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Eritrean People: 20 Years of Indignity – A Series

The unelected regime of Isaias Afwerki has been in power since 1991.   Over the years, Isaias Afwerki may have changed his title from Secretary General to President; the ruling party may have changed its name from Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) to People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ); the government may have changed its name from Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE) to Government of Eritrea (GoE), but throughout, one thing has remained a constant: the state of Eritrean people has gone from bad to worse.  It has now gotten to its absolute nadir, where a state of indignity  for the people–with no rights for the people, and absolute power for the regime–is considered the accepted norm.

Between now and May 24th, awate.com will run a series entitled “Eritrean People: 20 Years of Indignity. ”  The title is no coincidence–it is to show that the theme which the state propaganda media chose for May 24, 1991, the “Eritrea: 20 years of dignity” is a total farce, unsurprising for a government-owned media whose sole task is to tell falsehoods and outright lies.  It is to show that their focus is on some abstract conception called “Eritrea” whereas our focus is on the Eritrean people.

The Isaias Afwerki regime expects  its diaspora organs including Eastafro, alenalki, and other instruments of authoritarianism to embellish and propagate its meager “achievements” and whitewash its monumental failures.  Even more amusing, there are also pathetic “me-too” websites and “organizations” who are looking for an admission ticket to the freak show and  they will attempt to do loud, but ultimately futile, hand-raising to get the attention of the headmaster crying, “sir, sir, I too can be a classroom monitor! Just hand me the stick!”

In contrast, we will be using facts and figures, using credible sources to make our case.  Along with our sister websites assenna.com and asmarino.com and other advocates of freedom; along with freedom banners at facebook and Paltalk; along with brave Eritrean human rights advocates, we will continue highlighting the 20 years of indignity that the Eritrean people have been suffering.

The fight for Eritrean freedom requires absolute moral clarity and the time for “on-the-one-hand” and “on-the-other-hand” sophistry and accommodation is long gone.

Stay tuned!


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  • dignity ! is a nice word i would like to apologive for my spelling error for this coment… but hope you who are reading this understand… as an eritrean myself would like to ask a question what is wrong with eri ppl? am talking about eritrean youth in western countries… after all the suffering each of as going throuth in eritrea and the difficalt travel to freedom still support the same gov. we fled from? are we realy happy with what is happening in our home land? or scared off the Issayas cells hear ? if it is the latter reason let me tell you… nothing will be worst than your brothers and sisters daying in desertes and seas and your mothers and loved ones in prisones! please please please open your heart ‘inspite of what the opposition say about eritrea’ WHAT IS REALY GOING ON IN ERITREA! am surre you see that eritreans are not even owne there owne life! can’t you see how much freedom you got hear ? don’t you think your people deserve a fraction of it ? like freedom of movement insted of ending in sinai or be a fish deaner in mediteranian ? did you realy think 5.1 million eritreans fate will be crashed if one man “afewerki” is gone? i do’t think so! eritrean mothers give birth to hunderdes every day who love’s so much there country God or Allah bless our mothers! don’t be fulled by last senturious propeganda! am surre there will come good times with out “shaebia” than you ever imagin !!!