shortage of water; it only has a shortage of money. Ethiopia is structured to be the power generating center of the Nile, geographically. Sudan is, geographically, created to be the main agricultural producer of this region. Only the delta part of Egypt is supposed to produce goods, agricultural goods. And so if you use the Nile water in a rational manner, there would not be any shortage of water… if you build dams in Ethiopia and removed Jebel Awliya from Sudan, it is useless; it generates 17 megawatts of electricity but exposes Nile water to evaporation in unheard of proportion. So you don’t need the regulation of Jebel Awliaya because the water would have been regulated [in Ethiopia]. And reduce the operating level of Aswan Dam, you would have enough water to irrigate more than a million hectares in Ethiopia, and 4 to 5 billion cubic meters of additional water for Sudan, and Sudan can use the water better than anybody else. The Egyptians themselves have a water conservation project which will end in 2017. And their plan is to save 8 billion cubic meters of additional water. Now, unless they want to take this water and let it evaporate in the desert, they don’t have land that requires 8 billion cubic meters of water. So it is not really about water, it is about politics and power.

Meles’ economic vision makes sense: Ethiopia produces electricity, Sudan food, and Egypt becomes an industrial hub. Everyone benefits.

3. Egypt

So far, the best articulation of the Egyptian position (the sane Egyptian side) was made by Abba Daniel of the Egyptian Coptic Church: “There is an effect that no one talked about: the psychological effect on Egyptians. Historically it is known that the Nile River gives stability, and security, and the people enjoy peace because the water is guaranteed. I think the water problem is the fundamental problem and this will cause psychological instability to the people because if the water [flow] is affected, the people [would be] agitated: would the water come? Would we drink, would we [be able to irrigate] our farms? This is a psychological point. I think one of the important solutions is dialogue with international guarantees–containing the crisis through international organizations that [should] participate with us in the dialogue to convince all parties. It is important for the common interest of all the states.[iii]

I think Egypt suffers only of artificial hysteria created by partisans for political benefit; the hyped noise should not be taken seriously.

4. Sudan

Until recently, Sudan’s position has been, let Egypt and Ethiopia fight it out and tell us the result. Now it seems it has become proactive. “Sudan’s information minister and government spokesperson Ahmed Bilal Osman insisted … that Sudan would benefit from the controversial Ethiopian renaissance dam and stressed that Ethiopia has engaged Sudan in all operations associated with the dam building.[iv]

In what seems to be a regret, the Sudanese minister said, “… Sudan sacrificed 22 villages and a million palm trees and an entire civilization in the far north in order to allow the Egyptians build the Aswan dam in 1964.[v] That social and environmental disaster has been forgotten except by the inhabitants of Halfa whose region was buried under the Aswan dam reservoir. They moved them to Halfa AlJedida.

The recent Sudanese statements (and the gossip of Egyptians politicians behind closed doors that were not closed) testify that the Sudanese subscribe to Meles’ vision.

5. South Sudan

South Sudan has not made any noise so far, but if it did, I suspect it would be related to the Sudd swamps covering an area between 30,000 to 130,000[vi] square kilometers, depending on the season. The Jonglei canal project that was supposed to bypass the swamps to control water flow and use the swamps efficiently, was stopped during the Sudanese civil war decades ago. Given the tension between the two Sudans, I do not think its construction would restart anytime soon. If it did, the canal might have adverse effects on the pastoralists of the region but the water in the Sudd (and the land) would be efficiently managed. It would be an ideal solution provided the interest of the pastoralists is put into consideration. Until then, South Sudan is not even successful in exploiting it oil fields, the only meaningful source of income it has. The Nile doesn’t seem to be their priority at this moment.

South Sudanese leaders are busy consolidating their grip on power and practicing the recipe that worked for the tyrants in the region: controlling the economy of the country

Facts: Volume of Nile water

Ethiopia will fill the dam, but once the dam is filled, it cannot keep filling it indefinitely. For the turbines to run, the water must flow. Otherwise, there is no point in building a hydro-electric dam. There might be a shortage of water, about 55 billion cubic meters (BCM) spread over the period it takes to fill the dam.

The Aswan Dam, with a capacity of 132 BCM, is twice the size of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and it took 13 years to be filled to capacity. Thus, the Ethiopian dam might take 5-6 years to fill depending on the filling plans and amount of rainfall. But water shortage would be offset by the evaporation it would save; Ethiopia says its dam will conserve 6 BCM while the Egyptians plan to conserve 8 BCM by 2017. If that turn out to be true, the volume needed to fill the dam would be offset in less than a decade.

In the late seventies and eighties, Sadat of Egypt was even entertaining the idea of selling Nile water to Israel through pipes that would run under the Suez Canal. He reportedly told the Israelis, “Why not send you some of this sweet water to the Negev Desert as good neighbors?[vii] Sadat considered himself a Pharaoh who can dictate his terms on the use of the Nile. For example, the Toshka agricultural irrigation scheme of upper Egypt was initiated because there was excess water in the Aswan Dam reservoir. Go to Google Earth and search for, <Toshka lakes, Egypt> and you will see the excess (wasted) water that created the useless lakes. Egypt has excess water and it misuses it; the evidence is the creation of the Toshka lakes. Mubarak didn’t fare any better, maybe worse than Sadat.

The insane Egyptian version

Historically, there were always forces that worked hard to control Egypt through the Nile; always busy conspiring to choke Egypt by using Ethiopia as a proxy to control the flow of the river. For years that had been the cause for tension between the two countries; the bigoted entities are still working to escalate the war of words, or to make it continue. One such entity is MemriTv (and several like it) that is run by a group whose sole mission seems to be tarnishing Muslims at any opportunity.

Politically, after the fall of Mubarak, Egypt is still unstable. There are gangs who still wield influence, those are people who enriched themselves during the reign of the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Mubarak. They are using the Nile politics as a rallying cause to agitate the people against the ruling Islamist government. That is why in the last demonstration those who harassed the respectable Ethiopian Ambassador Mahmoud Derir and his embassy staff, are actually an alliance led by an Egyptian Coptic political action group.

There is an ancient spiritual connection between the Egyptian Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Tewahdo Church. Until recent history, the Ethiopian Church was under the Egyptian Church to the extent that it had influence in internal Ethiopian affairs. That shows the noise is targeting the elected Egyptian government, and the elected president. At the end, it is all politics.

On the other hand, there is nothing that arouses many hyper-nationalist Ethiopians as the cry of the “Arabs/Muslims Are Coming.” This prejudice has been entrenched in the Ethiopian (Abyssinian) psyche for over a century, since the days of Yohannes and Menelik, and because of it, the region had been paying dearly. When there is a difference with any Muslim or Arab country, all the ugly Ethiopian racism pops up. The good thing is they are in the minority, though they keep agitating for a confrontation with Egypt and proposing foolish ideas that are un-doable but can spread to the common person, and create havoc.

In such a situation, what we have to wish for is that cool-headed Egyptians and Ethiopians do not be swayed by the noises of political agitation, instead, they should think in terms of development. After all, no dam, however large and impressive, can develop a country marred by wars. Dams are supposed to function and produce results, in an atmosphere of peace, not war.

Egypt, after it was the torch of freedom that sponsored almost all of Africa’s anti-colonial organizations–from South Africa to Libya, from Somalia to Congo–Egypt, that was focused on Africa under Gemal Abdel Nasser, was defaced by Anwar Sadat who severed all its ties with Africa and the Arab world. His economic policies were a disaster that made Egypt a basket case after it was developing fast in the sixties. Sadat’s successor, Mubarak, had no policy, he just followed in the footsteps of Sadat and destroyed what was left of the Egyptian persona.

When Sadat came to power, emboldened by the victory of the 73 war (which was planned under Nasser), he immediately spread arrogance in Egypt, looking down on Africa. The entire political atmosphere of Egypt towards Africans was poisoned… that is why you hear Egyptian politicians saying “I talked to the Africans” in a belittling tone.

Back to my main issues, just like Sadat introduced bad politics to Egypt, Isaias has done the same in Eritrea by introducing vulgarity and arrogance in our politics. That is how Eritrea is being damaged under Isaias; our political discourse is now based on derision and belittling of others.

At this moment, some Egyptian are contemplating emboldening Isaias, to use him as a proxy to get at Ethiopia. The way they want to play Eritreans as foot-soldiers for their own agenda is not what many Eritreans would appreciate. Why would they?

Sadly, I am personally enraged by the practices of some Ethiopian officials who think of the Eritrean opposition the same way the Egyptian politicians think about it–for example, the way Dr. Mohammed and Dr. Tariq Nur do. I am wondering: if someone would smuggle out a recording of a closed meeting of Ethiopian officials discussing issues in relation to Eritrea, would it be any different from that of the Egyptians?

In conclusion, we Eritreans have become pawns because we failed to remove a brutal regime at home that keeps endangering the people and exposing them to such cheap blackmail. I urge level-headed Egyptians and Ethiopians, not to be guided by the emotions and egos.

[v] Ibid
[vii] Washington Post, 7 Sept. 1979.
Other sources:
Google map search result for <Toshka lakes, Egypt>
Hard wear… It is Hardware one word.

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  • belay

    Tadi’as Haile,
    Thanks and good luck.

  • belay

    I donot think Ethiopians will regret for rallying with their government on the nile is a matter of life and death and it is a matter of being denied to utelise your own resourses. we are willing to share our resoures with our neighbours please do not compare it with other cases.
    Emagine if Egypt was sourse of the nile ,if they have no shame to say ours which is not theirs what are they going to say if asked to share the income of the Aswan dam 1 gigawatt of electricity produced by the nile,forget the fishing etc.

    • Elihude

      There are international rules and laws that countries have to abide by! It is not as simple as saying Ethiopian owns the Nile and can do as it wishes.

  • Dear Haile

    Eternal glory to our martyrs and mercy to which failed to utter a word about our fallen heroes in their designated memorial day. I hope would not stop its best wishes for the people of Eritrea in the religious ceremonies.

    Haile, I think the reason everyone here everyone failed to prove you wrong is just because you have aligned yourself on the side of best possible theoretical, factual and historical truth of social science constructions. All 101’s in political science, political economy and history have one thing to tell consistently – what sovereignty is, how it should be view in comparative politics and how it should be constructed with the evolving political and economic dynamism of the world in the political-economic domain. No matter how wildly some superficial intellectuals (Qelem Qemesat) squander on the internationally defined values of sovereignty it will never be otherwise but sovereignty. The same is also true with betrayal, neo-colonialism and neo-andnetism.

    No matter how the government we have is totalitarian the politics of betrayal is much worse than any other political faults we could imagine.

  • Biskut

    Wey Hateftef! Would you please stop Hateftefing?

    It is time for all of us to remember that we can advance in writing a great articles about Ethiopia and Eritrea but we cannot advance together by creating ethnic divisions, raising fears of discrimination and creating mistrust among our people. For whether we like it or not, we are one people, united in our diversity and destined to SINK or SWIM as one people.

  • peterson

    We should not be consumed by the theories of defence-industries-attached think tank scholars. Like the ‘theory of water wars’ arguing that there would be shortage of Fresh water int he future and water-becomes as expensive as ‘oil’. Logicaly, but not true, the best way to use ‘fresh waters is mutual respect and cooperation’, on how to preserve stock of waters and improve their sustainability through environmental protections. For instance, Egypt can finance forestry in upper-raparian country like Ethiopia around the Blue Nile region. Egypt can also finance building of reservour in Ethiopian higlands where precipitaion is low, instead of building dam hot-desert where precipitation is high. Egypt has to come out of its own ‘fear-factor’ approach in its nile-based relations with Ethiopia and be active in supporting development projects in Ethiopia, through cooperation. But to apply the midival-period psychological tactics and sabotages in 21st centry realities will fulfil self prophecy of egypt being deviod of Blue Nile waters. Ethiopia can just simply divert it so inland. Todays Ethiopia is not yesterdays Ethiopia, todays Ethiopia is being led by people who can level a monutain into plan field. So, what happens if Ethiopia dicides to change the course of the Nile through explosins and exacavasions??? Think again and cooperate. ‘Cooperation’ cannot be more meaningful than today, for the sake of equitable utilization of the Nile waters. God bless!

  • belay

    Dear haie,
    Thanks for your kind words to Ethiopians on june 19 and thanks for the link.
    Haile i have a comment to make which i think is not going to offened nobody except PFDJ.
    1.could EPLF had won,the Eritrean independence,with out the millions of Eritreans financial support from abroad?
    2.with out the help of Eritreans from within and high ranking Dergue officials leaking security information to EPLF and and many other players,the independece was won.
    3.Now the financial,moral and propoganda services to help PFDJ are still there from millions of Eritreans the way i respect that,it is their bussiness.
    Now,how much support is the Eritrean oppostion getting compared with PFDJ?
    Therefore how are the opposition going to make an impact on PFDJ?
    There fore unless Eritreans abroad give a propertional support to the opposition blaming them and belittling all the time will benefit PFDJ so,it is a saucide or struggle for power when there is no power to grab to.
    My recomandation is to give the opposition a costructive critism with respect and kindness,what is one going to loose for that?
    And what they have sacrified so far should be appriciated IE they can not vsit their own country and family members and other threats and harrasments as well.
    It better to have opposition than no oppostion,because you never know what can happen in life.Mr Isayas Afworki is not getting any younger.I am not wishing any bad luck,i wish him good health but to be kinder and stop hating us,as it is only a waste of time.
    I hope you are not going to be offended by that haile.It is all in good intention.

