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Special Rapporteur, Eritreans Address Root Cause of Their Exodus

Eritrea is a country riddled with extra-judicial killing; disappearance; incommunicado detention; denial of fundamental human rights and indefinite military conscription which is tearing the very fabric of the society, according to Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, the UN Special Rapporteur to Eritrea.

Her report was made on Thursday to the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Third Committee), of the UN’s 67th General Assembly.

“The current human rights picture [in Eritrea] is desperately bleak,” she elaborated, in a follow-up press conference.

The Special Rapporteur received her mandate from the UN’s Human Rights Council to monitor the deteriorating human rights situation in Eritrea on November 1 2012 and issued her first report on May 28, 2013.

The Special Rapporteur reported that 2,000 to 3,000 Eritreans are exiled monthly.  In 2012, according to the UNHCR, over 305,000 Eritreans fled their country, an astounding number for a country with a population of 5 million.

Part of the Special Rapporteur’s mandate is to listen to individual complaints of Eritrean victims and the website of UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights hosts a questionnaire in English, Tigrinya and Arabic.

Following her testimony to the UN, the Special Rapporteur was invited to an event hosted by human rights activists including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Concern Eritrea and Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

Maaza_presentationPersonal testimonies were given by Meaza Petros (daughter of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohannes who have been detained incommunicado prison since 2001 and 2004 respectively); Mezgeb Mengistu, the mother of Aster Yohannes; Saleh Younis, the uncle of 16-year old Ciham Ali Abdu; and Sengal Woldetensaie, the brother of Haile Woldetensaie (Eritrea’s former Foreign Minister and Minister of Trade and Industries).

The Special Rapporteur was particularly moved by the testimony of Meaza Petros, 16, the youngest of Petros and Aster’s four children.

Maaza spoke of how she was a product of a love story–two fighters who met in the field and how the country they helped to liberate has orphaned her.  She said she has no recollection of her father: she was too young when he was arrested and she disclosed that her mother, who had left her in the care of her grandmother, Mezgeb Mengistu, was tricked to return to Eritrea and “raise her children” by Isaias Afwerki himself who then, upon her return, had his security officers escort her from the plane in the tarmac to detention.

Maaza continued on to narrate how she and her grandmother trekked to neighboring Sudan on foot and how her siblings, who attempted the Ethiopia route to exile were apprehended and conscripted and eventually reunited with her in the United States.

Through a translator, Ms. Mezgeb Mengistu thanked the audience for listening to their testimony and prayed to God to bring relief to their pain.

Saleh Younis briefly touched on the arrest of his father, 85, his brother, 38 and his niece, 16, as that of the average Eritrean family: this is the fourth arrest for his father–the longest time he served was for offering to mediate the dispute between a group that Maaza’s father belonged to (G-15) and that of the Office of the President–that his brother represents the typical case of conscription without end since he was enlisted in the National Service in 1995; and that of his niece represents the case of separate families and the price paid when someone says no to a tyrant.

The rest of Saleh Younis’s address focused on what must be done, which begins with one recognition: “There is no government in Eritrea.  Even to call it a “regime” implies a system, a structure and a hierarchy.  In actual fact, Eritrea is the State of Isaias Afwerki… the State is The Man, and The Man is the sum total of his mad contradictions.”   The international community, he said, must disengage with the Isaias Afwerki regime–it is futile to do so–and engage with alternatives to his rule.

Saleh Younis’s testimony was followed by that of Sengal Woldetensaie, the brother of Haile “Derue” Woldetensaie.

Sengal spoke of the arrest of his brother on September 18, 2001 and that everything that has followed since then is a violation of his human rights and that of his family members: arresting someone for calling to reform a system he is a part of is a violation of his human rights; detaining him incommunicado is a violation of his human rights;  denying him medical care (he suffers from diabetes) is a violation of his human rights; denying him the right to defend himself in a court of law is a violation of his human rights.

The presentation, which was co-chaired by Elizabeth Chyrum (Human Rights Concern Eritrea), was then opened to a Q & A session directed to the panelists and Sheila B. Keetharuth and the mechanism and forums for more Eritreans to provide their testimonies to the world.

Attending the meeting were Eritreans, friends of Eritrea, human rights activists, the German Mission and the UN Political Affairs Officer, Africa Division.

inform. inspire. EMBOLDEN.  reconcile. 

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  • Abinet

    Ato Saay, these mercenaries do not represent my country. It is these kind of thugs always create animosity among the two people . I hope they burn in hell along with the moron who hired them .they will be the first ones to face justice on either side of the border .

    • jonas

      No worry ,this has nothing to do with Ethiopia ,the truth is , Isayas palace guards are exclusively Tigryans of Timbien orgin. Isayas does not trust Eritreans, all his key cabinets are filled with tigrians, this does not mean they represent Ethiopia ,it is just what these few chose to do,

  • haile

    Selamat Belay and Gebre

    I hear ya guys with the pen name thing. The problem is that the idea will not catch on (i.e getting people off of it:). I suspect that people will continue to write in pen-name long after the regime has gone! The need to discourse with online anonymity has its own reasons and dynamics. And the atmosphere of silence that grips normal interaction is also a different matter with its own dynamics too.

    Internet anonymity is a preferred approach to many users because that is the only way they can control malicious activities that their position might provoke. Cyber based attacks may come from any direction, hence not just Eritreans but pretty much all 40 billion per month web visitors make such choice every time they interact with each other online.

    Population silencing that are characteristic of tyrannical systems are much more complicated issues that the world understands too well. When we heard the crimes of the regime by the panel of family members on VOA, what other subliminal message does the people get? A person with a child or family there my start to make their own conclusions, real or perceived. This silence is often broken slowly and over time. In the case of the Eritrean diaspora, it is safe to assume that Lampedusa has greatly degraded its hold. Such things as continued challenges and deterioration would also undermine the grip even further. And often, we would see the end of it (as it relates to the regime) with the fleeing or killing of IA and the disintegration of the tyrannical system that he has been running.

    In the interest of furthering the discussion however, I would make one observation. It is not only emboldening the silence that would be needed. In order to influence the current miserable situation for the better and also normalize expressions that promote justice, tolerance and peaceful co-existence as national traits, it needs to be modeled. I see that there are many songs and artistic paintings by the opposition to the regime. But I have never come across movies that are produced to reflect the situation of Eritreans with in the context of challenging the regime’s works. The regime employs movies to great extent to sell its distorted view of reality. Movies are compressed and subliminally complex and an excellent tool to normalize views and expose fallacies. So, I believe many social taboos that are deliberately reinforced by the regime propaganda can be challenged through movies, as well as lay the foundation for positive collective cognition for the future.


    PS. Belay…this can apply for any country too 🙂

  • Tzigereda

    Selamat Awatistas,

    one of the powerfull speech in Roma,

    • Papillon

      Dearest Tzigereda,

      The regime in Eritrea is collapsing under its unbearable weight. The last straw that is pulling the regime under tremendous gravity is a transgression against The Almighty as the sorrow and plight of the old and the almost unborn infant is knocking on the gates of Heaven. As history is a great mentor that it is, Providence often times is guided when God uses wicked men for nations to learn a sense of humility before they rest on the green pastures. By the same token, at long last, the defining moment that we are “lucky” enough to witness is the last chapter of Eritrea’s darkest days.


  • dawit

    Dear Saleh,

    Thank you for your kind response. For a while I thought your cenriera was stuck and was to suggest a remedy. Now I know you told me to wait for your respond on Negarit issue of “Supporters of the regime vs Saleh Johar,”. No problem I will wait. I just want to make one issue clear. I am not a card holding régime supporter. I am a supporter of Eritrea, we all know régimes change. Just a friendly suggestion for your topic ‘Eritrea vs Johar’.


    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Funny Dawit. So you with your ideas represent Eritrea? I don’t even recognize that right for the regime let alone an individual. But title are my right. If you insist, I can title it “Saleh Johar vs Supporters of the regime.” Or “Eritrea Vs Supporters of the regime.”

      • dawit

        Yes Saleh absutly right it is your right to chose the topic. It was a friendly suggestion. So choose what ever you desire. Also I did not claim my idea represent Eritrea. As you said let us not hijack the thread I look forward to read your writing.

    • jonas

      If the regime is over thrown somehow,your own shame wont let you back, if it did you may face backlash from newly liberated Eritreans who knew where you stood. You are a card carrying regime supporter first and Eritrean second. Now you are trying to eat with both sides of your mouth, you are a true opportunist.

      • dawit


        In the Amaharic language there is a term for some one like you “Ye erbo zinb”. some creature that jump into a conversion uninvited, and a saying ‘sayterut abet, sailikut wedet’. If you don’t know the language ask a friend to interpret for you. Stick to the topic

        • jonas

          I have every right to be here and say what I want, this is Awate ,you want to censor me here too like your paymaster does in Eritrea. Learn Amharic first before you tell me to find someone to interpret, it is ergo not erbo.

          • dawit

            Jonas do you know what erbo is in Amharic, before you try to suit your limited vocabulary. ‘erbo zinb’ is the correct expression. Trust me this is from the expert of the language.

  • Mengag Dmu

    It is time for Gedab News to snap out of the snoozing and gets rebooted. Asmarino is reporting that there was a riot in Asmara following a round up attempt by the Tigraian mercenaries. Gedab News is needed more than ever to keep us abreast. Getting excited. It is time for the Kool Aid drinkers to rethink their position and abandon the menace.

    • jonas

      What did they mean by Tigraian mercenaries….Are those the palace guards of Isayas whose orgin is from Timbien….

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam Awatistas,

    Years of close, relentless observation, gave way to distilled wisdom.

    “There is no government in Eritrea. Even to call it a “regime” implies a system, a structure and a hierarchy. In actual fact, Eritrea is the State of Isaias Afwerki… the State is The Man, and The Man is the sum total of his mad contradictions.”

    Thanks, dear SAAY and all.

    Eritrea’s ailment at the end of the day is human rights issue or rather thier violations; deep, widespread, systemic, intense.

    SR office gives us a fighting chance; it gives us a means to search for our loved ones, for our citizens who just happened to believe in Eritrea than its current leaders.

    At the core of every human and human ventures lie a Moral element. So is our resistance against Issayas’s tyranny.( yes, Sal I hate him and I don’t want to spell his name the way he does, the more sss, the more he sound ss Nazi and seytan:)

    SR office is our moral channel to reach the perished and perishing.

    I am immensely heartened our compatriots are doing their best by BEARING WITNESS TO TURTH. Mothers, like Adey Mezgeb, Brothers, like Sengal and Sal, Uncles, like Sal, Daughters, like Meaza tell the simplest truth that yes my family member was jailed for this period of time and WAS NEVER CHARGED and we don’t where he/she is at.

    In Sept. 2011, we, at Hidmona, in Winnipeg, invited Dan Connell and Meaza Petros Solomon did Skype presentation. While she was in Asmara, for years, she thought her mother was in ‘wexaii’ as she was told by the family. She learned that her mother was in Eritrea, in jail, through searching in Google. She grew to be a fine, articulate bearer of truth.

    Great job, Sal and all. May the God of Daniel keep your families…from the lions.

    ‘…Af Anabs axewe; k’goduni koto aykeAlun..!’

    Ghezae Hagos

    • saay

      Selamat Ghezae:

      Thanks bro. I love your passion and the identintification of the moral imperative: good vs evil.

      A lot of the contemplation we have is: has Isaias Afwerki* damaged Eritrea irreversibly? There are reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic. When I hear MaAza, when I hear Eritrean youth saying “amlaK ymesgen” and “alhambdulillah”, I am very optimistic: the mad man is an anaomoly and he will leave and he, like Mengistu, will not leave deep scars, just wounds that require bandaid.

