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The Staff of Moses

This is rough transcription of Negarit 98 published on YouTube this morning…

The senior police (Police Abbay)

After WW2, the British Administration left Eritrea a sufficiently trained police force known as field forces. Their training and mandate were limited to civil criminal offenses and enforcing rule of law in the country. They didn’t train them to pursue political rebellion, and as such, when the Eritreans Revolution started in 1961, they were ill prepared to deal with it.

Due process of the law and the general civil and criminal laws was by far superior compared to what Eritrea has been going through since then. But the gradual dissolution of the field force, popularly known as the Senior police Force ushered the country in a military rule. That military rule that continues in one way or another to this day, thirty years after “liberation.” Ironically, in the early sixties some semblance of rule of law continued to exist in the country; even rebels caught in battles had their day in court where they appointed lawyers and argued their case–there were several known Eritrean lawyers, for instance Ato Tzeggai Iyassu and Ato Mewael Mebrahtu, who challenged the courts in defense of their clients that the Ethiopian army caught in battles, or in acts clearly aiming at liberating their country from the grip of Haile Selassie’s occupation.

Later, the occupation army slowly spread its control all over the country and sidelined the senior police. In their place, the occupiers set up rapid deployment commando units and set up large garrisons manned by the Ethiopian troops.

The senior police, recruited from within the community, had a sole assignment of enforcing the civil and criminal laws. So connected with the communities, they passed military intelligence to the rebels of the Eritrean revolution and carried messages of the political prisoners to their relatives. They would alert the relatives to wait on the street on a given day when the prisoners appointment with the court, and they will meet with them on the way. However, when the occupation became unbearable, the senior police joined the rebellion with catches of arms they took along from the police stations.

The police were unarmed but carried batons, just in case

Ambess the dog

I grew up  in neighborhood where a dog named Ambess made my life unbearable. He hated me so much that I had to avoid playing in the alley because Ambess lived there and controlled it like his individual property. When the rest of the children moved around freely; the mean dog, Ambess, restricted my freedom.

Once a friend encouraged me to pet Ambess, to approach him calmy and befriend him! It was a difficult feat. My friend kept nagging me to try and finally he convinced me to give the dog some food, meat for example! Okay, that was not difficult. I spend my allowance and bought a piece of meat and ventured into Ambess’ alley. The moment he saw me, he stood on his paws growling and all his teeth showing. The friend encouraged me to continue walking calmly; then I dropped the meat in front of Ambess. He started to eat the meat and I decided to try petting him, rubbing his back with one finger at a time until I rubbed his back with my hand. Everything seemed to be going well until he finished eating the piece of meat. Then he wore his mean face again and was about to jump me. I turned back and run as fast as I could; my attempt to befriend Ambess failed miserably.

My great uncle who was aware of my problem scolded me for being a coward.

What should I do?

Dogs do not like cowards, show him some courage and he will respect you. “Al Assaya Kherejet mn Aljena’ he told me.

That is an Arabic saying—the stick descended from heaven, which means it’s blessed.

The courage thing… I thought about it for a couple of days and finally took the advice. ‘The drama should end,’ I decided. And armed with a stick hidden behind my back, I walked to Ambess’ alley and walked straight towards him. He stood up, and as usual, he growled and walked towards me. But that day I was determined, no more humiliation. And the moment he came closer, I held the stick high in the air and landed it on his back. He wailed in pain and run towards his house. Excited, I chased him until he was out of the alley. I liberated the alley and returned home proudly.

Ambess’ owner was a good friend and if I had told him the story, he wouldn’t have taken it lightly. But he kept wandering when I started to visit his house often, without worrying about Ambess as I did before. The entire household was wondering but I had a secrete to keep.

So, that stick that descended from heaven was helpful; and I see a few Eritreans contemplating using the stick to regain their freedom and reclaim their country from the tyrant whom the Derraz aids.

Derraz, The Possessed

In voodoo witchcraft, when someone want to control a person, the voodoo doctors tell the client to bring a rooster. They read some codes over it, then they smoke it with incense and other superstitious fumes and pour strange liquids over it. The client is supposed to carry the rooster and meet the person he wants to control. Once he does, he somehow rubs the rooster on the body of the victim. It’s believed that from there on, the victim will be under the control of the client.

Mostly, the witchcraft swindlers market such services to men and women trying to control their spouses or lovers. Our society despises anyone perceived to be weak and they call such people Derraz, rubbed or Possessed. It’s a very shameful insult reserved for weaklings and persons who do not realize they are free—they can’t live outside the control of others, be it individuals or entities. In our case, the PFDJ regime controls our Derraz and they justify its aggression and curtailing the civil liberties of a “free people”! They instruct them to hail Abiy and they will repeat “Abiy, Abiy, Abiy.” And if tomorrow they their cult tells then the cult leader is at odds with someone, they will amplify the cult leader’s fury. They take orders and overpass the function of the brain.

The Staff of Moses,

Moses had a wonderful stick that confused the pharaoh when he turned it into a snake. He further used it to part the red sea and escape with his people to the other side of the shore. As most people know, The Staff of Moses, or stick, did marvelous jobs. However, I can see its applicability in our region is a risky business. Once conflict is ignited, putting it off will be a big challenge. That is why I hope some wise and brave people will bring about the overdue change with little cost and save the region another fire spot.

The situation is becoming more volatile by the day. And oppressed people will not take it indefinitely. Someday, someone will snap and start the fire. But them, the whole country will be at risk given the situation in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Yemen–all three bordering Eritrea.

Double Awate Day

On September 1 we will have a double commemoration: Sep 1, 1961, the day Hamid Idris Awate ignited the Eritrea armed struggle, and the day we launched on Sept. 1, 2000.

