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2020-Eritrean Prisoneres’ List

Read the entire list in PDF format here:  Eritrean prisoners’ list: 2020 On 17 July 1991, barely seven weeks after liberation day, state security arrested Mohammed Maranet and took him to an undisclosed location, not to be heard from again. Thus began the plight of one family in Keren for which …

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Eritrean Graffiti – A Tale of Life Under Tyranny

This article by Ahmed Raji “Events Monitor’ was originally published on on September 6, 2003..  I look in the mirror and see a bunch of gray hair emerging – uninvited. A few months later it takes the form of a full-scale invasion. I am rather taken aback, for, even …

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They Spoke Truth To Power

There is no dearth of honest, courageous individuals who, at various stages of the evolution of Eritrea’s current dictatorship, spoke out and stood up to injustice. General Bitweded, whose historic 1997 speech exposed PFDJ’s brutal rule; Seid Ali Hijay (Wed Ali), and his colleagues, who paid the ultimate price in …

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The National Council And EDA’s Fate

Well before the National Congress for Democratic Change convened in November 2011, questions were being asked about the future of one of its key constituents—the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA). Would it continue as it was? Would it change to accommodate the new political and organizational reality that was to emerge …

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