      Keep on howling, Ghezae.


      * the spelling convention is not out of respect for the mad man. It is to help future researchers and google bots. Please spell his name Isaias Afwerki. It’s not in tribute to the mad man but his victims.

  • said

    Persecution of Eritreans and Sudanese refugee in the Holy Land video

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    መሰሪ(conspiracy) ኣብ ልዕሊ መን

    እቲ ሕጂ ኣብ ልዕሊ ሃገር መሰሪ ተኣሊሙና ጰሎት ግበርልና ዝብልዎ ዘሎዉ ንሶምን ሃገርን ሕዝብን እንታይ ዘራኽብ ኣሎዎ እቲ መሰሪ አብ ዕጨ ዝባኖም የዉዕል እቲ ህዝብን ሃገርን ድማነጻ ይወጽእ ዓለም ድማ ትቐስን
    ብቀደሙ ዝተዋህበካ ሽራፍ ተመስገን ኢልካ ጎይታይ እምበይተይ ኢልካ ምኻድ አይምሓሸን ብቓንጫ ወዲ ቓንጫን(small weapons) መሳኪን መንእሰያት ረኪስካ ተዓዊትካ ደሓር ናብ ጃህራ ምእታዉ ምስ ብኣጽዋርን ብሃብትን ዝተሰርነቓ ሃገራት ነገር ምጽሕታር እንታይ ኣምጸኦ ጃህራ ህግደፍ ንሕና እንተደሊና ሳዉዝ አፍሪቓ ከንበጵሕ ንኽእል ኢና Elom.
    ንወያነ ድማ ንሕና ኢና መዳፍዕ ምትኳስ ምሂርናኩም እንዳበሉ እንዳቶኻቶኹ አራሲኖሞም።ገሊኦም ህግደፍ ዉን ኲናት ኣbቒዑ ሕዝቢ ነጻ ምስ ኮነ እሞ ሕጂ ኸ ናይ ምሕዝነት ዂናት ምስ ወያነ ዘይንገጥም ኢሎም።ሽዑ ዱማ ሃወሊል ዉጩ ስቅበል ኢሳያስ ስራሕ ተረኺባ ኣላ ኢልዎ።

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas

    I was trying to give credence to the pro-regime argument that the desertion of wedi tikabo has no political influence. But it turns out that wedi tikabo has deserted for political reasons and has become political opponent. Here is a brief words from him:


    • saay

      Haile (the great):

      Even James Madison can’t “give credence” to the arguments of NN,NN. A couple of weeks ago, they were ridiculing the existence of the shoot-to-kill policy for border crossers

      Hmmm. I wonder if we could give them an example of a very famous Eritrean shot dead when crossing?

      Athletes and artists (singers, actors, actresses) are the opposite of the canary in the coal mine: last to leave because their skill set is not transferable. Look what’s happening to Eritrea. And still the NNNN are incapable of calling for change because they have surrendered their mouth and brain to Isaias. But there is what Gandhi called “the small, still voice”: the conscience. Remember, the E.Sa.A. Pa. folks were first to enlist in PFDJ. Some people just want to be told what to do.


      • Saay,

        What is the relationship between the death of one person in the border by who killed him/her God know, and the policy.


    • haile

      Selamat saay and Meron

      saay – that is sad! Actually, I learned about it from your link today for the first time. RIP. I shudder to think how the Eritrean people will come to terms once the regime falls and everything comes out to the open. So much for their professed care about sovereignty and long term stability of the nation!!!

      Meron – while saay addresses your question, let me throw in my take on the “relationship”. The fact that this person’s death was disregarded and shielded from public acknowledgement of it by the regime tells you that it is part of a normalized incidence. Such normalization is usually instituted through policies. Therefore no need to report them.

      What would it take for you to even contemplate to support your people? If their tragic death right in front of your eyes doesn’t do it, then what? If there were something that the regime can realistically do to help the situation, at least you would have had a fighting chance. But it doesn’t! All you’re left with to convince people that it is OK to die and perish, it OK to live under repression and misery, it is OK to do away with everything that they paid dearly for. How do you think the regime would be able to help the situation without having to handover power to the citizens and IA get out of the scene? This is a reality check and not a rhetorical question. The regime has nothing to offer other than continued misery and descent into chaos and civil war. Reality check Meron!


  • saay

    Dear awatistas:

    A few days ago, In a different thread, I mentioned that the “menqesaqesi” (moving permit) that Eritreans carry is issued by the EPLF, an organization that was dissolved in 1994.

    After I posted the piece, I thought about it and asked myself: which is more amazing: that the moving permit is issued by the EPLF or that Eritreans are required to carry a moving permit to move around in their own country.

    Well now, one more question: which is more humiliating to Eritrean youth: (a) they need a moving permit or (b) the permit is issued by a defunct organization or (c) that non-Eritreans, actually an Ethiopian opposition group known as DeMHit, is actually in Eritreas capital city, Asmara, asking Eritrean youth to show their moving permit?

    I think it’s the pride before the fall. What does it say about Isaias Afwerki and his laws that he has to rely on a mercenary army to enforce them?


    • Saay,

      You are good in sticking on lies.

      – The first lie is, the travel permit is usually issued by Ministry of Defense under the banner of EDF. This serves for those nationals who are under ‘indefinite’ national service. No matter in which Ministry, authority or commission they work if their under active apparatus of the national service they only have that permit. I had that permit for several years .. actually that one is usually renews on the monthly basis.

      – And there is also another card for the demobilized or considered as demobilized. That one has also Ministry of Defense’s banner.

      – Second lie, ‘Demhin’ doesn’t have presence in Asmara apart from a small office. Your claim that ‘Demhit’ are doing this or that stuff in Asmara is simply a lie and is ludicrous. You better ask your brother which units are around and with what task. or may be Haile will brief you after his next visit to Eritrea.

      – Saay you seem more detached on the facts while extraordinarily rich on ideas and analysis.


      • saay

        Hey Meron:

        Refer to my story about “bgenzeb/bmastika” and you will understand why are so quick to jump to the word “lie”, “liar”: those who habitually lie, steal, prostitute tell themselves that everybody does it.

        Now: make me a challenge and make a definitive statement instead of using wiggle words like “usually” and I will engage. And provide a picture ID. But argue in good faith and take a position: no, the menqesaqesi is never, ever issued by EPLF. Do it and you will be proven wrong. Not a liar but wrong. Not only will I teach you how to debate but also manners 🙂 least I can do for my NNNN compatriots.


        • Saay,

          I always learn from you but not from your lies. A lie is a bud manner any one should not learn from. That word might be harsh but when that remains to be the last world to express the case why should i use it properly. I don’t need to tell you the difference between ‘wrong’ and ‘lie’… you are more proficient and eloquent on this language.

          Let’s see these points according to you:-

          – To convent or gather in a group of more seven people is illegal in Eritrea.

          – In cases like Lampedusa families of the victims are not allowed to mourn with their tradition.

          – Travel permit ‘Menqesaqesi’ are issued under the banner of PFDJ

          – PFDJ has ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy

          Here you have my views:-

          – thousands groups of up to hundreds people are simply gathered in Asmara. And in times of national and religious Holley days hundreds of thousands of people spontaniously gother in ‘Godena Harnet’. Just ask to Haile… or…

          – In case of Mourning No one need permission to practice his/her culture. The only requirement you need to plant tent of what’soever reason is to pay the charge for municipality. This is only applied in big cities. .. let me give you a tip, when Siyum Harestay was died their family in Eritrea had mourned with their culture.

          – In case of travel permit… you get your self wrong in the very common knowledge of us – those who pass through national service. Sorry to say but you can prove me right by asking to your brother… he was in-charge of distributing travel permits to his stuff from national service.

          Why i said is a lie rather than wrong… i feel it is a deliberate motive. If not, you have my apology.

          • Yodita

            Meron: You will of course say this is a lie.

            “(Asmara 25-10-2013) Release Eritrea, a UK based charity, has learnt that Eritrean security forces, raided a prayer meeting and arrested 150 Christians found praying together in Maitemenai, a suburb to the north of Asmara.”

            I am afraid you are in total denial. Only what the tyrant says is eternal truth for you guys who are without conscience. I suspect (I hope I am dead wrong!) that it wouldn’t suffice for you to insult our top notch people fighting for the voiceless, attributing to them concepts they abhor and fight against like lies; if you had the power, you would dump some of us to fry in containers (for trying to make you reason!!!). Essentially, this is what is wrong with you pfdj goons (as Haile the Great calls you). Truth triggers you to insult (in Diaspora) and imprison,(at home)!

          • saay

            Selamat Meron:

            You are going to insist on being ill-mannered aren’t you? I don’t blame you, I blame Isaias: 22 years of government without debate, discussions, give-and-take has created a rigid culture that just knows how to shout at the top of its lung “liar!”, “fabrication!” I don’t expect this to sink through to Nehna Nsu Nsu Nehna (N-quatro) gang, but repeat after me: you are mistaken, you are wrong, you misspoke. That advances a debate.


            1. I have told you that I have seen with my own eyes “menqesaqesi” issued in 2007 with EPLF as the issuing body. I can reproduce it if challenged. Challenge me but make a definitive statement: dont say “i dont think, mostly, usually” and other wimpy words. So put up your challenge. The “I talked to my brother, my uncle” may be how you collect information but that’s not mine.

            2. The “das Hazen” I asked Haile to explain what “mot HSuy” means but he figured it was too hard to explain it to you (I don’t blame him: you give ‘I know it all’ vibes and then with every sentence you disclose how little you know. So let me try it: mot HSuy is a case where the deceased was engaged but only his fiancé knows about it and she and her family show and the rest of the family are asking, “and who is that.” Similarly, in Eritrea, where the family knows their child has crossed the border but tells the mafia regime they don’t know where their child is (because they don’t want to be fined or arrested) the mourning is going to be a hush hush affair. Please stop pretending that you are the only person with family in Eritrea: we all have them and we all talk to them.

            3. That Seyoum Harestays family mourned for his son maybe an indication to you that the Eritrean mafia regime is tolerant; that a man who fought for Eritrea (and recruited Isaias) could not return back home speaks even more loudly.

            By the way, I have completely given up on you based on your reaction to Lampedusa (you can’t take one tiny step without checking, unlike, say Nitricc); don’t take it personal if I ignore you.


          • saay

            PS: the DemHit, wait for Gedab News. And after that, wait for the next report of the monitoring group. It will blow your mind. I mean it will blow the mind of decent folk; you will just say “lies”, “fabrication”


          • Saay,

            I think you have score one… and sorry for that… the rest are there.

  • belay

    Dear Awatians,
    For how long are you going to hide,behind your pen name?
    I think it is time to come out,to encourage others to do the physical jop.

    • Gebre

      As long as they tell lies,insult others whose only “crime” is that they have their own ideas. As long as they remain incopetent in every detail of their lives; ives. As long as they remain hypocrites; As long as they learn the A,B,C of civilized discourse; As long as they are stubborn like the domstic friend we have at home; As long as they inflate themselves beyond one could possibly measure; As long as they side dictators of all kinds of colors; As long as they learn to self-critize when ever necessary; As long as they learn to admit mistakes and make amends and move on;
      And as long as they learn how to respect others and get respected in return.

      Would these answers be enough for you, SIR?

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        That is ok Mr.Gebre. your description serves to those who are supporting PFDJ but still use pen name. and may be to those who are far with antother nationality but still use pen name. I don’t think this will serve to those who are under PFDJ.

        soon my friend you are going to see thousands of people with their real name and picture.just relax.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Sorry Awatawoch,

    I did not notice that you have been discussing the interview already. I am gonna blame it on my IPad again… 🙂


    Yup. You are right she is greatly bright and smart….