Happy Awate Day

About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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      And my final and exiting contribution is for the name sake that is Awate. I pity you more than anything Eritrea. You can keep this message here or delete I could care less. There is not much more than you can do but cause more damage to Eritrea but I am confident your evil ways will be stopped by the courageous people of Eritrea and all that you have done I guarantee you will be exposed and passed on to generations of Eritreans so as to have the correct account what has transpired in our era. SJG = IA and IA = SJG

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    It is a holiday still isn’t it? Holidays need not be a fiesta sometimes. This was and still is la problem, so let me get it before it is the 2nd of September … remember remember


  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    እንኳዕ ኣይረአኻዮ
    ባሕቲ መስከረም ኢልካ
    ሰውራ ዝጀመርካዮ
    በቲ ስውር ፓርቲ ናይ ዋህዮ

    ንስኻን ከማኻን
    ኤረትራ መስሪትኩም
    ግን ሃገርካ
    ከምዝሓሰብካዮ ኣይኮነትን
    ብድሕሬኻን ብጾትካን

    ሰብ ስዉራት ፓርቲ
    ጨውዮሞ ሕልማ
    ክመሻጠሩ ጀሚሮም
    ምስ በዓል ለማ
    ዓቢ-ዓርጌን መራሒኦም
    ናብ እስጦብያ ክድርግማ

  • Selamat,

    Well when I was ending the side track to my memories of TurrAA, Kerfes, ZuraAA, traveles beyond Teseney and more… the attitude check Inda police… and their control levers…
    So if it appears below and you read get to read it, you will see I was just ending my numerous side tracks.. hey there were a lot of sharEs. My father’s livelihood in Haikota, Teseney and all over Barka and Sahel. To this day my father’s family are present in Haikota. Yes my brother Awet is there now and others like my younger sister Meleyy because our roots with ZurAA and more.. My father a lifelong freedom fighter is now nearly 95 in the Egele HatSeen Egle Hamid where there is a lake..yes a Qelayy. All his life my dad the Rebel knew personally Hamid Idriss Awate. Find the elders of Barka AAbay and ask who is Tokhilo. Brhan’s poem and the mention of GerseTT were the causes of my side track with the Jirba and Hummer. You may get to read it if the attitude enda abboyy teAgess release it if not.. well you will get to read it one day… So back from the digressionssss which was TurAA.. and I will place a ) To quench my thirst I went downstairs and drove my Versa. And to my irritation, the mobile station on Main Street was unusually filled with cars. It is late and it was to crowded. I parked my car, opened the door and entered only to pass an unusual formation which I did not notice at first because, though I didn’t see it as to my advantage at first, I walked with the same Rebel attitude which is no attitude needed but a focused int the coolers for what I came to get and handle my business. I grabbed my iced shahi and turned back to pass the multitude of people lined up with their backs to the cashier counter and the see that was to block my passage both going into the and out of the passage was as the smooth shoeless sensation in the dry river tributary bed where the bigger boys ላዓቡ ኩራ ኣብ ቱሮዓ። ኣብታ ጊጥሚ ናይ ብራሃን wrote below. In and out of the Mobile station and I will save all that is in between of a nice story for and that ends with it is September 1 and the joy it brought the cashier…. September 1st…

    AmEritrean experiences but hopefully enda aboy TeAgess will release the Barka Abbay stories and you may enjoy reading it because non of it is fiction. I have a copy to insist and put it through the Disqus karsholi…

    On September 1st,


  • Brhan

    ተወለደ ዓዋተ
    ኣብ ገረሰት…መተሓተ
    ዝፈልጦም ቋንቋታት ዓሰርተ
    ቶካሳይ ጨሚቱ ዘይስሕተ
    ዓዃይ ጓሳ ኣማሓዳሪ ወዘተ

    እንታይ እሞ እንግሊዝ
    ንኢትዮጲያ እንዶ ትሕግዝ
    ኤርትራ ድማ መሰላ ይምዝመዝ

    ኢሂን ምሂን ተባሃለ ምስቲ ጅግና
    ኣወጀ ሰውራ ኣብ ዓድና
    11 ኣጉባዝ ሒዙ ወረደ እቲ ባና

    ሓደ መስከረም 1961
    ኣብ ጎቦ ኣዳል ቃልሲ ተገሃደ
    ጸላኢ ካብ ሻቡ እንድዩ ዝሰንብደ

    ዓዋተ ተሰወአ ግን ደቂ ወለደ
    ንናጽነት ዝተጋደሉ ኮይኖም ሓደ
    ሕጂ እውን ንውልቀ መላኺ ዝብሉ ዕደ

  • Haile S.

    Happy 20th anniversary,

    ርሑስ በዓል መዓልቲ ዓወተ

    ዓወተ.ኮም ዓዳሊት ወረ መኽፈልቲ
    በጻሕታ ብዙሓት እዮም ስመ-ቢስ ቱሪስቲ
    ከም ፓሪስ፡ ሎንድራ መዋዕሎ ኣንበብቲ
    ከኣርዩ ዝውዕሉ ፍልጠት ቀሰምቲ
    ከም በርሊን፡ ቬየና፡ መሕብኢት ሰለልቲ
    ንፓርቲኦም ዝቃለሱ ጎዳማት በላሕቲ
    ወረ ዘጻርዩ ብናቶም መኹባዕቲ

    ዓወተ ቤት-ጸሎት ኩሉ ዝሳለማ በብእምነቱ
    ኣዛናይ ኣላህ ውኣክበር ጎሮሮ ከፊቱ
    ክስታናይ ዝምጥምጥ ከንፈር ኣሕቢጡ
    ፊሎዞፈር ብሃላይ መጻሕፍቲ ገላቢጡ
    ህግደፍዊ በትሩ ስሒሉ ኣወጣዊጡ
    ፓትርያርካ ነጋሪት ዝሃርመላ ኣብ ገዝኡ ኣራጢጡ

