About Amanuel Hidrat

Amanuel Hidrat, is a political activist and a passionate writer in the current struggle against the Eritrean regime. His extensive writings are focused on constitution and constitutionalism, constitutional process, nature of governments, and grievances of the social groups. His articles can be found “Tebeges”, a rich column at that archives over 150 articles. He has been writing at Ntsebraq in Tigrinya since 1998, and in English since 2000. Through his writings, , he promotes "multicultural liberalism" and "multicultural constitutionalism" that provides a fair share to social groups in the decision making process of governance. Amanuel believes it’s not individuals, but ”our social groups”, that should be the building blocks of the Eritrean nation state. Amanuel studied “Industrial chemistry" at the Poly-technical Institute in Ethiopia, and "Clinical Pharmacy" at St John's University in the US.

Unity And Trust: The Deferred Gratifications

Prelude Recently, my attention was pulled by a compelling attraction, a subject called “political psychology” – a new branch of

Leadership And The Geopolitics Of The Horn (Part-II)

Our struggle, instead belting with reassuring chorus to the weight, is indeed ram-shackled and directed into all wrong targets as

The Son Of Africa And His Humble Moral Choices

Prime Minister Zenawi has passed away on August 20, 2012, he was 57 and his life’s lamp went out untimely

A Glimmer of Hope: Review Of EYSC’s Conference

In an upscale roar, our youth (EYC-EYSC) made a three-days event that went to history books. The demonstration that called

Reshaping History: The Role Of Wild Cards

In his book, “Out of the Blue: How to Anticipate Big Future Surprises”, John Paterson defined wildcards as low probability

HardTalk: Straying From Their Fathers’ Way (Part-IV)

For over ten years, we have been defending the rights of our minorities by deflecting all kinds of bashing, putting

The Predictable Pathway And Its Difficulties

As one who adores sciences more than anything, I never knew my life needs a new political uptake. But now

Don’t Challenge Me: Lessons From The Virtual World

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs out there. Certainly, it is a real challenge to pass on knowledge. You

The Vision Of Hawassa Isn’t An Echo Of The Past

Eritreans from diverse political background converged from five continents to Addis – a transit to Hawassa, the capital city of

EGS On The Verge: Seeking Civic Identity & Stature

It was not a surprise that at one point the Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) will not survive with its undemocratic

Hard Talk Real Fear: ‘Tyranny of Majority’ (Part-III)

It has been almost two decades since I observed the distinguishing characteristics of our diverse socio-cultural groups, and the seemingly

Hard Talk: Internal Conflict & Unvarnished Truth (Part-II)

As we plunge into another political season, it is essential for me to gather my picks to challenge the group

Hard Talk: Internal Conflict & Unvarnished Truth (Part-II)

As we plunge into another political season, it is essential for me to gather my picks to challenge the group

CDRiE’s Squelching Retreat From Engagement

If there is poster organization for the “boycotting behavior” that plagues the opposition camp, it is the ELF-RC, lately known

Hard Talk: The Turbulence Of Eritrean Unity (Part-I)

It is a cast loaded with all the discordant seeds, and it is a textbook example of what I always

Eritrean History: A Transaction Of Bad Politics (Part-II)

“Take the thread and follow it,” the wisdom of our adage reminds us; and here I will try to give

EDA Outsourced Power To The People, EPDP Opted-Out

George Bernard Shaw is quoted as having said “liberty means responsibility, and that is why most men dread of it.”

Education: Isn’t It The Equalizer Of Justice?

“There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of

National Conference: Fertilizing Wisdom Of Our Two Giants

“Those who came with pure hearts, with malice towards none, with feelings of fellowship and eventual harmony, changed the mood.”

Boycotting The Eritrean Dream: For What Purpose?

Hardly surprising, since the reality of National Conference of Eritreans, for long, has been one of failed expectations and mounting