    • haile

      Tadi’as Belay,

      No problem. I suppose your point would be true in general sense. In fact, a credible and well organized opposition is a serious and respectable work that commands strong fellowship of any nation’s people.

      Ours seems to suffer basic structural problems, hence did not gain popular confidence. Please refer to some of our recent debates with Serray and Hayat Adem that also touched on this issue to some extent.

      Also, without being misunderstood for passing judgement, one can also see similar problems say with the Ethiopian diaspora opposition. You can argue that they haven’t really managed to build a noticeable momentum over the years. So, is there s need to study “the nature of diaspora opposition – its set up and success chances” as a research theme and ascertain why it always turnout this way.

      Hey you can enrol me in AAU long distance to complete the above research, which may involve demarcating our common border of research and analysis purposes 🙂

  • Kaddis

    Haile –

    Do not always think ‘the People’ are always right when rallying together to support or against a cause. Case in point is what you mentioned: 2006 Ethiopian intervention in Somalia. Somalis all around the world got nationalistic and labelled it as you: invasion. They supported the ICU and later Al shabaab. Fast forward 2011 (2009?) Ethiopia went back again – no noise. Did the Somalis lost their nationalism or did they make a mistake in 2006?

    You can raise the issue of Kinijit in 2000 Ethiopian election, when we all thought a month old opposition party can rule a diverse country such as Ethiopia and having a Dr. title is good enough to be a seasoned politicians and the rest is history. We were rallying for a group who wanted to get rid of the system and party which brought them to the stage in the first place.

    You can take examples of the border war to the extent of Ghedli ( Isu said it was not colony by the way. Lets see his take on the ‘Eth occupation’). Do not lose your impartiality or independence to question your government regardless of your nationality.

    Personally – the Ethiopian government kind of cornered the Egyptian government to respond the way they responded to the case. Publicizing ‘diversion’ to that extent sounds more political than technical. I am not naïve to think – governments should not take credit or try to get a political point on every occasion ( especially when citizens are paying for the project) – but there are times you should be more creative and conscious. Anyways, I think this noise would have come at any point and its good it happened sooner than later and looks like its losing its climax.

    • haile

      Kaddis –

      Now if you look at the Kinijit issue, it may not be considered such a national issue (remember that no matter what, it operates out of a well defined support base e.g. Tigray may not be one)

      I am really talking the raw basics of sentiments that would galvanize you regardless. Somalia’s case as you compared in two scenarios are different because the way the first happened was in such a manner that I am describing, while the latest one involved invitation and agreement from both sides.

      So when we look at our case scenario, wow…it is strange to say the least (I don’t know if you know Asmarino Tigrigna but it is normally called “Rekiska bara” or “you wager your stakes and the other person takes it and makes off with it”) Some, like yg, spent inordinate amount of time to explain why his ABILITY is to blame for his DISABILITY!

      But with Ethio/Egypt, there can’t be any otherway…but as a long term issue in itself, it is best to be looked at calmly and without undue haste.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    When the Egypt political leaders finished their peculiar Meeting concerning ethiopia they suggested all sorts of attack from their Colonial experience (using religion, Liberation front, war between neighboring countries)or Direct war, they said their Choice open. Off course it was not Clear if they do all at the same time or choose the best and effecive one. Sudan turned it face towards Ethiopia. Eritrea is banned by UN. Somalia leader sent his Message that he and his nation prefers peacefull solution though Somalia is a memeber of arab League. Ethiopia uses the Somalia land card.

    So i expected Ethiopians would welcome the Foreign minster of Egypt With a amssive angery Peace lovers of Ethiopia. In 1992 such a massive demonstration against the egyptian butross butross ended up With killing of peacefull demonstrators. The minster arived addis on sunday. But this time no demonstration at all. And to all warmongers dismay Egypt chooses the picefull way. What has changed in so short time?

    At last awatestaff must turn to eritreans usual internal problems. there is nothing to Write about. The oppositions are too weak and there is nothing there to Write about. PIA is writing more ‘endeavor’ of small dam. I think one can not make so many small dam for 22 years unless these dams are not more than a meter square. 50-60 thousand eritreans on the way to Asmara for their yearly pligrim without concidering the implication they bring about on their landsmen how freedom looks like. What can one do to do just like these free eritreans so that one can have good life for him self or herself, and have so mye material wealth, With their sweet kids, and generous in all manners. How can one leave the big prison? The national service and the endless dam making is not the way to such lavish life stile of those eri-pligrimers.

  • berhane

    It surprises me when I see some guys trying to portrait Meles as visionary and I wonder where that is coming from. If they are Tigrians I can understand it as they are allegedly considered as un-proportionally benefiting and exploiting the country?

    Call him anything but please …not visionary.

    Meles is no visionary. When he please he becomes a PRESIDENT at other times he changes himself to PRIME MINISTER. He ruled the count6ry for life for 20+ years…what are you guys talking about.

    He was the worst dictator who killed, exiled and humiliated any one who thinks would challenge his power. Him and his power machine lie,fabricate and tag the new trademark “terrorist” to those who bit him in the ballot.

    Corruption is rampant. Divided the country promoting the 15th century philosophy of Regionalism. Made all efforts to ensure the supremacy of one tribe.

    For his credit, he however, managed to attract the western countries who were able to pour millions of dollars…even then remember they are giving it to the people of Ethiopia and God only knows how much of it has been abused and rechanneled.

  • Hawi

    I wish we had more honest ppl like SGJ.As an ethiopian I am ashamed all the do called opposition blogs only decimate Tera yetela bet wore and gospel of hate . Thank you Ssleh G . I always enjoy your writing .

  • haile


    “Egypt’s ambassador in Addis Ababa, Mohamed Idris, stated on Wednesday that hostility between the two African countries was “eliminated” following the visit of Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr to Ethiopia earlier this week.”

    Read full article:

    Firstly, the Ethiopian and Egyptian sides are to be congratulated for meeting each other half way for the sake of peace and defusing this unnecessary tension. It seems Ethiopia has also come out of this not only credibly but also given us, Eritreans, an inspiring lesson, that country is above anything else.

    Just look and marvel at how Ethiopians of all stripes and colors clamored around their nation, history and flag to see this through. The world has taken notice. Now, flip the page at the neo-andnet and some (albeit in tiny numbers) fanatics in our side of the border! Even an issue that concerned Ethiopians and that they were handling superbly necessitated them to attack their nation’s core values, history and identity of its founders. I am lost, where on earth can you find such pricks. Even Somalis, after bleeding for decade and beaten to the ground, mustered to rally around Somalia when they sensed Ethiopia was invading them. There is no parallel to our lot, who were given a fully fledged and independent, in all sense of the word, nation on a golden platter made out of precious bones of its best and brightest.

    I hope they learn the real lesson here. Regardless of the temporal suffering, the nation comes first. There are millions and millions of Ethiopians with all sorts of grievances in their country’s administration. But they have drawn a clear and bright red line for any one contemplating to so much touch Ethiopia. Thank you Ethiopians for teaching our neo-andinets and fanatics alike the 101 of patriotism. The rest of us Eritrean patriots are very greatful.

    Congrat for the win-win on the Rivel Nile 🙂

    • Haile,

      First of all thank you for the link. Sue enough, I am amazed though belated, when you say “It seems Ethiopia has also come out of this not only credibly but also given us, Eritreans, an inspiring lesson, that country is above anything else.” We have said many times to remove the conspiracy shadow from your cranial nerve to read Ethiopia of today correctly. The Ethiopians of today are completely transformed their political and psychological way of thinking…. all attributed to the visionary late PM Meles zenawi. Look SG’s interview to meles how far looking he is and how he read the region (the horn) and his vision to the region. “Ethiopia to be the power house of Electricity to the region, Sudan to be the food basket of the region, and Egypt the hub of modern industrial product to the region.So Haile look to our politics completely distilled into slogans limited to nationalism. Ethiopians are looking for mutual economic development while taking fecundity as the best argument for public office. The fruit of that policy is reflected in the change the quality of Ethiopian people’s life. Seeing is believing and those who are doubtful about what we are saying they might need at least on trip to change their mind. Welcome to the sane argument.

      • berhane

        who you calling visionary, Meles? Are you talking as a Tigrian who un-proportionally benefited and exploited the country? or as an Ethiopian? Call him anything but please …not visionary.

        He was the worst dictator who killed, exiled and humiliated any one who thinks would challenge his power. Him and his power machine lie,fabricate and tag the new trademark “terrorist” to those who bit him in the ballot.

        For heavens sake have some decency.

        For his credit, he however, managed to attract the western countries who were able to pour millions of dollars…even then remember they are giving it to the people of Ethiopia and God only knows how much of it has been abused and rechanneled.

      • Sele Haqi


        what is happening to you this days.I haven’t seen such bending over to ethiopians from an eritren.KEMZI ZEBELWO KOSHEMSHEM YELEN.Please worship who ever you want Melse or one of the TPLF leaders but don’t tell us something that is not objectively grounded.I have been to ethiopian and i haven’t seen a country politically or psycologically transformed.TPLF led governement is degenrating into the worst system the country have seen before.Your reading is wrong.It is a country in where a crisis is brewing from benth the surface.

        • Sele Haqi,

          If you don’t know the Ethiopia of the past you can’t admire the Ethiopia of today. If you know the Ethiopia during Hailesselassie and Derg you couldn’t comment like this. In any case you can’t be more Eritrean than me my friend…..I wish I wasn’t talking to a “pen name” but to real person who speaks Haqi. In my book, if any one criticized me using pen name I will not take him in serious manner.This is the habit of Eritreans: If you don’t agree with them you are out of them. If you don’t clap your hand with them you are the enemy of them. Oh yes you have to tune to ” hade libi hade hizbi.” Sel Haqi I can’t sing your song but you are free to sing your song in the Eritrea of tomorrow. That is the things I want it to cross you mind. Isn’t it the same accusation the Regime and his supporters accusing you as wayane to begin with?

          • Saleh Gadi

            Selam Amanuel,

            In your comment you stated: “This is the habit of Eritreans: If you don’t agree with them you are out of them. If you don’t clap your hand with them you are the enemy of them.”

            Is that correct Amanuel? So, you accuse all Eritreans, without a qualifier! Where does that put you since you are an Eritrean?

            I hope it is an honest mistake and you actually do not think that way.

          • Merhaba Saleh,

            Always context and context my friend… the way you like the idea of context. Hence, the context is the Eritreans debating in this forum. This is a short comment responding to sele haqi. If you want it within the Eritrea nation proper you need to make a study in Eritrea (which is not feasible) and diaspora. In that case you don’t need a short liner to extrapolate for your argument. You need to publish your study as study paper. I am aware of that a short liner note is also debatable in this forum.I hope again it will not go beyond the circumscribed context.

          • Saleh Gadi

            Hi Amanuel, instead of correcting it you made another generalization: “.. the Eritreans debating in this forum.”
            That is not true, I am one of the debaters and never consider you “not one of us” because I do not agree with your comments. You are also a debater in this forum; are you accusing yourself of that debating sin as well? C’mon Amanuel, you know you cannot generalize even in this small group. You can save the day by simply putting qualifiers, that is the only thing I am suggesting. Don’t leave it to context when you can be clearer… besides, don’t forget there is also perspective. Just put qualifier or address your specific debtor without lambasting.. one time all Eritreans and another time all debaters in this forum. Don’t you agree?

          • Sele Haqi

            It seem you are offended by my comments. I didn’t suggest you are my enemy nor did I suggest you are not Eritrean.The message I tried to pass was this.In most cases Eritreans and particularly The educated ones like you are dignified and they don’t tell things that are not true or are factually wrong. I don’t need to see Dergi or Haileseelasie to tell what is happening on the ground.They are not completely transformed and this has happened because of Melse you claimed.If Melse was alive he would have had a heart attack due to your claim.
            I’m not asking you to antagonise the TPLF led gov’t and we Eritreans don’t need to do that either.What I’m saying is people should keep quite when they are not in position to tell the truth….
            You are neither enemy nor out.We are all in it.And. Let’s act with dignity and self respect.

          • Sele haqi,

            Ze’aklen tihinen’s be’alemariam yebla….koinu negeru. My friend this is your comment: “I haven’t seen such bending over to ethiopians from an eritren.KEMZI ZEBELWO KOSHEMSHEM YELEN.Please worship who ever you want Melse or one of the TPLF leaders.” What is this sele haqi? Is it blessing? If this is not an offensive then what is it? Bending to Ethiopia is the same as wayane lackey as the EPFDJites alluded to you when you go in and out of Ethiopia.Please watch your words before you utter them.

        • Natom Habom

          He is an admirer of the devil meles forgetting
          How many of our poor peoples he expel and humiliate
          The elders,children’s,pregnants,sick, how many dies and how lost their mind .
          Beal ziom asmi semaetat yifredom ,

      • Nitricc

        Hi Aman-H: it is very interesting to read your post now from back when and I wonder if you still believe on the so-called Melles Vision. you said ” We have said many times to remove the conspiracy shadow from your cranial nerve to read Ethiopia of today correctly. The Ethiopians of today are completely transformed their political and psychological way of thinking…. all attributed to the visionary late PM Meles zenawi.”