    ዓወተ ማይ-ጨሎት ማራያም ደርዓንቶ
    ንኹሉ ከም ጸበል ተጥዕሞ ዘዝኸሸነቶ
    ንገሊኡ የርሕቆ መልኣኽ ከም ዝርኣየ ሰይጣን
    ንገሌና ኣህዲሙ ይመልሰና ከም ምቁር ዕጣን

    Awate ናይ እስላማውያን ተባሂላ
    ተወርዩ ጀሃዳዊት ክትእመን ዘይብላ
    ግና ኩሉ ኣዳህሊሉ ገጻታ ይገናጽላ
    ክፍት ኣቢሉ ዝርእያ ኣፍንጫኡ ዓብሊሉ
    ብወረ ‘ተዘይኮይኑ ዝጨነዎ ንዝይብሉ

    • ሰላማት ሃይለ፡

      ያ’ኸ ሓፍላ ካብ ዘይ ከይስድ፡ ን ዓወት ሓወይ ካብ ሃይኮታ ን ሳርቶ ኣብ ማአኸል ተሰአነይ፡ ኣቐዲመ አቲ መንገዲ ሓቢረ ኢየ። ገን አንዳ ኣቦኻ ሞ.ኣ. ዝበሃሉ ወዶም በዓል በትሪ። አወ ሓው ሙሳ። አንዳ ኣቦይ ተዓገስ ሞ.ኣ. ይፍንዋ ኢዮም ጽንሕ ኢሎም። ደይ ዲስካስ ኢዮም። ግን ኢቲ ሳርቶ፡ ዋላ ካብ ኣቑርዳት ሓንሳብ ሓንሳብ ካብ ከረን ዓለባታት ሒዞም ኢዮም ዝስርዑ ነበረ። ዓወት ሓዋይ፡ ዓልባ ካብ ቸልሲ ዳውን ታውን ካብ ኣፕ ታውን ክትወርድ ኮለኻ፡ ቸልሲ ሊነን ኣንድ ስትረድ ዲስትሪክት፡ ከመይ ዝኣመሰለ ዓለባ መሪጸ፡ መስፈይ በዞም ኣብ ዩ ኤስ ባንክ ኬድካ ኣብ ኣካውንቶም ብሽም “ዋጣ ፈረስ ጭራ ኢል ኢል” ሽም ካምፓኒኦም ዶላር የአቲየ፡ ንጽባሒቱ ባንኪ ተሰነይ፡ ትሕቲ አንዳ ሸል ንአግረመገዱ ናብ ሳርቶ ተቐቢልካ። አተን ኣቕዲመ ብ ኮንተይነር ዝላኣኽከወን፡ ዓቐነይ፡ ሰአሊ ተሳኢለ ነቲ ሳርቶ ብጽሑፍ ውን ሊኢኸ፡ ኢዚ ዝገበርኩ ቅድሚ ዓመትን መንፈቕን ኢዮ። አተን ልክዕ ዓቐነይ ሳርቶ ተሰነይ ዝሰፈየን ካብ ዝቕበለን ወርሒ ሓሊፉ ከምታ ልዕሊ ዓቐነይ ሓሊመ ዝትመነኽወን። ወረ ክኽደነን ክንደይ ወስ ውስ ኢለ። ግን ተዓጊሰ፡ መኽንያቱ አዘን ካብ ናብ ሩሑቕ ዝተመላለሳ፡ ካብ ጨርቂ፡ ወርቂ ዝመስላ ናይ ሓፍላ ክኽደነን፡ ዝተውሰነ ዳስን፡ መዓልትን ኔርወን።

      ተኸዲዲነልካ፡ ዳስ ዕስራ/ዕስራ ዓዋተ፡ ድሮ ባሕቲ መስከረም ኣቶኹልካ ሞ። ጭር ጭር ደምጺ ጨራሩ ብከርፈስ ዋል ብ ወንጭፍ ንማርኸን ዝነበርና ድምጺ፡ ኣርባዓን ኣርባዕተን ዕመታት ተመሊሰ፡ ተሰነይ ባርካ ዓባይ ብሓንጎለይ ኣብ ዕዱም ዘይብላ ዳስ፡ ሰዓታት ነብሰይ ኣዘናጊዐ። ደሮ አንት ዘይ ኮነ፡ ኣብ መዓላ የኸውን ዶ ኾን?

      ን ኽልተ ግጥሚ፡ ወይ ኣነ ዓሻ? ወረ ሓንቲ ግጥሚ ብርሃን ሚአትን ዓሰርተን አመሊሳ፡ ሓምሳን ትሽዓተን፡ ግጥሚ ሃይለ ኻኣ ዕስራ ዓመት፡ ጽም ጽም ዝበለት ዳስ ዕስራ/ዕስራ ዓዋተ፡ ሳርቶ ተሰነይ ዝሰፋያ ሓዳስ ክዳነይ ዕንድር ኣበልኩላ።
      ን ኸልተ ግጥሚ?

      በትሪ ሙሴ ያኢ ቱርዓ ክትምቅል ናብ ከልተ ማይ ኣድልያ? ጽባሕ ትፍኖ ትኸውን ካብ አንዳ ኣቦኻ ሞ.አ ተዓገስ፡ ስግር አንዳ ኣቦኻ ሓጅ ሓሰን ገራጅ ሰታዮ። አወ ሎምስ ውጊሓ ኮይና መዓልታ ምስ ክልተ ግጥምና ኮነት አህህምም ግርማ ሃብኩም
      ባሕቲ መስከረም፡ ኮይና ያ ሕጅስ


      • Haile S.