  • Eyob Medhane

    I just watched the interview of Petros Solomon’s youngest daughter and her grandmother. For the sixteen year old girl, she is amazingly smart. And her grandmother is just like every Habesha grandmother. Humble, quite and very graceful. For those of you, who didn’t watch it, here is the link.

    • I feel very sorry for this bright 16 years old kid and her grand ma. For her age, she is very brilliant. She has also a very good knowledge of the situation in Eritrea not to mention her mastery of the English as well as Tigrina languages. She has had a full command of the interview with the reporter. I wish her success as much as I wish her parents be released as soon as possible.

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    ምስ ዋጣ’ያ ዝዋጥስ ከዉጠጢ እበር ነይክዋጢ – ሓሙሳ ተቃወምትስ እንታይ ይበሃል።እሞ ወይከ ነቅ.

    I love ዋጣ also it shaped our music and the way we dance. Therefore I have great appreciation for ዋጣ artists. However If two ዋጣ’s play on the same occasion it sounds like ድምጲ ሕንዚዝ or it sounds as of flying several world warII planes – that means tasteless ጓይላ.
    Having 50 parties may not good rather leads to more disagreements and lacks main point too.
    ቁርብ ዶ ዝእርም ሰብ ተሳኢኑ.

  • Papillon

    In my opinion the take away gist of the interview is when the young girl (ማአዛ) said that, she would like to go back to Eritrea to contribute when it is safer. The question however remains: when is it going to be safer or safe? Isaias is losing sleepless nights not because he put away her parents in an undisclosed dungeon but for letting the pedigree of the family live on.

    The marauding scorched-earth modus operandi doesn’t discriminate. When the menace saw an old lady at the door-steps of his office supplicating with him to release her son (ቢትወደድ), he didn’t see an old frail lady, rather he saw an enemy. When ማአዛ pleads with him to reign justice so that her parents can have a day in a court of law, Isaias sees not a young and bright girl, rather he sees an enemy.

    It becomes rather problematic and a day light robbery of one’s intelligence to consider the entity in Eritrea a regime let alone a government. Simply because, when the host takes a glimpse into Isaias’ Eritrea, what she sees is a desperate plea of አደይ መዝገብ with her grand-daughter to a dark skinned Don Corleone where it is pretty much a kidnap case where the ransom is a total prostration of the subjects.

    • Gebre

      Hi Papillon,

      You are so amazing how you see reality on the ground. You ingeniously said:

      “Isaias sees not a young and bright girl, rather he sees an enemy.” It couldn’t be truer. I can only add a little to your wise observation by saying:

      “To the man who wants to use a hammer badly,” observed Mark Twain, another wise man like you Papi, “a lot of things look like nails that need hammering.” To dictators, today, who want to sit at the helm of power for life, many people around them look like enemies (competing for power) that need to be sent to the dungeons.

      Papillon, Keep on Papilloning (writing, debating and enlightening others).

      • Papillon

        Dear Gebre,

        Well said and many thanks for those kind words.


  • rodab

    This just in…
    Assenna just announced it will interview Wedi Tkabo on Monday.
    If that is the case, Monday will mark the start of another bad week for the regime.

  • UN Order on Eritrea:

    ‘Don’t talk about sovereignty; stay sanctioned so as you can’t import arms.’ Let’s talk about serious things, off course on how to stop national service. Ya let’s talk on how to steal your self-defense mechanism’ …… Wow

    Saays Order

    ‘Let’s talk serious… let’s talk about the daughter of the ex-acting Minister. Why didn’t the government let her to cross the border? This government should be accountable for holding people in the country? … it should also be responsible for smuggling people. .. it should also be responsible for condemning families of the Lampedusa victims to mourn with their traditions…. It should also allow them to cry… Wow Tikabo has done it… a big.. big blow .. let’s encourage others to follow suit’

    Haile the great

    ‘Oh meron you are taking refuge in perspectives… I don’t have perspectives but views… not views ideas… not ideas truth… look statistics… Ms .Shella said this… the Gov. is dead… we don’t know why we are here…’


    ‘Is Haile great because Saay said so… oh so you are just like us a cult’
    Nitricc bro… I think we all are the same. ….

    Haile was very great to me when he was debating against saay. At that time he was not great for Hidrat… Hidrat was usually throwing punches on him the same as he is doing on you. But you know the conversting day have converted Haile from my great to Saay’s and Hidrats Great…. Then the cult follow suit.

    Look how great Haile is. He is always great whether on this side or that side. … lol

    • haile

      Meron Arkey..tefi’Ekana eko qenikha..asiromkha keykonu teshaqile :-)gdef eba nafkot qetilkana 🙂

      Anyway, my title “great” seems to bother some people. You guys gave it to me…and if it is so much a loss, well take it back 🙂 I resign! Who knows it might even have been a conspiracy to retire me early…much like aboy abi or the great in English! You see Meron, if a child gives you a candy, careful not to eat it early. If you do so, the kid would scream their head off saying that you ate their candy. So, trust me, I am cool when that title of greatness comes from PFDJ goons. How can they give me what they don’t have…dictatorship means that no one can be greater than Nsu the great 🙂

      Saay actually means it. He also said something like you alluded when he compared to me with J. Adams for being able to argue both sides of issues. I don’t know if you had time to read my post to Luna yesterday. It is a bit idealistic, but an analysis of how I relate to ideas – I observe them rather than identify with them, unless my conscience allows me to do so. This is the critical factor that is causing you to define your “I” as a defender of a regime that has the means to defend itself but argue against its victims who have no means of resisting it. Your self-identification with worthy values uttered by the regime to disguise its injustices has forced you to assume that you own its problems too. It is great to have an idea or a view… but it is essential to HAVE a moral that would guide your relationship with those too.


      • Hailat,

        Haha… hakika te’asire iye zeleku lomi kine… Nafiqotka gin ayki’alenan …

        We all have ideas, views, perspectives and knowledge. We may differ in attitude, approach, prioritization.. and so one. Over all we all have our own biases. You try to sell your bias and I also do the same. We try to search truth but we hardly leave our biases aside. That’s where the difference usually comes.

        I might say some harsh things about your conversion. But deep down I am not against any conversions. Conversations show ones evolvement in thinking and understanding. Everything time you learn new things that would have effect and impact on your bias… biases also evolves. So when you declare that you identify me with my ideas and question my morale, off course you were reflecting your bias -nothing else.

        At the end of the day the major difference I have from you and your likes is, I don’t compromise on my understanding on sovereignty in order to prioritize some political matters. On my view political issues whether attached with rights, democracy or governance they are non-stoppable and continuous in live. One will fight to keep the statuesque and the other will continue to break it – both for their respective interests, or to show the supremacy of their own biases… or.

        And for you guys, no matter what has happened to our sovereignty, no matter how the challenges that are attached with the violation of the sovereignty is affecting the country, and no matter what tomorrow will look like, Political issues are number one. I don’t even oppose any political issues, sacrificing sovereignty or the issue of sovereignty in order to gain the political capital you are looking is simply absurd.

        That’s why I agree with you in your view with regard to and that’s why I appreciate than any other Eritrea associated websites. They oppose the government and at the same time the express how concerned they are about the violated sovereignty and other conspiracies against the nation from the regional or international powers.

        Senay Ne’aka

        • Yodita

          “…sacrificing sovereignty or the issue of sovereignty in order to gain the political capital you are looking is simply absurd.”

          If sovereignty is servitude and more prisons than schools and hospitals, and practically all those under forced ‘conscription’ dreaming of leaving their beloved homeland, then sovereignty becomes precious ONLY to those few who enslave and oppress and to those like you in the diaspora who are incapable of seeing, hearing, witnessing glaring truth, blinded and crippled as they seem to be by the tiny winy gains they are enjoying or by their incapacity to be honest even to themselves. No wonder almost all pfdj supporters use nicks, they are scared not only of the people but of their own conscience! The Cosmic Law dictates that it is not LEGITIMATE (lawful) to forcefully alter your unerring inner voice to defend wrong doing (the way some of you do). There is a price to pay! Woe to you harbingers of deceit and slaves to the power-monger! Isaias’s vision of sovereignty, constructed in his image and whims at a very high cost, has finally cracked and is crumbling. In its wake will arise the sovereignty peace loving and hardworking honest Eritreans crave for.

          Please spare us your philosophy on sovereignty! No lessons from you, thanks!

          • Yodita,

            – How many nick names do you have here in the Awate land? I have one… let me say this.. hiding behind nick names is hypocrite. . so we share the same libel in here.. we all are hypocrite except the handful ones who are sharing their views in their very name.

            – We don’t need to define sovereignty… it’s being long defined in social science… i rather spare from taking us to 101 of political science. Thus we do not need to philosophize on sovereignty. I am not capable to give lessons. I simply share my views and learn from the views of others.


  • saay

    Selamat Awatistas.

    I told you to wait to discover MeAza Petros Solomon. I told you she is Eritrea. Articulate, righteous, morally clear, and badly wounded and harmed. What I forgot: the dignified grandmother.

    Tell me now: did I over promise?


    • haile

      Hi Saay

      …ahh that is a killer to even finish watching!! Finish watching while numbing the emotion was I did anyway. On the one hand, this is saddening, as it should, on the other hand however, it is reassuring to witness such dignity from those who lost the most. That says much about how Eritrea could have been and surely will be without the Dracula at the helm.

      Thanks for sharing (Good job at VOA as well – although I am convinced that Mr Tewelde Weldegebriel is a silent majority 🙂

    • Yodita

      Dear Saay,

      And most beautiful! This speaks volumes about us as a people. Somehow, the interview ‘heals’ as it makes one see the embedded potential in both of them. Once the tyrant goes, we will recover our core values and the best in all of us.

      Thank you Saay! God bless you.

      • saay


        Great week for our side. A toast:

        Lyrics/melody: by Osman Abdurehim
        Performed by Sami Berhane

        Lyrics included so Eyob and Nitricc can sing along

        • Yodita

          WOW! ዎሪዎሪዎዎሆ

          • saay

            Yeah, Sami loves the word Ma’aza and Ma’azatat 🙂

            Ma’azatat at 3:02 on this song…(sgr bietna)

            And Ma’azay on this song, “Ma-azay”*


            Happy Ma’aza Day. The Isaiasists tried to kill and confuse Eritreanism but she is righteous and indignant fighting against injustice, as always.


            * my country/village/raised friends find quite a few imperfections in the words he chooses as he narrates the story of villagers in love, but it is good enough for us city slickers.

    • rodab

      I actually watched it earlier today while I was in Starbucks.
      Simply put, she is remarkable. I was wondering where and when she mastered the English language. It’s amazing. Petros and Aster would be extremely proud of her. So are we.

    • Ermias

      ናብ ዝኸበርክን ወይዘሮ መዝገብን፤ ዝኸበርኪ መኣዛን ሓፍተይን፤
      በቲ ርጉም ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ፤ ኣብ ስድራ ቤትክን ዘውረዶ መዘና ዘይብሉ ስቓይ ክቱር ሓዘን ይስማዓኒ፥ ግን ኣጆኻትን ፍትሒ ዝነግሰሉ መዓልቲ ቀሪቡ እዩ፥፥ኢሳያስይን ጭፍርኡን ኣብ ገምገም ገደል ተንጠልጢሎም እዮም ዘለዉ፥ ነው ምባል ጥራሕ እያ ተሪፋቶም ዘላ፥፥ ኣነ ከም ወዲ ኤርትራ መጠን እዚ ኩሉ ስቓይ እንዳ ኣሕለፍክን፤ ከምኡ ውን ከማትክን ብዙሓት፥ ሱቕ ኢለ ክሳብ ሕጂ ብምርኣየይ፤ ምስ ብዙሕ ይቕረታ ድሕሪ ሕጂ ግን ትፈትዎኦም ኣቶ ጴጥሮስን ወይዘሮ ኣዜብን ክልኦት ኩሎም ገበን ዘይብሎም ኣብ ኣብያተ ማእሰርቲ ዝማስኑ ዘለዉ ፍትሒ ክሳብ ዝረኽቡ፤ ኣበርቲዐ ከምዝቃለስ ይረጋግጸልክን፥፥ ኣምላኽ ብርታዔ ይሃብክን፥፥

    • SA


      Of course, you did not over promise! The interview is touching: it makes you both angry and empathetic because of what they have been made to go through. The daughter was impressive and effective. Hope she does more interviews but for now let’s us share this interview with as many people as we can. I wonder how the young YPFDJ members will respond to the interview.