        • blink

          Dear Nitricc
          Did you read what he wrote before 5 years ? May be the awasa or what ever it was food and bus tour left something in his DNA transcription, he said “The fruit of that policy is reflected in the change the quality of Ethiopian people’s life. Seeing is believing and those who are doubtful about what we are saying they might need at least on trip to change their mind. Welcome to the sane argumen”
          Can you imagine this guy to even accept the reality? The man will continue to defend even after the end of Ethnic politics in Ethiopia.

    • My above comment is distilled (the good ones) from the infested crabs of his argument….like neo-andnet. he can’t stop that – it is always at the tip of his tongue and tip of his fingers.

      • haile


        tsbuq jemirka’si nab qoyqi…girm bel haz

        I think with the passing of time and the years going by, I am getting less and less interested in Ethiopia’s internal mechanics. Sometimes I say few words here and there but that is about it. I believe the unnecessary conflict between our nations seems to be winning the day in turning us completely strangers to each other.

        I wonder what it would have been like, had our two leaders quickly removed the obstacles to peace. I really don’t want to get lost in rhetoric, just the law would have been enough. Development work and vision is a good thing, I hope it bears fruit. A real sacrifice to cement the key quality, one that sustains it, which is peace, would also have proved invaluable.

        Any way, I spared you the usual salvo, just to prove you wrong 🙂

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Haile
          you intelligent man, sure will be able to to see the wisdom my best teacher Amanuel own. please read my poem in Jebena …….1+1=11………..Synergy?
          I love you all.

      • hizbawi

        when you call Meles a visionary you have become the largest crap. please yes, the man paid for your vacation in full, but please don’t insult our intelligence.
        Qrub Hifer.

  • Mario

    As far as I’m concerned, Eritrea is the making of majorly Egypt & the European colonialist! Egypt had been using Eritrea to fight Ethiopia! Why are you guys trying hide as if Egypt never used Eritrea for its proxy war against Ethiopia ? I mean, even the 1998-2000 war was caused by Ethiopia’s enemies! Ethiopia’s & eritrea’s enemies didn’t like the fact that Ethiopia & Eritrea to live as neighbors in a lovely way! Because the purpose of their creation of Eritrea was simply to divide the one people & use them for their evil purposes! ካብ ወሰን ወሰን ህድማ ሓቂ ተዛሪብካ ናፃ ምውፃእ ምሓሸ! እቶም ንኤርትራ ኣብቲ ዘላቶ ንኽትበፅሕ ዝገበሩ ድልየቶም ኤርትራ ናፃ ኾይና ብሰላም ንኽትነብር ከይኮነስ ባዕሎም ዘይካኣሉዎ ብህዝቢ ኤርትራ ክገብርዎ ብምሕሳብ ጥራሕ እዩ ነሩ! መስዋእቲ ዝኽፈሉ ክቡራት እዮም! ኣየ ስዉኣት ቅንዕ ኢሉም እትገብሩዎን እትዛረብዎን ዘለኹም ከምራኣዩ! ኣየ ስዉኣት ኤርትራ ድሕሪ 22 ዓመታት እውን ሕገ መንግስቲ ወይ ካኣ ቅዋም ዘየብላ ምኽዋና ከምራኣዩ ነብሶም ስሒቶም ምወደቑ ይመስለኒ!

  • welday



    Any way,I dont think Egypt sees you with the same fondness as you see them,Arab brotherhood. For egypt you are all Africa. they don’t even appericate you for the proxy 30 years war.And you have made Arabic (non native language) a national language.
    It is sad to think that one has to go all the way to hell and back to prove one’s Arabness and at end of it nothing reciprocated.

  • belay

    Ordinary Egyptian people are poor like us Ethiopian people.
    We Ethiopian people wish the best for them,not what you are suggesting for their clean water to be poluted.Our prolem is with leaders not with the poor ordinary people,they are strugling to earn a loaf of bread for their kids.
    Please do what you have to for your country .Ethiopia is in safe hands at the moment.

  • Lemlem

    Many analysts have pointed out the fact that Weynae would not have dared to dream of building a dam if a strong and experienced leader like Hosni Mubarak was still in power.

    As soon as Mubarak fell and chaos ensued in Egypt, Weyane moved quickly to take advantage of the situation and do what it has always wanted to do on the Nile. Ethiopia has always had those plans for the Nile but they were just sitting on the shelves and collecting dust while a strong and decisive leader like Mubarak was still in power.

    There is a lesson here for Eritrea!

    Weyane’s single-minded focus on demonizing PIA in hopes of overthrowing him as the head of the Government of Eritrea is to bring chaos to Eritrea, install its own puppets in Asmara as it did in Somalia and then proceed to do what it has always wanted to in Eritrea.

    Now I don’t have to spell it out for you what Weyane’s evil designs are for Eritrea. Its ultimate dream and holy grail, in addition to securing an outlet to the sea for either Ethiopia or Republic of Tigray, is to introduce Article 39 into the Eritrean Constituition through its would be surrogates in power (today’s so-called opposition folks under its control) and turn Eritrea into Somalia north that it can play with at will.

    Time is of the essence here for Weyane. Leading to Weyane’s frustration is , unlike Hosni Mubarak, who was 83 years old when he was deposed from office in 2011, PIA is relatively young at 67 and is expected to be in office a decade or longer.

    People who consider themselves to be in the opposition group better wisen up.

    • kidun

      Poor minded,who started the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia?
      You are also dreaming that DIA,the wild killer, will stay in power for the next two decades shame on you.

  • Excellent article, in my estimation, it has tried to addressees core facts about this raw. If any one really understand the hydrological science and engineering of building of the dam, definitely will never dare to think of war.

    But, once idiotic comments are made and talks of war are aired, one cannot be called war monger for standing by the side of his nation.

    I never thought of war or conflict due to Nile project with Egyptians but after listening to the Egyptian leaders who used an all option solution to the situation, i have stand by the side of Ethiopia. I did warn Egyptians that they will be looser with that option. Would you consider that war mongering? i do not think so!

    Therefore, the war mongering should be directed to those who tried to escalate the simple issue with irresponsible statement and those are the Egyptians, not Ethiopians who debunked the bluff.

  • L.T

    The website of the Gvt of Ethiopia aigaforum was here right now and gived respond your articles and it’s good of them that they are always with us sleepnees.They are so sensetive and easy to anger and are queck to answer.It seems to me that they are not comfortable on their views without confident on their political nature,Are always ready to attack if they feel you re Prisdent Of Eritrea or you re an Amara like Prof Mesfin Weldemariam (BMW) [xxxxxx] Mesfin Weldemaraim;-)
    And I was even Enda meskerem today and read about Tesfia Temnow(Our big Topic)That ther are four /Mesfin,Adhanom,Berhan Bilatta and Redie Mahari/4-1 qauttro per uno.

  • TsTe

    Question to Awate Staff

    I have been reading and following this website for many years. I love the articles, even the ones that I don’t agree with, but I have a question. At this moment in history, Eritrea is facing a huge crisis, I am talking about the humanitarian one. In particular the Sinai human trafficking phenomena, the torture camps and the permanent wounds on our youngsters. Most eritrean websites have this issue daily on the front pages, but not Awate. Why is that?
    Does it have something to do with religion? I don’t think so, because even though the majority of these kids are christians, I know there are some moslems. These horrible acts are not definitely in accordance with Islam (as little as I know about it)
    Then what is it? I only remember one article from the staff about how we shouldn’t blame all Rashaidas..It makes me wonder…

    • Goytom

      Because Islam is great

    • awatestaff

      Greetings TsTe:

      Live every Eritrean, and every human being with a conscience, we, faced with the evil of what Eritreans are experiencing in Sinai, are disgusted, shocked, outraged, and pissed as hell. The question then is why aren’t we writing about it every day?

      1. When you say “Most eritrean websites have this issue daily on the front pages”, you are talking (for the most part) about Google News, Yahoo News or other RSS feed that gets published. We do that (or we used to do that): it is on tab in the front page (News, Facebook, etc). We have had a longstanding policy that if there is news or opinion/analysis that is published by other media and we cannot add any value to it (give it context, combine it with our own reporting, etc), it is mere redundancy to publish something which is readily available. Other Eritrean websites have taken the position of being “news aggregators”: a one-stop website to provide news about Eritrea regardless of the source. Some have chosen to give more prominence to Shabait news, some have become aggregators for all opposition news. Each has made its own editorial decision. Viva la difference, as the French say. There is a risk with every position (with us, it is the perception that “we don’t care) but that is not based on facts.

      2. When we think we can add a fresh voice, opinion, context, we have done it. Going back to its origins, in 2008. Please refer to the following links:

      a. This Too Shall Pass: Time for Real Outrage, by Saleh Gadi Johar.
      b. CBC TV Egypt: Human Trafficking In The Sinai Desert
      c. Eritrean Refugees: Kidnapped, Tortured In Egyptian Sinai
      d. Help Refugees In Sinai: Sign Petition
      e. Wikileaks, Rashaida and Egypt: Burhan Ali
      f. UNHCR Calls for Help to Stop Abduction in East Sudan
      g. Behind Isaias Afwerki’s Crocodile Tears About Human Trafficking
      h. Egypt Arrests Nearly 100 Eritrean, Ethiopian Refugees

      We have been writing about Eritrea’s slavery project, the refugee crisis as far back as we can remember. Some of it has been referenced by scholars like Eritrea’s own Daniel Mekonnen:

      Some you can find in our old archives:
      The Perilous Journey of Eritrean Refugees, Gedab News, October 20, 2008

      3. The article calling on people to stop referring to the criminals by their collective names (Rashaida) is one we extend to any Eritrean ethnic group. We would have made the exact appeal if the collective name (tribe, ethnicity, religion or any inherited name) referred to any other group. We certainly understand how the last thing on the minds of people who are victimized, in pain, pissed off is being politically correct. We just think that this issue, for a pluralistic society we want to create, is more important than political correctness–particularly when the group in question is a little-known, isolated group that few of us have had any interactions with. If a grieving parent is crying about his raped, tortured daughter and he says, in anger, the “goddamned Rashaida did this to me!”, we wouldn’t interrupt his grief to give him a gentle reminder. But, in a public forum, where people are expressing opinions, we think gentle reminders are necessary.

      Hope this answers your questions TsTe.


      • TsTe

        Thank you Awate staff

        Thank you for the professional and civil way you answered the question. Exposing this crisis is one way of opposing the dictatorship. It’s not recycling the news, because every story of this victims is different, they all have their own horror to tell. Reaching out and hearing their voices is what I am talking about and most of all, NOT TO LET US FORGET THEIR PLIGHT AND WHAT CAUSED IT ( I mean the SOURCE OF ALL EVILS IN ERITREA).
        Reading the stories, hearing their voices is what motivates and validates our struggle.

        Thanks for taking the time.

  • lemlem

    [Moderator: tone down, we do not allow racist remarks]

  • belay

    Dear Dany,
    PM Meles once said,the marriage between Egypt and Ethiopia is for Eternity,there is no chance of divorce.But Egyptians keep forgetting they have a partner so what we are doing now is reminding them by action this time and it is working.
    Beware of the warmongers is title of the article You are commenting on, I think you are one.,
    Thanks for providing the link so people can listen what pm Meles said about the GRD on construction.

    • Elihude

      It is GERD not GRD!

    • Abrham

      Besides the project was known as “project X” and is included in GTP. Would it be possible generating 10000 MW at the end of the program with out GERD? No!!

  • Saleh Gadi

    Dear Ghezae,
    Thanks for the nice words. Thank you for recognizing my veteran status. As a veteran of this endless n’ew-nejew, I have never lost my focus from the main enemy of the Eritrean people. However, sometimes I feel you helplessly want to fill the vacuum of Abi addi:-)

    Look Ghezae, we are not angles but humans. If we try to be otherwise, it will be fake. We all know it. Why are we going through all of the abuse, losing quality time, and forgetting ourselves if we didn’t care for our people! It comes in loads, it is not a one-way street. Provocations do take us astray. And however you want to stretch or squeeze the definition of “HELP”, that is not my problem. My issue is with whoever tries to deny Eritreans their own initiative, diligently struggling to make us always appear as remorchio, Tesaabi mekina. Think of what such assault does to the self-esteem of people when you want to struggle by focusing on Isaias. Are we expected to inspire and embolden the people by telling them day in and day out: You are good for nothing, a bunch of losers, throughout your history doing the bidding of others. Can you imagine that. Who wants to struggle for a country and people of that type? Are we that trashy nation Ghezae? Why the self-flagellation? And is anyone on the business of demoralizing Eritreans going to tell me with a straight face, he is in the struggle to unseat Isaias? As you well know Ghezae, this website, and the blood and sweat that went on it is solely for emboldening and inspiring people to be good citizens and defend their rights. We don’t sacrifice everything to demoralize our people. That is the provocation my dear, if the focus is on Isaias, it would be good. But if some people want to depose Isaias by demoralizing the people, and provoking the rest who want to do nothing but focus on Isaias, that side is your target for advice, not those who just can’t take it anymore. And our people do bounce back, they cannot watch all of this abuse and keep quiet. Hope they stop their provocations, it is good for all of us, and for our country.