        ሰላም ጻጸ

        ህንጻ ግንቢ ባቢሎን ሕጂ ተራእዩኒ
        ሓወይ ዝዛረቦ ብፍጹም ምርዳእ ኣብዩኒ

        ንዓ ሎሚ ዘረባ ቋንቋ ባቢሎን ይትረፍካ
        መዓልቲ ዓወተ ኣኽብር ምስ ኣሕዋትካ
        እንተደሊኻ ዘክር ድንን ኢልካ ኣስተንቲንካ
        እንተደሊኻ ብዝርድኣኒ ቋንቋ ገጣጢምካ

        • ያ ኣኺ ሃይለ፡

          ክልተ ግጥሚ? ን ኽልተ ግጥሚ? ዓለባ ካብ ቸልሲ (ዲስትሪክ ኒው ዮርክ)
          ዶላር ዋየር ትራንስፋር ዲፖዚት፡ ተቕባላይ ካብ ሃይኮታ፡ ዓወት ብ ኣቶቡስ ውሪዱ ጥቓ ጋራጅ ሰታዮ፡ ሓጅ ሓሰን፡ ኣብ ባንክ ተሰነይ ትሕቲ ናይ ሸል ኣርማ። ምስ ዓላብ ካብ ቸልሲ ኒው ዮርክ ብ ኮንተይነር፡ ሳርቶ ተሰነይ ሱፍ ሰፈየለይ።
          ኣብዛ ዳስ ሓፍላ ኣሎ ኢለ፡ ሱፈይ ተኸዲነስ፡ ን ኽለተ ግጥሚ? ንኽልተ ጝጥሚ?

          ሓራይ በል አዚን ዝስዕባ ቃላት ጥራይ ተረዳአ፡ ስሉስ ቁዱስ ኢዩ ‘ሞ፡ ቋንቃ ባቢሎን ክኾና ኢየን፡ ስለ ዝሰለሳ። አዚኤን ሰለስተ ቃላት ጥራይ ተረዳአ፡
          “ን ሰለስተ ግጥሚ?” ክደግመልካ፥ “ንሰልስተ ግጥሚ?”

          ሕጂ ኽ? ሉቓ ባቢሎን ድዩ ወይስ፡ ሉቓ ፉስሓ?

          ዲስከስ ይኹኑ፡ አንዳ ኣቦኻ ሞ.ኦ. ተዓገስ፡ ቦሊስ ሎንዶን ይመስል በትሪ ሙሳ ሕዙ ቤት ማሕቡስ ዝተሓብሰ ኣብ ካርሾሊ ጽባሕ ይፍኖ ይኸውን፡ ‘ፍጠር ኣላህ ያ ረብ፡ አንሻላህ!

          ድሓር ከኣስ ካብታ አጂከኻ ባልዶንጋ ትኣክል ክለተ ሓስኻ ኣብ ክንዲ መልሊኽ ስዋ ሕልፍ ክትብል ኮለኻ፡ አወ አታ ናይ ቀደም ናይ አጂገ፡ አምበር አዚ ኩል ውኽድኽደኽ፡ ውዳሴ ውዳሴ ኣብ ጭር ጭር ዝብል ዳስ፡ ወዮ ከብዳ ጠርሓ ዛጥ ዘይተብል ከብዲ፡ ዝወድቐት መርፍአ፡ ብዕሙት ዓይንኻ ዓሰርተ ሜትሮ ኬድካ ተልላ መርፍአ፡ ኣየናይ ኣፍንጫ ኔሩ ኮይኑ ኢዩ ‘ኸ ክጨንዎ ጥራጠይ፡ ኣየናይ አየናይ አዝኒ ኔሩ ክሰምዖ ጥራጠይ። አምበር ወይ አዝኒ፡ ወይ የአዳው ውይ ኣፍንጫ ሰስርሐን ዝገብራ ተዝነብራ፡ አዚ ኹሉ ወዳሴ ወዳሴ ነመን ኮን ኮይኑ የኸውን፥ ነዛ ገጥምኻ ድሕሪ ምውዳአካ ኩላ ኢዳ፡ ንላዕሊ ገጻ ወርዊራ፡ ዕባይ ዓብይቶ ምስ ኣመልካቲት ኣጻብዕቲ፡ ን ኣፍንጫ፡ ዕብስ መበለቶ። ወረ ከልተ የአዳው ኣብ ማአከል ካላይቲ ግጥምኻ ነቲ ድምጺ፡ ን የአዳው ኣፈንጫ ተቓጺጻ ከይመንጠለታ የአዛን ምዓበሰት ተቐዳዲማ። ጸግም ገን ኣፈንጫ ዶ ትሕይል፥ አዝኒ ትሕይል፡ ብምስትውዓል መነን ትቕድም፡ ሕጂ ከመይ ጌርና ኢና አሞ ክንዕቅን። አይነበርት፡ ኣፍንጫ፡ ኣይነበራ የአዛን፡ ኣይነበራ የአዳው ኣይነኣበራ ኣጻብዕቲ። ‘ምበር ኣነን ሓድስ ሱፍ ዝለበስክወንን ሓንቲ ኣፍንጫይን፡ ከልተ የአዛነይን፡ ኣብ ቱርዓን፡ ዙራዓን ባርካ ኢና ን ሰዓታት ኣብሲና። አወ ጥያራ ዘየድልያ ትሓስብ ሓንጎል የአዳው ኣየድልያን ኢዩ። የአዛን ዓጽያ፡ ኣፍንጫ ርግጥ ኣቢላ፡ ን ቱርዓ ባርካ መሬት ወዲ ዓሸራ ኢያ ኣምሲያ። ስለኡ ኢኻ አዝነይ ዶ ኣፍንጫይ ክለተ መምስ ሓሙሽተ መሓውር ናብ ሰለስተ ክኽፋፍል ክምጠጥ ዘይተዓዘብካኒ። በል ተሒሹካስ ሕጂ ውን ካብ ሱሉስ ቁዱስ ዋል ሉቓ ባቢሎን ይጥዓምካ፡ ተሒሹካስ! ካብ ሰለስተ፡ አታ ቅዳመይቲ ውደስ ወዳድድስ ዝመልኣ ግጥሚ መውድኽዳኺ፡ ካብ ሰለስተ አንድገና ኣብ ክልተ። በትሪ ሙሳ ዶ ወስ ክብል ከይኑ?