  • Abinet

    Nitricc ,LAST CALL . Get on the BOAT before it is a little too late . Be part of the 99% . Why don’t you save some lives by shortening the moron’s days than killing more lives by extending it . We are talking about the young and voiceless . I know you can do this . You can even help by converting other die hard supporters .Meet Ato Saleh and others on this side of the river. They don’t bite.

  • Papillon
  • Abinet

    Ato Saleh, don’t try to wake up Nitricc . ” awko yetegna biterut aynekam” yibalal.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Abinet, you are right “awko yetegna…” the problem is if someone knowingly sleeps on my doorstep, I have to shake him up to move away.. awko or sayawq, regardless. I am not trying to wake up anyone, I just want them to get out of the way… But I understand the frustration involved. Thank you.

      • Nitricc

        Saleh I wound’t worry with your your people the likes of Abibet and my good friend Aman.
        I did not say anything I just shared the meaning victim and witness. I thank you for your replay with the definition of those words in the dictionary. Like I have said I don’t look words in dictionary, I translate them what to mean own my own terms. As far as I am concern, the dictionary is written just people like me. Unless you are going to tell me that was written by god 🙂
        Anyway while you at there how do you reconcile
        The act of god And hear-say
        As far as I am concern if some one shots you, you are a victim if your airplane crushed it is an acident and it is an act of god.
        The something with the witness, if you are present at an incident and personally involved, you are a witness but if you hear it and have the information from your family and friends then that is hear say, not a witness.
        So that is all I am saying, I am not commenting on the thread or the Issue at hand, I am just commenting at those two words.
        Abinet we got it, you know Amharic, so Min Ytebeslish? qulatam.
        Aman what did you find that I said so troubling? My man, chill

        • Danny

          Alas, nothing will educate this dude Nitricc. He can’t even learn the meaning of a word from a dictionary. Now we should all know what we are dealing with when we talk about supporters of the regime. They are all cut out from the same impermeable rock.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          When you live in a society (with other human beings) there are facts and universal truths you have to abide by. If there is a difference in understanding a word, there are authority you consult, like the big book they call dictionary! Of course you can create words on the go, but then you can only talk to the mirrors because no one else would understand you. Man developed words because there was need for communication. If you were the first human being, I don’t think there would be any language today. Anyone would have insisted on having his individual set of words.

          Leave the god or God out of this… there are many campus cafeterias where you can debate religion to your heart’s content–I am not interested in that kind of debate.

          But you trying to redefine the English language, and not believing the definition of the dictionary, is the most absurd argument I heard so far. You reason that the dictionary is written by people like you, and you can create one. More credible people tried that for ages, ever heard of a language called Esperanto? It failed. Now, you equal yourself to the dictionary! You can re-invent English! I will believe it when I see a Meriam Nitricc dictionary being consulted in my local library–in the second, I take that back, in my third life. Cheers Nitricc 🙂

        • Paulos

          Nitricc ንትርክ ይወዳል፣ ነትራካ።

      • dawit

        That also can apply to you too. You know the problems of Eritrea, you tried to distort the facts and aggravate the situation for your won ego for power.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          You seem to be a one-line debater. If not, I am willing to take you challenge and debate you. Let me start: you one-sentence doesn’t say anything, it is empty. To have a meaningful discourse (debate an issue pertaining Eritrea, because we do not have any social ties between us, as far as I know) we must support our one-sentences with facts and arguments. Now I am praying for a clarification from you: what are the facts (plural) that I distorted? Since you implied they are too many (your use of plural) why don’t you give me a couple of examples–or, one example would do for now. Otherwise, I can send you a cenrniera (read cherniera), a zipper, just in case.

          • dawit

            Dear Saleh,

            I could write a paragraph or two to support what I wrote on that one line, if you are honestly want to discuss Eritrea. Let me start with one and see if we can debate honestly.

            I have followed your web site for a long time almost since it started. It has been one of the sites I learn about Eritrea and current development about the country. I know you travelled to Ethiopia for the first time to visit Zenawi, and you interviewed him and you posted your interview and tried to influence you readers how he was sorry about deporting Eritreans from their Ethiopia etc. and his justification why he did not want to leave occupied Eritrean territories. Yet you know that this occupation is the reason why Eritrea is in bad situation it has found itself and the cause of the indefinite military service in the country. You bought the idea that PIA is the ‘Dictator’ and Zenawi the ‘Democrat’ and the only way for Eritrea to progress is to change the Eritrean Government by any means. Part of that project was to isolate GoE. Then you went to Djibouti, you claimed that you went there to see how conditions were comparing to Eritrean ports. Really? I believe you went there to lobby IGAD for the Ethiopia’s plan to put UN sanctions on Eritrea. The sanctions you initiated and supported is squeezing Eritrean economy, affecting ordinary citizens, people in villages such as Halib- mentel and Ashera. You perfectly know the sanction will not affect PIA or its officials of the government PJDF. But regardless of its consequence you support it. Why?

            You were in Australia to lobby with the government to disinvest in Eritrea. You were in Qatar for similar mission. Don’t you think all these efforts do not have any effect on ordinary people like Miriam? I doubt it.

            Even though you are trying to replace the Eritrean government, you clearly know you are hurting the country and ordinary people. You have a website dedicated to your project distorting facts some time and instigating the young to abandon their country, knowing that they will face hardship when they leave their country. I know you are intelligent Eritrean and you have influenced so many Eritreans dedicated to destroy Eritrea as a nation. Imagine if all those who are writing articles aired to destroy Eritrea at your website could have used their talent and time to suggest ideas how the country solves its centuries old problems? It seem to me you are stuck on the 1970s and 80s Eritrea, still fighting the ELF PLF battles.

            Let me stop and see what your defenses are to the points I raised.


          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar


            Excellent.But I am afraid responding to your questions here would be hijacking the thread. Therefore, I decided to incorporate your accusations,allegation (and illusions), together with other issues I wanted to raise, in a separate edition of Negarit very soon. Stay tuned, you will get your clarification (and a bonus) in the upcoming Negarit. Until then, please collect all the accusation in the case of “Supporters of the regime vs Saleh Johar,” where the judges would be the awate readers including your side. But honestly, I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of proof you have already collected, I am shivering with fear. You mean I really did all of that? Keep your answer for later.

            Saleh, the defendant 🙂

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas

    One of the most powerful words of warning to all Eritreans from an Eritrean mother!!!

    Every pro regime must take heed, under 4 mins video.


    • Yes indeed!! The rise of “adetat” and “religious leaders” is the sign of change from the base. The question is where are our “muhurat”?

    • Papillon

      Dear Haile,

      This is powerful. It is a climax. Two issues rather come to mind. First, this kind of intense appeal to the mothers who are dancing to the tune of the sadistic leader is limited to the Diaspora community. It would be more productive if the people inside Eritrea can have an access to it. Second, the steeled determination of the young and middle age to leave the country should be reversed into rising up against the regime instead. I wish I had the know-how to use the intense energy to that end. Any idea?


    • The Great Lampedusa Bell is still ringing and it will still keep ringing day and night until every Eritrean is awakened

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም
    • Yodita

      Dear ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      Thank you for the link. It is powerful. It is yet another indication that there is a momentum like no other before and still growing and Eritreans seem to be more connected since the terrible tragedy of Lampedusa. There appears to be more awareness in the Diaspora population that the more the tyranny stays in power the worse the situation is most likely to be. More people are admitting the FAILURE.

      If I may, I wold like to know what the word ዕትብቲ means although reading some of your posts the ኮኾብ ሰላም part is, in my view, most appropriate.


      • Yodita

        Moderator: I deeply appreciate the correction.

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        Thank you Yodita. yes ended the massage was strong. that is why again Haile has posted the same one again.

        for the name:-I think it is known as Umbilica cord if I am not mistaken. For more information go to

        If you want to know why my name was changed from Kokhob Selam to ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም please my poem in Jebana the title is ዕትብቲ. You find Kokhob Selam discussing with the cord asking what happened to the infant during the tragedy of Italy. ዕትብቲ was answering to him what happened but also inform him he is not worth to be called by the name Kokhob Selam since his own country women and infant have dead in such way. At last Kokhob requested him to get the name ዕትብቲ to be the “cord” that will serve the people. Please read the poem.

        since then my name has been changed.

        • Yodita

          Thank you ኮኾብ. I read the sad poem.

          • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

            Thank you for reading. kindly read our Jebana poems always.

  • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

    Your reasoning is often absurd. Here is how a dictionary defines a victim:
    noun: victim; plural: victims
    1. a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action. synonyms:sufferer, injured party, casualty; More

    If people die in an earthquake they are called “earthquake victims” The applies to airplane crush victims, ship-wreck victims, etc.

    If an underage is jailed by a regime the jailed is a victim of the regime simply because they are in jail when they shouldn’t be (you can debate this until mid-night but you would sound more absurd).

    2. Witness wit·ness, noun : In law, it is a person who makes a statement in a court about what he or she has seen or knows.

    Nitricc, you are confusing witness for eye-witness, someone who has to gives first-hand testimony to what he saw. But a witness in court is someone who knows or is believed to know about an issue. For example, you know the situation of your parents and relatives (I hope, I am assuming a normal assumption here) and no one would challenge you if you were testifying about the situation of your parents because you should know.

    Being a “contrarian” and stubborn is fine, but being a callous person, devoid of any human feeling and sympathy, is not fine at all. For a reason known to you alone, you repeatedly show your contempt for Eritreans and their suffering. If so many people told you “your head is not there, you should have the decency to touch and feel it, just in case they are right (don’t milk this, it is just a saying 🙂

    Then there is something called decency (human decency on how one should behave and act). There is a Tigre saying that might help here: ee-kejjl kjelo e’lu. It means, be ashamed on behalf of one who doesn’t have shame. It is difficult to explain decency or teach it to an adult, so, I will stop here.

    • Danny

      Dear Saleh,

      Callousness comes as a biproduct to Nitricc’s stupidity. We mourne his being as much as we mourne the victims of Lampedusa because he is an outcome of a callouse regime. Your saying in Tigre has a equivalent saying in Tigrigna that comes to mind. Ashan xibuQ alo, zemed Ashan kefiewo’lo

      • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

        Thanks Danny, but the more equivalen to your saying is “glul m’garu, h’ou glul yebu garu.”

        In Tigrinya, my earlier saying would translate, “zeyHaffr, Hferulu.”

        You know I like such topic and if you respond to this, we might unknowingly hijack the debate on the news item 🙂

        • Danny

          Touché! dear Saleh.

    • Selam S.Gadi,

      He is the product of PFDJ acadamy. He is cultivated by the rude culture of PFDJ. what do you expect. You see Saleh! we have a heck of a job waiting for us to reverse this shameful culture of “skunis” to use your own word. If a regime puts 85 years old citizen, who is apolitical into a jail…there is some wrong even with our society not to say “ageb” and come to the forefront to advocate for his release. Doesn’t that trigger a question, can we even stand as intact society? as the fabric of our society isn’t there.

      • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

        Hi Amanuel,
        Our society is fine, value-wise. We are just going through a serious crisis which I am sure has come to pass. We should not define our society by the behavior of a few runaway elements, they are the exception not the general rule. In fact, you should be more confident of our society, we cannot decrease our faith in our society whenever we are annoyed by a few who obviously do not have any sympathy with the people but spend their time buttressing the cruel regime. They are devoid of any about emotions, which is part and parcel of being a human being. Only animals are without emotions. That simple fact is missing from their understanding. Imagine going to the bereaved and telling them what Nitricc is saying here! They think what applies to laboratory mice applies to living and breathing humans. It is just disgusting.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam All,

    Sharing news from Winnipeg, Canada.

    Trying to localize the tragedy by finding family members and relatives come forth to tell the stories and ASK the governments to help ease the plight of Eritrean refugees, a brave young Eritrean came forward.

    For Eritrean-Canadians, among other campaigns, join in requesting the Canadian Immigration Department to relax the caps and limits it imposed on private sponsorship program which has effectively denied us from sponsoring Eritrean refugees who are hence taking perilous route.

  • said

    Alem and TiETiE
    You stated Dictator Isaias Afwerki and his cousins Yemane Monkey and Hagos Kisha (all three happen to be from Tigray) are responsible for the killing of many Eritreans including children. and respond by TiETiE stated More brutal killers that wuchu, sbhat, haile/chayna,wedi memhr and many small cadres.
    Talk of benign “NUSO” is a farce belied by the nature of the beast. “NUSO,” as an Eritrean narrow strict regional nationalist front movement founder, is an exclusivist front movement founded on the principle of mutual exclusivity: i.e. the realization of DIA aspirations predicate on the annulment and eradication of the rights and aspirations of the marginalized and victimized others: the Eritrean People in general .
    Worse than the exclusivist “Apartheid” rule of once White South Africa, the “NUSO” Doctrine is based on the uprooting and complete replacement, the idea and object of “Nehan Al-Amana ” is to remove the indigenous Eritrean inhabitants, owners and for long-time, of time immemorial, residents of the land, Eritrean , for the sole purpose “Nehan Al-Amana ” of selected of his“NUSO” choosing Eritrean .
    The Doctrine of “Nehan –Al-amana ” widely knowing to many Eritreans and widely debated , both in the abstract theory and the actual practical application, succeeded and is succeeding in creating facts on the ground; negating by the force of arm the existential rights of the indigenous Eritrean; their right to their homeland and their basic and civilian rights both under Ethiopian occupation and today by DIA/PFDJ rule .as we witness the mass flight refugees continuing an abated in neighboring countries and faraway . DIA and cronies are succeeding in creating facts on the ground with the blind support of some naive Eritrean all done and carried out in the broad day light, in a systematic fashion that’s ultimately aiming at the disgorgement, the ejection, the eviction and total replacement of the indigenous Eritrean inhabitants: the Kunama, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant Christian and Muslim by illegal supremacists imposing forced settlement and controlling total power .
    Nehan –Al-amana plans are carried out secretly for years in making in the pursuit of a total “narrow tiny Ethnic supremacy at expense of the greater Eritrean of indigenous people, the overwhelming vast majority Eritrean, DIA professing in none apologetic terms of divide and rule by creating wage among Eritreans, an Eritrean of one official language to dominate that is: “Tigrinya Eritrea As England is English.”
    Carrying theory into “Practice,” rendering a notion into factual reality of changed facts on the ground, the tragic mass flight, mass exodus of oppressed ,subjugated, terrorized all Eritrean from in time of independence in1991 as the Miraculous Simplification of “Nehan –Al-amana ”, Tasks,” tantamount to a virtual process of pushing Eritrean as in present all “Ethnics and regions Cleansing, emptying and weakening Eritrea .
    The conspiratorial and devious “Nehan –Al-amana” mind that’s well versed in communist propaganda techniques of make-belief; methodical and systematic approach in the creation of facts and management of novelties; pursued in the same manner its former occupation colonialist Ethiopia. a total process of “Ethnically Cleansing of lowland of Eritrea of the 60th and 70th ,” in the gradual phases warranting the digestion and absorption of newly taking lands and rich natural resources by a nascent new political entity, Eritrea DIA/PFDJ, according the growing abilities of that entity. The same process equally entails DIA and his regime’s abilities to controlling the process of the slow eviction and management of the remnant residents of all true nationalist and patriotic Eritrean the indigenous population left and not to return including vast number of Diaspora, This is carried out in systematic plans of creating facts on the ground thanks to the enlisting some sell out Eritrean intellectual and of total controlled media and outstretched resources muscles of sell out Eritrean Diaspora .
    DIA lost no time in creating new facts on the ground of absorbing and digesting, changing the demographic distribution and the landscape of the newly liberated land, expropriation of some Eritrean land, for settlements accommodating in thousands Eritrean settlers sprang into existence ever since DIA come to power. These settlements carefully planned and equipped to operate as economic centers capable of the production and in the hope of export of agriculture products, and natural resources goods and services, are increasingly assuming lives of their own. All in violation of the International law, the UN Resolutions, the Geneva Conventions, The Hague International Tribunal Court and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Living in someone land is illegal, by creating settlements planted in the lowland, and the systematic Continuing Ethnic Cleansing It is undoubtedly a subtle and a devious plan concocted by DIA wanting to play the game of time while domesticating and enlisting the voluntary or forced settlement realized.

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      መሰሪ ስራሕ ፡ አየሰርሕ አይስርሕ።

  • Biruk

    The problem is people like Sheila Keetharut, Matt Bryden, Jenday Frazer just don’t understand why things are the way they are in Eritrea because they buy Weyane’s baloney lock, stock and barrel.

    They don’t know why Eritrea has to maintain a large army. They don’t understand the incredible threat that Eritrea is under.

    They don’t understand that Weyane is a determined enemy who wants to expand Tigray’s border at any cost and set-up a “Greater Tigray.”

    I doubt Ms. Sheila Keetharut would know if you asked her “what about Weyane’s aspirations of Greater Tigray and its negative impact on the Eritean people?”

    She doesn’t have a clue.

    I bet you $1000 she is not familiar with Weyane’s 1976 Manifesto of setting up Greater Tigray by taking land away from Eritrea and some fertile land away from Beghemdir, Wollo, Afar (Ethiopian side).

    All of Weyane’s land ambitions have been satisified on the Ethiopian side!!! Mission accomplished! The fertile parts of the Amhara region have already been incorporated into Tigray.

    But that’s where Tigray stopped. It couldn’t expand into Eritrea. Greater Tigray was stillborn. But the Eritrean people are still paying a price beause Weyane continues to be cuddled by the West.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Was that the reason eplf ‘created/joned’ tplf?

      • ኣንታ ብሩክ፡ ኣብ ዝወዓልካሉ እንዳጠፍእካስ ኣብ ዘይወዓኣልካሉ ኢድካ ትመልስ?
        ሓኪም ተረኤ

  • rodab

    “I would like to thank and commend the commission for presenting the Declaration on the Lampedusa tragedy. Let me also take this opportunity to express my condolences to the Governments and Peoples of the countries and families that have lost their citizens and loved ones at the shores of Lampedusa on 3rd of October. Some of the victims of this tragedy are my country men and women.”
    – Ambassador Girma Asmerom at the AU session on Oct 12.

    • Papillon

      Dear Rodab,

      I am sure you don’t expect the ለኽባጥ Ambassador to say anything different than or from his pimp. He may not realize it but the moral implication of his utter callousness is extraordinary when he expresses his “condolences” to “some” of his country men and women who had died in the ship-reck. The regime and the pimp he prostitutes for treated them with indifference when they were alive and they are discounting them when they are dead. It is just astounding to say the least.


  • Papillon
  • Nitricc

    I will not comment on this one way or the other. When your father and mother fight for a country to free, not only the free country took your both parents but ………
    Back to my point
    There are two things I refuse to relay, history and dictionary. They limit how you think, evaluat , translate and imagin.
    Now I am reading SAAY was a witness on this toothless UN thing but don’t you have to be present in real time to an event to be a “witness” ? If so how is it SAAY qualifies as a witness?
    Is not Sal telling what he heard? Not what he witnessed. Do you feel me?
    In the same token I keep reading people calling the Eritreans who died in the cost of Italy as “victims”
    They died through terrible accident, but to qualify as a victim, some one must cut you short on purpose. In other words, if your life ended by someone intentionally to hurt you, then you are a victim.
    If the Eritreans who drowned instead was an airplane crush, would you call them victims?
    I am just saying.

    • Nitric,

      Do you mean Saay couldn’t be a witness to the victims of his family? Isn’t it fact that his family members are thrown to a jail? I think, Nitric you are groomed to be the next monster of our people. Can’t you have humility and humanity at least in your response. Why are you acting irresponsibly against our victims of the regime? Wow there is something wrong with you guys.

  • Saay & Awatistas,

    The Eritreans living at Denver Colorado expalained our situation as follows:

    ስርዓት ኢሳያስ፡ ንሓድነትና ብሕሱም ሃሪምዎ። ተሃሪምና ኣብ`ቲ ንሱ ዝደለዮ ኣቲና፣ ንዕድመ ስልጣኑ ኣናዊሕና ስቓይ ህዝብና እናባኣሰ ከምዝቕጽል ጌርና። ውራይ ቃልስና- ተቓውሞ ኣንጻር ተቓውሞ ኮይኑ። ን4 ሚልዮን እኳ ዘይመልእ ህዝቢ፡ ንውክል ኢና ዝብላ – ልዕሊ 50 ፖለቲካውያን ውድባትን ኣብ ሓድሕደን ፈጺሙ እሂን ምህን ዘይብለን ቆጺርካ ዘይውዳኣ ጉጅለታትን ጫጪሕና። መተካእታ ናይ`ዚ ውዱቕ ስርዓት- ሓድነት ህዝብና ዘዕቁብ፣ ሰላምን ዲሞክራሲን ዘረጋገጽ፣ ፍትሕን ምርግጋእን ዘውሕስ… ወዘተ ኣብ ደረት ትርኢትና የለን…” In a nutshell they put it in a precise realistic reflection and are calling for a united purpose to change the reality of Eritrea. (Quoted from Netsebraq Eritrea).


    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      yes brother amanuel,

      ኣብ’ዚ እነሀልካ ዘረባ!!! ሓቀኛታት ሰባት- ነቲ ቅኑዕ መገዲ ክረኽብዎ እንከለው ሓቂ ንምዝራብ ድሕር ኣይብሉን እዮም:: ክኸውን ክኸውን ከም ጉዳይና እቲ እንኮ ኣማራጺ ዕረ እናጠዓመካ ጌጋታትካ ኣሚንካ ሱር ነቀል ለውጢ ብምስልሳል ንወሎዶታት ዝቅጽል መዓር ምትክኡ እዩ::

      ድሕሪ ነቲ ጸገም ግርም ምልላይን ምቅላዕን መፍትሒ ምርካብ ኣይከብድን እዩ የግዳስ ሕጂ ‘ ውን ትብዓት ዘድልዮ ስራሕ ይጽበይና ኣሎ:- ምትእምማንን ጸኒዕካ ናብ ‘ቲ ቀንዲ ሽቶ ምጭማትን:- ኣብ ናይ ሓባር ባይታ ናይ ሓባር ዕላማና ዝኾነ ሰላም ራህዋን ቅሳነትን ዝዓሰላ ሃገር ምፍጣር::

      Dear Amanuel,thank you for putting this post here.

