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Apologies And Appeal

Dear Awate friends and supporters,

First, our apologies for the service interruption during the weekend. This is the first time since its launching that has been offline for such a long time; it was very frustrating to us as it is to you. Our apologies again because we failed to prevent such an interruption, though it is beyond our control.

Over the last few days we received so many calls and messages from friends of who asked why the website was offline. As usual, many thought and speculated that the website has been hacked. Please be assured that is was neither hacked nor its security breached. Thanks to a volunteer helping hand behind the scenes, the website is doing fine as far as security is concerned. In short, the problem was financial, we didn’t pay the bills and the hosting company pulled the plug on the server. And once we managed to pay (this time thanks to two friends from Houston, Texas, who helped), a few hours were needed before the server was powered on. Hopefully that problem will not visit us again.

Over the years, we have shyly solicited your help, and a few people repeatedly came to the rescue. However, its always distressing to know that, compared to the number of regular visitors of, those who reach for their pockets (some of them very generous) are extremely few. Unfortunately, the rest has not been helping in bearing the cost of the operations.

Understandably, if every friend, colleague, and reader contributed just $10 every month, the website wouldn’t be in such dire financial straits, we would have been able to execute our long-held plans. The Awate team urges all of you to look into that shortcoming and try to do your part–please provide your support.

Last year we solicited your help to raise $12,000 to cover our major requirements for the year. Though the contributions started in a promising manner, it fell very short of the targeted amount. Unfortunately, what was contributed was spent on operational expenses and some development work that has yet to see the light of the day—of course, it is now in the hands of a volunteer IT and design professional though the project has taken frustratingly longer time than we ever expected. We are now anticipating patiently and hoping the task will be finished anytime, as we repeatedly promised, and as our colleague has promised.

Please also note that our yearly estimated budget remains the same as last year, and now in January 2017, we are still expecting to raise a minimum of $12,000 for the year.
We will also like to inform you that our volunteer IT professional has finished a new payment system which was tested many months ago, but due to some logistical reasons, it is still parked on the server. We hope it will be activated anytime.

We would also like to inform you that we will publish our comprehensive “2016 Activity Report” as soon as we submit our tax returns for the year. In the meantime, we will try to finalize the “ Joshua Version”, the theme and system development project, which has been underway for many months. We hope to launch it anytime soon.

In the meantime, we appeal to all of you to come up with suggestions for a successful fundraising, and help the Awate Team as much as you can in campaigning among your circle of friends and colleagues. We have appealed to you, and still appealing, to our friends and supporters to form localized support groups in different localities. One such group was formed in Toronto, Canada, and had its first meeting in September 2016–it is planning for another campaign to start soon. So far, there is a core support group in Dallas, as well as in Orange County, and in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are appealing to our friends in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Australia, the Gulf states, and other countries, to follow suit. This time, we promise we will not be, neither subtle nor shy, about soliciting your support simply because, financially, we are not able anymore to fund our operation the way we did over the last decade and half. However, we promise to continue investing the huge time needed to run our activities–with your generous support, the workload will be bearable.


Your support donation can be facilitated through the following means:

1. Credit and Debit Cards
Click the orange colored “Support” icon and it will take you to the support page. All payments are processed through Paypal. Your support will appear on your bank statement as “Paypal*”.

2. Bank Trasnsfer:Account Name:
Bank: Bank Of America,
Acct #: 29570 76732

3. E-mail contact: write us on the following e-mail:
Please contribute as generously as you can.

5 Donate now?
Make e-mail transfer to

We appreciate your generosity, thank you.

NB: we would appreciate constructive comments from all of you concerning this appeal

About Awate Team

The PENCIL is's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

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  • Amde

    Hello Awate,

    Paypal not working? Have been trying repeatedly.


    • Hello Amde,

      Sorry for the hiccup.

      We tried both links and they seem to be working fine. Though glitches are rare, they happen but last only for a short time.

      We have two payments:

      The upper icon takes you to Paypal payment system and here is the link:

      The second (lower icon) is processed through Stripe ( a secured https link). You have to select the payment type of your choice on the bottom (Card or Paypal), Here is the link for that:

      Thank you

  • tes

    Dear Awate Foundation,

    I promised to donnate 50 euros. Still I owe you that. Plus, I will contribute 120 euros for 2017. Just waiting my wallet ready to send them. 170 Euros. Anytime and as soon as possible.


  • saay7

    Dear Awatistas:

    What you need is a challenge and I am here to provide it. You need motivation; you need a reason and here it is:

    When awate raises $1,000 I will post a picture of me with t-shirt that says “I was wrong: federalism is a decentralized unitarity state.”

    When awate raises $2,000 I will post a picture with a t-shirt that says “federalism is whatever Amanuel Hidrat says it is.”

    When awate raises $3,000, then I will not watch the new interview of Isaias Afwerki. And without watching it I will write an entire article predicting exactly what he said. (Hint: he is consultant-in-chief and pretends he is opposition leader)

    When Awate reaches $4,000, then I will watch the entire interview no matter how many hours it is and faithfully summarize what he said*

    When awate reaches $5,000 in donations, then I will interview whomever you want me to interview (who is willing to be interviewed)

    If awate reaches $12,000 in donations, I will, Stephen Colbert style, adopt some persona and write for a whole year using that persona.
    The persona may be a typical PFDJ or a weyanista: that will be it.

    It all starts now.


    * some very serious organization cited my “Isaias Shrugged and the Eritrean People Sighed” I read it and it’s pretty good. If I may so and I just did.