          ናይ አጂገኻ ካብ ትሕቲ ኳሌታኻ ዳኣ ሓኪም ፋርማሻ ዓርኩ።

          ንኽለተ ግጥሚ፡ ንኸልተ ግጥሚ?


  • Selamat

    With regards to The conditions of the 1967 Eritrean refugees Today:

    It is I believe an Eritrean issuer championed by this website. How awe Nas Hadendewa, BinAmir wa Nubia fi SherQ Al Sudan?

    Has anyone seen the live video feed of “Kessela Harrega” “Kessela is burning” as the Hadendewa and BinAmir gun down one another in great numbers in the center of Kessela Town and possible all over SherQ Al Sudan from Port Sudan, Gedarif wo Medeni a lot more of Hadendewa and BinAmir killing one another in great numbers.Where is Gedab News? Where is Neggarit? How fitting Neggarit No ’98?

    Ahha operation Bettri Ambersa for the Resurrection of the Axumites wing of the TPLF who believe they have produced Axume’s/TPLF’s version of the Israili Mossad. Nice Touch Neggarit – Bettri Musie?

    The Dog Ambess is Tess dude! Your infrequent hangout is not a narrow ShariE in Keren? Who is the Director of Africas Goblel Axumite Mossad? let me Guess Atto Gettachew Redda the handler and again best friend of code name Jewar or is it Johar?

    As it was with Oromia and the Amara so shall it be with Nas al SherQ al Sudan al BinAmir wo Haddendewa?
    Pardon me just like that Al Jewan Mn Jinub Al Ethiopia -Amara Vs Oromia – neshufu Hasa itQeiera Al Johar Mn SherQ Al Sudan?
    What happened to championing the Cause of Eritrean Refugees Exodus of 1967?

    Who got hit and who is the victim and who got weakened? Isaias Afeworqi or Al Nas al Aritreen Aisheen mn Zeman fi SherQ al Sudan?

    I bet you I can pin point who on Awate is the Meles Zenawi the Second, ie. Getachew Redda.

    Who is the greatest Juddas of all time? Please stand up- TemaHirka alokha!

    Ayya SriHit Bettri Musie…. Better ember tewahibka hijiss..

    Now hope fully you understand the due respect you have always received from GitSAtSE since the inception of Awate? Or did you only have a patent for only 20 years hence the errection of the Statue Ohhh no you did not, you did not sucker cell the URL to … genius!

    Really if you have not sold yet please please let me empty all my savings and make a serious business offer… Belu በሉ ቅደም ክንብል
    እዑዚብላሂ ሚን ኣል ሸያጣን ኣል ረጂም
    በስም ኣም በወልደ መንፈስ ቅዱስ ዋ ሕደ ኢዩ ኣምላኽ
    ላ ኢላሂ ኣ ኢላህ ኣላህ

    ጸበል ዶ ክንድረዝ መንፈስና ክምላስ ወይስ አንታይ ከይብለና ንቐጽል
    ንዕበድ፥ ብምስሓቕካ ናይ በተሪ ሙሴ ባሕሪ ክ ጨደድ ተገጢምካ
    በል ባህ ኣይበልካ፡ ሕጂ ውን ኣስናንካ ድርቅም ይበላ ከምታ ትማል ኣብ ከሰላ
    ሃደንደዋን ቢን ዓምርን ኣስናና ገዲፉስ ክንደርይ ሂወት ክትርግፍ ኣብ ማአከል ከሰላ፡ ይኽደና አምበር፥ ፖርትሱዳንን ገዳአፍን መደኒን ተሰቲረአን ይኾኣና ካብ በርሰት፡፡

    ጀዋር ናይ ጆሀር ክሎን ወይ ቅዳሕ ድዩስ ገልቢጠዮ ኣሎኹ?

    ድሕሪ ዕስራ ዓምት ተዕዝብትስ፡ ገጽካ ትርሓቕና።


    • Saleh Johar

      Like driving, you shouldn’t comment under the influence.

      Don’t you think you are abusing the privilege provided by this form? You have crossed the line so many times , think about it.

      • Saleh,

        ጸበል ባሕቲ መስከረም ሓደ ክልተ መለሊኽ ድሕሪ ኣድገይን ምስ ሙልአ ጂርባኣ ኣብ ኣፍደገ ገዛይ ብ ገመድ ኣሲረ፡ ሓላፍነት ን ካልኦት ኣብ ሓደጋ ከውዕል፡ ንኽጣላዕ፡ ኢኢስ ኣይ ናግተይን።

        ድሓር ካኣ፡ አነሃልኩልካ ኣብዚ ከልተ መዓልቲ ዕርፍቲ ምአራይ ሶላዲ ይትረፈኒ ኢለ፡ ክልተ ፍሉያት መጻሕፍቲ ክንደይ ሶጊማልካ ኣለኹ። አታሓንቲ ብዝዕባ ናይ ድሕሪ ዕስራ ዓመት ናይ ዓዋተ ስጉምትታት ፍረታትን ብጣዕሚ ዲቴልድ ዝኾነት መጽሓፍ ኢያ። ዝበዝሐ ምዕራፋት ብዛዕባ ናይ አንኮ ናይ ኣቶ ሳልሕ ጋዲ ዘተኮረት ኢያ። ማዓት ተዘኮረታት ናይ ዕስራ ዓመት ዝሓዘለት ኢያ።

