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مجلس إبراهيم مختار* نحو سلام عادل ومستدام * العهد الإرتري

النسخة الإنجليزية        والضباط العسكريون    والعامة  الإقليمية قائمة موظفي الخدمة المدنية   مجلس إبراهيم مختار  العهد الإرتري  نحو سلام عادل ومستدام (1)  إحياء العهد الإرتري : إننا ، معدو هذه الوثيقة، نمثل مجموعة متنوعة من الإرتريين المشغولين بقضايا المجتمع ، ينتمي أفرادها إلى مختلف مشارب الحياة، من داخل إرتريا ومن …

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ELF-RC: Poised for Another Round of Persecution?

By Menhot Woldemariam Nov 6, 2002, 11:27 PST During the past 20 years, the ELF-RC has been subjected to a number of persecutions in the hands of the Sudanese and Ethiopian authorities, always with the support of Eritrean political actors ganging up against that organization. Nowadays, the same ELF-RC appears …

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A Historical Peaceful Demonstration In San Francisco Ended With Success

A History was made in the City of San Francisco on Saturday June 1, 2002.  The Alliance Forces, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front Democratic Party (EPLF-DP), Eritrean Independent Democratic Movement (EIDM), Eritrean Human Rights Advocate Group (EHRAG), and many concerned Eritreans flocked to the heart of the City to express their rights …

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LETTER TO PRESIDENT ISAIAS From Eritrean Professionals And Academics We, the undersigned, Eritrean academics and professionals, concerned with the predicament facing our country, have agreed to meet in order to make a sober appraisal of our country’s current problems and to suggest appropriate solutions. Fully cognizant of your role in …

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Post-War Survival

This article was contributed on the launching day of by Beverly Frogge, a friend from the days of Dehai. Years ago, after the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities became rubble, as were the lives of those that survived the initial blast that in minutes transformed …

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