Negarit 63: “ደቂ-ሰበይትዮ” ተዋሪደን – Misogyny – الجبناء والشتائم

[Negarit #63 published today, Dec 3, 2019//Saleh “Gadi” Johar 1. Women are still having a hard time since ages ago.

#Yiakl With Disunity

Ten people lived in a room with a leaking roof. The rain wouldn’t stop, and the floor became wet and

Eritrean #Enough Movement Concludes Its Meetings

After a long period of clustered preparation in many US cities, the Eritreans activists’ campaign culminated in a large meeting

Sudan: Dress Rehearsal for Change in Eritrea

The Horn of Africa is still in turmoil and the earth is moving under the feet of the incompetent regimes