  • Danny


    One of the biggest problems we Eritreans have developed is the culture of “bado seleste” where people instigate and dwel on mud slinging. We should start to learn how we can free ourselves from the culture of bela belew and start to call for the establishment of an independent and effective justice system. Once we are sure such an institution is in place, you can bring all the evidence you have gathered to date on Petros Solomon to the fore front, in an environment where he can defend himsel against your accusations, and where an independent and capable judge would pass his verdict after weighing all the facts and evidence against the law of the land. Until such a system is in place, hold on to your horses and call for justice with the rest of us.

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      1. Look ሓርበኛ መጽሄት 1991-1992 what he said was – he warned Saudi Arabia. I was too young to understand the seriousness of his remarks to Saudi Arabia at the time I read the magazine. Perhaps such poor remarks put Eritrea onto the spot of being marked dangerous nation.

      2. In his interview with ድምጲ ሓፋሽ in 1991-1992 he said ኩሉ ኢዩ ተመራሲሑ ጸኑሑ. All people deserve justice. There were many people working with the derg regime to help their family. so they were not criminals and working for living was not crime. The statement of ኩሉ ኢዩ ተመራሲሑ ጸኑሑ was wrong that everyone can not be fighter or join Gedli. Gedli should be voluntarily and no punishment for working with derg unless serious crime from killing to other destructive crimes.These poor Eritrean who were ኢሰፓ begged him mercy because they were employed and pressured to be ኢሰፓ to help or feed their family – some died in harsh temperature, some become tortured mentally – it was human right abuse. Furthermore he set out a plan to punish all these fighters who surrendered to enemy during Gedli times. why people surrender to enemy may not all crimes – again it was human right abuse.

      3. I appreciate him for being clean finally including he was brave in exposing Esayas’s evil acts. If he stayed out of prison or escaped to another country he could told eritrean a lot of Hgdef crimes.

      4. I am individual person I am not judging him for final. what I said was based on facts not 03 or rumor. Ask people to make sure I am right or wrong or check the sources I mentioned.
      I also wish him freedom and join his family.

  • Dear Papillon,

    The henoks, the Daves, the alems, the Merons,let alone to understand the complex physiological function of human being, they can’t even understand the simple basic deceptive political game of Issays. The Bio-chemistry of blood is too much for them which you try to use as metaphor to bring home your argument. We have to start with the basics.

    • SA

      Hi Amanuel,
      I share your perspective about the Eritrean situation, but I thought it was beneath you to insult the intelligence of the regime’s supporters. It is common to be intelligent and misguided. It is not that I want to defend the regime’s apologists, but I wanted to remind you to focus on attacking their ideas. That is what you do best, and the forum will be better because of it.

  • welde

    The VOA Tigringa interviewer , Minia,is a shabia agent. No wonder IA is relaxed about all the Euphoria in Lambudisca or elsewhere.
    Instead of asking questions directly concerning the Eritrean regime,IA, she is more concerned about the fate of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and tries to shift the interviewee to talk about refugees in Ethiopia.Eventhough he told her enough concerning her questions.

    The people of Eritrea has many Enemies, one among many is the VOA Tigringa .

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    A rich mother had started to see another man after she had five children from her previous housband. She even had three more children from the new man while she was still under her marriage vows. One thing led to another the boyfriend killed the housband leaving the mother with 8 children. The djuge decided the killer was free. Mother and lover was happy. Though the mother had no financial problem raising 8 children alone as a single mother was unthinkable both culturaly and the fact that when her love for the new guy was so enourmous and she knew three of the children belonged to her lover.

    The story was as complex as it involved close families, the two lovers instead of asking for advice how to handle the new situation, they carride away by the djuge decision and the new love, they told the children how their dead father was a horrible man and it was a denger too for their lives in the future that he continues to live so they must accept the death as wel being of the Whole family. Soon the new couple have three more children. There was no shortage of bad stories form the fallen mariage and the new father was full of it in blaming the dead father knowing he couldnt defend himself. As time goes on the new father makes only new babies and use the mother’s wealth. And he is too obssed with his victory. He talks day and night about it. The elder children started to get a bit sensitve. And soon start to show a sign of irritation. But their step fahter is so arrogant he told them the appel thing. And he was so furious he told the three who were assumed the children of the dead father that he is their real father. ‘You are different not becuse you are Young but becasue you are mine’ said he. Soon the Whole Family splited in many ways. The father is getting arrogant for failing as bread winner, he must unleash his rage on any one who confronsts him, this time including the very mother who supported him financially. The worrest thing is what ever happens he blemed the very man he killed.

    • Kim Hanna

      Dear Tamrat Tamrat,

      Do you remember you made a light joke about my comment a while back. You said that my comment was like a weather man on T.V reading about economic matters. I thought at that time you might have a point. Well, well now it is my turn.

      I have a couple of advice for you. The first one is you got to put that bottle of Tequila away. Honest it is not good for you.

      The second advice is wait 24 hours before you post another, as you put it, complex story like this. Have some merci, would you.

      I read it twice and on the 3rd read, all I could say was Tamer! Tamer! Ageb, what is happening to our people.

      Have a nice day.


  • Luna

    Forwarding reflection’s of a Sawa conscript:

    “For years, when I was in National Service constructing roads, hospitals and schools I was your hero. When I fought in the Ethio-Eritrean border conflict I was Yikalo. Years went by and I didn’t see any change. I wanted to live a normal life similar to any other human being. My parents started to get old and needed my help. I had no income and couln’t help seeing them living in poverty. I dreamt of my future, a place where I may be able to go to school, work and support my parents, get married and have my own children …. More than anything, I dreamt of freedom! The teenagers who watched me as a slave didn’t want to have the same fate.

    I decided to leave my beloved country. It was sad to see the majority who were teenagers taking this risky journey too. These were the teenagers that didn’t want to taste slavery. My journey was not easy and I was faced with so many obstacles … such as the soldier who shot at me at the border, the cruel human traffickers who sold me to the Bedouins in Sinai desert and those who took me to Libya to face the the merciless Mediterranean sea. Fire in Sinai burned me to death and water in Mediterranean swallowed me. Now, I Rest in Peace. But, there is a noise that is waking me from my death bed, a voice that is very familiar to me … that voice is telling me, “I am not an Eritrean.” Are you not the one who said I was your ‘Eritrean Hero’ when I was serving you? How can you take away my identity from my dead body? Have fear for God and let me have my Peace! ”

    Roberto’s response for the above:

    Thank you for this piece. It’s a touching one! So many idealistic dreams have been dashed by politics, fear, oppression and bad governance. Flight risks are taken that often lead to tragedy. Isayas’ government’s statement that those who died near the port of Lampedusa were illegal Africans, not naming the fact that they were Eritreans, is cold indeed but how could they say more. It would be admitting that not everyone is happy living in Eritrea. Isayas lives in a fantasy world that his Eritrea is okay and that the people are satisfied with his leadership. And how would he know otherwise? He has successfully censored the press and no one dares write anything that hints of dissatisfaction. Even if Isayas should step down from his position, would things change that much? Who would replace him? Is he grooming anyone?

  • Luna

    It it sad to hear remarks made by some individuals wanting to kill the messanger rather than the message. Let us find solution to the root problem which has plagued Eritreans for over two decades. Against this back drop, when a deligated person shows up as last resort we start name calling saying he is a paid individual and so on. Nothing gets solution without a round table talk.

    Luck of trust is our biggest enemy. The government knows quite well the weakness we have within us. That made us to be captives to the manuplation of the regime. surounded by his circle of operatives who disiminate propoganda non-stop. Please, find out for yourself how many times in our recent past have we given him a new lease of life when he should have been toppled down. For how long are Eritreans to be victims of this ruthless system! The more we remain silent with no resistance the more he is going to ridicule us and put us to shame.

    Think how the last few weeks went. We were caught unaware with no organized body to represent us vocally in the world of diplomacy. Thus, we were left out from making any impact on those who are decision makers. This major weakness was exploited by the regime against the interests of the dead and the survivors. Not only that, families back home denied the right to mourn and grieve the loss they have experienced with no official burial ceremony observation.

    As for the larger sector of our community it becomes a let down and robs Eritreans from having resolute or firm purpose to stand for freedom and democracy once again.

    • haile

      Selamat Luna

      Warning: this is philosophical and you might like to grab a comfy chair and relax as you read on 🙂

      You make many interesting points. In my view you have captured a snapshot of the current situation (especially in the diaspora) correctly. The whole scheme in the modern day Eritrean political landscape is controlled by fear.

      Those who express views to support or cover up the current misery are afraid of losing control.

      Those who are silenced from protesting the injustice openly are afraid of losing control.

      Those who are opposing the injustice are also afraid of losing control.

      Trust starts to hold ground when the fear of losing control is replaced by one’s capacity to hold off an unwarranted desire to control. I admit that this is slightly deeper than it meets the eye, yet the truth is that mistrust is simply a function of people’s reaction to a sense of loss of control.

      What is before us, the miseries and tragedies of our people, are a matter for conscience. When we “mind identify” with a problem, our consciousness is in charge and we are likely to make decisions without being under the influence of the desire of being in control. In other words, we are processing things as a mere passing ideas/thoughts, without surrendering control. However, if we “body identify” i.e. we believe that “my consciousness is part of this problem,” then any perceived sense of danger to our physical world (to one’s self and/or other concerns) would likely undermine us from seeing things from the perspective of our moral conscience.

      The prospect of losing control can be an oppressive reality to some and a liberating experience to others. Imagine how some people are putting themselves out to explain away or downplay the tragedies that continue to befall others. Such people have “body identified” their consciousness. What that means is that if the opposite of their arguments hold (their arguments being as: victims are mostly non-Eritreans or they themselves or the diaspora are to blame, the woyane or USA is to blame…) were to be true, then this would somehow make them believe that they’ll lose control that they assume to have now. May be they assume that they are in control of Eritrea’s destiny and feel that such control would be lost should the truth be acknowledged.

      Those remaining silent are also “body identifying” their consciousness. By that I mean that they assume to be in control of the safety of their person and their family by staying out of concern about the miseries of their people. They may feel that by taking an action to openly protest the injustice, they may lose that control about safety which they assume to have now.

      Essentially, the same can be said about people who oppose in a certain way and feel a sense of loss of control about others who do differently. I am no making judgement either way, but consider how is viewed by others who differ with it. Again, we come to the same conclusion that even on this side people “body identify” their consciousness with what is passing before them. And they begin to mistrust, shut themselves in and finally lose all meaningful existence.

      What we are witnessing is happening in Eritrea is extremely shocking and disturbing. It has profoundly touched the many hearts around the world. The regime of IA is in a serious hot waters over all of this with the world community. We, the Eritrean people in the diaspora (and mostly the silent majority:) needs to at least find ways of they can help this situation in any small way that they can. The million dollar question is however, would we find our conscience in the right place, mind or body?


      • haile

        Please read as: “We, the Eritrean people in the diaspora (and mostly the silent majority:) need to, at least, find ways that we can help the situation in any small way that we can.”

      • Ermias

        Before Lampedusa, I fitted with this category, “Those remaining silent are also “body identifying” their consciousness. By that I mean that they assume to be in control of the safety of their person and their family by staying out of concern about the miseries of their people. They may feel that by taking an action to openly protest the injustice, they may lose that control about safety which they assume to have now.”

        As you can see on this forum now, I am not remaining silent as that in itself is a crime at this point in our history.

      • luna


        Thanks for the response you made. It is healthy and appropriate to discuss issues which help us reach a better understanding of the problem the nation is facing at this point in time. Keep the dialog flow!

  • alem

    Ms. Sheila, when are you going to take this Dictator to the International Criminal Court? Innocent Eritrean people have been killed by this mafia regime everyday. Please save us from extinction!!

    Dictator Isaias Afwerki and his cousins Yemane Monkey and Hagos Kisha (all three happen to be from Tigray) are responsible for the killing of many Eritreans including children.

