The Departure of a Good Man: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a Good Man. He chose to be Good and stuck with it. He lived Good. He practiced Good. He acted Good. He spoke Good. He listened Good. He mentored Good. He taught Good. He walked Good and talked Good. He even danced Good!

Mandela exemplified the presence of Good. He was a perfect testimony to the presence of Good. The Good Creator is very happy with the Good Mandela. The Good nature is cheerful with the Good Mandela.  The Good people of South Africa, Black and White and Brown and Moslems and Hindus and Christians and Animists  alike are happy and grateful to the Good Mandela. The Good people of Africa are thankful to the Good Mandela. The black race is proud and happy with the Good Mandela. Humanity as a whole is satisfied with the Good Mandela. The whole world and all ethnicities are celebrating the Good example of the Good life of the Good departed Mandela. The great religions of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Confucians are praying and praising the Good Deeds of the Good Mandela.

It is very gratifying to know, believe and realize the existence of and praising the presence of Good.

The Good Mandela taught us that it does not cost anything to be Good. Everyone is born with the seed of Good. It is just a matter of conscious choice to tend and grow the seed of Good or to destroy it. No extraordinary energy or effort is needed to be Good. No exceptional education or intellect is required to be Good.  No enormous wealth or economic advantage is essential to be Good. No blue blood lineage is mandatory to be Good. You can be anybody and choose and become Good.

The presence of Good is not alien to the Good people of this earth and in particular to the Good people of Eritrea. Actually we the Good people of Eritrea are endowed with it and it was generously and heroically exemplified by our Good martyrs and war disabled veterans. Our Good martyrs were Good men, Good women, Good children, Good adults, Good mothers, Good fathers, Good children, Good daughters and Good sons who chose the presence of Good and paid for it with their only and only one Good life so that their Good people would live in the presence of Good forever.

The absence of Good is also equally not alien to the Good people of this Earth and in particular to the Good people of Eritrea. Isaias Afewerki and the PFDJ have cowardly epitomized the absence of Good by declaring war against the presence of Good thus perpetuated horrendous and unheard of suffering, displacement and death to the undeserving Good people of Eritrea.

In the nineties, the newly freed prisoner Mandela [Madiba] and the victorious guerrilla fighter Isaias Afewerki [Nsu] were handed once-ina-lifetime opportunity to choose their destiny and using similar venues [soccer stadiums] both chose starkly opposing choices and the rest is history. But history also requires some highlights.

While the Good Mandela chose Forgiveness, Harmony, Reconciliation, Unity, Justice, Fairness, Peace, Education and Democracy, Isaias the epitome of the absence of Good, chose Vindictiveness, Division, Chaos, Disequilibrium, Torture, Enslavement, Ignorance, Famine, Corruption, War, Terror, Barbarity, Imprisonment, Murder and Mayhem.

While the Good Mandela will be remembered as exceptionally Good statesman, Democrat, Lover of Humankind, Peace Maker and Reconciliatory, the quintessence of the absence of Good, Isaias Afewerki, is and will be remembered as a Hater, Despot, Vulture, war monger, Divider, Black Hole, Disturber, Slave master, Human trafficker and Murderer.

There are consequences to what we choose and that is why reward and punishment are concomitant to what we choose. We cannot run away from the consequences of our conscious choices.

There was no Good reason for Isaias to choose the Absence of Good. In Truth, there was No reason at all for Isaias to choose the absence of good.  But he chose it anyway. There was also No reason at all for PFDJ and its members to uphold the absence of Good. But they chose it anyway. And they are not going to avoid the consequences of their conscious choices.

For those of us who are befuddled by the behaviors of Isaias and PFDJ members like when they partied while the dead bodies of Eritreans [do not forget the dead baby with its umbilical cord still attached to the dead mother] was floating in the Mediterranean Sea, we should realize their act was and is Deliberate and is rooted in their conscious and deliberate choices. They chose to follow and ameliorate the absence of Good, so none of what they do shall be Good.

To oppose Isaias and PFDJ is to oppose the absence of Good. To oppose and fight against the absence of Good is the Core Principle and Belief in The Presence of Good. So by opposing Isaias and the PFDJ you have deliberately and consciously chosen to be Good.

Doing Good is Good. Thinking Good is Good.  Walking Good is Good. Talking Good is Good. Mentoring Good is Good. Teaching Good is Good. Living Good is Good. Dancing Good [is an added bonus]. And the rewards are Good. So keep up the Good Work!!

May the Good Creator rest the Good Soul of the Good Man- Mandela.


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