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ጸላኢኻ ይሙት ኣቦና ኣባይካ

ጸላኢኻ ይሙት ኩቡር ኣቦና ኣባይካ መልእኽትኻ ኣብጺሕካ በጃና ዄንካ ኬድካ እምባኣር ሕጅስ ካን ሓሊፍካ ላላእ ኣይሞትካን ኣቦና ላላእ ኣባይካ ላላእ ኣይሞትካን ኣቦና ላላእ ኣባይካ ዝሞትናስ ንሕናዳኣ ንስኻስ ኣለኻ ቀኒዕካ ድንን ከይበልካ ምስ ክብረትካ ነቢርካ ምስ ሃይባኻ ምስ ሸረፍካ ከም ኣመልካ ባዓል ግርማወ ኤህ ዳአ ወይሉኡ ዝደፈረካ ኣሊኻ ኣሪምካ ኣናቢኻ ሓብሒብካ …

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نم يا موسى قرير العين لا تقلـق

يا بطل, مثلك لا يموت أبداً بل أنت حيٌّ يرزق فمثلك  يا موسى لا يدفن ولا يقبر و لا يُحرق بل يظل اسمه خالداً يردد في الآفاق ولا يَخلَق إي و ربِّ , أليس الشهيد حيُ عند ربه يرزق؟ *** يا قائد الشعب بالله عليك نم قرير العين لا تقلق …

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The Rebirth of a Nation

Hats off! Hajji Mussa, no worries no trepidation Four months have elapsed since your revolution Or was it a hundred and twenty days of incarceration Whichever is right but I do beg some clarification *** You resisted injustice well since your very inception Ever since your indomitable soul knew no …

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Two Heroes, Same Gene, Same Strain

Awate the initiator, Awate the continuation, congratulation! Awate, the man who gave birth to a nation Awate, the website which inspired the population Awate, two heroes, the same gene, the same strain Awate, the Founder shot first from his old “Brein” Awate, on the web roared like a lion once …

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Verses on ‘Politics’ and on a Year Gone By Some graciously wished out of kindness and solidarity Had I contributed materials more often with regularity And not sparsely as is the case now claiming with sincerity “A situation which is depriving them the joy and felicity” From reading what they …

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Winter Blues And Another Year In Transition

A Prologue to Winter Blues And Another Year In Transition A friend called me up seeking for help looking for a bit of information But despite the focusing and the serious concentration Nowadays, however, without concealment or beautification My memory, ailing as it is was not helpful and flashing in …

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