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Amanuel Hidrat

Amanuel Hidrat, is a political activist and a passionate writer in the current struggle against the Eritrean regime. His extensive writings are focused on constitution and constitutionalism, constitutional process, nature of governments, and grievances of the social groups. His articles can be found “Tebeges”, a rich column at awae.com that archives over 150 articles. He has been writing at Ntsebraq in Tigrinya since 1998, and in English awate.com since 2000. Through his writings, , he promotes "multicultural liberalism" and "multicultural constitutionalism" that provides a fair share to social groups in the decision making process of governance. Amanuel believes it’s not individuals, but ”our social groups”, that should be the building blocks of the Eritrean nation state. Amanuel studied “Industrial chemistry" at the Poly-technical Institute in Ethiopia, and "Clinical Pharmacy" at St John's University in the US.

National Conference Revisited: An open letter to PCNC

  Dear compatriots: [This is an open letter from an independent perceptive observer to the preparatory committee of National Conference (PCNC) that will convene on February 15, 2010] You are convening at time our nation and its people are devastated by the rogue regime in Asmara. The whole livelihood of …

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Nature Abhors Vacuum: Understanding Nature of Competing Values Part-III

“We have got to take back the ideal of justice; we have got to take back the principles of human dignity…we have got to say, look we are all in this together.”  (David Kaczynski)                                                        To foster cross-cultural success in modern Eritrea, both political and civic organizational institutions must promote empathy …

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Nature Abhors A Vacuum: Searching Pillars For Bridging (Part 1)

“Each generation of Eritrean can’t escape but tackle the Muslim/Christian, Lowland/Highland synergy, which boils down to identity politics and diversity, as it is and because it is existential question….mortality and perpetuity of Eritrean depends on it.”  [Ghezae H. Berhe]   In politics, conscious belief is the ignition that gets you …

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Color Blindness: The Bubbles Of Political Gimmicks

“The key to wisdom is constant and frequent questioning, for by   doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.”  (Peter Abelard a French Philosopher) Crystal ball is still cloudy It was Macbeth who spoke wearily of life as “a tale told by an idiot, …

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Learn and Practice Equitable Co-Existence

“In this postmodern world, cultural conflicts are becoming more dangerous than at any time in history. A new model of co-existence is needed, based on man’s transcending himself.” Vaclav Havel (pres. of Czech Rep.)          I am provoked to write this article by the Awate team; provoked in a sense …

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No Biases No Bulls: The Ideology of Equality and Justice

“Justice is conscience, not personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of justice.”  Alexander Solzhenitsyn    Grievances and Resentment at its peak   The purpose of this essay is to emphasize that …

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