    My friend, the stakes are higher than many make it appear. Just like there are attackers, it is natural to see defenders– e’nte zeytdefaani, men mewdeqeni goes an ancient wisdom–identify the root cause of what you hate to see (and I hate it just like you do). In such instances, being in the middle, to appear neutral, is not a wise thing to do. If such messages go unchallenged, why would you struggle for a people with no history, with no pride? The initiators of Sewra owned their decision and nothing can change that. You should direct your advice somewhere else, but I cannot sit silently watching such assaults. People can believe all sorts of things in their own, but coming here and belittling our history with lies is a provocation…that is what you need to attend to my friend.

    Finally, when there is a listener, it is an opportunity to complain. Sorry if I took advantage of your message to wail.

  • abel

    Dear the Saleh and Sal,
    After romancing with the camp of muslim brothers for so many year,Saleh has finally came up with perfect article.
    Well done well said,It is better late than never.
    1-The GTP(Growth and Transformation Plan of Ethiopia has only one enemy,poverty, WAR against any is nowhere to be found, We consider all this blu,blu as a destruction.
    2-Defaming Habesha and Abyssinian Empire!!!Who is more Habesha and Abyssinian than,the Tigre,Saho Afar…Tigrinya speakers/highlanders?I don’t think so.You somehow have conveniently created wrong impression that ,habesha /Abyssinia/is synonymous to Orthodox Christianity. I think this is an utter ignorance and desperate search for new Neo Arab identity, it is a crises.
    3-true ELF is the brainchild of Egypt,(a one man radio station fully funded and operated by egyptian Security apparatus) Syria and Baas Party and Muslim brothers.You could put as much diatribe as you can,but the truth eventually shines.
    Sals argument that they went to Cairo in search of education doesn’t hold water at all ,in fact is total fabrication. The university of Addis Ababa even though not sophisticated like Cairo university was never closed to any competent Eritrean,we have tens of thousands alumni to disprove.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Dear Abel, your way of thinking is the biggest crisis there is. Deal with you crisis, please. For the sake of your loved ones, forget country for now.

      • abel

        Saleh Gadi

        Brother,correct If i am wrong but I am dealing with my crisis,The Nile.I wouldn’t say the same to you, because i believe in free,fair and peaceful discussion from any corner.
        So tell me Mr.Saleh Gadi, ru Habesha,Abyssinia? or u consider yourself more of MB? Such was a no brainer with our forefathers but couldn’t say the same with the current.Thus why I call it a Neo Arab Identity crises.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selamat Awatistas,

    First of all, and last of all, thanks kubur haw Saleh Gadi (for some reason the name Johar, though family name doesn’t come naturally to me, call it a decade of internet fellowship, whatnot, (whatnot such a handy word, for ‘gele…’ there!).

    Let us keep as much as we can, as much as it is consciously possible, (you know who you ARE, another veteran, word from Saleh Gadi, sometimes exasperating (usually actually, for me) for those of us who would list the FIRST in the list of ills of today’s Erena, Issayas Afewerki (spelling is like goggo, or gogo or gw’go..alias as welwel who told us ” the man like corn, ‘cheham zihzel..” in Cairo Radio…

    Anyways, no sweat. Your arguement with Haw Serray is not substantial but how elastic the definition of ‘help’ is. Let us strive to take a hint, in conscious manner to keep the focus on the dictator, the warmonger, the ‘alpha’n omega’n’ of the cause of the suffering of the Eritrean nation; EVERY SINGLE DAY IN OUR mirror, most importantly in our keyboard, most importantly ever in A OUR DISCOURSE AS CITIZENS OF THIS PROUD NATION..any other name is meant for distraction..and destruction..

    Hence, Haw Saleh Gadi, today’s article is superb. Beware of the warmongers. I am. On this front, I wished all of us listened to words of wisdom, in 1998 to yours, Aman Hidrat’s, and others too. That is the message for today. I guess that is more than enough…

  • Dany

    The Ethiopian Empire Is an Existential Threat to Egypt’s Water Security
    “The reason we chose to build the largest dam in Africa is to show to the Egyptians that if we are successful with this grand dam, nothing will stop us from building many other smaller dams over the Nile”. The dead Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles, in a speech to the Ethiopian parliament.
    This quote from the deceased Ethiopian dictator’s speech is a clear indication of Ethiopia’s sinister long term plan to build more dams on the Blue Nile. He scornfully referred to Egypt’s incessant opposition to any dam and said that Ethiopia cognizant of this fact, rather decided to challenge Egypt’s stance by inaugurating the largest dam in Africa. Ethiopia has a hydroelectric power capacity of 45,000 MW and that means it could have used its other several rivers instead of focusing on the Nile that they knew pretty well will reduce the quantity and quality of water reaching Egypt. Worse still, there are three more dams planned to be built on the Nile including for irrigation. Egypt’s 8,000-year-old civilization owes its existence to the uninterrupted flow of the Nile. I share Egypt’s concern and anger. This dam should be stopped before it is too late.
    News of Ethiopia diverting the course of the Nile at the Renaissance dam site stirred up a political hornet’s nest in Egypt. The questions one should ask are these: has Egypt been caught flat-footed by Ethiopia’s sudden announcement of the inauguration of the Nile dam? Why did Ethiopia choose to inaugurate the dam when Egypt was in political turmoil? Analysts say Ethiopia would have never gone ahead with the dam while Hosni Mubarak was in power. Why wasn’t such a huge dam not included in Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan and hastily announced? This should be the last straw that Egypt should ever deal with. If Egypt backs off in this current confrontation hoping that the dam wouldn’t reduce its share of the Nile it is making a serious strategic mistake.
    Ethiopia’s tinkering with the Nile will continue to be an albatross around Egypt’s neck posing an existential threat to its survival. This is not a storm in a tea cup or an ephemeral issue that could be ignored. Egypt is not naive to allow this to continue.

    • Andom


      I would be glad to learn your definition of Decatator. Propably it may include a leader which recognizes separtion of his ports from its mainland.

      We will build not only dams. We will build more industries and factories which spill their wast into the ABAY river, so that the Egyptians will wast their resources on cleaning the Nile water and after 100 years Egypt will be converted to barren and destiute land. That is the history for the next century.

    • gebre

      Dear Dany,
      Your comment is based on hate rather than reason and logic. It doesn’t make any sense to support a country which insists to develop agriculture in the middle of the DESERT why you are against the development of hydropower in Ethiopia. Egypt has been using entirely selfishly because NOT it has the right to do so but merely Ethiopia has been weak in terms of funds and support from the hypocritical world to develop and harness the river. Blue Nile is an ETHIOPIAN NATIONAL RESOURCE, in the same way oil, minerals and other resources are. Ethiopia has full right to dam the river for power generation or/and irrigation whether other countries like it or not.

      Here is what Turkey said when it dammed the Tigris and Euphrates rivers:

      “In connection with the large scale Anatolia Project on the river Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Turkish president Suleyman Demirel in 1992 replied to Syria and Iraq’s call for greater minimum flow of the water to these states, saying “Neither Syria nor Iraq can claim to Turkey’s rivers, any more than Ankara could claim their oil. We have a right to do anything we like. The water resources are Turkey’s, the oil resources are theirs. We do not say we should share their oil resources. They cannot say they should share our water resources .This is a matter of sovereignty.” Why should water resources be shared any more than oil reserves?”
      John Boulsh, Troubled waters, The Independent, November 14, 1993.

      I think this should be more than enough to understand the issue.

    • Dino

      Dear Dany
      Come to your senses
      1. There is at least one thing that you need to know and take into consideration whenever you want to forward your opinion about the Nile. Ethiopia will be in the upper course while Egypt will remain in lower course forever.
      2. Try to refer to the history of the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt. There is nothing Ethiopia has done throughout the recorded history while Egypt had a permanent policy to destabilize Ethiopia through arming neighboring countries and supporting its enemies. And do not be surprised if the Ethiopians are preoccupied with vengeance and retaliation. Combine this fact with the above statement and it is very wise very the Egyptians to befriend Ethiopia instead of boasting with illusory military power. And remember that Egypt had never won any battle in its many thousand years history. So if you want to upgrade your record of humiliation be ready to be humiliated as much as your grandfathers had been humiliated in Gundet Gurae.
      3. It you do not care us we do not care about you

      • Dany

        There is something that is genetically sick about Habashas,
        The Habashas (Amhara and Tigre) are delusional and egocentric megalomaniacs besotted with the idea of greater Ethiopia and visceral anti Arab sentiment. These two ethnic groups have been ruling the empire since its establishment in the 19th Century after colonising the Oromos, Ogaden Somalis, Sidamas, Afars etc. The Amharas, ruled Ethiopia until they were overthrown in 1991 by their arch rivals the Tigrians who are currently ruling Ethiopia with an iron fist. Meanwhile, the Amharas are working hard to come back to power. The Amhara and Tigre, although they fight over power, always hold the same ambition: maintaining the Ethiopian empire and making it not only a power that will continue to oppress the Southern colonised people of Oromo, Somali and Sidama etc but also making it into a dominant power in North East Africa. All too often, it is customary to hear descendents of these groups basking in a fairytale talking about how once up on a time “Abyssinia”-old name of Ethiopia- used to cross the Red Sea and controlled the Arabian Peninsula; as an example they claim that the Queen of Sheeba (known as Bilqis in Arabic) as one of their “legendary ruler over the Arabs”. Then, they dream of their grand illusion of one day “reinvading” the Arabian Peninsula. Since the news of Egyptian threat was aired, all websites affiliated to this group are abuzz with the call for putting aside their rivalry and confront Egypt. Almost all chilling diatribes and insults against Egypt and Arabs and posted online came from members of these groups. The first ever demonstration against Egypt took place at Adwa (Tigre region) where the current leaders of TPLF came from; it was here that the protestors burned the Holly Quran. A bitchy, authoritarian and vindictive nature that is a hallmark of these two ethnic groups is the main reason why the empire cannot develop and have peace. The Habashas always regard the Arabs, primarily Egypt and the Sudan, as their ‘historical enemies’ and dream of one day building a mega dam over the Nile and use it as a weapon against Egypt and the Arabs. They are so blind and ignorant of the international nature of the Blue Nile they think it is their property. In 1983, I heard one Habasha teacher glorifying an ancient Abyssinian (former name of Ethiopia) king who he said had threatened Egypt to block the Nile if Egypt didn’t stop mistreating the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Then, he concluded that “one day if not us, our children would be able to build a mega dam over the Nile that we will use as a weapon against the Arabs”. He said the Arabs have oil and Ethiopia will use its water to force Egypt and the Sudan to submit to Ethiopia’s interest. These people are obsessed with controlling the Nile, and as a result, from their peasants to their intellectuals sing about the greatness of the Nile and cursing it for freely flowing and benefiting “their historical enemies the Arabs.”

  • Kokhob Selam

    as usual another important lesson.tks

  • Saleh Gadi

    Sal Younis,

    Serray doesn’t like my driving, he would rather ride with you. But I will throw this last set of comments.

    Serray wrote, “… it is unlikely [the] founders [of Sewra] would have gone to egypt (or be accepted by the pan-arabist nasser)”

    He repeated that even after I explained Eritreans didn’t go to Egypt to start a revolution, but to study because the chances of education were closed to them at home. And Egypt was historically a destination of education for a large segment of Eritreans. I will let it rest here.

    2. ” That they tap into their Islamic belief in search of an allay is totally understandable.”

    Haile Sellassie was a continuation of the Abyssinian Kings’ bigotry against Islam and prosecution of Muslims for ages. So the feeling of oppression is not as recent as Haile Sellassie’s era, it goes way back…

    3. “Eritrean armed struggle was launched by Muslims with the help of Egypt.”

    Serray doesn’t want to correct his claim though I presented enough evidence against that claim. He insists. I believe we are shaped by our experience, by our background, and I do not know his sources of knowledge to which he clings adamantly… if his knowledge about the issues is from sources that believed so, perception could sometimes be etched in stone…and I don’t think he is willing to entertain correcting his perception. He couldn’t provide evidence to support his claim either.

    4. The Eritreans struggle was a chain, those who started it are Eritreans and those who finished it are also Eritreans, all pursued one goal–to push the occupation out… the entire Sewra experience is ours, and we own both its ugly and shinning sides.

    5. That the PFDJ brought hell on Earth is true and that is why we are still struggling, but we cannot blame (or hold responsible) the Ethiopian progressive struggle that started in the sixties and seventies, because at the end the atrocious Derg stole power from the people. Conversely, we can’t blame the Eritrean Sewra for the cruelty of the neo-Derg in Asmera that stole the sacrifices of the people.

    6. Isaias is not doing what he is doing because he is from this or that religion–tyranny doesn’t have faith or creed–true he uses it to his benefit, all tyrants do that–it should not surprise us. Tyranny is a political sickness, a cancer, and any people can be inflicted by it. Though their religious identities seems different, there is no difference between Isaias, Mengistu, Al Bashir, Assad, Gaddafi, Mubarek, Milosovic, Pinochet……too long a list.