    Please do a favour to Eritrean people!!!

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      more brutal killers
      wuchu, sbhat, haile/chayna,wedi memhr and many small cadres.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      When do you refer a tigrinya person from tigray? Is it when the number of eritreans refugees is sky high? or when he or she does inhuman things? or when the number of boat imigrants brings the world atention to Eritrea? Or when Eritrea regime fails to do its obligation?

  • truther

    These idiots are talking about 3,000 Eritrean refugees per month WORLDWIDE. Thats less than half the total number of Ethiopian refugees that enter Yemen every month. How can you compare 3,000 per month WORLDWIDE with 7,000 per month in ONE country? What is the reason that there is no “special rappablahblah” for Ethiopia?

    “Some 84,000, or more than 80 per cent, of the arrivals were Ethiopian nationals, while Somali refugees constituted the rest.”

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      May be their expectation is 60,000 per month from Ethiopia due to its large population. May be they expect to see more than 1,5 million ethiopian refugees in Eritrea.

    • don

      hw poor u r man!!instead of reflecting ur inferiority complex…try to know,understand nd solve the problem gng on in ur country…it’s very shame to compare 3k/4mln/month with 7k/90mln/month…right now ethiopia nd eritrea r very different countries…per yr more than 130000 young powers r joining to universities in ethiopia…but thanks to ur brutal government u guys r deserved” indefinite national service” instead of holding books nd pens….By hook or by crook ethiopia is muchhhhh more better place zan eritrea!!

  • henok

    This woman, Sheila or Sheena or whatever her name is, is the female version of Matt Bryden.

    The whole of East Africa claims to be Eritrean for asylum purposes.

    If you add up the number of refugees who claim to be Eritrean, it exceeds the population of Eritrea by the millions! It’s a metaphysical impossibility for Eritrea to generate 60,000 refugees a month. The whole country would be empty and Agames/Weyane would just walk-in and claim the land for themselves and establish their dream of Greater Tigray without lifting a finger. So it is a near metaphysical impossibility for Eritrea to lose the number of people these naïve, corrupt UN officials say.

    You can’t take anything they say seriously!

    ‘Nuff said!

    • Dave

      The whole east Africa would not claim as an Eritrean had it not been for our poor human rights situation.

    • Danny


      Could you tell us in your own words how many Eritrean refugees live in dire situation in Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen? If you don’t know, then you have no choice but to accept the claims of the people who care to count. Because your master isn’t going to tell you that number.

    • jonas

      The country is emptying up , you yourself live outside Eritrea . I could tell you haven’t had a good up bringing by the racist language you use , probably you work as a security guard for some supermarket where mental capacity is not required . If you have relatives in Eritrea ,they will tell you how fast the country is emptying up.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        You do the same insult, jonas!

    • Papillon


      When you see and dwell on the numbers, the UN officials see something else. At some point the numbers become irrelevant. Here is the deal: If an anemic person comes to a physician, what the physician does is he or she looks into the number of red blood cells or the amount of iron circulating in the system. But if the patient is chronically (sporadically) losing blood, that is, if the patient has a genetically predisposed ailment, no matter how many times the physician tries to replenish the lost blood, the patient will still keep losing blood every time some sort of trauma the patient incurs as in Hemophiliacs that is. The physician will have to redress the genetic anomaly in a bid to find a lasting solution to the presenting case.

      The UN officials are not worried about the numbers per se simply because in essence, it doesn’t tell them much. Rather what seems to be alarming is the rate of the influx out of the country. To be more precise, the unabated rate is an indication to them that there is a dire cause that is bleeding the country out of her population. And as it happens, they seem to be determined to cut right through the root cause of the predicament. The psychological hung up that is keeping you from facing the hard reality is that, if the number is say 35* you will not lose a sleep as opposed to say 3500 even if the former has been happening for the last seven years or so for it is relatively a small number. Again, it is not the number but the rate that matters most.

      *Per month.

  • Elenta

    Eritreans in Rome in front of the Italian Parliament.

  • haile


    The tragedy at Lampedusa and the ongoing influx of refugees from Eritrea has been taken as a matter of serious concern by the international community. Saay’s suggestion that the international community to fully disengage from the current brutal regime is noteworthy. There is huge political capital at this time to push for just that.


  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    Petros Solomon is not innocent – whatever happened to him at the hands of Hgdef he has his own crime against humanity. this person should not be treated as hero or victim. So many people were vanished between 1991 – 1993 by his order. This person was brutal both by words and actions. During the Gedli times he know all the evil acts done by esayas at the same time he fully involved. I am sorry to his supporters and admirers but this is reality. We need to be honest.

    • Dave

      You said, “Petros Solomon is not innocent.” Which court found him guilty?

      • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

        ናይ ምንታይ court ኣብ ኤርትራ ዶ ሕጊ አሎ ኢዩ . every Halafi orders death penalty. He petros is not innocent at all. I appreciate his later times to stand against Esayas though it was too late furthermore it was because he demoted him to the lowest power position because esayas feared Petros could go above him. for esayas His personality was different of wuchu, sbhat, monkey, and others.Pteros could be better than esayas but he was silent did not used his influence to change or race with esayas. He was the top leader of EPLF and was right hand of esayas. At one time in 1991-2 he threatened military action against Saudi Arbia, I could not believe it now. Saudi Arabia is well armed nation and the world largest oil business is there that fighting Saudi means you know it. It shows how much he was clueless that the entire of his gedli times, he could not learn from his own experiences that also shows esayas made him poor.
        I am not hardly against him and he deserve some credits for being in prison for 12 years including his family have been terrorized by esayas cruelity. so I am trying to tell the truth no ሌላን ጉሌላን።

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    ዝብኢ ሓንቲ ኢያ መትከሉ ህግደፍ ውን ከምኡ።
    ሓደ ግዜ እቶም ኣራዊት ንሂወትም ዝፍትን ጉዕዞ ኣጋጠሞም።ሓሳብ ንምእካብ ድማ አኼባ ተገብረ።ኩሎም ነናቶም ሃናጲ ርእይቶ ሃቡ።
    ዝብኢ ከ እንታይ ርእይቶ ኣለካ አብዚ። ንብላዕ ተበልኩም ንብላዕ ንኺድ ተበልኩም ንብላዕ።

  • aba_chegora

    I understand the frustration, anger and worry of the daughter, mother in-law of petros solomon ( who was once the head of Halewa-Sewera where thousands perished illegally and brutally during the armed struggle) Mr. salih and all those gave their testimony in the presence of the Special Rapporteur. Yet, i think the Special Rapporteur must also understand that the human right situation which is prevailing in the country can not be correctly understood unless one is willing to see the impact of the no-war no-peace situation that has been prevailing since 2000. In addition the Special Rapporteur needsto answer the following simple question to the eritrean authorities before she accuses them denying her entry : Why would eritrean government trust and coorperate with the UN when the same UN has failing in forcing ethiopia too abide by the final and binding ruling which was issued by the international arbitration court?
    Unless she fails to answer this simple question, i dont think she can finalize her mission succefully.

    • aklis waga bekli

      Aba chogora, !ember aba chogora,

      How someone can cry for a law to be enforced when he breaks every law on the planet.

      It is more mind boggling when some fluent ass like you advocating that.

      We were supposed to clean our mess before others start to pay attention to any crocodile tears of this sort.

    • denden

      Thank you very much Aba Chegora.Say no more!

    • Dave

      You said, “why would the Eritrean government trust and cooperate with the UN?.” The short answer: the government trusted and cooperated with the UN in its attempt to achieve the millennium goals. As the Eritrean saying goes,”KiTimeka biEdka kiWiaka bmanka”

      • aba_chegora

        Why is the UN not doing enough to solve the border issue, which is the root of instability in our region? Mostly, unconventional situation forces governments to take unconventional measures. Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating the Eritrean regime. I want to see the implementation of the ratified constitution and the unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners. The prevailing no-war & no-peace situation, which the allies of Ethiopia are using it to strangulate the Eritrean government, is however the main problem. Why has the UN failed in solving the no-war and no-peace situation? Let’s be real. People are leaving the country due to problems which are directly related to the no-war no-peace situation and this is not the making of the ruling regime. The Eritrean regiem has been consistently and persistently calling for the full implementation of the ruling which I think is the only viable way to achieve sustainable peace between the contesting nations. I think therefore the Special Rapporteur is just another mask engaged to legitimize measures to further ostracize the government which is already in dire straits. By the way, I don’t think that the human rights situation in Eritrea will improve if the incumbent regime is replaced by those that are opposing it. What Eritrea needs right now is an all-inclusive government and that cannot be achieved by Eritreans without involvement of the deceitful and intimidating UN.

        • haile


          The UN had resolved the border issue far better than any other party. I would add to the great dismay of the criminal regime of IA. The border had been demarcated by co-ordinate points and included into UN official documentation. The UN had peace keepers on the ground, at its own expense, to monitor and defuse potential conflict. The UN financed and carried out demining operations at the frontline areas. The UN financed demobilization funds to help re-integration of arms forces into civilian life in Eritrea….

          Through all that the regime of IA kicked out the peace keepers and started to “sing “no war no peace and no jobs no freedom no constitution no election no employment no safety and no security” to all. It is a public knowledge that the regime purposely evicted the peace keepers to create the current situation to blind you while it conducts the destruction of the Eritrean society. Thank got it fell flat on the face in 8 short years as a result of its miscalculation in Somalia (no thanks to you, God responded to the plight of the innocent Eritreans and made a ditch for the regime).

          The UN is not responsible to forcing sovereign nations in how they deal with their territorial issues. Yes Ethiopia is morally responsible to uphold its good faith agreements but the UN is a facilitator of that and as such they have brought the issue much further than the criminal regime of IA could ever have done.

          If you believe that there is a security reason to put human beings inside a shipping containers, you’re out of this world. In this day and age (in the west) it is illegal for you to transport cattle in a shipping container like holdings. You must meet basic regulations of adequate air circulation and ventilation system, uncrowded setting that ensures enough individual space and elimination of any form of unnecessary discomfort. That is right accorded to ANIMALS my friend. IA breaks all those regulations and places people in a shipping container. Imagine yourself being locked up in there! Not for an hour, not for a day, not for a week, not for a month but years and years. Do you feel the UN is making the regime do so?

          aba_chegora, Tilmet (betrayal) did not start with Eritrean supporters of the brutal regime and will never end there. It is part of human history, that was and will be around for a long time to come. But none of your excuse about the UN have a leg to stand on. There will come a time when those who are receiving this brutality (or their family) will represent themselves, all the dead, deranged, disabled, disturbed, lost at sea, lost in the desert, body parts harvested… and I hope then you would stand there look them in the eye and tell them that all was worth it because the UN didn’t do this or that…till then God be with those betrayed by men.


          • tesfu

            Dear Haile,
            Your information on UN mandate, what UN can do or not, U are right. Those who are making excuse for the mafia regime, those rabid dogs that spew fire every turn they will not concede until they are get their own medicine , they will go around to circle the wagon. The question is, how do you make them come to their sense – make them see right from wrong. And those who are payed to lay or skew facts/ die-hard believers are looking for their own interest first only ( likes ass which pasture is greener). We,Eritreans have stiff cliff to overcome and it is not easy brother. Kudos to u and likes u

          • aba_chegora

            Ventilating my honest opinion does not mean I am making exuse fot the brutal human rights violation by the eritrean regiem. I am just not convinced that the UN is the right insititution to improve the plight of the disadvantaged.