        ሓቂ ንዓኽ ተደስት ወላ ቁርብ ኣይትስለንን ኢያ። ሓቅነታ ግን ክትነጽጎ ውይ ክትክሕዶ ትኽአል ኣይመስለንን። ደሓን ኣብኡ የብጸሓና።

        አታ ካላኣይቲ ኣርአስታ፡ ፍቕሪ ኣብ ዘመነ ኮሮና – ኢዩ። ትሕዝቶታታ ጉዕዞ ክብ ካሊፎርንያ ስጋን ኒው ዮርክ። ቲፎ ናብቲ ኣዝዩ ጉሂሮ ዝነበረ ብዝሕ ሰብ ረግፈሉ አዋን። ኩዎሞ “ዊ ኣር ኒው ዮርክ ታፍ” ዝብለ ጨርሖ ኩሉ ንብረተይ ጽዒነ ጭርር ጨይር ቻ አንዳ በልከው ቨርሳ ኣድገይ፡ ካብ ጫፍ ናብ ጫፍ …..

        ብዛዕባ ዘበርከትክዎ ወይ ሳብሚት ጽገብሮ ጽሑፋተይ ከምታ ኣብ ላዕሊ ዘላ፡ ኣርቲስቲክ ወይ ክሪኤትቭ ላይሰንስ ዝብል ጥቕሲ ሕጊ መሰላት ኣርቲስት ተመልካት። ምስኣ ትድግፍ ካላይቲ ምናልባት አንተ ሓጸረት፡ ድሓን ድሕሪ ክልተ ዕሰርተ ዓመት ዳኣ ድርብ ቲኒወርሽፕ መሰለይ ፡ኮ ኣይወሓደኒ። ኣይመስላካን ዶ?

        ብዝኾነ ኩፈአ ከሰላ ክትነዽ ሀዝቢ ሃደውንዳን ቢንዓሚርን ብካላሽን ነንሕድሕዱ ክራገፍ ብማአላያ ሪኤን ሰሚዐን። በጃኻ ዶ ክንብለካ ገዳብ ኢይ ገባአካ ኣዋፍራ ብቶሎ። ብለክዕ ዓቕምኻ ልዕሊ ዓቕምታተይ ኢዪ ሞ፡ ዓቕን ዓቕምኽ ገዳብ አስከ ኣዋፍር። ዓሌክ ኣላሁ ዓሻን ናስ ኣል ላጂን ምን መቕርብ ኣሪትርያ ዓይሲን ፊ ሸርቕ ኣል ሱዳን ምን ሰና ኣልፍ ቲዝዓ ሚኣ ወ ስቲን፡ ናስ ኣል ኣርትሪን ሃደንደዋ ዋ ቢንዓመር ወ ኑብያ። በጃኻ ወሲኸልካ ኣሎኹ።

        አምበር ዝራኣኽዋን ዝሰማዕክዋን ነት ኣብ ላዕሊ ጽሒፈዮ ኣብ ዘልዋ ሃልየ ዳርጋ ፈርቂ መጸሕፍ ዘጻሓፍክዋ ሕጂ ውን ዓጺኻኒ – ሕራይ ደሓን ዲስካስ ንበላ ዓጽያቲን፡ ክውስኻሉ ኣይ ምጸላአኩን። ን ኣብነት አቶም ዝላዓል ኣይ ኪው ዘላዋም ሜአቲ ሰብ ምረጽ አሞ፡ 98 ሚአታዊ ሰባት አንተ ዘየአሚነ $500 ኣበርከቶ ን ዓዋተ ይመባጻዕ ኣልኹ ሞ፡ ብ ቀጥታ ብ ፐይ ፓል ወይ ዘሊ አቲ ክፍሊት የመሓላልፍ። ጸበል ን ዓዋተ ኣብ ጸበል ባሕቲ መስከረም ሓደ ከመይ መሐበነ ኔሩ።

        መለሊኻክ ኣልዕል ያ ኣኸ ጸበልካ ናይ ሐማማት መስከርም ስሚኽ ዳኣ ጨልጥ!

        ጻጸ ዘ ጃይ።

        • Saleh Johar


          Do you have any other hobby apart from pestering me? What is wrong with you! Get off my back, please. I do not have time for your provocations. Kindly hold your peace and find someone who likes bickering.

          • Ya.abbu SalHa,

            [No my hobby for the unforeseeable future will be Saleh Johar Ghadi 20/20 ኣባይ ኣሎና.. look for the Go fund me page fro the scholarly project if you like. I am sure you and the elites at Awate at 20 may possible throw anywhere from two sanitm to QirTQaT
            You have absolutely know idea how this work do you? You see you you always resort to that you are pestering you. We went through this the last time and the time before that.

            I am doing the pestering and you are the pestered. How are we ever going to progress when you all mighty king keep seeing me I the Ant as the one doing the pestering and not the other way around.

            Now you got be going again and I am stuck all night to write some five chapters. Not on the ፍቕሪ ኣብ አዋን ኮሮና book but on Saleh Johar Qadi the 20/20 where are they series at Awate Minus 20. Saleh Johar Gadi is still “pestered” again and again. That is precisely the point. You have been pestered from twenty years ago and are still pestered. Amazing.

            Whey do you choose the word “pester”? What about the above is pesters you? Are you sure you are don’t want to use a more respectful and engaging language? You see you think I a am an insignificant_ANT, and not a very wise Elephant_Ant. But you don’t really believe that do you? You would like to have other’s believe it because it makes you a lot more bigger figure and personality that is bothered by tSAtSE?