    7. The Habesha factor.

    I think Serray mentions Habesha as one monolithic group that professes one faith: …. “the enjera eating, tigrigna speaking tewahdo in us revolts.” I am all that Serray describes except one. I speak Tigrinya and I eat Injera (figuratively speaking, it upsets my stomach) but I am not Tewahdo. Here I can say: The enjera eating, tigrigna speaking Eritrean in me revolts when the Eritreans Sewra is denied its sacrifices and noble causes because of a cancerous wart named Isaias.

    You take your car Sal Younis, I do not even have a driving license to venture into such a rugged terrain 🙂

    • Rahwa

      Dear Gadi,
      I am a regular follower of your website. I enjoyed a lot, not because everything is fine but because it is a good learning forum. I was initiated to send this short comment after reading your comment. Recently, I met a Muslim Eritrean brother who doesn’t hesitate to meddle into the current affairs of Muslim movement in Ethiopia. He has forgotten that Eritrean has long been departed from its Adam-Eve –age long enemy. He said Muslim’s during the time of Yohannes IV were marginalized and never allowed to go UNIVERSITIES. It was so funny.
      Your reasoning on why Eritreans have been traveling to Egypt reminded me my first-time and last encounter with the guy I mentioned above. I wonder if there were many highlanders traveling the long caravan distance in search of academic thirsty.
      Thanks for allowing me to post my first comment in seven years. I have always felt that this is not my home to oppose or support, as I am a Tigraweyti and not “Tigrigna”.

    • Serray

      Selamat Saleh G.

      I like your driving but Sal and I took a detour while you were resting.

      Back to the parlor…Haile gave us a link about an event in tigray that by all standards is beautiful to watch. But someone who defines eritrea as hating woyanes came out swinging. Sewra is an armed struggle that delivered revolutionary justice to anyone in its path. To achieve its goal, it has to necessarily turn eritrea into a battlefield. Anyone who claims he has the perfect definition of what it is or how it came about is cheating himself. Let alone sewra, a movement made up of hundredth of thousands spread over a long stretch of time, it is difficult to define a website like awate…your website is revolutionary by some and then, a minute later, a pfdj will make it a website of a traitors and then, after lunch, a teary eyed follower will thank you for providing a forum and so on and on. You have your own definition of it as well. Before you are tempted to say awate is what we say it is, let me tell you the last thing it is is what you say it is. Between you and Sal, you probably write less than one percent of the word count; meaning, at any given day, while awate is moderated by you, 99 percent of the ideas expressed are not yours. Hell, some of it is outright hostile to you.

      My point is, you have to give space to what ghedli means to all eritreans because your definition of it is just one of many. Let’s take your 1) Are you telling me ghedli was started by accident? Are you saying that if there were the same educational facilities in harrer, ethiopia, nothing would have happen? Because, I tell you, the king wouldn’t have let ghedli launch in harrer.

      About your 2) okay but we are talking about the reason ghedli started.

      Your 3) makes me feel I am living in orwell’s 1984 after a fact that contradicts the present was discovered…”egypians are pricks now and moslem initiated movements are out favor, so we have to whitewash our history to reflect the present”. These are the people we both agree started the struggle in egypt in July 1960: Idris Mohammed Adem, Idris Osman Gelawdewos, Mohammed Saleh Humed, Seid Hussein Adem; aren’t they all muslims.

      Your 4) is my point buy you and Sal keep insisting that your ugly is the only ugly about sewra. Again, you have to give space to other eritreans view of the ugly because we are all starring at the finished product and few of us are happy about it. Do not retroactively restate the mission of ghedli, do not beautify its past and do not split personalities. But most importantly, do not act that it belongs to you more than any other eritrean including, and specially, than those who are speaking out about its dark and hidden past. Your conclusion that what is wrong with ghedli is one cancerous wart is not shared by everyone. Intelligent people have provided compelling arguments that there is more to it than that.

      I agree with you on 6 and 7. On habesha, it is on this website that learned people published articles, researches and a covenant claiming that the regime is ethnic. Sal seems to share their view that somehow the habesha culture contributes to isaias’s regime becoming what it has become and the “the enjera eating, tigrigna speaking tewahdo in us revolts” was in response to that. Now that you have brought it back…what is your take on that? Does the enjera eating, tigrigna speaking revolt when your culture was held responsible to contributing to the misrule of the cancerous wart.

      Saleh, remember the discussion we are having (and I am enjoying it) is because I said, in the context of ethiopia building a dam on the nile, that haileslasie should have undertaken the project when nasser helped launched ELF. Yours is a view that takes betsifrana to an extreme. If a peace treaty was signed in algeria between shaebia and woyanes, I am sure you wouldn’t blink an eye if I say, Algeria helped launch the end of badme war. Egypt is where ELF was launched in July 1960; even though I hate what has become of egypt since, I am not going to deny that nasser helped launch ELF. I will accept your argument only if you can provide me with a proof that 1) ELF was launched without nasser government blessing in egypt soil or 2) ELF was launched somewhere else.

  • sara

    the weyanes are exploiting the poetical chaos in Egypt and the Arab world, why they haven’t done so when haileslassie ..dergue where there or even when mubarek was in power… you see the opportunist weyane at their best.


    Respected Saleh Gadi Johar ,
    Very sobering article,balanced in it´s evaluation of prejudiced attitudes of both countries.However ,I would like to point out,that we should not underestimate the ever changing attitudes by not few Eritrean Abissynians..that claim to hate ¨Woyane¨/Ethiopian govt. to death but when Egyptian issue comes are more Ethiopians than raw meat ,.to play the religion card…(to be honest I am Eritrean Abissynian ie. ¨Hizbe Tigrinya)..that my feeling also affected by such attitude)..however my logic castigates my feeling & look at the thing in a logical & result producing manner.I love our neighbours to the south.
    Like the Ethiopian government realises POVERTY of Economy to be their enemy ,I think we Eritreans seem to be filled by emotions if our true believe were to come to the surface..we may benefit a lot. IN MY OBSERVATION ;THE NEW HIZBE TIGRINYA equals TO THE OLD AMHARA mentality.

    As always brilliant in his views

  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear Saleh Gadi,

    As usual a spectacular analysis. However, I believe Ethiopians are more than capable of safeguarding their rights. I don’t think it is any Eritrean’s business to intervene one way or the other in this controversial matter. We have enough problems of our own and so, better focus on those rather than on something else (especially this one which probably is in very good hands).

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Dear Dibekulu,if you compare what awatestaff usually Write about ethiopia this particular contribution then you will see very clearly how the view of awatestaff changed about ethiopia. This doesnt mean the Whole content of the article is what one expects from a neighboring country where the two countries have more than hundred thousands people live across their border.

      Another important thing the debators show more affection towards ethiopia than before. this doesnt mean they dont before but the article is the cause to let them being seen. I can gurantee you that if awatestaff Write With their experieced staff how to mobilize eritreasn to defend Egypt than ethiopians then you see the opposit.

      In both cases this article brings people closer at least who have chooesn Peace as a solution for Our problems. If we do continue like this where do you think eplf and tplf bring thier soldiers to wipe one another and bring us more killings, suffer, economical disaster combined With the expense of the war With the idleness created by the war, the aftermath of the empty victory(we killed 100,000 by loosing only 20,000; from the other side we have secured badme, we won), etc.

      I despise all this ethnic based political system since 1991 however With the potential of awatestaff and their likes the war between Eritrea and ethiopia could have been more uglier than what we experienced if it were not the majority tigrinya people in Eritrea and the minorti ‘tigrinya’ leading both the country. After all blood is thicker than water. I felt we ethiopians have done a great impact on Our ‘tigrinya’ leaders more than Our counterparts in Eritrea.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Dibe Kulu,
      Thank you.
      I have to disagree with you that Eritreans should not be concerned about regional issues. We are in the neighborhood and any fire will burn us. We cannot voluntarily exclude ourselves from our region. It might not be any Eritrean’s business, but certainly is a writers’ business. Think about it and you will understand why. Especially when there are politicians contemplating to use Eritrea as a proxy–all the region is involved in this proxy business and we cannot act blind to it.

  • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

    Nicely articulated article, I can see very good thought and wishes of most of eritreans in this case speculating the wider outcomes. It’s really helpful, and I wish the political machine in Asmara act in its people long-term interest. We needn’t to be dragged in destructive war. Ethiopians consider this dum as their pride and an outlet from poverty to development and don’t want Eritrea to be an obstacle in their path. My thought is everything depends on that clueless mad president of Eritrea, I meant if the worst happens.

  • asmara


    You couldn’t make yourself mention the good stand of Eritrea which was conveyed through its president, the Honorable President Issayas afewerki, regarding this whole Nile scenario, but you still have the nerves to call PFDJ names? You still have the nerves to accuse Eritrea for war mongering? Eritrea’s stand here is noble. Remember that whenever you are tempted to kiss woyanie’s behind

    What is wrong with you people?

  • asmara


    Are you mocking the Eritrean people now or what? Or perhaps you are you trying to throw some bone to the useless Woyanie subordinates infesting this website? Just to show them you belong to them? Otherwise, that video is a mockery to say the least, similar to the other Woyanie’s bullshit – University Education for Eritreans, accepting Eritrean refugees in their camps etc – all that crap. That video implies that both countries are at fault. Actually, the fact that that drama is done in Tigray Ethiopia, with the permission of the Woyanie government – sends a false impression that Eritrea is the one not standing for peace.

    The whole drama of Woyanie is like this: They open their doors wide open for Eritreans who are fleeing the burning house in their country. Well, that would have been a noble action – ONLY THE ARSONISTS ARE THE WOYANIE THEMSELVES. SEE, IF THEY STOP TORCHING OUR HOUSE, WE WOULD NEVER FLEE IN ALL DIRECTIONS – INDCUDING TOWARDS THEM

    Who said there is animosity between the Eritrean people and the Ethiopian people? The only problem we have with the Woyanie – is because they are crapping on our sovereign land and are holding our nation hostage – chocking us in every hideous possible way. And the only problem we have with the Ethiopian people in General and the Tigry people in particular is because they did not say no when Weyanie is straying and twisting the law and justice when it comes to Eritrea, the border war and the cruel no war no peace situation in order to suffocate Eritrea. If the Ethiopian government and the people really want peace – all they have to do is remove their military presence from our sovereign land – then and only then can we say they are there for peace – short of that is a mockery. Come to think about it – how is this different from the dialogue Ethiopia is requesting? Isn’t that the same thing?

    Hailesillassie did all those horrible things to the Eritrean people; the Ethiopians did not say anything. Still, we never blamed the people only the government. Derg’s tanks treaded over Eritreans, but we only blamed the government. Again, at this moment – Woyanie is commiting the biggest crime possible over Eritrea – we did not hear any Ethiopian say anything, individually or in a group (See the flip side – and note how all the Anatsu Nay woyanie are chopping our heads off – on behalf of Woyanie . The Sirays, the Hidrats, the S Andoms – who are more Woyanie than the Woyanie themselves).

    And by the way, Haile – you giving too much credit to people like Sirrays and Hayats. It is pointless, as the only thing driving these people is grudge, vendetta and self hate. They are taking you in circles. And by God, don’t try hard to belong with them – you look too smart for that.

    Finally- you seem to have developed this illusion that everyone in this website never travels to Eritrea. Well, dude lots of us travel frequently and boy – cut the crap, will you?

    • asmara

      I have one thing to say to those who are preaching about brotherhood with Ethiopia – “TSIMBLALI SI MEAKORA KEY KEDENET MERIET KEDENET”

      – You people have trouble joining your Eritrean people in bahlis, festivals – and you preach about brotherhood with Ethiopians?
      – You people have trouble going to Eritrean church because you thought it is PFDJ’s, but still you preach about sameness with Ethiopians

      – You people have never thought Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups, and still you think we are brothers with Ethiopia

      – You could not go to an Eritrean community to eat a small lunch – but still you fill Ethiopian restaurants with bottles of whiskeys and all.

      – You coulf not make peace with people that you call zombies, komaros and what not, and you come here shamelessly preaching about our brotherhood and same culture with Tigray.

      – Be Eritreans first!


      • H.n

        If I go to pfdj’s festival, the money i spent there sure will go to the pfdj mafia who are the main cause of suffering for my people. At least Ethiopians are housing our people who escaped from blood sucking pfdj. Why do the blind supporters like to talk about guaylas? Have u see the shocking your young brother’s image who was saved from kidnappers. Go to assenna and the skeleton.

      • yegermal

        Now I am totally convinced you’ve been writing under the influence! How else you’d disagree with “you people” aka the person that was completely in agreement with your rant?

        • asmara


          I guess you are pissed off because you did not make it into my list of Anatsu Nay Woyanie. Just to be fair, I visited some past articles posted here and skimmed through your contribution. Well, nope, you still did not make it. You are an anchiwa for sure, but you are too tiny and with your minute brain, you could not compete with the top guns, sorry! But keep on popping in and out from your hole; throw those idiotic comments from now and then. Who knows the Sirrays may pass a word or two to their masters. Keep on representing your size. You never know

          By the way I am sure you missed the following part from my previous comment you replied to: “I have one thing to say to those who are preaching about brotherhood with Ethiopia …” Meanig, if I wanted it to be for Haile, I would have specifically aderess it as “Haile”, like I would have addressed it as “Tiny Anchiwan Nay Woyanie” had that comment been intended specifically for you. See, simple.

          Now go back to your tiny hole

          What is up with that Amharic nic anyway? An id of inferiority or subordination or what?