  • dawit

    She is a liar. She claimed she did not have tie to look on the UN sanctions that tried to cripple the economy of the country. She also claimed the no war no peace an Eritrean excuse for the indefinite military service. The dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea is not a border problem, which has been settled in international court. The dispute is Ethiopian occupation of Eritrean sovereign land by military force. Once the occupation and UN sanction ends the indefinite military service will end which is the source of all the problems in Eritrea. She also shaded her crocodile tears for those who died in the sea, but deep down in her hart she is happy, because she owes her job to their troubles which she wants to continue as long as she lives. Before she talc she should understand the root cause of the problem.

  • Ermias

    Every single line in that article is really astounding. But this one is mind boggling:

    “The Special Rapporteur reported that 2,000 to 3,000 Eritreans are exiled monthly. In 2012, according to the UNHCR, over 305,000 Eritreans fled their country, an astounding number for a country with a population of 5 million.”

    Could it have been 35,000 instead? 305,000 is nearly 10% of the population.

    SAAY, Maaza, adey Mezgebe, I pray to all of you for God to help emancipate your loved ones. In reality though, everybody in Eritrea is a prisoner.

    • saay

      Thanks Ermias.

      I agree with you. The source is a report by the UN News Center, which quoted (without giving a link) a UNHCR report. By way of context, in 2001, the UNHCR said that the cumulative sum of Eritrean refugees (YTD) in Sudan and Ethiopia was 305,000. If Eritreans are leaving at 2,000 to 3,000 per month, you can’t get to 305,000 in 12 months, so it is most likely a misprint.

      Of course, UNHCR was the first agency the dictator expelled from Eritrea so even their numbers are guesswork and count ONLY registered refugees probably.


      • Wedi Asmera

        Hello SAAY and Ermias,

        What she said word by word is this: “In 2012, the total Eritrean population of concern to UNHCR amounted to 305,000”. Listen at (seek to 3:41 section of the video). Correct me if I am wrong.

        So what does this number mean? In my view, this is the total number of ACTIVE (my own terminology) Eritrean refugees registered under UNHCR in 2012.

        Does this number represent all Eritrean refugees since before (or even after) independence? I do not think so! After all once refugees are resettled in a third country, they are no more ACTIVE refugees. So I would think what the UNHCR does in its daily work is, register new refugees, and then remove from the active count those resettled in any available means of resettlement. Hence the number 305,000 in 2012 should, I would guess, represent the number of Eritreans refugees irrespective of when they left Eritrea and are currently not found a solution to their anxiety i.e. still refugees.

        Do you think this analysis makes sense? I am just throwing what I think. If I am wrong, please accept my apologies before hand; and to moderator please delete my comment if it is wrong analysis so that I don’t mislead readers. Thanks.

        • haile

          Selamat Saay, Ermias and wedi Asmera

          Good work saay on your delivery on the HR meeting. And it is great way to sum up the Eritrean system as that of “sum total of IA’s madness”.

          On the numbers, wedi Asmera is the closest. The numbers are the total for the last decade or so alone. A while back it was about 285, 000 and hers is the most up date.

          It was laughable that Araya Desta told the UN not to politicize the Lampedusa tragedy 🙂 and Teweldino thinks Petros Solomon is Tigrayan!!!!


      • Sal,

        Don’t forget these days East African refugees are registered as Eritrea. Because that is an easy ticket to get accepted in the western world.

        • Meron,

          We are talking about ours. Stop to deflect our issues. Talk how we stop this influx…..and you know it, that the only way to stop this influx is to remove the cause of the influx and that is Issayas. Please do not be “ide beza” of this evil man.

        • Kim Hanna


          Why do you think all in the neighborhood claim to be an Eritrean Refugees?

          As you said if the answer is to get a ticket and get accepted in the western world.

          The next question then is, why do you think the western world is giving priority for admission to Eritreans more than anyone else???

          Could it be that they are more in danger than others, thus provide shelter or is it a CIA thing? or something else?

          Becareful,your answer will determine if I will ever read your comments again.


          • rodab

            Of course Meron would tell you it’s all a CIA work. Duh!
            I would be a millionaire if I get $1 for every guess I make about PFDJ & sympathizers’ answers 🙂

          • Kim Hanna,

            Why do you think it is easy to get refugee in the west than Somali’s, Iraqi’s, Afghans and Syrians?

            Think over it.

          • Serray


            I just want to continue an interesting exchange between meron and kim.

            Since Kim is not going to read meron’s comments ever again, allow me to respond in his/her behalf: Could it be that they are more in danger than others, thus provide shelter or is it a CIA thing?

            One repeats an excuse worse than the truth; gets called on it and he turns it into a question whose answer exposes the utter stupidity and lack of humanity of the regime who fed the lie and those who repeat it. Here is the first paragraph if isaias were to write a book in the first person;

            “I AM A SICK MAN…. I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man. I believe my liver is diseased. However, I know nothing at all about my disease, and do not know for certain what ails me. I don’t consult a doctor for it, and never have…..No, I refuse to consult a doctor from spite. That you probably will not understand. Well, I understand it, though. Of course, I can’t explain who it is precisely that I am mortifying in this case by my spite: I am perfectly well aware that I cannot “pay out” the doctors by not consulting them; I know better than anyone that by all this I am only injuring myself and no one else. But still, if I don’t consult a doctor it is from spite. My liver is bad, well — let it get worse!
            I have been going on like that for a long time — twenty years”.

            Doesn’t it feel like eritrea is ruled by a sick character from one of Dostoevsky’s novel?

    • goytom

      I have seen a similar on an article at asmarino. That figure was around 260,000 for that same year, 2012. 2013 was an even worse year and I can’t even what that number will be.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It is a symple typing error. It has to be 35,000. Er you sure eritreans in Eritrea are only 305,000,000?

      • Ermias

        Nearly 10%….but we don’t have any official census. I have seen people write 3,4,5,and 6 million.

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    I am wondering the diffence we have. People pay for our diginity so high while some are still not accepting their mistakes and support Pfdj. how comes someone support a group who don’t have any type of system to start with?

  • Abu saleh,

    I heard you are coming to the 3rd Committee of the UN’s 67th General assembly. I have tried to be there yesterday to support the families of the victims while you are making the presentations. Unfortunately I couldn’t make b/c of the nature of my work. You came close to my home for important purpose and I miss you. I have heard from my colleague who went to support you that all the families did a great job. I hope your plea will have an influence in the international community.

    • saay

      Thanks Emma.

      The day belonged to Meaza Petros Solomon. A sixteen year old with an unflinching sense of right and wrong, articulate, smart and the very personification of Eritrea: young, innocent, moral, upstanding but badly wronged.

      Meaza and her brother were interviewed by Sahara TV* and the world will get a glimpse and their voices WILL be heard.


      * a Nigerian webcast whose reporter, Adeola, did such an amazing story on Lampedusa Eritreans on FB are already running a contest to give her an Eritrean name.

      • rodab

        This was a very important event and I hope it is taped and will be posted soon.
        By the way, I followed the VoA-Tigrinya interviews with you guys. I was particularly touched by Zeray Petros interview when he testified about his mom saying that they took her away from the inside of the airport while they were waiting for her on the outside. I heard the story before, many times. But hearing it from her own son is really saddening. Isaias is an evil man.
        Credit also goes to Minya Afewerqi for her efforts in interviewing the stake holders.

        • saay

          Selamat Rodab:

          I can’t tell you how much “just stop lying!” email we received from the Isaiasists when we posted the news of Aster’s arrest back in 2003. This was the Gedab News from December 14, 2003:

          Security Officers Arrest Aster Yohannes, wife of Petros Solomon
          By Gedab News
          Dec 14, 2003, 7:39pm

          Email this article
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          Airport security officers arrested Ms. Aster Yohannes, the wife of Mr. Petros Solomon, shortly after her plane landed at Asmara Airport on Thursday, December 11. A veteran of the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF), Aster was pursuing higher education in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) when her husband was arrested on September 18, 2001.

          Their four children were left in the care of her mother and extended family.

          Sources inform Gedab News that Aster Yohannes had decided to return to Eritrea after the Office of the President had rejected her request to provide exit visa to her children and after she was reassured that no harm would come to her if she returned and was reunited with her children.

          Her mother and children were waiting for her at the airport when security officers whisked her away without allowing her to see he children. Her whereabouts is still not known. Our source from Asmara indicated that there is a possibility that “she might be released soon after interrogation.”

          Petros Solomon, who has been in detention without charges for over two years, was a member of the “G-15,” a reform group within the ruling party, who publicly called on President Isaias Afwerki to be bound by the Eritrean Constitution. He joined the EPLF in 1972 and held a variety of jobs including member of the front’s Military Committee and Commander of the Eastern Front as well as head of its intelligence service, “72.” After Eritrea’s independence, he served as Minister of Defense as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Marine Resources.

          • Fev

            I have followed Awate for years and always amazed by the accuracy of your news Itmes given the situation in Eritrea. We are nearly there now..won’t be long before Awate will be based in Eritrea! your years of persistance and hard woek will pay off! Thank you

      • yohannes

        N,isayas zigedefkumulu yebilkumun,jeganu,isayas ghin ab asmera eyu zelo,intaymo ab newyork indiyumo koynu adey letemickael said ,if i talk my pressure in my head get relieaved,my friend saay ,how many people languishing in prison in america ,uk,italy ethiopia ,etc,,,who do you think you are, UN to care about your uncle your niece, father

  • Teweldino

    Ms. Shiela is lying through her teeth. This is all a lie. She has bought Weyane’s lies hook, line and sinker. She’s been duped!

    These so-called Eritrean refugees that Weyane arranges for her to interview are actually Tigrayans pretending to be Eritreans. They tell her whatever a Weyane official tells them to do.

    She has never been to Eritrea. She’s not allowed in Eritrea.

    How would she know the current situation in Eritrea?????

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      So Teweldino, you believe the daughter of Petros Solomon, the mother of his wife Sennait Yohannes are “Tigrayans pretending to be Eritreans”? Oh boy! helpless crowd.

      • Teweldino

        She is persona non grata! Just like that guy Matt Bryden, the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group Coordinator, who makes up outlandish stuff about Eritrea to the point that even the US and British UN Representatives called it “not brilliant.”

        Well, I would say Ms. Sheila’s report is also “not brilliant” to put in the words of the Britain’s Ambassador to the UN.

        Not Brilliant at all, Sheila.

        Just like Matt Bryden’s report, her document is made up mostly of testimony arranged by Weyane officials.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Teweldino, don’t go jelly on me! let’s close the main topic first, then you can go on Matt, Thomas and Tekhlenkiel. Otherwise, this will not be a debate. People are responsible for what they say, and I am holding you responsible for claiming those Eritreans were Tigrayans. Accept you made a false statement or prove otherwise. Then, once that is settled, I promise to entertain your other claims. It is simple: #1 comes before #2. Then we can go to #3. If we jump to #2 before finishing #1, we risk falling on our faces. Try it, it saves you face scratches. 🙂

          • Tesfamariam

            Saleh G

            Why do you want to spend your precious time with such kind ignorant low level people ? They only have allegations rumors and bela belwe they don’t have any facts it is hard for them to swallow the truth it is beyond their capacity.I think you have more important things to contribute with your time to readers.

          • Ermias

            Saleh, kla gidefo endo nezi denkoro. Like SAAY said, IA and his PFDJ and supporters do not know structure, debate, human interactions in a civilized manner. It is always attack, attack, attack, and discredit everything that holds them accountable.

        • aklis waga bekli


          very delusional teweldino ever.

          I bet you don’t believe any single word you utter; just like your leader.

          seek help.

          • eritreafirst

            The truth hurts? huh?…What is so hard to believe that many Tigrayans come to US Eritreans? just ask the known Eritreans refuges.

    • Danny


      When people like you expose their own state of mind, one wonders if the archaic belief in Eritrea that some people turn into hyenas at night is ever true.