            You neglect the other half of how you Saleh Johar Ghadi pester me and bug me with your Bettri Musie, Ambess the dog, etc.. and countless crimes that will fill volumes because I have studied you and yes I have been personally victimized by you Sir, when you do those things that you do that lack integrity and good ethics, but more importantly what my thesis will be is how it is you Sir, Mr. Saleh Johar Ghadi, my subject who I am continuing to study meticulously, stands in the way for the cause for liberation for Eritrea.

            Why do I pick my subject to be you Saleh Johar Ghadi? Well Sir, give you a good complement of course. After all I am saying you are the very Top reason that needs to overcome or pushed over the edge for you to finally complete the scaling of the mount you have not over come and only when I push you over it there fore liberating you first for my sole purpose is to liberate myself and others.

            Here are the givens. You on or near the top, I, okay you can have it your way and believe I am a bug at the very bottom that “pesters”, but who is still seeking liberation like every one else, with the desire and tenacity like everyone else, if not more than which includes you, have enough knowledge to see who is or are clogging at or near the very top when they need to scale the mountain and enjoy their liberty down the hill for th Vally … You are the perfect subject Sir I have near 20 years of knowing you and still studying you. It is to give you Saleh Johar Ghadi your due.

            I am not going to say bravo to you or humble myself like all the others here who communicate with you the way that they do. Many of them also have been part of the problem and I don’t know why they kiss you rear but I do not have a reason, it could be dependency on, to do so. Some choose not to address you at all and ask real questions about what it is you are communicating or saying and to whom. Case in point the Neggarit 98.

            The esoteric language you use for these elites and nobles you have empowered and entertain with Ambess the Dog, Bettri Musie and mdrazz, Drezzo, on the contrary Saleh, you are the one doing the pestering. I am pestered by your esoteric entertainment directed only to the very few noble, elitist that that choose to kiss your rear end Sir. I was born a rebel, have lived as a rebel, and will die as a rebel. I will define you Saleh Johar Ghadi and the elite few noble class you have created for your comfortable power utilizing the esoteric languages you are utilizing these days.

            Only the elites and those believing to have attained victory do what a true rebel sees. You or your elites right here are oppressed Wirth fine language, aesthetic order etc… and don’t see the beauty in Rebel Language.. Yes the Rude Boy. Because the simple reason they are comfortable either blessing and cheering and saying thank for those that are providing the fine language and fine wine etc… and not only have forgotten what the true purpose of the Rebel and his language is, which contrary to their discomfort and being “pestered” by the familiarity of its sound – picking up on its roughness… these elites with you on top Ghadi believe the Rude Rebel is trying to bring them down.

            Wrong! Typical of the top, near top or at the top of the mountain NO DIFFERENT THAN their same mirror images who the RUDE REBEL KNWOS VERTY well too. These elites with the Saleh Johar Ghadi at the helm like all other elites forget the Rebel Language and the Purpose has been and will always remain to be PROGRESS!

            And That is to push the elite and it Qadis over the top FORWARD.

            So, what is your problem Sir and your disrespect with using words like “pestering”.

            What you and everything you have built in Twenty years will be studied, scrutinized, exposed, torn down, reconstructed in order for the rude rebel that is I does so in order to free you and propel you forward but only should you choose it. It will however will be exposed and torn down and not for you – think of me as the Brits that scaled Keren and what Wong’s book cover was- Yeah though this rude rebel has know problem with the N nor will be the title on the cover of the book “I didn’t do it for the Q” but I do not address you or pick on your name to pester you or “To Do it for the Quad” I do it because it is and will be a the work of the Scholar Rude Rebel. After all You Qhadi and your nobility class few grateful who do not dare to question you have not given me any reason to ever see you as a Qadi.

            You should take the opportunity and maybe start scaling and getting over the top of the mount by the mirror I am putting in front of you to see who you are now Saleh. 20 years later.

            Take my $500 dollar offer… I will send you a chapter or less on Neggarit98 my discretion of the esoteric language, you pick 20 people and they vote if its proof and acceptable or not- You can pick low or high IQ. 98 percent of them accept it, $0, less than 98% $500 trough pay pall. On neggarit ’98 alone!

            Otherwise “pestering” is expected from you of course. But 20 Years Account and the Fruits of Awate? At worst it will be my art. And it is fair game. Say what you will here on the forum. But just don’t start doing the things that you do that lack integrity and ethics.

            And now I got the three chapters to look forward to write now…

            20 for 20 Where are we know Awate. By whome IF NOT BY


          • Ya.abbu SalHa,

            No. You Saleh Johar Ghadi and Aware 20/20 ኣበይ ኣሎና is all the hobby I need for the unforeseeable future. I am impressed with defense trenches. You have very nice tricks Sir. But did’nt you know tricks are for kids. I am not going to say that you are going down because that is what you believe. What I am going to say instead is you Sir are going over.

            Yeah.. you will see it soon what you have stopped thus far but only to your detriment because you choose to see it so. Stop it.

          • Sir,

            Do you have a problem with me a former Actuary (glorified accountants), producing 20/20 Salim Johar Ghadi and his Nobiliy class empire. Scholarly work and trust it will be very artistic and entertaining. You damn right it will be an inside job. All great worlds are inside jobs.
            Stop the things that you are doing which lack integrity and ethics. Be respectful and do not further bias me the wrong way. In my research I am searching for the good. I do not pester you, trust, I am giving you an opportunity. Address it and use it and influence it. If I wanted to kiss rear ends and be a Yes Man I would be sitting on a desk at Addi Hallo next to IA, I would say you Saleh do resemble him IA in more ways than you know. Sooner or later you and the elites of the empire can’t wait to grab it while it is hot of the press. The aesthetics of the Rude Boy language the true language of the a Rebel. Awate 20/20 Saleh Johar Ghadi, the Nobility class elites, the peasants, and the Ant.

            Are you sure you want to keep using the word “pestering”? I read somewhere I think yesterday “he who tells the truth has no friends.”