    • haile

      Selam Asmara,

      I doubt ‘most’ people who regard themselves as opposition go to Eritrea (note “most”) so I was focusing on that side.

      I see your have many points, specially regarding the border issue. And understandably also feel intensely about the issue as a whole. For the sake of fairness though asmara, what is at stakes for you as opposed to that young father in Eritrea who has so much dreams about bettering his life and that of his families? I admit, at personal level, I am much more fortunate than him and can afford to get as hyped as I can about it. I guess it is all about moral judgement. Please understand that peace is a self sustaining quality if given room flourish. Conversely, the opposite of peace is self destroying for those made to experience it.

      Calling for freeing of occupied territories is a call for peace in itself. What ever source or angle the talk of peace comes from, let it accumulate. It won’t bother anyone by definition. The call to respect of rule of law domestically and internationally is a call for peace. But let’s everyone sing peace, regardless of the motive or perceived end result. So in essence you are not rejecting peace, but simply defined it from your comfort zone, please grace the others the same at the very least. It is a positive thing, give it a nod of approval whenever you happen to meet it. Thank you for your other kind complements.

      • haile


        Also need to add this,

        As of two weeks ago, Israel has started deportation of Eritreans. According to news “The {Israeli Interior Ministry] committee pointed out that, according to a decision by the interior minister, evasion or desertion of military duty is not enough to claim political persecution.”

        I hope you agree some people would be undergoing difficult circumstances in their lives in this connection. How would you respond to the video in question, as one of such individual? Imagine: how your family would be worried, how uncertain you would feel about your well being, how it may all turnout for you and whether you would survive this alive?

        I hear your arguments asmara, I just wanted to inject a human aspect to all this. What would it take to notice there are people behind all of this, who would stand to tremendously benefit, if by some fluke of luck peace was to achieved, here and now. Today!

        Whatever we do, let’s keep our basic humanity in tact. That is all that I am saying. I am not saying there was no reason for the loss of peace in the first place, depending which side of the argument we are in.

        • asmara


          Somehow I failed to see the relationship between the mockery from Woyanie-land and the issue in Israel. In any case, no question Eritrean needs peace more than anything. I mean, NO ONE IS MORE HUNGRY FOR PEACE THAN THE ERITREAN PEOPLE, ‘cos we have seen none! And we deserve more than any one. No question about that. And I would pray with you for it to materialize. But we are not that blind or stupid enough to mistake it with something else. You see, Woyanie is asking us to look for peace, while all the time, it has locked and hid peace in its own safe. Therefore the fake cry for peace that is coming out of Ethiopia is therefore a mockery.

          Woyanie is holding Eritrea with a choke grip, while it is singing its fake peace song, and we are saying “Yea sure, we want peace. But, with all due respect, dear Woyanie, you are the one who is doing the choking. Let go, and sure enough we talk peace”

        • asmara


          By the way, I have yet to come across any Ethiopian, individually or as a group who said “Hey, a deal is a deal, what exactly are we doing? This is a done deal, let us get out of Eritrea and focus on our stuff – like, the Nile, for instance”. That is what I would call a call for peace

          Have you?

    • goytom

      Whats wrong with sitting down with woyane and listening to what they have to say. Isn’t the country and it’s people worth that little humiliation. Us sits and talks to taliban. Israelis t to palistinians. You say woyane is destroying eritrea but they say lets sit down and talk. Obviously you people don’t care about the people and would see them all die to save your pride by not sitting. But we all know that if you do sit down with woyane and normalize relations, it will be the end of hgdf

  • Gebez

    Eritrea and Ogadenia, among others, were purely the works of Egyptians. Every self-respecting informed guy knows this well. Awate as a well experienced battle man was selected by individuals trained by the Muslim Brotherhoods of Egypt and the Baath parties of Iraq, Syria e.t.c to kick of the armed struggle. HIM Haileselassie I used to call these group of Eritreans “የዓረብ ቅጥረኞች” and Mengistu Hailemariam used to call them “የዓረብ ቡችሎች” for this very reason. Why was Asrate Kassa trying to help the Eritrean Christians(including Isaias)organize themselves? It was aimed at using them as antidotes to these foreign interests with a long term goal of strengthening the sense of Ethiopianity of the highlanders. But, mismanagement of this issue by both Haileselassie and Mengistu accelerated the hate even these highlanders had to the central government and hence to Ethiopia leading to an independence.

    • sara

      i think you sat at a coffee shop with colonel dawit weldegergis to tell us this story…thank you.

      • Saleh Gadi

        Now Sara, I am sure that is not the only thought in your mind. It can’t be! 🙂

        • sara

          ayaa/amee saleh
          work and study and…. and , you want me to do more?

  • T.Kifle

    Dear Saleh Gadi

    You (Awate Team) did a commendable job in translating what the Egyptian leaders had to air in the face of their confusion over the Nile waters. As you put it aptly in this article, Nile belongs to all riparian countries and the notion that Egyptians will “…protect with blood for every drop of the Nile” is really in bad taste. The Egyptian FM,siting alongside with his Ethiopian counterpart in Addis Ababa, said today that that televised speech full of emoted speeches was just emotions that didn’t represent the Egyptian government and its institutions. Is it not ironic to hear an FM trying to “correct” his president?

    The mainstream opinion of Ethiopians shows that Egypt is entitled to its fair share on the Nile waters. There are no ifs and buts here.But it seems that it will take Egyptians a light year to reciprocate in kind. And if Egypt fails to deal to reach a negotiated “win-win” settlement at this point in time, it will be relegated to a point of irrelevance because the power she thinks she has now will dwindle to remain as a punchline.It still thinks it will protect its interests by brute force which in reality is losing it by each passing day.

  • belay

    Thanks Tazabi,
    I like most of it but what did Ethiopia said to Egyptians?apart from kindly asking them to make use of its water in a win win situation.
    Yes some mad people were talking about poisoning the river but who are they?yes they can call themselves Ethiopians for this purpose to give Ethiopia bad name.
    How on earth are these people to be compared with Egyptian member of parlament and Mr Morsi the leader of Egypt?
    Any way there will not be war.if there is Ethiopia have the international community moral support.

  • L.T

    Nile River creating by Mussie to feed Egyptian no body can stop this nonstop proces.We know our enemy from history deeply and we will come to tell the truth to our coming generation.We never forget the harm we got fm Ethiopian regimes.If they come with fire I can’t wait them with flower in front.
    I do remember also you Salih Kadi when you worte on before you joined USA.Thanks….

    • ETHIO

      “I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt, you great monster lying among your streams.
      You say, “The Nile belongs to me; I made it for myself.” [Ezekiel 29: 1-3]
      And the land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste; and they shall know that I am the LORD: because he hath said, The river is mine, and I have made it. [Ezekiel 29:9]

  • Tazabi

    Even though it sounds balanced to blame both sides, in this case it is not that way. No one from the Ethiopian side called for war or even harming Egypt. It is Egypt that is calling for war and destabilizing Ethiopia. To say both Egyptians and Ethiopians extremists called for war is a bit unfair. In Egypt it is the president who hinted at war and the main line politicians who called for outright war. Who on the Ethiopian said anything about hurting Egypt.

    • who cares

      The Egyptians think the new dam will destroy their economy and lives. The Nile is life to Egyptians.. take away any amount of the water then they see it a threat and an act of war.. therefore the Egyptians are saying the Ethiopian regime is waging war on them by building the a grand dam that will reduce the Nile river. They perceive this as aggression that is why they are talking to stop the construction of the dam by any means. They both have a dilemma.

  • belay

    Dear haile,
    Thanks haile for the link you provided us.
    I love it and that is my daily prayer.i know,Lemlem didn’t like it and i am very sory for that.we are all victims of not our making.This song is only a wish of ordinary people .
    I thought the link was provided by Awate Staff members.
    Thanks Again.

  • belay

    Thanks Awate Staff,for the link on 17 june.
    That was and is myevery day dream and prayer.And i know my dream is getting closer by the day.
    From now on i will use the song you provided,on prayer.We Ethiopians survived so far by the power of God,other wise we could have been finished long time.
    Now the time is closing faster to hug our brothers and sisters from the north,south,east and west,possibly moving with no id card to visit each other.
    War mongers can stay where theyare out bussines and happiness.
    Every thing is possible for Allah.

    • Elihude

      Yeah, that’ll only be a dream! Tell that TPLF and EPLF (or whatever they call themselves now).

  • T..T.

    Can the unexpected happen. The Saudis are anti-Mursi and issued statements seemingly supporting Egypt’s position. It was unexpected and Mursi shunned it. The Qataris are pro-Mursi and new friends of Ethiopia and contrary to their practice of jumping to mediate, they are not there yet. This too is unexpected. But two unexpects are worries to the involved governments. Could be consider a family thing, considering the two countris historic ties.

    Although the ties between Egypt and Ethiopian go back across centuries to the beginning of Coptic Church, the Nile culture ties the people of the two countries ever since the flow of the Nile waters reached Egypt from Ethiopia. However, the political ties go back to the era of decolonization of Africa. Both, the Eritreans and the Ethiopians somehow showed their ties to Egypt. The pro-independence Eritreans, during the African revolutionary era celebrated Nasser, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Tito, and Gandhi; and in honor they named their children after them. On the other hand, Many Ethiopians and many pro-Ethiopia Eritreans, named their children after Egypt naming them Ghibtzawit. The word Ghibtzi (Coptic) was introduced to Eritrean with the Ethiopian colonization. Prior to that, all Tigrigna books used to refer to Egypt as Misri, reflecting no ties between Eritrea and Egypt. After Nasser, on the part of Eritreans, the respect for Egypt depended on Egypt’s political stand towards their cause. Whereas: the ties between Egypt and Ethiopian have remained religious and Nile-based.

  • haile


    I know religion is not our specialty here in awate, but please join me for a standing ovation to our brothers and sisters in Mekelle, Tigray. God bless them!

    • Lemlem


      No! I hope God does not bless them! Yes, you heard me correctly! I was disgusted by the video! Let me say it again, the video is disgusting!

      Weyane has killed 19,000 Warsays, continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory illegally and it is waving the bible at us? Give me a break! I find it repulsive!

      • haile


        Absolutely wrong position to hold on to. NOTHING, yes NOTHING can stand in the way of peace and hope to live normally. Life needs peace, we can’t feel sorry for lives lost and advance a position that would lose even more lives! I can understand the strength of feelings, but trust me when the voices of peace finally gain momentum and start rolling, we will see the that there is no stopping it.

        I live (bzey qelAlem) a blessed life, but would be sad to stand on the way of those directly affected by the absence of peace. What on earth could possibly be “repulsive” about some one telling us, indeed there is hope, indeed we should reconsider and indeed we should give peace a chance. No Eritrean’s or No Ethiopian’s life is worth being squandered for nothing, as there is no longer a reson for it. I sincerely hope that, you Lemlem, are writing from areas close by the conflict.

        As, Eritreans, we believe we have paid due price, in honor and price of what we own. Ethiopians did for theirs too. Now is the time to move on, and show that we value life by supporting those things that are necessary to sustaining it.


        • haile

          …also, this video is a church’s Gospel based (private) , where did you learn it was from “woyane”?

        • Lemelem

          One thing I know for sure about you is that you are an Ertirean. But you are being stupid on this one. Weyane is occupying large chunks of Eritrean territory as we speak!

          Gospel, bible all that stuff is cheap.

          Talk to me when Weyane withdraws from all sovereign Ertirean territories, lets demarcation proceed as per the EEBC instructions, stops its evil designs on Eritrea through its no-war-no-peace evil designs.

          Until then, get lost!

          No self-respecting Eritrean can fall for this cheap bible waving stuff while large chunks of his country’s territory are under occupation.

          • Girma

            I am Eritrean ( only by mom) I don’t think that makes me less in your trib counting system. There was no land called eritrea before Italy , there was no jebha or gehadi before it was created by egypt. There is no so called Eritrean land if the Muslim in there are not willing to live in hormony with the local tradition they can cross the Red Sea ..

          • haile


            The true beneficiaries of peace in this senseless conflict do not have access to make their voices heard here. I beg people who are able to do so, never miss a chance to always visit home and spend some time with the REAL people who actually paid the price that is understandably angering you. The fair compensation to those people is the guarantee of peace and security in their lives. Not the promise of misery and insecurity in perpetuity. A sense of balance here please.

            Believers can wave the bible or Koran for peace, children can wave flowers for peace, women can wave qotsli seti-semhar for peace, workers can wave their tools for peace, farmers can wave their produce for peace, city dwellers can honk their cars horns for peace, the people can call for peace in any little way that they can. The people of Tigray can’t be hold responsible for the failings of their leaders, nor can the people of Eritrea. What is to stop us from making the biggest noise for peace from where ever that we are.

            We may be lucky one’s to not be the primary ones to bare the burnt of the instability we feel justified to fuel, yet it is the message of peace that we send through our solidarity with any one calling for it from anywhere that would really serve to bring the ultimate justice to those suffering.

            Please do not distance yourself from this cardinal truth, there is no stopping any one from asking for what is their right by law.

            Our brothers in Tigray also have their story to tell. They are the one’s enduring the vast weight of this unfortunate circumstances. Let’s give our voice to peace and peace shall deliver the bounties of a promising life to those suffering.