    • GitSAtSE

      Sekamat SaliH,

      you know what that sounds like flight of the bumble bees
      return of the yellow jackets
      filling the Qofo nHbi.

      • GitSAtSE

        Selamat Saleh,

        1) A Tribe Call Quest.

        • saay7


          It took you to moves to connect the dots. I picked some choice lyrics that should be familiar to Bay Areans

          Brothers living in a fishbowl
          Gentrified here, now it’s not a $hihole

          Donate TsaTse. Keep this website up. To the east…

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Saay7,

            I THINK I wanted you to know that it took me to know that it took me two moves to, bravely I will say) took me two moves. I also saw the “fishbowl”. From “So, you think you can tell..”

            Yes it is time to donate.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello brother Saay,

      We need details: For example,

      1. If $2,000 is raised do you do #1 and #2 or just #2?
      2. If 100 people sign up for a $10/mo. for the current year commitment do you do #1 thru last or just # last?
      3. When is the deadline before the pot is emptied and counted?

      I am visualizing you already wearing a t-Shirt that says “I was wrong: federalism is a decentralized unitarity state” minus 5lbs. of your average weight.

      • saay7

        Hey His Fantiness:

        This is a logarithmic scale. And the due date is January 31 2017.

        With the exception of the last entry which is why I said “if” whereas for all the rest I said “when.”

        Also, I completely made up all this up because I didn’t think it through. So, what would you like it to be?


        • Fanti Ghana

          Selamat Saay,

          It was tempting, but I don’t have the heart to burden you with all that interview, summary, impression, and a T-shirt. We need you, so we will allow you to pick just one.

          I will even do you a semi-favor. Should Awate reach $12000.00 and you end up impersonating a PFDJista or a Weyanista, I will join you in the torture chamber and translate the whole interview into English.

  • A.Osman

    Dear Awate Team,

    Sorry that the burden has always been on few and I have not been a regular contributor. I will pay the annual subscription, moving on. That is the least I can do.


  • Dear Awate Team,

    As always, thank you for keeping the torch burning!

    You got a good point about the $10 per month (only $120 per year) appeal. Don’t be too shy about reminding people. Glad to say that I just donated my part. PayPal was quick and easy. I encourage others to do the same.

  • Brhan

    Merhaba Awate, Continue the good job and I am sure help will be coming!

    • Dear Brhan,
      Thank you for your support.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear awate,
    As you’re aware, by now, I do not live in North América nor Europe. I want to contribute but I do not know how. Crédito card is the only way for me. Let me know how to proceed….

    • Dear Dis Donc,

      Paypal (click button on the frontpage) is good enough for “Crédito card” 🙂
      Thank you in advance

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Awate,
        1. I use a non-English tablets and the key-pads are somewhat fixed. Hence the “Crédito.” It is unintentional and sorry about that.
        2. It is the first time I have ever used paypal; as I shied away from it always because I used to get spams relating to paypal accounts that I never had! I am disinclined in revealing to you who the source is, though. It seems, however, genuine enough with you. No?

        • jordan

          May I ask out of curiosity in what country you live in? It’s unusual to not live in Europe or North America but interesting.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Jordán,

            I work for an internacional company that has to maintain divisional office in Brasil, Argentina, and Chile. Per agreement I’m required to spend a minimum of 12 weeks/anum in each country. Our corporate office is in La Fontaine, but registred in Geneva. Ask Tes, why.

    • Amde

      Selam DisDonc

      It seems we need to butcher some more Spanish to have you visit us more often. 🙂 Hope 2017 is treating you well.


      • Dis Donc

        Dear Amde and et al,

        Life in a corporate world is usually challenging; especially when quarter earnings reports are about to be out. I have to keep my eyes skinned for irregularities, especially for legal matters. That is because the books can be corrected, within a regulated grace period. Moreover, I am still a chief design engineer. Finally, I still provide community services. Through it all though, I still read: these days I only read your writings. Sadly, however, Eritrean polítics is evolving like Aster Aweke’s musics. The origins of it has good beginnings but now all too lofty and chatarra (the Amháric Qira Qimbo as I’m not sure the English translación)! The only good thing from it is awate site! Simply, immense!!!

        I’ve read your back-and-forth with Simón Kale-Ab. I must say, I was offended by that. Simply because I grew up in Ethio. The culture that was belittled was mine, as well. There was a biggest joke in a town where I grew-up as I was known as Gudi-fetcha. That was because when the Oromo came to town to trade they stayed in our house; rested, ate, kept their staff. Plus, I spoke Oromiffa as a native. Anyway, I commend you for backing away! Well done for that! There is no point in talking to anyone who thinks that he is better than you. Or has a better culture, language, etc. Will write more when time permits….

        • Amde

          Selam DisDonc,

          Ah sir.. you are an Engineer’s dream… a technical guy at the top levels. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to meet you in person. What an inspiration.

          Spot on about Eritrean politics and Awate.

          Thank you for the kind words re Simon. I was genuinely interested in what he had to say. He perhaps thought I was being belligerent. In any case, it would have been a futile exercise to go down that rabbit hole.

          A dios Guddifetcha :-). But hopefully not too many dios. :-).


  • Peace!

    Selam Awate,

    Totally understandable! I hope generous people will come forward and help to continue its indispensable role in the struggle for justice, and at the same time, no reason to be too picky as every penny counts.


    • Thanks Peace,
      A little help will go a long way.
      Thanks again