            The Neggarit’98 and the esoteric languages you utilized I tell you has so many gems it will occupy a lot of pages if not a chapter on its own. You should be honored to be the subject of a scholarly work that will for sure be as artistic and entertaining. I don’t know if you even can but why is it that you are hindering my artistic due diligence efforts that calls for a scholarly inquiry and unbiased accounting that starts with you Saleh and puts the spot light on you perhaps usher many more books about the Saleh Johar the Ghadi.
            In the forum on the 20th anniversary are you going to block GitSAtSE and the Rebel spirit of Jihad. Self inquiry from within? Really?

            Lets see on Neggarit99 Saleh Johar Ghadi reveals the Patent was only for 20 years and due to previously signed agreements with the IA’s empire and the PFDJ, Awate has transferred ownership to the PFDJ to dilute the spirit of the Rebel spirit of Awate. The PFDJ has erected a Statute of Awate and produce an autobiography of Awate and signed for an undisclosed amount a non competition agreement for the sole rights to market the brand. No not really or is it .
            Your production of Neggarit99 in a minute now for it is September 1 with the esoteric language for the nobility will give indications on the truth of the matter.

            And of the Haddendewa-BinAmer clashes in SherQ al Sudan, I mean Hamid Idris Awate’s Asawrta/BinAmeretai and a lot more Eritrean background and the importance of who really are behind the power base of Sudan’s support for Eritrea, i.e these clashes do they not warrant immediate attention by the forum at Awate. Will they be included in the esoteric language you will use for the Nobility class of Awate? Lets see if you are reading this then my knocking on the door of Awate on remembering the Rebel Awate the door has opened?

            True fact and FYI my father now nearly 95years old in the EgeleHamid EgeleHatseen regions of Eritrea knew personal Hamid Idriss Awate. Next true fact I will share will be regarding one of severn names in the ShewAte Weledo count. All over Haikoto, Gash Settit, Sahel and Kessela and the my BenAmir relatives in SherQ al Sudan. Maaaaan… ! Like the Bruce and in Pentatonic scale I Was Born in Barka in the Sixties and Awate himself held be in his arms! You Dam right It is with happiness I will remember Awate!
            And though I am have a lot to be unhappy about including the events in SherQ Al Sudan Qeribi meQrib Aritiria… It is for a lot more personal and national reasons most of all the forever Rebel Awate in GitSAtSE I say now and every September 1,

            To all the Rebel Spirits: Happy Awate Day!


        • Moderators,

          Please point to the transgression according to the laws of Changing attitude? What is that and please tell me what is my attitude other the always consistent attitude of a Rebel. Does your levers of control for the purpose to induce the attitude that screams in the forest, is that also an acceptable attitude?

          Yes, I may have transgressed but I beg your pardon and reveal for me where exactly the transgression you MO are calling “attitude change” for the sanctity of the rule of law. Otherwise, I will have you know I am GitSAtSE that no can kick out of Awate! For I will always be Awate! Recognize GitSAtSE = Awate!

          It is the attitude of a Rebel! It is the Spirit of Awate! The Spirit of a Rebel!
          Even when I am not here I will have you know I am always in my home!


  • Brhan

    ِمرحب صالح
    !!وجبة خفيفة إنما إي
    On the Senior Police
    This is my first time to hear good things about the police of the 50s 60s mid 70s. What has been coming in my mind was the police of Tela Okbit and his notrious ways of invitgation of suspected members of Jebha. I am not saying all of the police were bad apples, of couse , there were individulas , who helped to free political prisoners, from Adi Quala, that included Drue as a priosoner. I am talking about the system and how bad it was. Keren might be an exmption, I do not know.

    On Ambes, the dog
    It was a good analogy. Who scarred us, those who came from urban areas, most than dogs?For me it was not one dog but a bunch of them and we used to call them ኣኽላብ እንዳ ኣቦይ ክስቶ. What a shame one day the tore the zuria of a young woman to pieces! But the municipality of Asamara get rid of them at last.
    May be we need now the municiplity of UN now . But how are our dogs doing now and may be Sara can tell us about our dogs, she says she just visited backhome.

    On Druzat,
    Yeah any insane name fits those who support the regime that is leading the country to more misery and telling them . ኣይከሰርናን

    On Moses Stick
    The story can teach us every pharoh ( dictator) will see not only his end but also the end of his system that he established.

    Happy Awates ( Idris Awate and Awate. Com day

    • Saleh Johar

      Not really. Many of the officers are opted out but the institution was a real police But later on, several spies, torturers and bad police were absorbed in the occupational army. But the majority were innocent and patriotic.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰላማት ሳልሕ

    ኢልካ ምሽ [ድሩዛት]?
    ‘ንዳ ንሕና-ንሱ
    ብዘይ ውግእ ምሩኻት

    ሓንጎሎም ነጺጎም
    ሓንጎል ናይ ህግደፍ መሪጾም
    ድሕር ከይበሉ ሕፍረቶም
    ‘ንታይ በሃል ኴኑ
    ምሕረት የውርደሎም

    ‘ንዳ ህግደፍ ምስዓነዉ
    ግምጥል ኢሎም
    ——–ምሳኻትኩም ኢና ኔርና
    ከም ዝብሉ
    ፍሉጥ ‘ዩ
    ስለምንታይ ሲ
    ——–ኣብ ደሞም ስለዝ ኣተው ልኽብጥና

    • ጊስ

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        ጊስ ‘ባ ንዓኻ!

        ምስጣል ግደፍ
        ተዄንካ ንህግደፍ
        ተ ዘይኴኑ ለኽበጥበጥ ኣይትበል
        ሓንሳብ ደጋፊ
        ሓንሳብ ተቓዋሚ ኣይትምሰል