        • Tesfamariam

          Dear Haile
          You said it all, it was great of you I can see you can really be a peace ambassador

      • Lemlem,

        Please talk about peace for the new generation and the generation to come. Hate is the precursor of war and war brings death, destruction and misery. The bygone is bygone and will be reflected only as history. We can’t live on old history we should make new history of peace and tranquility. Belay’s wishes and prayer is positive and for positive things you could only say “Amen” Ewe Kem’u kikewinyu. If Haile could foresee positive thing ahead….he will be apostle of peace of the region.

      • Elihude

        What? I hope that there is pay time for them for what they did to my innocent parents.

      • sara

        he told you he lives a blessed life somewhere in the west and he thinks you should accept the reality of your countries occupation so that you could also live a blessed life etc.. what a day!

  • Horizon

    Informative and mainly an unbiased article.
    It is my opinion that Egypt will be forced to sit at the negotiation table. There is no way she would be able to defend her illegally obtained lion’s share of the waters of the Nile till kingdom come. Egypt has no support from the world community. In addition, I believe that Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan are not going to play anymore Egypt’s dirty game. DIA is old and weak, the people of Eritrea have come to understand that Egyptians are not genuine friends, and on top of the thousands of their young who are murdered in the Sinai, sacrificing themselves for an Egyptian cause would be an insult to the memory of the innocent young Eritreans murdered at the hands of Egyptian Bedouins.
    Please do not say that the dam does not matter to Eritrea, as long as it matters to Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti. Eritrea, whether some short-sighted ultra-nationalist Eritreans like it or not, will one day be part of the regional developmental endevour that is taking place. They can not continue to keep the Eritrean people in bondage behind an iron curtain forever, away from the peoples of the horn.

  • hi by stander;
    “those who don’t know history are doomm to repeat it.”When it comes to fighting out side invaders the majority of Ethiopians all ethnicity stand together and always fend off the enemy.”AMELKIN BE GUYA ;SINKEHIN BE AHYA” Emperor Menelik’s Adua war declaration.And yes they did! That was the dilemma for the Egyptian invaders in GURA,the Somali expantionists of Siad Barrey in Ogaden and the Eritrean invaders of Isaias’s militia at Bademe of yesterday that puzzle them to this day.War of agression is the glue that brings all Ethiopians of any persuasion and ethnicity together.This is time tested reality.Don’t mess with it my freind.

  • Saleh Gadi

    Dear Serray,
    It painful to see people attempting to deny Eritreans their achievements, please take that into consideration.

    Again, I have no problem with your other points, only one point (you added Sudan to the matrix). First, please do not underestimate Eritreans who planned and launched their own struggle. This is a fact and it should not be twisted to appear otherwise. As I said earlier, Egypt was run by revolutionaries and it was a ripe field for any anti-colonial struggle. Nasser’s persona has influenced many sunrise generals to topple their feudal kings and regimes –from South America to Asia and Africa, including Mengistu Neway if I am not mistaken. That is all. Eritreans politicians, students and lawyers planned the Eritrean revolution, but other Eritreans didn’t wait for the intellectual planning, Awate and his colleagues started the armed struggle alone. Anything that followed was not launching, it was following a de-facto insurrection, call to arms.

    You assumption that it would have taken longer if not for the help of Egypt is contradictory, it took us thirty-years for God’s sake. Do you mean it would have taken us longer without the supposed Egyptian help? No Serray. It took longer than it should have.

    But since you say Egypt helped, would you please explain how? While you are at it, could you find any meaningful logistical help that Egypt provided to the struggle? Arms, training, etc? Nothing. You wouldn’t find any. The only thing you would find is Eritrean students who studied in Egypt, mainly AlAzhar, and they have been doing it more than a century before Nasser. I know of Eritreans who went to Egypt long before Nasser. One example: The late Mufti of Eritrea, Ibrahim Mukhtar left to Egypt to study at the age of 17, around 1926. For many Eritreans, Egypt was the only place they went to study and since it was the only place you can find educated Eritreans, in an atmosphere of revolution, the persence of Eritrean politicians exiled because of the injustices and aggression of Haile Sellasie (Idris M. Adem, speaker of the parliament, Osman Sabbe, school director, Weldaenb Weldemariam, writer and politician, Ibrahim Sultan, emancipator and politician, Gelawdeos, lawyer,… the list is long) it was only natural for those educated Eritreans to contemplate a struggle against the feudal Haile Sellassie. Therefore, as far as the Eritreans struggle is concerned, it was conceived and launched by Eritreans…Egypt has nothing to do with its launch. If you have any evidence contrary to that, I would love to see it.

    Eritrean struggle was launched by Eritreans in Eritrea and the first arms that came to the founders of the Armed struggle was from the Sudan (not Sudanese government, but soldiers and officers who were in the British Army since WW2 and who joined the struggle with equipments) The first ever funds to buy arms was contributed by Eritreans in Saudi Arabia and other places. The first arms catch worth mentioning was taken from the Haikota police station in one of the first operation, then comes Mohammed Shemsi’s operation in Semhar, Adem Melekin’s smuggling of arms from Addis Ababa for which he was caught and tortured and jailed in Asmara, etc. I hope this would suffice.
    Thank you

    • Selam Saleh (SG),

      Just for the record….Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan and other Arab countries contributed military aid and other logistics. I was a witness at the receiving end in the late 70s. We appreciate their help for the cause of Eritrean people. The rest of the argument between Serray and you nothing will change for the success of the armed struggle. History was made….everything we are doing is just exercising our thoughts and nothing is wrong about it except the diversion from the current struggle.

      • Saleh Gadi

        But since you interjected, first please remember this is what I wrote in my reply to which you are reacting: “…Initially several Arab countries followed suit, (at different levels)”
        But if you check the topic properly, the issue is on the claim that “Egypt helped launch the Eritrean Struggle…” That is what I am challenging, not what you mentioned about 1979…, 20 years after the launch of the struggle. But I don’t want to debate with you on that because as you say, it is “a diversion from the current struggle.” 🙂
        One thing, Libya was on the side of Derg in the late seventies…. but the issue is Egypt, no other country….

        • Saleh,

          I think they gave the Egyptian public media (public radio) for Woldeab woldemariam to air his political view before we even launched the armed struggle 1961 when he exiled in 1957. Correct me if I am wrong. If that is the case, then before any material support they should support the “political cause.” And Egypt actually followed the normal diplomatic political process. As to the Libyan war materials help concerned, I was there at the destiny port (Port Sudan) and saw the bill of lading of the shipment and clearance form. Hizbawi hailetat and hizbawi genbar are the receivers of the consignments.

          • Saleh Gadi

            Amanuel, now you are going against your own advice, derailing the struggle 🙂

            Every anti-colonial sruggle had a voice in Nasser’s Egypt, and I have indicated that. What happend there is similar to what is happening now. If there was facebook then, some peopke would have accused Egypt gave him facebook. They do it now, for how long were we accused that the CIA and Weyane provides us with websites and funds? That is because we are in America. So that we do not “derail” the topic, my challenge is clear. EWgypt helped Eritreans to launch the struggle is totally wrong and it is straight from the Haile Sellasie propaganda manual. If you don’t agree with that, I am listening.

          • Saleh (SG),

            You are right you pulled me to your argument. I will reserve my take for the future. Believe me I will not forget it.

          • Saleh Gadi

            I pulled you to my argument? Hsebellu da’a Amanuel! I didn’t. You just came in talking about late seventies when the issue was early sixties…. No problem my friend. But if you want to start a new cycle on the same issue, I don’t mind it. I just wanted to maintain the frame of the discussion. I am in no way shying away from discussing your issue if you wish.

          • Abe z minewale

            I was born around 1960. It was about the same time the Eritrean revolution started (militarily ).around 1974 to 1978 three of my family members join the struggle. It is 15 to 18 years after I was born. Fast back ward Imy uncle joined the revolution 1964. Now I am talking just about my uncle not about my brothers and gone to Hibernation came back to life after 20 years mixing or confused my uncle with my brothers mumling non sense That is how far a mineWale can explain I am becoming emotional Sudan should build dams to free the trafficked Eritreans in Sinai

    • Salyounis

      Abu Selah:

      One of the dogmas of the Neo-Andnet (borrowed almost word for word from the And Ethiopia language of the 1960s and 1970s), is that Arab countries and particularly Egypt, Ethiopia’s “bitter enemy”, launched, funded and sustained the Eritrean Revolution. You are trying to debunk this myth by asking for evidence that (a) Egypt gave any help to Eritrea in the Nasser era that can be seen outside the context of Nasser supporting all anti-colonial movements and (b) what precisely that help was: a conference the Egyptians organized for exiled Eritreans in 1960s, arms they facilitated, training their provided, refuge they extended. Anything. But dogmas are immune to facts–they exist in a state of perpetual animation. The more facts you provide to counter the dogma, the more entrenched the dogma becomes because, obviously, if you are working so hard to disprove a dogma, it must be because it is true:)


      • Saleh Gadi

        Tegadalai Saleh younis… it is like the flat earth society…

    • Serray

      Selamat Saleh,

      Sal and you have become very possessive of ghedli since YG…you see shadows lurking everywhere. I understand, though, when the present is dismal, the past needs to be dusted up. But here is what I mean, the ELF was established (formed or launched) in July 1960 by Idris Mohammed Adem, Idris Osman Gelawdewos, Mohammed Saleh Humed, Seid Hussein Adem and other eritrean intellectuals and students in Cairo, Egypt. From the get go, ELF was formed to challenge the ethiopians not by any peaceful means, but by armed struggle. It is true that if it was not egypt, it would have been another country, and another time. But in July 1960, it was egypt that allowed the many eritreans to get together and form the ELF. You can’t discount now the role of the country that allowed a group of people to form a movement that plans to challenge ethiopia through armed struggle.

      In my book egypt helped to launch the eritrean armed struggle because it allowed eritreans to form the ELF on their land. If ELF was formed in kenya, I would have said “kenya helped launch eritrean struggle”. Saleh, the key here is, a movement was launched in egypt soil, with egypt leaders consent…I think there is a place for “help” somewhere in this setup.

      I understand your reluctance to acknowledge egypt’s role in helping launch eritrean struggle given the article we are discussing and the stupid things said about using eritrea; the role of egypt in organ harvesting and trafficking on our youth. But we cannot whitewash egypt’s role in helping ELF launch the struggle on its soil retroactively. If you ask any of the people who established ELF whether egypt helped launch the struggle, the will say, yes. Because it is a common decency to acknowledge the help of the country that provided the platform to launch the movement. If you ask me, the point is not whether egypt helped, it is why many other countries and organizations (specially the UN) allowed the situation to deteriorate to such a level to end up needing armed struggle. Second, I don’t believe there is something intrinsically good about armed struggle. If the French were to bomb ethiopian military to reverse the annexation, I would have been very happy…eritrea would have been independent in June 1960 and isaias would have been serving three consecutive life sentences for murder/extortion/rape in some prison.

      See, no shadows.

      • Salyounis


        I will let Saleh G drive this… I will be in the passenger seat:)

        Why YG came up was because of this:

        The narrative of Haile Selasse was that the Eritrean revolution was initiated and bankrolled by Arabs and it had nothing to do with nationalism or anti-colonialism: it was designed to implement Arabism and Islamism in Eritrea.

        YG, who has yet to find a Haile Selasse argument he doesn’t like, repeated this. When I, in rebuttal, told him that instead of guessing what the motivation of the “Ghedli generation” (YG’s definition of Ghedli generation begins in the 1940s) was when we can read some of their writings (and I quoted Mohammed Said Nawud’s book “Eritrean Liberation Movement: The History and The Truth)”, saying that they found motivation in Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Chu En Lai, Mao Tse Dong, Mau-Mau, Kwamo Nkrumah, the Moslem Brotherhood and Gemal Abdel Nasser, Joseph Bros, George Amado, Zapata, Castro, Winston Churchill, the Paris Commune, the French Revolution, YG dismissed my source, Mohammed Said Nawud, as a “Jebha Tegadalay” whom I quoted “haphazardly”:

        The trans-national aspirations of its absentee founders in Cairo – Islam and pan-Arabism – shouldn’t be confused for cosmopolitanism. Even when some of them came up with some sort of “socialism” at their liberal best or “ethnic federalism” of the mieda sort at their pluralistic best, both had to necessarily come from the Arab world in the form of Baathism and “Algerian experience” respectively – again, the point is Jebha couldn’t conceive anything outside the Arab world. So whatever inspiration they drew from or whatever solidarity they made with had nothing to do with internationalism or cosmopolitanism; nothing at all about self-liberation. Always driven by collective identity, their mieda history testifies that they never managed to come out of their tribal and religious squabbles.

        Conveninently left out from YG’s list of countries that impacted the Eritrean revolution in a much more significant way are, of course, China and Cuba (which gave the Ghedli its ideological and guerrilla warfare identity.) Hmmmm. I wonder why? Because they don’t advance the “Arabist/Islamist” narrative and advance the Ghedli generation’s claim that they were influenced by the revolutionaries of the era.

        For the neo-andnet and the Ghedli defamers (and, for that matter, the original proponents of the idea: imperial Ethiopia and Derg Ethiopia) argument that the Eritrean revolution was started by Arabists and Islamists who wanted to implement an Arabist and Islamist agenda to stick:

        1. They have to show that the 1940s Independence Bloc had an Islamist/Arabist agenda. They can’t.
        2. They have to show that the Eritrean Liberation Movement had an Islamist/Arabist agenda. They can’t.
        3. They have to show that the Eritrean Liberation Front had an Islamist/Arabist agenda. They can’t

        So, all we are left with is them dropping Muslim names, and Arab countries and saying “aha, there you have it.” The enduring power of Nehnan Elamanan (which made these exact same arguments) continues. Of course, when Isaias and company made those arguments, it was to rationalize their decision to start their own independent organization. (Diabolical but effective.) When the Neo-Andnet make it, it is just ignorance (egostry) and/or to advance the argument that there never were Eritreans who could have been motivated, on their own, to be an independent country on legal and moral grounds. But, man, do they hold on to that dogma doggedly:)


        • Serray

          Selam Sal,

          My view is, had eritrea was 100 percent christian habesha (the Islamic Republic of Sudan annexed it) it is unlikely that its founders would have gone to egypt (or be accepted by the pan-arabist nasser) to launch an armed struggle. We are who we are; the annexation by an openly christian king happened against the protest of eritrea muslims. That they tap into their islamic belief in search of an allay is totally understandable.

          Let the chips fall where they may. Eritrean armed struggle was launched by muslims with the help of egypt. Egypt at that time was led by a pan-arabist called nasser. The movement that started the struggle was forced out of meda because of its internal contradictions and the combined challenges of EPLF and TFLF. The successor ghedli won the struggle and turned eritrea into hell on earth. These are facts.

          It seems, what separates our views is the way you feel possessive about ghedli and its past. On the other hand, given the defective product we have in eritrea, I don’t mind looking at our past, the past of ghedli, without any filter. If someone tells me that situation in eritrea is the way it is because the struggle was started by muslim or arabists, I will say, “wrong, a non muslim has been in power for the last 33 years and he has committed 100 times more crime than any muslim or arabist”.

          I guess all sorts of people use wide brush to paint a picture they want to see. You use one to paint the habesha guilty by association for the crimes committed by the sons of ghedli. From what I stand, I think it fairer to say ELF had islamic or arabic influence than to hold the habesha culture responsible for the crimes of the isaias and the other children of ghedli.

          Did you respond to yg on that article?

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    It is good to follow how different Groups react to Egypt’s warmongers politicians and their funntic followrs. Elf supporters couldnt hid thier sypathy for the egyptian leadrs, cause they were part of the big Egypt plan ie keep nile flow untouched the way ‘God’ intended for Egypt.

    But for those who worry why Eritrea is not draged into the war so far is just because eirtea is baned. It is the UN which saved Eritrea again from the warmonger presidant for life isayas.

  • berhane

    I have worries. The situation is so fluid. Though it is an Ethio-Egypt issue, I have my fears that we may be dragged into it or it might spillover unto us.

    If Egypt decides to attack the dam, it would require Eritrean or Sudan’s land or airspace. I have a feeling that it wont be granted to Egypt. Also, for a bomber to depart from Egypt loaded with bombs, do its maneuvers to bomb the dam and return with out refueling somewhere does not seem to be feasible …due to distance ( assuming that Egypt do not have the long range aircrafts). Regardless of the refueling issue, it would require to cross either Eritrean or Sudan’s airspace which both countries would not allow their airspace for this purposes as they know giving their permission would amount to a direct war against Ethiopia and no telling how Ethiopia would retaliate.

    It is good that there has been so much noise (deliberately or otherwise) about Egypt attacking Ethiopia as it would attract negotiators from the powerful friendly nations for both countries. Behind the curtain, the negotiations may well be underway.

    For the above reasons, I do not believe that Egypt will engage itself with a naked war against Ethiopia. It is however difficult to imagine that Egypt will remain hand folded. It would try to find ways on how to keep Ethiopia busy with internal conflict/s so that Ethiopia would not have time and resources for the dam. The available and attractive option would probably be to use the Ethiopian opposition groups. The problem is some of these groups that are closer to the dam are based on our country.

    My fear therefore is the uncertainty of our leaders whether or not they would be tempted to jump-in considering that this as an opportunity to retaliate against Ethiopia and by what ever is Egypt has to offer? One could be so stupid and may think that it is the Ethiopian opposition who are to be blamed for what ever damage that they do inside Ethiopia.

    About a month ago Eritrea through the presidential special envoy expressed its support to Egypt’s position on Nile. We do not know what that entails and how far that issue has been discussed and what options have been exhausted. Now AL Bashir has been in Asmara. Again we do not know what has been discussed behind the doors. At least Sudan has openly expressed its support to the dam

    If all went well and Ethiopia managed to generate the kind of power that it is bragging about, we can benefit from it. Our national interest is in having the dam built than destroyed. We may not be in good terms now. One day it definitely will be solved. It cannot remain the way it is now. Lets thing wisely and broadly.

  • Serray

    Selam Saleh G.,

    It is not their racism that bothers me but the sheer stupidity of referring to us as africans that I find fascinating. Even the white south africans during apartheid saw themselves as africans. I mean, these people not only live in country located in africa but they survive by a river that flows from and brings with it fertile soil from african countries. .

    The cool heads among us are saying that in the end egyptians have to negotiate. But negotiation implies give and take, what is egypt giving? This is a case of “all yours is mine” or “a little bit of yours is yours, the rest is mine”. Egypt is one confused country; I am glad the ethiopians finally decided to use what is rightfully theirs. It is sad that they spend so much blood (and resources) to make theirs what is ours and yet allow egypt to fully claim what is theirs. When egypt helped launch the eritrean struggle, the stupid king should have reevaluated his decision to annex Eritrea and, instead, should have concentrated on building dams and irrigation projects to stop the havoc famine was wreaking in his country. Ethiopia would have been ten times more developed by now if HS and dergi has any sense…..Egypt will still be what it is, a whining confused nation which thinks it exists in the moon fed by african river.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Selam Serray,
      I agree with you on the rest of the “ifs” but I am not sure of the following: “…When Egypt helped launch the Eritrean struggle.” I am sure you understand its implication. I felt it implies a different narration–there are some vocal anti-Eritrean struggle elements who claim that the Eritrean struggle is a toy made by the Egyptians. If I misread it, I stand corrected.

      Nasser’s Egypt hosted many African and other anti-colonial organizations, including South African, as Museveni indicated. But we cannot say Egypt helped launch the South African struggle. In my view, the right way to describe it would be, ‘Egypt helped the South African struggle’, not helped in launching it–a statement that would not be true. The same applies to the Eritrean struggle which is purely a homegrown struggle. Of course many countries sympathized with the Eritreans at different times, and Egypt was at the forefront when it hosted Weldaeb Weldemariam and Ibrahim Sultan. Initially several Arab countries followed suit, (at different levels) Somalia was among the first, then China and Cuba followed, and finally Scandinavian countries, and the rest is history…. that is the narration that I know–just in case.

      • Serray

        Selamat Saleh,

        Without nasser’s help (and clout) the struggle would have taken a lot longer to strengthen and launch effective resistance. Case in point, the ethiopian based opposition. Think how long it has taken them to launch a meaningful challenge to the regime…14 years and counting. For what ever reason they did it, sudan and egypt played crucial roles in helping launch the eritrean struggle.

        The other point I was trying to make was, haile slasie or dergi, if not for nothing else, they should have considered building dams and irrigation projects to spite the egyptians and the sudanese. But I see the contradiction in my statement; how can a king who annexes a country he just arm twisted to get a federation vote, can have the capacity to evaluate, or see the tremendous potential of a river that feeds a country bigger than his.

        There is a sweet irony that the first leader to fully appreciate the value of the nile also happened to appreciate the rational behind eritrea’s independence.

    • hizbawi

      Hmmmm. If the Egyptians had acted to eradicate the Eritrean struggle, the gedli will never materialize. This guy hates the gedli. What is amazing is he runs out of Eritrea with Ethiopian Passport to save his life then he hates people who gave everything for what they believe, the gedli? Sure Gedli is for people who will die happily because everyone dies–and there is a different between my deathbed and serray’s. Here you have why Serray is a staunch supporter of YG.

      • Serray

        Selam hizbawi,

        Not never materialize, but would have taken a lot longer. No, I don’t hate ghedli; I just hate what it turned the leaders and their lackeys into. But I have to tell you, looking at what your comrades have done with eritrea and eritreans, I feel twice as sad for those who gave their lives to bring it into existence; one of them happened to be my brother. Now I have two brothers in slavery and countless nephews and nieces in slavery, hiding or running. The pragmatic in me can’t help but wonder what happen to the people in power in medda to be so cold hearted pricks. Is that wrong?

        • TsTe

          Serray, BRAVO!! I couldn’t say it better. No one hates ghedli, but the outcome is so bad that you realize that reality is so much different than the legend. Idealizing it is not going to help us and besides something was wrong with that movement if so many MONSTERS came out of it. The truth is coming out slowly, what really happened in mieda to some many genuine, nationalistic youngsters..History will tell. We don’t hate ghedli, but some of features of this organization need to be seriously analyzed.

  • Bystander

    So if there is a war, Ethiopians will not choose to sacrifice themselves for Weyane.

    • Kaddis

      Thats what Isu thought in 1998 and learnt the fact in a deadly way

      • Elihude

        And your coward leader had to turn on against ethnic Eritrean civilians who were living in Ethiopia!

      • Senait

        I agree Kaddis. In 1998 the “tissue papers” soldiers were saying same. “Ethiopians will never support Weyane” “Shabia will be in Mekele in 2 days”

  • Bystander

    Egypt would eat Weyane for lunch.

    Because Weyane is supported and armed by America, it confuses America’s power for its own power. Otherwise, Weyane is weak.

    Plus, keep in mind, Weyane doesn’t have the Ethiopian people’s support. It is a very unpopular government. It is tough to wage a war without public opinion on your side.

    In theory, most Ethiopians may support taking advantage of the Blue Nile to grow their economy, but they don’t support doing it while Ethiopia is being led by Weyane. They would rather wait for a post-Weyane government.

    • Araya

      I disagree; The Ethiopians are more battle hardened than the Egyptians. Mano to Mano, Ethiopia will give a bloody nose to Egypt. Although, Egyptians are well armed than the Ethiopians; the question is which side does the USA take? I bet you they will take Egypt side just to protect Israel. then Israel will side with Ethiopia just to throw the monkey rench.

    • Solomon

      Like Isuzu when he said in 1998 that our yikealo will have breakfast in Mekelle and lunch in Addis. Halai higdefait.

    • abel

      I think you guys are daydreaming about the Weyane inside Eritrea just like the Eritrean made philosophy of Greater Tigray.
      Ethiopians doesn’t support weyane,blu,blu,blu Again?
      Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice,it is shame on me.
      I guess this famous logic doesn’t work well with Eritreans HGDEF and its dogs.

  • Araya

    It is a very nice read and very informative. But why do you care what happens between Ethiopia and Egypt? you are Eritrean!
    As far as I am concern, let them eat each other to no one is left standing. Although, Egypt is too weak to attack Ethiopia and Ethiopia is too scaredy-cat to protect what hers. So, all is nothing but talk.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Thanks Araya,
      Don’t you think any instability in the region will pull us in and we will suffer the consequences just because we are in the same neighberhood? Specially when the governments of the region would not hesitate to use proxy wars? That is why I am interested, because the poor Eritreans will be burned by it.

      • Araya

        SG, do you think we get worst from what we have dealt already? I know what you mean the entropy that will ensue if the two over populated countries go at it but what has happened to us, Eritreans over the last 15 years cannot be worst. We lost entire generation.

      • L.T

        We can watch their war game in the screen just like footbool between South Africa and Ethiopian did 1-2 cup final.

      • zamu

        Saleh Gadi said:

        Don’t you think any instability in the region will pull us in and we will suffer the consequences just because we are in the same neighberhood? Specially when the governments of the region would not hesitate to use proxy wars? That is why I am interested, because the poor Eritreans will be burned by it.

        So, it must hurt Eritrea for you to object something? I thought of you bigger than that!

        • Saleh Gadi

          Dear, if you are in the selective reading, the article is not for you. But if you are willing to consider you might be wrong, I will try. 1) I clearly stated why war over the Nile is a bad idea. 2) I explained my view on how the countries of the region are stakeholders. 3) I stated how politicians think and how they are exploiting the manufactured crisis, and 4) I warned of the crazy among us who are disciples of Netselay habuni… always sniffing a fight and if they can’t find any, stir one. What is wrong in seeing the crisis from an Eritrean perspective and explaining that angle like I did with the other countries? My friend, I am Eritrean, and it’s Eritrea that got me into writing about the issue in the first place. Do you want me to forget I am Eritrean, or talk about other countries and not Eritrea? After reading the article, if that is what you got out of it, the problem is in you, don’t look elsewhere. Please do not invent outrage like you just did. Cool down man. If anything hurts Eritrea, I will always write, like I have been doing for years. Teredadi’na 🙂

          • zamu

            Dear Saleh Gadi,
            You explained it well now. But I felt in your reply to Araya, you did not address it that well enough. Apart from that, I like your article and thank you for nourishing my thoughts for free.